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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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on the job. his challenge from the country moving forward, and more on the men who lost their lives protecting the community that they were sworn to serve. plus the recent violence begins police has officers object high alert at home. local police join us in the studio to discuss what can be done to protect our officers. we're both ready, i have no doubt all eyes on cleveland ready or not it begins, the republican national convention starts just hours from now, and as we go live to cleveland for what could be the most watched convention in history. and where is relief, heat and humidity continuing today, severe weather threat you could be facing on your drive home tonight. on the history of this program over 20 years now that sue serio appears in the round up. >> i don't know what to say, i fell like i won an a major awardee want to thank my parents. >> it is an honor to be
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nominated. >> you are so hot. >> everybody is hot, that is right. look at that smirk on that girls face. when you saw on the future cast was possible thunderstorms popping up. >> you certainly cannot rule it out. >> we had a pop up monsoon. >> yes, that was saturday, and it was a mess. in weather wye the numbers it is six out of ten. heat, humidity a and chance for thunderstorms with bus stop buddy, muggy the dog, pool side today, there you can see the umbrella, plus the shades and he already put on his sun screen as well. enjoy yourself, eye on the sky later on for pop up then are storm. some are in western new york and cleveland, ohio site of the convention today but it is bright, sunny at philly international but the temperature is at 77 degrees.
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relative humidity 84 percent. we will get to 96 degrees which is hot enough. so some thunderstorms as we mentioned not home, late this have afternoon with a a few popping up overnight with a muggy low of 75 degrees. so that takes care of today, wait until you see how hot it gets in the seven day forecast coming up. we're checking traffic on this monday morning for you as we have seen, there is a lot of slow traffic on the the schuylkill expressway at city avenue merge. here we go welcome to monday, folks. i-95 in delaware county, very, very bright sun glare there, slowing you down as well. checking speeds on all major roadways, it is not good out there, 11 miles an hour on the schuylkill expressway right around city line in the area where we were just showing you and yeah just slowing down every where, leave early, and then as we say here's a cliche for you, pack your patients.
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>> yeah, whatever. 7:03 on this monday. america's watching baton rouge as america prepares for another mass shooting targeting police. six officers were gunned down outside of a gas station yesterday morning. three of them, died, three other officers are hospitalized this morning. the one in critical condition. and we are learning more about the suspects. the investigators say the 29 year-old gavin eugene long was a form mare reen who served this iraq. they are looking whether long had ties to extremist groups. it remains unclear if he has had an accomplice or acted alone. >> we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifying violence against law enforcement. attacks on police are an attack on all of us. the rule of law that makes society possible. >> baton rouge police department identified two of the slain officers an three two-year old montrell jackson and 41 year old matthew gerald and brad garafola was third
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victim. >> two from the police department, one from the sheriff's department. >> it comes on the heels of another police shooting back in dallas, texas a week ago thursday night when, five officers were killed. >> our nation's leaders are calling for unity and tolerance but a lot of police department around the country are changing how they are policing. >> every officer that puts on a uniform has a story on this mine. steve a is at the round house for our philly reaction. >> reporter: one thing not changing is question we keep asking because it keeps getting more emphasis, how much harder can it get to be a police officer either here in philadelphia or think where in this country right now. they are on high alert with so much protests, already lanning and replanning for mass protests and protecting masses, coming here next week and now having to again protect each other. again, working with a partner at all times all shifts all patrols like they to after jesse hartnett was at an attempt add as nation in january here in philadelphia
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and then like think did after dallas and then again this morning after baton rouge. >> we have doubled you have our patrol cars. we had to pull some of the our staff into police cars with veterans, and so it changes some of the things that you do the in the way you do it. it is just a reality. we're going to continue to work very hard but we have to protect all involved. that is our job, particularly of people in management, in this police department, we have to see that we protect the men and women here as well as the people of the community. >> reporter: twenty-nine police officers have been killed in this country in this year. that is one for every week as we start, week number 29 here in 2016. >> in 2015, 33 officers died by the hand of the gunman and we are almost up to that
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figure six months in the year. all right. 7:06. bound and murdered, inside of a motel room, police, in northeast philadelphia are looking for the killer of two women, who were found dead at the roosevelt motor inn. they believe they were tortured. dave kinchen is here at the scene. >> this was a disturbing discovery yesterday at the roosevelt inn just off of the boulevard. police say someone found bodies of two women inside a motel room here with plastic bags over their heads and their hands tied behind their backs. discovery made just before 12:30 sunday. police have not released many details about the incident. the manager of this building, telling one of the papers that these women were seen checking in on saturday. they were seen around their hotel rooms, motel room door yesterday morning.
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>> otherwise no suspicious activity. autopsies will be performed to determine the exact cause of death. we can tell thaw police have been here before, for things including a shoot-out. two people arrested and at least two cases of prostitution busts, but two bodies found here, by a person who has not come forward. we also don't know what sparked this. we can tell you police will likely release more information about that today, mike and alex. >> my gosh, 7:07. two people are dead following an incident in new castle delaware. >> police were called out to a unit of the georgetown manor apartments last night. when they arrived they heard gunshots. they spent a few hours negotiating with the man who barricaded himself inside. then officers heard more gunshots, entered the apartment and found a male and female both dead. police tell us more information will be released,. >> it sound like a murder suicide. police are investigating a double shooting in kingsessing. it happened around 11:30 on the, well, right at the corner
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of 58th and chester avenue. we are told one man was shot in the chest another was shot in the arm no word if any arrests have been made. we will keep an eye on that. >> , it the is called one of the worst crime scenes investigators have seen in decade. late saturday night police were called to the 1900 block of east cumberland street in kensington for a reports of the person screaming. when office's arrived they found the body of the 35 year-old woman covered in blood. she had been stabbed, assaulted in a nearby alley. search and rescue crews found a body of the diver who disappeared off the coast of bellmawr beach of jeffery who will also from westfield, new jersey. they recovered his body in the shark river inlet, and jeffery was a rising hockey star, and in high school, and in jersey city. an up is scheduled to determine how a eight year-old boy died. he was found unresponsible in
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a pool at nobles saturday. life guard discover him in two or 3 feet of water. the coroner says he is not calling this a drowning. well, former eagles player and head coach, marion campbell has died. >> campbell's career with the eagles started as a player in 1956. he spent six seasons with the team and helped them win 1960 nfl championship. campbell, whose big name was the wam seven fox, served as bird head coach from 1983 to 1985. he was replace by buddy ryan passed away late last month. campbell coach the falcons during his career, he was 87 year old. late last night eagles play by play announcer merrill reese tweeted sat to learn that marion campbell died. he was an excellent defensive coach and warm, wonderful person. well, you know what, septa a, it still has problems. it is not our thumb one story anymore but still heading every morning, and for weeks to come. starting to day though septa has added new trains, they are
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missing about 120, but we have pick up, ten more. five more cars have come in from the state of of maryland. they will be on the track this morning. another five cars should arrive by mid week. septa pulled 120 cars off the regional rail tracks earlier this month because of the crack, defects in the silver liner five cars. there is no timetable on when those cars will return to the track, but it seems to me it will be, months. we are hours away from the republican national convention beginning. >> humbug has started there, this years event is drawing, of course, an enormous amount of attention after the tumultuous g op primary race over the last six months. it comes with a renewed focus on security, and party unity, they say. >> when it comes to unity i would really like to see donald trump and mike pence being more unified. they are talking about their interview they had together.
