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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 14, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers! lease an mkc for $289 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and just announced $1,000 summer invitation bonus. >> a blistering start to what could be our third heatwave of the summer, and excess i have heat warning in place, how long will this one last? >> love and support, that's what they need. >> hundreds show support for local police after tense week with protesters and officers. touching moments bringing two sides together at the ends of this rally. >> plus, outrage on line. a man is asked to stop selling his t-shirts an at a local mall. why the message on those
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shirts is brewing controversy right now. a closer look of the silver liner five. the answer action that could come today, as septa explains exactly what forces those cars off the tracks. and other than that, it will be interesting, i want to see what it looks like under those septa cars, we'll have to do that live hopefully. also national hotdog day. >> yes. >> where go for your favorite weeny in the area, in the delaware valley. >> right here at the desk. >> i want to be your favorite weeny. use the #fox29goodday, if you way in about the best hotdog. i used to go over to this place at 17th and sansom called underdog, a basement restaurant, it closed. >> nice greasy want err i bin from the guy out here on the truck. >> you know what i like to do at the food cart out there, i like to take the whole silver bucket and drink the hotdog water. >> yes, they change the water
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every day. >> a lot of cooking goes on in that water. >> delicious. >> i can't imagine. >> and then go to the hotel after? >> the franklin hotel. >> remember monday, we were a ten? doesn't that seem like so long ago. >> because yes, it is a six, because of the chance of under this earl storm later on, but mostly because of the excessive heat and humidity, buddy the dog, hello, don't have any more rain, we had rain move through this morning, if you see that the road is wet when you walk outside. that's why. it is already 76 degrees, even up in allentown, 69, mount pocono, 75 in philadelphia, and we're already at 77 degrees, in wildwood. so we were starting out this warm, you know we don't have that long to go, before we get into the 90's, and it will feel like triple digits in some places, so, excessive heat warnings and advisories out for today, already close to 90 by lunchtime, and then it will feel like 100 in some places, with a high of
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95 degrees. i mean, even if it felt like 959 it would be bad, bob kelly, but yikes. >> you got it, extra acqua net on there this morning, 7:03, we get ready to roll out the front door, south on 95, heavy from academy, in through girard avenue. jammed up on the schuylkill, all because after early morning accident, eastbound, look at that, 20 minutes, to make it through this mess down through center city. we're bumper to bumper from the conshy curve and it gets almost at a near stop from the boulevard as you work your way in toward girard. that accident, now off to the shoulder, but it happened right around the same time that the volume started to pop. we talk about the guns n' roses concert tonight. another concert across the water here, in camden. so both concert are going to throw a lot of extra volume for our evening rush hour. the septa update really nothing has changed. glennside, to center city, seem to be where we have the most stack and pack trains. allow yourselves some extra time. want to try something different? the market frankford broad
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street subway again running trains every eight to ten minutes. mike and alex back over to you. >> speaking of the trains, cracks and defect on the septa trains lead to headaches and frustration for passengers have, been going on for well over a week now. >> and the intense heat making matters much worse, everybody has to wait for the trains to show up. >> true. >> so what's the problem? it is a crack underneath these cars? what is it? >> well, here is the problem right now. not only is it heat, it is also humidity. and you can see, as sue talked about all morning, very cloudy over suburban station, and so we will bring up the old saying every cloud has a silver lining, the question today, maybe answered, in the next hour, does the cloud over septa's silver liner rail cars have a silver lining? that means, is there any good news to report or even just more bad news? will we hear this: they cannot be fixed at all. and they cannot be replaced for a real long time, septa's going to show us the cracks in the cars over at their overbrook garage where we're
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headed to next, and that's going to give us a lot of answers, and that's got a lot of people cracking under pressure by the way, finding new ways to work, helping their colleagues and bosses at work getting used to seeing all of their septa rail commuters get to go work, whenever. late, very late. however, here is some silver lining in this 7:00 live shot, alex and mike, we did finds the one thing that is running on time here at suburban station, and that would be the clock. >> the clock. >> and you know that clock, is actually right on time. a lot of clocks on buildings around america, not on time. >> just like fake? >> yes. >> you know, even broken clock is accurate twice a day. >> that's so true, mike. >> that's heavy. >> that is heavy, very deep. >> thank you. deep in it today. authorities are investigating after a fire ripped through a row home in juniata. this morning, the flames broke out around 1:00 this morning, on the 4700 block of bingham
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street. authorities tell us the fire started on the porch of that home. crews were able to contain the fire in about an hour and a half. no report of any injuries. >> in allentown, mr. is are trying to figure out who shot and killed a barber inside of his shop in the middle of the day. gunman opened fire outside headline nerves south eighth street around 4:30 tuesday afternoon killing 40 year old eric widener, his nephew said he was nice guy, can't imagine who would want to harm him. he leaves behind a wife and eight year old son. >> learning more about what prompted change in leadership at temple university t appears it is about financesment and that's what caused the boards of trustees to order vote of no confidence in the school's president and the daily news has this headline: temple tantrum. so dave kinchen in north philly of course, dave? >> and no patience, really, according to the temple board trustees, they say it was time for action, taking major step
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toward the change in executive leadership. amid allegations of financial mismanagement on behalf of the president of the university. temple's board of trustees taking a vote of no confidence in declaring that, their intent is to fire president theobold, since the vote unanimous among 34 of 36 trustees prent, all about running deficits such as hole in financial aid that university officials say grew from $9 million last year, all the way up to a $22 million shortfall this year. >> that deficit and that problem was the responsibility of the president. >> leadership problem? >> it was a leadership and a management problem. >> so, not so easy to get rid after president, in one fell swoop. sources say that they will have to have another vote on this, which will take place on the 21. so just few days now. sources also said that the move to sack the president comes less than a month after the president had sacked the
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provose, blaming the financial problems on the vaux voice, but the board spokesman says it really rests with the president, to management finances, we'll try reach out the president, but the university president did not get back to us, as that far yesterday. >> yes, big mess there. clock 08. a big showing of support for our officers, police officers here if philadelphia, difficult day for police, hundreds gathered at rallies last night in mayfair, roxborough, to simply say thanks to our officers, which is a growing community movement to support after last week's police ambush in dallas. the crowd was filled with family members of cops, and others, who say they just want to show police respect. >> wake up in the morning to go out to kill someone don't wake up in the morning to hurt
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someone, our job is to help, service the area. >> i recognize we had our good day show. >> good day drive-thru. >> yes. >> police say there were no problems, though, at the rallies. >> as the rally was ending, a single protesters, black lives matter sign, came over to the group. there were some words exchanged, but it turned out to be a touching moment when the wife of an officer hugged the protester. >> the sit of dallas began saying good-bye to the officers who were ambushed and killed buy mike a johnson one week ago, thousands of mourners attends the services for officer brent thompson, sergeant michael smith, and senior corporal laurence, services for the other two officers michael krol and patrick are tomorrow and saturday. yes, and last night, the ben franklin bridge was lit up in blue, in tribute to the fallen police officers in dallas. >> today many will gather to
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say final good-byes to castile, minnesota man fatally shot by police last week, will be remembered at a service in st. paul minnisota 32 year old was shot several times during a traffic stop, after he told officers he had a license to car a gun, he was reaching for the license. his girlfriend, live streamed the whole thing on facebook, the whole world saw it, the sheriff's department confirms, the man did have a permit to carry and the officer on administrative leave. 7:10. president barack obama says america is not even close to where it needs to be in terms of resolving issues, between police and the community they serve. >> getting little bet earlment president made the remark during lengthy meeting yesterday with community activists politicians and law enforcement officials. the president expressed optimism, participants who included members of black lives matter, that movement, agreed such conversations need to continue despite emotions
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running hi, the president has deet vote dollars his attention this week to hostilities directed at police officers, as well as shootings, by police. >> not yet where police departments feel adequately supported at all levels. >> the also says some key issues need to be examined involve investigations, data collection, and police training and recruitment. >> 7:11, kiosk operator at the cherry hill small speaking out after told to stop selling a certain t-shirt. >> it protests police brutality, so what's the shirt say? >> well, at first, let me tell this, the cherry hill mall told the business own to stop,
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then later reversed the decision shear (the shirt has the words this has to stop. along with a picture of stick figures beating a fallen person. operates the teary eyes kiosk, he started selling the shirt and wearing it on friday. he thinks that two camden county police officers saw his kiosk and alert dollars the mall. miller says mall representatives orders heard him to stole selling and wearing the shirt because they thought it was offensive. >> well, miller says, he wasn't trying to be controversial, but instead, intend today promote positive message through those t-shirts. he insists his shirts are anti-police brutality, but not anti-police. the experience left bad taste in his mouth, so now he says he'll leave mike and alex and take his business to the philadelphia mills mall instead. >> so he's out of the cherry hill mall.
