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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  July 20, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> congratulations, dad, we love you. >> there he is, with his family, presumptive no more, now it is official, donald trump nabbing the gop presidential nomination, with day two, in cleveland, plus. >> chris christie getting the crowd all fired up, what he said to get the chants going in cleveland. >> and south philadelphia isn't the only area seeing major changes ahead of next week's dnc. preparations are underway all over our city. some of the changes that will affect you, we'll explain what
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they are coming up. >> also, following two breaking news stories for you. a man is dead after being shot multiple times in west philadelphia, while another victim's recovering after a graze wounds in west oaklane. we'll keep an eye on both those stories. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, july 20, 2016. >> sue serio, so darn nice out there, such low humidity for this time of year. >> really is except for couple of place that is had thunderstorms, it is not here in philadelphia, but we're going to show you what's happening. we have been watching some thunderstorms for about an hour and a half, down in southern delaware, and then there is some that just popped up around millville, new jersey, and there is a look at the heavy rain just moving off shore. we'll take a more in depth look at that situation coming up. >> well, this is interesting. zooming in on a vehicle. what is it? >> of course, we have to. 74 degrees, in philadelphia right now, 50% relative humidity. 50%, sunrise time, 5:50.
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there is is a look at philadelphia international airport. casino of tran will this morning. yes, so 52 degrees in mount pocono, 68 in trenton, we've got 69 degrees atlantic city, 72 wildwood. but the dew points are down in the 50's and 60s throughout the region, that gets us in the comfortable rage, only inching into muggy in measure every moisture. wish it would last. 87 degrees the high today. tonight down to 68. pretty comfortable night, more heat, humidity coming back, another heatwave looming, as well, all of that in the seven day forecast, bob kelly continues his vacation, we are pleased and proud to welcome dave warren, traffic guy. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves with the heatwave, let's enjoy this morning. talking about the dnc preps, ex threats block, because they are prepping for what's coming up next week. so they have to get around that area this morning, normally take that exit, not going to happen. here, also, some construction
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happening along 95. this is between bridge and allegheny, left lane blocked, due to the construction, that is southbound, and we have northbound, 495, between 12th and edgemore road. left lane blocked. anyway, issues that we have this morning, but if there is any more i'll have it throughout the morning, chris, lauren, back to you. >> violent night, leaves one man dead, another in the hospital. both shootings happening just an hour apart. >> police say the gunshots began to ring around around 1:00 this morning in west oaklane, then west philadelphia, dave kinchen near the latest scene in philly. what do we know so far in covering two different shootings, very different areas, dave? >> reporter: that's right, two very different parts of the city we will step out of the way show you what's happening here cite old a street, 4200 block, police still on the scene. this is the vehicle that belonged to the victim in this case, we're told, that the victim was actually heading to his car, when two men came up
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and shot him. point blank range, police say the victim specifically target in the this case, it happened just after 2:00 a.m., when police say, the 22 year old victim drove home after getting some fast-food. he went into his house, for few minutes here on the 4200 block of viola. when he came back out police say two men wearing ski masks, and white t-shirts, bolted out of vacant lot area, and fired at point blank range, all in front of witnesses including friend out here seeing this whole thing. victim was able to run a short distance but collapsed in the street, shooters then go over to the body and stand over him and fire more at point blank range, with multiple shots, to the head, before they ran off, through an alley, now, this was this shooting, we're also covering another shooting in west oaklane, it happened just an hour before here, as i come back in here, we can tell that you that shooting left a man hospitalized with a graze wounds in the shoulder area. he was outgoing to dinner with his girlfriend, going for
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chinese food. 2100 block of stinton avenue. police say that they heard a commotion, they heard gunshots, and then they ducked. but somehow the man was shot by a stray bullet. he was taken to einstein hospital. he is in stable condition there. two very different shootings, but, the city rocked by another night of violence. chris, lauren? >> another night. all right, dave, thank you. >> let's turn to politics. republicans officially have their nominee for president, donald trump, home state of new york, put him over the top, delegates officially nominating him. >> of course donald trump officially accepted. >> this is a movement but we have to go all the way. i'm so proud to be your nominee for president of the united states. >> so that was from new york, and of course, the convention is in cleveland, donald trump took to twitter saying, quote, i will work hard and never let you down. but it was his kids that