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>> well, i don't know if is there a bigger contrast when two guys sit down next to each other. it is like towing luzader sitting next to hulk hogan. >> are you suggesting i'm not the size of hulk hogan i have seen you without your shirt on. >> okay. well, you know, if you are in philadelphia right now, trying to organize that convention this gives you a look at how these things go and what it takes to put these things together. this is not easy, to pull this off logistically. republicans hepp one of the things they get out of this is party unity. we will see. there will be an effort from some delegates to unseat donald trump. the final touches for the convention kick off, trump's campaign slogan given prominence as trump/pence ticket hopes to unite a fracture party. >> he will bring focus,
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purpose, and change to washington. >> reporter: just driving in the secure zone shows you how extensive the security precautions are. after yesterday's attacks on police officers in baton rouge. >> i haven't felt like big target on your back. i never felt like this. >> reporter: despite all drama in getting here in a lot of ways this will play out like a conventional convention. state delegations on the the floor, balloons ready to drop from the ceiling, and a main stage with a whole host of speakers. tonight there will be certain themes. one of which will be the bend gas i libya attacks and hillary clinton's role. the as well as donald's trump family and positioning as a law and order candidate. mrs. trump will speak and former new york mayor rudy guiliani. noteably absent two former g.o.p. presidents and two most recent nominees. still g.o.p. chairman rinse probe us is with keeping with trump's outsider status.
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>> surrounding hillary clinton with all of these sort of, politicians and political fixtures i don't know what that gets her. >> this convention begins with new polls showing that the race has tightened but hillary clinton has maintained a certain lead in every poll that we have sceneries eventually, republicans hope they will get a bounce in the results of this convention. hillary clinton will hope to get the same thing as a result of the convention in philadelphia next week. mike and alex. >> you will be here in philadelphia. >> i am, and i hope i get a cheese stake sandwich there because there are none available here. i'm in the sure if i would eat one here if there was one. >> don't call it a cheese stake sandwich. we will get you together. >> as soon as that left my mouth, i realized i committed a mistake. a pol guys. >> just cheese stake. >> yes, you pulled a mitt romney there. >> imagine what he will do.
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>> is tim tebow going to show up or not. >> i heard no, now. >> last we heard was no. he was on the slated list of speakers. said yeah, i don't know anything about this. so last we heard he will not speak. we will see, there may be a surprise or two. >> okay. >> we will be watching, see you tomorrow from cleveland. the here's a list of the people that will not be there that you would think would be in cleveland. they are big time republicans, including, for goodness sake the governor of ohio, is not going to show up, john kasich will not be there. of course, he ran against donald trump and said he will not endorse him. he will speak at other events around the city though but not inside of the convention center. sarah palin i thought she would be there. she has been a supporter. she says no, i can't seem to make it from alaska. senator john mccain won't there been saying he will instead focus on his own campaign for the senate again, six times, in arizona and former presidents, i
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understand why george hw walker bush will not be there he is no the in great health. but his son george w. bush said he will in the go there. remember how upset they were the way donald trump attacked their propertier, jeb. mitt romney says absolutely not. i'm not going. they have been in a fight too. >> even locally senator patrick toomey, pat meehan and tom mcarthur, other politicians not attending. >> not, not. >> who is attending. >> that would be a lot faster, five seconds. >> stick around for complete coverage. we have sent our bruce gor on there. we will have reports all day long on fox and five, six and ten tonight. we have got you covered in cleveland. we are there. of course, a week from today they are all going to be right here all of the reporters, all of the pundits, all of the democrats, do you see speaking line up for philadelphia? >> it is nice line up. >> seriously, the president, the vice-president, you've got
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bernie sanders, michelle obama will speak, chelsea clinton and of course hillary clinton will speak. that trump melania trump. >> she doesn't speak very often split is interest to see how she comes off. >> here's one woman that just can't stop talking. >> you know what, these are called dog days of summer. >> it is time period between july 3rd and august 11th because it has to do with astronomy where dog star rises and sets along with the sun and these nice, licensing days of summer, the dogs star is serious just like that. >> are you serious. >> i am, i'm see serious, every day. these are most sultry day of summer and days with the least rainfall. we're in the thick of it folks with the heat and humidity and pop up then are storms. you can see clouds, rain moving into western,
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northwestern pennsylvania, and out of cleveland it looks like the rain is leaving cleveland or cleveland and moving towards us, eventually later on in the day. we will get some of this action. so that is why we have to keep an eye on radar, marginal risk of thunderstorms here, that would be severe, but a slightly higher risk west and north of philadelphia, lehigh valley, poconos mountains, lancaster and berks county. greater chance of seeing a severe thunderstorm there. 77 degrees already in philadelphia temperatures going up from there. looking out windows, sunshine very bright, the relative humidity, dew points, 72 degrees, slightly below the actual temperature but closer it gets to the actual temperature, and the further, into the 70's and that dew point goes, the worst humidity is. we have promise had you heat wave number three and it has happened, as of sat take when it got to 94 degrees before the thunderstorms hit. that is 123, fourth day was
7:18 am
yesterday, today number five. we have a high of 96 degrees. in the 80's on tuesday and wednesday but we do not get much of break from the 90's because it is back up that temperature on thursday, friday, sat kay has potential to be 99 degrees with the heat index well in the triple digits, that one, that is why we said the worst. that is your seven day forecast, read it and weep, right. now lets take a look at traffic on this bright, sunny monday morning. i-95 at girard avenue, hazy sunshine you can see all of the sun glare and disable vehicle, it looks like on the side of the road there. route 42 in new jersey, volume definitely picking up for folks coming out of the new jersey into philadelphia, but it is not quite as haze there i, turnpike north bound at plymouth meeting we have a disable vehicle on the shoulder and debris on the road to slow you down there, mike and alex. >> thanks, 7:19. so yesterday, that there was a
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baseball game between pirates and washington nationals. it went 18 innings and camera caught this one kid having to endure this long, long game. twice as long. that are lot of ups and down in the game that last 18 innings. thinks a few of thee oceans this kid went through. >> this has been our guy we have been following. this is right after pirates had lead and lost it. he had a chance in extra innings. and another chance. got out of it. not much is happening. >> trying to refuel. my goodness. >> one -one in the bottom of the 17th, yeah, time for dinner. >> yes. >> no doubt about this one. he gives the pirates the lead in the 18th.
7:20 am
>> wow. >> talk about jumping on something, looking for something. and just losing it. way up in the grandstanded. jason werth could do was look. that ball was crushed. >> this guy could not be happier, he will remember where he was in the house when marte hit that big home run. >> thank goodness his parents are the kind of follow thanks don't leave, no matter what you stay until the end and he got a home run for his favorite team the pittsburgh pirates. >> he ended up crying. >> can you imagine him on a long road trip though, seriously. >> nuts. >> he is so cute though. >> so, y'all know the new york post, of course, been around forever, our company owns it, and is there probably the most famous gossip column of all time it is page six and get your new york post and open up and find out is whatting in the world of the celebrities, gossip, gossip, gossip. >> guess what. >> from the newspaper will
7:21 am
come alive on television and show premiers today, tonight actually. it is called page six tv. it starts at 7:00 o'clock tonight here on fox. >> john will be here.
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you say i did a good job of selling this new page six show. >> i think did you. >> let me set it up again after the commercial break. i say ites probably most iconic gossip column in the country, has been for years. it is going off pages of the new york post and it will be a tv show now. you can watch it tonight starting very first episode tonight at 7:00 right here on fox. our friend, john, is the host of the show and he joins us from new york. welcome back to philadelphia john, thank. >> whether an amazing lead up to the show. you made me want to watch. >> i told him, i will watch, for sure.
