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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  July 19, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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we're going to win, we're going to whip so big, thank you very much everybody. >> donald trump making a big promise on one of the biggest nights in american politics, the one speaker many are saying stole the spotlight as republican national convention kicks off in cleveland. plus, how chris christie really feels about not being chosen as trump's running mate and a new position that the new jersey governor is vying for right now. the only thing i ask is that people are peaceful, and that they respect everybody else's rights. >> from the public to the protesters and, of course, our very own officers, philadelphia imposing a full security package in time for the democratic national convention next week, how and when changes could affect you. some major damage left
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behind by powerful storms, trees and lines down and lots of clean up ahead, how powerful those wind were and break in the weather, this week. good day, it is tuesday, july 19th, 2016. thanks for waking up with us. lets get to sue serio for a look at our weather for this tuesday morning. >> you are right, there will be a break but basically a two, two and a half take break from the oppressive heat and humidity and comes back in time for the weekend. today as opposed to yesterday's six which should have been a five we will go with an eight which maybe could be a nine. by the end of the day. indecision is my name today. we have a few thunderstorms. in fact a huge cluster to the south of us that is still affecting ocean it the i, maryland that other ocean city and parts of the virginia but everything is moving off shore there and then we have one thunderstorm in western maryland that will dissipate before it comes anywhere close to us.
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basically, it is over, this cold front is clearing the coast and then we can let some less humid air in for a change. lets see what is happening we are at 74 degrees. still on the muggy side. 76 percent relative humidity. you will feel a difference, 5:49 is your sunrise time, 61 degrees mount pocono. sixty-eight in allentown. mid 70's trenton, philadelphia, mid 07's atlantic city, wildwood, less humid air is moving in throughout the morning from northwest to south east and see these temperatures go down a little bit. more importantly the dew point temperatures will go down they are in the 60's which is better than yesterday except to the south and east of us where less humid air will filth inner. we will go from oppressive between the line between muggy and unconfidentable. the it is a difference for better, tomorrow will be less humid. today 89 degrees, and, 85 by lunchtime. it will be a very nice day, we will get to the seven day
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forecast, coming up, right now we will have time to check traffic on your tuesday morning. we have already had an accident on route four -- 422 westbound at route one. you still can see flashing lights from the emergency vehicles but that is in the process of being cleared up. that is one accident. then another one at route 130 near browning road, and all lanes are blocked on that part of the route 130 because of down poles and wires due to the thunderstorms yesterday. a void that part of the route 130. phillies play marlins again tonight. lets hope they win one this time 7:05 is game time and there will be extra traffic around the stadiums this evening. lauren. >> thanks very much, sue. first night session of the republican national convention, in the history books in cleveland this comes after a wild afternoon session, that rang in the proceedings at quicken loans arena anti trump delegates
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wanted a a state by state roll call vote on the convention rules but g.o.p. brass passed the rules on their second a tempt. other big head line a speech from medical an a trump the wife of donald trump. outside convention hall there were protests. no major clashes between demonstrators and police. "fox news" correspondent joe walden is in cleveland monitoring the developments. >> reporter: quite the opening, grand old party kicking off their convention with chaos and confusion. >> donald trump go ahead. >> reporter: heated protests outside but inside 2016 republican national convention, there were also some moments of high drama. a divided scene playing out with anti trump delegates challenging convention rules. specifically those binding delegates to vote for presumptive g.o.p. nominee donald trump. >> those in favor of the rules package will say aye.