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marked the historic night for the now republican presidential candidate. fox news correspondent joe wald man in cleveland this morning monitoring the very latest. >> reporter: delegates at the national republican convention making it official, donald trump nominated as the gop's next presidential candidate. >> congratulations, dad, we love you. >> in a state by state roll call, donald trump's son, done al junior making it official. >> it is not a campaign any more, it is a movement. >> with the announcement of new york state's gop delegate support, donald trump, jr., pushing his father's delegate count. >> if my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight. with 89 delegates. >> outside the convention hauls, it was a day mark by tense sensations in the state of cleveland including some clashes with police and number
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of protesters caring guns, meantime, back inside the q arena focus every tuesday night speeches, jobs, and the economy. >> the next state of the union address, i don't know where joe biden or barack obama will be, but you will find me right there with vision president mike pence and president donald trump. >> tonight as former federal prosecutor i welcome the opportunity to hold for performance and character. >> this is a movement but we have to go all the way. >> texas senator ted cruz received nearly 500 delegate, set for wednesday evening, but still unclear whether or not he'll endorse donald trump. in cleveland, joe wald man, fox news. >> new jersey governor chris christie fires up the crowd at the republican national convention. >> just heard from him, and last night delivered the lengthy list of accusations at
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hillary clinton. christie turned quicken loans arena into a courtroom as he criticized clinton's character and questioned her strut worthiness. delegates shouted you heard guilty and then lock her up as they continued listing off claims of wrong-doing. >> as former federal prosecutor, i welcome the opportunity to hold hillary clinton accountable for her performance and her character. >> so we must ask this question: hillary clinton, as an awful judge of character after dictator and butcher in the middle east, is she guilty or not guilty? as a negotiator of the worse nuclear arms deal in american history; she guilty or not guilty? >> christie was presidential candidate, at one point, right? >> after suspending his own campaign he endorsed trump for president. bruce gordon talked to the new jersey delegates about what
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might have been, and the role they think christie could play if donald trump does get into the white house. >> hinting towards attorney general. >> and while thing in philadelphia continues, philadelphia continues to get ready for the dnc. >> dave kin chin joins us. hi, there, steve. >> lock him up. lock him up. >> that's right, we're having september flashbacks, aren't we? here we go again with the familiar fence going up around the city. remember this? from pope francis' visit? look, we won't have a pope here. we're not going to have a star with the star power of scott bao here, unless the democrats can somehow top scott bao, cornered the market on the big name celebrities. who is ever here will feel secure because they'll have high thens, here we are one of the famous corners in philly broad and pattison. now, the big event, and the
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big out of town visitors, all coming to town this weekend being philadelphians really care about, right here across the street, eagle training camp starts. the heck with the dnc. this is what the big story is here for philadelphians. how about that? that starts the same time the democrats start. soap, good luck, eagles, getting around all of this high security fencing and all of that. that will make life even more enjoyable. fans will be coming down here, not to watch the democrats but to watch the eagles, so this ought to be a nice clash of the titans of the crowds, we'll have the democratic people, and the eagle people, and for my money i'll take regular eagle people any day. anyhow so a lot of different looks around south philadelphia already. and a lot of new rules going into effect in south philadelphians already grumbling about that. >> it is kind of frustrating because park something really tough in south philly, and dow often park there. i mean, i think it is good for philadelphia. i mean, anything to draw attention to the city and to get people to come here and
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know that fill say great city. >> i will be videotaping it. i hope it nothing crazy, as long as they don't vandalize our properties, i have no problem with, that pretty sweet. >> anything i want to say? >> most definitely. >> all right, chris, as you reported widely all morning yesterday, the official reason for the temporary ban on media parking in south philly is to give the protesters room. but we all know the real reason. all of the limos coming from the ritz carlton, bellevue, all of the big name democrats, are going to be driving down broad street, just straight here, to the convention at the wells fargo center, and a lot of philadelphia officials don't want to answer what the heck is that, is this complete lawlessness, park in the middle of the main drag. so as the limos go by the median, they don't want probably to answer those tough questions. but that's probably the real
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reason even though nobody will admit it on the record. >> you notice nice and freshly paved on south broad, as women. steve, quick lip, anyone under the age of 45, here is a picture of scott bao, from the chafee fame, little later, this is at the convention here? there you go. >> yes, i mean, maybe they'll get erin moran, can counter with erin moran, and then maybe a joani loves chappie reunion. we can only hope. >> all right, steve, thanks so much. >> chris christie once considered one of the frontrunners in the race to the white house, how garden state republicans are really feeling about the gop nomination going to donald trump.
