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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  July 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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one who wrote melania's speech and didn't do her homework. why donald trump won't be saying you're fired to her. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> right now sexual assault has gripped a neighborhood and tonight newly released surveillance video it shows a man police say that they are after connected to this and to a grizzly murder. thank you for joining us i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. police say the suspect in both of these cases has at least one thing in common. fox 29's dawn timmeney joins us live at philadelphia police headquarters. dawn? >> reporter: well, iain n1 common element is a black and blue mountain bike. suspect is also wearing a very distinctive backpack and baseball cap in both cases. philadelphia police want to you take a good look at the guy in this surveillance video. they say he attack add 24-year-old woman around 12:30 tuesday morning.
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>> at some point in time he begins to choke her, dragging her to the rear of the property at 3800 block of jasper. >> reporter: police say he choked the woman until she was unconscious and then raped her. the victim finally came to, she was naked with injuries to her head and face. >> that's why we want to get this individual off the street and hoping that somebody can identify this person to help us lead to an arrest because again such a brutal attack. >> reporter: police are investigating whether this attack is connected to the murder of 35-year-old ricky morgan on saturday. morgan was found stabbed to death in an alleyway near jasper and cumberland. the suspect in both cases ride ago blue and black mountain bi bike. >> very distinctive book bag he's wearing as well as line across his sneakers as well as on the hat. >> reporter: angelo had a business where the woman was raped for 15 years. he's alarmed by what's happened. >> that's pretty sad. wow. it leaves me speechless i have daughter of my own and it's really terrible thing.
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>> reporter: this woman lives nearby and walks her elderly mom to the bus stop every day just to make sure nothing bad happens to her. >> does this make you afraid for your safety? >> yes. me and my children. i have four girls, of course, because i catch the train, i catch the bus every day around here. very upsetting to me. i'm in my house another 6:00 o'clock every evening. >> there's too much going on out here. too much. >> reporter: again, police are trying to determine if the sexual assault and the weekend murder are connected. they're trying to figure out if the same man is responsible for both heinous crimes. they do consider the suspects very dangerous. they say do not approach him. if you know him or if you know where he is, police definitely want to hear from you. they want to get this guy off the streets. iain and lucy? >> as soon as possible, dawn, thank you to the city's belmont second. police say this surveillance video from sunday shows a 20-year-old man inside a donut shop along the 4,000 block of lancaster avenue.
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when someone runs up to the front of the store and jut shoots him. the gunman took off after shooting the man three times. police do not -- at least not sharing his condition at this point in time. if you have any information, do give them call. in west philadelphia the search is on for who whomever shot a man along the 4200 block of have i roll la treatment officers responded to that street after a call for a person with a gun when cops got there they found a 22-year-old man shot several times and in his head and torso. he died at the scene. police have not yet released his identity. we're learning more about a shooting that killed a college student in delaware. tonight police are asking for your help to find the killer. fox 29's karen hepp is live in new castle where investigators provided an date this afternoon. karen. >> reporter: update they brought every official here because they wanted to show unity, they wanted to show they're behind this investigation. frankly they don't have enough leads right now and that is why all the top officials are coming together with the victim's family saying please help them.
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>> malcolm evans was my beautiful loving sweet humble son that i just can't tell you the hole we have all in our hearts. >> reporter: by all accounts, 19-year-old malcolm evans was a great kid. he went to college at delaware state university and worked part time at fed ex in fact that's where he was heading at 4:00 a.m. on saturday july 9th when someone shot up his car. >> every indication is malcolm a truely innocent victim and through no fault of his own was gunned down that morning on his way to work. >> reporter: his family is devastated. and begging for help. >> now, we have a murder on the streets who can take another life as fast as he took malcolm's so this is past us now. it's now we have to come together as a community and really solve this case before somebody has to have the same tragedies we've endured this past week. we shall endure forest of our
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lives. >> we need to get this person off the streets. we need to get them off the street right away. what we need for you to do is pick up the phone, call new castle county police. >> reporter: all of the high-ranking new castle officials from the county executive to the police chief personally came to ask for help in these tense times. >> i just want you to know that if you feel like you don't want to help the police, because of all of the things that have been going on with the police, i guarantee you that if you don't want to help the police, help yourself. help get someone off the street that could possibly do this to your family. >> reporter: so according to police there were witnesses who saw several men that were running away from the scene that's who they're trying to find out right now but they don't have those leads right now. that is what they're hoping for. there is a $40,000 reward that leads to information that leads to an arrest and conviction in connection with this case. that's the very latest from new castle. iain, back to you. >> karen, thank you.