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>> yes, left new jersey, came back to philly. >> interesting. >> really? >> are there search guidelines in malls you can only certain certain kinds of things? >> it is not vulgar. >> and stores sell all kind of t-shirts, sale all -- sell all kinds of things. >> massier than that. >> thank you, lauren. 7:13. beyonce, alicia keys, pink. >> i'll go to that show. >> no, teaming up for a video. some of the reasons they're trying to talk about where black people can get killed in america. we'll play you a portion of this video. here it is. >> walking away from police. >> walking toward police. miss ago front license plate. >> holding a fake gun in the park in ohio.
7:14 am
>> broken headlight. >> sitting in your car. >> walking up the stairwell of your apartment building. >> holding a fake gun in virginia. >> on the way to bible study. >> man, that's good. >> the video is a collaboration between mike's. com and the we are here movement urging americans to sign a petition that calls on congress for radical transformation including funding for healthcare, education, and criminal justice reform. the whole video, it is pretty powerful. >> that's powerful indeed. i want to see the whole thing. already, donald trump confirms the force from earlier this week that he will announce his runningmate, his vp, tomorrow
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about 11:00 tomorrow morning. donald trump says he will name his pick for vice president just after 11:00 and he's going to probably do it in new york city just day ahead of next week's gop convention in cleveland. now, their convention starts monday, right? >> so on the short list supposedly new jersey governor chris christie as vp, indianna governor mike pence that's how think it will be, a form he speaker of the house newt gingrich. >> tim tebow set to speak at the republican national convention in cleveland next week. how long was ' eagle, a hour and a half? according to the new york times, tim will speak on the fourth night of the convention, the same night donald trump is expected to formally except the party's nomination, in his own speech. tim tebow is known for his conservative politics. and is outspoken about his
7:16 am
pro-life views. tim tebow. >> you got to find slot, too. donald trump, wow. >> nobody else steams want to speak. >> stick with fox 29 for complete coverage of both the democratic and republican national convention, starting sunday, our bruce gordon reports from cleveland, he got the short straw. and, beginning monday, we will bring you extended political coverage, on 11:00 newscast. did you just hear that? we're going to be on at 11:00 p.m. now. >> extending our coverage. still on at 1:00. >> yes, so we will extends it through until 11:30. yes, that's called extended coverage. >> okay. >> that's a tv term. >> it is. but you know, we also need extended coverage from this weather from sue. >> beautiful trans us. >> another heatwave, knew. >> yes, extended temperatures, extends dollars above the normal of 88 degrees. so, mid nine's today, tomorrow, probably right
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around 90 on saturday, and sunday, lots of humidity, too, so yes, little hot weather help for you, all of these seem obvious, we drag out the tips every year, but, you still need to be reminded where your late wait loose footing clothing, exercise outdoors in the morning, or the evening, middle of the day when the heat is at it worse, drink plenty of water, and do not lever your children or your pets or yourself in a vehicle for that, for any lent of time, because it doesn't take long for it to back oven in the extreme heat. right now nothing to show you on radar. later on we may see pop up storms, more likely north and west of the city. there was build up of heat and humidity, you know the drill, 3 miles visibility at philadelphia international airport. it is still foggy in millville. you're socked in down in dover, delaware, too, mount pocono seeing a loft fog with all of the moisture in the air. sunshine will burn through eventually. we're in the mid 70s just about everywhere already, dew
7:18 am
points in the mid 70s, meaning we moved all the way up on our scale to oppressive humidity. just soupy out there. with the bermuda high and the southwesterly winds, it is our summertime weather pattern. and it is here for the foreseeable future, especially today, we will be bad with the excessive heat and heat index, seven day forecast, has 90s all the way through through monday, pretty close to 90 monday and tuesday of next week, at the shore not going to get the break we've had with sea breeze, it is land breeze, at least today and tomorrow. temperatures around 09 even on the beach. >> good morning, on a thursday, looking live at 422, take a look at the five. still laying sarg saint gabe's curve of the curb check, records are wet working your way into philly. we talk about it being national hotdog day, also throw back thursday, you remember this one?
7:19 am
>> ♪ armor hotdogs ♪ >> chicken pox? now, who even gets chicken pox no a days? >> i get them now, shingles. >> throw back, to the armor hotdog theme song there, hotdog day today. could you probably eat two, three on the schuylkill right now, eastbound jammed up from conshy, with some rain and also an accident eastbound right near montgomery drive. we got two big concerts tonight. guns n' roses, demi loveato, all of that will impact our evening rush hour, keep that in mind into and out of the city even the benny and whitman will see the extra volume tonight. nothing out of the orders area
7:20 am
to report on the septa regional rail situation, the market frankford and the subway, running trains every eight to ten minutes. >> bob kelly you want to drive people crazy right now? here we go. another survey. and it is another win for temple. >> there is a new pole out this morning, naming temple as pennsylvania's favorite college football team. now, here, the penn state people screaming. >> said the owls the favorite football teen. penn state received about 25% of the vote. about 16% voted for pittsburgh. >> they do it in north philly? >> most have done it north broad street. i love temple. >> good year. >> well, they had a great year, football team, ya. >> maybe that's why. some people jumping on the bandwagon. >> penn state going through some bad news? >> i sure affect it.
7:21 am
>> but penn i thought would do better than that. >> nope. >> i think my favorite football team is shippensberg. >> oh, that's wonder you. >> what's the mascot at shippens burying berg, bob, do you know? >> the raiders. >> okay. >> all of this. >> go raiders. >> go raider. >> is that how it goes? okay. >> this guy. >> no ship, ship edge berg. we like shippen berg. >> did villanova get snubbed? did you see this, chris jenkins, buzzer beater, to win the national championship of college basketball. that will has to be, now watch this, this lab to be the player of the year. >> for the win. >> amazing. >> they got the shack last night. i'll show you the play that beat them. >> oh, he didn't win? >> no. >> no. >> no long area material girl?