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>> reporter: arkansas congressman steve womack the presiding officer put the disputed rules to the the vote, two times ape declared them approved, blocking the anti trump effort despite vocal objection by trump opponents. despite unusual start the focus eventually shift todd keynote speakers highlighting monday's theme of make america safe again. >> we're going to win so big, thank you very much. we're going to win so big. >> reporter: trump himself making an early convention appearance to take in a speech by wife melania. >> donald intend to represent all of the people, not just some of the people. that includes jews, muslims, it includes hispanics, african-americans and asians and the poor and middle class. >> reporter: tomorrow's theme make america work again with ufc president dana white a monk featured speakers. in cleveland, joe walled man, "fox news". coming up at 4:15
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controversy surrounding melania trump did she copy her speech. a new poll released takes aid deep lear at how americans actually feel about donald trump's life. donald trump has speculatedd naming cabinet members and new jersey governor chris christie is reportedly eyeing the attorney general spot. federal law requires each party's presidential nominee to have his transition chief begin planning a cabinet at least six months before the general election. christie has led trump's transition team since may. he and billion air have never discussed the position of attorney general but wow gladly serve on any cabinet position trump asked him to accept. >> i am for safety and security for every citizen and i suspect he will pick an attorney general that will say the exact same thing, and will take action, will take actions, that will back that up. >> meanwhile chris christie did say he was disappointed
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but has no discontent about trump choosing governor mike pence as his running mate. with tens of thousands people expect to descend upon our city for dnc local and federal officials are doing all they cap to make sure this convention will be a safe one. organizers and officials expect plenty of protests but safety and security are their priorities, this year. chris murphy joins us live from the wells fargo center in south philadelphia where preparations are underway, hi there, chris. >> so you have been down market street, right and you have seen those welcome signs out like we saw welcome signs for the pope? so we have seen those welcome signs. then we're seeing a bunch of other signs that the dnc is starting on monday. take a look at this, the wells fargo parking lot this looks like nothing i have ever seen before you can see all kind of trailers, they are giant massive tents set up and then hard to see here in the dark but the building itself, the arena is wrapped in that 2016, democratic national convention, that the whole
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country will see come next monday. let's show you other signs, new surveillance cameras and chemical detectors installed around wells fargo center. we cannot see those in the dark. secret service sealed off sewers, check light poles, less than a week to go at this point can you believe it. philadelphia's top cop says city has full security package to protect dignitaries, public and tiehl with those massive protests. >> the only thing that i ask is that people are peaceful, and that they respect everyone else right. >> we're worried about everybody. in the case of a deranged individual who thinks they are doing in the name of a particular cause. >> so, officials have issued a week long ban on large trucks, tractor trailers from i-95 and 295, you also won't ab lud to park in the center city median along south broad street but that is just up the street from there.
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travel will be restrict around wells fargo center. with the rnc going on in cleveland as of last night, the police departments and other security personnel they are in contact with cleveland saying hey, give us a heads up. if you are seeing something up there, say something to us in philadelphia so we may in the experience the same problem next week. >> okay, thanks very much, chris. stick with fox 29 for complete coverage of the republican and democratic national convention, our very own bruce gordon is live in cleveland all week and he will be live at 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. don't forget we will bring you extended coverage every night at 11:00 o'clock. now, delaware county is picking up pieces after being hit the by a flash storm yesterday afternoon. people there saw plenty of down trees and damage. lets get out to steve keeley live in havertown with the look at reconferry efforts underway today, hi there steve. >> reporter: we will start on this bad storm with some good points and that is, first of all, nobody hurt. secondly it happened at 3:30.
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it only lasted 15 minutes and that gave them five hours of bright, calm, sunshine and sunny skies, to clear up and that is why most of the damage is not enviesible right now. we're at swiss miss probably most visible spot where everybody reported the damage from, they reopened, even, and they had their power back on and the store wasn't hit and nobody was in line when their little swiss miss silo but i always thought it was a fake windmill with nothing inside just came down after being up for 40 years. >> the girls inside heard a big boom, we came outside and whole silo fell over. it was very windy. it was raining sideways for a good ten minutes. i think the wind caught it underneath our name and came through and took out the silo. >> i could feel the win coming and then rain, then i stood there, power went out and all of a sudden all of the trees are bent left to right. >> there was sideways rain,
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the wind, took the whole center of the tree out, i seen it hit the car. i could not do anything. >> reporter: so everybody kept saying hi lucky everybody was. they were luck you here at swiss miss be in was in line. even this woman with her brand new ford suv, smashed by a tree saying she was lucky that she wasn't in the vehicle and tree didn't hit her house. it is great when you hear people who got hit hard by a storm say how lucky they are and that is good point here as we continue our positive theme to the story. lauren, newspapers have been delivered here, rarely does the store that have the newspaper sitting on the doorstep be the front page head line but it is, so swiss farms, by the way, lauren, also does sell swiss miss hot chocolate. >> just making sure. >> sue serio was giggling, you have to tell him it is swiss farms not swiss miss. >> lets get to breaking news in north philadelphia, high levels of the carbon machine
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objecting side forced evacuation of the building and some apartment, emergency crews testing the air on the 1700 block of cecil b. moore avenue around 3:30 this morning. it houses several apartment, a restaurant and a lounge. crews opened up doors, windows and ventilated the building. no one was hurt. wilkes barre a jail is under will be down, corrections officer and inmate are both dead after an altercation at luzerne county correctional facility last night. authorities are not saying what led to the incident or how 29 died, inmate was in jail for not registering as a sex offender. 4:12. at least one passage in the melania trump's speech at republican national convention may not have been all of her own, striking similarities between her speech and the word of the michelle obama. plus what people really think about the wife of the the donald. blank blank .
