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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  July 17, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. >> this morning on good day, a developing story. a gruesome discovery in kensington a woman found dead eau along city street. why police are saying this is one of the worst murder scenes they've ever seen. plus, donald trump introduces his running mate indiana governor mike pence. it's only been a couple of hours, but why the campaign is already had to make change to its new logo. and get ready for some late nights how the party scene in philadelphia could change next week. ♪ and good sunday morning, thank you for joining us. straight up 7:00 o'clock. good morning, bill anderson. >> good morning karen hepp. how are you today. >> look the this -- i,. >> how are you today? >> i'm great, thanks. >> you doing well?
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>> yes. raspy throats and trying to work that out with tea. look at the coordinated how the fits we got working here. all the shades of blue. i like it. >> yeah. >> maybe we should be playing blew songs. i have some other songs we'll be playing today. heat wave again, good morning. >> absolute. the weather won't be blue today. it will be sunny. i think the rain is going to hold off for today. we'll talk about that entire forecast for your sunday down the shore the pocono mountains or staying in the city. tea take live look at the ben franklin parkway. already steamy on this sunday. but right now we want to check in with sue serio and weekend wendy. >> folks have been training for months and the day is finally here. weekend wendy with her bicycle because it's tour de shore today a very long bicycle ride starting here in philadelphia across the ben franklin bridge all the way through south jersey to atlantic city. now, the irish pub is the sponsor and has been for 29 years. so thing get started there at 20th and walnut streets. best part is, the entire ride
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supports children in need and families of fallen first responders. scott, are we getting sunshine for our cyclers today? >> we are doing to get that sunshine, hazy sunshine, sue, but yesterday afternoon and evening look at ultimate doppl doppler. we saw scattered downpours. in particular parts of south jersey. that rainfall has moved out of the area. so that will be some good news for the tour de shore. in fact we'll take you hour by hour. that steamy start. temperatures in the mid 70s this morning. hazy sunshine. heating up pretty rapidly. upper 80s already by noon. so, of course, stay hydrated and also have that sunscreen. area wide across the area, into degrees. hot again in center city. down the shore, warm breezy, 86 degrees. the pocono mountains a mixture of sun and clouds, temperatures top out in the low 80s. so, yes, it is official. heat wave number three. yesterday's high 94. today's high into. when will it end? we'll talk about it coming up. back to you. >> all right, thank you scott.
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this weather for a lot of people out there biking this morning, bill anderson. there's nobody on the ben franklin bridge because it is shut down for that tour de shore ride. >> absolute. be aware of that. people who are making their way down to the shore, as do you, later on in the day you'll is to ache an alternate route. take the walt witness pan. we'll look at a couple different cameras spread out. >> that one shot done from 6:30 to 8:00 o'clock. another hour you'll be good to go over the bennie if you want to take that. throughout the morning we'll check in and see how that ride is. >> she'll probably wait till 9:00. you can go after 9:00 after the show. let's take look at the other news coming in right you now. breaking news. police in massachusetts investigating an officer involved shooting according to our local fox station in boston. police pulled over a man in the parking lot of sully's pretty popular ice cream shop. that's when they say the suspect backed up his car and started dragging the officer around the parking lot. another officer shot at that man. police say the officer who was
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dragged was treated forearm, back injuries and has been released from the hospital. suspect remains in critical condition. we're also following another developing story. this morning out of kensington. that's where police made a gruesome discovery at around 11:30 last night. >> they say that actually got a number of 911 calls from people saying they were hearing this woman screaming and then when police got there to the scene, they found her body bloody and naked along jasper street. sabina kuriakose is live at the scene with the very latest. good morning, sabina. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. i have to tell you this crime scene is incredibly gruesome and there's really not a lot of it that we can show you. but what we can show you is this alleyway here behind me where police think that all of this began. now they say the 35-year-old victim was stabbed in this alleyway and there's actually a trail of mood that we're not going to show you. there's bloody footprints to lead a block down still very very clear here in the daylight here to where she ran trying to get help. and later collapsed.
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let's take look at video from last night. when police were swarming the scene here. it happened just before 11:30 last night. as we mentioned they got several 911 calls about a woman screaming out on the street. but by the time police arrived, she was already dead. now, keep in mind this is very dark last night. there was blood everywhere. so it took police some time to figure out exactly what happened and how this woman died. but again they say a 35 year old woman was stabbed in the neck in this alley on the 1900 block of east cumberland she ran about block for help before she collapsed leaving that trail of blood that we told you about. now, seasoned investigators at the scene told us this is one of the worst scenes if not the worst that they've seen in decades. >> she was bloody from head to toe and completely naked. she appears at this time to have been stabbed once in the right neck, um, it happened at 1909 east cumberland street. it appears as though it happened
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in a rear alley of that locati location, and after the fact, she ran approximately a block down before she fell. >> reporter: now, police say this was such an extensive crime scene that they had to stay overnight until daylight to make sure they had all of the evidence here. back here live, you can see police cars still out who are holding the scene here and as i mentioned with daylight you can see a lot more of this crime scene and it is gruesome. but coming up at 8:00 we'll tell you about the one key piece of evidence that police believe may lead to this victim's killer. we'll tell you that coming up in just an hour. guys, back to you. >> thanks so much sabina. police say in another case a 15-year-old girl is in stable condition after being shot in the buttocks. last night around 9:30 they were called to the 5900 block of hour rock street in oxford circle when they arrived they found the teenager hit. she will was taken to saint christopher's hospital for children and police are still
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looking for the shooter. 7:07. this morning officials are investigating an accident involving a septa police officer. the septa police chief thomas nestle says the officer was headed to a call about a stabbing trying to get the person that way responsible for that. that's when the officer's cruiser collide with another vehicle right near the intersection of third and market which is near our studios. the driver of the car that was struck says his vehicle spun around and then slammed into that fire hydrant. he explains how it all happened in the blink of an eye. >> really got into the middle of the intersection and all i saw was, you know, a police officer going at you know, a rapid speed, and then that was it. >> all of a sudden i heard this almighty crash and, um, saw shrapnel and stuff flying from something. turned around and the police vehicle had hit the tree. >> police say that septa officer managed to get out of this car after it struck the tree. does he have some mrs. meanwhile that stabbing suspect
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was taken into custody and arrested. delaware firefighter who died during a training exercise is going to be laid to rest today. tim mc lana hasn't died monday after falling out of a helicopter during a training exercise at the delaware coastal airport. the faa is leading the investigation in to see what went wrong. now, for years, schools in new jersey have been praised for their ability to raise funds, but residents in the garden state say they're fed up with paying the country's highest property tax. in response, governor chris christie has launched campaign for plan called the fairness formula. he says it will divide state education funds equally to school districts based on population while still be able to provide tax relief. many education advocates are in favor of the plan, but others say it would harm disadvantaged children and simply a political employ. well, so many hundreds of people came out to the fair mon section of philadelphia last evening. it was the 22nd annual bastille day celebration and it was hell at the eastern state penetentiary.
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this year they remembered the situation that just happened in france. it was an evening full of free activities lots of fun and plenty of food available for people celebrating french independence day. but of course with those recent attacks in nice, that was top of everyone's mind. >> yeah, i kind of wanted to come to sort of show support for france because in some ways i read that like, you know, the only place isis hates more than france is the u.s. and, you know, the reason the french have these attacks is because they're closer so i feel like it's solidarity to stand with, you know, fellow democracy. >> so they did have a movement silence the flag at half staff and dedicated the music to the people of nice. in keeping with that holiday tradition through cake, tastykakes tossing the peasants below from the penetentiary. okay. the presidential race is really starting to heat up. the big news now is donald trump he's got a running mate. >> about time. coming up what trump had to say about the potential next vice-president and why the
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campaign has already had to change a pretty significant something. plus, sexual assault is a real concern at bars across the country. coming up, what the nfl actually is doing to try and prevent them. >> 7:10. we want to know what are your favorite ice cream flavors it's national ice cream day? >> cookie dough all day. >> i like minute chocolate chip. let us know what you like. front of any pictures if you have your favorite i mow jobs, it's world emoji day. >> i've give people the thumbs up and wing. >> i like the wing. i do a lot of cocktails, no surprise. celebrate. cheers! let us know what you like. use our hash tag fox 29 good day.
