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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  July 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> cause crowds to boo him, prompted appearance by donald trump himself. and i except your nomination to run and serve as president of the united state of america. >> except, indianna governor mike pence becoming the official vice presidential nominee, as we enter day four of the rnc. >> and calling out clinton. by the philadelphia police union, does not a grow with her choices and her lack of choices at the democratic national convention. >> two men dead two, separate areas of the city. dave kinchen live with the latest on both shootingsment good day everyone it is thursday, july 30, 2016. talking politics all morning long, in just a minute. >> right off the top. tense moments at the republican national convention last night. >> that after texas senator ted cruz does not endorse donald trump, fox's caroline shively joins us live from cleveland with more on this.
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did we see this coming or what, caroline? i mean, trump called cruz lying ted during the whole debate process and called him a sniffing coward. but i have to tell you it was a shock, when he came out, didn't endorse, during his prime time speech t set the delegates offer. >> please don't stay home in november. stand and speak your conscious vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom. >> texas senator ted cruz appeared to be laying the grounds work for 2020 presidential run. but convention goers weren't having it, and booed him, neither was the donald who walked on to the haven't convention floor stealing back the spotlight. >> with everyone being him off the stage, i think everyone else in here has the sense to realize that the number one goal to make sure we beat hillary clinton.
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>> vice presidential nominee indianna governor mike pence emphasized his christian faith as trump worked to win over ivan gel cavorters. >> i think we've come to another rendesvous with destiny, and i have faith. fate that god can still heal our land. >> tonight donald trump will take center stage for much anticipated stage. >> i know personal testimony by him, crucial for the country understanding better, and i think it will be a very significant speech. >> theme for tonight, make america one again, and ivan a trump will introduce her dad. >> democratic national convention will be boring. >> compared to this. >> who knows, who knows what we'll get. >> we'll see what happens. >> so perfect weather day yesterday. >> yes. speaking of the democratic national convention, when all of the delegates arrive it will be hot. >> that's right. literally hot.
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who knows about the fireworks or heat that will be generated by the political process, but we can promise you record heat for at least one every these days, for the convention, and nine out of ten today, though, so rare in july that we get low humidity. yesterday was that day. and i think for most of today you won't feel too uncomfortable. so, it is a comfortable start with temperatures in the 50's, 60s, you see bus stop buddy with his bottle of sunscreen, already to go and enjoy another pretty decent day. but it will be warmer than yesterday. little bit above average, which is why we gave you the nine. off shore thunderstorm, nothing to worry about for us this morning. so, pretty tranquil at the airport. as folks start to wake up, 72 degrees, calm winds, 5:50, ten of 6:00 sunrise time. 51 degrees mount pocono, 58 al earn town, delightfully cool there. sixty-three reading, 59 lancaster, little warmer more humid down in dover, delaware, 69 degrees in wildwood.
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headed to 09 today. little warmer than yesterday with our westerly winds seeing shift eventually southwesterly winds will take us all the way through the weekends and beyond, tell you just how hot it is going to get coming up in the seven day forecast. hey, dave war glenn good morning, hey, headed to sesame place this morning, route one northbound past 95, passed disable tractor-trailer on the shoulder, northbound side. people moving along nicely though, not a lot of traffic this morning. >> going to take fox street if you normally take wissahickon avenue, nicetown, there was incident there, so it is closed between robert and hunting park avenue. that will work your way around that this morning. no cover vukovich sean, things moving along nicely, not an issue last night. so, things looking pretty good this morning. water main break there, in lawrence township, at 206, princeton pike, all lanes are block, route one to get around that one. chris, lauren? >> all right, finally, night in the city philadelphia investigating shooting death
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of two young men. >> right now looking for several gunmen who are on the loose, dave kinchen with the latest, dave? >> one of the more violent nights we're seen this year and certainly this summer. homicide detective really working these cases closely, we're told two separate shootings with both victims, losing their lives at age 22, now, it was around 12:30 this morning when police went to the 5800 block of woodcrest for a report of gunfire in a car crash. cops say they found a 22 year old man slumped over the wheel of his grand prix, told he was in hirst girl press' driveway, two men came up and fired 16 shots, 16 gunshots, his car was shot up, several times, on each side of the vehicle. he was pronounced dead minute later. now police are also looking for shows shooters with two guns, found several privately owned surveillance cameras, hoping it can give them some clues.
