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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> judge today could be the hottest day of the summer. >> backing the boys in blue, ram any support of police here in philadelphia, ends with touching moment. the picture that shows two sides coming together, as one. >> and how about this, could answers be coming soon regarding the issues with septa's silver lining cars? would you like to look under one every these cars? we'll do that live today. hopefully. good day everybody, it is july 14, even though alex doesn't care, it is my daughter jessica's birthday. >> awe. >> i got her a gift last night. >> what did you get her? >> spa treatment. that's what she needs, spa treatment. >> oh, every mom. >> i can e-mail it. >> that's what it was? >> she was born on bastille day. >> she has been set free.
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>> storm bass deal, need air-conditioning, that's where you need to stay all day long, six out of ten today, not only because of the excessive heat and humidity, but because of the pop up thunderstorms later on there. you see, bus stop buddy has umbrella for later possible. so if you're poolside specially or on the beach, listen for the thunder, then lever the area. if you hear t otherwise, just keep it cool. temperatures are already in the muggy 70s, all of the rain prep much out of here, 76 degrees, 94% relative humidity, dew points are up there, so it is an excessive heat warning for philadelphia, and the rest of the i95 corridor, and then, a heat advisory for everybody else, with temperatures in the 90s pop up thunderstorms, another muggy low in the 70s, that's your weather authority forecast for today. >> hey, west chester, are you
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out there? good morning, everybody, 6:01 live look 202 rolling up to west chester, little bit of everything, mother nature been serving up little breakfast buffet for us this morning, we started when dry roads, we had light show, some thunder boomers, some heavy rain, now the roads are wet. we got some fog, 95, southbound, already heavy from academy into girard avenue. second day in a row an accident blair mill, easton road, right at the same interchange, intersection, also at the interchange of 295 and route 70 an accident in cherry hill, new jersey, watch for crash in chichester here, along meeting house road minor flight delays, see if they increase the times for those flight delays because of the fog we're dealing with, you know the drill on the regional rails station between glennside, center city where we get the sacked and packed conditions, market frankford,
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subway lags week dealing with the septa situation, the trains have been running, every eight to ten minute, and no delays on the market frankford or the subway. >> cracks and defect on septa trains led to headaches and us from traces, all of the trains taken out of service. >> inch ten heat making matters much worse. so, today we might finds out more about how this all happened. invite us out, at 8:30, we will car at this live, so, the fact that we're planning to do it live, means, that don't count on any big news. that's just an inside joke, because whenever we build up something it like putty's move on the seinfeld show, a hot local of build up with nothing at the end. anyway, the original contract order, $250 million for these bad cars. the order came in 12 years ago
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>> very politically connected here, the problem, really, decided, even though the people that know things about trains said no, don't go with the bid. it was the lowest bid, but it is a case of cheap bid, cheap qualitiment and when it was re-bid, because kawasaki one of the quality people who had experience in this sued, two years later hyundai wins again, using as a lobbiest then governor ed rendell's former law firm, the philly inquirer reported believe it or not, hyundai wrote them, the same people who made these wrong cars, these cracked cars next set to contract to build their first double decker rail cars. here comes rendell, urging septa to go with hyundai, again, believe it or not, do you believe that? >> so denver has these cars, too, did you hear about that, steve? >> reporter: yes, you know
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what, mike, los angeles had these cars, and they have 57 baz once, and won't try to fix them. they lost an engineer's light because one derailed, one good thing septa did hear, getting these off the tracks. >> settle down. >> la said no way. >> yes, i know, why would you even think of considering this company for double decker cars? >> yes, double deckers. >> double decker, double decker. all right, 65:00, more on, that we'll take you there live maybe at about 8:30 fire ripped through row home in juniata, flames broke out around 1:00 a.m., 4700 block every bingham street. authority tell us, the fire started on the porch of the home. crews were able it contain in a half hour,. >> allentown police trying to figure out who shot and killed a barber, in the front of his shop. south eighth street around,
