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tv   Fox 29 News Special You Decide  FOX  July 20, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ >> all those in favor of say a aye. >> aye. >> we want trump! >> make america one, there is just america! >> oh, we're going to win, we're going win so big. ♪ >> congratulations, dad, we love you! >> and with that message from his oldest son 89 delegates from his home state of new york donald trump sores over the top clinching the republican nomination for president for many this was for gone conclusion but there was still questions about how tonight would go. >> let's take a live look at cleveland right now.
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and it has been a jam packed day things as you can tell starting to wind down. good evening, thank you so much for joining us for our you decide special. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. after a fiery first day the action continued today. day two proving to be historic at the rnc. republicans officially pinned their white house hopes on donald trump setting him up for november showdown with hillary clinton. there was however some decent on the convention floor as states drum did not within recorded their votes but there was never a true threat earlier tonight trump cemented the nomination from manhattan. >> a little over one year ago, i announced my candidacy for president and with your vote today, this stage of the presidential process has come to a close. together we received historic results with the largest vote total in the history of the republican party. this is a movement but we have to go all the way.
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>> and trump is vowing to go all the way. the rest of the convention will show gop doing its best to show a united front. all right. bruce gordon was on the floor of the a ren in a when trump officially got enough delegates to clinch nomination. what was that like, bruce. >> reporter: exciting. electric out on the floor. the floor of course is always pack. the um per bowl of this quicken loans rona has shown some empty seats over the last couple of nights but on the floor, pure mayhem, pure joy. we were right in the midst of it right with the new jersey delegation which of course gave all of its delegates to trump. a lot of excitement. the new jersey delegates in particular maybe a little bittersweet these were folks who many of whom were big chris doctors tee fans in the early days but come around at cress tee's urging and very much donald trump supporters. a lot of excitement out there. a lot of enthusiasm. obviously tough to judge how that translates to the general election campaign and whatever happens in november but for the
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moment at least everyone is in high spirits. >> talking about the garden state bruce, chris christie took the stage and spent a whole lot of time talking about hillary clinton. quite the indictment of her actually. what was the reaction? >> reporter: look, there's no question about it. chris christie is a powerful and polished public speaker. he had this crowd eating out of the palm of his hanley you mentioned it was quite literal al indictment, issue by issue mistake by mistake in at least the eyes of the folks in this room and each crime quote unquote that was listed by christie elicit add roar of guilty and lock her up from this crowd. it was powerful political theater. frankly at points it verged on going over that line into a sort of roman see yum vibe there. it got little odd at times. but no question it was great political theater. >> bruce, we saw more protests today. what have you seen and heard there in chief land? >> reporter: so far so good.
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at least in terms of property damage virtually 91. injuries none that we're aware of. the police have handled things very well here. there were lots of questions coming into this including from some folks in philadelphia who had talked to the police here who were not so sure these folks were promly trained for what they might expect here and in terms of whether they had the right equipment but so far what we've seen has been very professional, very solid job. i have to tell you the police presence here is almost overwhelming. i talked to reporter today who said he's counted 30 different states represented here. we saw some pennsylvania state police here today. we know they're coming from as far away as california so there has been a massive police presence here. the security incredibly tight, but so far everyone has been pretty well behaved today in the so-called public square newly refurbished dilworth mazza type location here not too far from the convention center and from quickens loan, we saw a number of minor demonstrations and some of them almost played for laughs. folks getting myhr message out in comical ways.