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also, at cambria and north marsh in the city fair hills section, police say a 22 year old man was killed after being shot five times in the head, nine times in the doors owe, total of 14 gunshots hitting the man. man driving him to episcopal hospital, pronounced dead, police found bag of mcdonald's food at the crime scene near the house. and believed that the victim had just brought food for a child when gunshots rang out, so, police looking for the shooter, and in that case they don't have motive yet. and the shooter in the other case, as well, on woodcrest street. again, no clear motives there. just a lot of violence in the city along with at least two other shoot that is were not fatal. soap, police really have their hands full this morning. back to you. >> all right, dave chin chen, liver for us, thank you. >> right now, police in tioga nicetown are investigating a deadly crash there. this one happened just before 2:00 this morning, on the 4300 block every wissahickon avenue. >> the victim is a man, he died at the scene of this accident, one person has been
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arrested. police think alcohol may have been a factor in this. >> now to a developing story in north philadelphia, where a man was rushed to the hospital after being shot multiple times there. the shooting happened just before 11:30, last night on the 3,000 block of west lehigh avenue. philadelphia police say the victim, 33 year old man, has some type of drugs on him, the victim is in stable condition. no word on any arrests. sixteen year old boy, in critical condition this morning, after being shot during a robbery in north philly. this happened at cecil b. moore and woodstock street just after 9:30 last night. we're told the boy was shot twice, returned to st. christopher hospital. no arrests have been made. >> turning now to the democratic national convention, outrage from philadelphia's police union about planned and unplanned speakers. >> the union says that they're insulted over who made the list, and who did not. steve keeley on this now from south philly. hi, steve? >> reporter: who did not make the list were any of the family members, the children, the widows of any of the 30 police officers killed in the line of duty this year. specially, the baton rouge and
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dallas killings, which seem to be motivated in some sort by all of this anger against police in this country. who did make the list, the mothers and family members of those killed in confrontations with police. that is why the police union is very angry. the same police officers, who are going to be part of the big protective cover for the democrat, why they're in town. john mcnesby, leads the police union, you know him well, he is on vacation, but he quickly got off vacation when he saw the speaker list, and he put out a statement. it is sad that to win an election mrs. clinton must panned err to the interest of people who did not know all of the fact while the men and women who seek to destroy are outside protecting the political institutions of this country, mrs. clinton you should be ashamed of yourself if that's even possible. his other union members spoke up last night. >> just give police officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice an opportunity to have their families speaker in
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as victims and let them know the impact of how they feel, as well. >> there have been some surviving families who is willing to express themselves, so we have been in contact with some families that are willing to participate and speak in, you know, like i said, letting the country know about the impact, you know, losing a loved one in that capacity has had on them. >> well, not one to leave this controversy hanging, and their criticism hanging, the clinton campaign swiftly acted doing two things, first of all, this statement, as hillary clinton has said, we need to support heroic police officers who put their lives on the line every day as well as listen to the voices of mothers who have lost their children, we look forward to highlighting the courageous efforts of law enforcement. they also added a couple of speakers who weren't on the list there is time yesterday. one of them, we all know well, charles ramsey, the former, until january, police commissioner of philadelphia. that likely won't do enough to
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satisfy the police union, chris, lauren, they would love to see family members from either baton rouge or dallas. and we saw couple of widows from baton rouge on cbs news last night. boy, hard to hear their stories so soon after. >> yes, it is tough. steve keeley, thank you so much. hillary clinton lying low after days of heavy campaigning in battleground state, and the focus is turning to who she will pick as her runningmate. >> all right, so currently at the top of the list, ago secretary tom millsack and virginia tim kane. clinton could announce her pick as early as tomorrow when campaigning in florida. meantime, senator bernie sanders is listed as a head line speaker doing the dnc. before the convention gets started expected to meet with undecided delegates in philadelphia. reportedly closed door meeting for delegates monday in a e-mail obtained basilica of saints peter and paul the associated press, the sand ers campaign promises, quote, very special meeting with bernie himself. one of series at meeting aimed
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at giving direction to undecided supportersment many have expressed disappointment, uncertainty, sanders endorsed clinton last week. he is trying to get them basically not to protest, i would think, right there on the floor. stick with fox 29 for complete coverage of both the republican and democratic national conventions, our bruce gordon live in cleveland, continues to be there all week. will be live for us during good day this morning, don't forget, we will bring you extended political coverage every night starting at 11:00. >> meantime 5:11, temple university board of trustees will seek to dismiss the president in a meeting scheduled for today. earlier this month, remember, bot voted, doctor kneel theobald, the decision came a mid a $22 million financial aid shortfall. the board said the decision to dismiss theobald based lorgely on the school budget issues, intends to put the school's chancellor in his position until they find a replacement. new guidelines set for distributing and prescribing opioids in pennsylvania, the
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board of pharmacy and the board of medicine approved two sets of voluntary guidelines in a closed door meeting yesterday. the exact guidelines have not yet been released but here's what we do know, the meet diagnose focus on pain reduction, the development of more powerful opioids, and the influx of chief heroin, all caused the state's current overdose crisis. >> 5:12 this morning, technical glitch still causing problems for southwest airlines. how the issue is affecting flights and passengers at philadelphia international airport this morning. plus: could septa's woes soon be solved? the root of the problem causing more than 100 trains to be taken off the tracks.
