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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 19, 2016 6:00am-6:53am EDT

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trump. >> there are those who say melania trump stole the show, on the first night of the republican convention in cleveland last night, but that may not be all that she stole, striking similarity between her speech and one michelle obama gave in 2008. well this week cleveland, next week it is our turn getting ready to maintain law, order and peace at dnc here in philadelphia with less than a week until convention here and how police are planning to keep everyone safe. what was that yesterday afternoon? major damage left behind by powerful storms, trees, power lines down, leaving lots of clean up ahead of today. you will hear chain saw all over delaware county. the it is july 19th, 2016. bob's on vacation sue doing double duty. >> mike called me yesterday and was like take a look outside. >> i said okay. >> things were going, not
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well. >> it came right on time we said two or 3:00 and that is when storms rolled through with a lot of lightening yesterday but the result will be, lower humidity. >> bought full yesterday evening. >> look at the sunrise. >> sunrise. >> sunset. >> all right. your sound track will be completed later on in the ram, right now just check the number of the day. you guys are good. we have an eight out of ten in your weather by numbers. still getting rid of humidity but not too muggy, bus stop buddy is readied for a lovely day outside which is why you cannot forget that sun screen. temperatures in the 60's and 70's in philadelphia a, it is, the not raining anymore. all of those thunderstorms moved off shore with the cold front and we are looking at a gorgeous scene over the platt bridge, sky there, very distracting i would imagine for drivers but everybody seems to be behaving themselves.
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74 degrees with 79 percent relative humidity at the moment. we are close to 90 degrees. we may make to it 90 which would extend the heat wave by one more day but you will feel the difference, not as humid with the sunset time at 8:26. that is a look at your weather authority forecast, we are checking traffic as well as the sun comes up and we will get ready for some sun glare this morning. it is not there just yet but we are looking at the schuylkill expressway at spring garden and everybody is moving crust fine. the roosevelt boulevard heading in the city, not as hazy as it was so that is a good thing and not too much traffic just yet. phillies play a begins marlins again 7:05 at citizens bank park extra traffic in south philadelphia, mike and alex later this evening. search is on for group of men who broke in the elderly man's home. >> just horrible. police say it happened in the somerton section of north
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philadelphia verree road. >> steve keeley is live with what we know so far, steve. >> reporter: you can see verree road is a very big, busy road and that is the shocking thing. you wouldn't think somebody has guts to break in the house right after midnight right in the middle of the this block and this is busy 24/7. we have been on this road for previous stories. double, double yellow lines that is how busy traffic is here in the street here. we are looking at the house where cadillac is and most people use side doors as their main doors and, you may, and and three guys burst through that door and waking up the eight three-year old man who lived alone here at the time. they shook him, threatened him, got some cash, got his phone and then even took the ring off his finger and got away. fortunately unlike the previous cases, recently where elderly victims have become
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burglarized and beat up they didn't harm this 38 year-old man likely a military veteran as well. that is the good news. i'm remembering a 96 year-old lady roughed up last week by guy in the cobra, radar detector hat who i will look for in my next vacation because that is how angry we all get when we see cases like this but this guy just scared, not roughed up, he is okay, and hopefully family members, younger family members. but a sadly what they will do is look to see if they had any work done, anybody mow his lawn, did anybody do any kind of work for him that may know him and know he would live alone here and maybe a good victim. they stole his prescription drugs and hopefully get new prescriptions but another sad case of an elderly person roughed up in the middle of the night here in philadelphia. >> ridiculous. >> 6:04. first night of the republican national convention is in the
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history books in cleveland this comes after a wild afternoon session that rang in proceedings at quicken loans arena there in cleveland. >> anti trump delegates wanted to have a state by state roll call vote on the convention rules but the g.o.p., the brass, top folks there passed the rules anyway on the second attempt. other big head line a speech from melania trump the wife of the nominee donald trump. >> and barack and i were raised with so many of the same values, like you work hard for what you want in life, that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you are going to do. from the outset my parents impressed on me the values thaw work hard for what you want in life. that your word is your bond. you do what you say and you keep your promise. >> a lot of people are talking
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about the similarities in the speech. so we will have more on both speeches coming up in ten minutes. >> i was shocked there for a second because i said here's michelle obama's head popped up. >> some people are saying it is the same so they think she copying the phrase. >> there was one phrase out of the 26 word she used in that paragraph, 22 of them came from michelle obama's speech, they were saying similar things. >> today is day two and the theme today is make american -- well, make america work again. make america work again. notable among scheduled speakers, new jersey governor chris christie, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, house speaker paul ryan, former presidential candidate ben carson and within of the donald trump's sons, well, donald trump, junior. we will talk about that governor christie. we have questions about how he feels coming to the convention not being the pick. >> not being the vp.
