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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  July 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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said about hillary clinton to get the chants going in cleveland. >> south philly they're getting prepared making major changes ahead of next week's dnc. but preparations are underway all over the city some of the changes could affect you, we'll explain had a they are coming up. >> man shot multiple times in west philadelphia while another victim's recovering from a graze wound, in west oaklane. >> good day, wednesday july 20, 2016. >> i want to see something really cool. >> show me. >> check out what sue's got for us right now. we love pictures like this. >> any time we have get weather pictures from you, this came to my facebook page, this is cloud to ground lightning, taken from a drone, how about that? that was this morning, bethany beach, those thunderstorms we've been watching all morning coming through. how cool is that? from a drone. just love t there we go. ready for the number of the
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day? even with the thunderstorm we've seen down to the south, we go with ten out of ten. so wear your sunscreen, and enjoy the outdoors like bus stop buddy is today. temperatures in the 60s, 70s, off to pleasant start for a change this morning. we've seen our share of lightning, thunder move through areas south and east of philadelphia. so, it looks like the rain is dissipating along the delaware beaches, including bethany, where we saw the lightning earlier, and heavy down poured, cumberland counting moving into cumberland county new jersey so we'll look at that, as well. so other than that, it is pretty good out here this morning, with 72 degrees, 5:50, your sunrise time, should have plenty of sunshine today, 51 degrees mount pocono, comfortable six a pottstown, even where we're in the 70s, philadelphia, wilmington, wildwood, dew points are low, so it doesn't feel too bad out there at all.
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high every 87, mostly sunny skies, treasure this, while it is here. because we've got some big numbers coming in the seven day forecast. and dave warren is in for a traffic this morning, what's going on? >> we will be transferring that, look at this here, northbound 95, the broad street ramp is now reopened. they had that shutdown as they prep for the convention next week. not quite the case in the garden state parkway as the margate left lane blocked, the southbound side of the parkway, and the eastbound side of the pa turnpike, between downingtown and yellow springs road, right lane block due to construction, chris, lauren? >> thanks so, dave warren. republicans officially have their nominee for president, for tradition, presumptive nominee's home state, put donald trump over the top, officially nominating him for president. >> do you think trump accepted officially in. >> of course he did. >> this is a movement but we
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have to go all the way. i'm so proud to be your nominee for president of the united states. >> all right, so, today is day three in the republican national convention, donald trump now the official party nominee. >> trump campaign trying to get back on track after a rocky start to this convention, focus now on jobs and the economy. donald trump junior defending melania trump plagurized convention speech they say after a day of uproar, many accusing melania in taking parts of michelle obama's 2008 convention speech, praised by trump and his children major part of day two convention, during his speech touted, daughter tiffany offering a dif event view of her father. >> he motivate me to work my harders tune always stay true to who i i am and what i believe. that's what he does, he draws out the talents and drive in people so that they can achieve their full potential. that's a great quality to have in a father. and better yet, in the
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president of the united state. >> speakers yesterday, ben carson speaker of the house paul ryan. >> another speaker, new jersey governor chris christie, fired up the crowd at the republican national convention, last night he delivered lengthy list of accusations at hillary clinton. christie turned quicken loans arena into into a courtroom as he attacked clinton's j, questioned her trustworthiness. delegates shotted back guilty as he continued listing off claims of wrong-doing. >> former federal prosecutor, i welcome the opportunity to hold hillary clinton accountable for her performance and her character. so we must ask this question: hillary clinton as an awful judge of the character of dictator and butcher in the middle east, is she guilty or not guilty? as an inept negotiator of the work nuclear arm deal in