7:25 am
>> so, elaborate then john what i'm talking about, what will the show look like and what will the show sound like. >> well, you know, page six, of course, is first place most real new yorkers open the new york post. this she will be a lot more regurgitation of the celebrity news and what kardashian wore what while shopping for what this day. it will be fantastic panel of insiders and comedians. it is one of the first intentionally funny show of the its time, guys like mario cantone, debbie smith, noted gas up insider, elizabeth who writes for charity and carlos greer of the new york post, page six column, for me is a political comedian coming on to this was a really attractive kind of show. in a summer where the world is so torn apart by violence, discord, where families are coming to blows at the dinner table over this toxic presidential campaign, it goodies to know when families are done, they can come over and watch page six tv and
7:26 am
laugh at how taylor swift got edward snowden's by kim kardashian. it is just about bringing absurdity. not summer of violence or toxic politics, it is summer of taylor swift and we will have fun with it. >> if i want to get my news but want to laugh bit, my celebrity news. >> that is it. >> exactly it. something for other hemisphere of your brain. >> i like the sound of that. >> okay. my hemisphere has broken apart and drifted off one of them, yes. >> a lot of guys have that problem. talk to your doctor. >> i hear you will be coming to philly? >> yes, that is a great coincidence i will be performing at walnut street theater this sunday with stephanie miller for a political comedy tour. that will be great for me because page six is only launching right now in seven celebrity market. philly is one of them. i get to do pop culture tv show and political stand up show in the same week in your beautiful city.
7:27 am
i could not be more excited. we will be the opening act for the democratic convention. i will work on my bernie impression. >> i get the sense that this show tonight at 7:00 it almost has a game she feel, do you get that sense. >> game show feel except at midnight. what drew me in was an entertainment shows, entertaining show. whether he they said there would be a live audience. i said there has never been a show like this which will give guys like mario and me a chance to tell jokes and make it fun. it does that have wendy williams meets at midnight kind of vibe to it. >> we will be watching, tonight, john, congratulations. >> see you in philadelphia. >> thanks, guys, what a pleasure. >> see you there. >> you know, even though it is mid-july, have have you given up on getting fit? >> it is not too late to get that. >> are you serious. >> i think so. >> is there certain things
7:28 am
you have to be serious about and get right to it. >> the thing now in 2016 is not so much running, jogging, it is weight training. >> get the muscles. >> strength training, lift in other word. lift and separate. >> jen, lift us up please. >> lift us up. >> this guy is very serious. look at how serious he is. he trains professional athletes, that is not a lie he has to work on his dance moves. here's the situation. he will not waste your time in the gym. what isn't here thaw see in other gyms. he will not waste your time. i'm hoping he will stop dancing. oh, no, work it baby.
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police are investigating a double murder in the northeast at this motel. two women found tied up with bags over their head at the roosevelt inn. this morning police are in the saying much about the crime, no one has been arrested. we're on it. big day in cleveland, the republican national convention gets underway in a few hours, we will check with fox 29's bruce gordon live from cleveland in our next hour. they have change the lighting now, good looking set but not as good as ours sue serio a week from today, dnc starts in philly. >> you better believe it. they are still working on it. it will be even better. we are off to a sticky start. the bus stop buddy is pool side, best place to be on what will be a 96-degree day.
7:32 am
now reason muggy the doggies there just to let you know, i know, it is humid, watching a line of thunderstorms moving in the northwestern part have the state. we will see how long it takes to get here. we're thinking after two or 3:00 in the afternoon with high pressure still in control this morning, 77 degrees with 84 percent relative humidity. temperatures zooming up to 96 degrees today with those scattered storms we have mentioned popping up later in the day. seven day forecast is coming up, with hotter temperatures then this, yes, believe it or not. so, checking traffic this morning, we have an accident that has been on i-95 northbound, near cottman avenue. accident has cleared but see folks slowing down on the right-hand side as they a approached that area. still smooth sailing there. get in find from new jersey. a look at the speeds in the
7:33 am
area, there is very slow speeds on the schuylkill, right around route one especially that city line avenue interchange and notoriously slow and around the vine as well. we will find slow conditions. here in the city, mike and alex. >> america is reeling once again after another mass shooting yesterday morning. targeting police, six officers gunned down outside a gas station yesterday morning in baton rouge, east baton rouge, lou san a3 officers died, three others in the hospital, one in very critical condition. we are learning more about the suspect. >> investigators say gavin eugene long is a form mare reen and/in the iraq. they say that he was certainly seeking out police officers. >> here to talk about this recent violence lieutenant roger rodgers of the west hampton police department and also from upper darby. our good friend superintendent michael chitwood. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> what do you say to your fellow officers at this point. >> stay safe, vigilant, don't
7:34 am
change your approaching. this is basically terrorism. if someone does some, use extreme tactics, that is terrorism. their goal, it is to change the way we operate to defeat that. >> but don't you have to change a little bit because fact you put a uniform on, now you seem to be a target in this country. >> that came with the job. you still maintain your professionalism, you know, your code of conduct, you know, you just have to have increase your level of certain inspection but anything else you maintain the course, stay the course. >> superintendent chitwood, earlier we talk to commissioner richard ross and he was saying you have to keep the officers motivated but it can be difficult when you see upses like this happening. >> i think the first thing you have is, fear, i mean the fear of going out and doing your job. >> how could you not be afraid. >> that is what i'm saying. you have to overcome that. the majority of the men and
7:35 am
women that go into this profession care and they want to protect society. as you saw even in baton rouge yesterday, the officers weren't going the other way, they were going right toward the issue. majority of the men and women are strong, professional and unfortunately this seems like the new normal. let's shoot and kill police officers. >> to your point yesterday i think upper darby the police department put on it a tweet. you tweet every now and then. no matter if you are trying to kill us, we got your book. we will protect you even though some guy out there is trying to kill us. >> that is true. and, again, unfortunately this is what we're dealing with in this day and age. a grew with what the lieutenant said. it is what we do. it is our profession. the majority of the society, supports us. >> that is true. >> i had a guy stop me in the gym wanted to send a donation into the police foundation.
7:36 am
we get that every day. >> that is why this is surprising, after dallas i felt like the country was like maybe we should take a look what is going on. we know what you do out there for us and then just to have this happen again, i mean, does this alter your confident in the community at all, lieutenant. >> well, not really. in our town we have received a lot of support. we had a prayer vigil last sunday and support was overwhelming, and it almost brought tears to my eyes the amount of love and support we get. it is important that we work hand and hand and show each other support. >> you know, i appreciate what the president said yesterday. here's a little bit of what he had to say. >> we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement. attacks on police, are an attack on all of us and rule of law that makes society
7:37 am
possible. >> so true. it is an attack on all of us but lieutenant, what do we do about it. >> there is not much you can do about it. random guy drives from kansas city, missouri down to baton rouge and just opens fire on police officers. what can be done? is there an answer. >> from a police standpoint, again, just remain calm number one, all right. it opened up a line of communication i should say, to teach your officers to remain professional, increase level of awareness and keep fighting, keep pushing, you know, that is our job. this is the inherent risk on have police work. we cannot allow them to change them how to we police and work. we can't. >> one of the things i think that to follow-up on what the lieutenant said is the community police interaction,
7:38 am
collaboration, sitting down, talking. i mean we, and i'm sure many departments in america spend a lot of time with the community, developing programs, working close together, movie night out, whatever we can do that is positive and pro active, we have to continue that theme and not let these terrorist take our community. >> half we can do let us know. >> thank you for coming in. >> good to have you. a week from today, can you imagine hub bub and attention on philadelphia, it will be just like today, in cleveland. bruce gordon, a live report from cleveland, to get us a little taste what we will go through in seven days.
