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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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and see all that haddonfield has to offer. >> haddonfield we are here, if day philadelphia has invaded haddonfield, new jersey one of the most quaint cute's adorable towns. one of my favorite towns in the delaware valley. >> it is beautiful. we have haddonfield resident. >> wow. >> is what your name. >> emily. >> we love you. >> she's eight years old. she watches every morning. >> were you go to school. >> yes we are on a trolley, they use this for people in the area and also for weddings. >> if we are coming into haddonfield we have to make an entrance. >> yes. >> we figured we would come on the jolly trolley i will call it. i'm jot bye being in haddon feel. we will get off and see everybody. it would be great. >> for a small community there
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is a lot of traffic in the morning. we are stuck in traffic. i feel like bob kelly. we have a jammo on the kings highway. we are trying to make it to bob kelly. >> jammo in haddonfield. mike and alex are stuck in the traffic jam, ring the bell, good morning, haddon field. they will be here in a moment. look at this crowd here. we are ready to go at king's court in haddonfield where we have the brand new mazda that we will be giving away next week when we go up there at the dell in fairmount park. just in case mike gets out offhanded, here they come, here comes the trolley, here they are, giving them a big round of applause. they are here. come on, guys. >> here we are. >> hello haddonfield. >> hi everybody. >> hello. >> i love you right back.
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>> i watch every day. >> i love alex too. >> hi alex. >> hi. >> i watch every day good thank you. >> bob kelly what is happening. >> traffic jam. >> we have to check timing on the lights there police officers will take care of that. >> are you guys ready to have some fun today. >> yes. >> all morning long we have a couple traffic jams out there this morning. lets check the jam cams, come on kid take some pictures as we do some traffic. i-95 we have volume out of cottman down to girard, ben franklin looking good now but we have a irish tour of shower on sunday shutting down bennie later on. we have a motorcycle accident at boulevard and devereaux and water main break what a mess in manayunk main street at manayunk, right here in the art of the manayunk, a clean up underway throughout the rest of the morning so try to avoid that.
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out here in haddonfield we are under two big trees for some shade, sue what is the forecast looking like for the weekend. >> it is okay and can you say thank to you that guy behind me that has a name on a sign. >> oh, yeah. >> yes. >> i saw it right behind you. just say thank you, that is all. >> take a look at the number of the day. so sweet. seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers today. muggy start of course with muggy the dog and bus stop buddy and his sun screen. ready for another scorcher with 80 degrees already at 7:00 in the morning. it was 80 degrees at 4:00 a.m. by the way in case you weren't up yet. 8-mile an hour wind out of the west southwest. slightly humid and still hot, starting in the 80's this time of the daze you know temperatures will sore. heat up decks near 100 with a high of 94. mostly sunny skies, still humid. we will see if that hangs around in just a few minutes but now latest from the
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situation in france. here's lauer than and chris. here's our breaking news. death toll continues to rise in nice after someone drove a box truck through a crowd of people celebrating bastille day. right now 84 people are dead including two americans, police say that the truck driver was killed when he opened fire on the crowd and then they returned fire. >> dave kinchen is live in the news room following the latest details, hi there dave. >> reporter: developments trickling in this morning, information emerging about the driver in this attack. "fox news" is report ago this he was known to police for violence but was not otter or watch list, if you will, for officials over there. his name has not yet been released but he is described as a 31 year-old nice resident originally from tunisia. his bank card and cell phone were found in the truck after this whole ordeal happened. suspect terrorist drove a box truck for more than a mile mowing down people leaving many with no chance to get out of the way. carnage left in its wake.
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police exchanged gunfire with the driver before killing him. we have also had new video to show you people who seem to be evacuating here with their hand up as you can see this appears to be mildly more peaceful then what had been taken place before so many chaotic scenes we have seen before we are also hearing from witness these morning too. >> we heard what i thought was fire cracker, and there was a surge of screaming people heading in the opposite direction. >> we saw lots of police and soldiers, and i'm not sure if i can say that much more. >> only thing is, how did the truck get on the promenade. >> reporter: that is a big question and part of the investigation. state department also confirming a father and son from austin texas are among those killed in nice. they were vacation nothing france. the football team posted this picture of sean copeland and
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his son brody with the message saying tragically they did not survive the attack this incident has prompted the french government to declare a national three day period of mourning. france was set to lift it emergency state that had been in place since the terror attack since last have in and now extended for several months. one more quick note as a result, belgium has lifted its security for its national day of celebrations or raise their security alert level in response to this situation in france, back to you chris. >> you wonder if they will ever let their guard down. >> yeah, absolutely. >> donald trump has postponed a press conference to announce his running mate citing at tax in france. presumptive g.o.p. nominee was planning to make that announcement later this morning in new york city. trump says he has not made a final, final decision on a running mate, many are speculating that indiana governor mike pence has been picked but trump says that could still change. also a teenager is in the hospital after being shot in east germantown around 10:30 last night.
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police tell us a 15 year-old was shot in the arm in the intersection of wi star and farly. he was able to run to a nearby pizza restaurant where a delivery driver return him to einstein hospital. he is in stable condition and no arrests have been made. an accident involving motorcycle pedestrians sends two people to the hospital in northeast philadelphia, this happened just before 3:30 this morning on the roosevelt boulevard and devereaux avenue and oxford circle. we have learned a woman walking across the street was hit by a person on a motorcycle. both are in critical condition at frankford torresdale hospital, no word on a cause of that accident. in new jersey, authorities in stratford are investigating a fatal crash that closed white horse pike. officers tell thaws one person has died from their injuries. and sky fox is over the scene where three cars collided, just before 10:00 o'clock last night. you can see debris and wreckage scattered all over that roadway, rescue crews had to cut out two people trapped inside their cars there. philadelphia police are investigating a threatening letter that someone sent to the african-american museum in
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center city. both bomb squad and home land security responded to the museum yesterday. it was evacuated for a short time. it is not clear who sent the letter. museum says it will share more details once this investigation is complete, it is still operating on a normal schedule. the pennsylvania budget includes some new and higher taxes and a few people are not happy. >> no, especially the ones who smoke. lets go to steve keeley in bridesberg, hi there, steve. >> also not happy one of the law make hours did not go along with this. he sought they were just taxing 20 percent of the people to cover cost of the other 80 percent of the people in pennsylvania ape those 20 percent who smoked were mostly lower income hose to could least afford to pay more than anybody. it is going to be 2.60 in state taxes every time you buy a pack of the cigarettes. price of the two popular brand here over ten bucks a pack. how long have you been smoking.
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>> over six years. >> reporter: new tax another buck out of your pocket for every packet the, will it make you to think about somehow trying to quit. >> yes, so much money. >> reporter: have you tried to quit smoking before. >> yeah, once. >> reporter: how did you do. >> not the good. >> what brand do you smoke. >> new port 100. >> reporter: that is ten bucks a pack. >> yeah, ten bucks. serious, man. >> every state or city that has raised cigarette taxes has seen a decline in smoking but is there still enough people who smoke that revenue is used for governmental purposes. we are happy that the ref knee goes to zero because every smoker should quit but we know many won't. it is appropriate for state to be using revenue for critical needs. >> reporter: nutter administration got a 2-dollar a pack city cigarette tax just two years ago. so now combination of 4.60 is way more than you will pay in new jersey and down in delaware but not as much as chicago where it is 6.16 combined city and state. new york city 5.85.
