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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  July 21, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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we will unite the party. we will unite the country by standing together for shared values. >> ya, cruz booed by the crowd watch ted cruz refused to do on stage got the crowd to boo. even this, appearance by donald trump himself. then this. >> i accept your nomination to run and serve as vice president of the united state of america. >> upstaged, flight. >> ya, indianna governor mike pence becoming the official vice presidential nominee, entering day 44 of the rnc. >> calling on clinton in
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philadelphia, the controversy already heating up about who is taking the stage during the dnc next week. why philadelphia's police union does not agree with hillary clinton's choices. >> and it was a have i lent night in philadelphia. two men dead and two separate areas of the city. dave kinchen live with the latest on those shootingsment good day everybody, it is thursday, july 20, 2016. >> i'll go out on a limb here and say that i don't think the did the are dnc will be nearly as eventful as the rnc. >> it has been exciting every night, every morning, you wake up, wow. >> what ted cruz did and didn't do last night. but first let's get to sue this morning. >> delightful day, a prepare re atly warm, not too humid. most of today will be about the same. nine out every ten, little warmer today, still pretty nice. little area of showers off the maryland coast, and already in effect for the weekends, excessive heat watch. national weather service just issued this this morning. it is in in effect from
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saturday morning through sunday afternoon two, hottest days probably of the year so far. but that's ahead, here's now. 72 degrees, your sunset time, sunrise time, i should say, still ten of 6:00. 84% relative humidity, winds have changed direction, so we start to feel little more humidity of the day. still pretty nice. 51 degrees in mount pocono, 67 in trenton, we have 69 degrees in atlantic city and 70 in wilmington, plan on more sunshine today but this time we'll probably reach 90 degrees. this could be the beginning of another pretty long heatwave. sunset time 8:24. that takes care of your thursday. so the weekends is looming closer, we'll take you through it in the seven day forecast coming up. with a look at traffic or lack thereof. here's dave warren. >> construction season, sue, construction on the blue route, this is around media, one lane blocked, so, no major issues there, not much traffic to deal with working around
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the construction this morning, no construction on the vine street expressway, clear, both directions. going through center city philadelphia here, we have 95 northbound ramp to cottman, that ramp is closed construction, been closed all night overnight. so that's no big change there. also, 202, you're southbound between route 29, route 30, construction there, thing are moving along nicely, no major traffic to talk about this morning, construction areas probably pick up soon, slight to talk about some other issues, we'll let you know about them as they occur throughout the morning, chris, lauren? >> dave warren, thank you so much. violent night. police investigating shooting death of two young men. >> also looking for several men who remain on the loose, dave kinchen on this now, police headquarters, dave, violent night. >> yes, very violent. police, homicide detectives, are working hard, on not one but two cases here, two separate shootings, victims losing their lives at age 22,
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12:30 this morning police say they went to the 5800 block of woodcrest road, report of gunfire and car crash, cops say they found 22 year old man slumped over behind the wheel of his grand prix. we are told that he was in his girlfriend's driveway when two men came up and fired 16 shot, 16 gunshots, his car shot several times on each side of the vehicle. he was pronounced dead, minutes later. >> 5800 woodcrest, intersecting street, north wanamaker quiet residential neighborhood. the houses are well kept. it is unusual for crime of this nature to occur, in this particular neighborhood. >> police are also looking for those two shooters with two separate guns. they don't have many, much of a description on the suspect at this time. they also found several privately owned surveillance cameras, hoping video from the cameras can give them clues.