7:22 am
big changes it is making to barbie. >> does madonna have a bashy? >> i'm sure she does.
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>> mattel announced new barbie types. >> so one of the new changes we'll see. she is known -- >> bashy? >> i'm not even going there. city of brotherly love. >> new look for bashy? >> oh, anyway, mattel, no, i'm not going there, ken has no parts. anyway,. >> well. >> it is too early in the morning and i'm too tired. i need more coffee. mattel, they did the changes on barbie, in january, and they discovered that despite the changes, people who buy barbie for the kids, for their girls, their daughters, discover that they still associate barbie with the real
7:26 am
house wives as opposed to the real world. so they've determined that bashes just too materialistic when you look, she's got the big dream house, she has the car, the pink car, she has the marcos closet full of shoes, so, they've decide that barbie needs to be less materialistic, and more, perhaps, intellectual. so you can now get presidential barbie and vice president barbie. they've done that in the past, but that's now coming up up for sale but will change the parking of barbie to go back to barbies roots which are going to emphasize the ability to be creative and play with barbie. so cents that's what mattel will do. look, barbie sales fell close to billion dollars last year, so you don't want to discount this doll, but they have to keep the sales going. and this is the only way they'll do it. >> sue serio, we have a woman named sue here, she does the weather. a woman invented barbie, right? it was a woman? >> yes. >> it was german, it was german company. barbie came out of germany. >> german company.
7:27 am
you are nut. serious? >> the original barbie was german. >> what's her last name? >> like roberts. >> barbie roberts in. >> yes. >> oh,. >> german company? >> barbie was german. >> really? >> all right. >> adam's knowledge, it is his story this morning. >> we'll nail you tomorrow. >> well, let's see. >> he is looking like no i know this. >> ill cut you. >> thank you, see you tomorrow. hurry up, sue. >> american business woman ruth handler is credited with creating the doll, using a german doll as her inspiration. >> oh, i apologize. >> 1952. >> i a popjoys to adam shapiro. >> i'm still here. anatomically incorrect doll. so yes, keep apologies coming. >> wow. >> i apologize to you, adam.
7:28 am
>> her name was lilly the bash any germany. >> littley? >> lilly. hamburg newspaper, comic strip. >> so she ripped it off from the german doll. >> and named it after her caughter. >> interesting. >> lilly dolls can be bought in cigar shops and bars. >> really? >> barbie has a past. >> google is revealing a lot. >> every woman i know has a past. >> that's the way it goes. >> really? >> hey listen, it is so hot today that we don't want to turn on ourselves, right? >> no. >> did you know that i've been back in philly about six years now. >> yes? >> i have never turned on my stove in my apartment. >> you don't how to cook. >> people can do that for you. yourself has been on, you just returned turned on. >> no, i don't if he it has ever been on. >> i've been over to your house for thanksgiving. it's been on. >> that's true. i just don't hoe how to. >> gas? >> bob, listen, trying to
7:29 am
start the darn concept. we are not going to turnip ourselves so we'll make dessert not using the stove. jen is in charge of this. >> yes, absolutely, that's with a we will do. back with alley. we will do no bake deserts, by the way they look like you bought them at a fancy place. first, gentlemen, how do you feel about barbie? we will be back right after the break. when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place. but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled, i was appalled.
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>> septa has an update with the cars off the tracks. we'll take i live to the press conference when it starts in the next hour. see what went on with these cars. and the heat is on. excessive heat warning in effect, how hot will it get? >> stubborn clouds around this morning, still sticky, still hot today. eventually, we will see the sunshine and maybe a few pop up showers, and thunderstorms, nothing on radar right now, we have temperatures, that are in the 70s, and dew points that are in the 70s, which means, it is the most humid day of the week. extreme heat, and few pop up thunderstorms, most of them will happen north and west of the city. with those wind out of the south and the southwest, well, not much of a breeze, it will
7:33 am
be very oppressive with that humidity today. and we'll tell you how long this will continue when we take a look at the seven day forecast, coming up. so bob kill, it is soupy out there. >> soupy, you got it, soupy sales, 7:33, good morning, live look at i59 delaware county, we got some wet roads, all around the board, slow going on the ramps to the commodore barry bridge, an accident in new jersey, right on the 295, 42-inch interchange, having impact on everybody coming in toward the bridge. the accident is actually north on 295. right approaching route 42, so that will whole jogger nut here in bellmawr, new jersey, causing delays for folks heading in toward the city. a downed tree in the neighborhood, welsh rd. and verree road, and then eastbound on the schuylkill, still extra heavy from the boulevard, in to girard, from an earlier accident. mike and alex being back over to you. >> front page of the daily news says it all, temple tantrum. financial frustration, that is the reason behind a change in
7:34 am
leadership at temple university, look at that headline. ousted provose. >> issued vote of no confidence in the school's president, problem start in the march when a $22 million shortfall was projected in university's financial aid budget for merry scope after shims, intensified, blaming him for the mess. >> for the hot mess, ya. >> spokesman for the board of trustees says the president was responsible for balancing the books. the school has since shifted funds to make up for the deficit. >> and philadelphia's in the process of overhauling its ability waited, i mean, antiquated 911 system to make it easier to contact them in certain situations. >> and is reporting that the city's negotiate ago contract with a sends tow purchase new equipment that will unable emergency call take tears receive and responds to text messages. >> one day the system might also be able to except images, videos, submitted by people facing emergencies, and part of the nationwide effort dubbed next generation.
7:35 am
the upgrade is expected to cost several million dollars. once an agreement is finalized will take about 18 months before the new system. >> interesting. how do you analyze a text message in the 911? >> you know, certain situations you can't speak or make a phonecall, so it will probably be good to send a text that something is going job that's for sure. having a kid is expensive. no question about that, so is giving birth. specially in philadelphia. one survey has us ranked near the top of the list, most expensive cities to have a child to give birth. find out why.
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>> 7:38. espies were last night, i was watching there is hoping ville villanova would take all four prizes, think didn't get any. >> up for best team, best coach, best game, best play. i really thought their best chance was best play. >> yes, out of all of those categories you're right. this, we thought, would win, best play, it wins national championship in college basketball, right, chris jen skins in. >> final seconds. literally, to the buzzer. >> i know, so what would beat that? did they win? this was the announcement at the espies last night.
7:39 am
>> the espy goes to: >> aaron rogers tell march. >> i what? >> it was good. remember that? >> yes, but -- >> that was a big play. >> chris jenkins did win a national championship. >> true. >> so he didn't win any of them. >> now, is that young woman there in the white dress -- >> skyler digins. >> she played at notre dame, right? >> yes. >> and she is in a lot of rap songs. >> she is beautiful. >> very talented. >> very good basketball player. one of the stars from the championship team em too far for villanova, ryan arcidiacono. >> he tweeted it is all right, biggies, nova men's basketball always get disrespecting, probably lost that one because we proud bridge rep fox sports and don't play on espn.