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even alaska has a city state tax, chris and lauren of $5. we are lower than juno alaska but that will not make people in brideberg any happier. >> long trip to get cigarettes, right. >> expensive out there. >> yes. >> steve, thanks. funeral services for alton sterling will be held in baton rouge, louisiana this morning. according to local reports al sharpton and jesse jackson will attend the private ceremony held at southern university in baton rouge. he was shot and killed while pinned to the ground by two police officers on july 5th. police say they shot him because he tried to reach for a gun in his pocket. big turnout yesterday where funeral of philando castille was held. castille was shot ape killed a week ago during a traffic stop. his girlfriend streamed the aftermath of that shooting on facebook claiming the officer shot castille as he reached for his license. but an attorney for the officer said officer reacted after seeing the gun. circumstances remain under investigation. tough questions thrown at
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president barack obama during a town hall meeting than race and policing. >> during that town hall the 15 year-old son the of the man killed by officers in baton rouge, louisiana got the chance to ask the president a question. >> i ask for your help to unite all of the races of this world in communities all across the kentry there is real concern about making sure that interactions between police and communities don't result in death. nobody wishes that more than police officers themselves because when you talk to those police officers who have have whether justified or not whatever the findings have ended up, they killed somebody, it shatters them too. i don't know anybody in the african-american community or latin. community or others that may
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have concerns about policing, that don't also recognize we need police. >> the event called a national the conversation focused on police and racial tensions. the also at that event police chiefs and other victims of family members of police brutality. >> barack obama in his book, talked a lot about race, and it is interesting to go see now as a two term president he is still dealing with this president and more so than ever. lets go to mike and alex in haddonfield, new jersey. they are having some fun out there. at least this event is, before it gets super hot. look at that. >> yes. this is how mike keeps cool. >> yes. >> yes. >> my husband and i watch you have morning. >> thank you? one way to cool him off. >> my name is christie from palmyra. we watch you have morning.
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we love your show. >> everybody has a husband. >> there is so much brightal shops here in haddonfield. i will get out of here right after the show. you might end up married. >> haddonfield is beautiful. so much to love. why don't you take a closer look. >> all right. >> haddonfield, new jersey is a beautiful boro located in camden county, in fact it is an area that is lenape native americans once called home. today this community proud liz boosts a population of 2,000 people. in 1858, first nearly complete skeleton of the dinosaur found in north america was actually found in haddonfield. a 12-foot statue now sits in the center of town, commemorating that moment. but that is not all. the town also features a lot of parks, several pond, and the second oldest volunteer fire company in continuous
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service in the united states. of course, haddonfield is known for its downtown shopping area featuring more than 200 stores. so if you are looking for a bakery, boutique, art gallery, shoe store, whatever, you'll find it here. and if dining out is your thing there is lots of great restaurants to choose from. italian, asian, mediterranean, japanese, so in other word, haddonfield is great. >> we are here with two people who noah lot about haddon feel. we are talking about the deputy mayor john. >> john, good morning. >> thank you for coming. >> what do you do. >> i'm with the partnership for haddon feel. >> what is that. >> that is the corporation for the business district. >> what is a cool thing about this town give me some highlights. >> shopping, food, the schools, the people. >> the people. >> john what do you love about haddonfield. >> amazing the level of
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volunteerism we have in this town a lot of the things that make this town unique are done by volunteer organizations, the parade, partnership and outdoor sculpture trust and there are so many people that come out to volunteer to make this town unique. >> thank you for having us on the show in your town, really great. >> i love that you have so many events, come down here during christmastime. >> what a parade. >> amazing. >> it is a nice feel. >> most of the parade are done by celebrations association which is another volunteer organization. >> do you have wiwanis here. >> yes, we do. >> who do you like? you like sue serio. >> yes. >> would you like to hear from her now. >> sure. >> wow like to hear from you, now. >> i engaged the president of my fan club, that is the entire fan club right there. my fan club of one, thank you sir. we appreciate it. check is in the mail. seventy-five in haddonfield, new jersey. it will heat up by eight
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two-by-eight. warm and humid all morning, eight two-by-eight o'clock. fifty-eight by 10:00 a.m. you know you will have a muggy, hot day. eighty at the airport. seventy-eight in wilmington and dover. wildwood has 78 degrees. 69 degrees, up in the mountains, and we even have a heat index. so our 80 feels like 84 out there. get used to it. dew points are down from yesterday but they are still very high, and still pretty uncomfortable and very humid out there. we're smack in the middle of the month of july, 15th day of the month and it feels like it, and it will all day long and that is why we have an excessive heat warning in effect all day until 8:00 o'clock tonight with heat index, it will feel like a hundred degrees, 90's. we will get heat wave number three. we will be close to 90 on sunday. some storms on tuesday will take away a little bit of that humidity but look for hot and humid conditions at the shore
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today, up on the beach. 91 degrees. upper 80's tomorrow and better on sunday. that is a look at your seven day forecast, lots of sun and lots of fun in haddonfield this morning, hi there bob kelly. >> piggy toes in haddonfield. >> this is my little guy kyle. you say he quiets when i come on tv. >> ever instant is he was born he was fuzzy and put on the morning news and wow stop, look up. >> little kyle, he is a little jameer, part of the little jameer club. good morning everybody. we are here at kim's company court holding court. we are check jam cams as we head out on this friday morning there. blue route at baltimore pike, in problems at all coming through delco, downtown we will go on the vine street expressway looking good. over in new jersey, 295 northbound an accident at route 73. and then we have that water main break in manayunk on main street. that is a mess not only for
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happy hour but also for the weekend. back here live, kings court in haddonfield new jersey, big weekend, big event, it is irish pub's tour of the shower. with me mark o'connor. twenty-ninth year for this. >> twenty-ninth annual. >> wow. >> 2500 riders this year which is a record. our goal, it is a million-dollar this year. we are at 912. still donate, click on the logo for irish pub tour to shore. >> you are a good man. over here, we go back many years ago. right now you are in charge of the traffic, you will shut down bennie. >> yes, sunday morning at 6:30. >> we start and end where. >> we start in philadelphia and end in atlantic citiy via bike. >> yes you are in charge of the emergency crews, oxygen along the way. >> yes, the base of the bridge all the way down to atlantic city you guys have ridden
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before this in this race. >> yes. >> with the montgomery county wheels of justice what is it like along the ride do you have people cheering you on. >> a lot of people cheering. it is a long ride. >> are there pit stops. >> there are four. you can stop as many or as little as you want. >> you can go on down. >> let me ask you what happens when i get down there on my bike, i'm not driving back on my bike. >> big, big party, drink as many beers as you like. we will bring your bikes back to philly. take a snap, get off at 20th and walnut. >> can i still enter. >> absolutely. >> i'm busy on sunday. i would like to sign up michael jerrick, sunday, put his name down there. give him the bike with the training wheels. mike, we have something for to you do sunday. back to you guys over there. >> how far could think i could bike. >> no the very far. >> woman is vibrating standing
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next to me because she's watching this show since 1999. >> yes. >> donya was here. >> yes. >> thank you for watching. >> why are you so nervous. >> who isn't nervous around you, really. >> for many reasons. >> we should go on a date. here's the date. i know you are married but we will worry about that later. we can take a cooking class here in haddonfield. >> that is where jen is. >> she's just down the alley way. >> ladies and gentlemen if that isn't reason enough there are power tools here, there you go, what is the number one thing people are doing wrong when they come to these cooking classes. you will be surprised. come on back. we are playing with power tools and getting our cook on.
