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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> some deep tonics, we share it together. >> sure do. use of our brainstems. we only use 10% of our brains? is that an old wives tail? >> i think it is true. >> ya? >> seen the movie limitless?
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>> with bradley couper? only use certain part of your brain? >> the whole thing. >> start doing all of this. >> die at the end? >> i don't remember him dying. >> okay. >> i'm fully into this, it is wednesday, july 20, 2016. what happened on july 20th, 1969? >> assassination of somebody? >> i don't think we celebrate that? >> sue knows. >> neil armstrong, walked on the moon. >> that's why there is sue in this world. >> that's why buzz ailed trend is making the rounds today. >> is he coming smear. >> republican national convention. last night, in cleveland.
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>> yes? >> doesn't that look like jim kenney our mayor, democrat, behind the trump sign? >> it does. >> look sneaking around. >> see what they're doing right and wrong, make sure we can get it right for when we have the dnc here if phil. >> i you don't think there is like -- >> oh, we do. no question. and assistant director, mary ann vaughn. >> stop. doppelgangers little bit. >> character has beard. i decided -- i thought maybe he would be irish catholic, i don't think he's pope i shall. >> mary ann wears green all the time because she's polish? >> less attractive. >> for the record, i'm sure she is watching, going out out after the show. >> i don't think so. hi, mary ann. >> nick local yan made
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history, appears this this cartoon today, is that mark a big first for the network, what do you think is happening here, al next. >> hey, if you want to get in shape, just act like a kid. the playground games that burn more calories than running, and it costs nothing. >> he's looking at the layout, set upright. like i said, we'll go to him at the del. he's got the whole map. and he's got where the band will be, where you will be, and some visitors to the show. where the cars will be laid out. >> it will be big. >> it will be fun. so good time with that, whatever your little inside joke is,. >> what's happening with lady gaga? >> she is calling it quits. they're done. doneso, what the sing is her saying right now about the state of their re slayings ship, well, sounds like they're no longer together. >> i've seen this headline so
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much over the past 24 hours, that romance, almost like she could almost predict it. maybe she predicted her own break up. >> i think if you talk about breaking you have enough you eventually have to. >> taylor swift? >> buying afire bra has long been considered the right of passage for young women. do you remember the first bra your mother bought for you? >> these like 12, 13? >> oh, what a store. >> i do you have now. >> , no i don't know if it is appropriate. >> whisper to me. >> no, no no, share with the audience. >> when you are becoming a woman, i don't think -- they don't both come in at the same, you know? so, if they don't come in equally. >> now, i didn't know that. >> well, depend on the woman, i'm sure. so my mother went out of town.
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>> okay. >> i know when they come to fruition, they're different sizes. >> yes. so if they're different sizes. >> not much. >> you can assume they don't necessarily grow in same. i. >> i got you. >> my mother was out of town. >> your dad had to do it? >> no. my mother is out of town. so it felt like one morning i woke up, i thought i was swollen on one, so i freak out, go to my dad and he freaks out, oh, my god, what's going on. we go to the doctor and they're like she is becoming a woman. >> oh,. >> ya. >> terrible. i told if you wasn't appropriate. >> thought maybe a spider bite. >> spider bite? >> oh, okay. >> hi, daddy. it was great. i mean it, wasn't great. i was really scared at the time. we were both scared. >> then did you go to a department store or something and get measure after that? or did you -- >> ya? did you, like, dad, what's
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this? did you do it that way? >> you know when you are young, it is not as big a deal, that casino of stuff. you're a little kid. >> spider bite. >> i like your dad, i don't know, let's go to the doctor. >> what's going on, and mom said well if you think it is something swollen you should go to the doctor. so we went to the doctor. >> and we're talking about all of this. >> i mean it, wasn't like i was like -- >> oh, ya, i know. >> i thought aid medical situation going on. >> wild. >> i tried not to tell the story. sorry everyone. >> i'm glad you did. >> okay, now we can move on. talking about this one. >> a lot of woman deciding to go bra less. >> why? >> back in the 60s, 70s, because they want to feel freer, whole thing, you know, back in the 60s, 70s, women with burning bra's. >> trying to make a statement about the feminist movement and women's liberation i think
