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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 19, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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and next week, it is our turn, the ceo of the democratic national convention joins us for an update on how they are getting the wells fargo center, ready to be the center of the american political scene, in just a few days. plus a man in his 80's a victim of a scary home invasion, what was taken from him in the middle of the night. and how about that severe weather yesterday afternoon leaving behind a mess, clean up continues this morning after large trees cam down in delaware county, but the storms, did bring some relief, and how long will it last. >> ♪ we are the champions, my friends ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> the first lady of "good day philadelphia". >> i'm so proud of you. >> i'm so proud to announce the sue serio. >> well, thank you. >> it is an eight out of ten in your weather by the numbers today. bus stop buddy, just basking in the light of what just happened there, temperatures in the 60's and 70's, not too muggy out there this morning. the humidity is leaving us for the take so grab sun screen and head outside, it might be time to go out identify in the air conditioning. all of our big thunderstorms
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have pretty much gone, cold front is almost out of here and you can see the haze is kind of gone from our shot at philly international airport. 74 degrees. 79 percent relative humidity. looking ahead to a high of 89, maybe 90 but it will not be as humid as it has been but we will get a break for how long, we will answer that question in the seven day forecast coming up. that is your weather today. lets check traffic and go back to the turnpike accident, which is a pennsylvania turnpike southbound near valley forge. things are going slowly there on that part of the turnpike avoid that if you can. a quick check of the the schuylkill at city avenue, just shows, just crawling there heading in the city and i-95 at cottman avenue doesn't look better here, just slowing down, as morning goes along, guys, great job. >> well, thank you sue. >> i'm impressed. >> thank you, sue. >> first night last night at republican national convention, in the history
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books now. this comes have after a wild afternoon of yelling and screaming at the proceedings at quicken loans arena that is what they call that arena in cleveland. anti trump delegates stood up, wanted a state by state roll call and this is what happened last night. during the afternoon, it is coming up, some anti trump delegate wanted a state by state roll call vote on the rules. >> g.o.p. brass passed the rules anyway on the second attempt. >> we will role that footage. >> this was important though because that was trump's entrance. did he that just to introduce his wife melania trump. >> um-hmm. >> so she had her speech. everybody was looking forward to the speech. >> that is right. >> here's her big moment. >> her big moment. lauren, we have been told that she never wanted to do this but they say it is a tradition, we will help you write it. i want to write most of it. so how did it go.
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>> she quickly became center of attention last night and some people are accusing her of copying the speech. it seemed to be a good speech. not long after people were fact checking and they started to talk on twitter and it was discovered part of her speech bears some similarities to the speech given by now first lady michelle obama back in 2008. lets take a listen. >> barack and i were raised with so many of the same values, like you work hard, for what you want in life. that your word is your one. if you do what you say you will do. >> so my parent set on me the values you work hard for what you want in life. that your word is your one, and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> we want our children and all children in this nation to know that the only limits of the height of your achievements is the reach of your streams and your
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willingness to work hard for them. >> we want our children in this nation to know that the only thing in your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> man, almost the exact word spoken by michelle obama at dnc in 2008. in an earlier interview melania trump said she wrote that speech. trump's campaign released saying in writing her beautiful speech her team of writers took nets on her life's inspirations and some instances included fragments that reflect her own thinking. melania immigrant experience and love for america shows in her speech which made it a success. of course, now, new york daily news had something to say bit. it said, thanks mrs. obama and mike and alex, the top trending topic on twitter right now famous million land use trump quote. it is other peoples famous
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quotes. >> like what. >> they say everything like someone used in west philadelphia born and raised. >> yes. >> or maybe ask not what you can do for your country, no ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country. melania trump. >> thank you, lauren. so, when everyone is watching cleveland and rnc, of course, people in our area think about it will be us next. tens of thousands of people are expect to come to our city to philadelphia for dnc. local and federal officials are doing all they can to make sure this convention will go smoothly and be safe. organizers and officials expect plenty of protest when it comes to the convention but safety and security are priorities this year, big priorities. >> do you have to be in a blank suv to get into south philadelphia.
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we saw a lot of those. >> reporter: are you talking to me. >> yes. >> are you talking to me. >> reporter: i'm only one standing here you must be talking to me. we did pass a bunch of black suv's. here's you why cannot see them because we have been blocked out, mike, you know how you walk up to any security line and you get in by just going like this? this is my rs vp. let me tell you something, mike jerrick this is one place you will not get through with your rs vp motion because that die wearing black, over there with the event staff. he is checking id's to get through here. security is much different then it normally is. new surveillance camera and chemical detectors been installed all around wells fargo center. they sealed off sewers, they check light poles. here we are six days to go and philadelphia's top cop says the city has the full security package in place to protect
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everyone, attending next monday. >> right now only thing i asked is that people are peaceful a and that they respect everyone elses right. they have a right to protest, that is what this country is all about, that is what the constitution warrants them and we will respect that and we will continue to do that but i don't think that calling police officers a bun have of names, particularly those they do not even know for no reason. i don't know what that accomplishes. you can still say what you believe in. i understand some causes but i don't think that is necessary. >> reporter: so, of course, commissioner ross is talking about keeping people safe, in the wake of the police ambush in dallas and baton rouge. has ordered two officers in each cruiser, and they also have a contingent up in we understand cleveland, talking with cleveland officials about what they are seeing during the rnc. also here's what you need to know officials issued a week long ban of trucks and tractor
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trailers from i92 and 295, you won't be able to park in the center media right there in south broad street, travel will be tightly restrict around the wells fargo center. i wonder mike and alex, we have talk about south broad street, i pick my mom up from the airport about two years ago and drove her down south broad. people are park in the middle here. that is kind of weird. i said that is what they do here. i'm wondering if after the convention, ever park there again i wonder if the ppa start breaking out ticket books. >> nope, nope. >> no, i don't know, ppa don't play. >> they don't play. >> that is what i say. >> i know you know chris murphy. you know, i learned my first day in philly, i just moved in, and my moving truck got a ticket. >> yeah. >> i don't even have a car. >> she wasn't even here 45 minutes. >> welcome to philly.
