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tv   Fox 29 News Special You Decide  FOX  July 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ >> this convention will come to order. (applause). >> make america great again. ♪ >> oh, we're going to win, we're going to win so big. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> the presumptive republican presidential nominee making a big promise tonight when he took the stage days before he's actually slated to speak. queens we are the champion played in the background. as he introducing the showed headliner his wife milania trump live look at the quicken loans a rona cleveland after day of protests and speeches and cheers and boos. it's just all getting started. good evening, i'm lucy noland. thank you for joining us for the fox 29 you decide special here's
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where things stand at this hour. the first night session of the republican national convention is nearing its end in cleveland. this comes after really a wild afternoon session that rank into proceedings at the quicken loans rona. one political pundit call it bedlam on the floor. anti trump delegates want add state by state roll call vote on the convention rules but the gop brass passed the rules any way on the second attempt. tonight other big headline speech from mill lynn ya trump the wife of presumptive nominee donald trump. she kept a low profile before tonight in case you're unfamiliar with her. the 46-year-old is an immigrant she was born in slovania and she and donald trump married in 2005. they have a 10-year-old son together his name is baron. milania has had success as model and now as a line of jewelry and watches. she speaks four languages and has said if her husband is elected, she would take a traditional first lady roll. you have to think of like bet dee ford or jackie kennedy.
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she said tonight she would help causes focused on women and children. some of the highlights from her speech tonight, let's roll it. >> it is migrate honor to present the next first lady of the united states, my wife, an amazing mother, an incredible woman, milania trump. (applause). >> i'm so proud of your choice for president of the united states, my husband, donald j. trump. i have been with donald for 18 years, and i have been aware of his love for this country since we first met. he never had agenda when it comes to hi his tree tim because like me he loves this country very much. >> we want our children in this
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nation to know that the only limit to your achievement is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. (applause). >> i'm fortunate for my heritage but also writ brought me today. on july 28, 2006 i was very proud to become citizen of the united states. (applause). the greatest privilege on planet earth. >> and of course we did hear from donald trump brief toll night on thursday he's set to deliver his speech accepting the nomination. not all the delegates at the convention are on board with donald trump. take listen. >> usa! more than a few
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delegates protesting on the ren in a floor. they wanted is a state by state roll call on the rules package for the convention. hoping to expose divisions within the republican party. but the majority of the delegates passed the rules doing a voice vote over the shouting of the anti trump delegates. hundreds of anti trump protesters filled the streets of downtown cleveland at the start of the republican national convention. demonstrators accused the presumptive republican nominee of all things evil from racism to sexism. the list goes on. the city's police chief said the officers were outfitted to protect themselves that did not wear riot gear. most locals seemed to take the rallies in stride. >> going to be lot of people with a lot of opinions. >> no shortage of that this week. >> no. i think that's really -- i try to tell my children that's what this country is about. standing that listening to someone saying something that makes your blood boil but they
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have a right to say it. >> 5500 law enforcement officers are working the rnc after all the action today who knows what day two of the convention bring. tomorrow's theme i is make amera work again. notable new jersey governor chris cress tee, senate majority leader mitch mcdonnell, house speaker paul rain. ben carson and donald trump, jr. a lot of talk from speakers tonight about the democrats presumptive nominee hillary clinton and today she spoke to the naacp speaking at the group's annual convention in cincinnati about the recent violence nationwide. she said "the madness needs to stop". >> it follows the rash of deadly violence aimed at loom.