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american history; she guilty or not guilty? >> is is he knows how to work the crowd, doesn't he? christie of course a presidential candidate at one point after suspending his own campaign the first to come out and endorse trump for president. >> okay, so while that action takes place in cleveland, philadelphia continues to prepare for big crowds coming here for the dnc. >> just drive around town. you will see signs of it everywhere. steve keeley look nothing this from south philly. hi, steve. >> reporter: as former cleveland resident before i moved to philadelphia, i know my fellow philadelphians will mate me for saying this, but philly is starting to look a lot like cleveland judges by the fences, we saw this look here in philly last september, at the fame he is corner of broad and pattison, the philly ballpark in the background, all of the sporting events are going to stay scheduled as they are, and right across thereon that other security fence with the big hedges, that's the eagles training camp right on the other side that far fence, which coincidentally starts this weekend. how about that? so, you will have the eagles
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and their fans coming here, and then the democrats and their fans coming here, and maybe their not so much fans coming here to protest. soap, you can see the stacks of security fencing all around here still to go up, fencing up from broad and pattison all the way down to 95. look what else is going up. here is our video, we shot this on the windshield of cars on the way here, these cars, park in the median, on broad street, from city hall, all the way down here to south philadelphia, they look like parking tickets i'm sure the people come out to the cars can i get a ticket? are you kidding me? no, it is a kinds warning from the philadelphia parking thought knotts philadelphia authority, state run agency, the king lead that one making more than the governor by the way. and they're saying get your cars out of here, by sunday morning, at 8:00 a.m., or it will be towed. in is your warning days ahead of time, already dealing with
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a lot of problems as we talked to them. >> frustrate being because parking really tough in south philly. i do often park there. i think it is good for philadelphia, i mean, anything to draw attention to the city tune get people to come here, know that fill say great city. i support it. >> live right upstairs. so i will be videotaping t i hoping it nothing crazy. as long as they don't vandalize our properties, i have no poblems with that, it is free speech. >> you think they should be able to say what they want to say. >> yes, most definitely, 404. >> now, judging by this street sign that we see always mangled and bent soon after they fix it, the way it is at broad and pattison, i wonder how long this temporary face will stay standing and if it will still be standing before the democratic financing start here, judging by people sometimes pick this corner here, chris, lauren? >> steve, thank you. >> hey guess what? there is an app for. that will dnc committee
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released official 2016 convention app, the app released yesterday, less than week before party leaders and delegates gather for the convention, often include inter ac tip maps, nearby venues, hotels, restaurant, transportation options also allows users to watch live video of the convention, via live stream. >> stick with fox 29 for complete coverage of democratic and national conventions, bruce gordon live in cleveland all week, he will be live for us at 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. don't forget we will bring you extended political coverage every night starting at 11:00 p.m. >> all right, let's turn to our top stories here. violent night in the city leaves one man dead, another in the hospital, both shootings happening just an hour apart. >> and police say gunshots started around 1:00 this morning, in west oaklane, and then continued over into west philly. dave kinchen at the scene, deadly shooting in west philly, talking about both shootings. dave? >> both cover here, viola
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street in the parkside section here, and it turns out, this is firehouse here that actually was very close to this murder scene, medics from this firehouse arriving just footsteps away to find the victim on the ground to pro nuns him dead. police say that victim was specifically targeted. it was just after 2:00 a.m., when police say a 22 year old man, drove home after getting some fast-food, and went into his house, for few minutes, and then came back out. when he came back out, police say, two men wearing ski masks, and white t-shirts, bolted out of a vacant lot and fired at point blank range. all in front of witnesses and the victim's friends. the victim ran, collapsed in the street, police say the shooters then went up to the body, standing over him and fired more at point blank range with multiple shots to the head before running away, through an alley. meantime, another shooting in west oaklane, just an hour before armed 1:00 a.m. left man hospitalized with a graze wounds to his neck and
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shoulder avenue area, happened 2100 block of stenton avenue. philly investigators tell us he was out with his girlfriends going for dinner when they heard some commotion. heard gunfire and duck. but somehow the man was hit by a stray bullet. he is at einstein hospital right now in stable condition. so a violent night in the city of philadelphia. as for this face fatal shooting, plans are interviewing witnesses and family members to try to find out who had done this. back to you. >> dave kinchen, thank you so much. >> of course we are are covering you decide coverage all week long, republican national convention, goes into day three today. lauren, interesting today, because as we know with all whatever 17 candidate at one time during the debates. >> yes? >> we had ted cruz and marco rubio going at trump really hard. >> right. >> and now they're going to take the stage tonight to address the crowd and say drum the is the greatest guy oner. >> that's true, so let's go right to cleveland. caroline joins with us details what we can expect, high,