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>> here in the city we are marveling how wonderful and comfortable it is outside, while not too far away really rocking and rolling this morning with some thunderstorms. there is the area that's just about moving off of the delaware coastline, although we do have a few heavy downpours for sure. there is one that just popped up, just west of long neck there. and there is heavy downpour just north of millville in cumberland county in new jersey. so these rogue thunderstorms, cold front that came through yesterday, early in the morning, has kind of stalled to the south. so seeing some disturbances pop up there. here's a temperature.
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it is 74 degrees in philadelphia. but it is not a muggy 74. and that's the big difference, that's where you feel the difference with the dew points lower. 73 degrees in wilmington, 72 in dover, 52 mount pocono, those winds are now coming mostly out of the north and northwest, but there is not much of a breeze out there. but when you do get one, it is refreshing. as we look back over the past seven days, one, two, three, four, five, it was a five day heatwave. because yesterday we did not make it to 90 degrees. but it was close. with that high temperature of 89. you really did feel the difference with the humidity down, with the dew points down, now, today, the best day of the week, eight #. ninety tomorrow. starts, yep, another heatwave. we really get extreme over the weekends with temperature around 100 degrees, on saturday, and that will be the hottest day of the year so far. the first time in four years that we make it to 100, and we've gotten triple digits for actual temperature. dave, do you think i should change that number?
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triple digits in. >> on the seven day forecast? we'll make it fit. construction the word this morning, step outside, nice and comfortable. sue was talking about maybe open up the windows, don't need the ac yet. that will change, though, but we have some construction to talk about along 95 this morning, so, really no major issues we're dealing with except for some construction, more construction to look at looking at northbound 95, between walt whitman bridge and the boulevard, right lane block, slow it down little bit there. slow it down around the construction crews this morning, turnpike eastbound, willow grove street road, that's a lot of construction happening there, that right lane is blocked. construction is the word this morning. chris, lauren? >> thank you so much. now, to shocking discovery out of east germantown, explosive devices found inside a van caring very young children, philadelphia police made this discovery last night after spot ago mini-van that was double parked, with two, three year old inside, on the 900
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block every west champ plows avenue. the bomb squad confiscated homemade explosive devices, equivalent of two quarter sticks of dynamite and drugs. the driver, 31 year old ma'am, was arrested. >> 4:18. police on the hunt for group of men who chased down a a man and attack him in the middle of the day. people who live in the fernrock area horrified of brutal beating of 67 year old man, this surveillance shows how the man was walking along the 5900 blotch of hutchinson street, two man approached, demanded cell phone and money, the man gives the items up without a foyte but is still attack. >> it is like your dad or your grandfather, you know, being cornered and done like that, like how can you sleep at night? >> that's horrible. for anybody to happen, especially 67 year old man. >> matter of fact impacter down the street quite a ways. we are talking about the same area. i'm like maybe i shouldn't be out here walking around by myself. >> well, investigators say the incident appears to be a crime
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of opportunity. and they say they are area committed to finding these people responsible. >> we just talked about scott bay-o remember, all remember him from gary days. gary marshall the guy who create that show and so many other hit shows including happy days, then the movie pretty woman, we learned, has died. >> publicist said he passed at a hospital in california due to complications from pneumonia after he had a stroke. >> gary marshall began his entertainment career in the 19 60s by selling jokes to comedians before writing sketches for the tonight show with jack car before johnny carson. carry marshall whose daughter penny marshall of course from laverne and shirley, his sister, sorry, 81 years old. what a lost. >> electric in the air. chris christie made his pitch last night for garden state republicans, going to donald trump. bittersweet, right? >> true. bruce gordon explains it all from cleveland.
