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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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♪ >> donald trump, two of us can play that game. >> ♪
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>> now the first lady of good day philadelphia, alex holley. >> lauren dawn johnson. >> yes. >> i'm getting the identify eye right now. >> um-hmm. >> she was going to join us but we were together last night and he has pulled her groin. we will explain that in just a moment. ladies and yes, welcome to the 9:00 other clock hour of good day philadelphia, it is tuesday, july 19th. >> yes. >> we're celebrating your child's birthday, are you doing that this weekend? >> when you give them, a gift, um-hmm, do you also, give your
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other children presents, so that they won't feel bad, donald what do you do. lets go to the kid birthday party. does everybody get a gift at the big swim birthday party. >> you get a gift, you get a gift. >> yes. >> it is actually national dackry day. >> strawberry dackry. >> yes. >> a strawberry dackry. >> there is a lot more. >> is there a twist on your favorite summer drinks. >> it doesn't have to be strawberries anymore. >> that is right. >> i told you early this morning that you can put yours in a different glass owe you do not look so feminine, is that right. >> that is it then. >> well, a parentally it is not a royal wedding but it will have some guests, pippa is ready to tie the knot when she's planning to walk down the aisle herself. >> when difficult miss that that pippa is getting married. >> wasn't she or the of
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dating, the prince's brother for a second. >> i think so. >> now she's dating some hedge fund guy. >> that sound about right. >> yes. >> so she's tying the knot. >> than the that what you anchor women too good you end up with athletes or the hedge fund guy. >> is that how it works good financial planners. >> i have never dated an athlete or a hedge fund guy good i'm glad to know i broke the mold. >> is there always a first time, lauren good i'll introduce you around. >> that is for me. >> match maker, match maker. >> apparently mike is a match make inner town. >> not successful good are you the forceful one. >> i work at it. no, i work hard at it good do you. >> i make a few calls good for the first person who requested that you find on one of you found on one for them. >> no. >> but i did make calls. >> you did make calls good how did that turnout. >> i haven't heard back.
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>> is is it true do you mind if i talk about this. >> i did not. >> he did pull her groin. it wasn't last night but yesterday afternoon at the gym. >> it was, i don't know how to pronounce it. >> your groin. >> your groin. >> so this morning i told sue, i'm in of pain, i heard my groin. >> my groin. >> that what she said. >> groin. >> we sit across each other and said what happened. >> my groin. >> i hurt my groin. >> your groin. >> groin. >> no, groin. >> say loin. >> so it is your loins, and in the groin area good i never thought bit, but it is difficult to say. >> groin. >> let's all say it at home now, three, two, one, groin. >> groin. >> groin. >> you did it in a sentence. >> yesterday at the gym i was
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doing squats as a result i hurt my groin. >> my leg hurt, that is all i know. >> that yawn is crazy. >> well, i hope you feel better. >> it just hurts with every step that i take. >> yes. >> it is hooting pain. >> every tell you take. >> every movie make. >> was that your song or on one else's. >> that would be the police, right, sting good yes. >> when he died. >> yes. >> other people do. >> get on epson salt, ben gay,. >> or you can do it your early good i told di i don't know if ben gay is appropriate in that area. >> no, but it radiates, if you hurt something.
