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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  July 16, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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. from the fox 29 studio, this is good day philadelphia. this morning on did good day a developing story out of turkey. two attempts is shut down by government forces nearly 200 people dead. more than 1500 people under arrest. why turkey's president is pointing a blame at a man living in our area. >> plus three people including a teenager shot in north philadelphia, one of them dead. what police believe may have led to the violence. donald trump is expected to introduce his running mate this morning, but governor mike pence is saying about kind of vice president he'll be. good morning. welcome to good day philadelphia weekend. let's make every day a good day.
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>> good morning, bill anderson. >> good morning, karen hepp, scott warren. >> we're going to talk about the number, maybe rain, first check in with friend and colleague is you serio along with weekend wendy. >> she's tuning up for the lancaster avenue jazz and art festival in its 10th year as founder's park 39th and powelton avenue. live music. food truck, artists. activities for the kids, lots of music. going on all day from noon until 7:00. scott are getting heat and humidity and all that jazz. >> we're getting all of the above, sue. of course re temperatures yesterday were in the low 90's. i think today we'll hit low 90's again making that third to heat wave official. it's hazy on this saturday morning, 79, the winds are calm.
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but look at that humidity already at 66 percent. so ultimate doppler right now is dry and quiet. later on this afternoon, not out of the question for a few pop-up showers and thunderstorms, we have 75 in wilmington. 76 right now in dover. 74 in atlantic city and mid 60s in the poconos. already feels like 81 in philadelphia. it feels like 76 degrees in dover. so we're chasing that third heat wave. look at the numbers. 96 on thursday. friday, 92. today, 91 will be the high temperature in philadelphia. down the shore, 86, poconos mountains 81. that entire weekend forecast coming up. back to you. thank you. scott. as you possibly head to the shore, let's take a look at the roadways and see what the conditions are as we speak. looking pretty good if you take a look over there and the bridge not too bad. >> if you're making your way to the shore we wanted to check in
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and see how things had flowing. i always say i believe people are staying in watching us before they decide to start hitting the road. >> we got 42, atlantic city expressway to see how they are. i think it normally builds around 9:00 after the show that's when you get stuck in the traffic. >> it should be a little bit lighter than it's been over the previous weeks. we're going to continue re continue to check in throughout the show. we'll hit you with the different cameras to let you know what's going on. 7:03. turkey president says he is in control of the country once again. as loyal military and police forces quash that coup. >> nearly 200 killed. coup supporters will pay a heavy price for their tree son more than 1500 military personnel were arrested across the country. the chaos a political of turmoil in turkey.
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the country is a member of nato and a key partner in the u.s. led efforts to defeat isis. turkey president is complains re blaming uprising on followers of a muslim terrorist who actually lives in the poconos. skyfox flew over the compound where he has been living in self impos imposed he can say cycle. >> icon did he mean in the strongest terms the attempted military coup. government should be warned through a process of free and fair election. i pray to god for turkey, turkish citizens and all those in turkey is roughed peacefully as someone who suffered it is special insulting to be accused of having any link to sauven attempt. he went on to say, i category
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deny such accusations. on 7:05. police are saying they're investigating a triple shooting happened in north philadelphia we know it was deadly. >> it happened before 9:00 last night near 9th and somerset streets. sabina kuriakose is live at philadelphia police headquarters this morning: good morning, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, bill and karen. police are saying this was a very unusual case. here's video we got for you. last night from the scene as you mentioned it's 9th and summer sets in north philadelphia. three people were shot. one person died. here is what is so confusing for police. it's really about who these victims were. the man who died was a 64-year-old man, a 15-year-old girl was also shot. she still alive. she's in the hospital. a 48-year-old woman also survived but critically injured. the victims were all shot once. either in the chest or the back. and at least 11 shots were fired
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by the gunmen from two guns, one a large caliber. the police don't know who if any of the victims are targeted by the shooter or if all of the victims were caught insome some kind of cross fire. they're piecing together this puzzle. >> it's an unusual shooting due to the fact there's two female victims and an elderly male victim and they're all shot one time. so right now, we don't know who the intended target was. it's unusual for a 64-year-old male to be shot on highway. that's not the normal age of a shooting victim in the city. >> reporter: police talks on the street. the suspect describing him as one man wearing dark clothing. police say one of the guns was actually inside of his boot while this morning detectives are looking for and going over any surveillance video from the scene and may encounter whoever did this and help them unravel this mystery.
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back to you. also in north philadelphia, we know there was another deadly shooting that happened. police say this victim was shot outside of the home at about 11:00 last evening. 3100 block of north pack instreet. police are still looking for that shooter. also, we know that there's a man in stable condition after he was shot during an attempt to do robbery. this happened in the oxford circle seconds of the city. police say this was about 4:00 a.m. along the 5900 block of lor ret though avenue. officers say the 49-year-old was coming home when a man in a jeep tried to rob him. they say it victim was shot three times in the head. the back and the leg. police are still looking for that gunman. 7:8. of one woman in the hop after the car she was driving hit a parked car. it happened around 2:30 this morning in the 5600 block of haverford. they say the woman slammed her car into a parked car and the impact sent the parked car into the side of a home.
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now, there wasn't any serious damage done to the house. the woman was taken to protects tearian medical center and is expected to be ok. a disturbing discovery in philadelphia at that holmesburg neighborhood. philadelphia police have confirmed a body was found in the back of a white chevrolet. it was discovered yesterday afternoon near the intersection of oakmont and leon street. police aren't releasing details. family and friends came together to remember a 15-year-old who died. that teenager was shot in the face by police. police say it stepped from some kind of fight over a basketball game. there were two other teens that were also struck. they did survive. the community is demanding justice. >> comes from a lack of morals, values. we're marching around talking about whose lives matter. the lives don't matter when you pick up a didn't and cut someone's life off short. this is national crisis. it's not the first. i would love for this to be the
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last. that's why i'm here to encourage and support this family. >> police say they have leads and trying to catch at person who killed this victim and shot those two other teenagers. fire officials in are chester county are investigating how a home in valley township exploded. two people were believed to be trap but were eventually found safe. police say the homeowner lived in the house almost 40 years and was not there at the time of the explosion. her moment was burglaried two days later. police told her what happened. >> it i'm not going to pull any punches. your house is completely gone. i just cried. what are you going to do? thank god there was nobody in there. i live alone and had no animals. >> they had video of explosion that could showed light on the possible cause.