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>> 7:13. latest now on the deadly truck attack in france. two more people have now been arrested this morning. a man an woman. those french officials will only say this is connection to that deadly attack if nice. it all comes as the people of france are still reeling from the terror attack. now the country's leaders are calling for volunteers. fox's benjamin hall has the latest. >> reporter: france is marking three days of national mourning in response to the horrific terror attack in nice that killed more than 80 people including at least 10 children. >> it's too hard to accept the reality that these children have been killed because their lives
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have just begun. my child still has no idea what a terrorist attack is. >> reporter: isis is claiming responsibility for the attack calling the driver 31-year-old muhammed bouhlel a soldier for the group. france is ramping up security. activating 12,000 reserves in addition to the more than 120,000 police and soldiers already deployed nationwide. the the government is calling for more volunteers. >> i would like to launch new appeal to all patriotic french citizens to join the national reservist force if they are willing. >> reporter: one of the people still missing is 20 year old nicholas lesley a student who was visiting the area on school trip. >> basically, we lost our frie friend. we are a group of 85 students from the university of california berkeley. we lost one friend during the terrorist tack two nights ago so we just decide decideed to put l flyers. >> survivors are still trying to make sense of what has happened. >> believe me, these scenes stop
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me from sleeping. for two nights since that evening i haven't slept. when you close your eyes for five minutes, pictures come back to mind again. >> fox benjamin hall reporting. we're hearing from the muslim cleric blamed by turkey's president for being the man behind the coo attempt. gullen was once an ally of turkey's president but they had a falling out and for years gullen has been living here in saylorsburg, monroe county. he also heads up a movement that has been calling for revolution in turkey but his organization denies any involvement in the attempted coo. saturday gullen said he misses his homeland but appreciates the freedom he's found here in pennsylvania. turkey's president caulder called for his extradition. us secretary of state john kerry said he would entertain that possibility but only if there was proof that gullen had done something wrong. thousands paid their respects yesterday during a funeral procession and service. you can see them singing there in fort worth, texas.
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this was for officer patrick zamarripa. he was one of five officers gunned down during an ambush following a protest against police brutality on july 7th. before becoming an officer he served three tours of duty in iraq. he was in the navy. he was remembered for his bravery and sacrifice. ♪ undecide political coverage now. donald trump set the ticket choosing indiana governor as his running mate. of course that's mike pence they introduced at a news conference in new york city. and pence/trump get as soft spoken and seasoned conservative who could help unify the party. he has deep ties to republicans on can top hill where trump is trying to build bridges pence has a long history of promoting the conservative agenda and advocated defunding planned parenthood and. he can serve as attack dog against democrat mc. >> we need new thinking much we need strength. we need in our country law and
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order, and if i'm elected president, that will happen. >> we cannot have four more years of apologizing to our enemies and abandoning our friends. america needs to be strong for the world to be safe. >> contrary to the rumors about chris christie and newt gingrich trump says that pence was his first choice for a running mate. ♪ it is 7:17 right now. let's take live look outside at trenton, new jersey. not too far away from there right over there in mt. laurel they have some possible that will be playing golf i think they're probably at the tee right now scott. what's the golfing weather as they try to raise money for high school students and help them out from tabernacle. >> nice start out there morning, karen in mt. laurel and across the area those temperatures will climb pretty rapidly don't forget the sunscreen. also, the loose fitting light colored clothing as we take a live look at the philadelphia international airport, no weather worries. but we do have those temperatures that are already heating up. 73 degrees right now. look at that wind direction south southwest at three, and
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the humidity already up there at 84%. so it's going to be another warm and muggy afternoon. i don't anticipate the showers and thunderstorms that we saw yesterday especially in parts of south jersey. some locations in southern camden county picking up almost a half a foot of rainfall. so we'll zoom in and you can see in particular just to the south of the berlin area that will bulls eye there, between andrews and waterford, 5.5-inches of rain. we saw some pulse 30 thunderstorms popping up and redevelop over several of the same areas. what about the shore? atlantic city looking pretty good. if you're headed down the shore this afternoon we're looking at temperatures by 1:00 o'clock, 81. 86 degrees for the high temperature as we continue with that land breeze. water temperatures now in the 70s. air temperatures right now, 70 in atlantic city. 70 in millville. 71 right now in allentown. the dew point the measure of moisture in the atmosphere,
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above 60 so it is pretty sticky stepping outdoors. 92 degrees that is what to expect by this afternoon. another hazy, hot and humid day for tonight it stays warm upper execs. 70s and a lot of folks asking about the weather in cleveland for the convention. it looks like storms for tomorrow and them as we move toward wednesday and thursday, heating up in to the 90s. we'll talk about our seven day forecast coming up much guys, back to you. >> thank you very much, scott. now, bars are learning to stop sexual assault with the help of the nfl actually it's been a big issue they've had to deal with as well. >> so now there's a group collecting action for save spaces training bartenders to use bystander intervention to stop sexual assault through their safe bars program. while bystander intervention not new, most programs are designed for students, not the bar staff. the group is teaching organizations right now in our area in philadelphia how to launch programs that are similar to save bars.
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and nba all of famer and long-time golden state warrior has sadly passed away. thurman played 11 of his 14 seasons with the warriors. he retired after the 1976-77 season. one year after leading the miracle cavaliers to an improbable trip to the nba finals. both teams previously retired the ohio native's number 42. thurman was 74 years old. are you still seeing people looking down at their phones constantly right now? they're not actually texting or tweeting people. they're playing that game pokemon go. >> are they? they may be playing a game coined by a new jersey comedian you love this game. >> i do. >> coming up her hilarious take on the pokemon go phenomenon. >> plus, who you going to call? the new lady ghostbusters are in the theaters right now. but are they worth it in all the hitter yes we've got our movie reviewer on this one to see if you should see it now or at ho home. >> and social media favorite ice cream flavor liz is on board
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with cookies and cream. good selection. >> and we have tamara girl after my own heart minute chocolate chips is tops seconded by eagles touchdown, yum. lots of comments. plain banana which is hard to find. >> lists and lists you can give us. there is cookie dough, minute chocolate chip, scott is a big neapolitan fan. we want to hear front of the tell us your favorite player and emoji. >> powerball. we'll be right back. pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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♪ look at them. there they go. the race has started. they're crossing of the ben franklin now for a cure down to atlantic city. >> ride from the one irish pub down to the other in atlantic city. so they are well on their way. they closed the ben franklin bridge. it will be shut for about another 40 or so minutes right now as they go down to raise money for a wonderful cause. nicely done. >> on the side note, great musical selection. so far from karen hepp much respect do. let's check out sports. ♪ this is fox 29's sports in one minute. good morning, i'm sean bell. phils wanted to avoid losing streak coming out of the all star break they needed their bats to come alive and yesterday it was the old guy who got it
7:25 am
done. second inning, ryan howard steps up to the plate and hits a solo homer to dead center that's his 46th career homer against the mets. phils take a one to nothing lead. bottom of the eighth phils now wild pitch, carlos ruiz comes in and he is safe. the phils go on to win four-two. in the british open fix mickleson struggling having problems right there it rims out he gets a bogie on the day. that leaves stinson with a wide open chance to take the lead right here. nails the birdie. he took a lead. now he's at 12 under. mickleson 11 under. those two will be paired together no one else is even close. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. ♪
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because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪ i love this. a little bit of the boss. no surrender such a classic down the shore there's the stone harbor triathlon today for the folks that are going to be jumping into the back bays down there. good luck to all of them. >> good luck. enjoy. let's take look at some of this morning's top stories. septa is bringing in five more train cars from maryland on the tracks in time for your monday morning commute and new
7:29 am
schedules will go into effect starting tomorrow. now, you'll remember that septa pulled 120 cars off the regional rail tracks earlier this month. there were structural defects found in its silver liner five. there's no time set for when those cars will actually return to the tracks. and delaware state police say they've got their man. there he is. behind a whole spring of rob pros in new castle county. police arrested 34-year-old donald west after he led officers on a chase from wilmington to bear, delaware. investigators say he's the guy who robbed 3tv. did banks in that county. it happened on thursday and friday and he is facing a whole list of charges. how rare is this? two people are recovering after lightning strikes in ocean county. that's where authorities say the two people were hurt. it happened during two separate lightning strikes saturday after at point pleasant beach. one woman was hit while she was sitting inside a car on ocean avenue. the other woman was on the beach. both were rushed to the
7:30 am
hospital. we currently don't know their conditions but we'll keep you inform. ♪ >> time now 7:30 on this sunday morning. hazy sunshine i was cot area. it will be another had the afternoon. temperatures already in the 70s. 73 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds out of the south southwest and lock at that humidity it's already high. 84%. showers and thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and evening and in particular parts of south jersey. very heavy rainfall in camden county. also, sections of burlington county. you can see the back edge of that system so we still have some cloud cover as we move down the shore. but look at the temperatures. it's already 71 in allentown. we have 70 wilmington. 70 millville atlantic city down the shore look at those temperatures along the boardwa boardwalk. 74 degrees. 72 wildwood and avalon. ocean city checking in at 71. so area wide, another day of 90-degree temperatures in center city. 92 for the high.