7:40 am
>> true, remember, we were in charge of coverage for the villanova wildcat here at fox, as they went to march madness all of that and the biggies tournament, remember, that we covered that here on fox. >> and then the espies are espn. so i guess the theory is they wouldn't want to give award for something that happened on another network. >> they're tools then. >> shouldn't be the reason f it is enough talent then give it to him. >> he won the whole thing with the buzzer beater. doesn't that beat a regular season hail marchy? >> you would think, up against the holly homes home sites. >> oh, labron blocking one of the shots. >> against andre iguodala. >> so good ones out there. but common. that's all right, november arc you always win in our heart. >> we should have our own awards ceremony. it is a fox thing, so maybe we can do it. >> the foxies. >> what would it be, a metal fox, like holding up
7:41 am
something. >> somebody go to the prop room. >> hang around, up next, paren of the teenager gunned down after the basketball game. they're going to join us in the studio next, here's mom and dad.
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n 44:00, good morning, 7:44, earl mourning storms, leaving the fog we see up at the poconos, also, here, scattered throughout the city. maybe some of the skyscrapers here, in town, could be a loft schuylkill expressway delays east and westbound, nothing out of the orders area there. here is live look downtown, folks lined up trying to get into 30th street station. if you are hungry, come on, you can hear my stomach growling. going for breakfast, you know thursdays, i pick different neighborhood, different spot we head today up and over the bridge to clementon, new jersey, lamp post diner, i'll be out there 9:00 to 10:00. come on by, we'll have some fun, bring the kids, put them on tv, as well. now, already starting to see werth delays at philadelphia international airport. i told but there this morning. not just because of the
7:45 am
weather here, but, because of the storms up in new york, now, impacting like a domino effect as our jumbo jetliner banks there to the left. so, check with the airline if you are headed down to the airport, downed tree, all of that rain loosening up the dirt, 26th and brown, right in fairmount. so that's causing delays, folks use the kelly drive, to get in to center city, and another downed tree in the neighborhood at welsh and verree. and then, north on 295. accident approaching the 42 freeway. is the rainout of here for the rest of the day? sue has the answer coming up in 15 seconds. >> fog still hanging around, fog formed after a line of showers came through, this morning, so much moisture in
7:46 am
the air. it is giving the sun a hard time, especially, down in dover. here, at philadelphia international airport, it is only 3 miles visible, so that could be contributing to some of those delays, as well. three quarters after mile, up in mount pocono, here are your temperatures, in the 70s, upper 70s, down in millville, atlantic city, wildwood, dover. then the dew points, the closer they get to the temperatures, the more humidity you have. when the dew point are in the 70s, talking about oppressive humidity, it is out there now, it will continue, sun or no sun, for the rest of the day. but we still think we'll have enough sun to get us to 95 degrees today. ninety-four tomorrow. and then, in the 90s, at least close to it, over the weekends, saturday, and on sunday. we could get our heatwave, could get pop up thunderstorms, that chance exists through monday and tuesday of next week. so, that, mike and alexa look at your seven day forecast. >> thanks, sue, 7:46 now. >> mom and dad are pleading with the public to help finds person responsible to shot and killed their 15 year old son, as he left a basketball game
7:47 am
on monday night. >> everybody loved him. he was a good kid. >> fifteen year old ta-hears barnes died monday night after being shot in the face. police say he and two friends leaving basketball game. they watched at 61st and baltimore avenue, when gunfire errupted. >> a 15 year old was hit in the ankle and 14 year old glenn butler was shot in the arm. police say the shooting stemmed from an argument and fight after a game last week, between tahere's teen and another team. tahere's team won. >> everybody take a lost at some point. going to do that your whole life? shoot somebody every time you take a lost? >> his par rent here, thank you for coming in. i know last night, sent us a picture. >> yes. >> of tahere when he was a little boy. >> yes. >> broke my heart. >> yes. >> tell us about him. >> he was a good kid. he would do anything you
7:48 am
asked. all he wanted to do was make it. he didn't have any enemies. he just wanted to be himself, and it just saddens me that no one has come forward. he has friends that hung out with him every day, with him on his rap videos, and only one every his friends came to visit me at my home. >> to give their condolances. >> do you really think it is over basketball? >> i believe it. he had no enemies. he had no enemies. >> do you have -- do you have an idea who maybe did this? >> i don't have an idea but his friends have an idea. they know who did this. >> i agree with you. >> and i am asking, i am telling his friends, do not show up at my son's funeral. only one every his friends came to my house. i'm talking about friends that have came to my house and spent the night, that has been with him every single day. >> do you think it is because they know who did it? >> they know who did it, they
7:49 am
know exactly who did it, but they don't have to go to the cops. come to mement i will go to the cops and tell who did t i don't have to mention your name. but, what i know is, and i hope and i pray, that tahere visits them in their sleep, whisper in their ear every time they open their eyes, every time they walk around the corner, every time they go to the basketball court, that they hear him. because he's going to come for you in your sleep. and i feel as though that you all just like the person who took his life. >> you are struggling, i can see it on your face. tell us about it, ahere. >> i mean, i just think that this is something that doesn't a word that has a feeling. it just keeps happening. nothing i can say. >> you haven't slept? >> no, he hasn't eaten, either. and it just saddens me that
7:50 am
everyone is so upset about this police brutality, because white cop kills a black kid or an adult, but what about a black kid killing another black kid? black on black crime. where is the rallies for that? where is the march for that? march what's out here. march for all of the black people that killing other black people. everybody want justice for that. i want justice for what's out here. >> talking about, you said, he was really good kid. i mean, you mention all of the teachers showed up at the vigil in. >> everyone. >> every single one. >> the principal, all the time, you see, this is not new, this is olds at this point. >> yes. >> this is not news any more. this is something that you just -- every day. >> you're right, since january, there have been 33
7:51 am
teenagers shot in our sit. >> i this is old now. this is not new. this is crazy. i mean, i have to actually sit up here and compare our child to somebody that lost, you know, i can't say -- how do we say, he was the best? and not know that all of those other kids that died, but to truly say he was the bets, he was cool, like i'm telling you, he was a man before he was is a man. he was cool, in devotion, he didn't bother nobody. we -- >> i know, it is unfathomable. you can't put your head around it. >> and the fact that it happened at a community league basketball game, where you think, you know, something your kids do that they may be safe. >> absolutely. >> you just question everything as a parent, like you just -- we have to question, did we do right, did we do wrong, but you question at this point, how do you
7:52 am
know -- it was simple. wash the dishes, don't ask me can you go outside, you tell me you're going outside. >> i know, no way to explain it, steven. >> he was a good kid, a good kid. he was loved by so many people. i know i loved him. we loved him. but -- >> this is unreal. >> i know. you can't explain it. you can't explain it. >> now, the police said yesterday, that maybe arrest is evident, have you heard anything about that? >> i haven't heard anything. they said they have leads. they know who they are. and who ever did this to my son, you are going to pay, justice will be served, and who ever is hiding him, who ever's house he is hiding in, where ever he is at, and as a parent, i know you know what you are child did to my child, and as a parent, how can you
7:53 am
let this go on without bringing him in, telling him or her turn him or herself in. >> last night you said he text young woman that he knows? >> i believe it. >> that he might die? >> yes. he just said that if he dice, tell lil wayne to drop my mix tape to come to my funeral and kiss me on my forehead. >> love music? >> he was a rapper, flight. >> yes. >> he has music videos? >> yes, yes. >> do you think that that is a premonition of this text, because of the mean streets? >> yes. >> all of the people -- >> did he never sean sean to you that he was concerned? >> no. >> it is simple. what's normal in a household of ours, we don't sit down and eat dinner every night, we're not that household, i have
7:54 am
grown kids. >> yes, six siblings? >> so when i say grown, i mean, that's how we communicate. i feel like that's how they got to be ready for the world. so it is simple. >> hey, son, it is not a hey, i'm not that person, we're not that. >> there is nothing we can say to make you feel better. >> we certainly wish and hoping with this somebody will see this and they will say something. because you're right, it was community league basketball game. lots of people were there. somebody has to know. >> somebody no, sir. >> all right, whatever we can do for you, let us know. >> thank you for coming in and sharing your store. >> i thank you so much. >> we'll take a break and come right back.