7:39 am
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oh, man, is it a week from today? eagles training camp kicks off a week from today. we have dnc. that monday will be crazy a lot going one think i'll come in next monday to do the show. >> it would be great. >> everyone will be focused on the quarterback situation when it comes to training camp. and it has been the story for the off season. coach doug pederson says he
7:42 am
will take things slow with carson wentz. he told philly voice it is pretty likely wentz will start the season on the inactive list as a third string quarterback. >> hold on, so in pro football, your third stringer doesn't even put a uniform on sunday. >> that is true. >> he will be sitting in the stand. >> he will still be down there but might be guy giving out water. >> and clipboard. >> yes. >> the guy with the clipboard. >> yes. >> sweat pants on. >> he might have a headset honor something like that. i mean all this hub bub, everybody talking, discussing, bradford, wentz, all that for him to sit on the sidelines. >> it will not happen. >> sam bradford will be your starter. >> really. >> we will see. >> the backup the dude you used to watch play. >> chase daniel. >> he played at missou. >> and kansas city chiefs where doug pederson got to know him as his coach there. >> isn't the point of training
7:43 am
cam top test out who will be the best. how can you say if you are inactive what if he shows up and shows out, will you still put him in the inactive list. >> shows up, shows out. >> it is a competition just like here every day. >> but we're not supposed to be competing. >> you shouldn't touch me or anything. >> you have been working out. >> working out with jen fred. she's all about strength training. you have to lift a weight every now and then. >> i will look like her but i'm not wasting anytime, kevin will tell us which exercises are a total waste of time as i tell him why dance will in the get you a girl friend.
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we have a look at traffic this morning and typically slow on 422. right around the saint gabe's curve there as sun glare will slow you down even more. checking vine street expressway very slow go in the city, stacked and pack there, route 202, we have some construction, to remine but that starts at 8:00 o'clock tonight, in both directions, right there when route 30 and 401, and everyone has been closing down one lane of route 202. it will be slowing down, in the overnight hours, on that part of that road.
7:47 am
that is later tonight. we will check weather for you and another hot forecast in 152nd. not the kind of day you want to break down on the side of the road or have problems with your air conditioning because you will need it the today and foreseeable future. you may also need that umbrella later on because here's that cold front line of thunderstorms, rolling through late her this afternoon, hitting northwestern, pennsylvania. right now just leaving cleveland, ohio. they have already had their rain but still pretty cloudy and slightly muggy. we are at marginal risk of severe thunderstorms today. a few pop ups could be strong to severe, greater risk north and west of the city. the as we look at the future cast we will see around
7:48 am
3:00 o'clock to the north and west of us those then are storms roll in. it is not until after four of five they will pop up in our area and very widely scattered but you when you get one it could be intense maybe 6:00 o'clock tonight and those pop ups continue, as the actual cold front itself comes through at nine or 10:00 o'clock there northwest to south east. as late as 11:00 you could be hearing then are at jersey shore. 77 degrees in philadelphia right now. we're going all the way up to 96 degrees today. upper 80's on tuesday and wednesday. the important part of these two days because up joy it because heat and humidity return for thursday, friday and saturday with a possible high of 99 degrees. it means a heat up decks with humidity factored in well in the triple digits. so this will be mike and alex, once we get there heat wave number four. >> it is just hot.
7:49 am
>> yes, hot. >> sue, what is it going to be 7:00 o'clock let's say friday morning. >> when we're down at the dell. it will be probably in the upper 70's by then. >> so short would be the order. >> just dress cool. >> right, wardrobe of choice. >> breeze can blow through you. >> what i'm talking about is we're having a party, at the dell, so this wraps this up, every friday we have been this a different town in our viewing area this time we will take eight mazdas, eight mass toes to the parking lot of the dell music center fairmount park. >> look at this, this is the dell if you have in the been. look at all of the people. it is a great time. beautiful venue outdoors. >> i will go this thursday. mary, marr is performing. >> yes. >> temptation where is there last week even. >> maybe, i could ask mary, mary to come out to the show friday morning that would be cool. >> but we will have a big
7:50 am
performance. >> at the dell. >> yes. >> kin dried of the family soul listen to their new single out, say hi to freeway. and they will perform for the first time, live at this party, with freeway. >> so if you want to meet freeway and whole family, there they are, come out to the dell, here's what i'm going to do. >> what? >> there are inflatable, bouncing houses, food, water ice, a lot of treats, eagles cheerleaders. >> when you say flavors. >> bouncey housees bring the kid, and family. >> why don't you get on our twitter account split is, mike fox 29,al he can holley fox 29 and let us know right now if you are coming out it is an rs vp. >> let us know if you will be here, crowd control. >> and food count. >> we need to have that good or let us know on our facebook wall. >> just say i'll be there.
7:51 am
>> okay. >> give us an idea. >> easier to reach us on the wall. but do the wall. >> go to the wall. >> rs vp. we don't want to be out there by ourselves. >> we won't be. >> we need you on that wall. >> it is free parking so you have no excuse. you have the kid out for the summer. >> we will sigh friday. >> get on tv, be there. >> professional athlete don't waste time in the gym and neither do we. if i go there i want to get the best out of the work out. >> we want to but sometimes do you some movement, and it is waste of time. you are not doing anything. so jen, you will tell us what we need to do to get in shape, things that do make sense. >> kevin and i have been talking about this, not special athletes but regular joes we don't want to waste anytime. >> no wasting time. >> can we name drop, jameer nelson. you work with professional athletes. >> sure. >> so when you bring them to the gym you don't put them on machines. >> no, we do not.
7:52 am
we focus on maxing the body first and ating weights to that. we prefer free weights over machine. >> lets go to the tonight i contradict i. there is no other way, the abductor, inductor. >> you say that is run from. that don't do that. >> we don't like that. >> show us what we should do. >> we will work on something over here. so find a weight suitable for you. this is assuming you can do this without weight first. we will hike the weight up. keep our elbows in, all right. we will sink our hipps back and pull yourself down deep. >> yes, squatting for help. get this down between our knees and we will pry them apart. work, truce even up. >> you want people twisting around a little bit. >> yes, a little bit. and then before now, stand up nice and tall. >> why is that better than in and out thing at the gym.
7:53 am
>> we are using weight, it is not a guided motion. we want to control it ourselves. >> okay good we're supposed to squad. we were born to squat. you want to practice that movement. a lot of people can't do that because they don't do it. >> what about my abs. i like to planning about 35 minutes at a time. >> right, you are the world record hold inner planning. instead of sitting down here and planning for, you know, minutes or minutes. we will do short, five to ten seconds planks but actively contract our abs. pull your elbows down will. so get down here, right. >> and instead of sitting here i will start to drive my elbows down, and create my own tension and then relax. >> with your muscles we can see it. >> last thing, you don't want people on the treadmills for 45 minutes. >> no. >> what do you want to us do instead. >> one thing athletic movements. keep the body young, and keep us energized.