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>> here in philadelphia at city is getting ready to host democrats for their national convention next week. as tens of thousands of visitors are expect safety and security are priorities for local and federal officials and they are starting the process, well, they have started already but they are taking net is. >> what does it look like right now out there, chris. >> same white tents and one difference, mike this is as far as we will get. they are not allowing us inside the parking lot of the wells fargo center. do you see that guy all there all black, he is the guy that is checking, id's. i went and talked to him. he is certainly a very nice gentlemen but boy, security is tight. one of the many changes here. lets look at detectors installed all around wells fargo center. secret service sealed off sewers, they check light poles and with less than a week ago philadelphia's top brass, they say that they have the full security package, to protect
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dignitaries, public and deal with what could be massive protests here. >> i would like people to express their first amendment right and not calling police officers every name in the book but even if we cannot accomplish that at least not we would resort to any type of violence or destruction of property, because we have a pretty, significant job to do. we have to protect the city, the public, protesters, police officers and the community and let us not forget we have community to protect outside the scope of this dnc. >> officials have issued a week long ban on large trucks and tractor trailers from i-95 and 295. you also won't be allowed to park in the center median right along south broad street. travel will be tightly restrict around the wells fargo center as well and of course, guys in the wake of the dallas and baton rouge incident, commissioner ross
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say they will have two officers in each cruz tore protect these officers. let's hope they don't have protest like we saw yesterday, in cleveland for the rnc but we will wait and see. certainly security is already difference here we are six days ahead of the event itself. >> that is wish full thinking for sure, chris, on your part. wait a minute, it is a south philadelphia tradition parking mountain median. >> i'm disappointed. when i first came i was fascinate that had people can fit in such tight spaces, others facing other way. it is great to she our visitors how well we can park. >> bill clinton and his family park in the median. we're covered 24 hours a day on fox for great coverage of both rnc and dnc. by the way bruce gordon has had a bunch of great reports coming up live this morning from cleveland. it is 6:10.
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where did he get the weapon? that was the question answered yesterday, that is what police want to know about the man who shot those three officers in baton rouge on sunday. we will go live, to louisiana next.
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investigators say man who killed three police officers object sunday is 29 year-old gavin long. >> they is on surveillance camera. they say that the former marine traveled there, from kansas city, missouri to baton rouge to specifically target law enforcement officials. he was out to kill cops. police say he ambush the officers with two rifles and 9-. we are standing by in baton rouge with the very latest. we are learning more about how he got those guns. >> reporter: i'll tell you all eyes this morning are somberly on 41 year-old deputy nicholas tollyard, who is fighting for his life this morning, the
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sheriff said yesterday that he was on a respirator and as you mentioned they also said that 29 year-old gavin long, really was out to kill as many officers as he could. yesterday state police went moment by moment through that shooting with the help of surveillance video, stills and aerial shots of the scene explaining how and how quickly long, located officers spotted them and then persued them, he even spotted two officers, shot, both of them, he killed one, wounded another and then moments later killed another office are and was trying to help that wounded officer. he ignored surveillance settling his sight on officers and ended with a member of the baton rouge swat team, and took one shot from a hundred yard that eventually killed long. guys? >> all right. >> thanks, we will check back with you next hour. so it is almost 6:13 on
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this tuesday. we are a little bit, would you call it a controversy in cleveland. >> it depend who you ask. >> did melania trump copy michelle obama from years ago. we are live, in cleveland to compare speeches from 2016 to 2008. later, governor chris christie has did a lot of interviews yesterday and shared his thoughts on not being pick for donald trump's running mate, and plus the new convention many say he could be auditions for right now.