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>> reporter: scattered among the delegates who crowded the quicken loans arena at this night of corronation for donald trump, for men and women who look around and wondered what might have been. the governor of new jersey. >> i think can i chris christie will be a major help to donald trump. he will be his right arm. >> ladies and gentlemen let me introduce to you the next president of the united states donald trump. >> governor christie buns considered one of the frontrunners for presidential nomination, but trump with his brash style quickly stole his thunder almost as quitely christy suspended his run and endorsed his long time friend. >> chris, thank you very much, i appreciate it. >> on the convention floor it was christie's son, andrew, who announced new jersey delegate votes would go to trump. >> fifty-one delegates will be given to donald j trump. >> even the winners biggest supporters were thinking what might have been. >> chris christie is a star as far as i am concerned, and i think he will play a very
4:21 am
large role in the president trump administration. >> however, if he wants it to be his: >> say what might have been? >> it could have been, but it wasn't. we're happen which donald trump. >> moments later it was trump's son, donald, jr., who put his father over the top for the gop nomination. >> congratulations, dad, we love you. >> so i asked andrew christie, any part of up who says to yourself could have been my dad here tonight? >> of course, i would be lying if i say i don't think that, obviously the process laid out as it is, and we're happy with trump for the nominee and i think elwyn in november. >> those in attendance got a first land look what might have been. christie powerful public speaker and the crowd eating out of his hands chanting guilty, lock her up, he made point-by-point indictment of
4:22 am
hillary clinton's misdeeds, powerful. from the republican national convention in cleveland, i'm bruce gordon "fox 29 news". >> bruce gordon is live in cleveland all week. he will be live at 8:00 and 9:00. we'll bring you extended political coverage every night starts at 11:00. >> from roll kohl, plagiarism, now delegates quarantine after getting sick. >> according to the washington post, at least dozen california gop staff members appear to have the highly contagious neuro vie virus, warned by state officials by an e-mail yesterday morning, visited to avoid shaking hands with others, to wash hands frequently to avoid sharing food, not to use the delegation buses to the convention if they have any symptoms. >> goodness, that's close quarters. >> hey, not shake hands there. >> i know, all right, the last two games leading to up last night, phillies had five hits totalment highlights from citizens bank park, plus, the one thing the team is doing right after off the field.
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>> here are your winning lottery numbers and theme song happy days with the passage of gary marshall who was 81. >> ♪ >> ♪ one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined.
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>> phillies just cannot hit right now. going into last night's game phillies had five hits total. not enough at citizens bank park. tenth inning, one-one, tommy
4:26 am
joes deaf homer, chris had who homered earlier, breaks up the tie, against stump to brought in, miami beat the phillies two-one, pretty simple but the problem is and the manager knows it, pete mccann on. >> we're in that hitting funk again. we're just not swinging the bats, too many bat at bats. we're just not grinding out of bats. we need to do. that will our best chance to score is how to get the ball off the pitch ever's rearend, or however it hit him. too many called third strikes with men in scoring position, that's a pet peeve of mine. we're going to address that. >> so, just need a hit. >> yes, and pete mccann on will address it at a team meeting today. >> also, tiger woods has withdrawn from the pga championship. that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> the phillies in florida during the dnc. that's good. it will be really crowded. >> all right, quick break, and we'll be right back. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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4:30 am
dead after being shot multiple times in west philadelphia while another victim recovering from graze wounds in west. >> dave kinchen on both stories, first, we want to get to your weather. sue, this is good news. >> are you ready for it? >> ten, got to be. >> ding, ding, ding, yes. today got it. humidity is down, it is the middle of july. a rare treat for philadelphia so you want to spend a lot of time outside. just like bus stop buddy grabbed the sunscreen today, waking up from camping last night, off to pleasant start. actually, the temperatures are in the 50's, 60s, but, we do have a couple of rogue thunderstorms moving through because that cold front kind of stalled to the south. anyway, if you are in cumberland county, around millville, you may be hearing some thunder, and you probably have been all night. along the delaware beaches, so we will talk about that a little more in depth coming up. right now, we have 68 degrees in trenton, 66 in lancaster, atlantic city, it is 69 degrees.