7:54 am
any kind of jumping or sprinting. we happen to have a box here. you don't need one to do it though but lets i just say you do. standing right here using your arms, land next, stand up, and then step down. >> i can do that instead of running. >> yes, you can. >> here's what we will do. the these guys are kicking booty. we will do some ab mix. a dude on instagram has eight pack. every man on your club has an eight pack. that is what i want to get. guys, pretty cool, right. that is me. >> i love that kind of talk. >> thanks for jumping on twitter immediately on face bike saying, you are coming out to the dell. we have a bunch of people. >> we will show one, here that says i will be there and i have a couple more. so let us know, rs vp, alex holley fox 29, mike fox 29 we will see you at the dell this friday. our bruce gordon is in cleveland because rnc starts
7:55 am
today. this could be one of the most watch conventionness history because of donald trump. when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place.
7:56 am
but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled, i was appalled. you gotta see this guy... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember! that reporter suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. it told me everything i need to know about his heart and what he believes deep down. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:57 am
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7:58 am
first tweet at 9:30, almost 10:00 o'clock eastern time that there was another shooting. i thought they were still talking about dallas or something. if you no, another one this baton rouge. >> i thought not again. so now there are calls for unity and pizzas nation becomes gripped with another shooting targeting police. the attention has turned back to baton rouge, three officers kill, three others wounded in the ambush shooting outside a gas station. we are learning more information about the ex-marine, who gunned them down, and this just came out this morning. they have confirmed he was certainly seeking out police. lets get to brandon todd, he is standing by in baton rouge with the latest as we learned more about him this morning. hi brandon. >> reporter: good morning, yes. state police are now calling this an ambush. it all happened at beauty
7:59 am
supply store back behind me when yesterday morning the cry over the police radio shots fire officers down. police officers to the here 84:00 in the morning at airline highway at this shopping center. they got a 911 call there was a suspicious person walking down the street with the high powered rifle. that shooter was dressed all in black carrying extra ammunition, and wearing a mask. as soon as officers pulled up on the scene here he immediately started to shoot. that gunman, gavin long from kansas city, missouri turned 29 yesterday, served in the marine, he was killed by police in the shoot-out, some seven minutes or so after he fired the first shots. those officers were were killed three two-year old montrell jackson a baton rouge police officer. forty-one year-old officer matthew gerald, and then 45 year-old deputy brad garafola he was a deputy with the heat
8:00 am
baton rouge sheriff's office. three other officers, were wounded in that, and i'm told critically fighting for his life this morning. >> you cannot get in the brain of somebody like this guy but does he know he ising to go dianne he chooses his birthday as his death day, we will never know but on his 29th birthday he pull this is off. brandon, good job. we will see you again probably tomorrow. good day, it is monday, july 18th, 2016. yeah, it happened again, police officers ambush this time in baton rouge, louisiana. >> the attacks on police are an attack object all of us. >> reporter: what police in our area doing save before the democratic national convention which starts a week from now. >> it is republicans turn first and all eyes are on cleveland. it is day one of the republican national convention, we are their life, with what is on tap.
8:01 am
shamed for shaping. a playboy playmate is in big trouble after posting a photo of a name woman at her gym. what police are now involve and what kind of rights you have, when you strip down after the work out. kim kardashian verse taylor swift, the famous feud continues. what kim posted to defend herman and this juicy social media showdown. >> seriously. >> let's get to the number of the day because it is a six. you are thinking six? that doesn't look that bad out there. we could have thunderstorms later this afternoon and there is muggy the dog, your clue that we will have another dog day of of summer, july kind of day around here with heat and humidity. we are off to a city start with temperatures in the 70's and there they are in western
8:02 am
new york and northwestern pennsylvania. they just moved through cleveland, already today. but right now nothing on radar in our area. things are moving well, hopefully, at philly international. 79 degrees already. it is just 8:00 o'clock in the morning, southeasterly wind at 10 miles an hour, that is, what gives us humidity those south 95 lunchtime. ninety-six our high with scattered pop up thunderstorms. very familiar summertime forecast around here as we head into mid-july. that is your planner fun monday, lets get to the roads, and we will show you the seven day forecast coming up. starting off with a look at the vine street expressway, the westbound side has an accident that is approaching the schuylkill, so, this backup, extend all the way to the ben franklin bridge. basically westbound side of the vine is coming into the city and residual effects back
8:03 am
to the ben franklin bridge, that will slow you down a lot coming out of the new jersey into philadelphia. meanwhile, the phillies will play tonight, again, but mets are gone. time for marlins at 7:05. expect extra traffic and south philadelphia, later on this evening. >> the fish are in town. >> yeah. >> stinking fish. >> louisiana state police say gunman in baton rouge ambush the six law enforcement officers and was quote certainly seeking out police. they said quote his movements and directions his attention was on police officers. three officers died, three others remain hospitalized this morning one in critical condition. investigators say the gun man 29 year-old gavin eugene long is a form mare reen who served in iraq. state police also confirmed they have interviewed people with whom long had contact with in baton rouge but they have not elaborated more on that. but they are expecting more information to come out today on the shooter. >> we have still been unclear
8:04 am
when had an accomplice or did act alone. information about an hour and a half ago out of baton rouge, east baton rouge police department, said they really believe now they are 99 percent sure he was by himself. the nation's leaders are calling for unity, tolerance and peace but what are we doing about this in philadelphia a week before our convention. >> steve is talking about how police are responding this morning. >> if that shooter may have been by himself you can bet philadelphia police officers will not be by themselves at all on any shift in any car, for the foreseeable future for the third time in 2016, the first time after one of their own jesse hartnett was the first police officer in this country specifically targeted for death simply because he wore the uniform and then wore the badge. they doubled upright after dallas and here they go again after baton rouge. >> just shocking. you think why should it be in light of what is happening
8:05 am
across the nation but it is still shocking. every time it happens you are just as surprised as were you last time and concerned about the men and women that wear this uniform, obviously every where but in particular, here and trying to create some bounce in all this and make sure that we're safe. the individuals start firing these weapons, community people are at risk as well so we're very concerned about that. as you know in dallas two people, civilians were hit by that gunfire and those police officers put their lives on the line to protect them to despite that. >> reporter: both weather-wise and threat wise philadelphia police are feeling the heat. all officers know is that at a time here in mid-july, with temperatures, hitting the mid 90's that they only happen to worry about dealing with the heat and wearing a kevharvest under all of their protection in this kind of a heat that they have to worry about a
8:06 am
whole different heat then the kind mother nature and sun are providing this time. >> yeah, these mass shootings, thanks, steve, will be topic of conversation all day and tonight at the republican national convention accounts, which kicks off today, main event is tonight in cleveland and thousands of people have flooded into that town. >> one of the main topics will be safety. another thing people are looking out for is treeing trump and pence together. will they have that unified front and chemistry because after that 60 minutes interview that aired people are wondering. >> well, odd couple comes to mind. two end of the spectrum of personalities. >> do you know what was also odd. >> i know what you will talk about because the moment he named governor pence, the graphics people at their campaign came out with a lego right away. >> maybe it was rush. >> maybe a little bit. you have your ttp, people went
8:07 am
with the toilet paper idea but t and p seemed to have, what is the t doing to the p. some people like john dingel l, had a sexual thing on the mind apparently. it looks like the t is doing something to the p. >> but i guess they are trying to come together, right. >> excuse me. >> i'm just saying maybe that is what they are thinking. >> aren't we all. >> when they put that together. >> luckily we have mature voters across america. >> i'm not one of them. i went right to it too. >> milkie way could you put that logo backup again. they are saying the t, for some reason, sex is on the mind of a lot of people like the t is inside the p. >> the p is hugging the t. >> your comment was, they are all coming together. >> so after all this because it is trending, people are talking about it. they unveiled a new logo.