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little more comfort. push back from the push up bra's,. >> first, make any sense to me at all, but when you see the pictures, i already do that. like yoga bra's, stuff like that, so this all comes from shock style. com. they say that there is a 56% increase in shoppers searching for a bra less -- >> bra let? >> conceivably not showing you any video of it, so just imagine that you would be like wearing like a little yoga bra, or something that doesn't have wire or support, like a little loser, so they have like models and stuff that would wear that, like a little thing underneath whatever a top, a shear thing, a bell era. >> i should probably know what this is. >> bell era with a in the. >> little cap sleep thing that goes around the top of you
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like this. >> so a lot of women pair tank tops and stuff, shows, even with the side out, wore lazy bralet to show. >> like think rihanna, that's what it is. >> like music festivals and stuff. >> you're talking less streek tour. >> exactly. >> feel more comfortable. >> what we do on the weekends, on your days off. >> if you want i can show it. >> mike said inch appropriate to show. >> just bralet. >> we can just show some brass. >> less structure. >> yes. >> like lazy you see the lays,
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little lays insert there. >> kind of sex. >> i ya. >> blue four minute talking about a bra? >> interesting. >> i heard this is a word you used last week, new word added to the dictionary. >> bra? >> no, some new word, mike, a word that you've actually been talking about. >> woke? >> yes. >> you say you're woke. so you woke. so this is from a site called dictionary. com. there is some slang words you're telling me woke is now in the dictionary? >> sure is. definition means to be actively aware of systemic injustices and prejudices specially those related to civil and human right. probably used in a sentence, what do you think? >> in light of all that's going on in the worlds it is important to stay awoke.
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or like something happened in your life, i didn't even notice, that stay say woke, man. stay awoke. >> would you say it defined to or confined to the african-american experience? >> i don't want it say strictly african-american, but a lot of african-americans do use the phrase, not that i can be the spokesperson. >> but me as a white guy i could be woke because i tried to learn and understand about what an african-american was going through. >> we appreciate your attempt in the woke ness. >> thank you. >> i thought we should ask the people on twitter and everything, what do you think? do you think -- >> if you're still awoke. >> so growing up irish, if i learn all about their lives?
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last week we had some revelations on the show, i feel like maybe you had gone ghosting. >> what's ghosting? >> ghosting basically cut off contact without explanation, especially in a romantic relationship. >> so poof you're gone? >> like a ghost. >> i can ghost right out of those parties. >> oh, you do that at my birthday party. >> that was years ago. >> but i remember. >> wow. >> wouldn't you remember if mike jerrick was at your birthday party, then looking for him, then he left, and didn't say bye, on your birthday? that's something you remember. >> ie. >> you're then, then had couple too many, old like a whole all of the good-byes, and getting sucked back into something, like you know it is
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time to go just like slip away. >> i know where we were, at karaoke bar. >> i knew i had to love in the next ten seconds. >> if your current state is bad, then maybe i understand feeling sick or under the weather however i am a southern err, maybe my southern ways, because if you are -- if you have to leave, you have to plan your good-bye time. so you know i have to leave here at will the 15, okay, i have to start saying my good-byes, 9:10, go around the room, bye everybody, talk to you later. and you have to count for that in your good-bye time. you don't just lever because you have to go. >> no question that's the way i shunned have happened recalled it. >> at least you don't have to do everybody, but the birthday girl. >> i didn't know i was going to go, i was going to stay the entire night until everybody left. there was a moment -- >> you know you left my most recent birthday as well. >> for the same reason. >> you just got to go before it all goes bad. >> right. i got 102nd to get out of here
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or i'm going to say something or do something ill regret. >> i was glad you showed up. >> when he leaves he slips away, but when he comes? >> oh, grand entrance, every time. you always show up, and do you do this. >> i normally play this funky music white boy. play this? >> and then what the party is really going? >> oh, ya. my exit song. here we go. >> so crank it up.
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>> now walk-in between the two of you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> party is here. >> oh, mike. >> now the party is start. you know where there is a huge party right now. >> i hear cleveland. we both play this music when we make an entrance. for the love. >> so thinking about the great entrances let's get back to the trump entrance. my mental segway on that one. when donald trump came out, a lot of people liked it, a lot of people didn't like it. criticism because every his musical chills, as well. tap dance, common. >> let's play his entrance to the republican national convention monday night.
