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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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latest for the hunt for the gunman. >> good day everyone, it is july 21st, 2016. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> thank for waking up with us. how are we in philadelphia going to top what they're doing in cleveland? >> one thing we're going to have a loot of warmth and heat when the delegate arrive. >> i'm afraid weather might steel the headlines because of the extreme heat we had rolling in this weekend, will spill in at least the early part of next week. >> one thing to feel like triple digits, another for it to be in the triple digits. >> exactly, actually could happen. meantime today good day to go outside. >> temperatures in the 60s, 70s, bus stop buddy dock side this morning, with his sunscreen. because it is a comfortable start out there, and i think they'll have even more, warmer temperatures, but not extreme humidity, so no rain on radar.
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right now we have 71 degrees, in philadelphia, 06 lancaster, beautiful morning in allentown also 06 degrees, mount pocono 51 degrees. and millville, new jersey, it is 62, atlantic city, 63, up in medford lakes 664 degrees and 68 in lewes, delaware. practically perfect yesterday, with 87 degrees. just where we were supposed to be, today, we exceed that a bit, with 90, and a bit more humid, just a bit, but extreme heat and humidity on the way, give you the numbers coming up in the seven day forecast, dave warren, good morning. >> slightly imperfect today. >> there is a fire not along the road but building just off the roadway there. so, the outer drive is blocked, and along the southbound side of the boulevard there, so might want to work your way around that, this morning, southampton township, pemberton road,
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birmingham road. crash there. little slow around that area. and also, this is an issue that will be happening all morning. the route 13 southbound ramps from tyburn road to -- or from route 13, to tyburn road, southbound, that ramp closed, overturned truck, they've got fuel spill cleaning that one up all morning, so that will be with us here throughout the rush hour. so, that is certainly what we have happening here this morning. volume picking up just little bit, not all that bad, whether you are east or westbound, along the schuylkill expressway, just some green there, so no major issues on the roadway. >> thank you, dave. 6:02, violent night in the city. philadelphia police are investigating the shooting death of two young men just 22 years old. >> while doing that investigation, also searching for several gunmen on the loose right now, dave kinchen has the very latest, good
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morning. >> what happens under the cover of night here, two young people lost their lives here, homicide detective use too long separate shootings both victims dying at the age of 22, it was around 12:30 in the morning, when police went to the 5800 block of woodcrest street, for a report every gunfire, in a car crash. police say they found 23 year old man, slumped over behind the wheel of his grand prix. we're told he was in the rear driveway of his girlfriend's house when two men came up and fired 16 shots. his car was shot up several times on each side, moment later police looking for the two shooters with two guns. also found surround vale end cameras hopefully may have video that can give them insight as to what happened. give them some clues, also, at cambria north mascher, fairhill, that part of the city, police say, a 22 year old man was killed after being shot five times in the head, nine times in the to go owe, total of 14 gunshots, police
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say, hit this man, a neighbor dropped him off at episcopal hospital. dropped often minute later, police fawn back of mcdonald food at the crime scene in front of the house, they believe the victim had brought food back for a child, all we know they found his cell phone, baseball cap, other items belonging to the victim, at this location, the search for that shoot is her ongoing, the search for the two shooters and the woodcrest homicide, that's also ongoing, at this time. >> just 22 years old. >> what a ways. >> thank you, dave. 6:04 the time, now to developing story out of north philadelphia where man was rushed to the hospital after being shot. moment recall times. shooting happened just before 11:30, the 3,000 block of west lehigh avenue. police say the victim 33 year old man had some type of drugs on him, we've learned the victim is in stable condition, no word on any arrests. >> police in nicetown investigating deadly crash, it happened just before
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2:00 this morning on the 4300 block of wissahickon avenue. the victim, an adult man, died at the scene of the accident. one person has been arrested. police think alcohol may be a factor. >> we will unite the country by standing together for shared values by standing to bely early. god bless each and everyone of you, and god bless the united state of america. >> ted cruz man did he make a statement last night, tidal wave of criticism after his speech last night at the convention. former presidential candidate refusing to endorse donald trump. in his speech not only did cruz not endorse trump but only said trump's name at the beginning of the speech. according to the krause