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chris, welcome to that 7:10. search is on for a group of men who broke into a eight three-year old's man last night and robbed him. it seemed as if he a had come from parx casino. >> police say he may have been targeted because of that visit. he got wings and they followed him home. steve keeley is live near the man's home in somerton, steve? >> reporter: yeah, you would think winning at a casino ace a good thing but not when followed home and robbed if you are winning, so that is what police say happened again here. now jeff cole, this happened so frequently just did a fox 29 investigation reports on this, just last month, in june showing how frequently people are seen on surveillance with somebody over their shoulders a the blackjack tables and then when they win they follow them to the cash box and then in the car or cab and then to their house. this gentlemen, a frequent visitor of parx casino, lot of stuff on his windshield, valet parking his car, he had hundreds of dollars on sunday,
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and then the next day, somebody forced opened this door and they wake him up just after midnight. they take the cash. they take his phone a and ring off his finger. he finally wins and end up lose nothing a crime spree at his house. got thing is they didn't beat him up and at 83 years old and he is okay, shaken up, obviously and you have to wonder did this happen again and that is what police will try to figure out and pin down, alex and mike. >> 7:11. the republican national convention moves in today two, the theme tonight, make america work again. it is make america work again. >> donald trump hopes it will cast him as a successful businessman who can create jobs for the whole country. >> doug luzader, who else will speak? i heard maybe chris christie is on the dock it the for tonight. >> reporter: you have a couple follow thanks wound up, running against donald trump, new jersey governor chris christie, ben carson is
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keynote speaker tonight as well and that is the theme, make america work again. so they will spend a fair amount of time talking about the economy and so on. then just the convention itself. they will use nominating speeches and go through that state by state delegation head count that is so much a part of the theater of this whole thing. but this is the convention where it it does than the really matter as we tally up delegate, see if trump gets the nomination there noise question, last gasp of the never trump movement yesterday. >> they tried in the beginning and they didn't, the door is closed, it is trump. >> it doesn't seem like there is any room at all to block trump. these delegates are bound through at least the first round here and trump has delegates he needs to get this thing done. >> i saw that the campaign, trump's campaign was upset with the governor of that state in the showing up at his
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own convention, john kasich. what have you heard. >> reporter: it is a weird situation here. listen, it is a coup for any city to get any convention as you guys know and the governor, even if it is a governor from an opposing party they are like rara there is a convention here. john kasich is a republican governor who ran against donald trump for the republican nomination, he is in cleveland. he will be in cleveland but he is not coming here to the convention. he does not like donald trump. he will not be here. there was an effort to try on get him here. it doesn't look like it will happen. >> did scott baio speak last night, what is that, that is what i'm waiting for. >> you missed it. that was yesterday. >> here's the thing, the speech tonight. >> yes. >> and she was at school from penn, she's from our area. >> eventually did ch ac i love
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cleveland. >> i think we can all imagine that he probably does, you know, for now, his roots, of course, in the show i think are in milwaukee. >> yes. >> isn't that where happy days was. >> joan i was a spin off of happy days. >> okay, all right. >> doug, we will see you tomorrow. >> 7:14. peco crews work through the night restoring power after a flash storm through havertown yesterday have afternoon. damage was pretty extensive and some neighborhood 60-foot trees were cut in half while others landed on cars and sheds. >> i can imagine. >> no one was hurt but several roads were blocked as a result, even areas says last one only lasted 15 minutes. >> i could feel the wind, rain and then i stood there, power went out and then all of the trees are bent left to right
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there was sideways rain, the wind, took the whole center tree out, it hit the car, i could do anything. >> 35-foot silo, at swiss farms was also blown down. >> it has been there for years too. >> 7:15. in north philadelphia, high levels of carbon monoxide forced evacuation of the building and some apartment, and emergency bridge, and and, and around 3:30, and it happened in several apartments, restaurant in there and a hooka lounge. nobody was hurt this coatsville a police officer is recovering from a broken sternum after, look at this guy on the right, he throws a big rock at his windshield. so jared davis got out after his incident and then was attack, even hit in the head,
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with another rock. another officer helped dave ace rest the suspect identified as one eric watson, prosecutors have charged him with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and a host of other charges. 7:16. upper darby police are looking for gunman they say shot a man nearly 30 times. >> wow. >> police say the shooter, we will show you surveillance video followed man and woman leaving a bar around 2:15 sunday morning. it happened on the 200 block of the road. police say the 28 year-old victim was hit, nine times and in critical condition. so far only one witness has come forward so if you know anything call the police. >> 1,000 philadelphia international airport workers are set to demonstrate at the airport around 11:00 when they plan to start this demonstration. they are pushing for $15 minimum wage and better working conditions at the airport, community supporters are demanding that phl
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subcontractors treat their workers fairly. philly international could be forced to find temporary workers, as our streets are going to be flooded, the airport will be flooded with delegates, reporters and everybody else coming in for the big convention. that should start friday afternoon and constant stream of people on at day and sunday coming into philadelphia. >> 7:17. >> now i have two questions. the last year we had those storms that got intense. afterward did you walk outside. >> i did. >> it felt amazing. >> fantastic. >> please tell me that amazing feeling will continue throughout the day. >> yes. >> it is true. >> it will not last but we have word drying out today, yeah. now that the rest of the coal front is just about through the area, high pressure will build in from the north, northwesterly wind, usually means lower humidity and that is the case after all that weather drama we had yesterday, this will be upside of all of that with high
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pressure building in and drying us out for a couple of days. so the clouds are starting to clear as we look at our satellite picture and ultimate doppler radar, all of the then are storms moving off shore, so temperatures right now are in the mid 70's in philadelphia, 60's to the north of us, much more comfortable, to the north, and still a little bit on the muggy side in wildwood an and atlantic city but that is coming. we have to watch this area of country where it will heat up, with triple digit heat indexes, in dallas, memphis, st. louis, by the end of the day to day it will be blazing hot, event eventually this will move to the northeast. our respite will not last that long. yesterday before the storms we got up to 96 degrees in philadelphia. today, 89. it seems cool and in comparison but it is the best part of this less humid and best day of the week is tomorrow with a high of 85. thursday, pretty good but starting to heat up to about 90 and feel a little more sticky by thursday, that is
7:19 am
your transitional day and then by friday, the heat and humidity. it will be dry in the morning for good day drives you at the dell but we're setting up for heat wave number four of 2016 over the weekend. that is your seven day forecast. checking traffic on tuesday morning, lots of sun glare, and, 95 at the betsy ross bridge, it is pretty slow coming into the city, southbound and then roosevelt boulevard is slowing down as well as we take a look through a little bit of haze, not as much as yesterday but still there and our speeds as we travel around are a lot slower then they were a little bit earlier just about every major roadway is slow going, mike and alex. >> you got it, almost everyone. >> everybody is sluggish this morning. 7:19. so where did this guy get those weapons in baton rouge. >> many questions remain about the man accused of killing three baton rouge police officers on sunday, we will go live to louisiana for an
7:20 am
update on the investigation mr. mr. melania moment and donald's entrance, the chance of lock her up, we will take a look at the top moment from last night at the rnc in cleveland.
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age old debate in this country, is it better to rent or buy? would you think it is better to buy, right. >> yes. >> but in the long run. >> but we found this study, web site is called go banking rate, and it find, it is actually more expensive to rent a home then to buy one, in most part of the united states. >> and here in pennsylvania the cost about $930 a month to buy a home, and almost $400 to rent. and in other words, paying money to rent, $75 more for a mortgage n new jersey monthly rent is, 190500 less.