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tuesday afternoon, day before yesterday, killing 40 year old eric wagner. wagner's never ooh says he was a nice guy. and can't imagine who would want to harm him. he leaves behind a wife, and a eight year old son. >> 6:06. the protest that followed, philadelphia communities came together to show support for our officers. hundreds gathered at rallies last night in mayfair, and roxborough, specifically, to say thanks to our officers. after difficult few days, that we've had for police, all part of the bash the blue rally, growing community movement to support police officers crowd was filled with family members and comes who say they just want to show police some respect. >> cons are trying to keep the communities safe. >> cops are being verbally beaten down. >> we need to remember that police -- >> we don't wake up in the morning to go out to kill
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someone. we don't go out in the morning to go out to hurt someone. our job to help, protect, service the area. >> police say there were no problems at the rally. as rally was ending single protesters holding black lives matter sign came over to the rally. there were some words exchanged, but it turned out to be a touching moment when the wife of an officer hugs that protester. >> 6:07. president barack obama says america is not even close to where it needs to be in terms of resolving issues, between police and the community they search. >> made the remarks, with community activists, politicians, and law enforcement officials. president obama expressed optimism, saying the participant who included members of the black lives matter movement agreed such conversation cents need to continue despite emotions high running across the country. president obama has drawn his
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attention this week to hostilities directed at police officers as well as the shootings by police, it is a tough road to hoe. >> we're not at a point yet where communities of color feel confident that their police departments are serving them with dignity and respect and equality, and we're not at the point yet where police departments feel adequately supported at all levels. >> we're trying to get there. the president also said some key issues that need to be examined involve fair investigations, data collection, and police training and recruitment. of course we're going through the recruitment problem here in fill. >> i 6:08. learning nor about what prompted change in leadership at temple university. >> yes, calling it temple tantrum. that's the front of this morning's daily news. financial frustration, the main reason, alex.
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>> so, dave kinchen live in north philadelphia, where the board of trustees issued vote of no confidence in the school's president. dave? >> reporter: yes, the board has made their intentions clear, they say, a change in executive leadership is required, amid allegations of financial mismanagement, temple's board of trustees taking a vote of no confidence, declaring their intention to fire president kneel theo bold, now spokesperson for the board, says, that the vote was unanimous among 34 of the 36 trustees present, it is all about deficit, such as major hole in financial aid, groups from 9 million last year, all the way up to $22 million in a shortfall this year. >> that deficit, that problem, was the responsibility of the president. >> leadership problem? >> it was a leadership and a management problem. >> sources say the move to sack the president comes less than a month after the president had the provose sacked, putting the financial problems on the provose, so
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the spokesperson for the board of trustees the buck should have stopped with the president, now which had to reach out to theobold, have not heard back. final vote to fire the president is will be held on jeong 21. back to you, mike analling. >> dave, what a mess up thereon north broad street. 6:10, week after being overcome with emotion over his fat's death, allen sterling's teenage son delivers strong message yesterday about how he want things to change in this country. >> plus, the pentagon launching an investigation into dallas police shooter micah johnson. what they want to know about his time in the military.
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>> we'll be in haddonfield on friday. >> the announcement, will it be neutral, governor pence of indianna? >> is it chris christie? >> the only thing we do know, he'll pick tomorrow from new york, ahead. gop convention in cleveland next week. on short list of names, new jersey governor chris cry tee, mike penned, former speaker neutral beginning. >> i'm going pence. >> he had a lot of meetings recently, too. i kind of hope chris christie, only because he's been so supportive, behind him at the podium, everything, even though the got bashed for it. >> that would be a new york guy with a jersey guy. that's all northeast. that doesn't help the rest of the count. >> i at least he tells it like it is, you know? >> who, governor christie? >> yes. >> well, there is also donald trump. >> maybe they would work? >> what it is in his mind, anyway being strong message at last night's espy awards, the academy awards of sports. what some of the nba top stars had to say to start the show.
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>> tom brady, has he run out of options? what's next after his latest suspension appeals is denied. >> more importantly, the espies, we should be pumping and promoting the villanova wildcats. >> right? >> they were up for four awards. you're going to find out how they did -- how they did last night. when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place. but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place.