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>> heat woman for pretty much the entire area, right now, though, don't have much except an off shore thunderstorm to show you, so the hottest days yet, of the year, are on the way. it has been extremely hot to the south and west of us, and a lot of that air will move in. so, these are the records that might be in danger, not saturday, really, the records is 101. set in 2011. so i think that we're okay with that one. but sunday the records is 98. monday's date the records is 96 degrees. these have a good chance of being tide, or broken, with the extreme heat coming this weekend, you have a chance to prepare.
5:16 am
72 degrees right now, it is nice when you walk out the door, still, keep that feeling from yesterday lingering for little while. 58 degrees in allentown, 51 in mount pocono, 59 degrees in lancaster, dew points still in the 50's, to the north of us, 49 degrees dew points in mount pocono. you see, how we're inching into the upper 60s, in wilmington, philadelphia, and in trenton. so, once we get into the middle 60s, we're in the muggy range, and then eventually, over the weekends, get used to it, it will be uncomfortable. so starting today, provided we make it to 90 degrees, we've got extended heatwave on the way. six, maybe even seven days of 90 agree temperatures or more, heat index starting saturday in triple digits, as we head into the shore. today's a sea breeze day, dave, day, dave, it will be nice at the shore today. >> under stands, zoo, on my way down there this morning. route 13 southbound, this is
5:17 am
in bucks county. falls township there is an overturned tractor-trailer, so the ramps are blocked from route 13 southbound from tyburn road, or to tie bun road, there the ramps are block. so watch for that this morning. elsewhere, we do have some construction, northbound, northeast extension, just one lane block right now between quakertown, lehigh valley, that left lane is blocked. seventy-six, that's eastbound, the taillights there, so all letter this morning, volume picking up just a little bit. so, maybe we will leave little extra time. volume picking up, no major issues on the ben franklin bridge looks all clear this morning, chris, lauren? >> let's travel, shall we? train manufacturer for septa says faulty wells are the root of the problem that's put more than one h.u.p. every those train cars out of service. you know this happened earlier this month, and has caused all kind of residual headaches. >> yes, since then the transit agency has been operate withing motor cars from other city, septa still reviewing tests before it is willing to sort of pinpoint what it
5:18 am
thinks the exact problem is. >> seems technical glitch still causing problems for southwest airlines at philadelphia international airport this morning. just check at least five flights from southwest are entirely canceled this morning. >> so the problem started yesterday afternoon, it was a computer glitch. according to faa operations website the problem forced a nationwide grounds stop. southwest website also affected. customers couldn't even use the booking or check in pages. >> i was trying get on line, and check in to me flight. entire website was down, app was down. >> no word why the cancellation this is morning, we have a call into southwest, we'll let you know what we find out from them. >> that circumstances us senator pat toomey of pennsylvania is skipping the republican national convention, and getting a lot of questions about it from
5:19 am
fellow republicans, on the campaign trail, pat toomey fielded several questions about the re republican nominee, and whether his criticism is hurting donald trump. he questions trump's commitment to send serve tim. say people will vote on their feelings, not his. still voters say criticism of trump by tomorrow republicans such as pat toomey helping democrat hillary clinton. >> serve continues for who killed college student in delaware. police looking for clues to what led to the murder of 19 year old malcolm evans, a delaware state university student, earlier this month. evans died on july 9th, after someone fired a shot into his car, months after he got off of work. the victim's family is pleading with the public for any information into his death. >> i miss him dearly. andand i just can't believe that one of my beautiful sons will not be with us any more. >> there are cases that hurt a
5:20 am