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well, phillies starting a four game series with the marlins in south philadelphia last night. aaron nola making his first start since taking time off before the struggle before the all-star break. >> true he put those struggles behind him, pitching six shut out innings but it was not enough. >> phillies were up two to nothing the in the ninth but the stinking fish would tie it up. this team would then get in the extra innings and in the 11th martin prod o is a solo home run, phillies lose, boom, there it goes, three-two. he smoked that one. here's sports in a minute
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with sean. >> good morning, aim sean bell, nelson agholor received great news just in a week before training camp, he will officially not be charged with sexual assault. agholor was accused of sexual assault about a month ago just hours after the final date of the mini camp. the since then we have not heard much, and that is how we knew this thing was probably going to disappear. agholor and his lawyer from the beginning denied any raining doing in the matters. district attorney released a statement saying as a result of their joint investigation, our stats and police reached the conclusion that we lack sufficient evidence to bring charges against mr. agholor. therefore no charges will be filed. yesterday lebron james told cavilers the obvious he is heading back to cleveland. there is no timetable on a new deal but trust me it will get done and tiehl will be absolutely fat. all of the money being handed out in free agency this deal
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will be record breaking. that is sport in a minute. i'm sean bell. a local officer, police officer sent to the hospital after being attacked, what police say a suspect, threw at his car that led to a fight. steve keeley is on a story about an elderly man attacked in his home. >> we learned more in the last zero minutes and we may have learned why he was attacked and targeted. he likes to go to parx casino and we will tell you when he was there last and why he was target because he may have won something. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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back and forth for theh, shouting matches to start the evening obsession who he blaming for starting it all. workers at the airport, are planning, later today to announce their plans. will they strike. or not as democrats come to philadelphia over the weekend. scary moments when a elderly man wakes up to men break nothing to his home what they got away with and what police are looking for to track down the suspect. it is 6:30. july the 19th, 2016. so as we go to sue serio, i
6:23 am
want to you craft a better entrance for your weather cast here. would i suggest look to the trump, yes, donald trump, and something like this. this is how he makes his entrance at republican national convention to introduce his wife. now is his back. it looks like his back is to the audience but then walks forward. >> beautiful silhouette. look at how the teleprompter a and mike rise up, and then these wife came out to give the speech. >> all right sue, take it away. >> this is it. >> well, it is bus stop budd which his boring, and it is another one. it is safe to come out. it is going to be belter later on. it will be desired to spend
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the day outside, and now we have yet to clear all of the clouds from our cold front; and one little thunderstorm there, heading toward washington d.c. and not toward us, we have sunshine and you can still see included around and sun glare, is visible. 74 degrees 79 percent relative humidity and heading up to 89 degrees and your sunset at a nice long day to enjoy. that is your planner for tuesday, and let's get to the roads, with a look at the schuylkill expressway, right around the conshohocken curve, and it is slow go there, this morning. allow a lot of extra time if that is your route. an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike southbound near valley forge road has the right lane blocked, so far things are moving slowly but that might slow you down. phillies play tonight at 7:05 at marlins once again and all extra extra traffic around the
6:25 am
stadium complex, as we call it. >> complex, yeah. >> 6:33. an eight three-year old man, awakened during the night after a group of men break into his northeast philadelphia home and rob it. it seems like he goes to parx casino. >> steve what did you hear about this might be related about the fact he was over there. >> reporter: when lou at verree road you see how busy it is. nobody just decides let me go to one of the busiest roads in all of northeast philadelphia where there are a lot of twin duplexes and pick one at random in the middle of the block and decide to burst door down and hope something is on the other side. what we have learned thinks eight three-year old man is a frequent visitor to parx casino and had probably just won i don't want to say how much money. police are saying. that just won hundreds of dollars let's say sunday, his last visit there, maybe one of his winning visits among many visits and question is was he followed home.
