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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  July 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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university, the financial troubles that led to school to fire its president. good day everybody, it is thursday, july 14th, 2016. there is no way to put it except it is hot, it is humid, it is gross outside. sue serio? >> you can add a few showers and thunderstorms to the mix. we've had few roll through this morning, we could have more pong up later in the day which is why we're going only with a six out of ten, and there is the area that started off as thunderstorms becomes an hour and a half ago. and it is now reduced to showers, here in philadelphia, it is still raining, and, some of that rain may hold through cherry hill, delran, across the river, in new jersey, we have a muggy 76 degrees, the rain hasn't really done that much to change it, 94%, relative humidity, 5:45, your sunrise time. not much after breeze either. so, it is an excessive heat advisory, for these areas of orange, the outlying areas, then here, along the i95
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corridor, it is a warning for triple digit heat indexes, and then, pop up thunderstorms, just to add some interest to the mix. we could get up to 95 degrees today. 8:29 is your sunset time. so there is could be very interesting weather day. and the interest continues of course as the weekends gets a little closer. we'll have your seven day forecast coming up. hey, bob kelly? >> two big concert outdoor concerts tonight, down there, at lincoln financial field, we have, what, guns n' roses, and then across the water, on the camden waterfront, we have demi lovedo and nick jonas. getting ready to head out right now, the blue route, 476 getting wacked with the quick burst of storms moving on through. again, if you quickly go from dry scenario to wipers on in full force, and the schuylkill expressway, the blue route, even downtown here, looking live at the vine expressway,
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they are starting to let traffic move between spring garden and broad street. there is no way closed on the overnight until 5:00. there is your speedometer readings, again, looking good except for the storm rolls through. and then they quickly pretty much get cut in half down to about 30 miles an hour. because of the storms that are moving through our area right now, the first couple of flights could see some delays out of philadelphia international airport. so, be ready for that. and then, depending upon where those flights original, we could see the delights roll through the rest of the morning, no problem or big delays coming out of south jersey this morning, and mass transit, operating with no delays officially, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank upment breaking news this morning, fire rips through row home 4700 block of bingham street. it is in the city juniata section, authorities tell us the flames started around 1:00 this morning, on the porch of that home. crews were able to successfully contain the fire in about a half hour. no one was hurt luckily. the cause of that fire is now
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being investigated. cracks and defect on septa trains leads to headaches and frustrations for passengers. the intense heat making matters much worse. steve in center city. >> reporter: sadly when we do find out lauren after 8:00 and we will be showing it live today, all of the people that are affected will be having walked out of suburban station, and won't be watching to see the problem cars, original contract $250 million, 12 years ago, went to hyundai, despite septa staffers at the time, ranking its bid fourth, decision makers decided because it was the low bid, so case of cheapest bid, cheapest quality probably, and when it was re bid two years later in 06, when one of the better sued, hyundai won again, guess what? they had former law firm, the
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philly inquirer reports, and they were finally delivered through years late behind kel eude. -- schedule. believe it or not, hyundai wrote them, the next cock tract to build is a first double decker carps, rendell at it again. he and four councilman are urging septa to go, despite all of these problems. out in los angeles they decided not to fix 57 of hyundai road ham bad cars defective parts after a derailment there killed one of the engineers. >> in addition, we have the short walk from building to the limo, we will need second intern, with big golf umbrella because it is drizzling out here as you can see, so get two of them out. >> all right, you get back inside that new van and stay dry, thanks so much, steve. workers at philadelphia international airport said to walk off the job, this could be bad, strike includes a
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thousand non-union subcontractors hired by the airlines, the jobs include pitching wheelchairs, moving luggage, cleaning planes, the workers vote today walk out as they demand 3-dollar raise from 12 to $15 an hour, they also want better scheduling clarity on sick pay, and unionize. >> their employers have continued to routinely harrass, threaten, violate their rights, try and prevent them from organizing. and at this point the workers are saying, enough is enough. we are going to strike. >> airport officials say if the workers follow through with that strike delays are not expected. >> we could find out who donald trump will choose at his runningmate, on the short list of names, new jersey governor chris christie, indianna governor mike pence, former speaker newt gingrich. trump says he will name his pick for vice president from manhattan, and stick with fox 29 for complete coverage of both democratic and republican
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national conventions, starting on sunday, our bruce gordon reports from cleveland, and beginning monday, we will bring you extended political coverage starting at 11:00 p.m. >> a temple tantrum, that's the front of this morning's daily news, financial frustration, the reason behind the change in leadership at temple university. dave kinchen live in north philadelphia where the board every trustees issued a vote of no confidence in the president, dave? multi-million dollar financial mess here, they say that they need to make a change executive leadership a mid financial miss manage. , board of trustees taking vote of no confidence, and declaring their intentions to fire president kneel theobold, spokesperson says the vote was unanimous among the 34 of 36 trustees present for that vote, it is all about the deficits such a hole in university financial aid that officials say grew from $9 million last year, to a
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$22 million shortfall this year. >> that deficit, that problem, was the responsibility of the president. >> leadership snob. >> it was a leadership and a management problem. >> sources say the move to sack the president comes west than a month after the president had the pro bows sacked, but the president says the buck should have stopped with the president, authorities, saying the president was blaming the pro bows with the financial problems really up to the president to deal with it, the president still going to be in office for awhile, the final vote to actually fire the president is on july 21. back to you, lauren? >> we'll wait for that, dave kinchen, thanks so much. philadelphia and the process of overhauling its antiquated 911 system to include text message being, one day this system might be able to except images, videos, submitted by people facing emergencies, this is all part of a nationwide effort dubbed next generation.