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we come back live here, getting word of the other shooting that happened within an hour of that first one, we can tell you, also, 22 year old hispanic male shot and killed in this case this was north mascher street in the city's fair hills section, we are told that he was shot 14 times, five times in the head, the rest the body and police searching for the shooter in that case, we understand, as well. back to you. >> dave kinchen, thank you for the update. 4:05, police in tioga nicetown investigating a deadly crash happened before 2:00 on the 4300 block every wissahickon avenue. the victim an adult man died at the scene, from the accident. one person also been arrested. police think alcohol may be a factor. >> christian, conservative, republican, in that order. >> you have nominated a man for president who never quits, who never backs down, a fighter, a winner, until now
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he's had to do it all by himself against all odds, but this week, with this united party, he's got back-up, and on november 8th i know we will elect donald trump to be the 45th president of the united state of america. >> mike pence addressing the gop nomination and excepting their nomination for vice president. >> thunder, applause, cheers, followed that speech. but did you hear what happened last night with texas senator ted cruz? cruz declined to endorse donald trump. >> right. >> can you believe how this has gone? all right, the tense moments then followed, fox news correspondent joe wald man with the very latest from cleveland. >> reporter: headed into the republican national convention some delegates were delayed by heated protests here in cleveland. chaotic demonstrations near cleveland's q arena wednesday including flag burning, reports of police officers being as ousted, some arrests were made. meanwhile, inside the arena, the convention theme tonight
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make america first again. >> we need to support donald trump and mike pence. >> among the speakers, texas senator ted cruz, gop's democratic rival. >> we will unite the party. we will ' neutral the country by standing together. >> cruz not endorsing trump in his convention speech, in turn, up staging cruz, entering the arena with cruz still speaking. >> but tonight's focus on trump's runningmate, indianna governor mike pence and his prime time speech. >> this man is a reagan conservative through and through. >> you have nominated a man for president who never quits, who never backs down, a fighter, a winner, until now, he's had to do it all by himself against all odds, but this week, with this united party, he's got back up, and on november 8th. i know we will elect donald
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trump to be the 45th president of the united state of america. >> just to clarify, mike penned was the featured speaker, last night, but cruz stole the show. so there you go. >> right now the secret service looking into comment made by a trump aid who said hillary clinton should be executed. >> so earlier this week state senator said clinton should be, quote, put in the firing ring and shot for treason. he's referring to her involvement in the benghazi attack, speaking on conservative radio talk show, made this comment. trump committee said trump and the campaign do not agree. >> turning now to the democratic national convention, outrage from philadelphia's police union about planned speakers. >> evidently the union is insulted over who made the list and who is off the list. steve keeley now in south philly, steve? >> reporter: well, no surprise, john mcnesby is probably the best person in this country that knows how to reuse the right of first
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speech, first amount. , despite being on vacation he is always working. here is his statement. we'll put it on the screen. it is sad that to win an election mrs. clinton must pants to the interest of people who do not know all of the fact while the men and women they seek to destroy outside pro ticking political institutions the country. mrs. clinton you should be ashamed of yourself if that is even possible. what he is talking is none of the widows of the 30 policemen killed in the line of cute have i been invited to speak at the convention this year, however, the family members of those who have been killed in confrontation cents with police are invited. >> give police officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice an opportunity to have their families speak as victims, let them nope the impact of how they feel, as well. >> there have been some surviving families who is willing to express themselves, so we have been in contact with some families that are willing to participate and
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speak, like i said, letting the country know about the impact, you know, losing a loved one in that capacity has had on them. >> so within milliseconds of mcnesby's statement going out to the media, the democrat made a quick adjustment. suddenly added couple of speakers. none of the widows of the police officers it, however, former police commissioner ramsey speaking on a lot of the sunday talk shows the last couple of weeks about the convention problems, one the detective from new york sit how is working during september 11. and the statement from the clinton campaign reads as follows. as hillary clinton has said, we need to support heroic police officers who put their lives on the line every day, as well as listen to the voices of mothers who have lost their children, we look forward to highlighting the law courageous effort of law enforcement are. they can tell you who the keynote speakers are, but from
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the major i to police to ted cruz being booed, usually the non-planned speakers who make the big highlight real. chris, lauren? >> ya, exactly. steve, thanks. >> and then hillary clinton staying with the theme, after days of heavy campaigning in battle ground state, and the focus right now will turn to who will she pick as a runningmate? two names repeatedly on the top list, continues to come up action ago secretary tom mill sack, virginia senator ted cane. clinton could announce her pick as early as tomorrow. which is campaigning in the battleground state of florida. >> senator bernie sanders listed as headline speaker during the dnc, before the convention get started decide to go meet. he's reportedly called for closed door meeting with 1900 of his delegates on monday. in a e-mail obtained by the associated press, the sanders campaign promises a quote very special meeting with bernie himself. it is one of series every meetings aimed at giving direction at the undecided supporters, many of them who
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express disappointment and uncertainty since sanders endorsed clinton last week. stick with fox 29 for both republican and democratic national conventions, bruce gordon live in cleveland all week, live during good day, don't forget we'll bring you extended political coverage starting every night at 11:00. >> temple university boards of trustees will seek to dismiss the president of the university at meeting scheduled for today. earlier this month issued vote of no confidence in the college's president doctor kneel, the decision came amid $22 million financial aid shortfall. the board says the decision to dismiss theobolled largely on the budget issues, intend to put the school's chancellor in his position until they find a replacement. >> 4:12, oops, my bad. we have an admission about melania trump speech at the rnc on monday. coming up why the trump campaign is saying it is not melania's fault. on this cushion for generations.