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she vowed to -- >> we have difficult painful search work ahead of us to repair the bonds between our police and our communities and between and among each other. >> donald trump was invited to speak to the group but he declined the invitation. next week all eyes will be on the philadelphia of course for the democrats national convention. local and federal officials are doing all they can to make sure the dnc is a safe convention. fox 29's dave schratwieser reports chemical detectors are now in place and secret service has sealed sewers and light poles. new surveillance cameras will ease keep could close eye on the wells fargo sent. philadelphia's top cop says his officers are ready to protect dignitaries, deal with massive protests and assure the public's safety. >> the only thing that i ask that people are peaceful and that they respect everyone else. >> the city will ban trucks heavier than 5 tons from i-95
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and although south philadelphians have been parking on the median of brought street for generations, well, guess what, folks? you can't do it next week. back to cleveland now where bruce gordon is tonight. bruce, quite an opening day again with milania trump leading the main event. how was the response? >> reporter: i thought the response was very positive. most folks we talk to here even republican admitted to me before the speech didn't know a whole lot about milania trump they knew she was beautiful woman an accomplished businessperson. not whole lot more than that. she delivered the speech well tonight, about 20 minute addre address, all the kinds of things you could expect someone to say about their spouse much as many folks have talk about republicans trump in particular has a real problem with women voters. does this help tonight? well, time will tell. but the speech was well delivered and she was very well received tonight. >> bruce, we've been watching
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protest. done a lot of reports on the security. so how tense did things get today? >> reporter: well i think there was a fair amount of tension out there but i is have to say both sides behaved pretty well. if that's the right term for it. the protesters were largely peaceful. there was some vitter al. bile spilled out there on the street but no blood we can tell. police seemed like they have things in control. we learned from the police chief calvin wl jumps here in cleveland they are newly purchasing -- have recently purchased bicycles for the use of crowd control they seemed to pretty well with them. the bicycles cep the protesters in the street, off the sidewalks, away from buildings. they were able to use those bicycles assort of moveable barriers. they hang on to the bike, walk forward slowly, ordering folks to move back. that seemed to work pretty well. fall all, it was a successful rally in the sense that folks got to make their voices heard without any real violence in terms of property damage or
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injuries. so that was some good news. you mentioned before, lucy, about the unity or lack thereof. >> yeah. >> we saw it on the floor this morning. we saw donald trump himself and of course his top cam paper chief paul man any forward doing big-time criticism of john kasich the very popular ohio governor. of course, former candidate in this race. that did not go over real well with some of the hormion folks here. they did not think that was a very presidential very diplomatic thing to do when unity is the key. you probably know a lot of folk not here at this particular convention. >> oh yeah. >> the last two candidates obviously the last two presidents both the bushes. they're not here. and so a hole lost folks not here. some of them coming in for specific criticism but the message of unity clearly hasn't sung in for everybody at least not yet. >> john mccain also not there, of course. donald trump had some harsh words for him i think a year ago today. bruce, overall we saw bedlam there on the convention floor. what's the climate like now? do
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they tamp down those anti trump folks and very trump folks? >> reporter: yeah, it's not clear we're hearing words tonight that they are not giving up the ghost so to speak the never trump votes. but it is probably fair to say it is a relatively small minority of the overall group. we often hear from folks there's a thousand of us on one side of the issue and 150 on the other side make a lot of noise you and the media cover it out of proportion tots importance. that maybe the case here. but clearly when you look at that video this afternoon and you look at the fee, the folks up on the stage trying to keep the cats coralled as we like to say, the look on the one guy's face was very clear. how did i lose the room? that was a look of concern. that this is not the optics they wander and sure enough, at least many of the early headlines were not about milania trump. not about unity. they were about chaos on the convention floor. that's not message you want basically at these convention lucy as you know you've got four
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nights to build a narrative each day you want to win that story line and it's not so clear that the republican party and donald trump won today not as big as they would have wanted. >> donald was saying he wanted to produce this big time as we might all recall. bruce gordon thank you very much live in cleveland tonight. it will be a big day tomorrow. get off to bed. he'll be reporting all week. thank you very much. rnc is in full swing. we're just one week from the d dnc. how businesses are gearing up for all the excitement. and some republicans who were once members of the never trump campaign are doing a hard hard course correction tonight. what they're doing now they're trying to convince you that donald trump deserves your vote. ♪ >> live look at cleveland as we near the end of day one of the republican national convention. ♪
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♪ welcome back with live look at cleveland as we near the end of day one of the republican national convention. right now we have -- it's hard to tell. we close up u.s. senator from iowa joan earns the you'll have to believe me on this one. next week the assignment comes to philadelphia as we roll out the welcome mat for delegates to democratic national convention. fox 29's sabina kuriakose has been all over town not just
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taking a look how local businesses are trying to make visitors feel welcome, but also the plans to keep all of us safe. >> the real worry is someone acting -- it's a big stage. someone acting on their loan. >> reporter: host committee chair ed rendell speaking frankly about security concerns surrounding the democratic national convention next week. he says the feds and local law enforcement are working around the clock to ensure safety though he admits nothing is full november proof. >> could something happen? it's possible but i think we've taken every precaution. >> reporter: the concern not enough to daal penn the spirit of many looking forward to hosting such a big event. tom neabor among the early birds in line for official dnc gear. >> i love the city and i love when we host such like this. >> the shift of the d envelope c pop up store are pack. >> brace fog a business boom as the buzz keeps building. customer tom can't walk to walk the city bearing his brand in
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you t-shirt. >> this is the thing we should be excited about. >> small business owners applauding the city month efforts to at tracks visitors during the convention. >> i think the city did a good job. letting everyone know we are open for business. >> tap room on 19th one of the restaurants using hash tag dnc deals to get in on the action. i think it's fantastic. it brought you here. >> always good to so is a bone in a in person. a lot of events including at the convention open to the public and that starts later this week. ♪ >> it was the hit film about the bravery and sacrifice of navy seal marcus latrell. he survived an you have fated afghanistan mission in 2005 while the rest of his union died. he shared his story in a book which became the movie earlier tonight marcus lou trill took the stage at the convention and talked about his time traveling the country and the importance of taking care of our nation's veterans.