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the city negotiating purchase for the new equipment that will allow emergency call take tears receive and respond to text messages, upgrade expected to cost several millions, once an agreement is finalized and in place it, will take about 18 months before that new system launches. >> bucks, chester, montgomery, haves had their own text to 911 services since the beginning of last year. in allentown, police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a barber, in front of his shop, in broad daylight. a gunman opened fire outside headliners on south eighth street around 4:30 tuesday afternoon. killing four year old eric radnor, a makeshift memorial now grows on the sidewalk where that happened. his nephew says he was a nice guy, can't imagine who would want to kill him. >> i don't know why. he is a good deed, provides for people, i don't know, crazy. >> shooting, you never nope,
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one will stray and hit somebody. >> leaves behind wife and a eight year old son. in the wake of the dallas police shooting and the protest that followed, community came together to show support for our police offers, hundreds gathered at rallies last night in mayfair, roxborough, to simply say thank you to our officers after a difficult few days for police. all of this is part of the back the blue rallies which is a growing community movement. to support police officers, after last week's police ambush in dallas, the crowd filled with family member of police, and others who say they just want to show respect. >> comes get a bad rap, out there trying to keep the community safe. >> cops are being verbally beaten down. we don't wake up in the morning to go out to kill someone. we don't go out in the morning to hurt someone. our job is to help, protect, and service the area. >> police say there were in problems at those rallies
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yesterday. skyfox shot over the ben franklin bridge last night, it was lit up in blue, and in tribute to the five fallen police officers in dallas. it was an emotional final good-bye to three of those five that were killed in the ambush, thousands of mourners attended service for officer brent thompson, and senior corporate lauren, services for the other officers, michael krol and patrick later this week. >> we all watched as the oldest son of alton sterling broke down into sobs after police killed his father in louisianna. well, now, that teenager speaking out, calling for peace in the aftermath. fifteen year old cameron sterling, touched so many hearts, when the reality every his father's death overwelmed him on camera, it was mere hours after it all happened, well, a week later, cameron says hills father was a good man, and that his death was a sacrifice to show how bad things are in that neighborhood. sterling's death has stirred nationwide protests. cameron, though, is emphasizing peace. >> i feel that everyone, yes,
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you can protest, but i want everyone to protest the right way. protest at peace, not guns, not drugs, not alcohol, not violence. in a separate incident baton rouge police have announced the arrest every these three, they say, were plotting attack on officers in that city. right now, they are searching for a fourth person. >> the aclu of louisianna, suit accuses the department of violate the first amendment rights of protesters marched after the july 5th killing of alton sterling by an officer. it alleges police used excessive force. they were abusive, wrongfully arrested more than 200 demonstrators. when asked about that suit, baton rouge officials said the department does not comment on pending litigation. check out this new freeway warning. you wouldn't have seen it this time last week. where officials are demanding drivers do not play pokemon go.