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>> yesterday at this time we actually had comings on ultimate doppler radar, not the case today, just a little bit of rain, right off of the islands there, in maryland, along the coast. but we're already going to start to prepare you for neck week, actually starting over the weekend, start to see some high temperature records challenged, the hottest of them all should be on monday, with oppressive humidity, the longest heatwave of the year, we're expecting it to last
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seven days, probably starting today. so it is a dome of high pressure that's going to just affect so many states, i believe it just red 20 states with dangerous heat as we head into the weekends, and yes, chasing few records here in philadelphia, especially sunday's record which is 98 degrees, and monday's, which is also 98 degrees. we will be close if not. it will feel a lot hotter because it will be cumulative day after day when we have day after day of oppressive heat and humidity. so, prepare now to stay cool and take care every those who need you. 72 degrees in philadelphia at the moment. very cool and comfortable in mount pocono. 69 degrees in wildwood. lancaster has 61. so dew points are starting to come up a little bit. but north and west of us, it is still really nice. 59 degrees dupont in lancaster pretty comfortable, that's down in the pleasant range. but we're starting to inch into muggy as we get through the day today. your average high for mid july
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is 87 degrees. and as predicted, that's just where we were yesterday. but, today, we will probably be the beginning of what could be a six or seven day heatwave. see what happens wednesday of next week, may get to 90 or not, but well into the 90's, especially, in the through the weekends, when we have that excessive heat watch in effect for now, probably upgraded by the time we get to the weekends. checking shore temperatures, if this is your vacation week, today, delightful, with sea breeze, and tomorrow, not bad either. but then even your beach temperatures, dave warren, head into the 90s over the weekends, and beyond. >> princeton pike, all lanes on 206, blocked, take route one to get around that due to water main break. certainly watch out for that this morning. also, nicetown, pedestrian struck, keeping an eye on this here, this is at wissahickon
4:18 am
avenue, between roberts avenue and hunting park avenue. so that's one area you might want to work around this morning. >> some construction this morning, just a lane block here, this on 202, so not a big issue there. and also other issues, ben franklin bridge, looking pretty good this morning, eastbound and westbound all clear. so no major issues, chris, lauren. >> dave warren it seems technical glitch still causing some problems for southwest airlines at philadelphia international airport this morning. >> yep, so we just check, and at least five flights from southwest are canceled this morning, the problem started yesterday afternoon with computer glitch, according to the faa operations website. the problem forced a nationwide grounds stop. southwest's website also affected and with us tomorrow ers could not use the airlines booking or check in pages. >> i was trying to get on line and check in to my flight, and the entire website was down. >> waiting like two hours and we're just trying to get home. that's all, go home.