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in you decide tonight day three of the republican national convention and new life has just been april corrected into the controversy surrounding melania trump's monday night speech. >> speech write stepped forward to accept the speech that had word for word similarities from a 2,000 speech from michelle obama. >> campaign spent 36 hours saying there were no claims of match injury rich meredith mcgyver used portions of the speech. she and mrs. trump discussed many people who had inspired ms. trump including mrs. obama. which led to the parents of passages of the first lady's 2008dnc speech in monday night's speech. mcgyver has offered her resignation but donald trump has rejected it. mcguire released a statement saying in part, "this was my mistake and i feel terrible for the chaos i have caused melania and the trumps as well as mrs. obama.
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no harm was meant. mr. trump told me people make innocent mistakes and that we learn and grow from experiences. >> some of the noise in cleveland today had little to do with the plagiarism potential first lady. >> demonstrators are making sure they're voices are heard. in fact take look at this protest right here which fired up in cleveland within the past hour. police have made some arrests. officers on horse on foot, on bike working hard to keep the crowds under demonstrators al. these particular ones message not clear at this point. more of course as it comes in. now, our bruce gordon live in cleveland right now. bruce, we just saw protests happening including arrests. you were at a demonstration earlier, though. >> reporter: yeah, i sure was, lucy. i can update you on that arrest that was made just a couple of minutes ago. a woman burning the american flag. that is as far as we know the lone arrest from the rally and protests going as we speak. look there's no question bit. as celebratory as the mood has been inside the quickens loans recent in a a couple minutes ago
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we wrapped up from a sound check for tonight's entertainment outside the hall there's been interpretation between protesters and protesters and law enforcement. police here in cleveland have been able to keep things largely under control. once again, cleveland's public square was packed with protesters. each with their own agenda. >> the powers that be they know exactly what they're doing! >> reporter: as with past demonstrations most of the verbal assaults were aimed at the republican presidential nominee. ♪ >> reporter: who was blahed for his plan to pilled a wall between the us and mexico. among those who traveled here to voice their anger at trump, sharon of mt. airy. >> i just needed to make my voice heard in response to the horrible racist sexist stuff that donald trump is saying. >> reporter: there were plenty of hillary haters in the crowd.
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some of whom believe the anti trump crowd are paid agitators. >> i paid with my own money. paid my gas. paid my hotel fair from nas nashville to express my support for donald trump and making this country great again. >> reporter: incumbent president does not escape criticism. obama military drone program comes under fire for these singers. >> ♪ people are killed, real blood is being spilled ♪ >> reporter: those ready to pick c, none of the above. john can't believe a great nation can't do better than clinton or trump. >> we've got to find some way to reform this process so we can get decent candidates as our presidential hopefuls. >> reporter: as you can see dissatisfaction comes in all flavors. a massive police presence here has clearly helped to keep a lid on trouble. much more on that at 6:00 o'clock. lucy. >> thank you very much, talk to you soon, bruce. big names are set to speak at the rnc tonight. senators and former presidential hopefuls marco rubio and ted
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cruz that ought to be interesting. former house speaker newt gingrich and his while callista. eric trump and governor mike pence. >> and don't forget join us tonight for vote 2016 special. we'll break down what happened in cleveland today and look ahead to tomorrow. that's come your way tonight at 11:00 p.m. hope you've been able to get out and soak in this beauty of a day, because the heat is returning. meteorologist kathy or is looking right now at the radar. >> iain. >> she's a hard worker like that. >> she's a hard worker. >> second details. not hard to predict today. today was beautiful. >> look at this beautiful picture. >> here she is. >> isn't it gorgeous? wow! deeply sky, low humidity, center city philadelphia looking very very comfortable. in the city 84. 77 in the poconos. 83 in allentown. with low humidity it's just a great day to be outside. it's not going stay that way unfortunately. when you look at the dew points that moisture in the atmosphere, 49. the air is bone dry in the