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hey, we are having fun in haddonfield but i have to tell you it is already hot out there. mike isn't acting like it is hot. look ought picking fight with mia, seriously. how old are you. >> i'm turning ten. >> okay. >> okay, i see. >> wonderful. >> before we get to you we're talking about how hot it is. mike is already sweating. look at the back of his shirt. >> yes. >> that is because it is hot, you know what happens, a lot of times you don't want to work out. >> too hot to work out. >> because of the heat dangers that are out there. >> all the time, walking, running, doing any number of other things when temperatures are soaring. but the question is, is this safe especially on a hot day like today. now we're often advised to look after elderly and children, even beloved pets during this excessive heat and rightfully so. add to this our being encouraged to drink liquids and fan, air conditioning, whenever possible. the it is excellent advice
7:25 am
particularly when we consider it, but as of july 10th after being left inside of a hot car. despite this and lots of other well documented risks many people still choose to work out or exercise late in the day instead of the early in the morning. >> so what do you do. mia is showing us some good moves. she knows how to do it. my goodness. >> she's youngest black belt in the school. >> so you will help us out, you will show us how to get the work out done and heat is not an excuse. >> if it is too hot keep it inside, stay cool and set up a great work out circumstance tonight a small amount of space. sometimes you do need to go outside in which case stay hydrated, use sun block and cover up with light clothing. but if you keep it inside we have a great work out for you. >> you have your whole family lined up here.
7:26 am
>> i have my sister susan who will do great squats. she will go down and up, not too low, tension in the thighs, a great lower body work out, it works muscles of the thighs and butt. >> okay. we have my wife maria working her up are back, using her band and working muscles in the upper back and back of the arms triceps right there. >> then mia will get heart rate up with a nice combination, she's doing some back work abe she's pound ago this bag. >> again folks she's only nine. she's amazing rich will hoed the back making sure she will not hit it too far. >> what work out is that. >> holding the wag. >> then we have lisa who will do push-ups, that is one of the best upper body work outs you can do working triceps, shoulders and chest and the core. you don't need a lot of space to get a great work out. you can work entire bod which a few exercises. >> what do you have mike doing or is he just standing.
7:27 am
>> mike does squat jumps. >> you know what i'm doing, sweating. >> feel the back of my head. >> that is okay. >> do you want to feel the back of my head. >> we have a new location coming to haddonfield,. >> thank you so much. >> we appreciate it. >> yes. >> so, after our work out first thing we will do is. >> have a cocktail or a snack. >> snack. >> i got to eat. >> what are you cooking up. >> i'm cooking some stuff up, kathy says there is one thing that everyone is doing wrong. question is, does it have to do with knives, olive oil, or the shredded cheese, it is a universal problem and she can fix it.
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unaudible. we are looking at 7:30 at bus stop buddy, he is boat side, dock side, with sunglasses on, check. sun screen, check. muggy the doggies here, to, of course, let you know how humid, it still is, outside. dew points are down from yesterday, temperatures are in the 70's. a few are in the 80's, already
7:31 am
this morning. here's the proof? 80 degrees at philly international. seventy-four in allentown. seventy-five in reading. seventy-nine in millville. almost 80 in wildwood. excessive heat warning continues tonight with the heat up text near a hundred degrees and real temperature of 94. then tonight it is 75 degrees overnight. that is your fox cast from the weather authority for friday, we will get you ready for the rest of the weekend coming up, bob kelly is making quilts and kissing babies so far this morning. what do you got going on right now. >> you know i got to have a jelly doughnut what do we have here. >> milk milan's jelly doughnuts, cream doughnut, check late covered and a cheese danish. >> let me give you keys to my car good i'm back here with the mommy and me class. are there daddy's in the mommy and me class. >> it is very mom excentric. we do have dads pop in. they are an important part of a lot of kid lives. >> cool, love it. >> well, if you are heading
7:32 am
out tour mommy and me or daddy and me class, we have some traffic heading there. lets check the jam cams. we're live from king's court in haddonfield, 422 we are starting to see jams at trooper road, roosevelt boulevard, it is backup there as we work your way in toward the schuylkill expressway. we have a motorcycle accident with us, boulevard at devereaux, watch for delays. that will get you jammed up trying to get that to that tacony palmyra bridge and phillies are in town with the dreaded mets coming to town what do you think of the dreaded new york mets. we hate the mets, right. >> right. >> we will raise tools on the bridges for those new york mets. guys, back to you. >> thank you, thank you bob kelly. >> i can't believe for second friday in a row when we have gone on for these friday shows that we like to do we have to start the show talking about a terror attack. remember week ago today it was
7:33 am
dallas police officers killed on a thursday night. now on bastille day in the southern part of the france in the town of nice. >> friend have riveria. >> a horrible terror attack it looks like, a truck like one of these box trucks crashing into the crowd. the truck went over a mile through people. >> more than 80 people have been killed, more than 50 others injured. it is just hard to imagine that happening. plowing through, there have been shooting. >> yes. >> popped out of the cab and started shooting people. >> two americans a father and son from austin texas are dead in that attack. so he had he had, here we are again with you on a friday, three major terror attacks in a year and a half in france. why france. >> yeah, well, we have to stop meeting this way. the reason why france. first of all large number of the people who immigrated to
7:34 am
france and part of the refugee population. even a large number of those who were second and third generation french came originally from north africa, they have gone to fight for isis. they have come back. they have new friend. new capabilities. the french also mike, had these urban sensitivity zones. 751 in all, 718 on france main territory. where the police, for the most part, do not patrol, because it is considered to be too provocative. these are incubators of hate. the french have a big problem. it is a column within their country and isis continues to rally people outside of syria and iraq and encouraging them to go to the al qaeda play
7:35 am
book and to use trucks and any means necessary to kill westerners. >> it the is unfortunate because as we were just saying they had just two attacks in 2015. they had charlie hebdo, bataclan, they have been under a state of emergency, ed, and it was just about to be lifted but how do you defend yourself about someone getting in the truck and going through a crowd of people. >> it was basically like ben franklin parkway, it was bastille day, independent day, it is like somebody going to ben franklin parkway, in the art museum, how do you prevent that. >> it absolutely is and if you are to the point if you are counter terror strategy realize on stopping the attack at the point of attack you are in deep trouble. your defense has to take place far beyond the point at which that truck is going to enter the populated area to kill
7:36 am
people. that is why you have to have very aggressive counter terror policies that go in these areas, monitor communications and do all those things that are extremely controversial but have to be done so that we don't face this eventuality. >> it justice so sad to see it does keep happening to them. it is almost like i feel like they have been targeted, because of what has been going on. we're a fairly close alley of them, we're a close alley to them, the united states. >> and france is a leader, of course, it is a very consequential state in europe. keep in mind that the french have recently started to push back against some of these elements of she a and islam. they won't allow people to
7:37 am
wear head coverings in certain circumstances. they are requiring people to be part of the secular france, the whole country and anyone who is excessively secular is very much at the top of ice is anal -- al qaeda, target left. >> they have finished, with another owe 2016 and they went on with in problem. it is whenever you're expecting it, they do in the do it. >> that is right. >> when you least expect it, expect it. that is the problem. alex, you said it yourself, they were going to lift the state of emergency today and now they have extended it another three months, because you cannot let up. this is an unrelenting, remorse less add czar that i adversary, that wants to kill you try to have a good weekend, thanks, ed. >> let's try to talk about
7:38 am
something positive next time. >> lets try to go across the street a have some fun. >> our thoughts are over in france with the families affect and families, american family in texas lost two people, in the attack. >> take two minutes, back here in haddonfield.