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>> here we go. let us know when we can do something, sounds great. hey! >> there go. >> here goes. >> now, karen, i haven't talked to you since this happened. did you like it or did you not like it? >> the entrance? >> there was response to that, the convention committee paid for the rights at the convention to play it. trump doesn't have the right, but they can play it during the convention or something. >> so would that have him play it overbroad castel vision, though? >> good point, good point. >> there is a pole. okay, do we have everything
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else cued up, milky? going to do this? many of the late night, of course, we did that on our show, we spoofed, that i don't know if you saw that yesterday. then alex walked out, silhouette. >> here, from yesterday. >> just kind of walked out. >> there is alec. >> as first lady of good day philadelphia. okay? so that, everybody had to decide. >> no question, we go on the air before the tonight show with jimmy fallon. we have our good day about 5:00 in the morning, they're not even in work yet. here comes jimmy fallon. >> to the podium. >> and so proud to announce --
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>> here's jimmy. now, he adds a little michael jackson. >> did you see melania? she stole the show. literally. i mean, she delivered her speech, like a true first lady. first lady being michelle obama. still, she might have plagurized some of it, but you got to admit, she did it harder, better, faster, stronger, and you can quote me on that. she feels what the hell have i done? chris christie here tonight. you know, chris has been a great friends, and supported these past few months, i know he's maddie didn't choose him as my running may, hey, that's how the cookie crumbled. chris?
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>> so we are self owe budget. they have millions of dollars, these other two shows, or the convention for god necessary sake, then national television show. >> yes. >> i think we did okay. >> jimmy is just so funny. i mean just -- >> so karen hepp says jimmy fallon did it better. >> hand down. >> ya, big deal. >> that extra step. >> huge budget hey, did you see the fake mel n ya twitter handle, twitter post, she says i want to thank my speechwriters cut and paste. i want to thank my two speech writers cut and paste. >> they said here is a look at melania speech writer, millie vanilli. >> the icons of lip-syncing. hey, if you want to get in shape. act like a kid. now there is makes sense, you
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know the kids used to just run out in the backyard, go out to the park, burn off calories. do you know playing at a playgrounds will burn more calories than running or working out in a gym. >> i i can imagine, tag, don't even realize you're running, just having fun. so we'll give you an example that far outside.
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>> georgous view in the pocono mountains, kid outside, edge joying the wonderful weather and playing tag, remember that game, or how about hotch scotch? we remember the games we used to play as kids, do you know if you do them now it could help to you lose some weight. playgrounds games are awesome, can be better than running. mike, i need to you do some stuff. how about some hopscotch? >> they say that skipping eats up a lot of calories. when is the last time i skipped? probably centuries. >> oh, skipping, is this good
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skipping? >> i guess it counts. >> what are you doing? >> write withing chalk. >> that's not going to burn any calories watch are you doing? >> no you have to do more with that. how about hopscotch? >> kids, from the boys and girls club are here. kids play hopscotch any more? anybody remember how? do you? come on down here. common. you have toyou have to have somo throw down. >> for the love. how about a piece of chalk? let's say try to get to up five. you are going to land on five to put it down low, land on five. >> landed on seven.
9:25 am
>> let's pretends seven was your number, okay? so, now, you hop. one leg, then one leg, bend down and get to seven. >> you can demonstrate for us, mike? >> do you have get it before it falls down. >> i'll hold it, and here we go. your name? >> at that time iaian a. >> if you play this, for a full game, you will have eaten up 70 calories. >> like i said, 88 calories. are you ready, go. >> if i skip for 15 minute, now, come on back. >> hop back, always way back. >> oh,. >> my skipping, if i skip for 15? if i skip for 15 minute, over 200 calories burned. >> that's nice.
9:26 am
you noah game i used to love playing? four square. that was my game. >> remind me what that is again? who plays four square? >> describe it to us. >> how do you play four square? >> hey, kids? let's burn 200 calories, let's skip all the way around the block. that will take 15 minute. >> so, if they don't play hopscotch, if they don't do four square, what do you guys play outside? pokemon go? okay, softball? capture the flag? okay, i just want to know? >> are you guys ready to go? >> let's skip and take a lap. just follow me. here we go. here we go.