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poconos. 50 in the comfort zone that's where we are, philadelphia north and west. 60s and 70's progressively more humid through south jersey and delaware this humidity will creep back into the region during the next couple of days. this even partly cloudy, pleasant 83 degrees at 7:00 o'clock. 78 by 9:00 p.m. by 11:00 dry, mild, the temperature 74. a last look at the real clear skies and low humidity last chance to open up the windows and let the fresh air. we go back to the 90s this week. the heat will turn dangerous over the weekend going for record warmth. i'll be back with the seven day later in the broadcast. >> tackety toon kathy. manufacturer of septa train cars now says it knows what the problem is with the silver line five cars. coming up how plans to fix it and get those trains back on the rails. >> just merit garland nominated to the u.s. supreme court self months ago. now he's making history. while he'll enter the history books even if he nerve serves as
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justice. plus -- i just want the world to be a better place. little girl with a big mission. what she's doing to show a little kindness to strangers. and new at 6:00, huge fire breaks out in chester county. we'll physical about the huge loss on this property.
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pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> philadelphia police need your help finding this guy. they say he walked into a port richmond wawa and robbed the guy in the bathroom. it happened monday at the store along aramingo avenue according to investigator as man was in
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the bathroom counting money when another man approached from behind and pressed something against the man's back. demanding the four hun doctor dollars. he got away in chrysler pa seive if you today. >> manufacturer of septa silver line five cars says it now knows why the cars are cracking. representative for hyundai rotem tells the philadelphia inquirer faulty we woulds led to structural defects. of course, that's why septa yanked a third of its regional rail cars off the tracks. the company says subcontractor did those welds. since early july the transit agency has been operating modified schedule with loner cars from other cities. septa still reviewing tests before its willing to pinpoint what it thinks is the exact problem. let's take live look at philadelphia international airport right now. there you go. southwest by the way southwest airlines you see their planes right there currently dealing with nationwide delays. the airline says it's having system problems preventing people from checking in for their flights. right now only two departures out of philly are delayed. south we have says it's working to get the problem resolved.
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tonight concern residents in horsham and warminster hoping to get some answers about water contamination. a law firm hosting a town hall meeting to night in horsham for a question and answer session after chemicals were found in the water supply from the former naval air station in will hoe grove. recently passed state budget has $10 million in aid that will go toward fixing the infrastructu infrastructure. a former philadelphia police commissioner is in the hospital with cancer. john timmeney commissioner here until 2001 is battling stage four lung cancer. the skate-year-old is being treated at a hospital in miami where he was the police chief from 2003 to 2010. timmeney led the philadelphia police department during the rnc in 2000 san. >> comedian bill cosby's appealing once again sexual assault case. court documents show that cosby's attorney filed that appeal today in montgomery county court. lawyers want cosby' as kuser andrea con stan to give testimony before the case goes to trial. cosby stands accused of of
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sexually assaulting constand in his montgomery county home in 2004. a scare over a suspicious man in belgium that prompted the four-hour lock down has turn out to be a false alarm. police responded today after reports of a man wearing a thick winter coat in the heat of summer with wires hanging out definitely looked suspicious to them. authorities cornered the man in the center of brussels but say they didn't find any explosives on him. after extensive questioning authorities are now saying they think he's just a student who was measuring radiation levels. a scary scene in the united arab emerates. luxury skyscraper caught fire today and sent burning pieces of the building tumbling to the streets. firefighters evacuated the building sending hundreds of people all the way down to the ground. nobody is hurt. despite all of that and as of yet we don't know what started the fire. the united states coast guard is just released video of a dramatic rescue off the coast of florida. carnival cruise ship radioed for help after a passenger lost