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all right. the storms, the drama is over, it is not too far away that we can find some of those thunderstorms, they are all down to the south. this is where cold front has gone. it sunk to the south and very strong thunderstorms are just moving out of del marva area if you will. 47 degrees in philadelphia right now. we are still on the muggy side. sixty-seven in lancaster and reading. more comfortable there and in the pocono mountains, wind in the process of changing treks so they are still southeasterly wind down in dover, delaware, millville,
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new jersey but we have a northerly wind in mount pocono and northwesterly wind in trenton. once that northwesterly win comes in we will get lower humidity around here. it end up being a five day heat wave, there is a chance we could touch 90 degrees today. we will go with 89 for a high temperature but if we make it to 90 then it will be a six day heat wave but we will not get anywhere near 90 tomorrow. we will get a break before we go back in the 90's just in time for the weekend and saturday still looks to be a steamy day but we also have some thunderstorms rolling in on saturday so we will see what happens there. regardless a lot of hot wet's head. that is a look at your weather authority forecast for now, we will go to traffic and talk about construction happening, we had overnight construction. it is on ramp from route 23 to route 422, westbound, that is closed right now, the pennsauken accident has cleared, the one we told but
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on route 130, so you can proceed down route 130 if you like and others a concert at the bbt pavilion tonight in camden, new jersey and that is gwenn stephani in concert at 7:05. lauren. >> thanks, sue. today at least 1,000 philadelphia international airport workers set to demonstrate at the airport. they are pushing for a $15 minimum wage and better training. workers will be joined by community supporters, elect officials and clergy demanding phl subcontractors treat their workers fairly. philadelphia international could be forced, finding temporary workers for upcoming dnc. atlantic city casino owned by carl icahn says it has withdrawn an offer to ensure health insurance for striking workers. taj mahal had given them until 5:00 to vote on its offer. union leader say offer was half of what workers from other casinos received, about 1,000 union employees have
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been on strike, since july 1st. day one of the republican national convention, over now, and tonight's biggest speaker melania trump took the stage and delivered what seemed to be a good speech. shortly after the speech someone noticed parts of her speech sounded really similar to michelle obama's speech from 2008. this morning we want you to decide. >> barack and i were raised with so many of the same values, like you work hard for what you want in life. that your word is your one, that you do what you say you are going to do. that you treat people with dignity and respect even if you don't know them and even if you don't agree with them. >> my parent impressed on me the values that you work hard for what you want in life. that your word is your bond and you do what you say and
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keep your promise. that you treat people with respect. they showed me values in more of the daily life. that is a lesson that i continue to pass along to our son. >> barack and i set out to build lives, guided by values and passed them on to the next generation because we want our children and all children in this nation to know that the only limits to the height of your achievements is reach of your dreams and willingness to work hard for them. >> and we need to pass those lessons on to the many generations to follow. because we want our children in this nation to know that the only limits to your achievements is the strength
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of your dreams and the willingness to work for them. >> in an interview earlier in the day melania trump told another network that she wrote that speech, trump's campaign released a statement in writing her beautiful speech her team of writers took notes on her life as preparations and some instances, included fragments that reflect her own thinking. melania immigrant experience and love for america shown through in her speech which made it a success. results of the poll shows melania came into this years republican national convention as the least liked potential first lady, since 1992. according to the gallup poll titled favorable rating of first ladies preconvention just 28 percent viewed her in a good light, compared to 55 percent, from hillary clinton in 1992n2008 michelle obama had 53. in 2,000 lauer bush brought in a 34 percent a travel rating. the bruce gordon has a closer
4:21 am