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i love art. >> the art that you have in your home is an apple, pine apple, very random things. >> e click particular, yes? but wait, i have found a book that they wrote about me, isn't that sweet. >> yes. >> it is right over here. >> 2,000 year-old man goes to school. >> that is mel brooks. >> i thought were you referring to jerry seinfeld. >> i'm so much into seinfeld i didn't know there was a halloween book. >> who are you. >> i'm bob from the mark center. >> you sound like a radio guy. >> well, thank you very much, mike. >> jerry seinfeld book. >> illustrate or is mr. jim bennet, standing right there. >> yes. >> he works with jerry seinfeld on this book, kyle reiner and mel brooks on this book and with karl reiner on this as well.
7:42 am
>> you have worked with all these people. >> do i. >> what is jerry seinfeld like. >> he is just like he is on the show, nicest guy you ever met. >> sometimes people say that about mike jerrick, i said it is in the true. >> you actually can call him. >> can you call him. >> he doesn't return my calls. >> maybe he doesn't like what you did. >> this is great, it is. >> you did all of these right here. >> just these three, bob did the picture of philadelphia here and bob burch, in haddonfield and joe kulca. >> we are block and a half away from here where we're celebrating our 60th year this year. >> what is this. >> we provide art, education, cultural opportunities for the south jersey region but we also have a big reach. many of our gallery shows display works of internationally known artists. >> we have pottery here. >> yes. >> nice job. >> thank you. >> who are you. >> karl heartsfield from howard heartsfield gallery.
7:43 am
>> where is that. >> fifteen tanner street just a block away. >> that is right. we start our day, with this, good morning. >> good morning. >> i love this. >> that is right, thank you. this is how it all started. this is my father in law, who is a famous artist, he is in the philadelphia museum of art and he was painting from the 80's and painting, objects of art, three dimensional type stuff. >> wonderful stuff. >> yes. >> as a result, we have inspired and we are continuing the legacy here in haddonfield. he loved haddonfield and came here. >> we love you. >> thank you. >> i love that. >> i'm taking that home with me. >> hang it in my kitchen. >> it is beautiful. >> ready to go. >> i will get the purse here. >> within of the artists wanted to talk to you in just a second. >> nice guy. >> he is perfect for you. he doesn't say much. >> why is that perfect for me. >> you like to talk.
7:44 am
>> i usually do all a of the talking. i will get to know him. you will tell jen we are ready to go to her. >> yes. >> maybe we should look at each others eyes, how about that. >> hi guys, okay. so this right here looks like whipped cream but it is not made of cream. what is it? she will tell you. we are having a great time at the cooking company. >> here in haddonfield. >> come on back.
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developing story at 7:47. eighty-four people are confirmed dead including two americans after someone drove a truck through a crowd of people celebrating bastille day in nice, france. police say truck driver was killed when he opened fire on the crowd and police return fire. >> he has yet to be identified but he is from tunisia and known from police for violence. prosecutor's office has opened up a terrorism investigation into this incident. so far in group has claimed responsibility for that attack. >> we will keep an eye on this from overseas throughout the morning for you, of course, here on fox 29. >> lets toss things out to bob kelly, who is out in haddonfield, new jersey. the is what up, bob. >> hi gang, good morning. we're here on king's court in haddonfield, new jersey. folks coming out today. we have a brand new mazda cx9 on display, vehicle we are giving away next friday, when we have the party at the dell
7:48 am
in fair morning park. come on out, check it out, rub it, and touch it, and hope you are the person that wins that car next friday. if we go to route 202, heading up toward kop, 95, southbound starting to see the jammo from academy into downtown. we have a water main break in manayunk at main and levering that will cause a mess throughout the day, who likes jewelry? that is where i got everybody's attention? all of the ladies put their hand up. bill, your business is what. >> the longest continually operated jeweler here in town. >> name of it is. >> jewelry. >> give us some of the pieces we have here. >> good thing i didn't bring my wife with me today. >> what is this. >> you should have brought your wife. >> this is sterling silver and aqua marine. both were designed and created by me and created in house. everything on the table has been. this is done in 18 car on the green and white gold with diamond encrusted all over and
7:49 am
then a lightening ridge opal which i set 18 car on the green gold and hand engraved and made you are right here in haddonfield. again, hand made in haddonfield. we have hand made jewelry and, of course, we are growing all of our stuff in haddonfield. so tell me about your business. >> we are the largest community organization, in the town, with around 150 members and growing. >> so you have plots of ground throughout the township. >> it is in one spot in the town. we have a designated area, crows woods, yes. >> you can grow your own veggies, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, flowers. >> yes you are encouraging to grow locally, grow it yourself. >> go out, pick it. >> just like mom used to do, grab those jersey tomatoes. >> exactly. >> we want to encourage everyone to grow their own veggies because it will eliminate need for shipping
7:50 am
around the globe and make the world a better place. >> it sound like a good plan to me. we have the rain, we have sunshine, that is what makes the garden grow. how much of that, mix will we have this weekend? sue's got the answer in 15 seconds. getting ready for weekend getaway. heading to the shore? land breeze today. it will be hot on the beach, even in the on the's there not an escape unless you are jumping in the the ocean. eighty-eight tomorrow. eighty-four sunday. ocean water temperature between 72 and 76 degrees. here's your getaway, this is nicest scape 85 today and warm but really nice on saturday and sunday. we are looking good as long as you are keeping it cool, and of course one of the coolest we know is jen fred, good
7:51 am
morning, darling. i know she's listening, hi. >> it is sue talking to jen, hi. >> hi baby. okay. we are having so much fun, sue with chef kathy, good morning. >> good morning good her lovely ladies. the this is an a nation idea. it is cooking school in a beautiful cooking shop. >> yes. >> we have given them teases. let's fulfill what we told them. this looks like whipped cream. >> this is taking the nation by storm. this is chick peas, everybody is making humus around the clock. don't throw away bean juice but once you whip tonight to a frenzy, it is a non-dairy whipped topping that is beautiful dessert. >> so you grilled your peaches here, we will come around here because i have to see the rest of this amazing thing other thing i asked is what is number one thing we are doing wrong and you say. >> using your knives the wrong way. >> what are we doing wrong. >> people don't necessity how to handle their knives,
7:52 am
sharpen their knives and make your food look beautiful. one of the things we teach here all the time, life skills. >> you grill them and put aqua faba on top. it looks like a cream brew let. >> it is a toasted marshmallow. grilling before it out the sweetness. it makes them extra beautiful. >> it is beautiful. >> these are new jersey peaches. >> as we wrap it up, you know, i told you off camera, i don't know what to do with these ugly hair loom tomatoes. >> they are funny, they are all miss shaped and that flavor is unbelievable. they look gorgeous on the inside. we love to use them. you can see different varieties. again, nothing like jersey tomatoes, in the summer. how pretty, and flavoring. >> thank you so much. thanks for letting us visit. >> come back anytime and cook. >> doctor mike is up next. we will be right back after the break. i got to get my check late on.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason.