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one guy selling donald trump whoopi cushion. that kind of thing. very mild. we expect a big demonstration on thursday the note when donald trump will make his big speech to the delegates here. >> bruce gordon in cleveland for us tonight and all week. bruce, thank you. as we mentioned new jersey governor chris christie took the stage in cleveland tonight leading up to trump's pick of mike pence mitt cal pundants saw christie might be the vp. so did he. even though theirs no trump trump/christie tick as bruce just discussed the new jersey politician launched in a hillary clinton tire rate. >> i'm proud to say that the voice of the people of our nation is being heard in this hall tonight and those voices want donald trump to be the next president of the united states! justice department refuses to allow you to render a verdict, i'm going present the case now on the facts against hillary rodham clinton. >> putting big government
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spending and ifed by the chinese ahead of good paying jobs for middle class americans is she guilty or not guilty? >> guilty! >> next let's go to russia. she went to the kremlin on her very first visit and gave them that stupid symbolic reset button. you know what i think that button should have read? it should have read delete. she's very good at that, by the way. >> lock her up! >> because we know exactly what four years of hillary will bring. all the physical yourself of the obama years but with less charm and more lies. >> chris christie of course ran for the republican presidential primary in it in fact he suspend his campaign in february after placing sixth new hampshire pry march. also tonight, donald trump son took the stage at the republican national convention. donald trump, jr., spoke about his father's personal side and
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said as early as he can remember he saw his father run businesses. business dad has a track record for accomplishing the impossible and sees the potential in people they don't see. he also bashed hillary clinton saying she's a risk for americans. here's some of from from his speech earlier tonight. >> who will give the hard working men and women who built this great country a voice once again. that president can only be my mentor, my best friend, my father, donald trump. >> donald trump' injury's speech is being well received on social mode ya. >> now that's official and drum is that the nominee not all the delegates were on board. take a list season by the state by state roll call goes from pro trauma top no trump. >> proud to pledge 172 votes to the nominee of the next
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president of these united states donald j. trump. >> greatest country in the world and in in accordance with the will of its citizens or delegation is duly bound to cast 10 votes for senator rubio and nine votes for governor kasich. >> that of course the district of columbia cast nothing delegate votes for trump. not the only one to do that tonight the chairman ruled that the rules of the delegation 19 of those dc votes did in fact go to trump. tomorrow's theme make america first again. newt gingrich, senator marco rubio, senator ted cruz should be interesting. donald trump's second oldest son eric and trump's vw governor mike pence. hillary clinton took her anti trump message to the battleground state of nevada today before she came to philadelphia of course for her party's convention.
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>> this is just day after saying her gop rifle is the most dangerous presidential candidate in us history. fox's doug mckelway has the story from washington. d.c. >> reporter: as republicans gathered tonight under the barry make america work again hillary clinton is attacking the star of the convention's business record. clinton addressed public sector union workers in las vegas claiming a donald trump presidency would be disaster for america. >> when i am president working people will always have a seat at the table and a champion in the white house. >> donald j trump taj mahal the eighth wonder of the world. >> reporter: on the trail and on the web clinton's campaign coupling that message with this web video featuring an resident business owner who says trump taj mahal casino short change him over pianos. >> i feel somebody stole $30,000 from me. >> report roar whether or not atlantic city or trump university clinton supporters are accusing the businessman of
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dealing hard working americans a bad hand. >> trump and his businesses have been named in more than 4,000 lawsuits and in the words of donald, that is a huge none number of lawsuits. >> reporter: as for the home field advantage poll shows the former new york city clinton leading the new york born trump by 12 points in the empire state and split decision when it comes to gender. with clinton doing better with women trump better among men. meanwhile clinton continues push to register voters setting new goal of 3 million committed supporters by november. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. for many reasons this year's rnc much different than any in recent memory. some of the reasons have happened far outside cleveland. tragedies at home and abroad shading how we're watching. >> along with trump and clip ton one of the names you're hearing most off at this convention obama. how much attention is the
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president playing to what's
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♪ welcome back. live look at cleveland a day that has seen donald trump become the official presidential nominee for the gop. we are checking back in throughout the evening. two of donald trump's children including 22-year-old tiffany trump whose been one of the most private of trump's children she grew up in california with her mother marla maples and just graduated from the university of pennsylvania in may and tonight she told the nation why she thinks her dad is the best choice for president. >> my dad is a natural born encourage injury. the last person who will ever tell to you lower your sights or give up your dreams. i always look forward to introducing him to my friends. especially the ones with preconceived notions because
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they meet a man with natural charm and no facade. in person, my father is so friendly, so considerate, so funny, and so real. >> tiffany trump says she was bat ring a case of nerves tonight. used to delivering features her classmates but not televisioned audience of millions. it's been heartbreaking and scary summer with terror attacks and deadly shootings as a result some are watching the rnc with different eyes. >> fox's evan axle banks has how events at home and abroad are calving a shatter dough on this convention. >> this man is from orlando. >> it sound just like back ground noise until it happens to someone close to you. you want to hear as much as. >> reporter: although he's leaning towards hillary clinton he plans to keep close tabs on what the republicans say about national security. which has entirely new meaning this campaign. save from terror and safe from