4:31 am
pottstown, 66. hazleton, very comfortable and cool 56 degrees. and in washington township it is 76 degrees. so we're going to head to a high of about 87 degrees. as mary poppins says, dave warren, practically perfect today. >> perfect. >> in every way. >> in every way. kids little too young for that one. so stick to the nemo and the dorey quotes. i'll be fine. i'll be all caught up with you. >> ninety-five, this is right around broad street. the exit there. they are prepping for the convention. so the ramps are blocked, right now. have to work around that one this morning. an accident there on the garden state parkway southbound, at margate. just left lane is blocked this morning. and we go to our construction. dealing with the turnpike eastbound, between downingtown and yellow springs road, the right lane there is blocked. so just some construction that one issue on the garden state parkway.
4:32 am
that's all that we have for this morning. >> let me tell you something about risk. if hillary clinton were elected, she would be the first president who couldn't pass a basic background check. >> donald trump's son, night two of the republican national convention in the books in cleveland, many of the speakers last night taking aim at hillary clinton. now to day through three. today's theme make america first again. and just like last night, you can expect trump's kids to take center stage as you see here, eric trump will be one of the speakers tonight. also, speaking former speaker of the house newt gingrich, his wife, and indianna governor mike pence, whom donald trump of course chose as his vice presidential runningmate over the weekend? new jersey governor chris christie fired up the crowd at the rnc last night, he delivered a lengthy list of accusations at hillary clinton. christy turned quicken loans arena, as he cite sized her
4:33 am
judgement, questioned her trustworthiness, and delegates shouted back guilty as he continued to list off wrong-doing. philadelphia continues to prepare for the dnc. >> already seeing some changes, steve, some of the changes reminiscent of last summer when phil i prepared for the pope's arrival. >> reporter: yes, and i'm going to top europe reporting from here, yesterday i don't know what you're better at anchoring or reporting, a-plus in both, mr. murphy. >> thank. >> reporter: look, you didn't have this yesterday, look what appeared overnight, growing like weeds in the summer, the security fencing, this a nice philadelphia philly red by the way, not the black that we see in cleveland that we saw during the pope's visit. so it is starting to look a lot like the dnc as borough from very famous christmas song. going the other way up broad street, what will change sunday starting at 8:00 a.m., no parking in the median, and right down here, there is a no parking in the median, because it is a grass median, but between washington, and all the way down to oregon, where
4:34 am
people normally park, don't park there, or you're going to start getting towed at 8:00 a.m. sunday. chris, lauren? >> steve keeley, thank up. 4:30 of course the time. shooting overnight near firehouse in west philly leaves one person dead. >> meanwhile, another just an hour before west oaklane, stray bullet sends a man to the hospital. dave kinchen in west philadelphia, with an update on both every these shootings. hi, dave. >> reporter: yes, from the nearby firehouse, that came out to the 4200 block every viola street to pronounce the victim dead. there is the family right there. watching the scene. the victim also lived there, and we're told the shooters came out from an alleyway there, just as the victim was headed to his car, and was shot, police say the victim was specifically targeted to happen just around 2:00 a.m. when the 22 year old man drove home after getting some fast-food, went inside the house for few minutes, then came back outside, that's when two men wearing ski masks and white t-shirt bolted out and fired shots at point blank range. and then ran off through an
4:35 am