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strategies, informed trump of his plans during a phone conversation two days ago. sport speech got different reaction, when vice presidential nominee, mike pence, took the stage more on that coming up in a live report coming up. >> you can't make this stuff up. >> let's go back to ted cruz what everyone is talking about, trump responds the to the speech and the fact cruz didn't endorse him last night. he tweeted wow ted cruz got booed off the stage. didn't honor the pledge. i the saw his teach two hours later but let him talk anyway. he knew it was coming. >> could you almost see this coming when ted cruz was announced as one of the speakers, well over a week ago. we remember that it was so contentious during all of the debate. and trump called him lying ted. to his face. >> yes, then cruz at one point felt like he inch sit dollars his wife, his father, going back and forth. i don't know how he expected this to turn out. >> it did not turn out -- i mean, and then you saw trump then appear, started waiving to the crowd. it look as if trump was about
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to walk down onto that stage and get ted and say get off the stage. >> let's turn to the other side of the aisle. democratic national convention outrage from philadelphia's police union about planned speakers. >> the union is, quote, insulted over who made the list and who clinton's campaign did not invite to speak. live to south philadelphia, they've made some changes now, right, steve? >> well the democrats aren't exactly on cruz control, if we can do a play on words there, because as they watch the republicans, fall over each other, every night, you thought, hey, things will go smoother, with the democrats, but before the convention even begins, we have our first convention controversy. and it comes courtesy of the philadelphia police department who is not happy seeing the guest speaker list for the democrats next week. seeing who was on it, and then seeing who was not on it. who is on it, the mothers every those killed by police officers, in confirm takes cents over the past year, not on it any widows or children
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of any of the 30 police officers killed in the line every duty specially those officers killed in both dallas and baton rouge, in a statement john motorcycle neice bye leader of the philadelphia f.o.p., fraternal order every police said it is sad to win election police clinton must panned err to the interests of people who do not know all of the fact while the men and women they seek to destroy are outside protecting the political institutions of this country, mrs. clinton you should be ashamed of yourself if that's possible. well, the clinton campaign quickly responded with this statement. as hillary clinton has said, we need to support heroic police officers, who put their lives on the line every day as well as listen to the voices of mothers who have lost their children. we look forward to highlighting the courageous effort of law enforcement: while one way they'll try to do that now is suddenly adding to the speaker list, charles ramsey the former philadelphia police commissioner and one of the new york city police detective who is working through september 11 and all of that. not on the list still, none of
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the widows of baton rouge or dallas, i can tell you this, on cbs evening news last night, we heard from two widows of the baton rouge officers seeing the last pictures, those last minute texts before they died, from the police officers, to their wives, extremely sad, and social unrest in this country specially with it happening just days before both conventions, probably topic a still for both conventions, chris, alex? steve, thank you, coming up 6:09. possible explanation for problems with silver liner five cars. but are we closer to a solution? find out what the manufacturer says went wrong. >> and has the truth come out about melania trump's speech at the rny? finds out who is taking the blame for copying from michelle obama's 2008 speech.
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a man jumps in the river
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and nerve resurfaces. skyfox over the scene lower merion, last night, divers and six boats scour the waters. crews were looking for a man who jumped into the river while running from police around 10:30 p.m. they believe he drowned and are calling there a body recovery mission. and a 16 year old boy is in critical condition this morning after being shot during a robbery in north philadelphia. it hatched cecil b. moore and woodstock street just after 9:30 last night. we're told the boy was shot twice and returned to st. christopher hospital. and no arrests have been made. 6:11. happening today temple university board of trustees will seek to dismiss the president of the university at a meeting scheduled for today. earlier this month, you will err, issued vote of no confidence in the collin's president doctor kneel theo bold. decision came a mid $22 million financial shortfall. the intends to put the school's chant letter in his position until they find replacement. >> well, three days and no shortage of interesting moments, and it is all leading up to tonight.