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caroline. >> reporter: -- >> she is rehearse wag she is going it say i think for us, she might be little nervous here, because the philly crowd is tough. right? can she hear us now? >> her story, ya. >> as it was recorded by the secretary. it was miss recorded by the secretary. >> the alaska delegation causing some chaos on the floor of the republican national convention, demanding their vote for ted cruz and marco rubio be counted. >> since there was only one candidate that was left running, the vote get shifted. >> and plagiarism accusations continue to playing the trump campaign after the speech from potential first lady melania trump. >> heavy borrowing from the obama speech. >> still the party was trying to keep the focus on the theme for day two, make america work again. >> we will elect the
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president, we will work with everyone to pass legislation. that will make our country great again. report a president will will give us a tax code that will free the american economy. and end special loopholes for the wealthy. >> reporter: speeches from the donald's children tuesday night were all about showing a different side of the nominee. >> i always look forward to introducing him to my friends, especially the ones with preconceived next cents, because they meet a man with natural charm and no facade. >> so we'll try to talk to carolina little later if we k bruce gordon in cleveland, will be live for us in the 8:00 hour. we have sad news from the world of hollywood. gary marshall, legendary producer, has passed away at the age of 81, much more on what he accomplished in his life had hollywood.
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it is 5:15, here's what's happening on the wet they are morning, cold front come through, with all of those thunderstorms, day before yesterday. and that was pretty traumatic, but it stalled just to the south. so seeing few impulses move along the front. that's what's causing some thunderstorms to pop up in southern new jersey, and in southern delaware this morning. for the rest of us, though, high pressure is in control. brief break from humidity, then we see just about all of the rain that is cleared, delaware, but we're still seeing few areas of heavy rain, actually, around corbin city there atlantic county then here just along the
5:16 am
coast, along the bay side of cumberland county. all in new jersey. so, that may trip you up a little bit this morning or slow you down, for the rest of us pretty tranquil. 72 degrees in philadelphia, 51 mount pocono, 66 degrees, in reading, and 69 degrees in dover, delaware. our dew point are down as well. so, we're taking a break from the excessive heat, humidity, for little bit, even though yesterday's hoy was 89 degrees, didn't feel quite as bad, because the down dew points, 87 today, 90 tomorrow. and then we're in the soup. friday, saturday, sunday, in fact, saturday's actual high temperature could be around 100 degrees. meaning, it will fowl even hotter than that with the humidity, factored in, and it looks like this will be heatwave number four, of 2016. so, enjoy today, dave warren, while it lasts. >> we'll enjoy today, that's morning mess there in delaware, part of south jersey, that rain, but not here on the blue route,
5:17 am
northbound side on the right, southbound on the left just near conshohocken, things moving along nicely there this morning, no major issues there. do have a problem on the turnpike, route 168. right lane blocked. that's really just until 6:00 this morning. just know 45 minute of that, may slow it down just little bit. use some caution. we have an accident reported right around the delaware memorial bridge, this is 295 northbound, might have to slow it down there, just little bit there. right along 295. the only issues we have this morning, chris, lauren. >> thank you so much. turning now, we head back to cleveland, delegates formally nominate donald trump on day two of the rnc. >> live at the quicken loans arena, caroline, this will be interesting, ted cruz and marco rubio will speak tonight, and they went at it during the debates with trump. now they have to say that trump is the nicest guy on earth. >> this is interesting pivot you see all politician haves to make, yes. you know who will be running
5:18 am
all every those clips every them just pounding each other on the debate stage, out on the stomp but have to make the pivot and say this is our guy. interesting to see the temperature, too, paul ryan house speaker spoke last night. big question then how warm will he be? will he even talk about trump or the republican bigger picture? i do expect them to be pretty warm f they made it up to the stage, trump folks will be at least saying they'll say nicer things. >> black matters protest, any of those there in cleveland. >> yes, they are smaller than expected. there are thousands of police officers just dedicated to keeping the convention and delegates safe. seeing much smaller protest, black lives matter, westboro baptist church sort of fighting with each other other until the square, just few spore pad i can arrests throughout the city, much calm. i'm told thursday could be the big protest day. >> one last thing before we