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>> how far do you think. >> i don't know, if i hud put it there. >> there is sue arrow. >> i guess so. >> i was going to sit in the hot bath later. >> yes. >> i'll tell but it tomorrow. >> owe, lots of headlines coming from the republican national convention, so i guess the biggest one, i hope we don't wheat this to death but maybe it ties late. melania trump, the wife of donald, of course, there was at least one paragraph that peopled so familiar it goes back to 2008 with michelle obama did the aim thing at democratic national convention back in that year. do you want to tart this off. >> in the beginning, it seemed like a great speech. people talk about it. it was very well done. and not long after as typical with speeches, political speeches, people started fact checking and twitter started talking especially because you he was quoted before this speech even happened, assaying, hey, i basically wrote this myself. i didn't spend time
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rehearsing. i read it over and read it and wrote it with are little help. there is some i am laster to the speech given by first lady michelle obama but back doing the aim thing a at dnc in 2008. >> let's listen closely, they are both talking about children. same subject matter we will tart from last night. >> because our children in these nations to know that the only limits to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> we want our children and all children in this nation to know that the only limits of the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. >> yeah, they are similar, for sure. >> of course, anytime you do this when news comes out, michael jordan design phase, they are showing that on her face. >> meeting is a plenty this morning. >> so the subject of copying
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or plague rising had us thinking about other times where that was a issue from the recent blurred lines controversy toy a legal battle between the beatles and chuck berry, do you remember that? it seems like a lot of songs especially, well, the best way to show this is just to give you example. so blurred lines came out. >> ♪ >> a lot of people thought it sounded like a little bit of a hook at the beginning, from marvin gaye's song and the family of marvin gaye said the not so fast, we will sue you and it did go to court. here's marvin. >> ♪
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>> so give it up, of course, so marvin's family took robin thick and ferrell and ti to court claiming they used a part of the marvin's convention and they did win. >> they won. >> it did have the same opened. >> that is a smooth, i guess r and b. >> yes. >> let's go give rap a try. >> okay. >> how about, vanilla ice, ice, ice, baby. >> ♪ >> so that goes all the way to 1991. did you know the melody came from the rock group, queen. >> ♪ good.
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>> that was david bowie on there, he ang pressure. >> yes. >> 1982. >> the next one has a sequel in the movie theaters, right now, let's listen to the old school ghost busters convention. >> who are you going to call? >> ♪ >> so let's see, that came out in 1984, ray parker was singing it. >> yes. >> it was copy of the convention that was released in the year before 1983. >> geese. >> now listen to this. >> ♪
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>> hugh i lewis and the news, called i want to to drugs. >> bing good yes. >> it the happens. >> yes. >> it just happens. >> when you write a speech you look at other peaches from the past, you know, cherry pick words and phrases. >> get inspiration. >> it happened again. >> but would you do it from the other political party, if you are a republican wouldn't you want to take a speech from a republican. >> people aring a too, well, we're ripping on the republican national convention will you do the aim thing for dnc in philly. >> of course, we will. >> that is what we do. >> that is why you love good day. >> we will be working hard, not pulling a groin doing it. >> i cannot even tell people is what wrong i don't know how to a it.
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>> donald trump's entrance, he came out to introduce his wife melania. >> it is way he did it. look at that silhouette. >> yes. i mean it is a pretty good entrance. you have to give it to him. >> i love the way that the prompter and podium goes up. >> there it goes. >> it rises up. >> i was sitting on a couch, doing on else good like what in. >> i was reading my national geographic that had just come in that morning. >> how lovely. >> learning about different parts of the world. >> it didn't take long for twit tore blow up. i even marked down on the pad exactly what time this happened 10:21 eastern time. >> okay. >> so they used to poke fun at this over the time entrance. some compared to it drake's hot line bling video. >> that is true. >> others said, it looks
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beyonce when she goes on stage. he didn't have any smoke. >> have her hair blowing, maybe he held have his hair blowing. we don't want to do that though. >> some people thought he looked like he was an alien making landing from another world. >> there was a movie out, you, chosen counters of the third kind where aliens came out of the spaceship. >> is there one that compares to mj super bowl 93. >> i loved that upper bowl. >> here's the thing, lauren, earlier, they asked her now that trump it the stage so to speak, are we go to go see epic entrances at dnc. >> she said no. >> bruce is in cleveland and he better take rang and soak it all in. >> i thought for sure you would be in silhouette, bruce, very disappointing.