7:31 am
down the shore 86 degrees. warm, breezy. we'll have that land breeze. uv index will be high so don't forget that sunscreen. temperatures in the pocono mountains right around 82 degrees with that mixture of sun and clouds. even hotter to kick off the start of the up coming work week. back to you. ♪ in your health this morning, summer is prime time to get outdoors and enjoy yourself, but it can be a tough season on our skin. between heat rash and sunburn, insect bites, your skin can turn into a hot sweaty and sometimes painful mess. so the fox medical team's beth galvin is here with quick fix force our summer skin problems. high, beth. you know, we try to avoid it, but inevitably it happens, sunburn, and what's the best thing to do once we get one? >> well, good morning, sue. i think really best thing probably is a couple of things. you want to kind of cool your skin down and sort of bring down the inflammation if you're
7:32 am
already hurting. so a couple of things that you can do is put like a cool compress on the skin and really wonderful one when you have sunscreen take cool milk, put it oh and wash cloth and then apply that wash cloth and spread it out across the area to bring the heat down a little bit. >> milling. >> milk has protein in it that can really actually sooth the skin an lot of people may not know that. alivera is good help. the thing about sunscreen you have to bare it out for a couple of days. it's going to hurt. >> right. >> so maybe triadville or motrin, one of those over the counter anti-inflammatory medications that can also help sort of take the sting out of your sunburn for those two days or three days where you're going to just itch and get through it. sue? >> since we don't want that to happen we put on our sunscreen sometimes if we have sensitive skin it can really sting. >> because there are a couple of different types of sunscreen. there's physical sunscreen and
7:33 am
chemical sunscreen. the physical sunscreen tends to be more gentle on your skin and that's the stuff like titanium dioxide it will say on the lab label. zinc oxide and physically blocks the sun's rays. the chemical ones are tougher on the skin but they work a little bit better than the physical ones so if you have sensitive skin i would really suggest going with the physical sunscreen the titanium oxide, zinc oxide and just applying it and making sure you have good coverage. it won't sting your face like the chemical sunscreen. sue? >> that's great advice. now, of course, hot and humid as it has been we like to take a dip in the pool. if we swim a lot we start to look like lizards because of all that chlorine in the pool. >> yeah. absolutely. that's a pretty easy town fix. dermatologist suggest applying a little vaseline to your face if you're one of those people who stays in the pool a long time like maybe you're a lap swimmer in the summertime that. will help protect your face from drying out it will be one of the
7:34 am
first places to dry out. always when you get out of the pool you want to rinse yourself off, and use a kind of a mild moisturizer or a mild soap in the summertime to rinse your body off and then apply a moisturizer uri men initiating some of that moisture that the chlorine suck out of your skin when you get out of the pool. >> taking care of those all things. one thing that's hard to avoid are the bug bites, insect stings. so many items of folk lore out l what's the best thing really to do if you get a mosquito bite or bee stink? >> well, again you're trying to calm your skin down. calm that allergic reaction that you might be having a minor reaction. obviously, most of these big bites and stinks can be treated at home if you have a child with allergies or something like that that can be more serious and that requires medical help. but at home a couple of good things you just want to wash the area off way mild soap. pat it down the sting area. it will help also the cool compresses even putting like a little ice pack for about 15 or 20 minutes on the area where the
7:35 am
child has a sting or a bug bite can help bring down the swelling a little bit. and then i think maybe trying a benadryl or some sort of anti his mean to sort of calm down any little reaction your body might be having can help, too. also, tylenol is really good if you're having a little bit of pain. >> take away some of that pain. i think now you've gotten us through the bad stuff. we can have fun this summer. thank you, beth galvin. >> thank you, sue. >> back to you, bill. >> speaking of all of that how about time in the sun? does having red hair and freckles increase a person's risk of developing skin cancer. according to a new study the answer is yes. british researchers found that redheads have a 42% higher rate of genetic mutation that cause melanoma. as compared to people without those traits. scientists are encouraging dermatologists to explore patients family history during routine appointments. >> we're celebrating national ice cream day, karen very happy about this. here on good day and our producers have been hard at work
7:36 am
researching ice cream. we'll give you fun facts throughout morning so here's one why wouldn't bill and i want to have some to eat along the way we're explaining what's going to happen from the early days in the business. >> and of course you're still seeing people looking down at their phones constantly they're not texting they're playing pokemon go. they may be play it a game coined by a new jersey comedian. we'll take you about her take on the pokemon go phenomenom and why karen is such a fan.ov pen the pokemon go phenomenom and why kathan 500,000 winners pen of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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♪ reading as we listen to the pirates life. peter pan for all those lost boys who don't want to grow up. pirates of the caribbean. shiver me timbers. >> i couldn't even correct you. i had no idea what was going on. i thought you were going to start say hi-ho off the work we go. >> we play this today is a big anniversary. disney land opened in 1955. now they only invited 6,000 people that they had basically triple that showed up. 28,000 people there the first day. a lot of them they just crash the party. they had fake tickets. that was more than 20 of them. so they also had a number of
7:40 am
problems. >> only a few of the water fountains actually worked. the asphalt was melting and there was a gas leak but, you know, other than that, it was the happiest place on earth. >> too bad it wasn't a success or anything. didn't go on to basically rule the world. and be loved by children everywhere. and trending now, yes, it's pokemon go. it appears the popular game can also be used for some social good. >> okay. there's a san francisco based mitt cal action committee that took advantage of pokemon go's enormous popularity to lure young voters to voter registration event. >> a growing number of small businesses are also taking advantage of a poke stop to up their profits. >> moms everywhere. what are you doing. >> play chardonnay go. >> in you're not this is my chardonnay. >> no! >> no!
7:41 am
(crying). >> chardonnay go! >> she cracks me up. i love her because she's from south jersey our own deena, she's a comedian she made up -- you see the kids and younger people playing. this is a game the moms want to be playing the chardonnay go. it's a spoof obviously very popular thing that everyone is now talking about. >> yes. instead of looking for monsters and things they're looking for chardonnay as they walk around. 14 million people have watched that video on facebook. 14 million. >> because that's what moms really -- well timed glass of wine is the seacrest parentin p. >> suburban moms are wandering around looking for chardonnay. >> everyone is talking about that app like you said and adults want to have fun, too. >> have you downloaded it not. >> i have it. >> i do not want to chase -- >> i have it. it's a dick tiff. >> really. >> i did a story on it that was my excuse for downloading it now i have it. >> it looks a little dangerous,
7:42 am
too, though, right? >> i mean, not playing in the street but, you know. >> let me ask you something, scott on friday you were outside by the art museum. were you? >> yes. eakins oval. they opened up. >> i was there. that's why i know. i got your back. >> yes, he was. >> what goes on over there? >> a lot of. >> like what? >> well, they have a beer gard garden. >> wahoo! >> they had food truck. different food truck. it's going to be open for about five weeks. >> we'll talk more about that and tell you all the new features because it looks like so much fun. ghostbusters the new lady ghostbusters in theater theatery worth the mass hysteria? we'll review the new flick. tell if you it's worth it. stay tuned.
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at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants that keep our chickens healthy. and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. more like orega-yes, am i right? oregano, just one more way we bring you chickens raised with no antibiotics ever. it's not the easy way. it's the perdue way.