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>> what a headache. the problems were supposed to be fixed yesterday. no word as to why the concellations are happening this morning. we have a call in to southwest. when they call back, we'll let you know. a train manufacturer for septa says faulty wells are at the root of the problem that has put more than 100 regional rail cars out of service. septa pulled a thirds of it trains off the tracks earlier this month. since then the transit agency has been operate withing loner cars from other cities, septa still reviewing tests and runs before it is willing to pinpoint what it thinks the problem is. new guidelines have now been set for distributing and prescribing opioids in pennsylvania. the board of pharmacy and the board of medicine approved two sets of voluntary guidelines in a closed door meeting yesterday. exact guidelines have not been released but we do know it focused on pain reduction, development of more powerful opioids, and the influx of cheap heroin, all caused the state's current overdose crisis. >> let's talk politics, shall
4:20 am
we? us senator pat toomey is skipping the republican national convention, and he's getting questions about it from republican voters specially here in pennsylvania on campaign trail, too many i fielded several questions about the republican presidential nominee, including whether his criticism is hurting trump. questions trump's commitment to conservatism, say they'll vote on trump based on their feelings, not hills. still some voters say criticism of trump by top republicans is helping democrat hillary clinton. in new light surrounding melania trump's dress. >> speech writer has stepped forward to except the blame for the speech that had word for word similarities to a 2008 speech from first lady michelle obama. after the campaign spent more than a day dismay being any claims of plagiarism, trump staff writer meredith mcgiver admitted she used portions every mrs. mcgiver's speech. said she offered her resignation, but donald trump reject philadelphia. >> released a statement saying quote this was my mistake, and i feel terrible for the chaos
4:21 am
i have caused melania and the trump's as well as mrs. obama, no harm meant. mr. trump told me people make innocent mistakes and we learn and grow from experiences. >> oh, this was lighting up twitter yesterday. >> going to make a big mistake, don't do it on that kind of stage. >> ya, yikes. >> 42:00 is is your time. >> you watched michelle obama mingle with heads every state, but never seen her like this. later in the show watch our first lady boogie down it the beat of beyonce. >> philly not playing so well, the offense, well, it has just been offense i have to watch. howard next in sport. >> but first, your winning lottery numbers. i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves!
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you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin, phillie finally had a game. they got some hits. more last night than they had in three straight games t may be the final outing, jeremy has in the phillies uniform. going to the ballpark, tyler goodel, second batter of the game, and tyler goodel is two-run homer. phillies up two-nothing, jeremy, a really good game, eight innings, five hits, eight strikeout. he wins it four-one. this could be his last start for the phillies where he get trade in the does he think about getting traded? >> inbetween starts, but, you
4:25 am
know, like i've been saying all along, i want to be here, i want to win here, if we get on a little role, i think we can do it. so right now like i said before my focus is here. >> i think he's going to be traded. big game with the cubs and the net, to chicago, anthony rizzo second of two homeruns, how about those cub east. they beat the mets to score. phillies finish their series out with miami today. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> let's talk eagles. getting closer to the beginning every training camp. can you believe when the dnc happens monday, the eagles say, you know what, let's start our summer camp. wouldn't that be fun. players already at the complex of course. >> focus as always will be on the quarterback, specially last year's starting quarterback, sam bradford, second overall pick, carson wentz, howard eskin sat down with one of the new free agent, brandon brooks, who says, he can already tell that bradford is a good leader. >> casino of where he goes
4:26 am
off. becomes in a huddle with confidence, he knows his plays right away, he knows, you know,. >> he knows guys are line up where they need to be, guys, huddle early, get on them, stay in the huddle. >> roley? >> he'll vehicle lies his opinion and how he want things. >> a good spiral every time. that's what you are looking for. >> oh, ya. and good leader like you said, ya. >> true. 4:26 this morning, let's toss things taught dave kinchen, following breaking news for us, hi, dave. >> reporter: two deadly shootings in the city of philadelphia overnight. both victims, 22 years old, and two apparently separate cases. what police know and who they are looking for, in terms every suspect after the break.