7:24 am
>> 500 less to own. >> so, 7:24. investigators in baton rouge, louisiana says man who killed three police officers on sunday is, indeed, 29 year-old gavin eugene long and there he is. >> the former marine traveled there specifically to target law enforcement officials who he ambush the officers with two rifles and 9-millimeter handgun. >> brandon todd is in baton rouge. what else have you learned overnight, brandon. >> reporter: we have learned that 41 year-old deputy nicholas tollier is fighting for his life, this morning. sheriff said he was on a respirator so vigil last night, prayed for him as well as the families of the office hours were killed in this. as you mentioned investigators do say now that the 29 year-old gavin long was out to kill as many officers as he could, state police went moment by moment yesterday through the shooting with the help of the surveillance video, and aerial shots of the scene, explaining just how and how quickly, long located
7:25 am
these officers and then persued them, there were civilians calling 911 but long ignored them setting his sights only on the officers. as you mentioned he had two rifles a 9-millimeter handgun, detectives now looking into where he got those weapons, and it all ended with a member of the baton rouge swat team, they took within shot from around 100 yards that killed long. when it was over montrell jackson, matthew gerald and brad garafola were dead. police union yesterday calling these men, heroes. >> oh, yeah. >> and he said especially when swat team went in, they certainly saved lives because they shot this guy long with one shot. >> all right, todd, thank you to are that report from baton rouge. we will check back tomorrow. 7:25. plenty to talk about after last night and yesterday afternoon on the convention floor at rnc. >> plenty of moment you may have missed as of you seen
7:26 am
trump's entrance yet? >> it is epic. >> you and i come up with the top three moments from yesterday especially last night. >> yes. >> we will talk about it at work. >> do you water cooler in work good we have a water cooler in our meeting room. >> you don't drink water. >> we have one, you are so fancy. i'm good old tab tap. >> sure. >> water cooler is bottled water. >> just a big bottled. >> yes. >> speaking of water, lets get in the water what do you say. >> let's do it. >> jen? >> it is basically super bowl of beach patrol, every new jersey beach patrol from up and down cape may point will compete, red bull surf and rescue competition tonight. you will get a taste of this coming up. you will be surprised. the video is kind of epic.
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it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. protecting 100% of your mouth's surfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health. speakers of the dock it for day two of the rnc in cleveland. he is one of the former trump rivals speaking. former candidate ben carson is scheduled to speak as well. and major damage left behind by powerful storms. trees and power lines were knocked down in half town. the storm lasted about 15 minutes but it knocked out power to thousands, sue. >> yeah, with a lot of drama yesterday and a lot of heavy
7:30 am
downpours but now the result is, three magical words is, not too muggy. it is still in the transition period, where we're getting dryer air moving in here but bus stop buddy is ready for a great day. you will want to go outside today because it will feel more comfortable. grab that sun screen. we are in the 60's and 07's getting started. all of the storms have moved off shore and we will get slightly cooler air in. seventy-four in philadelphia. sixty-eight up in allentown. further to the north hazelton has a comfortable 61 degrees. we're down in millville, numbering where it is 74. same in atlantic city. lewis delaware is at 72 degrees and we're getting red of the muggies throughout the day. eighty-five by lunchtime. topping off at 89. sunset time 8:26. feel the difference today. when humidity returns we will let you know in the seven take forecast, coming up, right the now, let's check traffic at 7:30. it is time to check the platt
7:31 am
bridge, why? because we have an accident, that on ramp from pen rose avenue and it has one lane block and see everybody has to get around that arrow and it is causing quite the backup there. i-95 down in delaware, a lot of sun glare and aerial shots slow going. gwenn stephani is in concert tonight at camden at bbt pavilion. very good. very good. there will be extra traffic around that area tonight. >> i like it. 7:31. a lot of big moment last night at the convention in cleveland. to you want to break it down. here's we will do. mike and alex will go to the convention, okay. >> patriotic. >> is that the worst picture of me ever. >> me too. >> and lovely pictures. >> no, it is not. >> somebody took it.
7:32 am
>> yes. >> that is right. >> can i do look like a zombie there, you are right. >> there is a filter. >> it is just my face. >> so lets go do the top three moments. number three. >> first up to listen to what the crowd was saying as a former member of the obama administration spoke. he is talking about hillary clinton and the fact that she wasn't charged for the e-mail scandal, right. a lot of people think she should have been charged, at least inn rest gated more heavily so he brought this up to the speech and listen to the crowd's reaction. >> we do not need a reckless president who believes she is above the law. >> lock her up, that is right.
7:33 am
that is right. will be her up. >> it is unbelievable. >> i don't know if i have ever heard that at a national convention suggesting that you lock up the opponent from the other party. so that is retired general mike flynn spoke last night after melania trump. i probably said that ahead of time. i didn't say that. a will guys for. that let's get to her speech. >> well, have we moved on. >> i guess so. >> so we're done with that. we're going to the next moment. >> i said after the melania. >> it is my fault, a pol guys. >> do you know what we do now, we move on. we move forward. >> this is big moment number two as far as we're concerned. >> yes.
7:34 am
>> yes. >> so, donald trump's big speech at the republican national convention isn't until thursday. you do not see the actual candidate. >> sometimes they are not the same city. >> they want to save that grand finally for last. >> donald trump has got to do things differently. he stole the show, a lot of people say, for the beginning in the first night of cleveland. if you are donald trump you come out in a brand new way. >> it remind me of one or two things. and it is also remind me of
7:35 am
lebron james, when he was with the miami heat. >> yes. >> so, let's go with, the number one moment from the convention, last night. according to us. >> yes. >> and that is, of course, melania trump and that is why don't old trum went out to introduce her and this is her big moment, we get to see her and see what she has had to say. she has been very quiet. >> this is one paragraph of the speech. what we will do here is, what they used to call, i cannot
7:36 am
say the term, reverse, what it should be. so back in 2008 michelle obama did the very same thing, the democratic national convention, she gave a speech. >> yes,. >> she spoke about her husband and she used this paragraph. now listen to the terms about children, helping children. >> barack and i were raised with so many of the same values, you work hard for what you want in life, that your word is your one, that you do what you say you will do. >> from the outset my parents instilled in my the values thaw work hard for what i want in life, and your work you feel on and you do what you say and keep. >> we want our children and all children in this nation to know that the only limit to the height of your achievement is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. >> we want our children in
7:37 am
this nation to know that the only thing to your achievement is the strength of your dreams and your ability to work for them. >> so melania told the network she wrote the speech but then -- >> this is before she did an interview before she went out. she said yes, i did the speech, i only read it once because i know i wrote most of that, and, i only had need to go over it one time. >> and then she did say that she wrote the thing. so, that is right. but then the trump campaign after she said, well, it sounded like michelle's speech. a number of senior aid from the trump campaign say they did he had it melania speech suggesting changes and provided guidance and they admit when you write a speech and help somebody write a speech you look back at other similar speeches and you sometimes cherry pick the
7:38 am
same. they are saying it is kind of the same thing, it is not outlandish that they want to help children. >> you would have said your parent will teach you to work hard if you want to do something. that is a common lesson in the household. if you are going to take a look at other speeches wouldn't you look at someone, that is a republican, take it from. but i guess they won, maybe they want to pick from a loser as opposed to someone who lost. >> very good point. >> copy a speech i would take one from a winner. >> well, some of the speech sounded familiar to a popular song from the 80's, i used to listen to this song over and over again. >> he will never, ever give up, and most importantly he will never, ever let you down. >> ♪
7:39 am
>> i mean who doesn't like that song. >> yes. >> you actual do i. >> yes, it is getting hot in here take off all of your clothes. >> what did you think of that. >> 7:39. getting a ticket. i'm not talk about traffic ticket but one restaurant is offering for those who get busted on the road with the traffic ticket, a speeding ticket. i'll give you a hamburger.