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pea past molk monday poke monday rowing rowing rowing
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>> we are watching radar, did have thunderstorms rolling through, now all of the rain is dissipating, another area of thunderstorms out to our west, don't expect that to hold together, but we're less than an hour away from sunrise time. so we will probably see some resulting clouds, when daylight happens. but you see few scattered showers around port richmond, then, across the river, heading over to cherry hill, up to the north around buckingham, mayfield, few part of bucks county getting some rain, notice wet roadways around gloucester in new jersey, so, it is excessive heat today. and tomorrow, as women. >> of there is heat warnings kicks in around noon today, and so does the heat advisory, it just is worse around the urban areas, where there are more buildings, and they can retain that heat, and all gets little warmer, regards legs, do you have to take care of yourself today. once the sun comes up, and it starts blazing, and really heating us up. already in the mid seven's, so we have head start on this heat, very muggy outside,
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69 degrees, in mount pocono, upper 70s in wildwood, and millville, new jersey, dew point are in the 70s, and that's the big difference from past couple of days. because we move from pleasant and comfortable on wednesday, to oppressive, already, and the sun isn't even out yet. so we could get our feels-like temperatures up into the triple digit it, will feel like the 90s, head to to haddon fields to join us for our party it shouldn't be raining, that's good, but it will be muggy, so, ya, just plenty of call come powder and you should be just fine. >> 95 degrees today. ninety-four tomorrow. and then it will be close to 90 on saturday, which would give us heatwave number three, of 2016. regardless, we don't expect any big break in the heat and humidity, in the foreseeable future, we do expect pop up thunderstorms, every now and again, has to how we roll in the summertime, bob kelly.
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>> tell you what, if we sweat it out first two days, i hope we break the records on the thirds day. good morning, live look downtown philly, the vine expressway, wet behind the ears, roads are wet from the storms moving through. there you go, there goes the last of the penndot arrow trucks there, so, opening it up. like parting the red sea here, traffic ready to go on the vine street expressway. pretty shot here, as the rain moving on out, and the sun begins to rise, this is a live look, the upper ends, of the schuylkill expressway. soap, again, those quick thunder boomers moving through this morning, roads are little wet depending when you begin your trip, and depending on the heavy storms see some speedometers get knocked down pretty quickly, as quick as the storms are moving through, accident already route 70 right at the 295 interchange, there, in cherry hill. coming back from the shore, no problems, guess what today is? it is national hotdog day. come on, how do you like it,
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plane or little mustard, yellow, or the goal end brown mustard? or maybe little relish? put little sourkraut in there. how about one of each? let's taste test later today. possible flight delays this morning, at philadelphia international airport. because of the rain rolling through, mass transit nothing out of the orders area, make pack hotdog for that regional rail ride in today. >> towns in new jersey having to foot the bill if they want transportation project continued. the gas hike fails and governor chris christie ordered allstate funded non-emergency road project stopped last friday. city officials say they're funding up to 80% of roadway project. >> felons in delaware, one less hurtle to jump before having voting rights restored, yesterday governor jack markell signed a bill that allows felons to vote of about they've paid all fines, fees, restitution. march he will says outstanding financial obligations should not prohibit someone for dissipatingment delaware had
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one of only three straight requiring fell onto pay outstanding obligations before voting rights were restored. >> there will only be professionals covering the dnc later month, the host committee for could the haven't sean announced youth team will broadcast during the historic event. multiple public and private organizations are coming together so those that are too young to vote this election will still have their voices heard. they'll be broadcasting on the philadelphia school district at as' channel ps tv. also hope to give this future journalist real life skiles they can use in their carreers >> chance for young people to build skills, to build knowledge, and take with them relationships and the knowledge that and understanding when a convention; so they can be civically engaged individuals throughout the rest of their lives. >> another program that was announced yesterday is the civic youth experience it, will allow more than 1800 young people to join in convention activities. and police across the
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country are now entering warning about the pokemon craze, the go craze has people all across our country wandering into backyards, into driveways, cemeteries, even off limits, police parking lots in search of the cartoon monsters. police have gotten many calls from people about possible burglaries. some players have expressed worries on social media about homeowners, pulling a gun on players. and it seems things in arizona have gotten even worse, arizona department of transportation, now, issuing a warning on freeway signs. check this one out. it says pokemon go is a no go when driving. people are being told not to play the hit new game for smart phones behind the wheel. you have to tell people thal? now multiple report of armed robbers targeting players. and one more warning for all of you pokemon go fans to be careful, pennsylvania teenager now in the hospital after the game took her across a major highway. this happened tuesday evening,
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in tar inning ton pennsylvania during rush hour, the 15 year old is still in the hospital with injuries to her collarbone and her foot. >> this weekend, the family after delaware fire fight here died during a training exercise will hold his funeral. yesterday dozens of firefighters and first responds presser across the state took part in a procession taking tim's body to funeral home in lewes. his funeral is scheduled for sunday. he died monday after falling out after helicopter during a training exercise, at the delaware coastal airport. the faa is leading the investigation to find out exactly what went wrong. could the way you spends the majority of your week be slowly taking a toll on your health? the new study is suggesting your job could be bad for you. and you won't have to have a job if you win the lottery.