8:08 am
>> they got rid of that one and they separated. we will just break this up. >> forget the t and the p, it is just trump/pence. >> latest space remind me of getting a eye exam. >> cover one eye. >> the t. >> t. >> p-e, i cannot figure out is that a d. >> do you ever try to cheat an eye test. what is the point of cheating the eye test because you don't want to act like you cannot see. >> yes. >> some kind of squint, do you cheese. >> exactly. >> you try to cheat. >> bruce gordon would never cheat, are you on the convention floor as they say. >> i'm sorry guys, i'm having trouble hearing you that is not a surprise. >> it looks like he is on the floor. >> can you hear us now. >> reporter: no, we are at "fox news" headquarters, just across the way, quicken loans is where we will be during our
8:09 am
evening reports at five, six, ten and 11:00 o'clock. that is where we will be. you guys sound like you are having fun here. not so much fun here were looking stickal difficulties and security issues but let's talk trump/pence. their first joint interview on 60 minutes. the two of them not surprisingly talking security in the wake of the recent fate of police involved shootings and the ambush of officers in a couple of different locations for his dallas and then baton rouge. here now donald trump and indiana governor mike pence on the issue of security. >> we are both ready, i have no doubt. we need toughness, we need strength, obama's weak. hillary is weak and part of it is that we need law and other. we need strong borders. >> one of the reasons i why i said yes in the heartbeat because he embodies american strength. i know he will provide that kind of broad shouldered
8:10 am
american strength on the global stage as well. >> reporter: security obviously at forefront this entire week, we saw a lot of it yesterday and franklin if you are in philadelphia right now think back to the papal visit last september and think back to the security you saw there ape now stretch that out over four or five or even six days and that is what we are likely to expect here in philadelphia. in cleveland, road closures all over the place, caged off areas, blockades, big municipal trucks. we will see snowplows with the blades still on there set up across the ain't major streets. so they can block any kind of an attempt with the vehicular kind of assault like we saw in east france. security is tight. police officers all over the place coming from as far away as california we noticed yesterday. a heavy police presence. tough to get around. lots of street closures guys. >> they remind me of the pope's visit, the event zone there in cleveland. >> with the fences and
8:11 am
everything. >> pope fences. >> all right bruce we will check back with you throughout the week in cleveland. does justin beiber need to say hey, i'm sorry. >> is it too late new to say sorry. >> it probably is because he had concert in atlantic city. he got angry with somebody in the crowd, a little girl, why he said that fan ruined a dramatic serious moment he was sharing to share with the crowd. she missed it up. >> but first you have been waiting to see the fish that take cares of mosquito. >> they are called mosquito eating fish, chris, how big are they. >> they are town i, they are gamebusha, butch here is scooping them out of the tank. look at you will of those things. bucket will go in this backyard. here's why, this is a mosquito infested abandoned pool behind this wall. it is disgusting.
8:12 am
we are solving mosquito problem in south jersey after the break.
8:13 am
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8:15 am
camden county's mosquito commission is using fish to combat mosquitoes and zika. chris murphy is live in camden county where fish are being released in nearby waterways. chris, you will show us how this works. they are tiny fish too, right. >> they are tiny fish, this is butch with the mosquito commission. how many fish are in here. >> a couple good we will take this bucket in a minute. look at this disgusting abandoned pool. thinks a information closed home in lindenwald in, south jersey, camden county. it is gress in there, right. this is perfect breeding gun for mosquito larvae. how are you doing. >> good. >> you guys have been busy with the commission lately. >> we have been swamp. >> speaking of swamped this is some sort of a makeshift jacuzzi from i don't know when but if you scoop in here, if we can show you what it looks like, you can so mosquito larvae swimming around in
8:16 am
there. how soon until they are active biting mosquitoes. >> there are ones rolled up like a ball they will be out in a day by tomorrow, they will ab dult mosquitoes. others will be out in a couple days. so when we put the fish in there they will go right to town. >> they should get right to town. >> yes, they will. they will kill all of the larvae in here. >> it will take all day. they will eat, and then they stop and eat more. >> are you guys hungry. here we go. >> have fun in there. >> this is one of the many homes that has problems this time of the year. >> we have for closed homes in camden county. that is our bulk of complaints because they affect neighbors. they are getting bit up day and night. >> a home lick this can affect what two houses in each direction around this house. >> that would be accurate depending upon the shade around there because direct
8:17 am
sunlight will kill them. they will stay in the shaded area. >> were you telling me before we did this live shot that the direct sunlight can kill a mosquito in ten or 15 minutes. >> shade is the real problem here. >> as you can see look at shade in this neighborhood. neighbors here must be plaqued by something like this unless you showed up with these little fish. >> we get tons of complaints on either side. sometimes whole neighborhoods call. you would be surprised. kids get bit, dogs get bit. >> how many homes do you go in per day. >> anywhere from five to seven vacant homes a day. >> what about this, come over here and talk about this mess. we have heard a frog this here a few minutes ago. >> what is great about something like this is you got something that is not too deep so it is perfect breathing ground and you get tadpoles to grow as well. you get a whole eco system in there good what a headache this is commission has legal right to on go on a vacant
8:18 am
problem or active property where there is a home owner at home and your jurisdiction supersedes the homeowners, right. >> yes, we have a commission because we are commissioned are allowed to go on any rot. >> take care of business. >> yep. >> what are we go to go do use to attack this fish. >> we put a hundred in each one. what happens is these fish they are live bearers. and every month they will have a new batch and these fish will die off and another generation that will take over. >> these will get us through the summer. >> interesting thing here in camden county they have their own hatchery so they don't have to go up to north jersey a couple hours each way to do it. they are self sufficient. >> here we go. >> they are italian gamebusha fish and mike, all of house love italian food, they love to eat. that is a good thing. >> we were saying they are so small but mosquitoes look at
8:19 am
how tiny they are. >> true. >> have you ever eaten mosquitoes. >> i have. >> have you. >> yes, they taste like chicken. >> do you fry them or eat them fresh. >> i don't like fried on fried food i saute. so thank you for all of the tweets, wow, tweeting your faces off saying i'm coming to the party at the dell on friday. >> we want to know who is coming. rs vp. tweet us, write on our facebook wall, thinks dell music center. this is a great chance to go. beautiful outdoor venue, great concert for their summer series. you can find mike and i there hanging out listening to music. >> i will there been this thursday for mary, mary. >> if we will have a party to then good day drive you summer we can do it at the dell. we will have a great part think friday 7:00 a.m. this is the final one, so come out, hang out with us, 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. this is not any typical stop, okay. we will have, mike you will
8:20 am
like when i say this inflatable bouncey houses, face painting, barbecue, rita's, it is so much fun you need to be there. bring your folks. we are having a conser. kin dread the family sole is performing all my people, the freeway and freeway will be there too. so it will be a great time. this is the song now. i don't know if you want to listen to it. it is really smooth. >> crank it up a little bit. >> ♪ >> so come out and see us. people on twit eras i mentioned, the shipments that she's bringing her five grand kid are coming. the kids will have a good time. carroll hairston says i will there been with my two kid. >> one guy says turf work the at nine but i will there been from seven or 8:30. people are planning around. come for a little bit, drop in like a family barbecue, you just drop in, get food, say hello and then head out.