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7:43 am
before. >> a red light camera, right there. >> parking ticket. >> but still, any kind of ticket. >> you are such a rule breaker, law breaker, breaking the law. >> one hour limit and my friend lived there said it is fine, just come back and do it again. >> you can't do that. >> real quickly, did you see cover, we were just talking about the speech, and so the daily news having some fun, they are not a fan of donald trump at all beating up on him all the time, thanks mrs. obama for my speech. that reminded me of the big poster out in front of our building this giant picture of you and i on the front of our building, the same darn post. it looks like i'm pointing out a blemish on my chest. >> well. >> what is that supposed to mean. >> i'm not really sure. >> often times when i walk past this picture i said what is he pointing to. >> trying to find... >> you know what happens, trump when he was in philly, walk past here and said that is a a great pose, i want to
7:44 am
pose like mike jerrick. >> you and melania can blur your eyes and you are the same beautiful person. >> not quite. >> pointing to the same area. >> okay. lets go surfing. you know, i cannot get up on a surf board. have you ever surfed. >> i have never surfed. >> lets see how you do it with jen fred. >> we are not surfing today but we are rescuing today. who else to help us but the life guard. brookare in we will talk about what red bullies doing and it is, a really cool competition. you will see it. i approve this message.
7:45 am
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever...
7:46 am
you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
7:47 am
7:47. we have a problem at the base of the platt bridge this morning and there is follow thanks have to get around there, and, we expect it to be, corrected in a few minutes. ninety-five southbound at cottman avenue is very slow, this morning, plus you are dealing with sun glare on all major roadways this morning. things are slowing down quite a bit as we check speeds, throughout the region and just about every roadway is very, very slow this morning. especially the schuylkill expressway, and especially i-95. we have that look at traffic. now we will see how long this sunshine will be around. forecast in 15 seconds.
7:48 am
out and about in the middle of all those thunderstorms you should know it was a cold front responsible for all of that, comfortable for now and for probably tomorrow as well as a last of that rain got out of here, high pressure will build in today, we will get to 89 degrees in the ocean water temperature of around 70. the clouds are still with us but they are starting to clear up and dryer air is moving in, as the last of those thunderstorms move away. so right now we have temperatures of 74 in the the city. sixty-one mount pocono. lovely there this morning. seventy-four in dover where we're still on the humid side. we will check those dew point is still in the 70's in central delaware but the dew points are lowering into the 60's with we're measuring
7:49 am
moisture which means we have move from oppressive humidity to between muggy and uncomfortable. we will take that in july in philadelphia are you kidding me. 89 degrees today. eighty-five. delightful day tomorrow. i'm predicting a ten out of ten. 90-degree high temperature for thursday and then we're setting up for yet another heat wave, guys, starting this weekend, this one will be number four. >> number four. >> all right, sue i want to you watch this, you are about to meet, because i have this same outfit that i will wear in avalon this weekend. >> really. >> down the shore. >> okay. >> wait for it, okay. >> atlantic city is the only place in the entire country where red bull, the drink company, hosts its surf and rescue competition. >> it decides which new jersey beach patrol is the most elite. >> red bull called and said they are bringing the super bowl of surfing to the area.
7:50 am
>> ride out on the beach. everybody is really fired up about it. >> it is a great competition. >> these guys are really competitive. we've got the same goal in mind, it is all about rescue. >> end of the day everybody comes home safe. >> how cool is that, man. >> this is the guy's outfit. i have that same short. >> you wear that. >> yes. >> mike jerrick, i know you don't have this shirt because you have to earn this shirt. brooknor chase. >> you earned your name. >> a lot of time on waves, land and reaching out, so yeah, earn. >> it is a relay competition. we have 40 beach patrol from all the way to cape may point. they start in the water. >> we start in the water, it is a relay for hat. it is not just testing individual athletes and what they to best but teaching and coaching and developing these athletes in everything that we do. >> we have video of it. they go in the water, like
7:51 am
hundreds of them, and then that is the first round. >> is there 40, each one were four, relay format for the first round, 250-meter swim off shore through the surf, across the south sand, hand off, 40 teams, in the water, first round only 28 advance to the next round. >> so it looks easy but it is really hard. then they run. then they have a big giant picture by it. you guys to have put these in the water. >> absolutely, so when people are finishing taking photos, in the morning, we actually train and race in them. the third round those boats come into play. some of the hardest craft to navigate through water 350-pound are each of those boats. we have two of the life guard paddling in double row out around a short course in and out of the surf. 350-pound where waves will be bigger. it is exciting. >> 5:00 p.m. today right here, it is free you want people to watch it.
7:52 am
first time red bull did it was last year. people in australia, life guard all around the world are jealous of this event but you really want people to know this is where it all started, atlantic city in the 1800. it is really where guarding the beaches began. >> i was in australia where it is part of the culture and they were captivated by what we were doing here, they loved this but like you said this is where life guarding, number of the people that visited the beach, number of the guard here, it all started here. we have talked about jersey strong no where else can you find this many guard, in fact, one of the monmouth guards is competing in the olympics in a few weeks. this is a breeding ground for elite athletes, some of the most safe beaches because have the level of the training and knowledge that is right here. we have noah here today so we have weather covered. we will talk about rip currents, being safe, we want all the people visiting here to necessity where to go on the beach to be safe and get an experience in the ocean and we will show you best new
7:53 am
jersey's got. >> i'm a suck are for a red bull event. they call, i say yes every time. brief me what have i gotten myself into. >> i know you are a big fan of extreme, snow border and stuff this is just warmer water then you are used to. >> warmer than snow. difficult ask for a wet suit. >> no, we want you to experience it the way we do we don't put on a wet suit before we save somebody? we will take you out for a little swim, through you on these boards, lie down and paddle out and then we will put new one of those boats. we will take you have photo but we will take you out in the waves as well. >> thanks for keeping us safe. mike, can you do name dropping, real quick. he has a big organization we will talk about at some point which really trying to save the ocean. >> adrian greenay and richard branson are doing a big swim in italy.