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>> we had some thunderstorms, now we're left with moisture, because already humid, and now, with the residual from the rain, look at this, we have fog in millville, really socked in, in dover, delaware, with a half mile visible. 5 miles at philly international, mug foggier up to the north in pottstown, trenton, so it could slow you down this morning, some fog, in addition to the muggy temperatures. 76 degrees, in philadelphia, we all tends to move kind of slowly when it is this hot and humid. now, here is the big difference between earlier in the week, dew points have now risen into the 70s. and as we look at our measure of moisture scale now well into the oppressive range of dew points, so, that's why excessive heat advisory, may feel like triple digits by the ends of the day. sticky stormy yesterday, high
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of 84 degrees. but, today, woe gain about 10 degrees, with a lot of sunshine. the greatest chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms, far north and west of the city, today, hot again tomorrow, with high of 94, phillies are back in town after the all-star break, and they will be facing the mets on friday night, at citizens bank park. you will need to dress cool for that game. it will be very muggy. heatwave number three could happen on saturday, then there is good chance of staying in the 90s for quite a while after that, maybe even the middle of next week, if not we'll be close. know just down right soupy out there, bob kelly. >> it is, yes, 6:17. sue be, here is a live look at i95 in the soup here. again, with poor visibility, roads are wet, as mother nature through us everything this morning, but if you look closely again you can almost make out what would be the sun glare trying to burst through and burn off some of the early morning fog. and that early morning fog and rain could lead to some delays on the early flights here, at philadelphia international
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airport. but, good morning to kop. starting to push offer the clouds, roads wet, start to see the beginning after morning rush hour, bridge road, an accident, we talk about being national hotdog day, guess what else it is today? >> what is it? >> it is national make and cheese, mac and cheese on the dog. >> right there on my wean. >> i you know, mac and cheese, cut off the little weaners there. >> oh, i like that, uh-huh. >> eating good this week. big concert tonight, two of them, guns n' roses outside lincoln financial field at 8:30, and along the camden waterfront, demi and nick jonas, concerts will throw unusual traffic across both sides of the river here during our evening rush hour. and of course we'll keep an eye to the sky there, for many pop up thunder boomers. accident out here blair mill, easton road, same intersection as we had crash yesterday, then remember, glennside, yes,
6:19 am
sir? >> guns n' roses, is axl rose still with them? >> yes. >> is he all bloated or something? >> bob doesn't know thousand answer that. >> i'll have to work on that. >> i don't have anything with me right here, sue? we'll work on that, come back with that one. >> thank you, gun and roses,. >> thank, bob. 6:19ment the men who killed five police officers in dallas received honorable discharge from the military. and now the pentagon is trying to find out why. spokesman for the army says the military reviewing all of micah johnson's records, johnson served in the army reserve for six years, but honorably discharge after being accused of sexually harassing a fellow office earl. his military appointed attorney said he had prepared document for far more severe other than honorable edges it but never received the final paperwork. >> have to find out why. >> and today, many will say their final guide bust to
6:20 am
castile who was fatally shot by police last week, remembered at service in st. paul. the 32 year old shot several times during traffic stop after he told the officer he was license today car a gun. his girlfriends live streamed the whole thing on facebook, the sheriff's department confirms, castile did have a permit to carry, and the officer involved in the shooting incident is on administrative leave. >> sterling's 15 year old son cameron sterling, touched so many hearts when the reality of his father's death overwelmed him at a press conference last week, now the teen is calling for peace in the aftermath. >> and yesterday, cameron sterling, that's hess name, held press conference, he was carried live here on fox. >> caring this show. >> that's right, during our very program here, it was life about what, 9:40 yesterday morning. he called for his -- he said my dad was a good guy, a good man, saying his death was a sacrifice to show how bad things are in his neighborhood. cameron is asking that those who are calling for change at the protest do it the right
6:21 am
way, do it peacefully. >> i feel that everyone, you can protest, but i want everyone to protest the right way, protest to peace, not guns, not drugs, no alcohol, not violence. >> us justice department civil rights division continues to investigate alton sterling's death. >> well, the good news, just keeps oncoming for the sixers. finds out how soon you can expect to see darr yo in sixers uniform, is he coming over from overseas? has he agreed play with the sixers? lottery numbers.