5:19 am
let you go, of course the story that blew up yesterday, the day after, melania trump's speech, whether she had per lined some of the lines from the 2008 speech from what would become the first lady michelle obama. any fall out from that? or just now moving snob did they even address it last night? >> reporter: they were talking about it all day yesterday. pun date were saying ya, just move on. but they didn't. they say 93% of it was all her own words, what are you getting so upset about? 7%, so we talked about it constantly all through the day yesterday. that gets the republicans and trump off message, that's a problem, because we need lazer focus during the convention to get the bump in the polls you need. >> kind of un forced error. so much going on tonight there is will be real interesting night, day three. >> right. >> all right, thank you so much, caroline. >> okay, let's get to the top stories here, marshall, known for his tv and movie hit including happy days, pretty woman, has died.
5:20 am
>> marshall's publicist says he passed away yesterday at hospital in california due to complications from pneumonia. after he suffered a stroke, he began his entertainment career way back in 19 60s by selling jokes to comedians, before writing sketches for the tonight show, with jack par. that was the show before johnny carson took over. gary marshall was 81 years old. >> the shoot here killed a kansas city police officer yesterday, now in custody. officers say 46 year old captain robert melt on was looking for suspect in a reported shooting when he pulled to up a man who matched the suspect asides strip sean, that's when the man shot at melt on before he could even get out every his patrol car. melt on was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. authorities at this time not connecting this death with the recent national trend of police shootings. and man charged with killing a pennsylvania state trooper then running from authority for about a month is going to trial. >> pike county judge has set a march court date for eric frein. he will face out every county jury. prosecutors charged him with
5:21 am
ambush ago state trooper back at rural barracks. the 33 year old kill corporate brian dixon and wounded another. frein led police on 48 day manhunt hiding in the wilderness before us marshals caught him. frein has pleaded not guilty to those charges. from we'll just roll with it, okay? toddler recovering from life saving cancer treatments, targeted by a thief? the family's ipad stolen from inside chop. who came to the rescue for this little girl, and it all brought her parents to tears. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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>> colorful new mural being designed for the democratic national convention, that is mile long, see part of the mural being designed at christian and broad street. mural will stretch over the mode yan on south broad street for 14 blocks. it is called 14 month, symphony any color, words, will feature many colors, and some poetry. you will be able to check it out from city hall to washington avenue. quincy painted one little piece of it when we sent him out to find out more about it. >> how cool is that? freshly paved that section of the south broad, too. >> adhesive on the back and sticking it on the streetment kind of cool, right? >> utley. >> so planning to visit
5:25 am
delaware state park to play pokemon go, you might just get rewarded. >> the parks have launched what they call the pokey park adventure, urges use tears take jen shot of their after tan in one every it state parks and up load it to social media using the hashtag poke parks de. who ever visit the most poke parks will gets pokemon merchandise and park pass for 2017 to delaware's parks, officials will announce the winner next month in august. >> well the is search is on for the person who stole an ipad from a little girl getting treatments for lou keep ya at none. >> all right. two local police officers, however, who took her report, went above and beyond the call every duty to get her an ipad yet again. twenty month old, just 20 month olds, so cute, arianna lewis spent half of her live at chop. she recently had bone marrow transplant to treat leukemia, doctors diagnosed within the last year. she uses an ipad to play
5:26 am
games, and watch movies to help her get through the countless hours of blood transfusions, and chemotherapy. her mother said sunday it was gone from her room. someone stole it from this little kid. >> you they there are tracking devices on it, so her mom track it to the university of pennsylvania campus, but when she got, there the ipad, no where to be found. two campus police officers took her report, later showed up at chop, with one of their own ipads to give to her baby girl. >> they gave it to her, that's something that came from within, and that just bridges -- my family has really needed that hope and fate during this time. >> heart touching. really was. really heart touching and made me feel really, really, really good. >> oh, officers gary cooper and ryan james say it was just the right thing to do. the mother posted a special thank you on facebook with a photo of the family with those officers.