look at the convention from cleveland. >> reporter: delegates who pack the quicken loans arena on this opening night of the rnc arrived in allmaner of out the fits as delegates to political conventions want to do from the patriotic what were they thinking. ironic on the night they get their first real exposure to the 46 year-old model turned fashion designer, melania trump. these fans are looking beyond skin deep beauty. >> there is a certain elegance but i think that, you know, i think part of her elegance is her intelligence. >> reporter: what do you know about her what do you like about her. >> i like that she seemed to be pretty smart. she married a bright man. she's a powerful woman. >> i see a with man who loves her husband, loves her family and loves her america. >> reporter: in case these delegates wondering know melania know would not be the first foreign born first laid
4:22 am
any american history, john quincy adams wife louise was born in london but is there something that listeners to melania will notice, these fans say, don't be shocked. >> i don't care if she has an accent. i think she's fabulous. the it would be wonderful to have her in the white house. >> reporter: trump's were married in 2005 her first marriage, his third, monk the guest at that star studded event, then new york senator hillary clinton. not so sure that invitation would be made or accepted these days n cleveland, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. remember bruce's live in cleveland all week he will be live for us on good day at eight and 9:00 o'clock this morning. phillies got some great pitching but it came down to the ninth inning, or, maybe even longer, see if they can hold on against marlins next up in sports but first your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm sean bell. nelson agholor received some great news just a week before training camp, he will officially not be charged with sexual assault. agholor was accused of sexual assault about a month ago, just hours after the final date of mini camp. since then we have not heard much. that is how we knew this thing was probably going to
4:26 am
disappear. agholor and his lawyer from the beginning denied any wrongdoing, in the matter. the district attorney released a statement saying as a result of their joint investigation, our staff and the police reached the conclusion that we lacked sufficient evidence to bring charges against mr. agholor therefore no charges will be filed. yesterday lebron james told the cavilers well, obvious he is headed back to cleveland. there is no timetable on a new deal but trust me it will get done and deal will be absolutely happen. all of the money being handed out in free agency, this deal is going to be impressive. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. 4:26. while rnc is happening in cleveland here in philadelphia we're preparing for dnc, is that right, chris murphy. >> that is exactly right. lauren for the first time since i can remember we, at this hour, we're not allowed to get past this gate along broad street, to get to the wells fargo center, just one
4:27 am
of the many security changes and we will have more about that coming up after the break.
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one of the biggest nights in american politics kicking off in cleveland what we can expect touring day two of the republican national convention. and philadelphia gearing up for the national spotlight as well, how, and when
4:30 am
security changes around the city could affect you. and major damage left behind by powerful storms, trees and lines down lots of clean up ahead, how these wind were, and, the break in the weather, this week possibly? good day it is tuesday, july 19th, 2016, all right, sue serio so yesterday was hot, rainy, what can we expect today. >> then we have the drama of those thunderstorms that came through. it will be really boring in comparison, lauren because none of that will be, the steaminess will go away for a couple days, leaving it at a eight out of ten as that humidity situation changes, bus stop buddy is ready for a beautiful day with the sun screen as you spend time outside today because we won't be quite as humid so it is not too muggy. still a little bit but temperatures in the 60's and 70's as we get started on this tuesday morning. plenty of storms moving off shore, to the south of us, is there one, out in western
4:31 am
maryland that will keep an eye on but probably won't hold together. we say that but we will keep watching that one land thunderstorm in the wake of the cold front that came through, last night. 74 degrees with 76 percent relative humidity. 3-mile an hour win and it is still out of the south and we have not seen win direction change just yet but once we do we will see humidity start to go down. it is, in the 60's to the north of us. seventy's to the south of us. we expect to get to the high close to 90 degrees but it will feel different because it won't be quite as humid that is your weather authority forecast the time is 4:31. we are checking traffic this morning and there is not too much to talk about. that construction on route 23 on ramp to 422 westbound is still out there, but they have pick up the construction on the vine, and, so it is free, clear there and tonight, the phillies play the marlins again at 7:05 so expect extra construction this evening, around south philadelphia.