7:55 am
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7:58 am
okay, this picture belies the fact it will be feeling like 105 degrees today. so we'll do cool treat so we don't have to turn the oven on. starting off with chocolate desserts, pudding par jars. >> oh,. >> they look really good. >> hey, jen? she is in harleysville. >> reporter: i'm in harleysville. we love alley. good morning, again. >> good morning. >> i have to same, your kitchen is so perfect. even with charlie, good morning, charlie. >> hi,. >> you know about this, kids want some treat, but you don't want to heat up the house. >> ya, i mean, it is pretty hot out this time of year. nobody really wants to be stuck in their kitchen blazing over a hot oven t but it is great to have a homemade desert. this is the time of year where you want to make memories, be out on the patio, having ice cream, pudge pops, things like. that will so these desserts, in baking required. >> so we begin over here, right? this is just real simple quick time saving? >> yes, absolutely. so we will do chocolate pudding pie jars. >> okay. >> we start with just little
7:59 am
4-ounce jars. and into that we put gram cracker crumbs and melted but ther. >> that's it. >> that's the crust, that's the crust. then you move over. >> hi, henry, hendley want to be on tv. >> okay, so, waist going on over here? >> we come together real quickly there is has sugar, corn starch, in a pot. >> we just give it a little whisk. >> and the kids are here because this is one of their five are you things? >> this is probably their favorite dessert i make right now, they love this. so does my husband. >> hum. >> so just whisk in some milk here. and we talk about there is even though you're cooking on the stove, but by no means like baking? >> no, takes five minute, you pre heat your often can sometimes take to up 20 minutes to get that oven hot, this is quick and east. >> i how come not using just store bought putting? >> well, for one thing, i think homemade tastes way better. >> okay. >> also, it is a lot more economical. >> okay. >> and one thing that i really like about this recipe is you
8:00 am
don't have to wait for it to chill. right on the stove, so great time safer. >> love it. >> then we put the stuff in. do you have wait to thicken up? >> will thicken up little bit. when it does we'll add chocolate chips, butter, and vanilla. >> it is really good, right? in is your favorite thing that she makes? and how many are you allowed to have at a time? >> oh, just one. do you have -- you have like a lot of little things to keep putting them in, like the jars, i don't have those jars, but you can use anything? >> anything, little dessert kitchen, ramkin, you know, really just anything will work, even just an ordinary drinking glass. >> i love it. we've seen the picture, but at 9:45, we'll show the oscar, and the other thing we'll do, you'll fill this up with -- >> nut ella mouse. >> oh, good. the reason why i am here i have to be honest, no drip fudge pops. >> yes. >> we will do that at 9:45, we have great stuff. so are you going to camp or stick around to eat the the
8:01 am
food? >> there go. guys, back to you. >> that's great. my mom used to make that chocolate pudding the best part was the skin, the pudding skin. oh, that was a seinfeld episode, pudding skins. >> seinfeld. >> yes. good day, it is thursday, july the 14th, 2013, here we go. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. >> burning up. >> ♪ burning up ♪ >> extensive heat warning in effect right now. and with every hour the temperature will climb when we can expect to find some relief . getting a look at septa's rail cars, will today be the answers to their train troubles? >> hundred g message at the espies, in the wake of recent
8:02 am
violence, nba stars stands together and say enough is enough. >> other big moments from last night's show, how the villanova wildcat do, and jay wright. >> battle of the ex at. he admits it, say this ain't what you came for. the rant begins. the other star he brought. >> hey, 8:02 now, we have a trick? >> no tricks, we have a six. it will be so flipping hot. >> so flipping hot. >> flipping, you're if the going to flip over the forecast, here is bus stop buddy, sticky start in the 70s, pop up thunderstorms not out of the question this afternoon, first get the sunshine, that instability, we still have stubborn clouds around, yet at 77 degrees.
8:03 am
excessive heat warning, in the philadelphia area all the way up to wilmington, feeling hotter today with pop up thunderstorms specially, north and west of the city. so, that takes care of today. more 90s, in the seven day forecast, bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning shall everybody, # 03:00 this thursday -- 8: 03, live look at the schuylkill expressway, jammo from ends to ends, eastbound, heavy from conshy into downtown, westbound, tight all the way out through conshohocken. roads are damp and wet from that early morning rain. still dealing with some fog and that's causing for some delays into and out of philly international. vine expressway here one lane single file, push over in toward 30th street. again, check with the airline, seeing delays, not only here in philly but also on the tote board in new york, double concert tonight, south philadelphia, and the camden waterfront, that's going to leave a lot of extra volume for our evening rush hour, coming into and up and over the bridges, so keep that in
8:04 am
mind for this afternoon. nothing really out of the ordinary, same drill for septa. the trains between glennside station and center city, seeing the most trains stacked and packed, if you are trying to find something different or alternate route, trains are running every eight to ten minute, and no delays on the market frankford or the broad street subway. mike and alex back to you. >> have you ever seen the bottom after septa silver liner train car, alex? >> i haven't. but we will this morning, won't we. >> i think that's going to happen, steve keeley. do you think so? >> well, they are stacked and pack here. the problem is not with people, just stack up, and back up, and broken down at the overbrook facility, only two letters still on the wall, there they are, through the garage door there, on the side of the big door, you see, some of the problem silver liner five's up on lift, and other ones being work on. here are one next us to, you can see, on the side there, in the small little writing, silver liner five by hyundai
8:05 am
road em, and you also notice another letter, f on the side, which is probably the grade, these guys fix, in these things, or maybe not fixing them at all we'll find out but would like to give the purchase of these 120 dares, so, they're going to have a show-and-tell for us, in the next hour out here, and we will let you know what they tell us, and don't expect them to tell you any good news, because we talked to some of the people unofficially off the records, the kind of stuff we like to do, no good news coming in wait and see pattern meaning are they going to wait and see if they will fix these. >> hates all every hyundai, the second most important parking spot here, went with the hyundai, good news. >> yes, so quick after this press conference.
8:06 am
>> by the way, two guys that repair here retire the day, and another guy transferred, how is that for timing. >> very good idea actually. >> you know steve will get the answers. >> septa very happen which steve right now. >> i'm sure they are. >> had he love him. >> survivors of the orlando shooting made powerful video in honor of the the victims. >> that includes our former "fox 29 news" intern patience carter and her friends, here at parker. it is called hands, and it features quite a few famous artist. >> oh, yes .