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septa is bringing in five more train cars from maryland they will be in the track in time for monday morning and or a five cars will be arriving next week. septa pulled 120 cars off the regional rail tracks earlier as commuters everywhere know because there was structural defects in those silver liner five cars, there's no time table when those cars will be returning. there are new details out of nice, france as country continues to mourn the lives loss. > > . >> what officials are learning about the man who drove the truck into a crowd of people celebrating bastille day. the democratic national convention just over a week away. some of the big names that will be coming to town to speak in support of hillary clinton. let us know what you're doing, this should be our third heat wave of the year. let's play some hot music. tell us what your hot songs are in the categories. hot enough for you?
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#fox 29 good day and let us know what you were like to hear. >> started singing that song and realized not tv appropriate >> we'll be right back
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. police are looking into the history of the moon man who killed dozens of people in a terror attack. come as isis champions responsibility for the attack that left more than 80 people dead and this morning, five people are in custody in the wake of that attack. however, authorities in france
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say the attacker had no jihadist link they found. they say mohammad zigzagged a box truck through the field day. the president has declared a national state of emergency in place since the november attacks in paris that killed 130 people. philadelphia is taking security precautions ahead of the democratic national convention. penndot banned large trucks if i95 and in the city, concrete barriers and trash trucks will likely be used to block areas where lots of people will be. u.s. postal service also says it will lock some of its blue collection boxes during the bang. postal officials say it's precautionary: joining us by skype this morning is a temple fellow of foreign policy research institute. good morning, sir. hope you're well. we're seeing a lot of dust
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things. kind of lone wolf phenomenonal. someone who didn't really need weapons' didn't necessarily need organization to get in a truck and drive through a crowd. is that the current thing we need to be most aware of? >>
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>>. that's the concern. that's the fear. how do you prepare for something like that? we can screen you at the airport. require security clearance, we can deny weapons. is it possible to screen everyone from possibly driving into a crowd? [inaudible]
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. >> i want you to shift a little bit to the situation in turkey. talked about large numbers of
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upset people. you talked about organized individuals. the president was still calling it terrorist activity. how are you aware of something like that? and something like that seems like we are prepared for here. [inaudible] jthey decided to take things into their own hands this was a weak at me even though it left the death of 250 people.
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you're seeing about 2900 or so military people who have been arrested in the wake of the turkey president. >> we'll continue to follow up on this. stay on top of as we get closer to the dnc. we everything taking place. karen. changes are going to be from bastille day celebrations but they're going to have people from state pen ten shear are going to honor the bastille. they're going to fly the french flag at half staff and also observe a moment of silence. it's a very popular event. it's fun, they have tasty kakes and throw them there northern of maria antwon net. let them eat cake. 7:19. we're take a look right now at
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trenton and new jersey. there's so many great events happening, there's a great clean-up going on in camden in case you want to come out and clean up the neighborhood. what's the weather going to be. it's going to be hazy hot and humid. our third heat wave of the year year. take a live look at old city to see hazy sunshine out there. and temperatures close to 80. 79, the wind are calm and look at that humidity up there at 66. ultimate doppler is dry and quiet across the area. the lehigh valley, the poconos mountains down the shore looking pretty good on this saturday morning. we're going to zoom into new castle county. wilmington where we have a weather question coming in this mornin morning. >> there's fun for the entire family. in northern delaware.
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what's the weather look like scott. >> looks like hazy, hot and humid. so temperatures warming pretty rapidly there in wilmington. that steamy start by 8:00, upper 70's by 9:00 a.m. 82. wear light colored clothing stay hydrated. 74 in atlantic city, 72, potts and allentown. look at the boardwalk, already 79 degrees, 73 in al lon, mid 70's in wildwood as we go hour by hour, you can see by the heat of the day, a couple of pop-up showers and thunderstorms, everyone won't see them, so don't cancel any plans, have a backup plan to head indoors, 91 for the high temperature in philadelphia today. of down shore 86. 84 as we move towards the later part of the week. early next week, temperatures tapping out around 84. let's talk about the weather authority seven-day forecast.
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temperatures 91, 92 tomorrow, even hotter for monday. heat danger and looks like we keep that humidity building for much of next week. back to you, bill and karen. >> i can handle the heat. i'm good with that. >> else are we going to do. >> it's early we know it. you may be making a cup of coffee. >> there may be a reason you might want to put that java down. what you might have done last night that should keep you from drinking coffee this morning. >> you might be tiered of hearing about it. poke'mon go is the hottest game in the company right now. and one company is making it worth your while to play it. we'll tell you about it. >> we're playing your hot songs, under the boardwalk right now down the shore. here's the winning mega numbers. hope you have them.
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. good morning i'm sean bell. dario saric took a paycheck to come to philadelphia. yesterday he talked about his role as a sixers this coming season. >> i think i came on the boat. i can maybe see players before i
7:26 am
can make a speech so for other players, play like play one-on-one, but we will see. >> and vincent is back in action the last two games, simmons still working on his offense. five for 15, like always he's able to fill out the stat sheets. he has ten boards six assists an 74-66 win and the phillies back in action for the first time after the all star break. the mets had two homers and phillies lose 5-3. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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there's a huge festival, the skwr arts flefrl is happening today. what a great day to get outside. a beautiful day, as karen said, let's transition and get you caught up. you decide political coverage. presumptive republican nominee donald trump is expected to formally introduce his presidential pick. mike pence. he's expected to hold had a must conference at 11:00 this morning, pence ended his
7:30 am
reelection bid for indiana governor to run with trump. he says he believed in trump mission to make america great again. >> of course, this campaign we'll mix it up. have great debates. after the election. when we have the opportunity to serve. we're i'm going to work with people to solve problems facing this country, make this country safe again and get this economy moving. >> of course, we'll have full coverage of trump announcement. all you have to do is stay right here on fox 29. we will keep you informed with all of the information. new jersey governor chris christie is still dealing with campaign debt from his own presidential run according to federal records. as of june 30th he still has $170,000 in debt. donald trump held a fund raiser in may to help chris christie pay for his campaign. in the democratic national convention announced its lineup for speakers at the big event. among the names, president obama, of course, and first lady
7:31 am
michelle, vice president joe biden, bill clint and senator bernie sanders. as the conventions draw closer, stick with fox 29 for complete coverage of both the democratic and republican national convention starting tomorrow evening, our ruth gordon reports from cleveland and beginning monday we'll be bringing you extended political coverage at 11:00 here on fox 29. 7:31. if you use t mobile. that company is giving all customers went year of unlimited today for poke'mon go. this was the latest gift to customers from t mobile as part of its t-mobile tuesday's promotion. a taste the caribbean. she is ready for the palm trees and all the fun at the atlantic city caribbean cardinal
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happening in pleasantville new jersey. 's the parade starts at noon. the whole festival lasts until 6:00 in the evening with a steel orchestra and food. will it still feel like island weather on the mainland today. >> it will definitely feel like the caribbean with all of that heat and humidity. even a couple of pop-up downpours but everyone won't see that weather. as far as ultimate doppler we're dry and quiet on this saturday and temperatures pretty warm. we're looking at 75 in wildwood. 74 in atlantic city, 79 in philadelphia, low 70's, berks county moving toward lehigh valley, allentown, 72. we're chasing heat wave number three. it was 96 degrees on thursday. friday, 92. today going to forecast a high of 91 in center city with the afternoon and evening pop-up showers and thunderstorms.