7:54 am
lonely whale foundation is focus on on 100 days of blue. >> that is all we needed to know. >> it is beyond and whales in the ocean, all of us. >> see you at 8:00. be careful out there, jen. yesterday i was walking in olde city, and i saw that very thing right there. woman had swings and because it was so hot and sun was sobriety she covered both strollers with a thin cloth. >> that makes sense. >> no, no, no, no doctor mike says it is a bad idea, he will tell you why alex holy.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
we have some breaking news from the state of georgia, four people are arrested after shooting at police officers, just outside of atlanta. >> those officers were investigating a gun store break in. no injuries have been reported. it is developing. we will keep you updated. all right. as i mentioned yesterday, i
7:58 am
was in olde city and i saw a woman, she had twins. one of those double wide strollers. because it was so hot and humid out, sun was beating down on them, she had a real sheer blanket like that over both of the babies. >> we see this all the time. >> yes. >> trying to cover them up make sure the sun doesn't get in. >> not so fast. >> what is wrong with that, doctor mike. >> increases the temperature inside that stroller to the point where the baby gets into danger. remember, little kids, can get into deep trouble, very quickly if the temperature goes up, because of their small size. so this is a bad idea. first of all, you cannot see the child. secondly the air circulation is bad. finally, it increasing that temperature so much, forget about it. >> never thought bit. >> what if you don't want them to be sunburn or directly in the sun then, what do you do.
7:59 am
>> get out of the sun. forget it. get out of the sun. common sense if you are in a hot sun and you have to go somewhere, you go somewhere under a tree or somewhere and get in the shade, you don't keep them out in the hot sun. >> never new that. >> yes, i spent a lot of money to learn stuff like this. >> you know you are a fan the of the netty pot, it is odd looking and can get very creepy. >> yes. >> you are totally congested. you want to be able to breathe. >> this is the most important thing i can tell anybody with sinus problems. this is called the i wish i had money because i would buy stock in the company. i have nothing to do with this company but it works like a million-dollar. if you have chronic sinus problems like i do, what you need to do is put distilled water. now that is the inhaler. reason we are showing that is they compared that to this.
8:00 am
>> which is better. >> the bottle with distill water and one of these little packets. you put distill water in. put the packet in. shake it up over the sing and then you put it up in your you squeeze and the comes out the other side and you flush out out of the allergens, all of the is not and everything else up there. >> sorry. >> you recommended me, i have it at my house, i should use it every day. >> i hate to break hippa laws you have some is not on occasion. >> what. >> now, it is important, just don't put water up your nose. you have to put packet here. it is sodium and by carb and all kind of things what make
8:01 am
it called isotonic meaning it does not cause irritation to the nasal passage. i'm telling you if you you are on antibiotic for sinus problems you have to do the sinus. listen to me, do it. >> love you. working for your achievements the thread of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> sound familiar? melania trump takes the stage in cleveland. >> from the height of your collection is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. >> how trump's campaign is responding to this possible copycat controversy.
8:02 am
from cleveland to philadelphia, the city of brotherly love gears up for our turn at a convention, is what happening right now as we prepare for the spotlight and how it will impact you. a familiar face, from orange is the new black, is on "good day philadelphia" live right here in our studio. stars of the new hoff i equity join us, yeah, right here. >> is taylor swift about to sue? apparently she's considering her options after kim and kanye recorded her. why her efforts may not pay off in the way that she hoped. >> ♪ >> yes, she better be. >> yes. >> like i had anything to do with it, but i'm going to report it to you. yesterday we had a six, probably should have been a five. today we have an eight out of ten. because we are getting rid of its in progress the humidity is leaving us.
8:03 am
bus stop buddy looking forward to a nice day, maybe at the boat, maybe at the pool, at the beach, not too muggy as we get started this morning with the temperatures that are in the 60's and 70's and all of our thunderstorms are out of here as a cold front continues its way through our area. 89 degrees for a high temperature, today, that is pretty warm, yesterday was 96. it is better and lower humidity. tonight a beautiful night, 68 degrees with mostly clear skies, muggies will be gone, at least for tonight, but this is not going last too long. we will tell you when humidity and heat return, but in the seven day forecast, that is a look at your weather, traffic time, we will get started with the area right at the base of the platt bridge, now we have an accident, you see vehicle right there. with the door opened. that means got to go around it before you can get into that left turn lane and get on to the schuylkill expressway.
8:04 am
that is causing a slow down. ben franklin bridge into philadelphia. >> it is not too bad at least halfway through the bridge. you see the backup looking in the distance. phillies are replying tonight, against the marlins again, 7:05 game time, little slow, at girard point bridge area always backs upright before the phillies game. >> sure it does. >> 8:04 now. >> police are looking for people broke in the eight three-year old man's home overnight and robbed him. they say it happened in the verree road in somerton. he may have been targeted after a trip to the parx casino on sunday. thieves managed to get away with hundreds of dollars in cash, a cell phone and even took the ring off his finger. luckily he was not seriously hurt. we're going to win. we're going to win so big, thank you very much. >> the republican nomination,
8:05 am
happened last night, three times in 15 seconds. we will win big. he introduced his wife as she comes out. she gives the keynote speech last night. by the way, he walk out to we are the champions by queen played in the background but is there melania trump his wife. it is melania that has got people talking this morning after she was talking last night. >> the question is, did she or didn't she copy her speech last night. >> well, a little section of it, the daily news, seems to think so out of new york. they are no fans of this campaign. that is the cover. the reads thanks mrs. obama, with a picture of melania trump, that is obvious. there were a lot of similarities in both speeches, but let's start with melania. listen to the phrase about children. >> we want our children in this nation to know that the only way to your achievement
8:06 am
is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> we want our children and all children in this nation to know that the only limits to the height of your achievement is the reach of your on dreams and willingness to work hard for them. >> so in an interview earlier in the day melania said that she did write the speech. she wanted to and she did. she said first of all i really didn't want to give the speech but it has become a tradition that the wife's do that or in this case, in philadelphia, the husband. so trump's campaign released a statement after the speech that said. >> in writing her beautiful speech melania's team of writers took notes on life inspirations and some instances included fragments that reflect her own thinking. her immigrant experience and love for america shown through in her speech which made it a success. >> so similarities to michelle obama's speech in 2008 have
8:07 am
people wondering are there any other instances where melania trump may have quoted someone else. >> famous medical len use trump quotes are trending. they are quotes we all know that people think she could use in feature speeches. here are a few ask not what your country can do, ask what you can do for your country. >> people are so silly on twitter. >> all the time. >> this is from muhammad ali, i float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. >> this one from the movie a few good men. >> you want the truth? you can't handle the truth. you need me on that wall. >> last, we have some music in there from the song i will survive, gloria gainer. at first i was a frayed i was pet ra filed. >> she wrote that too. >> she's prolific. >> day one night one of the convention did not difficulties a point. i watch the whole darn thing. >> i sure did. >> and so new we are ready for day two to get underway in
8:08 am
cleveland but what i want to ask bruce gordon because he was there the on the floor when trump walk out with that big entrance how did it look in person, bruce. >> reporter: it was exciting. i think delivery of the speech by melania was highly praised and deservedly so. these were not unique sentiments. it is awfully tough to explain your way out of exact phrasing and exact sentences like that. that is tough. it steps on the overall message. at these conventions you get four nights to send a message out. day one that message got trampled a little bit. another quick point you will remember back in 1988 joe biden's presidential as approximations were dashed in a scandal. he copies a speech given by a british labor leader. at least back in 1988 you had to work at it to figure this stuff out. couple keystrokes and bingo, through go. there is that. lets talk about today.