7:56 am
it is getting hot in here. >> yes. >> you know what, we have designed a segment specifically for me, parentally new with doctor mike. >> hello doctor mike. >> hello, big mike. >> you can get over a hang over in 24 hours, right. but apparently your skin, your are skin will in the recover for almost a month. >> well, if you drink too much, michael, it effects all kind of things. it cannot only cause hang over, it causes swelling in the brain because you can get that feeling of like i don't want to wake up the next day. >> yes. >> are you saying my brain will get bigger. >> you have less fluid because you get dehydrated. alcohol inhibits an harmone and it stimulates that and allows to you get dehydrated and that causes a hang over.
7:57 am
>> don't drink. >> there is a lot of things in alcohol. remember we do this on new years eve, if you drink dark rum it has a lot of things in it that can make you feel poorly. it also can dehydrate you and make your skin feel not so good and it takes a long time for your body to recover. >> months. >> why does it take so long. i would think a day or so. >> that might be excessive. the thing is if you smoke and you drink, that really causes a problem. i see this in my practice. what happens is when you you are older and you smoked all your life, your skin looks similar to an alligator. >> alligator. >> terrible. >> like my arms. >> you cannot do that. >> i'm 24 years old. this has taken a toll. come on, you didn't believe that, did you. okay. >> no, seriously it is unbelievably hot today. >> does that mean mike should layoff alcohol. >> most definitely alcohol is
7:58 am
a big problem. you have to stay hydrated. i would like to you turn around. look at this what we have here is an example of look up here, folks, what you are seeing -- >> wow, wow. >> somebody likes it out there >> thinks ecuador. >> this is his body, having a evaporation. it is evaporation ways that the body reduces its temperatures. >> he must be pretty cool right now. >> under pressure he is always cool. >> the thing is i looked it up, the relative humidity in haddonfield today will be 68 percent, and the peak temperatures around 92. when it gets that hot and relative humidity is that high that evaporation mechanism that the body uses, does not work as well and you can get in trouble with heat stroke and heat exhaustion so you need to stay hydrated,
7:59 am
especially if you are an older person. >> oh, no. >> there you go. >> you know what i want, this looks healthy, excuse me young man. is what your name. >> what is the name of your shop. where did you get this taste. >> the best bakery in the world. >> really. >> thank you for the cake. >> so sweet. >> this is for everybody. >> very sweet. >> we make taffy in the morning and i laugh and i never did that before. >> you never laughed until good day. >> beautiful. >> i'm single. are you still single. >> yes. >> i have a woman who can make me a cake. >> i would treat you so good we will have to do a 502nd
8:00 am
break, we have to get busy. terror in nice, a truck rams through a crowd and monday trust attack killing more than 80 people and a night of celebration now a nightmare. what we are learning right now about the americans there. social media responds, how the world is paying tribute to the victims in france and the confirming faith this morning. heat is on. it will feel like hundred degrees again today. when will we timely feel some relief? your weekend forecast plus how you you can keep your hair safe from the humidity. >> ♪ a dad again? mick jagger shocks the world after announcing he is expecting his eighth child. why age ain't nothing but a
8:01 am
number for this rock star. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> have you had a good day lately. >> ♪ >> that is really good, kids, very nice.
8:02 am
>> fantastic. >> yeah. >> what is the name of your group. >> children's song of new jersey. >> based in haddonfield. >> yes. >> is what your name. >> iain. >> where do you go to school. >> i'm going to haddonfield high school. >> very good. >> i wrote part of that song. the part where you say oh. >> oh. >> oh. >> thank you for that. >> nice way to start the second hour of good day. >> oh, bob. >> good morning, everybody. i'm up here with a ban craft you are right here in haddonfield. >> yes, we started here in 1883, right down the street, on margaret bancroft house and we now serve over 1700 people in three states. >> wow, that is so cool. thanks for coming out and for being part of the party here today. here's a brand new, cx9, mazda, you know it, you see
8:03 am
it, you want it. we're giving it away next friday, at the dell. the party at the dell. it even has that new car smell. you know what, i smell something else. what is this over here. >> we have more food. >> sue, help me out. i think the heat is melting the cheese, from the stromboli. >> yes, hi there sue. >> just put the food outside and it will cook right there what a scorcher we have in store. it will be a seven out of ten today. slightly and i mean slightly less humid then yesterday but still muggy which is why the doggies dock site with buddy ready for his boat ride. plenty of sun screen and don't forget your shade. temperatures in the 70's this morning and we have been watching it heat up all morning here in the city, at the airport it its 82 degrees with a breeze out of the west. we have a excessive heat
8:04 am
warning in effect until 8:00 p.m. for heat index near 100. actual temperature should be around 94 degrees. couple places will get a pop up thunderstorm later on but sunset time is 8:28. we are ready for a very hot day, weekend forecast is coming up, lauren and chris with you right now. okay, sue. we are following the developing stories out of nice, france. the latest information is in the a attack last night where this truck plowed into people. eighty-four people are confirmed dead. dozens of others are in critical condition. this person was running over women and children. police returned fire and killed this man. we understand dave kinchen you have new information about who this guy may have been. >> reporter: we have an update just coming from the associated press, they say that the the nice airport, has
8:05 am
within evacuated or evacuation is in progress. the reason is unclear. that literally was just tweeted out there we can tell you the attacker in this case is a 31 year-old according to representatives, a 31 year-old from nice, but originally from tunisia, and had a violent past that police knew about but we're told he was not on the radar of terror. his name is being released, momentarily we understand. his bank card and cell phone were also found in the truck. the suspect drove the box truck more than a mile leaving people with no chance to if the out of the way. carnage left in the wake. police exchanging gunfire with the the driver before killing him. several shots fired here. here you can see as people were running for their lives, one woman said she wasn't even shore what people were running from at the time. she followed the screams as people rushed over to safety and we are hearing from other
8:06 am
witnesses too. >> running, we had no idea what we were running from. i just grabbed my fiance and we started running, you know, we really didn't necessity where we were going. >> a lot of people there scary. state department just confirmed a father and son from austin texas are among those killed in nice. they were vacation nothing france hill country baseball posted a baseball picture of sean copeland and their son brody along with the message saying they did not survive the attack. incident prompted french g to declare a national the three day period for mourning, france was also set to lift it state of emergency that had been in place since the last terror attacks in november, you'll recall, and then, they extend that had state of emergency now for several months, and also the belgium government is raising their warning levels for their national day celebration in response to this attack in france, back to you.
8:07 am
>> thanks very much. some celebrities have have taken to social media to pay tribute to those killed last night, in the a ago to france. >> they are using #pray for nice. we will begin with simon cowell just heard terrible news from nice. i'm shock. my thoughts and prayers to all affect. >> dwayne wade, jab bree an union also tweeting a message that wrote it never end. heart broken. #pray for nice. >> josh gad, to our brothers abe sister in nice, we stand for you, we pray for you and we mourn for you. pray for nice. rihanna posed with this heart due to the tragic events in nice my concert scheduled for july 15th, which is today will not go on as plan. our thoughts are with the victims and their families, rihanna had been on the european tour and was going to be in nice performing tonight as she was in nice when the attack happened. the she's okay thankfully.