8:07 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> written by justin, sus continue bieber sorry, features britney spears, salina gomez, jennifer lopez, begin, gwen stefani and others, proceeds from the song will go directly to the quality florida hope for victims fund. >> warning for all of you caught up in the pokemon go craze, that continued yesterday throughout philadelphia. >> may have you researching, row thinking the pokemon, catching them all. pennsylvania teen in the hospital after it took her across a major highway. happened tuesday evening. >> sore. >> i in pennsylvania during rush hour, she said she was not playing the game whether
8:08 am
it happened, but was on her way home it tell her mom she thought pokemon, the 15 year old still in the hospital with injuries to her collarbone and to her foot. >> people aren't watching where they're going. >> they aren't, so focused to catch them, looking down. >> then the game only released last week, folks, already really taken over. it is everywhere. and unlike other video games, the thing is pokemon go combined virtual reality with real life activity of walking around, that's why there is a lot of looking down, looking up in certain areas, because you see it on your phone. >> good thing, is it plus or mine us? at least it is a video game where you are exercising, moving around. >> true. >> not just sitting on the couch. >> you can learn some things. >> and at least moving around but looking down at your phone and running into things. lightposts and other people. >> new study most expensive, list of expensive cities, to actually give birth?
8:09 am
>> i hope we're high up on the litz. >> healthcare costs. >> at the top actually many look at this. according to cast light health, philadelphia's the fourth most expensive city, to give birth in. the average cost $11,340. >> what? >> and the west coast is not the best coast when it comes to having a baby. san francisco takes the top spots on the list. >> so expensive in the bay area. >> and then minneapolis rounds out the top three. >> i'll be darn. >> hey, have you ever heard that far guy bill bellamy? >> yes. >> i love bill bellamy. >> oh, man he's had a good career, he'll be on good day philadelphia, he'll be performing, in our city. >> let's do it. but first, a touching message at the espies. in the wake of recent violence, nba star stands together and say enough is enough. other big moments from last night, villanova there up for four awards. >> hey, listen, you weeny, it is national hotdog day. what is your go to place to
8:10 am
go? >> done a says crazy dogs in prospect park, they make over 30 different ways. >> thirty different ways to heat a hotdog. >> wow. >> by the way use the #fox29goodday and we'll put it on the air. (man) what i love about the
8:11 am
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8:13 am
ghost problems. ing. >> we are seeing the sunburn through the fog, but humidity, that is sticking around, so tees are your temperatures in the 70s, everywhere, dew points, also, in the 70s, what does that mean is it it means we go all the way up from the comfortable, pleasant that we had on monday, to oppressive humidity, and that makes it feel even hotter than it actually is. which is why we have the excessive heat warning in effect for philadelphia, and all along the i95 corridor, and then it is a heat advisory for everybody else. ninety-five today. mid 90s for tomorrow. and we will probably reach 90 both days of the weekend, with pop up thunderstorms possible each day. but not everybody will see
8:14 am
one. >> bob kelly, phillies are back in action, after the all-star break on friday night with mets. >> those new york mets. >> 8:14, jammo on 95, look at this hot mess. southbound 95. >> rearend of the tractor-trailer southbound right at allegheny avenue. school buses coming into town for class trip. everybody jump out, grab a pepsi on your way, jam from academy into allegheny, earlier accident on 295, kind of cause that delay. and speaking of delays, weather delays, at philadelphia international airport either wise normal delays coming into downtown, mike and alex back to you. >> so last night, the academy warts of sports, basically, kree at dollars by espn
8:15 am
creaser ago. >> hand the the espies out, together, honored a lot of people, music, touching speeches emotional tributes. all hosted by john. emotional moment of the night, when the mother of baby, the teen killed trying to protect three girls from gunfire, was awarded the arthur ashe award. >> people look up to you, i urge you tonight to think about why he died, what you can do tomorrow to prevent the next innocent young man, or woman, from being a victim. >> nice moment. the other big moment, for me, the opening of the show, by nba superstar labron jail, dwyane wade, chris paul, and
8:16 am
mellow anthony. >> it has to stop, not seeing the value every black and brown bodies, has to stop. also retaliation has to stop. gun violence in places like chock chick, dallas, not to mention sore lan dough it, has to stop. enough, enough is enough. trayvon martin, michael brown, tamire rice, eric gardner, la kwon mcdonald, philando castile, this is also our reality. >> labron james ended speech to call all athletes to do
8:17 am
better, and also last night, a special tribute to the late muhammad ali. >> the show included a little comedy, kids, to make comment during press conference, you know, like really curry. >> oh, yes. >> at the press conference to make it a little cuter. let's find another kid. >> let's find another kid like little curry. >> can you read this monologue for me over there? >> you can't handle the truth. >> next? >> i'm feeling it. >> what's your name? >> nope.
8:18 am
>> sorry, next one? >> this is a goblet. >> like bar toll a cologne. >> doesn't get enough money from miami. what does he say? >> ya, he says rara. >> how cute? >> a lot of cute kids there. >> emmy nominations come out today. >> they do? so will be announced at 11:30 a.m., show expected to have the most nominations of course game of thrones. >> game of thrones, yes. >> and v -- >> elaine ben it. >> what's her real name? >> did you know that julia louie dreufuss one of the richest women in the world? >> really? >> her dad has so much money, that she never had to work a day in her life, but she chose to be an actress and get into comedy. she was wealthy from the time she was born.
8:19 am
>> remember, a lot of people don't like empire got snubbed last year, only cookie, got in the nomination, you know, a lot of people felt like deserved a lot more. >> 8:30 their time in hollywood, 11:30 our time, they'll have these nomination. >> we'll keep you updated. >> by the way yesterday i ran into couple of our interns. >> where? >> all in the hallway, jordan and summer our interns, and they both look horrified. >> why? >> they had seen a spider in the elevator. >> big one. >> ya. so they they suffer from iraq in a phobia. this would not be a place, from fear of spider, you probably don't want to go on a picnic. >> even if you think you're okay with spiders, wait until you see this area, okay? couple playing the game pokemon go of course, they went to central park, no, park in central victoria australia
8:20 am
millions of spiders and spiderwebs everywhere. >> unreal. >> flooding drove them to higher grounds. >> coming up from under the grounds, spinning webs all over? >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> looks like snow or something? >> it does. >> look at that. >> oh, i would run the other way, seriously. >> and the woman who took the photos, fascinated by this, even tempted to roll around in it but she didn't know if the spiders were venamous. >> the woman -- i wouldn't want to roll around ear way. >> she wanted to roll around in the silk basically, because it feels good. a spiderweb does feel good. >> does it? >> yes. >> but a spider somewhere crawling around. >> how does a spider spin a web? is that with spit? what's a spider he? >> i read charlotte's web. >> spiderman?
8:21 am
>> sailor sift said she co-wrote with calvin hear us. >> we we did not know, okay? doctor they are no longer together. he admits it, then the rant begins. the other pop star he brought into this fight.