7:33 am
the shore is 86. poconos mountains 81. we have a ballgame later on. dress for the weather. dress cool. 88 by first pitch. back to you. >> thanks so much. of course, scott. the summer season in full effect. there is plenty of time to head to the shore, go to the beach and pool. maybe a sun dress, bathing suits. how do we remind our children they should be in their own skin? did you see this with the playboy play mate being called out on social media? because she posted a picture of a woman in a gym shower who thought it was private with the caption, if i can't unsee this, then you can't either. all this body talk. mix us comfortable. let's discuss it right now with a child and family coach brandy davis. good morning. >> hi. >> how do we make our kids more comfortable. >> we're kind of our first, our kids first line of defense.
7:34 am
we need to be comfortable with our own or quite frankly fake it sometimes. we want watch the things we stay. stay away from things like saying i look fat in this dress, i can't wear bikinis anymore. change the way we speak about our bodies. if you don't wear something say i'm not feeling green today. or that bathing suit with the flowers makes me feel like i'm on vacation. you want to change the way you're talking about your body. >> what's the problem if i say, gosh, i'm feeling really bloated, what's the problem with how that affects my kids? >> they're going to see that and they're going to hear that h then they're going to start thinking, should i look for that in myself? you know, they're not good enough or there's an ideal standard i need to fit. then it can also go and people can look at other friends and coworkers as they get older and partners and think there's a certain ideal body type that
7:35 am
makes you a viable person. >> how do you we become comfortable with our own bodies? because they usually have part here or there you know, not a favorite part. >> and that's hard, especially because for a lot of us, it's been ingrained in our heads we should look a certain way or we have that part of us we might want to change. it's ok to talk about wanting to become stronger or healthier. i go to the gym because i like my muscles and i want to run fast. we can keep some of the negative thoughts to ourselves. >> what's the trick to that. >> fake it till you make it. >> there you go. any parting washouts for how we make our kids feel confident in and of themselves. >> you what time to talk about their bodies as tools, you look so strong, wow, you're running fast, your brain is working. of i can tell you've been eating healthy and strong foods. it's ok to eat a burger.
7:36 am
cookies. but also, i want everybody to look at their body as a tool and a machine for health and exercise and running. and feel good about your body the way that it is. >> i hope we can internalize that. >> a well-oiled machine, by the way. ikea is at the center of another recall this morning. coming up what the store now says it is taking back for a full refund. plus it's early, we know it. you maying re be looking for a cup of coffee right now to help you wake up. there may be a reason you want to put down the cup of joe. what you may have done last night that should keep you from drinking coffee this morning.
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. feel like we moved away from the hot music theme that fast. >> you get to shake off the heat. you know what you do? shake it off, bill. >> that's a really good cover. good. you just wanted to hear taylor swift. >> yeah, local girl. we love her. that's kind of my motto. >> let's check out silly science. a word to the wise from what may be the silliest study we
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found recently. if you jammed out on the parkway at the 4th of july or fell into formation at the beyonce show the re at the linc, there is one thing you should not have zipped while in recovery mode. that is coffee. they say caffeine stops the ears from recovering from loud noises. of they tested guinea pigs, pumping in sound equipment comparable to a rock concert. they exposed them to coffee. those who are caffeine free had ears returning to normal and the others did not. maybe the next time you rock out to life music or exposed to a lot of noise, you may want to cut back on cups of joe. even if this study does so you wanted pretty silly.
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♪ ♪ . welcome back, little donna summer. as we take a look from the vantage point. we can almost see fort mifflin over there. if you are not been there, today they got a great recent actment of civil war sold jerks they can do scuffjer hunts and enlist and get their own wooden must kits. a lot of fun.
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>> i love how you say you can just lien over. >> it's getting there. chris christie is not going to be requiring shore town to band smoking on the beach. the governor says while he personally doesn't like smoking individual towns should be able to decide whether or not they're going to ban it. lawmakers recently passed a bill to allow towns to set up a 15% area of their beach for smokers. an nfl defensive tackily playing for the minnesota vikings isn't forgetting where he came from. he has decided he's going to team up with the philadelphia fraternal order of police to raise money and give opportunities to kid who may need them. he's phillies own minnesota shrice lloyd. talk a, you have a charity weekend. started last night. what made you decide to do this? . >> it's been a lot of controversy around the city, around the country, actually.
7:45 am
over the past couple months. i just think we all kind of need -- getting a little bit ahead of ourselves and calm down and come back to reality and understand the morals of our lives and things that keep us happy and that's the kids. we're busy fighting and trying to come up with whatever. it is what we're looking for. but. >> you. >> i came from the inner city. i know what it's like to be an inner city kid and not have anything and want more. that's why i'm letting the kids come and not letting them pay anything, have fun, show up bee around nfl guys. >> a lot of is benefitting robert wilson iii his son. young people today get a chance to train, to practice, work with nfl players, who's going to be there. >> jay lin strong. we'll have robert -- not robert.