little bit moran harm us a little bit more. this is one of those cases. the bottom line is someone knows something and we need that information so we can bring this investigation to adjust close. >> investigators say several suspect were spotted running from that scene. but they've very few leads right now. they're offering $40,000 row ward for any information that leads to arrest and conviction. 5:20 the time right now. philadelphia police are on the hunt for the man who shot a teenager in the street of frankford. officers raised to the 4800 block of christian street yesterday for a report of a shooting. that's where officers found a 15 year old boy lying on the street. someone shot him in the stomach. and police think they know why. >> the shooting stemmed from an argument started yesterday in the neighborhood. today it led to the shooting. we have several witnesses that were able to identify the shooter, who is known to the
5:21 am
victim. >> police say they know who they are looking for but they're not sharing who this person is. the 15 year old boy is in critical condition at aria-torresdale hospital. >> a florida mental health professional trying to get an upset autistic patient to return to a group home was shot by police. this happened earlier this week. >> so the disturbing video shows the man with his hands raised as he lays on the ground. >> those were the words spoken by charles, trying to explain to the officers that he is a therapist trying to help a confused autistic man who ran away from a group home. miami police say were called out to the scene after report after man walking with a gun threatening suicide. says that's not what happened. >> we're worried about him, myself, as long as i got my hands up, they're not going to shoot me. this is what i am thinking. they're in the going to shoot
5:22 am
me. wow was i wrong. like this here. and when he shot, when he shot me, it was so surprising, it was like a mosquito bite. and when he hit me, i'm like i still got my hands in the air. i just got shot. and i'm standing, sir, why did you shoot me? and in his words to me, he said, i don't know. >> well, he survived that shooting. charles says the gun was a toy truck, the man, the ought eggs i can patient, police have not said why the officer shot, and the officer involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative leave as is department policy. the state attorney's office is investigating in this investigation. >> i mean, you look at this video, this is the tan taj point. police right now. were the police threatened? was the person coming at them? did he have something in his hand? the questions that would be asked of that when you lock at the video would have to be answered no in this case. so i'm sure that will be the focus of the investigation.
5:23 am
>> and also the vantage point, lot every individual yes, sir. >> is the man in the t-shirt lying with his in the air, on his back, a threat to police. >> 5:33, you might be surprised to know where ... >> we'll tell you coming up. >> lottery numbers, here they are. at 5:23. whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded.
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>> happiness at work. 39% of americans say they're happy at their job. this is new survey by the conference board. they say they feel more secure in their current job or feel they can find another one quickly if they quit. people also give their colleagues high praise, and 60% of americans say the people they work with are great. you and i were just talking about this yesterday. >> yes? >> we were sitting in a room, chatting it up, just talking about how we love the people we work with. >> so fun to come to a place where you enjoy the people. that's huge part of work satisfaction, right? >> totally. >> the other thing is wages aren't up, but the unemployment rate is way down. remember the mess he inherited way back in january of 2009? >> well, we're glad people are happy, flight. >> yes. >> food company recalling hotdogs, corn dogs, company calling back more than
5:27 am
370,000 pounds of food because of possible listeria contamination, precaution, so far, though, no reports of illness linked to the food. >> mr. kinchen following some really upsetting news from overnight. dave, two separate shooting incidents? >> both fatal. both victims 22 years old, very violent, a lot of shell casings on the ground, we'll tell how police are looking for in terms of suspect, after the break. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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>> good given right even with those with whom we don't agree >> with whom we don't agree. ted cruz criticized for what he did not do on stage last night, why the actions brought appearance with whom he does in the agree, donald trump himself. >> calling out clinton in philadelphia. the controversy already heating up about who is taking the stage in the democratic national convention, why the police union here does not agree with her choice. >> breaking news, violent night in philadelphia leaves two men dead and two separate areas of the city. the latest, live report from dave kinchen.