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>> reporter: with the fog machine do you like that. >> all of it. >> reporter: it was over the top, it was big, bold, and not necessarily, in some peoples eyes presidential, but look if you are donald trump fan it is exactly what you peck, exactly what he would have wanted to do and did in fact too. he is the unofficial stage manager for this hoe. a four day, four night pep rally, and he got it underway in that fashion. no price there. the wig biggest price was the brief introduction. when you introduce your wife you say awe few words and get out of the way. donald trump knows. that you don't go on and on. you might deal with introducing a fellow politician. when you talk burr wife get off the stage and let her take the stage. that is what he did. i don't know if it wins him any fans that big entrance but if you are a trump fan you love it people are looking forward to see melania's peach even though we are distract by trump. >> yes. >> but mike yearrick was
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looking forward to scott baio. >> we will listen to a clip and get bruce's reaction. >> for you first time voters, it is important to know what it means to be an american. >> it doesn't mean getting free stuff. it means sacrificing. winning, losing, failing. suck reading. >> go ahead. >> i was just, that was marcus, the war here or, and wases are apologetic. he is bigger and about 750 percent braver. so not a problem. whatever you want to do is good for me. camera smashed over my head that is good too. there were on celebrities.
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i say amoroso of the apprentice fame in the hallway. >> the bread. >> but they talked about the correspondence dinner, white house correspondence dinner as nerd prom. for folks who come to these events for delegates some of the biggest stars for them are the national media folks, and in this particular case some of the folks from "fox news" and politicians themselves. they want a earlye, they want to headache their hand. those are folks they are excited about. you get dies which these celebrity. are they a listers and if so what does that do for you. the case of duck dinety and scott baio but message is what you want, that is fine. >> duck dynasty is really popular. >> they are more a, duckies more a than scott. >> what would you give him at this point what letter grade would you give chaci at this point.
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>> well, i give him a b for ba io. >> reporter: there is only 26 letters in the alphabet. >> he used to date heather locklear. >> reporter: then i take back everything that i just said. good yes. >> roll the tape. >> see when you are from the south, and you grow up with red necks there are on occasional disagreements. >> sometimes those disagreements turn into fisticuffs but anytime i was ever in a bad spotty always knew my brothers would have my back. >> today in a lot of ways america is in a bad spot. we need a president who will have our back. >> okay. >> this literally just seconds ago mike and alex that hillary clinton at dnc will be appearing on stage with the red, white and blue bandana
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asking on different there. just fashion statement of her own. that is not confirmed, but let's go with it. >> are you having a good time at all bruce. >> at all, that is key phrase. long days and logistics here are a nightmarish as you might imagine. think the pope of last fall in philadelphia spread out over many days. it is tough to get around. it takes 20 minutes to get here from 20 feet around. security is are tight as you would imagine. it is the new normal for these huge events. we have a lot of rip a and a lot of protection here. >> bruce, you know what mike was talking about, he wants to know about the parties, have you been to the parties. >> well, it is funny as we were driving home last night around midnight my photographer elaine fischer was relate to go me that sunday night there was some kind of a part that i involved great musical acts which was back when i was 1700's and a
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little birth. as often is the case we found out about the party roughly 23 hours later. >> yes, that is typical. >> he froze up. >> now how did the group three dog night get its name what does it mean. >> i'm not the hure. >> tell us. >> staff. >> so, when it is really cold out, in alaska, you sleep with your dog for warm, if it is colder than that you sleep with two dogs. if it is really cold you bring all three dogs and sleep, three dog night. it is owe cold it will be a three dog night. >> is what the maximum, five, six. >> seventeen dog night. >> if i told you, you could go down by the delaware river and eat something called lobster gnochi. >> i love lobster. >> i love that. >> let's go good i will tell you where this is after the break. knock i.