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whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
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our bacteria family's been on this alright kiddos!erations. everybody off the backpack, we made it to the ottoman. i like to watch them clean, but they'll never get me on the mattress! finally there's a disinfectant mist designed for sofas, mattresses and more. introducing new lysol max cover. its innovative cap has a 2x wider spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria. max cover is another great way to lysol that. >> to protect our god-given rights, even those with whom we don't agree. >> now, you hear those boo's, it is a cruz controversy, ted cruz criticized for what he did not do on stage last night, why his actions prompted donald trump to take matters into his own hands. >> and, calling out clinton in philadelphia. the controversy already heating up about who is taking the stage during the
4:30 am
democratic national convention. why philadelphia's police union does not agree with hillary clinton's choices. >> and we're following two breaking news stories here locally, violent night in philadelphia leaves two men dead in two separate areas of our city, the latest details ahead. >> it is thursday, july 20, 2016. the big question is is this the last bearable day or was it yesterday before we go into a real heatwave? >> wasn't it perfect yesterday? >> perfect. >> way to go, sue serio. high five you. >> yes, it was ten worthy. i picked the right number at least. i think we did the same for today, as well, because we are going with a nine out of ten today. because probably reach 90 degrees, so, we'll start it heat up today. phyllis won last night, so bus stop buddy ready for another pleasant day. comfortable start. skies are clear. temperatures are in the 60s, 70s, and we'll show you those in just a few minute, of course, you'll need your sunscreen later on, no rain to show you on radar. so let's get to the temperature at philadelphia international airport. it is 72 degrees, 5:50 is your sunrise time, we only have 51
4:31 am
in mount pocono, very cool there. and a very cool and comfortable 61 in lancaster, and allentown, 67 degrees in trenton. sixty-nine atlantic city and 70 in dover. plan on plenty of sunshine today. just going to heat up to around 90 degrees. and this will be the beginning, once we hit 09 -- 09, of our next heatwave. >> this could be real long one, too, so we'll talk about that coming up in the seven day forecast, sunset time 8:24, enough numbers from us, let's head over to dave warren, and see what's going on. hi, dave. >> i got a 95 for you, 95 northbound, ya, headed there into cottman, try to get off the off ramp to camden, closed right now, for more construction, so that's construction this morning. water main break at princeton pike, along 206 there. all lanes blocked. this has in lawrence township. you need to get around that. try route one this morning. also watching this incident here, nicetown, wissahickon between robert and hunting park avenue, a pedestrian was struck, looking atmore
4:32 am
information on, that but for right now probably some slow downs there in that area. chris, lauren? >> vibrant night in the philadelphia investigating shooting death. >> officers also looking for several gunmen, out there, on the loose still. dave kinchen on this one. dave, that's pretty scary. they're still out there on the loose? >> yes, they are still out there. and homicide detectives have a lot of work cut out for them because of not one but two fatal shootings, apparently, separate, not related, but, in a coincidence, both of the victims lost their lives at 22 years old. now, it was around 12:30, when police went to the 5800 block of woodcrest, for a report of gunfire, and a car crash. now, they say they found a 22 year old man slumped over behind the wheel of his grand prix. we are told that he was in his girlfriend's driveway when two men came up and fired 16 shots. his car was shot up on both sides of the vehicle. he was pronounced dead minutes
4:33 am
later, police are looking for the shooters with two guns, not one, but two firearms, looking for to try to get those offer the street, including suspect, get them arrested, as women. also found several privately owned surveillance cameras, hoping video can be produce in the that casement also learning 22 year old hispanic male shot and killed in north, on north mascher street in the city fairhill section. he was shot 14 times total, five times in the head, nine times the rest the body. police looking for the shooter in that case. we're getting mower details on that one, we'll keep you updated on both throughout the morning, very violent night in a city of brotherly love. chris, lauren? >> dave kinchen, thank you so much. >> 4:33 the time. police in tioga nicetown investigating a deadly crash, this happened just before 2:00 on the 4300 block every wissahickon avenue. >> victim, adult male, died at the scene of the accident. one person has been arrested and police think alcohol may have been a factor.