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consciousness on board. someone found a 74-year-old man unresponsive monday. you can see from the jay hawk helicopter's point of view it arriving and lower ago crew member into the ship. the coast guard lifted the man into the chopper on a stretcher flew him straight to hospital in tampa where doctors do expect him to make a full recovery. just a horrifying scene in peru. that's where authorities say the aqua amazon the small luxury cruise ship exploded and sang in a river town. the town is called a key companies. phone video captured the moment that quickly went underwater. it happened on saturday. when no passengers were on board but several crew members were hurt. four are still missing. crews recovered debris off the coast of tanzania that could belong to the missing malaysian airliner from march of 2014. aircraft wing suspected of being part of mh370 is in the hands of australian investigators the
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plaint went missing on its way to beijing. several pieces of debris found along the east coast of africa so far. dozens of students in philadelphia will soon head off to africa for once in a lifetime experience. >> all to learn about the education and culture there. at city hall today officials announced the student participants of the african genesis institute. the students known as ambassadors of our city will head to cairo, egypt on august 1st and organizers say this experience is for african-american latino youth to understand and become a it wear of the african experience in america. >> we spend so much time in our program teaching you about yourself and spending those two years learning about your great and wonderful history. >> the program takes place in many other cities across the east coast including new york city, baltimore and atlanta. thief target add toddler recovering from life-saving
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cancer treatments. the family's i pad stolen from inside chop. who came to her aid bringing her parents to tears. >> checking out american history in our own backyard will cost i was bit more. while you'll need to bring extra cash on your next trip to gettysburg. >> new information in the death of a little boy in walt disney world. what his family says they will not do after an alligator killed him at their disney resort. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin...
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and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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traffic is moving once again on the garden state parkway after this tractor trailer crashed jammed things up during the morning rush. sky fox over the scene in egg harbor township while a tow truck worked to move that tractor trailer from the southbound lanes, the crash shut down southbound traffic and caused one of the northbound lanes to close and no word yet if anyone was hurt. familiar a young boy killed by an alligator at walt disneyworld says that they will not sue disney. the parents of two-year-old lane graves say they're heart broken clearly but are now focused on the health of the family. two alligators dragged graves into bay lake a disney -- at disney resort on june 14th.
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searchers found his body the next day. the park closed their beaches immediately afterward. they're now back open with fences surrounding the water along with gator warning science. >> no longer need to be celebrity or high profile person. now everyone is have avert tide twitter account. verified accounts help users determine what's coming from a credible source. to get verified account you'll need a phone number and e-mail address, a bio, a profile picture, a birthday, a website and tweets marked as public. you may also be asked to summit a copy of your driver's license. so twitter can make sure it's actually you. facebook home grown messaging app hit a milestone. phone book messenger has 1 billion users also second most popular io cement app of all time behind facebook. facebook now has three apps with more than 1 billion monthly active users. >> need a date night with the love of your life? why you may want to consider happy hour. coming up, why researchers are saying you want to share some
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adult beverages. >> judge merrick garland nominated to the u.s. supreme court several months ago. now he's making history. while he'll enter the history books even if he never serves as supreme court justice. kathy. >> right now we're comfortable but we will be seeing more heat and humidity building into the region. we'll have more on that coming up. ♪ >> you can see on the weather map dry for now but not for lo long. heat and humidity building back in the delaware valley. i have the seven day when we come back. okay, ready?