8:22 am
8:23 am
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8:24 am
>> welcome to the jungle at the linc tonight, because guns n' roses in philly tonight. >> because they're getting ready for a bick show at the linc, our cameras caught a look at the stage being set up for the guns n' roses, not in this lifetime tour. it is one of the most anticipated concert this year. >> now, his footage, is healed now, hasn't it? ex ill rose, he was in a cast, and had to be wheeled around in a wheelchair on stage? >> oh,.
8:25 am
>> coming up on 8:25, things are heating up between taylor swift and calvin harris, after their recent break up. >> now, they were together for about a year and a half, flight. >> yes. then been kind of quiet about it, i mean, taylor living on her new ma'am, tom, calvin harris, he made one nice tweet. >> he got smashing i yesterday. >> oh, yes, he did. he lashed out on twitter, after taylor swift camp confirmed that she will, his latest hit, this is what you came for, and dow love this song. >> okay. >> these rihanna. >> here is the thing, originally, had to do some research on this, he said the song with taylor swift. she kinds of wrote the song, ya, ya, ya, and then, she didn't want to go, people don't take it seriously because they were a couple, so
8:26 am
did it under an psydonyms. then he's okay, if you don't want to do it i'll go with rihanna. >> but she wrote it. >> ya, her camp released the fact that she wrote it. and so, harris initially complimented her, what happened was interview, and someone asked them would you ever work with taylor swift. he said i can't see that happening. so then taylor swift god mad, oh, you can't, well here we go, i wrong the song now your big hit, they reese leased that, then calvin harris came back out, started taking tomorrow sunkist respect first nice, ya, she was great. >> then he said this, several tweet, but complimented her and then this. >> hurtful to me that at this point that her and her team, her and her team. >> direct quote. >> would go so far out of their way to try and make me look bad at this stage though. >> i figure if you're happy nan relationship should focus
8:27 am
on thin testified trying to tear your ex bf down for something to do. >> i'm not that guy. sorry. i won't a threw. >> he sounds like a little bit -- >> well, i don't know. but here is the thing, he's been very quiet, very cool with everything. she touched the beast and got him all riled up. let him win. if he is out here doing well, you had it under an fake name and all that, because initially she didn't want people to know she wrote it, now you want everybody to know you wrote it now that it is doing well. >> is that what the kids say now, he touched the beast? >> no. >> what's that mean? >> like the sleeping beast, he poke it? >> like you poke a bear. >> okay, a bear, beast. >> don't poke the beast. >> that hurts. >> so now people are saying oh, taylor swift,. >> ya. >> you know over 3,000 murals in the city of philadelphia. i love them. how they decorated some of the ugly walls of our sit. >> i here is the thing, so out and around town this week, mural, huge one, you won't finds it on a wall. can you guess why, for this
8:28 am
next alex around town. >> is that you? >> look at that. >> can you guess? >> where would this be? it looks cool. >> here is a hint, to get a good view i had to go way up, all the way up.
8:29 am
he could install your ceiling fan.ce said he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty.
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8:31 am
>> who do you think is grumpier in the morning? >> you. >> sue serio says me. >> i am really grumpy all the time. but do you think in a new survey men or women. who are the grumpier people in the world, men or women? >> and bill bellamy is in our studio in the next hour, where you can see him next weekend, what he has to say about hot top things morning. he always has a lot to say. >> booty call. >> he did. coin that term. >> coined the phrase, booty
8:32 am
call. >> so fell as, ladies, you should think bell biome. >> who first counts the phrase for the rearend? >> and why would that be? >> no, booty was the monday. >> i that's right. >> calls it treasure by the i may be because they treasure the booty, sue. >> well, also, the british called the trunk of their car the boot. >> optimistically, because we put sunglasses on bus stop buddy, sun having heart time to -- hard time to burn through. we don't have any nor rain, had some earlier this morning, see the stubborn clouds in old city with 77 degrees, even with cloud cover, we have 77 degrees, this early in the morning. still excessive heat warning
8:33 am
in effect for the metro area and the heat watch for the surrounding area. 95 degrees, our high today. few pop up storms, later on in the day, and through the evening hours, overnight low, very muggy, muggy, muggy 77 degrees. and now, mugging for all of us here's bob kelly. >> 8:33,. >> bumper to bumper from malvern on up. delays coming in from new jersey on the freeway, combination of morning volume, and earlier accident, delays down at philadelphia international airport. and south on 95, bumper to bumper from cottman all the way in through girard avenue with the tractor-trailer, disable in the center lane, right there, near girard. mike and alex back over to you >> alex holley high. high in the air. 06 feet in the air for this alex around town. okay, this is really cool.
8:34 am
we will go to the what i call the oval. for a great art installation that you can enjoy right now. now, watch, alex will get high. >> started up again in philly, every year they have new theme, than year can you guess, talking rhythm and blues. bridging in mark, tell us about the music you can hear at this year's oval. >> bringing bands new installation the orchestra pit. people come and play on the live pianos, instruments, guitars, jam out with their fellow philadelphians, and hang out this summer at the oval. >> wait. i don't know thousand play an instrument but i want to do there is can i still come? >> come, welcome everyone to try out, beginners to experts, all column together. >> you'll teach me. >> teach you, a lot of people here bring you along, really learn how to play and it will be a loft fun.
8:35 am
>> free music lessons, parent will love. that will so whether it comes to spending time at the oval you can pretty much spend your entire week here. we'll start it out for you, start with wednesday. >> absolutely. yes. wednesdays are yoga, dance classes, thursdays we bring in harp and culture, color wheels, clay mobile, friday's food. >> food, we have heavy dose of food trucks on friday's, plus perfect for music theme. >> everyone loves the move. >> i closing out with nine's night. >> sat dates. >> game day. this saturday philly phanatic here 1:00 to 2:00. other games like play wheel, playground. >> and then sunday, all about the family. get the family together. >> kids dj, face painting all of the fun family festive programming sundays. >> for when it comes to department, 21 and older, you can really have fun any day, extended hours for the beer
8:36 am
gardens. >> we hear loud and clear people love the beer garden, extending saturday nights open until 10:00 also sundays 12:00 to 5:00. >> that's big, okay, so we will be here at the oval, it is a lot of fun. and i love the fact that it is so picturesque. >> it is quite a scene. >> wine ' excited to be herement many of our partners, doing it for four years now, a pleasure to be with everyone, enjoying themselves in the summer, on the parkway. >> and this year, i want to learn how to play an instrument, not only have fun, come out little more culture. >> thank you so much, mark. this week's alex around town. i'll see you here at the oval. >> ♪ >> tomorrow can you walk on it? >> you can walk on it, for more information on the oval >> you know our septa trains about 120 have been taken out of service because of this crack underneath. having a press conference right now, let's hear about it. >> improvements.
8:37 am
>> what's it like like these guys are pulling huge piece he is of some of the trucks out or more like surgery? >> you will see when you go in the shop, that, you know, when we drop the trucks, you still can't get right to the actual beam. because it is tuft up under the strings, brakes, so we have one that's stripped down, but it is not as simple as just saying hey we will remove it because it is still, it is still actually up and under the truck frame. >> talk to us, how was it detect in the part of regular safety check on the part of safety? >> this was detected, i know we have silver liner guys behind us, there is suggestion pension system, we call them bellows. one of the inspectors in the yard over at the yard not far from here, outside of 30th street, saw one of the -- a married pair, saw one of the cars leaning. you know, so that's not unusual. that's why of the inspection
8:38 am
process, what they ended up doing ways they can chill the bellows, they bring things in, and they weren't table correct it over. so they weren't able to correct it over there. looked at the vehicle history, saw real now work done on it, made arrangements to bring it over to the shop. >> you know, they put it up it, we'll see, that's where they saw the cracks, they removed the truck from it, and they saw that's where the actual failure was. >> it initiated right around the welds dollars area. >> machine part, machine parts? >> these are the beams are fabricated and then they weld the footing on the bottom of the -- >> they cut it snout. >> right.