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♪ who you going call? i had to. i had to. the highly anticipated ghostbusters reboot leads a passive new releases this week. >> is it worth it? let's have our movie critic kevin mccarthy with his review. >> it's kevin mccarthy i'm here to geek out about this week's brand new paul feig ghostbuster reboot is finally here. i know it's most disliked movie trailer in youtube history but this film is finally coming out this week. you can see for yourself if you love it or you don't. now this movie starring mel list today mccarthy, kristen wiig, lesley jones as well as kate
7:46 am
mckinnon one of my first snl actors right now. this is a reboot. brand new characters and all female lead main cast. i loved this idea because i think hollywood needs more female led films and in hollywood. amazing they're doing this and paul feig who also directed spy as well as bridesmaids did this movie. here's the cool thing i want to mick sure i point this out. 3d in this film is some of the best 3d i've ever seen. here's the thing. it wasn't even shot in 3d. it was shot in two did. what they did was chef black bars at the top and bottom of the screen where you're watching it that the in the neither the 3d actually goes over the bars. when they're shooting their proton packs or someone getting slimed, those 3d elements are going over the black bars it makes it much more immerse seive and so much more fun. this film stands on its own i grew up on goaf busters i had a proton pack i love the first one so much. bill murray, harold rail muss classic cast. this one stands on its own but the problem is sometimes they revert back to the original too much. some cameos i felt disrupted
7:47 am
this story line over all the movie does work very very funny chris hemsworth is one of the best parts of the film. kate steals this movie. the action great. the comedy is great. the cast is great. the chemistry work and the 3d is phenomenal. i gave the movie a four out of five. next up is the infiltrator bryan krahn ton breaking bad walter white now playing someone on the opposite side of the law. he's an undercover narcotics agent named robert mazur braced on a true story. this agent went undercover and ill fill traited the money scheme secretaried to pablo he is core bar. very very fascinating story line. bryan cranston is if he nom until movie one of the things he does beautifully he's so well known as walter white from breaking bad. but he completely sheds that character and he has his own character here. this character bob mazur is so different on the opposite end of walter white even though there's a little bit of similarities in regards to playing two different people kind of in the same mov
7:48 am
movie. the film itself is very well done. well action packed. very well shot, very gritty it remindereminded me of old tonesf donny brass company that had under could have elements as well. very well done performance. cranston has a scene in the film he hugs diane krueger i felt an emotional depth i haven't felt season the scene two ending season of breaking bad when he let's kristen ritter's character pass on it. it keeps you guessing. keeps you entertained i gave a four out of five. two films this week follow me on facebook mccarthy fox. i've kevin mccarthy, fox news. ♪ >> scott, i'm as excited about the weather as kevin mccarthy is about the movies. i want to feel emotional depth after you tell us what the forecast is going to be like. let me see. that's a hard act to follow. >> look at this beautiful shot bill out of wilmington, delaware. we're looking at hazy sunshine out there, another day with temperatures at or above
7:49 am
90 degrees. so heat wave number three will continue. a live look outside our studios. several folks out and about maybe headed to an early church service or grabbing a bite to eat for brunch a little later on. loose fitting light colored clothe it's going to hot. humidity 84%. ultimate doppler witness clouds on top we're talking about some lingering clouds down the shore. but the rainfall is going to be out of here. we saw pop-up showers and thunderstorms especially in parts of delaware, south jersey yetter. i don't think the coverage today will be as great. maybe an isolated pop up shower or storm but most of us will stay dry for today. down the shore, we're looking at a mixture of sun and clouds, warm and breezy by 1:00 o'clock. 81 degrees. 86 degrees by 5:00 o'clock. temperatures right now in the 70s across the area. 73 dover. 72 wildwood. 71 in allentown but look at the dew points. the measure of moisture in the atmosphere. any time those dew points are
7:50 am
above 60 it starts to feel a little sticky and kind of muggy and that will be the trend throughout the day. 92 degrees hazy, hot and had you mid maybe a spotty shower or two. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you even hotter as we move toward monday. 96 degrees with feels like temperatures in the triple digits. scattered showers and storms on your tuesday. 91 degrees. then not as hot we get a break on wednesday back into the mid 80s before we heat things back up. headed into next weekend and likely our fourth heat wave of the year. back to you. >> thank you scott. i'm trying to be positive about the weather, karen. that's hot. it's july. >> it is. >> let me give you a -- >> i think it's hot for july. >> it's christmas in july in a lot places as well of the. you gain so much weight working at good day. it's national ice scream day. we'll have facts about the frozen streets that you may never know. >> plus also the dnc coming to philadelphia and you know what
7:51 am
that also means? huge stars. who do you think will come? >> the president will be here. first lady will be here. >> i mean beyonce', lady gaga. where they'll be staying. well they'll be here,. >> are they coming. >> i just said they were. (laughter). >> it must be true. a loft our bars and restaurants are hoping to cash in as well with all those thousands of tourists. how they plan to make some extra money. >> got my attention.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> it's breakfast with bob the weekend edition. shh. somebody is sleeping. last twins. what are their names. >> this is jack and benjamin. >> benjamin is taking a cat nap. he probably had too much to it. >> he did. he had a delicious breakfast. >> how do you tell them apart. >> my daughter paints jack's big toe as you can see. >> oh, my god. >> that's how we can tell them apart. >> jack is the one with the blue painted toe. >> yes. don't wake him up. george did it. george the cameraman did it. we are at the lamp post diner in clementon, new jersey. growing up clementon amusement park was a spot we always came to for the grade school picnics and speaking of grade school look who i found here. what is your name. >> maryann. guess what? maryann was steve
7:55 am
keeley's second grade teacher. >> yes, i was. >> how was he as student in school. >> he was very good. >> was he? >> very good. >> was he crazy like he is now. >> no, not at all. he was quiet isn't do you have any pictures or stories you can tell us. we would pay big money for that. >> all right. best story. >> okay. >> loves charlie brown. >> okay. i did the charlie brown christmas the year before. >> okay. >> with his sister's class. >> okay. and he beg me to do it again with his class. i went, never in a mill -- it was a fiasco. i said i couldn't do that in nuns wouldn't let me any way. >> you got it. there you go. see we find everybody all over the place. everybody having fun here. everybody give a way wave. the lamp post diner. we were here on thursday for our breakfast edition. wait a second i think this is where i have to stop because, look, there's my name on the breakfast. angela, this is the bob. >> this is the new hungry bob named especially after you. >> a lot of. >> this is your most popular. >> this is our hungry lamp post.
7:56 am
entitles two pancakes, two eggs, two bacon works sauces. number one breakfast sell will you got to love it. two, two, two with the bob and the whole gang here. the lamp post diner if you like me to come and check out your favorite breakfast spot. all you have to do is send me message on facebook or twitter and who knows next week i can be having breakfast with you. back to you guys in the studio. >> i want a breakfast name after me. >> thank you, bob. we'll he will get you the breakfast bill. >> got to have scrapple. >> and bacon. bacon strips for the things. >> we'll make your breakfast coming up. >> big changes are coming to social media. coming up what your favorite social networking sites are doing to keep things fresh. we got something knew here. the gossip columnist get all the dish and it's so fun and juicy you pretend bike you don't want to hear it or read but you really do. page sick is brand new show premiering right here on fox tomorrow. >> yes. >> tomorrow. >> and social media michael says
7:57 am
good morning and wants to wish his son michael good luck in soccer championship and the peg mc cook cancer tourney. >> i like coffee trying -- coffee ice cream. try crushing a waffle cone over the mint chocolate chip next time. >> love my ice cream chocolate and/or ranch cher bert. hmm. never done that mix. okay. thank you kathy. >> matt gallagher happy sixth birthday to my nephew jake. we all love you buddy! >> happy birthday. >> karen'karen's musical select. >> happy birthday. >> karen'karen's musical select. a little papa paparazzi. purcha? dance breaks. no. try it.o your neibo no. try it.o your neibo ♪ and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6,
7:58 am
cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
7:59 am
this morning on good day developing story. a gruesome discovery in kensington. a woman found dead along a city street. why police are saying this is one of the worst murder scenes that they've ever seen. a muslim cleric in our area is blamed for the coo in turkey.