5:27 am
>> look at her cute little face. >> adorable. here is good news about her, she cancer free, she of course still has long road to recovery, being treated for serious complications from that bone marrow transplant. so little and precious, right? >> i love the officers name, too, gary cooper, like the famous hollywood star, right, the hero in so many movies. >> oh, that's great. okay, a 27:00. dave kinchen following two breaking news stories for us this morning, hi, dave. >> reporter: hi, lauren, chris, very violent night in the city of philadelphia, where we are in the parkside section, a deadly shooting, who police are looking for after the break.
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>> south philly isn't seeing the only changes, all over the city, some changes affect you and perhaps your morning commute. >> also, following two breaking news stories, man shot dead in west philadelphia, another victim recovering from graze wound there is one in west oaklane. good day, it is wednesday, july 20, 2016. couldn't ask for more perfect weather day already. came outside. no humidity. little bit of a breeze.
5:31 am
felt good. >> no wonder you're smiling. >> yes. >> sue thank you for the good news. is today a ten? >> you know what? yes. >> yeah! >> why, why wait and let you know? this will be a good one, so, chance to get outside, enjoy the great outdoors, before the oppressive humidity returns, temperatures are 60s, 70s, off to pleasant start this morning, bus stop buddy, making sure bring along the sunscreen, because with lower humidity, lower dew points, want to make sure you spend some time out of doors today. delaware beaches got got loud, still seeing some rain right along the borden between atlantic and ocean, atlantic and cape may counties i should say right now at the beginning of the a beautiful sunrise, 72 degrees, 5:00 ooh is the official time. 8-mile per hour breeze, temperature look at mount pocono, delightful,
5:32 am
51 degrees, allentown at 63, 66 in reading, 72 in wilmington, and wildwood, 07 atlantic city international. so, plenty of sunshine today, high temperature of 87 degrees. practically perfect in every way. just like, as i educated you earlier, dave warren, mary poppins. >> now, super ... on that graphic that. >> that could be challenge. >> see if you can spell that. eastbound schuylkill expressway, looking pretty good this morning, just few tail light, headlight out there. sun comes up 20 minute, that's when we see sun glare, until then, nice and comfortable with the lower humidity. 202 in both directions, between naman's road, silver side road, there is some construction going on, there is intermittent lane closures there, along 202, might want to allow some extra time right there. garden state parkway still this accident southbound, the left lane blocked, now, they have few showers moving overhead. so, take a little slower there if you're on the parkway
5:33 am
headed southbound, chris, lauren? >> let's state the fact. hillary clinton cared more about protecting her own secrets than she cared about protecting america's secret. >> new jersey governor chris christie taking on hillary clinton, while speaking at the republican national convention, night two of the republican national convention now in the books. so onto day three in clevelandment today's theme, make america first again. and just like last night, you can expect trump's kids to take center stage. eric trump will be one of the speakers tonight, also speaking former speaker of the house newt gingrich, his wife, and indianna governor mike pence, donald trump has of course chosen as his vp runningmate. >> so while the action in cleveland continues, here in philadelphia, we continue to prepare for the dnc. >> all right, so you can see the changes all over town, right? those pretty banners, down market street, and other streets. let's go to steve keeley looking at other thinks he is'
5:34 am
seeing and noticing. >> going to christie, not one that keeps -- we don't know what was on those text with him and his chief of staff during bridgegate. didn't want to talk about his good close ally, david sampson's guilty plea last week, but did want to talk about hillary clinton's secret. i'm right down the middle there. so just wanted to point that out as i heard that sound bite. no secret here what's going on in south philadelphia. you can see the new change since chris murphy was down here, out in the field yesterday, impressing everybody with the field reporting skill. fences are up now. 8-foot high. which look familiar to a loft philadelphians from the pope. just only in september. but not as bad as the pope. look, the fences are red. coincidentally, right down the street from where the phillies play at citizens bank park. phillies still playing, then we spin all the way around, guess what, when the democrats come it town so dot eagles, training camp back saturday, real story philadelphians care about, we will follow, and for