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>> tom brady, donating football, yesterday, he was denied his appeal. the us second circuit court of appeals, denied his request for the appeal. now, he may waste more of everybody's time, the courts time, with the option every taking his appeal to the supreme court of the united state. that is in itself ridiculous, very unlikely the supreme
6:25 am
court will hear the appeal. so tom sit out the four games. phillies off until friday when they are playing against the mets at home. but yes, they stage 11 of "tour de france", going to france. a lot of bikes there, a lot of bikes and a lot of accident. pile up involved at least 12 bikes, a mess, is what it is, that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> again, howard, do you sports ma minute. we like to add another minute to sports in a minute. >> because sports is that important here at fox 29. >> things may be looking up for the sixers? joe asian player, dario yo, saric. but this say sar-ich. >> i'm going to say overseas, not going to play, talking he is coming. >> and power forward. >> according to phillie.
6:26 am
com, this power forward may sign his contract as soon as tomorrow. so, dario was drafted by the orlando magic, the 12th overall pick, that's way back in two years ago. and immediately, traded to the sixers. but, then, however, he signed three year contract with turkish team in that week leading up to the nba draft that year, two years ago, so we can use him. and looks like he'll sign today. >> that will be good. >> would you like to look aunt defective septa car? who wouldn't? >> if it means i'll understand what's going on with the silver liners, yes. >> steve doing that? >> oh, ya. >> you know, if espn doesn't steel you two guys away we will be very lucky, what's happening with these sports casts. >> we're the best. >> by the way, if sports in a minute had a ride a septa regional car from the suburbs it would be sports in 98 minutes. let's feed him to the sharks
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>> another heatwave with temperatures feeling like a hundred. >> plus, we have a t-shirt controversy at a local mall. the message that was on the shirts this man says he was asked to stop selling at the cherry hill mall. quit it. >> and closer look at the financial troubles that led to temple university's boards of trustees vote to remove the
6:30 am
school president. >> and, turmoil up on north broad. good day, everybody, it is july 14th, 2016. at ex doesn't care, even though it is my daughter's birthday. >> why do you keep saying i don't care? >> i don't know. it's fun. >> i funny? >> what is the number today? >> six. >> why is it down to six? >> because we have sticky start, it is oppressive humidity. >> did you mention the monsoon yesterday about noon? >> ya, well, some people got it. some people didn't. >> well, i got it. >> me too. i was driving in it. eww. now, just eww because it is humid outside. it is eww-humid. muggy the dog is here to signify that. >> wear your sunscreen while the sun out. left over clouds, a lot of fog around this morning, that could slow you down, but, we do expect enough sunshine to get us into the nine's today. seventy-six already, 94%
6:31 am
humidity, he is session i have heat warning, for all of the areas inbetween, either side of the big sits. and then, in the outlying areas, it is a heat advisory, for heat index around 100 degrees, that's what it will feel like outside. it was sticky. it was stormy for some yesterday, high of 84, and today, we get up to, well, about 95, could feel like 100 or more, just a mix of sun and clouds and chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms specially north and west of the city. looking to the future cast, see what we've got there, try to get rid of the fog this morning, bob kelly. >> yes, sun coming out, trying to burn it off. mother nature little bit of everything here this morning, live look at the benny at 83:00; little bit of sun popping out, little bit of haze, roads are wet, so again, mixed bag depending upon where you begin and end your trip. live look at the schuylkill expressway. out near king of prussia. again, roads are wet, you will have the windshield all wet, maybe use those wipers once or twice thereto pull out of the driveway. septa update, same deal,
6:32 am
nothing really has changed, glennside to center city seeing the most stacked and packed trains, do the bypass, get on before glennside, before ardmore, but going to drive to a station, try driving to a station for the mark frankford or broad street subway, free parking, 1600 spots, up in northeast philly at the frankford transportation center another 1600, naval area, trains running 68 to ten minutes, last week and a half zero delays the marked frank forwards. >> septa will speak out today letting us know what happened to 120 cars that they took off line. >> since the discovery pass inning verse been dealing with travel headaches long wait, and waiting outside in the heat it makes it much worse. >> so, steve keeley is steamed. he's had it, and there he is.