7:46 am
bailey. he went to del val. we have. >> a lot. >> and you. >> a lot local guys coming through. of trying to give back to the kids. a lot of these kids don't have much and just looking for put a good day, a great day, you know, and being around us, put smiles on their faces. we're looking to do that. >> we'll put up the details of that as well. quickly, i want to ask you, i saw something you said about social media. there's the information about the event today. if you're interested in it. i saw on social media, you said that social media has given a voice to people who sometimes go down the wrong path. of you feel like it's important that people like yourself with that level of influence do the right thing. >> yes. it's a ton of people out here nowadays that never been heard, speak up. now they can do it in the privacy of their own home and make it viral, they do that. you got a lot of guys from instagram and things like that, and trying to talk like they're influences of the state, of the
7:47 am
community, that's not the case, i just think a lot of guys do too much talking and not enough doing. of my team got together. we came together and level 40 training, and we just started let's give back the right way. bring these kids out. show our faces to these kids and let them know the city of brotherly love is going to stand up for each other. >> going to give you a chance to bash tom brady. he finally dropped off before it goes to the supreme court. when you guys are sitting there watching this, deflate gate, whatever, obviously you respect the guy. what's the feelings from players. >> my thing is that was a high scoring game, you know, i think like like 31 to something. -- the colts was a great team that year. that's a lot of points, no flat football is going to do that. >> you're not going to bash brady. >> in. >> we got to rap. thank you for coming in. let's stand up. i'm telling people karen the reason they put up the chairs they didn't think i could look
7:48 am
all small like with a football player here. >> don't let him hurt himself back there. >> you're flexing while the camera off. >> i do that. check it out. we have the information at there it is from 9:00 until 4:00 today. i may go out and join him. >> come on out. we got a section for you. cha charr. we're talking about our third heat wave of the season, bill. a live look right now wilmington. you can see that sun is out and the sun will heat things up pretty rapidly. in fact, here in center city, old city, you can see forth and market, people are out and about early. temperatures climbing up to near 80. 79 right now. humid is 66. it's going to feel uncomfortable by this afternoon in the mid 90's when you factor in that humidity. ultimate doppler is dry and quiet. later on a couple of spotty
7:49 am
downpours, no the out of the question. dry in philadelphia, dry in atlantic city, dover looking good, also in the lehigh valley. we'll zoom into philadelphia area and particular around the fishtown area, where i believe we have a weather question this morning. >> hey, fox philly, we're here at mayor mcgraph. we're having a street festival from 12:00 to 8:00 p.m. for the pulse night club victims. so we're going to have food, fun and entertainment for the whole family. >> what's the weather like today, scott? >> it's the triple h, hazy, hot and humid. of course, wear sun screen be stay hydrated as we look at that he is temperature, warming rapidly by 4:00. 90, couple of pop-up up storms, stays humid by 8:00 p.m. 84, temperatures in the mid to upper 70's across the area. down the shore, look at the boardwalk in atlantic city already 80 degrees. hour by hour, dry to start, but during the heat of the day,
7:50 am
scattered downpours will be popping up. once again about a 30 percent chance. everyone will not get wet. your weather authority seven-day forecast, we keep that string of 90 degree or better days at least through tuesday, you guys, before we catch a little bit of break by the middle part of next week. >> we're still talking about sharriff. if you want to take the kids to that. how about this? do you know a college graduate who needs help with their credit? >> or an call. we have tips you can give millennials for the confusing word of credit. >> your own version of poke'mon go and it involves all do know kys around town for the dnc? can you and your family catch them all?
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. i like this one. >> there's a wonderful make a wish 5k happening in wilmington delaware today. >> that's fitting as we take a look in the area. nicely done by you. >> yes. >> too hot. it's time now to introduce you to our fox 29 athlete of the week. and this morning i'm joined in
7:54 am
the studio by junior reporter and temple university student rob. what do you got for us. >> good morning. this one south jersey teen lives and breathe golf and playing since five years old. next year he's headed to an ncaadivision one improper. >> he's here at great bay country club every chance he gets. >> ten hours a day, five days a week. >> and it's paid off. next year he'll be attending florida atlantic university with a spot in the division one golf program. he picked up a golf club at four years old. he says it was love at first sight. >> it's kind of a weird thing to pick up golf like that. i fell in love with it right off the bat and been playing 13 years. >> reporter: his coach who has been involved with program 30 years now says eric is shooting about a 35 average. >> if you're shooting 38 and
7:55 am
below you're playing good golf. he wants to shoot 34 and below. that's professional. >> reporter: i asked him how he bounces back from the frustrating moments every golfer seems to have. >> that's your home are you too good. >> every shot is different. i try to execute every shot do it what requires that's my strategy when i go out and play. >> reporter: he's working toward getting good enough to go on tour with the pros. hiss perseverance brushes off. >> some guy to look up to especially playing with them through the high school and he was a motivation to be as good as him. >> he's definitely driven, one of those players that, you know, i came out. he wanted to be the number one player. >> functional this put then you are fox 29 athlete of the week. deal? >> deal. >> reporter: let's see it. ladies and gentlemen, it is good. graduations, man. >> i appreciate it. >> he performed under pressure. >> it only took one take.
7:56 am
>> he was beating up on the older students. >> the coach was telling me when he was a freshman he was beating the seniors. i think he has a shot at the pros. >> don't ever ask me to sink a put to win anything. if you have someone you'd like to nominate as the athlete of the week, use our #fox29goodday what's all the buzz about poke'mon go? could it also be super dangerous? some of the warnings before you go searching for peak chew. and ikea now at the center of another recall this morning, coming up with the store now says it is taking back for full refund. going to the pool. >> we asked what you're doing this weekend. ame is saying have a wonderful
7:57 am
cat day. >> happy first a birthday to my chocolate. mommy loves you. >> greg thank you for sending this one in. >> another from margaret, happy 18th birthday to my grandson. i love you. we appreciate the comments, guys. keep sending them. use #fox29goodday and be happy.
7:58 am
7:59 am
. a developing story from turkey. that coup attempt from yesterday quashed overnight. nearly 200 people dead. more than 1500 under arrest. why turkey's president is pointing blame to a man who lives in our area. new details out of nice, france as the country continues to mourn the lives lost during a terror attack. what officials there say they're learning about the man who drove
8:00 am
a truck into a crowd of people who are simply celebrating bastille day. . three people including a teenager shot. one of them died. what police believe may have led to that violence. from the fox 29 studio. this is good day philadelphia weekend. hour two as we make every day a good day here on good day philadelphia begins. good morning, karen, good morning, scott. >> good morning. good morning to you. you brought us the third heat wave of the year. >> yes, but there's good news, thursday was 96, are it was 92 yesterday. today it will be above 90 but it's not going to feel as bad. we're going to talk about the weather and how people are staying cool. also events taking place, a live look right now as we move towards parts of the area. it is dry and quiet but pop-up storms later on this afternoon. we'll get to the entire weekend forecast after checking in with sue serio and also weekend
8:01 am
wendy. >> weekend wendy is thinking gone lo la. it's the event people wait for all summer long in ocean city new jersey, night in venice, the 62nd annual night in venice boat parade bay front from longport bridge to tennessee in ocean city and the grand marshal this year is a olympic gymnist. the question, of course, as we anticipate the forecast, will we have this evening. >> it's going to be beautiful there in ocean city. i think the rain will hold up but we do have a couple of pop-up storms maining during the heat of the day. dry for now across the area. although looking at a lot of hazy sunshine those temperatures warming already to 80 in philadelphia. look at the relative humid up to 67% so it is going to be another hot afternoon. we're dry and quiet on ultimate
8:02 am
doppler across the area. no rain right now. 79 in millville. we have 79 in dover. mid 70s in allentown. already 71 in the poconos mountains. so what about across the area? 91 for the high in center city. hot with afternoon pop-up showers and storms. down the shore 86. once again, we could see one or two pop-up storms as well during the heat of the day. low 80's, sunny and nice in the poconos mountains, the high of 81. there's a ballgame tonight. it's going to be pretty warm. upper 80's by first pitch. back to you. thank you. it is exactly 8:02. we're following the developing story from overseas. turkey's president saying he's in control of his country as lawyer military police forces quash add coup. >> dozens of people were killed. air battles and gunfire, president erdogan said coup supporters will pay a heavy price for their tree son, more than 1500 military personnel were arrested across country.