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supreme court nominee makes history. merrick garland has now waited the longest to be confirmed. the president nominated garland to row place justice antonin scalia 126 days ago and still there's been no action from senate republicans to grant him a hearing or a vote until now the longest it ever took for a supreme court nom know to be confirmed was 125 days back in 1916. speaking of streaks and records and stuff of that sort there, am i supposed to talk about this? let's talk about this real quick. kind of political storm or united front however you want to describe it at the national convention in ohio. actual storm moved through our nation's capitol took me to while to get to the point, didn't it? check out this damage
5:29 pm
from the white house. whipping winds snapped a tree in lafayette park. second white house tree in recent years that has fallen victim to a storm. >> that's the same front that slowly sagged and right about when you were guys were on the air with our coverage of the rnc at 11:00 o'clock, that was going through d.c. >> never a good thing. >> all right. >> let's talk about our weather. much better weather in the delaware valley than in d.c. last night. looking live on market street. it's going get busy. doesn't look busy right now we have a partly cloudy sky. temperatures today well into the 80s. but very comfortable with a low humidity. makes all the difference in the world. wind is calm high pressure beginning to build over us dew point at 55 and that is a low number of humidity. ultimate doppler you can see dry conditions but here we go again in that same general area. not d.c. but in maryland along the eastern shore. along the stalled front we still have a few showers and storms firing up but the huge story
5:30 pm
throughout the entire nation is the excessive heat. look at this see that whole pink area? that is an excessive heat warning and the orange area are advisories and watches so we're talking about excessive heat that that is building in the planes and it is going to be moving eastward. so the northern fringe of this actually heading through minnesota, the southern fringe in texas and arkansas. 22 states impacted by excessive heat today, and into tomorrow. it will move eastward and impact our region but it will be later in the weekend and the beginning of next week. look at the 100-degree temperatures where you see the pink. 100 in wichita. las vegas 106. phoenix 105. we are still in the 80s but not for long. we'll watch as fair weather high pressure continues to build off the coast. tomorrow a transition day. warmer around 90 but still not oppressive with the humidity. the owing water temperature in ac at 68. overnight tonight, moonlit skies again 68 in the city. 60 in the suburbs. mild and comfortable.
5:31 pm
during the day tomorrow, the humidity inches up. but still tolerable. the temperature 90 degrees with that southwest wind. orr will be down the shore tomorrow live from ocean city. haven't been there yet this summer. 82 degrees. little more humid. we'll be on the boardwalk near the music peer. on your extended forecast, heating up for your thursday. friday 95. saturday feeling like over 100. a record breaker on sunday with a high of 98 degrees. next week, when the dnc comes to town, the heat gets even more intense and that's when it turns dangerous. for more on that we'll send it over to my colleague scott. hi, scott. >> hi, kathy. yes, of course we will continue to monitor that building heat right now it's in the midwest in parts of the south planes but it will act as heat pump. as we head into the upcoming weekend and also into next week. right in time for the dnc. we're looking at hazy, hot and humid conditions. feels like temperatures by sunday into monday that will be
5:32 pm
the concern feeling like the triple digits. also, look at sunday's expected high. 98 degrees. the record on sunday 98 back in 2011. on monday, the start of the dnc, 98 degrees will be the high temperature in philadelphia. smashing the record of 96 back in 2006. so what about the weather? as we move toward next week. monday, 98 degrees. record heat. there could be some afternoon isolated thunderstorms. look at tuesday's high. 94 feels like temperature stay in the triple digits. wednesday into it stays hot moving toward thursday the threat avenue couple of showers. not quiet as hot. not as hot 90 degrees. so heat is a silent killer we'll continue to monitor the building heat wave as we move toward next week. back to you. >> at least we're ready for it. thank you very much. you decide 2016. night three of the republican
5:33 pm
national convention is underway. live look what's happening on the convention floor. it will start to fill in very soon. the first two nights have generated all kinds of headlines t night, it's guaranteeed to the same. in the middle of it all, the one and only greta van susteren from fox news. greta, good to have you here live from cleveland. >> it's wonderful to be here live in cleveland weevil be in philly next week. >> you'll have to come by and say hi. making headlines yet again, greta, a long time trump employee basically breathed new live into the mel lynn ya trump speech controversy saying she did in fact borough from michelle obama's speech. here's what she said about miss trump. over the phone she read passages from mrs. obama's speech as examples. i wrote them down and later included some of the phrasing and the draft that immediately -- that ultimately became the final speech. i did not check mrs. obama's speeches. this was my mistake and i feel terrible. so greta, do you think this helps put the whole thing to
5:34 pm