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>> we're going to win so big, thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen, we will win so big. >> the first night session of the republican national convention in the history books, in cleveland, now the convention moving in today two. the theme make america work again. trump hopes it will cast him as a successful businessman who can create jobs for the entire country. today's speakers are speaker of the house paul ryan senate majority leader mitch mcconnell son donald junior and chris christie just to name a few. while that convention is underway in cleveland in less than a week thousands are expected in our city for the democratic national convention. local and federal officials, doing all they can to make sure that this convention will be a safe one. chris murphy joining us live from the wells fargo center in south philadelphia where preparations are already underway. hi there, chris. >> hi there lauren. reminder driving through this area of last september when the pope was here, and as you
4:33 am
take a look you can see all kind of big rigs, there are tents, there are trailers, there are media installations already set up and anticipating a huge event which, of course, begins next monday. with all of that going on there are signs in and around the city that the democratic national convention will begin this coming monday, and new surveillance camera evidently are up. we do not see them at the wells fargo center. there are chemical detectors they have been installed around the wells fargo center. secret service sealed off sewers, light poles, they won't allow us in the the parking lot which is a first for me with less than a week to go philadelphia's top cop says that the city has the full security package to protect dignitaries, public and deal with the massive protests all in an effort to make sure that things go smoothly. >> i would like to see people expressing their first amendment right and not calling police officers every name in the book but even if we cannot accomplish that, i
4:34 am
mean at least not resort go to any type of violence or destruction of property. because we have a pretty significant job to do. we have to protect this city, the public, protesters, police officers and the community, lets in the forget we have a community to protect outside the scope of this dnc. and part of that protection plan includes officials issuing a week long ban on large trucks and tractor trailers from i-95 and 295, and we also won't ab lud to park in the center media along south broad street. travel will be tightly restrict in and around the wells fargo center. also in the wake of the police ambush both in dallas and baton rouge, commissioner ross says there will be two officers in each cruiser. with all these people coming and in light of everything that has happened nationwide lately they want to make sure
4:35 am
safety is top of mine. >> lets cross our fingers and pray for that, chris murphy, thanks for that. businesses throughout the city are ready to crash in on the crowd. at taproom employees are already using the #, dnc deals, social media #where they are promoting dnc related discounts and organizers promise unlike other large events the city has hosted moving around town will not be too hard. it is not like the papal visit. downtown will be wide opened. it will be easy to access. it will be a lot of fun. >> crews are putting final place in this week. a fuselage of the air force one arrived yesterday. now to the top story, crews work throughout the night restoring power after a flash storm went right through havertown yesterday afternoon. steve keeley is assessing the damage in havertown this morning. what do you see out there. >> lauren, i saw peco trucks i could not tell whether they were leaving if they were doing a great job or going to another job with work to do
4:36 am
but every where we were we saw power on and i know i did a good job when i had sue serio cracking up and because we can laugh about this that nobody was hurt even people with trees coming down on the property and cars we are saying how lucky and we're smiling and i thought what can we do to make her laugh. i can call swiss family robinson retail stores. what else can i say swiss miss, swiss farms, i will be able to explain to you what happened here. you see the drive through there and see the sign that says 6:00 a.m. that sign normally isn't leaning against a building and you see all of this, particles of wood, now lets go to the before pictures. now what was standing on that spot, next to the drive through, is what they called their silo and you will see if you know these swiss farms store it is another version of the was but it is ultra convenient. they have this drive through, and they have these things that you see right next to the drive through. at 3:30 when storm hit and silo came crashing down after standing there for 40 years no
4:37 am
one was inside or in line at that time and no one was standing anywhere or maybe we wouldn't be making fun of what was a rough storm for a lot of people out here including the people at this swiss farms store who lost power for a while but not too long because they were back opened as they were neatly piling up what was their silo that they think they will be able to rebuild, and put that sign back on one day. it stood for 40 years and it will stand once again, probably stronger this time, so lauren, the storm clear and calm wind to get everything back opened and get power back on, and get peoples lives back together as well as they could. lauren. >> steve keeley, you very much. in north philadelphia high levels of the carbon monoxide forced evacuation of the building and apartments there. emergency crews testing air inside building of the 1700
4:38 am
block of cecil b more avenue 3:30 this morning. it houses apartments, restaurant and hooka lounge. they opened doors, windows, ventilated the building and no one was hurt. horsham township testing tap water in some areas homes and looking for volunteers. township council and water and sewer authority say a third party will test tap water in 100 homes. they are looking in the levels of the chemicals that found its way in the water supply from chemical uses at former naval air station in willow grove decade a ago. recently passed senate budget has ten million-dollar, and that aid will go toward fixes infrastructure. that money will remove contaminants in the water supply. 4:38. where many people in our area are gathering, for a hearing service in the wake of the recent violence all across the nation. why are you deleting these photos?