8:03 am
the chaos political turmoil in turkey. the country is a member of nato and a key partner in the u.s. led efforts to defeat isis. in a somewhat bizarre twist, turkey's president is blaming uprising on followers of a muslim cleric who lives in the poconos. he has been living in self imposed exile. they have since become enemies, his organization denied any involve in the coup attempt. french police are looking into the history of the person who killed so many dozens of people in that terror attack in nice. it comes as isis as claimed responsibility for that attack that left more than 80 people dead and this morning we know that five people are now in custody in the wake of all of that violence. authorities in france are saying the attacker has no jihadist links they have found. investigators say he zigsagged
8:04 am
that out there. the president declared a national state of emergency that has been in place since the november attacks in paris that killed 130 people. we are taking security precautions here's, ahead of our own democratic national convention. penndot has banned large trucks from i95 in the area near the wells fargo center. and in the city, concrete barriers and trash trucks will likely be used to block areas where lots of people will be. you may have seen that in the past, to prevent a situation like what we saw over there in france. they have the trash truck that is stand out there when you have the fireworks, the 4th of july, the u.s. postal service says it will be locking some of its blue collection boxes during the dnc so people don't put bomb inside of them. it's only a precautionary security measure. happening now, police are investigating a trip tell shooting in north philadelphia that killed one man. >> happened just about 12 hours ago. near nine and and somerset
8:05 am
streets. >> sabina kuriakose is live at philadelphia police headquarters this morning. good morning, sabina. the what else consults? >> reporter: remember this term, timberland boots, we're going to come back to it. police are really scratching their heads over this one. the victims here, they tell us, are really pretty unusual. the shooter and apparently the shooter wounded at least one of -- at least one in the back and the chest. take a look at video from the scene of 9th and somerset in north philadelphia. we took it after the violence erupted. police say of the three victims, a 64-year-old man is now dead. a 15-year-old girl is alive and in stable condition. and a 48-year-old woman is fighting for her life after she was critically wounded. now, police say this what do you mean your typical profile shooting victims in the city. authorities believe at least 11 shots were fired from two guns. but they believe there may have only been one gunman and they think he pulled the weapon literally out of his shoe. remember, i mentioned those
8:06 am
timberland boots. that's what he was wearing. >> the descriptions of our shooter is one male wearing dark clothing and was wearing timberland boots. and the gun supposedly was in one of his boots. it's an unusual shooting due to the fact that there's two female victims and an elderly male victim. and they're all shot one time. >> reporter: you can imagine the scene last night when police arrived. they found three people lying in the street with gunshot wounds. one of them later died. luckily that area is covered in surveillance cameras from local businesses. this morning, detectives hunting down the video and going through it trying to unravel this mystery as to who may have done this and why. guys back to you. >> thank you, sabina. what was appreciate the information. another situation in north philadelphia, a man died after an overnight shooting. police say he was shot outside of a home around 11:00 last
8:07 am
night on the 3100 block of north patent street. police still looking for that shooter. . right now, one man is in stable condition after being shot during an attempted robbery in oxford circle. authorities say it happened around 4:00 a.m. along the 5900 block of loretto avenue. officers say it 49-year-old man was coming home after a night out when a man in a jeep tried to rob him. they say man was shot three times in the head. the back and the leg. and police are still looking for the shooter. there's a woman in the hospital after an accident. cash she was driving struck a park car. police say this happened about five hours ago in the 5600 block of haverford avenue in west philadelphia. police say the woman slammed her car into a parked car and that impact sent the parked car into the side of the house. can you imagine that in the middle of the night? fortunately there was not serious damage to that home. the woman was rushed over to presbyterian medical center and she is expected to recover. and the very disturbing discovery in the holmesburg
8:08 am
section of philadelphia. police have confirmed a body was found in the back of a white chevrolet yesterday near oakmont and leon streets. police are not releasing many details. family and friends came together last night in southwest philadelphia to remember 15-year-old tihire, barnes. the shooting stemmed from at a dispute over a basketball game. two other teens were also hit. they survived and now a community is demanding justice. >> comes from a lack of morals, values, we're marching around talking about whose lives matter? but lives don't matter when you pick up a gun and cut someone's life off short. this is a national crisis. it's not the first. i would love for this to be the last. that's why i'm here to encourage and support this family, to let them know they're not alone. >> police say they do have leads and are trying to catch the person who killed tahire and
8:09 am
shot the other two. fire officials in chester county are investigating how a home exploded. two people were believed to be trapped inside of the rubble. police say the homeowner whose name is patricia lived in the home almost 40 years. she was not there when it exploded. her home was burglaried, just two days earlier in a cures circumstance and coincidence, so when she pulled up into the driveway, police told her what happened. >> i'm not going to pull any punches. your house is completely gone. i just cried. i mean, you know, what are you going to do? just thank god there was nobody in there, i live alone and i have no animals. >> when you look at that destruction, it's unbelievable. investigators say they do a video of the explosion and maybe that will shed light on what happened. it's been a mess, commuters dealing with crowded septa trains, modified schedules
8:10 am
trying to work through this. >> taking a long time goat anywhere. there could be some relief in sight. the changes that septa plans to make to its schedules, this will become monday. poke'mon go, everyone is talking about it. super popular. is it also super dangerous? coming up, some warnings before you go searching for that peak chew. 8:10. cute pictures. speaking of animals. thank you for this one from peanut hawk ins. >> excited going to the 12th animal betting on a cure. maybe get a good day and a good cause. >> look at this one, thank you for sending this one, this is kendall and dave inin the pool fully clothed. >> from pamela. good morning my good day weekend family, karen, bill, dave, scott, those are her pace for picks.
8:11 am
>> use #fox29goodday. makes us easier for us to show them on tv (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
8:13 am
. in the cool hot songs. if that makes any sense, that one hot in the city, as we take a look out in old city. looks beautiful.