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in your health, the national institutes of health, biggest effort yet to find a cure for hiv. one, led by philadelphia's which is tar institute and the university of pennsylvania, the government will commit $30 million a year for five years to this project. the philadelphia collaboration will get about $4.6 million every year. >> a new pole is suggesting a large number of americans believe their job takes a toll on their health. 43% say their job contributes to their stress levels.
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nearly a third say their job affect their eating and sleeping habit. those who thought it negatively affected their health those with disability, dangerous jobs, who work more than 50 hours a week or those working in retail oranger low wages. on the other side, 28% said their job is a positive influence on their health. 1600 workers were surveyed by national public radio. are you an uber or lift user? next time you take one of the ride sharing companies, you could be helping out the philadelphia school district. it is all part of that spending bill, we told you about, under the new fiscal bill, companies like uber and lift can operate legally in the city, until at least september 30th. and there is more. both companies would pay 1% of their growth receipts from fares, that originate in the sit, to the philadelphia parking authority. the cash strapped school district would get two thirds that far money, and a ppa would get a chance to keep the rest. all right, let's toss things out to steve keeley,
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septa planning to release some information today? >> i thought were you talking about me, two stories ago, jobs affecting people's stress levels affecting their ability to sleep. now, that's me she is talking about. anyway, we are at pennsylvania railroad suburban station, otherwise known as the end of the line for all these regional rail riders, who are ready at the end of their ropes. we'll tell you the latest coming up.
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[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive?
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did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. >> crank up the ac, mother nature turning up the heat factor. and pardon me, mr. president, your services are no longer needed here. why temple university just fired their schools leader. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, july 14th, 2016. sue serio, heatwave, and now back? >> we could be setting up for another one. we didn't get into the 90s yesterday. but we expect to today. poolside definitely the place to be, but notice, bus stop buddy does have the umbrella we had some showers in here, and muggy the dog is here, owe press they have morning, so definitely off to social security i start with the
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temperatures and dew points, thunderstorms out west of harrisburg starting to go away, so i think this should be it for precipitation for this morning. now, we look at the future cast in just little bit. show you what might pop up later on this afternoon, you see, some clouds are around this morning, left over from the showers muggy 76 degrees, sun will burn through nice long daylight hours, we won't have that long to go before we start getting into the 90's, now, we do still expect it will feel like the hundred's, oppressively hot, take care of yourself in this excessive heat. excessive heat warnings, heat advisory in effect for the outlying areas. so 95 should be the high today. look out for pop up thunderstorms, later in the afternoon, that is your
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thursday we'll tell you if we get any relief in the five day. >> thursday, life look here at i95, exam be recall of the storms wet roads, little fogged out on maybe the windows of the coffee shop this morning. and in your car. you have the spray kicking up, wipers on, damp, and here is a live look at 309 and the pennsylvania turnpike, accident in cherry hill, route 70, right at 295. early delays are possible at philadelphia international airport. i just checked with the tote board, first couple of flights are okay, but i think we have to watch out for now is these storms head eastward, any flight delays that come out of new york, will have domino effect here in philly, in the hecks hour, as far as septa goes, you know the drill, anywhere from glennside to center city, you're going have the most pack trains and the higher percentage or chance of getting a bypass train there. soy try it get on early, i
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can't say it enough, if you are going to drive to station, drive to one of these two railroads, you got free parking, at the frankford transportation center, free parking down at the nova care complex. the old naval hospital billing there, trains are running every eight to ten minute, and for the last week with the septa scenario, we have had no delays on the market frankford or the broad street subways. back over to you. >> thanks, bob. developing this morning, fire 4700 block every bingham street in the juniata section of philadelphia, authorities tell it is, the flames started around 1:00 on the porch of that home. crews were able to contain a fire in about a half hour, no one was injured, the cause of the fire now being investigated. >> more than a hundred defective rail cars, since the discovery pass inning verse been dealing with traffic headaches, not to mention, some intense heat, making matters much worse. steve keeley is joins us live in center city with more on what we're expected to learn