5:31 am
>> good day everybody, thursday, july 21, 2016. >> bus stop buddy hammy -- happy because the phillies broke out the bats last night, sue serio. >> and we were hoping for a one win at least with series with the marlins, got another game tonight, too, so maybe we'll start a streak. anyway, we are ready for another decent day, if you liked yesterday, i think you'll be okay with today. even though it will be a tiny bit more humid. temps in the 60s, 70s, off to comfortable start with bus stop buddy ready for good day outdoors. we only have thunderstorms off shore clerk being temperatures, cool, comfort until allentown, lancaster up ear's, 72 here if philadelphia, hazleton, 56, pottstown, 63, west chester, 66 degrees, in washington township it is 70. medford lakes, 64 degrees. lovely morning there. down in delaware, lewes, delaware, 68 degrees to get your day started early at 5:31 in the morning, so 90 degrees
5:32 am
today. heating up from yesterday's 87, which is average for this time of year, little more humid, and tonight little muggier than it has been. >> we'll talk about extreme heat coming just in time for the convention that's coming to philadelphia. all that just ahead in the seven day forecast. so dave warren, few problems out there this morning. first off do have this issue in the bucks county, 13 southbound, the ramp thereto tyburn road is closed because overturned tractor-trailer, more cleaning up some fuel. nicetown, incident, there road actually closed wissahickon avenue between robert and hunting park, do you have takes fox street to get around this one. also, 206, water main break, this is the princeton pike, take route one to get around this, and the camera we have this morning, this is around
5:33 am
conshohocken. volume picking up but no major issues or delays out there this morning. know other issues, we'll tell but them going throughout the morning. >> we will unite the party, unite the country by standing together for shared values by standing for liberty. god bless each and everyone of you, and god bless the united state of america. >> go down in stage and rip ted crust off the stage with his bear hands himself in. >> yes, facing some criticism about the speech at the republican national convention last night, former presidential candidate refused to endorse trump in his speech, not only did cruz not endorse him, but he only said trump's name once at the beginning of the speech. according to a cruz strategies, cruz informed trump of his plans during a phone conversation about two
5:34 am
days ago. well, today donald trump will take the stage for his own big speech. the theme: make america one again. >> can't wait for this. >> interesting by the day. >> we've had alleged plagiarism, we've had ted firing back, basically giving his 2020 acceptance speech there. all right, turning now to the democratic national convention, the controversy is brewing ahead of this convention, as well. >> for local police union insulted over who made the list of speakers and who clinton campaign just left out. steve keeley, live in south philadelphia this morning, with details, hi, steve? >> reporter: well, trump calls her crook hillary. john mcnesby, police union, probably wouldn't go that far, he will probably say maybe unfair hillary. and that's simply because of the guest list, you see the wells fargo center now draped in red, white and blue. see the banners on the side, now with some daylight, 2016 democratic national convention, as the work goes on both inside and outside, it is the guest list that has the
5:35 am
head of the philly police union pretty angry, and the guest list includes a lot of the family members from three of the men and women recently killed in confrontations with police around this country. not on the guest list, none of the widows or family members or children of any of the 30 police officers killed in the line every duty, this year, with people. so, hire is the statement from frat turn al order of police john mcnesby, sad to win election mrs. clinton must panned err to the interest of people who do the no know all of the fact while the men and women they seek to destroy are outside protecting the political institutions of this country. police clinton you should be ashamed of yourself if that is even possible. john mcnesby sent that in while on vacation, his spokesperson in his place had even more to say at the f.o.p. headquarters. >> just give police officers who paid the ultimate
5:36 am
sacrifice an opportunity to have their families speak in as victims, and let them know the impact of how they feel, as well. >> there have been some surviving families who is willing to express themselves so we have been in contact with some families too long participate and speak in, like i said, letting the country know about the impact, you know, losing a loved one in that capacity has had on them. >> to kale the controversy before the convention even starts, they studily adubado speaker. >> head of the philly police department before retiring in january. that is not going satisfy the philly police union, but they also put out a statement as hillary clinton has said, we need to to support the heroic police officers who put their lives on the line every day as well as listen to the voices of mothers who have lost their children. we look forwards to highlighting could your age is effort of law end anotherment.