8:21 am
>> the shipman's will be there. a sounds like a whole crew. you will be in my hood, me and 59 grand are coming. >> one guy said you guys are coming through? yes, i will be there. i'm lori says i cannot wait to meet you guys. >> bigger party then i thought. we will see you friday. >> yesterday was world emoji day, did you use an emoji yesterday. we will have a reason you why should start using them. why using them can help with your love life, apparently people that use emojis, are getting more action. >> if you get emoji you get it on. >> okay. >> but first did justin beiber need to say sorry a at his concert in atlantic city on friday? he got angry with somebody in the crowd. why he said that fan just ruined the moment. >> by the way our producer kitkat kline was in attendance, she was the oldest person there and she has a full report coming up.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
so justin beiber was over in atlantic city at a conference -- >> a concert. >> a conference. >> it it was a music conference. at the boardwalk hall which is a great place to see a concert as a matter of fact. it the happened during the concert he tried to slow things down and have a special serious moment with his audience. >> but someone got in his way. >> i want to say thank you to every one. >> unaudible. >> he is going in to this slow, thoughtful song.
8:26 am
a with you we're going through a lot of struggle until america when a fan threw a hat up on the stage, the fan wanted him to sign this hat or something and the hat almost hit him, upset him, he ruined the moment, little girl. >> i'll show a picture of her later. >> very young woman. >> yes. >> so she ruin the moment for him. >> i'm waiting. i'm sure you will have something to say. >> we must put a mike on kitkat kline in the 9:00 o'clock hour. she was there. yes, she was the oldest person there. she has a full report for you at 9:00 you don't have anything to do beiber. you have a lot to say. >> you want me to say he is a tool. >> i refuse to do that. >> because i promised our viewers i will never call him a tool again. >> i was trying to trap you into saying something if you remembered your promise. >> i did. >> are you thinking, you are just not saying he is a tool. >> tool is here, the word tool is here, it just doesn't come
8:27 am
out here anymore. >> you just said it because it is here. >> that still countsy had to explain i don't call him a promise no the to call him a tool even though he is a tool. >> you just called him a tool. >> you are willing back on your promise. do you we need to see it again. >> i remember the promise. >> even though he is a tool. i'm not calling him a tool ever again. >> i still that counts as calling him as a tool. >> 8:27. >> i need to work out. i have said that for 15 years. >> maybe today is the day. maybe what jen is doing will motivate you. >> inspire me, come on jen. >> we will give you the ab mix, everybody is on instagram with their abs, what are they doing wrong and how can you do it right, give us a answer, that is it. bad dancer, good fitness guy. bad dancer good tonight necessary guy.
8:28 am
8:29 am
when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place. but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled, i was appalled. you gotta see this guy... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember! that reporter suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. it told me everything i need to know about his heart and what he believes deep down. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. flows into one incredibleh water experienceldresponsible you can't find anywhere else. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ ♪
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i don't know what got into us on friday but we have big bookings today, jermaine dupreis on "good day philadelphia". that is the singular of the show. >> i see. >> a mar hardwick from power his co-star, 50cent is also here on "good day philadelphia", from power. and, and. >> and then infiltrator hits theaters but is there a local connection to the drug cartel crime drama the mother and son from our area, making movie magic, together. >> by the way they are making, and request of one sue serio of less than five minutes ago, lets get in the 21st century here. instead of the number of day in the weather, one through ten, how about an emoji forecast. you are telling me you have
8:32 am
put one together. >> would i love to claim credit but this was prepared for world emoji day yesterday. >> yes. >> so if you are watching, yesterday, in the morning, you saw, the emoji cast and it was, it is pretty similar to today, grab a sun glass, and i don't know all the official names, what would you call this one. and, 52 degrees by 3:00 o'clock. sweating it out emoji with the high of 96 degrees today. that is the actual high temperature for today, okay. bus stop buddy, and muggy the door. umbrella needed later today when solve these thunderstorms fired up, probably after three or 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon but we have, hazy temperatures outside. we have 79 degrees in philadelphia 79 percent relative humidity.
8:33 am
we have don't have a heat inn deck predict to be warmer than actual temperature but it is 60 degrees, just hot enough. 8:26. that is your monday forecast. lets check traffic for monday morning and it is the vine street expressway, westbound, that is your problem today, and multi vehicle accident there is blocking the left lane. so everybody has got to merge over to the right, if they want to get on to the schuylkill expressway and that is backing things up to the ben franklin bridge. quick check of the roosevelt boulevard this morning, shows us some very slow go, southbound as you head into the city and then again toward the schuylkill expressway, and speeds are pretty slow throughout the area as a result, guys. it is an age old question, jen. >> fit with jen fred, i like this. >> my gosh she has her own graphic for this. >> because it is that big of the deal. >> it is, it is an age old question and we have been dealing with it for centuries, how to you get wash board abs.
8:34 am
is it your diet or is it a gym thing. >> okay. so first of all i have a graphic, i want to see it. kevin says it is food more than the work out. >> it is food. >> you also say you don't have an eight pack. >> no, this is just you want to be leaner in the middle. >> yes. >> but not boring guy with the eight pack. >> right, exactly. we have a couple things that we stand by that will help us. >> we like our beer. >> love beer. >> and occasional carbs. >> yes. >> thinks more about looking not bad. >> not bad, and it will help to keep you strong. should you ever get your giant check you will have those abs. >> yes. >> so tell us a couple things we are doing wrong. >> so would i say our number one thing is we are chasing the burn. a lot of times you are doing crunches and things like. that you feel that burn in abs. some exercises are ab exercises where you do not
8:35 am
feel that burn but that doesn't mean you don't have work on your abs. don't work out just to feel that burn. >> is what she doing. >> she's doing ab wheel, a advanced version of it. you want to make sure you are strong, confident enough to do this. you can start off with our medicine ball or exercise balls. >> i have done paper place like this. >> sure, same thing. >> she's not feeling burn but she will have better abs tomorrow morning. >> right, exactly. >> great way to add some contraction and non-ice owe metric. >> she will be walking around with weights. >> well, because i told him too. so he is doing a farmer carry. one of the reasons we use these we want exercise that he is may you would not think are ab exercises. we want to make every exercise we do a core exercise, making sure we do this. >> you were saying about the strengthen. >> we say, your core is like a tree trunk. if your tree trunk wasn't
8:36 am
strong that is where you would flop right over. keep your core same way. it is up to you to contract it. >> we can do this at home with anything. >> just something heavy. >> start slow and work your way up. one of easiest to do, great for burning fat and keep your core tight. >> walk around the house. >> lets go walk around the house. >> yes. >> you have this band thing. >> i will pull michael over. by the way, this looks a lot harder. >> it looks easier then it is. >> mike, hold on. wrap this around a doorknob and i well pull it here. we will just go press and hold here. for a few second and present i it back in. press back out. so hold for a few seconds. we are resisting this band. if i want to make it harder, step out to the side. >> he is more sweatier then i am he works harder then do i. >> make every exercise count and be okay to try to make it
8:37 am
better. >> right, exactly. >> that is what i heard you say. >> i always a that. >> do you want to do closing dance move. >> no, that is not the one. >> how about that one. >> he is not kidding. >> no joke. >> they are very effective. >> i have been told some humans don't like to take time off from work. they fall behind, whatever. alex has a big time offer women, different reasons. i foundry search that says you better book a vacation because it will help you you in the office and not hinder you, alex.
8:38 am
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings.