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let's go to south jersey where many fathered for healing service for violence all across our nation. the group, in atlantic city, was a gathering of all people and all races, faith, denomination toss discuss ways of coming together or moving farther apart. some offered prayers, others urged the community to bridge the gap between them and police by helping police combat crime and there were word of comfort for all of the lives lost in recent weeks both police and citizens. >> especially with black lives, and police lives, we have to respect each other and
4:42 am
we need self empathy for each other. >> we don't need to live in fear and where there is numbers, there is strength. >> police chief henry white says in recent years they have work hard to reduce crime including number of complaints against police in atlantic city. number of complaint have gone down from more than 250 in 2013 to just 20 so far this year. 4:42. later in our show how next week's democratic national convention events in philadelphia, could affect your last call at local bars.
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welshing phillies starting four game series with the marlins in south philadelphia, aaron nola making his first start since taking time off after struggling after the all-star break. he put those troubles behind him pitching six shut out innings, but that just, wasn't enough. so, they were up 20 in the ninth but marlins would tie this up. this game went to the 11th inning when martin prodo hit a solo home run that ended up being a game winner. phillies lose three-two. there it is, right there. >> that stinks. a special moment for the game last night phillies honor a folcroft police officer who was shot on the job last month. officer chris dorman was honored at citizens bank park. the 25 year-old was shot seven times in june. dorman works part-time for the police force but he did not have any insurance.
4:46 am
before the game a local salon held a cut-a-thon to raise money for his medical bills. and so great to see the entire community coming right behind him and support him through his recovery. >> absolutely too bad they could not get a win but they did come clues, unfortunately close does not count in baseball. look at yesterday when all of those then are storms came through. it happened right on time, we see around two or 3:00 o'clock, eye to the sky and as we look back at the time there is two and 3:00 o'clock. look at all this lightening associated with those thunderstorms along with heavy downpours and very high wind, in fact, wind were so high, that we're going to show you. 64-mile an hour wind gustness dewey beach delaware, allentown recorded a 62 miles an hour win gusts, same in new castle county and harvey cedars at the shore 51 miles an hour. so right now it is not as dramatic but we have thunderstorms just clearing
4:47 am
the coast to the south of us and one we are watching in western maryland that probably will not be affecting us today. so let's talk temperature because it is getting a little bit more comfortable to the north of us, to the south, it is still a little bit on the muggy side, it is different when you walk out but not a whole lot different. tomorrow morning you'll notice difference of low humidity. it will be brief but we will enjoy it as we are's here. wind are changing direction, that is when we will get lower humidity rolling in. so average high is 87. we have been well above average for days and days and days with our heat wave. we are in the middle of it technically, yesterday's high was 96 degrees. that is the hottest temperature of year so far, the question is, will we get to 97, 98, 99 on saturday. it depend on how early thunderstorms roll in but we are setting up for another heat wave really starting on thursday but definitely on friday and lasting through weekend and beyond. that is your seven day
4:48 am
forecast, enjoy the low humidity for a couple days while here and enjoy the smooth sailing if you can get out early, it is a good idea, look at the schuylkill at vine street expressway, just pick up that construction so it is free and clear, a check of route 42 in new jersey, we have got volume already this morning. nothing to slow you down but there are quite a few cars out there. checking speeds, it looks like everybody, just about everybody, able to go the posted speed but that blue route right around the schuylkill that interchange there looks like it is slow. that is a look at your forecast and the traffic, we have got both. >> speaking of traffic is that your uber getting in the spirit of the dnc offering low fairs and specific neighborhoods throughout the week. well today, riders can check out east falls neighborhood but for guess what it is, $2.15 w that riders get a free
4:49 am
uber burger at billy murphy's irish sal lawn from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. if you go head over to fairmount park. good news if you like to drink, area bars will be opened until 4:00 a.m. during the democratic national convention. lawmakers agreed to the tell rare i reprieve last week, dnc host commit thee asked bars, restaurant and other, hosting tnc related events apply for permits, by midnight last night. list of those approved places is, expected to be available by end of the week, cleveland which is hosting this years republican national convention also allowed local business toss stretch last calls to 4:00 a.m. if you are playing new pokemon go game beware of the safe apps out there new group of dangerous apps are targeting those users promising, tips. well, despite the title, the app contains very malicious code, the goal, of course to trick victims into paying for
4:50 am