8:00 am
what he is now saying about the president of turkey's claims that he's the guy responsible. and donald trump introduces his running mate. it's indiana governor mike pence. why the campaign already had to make change to its new logo. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪ straight up 8:00 o'clock. thank you so much for joining us once again. good morning to you, bill anderson. >> good morning. >> hanging tough. second hour begins. it's flowing, easy, smooth sailing and great morning. what do you think, scott. >> i think it's going to be a good day. >> you're mott suffering sitting next to us for another hour. >> no. >> it is a good day. we're fall blue. everyone got the memo. >> got coordinate. >> we're feeling sunny. >> there's another day of 90-degree temperatures ahead. that heat wave will continue. live look right now along the ben franklin parkway. a lot of sunshine. it's going to heat up rapidly much we'll talk about your forecast across the area coming up but first we want to check in
8:01 am
with sue serio and also weekend wendy. >> weekend wendy is so excited because this is the opening weekend for fun and games at the oval. of course, we're talking about eakins oval at 24th street and the parkway and it has turned into an 8-acre family friendl friendly -- with giant games of chess and checkers and so much more food trucks setting up there. a beer bargain for mom and dad, and a whole lot of fun. it's from 5:00 until 10:00 p.m. is our forecast full of fun and games, scott? >> it's going to be a beautiful sunday across the area at the oval. temperatures heating up pretty rapidly so don't forget the sun, loose fitting light colored clothing. we're dry and quiet but yesterday afternoon we saw those pop-up showers and thunderstor thunderstorms. i think most of the area will stay dry for today. maybe an isolated pop up but a better chance for rainfall monday night into tuesday. look at the current temperatures
8:02 am
already 76 degrees in reading heating up rapidly. allentown already 74. 75 in trenton. we're looking at 72 currently in dover. hey, we have a ballgame at citizens bank park. we're looking at a hot afterno afternoon. 90 degrees by first pitch. dress cool, of course, stay hydrated. the high temperature later on this afternoon in philadelphia will top out at 92 degrees. so heat wave number three rolls on. back to you. >> thank you, scott. now we're following some breaking news from overnight. police in massachusetts are investigating an officer involved shooting. according to our local fox station in boston, last night police pulled over a man in the parking lot of sully's a popular ice cream shop. that's when they say the suspect backed up his car and started dragging the officer around the parking lot. another officer shot at the man and police say the officer who was being pulled was treated forearm and back injuries and has been released from the hospital. meanwhile, the suspect remains
8:03 am
in critical condition. it is 8:00 sorry three. we're following another developing story. this one comes to us out of kensington where police have made a truly gruesome discovery. it was late last evening. >> they say several people called 911 saying they heard a woman screaming when police arrived they found her body bloody and naked along jasper street. our own sabina kuriakose is live near the scene. sabina, continuing to develop. what information do you have for us this morning? >> reporter: well, bill, we are learning a lot this morning. now, as we know, this is a 35-year-old woman and i spent the morning talking to people in the area and they tell me that she is a mother according to several people who knew her and her live of course ended in extreme violence in this stretch of kensington here. the crime scene very very gruesome out here. we really can't show you very much of it. but what we can show is you where it started here in this alley. you can see police just put up some fresh crime scene tape out here. there's actually a bloodied trail of footprints that lead
8:04 am
over to where she eventually collapsed. we're not going to show you the bloody footprints. they're very very clear on the ground here. now police say it happened around 11:30 last night. that's when they came to the scene. the woman was stabbed in the neck in the alley on east cumberland street. she ran about a block over to letterly where people then heard her screaming. by the time police got here, she was already dead. again, that was a bloody trail they had to follow. there was absolutely blood everywhere. police tell us. now seasoned investigators at the scene last night shaken up. they tell us this one of the worst scenes they've ever seen but they're also confident that they are going to catch whoever did this. they say they have footage from numerous surveillance cameras positioned around the area from the scene where all of it started to where this woman eventually died and they say they are determined to catch this suspect. >> she was bloody from head to toe and completely naked. she appears at this time to have
8:05 am
been stabbed once in the right neck, um, it happened at 1909 east comer land street. it appears as though it happened in the rear alley of that location, and after the fact, she ran approximately a block down before she fell. >> reporter: again, this was a very extensive crime scene. police tell us when they got here of course that was just blood everywhere. they actually had to hold the scene until this morning to make sure they were able to gather all of it. back here live of course you can still see police out here holding the scene as detectives return here this morning to continue this investigation. now if we pan over, i want to tell you something the people who live around here mentioned to me. this -- what's left here that's actually a memorial. if you guys remember it's a memorial for one of the victims of the kensington strangler. that was back about six years ago. one of the victims bodies was actually found here and police
8:06 am
believe where -- this is where that happened. kensington strangler of course convicted killer antonio rodriguez serving three life terms. just an erie coincidence here. suspect in this murder still on the loose. but police confident that they will catch him. that is the very latest out here. guys, back to you. >> that's a scary story. thank you, sabina, for all the information. happening now, police say a 15-year-old girl is in stable condition after being shot in the buttocks. last night around minute 30:00 they were called to the 5900 block of horrock street right near van kirk in oxford circle. when they arrived, they found the teenager hit. she was taken to saint christopher's hospital for children aren't police are still looking for the shooter. >> this morning officials are investigating an accident involving a septa police officer. the septa police chief thomas nestle says the officer who was driving that car that crashed was trying to catch a person that was a knife wielding attacker. and the cruiser went through an intersection right at third and market and collided with another vehicle. the driver of that car was
8:07 am
struck and his whole vehicle was spun around, slammed in that hydrant right there. he and a witness explain how it all happened in the blink of an eye. >> really got i go the middle of the intersection, um, and all i saw was, you know a police officer going at, you know, a a rapid speed, and then that was it. >> all of a sudden i heard this almighty crash, and, um, and saw shrapnel and stuff flying from something. turned around and the police vehicle had hit the tree. >> police say the septa officer managed to get out of that car even though it was crushed in the front after it struck the tree. he was injured. meanwhile that stabbing suspect was taken into custody. for a long time schools in new jersey have been praised for their ability to raise money. but people who live there say they are fed up with paying the highest taxes for property taxes in the whole country. in response governor chris christie launched a campaign for a plan he calls the fairness formula. he says the state will divide
8:08 am
their education money equally to school districts based on their population while still being able to provide tack relief but there's a lot of critics education add 53 indicates some in favor of the plan but others say this is going to really hurt the poor children and really think it is a political employ. ♪ latest now on the deadly terror attack in nice, france. two more people have been arrested this morning, a man and a woman. french officials will only say it's in connection to that deadly attack in nice. this comes as france marks three days of national mourning in response to the horrific attack that killed more than 80 people. isis is now claiming responsibility calling the 31-year-old driver a fellow soldier. france is ramping up security activating 12,000 reserves in addition to the more than 120,000 police and soldiers already deployed nationwide. the government is now calling for more volunteers. >> i would like to launch new
8:09 am
appeal to all patriotic french citizens to join the national reservist force if they are willing to. >> one of the people still missing in the attack is 20-year-old nicholas lesley a berkeley student visiting the area on a school trip. we're hearing now from that muslim cleric who's been blamed by turkey's president for being the person behind that coo attempt in the country of turkey. his name is gullen he was once an ally of turkey's president but they had falling out and he's been living here in our area for about 16 years in saylorsburg, that's in monroe county. he also heads up a movement that has been calling for revolution in turkey but his organization denies any involvement with this attempted coo. he said that he misses his homeland but appreciation the freedom he's found here in president. turkey's president has called for him to be extradited. john kerry has responded saying this country would entertain the possibility but only if there was proof that he had done something wrong.
8:10 am
thousands paid their respects yesterday during a funeral procession and service in fort worth, texas for officer patrick zamarripa. zamarripa was one of five officers gunned down during an ambush following a protest against police brutality on ju july 7th. before becoming an officer zamarripa served three tours of duty in iraq in the navy. he was remembered for his bravery and his sacrifice. so the republican presidential ticket is finally set. we know it's trump/pence now. but this did not exactly go as planned. it was supposed to be friday and saturday and now -- >> there's logo issues. coming up the change that the trump campaign has already made with the presumptive nominees. also, some big changes coming to all the places we like to waste our time on facebook and twitter and instagram. what they are doing to keep stuff fresh. >> and thank you for your comments. happy birthday dylan salvatore celebrating in wildwood. there's your shout out from diane. >> also -- michael owens we
8:11 am
always love you. wrapped up a maternity photo shoot before we melted a it way. baby boy due in 40 some days. congrats, guys. we'll be right back.