rest as trump campaign would love it to be or does it revive it? >> reporter: look, it's a great narrative for us in the media. it was a flub pretty stupid, careless on the part of the speech writer, and look, it will continue to talk about it but i actually don't think it's will effect the november election. so i think the trump campaign would really like to not have had this happen but i think this will be moving quickly behind us. if it happens again, it's a different story. >> isn't that the truth? two times the charm in that case. and then there's new jersey governor chris christie who was after the veep spot of course last night settled for going after hillary clinton. let's take a quick listen. >> let's face the facts. hillary clinton cared more about protecting her own secrets than she cared about protecting america's secrets. >> boo! >> and then she lied about it over and over and over again. so as to hillary clinton, the charge of putting herself ahead
5:35 pm
of america, guilty or not guilty? >> guilty! >> former prosecutor governor christie greta doing very little about donald trump last night. >> reporter: his job is to attack the opponent and he does it very effectively. look, you know, it's no secret that he has been -- that's his job here in the campaign. you know, as soon as they leave here thursday night, they're goining to out on the campaign trail and going to philadelphia next week and they want to do everything they can to make all the undecideds or inn pentz or even those republicans who are not sure of donald trump to begin to hate the opponent. yes, he demonized the opponent you can expect the democrats will demonize donald trump next week in far greater hate. >> tonight promises to be the night. not only will mike pence make official debut as the gop vice-presidential pick but trump biggest foes. here's a couple of choice moment from the recent past.
5:36 pm
>> up 49%. little light weight marco rubio 16%. >> we have to recall toll stop donald trump whose a world class con artist and a guy who wouldn't even crit sides the ku klux klan from being our nominee because he'll do tremendous damage to the conservative movement and the republican party. >> lying ted cruz, 15%. >> this man is a pathological liar. listen drum sap serial, describes his battles waverer neoral disease as his own personal vietnam. >> then there's that. this is about party unity. what is your take. what are we going to see tonight. >> we got a lot of soar losers. governor john kasich didn't open show up. marco rubio senator from in order he's not even showing up he's doing it by video so he's not a full throated endorsement for donald trump and ted cruz wait to go to hear what ted
5:37 pm
drugs said tonight. he has not endorsed donald trump and he'll come and speak tonight. is he going to endorse drum top night or advance his career for 2020? we're all waiting. but remember they all took the oath that they were going to endorse the nominee. if i were running against donald trump, i would keep playing those -- keep playing those now they can't even endorse the guy this is embarrass many for the trump campaign and em bars many for the gop. >> honestly greta, i'm supposed to wrap here. honestly i think they took that oath when they thought that donald trump was no way going to be where he is right now. >> yeah, well, a deal is a deal usual wrl i grew up. if you make an agreement you usually try to keep it. but they're not even trying to keep it but this is politic, lucy. >> isn't that the truth, greta van susteren life at the rnc in cleveland. looking forward to seeing right here in philadelphia, greta. >> reporter: thank you. >> thank you. philadelphia's police union not happy with the speakers for next week's democratic national convention. in a statement released this afternoon, fop president john
5:38 pm
mcnesby writes the from a term order of police is insulted and will not soon forget the democratic party and hillary clinton are excluding the widows and other family members of the police officers killed in the line of duty who were victims of explicit, and not implied racism, and being on duty in blue. it goes ton say, it's sad to win an election mrs. clinton must pander to the interests of people who do not know all the facts while the men and women they seek to destroy are outside protecting the political institutions of this country. a little girl with a big mission. how she wants to change the world one piece of jewelry at a time. a very special delivery to the international space station. what the orbiting out post that has that could revolutionize how we do things way up there. >> new at 6:00 you heard of pokemon go players running into all sorts of places they really shouldn't be. where one local woman ended up takes the cake. the place she got stuck that had her calling 911.
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♪ a day trip to gets tease burg will soon cost you a bit
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more. national park service approved higher fees to enjoy the park. starting in january it will cost $15 up from 12.50 however you won't have to pay an entrance fee for the park itself. also costing more next year rutgers university. the school's board of governors approved one point 7% increase in tuition room and board for the 2016-2017 academic year. increase is below the school's five year average increase of two-point 5%. howard? >> phillies manager pete mackanin starting to get a little more angry with one of the biggest problems with that phillies offense. and one of the newer eagles told me today why he thinks quarterback sam bradford is a very good leader. all that's coming up in sports.