8:08 am
>> passengers ordered out of the nice airport, according to an ap reporter at the scene, she says terminal building has been sealed off, military personnel visible inside. >> the attacker has been identified as a 31 year-old, evidently, authorities have known who this person is, he is some sort of heavy criminal record. >> from tunisia. >> we will get much more on who this guy was coming up throughout the morning here on fox 29. meantime we want to turn it over to alex holley. >> hello, mike jerrick is here too. what are you doing. >> well, i was just learning about something, fellas, chris murphy, listen to this segment. haddonfield, there is something called girls night out. >> yes. so what is it, the rate is will step over. hello there. >> hi, how are you. >> tells bus girls night. >> girls night out is where our boutiques offer hospitality and promotions and
8:09 am
specials. fun night to come out with your friend, sisters. >> dj is outside. >> outside on the street. >> we have it july 21st. >> yes. >> a lot of women. >> sea of women. >> all downtown, you men should come out. >> men can come out. >> yes. >> so here's the thing, if we go shopping i want to see a taste of what we will get here. here are on some of the boutiques, hello, ladies. >> hi. >> what boutique with you are. >> paper trail. >> paper trail. >> what do you guys sell. >> we normally specialize in wedding invitations an party invite and party stylings but for girls night out we are showcasing our charm bar. >> so these are so cute, i love it. it is bracelet, necklacees. >> yes, with the purchase of one of our, necklacees we will get a free charm. >> i like that. >> so charming. >> lets go to the next spot. i'm sorry, did i miss one. here we go. hello. these are beautiful. i love the color. >> thank you second time around. >> i love second time around.
8:10 am
>> so this is defined the concept. >> very contemporary, up scale luxury pieces for the past two to three years. right now we have a wrap dress here. normally retailing for 355, here for 119. and michael kors leather handbag. >> resale. >> resale. >> everything is gently used almost knew but this handbag here is formerly retailing for 378, here for 189. and then this fabulous, one right here is a vaneta, normally retailing for 1,988 and here for $599. >> you get lots of deals. >> yes. >> girls night out. there is other tables here but they are telling me i have to go. there are lots of great things to do july 21st, right. >> yes. >> july 21st, girls nice out. do you see this, it says i don't sweat, i sparkle. unfortunately i'm sweating. i wish i could sparkle.
8:11 am
we will tell you how to get sweat proof hair. you can still look good. well, this is sweaty hair. i will tell you how not to look like mike jerrick when we come right back. i don't know if we can, but we will try.
8:13 am
8:14 am
skies are beautiful but you can see haze in the air and a few cloud. it is muggy, this morning. but plenty of trees, to give you some shade. when you join the party in haddonfield. if you you are watching right now maybe heading to the phillies game tonight, it will be a muggy night. mets are in town. we're back in action after the all-star break and wow, for the 15th of july, it is a steamy 190 degrees at 7:05. dress cool for that muggy night at citizens bank park. right now 82 degrees in philadelphia. eighty in pottstown. eighty-one in dover. already in the 80's and so many places, and it feels like it is in the mid 80's, when you factor in the humidity.
8:15 am
now these dew points are not as high as they were yesterday but it is enough to give us a heat index so we are between uncomfortable and oppressive for our heat index today and that is why once again we have a excessive heat warning in effect. it will feel like it is near 100. i-95 corridor where big cities are, steel, concrete, buildings are even hotter then it is in the rural area. it will stay hot. we might get a late pop up shower on sunday but today and tomorrow we are talking about temperatures in the the 90's which will give us heat wave number three. it was 96 degrees yesterday. by monday we are backup in the lower 90's and humid but chance of thunderstorms early on tuesday, means we will have lower humidity even they it will be hot by middle of next week and that is a look at your seven day forecast. mike jerrick, hi.
8:16 am
>> well, thank you. >> that is true. >> i have no idea which camera i'm on. but here's the thing, we're in haddonfield. >> i have already been in love with haddonfield. >> look at beautiful people of haddonfield. my goodness there are tracktive humanness this town. >> yes, there are. >> look what i have found, over at mix boutique, they gave me a cup. it is a sip i cup for wine. >> what? >> that way you won't spill it. >> i'm like a baby. >> yes. >> look at the back of my head. see how oily and wet and sweaty. >> touch it. >> please don't. >> we will see the ladies, giving you some tips. >> maria will show us how we can still a lieutenant of times you want to be outside. i can't be cute with my hair. it will get wet, nasty. you have some secrets you want to share. >> we do we are calling this our no shower happy hour.
8:17 am
>> i love that. >> we know exactly what that is. you are on the beach, you want get up, go to the bar for the night. we have a couple of cute little tips for you. this is caitlin. all we're doing with her today is we did three pony tails. >> we will spin perfect around. beautiful, okay. >> and then all you need to do, this is one pony tail, two pony tail all you need to do is take a little piece and give it a little twist and then you like the texture of the beach. we want that in the hair. and then just turn this way. you want to break the pony tail, take it and we're going back to the 90's. i get it. you pull it up and then it will look like this. >> very cute, you do that all the way down. >> all the way down there we like it just to stay on trend for today. we like to have texture in the bottom of the pony tail.
8:18 am
so, again, take it, flip it in. and pull it straight out. you just want to have beach behind y hair for bottom and ready for no shower happy hour. >> lets go to the next lovely lady here. >> hi katie. >> this is cute. spin around a little bit. this is like a little bun on top. >> yes. >> katie is wearing a double braid. i want to point out katie is 22. i'm 40. we are wearing the same thing. ladies you can do this at the any age. >> you both look fabulous. >> thank you. >> we just did two braid here. we have one. we took it, wrapped it around, put a bun in there. she has a beachy hair or humidity will bring out your curl. >> when i want to do the curl or bring out the wand is what secret. is it holding spray, dry shampoo what am i using. >> most people want to use hair spray. you want to use something
8:19 am
first, we have water killer, it is a dry chapel pew from evo and one of the tricks is you want to take it and -- >> thank you. >> you want to take it a spray it and not too close. >> go arms length, and that is how far you want to be. you want to spray to the roots. >> and that keeps water, humidity and sweat out. >> once you curl it will stay nice and fluffy. >> two more laid toys get to. >> i love this. this one you need nice scarves. >> yes. >> she has short hair obviously. she's growing it the out for summertime it is hard to grow out. so there is not a whole lot she can do witt. we have braided the top and pulled back her side and we took a nice execute little scarf, tied it, she is's ready for the beach, for her day in philadelphia, toe go hang out with her friend and staying cool. >> i love it. >> and then finally this one i really love.