6:26 am
he drives there in his car. he has a lot of little ticket that you you see given to drivers when they valet park their car. did somebody see him? was he talking like people do bragging after winning and then make himself a target or someone see him cashing in the chips or hit a big slot machine win a and then wonder what he was driving and how he got there and where he lived. he went there sunday. these guys then strike machine right after midnight into tuesday and they burst down that door. probably make it out from here even though we are a distance a way fingerprint dust on the door. police hoping to pull a print. three guys burst through the thing. only good parties they didn't rough him up but they took his cash, they take his phone and hopefully they can trace back because these guys are stupid enough to steel cell fence all the time that has gps and police can track it down. they even took the ring off his finger. rip a ring of eight three-year old man's finger.
6:27 am
at least he is okay unlike a lot of people we see roughed up during home invasions. i guess they were satisfied they got enough and got away. police hoping maybe to get a print. hoping maybe some pictures of somebody getting a real close-up look at this guy over at parx who has great surveillance and then maybe nab these guys. this is a frequent crime. if you go in the casino don't make a show of it. get out safely. make sure nobody is behind you following you. >> you have to be aware of your surroundings for sure. 6:35. thanks, steve. well, lots of drama for the first day of the republican national convention. how long has this cam paper been going. >> what an entrance, how about this for our show. it looks like he is back but he is looking right into the camera there. >> it is a silhouette. >> that is back for a second. >> and then the prompters pull up. >> now the podium.
6:28 am
>> he was there to give a 202nd introduction for his wife. >> so then, that was the entrance last night but today, the afternoon started with people trying to basically get him out of there. >> that is right. there was heated protest outside but inside the convention anti trump delegates they wanted a state by state roll call vote on the convention rules. >> they were screaming, man. >> but they passed the rules anyway on the second attempt. >> those in favor of the rules package will say aye. >> and that beat the nah. >> despite that unusual start, focus eventually shifted to the keynote speakers. >> so highlighting monday's theme of make america safe again. >> donald trump had has already speculatedd about naming a potential cabinet members did you hear that yesterday afternoon? new jersey governor chris christie is reportedly,
6:29 am
taughted as maybe our next attorney general. present law requires each parties presidential nominee to have his transition chief begin finding a cabinet at least six months before the general election chris christie has led trump's transition team since may. the governor says that he and the billion air have never discussed the position of the attorney general but that he would gladly serve on any cabinet position trump asked him to accept. if he is on the transition team, would he transition himself into the ag spot? >> i'm for safety, security for every citizen and i suspect that he will pick an attorney general that will say the exact same thing and... and will take action, will take action that will back that up. >> chris christie did say he was disappointed but was not discontent about trump
6:30 am
choosing governor mike pence of indiana as his running mate. coming up on 6:38 in less than a week thousands every expect in our city for dnc. anytime i watch rnc, and cleveland this is going to be us in philly. federal officials are doing all they can to make sure this will be a great one and safe one. >> they will start coming in here probably friday just a few days. >> so they want to get in early. >> there will be a lot of parties. i have heard about celebrities coming down good really, mike, this is so you. >> it is a convention president lets talk about the issues. the lets have the great speeches. i want to learn her about the candidate and you want to worry about the parties. >> mess of the parties go about 10:00 o'clock and go until 4:00. all of the bars stay staying opened until 4:00. >> does that mean. >> you will go work.