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♪ northampton county police have arrested supervisor from the sands casino in bethlehem for trying to steal casino chips by hiding them in her bra. local reports say police arres arrested 44-year-old brandy cheatham friday. she tried to steal $3,000 worth of chips from a craps table and she admitted to the crime when security confront the her. hollywood in morning georgia martial known for tv and movie hits including happy days and pretty woman has died. publicist for martial says he passed away yesterday at a hospital in california because of complications from pneumonia. after he had a stroke. garry marshall was 81 years old. history in outerspace as space x private company delivers its first space station docking port. along with the port the cargo ship dragon also delivered a dna decoder that will look to find alien viruses in space.
5:47 pm
space x currently working with nasa on a ship that can transport crew for trips back and forth from the international space station it would be nice to not have to ride any longer. they hope to launch a rocket in two to three years with astronauts riding high in its cap cull. >> food company recalling -- bar s recalling 370,000 pounds of hotdogs and corn dogs because of possible listeria contamination. testing however has not shown any listeria in the food itself. the usda says it's doing this as precautionary measure due to recurring listeria problems at the company. no report of illness linked to the food. new study may have found the secret to a healthy relationship and it involves alcohol. may not be what you think. study publish in the journals of finds couple who's drink together stay together. researchers talked to more than 4,000 married people who have been together for an average of
5:48 pm
33 years and they found that couple who's drank together reported less negative relationship quality over time. researchers say this could be due to the fact the couples do more lease sure type activities together or not. >> maybe so. search is on for the perp who stole an i-pad from a little girl getting treatments for leukemia at chop. hard believe, right? however, two local police officers who took the report went way above and beyond the call of duty to get her an i-pad yet again. fox 29's shawnette wilson reports. peek a boo. where is the baby. >> reporter: at just 21 months old, ariana may lewis spent half of her little live at chop she was just over-year-old doctors diagnosed with herry a rare form of leukemia last december. her mother katrina knot says that meant countless hours of chemo, blood transfusions and eventually a bone marrow transplant for her baby girl. >> four to six hours that's not including being there for the
5:49 pm
chemo several hours. >> reporter: someone donated an i-pad to ari nan to help get her through those tough times. >> between face timing familiar, face timing our dog, you know, doing her games the apps that she loves, the videos. >> reporter: sunday the i-pad was gone from the room they were in at chop. she eventually tracked it to the university of penn campus but when she got to the location, the i-pad was nowhere to be found. instead, she met these two officers who would soon make everything right again. >> just felt like the right thing to do for a young girl who has been through whole heck of a lot over a short period of time. >> reporter: officers ryan james and gary cooper took a police report and katrina and her fiance' returned to the hospital. soon after, the officers showed up with a special gift. >> he said i know it's my personal i-pad i want you to have it. i don't use it and i started crying. >> heart touching it really was. really heart touching and made
5:50 pm
me feel really really really good. >> katrina was so moved she post add big thank you on facebook and now calls the officers two ariana's guardian angels. >> that's something that comes from win. >> so queue. shawnette well son tells us ariana is now cancer free but she still has long road to recovery. doctors are treating her for serious complications from a bone marrow transplant. some hard-working students in chester county making a generous donation this month students from chesterbrook academy schools raising money in all different kind of ways to donate to the special olympics from lemonade stands to car wa washes even selling popsicles students raised $1,200 for the organization. >> the great part about our service projects they're all thought of by the students and they're all -- students idea really come to fruition here. >> in the past 12 years the students have raised more than
5:51 pm
$10,000 for the special olympi olympics. a little girl with a big mission. how she wants to change the world one piece of jewelry at a time. >> and new at 6:00 a big fire breaks out in chester county. we'll tell you about the huge loss on this property. local officials are promising big improvement for millions of people's drinking water. the organization that is stepping in to help clean up our waiter ways. ♪