5:35 am
a lot of people, the lead story, this weekend, and next week, what's going on behind that fence. but look, here's what's going on also on broad street. look at our video here. on the windshields of all of the cars, parked in the median, a warning that you can only park here until sunday morning at 8:00 a.m., if you don't want to get towed. that was a nice move by the philadelphia parking authority, because not everybody watches news, or sees us warning people that there is a no parking temporary ban on south broad in the median for the democratic national convention, officially we're told action it is to let all of the protesters march down the street if they choose to do that. un officially, what we're told, is since a lot of the big dignitaries and stars and everybody else are staying at the nicest hotels, like the bellevue and the rid carlton, further up broad, they don't want to see them driving down broad on the way to the convention here in south philadelphia, chris, lauren, wondering what the heck goes on in this town.
5:36 am
you can just park your car in the middle of the main drag, how is that? so, just like you guys are talking about yesterday, i guess they don't want that to be the talk of the convene southern, but officially again it is in case protesters are walking in here, sure, wing. >> exactly, steve, thank so much. >> 5:36 this morning, man ambushed and gunned down over night in west philadelphia. >> and just an hour prior another shooting this person hit by stray bullet in west oaklane. dave kinchen on the scene in west philadelphia with more, hi, dave. >> hi, lauren, chris, very violent night here in the city of brotherly love. we're here on the 4200 block every viola street and parkside, actually next to firehouse, very close to this murder scene that was medics that came out from this firehouse, to pronounce the victim in this case dead, the victim specifically targeted, a man drove home after getting fashion food, went into his house the 4200 block of viola
5:37 am
street. came back out minutes later police say two men wearing ski masks and white t-shirts bolted out of vacant lot area and fired at point blank range all in front of witnesses, sitting on the steps in the victim's family inside of his house, just moments, very close to his house, really, the victim ran but chanced in the street, the shooters then go up to the body and stand over him and fire more at point blank range with multiple shots going to the head before running through an alley, meanwhile, another shooting in west oaklane just one hour before around 1:00 a.m. left man hospitalized with graze wounds to his neck and shoulder area. happened 2100 block of stinton avenue, philly investigators saying he was out with his girlfriend getting some chinese food when they heard a commotion then noticed gunfire, ducked, and somehow one of the shots hit that man in the shoulder area, he's taken to einstein medical center in stable condition so very very violent night. as for this murder mark side,
5:38 am
police interviewing within cents and trying to figure out who the suspect are, who are still at large at this time. back to you. dave kinchen, thank you so muchment people in fernrock are horrified over the brutal beating after 67 year old man, police say, group of men chased him down and attack him, how the man was just walking along the 5900 block of i have inch son street, two men approached him. demanded his cell phone and money man giving the items up without a fit and they still beat him up. group of guys then run away, investigators say they are committed to finding a the people responsible. >> police say the man who killed a 35 year old woman over the weekend, may be connected to other assaults. ricky morgan was stabbed to death saturday in what became a grissly, bloody crime scene, in kensington. police think this is the suspect's third assault in that area in just a few weeks, and they believe he's targeting prostitutes.