8:09 am
another big protest scheduled for around 1:00 o'clock right here in downtown cleveland. you expect a lot of people, a lot of anger but as things go as they did yesterday, relatively peaceful a lot of angry word but that is it. police here in cleveland handled things well. they kept the crowd under control. they kept protesters moving. as far as we're aware no property damage and no injuries. that is got news. as we look ahead to tonight, the scene, make america work again. trump children will speak. house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell also scheduled to speak. for your hometown viewing pleasure, everybody's favorite new jersey governor i say that tongue and cheek his popularity has plumeted, ovulate, chris christie. he will throw red meat to the delegates tonight. his speech to the michigan delegation, on donald trump's selection of mike pence as a running mate. >> what he needed was a partner who has governed and
8:10 am
been responsible for results and held responsible by his people. he also needed a good, decent honest person who will tell him the truth and in mike pence we got all those things and we need to support mike and nominate him on wednesday night as the next vice-president of the united states. >> reporter: christie there talking about mike pence as a running mate. you could infer from what he said these were area in which donald trump was lacking in sort of the steady hand. that is what you choose in the running mate. you want to bolster where you are weak and add to what you got. we will see how it plays out. christie speaks tonight. another big demonstration. the scene here, making america work again, guys, we will be here to bring it all to you good thank you for that, bruce. we will check back with you later on and certainly tomorrow morning at five, six and 10:00 o'clock news tonight. >> i'm looking forward to the christie peach because he can give a fiery talk. >> he sure can. >> tell it like it is. >> yes he will do that
8:11 am
tonight. >> he normally does. >> that will be all over our show tomorrow, bite from his speech tonight. it is 8:11. from cleveland to philly the city of brotherly love is getting ready for our turn at a convention so what is happening right now. here's the wells fargo center as we prepare for the spotlight to be on us. and then even more importantly for people in this area, how this will affect you. well, listen to this, will alex, the couple, the couple would that be right? the couple who drinks together stays together. why it may be important to your relationship to pour another glass of wine, do you think wine helps. in a relationship.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] peco crews working to restore power with flash storms yesterday afternoon. damage was extensive. 50-foot trees were hut in half, one even crushed a head. in one was hurt but several roads were blocked, people in the area say the storms, blasted just 15 minutes but it was a are intense 15 minutes. >> all storms need their 15 minutes of fame.
8:15 am
>> that is true. >> and that got one. >> sue, that is a lot. >> yes. >> maybe 45 seconds at a time. >> i don't know. >> but it happens, luckily we have stuff to talk about this cold front that came through yesterday, because the result of all that drama is that we will have dryer air moving in with high pressure, we will get to 89 degrees, which is still hot but when we consider it was 96 and humid yesterday a lot more comfortable heading out to citizens bank park tonight, phillies play miami marlins again and this time it will be a much more comfortable night, in the as muggy as it has been. eighty-one at game time high from that high of 89, to 85 for tomorrow, best weather day of the week because then it the gets hot on thursday and friday and on at day, so thunderstorms friday, it went mack a billing difference on friday. by sunday that has become the take where we have potential for extreme heat with an
8:16 am
actual high of 90 degrees and humidity making it feel hotter. ready for heat wave number four. >> why not i can handle it. >> we should be used to it by now. >> in a few days, would i say around thursday night, friday, tens of thousands are starting to flood in the city of philadelphia for the dnc. >> so, as you noticed with the donkeys that have been around town and some of the things starting to go up, but, there is other serious stuff like local federal officials are doing all they can to make sure this is a secure, safe convention. >> i saw these being put in yesterday, the chemical detectors have been installed around the wells take go center, secret service sealed off sewers and light poles and having else in the wake of the police ambush necessary dallas and baton rouge, there will be two officers in every cruiser, philadelphia's top cop says that the city has the full security package to protect dignitaries, and delegate, the press, the public, everybody.
8:17 am
>> the only thing that i ask is that people are peaceful and that they respect everyone. we worry about everybody. in the case of the deranged individual who thinks they are doing something in the name of a particular cause. >> listen to this officials have issued a week long ban on large trucks and tractor trailers from i-95, and 295, and there will be no parking in the center median, anymore in south philadelphia a on south broad street like we are all used to. travel around wells fargo center will be tightly restricted. >> lets take a look at the wells fargo center where preparations are underway to turn tonight to a convention hall. festivities are set to begin officially on july 25th. >> officially, here to tell us bit, woman who moved to philadelphia for over a year now. she's cute i have officer of the democratic national convention. where are you from. >> i'm from brooklyn. >> brooklyn in the house.
8:18 am
>> that is right good have you enjoyed your time in philadelphia. >> i love philadelphia. i would like to live here. i love it. >> will new ten days still be living here. >> i will. >> are you going to go back to brooklyn. >> eventually but it takes us two months to shut it down. >> yes, you have to put everything back like you found it. >> when did you tart putting the preps up. >> we moved in the wells fargo may 28th, i got keys in my hot little hand and we have been in construction ever since then good do you have keys. >> yes good to the wells fargo center. >> i do. >> what do they look like. >> it is one master key that opens up every door. >> man that is power. >> normal key. >> yes, it is. >> yes. >> it is like keys to the city. >> why won't you let us in. >> you have to wait until friday. on friday we will have a community open house, and folks can come in, the city of
8:19 am
philadelphia can come in and get a preview. >> if i'm a regular every day citizen you can take a tour. >> you hure can you have to iron up on our web site, reserve your spot and come on in, it is ten to 12:00 on friday morning and we would be happy to welcome you and give you sneak preview. >> can we do this, could we have a live camera there like say at 9:00 o'clock friday so you can give us a tour before the public goes in there. >> we will have to work on that. >> you walk to the convention center, we can or wells fargo center. >> septa should be opened, septa should be open. you can take uber, or a taxi, drop off in front of the gate. >> would i take the orange line. >> front row seat to history. get the early look. >> here's the great thing, since tnc is coming after rnc you can take a look at all of the moments in cleveland,e what they are doing right and wrong.
8:20 am
we don't want to to that. we will to that. >> we're confident in the plans we have set. we are not making any shifts or changes. we're just watching to see what they are doing and we have entertainment. >> come on. >> no, that is a little too dramatic i think. >> how about a bee an a entrance where she comes up from the bottom of the stage. >> i was waiting for the smoke machines last night good lebron james. >> yes. >> a lot of fans to blow the hair back. >> i don't think that would work for donald though good that thing might blow off. >> where is hillary clinton what motel is she. >> i can't tell you that good seriously. >> i can't tell thaw. >> but you know. >> of course, i know good give me two celebrities that are coming in like hollywood types. >> on the new show greenleaf leave on the network and good jamie fox. >> why i.