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today. hi, steve. >> everybody time dow one of tees stories, which seems like every day, i feel all of the people it does not effect, people in cherry hill, like i'm sick of this story, i have nothing do with this story the tadly today here we go again, when we get the update, all the people this does affect if they are commuters in the morning will not be home watching to see the latest, so they'll have to watch on line. so suburban station ends of the line for all of the people no matter where they are coming from, bob just talk about glennside. septa will hold this show-and-tell at 8:30 this morning, out at the overbrook garage. showing off, off the tracks, out of service cracked cars, telling us the latest on whether they can even be fixed, jeff cole did story on these way back when, where this video and pictures are from, as week two of the trouble on the tracks started earlier this morning, septa gm came out, worked another weekend, telling us, that he had more bad news, that the rail riders should expect all of the delays, packed trains,
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that newly learn phrase by us all for a train so full it doesn't even stop to try to pack on more people left out in this heat, humidity, now this morning rain, waiting for next train and also wandering if the next train will even stop or pass by again. so not looking god for repairs and quick return to service was his direct quote sunday lauren. we can't make the decision about whether the cars can be fixed, if we don't even know what caused the problem. so will that change? are they going to fix these cars, are they going to be like los angeles and say we won't try to fix them, and get ready until we can order some new cars, who knows, but we'll have an update from septa at 8:30, we will show that live on the air, so if you are one of the people affecting, haven't left your house yet, log on at work, and see what's going on for your ride home. >> check out the front of this morning's daily news, temple tantrum. financial frustrations, the reason behind the change in
5:35 am
leadership at temple university. dave kinchen live in north philadelphia, where the board every trustees is no confidence in the school's president. >> one big mover, and another, to fire the president, but as of now temple's board of trustees, they say, executive leadership changes are needed amid allegations of financial miss and andment. temple boards of trustees took the vote of no confidence declaring their intentions to fire president, spokesperson says the vote unanimous among the 34 of 36 trustees present, all about deficits, such as major hole in financial aid that university officials say grew from $9 million last year, all the way up to $22 million in a shortfall this year. >> relatively un informed about the size of the deficit, growth of the deficit, and steps being considered. resolved the deficit.
5:36 am
>> not sure what the impact; but it is like an earthquake, the buildings are still standing, but we're not sure what damage has been done until we clear away the records. >> that remains to be seen, sources say the move to sack the president comes less than month after the president had the provose sacked, but the spokesperson for the board says it is up to the president of the university to properly manage the finances, and we tried to reach those now embattled president to comment, but we were not able to. there is a vote on the 21st of this month to actually decide and do the firing then. >> we'll see how they vote, dif kinchen, thank you. today many will gather to say their final good-byes to philando castile. he will be remembered at service in st. paul, the 32 year old shot several times by police officer, during a routine traffic stop. after he told the officer he was license today car a gun. the sheriff's department confirms castile did have permit to carry. the officer is on administrative leave.
5:37 am
the story gained national attention because catille's girlfriends life streamed the incident on facebook. new jersey man recovering after a bull gord dollars him during the annual running of the bulls in spain. officials say the 39 year old is not seriously hurt, the run, six participant total injured, one forced to win crashed into group of runners, close to a fence, hurting him and the other. the bull's fate is far worse, more than one town other -- 100,000 runners got away unhurt. >> fight at a philadelphia night club. attorney general's office announced it had close its investigation into the brawl n april philadelphia's addition strict attorney also declined to charge the buffalo bills running back saying he could not proof mccoy's started that fight. the football player and three friends got into the fight with the two off duty police
5:38 am
officers at recess lounge, in old city, in february. the officers ends dollars one injuries including a broken nose and ribs. >> another turn, where tom brady's remaining hopes lie now.