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we will go live to cleveland, what you can expect on the final night of the republican national convention, donald trump is going to speak. i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. >> convention wraps up
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tonight,. >> so his runningmate spoke last night, so did texas senator ted cruz, boy did he speak. >> still endorsing trump. >> made that very clear, doug luzader, very clear. >> not so much what he said, what he didn't say. preparing for the culmination of this convention tonight, donald trump, walk on to the stage tonight, accepts his party's nomination. this is also a big effort to unify the party, though, and that ran into something of a roadblock yesterday. >> image the trump team and many republicans wanted to save or this morning. the trump ticket. red to go lead to victory just after pence had delivered a well received except tan speech. >> exchange versus status quo, my fellow republicans, when donald trump becomes president of the united state of america, the change will be
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huge. >> leading up to pence was texas senator at the time cruz,. >> and to those listening, please, don't stay home in november. stand and speak and vote your conscious. >> vote your conscious, but not necessarily for trump was the implied message. and that lack after endorsement angered some in the crowd who began chanting we want trump. >> i appreciate the entheusiasm of the new york delegation. >> the cruz message stood out after one primary opponent after another spoke to the course of the night, backing trump who would later see on twitter cruz was booed off the stage. and trump once again relied on his family. this time, his son, eric, to help shape his image, and make his case. >> and quite frankly friends vote for the one candidate who does not need this job. never have i been more proud to be a trump.
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never have i been more proud to be my father's son. >> now that theme of expressing trump's family will continue tonight, ivanka trump will introduce her father as he comes on stage to except the nomination. chris, al next. >> so doug, i have to steel from our weathercaster sue serio who said during your story there that at least he wasn't lying ted, as trump called him lying ted the whole time. he spoke his mind last night. >> he did. you know, the thing about ted cruz is he does stick to his guns. and that's what his support in washington, no question, because he's seen as unyielding and unwilling to bend to compromise, but that's also what endears him to a lot of his supporter. >> very text and of him.
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>> he got a great reception but by the end of it booing him. >> just looking around, don't look at us. >> thank up, doug. >> so, let's go to the other side of the aisle, the democrats. we could be just one day away from finding out who hillary clinton will pick for her runningmate. two names have been at the top of the list reportedly, ago cult secretary billsack and virginia senator tim complain, clinton could announce pick as earl ace tomorrow when she is campaigning in florida, of course, that's hugely important day ahead, set to kick offer monday in the city of brotherly love. >> that's right. after donald trump has his speech tonight, then all of the attention on us, are we ready? >> typically a these things go, show other effort to the opposite party by not announcing until they're done with their business and then you take the national spotlight. >> i have to say, i mean, we should bring our fans, too, because it will be hot.
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>> for the weekends, chance to get used to what will be a persistent weather pattern heat and humidity flowing in from the southwest, extreme heat hitting a lot of states in our country this weekend. so, records challenge on monday will be the hottest day probably, and the best chance of us breaking high temperature record, oppressive humidity, throughout, and the longest heatwave of the year, so far, possible seven day heatwave. 71 degrees in philadelphia, 06 allentown, 68 degrees in dover and wildwood and 61 in lancaster, we have dew point that are inning up still
6:20 am
comfortable when the 50's and the comfortable range, but during the day today, it will start to feel muggy and when we make it to 09 degrees or say if we make it to 09 degrees, it starts this next heatwave, more humid tomorrow, saturday high of 97, 98 degrees, on sunday. record heat possible on monday, monday's record is 96. and then sun to thunderstorms, thunderstorms possible, really, any day that's hot and humid. but specially tuesday, if that happens, neighbor will take away some humidity by wednesday of next week. >> blue route around route one, things moving freely, increased traffic, increased volume still 17 minute rides.