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okay. 9:24. philadelphia's only waterfront hotel has a new reason to brag. >> their revamped restaurant has a dish that blend pasta with lobster and mike says you've got to try it. >> i'm kind of rolling on the river, kid, delaware river, and a beautiful restaurant. i like what they have done here now the hilton. it is now hilton about a year ago hilton bought out the hyatt beautiful restaurant, rope and bar and anchor kitchen and what is up, chef. this is chef george, here. you have been here almost a year. >> almost a year, yes good what would you say is the theme here ie a boat hanging over there. >> nautical american cuisine. >> you know, i like lobster, and gnocci owe he says i have
9:25 am
a combination, below. what do we have in front of us. >> today we have the delicious lobster gnocci, and a main lobster tail good we have your tail right there. >> we another it, we incorporate powe tait the owe dumpling, gnocci, and then we will take the knuckle, claws, lobster meat, awe take, and garlic and brandy. >> all that goo on top. >> lobster meet, julian basil, a little parmesan cheese, a little bet of cheese on top and asparagus and sun dried tomatoes to make it wheat. >> it is ridiculous. my goodness. >> it is a nice taste good did you make this. >> i made that for you, yes, i did. >> i'm in love with you. >> thank you. >> aren't you a south jersey guy. >> i'm originally from cherry hill. >> where do your parents come from. >> from greece. >> this is so good, this is
9:26 am
ridiculous. lobster gnocci. >> yes. >> what is this. >> finish this off. >> this finish it off, food and beverage, sangria that we serve here basically all summer. >> like i often a in this egg meant you've got to try this, another justly. >> it is so good. >> that looks good. i love gnocci. i love pasta and lobster. >> the perfect combination. >> we hud go it is near here in olde city. >> walkable. >> 9:26. food is on the menu we're till talking food because we are hungry. we will look at menu at democratic national convention, what those in the attendance will be eating. we will eat like a tell gate and dine like a delegate. i approve this message.
9:27 am
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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>> test. test. test.
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so wake up wilmington. if you're not already awake, it is 9:30, live look, okay, so, food will be very much on the menu at this democratic national convention. mike, alex, standing by with local chef, who is one of the elite few children to see convention attendees. >> we love janet. hi, janet. >> i love mike, we've known each other for a lifetime. done great television together. remember the segment with the thanksgiving roll-over? >> you better believe it. >> every time you ask me, burito or something, congratulations, you're doing two events at the dnc? >> absolutely. >> give me the first one. >> welcome media party, on saturday the 23rd, and then we're back again on saturday for the welcome delegate
9:31 am
reception. >> so you'll feed us media types. >> that's right. >> and then you got delegates, with food tastes from around the country. >> right. >> oh, come on! move that out of here. >> hello? >> so how then do you pick something -- what would you give to people across the country? >> my brands pull on flavor, whatever you prepare, you just delight in it. so that's with a we have today. so for the media event, we're featuring our jamaican rum cupcakes. >> what's in there? >> car eastbound yan satisfy salt -- sweet and salt. >> i and of course blue. >> for the democrats. >> that's right, the caribbean. >> okay. >> what is that? >> this is jerk pork. >> oh,. >> sees orthopedics in herbs and spices, really quite delicious. a little sing. >> little singy, so we go in
9:32 am
sweet, we leave spicy. >> just like the delegates, come in sweet and then leave spicy after a week. >> judge do you have a ramcan? what's happening in there? >> i'm hoping you people are ready to eat. we'll place some rice, some beans, and then get that in there quickly as we can. >> where are these events? at the convention center. >> the first one, the media event is at citizens bank park. >> oh, wow. >> yes, then the delegate, they have to split it in two locations so i'll be at the kimmel center. >> okay. >> by the way.
9:33 am
>> do you have a place now? >> i travel a lot. most of my clients are in new york just bran check out into the philadelphia region. >> private events, and things like that, so people coming into town. so you can absolutely reach us. >> sounds good to me. >> you know what i'm going to do? >> oh, just dig in, mike. >> oh, there you go. >> now, this is my bowl, myself. >> melts in your mouth. >> did you ever get married? >> did i ever get married? >> ya. >> no. >> not yet. >> isn't that terrible? >> i don't understanded. >> me either. what's up with that? that's crazy. >> congratulations. >> thank you, mike. >> always great to see you. >> a lot of people to feed.