8:14 am
scott promises it's going to be, karen, a perfect day for us to get out there and play poke'mon go maybe? >> apparently. that's what everyone is talking about. it is trending. of i just saw kathy orr say that's exactly what he's doing, going out there with her son and playing it right now. poke'mon go has now been downloaded more than seven and a half million times. it uses the phone's camera and gps to catch pokemon using august mentioned reality. but the game is bringing up security turns. for instance, two people in ohio are facing charges because they're accused of jumping in a a fence and breaking into a zoo in three dough to catch the pokemon characteristics. of in san diego. . three people discovered a body. officials suspect that it may have been a homeless person who died of natural causes. what kinds of concerns do we have? we have an attorney and cyber expert lisa garber here. good morning.
8:15 am
>> good morning. >> any time with something new, we sort of freak out. what we're doing. and we're hearing this on the news. what do we need to know. >> there are hundreds of people playing this in philadelphia in rittenhouse i saw them this morning. this is basically an augmented reality gaming ap. it assess your camera and gps and you log in and you can see virtual characters and you hundred and try to catch them. there's a privacy issue because when the game was initially released it had access to your entire google account. e-mails, photos, it could see everything. the company has come back, said that was a mistake after people like al frank en and other political figures spoke out against it. it minimizes your information. it's still seeing your google id and e-mail. the game uses custom google map technology to track where the players are, to track where the characters are. but sometimes the maps errors,
8:16 am
sometimes they lead you to areas that are considered trespassing, sometimes there's parking lots. a couple different issues going on. >> i've been hearing about robberies. how are bad guys getting people to get into an area where they could be robbed? >> this is an interesting part of the game. unfortunately, people are using -- there's a function within the game that lures characters, and players to a certain location, whether it's to catch more characters or get prizes. they're luring people to parking lots or secluded areas to rob them at gunpoint. it's happened a couple of times. in the u.k. and e.u. they're worried about pet files >> the other thing when we're on our phone, we're looking down and people are looking into stuff. >> there are physical injuries. it's important to remember that while it's an augmented reality game. there are real world effects. whether bumming into someone on
8:17 am
the street, walking into a pole. in california there were a couple guys who fell off a cliff. there's a couple issues to be careful of. >> i think i saw a woman being hit by a car. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> how is your credit? >> my credit? >> i have perfect credit. >> well, if you don't, we're cashing in. ♪ ♪ . you recent college grads. according to a survey, one of the biggest thing you're having trouble with is getting credit. easy to understand why. to get credit, you need credit score. to get a credit score, you need a credit history. if you have a credit history, you have to have credit. sounds like one of those confusing philosophy classes. i hated philosophy. anyway, here's three easy tips to help get you the credit you're going to need. first, you can become an authorized user on someone else's credit card, mom's, dad's, friends. it works. use their good credit to help
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you build your credit. i did it with may kids. i just did it with 16-year-old maggie. maggie, i'm watching you. next, get a store credit card from your favorite retailer, they're easier to qualify for. doesn't matter which one, coles, target, get the card, use it pay off the bill every month in full. remember when you qualify for a better card digit retail card. why? higher interest rate. finally almost anyone can get what's called a secured credit card. here's how it works. make a deposit into a bank, borrow against the deposit using your credit card. after 12 months of using it wisely, the bank will release the collateral, the deposit and you can qualify for a regular credit card. easy to do. check out nerd for the best offers in your area. there you go receipt college grads, you can get those credit cards even our fox interns can get them. small purchases, pay off your
8:19 am
bill every month in full. road trip to vegas? not smart. i'm cashing out. >> your credit, i need to watch that a couple times. mine is jack up. looks like a great day. i was look at trenton. beautiful there as well. >> you can get that sorted through and we can get through this weather. another heat wave brewing. looks like we'll hit 90 or better by this afternoon making the had third one official, hazy sunshine right now. some of those first lights out at the philadelphia international airport. no delays, however. 80 at the airport. humidity up there at 67. a dry start as we look at ultimate doppler across the area, but during the heat of the day, a couple of pop-up showers and downpours, not out question. everyone won't get wet. we'll zoom in towards the schuylkill river where we have a big event taking place. here's our weather question.
8:20 am
>> schuylkill river, family community river along the schuylkill river. of the day begin at 10:00 at 33rd and diamond street in strawberry mansion. from there we'll progress along the river edge. there will be over 55 artists performing free boating, fishing and food vending as well. come on out and bring the whole family. scott what's the weather. >> looking good but don't forget to wear loose fitting light colored clothing. sun screen. of stay hydrated. 89 by noon, 91 degrees by 2:00, with a couple of pop-up showers and thunderstorms. temperatures right now, 79 millville, 80 philadelphia. down the shore, look at the boardwalk checking in at 81 degrees. what about the overall seven-day forecast? hazy, hot humid today, 91 degrees, 92 for tomorrow. then look at monday.
8:21 am
looks like a heat danger, 95 degrees, feels like temperatures on monday could approach the triple digits, a little bit of a break by the middle part of next week. back to you. >> thank you. well, ikea once again at the center of another recall this morning. >> coming up, what the store now says it's taking back for a full refund. i used to go down with my grandfather and he'd bring a big bag of stale bed and we would feed the sea gulls. do not do that in ocean city, they're getting really serious. >> i hate when people do that. happy birthday will far el, 49 years old today. i have no idea who jane maze is? glee? happy birthday. >> and carli lloyd delaware valley's own, we're so excited.
8:22 am
happy birthday. >> aren't glee like high school students? >> happy 37th birthday, jamesa. >> here's the winning lottery numbers. hope you have them. good luck. flu
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ ♪ ♪. i'm convinced i'm old school. songs come on. i can go with this one. i like this. summer breeze. >> it's a good song. i don't know if we're going to have a to summer breeze on this day. but this is a nice tune to get your saturday started. while we're in the mode where you may be thinking for the vacation minded. but if you're heading to the shore and going to ocean city, maybe for the night in venice, do not feed the birds. it will cost you a tad more in one local town. ocean city's mayor says a seagull, if you feed the bird you could face fines up to 500 bucks and jail time. 90 days in jail. stop it. stop feeding the seagulls. >> people complain if you're
8:26 am
trying to eat a meal, they dive down and steel your french fries. >> i'm not trying to send somebody to jail for that. >> if you've been around this area, you've seen some visitors. we're talking about the donkeys. >> they're here for the democratic national convention and our own jen fred explains in this morning's mom-o-log. >> reporter: i'm jen fred and this is mom-o-log and this is a really cool thing you might want to do. you have until july 31st to see all of these donkeys. believe it or not, there's 57 of them. for the 50 states and seven different other things like the district of columbia and democrats. it's here for the dnc but if you're going to take the kids, i recommend splitting it up.