8:39 am
>> we're doing all of this testing, you know, after the inspection, putting the plate down, we need to build the confidence of the public, when we do return the cars to the service that they're safe. so, as much as we like to say what that fix is immediately, there is a lot of things that go into it, just even making the new beams, we want to make beams that, you know, will be appropriate for the stress that is we have. >> more interesting part, they'll take the cameras, and get under a silver liner and show you those cracks, the reason for our messy commutes, probably for the next four weeks. >> philadelphia live in just a little bit. first we'll take a break.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> coming up on 8:43, a warning for everyone who loves
8:43 am
a good selfie. people are now getting lies after posing for picks together. experts say when your head touches someone else's for a selfie, lies can crawl into your hair from their head. >> okay, so, i guess doing a selfie, got my snap sat up here, oh, no. okay, here you go. oh, something just came out. >> i felt something. >> i thought that was dandruff. is that lies? >> here's jen. >> oh, i'm playing, had i, getting ready, alley says that this gorgeous thing is the easiest thing you've heard of. don't touch anything, come on back, having so much fun, new recipes, no baking required.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. >> great thing about our cameras, anyway, hey, skippy, the philadelphia spinners,
8:47 am
they're out there at fourth and market, if you want to see them. saturday, day after tomorrow, they're going to play in the major lil ultimate championship at franklin field, basically the superbowl, ultimate frisby, starts 6:30. >> funny, they don't throw like i throw. throw like a football almost. >> they're professional, mike. >> oh, i have an idea. >> what? >> let's take a camera to the roof of our building see if they can hit one of their co- their teammates across the street. >> not hit in that they can catch it? >> catch it, ya. >> oh, okay. i bet you they corks they're professionals. >> i don't think these guys even know they're on or would be throwing the darn thing. >> or maybe not trying to hit cars and trucks. >> look at that. look how accurate he is. oh, man. >> nice, curves and everything. >> i have a question for you, alex holley, it will be like 110 degrees, that's the way it will feel today. at fourth and market, should i
8:48 am
spray people's hair with fantastic holding hair spray or hose them down with a water hose. >> i think you should allow them to pick. >> sometime in this next hour, from 9:00 to to 10:00 choose your poison, come to fourth and market, i'm hose you down with a water hose or spray your hair. >> you know what i would pick. >> hair. >> ya. >> no water gets on a black woman's hair. >> although yesterday it got kind of real for little bit. but luckily you know i have my -- >> no edges, well, ends are important, too. >> sure. how is your kitchen? >> i'll check. you don't need to check. triple up the outside, last thing you want to do is turn on on the stove in the kitchen. >> in harleysville. >> reporter: in harleysville with the roomberg's good morning, everyone. okay, you have a job this
8:49 am
time. are you excited? okay, so we have shown the parfait. basically what are we talking about? >> just talking about whip cream, sweetened with a little bit of honey then layered with lemon kurd and blue berry. >> all right, so you guys ready for your job first, come charlie, the first born, his job is to? >> yep. >> he's doing awesome. >> if you don't have a mixer can you just use -- >> you can do this by hands. >> okay, buddy remember only up to two. >> and then we have to put in a. >> this is just cream, honey. and it is really quick, especially if your cream is very cold. it will whip up even faster, if you don't have mixer use a whip in a bowl. real east. >> i let's put it together. >> okay. >> now, need little bit more than that. >> it is great for a backyard barbeque, i really love doing
8:50 am
stuff like this this time of year, because it is very seasonal, it tastes delicious, and i just went to the mark, i got like a huge box of blueberries for like 5.99. >> that's one thing about blueberries. >> so i just make quick blue berry sauce, blue berry water, sugar, put it on the stove for about five minutes. >> like if you have like blueberries on the end. their thing. >> date way to use them up. and you can even use frozen blueberry us. >> tell me about the lemon kurd. >> lemon kurd is basically lemon juice, and egg yolks, and butter with a little bit of sugar it, takes less than ten minutes to make, and it is really deliciousment you can put it on. >> gentlemen, hold on one second, you can buy it in the store. >> you can buy it. >> where do i finds it. >> in the jelly aisle near the honey, jam. >> and it says lemon kurd?
8:51 am
>> lemon kurd, it is delicious, definitely give it a try. >> you have said these guys don't try everything. is this something they would try? >> i don't know, what do you think, charmy? is this something you would try? maybe? >> i'm assemble this, tell me about this other thing. >> assemble it. >> yes, you can do it. >> lemon first or blueberry. >> i whatever your heart desires, however you want to do it. >> tell me about this fanny thing. >> spray berry butter milk pancotta, pure aid strawberries fresh, but the them in the blender, then stir in some sugar, and some butter million i can. >> i'm doing such a good job over here, i'm so glad -- >> i want to come over here. >> so just stir the strawberries and the butter milk together, then you put it over low heat. >> okay. >> get it nice and warm. and then we're just going to sprinkle some powdered gel continue, you can find this in the same grocery store aisle
8:52 am
where you get jello, and like boxed pudding, this is un flavored. so you just are going to stir that in. and let it melt. >> we are wrapping upment we'll show the after. but i have to say, ladies, and gentlemen. >> that's really good. >> i mean, not the worse thing? >> i kind of like it like that. >> it is more after artistic rendering. >> it is like can i say like food court with the drips. is that too? >> okay. so we'll do some more stuff. here is the thing, guys, no drips, no sticky fudge pops. we will de that. >> i'm not sure. naughty. >> i like it. >> that looks great. >> i'm big fan of the parfait. >> ya? >> parfaits are very good. >> oh, ya. >> hey, are you sick of the
8:53 am
awkward first date? here is the thing. there is a new dating service came to philadelphia, they're match makers, actually go on the first date for you, so you don't ways time on the first date. >> sounds good to me. >> i'll explain the whole thing after the break.
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8:55 am
every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants.
8:56 am
>> lake still cloudy there, still investigate trouble getting rid of these clouds, and this fog out there, although things are improving. but, in the mountains, it is a little stubborn. muggy, 77 degrees, in philadelphia. right now, but the days are nice and long, so still expect to go get to 95 today, and the 90s again tomorrow. so, excessive heat warning, alex, stays in effect today and tomorrow.
8:57 am
>> so, who is more grumpy in the morning, men or women? sue says it is not her. okay, well, here is the thing. it all has to do with biology apparently. and, bill bellamy on good day. he's coming to our studio. and you're going get the chance to see him all this weaken, i want to know what he has to say about hot topic this mornings.
8:58 am
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see that guy, trying to hit a guy across the strewn. weight role get another -- see if you can get a frisbee to up him. there he is up there. >> okay, we'll try it over here. now, there? throw it across the street to the wells fargo center, our camera needs


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