8:21 am
>> rosario dawson. >> yes. >> where is she at. >> we want to know, yes. >> but i can't tell you but we can call me good there are a lot of parties. >> every night on one else having a post reception or an event. if you are able to get yourself a ticket for that, it is a great event. >> if you want to go to the party can you still get tickets. >> you can go to any party. >> i need sleep. >> you need a wing woman. >> yes, you do good here's my e-mail address. >> okay good send whatever you can. >> absolutely, confidential good great to have you here. >> of course, doing this for research purposes for the hoe. >> talk about it from home. >> i also want to talk about it is opened today, we have launched our app. go to the google play store or apple store and down load our app or dem convention and keep up with what is happening every sing is will moment, dem
8:22 am
convention 2016. >> this is a big thing for people in philly if they are not going, it will be a big burden on everybody. >> no, the streets are opened downtown. we had some streets closed around the wells far get center. every day philadelphians can get to work, get your dinner rest racials. >> five years ago rnc was here and it was a good time. >> make hure you check our web at, we have the internet service on sunday. all faiths coming together, as democrats to kick off the convention and celebrate with all that we believe in, two to four at nutter theater at pennsylvania convention sent iser, free and opened to the public. great music, great preaching. >> you expect to have people coming in when. >> people will tart arriving on friday, nearly i have one will be here by unday. >> we'll you around town good yes. >> can't wait for that invite. >> hey, by the way is taylor swift about to you kim kardashian and her husband.
8:23 am
>> she's considering her options after they recorded her phone conversation and put it out there on nap chat but it may in the go the way he thinks it will go. >> is kanye west showing, yes. good he is there. >> yes. empire, oh, no, empire, all of the new celebrities and people coming on but there is a new cast member, the big name who sign on and why the new character is being compared to president obama. can you guess who.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
take. tye digs will appear in the season three of empire on fox. >> he will have a recurring role in the season. his character is named angelo, councilman with a harvard law degree from the wealthy family and he is being compared to president obama. taye digs is also in the hoe rosewood will be, in season three. >> yes.
8:27 am
>> and, third man on the it here. he is dating, tony braxton. >> difficult hear that. >> empire season three, it returns on wednesday, september 21st. >> i don't see birdman and tony braxton together. >> i'm excited about taye digs coming n i loved him in the she private practice. >> yes. >> comparing him to the president of the united states, and good luck with that. >> yes, brown sugar. >> oh, yeah good yes. >> yes, also in the best man. long list of movie. >> yes. >> he is married, you know. >> i necessity. >> i respect that. >> yes. >> yes. >> and even the best man. >> i always loved neil long. >> yes good very much for a long time. >> ladies on top, what am i talking about here a familiar face from orange is the new black is on good day philadelphia, it stars in the movie equity which looks good. live in our studio and they
8:28 am
are in the philadelphia connection. [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money
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8:30 am
by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems.
8:31 am
♪ good. >> i love this song, still. >> yes good that is blurred lines all right. all morning we have been talking about melania speech sounding a lot like michelle obama's, the first lady, but they are accused of doing the aim thing, okay. we're going to tell but on of the biggest song candles out there. >> and it is national dackry day, and why wouldn't it be. you know strawberry dackry, but there is so many other flavors. twists on your favorite summer drink and we will whip on up and you can do it at home too because it is fairly easy. >> for those that go to the bar, chill out on the couch,
8:32 am
looking good good yes. >> in your sweat, your lulu lemons or whatever. >> i'm not that fancy. >> yes. >> you may recognize our next guest from or well, one of them from orange is the new black in a movie backwards. i loved that one. >> they will appear together in a new film called equity, here's a preview. >> it is getting hot. >> yes. >> yes. >> give you anything yet. >> not yet. >> how about anything, you are not in narcotics anymore. >> guess what, folks, this film was shot in philadelphia, and you three were all involve.
8:33 am
>> yes good and one of the three, ladies and yes. >> yes good is from philadelphia now let's look. >> it is like the dating game. >> who is from philadelphia. >> i am, i am do i win a strawberry dackry. >> we have to make it. >> so, you are here. >> good to see you. >> welcome to philadelphia. >> thank you so much good and the director, welcome to philadelphia. >> thank you good owe, we were talking about this, mike and this is really exciting to talk about this. we have the wolf of the wall street. >> that is the guy good can we call this the women of wall street. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> we have been called the she wolves of wall street. particularly, don't particularly love that. >> okay. >> yes. >> the plot of the wall street. >> well, anything about money. >> where did you grow up. >> i grew up on lombard
8:34 am
street. i went to hiply school. i come home. i call my parents home the hamptons because i come home from new york city on amtrak from my philly hamptons. >> real hamptons and come back. >> no traffic, amtrak, cool, baby-sitter for the child. >> are your parents watching today. >> they better be. >> hi, mom and dad. >> i think. >> it works. >> it is a film in your own city. >> i love it. this is my he can film, filming here and i want to do all my films here. it is a great place to film. great it i. >> and, working with anna was incredible. it is so amazing. >> yes. >> of love for philly. we had an amazing food trucks that came through. and everyone was just owe welcoming. >> yes. >> can you remember the locations, it has been a while. >> we shot and in so many
8:35 am
different offices throughout the city. >> a little bit of wall treat. >> yes, we hot most of the interior of the film, largely interiors in philadelphia and we shot for a few days in new york to complete the lot of it does take place in new york and pipelines. >> yes. >> and cashe that big company we shot, we hot at capital grille, all sorts of restaurants. >> i want to say that they gave us their office for three weekend. >> lets talk about this movie what this about. tell us about the wall street movie. >> do you want to take that one. >> it is about a lot of thing but main plot of the film is the film follows us, are manager, and world renoun r banker who takes this tech company public and we have a couple of people who are vp
8:36 am
played by ara and a federal are your by alycia investigating the things that are all kind of interested in seeing how this plays out and how it could potentially benefit them. >> not only is it a female driven wall street movie but first wall street movie post 2008, post crash, so you are eag a new world you have never seen before with these regulations and compliance, and also taking a tech company public. ocean media which we have never really soon. >> okay. but it is about, power, and money. >> yes. >> and i was going to say we're not used to seeing new bed. >> yes. >> you know everything about me. >> yes. >> i'm less name they be normal. >> i have never seen new a move which clothes on.
8:37 am
>> yes. >> congratulations on this. >> thank you. >> is is it out now. >> august 12th in philadelphia. >> yes, yes good we will check it out. >> congratulations good thanks very much. >> come back to philly sometime. >> yes, we will. >> thank you. >> where did you go down the shore when were you here. >> i didn't get to the shore, no. >> really. >> i used to stay in my neighborhood. >> huge, huge eagles fans. >> huge good. >> good for you. >> i know. >> dallas hats, on my doors, as a roommate. >> it worked. >> i know. >> get out. >> yes. >> all right. >> we cannot have you here. >> okay, all right. yen yen, this will go to you, what happened here in the studio. >> we have it good now, let's
8:38 am
go around. owe it is getting a little carry, aka it is getting real. we will talk to you. that is what i will do. look at that. it is part of the red bull surf rescue competition they are calling this the jen fredrick immersion. it is a red bull event so it will get crazy. i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
8:39 am
shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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a beautiful look at atlantic city think morning at 8:41. margate to cape may beach patrols are gearing up for a huge competition in atlantic city today, it is red bull surf and rescue event. >> we came out in the water and tag our paddlers, yen, had a fantastic paddle.