6:31 am
>> i will be fine. >> i will be fine. >> tune into watch mike. >> here's the thing, chris murphy is at the wells fargo center in south philadelphia where the convention will be, you know, right at night. >> yes. >> behind bars. >> he has been locked up. >> let me get this straight then. alex will be at the convention learning about the issues, mike and you will be downtown where bars are extending hours until 4:00 a.m. >> listen to this, yes. >> he won't ab loan. >> this is a four day event to announce something we already know, right. >> reporter: correct. however we saw that drama you show on the floor there for the rnc yesterday. that got interesting, interesting outside with protesters. this is a throw back to what 1968 where things were all in upheaval with everything going on, backdrop of the nation. speaking of backdrops take a look at that, i not seen that
6:32 am
before, that is pretty cool. it is wrapped there with the 2016 democratic national convention with the liberty bell there for the zero. we are seeing signs like this all over town too where everything is different. back in march the federal government announced a 43 mimed, to help pay for this and we are seeing that money, put to use. surveillance cameras, chemical detectors installed around the wells fargo center, secret service sealed off sewers, and here we are with a week to go and philadelphia's top cop says city will have a full security package to protect dignitaries, public and to deal with what could be big protests. >> let's not forget the general public in the course of the these demonstrators, demonstrators and police officers and general public in dallas there were struck by gunfire, who are indiscriminant and we worry about everybody in the case of the deranged individual, who thinks that they are to go
6:33 am
something in the name of a particular cause. >> and with that in mind commissioner ross, announced they will have two officers in each cruiser now. they will partner up.
6:34 am
>> what are you doing in the news van. >> sometimes i get in the news van. we agree all right. >> we have to get to this because we have another, another terror attack around the world. this time, islamic state, isis, is claiming responsibility, for a train attack, last night in germany. >> and injuring at least five people. seventeen year-old suspect used april knife and an ax and shouted god is great during the attack. shot and killed by a special police unit. he tells a german security official a note found that he indicates he have been self radicalized. thirty passengers on the train at the time, and more than a dozen were treated touring the shock. >> every day. >> at least 1,000 philadelphia international airport workers are set to demonstrate at the airport, they want to kick
6:35 am
this off at 11c. they are pushing for a $15 minimum wage and better working conditions out there. most make about eight bucks an hour. community supporters are demanding that phl subcontractors, pay them, treat their workers fairly. philadelphia international airport, could be forced to find temporary workers for the upcoming dnc and mess of the delegate, most of the officials, most of the reporters will be flooding in to philadelphia starting on friday afternoon and then into saturday. well, white supremacy did you see this on live tv, the comments by a u.s. congressman that had so many people upset this morning. representative steve king out of iowa.
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it was 2:30 or three, i ran to my window, i thought i was back in kansas. peco workers, look at them out there, work through the night restoring power after that flash storm tore through havertown yesterday afternoon. the damage was pretty darn expensive. 50-foot trees cut in half, some landed on cars, one crossed a shed in the guy's backyard. no one was hurt but several roads were blocked. people in the area say that the storm lasted about 15 minutes, 15 minutes, tops, really but it was really raining hard for a while. >> intense 15 minutes. where are you going with
6:39 am
this. >> intense 15 minutes. >> what did you do for the last three minutes. >> anyway. >> memorable. >> i knew you would go there. >> lets look at that period of time as we look back over the last 12 hours or so and we will go back to yesterday afternoon, here we go, we will see this. we will move it around and we see all this lightening and this line of thunderstorms moving through this was in advance of the cold front and cold front is just about through right now but as we look back at yesterday, some of these win gust where is amazing, dewey beach, delaware 64 miles an hour. 62 miles an hour in allentown and pretty strong in new castle, and harvey cedars as well, so that was the situation from yesterday. right new we still have left over clouds but sunnies burning through these clouds. it won't be as warm as 96-degree he we have yesterday
6:40 am
and 89, lower humidity and better tomorrow with a high of 85. it start to get hot gannon thursday, that is our transitional day back to the humidity on friday, late thunderstorms, won't make a big difference on saturday and now it looks like sunday we will be a real scorcher with a high of 98 degrees on sunday and heat index will be higher then that. so we are setting up for heat wave number four this weekend. that is your weather authority forecast, tuesday morning, starting to get busier and busier we will look out at 422 at troop are road, usual slow down there moving eastbound, now the accident, u.s. route three north bound in wilmington has two lanes blocked on that road, and also that accident on pennsylvania turnpike southbound right lane is block near valley forge road, mike and alex this morning. >> six there 48 sue. >> lets get to coatsville where a police officer is recovering from a broken stern