6:33 am
>> what's the heat inch next. >> the heat index in my pants is 77 degrees. >> all right, well, look, i'm glad we are we cleared that up. look, i'll go back to miss cover ton's kindergarten class, mike, i was in kin err garth end 50 years ago this fall. okay? this will be the first time since 50 years ago, that i'm going to be in a show-and-tell class because septa is holding show-and-tell at 8:30 this morning at their overbrook garage, showing off off the track out of service cracked cars, telling us the latest when they can even be fixed, whether they've got some more rentals on the way, and what is going to happen next. as week two of the trouble on the tracks started, septa's gm, working another weekend, had more bad news for us, the rail riders should expect all of these delays, packed trains, pass by's, that newly
6:34 am
learned phrase for train is her full it, doesn't even stop to try and pick up and pack on more people, who are left out in this heat and humidity and rain this morning for the next train, wondering if it will stop or pass by again, it is not looking good for repairs for a quick return to service, but got m said on sunday we can't make the decision about the cars if we don't even know what caused the problem. so, maybe, they may know now what caused problem and whether they can be fixed, we'll see, and we will see it live, and i said this earlier, you guys know there is everybody that's dealing with this problem, won't be home watching, all of the people that will be home watching don't care about this problem, so, if you're watching now, and you're going to get on the septa train later watch it work. so maybe have double the audience, have the work audience and the home audience all at once. >> that's good, they can download the fox app, and watch the to on your phone. >> boss will never know. >> you didn't hear that from me, glow thank you, steve.
6:35 am
6:34, call it 6:35. >> allentown police trying to figure how the shot and killed bash nerve front of his own shop in the middle of the day. gunman opened fire outside headliners in south eighth street around 4:30, tuesday afternoon. killing 40 year old eric wagner, and makeshift memorial on the swot marks the spot where it happened, said he was nice guy, can't imagine who would want to harm him. >> i don't know y's good dude. provides for people. i don't know, craze. >> i not like it used to be where we could go outside, play, now you know, people pulling guns, shooting, and, you never know one will stray and hit somebody. >> wagner leaves behind a wife, and eight year old son. >> all right, this weekend, the family after delaware firefighter, who died during a training exercise, will say their final good-byes, yesterday, dozens of firefighters and first responders, from across the state, and around the area, actually, took part in this procession, taking tim's body
6:36 am
to a funeral home in lewes. his funeral is going to be sunday. he died monday, after falling out after hell copped err during that training exercise, at the delaware coastal airport. the faa is leading the investigation into what went wrong there. >> and philadelphia residents are letting officers know that they support them, after it's been a difficult few days for the police department's around america. hundreds gathered at two rallies last night, in mayfair, and roxborough, to simply say thanks to our officers. it is all part of the back the blue rallies, which is a growing community movement, to support police officers, after last week's police ambush in dallas. >> police say there were no problems at the rallies. >> and the espies were last night. >> and they opened with a powerful statement, for some. biggers sports stars. >> labron james, dwyane wade, chris paul, mellow, speaking
6:37 am
out on the recent violence in america. labron even calling out his fellow athlete. >> let's use this moment as a call to action, for all professional athletes, to educate ourselves. speak up. use our influence. roo renounce violence, most importantly go back to our communities, invest our times, our resources, help rebuild them, help strengthen them, help change them. we all have to do better. >> he has certainly going after the sit i have of cleve atlantic, not just calling women themselves to be better but police across america to do better and violence against ourselves. >> we have a temple tantrum is what the daily news is calling it. >> financial frustration, the reason behind the change in leadership at temple university. >> hey, dave kinchen is live in north philadelphia where the board of trustees issued a vote of no confidence.