alley. >> when he came back out of the house, he was walking toward his car. that's when these two individuals came out after vacant lot, very close to his house, and confronted him and just began firing shots at him from point blank range. the victim ran into the middle of the street. that's where he collapsed. and the shooters stood over his body, and fired shots while standing over his body. >> meantime, another shooting in west oaklane, just hour before, left a man hospitalized with a graze wound to his neck area. the 2100 block of stenton avenue. philly police say he was out with his girlfriends going to dinner, they heard commotion, and duck to avoid gunfire, but the man was hit by stray bullet. he is in stable condition at a hospital. back to you. >> thank you so much. police say the man who killed a 35 year old woman over the weekend, may be connected to other assaults. ricky stacked to death saturday and what became a grissly bloody crime scene in kensington. police think this is the
4:36 am
suspect's third assault in the area in just a few weeks, and they believe he's targeting prostitutes. >> the former director of the women's center remembers morgan as thoughtful and bright person. >> a lot of danger comes with this casino of work. and it is so important for us, and for other organizations, to have been working really hard here in kensington to build the foundation of support and community, because the girls are not alone. >> okay, so take a look, it is hard to make this out, right? police say they are looking for this person, a guy on blue and black bike, with a back pack and baseball cap. they say he is targeting white females between the ages of 30 and 35. >> the person who killed a kansas city police officer yesterday is now in custody, officers say 46 year old captain robert melt on looking for suspect in a reported shooting when he pulled up to a man who matched the suspect description, that's when the man shot at melt on before co-get out every his patrol car. melt on then rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
4:37 am
authorities at this time are not connecting his death with other recent police shootings. >> 4:37 this morning. here is a little something before your next trip down the shore. some things you are doing on the beach could land you in jail. what one city is now cracking down on. >> wow. >> plus, it is the fifth target in philadelphia. and it opens for business today. why this target officials say is different from all of the rest. josh, don't you have friends coming over?
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>> good news if you're a target lover. you will soon be able to hit it up in center city, new store at 11th and chestnut, soft opening to get it up and going, official grand opening happens on sunday watch perfect timing, right? this new store is smaller version every target's traditional stores. target calls a a flexible format, will have a starbucks inside, the fifth target in philadelphia, but the first in center sit. >> i how convenient. all right, you can now be one step closer to becoming internet famous. twitter just announced new application process that makes it easier for all use tears become twitter verified. you know that little check there on the right? verified accounts have that, and are typically reserved for celebrities like lauren johnson. you have check next to your twitter name. >> so do you. stop it. >> ya. hi, sue, good morning. >> high. >> good to see you. the next time up head down the shore make sure avoid doing one thing that could land in you jail. the crime, feeding the seagulls. >> okay, so, ocean city, in
4:41 am
urge new jersey says enough is enough. this week, the mayor sends out message saying police would no longer look the other way, would strictly enforce the ban on feeding seagulls. penalties could have you paying up to a 500-dollar fine, or you could be behind bars for 90 days. >> been ongoing problem, nothing new, the goals have always been scavengers, but every time somebody feeds them, they get a little more aggressive. they think that that is their meal, and we have had increasing number every complaints. >> so, jailed for 90 days, really? where are you taking my daddy? >> lift off the sand in handcuffs, thrown into jail for three months. administration they're serious about this crackdown, though, but they also want to make clear that this is about changing behavior, not about hitting people with large fines or jail time. >> good, those birds are super aggressive. you can see people on the boardwalk throwing pretzels and all other things to them, they gather around, you can't eat in peace, you can't walk.