4:34 am
>> we will unite the party. we will ' neutral the country by standing together for shared values by standing for liberty. god bless each and everyone of you. and god bless the united state of america. >> yes, we wanted to you hear those boo's, you can't make this stuff up. all during the campaign of the debate, trump called cruz lying ted. well, last night, may have been pay back. ted cruz facing tidal wave of criticism after his speech at the rnc last night, former presidential candidate refuse to go endorse trump in a speech not only did cruz not endorse trump, right, he said trump's name at the beginning of the speech, he didn't even mention the guy basically. >> yikes. according to the cruz
4:35 am
strategist, cruz informed trump during his plans during a phone conversation two days ago. today donald trump will take the stage for his big speech, the theme make america one again. >> should we turn to the other side of the dial? >> let's do it. >> democratic convention, deuce away, controversy on that side of the aisle is already brewing ahead of our convention here in fill. >> i insulted list of speakers and who the clinton campaign left out. steve keeley live in south philadelphia this morning, with details on this. hi, steve. >> reporter: yes, no surprise, social unrest is the number one top nick this country. likely will be next week at the convention. boy, the democrats can't shoot straight sometimes. they should have saw this one coming because they booked as speakers during the convention a lot of family members of a lot of people who had been killed in confrontations with police. what they didn't book was the other side of the story. and so john mcnesby, who leads the philadelphia police union, and has some strong words on every topic, he's not
4:36 am
republican, he's not democrat. he usually stand withing democrats. here he is standing with his fellow officers and not happy with the democratic party. his statement, partly, it is sad that to win an election, mrs. clinton must panned err to the interest of people who did not know all of the fact, while the men and women, they seek to destroy, are outside protecting the political institutions of this country, mrs. clinton, you should be ashamed of yourself if that's possible. so, what the clinton campaign suddenly did is they put out an instant statement, and suddenly adubado couple of speakers. here's the statement, as hillary clinton has said, we need to support heroic police officers who put their lives on the line every day as well as listen to the voices of the mother who have lost their children. we would forward the highlighting, the courageous efforts of the law enforcement tonight help them do that they suddenly book charles ramsey yesterday soon after john motorcycle mess bee's statement to speak, and a detective from new york city, who survived september 11.
4:37 am
however, none of the widows or family members or the children of the 30 officers killed in the line of duty this year as we still remember those officers in dallas and baton rouge who just lost their lives, just days before this convention begins. >> steve keeley, thank you so much for that update. >> 4:37 this morning. authorities will resume their search in the schuylkill river after a man jumped in and never resurfaces. divers in six boats scour the watters in lower merion for several hours last night, but could not find him. skyfox over the scene in the area of hollow and river roads. police say they were looking for a man who jumped into the river while running from police around 10:30, they believe he drowned, and they're calling this a body recovery mission, at this point. >> now to developing story, in north philadelphia, where a man was rushed to the hospital after being shot multiple times. the shooting happened just before 11:30 last night on the 3,000 block of west lehigh avenue. philadelphia police say the victim, 33 year old man, has some type of drugs on him, we just learned the victim is in stable condition. no word on any arrests.
4:38 am
>> it was north wildwood in the midst of an identity crisis? why the shore town is looking to change it name. >> really?
4:39 am
4:40 am
♪ ♪ this is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done. that one's from my friend caitlyn. "you always encouraged me to go after my dreams. well, it's my turn now. love always, your future maid of honor." >> board of governors vote today raise tuition 1.7% for undergraduate student at rutgers. increase means typical in-state full time arts and sciences undergraduate, living
4:41 am
at the school's main new brunswick campus, will be paying $26,632. the increase is so the school can face ongoing budget problems. >> lauren dawn johnson, what's in a name? >> well, if you ask the people of north wildwood, the answer is a lot. people there are now pushing to have their towns renamed. they want to differ ain't between the other towns that belong to the wildwoods, so, what do they want to call? city council asking to go back to the original name way back in the late 1800s, until 1906, it was called angle sea. reportedly open to the idea, will consider adding ballot name change in october. i know we were down the shore for good day drives you event, and that was a big question, right? how many wildwoods are there? >> it is casino of confusing. >> ya. like when people say they go to atlanta, every street is p street, you have heard that before? >> i have not. go on? >> everyone is always like oh, i was on p street, there is p
4:42 am
street place, p street road -- >> and if you're not from there it can be confusing. >> same thing in wildwood could happen. >> we'll see if it passes. everyone claims they have the secret to a happy marriage. >> they do? >> well -- >> welshing now, new theory, happy as when you are first wed, the signs this year. >> go on. >> relationship expert with 40 years of experience developed a theory. >> i'm listen. >> it is based on the couple's having five positive interactions to everyone negative interaction. so positive interactions could be as small as smiling and laughing together, while negative interactions are deemed at things like arguing or criticism. so this means if you do something that hurt your partner, you have to make up for it, five times as much. >> let me tell you something. if you do one thing wrong? >> you're in trouble for a long time. >> and you have to do about
4:43 am
500 things to overcome for that one thing. >> well, partner up with this expert and explain that. >> what's her number? who runs the world? >> girls, girl. >> true. coming up: why first lady boogie down to beyonce.