6:38 am
hi, dave. >> yep, big vote there. and they still have another big move to make before the president is out of power here at temple university. but the board of trustees decide that a change in executive leadership needed amid allegations of financial miss manage. ment temple board of trustees took vote of no confidence, declared their intentions to fire president theobold, spokesperson says the vote was unanimous among the 34 of 36 trustees present for the vote. it is all about deficits really. such as the major hole in financial aid that university officials say grew from $9 million last year, all the way up to a $22 million shortfall this year. >> relatively un informed about both the size of the deficit, the growth of the deaf significance, and the steps that were being considered to resolve the death sit. >> not sure what the became being is, bus like an earthquake, buildings still standing but not sure what damage has been done until we
6:39 am
clear away the wreckage. >> still talking about building the stadium. that doesn't seem to be impacted by this. first, the move to sack the president comes less than a month after the president had the provose sacked, blaming the problems on the provose, but spokesperson for the board says the buck should stop at the temple presidency when it comes to properly managing the money. we tried to reach out to the president, we have not heard from him, the final vote to fire the president takes place on july 21. mike anal next. >> all right, july 2; we will be watching, 6:39. the nfl is not going to punish former eagles running back, la sean mccoy, after fight that that philly night club over on second street, old city here, just days ago, pennsylvania attorney general's office announced it had closed its investigation into this fight in april. philadelphia's district attorney also declines a charge the buffalo bills running back, saying, he could not proof shady started the
6:40 am
fight. the football player, and three friends, got into a fight with two off duty police officers, at recess lounge here in old city back in february. >> and, school districts in new jersey, that have not tested their drinking water for lead, must do so within this year. got about six months to do it. new regulations were passed by the state board of education yesterday. district that test within a year will be eligible for reimbursement through the state. district can apply for a one year extension if they have tested their water within the past five years. the regulations also call for district to test their water, used for drinking, and cooking at least once every six years. need more than that. every six years? >> 6:40. beyonce, at leash a keys, other celebrities, powerful video of racial inequality in the united states highlighting the ways black people have
6:41 am
been killed. find out what they hope the video will accomplish. >> outrage on line. a man is asked to stop selling his t-shirts at a local mall. why the message on those shirts is brewing controversy this morning. >> and here is a quick look what's on fox tonight. >> what do you got? >> we have bones at 8:00. home free at 9:00. of course your "fox 29 news" at 10:00. >> what is home free?
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>> ♪ >> that performance at the del. i had no idea, just dawned on me, you only have 24 hours to win this mazda. you have got to start getting on line at >> this is your last chance, people. >> what, 24 hours basically get this done. register. >> and it is simple. go to quick on the contest on the home page, put in your information, boom, that's it, that's all do you have do. >> hit that red lion there. >> you could be the final finalist. >> by the way fish face alex hole. >> i who are you talking to? >> i'm talking to you, we'll be in haddonfield tomorrow. then week from tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, we are going have a party at the del. this thing is really shaping up. friday, the 22nd, 7:00 to
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10:00 a.m., come on out to the parking lot, there at the del. >> and we've got some great plans, talking about it every day this week so far. it will be good. bring the kids, too, because the kids, there will be a lot of stuff out there for the kids to enjoy. the headliner, sue serio. >> can't have a party in the park without a boom box. >> mine still has cast net it, and anyway, we do have a few clouds, and some fog around, this morning, and later on today, a slight risk of severe thunderstorms north and west of the city "shorecast" for today, pretty good, but also, pretty hot, it will be around 90 degrees, even on the beach today. no more sea breeze, southwesterly lands breeze, five to 10 miles an hour, surf tell many around 75, low risk every rip currents, and nine,
6:46 am
for your uv index, so later on today you can be can meet kathy orr in person, or down the shore, it is avalon this week hazy sunshine, a loft fun, the five and 6:00 news tonight. >> we have reading, with two and a half miles visible, same for pottstown, even less mount pocono, really socked in with fog in millville, and dover this morning, and reduced visible, at philadelphia international airport. now, that the rain has moved through, already humid, a lot, lot, lot of moisture in the air. temperatures in the 70s, and sticky out there. he can session i have heat warnings, and triple digits today, then heat advisory for the rest of us.