9:27 am
>> we're skipping. >> ceramic studio in old city philadelphia, tonight's speakers at the rnc, rubio and cruz, what we're doing with these guys, the liar and little marco, coming up in just a minute. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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hey, it is 9:30. in light of the presidential election, and the two party conventions, the clay studio, it is a cool place i love
9:31 am
around the corner here in olde city has a new installation highlighting the country's political divide. >> chris murphy is there now with the artists, hi there, chris. >> first of all i wanted to show how cool clay studio is. it is on second street north of arch, it is really need, become a member, check out artwork that they do here. i used to box this stuff in third grade but this is real artwork and getting political, of course, with the dnc in philly, rnc right now, we are joined by, hope and marilyn from broad street brewery. she's part of the event. hope, what are we doing with these cups and all of these political players. >> idea is you have your basic party cups, and so it is like a clay canvas. take a look at images you can play around. >> let's play around. what will we do. >> let's say, i want, pence on here but i'm not a huge
9:32 am
trump/pence off. >> you can cut his head off. >> i don't want to be violent. i can put him next to donald duck or put the democratic donkey with them or maybe put like the donkey over his face, do something like that. >> do you want to do that. >> would i love to. >> we just take this and put it underneath some water. >> so you are not water boarding here. >> we're just dunking. >> yes, very nice, they are cooling off, it is summertime you can do the same with hillary, you can say that, let's see, we want to have fun, like what is this image here. >> this is holding money. >> she's been bought by wall street big bank type thing. >> if you want to go there. >> how long is it in the water. >> i can tell, because it should just slide right off, it just need another minute. >> this is easy. you don't have to be an artist. >> it is all ages. you can be a kid and an adult. more fun to play around. you design your own cups.
9:33 am
it is a cool thing. >> you fire them how long does it take. >> eight to 12 hours. >> then you come back and then it is done. >> yes. >> and then we have a whole wall up. >> yes. >> what is behind this, is it to draw attention to the clay studio or is it because you guys are really paying attention on is what going on politically and you have politics or on your mind this year. >> it is up to the artist to bring art, politics in the forefront and so clay studio is a a great place for that because people come here from all over and all different stages. >> you can see here it slide right off. water slide detail. >> of course. >> then idea it just slides right off. >> pretty easy. >> and then you can just move it around. >> how neat is that. >> you can have this to drink from. >> absolutely. >> speaking of drinking, i love this. you may have the best pizza i think in pizza. right in west philadelphia. >> thank you you will be part of the event.
9:34 am
>> we will be pouring four different beers. so while people are getting political, expressing themselves they will have some beer to taste as well good parties are going great next week in philadelphia. real quickly lets show finish product. marilyn, thanks. let's run in the other room. this clay studio is really cool. is that ben over in the corner. >> yep. >> did you do that one. >> no, that is a friend ryan. >> here we go finished rod you can. how cool is this? you have ben carson. who put a mustache on carli fiorina, that is so uncool. >> my goodness. >> it looks good on her. >> we have rand paul up here, jim web in the top left and this is interesting, guys, how about this, tonight's speakers marco rubio, scott walker and, of course, ted cruz. ryan tanon, little mark owe, are they go to go get up and endorse donald trump after
9:35 am
what she is guys said in the debates? it would be interesting. is anyone listening? can anyone hear my was trying to answer you, i don't know if they will endorse but they will talk about the republican party and trying to beat the democrats but we will see. >> they are going to try to unify. >> yes. >> see what you did there. >> yes. >> toss would be on the floor. >> no, don't do that. >> opa. >> no. >> look the at her face. >> no. >> not yet, not yet. >> i won't. >> let's figure out what we will do day after tomorrow, we are having a party at the dell, friday, so we will give you a layout so you know where to go. >> hey, quincy what does the layout look like. >> well, people are excited, people will come right here some within will win a mazda. these guys, they are cleaning up for you, are you guys happy?
9:36 am
>> yes. >> they are smiling. i'll let you know why they are smiling coming up next.