8:42 am
she caught up to our second team. she tagged me, and we had, you know, quite a challenge ahead of us with the five boats in front of us and we were really putting the pedal to the metal so to speak. >> we're about toe the best of the best when it comes to beach patrol. we will see jen, who will try it out. >> yep, here we go. the clip you just saw is racing you will see it in. here we go, jen is about to launch in her first life guard rescue boat. so, she's, that calm look on her face is actually terror underneath but you she's smiling. we want to make sure she's piling on her way back in again, watching the waves coming up behind him and he is rowing backward. he doesn't know what is coming at him watching through his peripheral rigs. he will get her out to the wave and make sure she doesn't go launching much, one more
8:43 am
time, up and. >> and i don't know if you can tell but she is still smiling. >> thumbs um, we will take that. >> how far out will he go. >> they will try to make to it those buoys, about 75 meters off shore, probably about 15 feet of water right now. >> okay. >> 15 feet. >> boy these guys are fit. >> they are fit good ridiculous. >> yes. >> nate is within of the best, she's being rode who is a top three american surf ire man, one of the best in the u.s. keep in mind in the racing tonight it is going to be twice that far on the boat. >> twice that far. >> she's really holding on as i would be too look at how tightly they get to the buoy. >> yep, part of surf life is being able to read waves and read the ocean. they want to necessity exactly
8:44 am
not just how strong they are in the boat but positioning is critical. notice in the racing tonight that where they get out, where they go out on the boats, knowing the sweep across the beach and tides and waves is really critical. >> man, for hure, for sure good they are still going there. >> what a continue event this is, and -- what a fun event this is across the country. >> eag the best of the best good absolutely the best of the the best. one of the only events like this in the world. >> thank you of for the sneak peak there. can't wait to see more. >> i got to get one of those shirts. >> do you want one. >> you have the body to fit in that. >> i wand fur that comes in his size. >> it is like spanx, it is so tight it might put it all in. >> i could use all of the help i could get good speaking of spanx, well that has nothing to do with this, taylor with the, i think she is going to sue kim kardashian and i'm not kidding. we will try to break down, i will call ken rottweiler and
8:45 am
see what the california law is, can you record somebody if they don't know you are recording them over the phone i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
8:46 am
who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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8:48, and, a gorgeous, tuesday morning, in the poconos mountains, this is what blue mountain looks like. right now, let's see what it is going to look like later on at sittens bank park, what a comfortable night we have had planned for you at the ballpark. game time 7:05. it is 81 degrees. sunset not until 8:30. we have daylight here and not as humid those three are welcomed words. the cold front is clearing the coast so we are getting rid of the cloud cover we had early this morning and unshine definitely taking over a great day at the beach. we have got conditions that will be, almost ideal, you know what ideal is. >> i know what ideal is good ideal is the best. >> mid 80's good you are my ideal. >> i'm sure he stays up night thinking of stuff to a like that to me because he loves me of. surf temperature is
8:49 am
70 degrees. lets go to the seven day forecast. is there only two days of this comfortable weather. heat and humidity come back on thursday. by saturday and unday we are well into heat wave number four of 2016, at least that is how it looks right now we will keep an eye on all that as we get closer to the the week up, right now it is time for traffic once again and we'll what is going on. we have route one near high land avenue is there an accident there and pennsylvania turnpike too the first one there, southbound approaching lansdale. now we will go to route one near high land avenue for that dent that has the left lane, blocked, and everybody getting around it. is there the band there, that looks like it mash in the barrier there. rest wealth boulevard will take a look at that heading in the it i, it is very, very low this morning, watching this we have a chance to take another road because that one is really slow, you guys. >> that is the road well
8:50 am
traveled. >> yes. >> every day. >> almost 8:50. lets call it that. >> let's what got started because of a convention famous, kanye west song. a lot of back and forth between that line he does about taylor with the. they say she did. then evident came out and there is a phone call that they took a video of, kim kardashian and kanye west where kanye is talking to taylor with the diagnosis for her permission to use her name and talk about her in the convention. >> everybody is talking about it good now taylor with the is saying um, i might to see charges happen anyway. >> because i didn't know you were recording me. so who has the legal high ground here, dax of tmz, hi there dax. >> you know, taylor with the just mulling over right now whether she wants to file a police report but here's the problem we found out that, you know, you are, it is not legal to record on one without their knowledge here in california but the problem is, you would
8:51 am
have to have have expectation of privacy and he did not have that because there were other people in the room. he knew others were in the room listening he would chime in during their phone call and so she knew other people were hearing which means there was no pecktation of privacy which means that she really wouldn't have a case if she wants to go forward and go after kanye even if she filed a police report he will not face any criminal charges, and it may have been a correcty thing to do but a at the same time, a lot of publicity, all three of them are getting a ton of publicity off all this and at the even of the day that is their end game. >> dax, hold on you cannot have a private conversation with a couple people he may think we have a few other people but it is still private. it doesn't mean i want to broadcast it out to the whole world. >> i agree, it is a jerky thing to do but they had a conversation, there were multiple people involved in
8:52 am
that conversation, which makes it, you know, the fact that he won't face charges over this. >> you have to define privacy. >> if you were in new york, there is different rules out there and i believe that you can actually record it but here in will california it is illegal and it is a felony. >> and they both were in california at the time. >> yes, and i think more than anything i think she's embarrassed that this conversation came out. >> true. >> one thing to kind of tell the world i had no knowledge of this i did not approve it but when you hear your voice being broadcast around the world being like yeah, that line sound great, go ahead, put it in your song. >> more than that she even aid he was nice. >> owe nice of you you. >> thanks for the heads up. >> but her big problem was that being called the b, being called the b word, that was her big issue and that is not in the tape owe that is on her side. >> is this the video where
8:53 am
everybody is naked sleeping. >> yes. >> that one. >> yes. >> fashion. >> well, dax was naked in it too. >> how happy do you think calvin harris is going on. >> taylor swift with the longest but california win definitely has been a pretty rough week all the way around between calvin, kanye and kim. it is a lot of negative publicity. >> at least we will get a song out of it. >> true. >> so we will look forward to that then. >> dax, have a great weekend. >> it is only tuesday. well, i'm looking forward to friday. >> already we are. >> here's a question, do you think that if a couple drinks a lot of wine together is that good for the relationship new study says, yes.
8:54 am
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okay, i have a plan for the top of the 9:00 o'clock. it involves coffee. no, here's the plan for top of the 9:00 o'clock in three minutes, we will redue, we will feature a donald trump from a convention type open for 9:00 o'clock hour. >> all right. >> we will incorporate three people into it, okay. owe if you want toe that, wait about two minutes. to throw in commercials. also in the next hour we will play, blurred lines again, and, what is his name. >> robin thick. >> all morning licensing we have been talking about melania's speech at the
8:58 am
republican convention, and, couple of their people asking, she cop fred another speech. lets look back at the most copied cases in history u.s. history, most of them, involving option.
8:59 am
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