9:34 am
>> let's head to the beach, what do you say. >> jen's down the shore. >> jamaica, here we come. >> you're from north carolina, speak in your sack sent. >> good morning. >> national champion lifeguard, right? >> absolutely. >> the guy that gave me a ride in the boat, good morning. >> morning. >> now you'll give me ride on a pad until. >> yes. >> ann, you're here because you will basically lappus just swimming? >> you have to have the swimmerment kinds of comes down to it, one of the best, she knows the water, great on the board, ya, she was the swimming power house, as well. >> and you're going in the netherlands. >> yes. >> to compete? >> yes. >> show them what new jersey is made in. >> absolutely. >> so again, it will hurt you because we're going to go
9:35 am
slow. and i know you're used to going really fast. you'll smoke us, right? >> absolutely. >> if you don't smoke us, i feel really bad. i mean, come on. so, we will do this, show you what a real race looks like, right after this. thank you, thank you, thank you. man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪ i survived breast cancer.f fun. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey.
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women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. >> bread bolt, surf championship, like a big competition. this is so cool, okay, so here's our commontator. one of the best in the business, no question about it, with this rescue operation, down the shore. so, what are you having jen do now? >> all right, so, now we've got jen on a prone paddle
9:39 am
board, one of the fastest craft out. so she's going out with nate, one of the national champions, also got ann swimming out with them. you've got two other really fast pad many-- paddlers, the other too charge out show you what it will look like going out tonight head-to-head. jen has the best escort in the business, nate right next to here, see if we can get her on the board in a second to get her through the waves. >> what's the point? this would be considered a rescue of some sort? >> yes, everything that we're doing is sort of duplicating what we would do in a rescue situation. these race boards are designed to get out through the waves really fast. they're a modification of what we have on the beaches. if you have got a victim in trouble, past the waves, fastest way to get out is on a board. >> yes. >> because we can then get the victim on the board, bring them back in safely. these are just tweeked to go even faster. >> it almost -- look at her launch up over that stuff.
9:40 am
>> you know, a board that paramedics would use, but looks like it is thicker than a surf board. >> yes, they're thicker than a surf board, much more narrow. so, they're designed for speed, not as much stability. so, stands up paddle board will be 50% wider than these. these are only about 16 pounds, they're 10-foot six in lint, and they've got handles so they've got control of the surf and you can see her, she is a natural. all that, she was born for this. >> she is. normally when you are being trained, how much time do you have to spends to really get comfortable to go out and do a rescue on one of these things? >> to do a rescue and go out to surf we have really good conditions here, we've got guys, you know, every time on the beach, they've got work out hours, and they're spending time on the craft. you know, it is one thing to navigate the waves, when you are by yourself, when you have a victim on there with you. that's a whole another level. so they're spending hours each week getting comfortable, reading the waves, knowing how to balloon the board, and she's back. >> okay, so, nate, the great,
9:41 am
you said i shouldn't try and do the knee thing because even advantaged -- advanced people can't do it? >> just little practice. >> sean, hey, get over here, show off, show off, and show off. do you like getting up on your knees? >> absolutely, wake up. >> wake up. >> ya. >> okay, i can't hear him. guys, again, it is 5:00 tonight, what team are you on? >> barnegat light. >> are you going to win. >> oh, ya. >> what team are you on? >> beach haven. >> who do you think is the winner? >> i got to tell you, nate and barnegat light. they were up there. it was almost theirs to lose last year, sea girt came in, and we've got ann who is a top swimmer foresee girth. she's casino of their ringer, as well, coming in now. >> i love it. can we please tell people what the temperature of the water is? >> it is fresh. >> fresh? >> probably 64 degrees. >> 64 degrees, and why don't
9:42 am
we wear body suits? >> don't need it. they'll slow you down. >> he said it will drag. >> slow you down. >> so i know it didn't look super dramatic, but it was pretty cool. thank you for your help. and thanks for keeping us all safer. thank you, nate. nice work, baby girl. >> one of the best swimmers in the country right there, ya. >> amazing. >> this was like the jenn fred olympics right here. >> well sure. >> jen's brave. some of the stuff she does in life. >> i wouldn't do that. >> never. >> always willing. and always does a great job. >> fairly athletic. >> fairly? >> and fell throws fairly good shape. >> fairly? is that your clarifier today? >> she does have nice calves. >> i think she kicks that way, that's how she does it. >> well, here is my work out for today. it is national dacri day. now, i think it is a healthy drink. don't you think? >> strawberry?