8:12 am
8:13 am
♪ as you know, social media is changing all the time. when facebook first came out there was no wall where you can write all updates. then you can update your status
8:14 am
but it always had to use the word is like karen hepp is happy or bill anderson is always working to keep karen hepp happy. (laughter). >> i wonder who wrote this story. >> this is all me. now there are new changes coming to social media soon. as we learn in the tech tank. ♪ i'm anthony mongeluzo and this is your tech tank. if you're looking at this you're probably on facebook. well, experts predict in five years facebook will have no tech only video. how does that pertain to today we'll talk twitter jumping on the band wagon. first and for most, video service which was limited to six seconds is going to begin to increase allow users to go up to 140 seconds for video and turn those six seconds into a little trailer. another move that twitter you probably never heard about but it's called magic pony. most people think that magic pony and the video service is to make older videos look a little better. sort of.
8:15 am
twitter all about the dollars in advertising. what magic pony allows twittered to is basically see what images you're looking at in the video and then, boom, suggest other videos to you. last but not least if you watch video on twitter, you're going to see whole new menu it will suggest other like videos based on what you're watching. hmm. maybe that's little to do with magic pony. so you want to talk more about videos online maybe won't even text each other we'll just shoot a video reach out to us hash tag tech tank and we'll continue the conversation online. ♪ i don't think i have two and a half minutes worth of attention to sit there and watch somebody's video on twitter. (laughter). >> anthony's whole segment took 90 seconds to tell us about the fact that you can have two and a half minutes. >> two minutes too long. we take live look outside. it is absolutely gorgeous out there, scott. we've been in the thick of the heat and soup. how is the humidity going to be today? >> it's going to be up there, karen, especially during the afternoon and evening hours. it look like 90-degree
8:16 am
temperatures will continue so, yes, it was official yesterday with the high temperature of 94 degrees. today's high 82. but it will feel like the mid 90s when you factor in that humidity. so stay hydrated have the sunscreen a high uv index as well. folks out and about here in center city and you can see the temperature it is already jumping up to 66 degrees. the humidity right now is at 74%. no airport delays philadelphia, newark, jfk looking pretty good. actually fairly quiet across the nation so maybe you're getting away on this sunday moving toward atlanta, dallas looking good across the nation for weather airport delays. ultimate doppler we had those pop up showers and thunderstorms during the heat of the afternoon lingering into the evening. parts of south jersey. take look. some clouds early clouds right now down the shore. but that will be clearing giving way to sunshine. but look at the bulls eye here in southern camden county. we saw about 5.5-inches of rain south of berlin, also, just to
8:17 am
the west of the waterford area. so kind of drying out there. down the shore we're looking at a rapid warmup, 86 degrees. warm and breezy. look at the temperatures right now. 74 wilmington. 74 already in atlantic city. with a tour de shore and look at the dew points climbing as we look at that scale. you can see anywhere above 60 is pretty muggy so pretty uncomfortable. 92 hazy, hot and humid maybe isolated pop up thunderstorm. upper 60s to low 70s for low temperatures for tonight and that weather authority seven day forecast shows even hotter for monday. 96 degrees. none on tuesday. some relief though for the mill part of next week. guys, back to you. >> thank you very much, scott. we're about halfway in the middle of the summer right now but the fun is just beginning at the oval. >> eakins oval where scott was on friday. this week's alex around town find out what they're adding this year to keep the families entertained. >> reporter: you probably
8:18 am
noticed this big bright spot forming in front of the art museum. yes. 25,000 feet of beautiful mural because it's time for the oval to get started back up again in philly. every year they have a new theme this year can you guess? there's music involved we're talking rhythm and blues i'm bringing in mark. tells about the music that you can hear this year at the oval. >> we're excited to bring new music called the orchestra pitt people can come and play on our live pianos, percussion instruments, guitars, jam out with their fellow philadelphians and hang out in the summer at the oval. >> wait a minute. i don't know how to play an strum though i want to do this. can i still come? >> newbees can come, too. we're welcome everyone to try out beginners to experts come together. >> you'll teach me. >> we'll teach you. we'll have people here to help bring you along with the music instruments and really learn how to play and it will be a lot of fun. >> free music lessons. will it comes to spending time at the oval you could spend your entire week here. we'll plan it out for you. let's start with wednesday. all about wellness.
8:19 am
>> absolutely. fitness wednesdays will be yoga and philly dance fitness classes. thursdays we bring in art and cultures with color wheels in the clay mobile. >> fridays food. >> food. we have a heavy dose of food trucks on fridays. plus our flicks with, um, pitch perfect for music theme. >> everyone loves that music. >> closing out with '90's night with teen holly week. >> on saturdays. >> saturday are game days. we'll have the philly phanatic here from one to 2:00 and other games. >> sunday all about the family. get the family together for sunday fun day. >> kid dj and faint painting and fun family festive programming on sundays. >> the it comes to the adults when you're 21 and older. you can have fun any day. extended for the beer garden. >> people love the beer gardens. we're extending our hours saturday nights open till 10:00 o'clock and also be open first time on sundays from 12:00 to 5:00. that is big. okay. we will be here at the oval.
8:20 am
it's a lot of fun. i love the fact that it's so picturesque. >> it is quite a scene. quite a site. many of our partners have been doing for four years now and it's a pleasure to be with everyone people really enjoying themselves in the summer on the parkway. the place to be. >> this year i'll learn how to play an instrument. not only will i have fun i'll come out a little more culture. how about that does absolutely. >> thank you so much, mark. this is this week's alex around town. i'll see you here at the oval. that's the place to be. you were there, scott was there. alex was l you can eat ice cream there. >> you should come and join us. >> so any way we'll get you ice cream facts. did you know what they use underneath the heat lights for tv time what they would use for ice cream? it wasn't real ice cream. they'd use something else. what can you guess they might use instead. >> that wouldn't melt. >> that wouldn't melt. >> play dough.
8:21 am
>> that's good guess. but that's not the right answer. we'll tell you. >> coming up we've got more facts and why karen and i wouldn't want to eat any of things they used early in the day to make i was little sick. plus also this is going to be lot of fun because they are going to have all the scoops, page six breaks all the gossip. they tell you who is dating, who is smooching on who. who is getting divorced and now they're coming to tv. we will explain when it will all debut tomorrow.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ i think this is going to be really good, because it's like all the best of gossip columns now coming to television. >> promises to deliver all the latest in the know gossip from around the world and you'll be able to catch it right here on fox 29. fox's jennifer lahmers takes us behind the scenes of page six. >> you know what page six is all about. all the good gossip and now your favorite guilty pleasure is co coming to tv. page 6tv i'm taking you behind the scenes. ♪ >> reporter: countdown on is on final rehearsals of fox's hot new gossip and entertainment show page 6tv. >> page six is the most iconic name in gossip and celebrity
8:25 am
journalism. and making television show a logical extension of what we already do. >> jesse angelo is the executive producer and publisher of the new york post. >> our contributors are real insiders. they're not on the outside with knows up against the glass. these are people that are at the a list parties with celebrities on the phone with the power brokers and media mogils these are people who really know what's going on. >> reporter: the show blends a star powered cast hosted by actor and comedian john. >> okay. before we hit the break it's time for sources say with page six editor. >> along with roster of veterans page six writers like emily smith and iain moore. >> exciting to be on page six to a wider audience. people who may not read us. see us on tv. >> our readers always tell me page six is the first thing that they read in the morning before the times, before the jump, before anything else. and i think that, um, the show is going to be the same way. i think people are going to have to really watch it every day. >> i'm sorry that was hilarious. >> reporter: rounding out the
8:26 am
daily lineup actor comedian mario can tone page six columnist car hose greer and varieties elizabeth wagon meister and fashionista and radio personality bevy smith. >> even though we're all different, um, races, ages, you know, sexual orientations, we all have so much in common. >> that's true. i have a wife and three kids. >> you guys get along so well. >> not really, no. no. actually -- it's really bidder hay dread. we decided to just, you know, skip convention and go to hating each other right away in the process. rather than wait a year or two like the view did. isn't mario and i only communicate through fruit baskets at this point it's really upsetting. >> it's like a dinner party we all love talking about this stuff, we love gossip and we all read page six. >> what dinner party is complete without little debate. enter winning the page. >> for every story, i get to pick who i think won it's page for today. that is the person who had a the best scoop, the best facts, the best point of view or the best tasteless joke.