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if you find yourself walking through philadelphia somebody comes up and says hey you know where the donkeys are? don't be too surprised. they're likely on a big scavenger hunt. the host committee for democratic national convention launched the donkeys around town hunt using the app cafe find all the 57 donkeys each represent a delegation attending the dnc next week. people all over the city and local area, philadelphia area have taken to the donkeys. people adopted donkeys. they've given them names. a group of almost hundred runners had donkey run on saturday. >> what's in it for you other than city. >> young campers get up close look at some really cool animals today at the adventure aquarium in camden. campers from the center for aquatic sciences meeting new animals like this alligator older campers got chance to
5:56 pm
learn about fish's anatomy by dissecting perch. all she wanted to make the world a better place. >> little girl in california decided to spread the way she did it is incredibly sweet. fox's karma dickerson introduces to us this young lady dreaming big dreams. >> reporter: so often when stopped by a stranger -- >> tell you about my program. >> reporter: we don't pause to hear what they have to say. >> just few seconds out of the your day. >> reporter: even if they're bright, well spoken. >> i'm sorry. okay. >> reporter: and cute as a button. >> all you have to do is be ki kind. rejection doesn't stop lea nelson for a second. >> all you have to do is be nice to someone. >> that's all you have to do. >> reporter: those who do take time to listen to her -- >> thank you very much. >> reporter: find she's not selling anything. >> i like it. >> reporter: instead she's giving away something priceless. >> oh, my god. you're awesome. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: this is simple program born of the 10-year-old's love for making loom bracelets and desire to
5:57 pm
create more harmony in the world. it starts with a good deed done for someone else. >> it can be from shooting them a compliment -- all you have to do is be nice. >> what's a bucket dipper. >> it's when you're mean to someone. rock your bracelets for me and try to make them cool colors. >> thank you so much. >> the bracelets are pretty. you shouldn't get too attached. many people wearing them proudly but the idea is to pass it along to the next person just as soon as do you something nice for them. asking them to pass it forward in turn. >> share the message that are many issues in the world let's be nice to one another. >> okay. >> i just want the world to be better place. i mean there's many issues and people are mad about the issues. if you're mad about the issues why don't you take action to try to change them. >> after hearing lea's story some are congratulating her family/support staff /back up bracelet makers. one woman chose to tell other shoppers to make sure not to pass lea by.
5:58 pm
>> young woman out there, she's i don't go way beyond this is our hope for our future. go and talk to her. >> reporter: if you happen to be around town and see a person with one of these, give them a minute of your time. who knows what few seconds today could mean for tomorrow. >> let's fix the future. karma dickerson, fox news. >> i absolutely love that. what a great story. all right. so let's go to another wonderful story. that's incredibly inspiring. it's from nevada where young girl upset by the police officers killed in bat tan rouge wanted to show her support. theresa babcock decided to eighty three 88 lemonade stand. money raised go to the families of the police officers killed in baton rouge. she offered the drinks free for officers and welcomed donations from others. >> tired of seeing the police getting, you know, ambushed and we wanted to make sure that they were appreciated so my daughter wanted to have lemonade stand. i said no. but then when baton rouge
5:59 pm
happened, i said, let's give support to the police officers and let's hasn't out lemonade to them. >> many officers in the area stopped by to thank the little girl for her act of kindness. ♪ ted cruz and donald trump had a bitter feud on the campaign trail. remember this? >> this man is a pathological liar. listen trauma drum app serial phil lander err describes his battles as veneral disease as his own vietnam. >> cruz takes the stage tonight at the rep rnc. all eyes on the once bitter rival as he attempts to let go of the bad blood. pokemon go craze puts local player in a precarious position. the unlikely place she ended up that her dialing 911 for help. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news
6:00 pm
at 6:00. first tonight philadelphia police are hoping some newly released surveillance video might help them track down a man they think is connected to a brutal rape of a woman. good evening, i'm ooh iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. police want to know if he has any connection to a deadly attack on another woman in the same area. dawn timmeney is live at philadelphia police headquarters following the investigation. dawn. >> reporter: lucy and iain both these crimes have one big clue in common. the suspect i an carrying a v connec wt tht to you take a very good looay he choked a 24-year-a where treet


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