8:20 am
what do you call this i love it when girls have the braid around the front what is that called. >> this is just a dutch braid and we pulled it out a little bit and again caroline she was at the beach, she has texture. what will she do? she just did a pony tail in the back and right in the middle and she wrapped the braid right around there, right off the beach. i have a a question, what is this water killer, dry chapel pew. >> yes, dry shampoo? no, no. >> this is a little too close. >> yes. >> this is my head, helmet spray for helmet head. >> you just want to spray the same way, put your lit until and put your hand through it. >> here's my favorite, alex, whip it good. >> i love the names. this is for holding it,
8:21 am
gangster grip. >> that is a hold. >> that will hold. >> thank you, beautiful people. >> is what the name of the brand. >> it is our company from australia and they are just kind of making their way to the states, it is call evo. >> and look at this one. >> yes. >> speaking of beauty. >> there is, that is dry, dry shampoo. >> it is helping. >> i need it the all over my body. >> speaking of beautiful people, a list of the the most beautiful faces in the world. >> it is not selena gomez. the she's on the list. >> she's in the top three. >> who would be the number one prettiest beautiful face in the world? we will tell you after the break.
8:22 am
8:23 am
one fifth of all the fresh water in the world flows into one incredible experience you can't find anywhere else. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
8:24 am
we are looking at beautiful people in haddonfield. i love as we go out and everybody comes out to say hi. >> these are really nice people. >> they are. >> we will talk about flowers. ever since you revealed thaw work in the garden center and
8:25 am
you are an expert. >> for seven years of my young life. >> but we expect you to know everything about this. a few plants, you know, like 100 degrees out what do you do with your plant, do you answer that. >> i can certainly cannot but one of the oldest garden clubs in the country is certainly the oldest in new jersey is the haddonfield garden club. >> who are you. >> doug. >> i'm the president of the garden club and we are celebrating our 110th year this year. >> wow, started in 1906. >> yes. >> is what your name. >> more yan gar son and i'm representing the club today. this design was created by the city which was one of our garden members. >> let me tell you this, i believe that is the col i as. >> what is this. >> that is a form of a snap dragon. >> it is an orchid. >> okay. >> what is this. >> that is a --
8:26 am
>> what it is. >> seven years. >> i was doing mostly annuals, thinks an indoor plant. >> well, no, these are outdoors. >> how many years, mike. >> you just said to me, women. >> whatever you want. >> in the commercial break i said i lived in the apartment. this would be perfect for an apartment. >> you said yes. >> now you are saying it is outdoors. >> it is indoors too. >> we will talk to the expert, mike. if you have a plant, what should you be doing in this heat, to we take, all of the plants inside or water them more. >> right now he is in the apartment. he wants to bring outdoors in. this is a perfect arrangements. this goes outdoors the balcony. either way it works for us. >> should we be watering my plants more. >> when you have humidity in the air like this you don't need to water then that often but dryer spell you want to mist them or water them. >> is this a boston fern.
8:27 am
>> this is chrissy kenney, and this is a street scape which all of the plants are from the highway are planters that we have done. >> do you want to go from creepy jenny to another jenny. >> and now we will go to jen fred. >> you have lost all flower credibility. >> we are in the most amazing shop, look the at this , okay. and then how about this, and how about this you can before he this. we will talk all about it can i get this on tv.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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welcome back at 8:30. lets get to our stories from france where 84 people are dead including two americans after someone drove a truck through a crowd of people celebrating bastille day in france.
8:31 am
police say that the truck driver was killed when he opened fire on the crowd, and then police, returned fire, and killed him. >> his bank card and cell phone were found inside the truck so officials were able to positively identify him. the attacker was a 31 year-old from france who was originally born in tunisia and known for violence. at this hour the ap is reporting that the nice airport was evacuated, no details as to why. >> details still coming in on this developing story. we will update you throughout the morning. >> sue serio, lets turn to you. >> watching another steamy day, muggy the dog, it the is going to be humid and buddy reminding but the sun screen, boating, beach, pool, hopefully somewhere, you can cool off, maybe just at the movies because that is best advice we can give you today is to stay cool. it is already 82 degrees in philadelphia. we will head up in the mid one on's once gaw but it will feel like it is close to a hundred degrees. couple places will get a pop up thunderstorm but nice
8:32 am
licensing day with sunset at 8:28. just after sunrise, bob kelly arrived in haddonfield, new jersey. where are you right now. >> we are in the trading post right here on kings highway, wait until you see what we have in store for you. batman fans, hang in there. let's check the jam cams getting ready for a friday morning, maybe heading to the shore, going out early. burlington bristol bridge in the middle of an opening right now. we have a backup on the the roosevelt boulevard working your way down to the the schuylkill and that water main break still with us here in manayunk along main street and then, of course, big concert, doo thebi propertiers and journal a credits the river. back here live, the trading post in haddonfield, new jersey. sort of like a man's cave. we have sunglasses. we have the shirts. we have everything that you need, not only for summer but for winter. we have the big back. check this place out. this is smack dab in the
8:33 am
middle of haddonfield. mike, good morning. you made it over here. >> hey bob kelly what is going on. >> you and i can hang tight, grab some good stuff. >> this place, the trading post is located on kings highway, main drag here, beautiful looking store. so come on in and meet mitch. >> tell us about the store. >> well, thanks for having us on. we are a man cave meets general store. we have been here for about a year and a half. it is great fun. great customers, great people. we can't say enough about it. >> it looks like you have a little will bit of everything. >> we do a big feature on u.s. made goods. we carry philson, detroit products. >> yes. >> leave it at that. >> we carry great stuff from ireland, new seal land and it thely as well. >> bob, do you want to do a fashion show. >> let's go. >> you stand there. i will get out of the way. first model, come on out. >> this is brandon, he is wearing a jacket from
8:34 am
dueberry, and it is fully waterproof, win proof, great for the shore. but one of the most popular items we have, made in ireland, top notch, super comfortable and high end and built to last. >> we should put our logo on that great company jackets. >> it is a nice jacket. >> what else do we have here. >> this is john gordon, a friend of ours and customers of yours. he is wearing a billson shirt, made in seattle. top notch stuff. late 1800's. john has got right look, he has a hand some beard. look at him go. >> mountain man. >> yeah. spencer, what do you have going here. woolwich denim shirt, super popular, and they are just great in the summer, great in the winter, fall, coming up soon, before you know it, it is back to school, guys. >> nice set of boots too. >> this is rio, rio is wearing
8:35 am
a khaki shirt, one of the great shirt styles that they have, super popular. our whole look is functional for your every day life. >> your last name is what. >> gorshin. >> remembers the riddler from batman. >> that is exactly right. >> yes. >> take a look the a the pictures up here, the stories filled with memorabilia. tell us about your dad. >> well, it is funny, everybody says, it must have been interesting. i said that is all i know. that was pop lar. >> i thought you might be batman that is why i brought witnesses. what is it that no man wants to have, but no man wants to lose? a lawsuit, correct, boy wonder. >> your dad was good with voices. >> look at you guys. >> no, he was a master
8:36 am
impression is in, burt lancaster james. >> i would come home after hanging out and he would be sitting at the kitchen table playing chess and he would be working on his act. >> how about that. >> go to his house and his daddies the riddler. >> mitch, thank you. >> my absolute pleasure. >> here it is, mitch, mick jagger going to be a father again. he is p-2. i will tell you how old his girl friend is, after the break.