8:27 am
this is in museum district. there are ton there is. that might be one day, one afternoon, one morning before you catch lunch. there's couple in front of the franklin institute art museum, those places. then i say maybe you do a center city thing, right here at the logan hotel, there's one here, one over there. and then the comcast center has three of them. again, get a snack. the other seconds, broad street, city hall in the back right then and there. there's one inside the courtyard in city hall. then broad street has a ton. the last place is old city, independence beer garden has two. the betsy ross has one. beer garden has games. spruce street harbor park. all kinds of great things. it would be too much to try to get 57 all at once. i'm jen fred, this is mom-o-log and to see your pictures. tweet me or instagram.
8:28 am
and to see your pictures. tweet me or instagram. every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants.
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8:30 am
. the bottom of the hour right now, let's get you caught up. if you use septa regional rail, they are hoping your commute will be easier monday. they're doing something about it. bringing in five more train cars from maryland. be on the train tracks in time for the big commute monday morning. another five cars should be arriving next week. that's going to bring the total number of leased cars to nearly
8:31 am
30. 28. septa pulled 120 cars off the tracks earlier this month for structural defects in its silver liner five car series, there's no time table when those cars will be returning to the tracks. go to a pennsylvania state school, expect to pay more tuition, the higher education board of governors approved a two and a half percent increase for all 14 state run universities. this may come as little relief to some since it is the smallest tuition increase in a decade. ikea recalling 80,000 baby gates. the consumer product safety commission announced the gates can come unintentionally unlocked, posing a risk for falls and related injuries. so far ten injuries have been reported, including two concussions. of the baby gates were sold between 95 and june of this year. stop using them, bring them back
8:32 am
and get a refund. 8:32 on this saturday. it was hot yesterday, the day before. but a little bit of good news. it's not going to be quite as hot today. 96 thursday, 92 friday. today, still hot but it's got feel a little more comfortable than what i did over past couple days. we're still facing the third heat wave of the year, temperature-wise 78 in reading. heating up millville 79. 79 in atlantic city and dover. the high temperature for today. 91 degrees. once again, keep an eye to the sky for those pop-up showers and downpours. about a 30% chance for that down the shore, warm muggy, 86 with that land breeze sun and clouds for sunday, 84 water temperatures ranging between 70 and 76, the rip current risk will be low but swim where those life guards are present. as we move towards poconos, 81,
8:33 am
a lot of sunshine, 80 for the high temperature on sunday. back over to you guys. hi how are you? i'm so excited. we have two very attractive human beings here. >> you mean three right. >> i do mean three. i want to say hi to these guys, you've been around for a long time. where did you grew up. >> physical area, play career ten year, now it's great to be back home coaching the philadelphia union. >> you also play for villanova. >> i did, i'm a local guy. big year for villanova. again international championship and basketball. exciting time for the wildcats out there. >> what's it look to be here until and play in this area where there's so much excitement and everyone loves you guys. >> i love it. it's a big sports town. our fans are passionate. they make it horse till victim of a crime for the away teams.
8:34 am
we've been having a good season so far. >> philly has been looking for stars, championships, are you is surprised so many people have rallied around? every week we do sports update and talk about the union. people have embraced you guys. >> everyone loves a winner, so far, like i said, we put together a pretty good season be it's important we continue to finish off the season strongly. we want to bring joy to the city and give them something to share about. >> you're getting ready to crush new york in the big game. no humility. means everything about playoffs. >> for sure. with, for the new soccer fans out there,s this is our eagles cowboys, you know, our sixers, sell ticks, we don't like them, they won't like us. we got the best of them so far. we need everybody out at town and energize stadium to root us on and get us the three points. >> it will be sunday at 7:00 on
8:35 am
f s1. he got the shirt off. come on over here. >> let's see what we can do. >> bear in my mind i didn't get a chance to stretch. >> you're wearing jean. >> didn't get a chance to get loose. we're going to see. what is this a penalty kick? made myself big. and it's likely you'll just hit me. >> let the star do it >> karen in heels. see? now, that shows you kind of relationship we have going on here. we actually we need to break. we got jerseys. >> yes, we got jerseys. i want to be an honorary union member >> look at this. very cool. thank you gentlemen. >> thank you. best of luck tomorrow.
8:36 am
>> crush new york tomorrow. anderson might play. >> we'll be right back ♪ ♪ trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪
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(we got a new family member and she got a nutritious meal of purina cat chow complete with the four cornerstones of nutrition including high quality protein. now our family is complete. purina cat chow complete.
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♪ . they're going every which way. cars, trains, it has -- that was like a crazy jump cut. did you see that? time work continuum.
8:39 am
just so we're talking about going your own way because there's a woman that did have to go her own way. she was on a first class trip to greece because it was her dream honey moon. did he get the visas so he could go? no, he was denied. >> what else is a girl to do but take trip anyway. ten-day trip already paid for. and her inlaws went along. the bride took plenty of pictures of the sight. complete with a very sad very fake pout. you can tell she missed her husband. >> she even props her arm up in several's them pretending he's there next to her and shared her husband les honey moon photos on facebook for all to see. >> she has a sense of humor. she's making the best out of it. my question is why was her
8:40 am
husband's visa denied? >> we don't know the details of. how can she go? you're really going to go after your husband is denied? you can't try maybe to get refund? postpone it? say, baby, i love you. you go, i can see it. >> probably go on another one or something. >> i think it's insane she went without him. left him at home? got to go. >> i believe her and her whole family had paid as well. >> let them go. let the family go. you listen. fyi you're not making it up with me. i thought of you. come on. seriously? >> it's one of those things. i think it's when people, especially men do this, lose their wedding bands on the known moon. >> my producer said he's terrified it's going to happen to him.
8:41 am
>> went tell you she met a nice greek man on that vacation. >> why was her husband's visa denied in the first place. >> if you ever taken a vacation by yourself, go to the weekend section on fox 29. go to fox 29 yes or fox 29 no. i would take a vacation by myself if i didn't have anybody. i don't know if i'd leave them at home. >> i was traveling with someone who was detained by immigration and i stayed too. good man. >> if you do say so yourself.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
. atlantic city all the way down to the wildwoods. cape may included. we got whitney allman. how are you. >> you've been interviewing famous stars left and right. who have you been talking to and seeing. >> amber rose, i interviewed her last week. we talked about her new vh1 show, and i asked her about hidden talents. let's see what she had to say. >> i'm karaoke queen. i love karaoke. i can do it every day. don't get me wrong. i cannot sing for anything. i go with my friends and i have a blast of the. >> how about craig shoemaker was down there. did you talk to him. >> yes. he was there for comedy for a
8:45 am
cause along with john durham boss. he is from the west coast and he came to the east coast just to do the show. but he's never put a toe in pacific ocean. he only goes to the jersey shore. >> real house wives. >> mimi leaks was throwing shade to the co stars, she related to everybody in the annapolis, she was hugging people and laughing. i enjoyed her, it was a different side from her that i thought. >> a lot of people like to kick it old school. what's the five for five. >> it's dave's the know vacancy oextra. they're performing the sounds of the 500 club in atlantic city on the screen. you could see atlantic city's own dawn mooney.