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all right. so on friday we're giving away this mazda but we're throwing a party in honor of that at the dell. it is not down inside the theater itself but it is outside the parking lot so we can spread out and we have the layout, set up. >> like people when they go to fairmount park. party is over in the grassy areas. >> yes. >> you are showing us the layout for our party. >> guys, i can hardly hear you but let me tell you this tomorrow will be jammed pack, okay. so someone will win this
9:40 am
mazda. you have been trying to win this mazda all summer long. we will have mazdas lined upright here, in the v, he won't be there. we will have mazdas lined upright here, mazdas lined upright here and we will have some keys and people will have just, go, will well, willie win, we will find out tomorrow. we will have vendors, pretzel trucks. making sure everyone is ready. you come over here, wdas, they will be over here, and that is friday, wdas will be here, and kendrick the family soul, they have like 35 kids and they are still in love. i don't know how they do it. they will have a concert stage right here, freeway will perform, the family soul will perform and home base, where will mike, alex, and everybody be on friday at the dell? look around this area. this is like if you come to a tv show you will see a star.
9:41 am
this is where mike and alex will be. so if you you want to take pictures mike and alex will be right here on this a arrow, as you guys can see. >> okay. >> yeah. >> but it is even more because we have more vendors, we have dunkin' donuts back here, we will have big huge barbecue over here. it is going to be insane. >> look at all of the room. >> friday, right here at the dell. we will have enough room. >> yes. >> now quincy, where exactly is that on the kelly drive, if i get off kelly drive and make a right outside boat houses kind of their strawberry mansion. >> here's the deal i graduated from here a couple years ago, no one knows. people argue sit west philadelphia is this no, north philadelphia. it is right off of girard, strawberry mansion. we all have smart phones, it is thing called bing or google, and we will show you how you to get here.
9:42 am
say east fairmount park. >> this is where fun will be on friday. >> plenty of room. >> mazda. >> we should find out exactly. she gave out a specific address and i wonder so. >> yes, thanks. >> all right. i'll tell you what i like to do on that grassy area is have a picnic and why not do that from 7:00 to 10:00 friday morning. >> look at this. nice set up. this is what i'm talking about. you come to my house, not any of this stuff, but this stuff is awesome, next level entertaining, picnic like a rowen if you do it for a concert after the break, do you remember this.
9:43 am
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9:45. some moms are prepared to head out to the picnic and then there are moms like jen, and a lot of people need that. >> making things presentable. >> okay. >> gorgeous. >> okay. >> it looks really good, right. we were talking about this, this is kelly, she's from suburban soap box. you are known for your food, so, this will be kind of cool, for like a wednesday night concert in the park. >> perfect for wednesday night concert in the park, or movie night on the beach. there is so many outdoor activities now that this is completely a pope eighth for. >> we have put together this cable which is cool, it comes in the bag. it is table in the bag. you can get it anywhere. this one i bought at cream
9:46 am
barrel but, amazon, they have them at target, they have them every where, it rolls up inside and fits neatly in the little bag, keep it in your bag for impromptu meals on the go. >> this is the hardware store card thaw painted, it looks really cool. one of the big tips on the ground is bringing some trays. >> bring on trays so you have a flat surface to put your drinks on, and things are not toppling over. we want to even level surface, so that when you pour your drink and you put it down it doesn't just fall over and figure out. >> what are you feeding me. >> this is so famous on pinterest, this is a broccoli salad but not your typical broccoli salad, it has feta, cranberries, sunflower seeds tossed in a little light dressing, and then i have, and this is better then any other banana pudding, carmel sauce.
9:47 am
>> it is so easy to me. >> one of the things we said with the super famous broccoli situation, save some of the dry ingredients after you mix it so it looks fresh and nice. >> i saved a quarter cup of the salad before you dress it after i toss salad i dump try ingredients on top to fresh even it up, makes it look more appetizer. >> earlier we had a mom with the kitchen towels, so basically, they are all melted so you can clean everything up. >> now the towels are melted and we're all done eating our picnic or not, and then we will have a nice wet tell, and there is still on moisture in it, so you can move it out or wash your dishes and your hand. >> they have done a freight job i'm not leaving here. by the way she even fancied up the bushes, i mean, come on, people. >> just a little color. >> guys, back to you. >> i'm not going to be back for the meeting, because i'm
9:48 am
going to be here a couple days. >> i don't blame you. >> give a shout out to selena brian, laurie, aaron and mallia they met new port richmond. when the asks to you do something, you do it. >> about four years ago i went to the st. christopher's hospital for children, children's prom. >> yes. >> they call it cancer prom because all of the kid are dealing with cancer trying to fight it off. i fell in love with laney. here she is. i believe that was last years event. we have stayed in touch over these years. so guess what happened yesterday over at st. christopher's? two of the phillies players, went in there and surprised the kids. do you want to see this. >> yes. >> ahh. >> and phillies fanatic, and look at that.