4:42 am
i commend them. >> how many people are going to jail for that? >> we'll see. it is just starting. >> 4:42 is the time. in the hour toddler recovering from life saving cancer treatment dark it dollars by a thief, are you cutting -- kidding me? family's ipad stolen from inside chop. who came to the rescue for one little girl, isn't she adorable brought one family to tears. >> after months every speculation, turns out the rumors are true, the first public sign lady gaga and her fiancee are headed to splitsville. >> oh, no. >> mike and i want you to join us before and after we go on tv live on our fox 29 facebook page. >> so join us before the show at 6:30 a.m., then after the show at 10:00 a.m. on facebook. >> you get to see all of the behind the scenes action, so see you there.
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>> watching thunderstorms, nice and tran will in the city watching this area with a lot of lightning strikes, at least it is off shore now, but, 353 in the last 15 minutes. off the coast of delaware, where there is still left over rain, just north of bethany beach, around bottom hills. and, look at this little area of rain. around cape may courthouse, then just south every millville, new jersey, very heavy downpours. that part of cumberland county, some scattered showers, there, all because of disturbance that is to the south. phillies play the marlins again tonight, hope for win there is time, at least a comfortable night at citizens bank park, with 80 degrees at the first pitch, which is at 7:05 tonight. seven day forecast, we did it, we went to 100 for saturday.
4:46 am
ya, extreme heat over the weekends, all the more reason to enjoy today. >> hot health temperatures of the year, for sure, and the hottest temperatures maybe that we've seen in about four years not much relief headed to the war specially saturday with the land breeze on the beach. >> that won't be good there, land breeze, 94 degrees. >> right on the shoulders, so, not major issues there, but you might want to watch that area this morning, water main break this accident, southbound margate, one lane block, left lane, is block, this morning, so that's one coming in from new jersey, and this is the northbound side. of 95, and that's broad street exit blocked this morning, as
4:47 am
they prepare for what's in store neck week for the democratic national convention. so that lane is blocked for now. chris, lauren? >> thank you so much, dave. so by now we've all heard melania trump major rising, do we have another case every plagiarism to another member of the trump family? shear is little reminder every melania's speech. >> we want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievement is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> we want our children and all children in this nation to know that the only limits to the height of your achievement is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. >> well, now we might have another case at least according to the daily show. this time from donald trump junior. >> our schools used to be an elevator to the middle class, now they're stalled on the
4:48 am
ground floor. they're like soviet department stores run for the benefit of the clerks and not the customers. >> well, the daily show pointed out that his speech sounded familiar to an essay in the american conservative by frank h buckly. >> in fact, they tweeted outside by side comparison of trump junior's speech and the passage which was written by fh buckly, buckly wrote, quote, what should be an elevator to the upper class is stalled on the ground floor. our schools and our university are like the old soviet department stores whose mission was to serve the interest of sales clerks, not customers. buckly did, however, come out and say he was part of trump junior's speech writing process. >> there we go, inspired by, very different than plagiarize g, right? he helped with the speech, those are his words, probably going to be little traces of it in the speech, but just taking a piece of it out and just saying it is your own, just little different.
4:49 am
>> how about having a vision and an original thought? just saying. >> well, there is that. after five years of dating one year engaged lady gaga, now taking a break from their re slayings ship. singer just posted on instagram she believes the two are soul mates, and just like all couples, we have our ups and downs, and we have been taking a break. their carreers kept them apart for long periods of time. spotted in cab owe the other day without her heart shaped engagement ring. >> former philadelphia eagles terrell owens just lands of the his new fashion line. >> engineered to collide with performance. yep, that's what they say. engineered to collide with performance. the name in the line is called prototype 81. over the past few days, terrell has tease dollars line on instagram ahead of it monday die buy, first full view of the line came at a fashion trade show in new york city. he wore the jersey number 81,
4:50 am
by the way, if you are asking. >> were you a big to fan? >> i met him in the studio couple of years ago, he was nice, controversial and everything else. i love what he did, though, at the gala star right there at the ooh yard line. that will was fantastic. >> you you did? >> so if you don't know who she is, you soon will. hear the touching words from donald trump's youngest, tiffany trump. >> oh, chris, big party, not talking dnc. friday good day drive, it is the last one. we're going to the del, yes, some music playing here already, we will be announcing the winner of the brand new mazda cx9. here are the details, it start at 7:00 on friday morning at the del music center in east fairmount park. we will be live there all morning. >> joining us at the del will be kin drayed family soul it, would be -- performing their new single all my people featuring freeway, freeway be
4:51 am
there on friday as well. did you know about this? this is breaking development. three-way will be there. >> yes, and patty jackson. >> nice. >> oh, ya, she is coming in the studio. we'll take a quick break and be right back. take one of those pillows and take a big smell.