8:40 am
pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] i was surprised with people saying i don't like to take time off from work. take summer vacation, as you
8:41 am
may get three or four weeks a year they think they will get more done, they might get a raise if they are always at the office. people who get more time off are most likely to get a raise, according to a study by project time off. >> researchers looked at number of vacation days employees use in their overall career success and they found those who took more vacation days ended up with higher paychecks. >> that is counter intuitive. >> 55 percent of americans don't use all of the vacation days they are allowed. >> half of us in this country, and don't use, and what happens is, my goodness i have all these days, please, let me off. let me off. kitkat kline says you don't ever take off. >> now does she have any credibility anymore kitkat kline even though she's executive producer of our program. she went to the justin beiber conser. she was the oldest person. we will have a full live report of the concert friday night in atlantic city. >> did you say something negative about justin beiber. >> you said she lost all
8:42 am
credibility because she went to the concert. >> does that make her a tool as well. >> i'm just saying. >> remember your promise. do you have it qued up or not. >> i don't know. >> no, i don't know, do we have it. >> no. >> that would take it video, promised to go make any negative commentary, or saying anything negative about beiber. >> even though i think he is tool i will not call him a tool. we saw this picture last week and country is still talking about it. this playboy playmate at the jim, she's in a sauna and she said a naked woman not in good shape. she's trying to get in good shape. she posted that. she shamed her. she showed that women name. now police are involved. how much trouble is this tool in. >> what are my rights. we all work out and go places you have to change in the community area. what are my rights if someone takes a picture and post that
8:43 am
on the interest net. >> nobody want to see that. i mean, you i would like to see but certainly not me.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
real quick as we look at people at the lake, in the poconos maybe there is a planning ton plume like there was in the atlantic ocean. it was four years ago today, july 18th, 2012 was last time we reached 100 degrees in philadelphia remember four years ago it was a hundred degrees. now, there is a chance, as we take a look the a the seven day forecast that we could get there by saturday, but today, but the best weather days of the week heat and humidity return, on, thursday and friday, and saturday predict high of 99 waste could make it to a hundred on the saturday. been four years, we're due alex and mike. , eight credit 46. >> playboy playmate of the year is under criminal investigation after she posted a naked photo of a woman changing in the gym rest room.
8:47 am
>> how could you think this was ever a good idea. there she is that smug little, danny matters is her name, snap this photo of the woman showering at the gym. she captioned it with if i can't unsee this, then you can't either. i will unsee this matters has received backlash. los angeles police department is looking into the incident after l.a. fitness, that is the name of the gym alerted that it happen. so danny here has also been suspended from her regular day at her los angeles radio station in the wake of it all she issued this apology. >> i just wanted to acknowledge the photo that i accidentally posted on snap chat earl ter day and let you know that was absolutely wrong and not what i meant to do, i have chosen to do what i do for a living because i love the female body and body shaping is wrong. that is not what i'm about. that is not the type of personally am.
8:48 am
>> that photo was taken to be part of the personal conversation with the girl friend. because i am new to snap chatty didn't realize i posted it and it was a huge mistake. i know i have upset a lot of people out there but please believe help this is not the type of personally am. i will never done this before and i will never do this again. >> so, that was just post and post and post. >> but she's also banned from l.a. fitness. company tweeted her behavior ace paul and puts members at risk. we ended her membership. she cannot use any club. it is not just our rule but common decency. >> i wouldn't doubt this women's career is ruin. jennifer brandies here our attorney. what would be legal ramifications. >> she's facing criminal charges. lapd is looking into it this he may charge her of taking a photo of a private person in their private part. it is illegal to to. that we have heard about people sneak nothing to dressing rooms and doing that type of thing. men usually but no different
8:49 am
if it is a woman to get another picture of a woman. >> does her excuse hold any water, i was new to snap chat, i just blew it. >> absolutely not. it is out there. that is what we have always said, here and as i have said what you put out on the internet, it is dangerous. you may be liable for at some point in time like she may be. >> what about the woman there. we know, you go to swimming pools and not the gym but there is women locker rooms and you are changing. you think people just necessity you don't take picture of people changing. could they be responsible because this happened in their bathroom. >> i think that is why they are saying it is against their rules, it is prohibited but question is are there signs in the locker room to say in cell phone use. everybody has a cell even if these days. you go in the gym locker room people are talking on their phone and using their phone. it is hard to police that. the question is do we need more notice.
8:50 am
you would think it is common decency. you wouldn't take picture of other people in the locker room but do you have need to have something out there saying that is prohibited. >> really covering their you know, so to speak. >> they need to. they are seeing an expectation of privacy in the locker room that you will not be photographed but yet you are change nothing a public place. so there is some issues there. there could be a case there. >> well, you know, i think what will happies they may be sued with danny matters. right new we don't hear anything about the woman coming forward or doing anything. all we heard about was criminal investigation. as far as anybody knows this woman has not been identified by name. >> so what could she be dealing with then what type of behavior. >> there is civil complaint, damages, to this women and perfect reputation, you know, there is some kind of claim there. >> yes, criminally, a year in
8:51 am
jail? >> misdemeanor so probably more after a finish you you are looking at but it is, you know, it is a legal matter, and it was her apology i just don't think holds water here and i don't think it will make up for what she did and again, take away message is be very careful what you are posting out on the internet. >> even if it was shore heartfelt apology that still wouldn't make a difference the picture is out there. >> she dit, and with the message, it is pretty clear her intent was not completely innocent. >> yes. >> now if i posted a naked picture of me, in the gym, that is a crime. that is federal offense. >> everybody would like to see that. >> sure. >> that is why you have to make sure you know how to use snap chat. >> you have it but you just don't use it. >> you ever need any tips i got you. >> snap chat queen right here. >> but i don't snap things like that. >> no. >> don't do that.
8:52 am
>> jen, you are fantastic. >> is what the name of the perfume you have on. >> i can't tell my secrets, my natural scent. >> oh, yeah. >> yes. >> i wore it just for you. >> okay. >> do you need a moment. >> 85:00 two. we have a big morning, jermaine duplea, they are all on good day. >> say that again. jermaine dupre, and 50cent. >> they are all on our show. don't miss the new season of their hit shows.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
this is near manayunk, thinks an odd thing to see on the schuylkill expressway this
8:56 am
morning. yes, just outside manayunk, you can tell it is close to philadelphia, you can see amtrak, and septa tracks up at the top of the screen. as you can tell it is not real air force one or we would have a major accident on our hand. >> yes. >> it is a mock up of air force one, an older version of air force one. this has been in philadelphia were but they are heading for my guess would be the pennsylvania convention center, here in center city, not sure why they had to pull over but it looks like. >> maybe they need to fill up, ran out of gas. >> taking a break. >> anyway, that is heading to our convention center, again, that is my guess for the democratic national convention starting next monday here in philadelphia. >> i guess rnc in cleveland they wouldn't want it for this week. >> it seems how republicans are not in the white house that could be what they did in the want it there. >> yes. >> a mock up of trump's airplane. >> i bet that is fancy.
8:57 am
>> oh, yeah. >> it would be interesting to go compare trump's airplane with air force one. >> i would have to say air force one would trump trump don't you think. >> you would think but i don't know. trump has a lot of money. >> is he a billion air businessman. >> yes. >> yesterday was world, not the just national but world emoji day. did you use emojis and which one did you use. >> i turned my face into ane maine gi, into an instagram. >> i have to see that. >> you should follow me. >> i do follow you on the gram. >> here's the thing, if you use emojis you are more likely to find romance, then people who don't. i have people very close to me who put an emoji in every single text. >> do you like that. >> i like this one particular person, who does it. >> okay. >> yes. >> kim kardashian verse taylor swift, the famous feud continues, with kim posted to
8:58 am
defend herman, it is a really juicy social media she down trending right now, everybody is talking about it. bad blood, baby. okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ]
8:59 am
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