5:37 am
>> steve keeley, thank you so much. violent night in the city, philadelphia police investigating the shooting death two young men. >> right now police looking for several gunmen on the loose, dave kinchen has the latest, dave? >> they work on two separate shootings with both victims losing their lives at age 22. it was just around 12:30 in the morning, when police went to the 5800 block of woodcrest street for report of gunfire. cops say they found 22 year old man slumped over the wheel of his grand prix, told that he was at his girlfriends' house, outside the house, parked in the driveway, two men came up and fired 16 shots. his car was shot up several times on each side. police looking for those shooters, and the two guns there, also looking for surveillance video that could give them klaus also at
5:38 am
cambria and north mash nerve north philadelphia. police say another man, 22 year old, was killed after being shot five times in the head and nine times in the torso, a total of 14 gunshots hitting that man, a neighbor dropping him off at episcopal hospital where he was found dead. police found bag of mcdonald's food at the crime scene, which is near a tree and a house on that street. and police believe that the victim may have brought food from a child when gunshots had rang out. they found his cell phone, his baseball cap and other item, but they are looking for the suspect and that shooter, as women, as we come back over here, for example, we can tell you that police have a busy morning ahead of them and trying it get these guns offer the street in addition to the shooters. back to you. >> nice job. >> right now police in tioga nicetown investigating deadly crash there it happened just before 2:00, wissahickon avenue. the victim died at the scene. , one person has been arrested and police think alcohol may be a factor. >> this morning, authorities will resume their search, a
5:39 am
man who jumped in and never resurfaced. divers in six boats scoured the watters in lower merion for several hours last night but could not finds him. skyfox over the area of hollow and river roads. police say they were looking for a man who jumped into the river while running from police, around 10:30 last night. they believe he drowned and they're calling this now a body recovery mission. 5:59. the phillies not playing well. the offense has been brutal. howard's next sports in one minute.
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5:42 am
good morning phillies finally had a game they got some hits, more last night than they had in three straight games. and maybe the final outing for jeremy, in a phillies uniform, going to the ballpark, tyler goodel, second, pete mccann on shakes up the line up. herrera in the line up, but goodel is in. hit the homerun, two-nothing, knock in three. and jeremy, eight innings, five hit, eight strikeouts, he could be traded, phillies win it four; could be the last start for the phillies, does he think about being traded? >> inbetween start, you know, like i've been saul saying all along, i want to be here, i want to win here, if we get on little role, i think we can do it. so right now like i said before. >> i think he's going to be traded. big game, to chicago, anthony, two homeruns, those cubbies
5:43 am
win it six-two, over the mets, eagles start training camp. and that will be on monday. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> boogie to the beats of beyonce. whenoff the wheel to getands out of a tight spot. when you can relax with your foot off the brake and stay put. and when you enjoy 400 horsepower that's both smooth and controlled. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers!
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>> excessive heat watch issued today, for saturday and sunday, when we expect the heat index to be in triple digit both days. thanks to the northern placement of our jet stream. and hot, hot weather, moving in, the bermuda high weather pattern that we talked about last week when we had five day heatwave. this one will be longer, so, records challenged into early next week, specially on monday. the start of the democratic convention, and all of the visitors coming to town, so what a way to welcome them. oppressive humidity just thrown in for good measure, and this could be as long as a seven day heatwave. we'll see how it plays out. nothing to show you on radar except this off shore thunderstorm, not bothering anybody. >> fifty-one mount pocono, 59 degrees in lancaster, 68 in dover, and 68 degrees in wildwood. so that's still pretty comfortable start. although starting to see dew points inning up a little bit. not too bad. we've been in the comfortable
5:47 am
pleasant range since yesterday. get a chance to get used to it, if we hit 909 degrees today, that will be the start of our next heatwave. number four of 2016, humidity really piles in tomorrow. so, just start to dress cool, pantry to stay in air-conditioning, as much as possible, and that will be the case for the weekends as well with actual temperatures in the upper 90's, and the heat index, in triple digits, starting on saturday. dave war never. >> looking at 422, things looking pretty good this morning, just light volume out there. so no major issues if you are around oaks, northeast extension could be an issue, northbound between quakertown and lehigh valley, left lane blocked due to construction, but things look pretty green there still on the map. ninety-five near cottman, some added volume, but not all that slow. still grown there with the colors. so, good either way.
5:48 am
north or south. in are you hungry? >> hungry like a wolf. >> oh, duran, do your ann. >> and olympics in rio. >> that will be fun. >> still with them? >> should be, right? >> neighborhood cook out in kansas getting a loft praise this morning. >> black lives matter movement hosed first steps cook out nearly 1,000 people were in attendance, officers say it was a good opportunity to build relationships within the community. barbeque took place instead of a planned protest. >> we'll have familiar face now, hey, i saw you at the cook out. >> this isn't something we'll change overnight. everybody's got to come together. work on policy changes, work on relationships, and that is going to get to the heart of this. >> this can make a big difference. this is huge.