8:46 am
we also have haley ryan hart and monthly ringwald coming up. >> when i think of atlantic city all the crazy stunts. of we actually have nick in town. >> i actually saw them create a new world record this week. the cool thing about them is the -- it is a fun variety show of gymnists, comedians, they do a lot of audience participation. you can actually see the sweat on their face, it's a great show. go see it at the taj mahal until september 2nd. >> i need good activities for the kids maybe in the wildwoods. >> today we have a lot going on for the kids. they have boogie, races in the water. five to 17 and the new jersey crab festival is taking place. for the adults there are crabby bloody marys. >> one of my all-time favorites, ocean city night in venice, it
8:47 am
is gorgeous when the boat parades comes up. >> this is the 62nd annual nights in venice, the houses along the water usually deck core rate and scott boats. there's a theme, and it's destination america. you can basically if you have a favorite city or landmark. you can dress up like that and dress up your boat and your house just like it. p pay. >> so much more. bring you next weekend. so take a look at the weather. do we have a land breeze or ocean breeze today. >> we're going to have a land breeze, that means temperatures will be hot even to shore. area-wide we're bracing for another hazy, hot and humid afternoon. live look across parts of the area, showing hazy sunshine on saturday morning. philadelphia international airport to weather-related delays, but of course, it's already heating up, 80 right now is the current temperature as we look at the winds, calm, the
8:48 am
humidity up there at 67 percent. dry for now on ultimate doppler. once again by this afternoon, a couple of pop-up showers, even gusting thunderstorms developing everyone is not going to see them, don't cancel plans, keep an eye to the sky. as we zoom in from philadelphia and then also philadelphia down to atlantic city, there's an event taking place tomorrow. here's our weather question. >> annual irish pub at the shore. over 65 miles. we're at 912,000. we want a million. >> supporting the families of the fallen police officers and firefighters. scott, what's the weather going to be like sunday. >> looks like hazy, hot and humid h loose fitting light colored clothing. as we take a look at the tore de shore. mid 80's by 10:00. look at noon temperature
8:49 am
tapproaching 90 degrees. it is going to be hot for the tore d shore tomorrow. in the meantime look at those temperatures, upper 70's to around 80 across the area. look at that land breeze, temperatures pretty uniform even down the shore at this hour, as we go go hour by hour, pop-up afternoon evening thunderstorms by 5:00, temperatures dropping a little bit. then by 10:00, still leftover showers out there. don't cancel plans, 91 for the high temperature today. for tonight, stays muggy, those early pop-up storms, what about your overall seven-day forecast? hazy, hot and humid, 92 for tomorrow, 95 on monday, a heat danger again and a little bit of a reprieve by the middle part of next week. ♪ . we're at revolution taco today. welcome to your fox foodbite. we'll be making our taco with a homemade line any yowlly. we're going to cook it up.
8:50 am
we're going to add a little oil to it and just little sample to life end up those spices that are incorporated you're looking for it to be crispy, flavorfulful and always juicy. red pepper flakes, a little bit of paprika, and salt and pepper. you want to remove it from the heat. we're going to make a homemade lime aoli for the topping of the chorizo taco. start with a quarter cup of main nays, whichever one you prefer. . we're going to add about two table spoons of lime juice. we're going to add a quarter cup of jalapeno and a pinch of
8:51 am
sample and pepper and give it a little mix. you want all the ingredients to be well incorporated. you want to be able to taste the lime and jalapenos. once your ingredients are incorporated for your lime aoli, i have some over here, you can do as well if you have a squeeze bottle at home. you can pour a portion into your squeeze bottle. refrigerate it. it lasts in the refrigerator a week or so. now we're ready. i have here some already prepackaged corn shell tore tea i can'ts. i like to serve them warm. get a hot pan and then just sear it on both sides about 30 seconds to a minute so they're nice and pliable. nice little taco holder. you want the down first with your cooked chorizo. then you're going to add some
8:52 am
salt -- if you don't have any salt ro ha available. you can use any of your favorite spicy additive, throw that down. you're going to add your hot cheese or any cheese of your preference. that ads a little bit more of the saltness and creaminess to the taco. shredded lettuce, a little bit of our homemade lime aoeli, we made earlier. let's taste tour finished product. the chorizo is cooked perfectly. lime ads that tank and saltness you need. delicious, i'm revolution taco and this had been your fox foodbite.
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♪ ♪ . you know the drill. a lot of our fox 29 viewers have listened to our own howard eskin talk sports in philly for years. >> some of our youngest viewers are not intimidated by him and calling him out and their chance to knock the king. >> howard, i heard what you said about free agency. >> it's been totally out of control in the nba.
8:56 am
good players not even great players are making more money than top quarterbacks in the nfl. mediocre players making 50, 60, $70 million. i don't get it. i don't get it. i think the nba is a broken product. and it's waiting to imupload even more. >> you know what? these guys dedicated their lives to basketball. they put in time, effort, money and you know what? now they're getting their pay day, what they deserve and what they've worked ford for such a long time. you know what? i bet you if you even tried to play one of them, you'd get your but kicked. >> that's great. this is wonderful. when do we let 5-year-olds do this? what's that kid? five? kid grow a little bit. will you? you ought to spend some time getting a haircut? how about that? you ought to spend some time to take that mets garbage off your head and chest. all right? let's start with that. and let's get into the nba. of all the players it signed, one player, count them, even you can do that at five.
8:57 am
one player has won a championship. that's dwayne wade and he's done. he's 34. he's over, done. that's the problem with what's going on. mike conley got $153 million. listen to me, get a haircut. change the attire and if you think you have what it takes to knock me, to knock the king be shoot me another video. listen, maybe you'll grow up a little bit. send it to us and i'll talk to you next week. >> that kid is like seven. >> he's like busting on kids. my plan is to stay in the central air until october. >> that says happy 6th to my nephew, jake. we all love you. happy birthday. >> this one is in response whatever the question is would you go on vacation by yourself? heck, yeah. >> and left her husband to go on honey moon alone? that's wrong. thank you, angela.
8:58 am
>> thank you for spending your saturday with us. have a wonderful day whatever you do. we'll see you tomorrow another 7: 7:00 a.m. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine,
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