9:49 am
>> i don't. >> that is laney right there. >> so, andrew bailey was there, he is one of our pitchers. >> yes, laney. >> our photographer dan right there. >> she came up with the photographer. >> she recognized him. >> this is fox 29. >> was that tom beck. >> she recognized him from being in the studio and on different shoots with us, and she had a message for the cameraman. >> who is your boyfriend. >> mike jerrick. >> so mike jerrick is your boyfriend. >> yes. >> what do you like about mike jerrick. >> he's funny do you watch him every morning. >> when did you meet him. >> i see him all the time. >> but is he your boyfriend. >> yes. >> so i got confirmation on
9:50 am
that. i have a girlfriend. >> she was going around and she came up, is this fox 29. mike jerrick is my boyfriend. >> how cute is that. >> i have a girlfriend. >> really sweet. >> but typical of girlfriend go in my life they don't watch me on tv. >> i like sprout. >> is that what you watch. >> she's watching sprout. that is a good choice for someone her age. >> calling it quits is this real, lady gaga and her fiance are done. what the singers are saying about all this, are they or are they not going to get married. >> no, i don't think so.
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so, that is the wells fargo bank building, and they are over at fourth and market across the street from frustrat. so guess who is hanging from these ropes. this always freaks me out i see it all over town, every single week, window washers, the guy hanging from a couple of ropes washing windows and they are almost to the bottom but could you ever do a job like this, is what you are about to see. >> well, i like how they bounce from one window to the other. >> the luck of this show. >> he is down. >> the show, he is already down, in the commercial he was hanging there by the two ropes. >> do you realize, i did not know i know bill cosby was having some sight problems but new is there a report out that he is totally blind. >> totally blind. >> so new york post states that they are report ago this sources told them cosby is completely blind and he is quote hit his own personal
9:55 am
hell. article says cosby suffers from eye disease which causes bulging in his cornea and confined to his montgomery county home, which is in cheltenham. earlier this month a judge denied his effort to have a priest limb nature i hearing in the sex assault case. >> so, i did not realize. another hollywood couple's relationship is on the rocks. is this lady gaga, she's engaged to this guy taylor kenney. >> he is from our area, but it has been five years and it is over. >> they are just taking a break which usually means break up. >> yes. >> because they were apart for long period of time, she was spotted in cabo the other day without her engagement ring so maybe that is telling, maybe she's at the beach, nice ring at the beach anyway. >> yes. >> seriously. >> so, a lot of people are fans of hers and they are devastated. >> when you say they are taking a break as far as i'm concerned i have never been able to take a break.
9:56 am
>> she said taylor and i believe we were soul mates. we have ups and downs. we have been taking a break. we both have been working long distances, complicated schedules to continue the central love we have always shared. please route us out. it sound like a break. >> that is like a friend saying we're on a break. >> they are taking a break. it is the sadest thing. >> when you know it is real life but everything else just isn't coming together and it isn't working. >> so hard now will only get harder later on. >> so, down falls of being single. >> yes. >> lets talk about the big changes or nickelodeon because we were talking about this good do it. >> so, they are making history today, that show will feature, the fame sex married couple. lincoln and his friend are getting ready for a sleep over. >> hi mr. mcbloodied. >> hi lincoln ready for your big night. >> you bet, great just a
9:57 am
couple things clyde will need. and allergy medication, and here's a photo of us, since we cannot talk to you tonight, remember clyde, no nuts, gluten, and be careful with orange juice. you know how you get with pulp. remember when credit lopez said about letting go. now you let go. >> so, the dads, share one of those children. >> yes, it is their child. >> this kid lincoln has ten sisters. so only positive premise of the show. they go on play dates but they are getting a lot of positive reviews right now from this one. so maybe, from time to time, things are taken. >> times are changing. >> yes. >> they are adorable. well, come back and join our cute little family tomorrow for another addition of "good day philadelphia". >> yes, the program we call good day.
9:58 am
>> it is actually a broadcast. >> yes. >> thank you. >> have have a great day.
9:59 am
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keep on scratchin'. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: thank you. thank you for watching my show! say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. [ cheers


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