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5:40 am
judge good morning, tom brady, hey, tom, you're running out of court to reverse your four
5:41 am
game suspension, in reality he was cheat being, that would be donating footballs. yesterday, he was denied his appeal, now the united states second circuit court of appeals, denied his request, for his appeal. now he may waste more of the court's time with the option, he has this option, every taking his appeal for this. >> it is very unlikely the supreme court will hear this nonsense, tom, sit it out, enjoy life. the british open underway, but? stage 11 of tour defense, france, now, you see where it is highlighted, at least 12 bikes had a little bit after mishap. i would say that's a little bit after problem. when you are running. as long as they're not mangled, i guess you pick up the bikes, get back on, and you keep ongoing. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. croatian player darr yo is reportedly signing with the 76ers, according to
5:42 am the power forward may sign contract as soon as tomorrow. but, an nba source says no date is definite just yet. >> well, the espies were last night, big awards were handed out, it seems one of the best moments in sports couldn't help our home team. villanova wildcats up to the best team after winning the national championship. many here were hoping they would pull off another big win. brett, had stuff competition, against cleveland, pittsburgh penguins, the broncos, alabama crimson tide, the ooh con huskies, in the end, big trophy and the big awards of the night went to the cleveland cavaliers. >> this morning, in the aftermath of ongoing tension between police and citizens, group of pennsylvania police officers makes a pretty kinds gesture.
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(wild fires burn, in california, more than 200 fire fight remembers trying to get a handle on a fast spreading brush fire, it is burning pretty close to homes there with hot, dry conditions, crews are not taking any chances, and calling in planes and health copters support in colorado. several wild fires are continuing to burn there. people have been evacuated
5:46 am
from at least 100 homes. sue serio, hot everywhere. >> it is, when we did get rain yesterday, at least the folks who did, some folks got almost an inch of rain with the heavy downpours, relief, because we can use the rain. look what's ahead, temperatures in the 90s over the next at least four days. and if not approaching the 90s, so here we go, hauling out the hot weather help. wear light weight loose fitting clothing. exercise outside, either in the morning, or the evening, those are the best times to do that. we have drink plenty of water, all seems little obvious, still sometimes need to be reminded specially this one, not even for a minute do you leave children or pets in a vehicle, or anybody for that matter, because it just heats up so quickly. so a look at ultimate doppler radar shows that our area of showers, starting to dissipate a little, if you just woke up, go outside, see the grounds is wet, we had heavy rain mover through about an hour, hour
5:47 am
and a half ago. but there are few leftovers around medford, medford lakes right now, and then to the north, just south of trenton, around florence township, all of that in new jersey, so once that dissipates, that should it be for the morning. then we get chance to get really hot, humid, with the heat indexes, in the triple digits, especially, where we have the excessive heat warning, that's the area in red, it is a heat advisory everywhere else. but everybody uncomfortably hot. try to stay in air-conditioning if you can. we know not everybody has that option, but you got to try to take, and check on your neighbors, too, on days like today. 76 degrees, in philadelphia, muggy, already. sixty-nine in mount pocono. seventy-six in wildwood. dew points, have risen into the 70s, and that's what makes the real difference between earlier in the week and today, with oppressive dew points, all of that moisture in the air, really uncomfortablement two it was sticky, stormy yesterday, high of 84 degrees, gain at least 10 degrees today. staying in the 90s as we told
5:48 am
you all the way through the weekend probably, and beyond, with the familiar summertime weather pattern of hot, humid, and pop up showers and thunderstorms, possible, each afternoon. temperatures, uncomfortable, as well. >> just mentioned, light light and loose clothing, today national nude day. >> oh, don't wear any clothes? >> just had scare at the front desk here, mike jerrick just arrived. >> yikes. >> security is all over him there. good morning, everybody, live look at 422. everything is wet from the overnight rain. we got some low like clouds here, some fog, as we roll in toward that king of prussia interchange. here is a example of the fog, the haze, along i-95, as you roll up into delaware county, those storms moving into south jersey, route 70 at 295. a multi-vehicle accident right at that interchange there.