9:43 am
>> it is loaded with fruit. there is our buddy. we'll make up dacri's that i don't think you've ever heard of before. strawberries, too boring. >> and gretta glass!
9:44 am
9:45 am
today is national zachary day. how to make three drinks, an
9:46 am
oldie but goody, a new twist on a classic and a zachary, not so sweet. >> hold on. hey, lauren? lauren, your ride is here. >> well, that's actually sweet start. >> that's what i mean. >> oh, okay. >> lauren hadn't been in a few of those. good to see you, my man. >> good to see you, too. >> name of your place. >> fine pallet. >> i know, every friday, 15th and walnut. >> every friday? >> between walnut, yes. >> okay, like our games. >> look at the size every his ice cubes. >> pretty grand. >> very, very privilege today learn from really nice people. the best ice, special ingredient, can make the best drinks. so, we'll make two drinks for you. one our summer cocktail list. the mother of dragons. and you do four, game of thrones. >> what did you just squirt in there? >> that's dragon fruit.
9:47 am
>> dragon fruit, simple syrup. this is french lime juice. >> all right. >> we'll use some rum. >> what are you doing, making pretty purple one there? >> making the pretty purple one, ya. >> here is the thing. how do you know, what makes it so a dacri? it has to be frozen or is the type of alcohol? >> it has to be rum, ya, so dacri are with rum and lime juice originally,, you pretty much -- >> shake it up. >> shake it up. >> shake, shake, shake. >> shake that dacri, shake that dacri. >> all right, this one's for you. >> i've never met a man by the name of canyon. >> neither have i. >> do you hear grand canyon jokes? >> every day. >> i need a sir gin? >> here. >> that has no rum in it? >> uh-huh. >> lovely, lovely, yes. >> every part about that is natural. there is no artificial
9:48 am
coloring whatsoever. >> and this is a beautiful color. >> beautiful drink. >> would you stay is hot pink? >> i would say like hot-ish pink. >> now you're make the orange one? >> now this one is special because i should have named this for you. >> for me? >> which you? this you? >> well, he goes every sunday. >> this is called the summer of jerrick. >> ah. what does it mean to have a summer of jerrick in. >> it means every friday is the best friday there ever was. >> give us the ingredients. >> we have and err al, triple sex, we've got rum. >> adderall? >> apple juice. >> no adderall. not that kind of party. >> adderall dacri? >> adderall dacri. >> do you want to shake it? >> oh, no, you're the jerrick, it is your summer, baby, you want to shake it. ya, ya. >> it is important to have the
9:49 am
tongue out. there you go. >> oh, really, that's the key. >> you got to really beat it up. >> oh, does that mean you didn't like his shaking? >> i didn't beat it up. >> okay. >> i haven't done that. >> all right. >> i like your glass, too. >> okay, i'll dot virgin one again. >> are you, okay. >> i think he has a plan here, to take the ones that are virgin. here we go. wait no. we do a toast. summer of jerrick. >> thank you, dan john. >> absolutely, wonderful. i like drinking in the morning. >> very nice. >> you know what's funny? this is so my life. every time when i go out somewhere. >> what? >> i get drinks spilled on me. >> i need a little tear or something, drop a little. >> okay. >> ya. all summer. i need to get to you cry at the restaurant. >> you know, i've actually
9:50 am
cried in your restaurant. >> i know. >> is that why you go every -- >> heart-to-heart. bartender is like a therapist. >> but much more cool and more alcohol. >> even the virgins are very good. >> pretty good. special ingredients, really good ice. >> thank you, we appreciate it. >> thank you, celebrating dacri day. >> oh, loving it. >> it is okay, i'm fine. >> only like ten minute left in the show? >> yes, you didn't pull your groin or anything, did you? >> no, no, lauren still intact. >> all right. lauren? >> hey, cheers to a party. it is happening this weekend. we wrap up our disney drive series on friday with our party at the del. we will be announcing the winner of the brand new mazda cx9. so here are the details, it all starts at 7:00 in the morning, on friday. at the del music center east fairmount park, broadcasting live all morning, we've found out joining us at the del will
9:51 am
be kendrick the family soul, performing new single all my people, featuring freeway, who will also be thereon friday, as well. you don't want to miss that. okay, it won't quite be a royal wedding, but there be some regal guest in the attendance, kate's sister appears ready to walk down the aisle when she is planning to tie the knot. but first, your lottery numbers.