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>> forearmed, plan indoor air conditions things to do if you can over the weekend or at
4:46 am
least spends some time in air-conditioning, because we do have already in effect the excessive heat watch start saturday morning, and goes through sunday afternoon. we're expecting extreme heat. couple every thunderstorms off the coast of maryland, is all we have on radar, the hottest days of the year are ahead of us, over the next couple of days, with the jet stream to our north. and tees are the records we're chasing. now there is saturday the records is 101. we probably won't tie or break that one, but we have good chance on sunday with 98 degrees high temperature record from 2011, and monday we'll probably break the records of 96 degrees for july 25th set in 1999. that's what we're calling record settling heat. factor in the humidity, will be even worse, so enjoy right now, pretty comfortable. with 72 degrees in philadelphia, 51 mount pocono, we have 63 degrees in reading, 70 in dover, delaware, and in wildwood, as well, dew points are starting to inch up little bit. we have 70 degrees dew point
4:47 am
in dover, upper 60s in philadelphia, very comfortable, continuing north and west of us, in the cooler suburbs. so, we're going to inch into the muggy range. by the weaken we will be back to oppressive. you know the drill. we've been through it already. 87 degrees, is the average hi, we were there yesterday, but now above average, all the way through this seven day forecast. ninety's will probably start today, if not, definitely tomorrow, all the way through the weekends with record heat expected. factor in the humidity it, could get dangerousment some thunderstorms on monday night, right after we welcome the convention to town, democratic convention, so i guess it will be a hot start, dave warren, for all of our visitors this weekend. >> yes, hot start, and it continues through next week. talk about the rush hour this morning, this is blue route, southbound, they just picked up the construction there around media, looking clear this morning, no issues any more. nicetown, road closed, here, wissahickon avenue, between roberts and hunting park, fox street around this, had issue
4:48 am
there with carvers us the pedestrian. so looking at that area closely. northeast extension, southbound, between lansdale and the pa turnpike, left lane is blocked for more construction, and roosevelt boulevard looking pretty clear this morning, in both directions. chris, lauren? >> all right, along with political dignitaries, dnc will be drawing celebrity to our sit. >> i so the clinton campaign hasn't released official complete list of who is speaking and performing, but twitter, giving us some clues. >> okay, so eva longoria tweet: can't wait to support hillary clinton at the determine convention next week. >> demi loveto tweets i'm going to the determine convention next week in fill. >> i kareem abdul jabbar: i'm happy to -- honored to be supporting hillary clinton in philly next thursday. >> let me be name dropper, other people: lady gaga, you heard about snoop. >> snoop will be here. that will be fun. >> i know, for. >> i oh, ya.
4:49 am
>> john he will mo'ne,. >> oh, and wickedly talented dazil -- >> john travolta botching that name. >> cyndi lauper. >> that's fun. >> she comes to philly time after time after time. sorry. brian cream son, have you seen the new brian kremson fill until. >> no. >> charge your phone over the weekend, get ready to take selfies if you bump into people on the street of fill. >> i if i could be kareem abdul jabbar and be brian kremson. >> if you bump into a celebrity, tag us so we can see who people are seeing on the street. that will be fun, right? >> talk about pda, now,/wack moment between president immanuel knee, and his runningmate. check this out. >> so donald trump gives mike pence an air kiss right there on stage in cleveland last night. it followed the indianna
4:50 am
governor's speech, well, penned clearly just is like smiling, has no idea what's going on, so, the moment throws in a picture so everyone can talk about that, rid? the air kiss. >> not only -- do you want to give me an air kiss? let's do it. you be trump. i'll be pence. >> all right. >> did he back up? >> little bit. >> back up there. >> looking straight ahead. >> by the way, the back story here is getting interesting. evidently donald trump junior talk to someone and said that pence was not trump's first choice at all. >> reamy? >> and everyone kind of got involved and said he would be your best choice, because of his, you know -- >> that means he listened, that's a good quality, right? >> we'll see. i think christie was probably his emotional favorite because christie was the first to endorse trump so early on. so interesting. >> so one more night of this, right? trump's night, this will be fascinating. >> it will be fun.