8:27 am
>> what it is about giving me illusion of power and that's what democracy is all about. >> you can catch page 6tv every weekday right here on fox. from page 6tv studios in new york city, jennifer lahmers, fox news. was he frozen in that set? coming up, page six. >> the republican presidential ticket all set right now. we know that it is trump/pence but did it not go maybe as planned initially. >> there were issues. coming up, the change that trump campaign has already made with the presumptive nominees and maybe the logo. and also, get ready for some late night. how the party scene in philadelphia could be changing with all of those big stars coming to town next week.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ let's take look at some of this morning's top stories. septa is bringing in five more train cars from maryland that will be on the tracks in time for your commute tomorrow morning and new schedules will go into effect also starting tomorrow. septa pulled 120 cars off the regional rail tracks earlier this month because there were structural defects found in its cellarer liner fives. there's no time set for when those cars will actually return to the tracks. the coast guard searching for missing diver in belmar, new jersey. authorities say a 17-year-old was reported missing in the shark river inlet about 5:00 p.m. last evening.
8:31 am
coast guard is searching that area on boat and also by air. the avon by the sea and belmar police departments are also helping in the search. a wilmington, delaware, man is behind bars after authorities say officers found drugs inside his home. delaware state police say an fbi task force uncovered more than $17,000 in cash some heroin and crack cocaine inside the home of juan rue wis espinosa. he's facing drug dealing charges among other violations. ♪ it is opening weekend for the delaware shakespeare festival. which is why i'm talking so funny and why weekend wendy has the masks of comedy and tragedy the drama mask. now delaware shakespeare fest sal is running through july 31 so if you can make it this weekend you can check out one of the other dates. it is outdoors and under the stars at rock wood park in wilmington. the comedy of errors.
8:32 am
so scott, is the humidity to be or not to be? >> it's going to be filled with drama. that's what the weather is going to be like for today, sue, because we continue with the heat wave. yesterday we topped out at 94 degrees. today we extent the heat wave number three with a high temperature by this afternoon of 92. so as we look at ultimate doppler, you can see we saw cloud cover. we saw thunderstorms especially in parts of south jersey on yesterday. everyone didn't see that rainfall. but some heavy amounts just south of the berlin area almost 6-inches of rain fell in a short amount of time. lingering clouds down the shore but that's pulling away. we'll kind of zoom in so if you're waking up, say, in egg harbor also moving toward cape may, wildwood looking at some clouds to start but the sunshine will return. those temperatures will respond pretty rapidly. 76 philadelphia. 75 already in trenton. down the shore 76 at the boardwalk. 75 cape may point. headed to the ballpark, yeah, it's going to be hot by first pitch 90 degrees.
8:33 am
dress cool, stay hydrated, lots of water. first pitch 1:35. the overall high temperature once again into degrees, maybe an isolated pop up storm most of us stay dry. back to you. >> ♪ it's time now for fox unfilter the we take on your comments and complaints joining me this morning our own sean bell and dawn timmeney. good morning. >> ut-oh hooks has problem now? >> it's all him. >> it's always an issue. >> don't worry. it's not about your shirt. >> seriously. >> my shirt looks good. >> you didn't want to dress up today. >> nice t. i look good. >> so we got complaint from a viewer over some comments you made on a story that we did about an ugly dog contest. >> wait for it. 17-year-old chinese crested chihuahua named sweet pea rambo. sweet pea owner won $1,500 and a 6-foot trophy. >> my goodness. sean bell is here with look what's going on in the world -- >> is that not what it is? the
8:34 am
dog not that ugly. cull on. >> in cute kind of way. >> why are we judging this ugl ugliness right now. >> you are so raw. >> they make pretty things all the time. >> stop hating on the pup. >> you both remember that moment i'm sure. >> yes, i remember the ugly dog for sure. >> do you know where i'm going with this. >> i probably do. (laughter). >> one of our loyal viewers they were not pleased at all. so berta wrote in i just want to say that dogs have feelings, too. she said, her cousin had dog named sally and berta called the dog ugly and the dog ran and hid behind the couch. so berta went on to say the dogs are human like. they have feelings too and that's why so many people love and adore them. so sean and dawn washington do you have to say to berta. >> i do agree dogs definitely have feelings. but the dog in question was an ugly dog contest, right. >> it's an ugly dog contest so the owner knew the dog was ugly. you know the dog is ugly. we all know the dog was ugly. >> just because owner knows it
8:35 am
doesn't mean the dog wants to hear it's ughly. >> right, right. >> i saw on twitter this photographer took picture of her dog before she told the dog he was beautiful and then after the dog is really smiling. >> oh, my god. >> after it was told it was beautiful. >> it won a prize. looked happy when it won its prize. you know what you are. >> dawn, i know do you. you're big advocate for pets and animals. >> i am. we adopt add dog from save me rescue and we went to get him his name is berkeley and he wasn't very attractive let's just put it that way but his inner beauty came out and so my daughter is like we have to take him. we came home. my husband that's a scraggily dogate found. he was all shaved, he was matt matted. he had fleas. he had kennel cough and his fewer grew in and he's really beautiful but he was beautiful before and now he's even more beautiful. >> i love dogs, too. but the owner put that dog in ugly dog contest. blame the owner, not us.
8:36 am
you know what you were doing. and you got money from it. >> i think we got an apology from dawn. >> no apology from me. >> that's this week's fox unfiltered. back to you guys. ♪ >> karen do speaks speak engli english. >> but tee in the eye the of beat holder. top dog. coming up, ice cream fun facts. wait until you hear how much ice cream we actually eat not us personally but all of us collectively. a little bit absurd. >> hmm. i wouldn't how many gallons ye year. we'll break that down. lot row numbers. hope you have them.
8:37 am
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8:39 am
♪ welcome back. it is national ice cream day. they're making fun of me i've already dug in and we're going to do that. let's read fun facts. from e >> get this. the average american eats about 20 quarts of ice cream a year. the world's highest per capita consumption according to the international dairy foods association. top selling ice cream flavors are -- drum roll. vanilla. >> makes sense. 33% of the market and the next in line chocolate with 19%. >> and it takes 5.8 pounds of whole milk and 1 pound of cream
8:40 am
to make 1 gallon of ice cream. >> at any given time you probably have ice cream in your freezer because about 87% of americans always have some in any given time. >> your tiff today question. >> trivia question is. >> in the early days of television, mashed potatoes were used to simulate ice cream on cooking shows because, you know, real ice cream would melt too photographs under the lights and everything. >> that makes sense. then you could go ahead and eat it without it being the play dough i suggest or something that really was awful. eat ice cream and enjoy it. favorite flavors. i didn't see cookie dough or more exotic flavors. let's up the game and get creative. >> we stay with the staples vanilla and chocolate and rita's make sure -- stock cherry and lemon. >> gelates. >> exactly much they stock those are the basic. >> i feel like fro yo is taking over. >> there's some -- new place in chinatown, too i think. >> yeah. >> that rolly thing.
8:41 am
>> yeah. we should all do that together. >> group trip. >> what's it called? i haven't heard about that. >> ice something. >> we'll try it on good day. >> they roll it out. >> you got to try this. >> you mean like cold stone cream mirror. >> they roll it out it's actually a roll. >> you make design. >> you can add to it. >> ice cream roll. >> very creative. what is your favorite flavor. we'll try that for you gotta try that in the future. we'll zen mick jerrick on over there. use the hash tag fox 29 good day tell us what your favor are the flavor is. >> and get ready for some late night -- you can eat, scott. we're not holding up get ready for late night et cetera dnc is coming. >> so i'm really excited they were telling us in our ear some of the list of the stars. bryan cranston will be here in philadelphia. lady gaga is coming to philadelphia. ferg guy is coming to philadelphia. >> unbelievable. >> they're going to have need to have a cocktail or two at all the big parties in hob nobbing. big changes happening in our city. does we'll tell you all about it and talking about or speaking of
8:42 am
celebrities, donald sutherland happy birthday he's 84 years old today. >> and the haas, bay watch 64 years old still looking great. >> this we're listening to luke bryan. 40 years old today. country music star. happy birthday. >> he'll be here in philly at the end of this month. so you can check him out. >> good information. i'll eat my ice cream and celebrate national ice cream d day. >> ice new york what erika has google research team has told us. >> we'll back. >> check it out.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ this song it fits. it makes sense much it's a little cleveland rocks i'm told and there's a reason why it's time for political coverage. of course, we've got the republican national convention it kicks off tomorrow where in cleveland. >> hence the song. the gop will be form nally nominating donald trump and governor mike pence as their candidates. rich edison joins us live from cleveland. beautiful sunny morning there. good morning, rich. >> reporter: very sunny morning. good morning. and it's the day before the convention. we've got the delegates coming in to town. the police are in town.