5:39 am
>> last two games leading to up last night, phillies had five hits could they break out the bat yesterday? we'll let you know straight ahead. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! >> fill he east just can't hit right now, going into last night's game the phillies had five hits totalment last night five and that's note enough tonight citizens bank park, one-one in the tenth inning, dan welcomes in to face
5:42 am
christian who had homered earlier. he knocks it the run from seconds base, tommy joseph homer, phillies lose to miami, two-one, it is pretty simple what the problem is and the manager pete mccann on knows it. >> we're in the hitting funk again. we're just not swinging bats, we need to grind the bats, just not doing. that will best chance to score get the ball off the pitcher areas rearend, hit him. too many call third strikes with men in scoring position. that's a pit peeve of mine. just need a hill. >> and he'll have a team meeting. tiger woods, has withdrawn from the pga championship. that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> sad to see tiger no longer tiger. another phillies note, they'll be out of tank town thankfully for the dnc.
5:43 am
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>> down to the south and east every us, early this morning, we have little disturbance run across this cold front, that came through, all of the loud
5:46 am
thunderstorms we had the other day, well, it stalled to the south. so, that's why we've seen couple of pop ups this morning. just tiny fly in the ointment really of having a great day, brief break, from the oppressive july heat and humidity. >> light rain zooming in around ocean city new jersey slows to atlantic city as well. so here are the temperatures, walking out the door this morning, if you are in drove delaware 69 degrees, 72 wilmington and philadelphia. sixty-six in reading, and one, nice and cool, in mount pocono, wildwood has 72 degrees, dew point, though, are down, they're down in the 50's, in most places, look at that, dew point of 54 degrees in philadelphia. puts us in comfortable rage, so really enjoy the comfort this morning, hopefully, as late he heatwave in the books
5:47 am
for five day heatwave because yesterday we didn't quite make it to 90 degrees. it was close with 89. somehow the doesn't feel so bad when it is not as humid. today even better high of 87 degrees, we start off pretty comfy tomorrow morning, heat up in the afternoon, on thursday, to 90 degrees, and that looks like the beginning of another heatwave. number four. and this, the most extreme heat of the season with triple digit temperatures, possible on saturday, that's right, 100, and dave warren it has been four years since we've reached 100 degrees in philadelphia. >> triple digit temperature. one day, one and done. here hump day, not much happening out there, 202, route 30, this is the bypass things looking pretty good this morning, traffic moving nicely, no major issues there, however, some problems there, we have turnpike eastbound, between downingtown and yellow springs road, that right lane is block due to construction.
5:48 am
limb ring, game farm road men's road, an accident there, so might want to work your way around that area. that is the only issue that we have there this morning, sun's coming up, get ready for some sun glare. >> knees day for the kids at children's hospital, they have some surprise visitors. >> stop by to make the kids happy, see the phanatic there accompanied bynum beer 38, ed bailey. >> they say moment like these, always make the kids happy, great way for their day. >> guess who i heard they bumped into while there? lane i said to our photograph here went out to shoot video, mike jerrick is my boyfriend. gave him little shout out on camera. >> i think all of the ladies
5:49 am
want mike. >> didn't that make your day? >> i love lane i. i've known her probably four years now. >> i've always been a fan of eve. eve was on this show, in the studio, in 2002. back on the show, back out on tour, her and gwen stefani in the city last night performed at the bb and t pavilion. said it is definitely difficult being on tour, but take time for yourself, whether it works outside, for me, it will be walking my dog, she says. she is opening up about her highly recognized paw print tattoos, recently came out first i was terrified to show my mother because it was a dare. she got those on a dare? >> those are, ya, tiger pause, right, just above her breast. >> both breasts right? >> sternum she would probably say. when -- >> somewhat hid never. >> right. you have one there on the wrist. >> do you want to see mine?