4:52 am
they smell really fresh. what if we told you we washed these sheets 7 days ago. really no way downy? downy fabric conditioner. give us a week, and we'll ange your bed forever. want more freshness? add new downy fresh protect.
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live look at the quicken loans arena. it will be day three of the republican national convention later today. featured speaker ted cruz, marco rubio, newt gingrich, and vp nominee mike pence, let's take a look at your headlines, on line and on social media. donald trump kids taking center stage at the national convention last ninth, one of them, donald trump, jr., spoke on who his father is, and what he will do for america. donald junior spoke about his father as a businessman, and the things that made him sus successful, says he will do the impossible for america. >> she is donald trump's daughter the younger and less visible one after her half sister ivanka trump became a fixture behind their dad's podium. tiffany trump wore many hats, penn grad, one time pop singer but her moving speech about her father making her a star this morning.
4:55 am
>> he draws out the talent and drive in people so they can achieve their full poe pen sal. that's a great quality to have in a father and better yesterday the president. united states. >> she said she said her father is always a person who gives 100% and does all he can do. gary marshall who was known for his tv and movie hits including happy days in the movie pretty woman has died. publicist for marshall said he passed away yesterday at a hospital in california due to complications from pneumonia after having a stroke, gary marshall was 81 years old. >> all right, get ready to pay more on the turnpike, polls increasing by 6%, increase of about 1.16 to 1.23, mondayly help pay for long-term turnpike reconstruction, tolls will not go up on the turnpike delaware river bridge cash less tolling point northeast of philadelphia, however. >> let's go to dave kinchen, covering two breaking stories in the city of philadelphia. both not good.
4:56 am
>> reporter: no, not at all. both are shootings in the city of philadelphia. one that was deadly, another that left a man in the hospital for a graze wounds, we'll give you all of the details after the break. first here's steve. >> reporter: we burried the lead on that toll increase story. they also announced they'll increase tolls 6% every year, at least until 2044. that is the truth, folks, that was in the press release, and increasing them for the last eight years, by the way as bob kelly would say, they are stack and packed with security fence, and chris murphy, i don't know what time you will race off the set, but look we saved you some of the fence workers left over meatloaf and potatoes. so it is sitting here in south philly for you as soon as you're done. mystery beauty treatment.
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4:59 am
>> it is my monday or to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the count tonight. >> congratulates, dad, we love you. >> nice to have your family behind you, presumptive no more, now official, donald trump, nabbing the gop presidential nomination, we have the highlights from day two of the republican national convention, playing out in cleveland. plus, this: >> third chanting rock her up. chris christie getting the
5:00 am
crowd all fired up, what he said about hillary clinton to get the chants going in cleveland. >> south philly they're getting prepared making major changes ahead of next week's dnc. but preparations are underway all over the city some of the changes could affect you, we'll explain had a they are coming up. >> man shot multiple times in west philadelphia while another victim's recovering from a graze wound, in west oaklane. >> good day, wednesday july 20, 2016. >> i want to see something really cool. >> show me. >> check out what sue's got for us right now. we love pictures like this. >> any time we have get weather pictures from you, this came to my facebook page, this is cloud to ground lightning, taken from a drone, how about that? that was this morning, bethany beach, those thunderstorms we've been watching all morning coming through. how cool is that? from a drone. just love t there we go. ready for the


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