8:46 am
media, protesters and so this all kicks off officially tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. that's when the convention will gavel itself into order this is preview of what you guys can expect next week. in the beginning of this event and just a few days ago, there were some housekeeping that republicans did here. they beat back challenge by an anti trump faction to try to what's called unbind delegates an allow delegates vote for whomever they wanted to that was defeated. it appears donald trump is on track to in the next couple of days officially become the nominee of the republican party. so tomorrow it all kicks off. some rules housekeeping happens tomorrow. the second day is when there's that role call vote that will be tuesday with a party will very likely officially nominate donald trump as their presidential pick and mike pence the governor of indiana as vice-presidential candidate. the keynote address is on the third day and the last day that's when we expect donald trump to speak. his campaign flirted with the idea of speaking across every day donald trump having the
8:47 am
candidate actually speak at every night of the convention but it appears as though they've decided to tone that down little bit. we've gotten a partial list of the speakers we expect over the week. house speaker paul ryan among them. new jersey governor chris christie. texas senator ted cruz who challenged donald trump for the nominee, and some business folks like peter teal the pay pal co-founder and early investor in facebook. but it's almost as notable to talk about who is not going to be here and that's essentially every previous republican presidential nominee minus the 96 pick bob dole. all kicks off tomorrow. we'll be here for it, and give you guys a little bit of a look what you can expect in philly next week. >> it's going to be interesting to watch. thank you so much, rich. we appreciate that. karen you had a question. >> what time do your bars close there in cleveland? >> the bars here 4:00 a.m. that guy just told me. the guy who standing over there said 4:00 a.m. but i have to do a little more official digging on it.
8:48 am
>> thank you. we have to chism our rules here in pennsylvania to have our bars open later. so we can have the nights. thanks a lot, rich. we appreciate it. talk about that in just a minute but first did you see what happened with the logo when they announced the ticket you always put out your bigelow go that thing that goes on the your bumper stickers. >> people were immediately talking about it. the logo at a t and a p as you see with the words trump and pence. the slogan make america great again but the t appears to be going through or penn straighting the p to some it look kind of suggested -- suggestive, yeah. >> some people former democratic congressman john dingle the self proclaimed king of twitter tweeted out, what's the t doing to that p? as you are seeing there and massive response came. so they decided to change it. >> let's see the new logo. all right. got rid of the t and the p got rid of the tale let paper suggestion people were saying. it says make great again! noticeably missing the
8:49 am
suggestive t and p. showing in fundraising e-mails shortly after trump announced penn as his running mate. >> it's a safe choice it look like they just went with safe thing that you can't get criticized when you get too fancy pants. >> that's amazing how much response people had just to a logo. >> well -- >> leaders of new jersey they want some changes coming out ahead of the convention. there's something specific that they're uncomfortable with. >> concerns about the language of the lgbt community. so according to publish reports, any language that discriminates against lbgt people should be removed from the r inform c platform. >> so now the new jersey republicans are suggesting please put in some more neutral language when it comes to same sex marriage the republicans want to win the garden state they have to be more inclusive. >> you've been talking about this all morning. you got it. >> this is question that i was just asking rich. if cleveland the bars stay open to 4:00 our bars close at 2:00. so that is not going to be the case next week. they've decided to make the change.
8:50 am
the drinks will be flowing during the dnc because the lawmakers in pennsylvania have extended last call for many of the philadelphia venues that sell alcohol to be open later because we're going to have tens of thousands of people when the convention opens coming, you know a week from monday, july 25th. and we know last call is 2:00 a.m. >> they've extended it and it's extended for bars that are connected to the convention. you have actually have to be hosting an event. they haven't extended it for all of the bars unfortunately. >> so you know of course we'll be out there. we've got bruce gordon he's going to be out there reporting tonight from that. we'll have extended political coverage starting monday. we will begin that also at our 11:00 p.m. and we're going to be bringing you everything you need to know. >> this week on fox news sunday, an attempt at coo in turkey another terror tack in france. we'll have live reports from istanbul and nice. then donald trump chooses indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. we'll talk with trump campaign
8:51 am
chair paul man fort about the ticket and trump's message for this week's republican convention. plus with security already tight here in cleveland, will they take more steps aft the latest act of terror? we'll ask republican party chair proof voice. all this week on fox news sund sunday. ♪ time now in the sunday morning 8:51. hazy sunshine out there. no airport delays but get ready for more heat and humidity. temperatures already at the airport look at this, 76 degrees. that humidity up there at 74%. ultimate doppler many improved yesterday afternoon and evening we saw those pop-up showers and downpours in particular parts of south jersey, camden county, also, burlington county. we still have some lingering clouds down the shore but those temperatures by this afternoon into the mid 80s with that land breeze. maybe isolated pop-up storm. look at the numbers. 774 wilmington.
8:52 am
those temperatures by this afternoon in the city into degrees extending our heat wave number three. for tonight it stays pretty warm. 74 in the city upper 60s in the burbs. dry for most. maybe isolated pop-up during the heat of the day but our bet chance for rainfall will arrive as we move toward look at the clock watch hour by hour 5:00 p.m. looking at scattered downpours moving in tomorrow afternoon and evening. then moving down the shore just keep that in mind. also, the weather at the convention in cleveland showers for tomorrow. then look at the temperatures cooler by tuesday. wednesday into thursday climbing back into the 90s. the seven day forecast even hotter 96 degrees for tomorrow. karen? >> ♪ let's go around the house. we have denise from the painted home with fabulous idea this morning. good morning. >> hi, karen. >> so house numbers i can never see them. as reporter i'm always driving through neighborhoods trying to fine out somewhere something happened and i can never see them. >> the worse get some house neighbors on your house so
8:53 am
everyone can find it. you got to keep it cute so it gives i was little curb appeal and everyone can find you. >> so what i did i found some pucketts at the home store and i pray sprained them with flat black spray paint it sort of looks like chalkboard. which enabled me to take regular chalk and chalk the numbers on there. >> like a stencil. >> talked chalk them. >> not a sten kill you just write them on with chalk. so simple. you found fabulous flowers, right. >> flowers. you can do terra cot at a pots if you want to get super creative take paint out don little paint brush and permanent or the chalk is easy then you can erase it use to put, um, drinks at a party. makes it a little more nextable but get some numbers on your house. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> ♪ every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist,
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get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants. so we know how to cover almost almoanything.hing, even a romantic rodent. [rickie] a romantic what? [squeaking noises]
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>> i'm lauren john and this is chris murphy and this is the trend. >> mick jagger can get satisfaction. in fact he's gotten lot of it. >> really? >> jagger now 72 years old is expecting his eighth child. the mom to be a 29. his girlfriend melanie hamrick. jagger has seven kids ranging in age from 45 to 17. he also has two grandkids in may fellow rolling stone ron wood became a father again at the age of 68 after this wife gave birth
8:57 am
to twin girls. you'll notice lauren johnson is sporting skinny jeans at the age of 34. >> you have to stop wearing them at 47. tattoos. >> how old. >> 38. don't get any more after 38. >> you're done. >> and then one last thing. selfies everyone takes those. 34 is the cut off age. >> 34? >> hmm. >> you can do selfies for life, right? >> chronically your whole life. >> and that's the trend. >> your kin nick link your life. my favorite flavor superman. rainbow. love it. >> and from jenn kendall already for the cow town radio last night. good look. >> this one so sweet. my mom anna briscoe 93 years young beating the heat on cape may beach. >> just chilling. and from bill happy birthday to his grandson lucas. hope second birthday, lucas. hope you enjoy. >> thank you for spending your sunday with us.
8:58 am
beautiful weather, thank you scott. >> hot. >> make every day a good day. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
8:59 am
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republican convention is set to get under way in the shadow of chaos overseas. an attempted coup is crushed in turkey. another deadly attack in france. we'll have live reports with the latest from istanbul and nice. then -- >> indiana governor mike pence is my first choice. he is a solid, solid person. >> donald trump is a good man and he will make a great president of the united states of america. >> donald trump chooses indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. we'll talk with trump campaign chair pauma


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