5:50 am
>> no. >> all right. yes, you know this pokemon go game all of the kids are playing? so you download this app for the kids. >> ya. >> they run around, there is some hidden costs on this thing, oh, it is costing parent money, i thought it was a free fun kind of thing to do, after the initial purchase, whatever quite a few hidden costs and they are area starting to flip out. favorite story of the day don't feed the seagulls in ocean city cracking down something a lot of people do on the beach. it does freak me out when in a restaurant and seagull slides in to pick up a french friday off your plate. >> they're so bold. >> oh, bolds and beautiful. >> this is crazy though. >> feeding the birds could make you a jailbird, too. >> so creative, right? >> stupid. >> lauren, would you do me a favor? take us to urban garden. >> so you have heard of food
5:51 am
dessert, right, part of neighborhood where there is no access to fresh fruits and vegtables. i have visited an area in north philadelphia where it was once a fraught dessert, planted garden, and it is blooming beautifully. >> blooming. also going to talk about women, gary marshall died. >> i know. >> eighty-one, directed the film i always a.m. upset about. pretty woman. >> but i love him. very funny guy, met him couple of times. should i lay that rose, as well, so to speak in my hatred of pretty woman. >> why do you hate that so much? >> such a bad message. wife daughters, two daughters, so the lead character, julia robert. >> yes? >> she is beautiful. >> yes? >> statue he is being. >> yes? >> intelligent. >> yes? >> has everything going for her. her only way to pay her rent was to become a street hooker. really? what casino of message is that for my caughter?
5:52 am
>> and my ex-wife thought it was one of the great movies. >> stop taking the kids to that movie. >> i get it. >> not even a escort by the way did you hear about the bernie sanders protesters have a farther in. >> what? >> in philadelphia. >> that's discusting. >> that stinks. >> all right, compassion, kindness, hear about the free program by one arizona department. oh, don't for bet about this, on friday, a party. woe wrap up our good day drove series on friday, off the del, we'll announce the winner of the brad new mazda cx9. waiting all summer for, that here are the details, show up at 7:00. there will be food, live music, there will be mike, there will be alex, east fairmount park broadcasting live all morning. >> joining he is at the del will the the family soul,
5:53 am
there, what is it again? there will be so much going on there, featuring freeways, freeway will be there friday. >> get it together. >> i will try. when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me! and now in delicious chocolate.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
>> beautiful sunrise, 72 beat put grew, hey, police in arizona teaching teens how to have a healthy respect you for weapons. the teen academy, comes at time every deadly attacks against police, dallas, baton rouge, you name it, officers being attack everywhere. well, students are learning things like the damage a bullet can do, when to shoot and whether not to shoot teens say well aware of the risk by becoming, can build better trust. >> there are some dangers and i think that with the recent events probably just strengthened my wanting to do this because i would want to show the worlds police officers are not what they see them as. >> student were also expose
5:57 am
today k9 units, detective work, crime scene investigation, and drug awareness. south philly isn't the only area seeing major changes ahead of next week's dnc preparations underway all over the city, some of the changes that affect you and perhaps your morning commute straight ahead. >> and developing story out of west philadelphia. one man dead after being shot multiple time, the latest on the investigation straight ahead.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> i'm so proud to be your nominee for president of the united states. >> well, it is official, donald trump is the nominee for the republicans, not everybody is on board, a former rival sets his speech tonight and hasn't given give an official endorsement yes, ma'am should be a good speech. and there is this. >> governor chris christie fires up the crowd by targeting hillary clinton what he says made it feel like the presumptive nominee was on trial. >> lock her up what they are chanting, and developing story out of west philadelphia, one man is dead after being shot multiple times, the latest on the investigation, not sure you'll believe how many times this guy was shot. >> good day everybody, it is july the 20th,


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