8:37 am
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woo! (male off-screen announcer) with instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, the instant you play could be the instant you win. keep on scratchin'. we go down to washington d.c. to talk to chris wallace. chris, i'll tell you it was a week ago, every friday we go
8:40 am
to a different location in our viewing area, and, last week we were talking about the dallas police officers being gunned down. now we're talking about this situation in nice, france. i don't know what to make of it. what are your plans for sunday. >> first of all i'm already in cleveland the site of the republican convention, mike and obviously national security both at home and also overseas, is going to be top issue for us but it is a top issue in the campaign. we believe that we will have an interview with either donald trump or his running mate that sure looks like it will be indian governor mike pence, and obviously the question of why people should trust them as opposed to hillary clinton and her, still unknown running mate is going to be a top issue both over the next week or so and also going on into the general election in the fall. >> so, i should have known you
8:41 am
would be in cleveland you are a very prepared man. so hold my microphone. i have an intern holding a mike for me. lets get back to what you are talking about in cleveland. will it be newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, will it be a man who lives in our viewing area, governor christie or will it be from the great state of indiana, governor mike pence. it seems like pence is in the lead, crying. >> i think it is pence. it hasn't been officially announced but pence was seen flying into new york on a private jet last night. he stayed in the hotel in new york. he is definitely over paying for his trip in insuring if he is not the running mate. he has a deadline by noon today because he cannot run for two offices in indiana whether running for reelection in governor or running as the vice-president running mate. i got to think he is on the
8:42 am
national ticket. >> yes, i guess donald trump said wow make the announcement and then delayed it because of what happened in nice, france but apparently he said he made the decision last night. so pence will have to do it at noon. we will be watching sunday, thanks very much. >> thanks, mike. >> you got it. so from haddonfield to cleveland it seems like it was halfway around the world the delay on that, wow. jen fred, talk to me women. >> mike, this is a place you have to bring teddy too when she comes next time. it is an amazing store. what is the name of this. >> we will tell you how this works when we come right back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
it is a muggy but marvelous morning, in haddonfield, new jersey. oh, trying out, too young to drive but still trying out the mazda. we will announce our finalist for the odds for our mazda give away, today, you may have heard us say you still had a chance to win today but contest closed a at noon
8:46 am
yesterday, no longer opened but it is still a party out there, all morning long so check it out that new car smell and that what a great vehicle that mazda is live in haddonfield, new jersey. folks are dressed, lots of flip-flops, flowing clothing, that is the deal for today and really for rest of the weekend but as you go down the shore today, land breeze, just as hot almost, on the beach, as it will be inland with that land breeze and sunny and hot in the 80's on saturday and sunday. ocean water temperature 72, 72 e mountains much more delightful but still humid with a high of 85, better on saturday and sunday with temperatures in the the lower 80's and sunshine. we are at 28 degrees in philadelphia and heading to a high of 94 today, feeling hotter then that thanks to the the humidity you know the drill, heat wave number three should be official tomorrow and we may or may not make it to 90 on sunday.
8:47 am
if not we are very close and above 90 with more humidity on monday but a cold front brings thunderstorms on tuesday and could make it a little bit more comfortable on wednesday, and thursday, so that is a look at your hot, hot, hot mid-july seven day forecast, of course, funnies heating up in haddonfield but mike and alex, hi guys. >> i will tell you this i will plan something cool to do this weekend and day indoors. >> you'll find this very dull. >> yes. >> i will get to a friend of mine very much like into seinfeld and we will play seinfeld trivia and watch old episode for five or six hours. >> that does sound dumb good let me try this on you. >> bring out old board games. when were you growing up what board game did you like to play. >> clue. >> monopoly. >> sorry. >> candyland. >> the little mountain. >> yes. >> yes. i'm cool with that. >> lets go down the store where jen is. they have classic board games.
8:48 am
>> jen, what was your favorite you used to play. >> candy land, operation because you have to buzz the guy. but i have to say, these are like next level. i have a bun have of games i like. good morning. >> good morning. >> what are these guys playing. >> they are playing otatema and give them a sample, there you go. you can play this anywhere. >> i said i want stuffy can play at din are table or when we go out to eat instead of card. they are sick of go fish. these are great alternative. >> absolutely. >> grown ups are playing a game that i'm familiar with because i lived in taipei. >> it is a tile game for where you are trying to get hand on 14 tiles. we play it here three times a week. >> you teach lessons as well. >> yes. >> i think that is genius. kid grow out of games. it gives them a chance to try
8:49 am
it. how does that work. >> $30 a year, play at home, bring them back and we have over 500 games and puzzles and they go from about 18 months all the way up to party games. >> fifteenth this game is a unique game way to get kid off the tablet what does this cost. >> forbidden island is a cooperative game for two to five players where you are the player and trying to beat the game. >> we come out here and we have twister, but twister it also like what is oldies new. so what is new about this. >> twitter add to second new things to their game. remember left hand green. but they have two new things. if you get the puff the clown whatever is in right-hand you have to put tonight the air. >> like this. >> left hand in the air. >> i love it. >> thank you so much for doing this. >> thank you. >> are you guys having fun.
8:50 am
>> mike, i would be totally destroying at twist ter. >> she's trash talking about the game. >> she is,. >> i'll shoot your ladder. >> is what your name. >> jennifer. >> do you have any tattoos. >> yes. >> when did you get it, at what age. >> eighteen was my first. >> would you ever get another one right now. >> yes. >> she would. >> yes. >> here's the thing. >> how many do you have. >> three. >> i have one on my wrist, one on my thigh and my back. >> what does the thigh say. >> daughter's name. >> we will talk about age now. you are a young woman but is there a certain age you should not get a tattoo? is there a certain age women should president wear skinny jeans. >> is there a certain age you should not be taking selfies? apparently a list we need to be talking about. >> i'm too old to be doing
8:51 am
anything. we will do it after the break. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
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and just announced $1,000 summer invitation bonus. welcome back, haddonfield, new jersey live all morning right here on kings high wait in the heart of haddonfield. this summertime, it is skateboards and bikes. come on guys, lets see what we have here. we are in front of the community bike shop with rob. what is hot this year. >> right now, obviously bikes are year round but surf board and stand up paddle board are always really hot this time of the year. >> this isn't your grand dad's
8:55 am
schwinn bike here. >> no, we are middle of the road to higher owned. >> you said mountain bike. why do they need a mountain bike. >> believe it or not there is great trail riding in new jersey minutes from this shop. mountain bike laws in jersey off road bike association does even if men nal trails and state and different counties have been supportive land to to build on. >> you said something about a weekly bike riding trip. >> yes, every tuesday night we meet writ here at 6:30 right in front of the shop and it is very family friendly, and leave spandex, and kids at home and we will ride and the community here with parents and kids, of all ages, 15 or under must have a adult. >> that is important. >> and helmet on. >> yes. >> good family exercise, brings family together, that is cool. >> that is tuesday night. >> every tuesday night right here. >> right here, check out these two guys i found, husband and wife team that go around the country trying on get folks to
8:56 am
register to vote. they are driving with their donald trump and hillary mack in the back. if you hear horns beeping going by that is why. mike and alex, back to you in kings court. you know what i think we should do for 9:00 o'clock hour. >> let's put on a show. >> what do you say. >> yes. >> let's have a show. >> okay. >> all right. >> but first i have to tell you this. >> what. >> mick jagger will be a dad again. >> i heard a couple oh, no's. >> how old is it. >> mike. >> seventy-two. >> we will show you who is the mother and show you a picture, and tell you how old she is. >> there's hope.
8:57 am
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