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>> because i was willing to completely open up my life and speak about the worst week of it, i was blessed with meeting and seeing the greatest people america had to offer. and i think it's important to say that we got to make sure that the hell the veterans return from is not the hell to come home to too, okay. >> is that not the truth. reaction on social media to lou trill's speech has been positi positive. alex occur to us wrote the standing ovation martus lou trill got shows the am of respect every member of the us military some get. victoria wrote i've always admired marcus luttrell tonight i fell in love with them. amy wrote --,. >> the lead up to the rnc seen republicans once staunchly anti trump changing course. this is made for awkward
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conversations at the gop tries to convince some voters to keep the faith. fox's charlie leduff is back in cleveland tonight with the story. ♪ >> reporter: and so we return to where we began. cleveland, ohio, one year ago and the republican chairman's take on trump evening he spoke for the whole establishment when he said -- >> one word. trump. (laughter). >> he hated trump then. now he finds himself hosting the donald's coronation. >> do you have to pick up some of the pieces that the guy is not filling in like hey black people we're not racist party. do you feel like you now got to do that? >> well, wee been doing that. >> you have to do that? >> we had to do that because of rom knee. okay n because of rom know. >> we've been doing that since
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2013. now, donald trump doesn't make it any harder or worse. >> republican establishment picked cleveland to pull working class white voters because no republican has he have won th we house without ohio. problem is they like trump. your republican pear as you know it, is it dead? for instance, the platform now, is build a wall, america first in trade deals basically, close it down, and special scrutiny for musli muslims. your republican party. >> we'll continue welcoming in. if somebody disagrees with us on something they've well cup in the republican party. the latest wall street journal poll shows the black support for donald trump in ohio at zero. >> can you win with zero?
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>> well, that's the starting point mitt romney gave us. mitt romney was zero and he ran -- his campaign was run miserable until ohio. i don't know how about so smart in business could be so bad at running a campaign. >> you sound like trump. >> well, that's where we are right now. and that's our is it a starting point. guess what? romney came pretty darn close. what we're going to be doing with donald trump, all of the above. so we'll be working on building back from zero with minorities. ♪ >> good luck, mr. county chairman republican rob because not only work whites coming to the cleveland but so are the blacks and the latinos and like the establishment they're not happy. >> trump, our next president. >> many know him as charles. people are talking about scott
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baio again after he took the stage at the rnc. who he addressed directl direct.
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♪ many of us will always remember him as charles in charge before that cha chi op happy days. scott baio dipped his toe into political waters. baio has been vocal trump supporter for while now he would be the type of president this country needs. trump asked him to speak tonight and when baio took the stage at the rnc he took a moment to speak directly to young people. >> america is an easy place to get to. but for you first time voters it's important for you to know wait means to be an american. it doesn't mean getting free stuff. (applause).
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>> it means sacrificing, winning, losing, failing, succeeding and sometimes doing the things you don't wanted to including hard work in order to get where you want to be. >> a lot of folks giving baio hard time on twitter tonight but he did have some fans showing support. rob wrote, great job tonight scott. glad you were a speaker at the rnc patrick echoed the tone of a lot of people tweeting oh, my gosh, no wonder joan dumped him. a reference to happy days. >> in day full of unpredictable developments one surprise may have got lost in the shuffle. >> it's my honor to launch and begin the 2016 republican national convention. >> you might recognize the voice. that my friends is stephen
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colbert taking over the microphone on stage in cleveland hunger games themed prank. colbert rivered the popular book and series before banging a gavel. i know i'm not supposed to be up here. let's be honest neither is donald trump before being led off the stage. all right. thank you so much for joining us for our you decide 2016 special. we have extended coverage every night at 11:00 through the rnc and of course the dnc right here in philadelphia. we're back at 4:00 a.m. tmz is next. as the rnc is wrapping its first day into night. ♪
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: it is all out war between kanye west and taylor swift there might be a criminal problem. >> kim kardashian put the video out. >> in the conversation, he talks about every lyric and the song. >> republican national convention, they are going to show how global they can be by providing everyone with different types of food. they have an area that is a mexican restaurant. there is an asia town. >> khloe kardashian -- chloe moritz got into a twitter beef. k


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