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ourselves. >> they do feel important to mow in natural sense of it's that is countri' well-being and the future of it. of course i'll pay attention scene what happens. >> i think all of these terrorist attacks are helping him polls. >> reporter: others are doctors made to see the political saying of terror or of shootings of police and shooting by police. veteran mike flack is solid for trump but this campaign rhetoric for all sides is pandering. >> worthless may be the right wrong word. there's no content in it. each side uses the other. that the mott good. >> zach is a 21-year-old college student from tampa who says the economy is most important. he has watched recent events with horror but is skeptical anyone will get anything done. >> again, it's lip service. it's mostly we have to wait until november when they're elected into office and even still a few months after to see if they'll keep to those promises. >> now at least one time so during this convention the question has been asked are you
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safer now than you were eight years ago? the answer is a hard one to define and hotly debated a wide variety of groups have gathering in cleve hand. they share one message dump trump we found among other veterans groups and immigrants rights groups who do not want trump to take over the oval office. one guy has been selling donald trump whoopi cushions and he calls it dee may the donald. >> this is donald trump before the election. this is donald trump after the election. >> not all the demonstrator demn cleveland are anti trauma much we ran into several hillary haters as well making sure their voices are head. preparations are underway throughout our city with the dnc just days away. >> industry street crews hard at work smoothing up south broad street. flags representing each of the 50 states are going up along one stretch of the street. police have also placed warning
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notices on cars they want the cars gone to ease the flow of traffic during the convention. of course, parking on the median is a south philly tradition this new moves comes with a lot of mixed feelings. >> it's kind of frustrating because parking is really tough in south philly and i did often park there. i think it's good for philadelphia. i mean anything to draw attention to the city and to get people to come here and know that philly is a great city. >> it is a great city. the outside the wells fargo center crews dropped off truck loads of security fences. they'll surround the arena. also prevent protesters from crossing broad street from fdr park which will play host to many protests. after an explosive start to the rnc pun nantz and politicians across the spectrum are weighing in but there's one person who is not watching, president obama was apparently watchinwatching some basketballd of the convention monday night. but his press second says you shouldn't read too deeply into this. >> i also want to be clear the president is not making some printed statement registering a protest by not watching the
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republican convention. i think he merely is making a choice about how to spend the small amount of free time that he has in the evenings. and his preferences 10 toward the athletic as op move to the political. >> earnest went on to say the president understands if when he speaks at next week's dnc here in philadelphia some people choose not to watch. >> all day social media main streaming meter ya in general as knock melania trump for similarities between her speech and one delivered by first letter michelle obama in 2008. but that's not the only high profile comparison. this next one is a blast from the past. here's another life look at cleveland right now. things are winding down on day two of the republican national convention. we will be right back with more coverage. ♪
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♪ maybe little hard to hear over all the cheers but that was queen's classic we are the champions playing at donald trump took the stage to inter tow dues his wife last night. whether that song choice is wishful thinking the band itself not too happy their song was used last night. >> nope. band tweeted unauthorized use of the republican convention against our wishes. in a latest statement queen said "keep does not want its music
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associated with any main stream or political debate in 93 country nor does queen want we are the champions to be used as an owns course many of mr. trump and the little cal views of the republican party. other musicians who asked trauma top stop using their music, include the rolling stones, adele and neal young. >> you can see quickens loans a rona emptying out. things are wrapping up after another jam pack day. this time about 24 hours ago people were starting to notice curious similarities in last night's speech from melania trump a speech from michelle obama during the 2008 democratic national convention. >> in case you missed it. check it out. >> want our chirp in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> we want our chirp and all children in this nation to know that the only limit limits of te height of your achieve manies is the reach of your dreams and
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your willingness to work hard for them. >> despite the word for word similarities and there were others the trauma many campaign is denying the speech was plagiarized and any similarities are coincidences. social media users suggested michelle obama is not the only person who inspired mrs. trump's speech. >> check this video out that make the rounds today linking melania's speech to the 1978 classic never going to give you up. >> we will never ever give up and most importantly he will never ever ever let you down. >> ♪ never going to give you up, never going to let you down, we're going to run around and dessert you ♪ >> that is british crooner rick ashley rolling to his iconic hit pro probably more surprised to be linked to wild convention. back here in philly broad street is about to get whole lot brighter. colorful new mural being designed for the d inform c it's a mile longly you can see part
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of the mural going in tonight at the corner of christian and broad streets. now the mural will stretch over the median on south broad street for 14 blocks. it's called 14 movement makes sense it's a symphony and in color and words and feature poetry as well. you'll be able to check it out from city hall to washington avenue. beautiful. getting the city ready for the dnc thank you for joining us for our you decide special. we of course will bring you extendeextended coverage all thk and next. >> indeed we are. we're back here for for fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". have yourself a great night. you know what's next? tmz is next.
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>> congratulations, dad, we love you. >> there he is, with his family, presumptive no more, now it is official, donald trump nabbing the gop presidential nomination, with day two, in cleveland, plus. >> chris christie getting the crowd all fired up, what he said to get the chants going in cleveland. >> and south philadelphia isn't the only area seeing major changes ahead of next week's dnc. preparations are underway all over our city. some of the changes that will affect you, we'll


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