6:41 am
um after someone attack him randomly. suspect thrown a rock at officer windshield. the officer jared davis got out of his cruiser after the incident and was attack and even hit in the head with a rock. my god. >> another officer helped davis arrest the suspect. suspect has been identified as eric watson. prosecutors have charged watson with aggravated assault, resisting arrest and host of other charges. of course, coming off the recent incidents we have had, you have to wonder. >> wow. >> 6:49. this happened last night remarks made by g.o.p. congressman. he is pretty famous from the state of iowa. what was he on, a cable tv network. >> he was. >> so it started with representative steve king, who was starting to trend yesterday afternoon. he said he was tired of the efforts to blame white people for the nation's problems. and then he took it a step further and watch all of the journalist reaction on the
6:42 am
desk. >> i'm asking throughout your history and figure out where these contributions made by these other categories of people that you are talking about, like with any other sub group of people contribute to our civil says. western civilization itself is routed in western europe, eastern europe and you had of america and so all of western civil says. >> so, representative king previously made headlines for excusing muslims, americans including muslim americans of the congress refusing to announce that rhea law. >> she was not. >> she said i can't even believe this is happening right now. >> 6:50. forgetting a ticket what one restaurant is offering for those who get busted on the road. blank.
6:43 am
before we get to break here's tonight's prime time line up here on fox. all new hotel hell. >> oh, hell. >> followed by coupled and then fox 29 news at ten with live coverage from the rnc from cleveland. >> that goes until 11:30. they are on there 11 to 11:30. >> well, yes. >> yes. >> they are excited though. >> very excited. >> it is going to happen just wait for it. >> yes, 11:30.
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okay. >> well, if you have a excuse to stay on facebook during your workday. >> do you really need an excuse. >> i'm on facebook all day long. >> i was going to ask you. >> we're supposed to be or we're fire. >> in case you don't know what facebook is, it is a social media site. >> look at you.
6:47 am
>> this service though, they will launch it is called facebook at work. then that will create a separate pre file just for your job. >> oh, good. >> instant messages, message your co-workers, events, you can get notified about meetings, how they will send you a e-mail. you can get it through facebook. this is part of the facebook a at work pilot, and it is set to go live this fall. if it is a success, and for businesses. >> it will be. >> this could replace office e-mail. >> you cannot guarantee it will be a success. >> why? >> think about it, unless it limit everything else you can do on facebook you will be on facebook at work, and stay engaged. there is a part think weekend president facebook message who poked me. you are not worried about what is going on at work. no way you can only on facebook and only do work things. >> at sunday 6:55, i have never poked anyone. >> have you been poke.
6:48 am
>> i have been poke but i have never physically poked. >> here's the thing, i'm not sure what poking is because i have been poked but i didn't know what it meant. people that poked me that probably shouldn't be poking me but important to know what the poking means. >> yes. >> i don't want to ask if you don't ask what poking is. >> ask pokemon, and then go. >> it is, that simply isolated on you tube later today. >> we should define the poke. >> i'll talk about poking in the break here we have to get out to steve. something really bad happened overnight after a guy, 83 years old comes back from parx casino, there is steve. >> jeff cole did a story about this about people followed home and then robbed. question difficulties that happen on verree road to an eight three-year old man who had been to parx casino the day before. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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i'm so proud of your choice for president of the united states my husband donald trump. >> controversy in cleveland. some say melania trump stole the show at last night's convention but that might not be all that she stole. she's being accused of plaguer
6:52 am
icing michelle obama and how trump's campaign is responding. and next week, it is our turn, the ceo of the democratic national convention joins us for an update on how they are getting the wells fargo center, ready to be the center of the american political scene, in just a few days. plus a man in his 80's a victim of a scary home invasion, what was taken from him in the middle of the night. and how about that severe weather yesterday afternoon leaving behind a mess, clean up continues this morning after large trees cam down in delaware county, but the storms, did bring some relief, and how long will it last. >> ♪ we are the champions, my friends ♪


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