4:51 am
>> all right, so there is one thing snap chat ceo doesn't want, that's former victoria secret mod i miranda kerr. >> yes, she took to social media to share the news of her engagement to evan spiegel. she shared the photo on instagram with the caption i said yes. it looks like her husband to be made accustom filter for the occasion. the two started dating in 2014, they've been dating for just over a year, she, you might remember, chris murphy, was married to orlando bloom and they have a son together named fin. someone posted yesterday, man, she was married to after rondo bloom, now she has the snap chat guy. some people get all of the breaks in life. >> what is she smoking on? >> we'll finds a picture. >> got to be. >> yes, she is pretty. >> could septa woes soon be solved? the root of the problem causing more than 100 trains to be taken off the tracks. >> oh, and speaking of off the tracks. >> off the rales? >> off the rales. there will be a party on
4:52 am
friday. who knows what will happen. good day prince you over to the del. we'll announce the winner of the brand new mazda cx9. here are the details. >> all start 7:00 a.m. friday tomorrow at the del music center in east fairmount park, we will be broadcasting all morning long. common and join us, at the del, also, it will be the new single all my people featuring freeway, freeway will be there, too, tomorrow. >> okay.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> 4:55, police in west goshen township are on the hunt for a coffee thief, authorities say, this woman has stolen dozens of coffee bags from wawa totalling more than $3,000. police say she returns the coffee bags at other stores for cash. these thefts have been happening in delaware, new jersey, and maryland. if you have any information you are asked to call police. >> now, nascar racer jeff gordon coming out of retirement. he'll replace dale earnhardt junior in two upcoming races including next week's race, at the pocono raceway. earnhardt, jr., out with concussion like symptoms, since retiring at the end of last season. gordon primarily served as commontator for fox sports. new jersey woman playing pokemon go found herself stuck in a tree and had to call firefighters for help. firefighters in east greenwich township say the woman climbed the tree inside the eggland
4:56 am
cemetery tuesday night. when she realized she couldn't get down, she had to shut that app down and call 911. firefighters came out with a ladder to save the day. >> former philadelphia police commissioner, now in the hospital, battling stage four lung cancer, john was commissioner here until 2001. doctors at a hospital in miami treating the 68 year old, he was a police chief there from 2003 until 2010. he told a reporter that his voice is completely gone. he led the philadelphia police department during the rnc in 2,000. >> 4:56 this morning. dave kinchen, following breaking news for us? >> reporter: yes, very sad news. we have two fatal shootings in philadelphia. apparently separate shootings of victims, 22 years old, in each case, we'll tell you who police are looking for, in these cases, after the break. but first, steve? >> reporter: as philly police
4:57 am
are busy on those murder cases, they're also busy on the case of the democratic national convention, that hasn't even started yet. republicans aren't even done yet. but we have our first controversy for the philly convention. smelled like yoga-aroma.
4:58 am
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>> cause crowds to boo him, prompted appearance by donald trump himself. and i except your nomination to run and serve as president of the united state of america. >> except, indianna governor mike pence becoming the official vice presidential nominee, as we enter day four of the rnc. >> and calling out clinton. by the philadelphia police union, does not a grow with her choices and her lack of choices at the democratic national convention. >> two men dead two, separate areas of the city. dave kinchen live with the latest on both shootingsment good day everyone it is thursday, july 30, 2016. talking politics all morning long, in just a minute. >> right off the top. tense moments at the republican national convention last night. >> that after texas senator ted cruz does not endorse donald trump, fox's caroline shively joins us live from cleveland th


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