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9:54 am
>> remember the royal wedding? and then kate middleton, and billy? >> prince william. >> prince william, yes.
9:55 am
>> billy, billy. >> who stole the show? who stole the show that day? >> oh, a lot of people were talking about pippa in white. >> oh,. >> she got engaged. >> are you sad? >> oh, good for her. >> oh, it makes me sick. >> why? >> i don't know why. >> well, her boo got down on one knee and popped the question. >> what's his name? >> james matthew. >> jimmy? >> you're giving everybody a nickname. two, green rolling hills, proposed, she was completely surprised. he is 40, hedge funds manager, millionaire, he is 32, they've been dating for under an year. >> well, that's -- >> uh-huh. so think think the wed be will be in 2017 and it will be a lavish wedding. >> i didn't know she had so many kids. >> oh, look at. that will here is the thing, though, if your sister, kate, is, you know, who she is, kate middleton, how do you not up stage the bride when you show up at the wedding? like your presence, everybody looking at kate, right? >> right. >> we love pippa. >> love her. >> we love her.
9:56 am
she is great. but that's an issue, isn't it? >> maybe she'll wear glasses and sit in the back. >> dress down? >> get all the media going for you. >> all right, they need an opinion. wish we had little more time for this, this will get people riled up. okay, there is a new trend out there. if you have a child who is having a birthday, and this child has siblings, brothers and sisters, do you buy presents for the siblings, if not their birthday, it is their siblings' birthday, so they won't feel bad? i want to -- >> birthday present? >> that's what it is called, the un birthday present. >> you do not do that. celebrating in a song by the mad hatter, all is in wonderland film, now some wondered if we're spoiling our kids when we do this, doing more harm than good-bye practicing on birthdates, the impact on a child celebrating their birthday should not be over looked. >> let's chat about this on twitter and a facebook after the show. >> sounds good to me. >> okay. couples who drink together
9:57 am
stay together, that's the result after new study that lauren has been looking into because she is concerned. >> right. the research, the university of michigan, interviewed 3,000 married couple, they found women were more dissatisfied over time when only they and not their husbands were drinking, don't want to drink alone. those had had similar drinking lab wrist less demanding and critical of their partners. it also showed the couples who didn't drink were just as happy as those who did. >> that's good. that actually is good news. >> great news. >> you know how it is one sober person around, all drinking sometimes it, can be like oh, brother. >> ya, because you're like the babysitter making sure everybody's okay, and just oh. >> maybe you're less fun if you don't have a glass of wine. >> i think some people do feel like that. >> you should be fun sober. >> i agree. it is more fun to be fun sober than it is to be fun not sober. >> correct. >> don't youy? >> ya. >> all right. let's go have a drink.
9:58 am
>> oh, you already did. >> it was a virgin.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: so good. [ applause ] thank you for


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