6:47 am
>> saturday 90, so that would make heatwave number three of the year. tan could extend even into monday, maybe even tuesday, wednesday, of next week with the heat and humidity, but it is july, bob kelly. >> kind of got to expect this. >> got to go with it. got to go with t6:47. good morning, everybody, accident here on the schuylkill expressway. this is eastbound, between montgomery and girard, they just pulled everybody off to the shoulder here. it was blocked, what was the center lane, but, we're now bumper to bumper here, getting ready to head out the front door, jam up belmont in through city line again heading in toward the city. try using one of the drives, kelly or martin luther king drive to save you time there. ready for breakfast? thursday, up and over the bridge, to clementon, in urge nudge, later today, lamp post diner, will be out there 9:00 to 10:00. good eating over there in clem ton ton, bring the kids on out have, some fun, glennside to center city, you know the drill, septa regional rails, kind of the stretch glennside into downtown where we've seen
6:48 am
the most pack trains here, ardmore, main line, into downtown, if you are going to drive to a station, and try something different, use the market frankford or the subway line, trains are running every eight to ten minutes, there is a two big work horses, and we've had in problems whatsoever, no problems, whatsoever, son the market frankford and subway and the early morning thunder boomers and fog, leaving us with some early morning flight delays in and out of philadelphia international airport. hello to the benny, little wet behind the ears as you work your way up and over into downtown. alex, back over to you. >> thank you, bob. we take a look at your headlines this morning. so all ' break down the top three topics buzzing on line and also verbal media. first we start with the top three local topics. and then compare that with the top three national headlines. kiosk operator is speaking out after he was told to stop
6:49 am
selling certain t-shirt it, has the words this has to stop. along with picture of six figures beating a person. at first the cherry hill mall told the business owner to stop selling the share, but since reversed that decision. >> and hundreds gathered at rallies last night in mayfair and roxborough to simply say thanks to our officers after difficult few days for police, all part of the back the blue rallies, growing community movement, to support police officers after last week's police ambush in dallas. and some brotherly love in our city. check out this photo. posted by the philadelphia police department. sir paul mccartney poses with a few officers after his show after the citizens bank park on tuesday. the photo has began earned dozens of re tweets and more than 5,000 facebook likes, on facebook the department said, quote, whenever sir paul is in town for a concert always has a kinds words for our officers, look, even wore blue. how nice is that? now we take a look at the top three national headlines. we start with steph curry's big win, last night, won the
6:50 am
award for best record breaking performance. the range two time nbamvp broke his own record, for the most three-pointers in a single season. warriors went ton win nba record 73 rest regular season games this past year. but of course, on the local level, talking about villanova because they were up for four awards last night, we'll keep you updated and how they d donald trump confirms that he will announce his runningmate tomorrow from new york. the announcement will come just days before the gop convention in cleveland. on the short list of names, new jersey governor chris christie, indianna governor mike pence, and former spieth err newt gingrich, will make that announce the at about 11:00 a.m. friday. and police in new york are trying to get a bad batch of synthetic marijuana off the street. dozen of people have overdosed on the drug known as k2. police say many people were found on the sidewalk, and subway platforms, at least 33 people have been hospitalized. >> bad news, alex, look at the size of my head.
6:51 am
look at that time. >> you've always had big head, mike. >> look at the size of my hands. so give me high five. >> i think everybody is big. hey, there go. >> good thing. >> hey, in the aftermath, whoa, look at my head, in the aftermath of ongoing tension police and citizens of our country, group of pennsylvania police officers make a kinds gesture to a couple that didn't want to sit near them. they didn't want to sit near cops. so what do they do about it?
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> come on, bob kelly. look at that. >> oh, ya. >> bob wearing a bandana? >> all right, cruels, getting ready for big show at the linc tonight, ya, our cameras getting a look at the stage being set up for guns n' roses. the man with the tour is not in this lifetime. and not in this lifetime will actually be there. >> one of the most anticipated concerts tonight at the linc. sue, no rain tonight? >> probably nod.
6:56 am
>> but i can't rule out. >> you can't rule out monsoon. >> always a poncho. >> humid, seinfeld episode, too. de pox poncho, do you remember that? i don't want to get into it. >> in the in the aftermath of ongoing tension between police and citizens, group every pennsylvania police officers, kind of nice gesture. >> so officers ate at an eat and park restaurant, and eat and park. >> eat and park. >> and offered to pay the bill for cup hole refused to sit next to them. officers signing the bill with the message quote, sir, your check was paid for by the police offers that's you didn't want to sit next to. thank you for your support. i left a 10-dollar tip, too. >> who didn't want to sit next to them?
6:57 am
>> now, it is eat and park. see, i think the restaurant is miss name. >> what should be it? >> park and eat. >> true. >> what would happen first, would you park first, and then eat. it is not eat and park. >> maybe after you heat there you have to parka little bit? >> regional rails to the concert tonight it, will start even later than he normally arrives.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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