5:49 am
and second accident in two days here, blair milan easton road just off the willow grove interchange, that same interchange, intersection where we had a crash yesterday. watch for some possible flight delays. the early flights, getting in and out of philadelphia international airport. because of the rain that we're dealing with, again, the deal, glennside to center city where we see the packed, stacked and packed trains, and we see the bypass situation, your best bet, the market frankford line, trains running every eight to ten minutes. ready for a concert? we got two of them for you. guns n' roses tonight outdoors at lincoln financial field, and across the river, for all of the teens, the demi loveto and nick jonas concert, all of this extra volume like taking the snow globe, shaking it up here is going to impact our evening rush hour. i wonder which concert mike is going to go to tonight? >> i'll hit all of them. >> don't tell me about it just yet. >> okay. >> if you enjoy when the pope
5:50 am
was in town, get ready, the city getting its first ever philly free streets event on september 24th. that means, a group of bicyclists and pedestrians have been pushing since for more car free days, got their wish. officials say they'll block off the streets from south street to fairmount park, the day will also include educating al program and physical activities. >> did you know it is national hotdog month. and today is the day we celebrate. so, what are you going to do? it is estimated americans will eat more than 7 billion hotdogs between memorial day and labor day. every year, americans eat about 60 hotdogs. that's what they say. >> do you eat 06 hotdogs in a year? >> i don't eat meat like that, no. >> i don't think i do 60 hotdogs in a year. >> what do you like on them when you do eat them? >> i go mustard. >> that's it? >> maybe some relish.
5:51 am
>> mustard and relish. >> yes. do you do roley? what about sour caught, anybody? >> eww. >> spicy or regular mustard in. >> regular. >> me too. i'm blue collar dude from kansas, that i have regular french's just yellow. >> because you were in the basement. >> i was in the basement by myself. >> everybody remembers. >> bill bellamy is shear, one of my favorite guys, comedian, i have talked to him before stand up, he will be performing over at punch line, new comedy club. >> did you tell him did you stands up there? >> i did, did i six minute every filthy humor, and can never be aired, too bad. >> yes, because we wish we could show it to him tell us what he thought about you. >> we can't do it because it is cheap humor. >> right. >> you know? i should go with sophisticated humor but i don't have that. anyway, bill bellamy is here. and the three day rule. there is a new match making service that has come to philadelphia. so we're going to answer
5:52 am
certain questions. >> okay? >> and then the service will go on the first date for you so you don't waste time. >> sign me up. >> i like that idea. >> i do too. >> so they can come back and say you don't want to go with him. >> oh, horrible. >> also, you don't want to turn your oven today. it will be 126 degrees outside, or something. so, these are desserts that you can bake, well, you can make, without baking. so you don't have to turn the oven on at all. all chill dessert. >> you know yesterday my air would never go off because it was so hot. it just kept running all day. >> yes, i feel weird about that, too, because if you have your air-conditioning on 24 hours a day, i feel like it is tired. >> me too. >> the machine doesn't tire, but it seems like it would be tired. >> like a hamster wheel. >> right. >> but the machine doesn't know that. >> true. but my bills do. >> bills, bills, bills.
5:53 am
>> we all the got them. >> in the aftermath of ongoing tension between police and citizens, group of pennsylvania police officers, make a pretty kind gesture, we'll tell you after the break. national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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5:55 am
>> 5:55, already 76 degrees, and we take live look at the pocono mountains, all right, in the aftermath of ongoing tensions between police and,
5:56 am
group every pennsylvania police officers make a pretty kind gesture. homestead police officers, at eat and park restaurant, offering to pay the bill for couple that refutes today sit next to them. the officers signing the bill with the message reading, sir, your check was paid for by the police officers that you didn't want to sit next to. thank you for your support. i left a 10-dollar tip, too. >> now, i heard talk. i happened to glance over there. was couple coming into the restaurant, and they decide that they didn't want to sit with us. they made it very evident. showing, you know, just because you don't like somebody doesn't mean you can't be kinds to them. >> now, that's definitely troop. the officers hope the kinds gesture shows there are many great officers out there. >> speaking of officers, hundreds show support for local police after a tense week between protesters and officers. the message police have with nerves still on edge. and the heat is on. again. a blistering start to what could be our third heatwave of the summer.
5:57 am
and excess i have heat warning in place, how long will it last? sue has your answers. and, tense talks, could we soon get some answers regarding septa's side line silver liners? the announcement happening later today.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> judge today could be the hottest day of the summer. >> backing the boys in blue, ram any support of police here in philadelphia, ends with touching moment. the picture that shows two sides coming together, as one. >> and how about this, could answers be coming soon regarding the issues with septa's silver lining cars? would you like to look under one every these cars? we'll do that live today. hopefully. good day everybody, it is july 14, even though alex doesn't care, it is my daughter jessica's birthday. >> awe. >> i got her a gift last night. >> what did you get her? >> spa treatment. that's what she needs, spa treatment. >> oh, every mom. >> i can e-mail it. >> that's what it was? >> she was born on bastille day. >> she has been set free.


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