expensive bogus services or taking over their phones. several of those apps are discover and removed from the google play store. if you do like pokemon game you're lucky. an animal shelter there is calling all you fanatics out there to help them. positive paws rescue transport using the app's popularity to save their shelter animal. shelter inn is varietying the train tours take those k-9 companion along for the walk while you're playing the game. get them out of those shelters and out on the street. organizers say both locals and tourist are now volunteering. >> a lot of people like pokemon like animals so it would be a good program to combine both dogs and pokemon. >> this is probably the best, probably best pokemon game we can play together. play it and walk the dog at the same time. >> really good idea. maybe we can do that in philadelphia. pokemon dog walking event boosted adoption rate, several dogs have already found their
4:51 am
new forever home. preliminary discussions kick off to possibly remove kick off from college football. both american coaches football association, board of trustees and ncaa division one football oversight committee talk about the possibility, the reason, player safety. both groups are reviewing injury data to look in the impact this kick off. preliminary indications are that injuries occur at a higher rate during those specific plays. well, party is almost here, no we're not talking about the dnc but we will wrap up our good day drives you series on friday with our party at the dell and we will be announcing who wins, that brand new mazda cx9. we will be talking about it for quite sometime now. here's the details. party starts at 7:00 on friday at dell music center, we will broadcasting live all morning, joining us at the dell will be kendrick the family soul, perform their new single all my people featuring freeway,
4:52 am
freeway will be there too so don't miss this great event, planned for friday, starting at 7:00 a.m. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
4:53 am
4:54 am
wore's following breaking news oversees isis claiming responsibility for a train attack with an ax and knife in germany injuring at least five people, last night. seventeen year-old attacker
4:55 am
shouting god is great during that attack he was shot and killed by a special police unit there were 30 passengers on that train the at the time. more than a dozen were treated for shock. lets look at your hot headlines on line and on social media this morning. women known as a woman on the apprentice is director of african-american outreach on the trump campaign. remember her? she announced her new position. she's proud to serve in the role as country struggles to overcome a racial divide and she knows what donald trump can accomplish as president. she added donald trump is focused on i am loving conditions office african americans in this country, unemployment in the african-american community is at an all time high. >> and it is started, in the freddie gray decade. judge ruled the prosecution failed to prove brian rice intentionally hurt freddie gray. now maryland's governor is speaking out saying he doesn't see the point. governor hogan told washington
4:56 am
post it the is waste of time and money adding that it the is up to the court system to decide. back here at home police officers is recovering from the broken sternum after someone attacked him at random. eric watson threw a rock with officer jared davis inside, yesterday when officer dave us got out, police say watson attack him and hit him in the head with the rock. the another officer helped dave ace rest watson but ended up with a broken sternuma and that happies a at paoli hospital. prosecutors charged watson with aggravated assault, resisting arrest and a host of other charges. governor tom wolf hitting the road to talk about the state's effort to fight opioid addiction in pennsylvania. wolf a announced 20 million-dollar in new funding. that will help 4500 people with treatment, and finding job assistance. the governor's office say heroin and opioid overdose are leading cause of the accidental death in pennsylvania. 4:56 this morning.
4:57 am
let's toss things out to chris murphy, standing by at wells fargo center, hi there. >> hi, lauren, of course, very quiet here at 4:00 something in the morning on what, six days before the democratic national convention, boy, anything but quiet yesterday in cleveland, outside the republican national convention, what they are doing in philadelphia to keep things safe straight ahead. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance..., and my sweethearts gone sayonara.
4:58 am
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what's it like to not feel 100% fresh? we don't know. we swish listerine®. as do listerine® users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life. bring out the bold™.
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that the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams, and your willingness to work for them. >> height of your achievement is reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. >> we need to pass... >> melania controversy this morning her speech drawing comparison to michelle obama since 2008 and how donald trump's campaign is responding right now. how new jersey governor chris christie really feels about not being chosen as trump's running mate and new position he now has his sights set on. >> the only thing i asked is that these people are peaceful and that they respect everybody else's right. >> from the public to the protesters and, of course, our own police officers, philadelphia imposing a full security package just in time for democratic national convention coming to our area, next week, how and when the changes could affect y


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