5:49 am
so, i didn't know what to expect, but let me tell you my heart is happy. >> the department says committed imette st. guillen pranks community relations. >> big week for michelle owe bamm, a not only the first lady subject of plagiarism plagiarism surrounding the speech. at the national convention. >> now the starve james corden carstarphan oke. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> beyonce single, single ladies. you know that song, don't you? >> yes, my favorite song, ya. i sing the song all the time. >> one of the highlight, mickey elliot, hopped in the car to sing along.
5:50 am
mrs. obama and james corden. >> very cool. remember beyonce there during the inauguration of 2009. >> that would be so cool. >> guess who would be super excited? >> oh, front ancient, yes, queen b. i'm good, how are you? >> good morning to you. >> so, speaking of interesting moments happening during politics, did you see this moment last night? the awkward kiss? donald trump air kisses mike pence last night in cleveland. ready for it? oh, ya, little hesitation there, too. clearly no idea how to react, i wouldn't know how either. we will de this plus other top moment on the national convention, plus, democratic national convention, of course probably see pant suit, right? that's sure hillary clinton's dress style. we'll show you some fun and fashionable options. >> you are talking to mow? >> i'm talking to you. >> you're wearing a suit.
5:51 am
>> exactly. >> it works. >> and newest kate trends gee owe cake. we are getting in on the crave, you've seen them all over pin there. where can you get one locally? so cool. you can eat this. the new jersey chocolate really selling out of them. lauren so excited about this, i think you'll go test it out, right? >> ya. >> what was that last? it looks like a rock formation, are these edible? >> crazy. >> yes, lauren, dot right thing. do what you think is right. >> and bring some back. >> wait, this is the weekends to observe, not because just trying to eat. it is for research purposes, right, chris? >> i'll do what i think is right. >> wonderful. >> all right, and a little girl with the very big mission, outside a grocery store, how a movement is starting with a simple bracelet. >> hey, did you hear, that alex and mike and sue are going to be at a party
5:52 am
tomorrow? they want you to come hang out with them. announcing big winners, too, brand new mazda cx9 tomorrow. this is so he can siting. here are the details, all starts at 7:00 tomorrow. at the del music center east fairmount park, broadcasting live all morning, and then join us at the del, we will be performing all my people featuring freeway freeway will be there as well tomorrow to hang out. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
5:53 am
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>> live look at the pocono mountains, looking hazy, but of course the weather will warm up today. one little girl making it her mission to make the worlds a better place, and wait she is spreading joy, is just really sweet. ten year old lea nelson of sacramento california. well, she wants to encourage people to be kind, so here's what she did. she started her own program, because i care, and here's how it works. you do a good deed of your choice, then you exchange a friendship bracelet with that person so they can pason a random act every kindness, as well, then the next person is supposed to sort of continue that exchange. >> takings to try to change
5:56 am
them. >> well, well, women, she makes it sound so easy. lea's because i care program also now has a hashtag on line. good for her. >> cursed by the crowds, what ted cruz refused to do on stage, last night, that caused the crowd to boo, and even prompted donald trump to take matters into his own hands. also, back here, locally, a violent night in philadelphia with two men dead and two separate shootings, in different areas of our city. the latest details are straight ahead.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> no love lost, what the texas senator did not do at the rnc last night that got him booed, even prompted appearance of donald trump himself. >> wasn't all boo's last night, hear how trump's pick for vice president was able to win over the crowd in cleveland. >> more violence on the street of philadelphia, two young men lose their lives, number of shots fired in both cases, the
6:00 am
latest for the hunt for the gunman. >> good day everyone, it is july 21st, 2016. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> thank for waking up with us. how are we in philadelphia going to top what they're doing in cleveland? >> one thing we're going to have a loot of warmth and heat when the delegate arrive. >> i'm afraid weather might steel the headlines because of the extreme heat we had rolling in this weekend, will spill in at least the early part of next week. >> one thing to feel like triple digits, another for it to be in the triple digits. >> exactly, actually could happen. meantime today good day to go outside. >> temperatures in the 60s, 70s, bus stop buddy dock side this morning, with his sunscreen. because it is a comfortable start out there, and i think they'll have even more, warmer temperatures, but not extreme humidity, so no rain on


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