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>> there is the sun glare, grab the shades before you step outside. see the sun glare throughout the morning. throughout the morning, look tig investigation happening here, wissahickon avenue between robert and hunting park, use fox street to get around this, that road is closed all planes blocked, route one to get around this one, if you are in that area at route 206 at princeton pike. 6:21, just days away from the start of eagles training camp. of course the ready to focus, hear what newcomb ers are impressed with sam bradford on the field. >> winning lottery numbers, good luck. ♪
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>> phillies more hits last night than three straight games, may be the final outing, jeremy has in a phillies uniform, going to the ballpark, tyler, first and second batter of the game, and tyler goodel, hits two run homer, phillies up two-nothing, knocked in three on the night. jeremy, a really good game. eight innings, wins it four-one, this could be his
6:25 am
last start for the phillies. does he think about being trade in the. >> i want tore here, i want to win here, if we get on little role, i think we can do it, right now like i said before my focus here. >> i think he's going to be traded. big game with the cubs and the nets, that's anthony rizzo, second of two homeruns, how about those cub east? they beat the mets, the score there, six-it, phillies finish their series out with miami today. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> football, eagles are getting closer to the beginning of training camp, officially gets underway, on monday, the same day as the dnc in south philly. right? >> imagine all of the traffic? there? eagles player and everybody else trying to go. >> and fancy dignitaries and all their cars. rookies, many of the players
6:26 am
already at the complex. >> and the focus, as we have already seen, will be on the quarterback, specially last year's starter sam bradford, and second overall draft pick carson weans, howard eskin sat down with one of the free agent, defensive loin man brandon brooks, said he can already see bradford is a good leader. >> casino what he gives off, goes in the huddle with confidence, every time, he knows his plays right away, like he knows where everybody will be, you know, every time. >> he knows guys aren't relined up, you know, goo guys leave the huddle early, stay in the huddle. will definitely, you know vocal eyes his opinion, how he want things. >> well he is singing his praises but have they already played a game. >> i think they can tell's leader. >> practice. talking about practice. >> talking practice. >> 6:26. local police want to find this
6:27 am
woman. they say she has robbed local wawa's up to 50 times, what they say she is walking out with, and then turn around and try to sell it back. >> fifty times? and, more violence on the street of philadelphia. two young men, lose their lives after being shot. staggering number of shots fired in both cases, the latest on hunt for the gunman. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
6:28 am
who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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>> day three does not disappoint. one man booed off the stage and up stage dollars by donald trump. another makes his mark with a speech that gets a roaring applause from the delegates. >> plus, new chapter of the melania speech controversy. the person now claiming responsibility for plagiarize g parts of the first lady's speech. >> another violent night in philadelphia. gunfire claims the lives of two young men, the hunt for the killers right now. >> good day everyone, it is july 21st, 2016 we're getting ready for another warm and beautiful day. >> yes, one beautiful day today. >> the sun, beautiful there, rising over the ben franklin bridge. >> ♪ here comes the sun little darlin' ♪ >> i think probably one of the pretties songs ever written, that by george harrison of the beatles. sue, getting ready for heatwave. this will not be pretty. >> no, today, much like yesterday, casino of on the comfortable side enjoy the
6:31 am
outdoors if you consideration bus stop buddy ready for another date of bothing this morning, with sunscreen, temperatures in the 60s, 70s, comfortable start for most of us this morning. we are looking at no rain on ultimate doppler radar. temperature at philadelphia international airport, right now, 71 degrees, with calm winds, and relative humidity is a little higher than it was yesterday. temperatures aren't bad. sixty-one lancaster, 51 mount pocono, 62 millville. wildwood has 67 degrees, and we're going to head to high of around 90 degrees today, once we make 90 that be day one of the heatwave. number four, day one heatwave number four of 2016. is that enough numbers for you? we'll have more coming up in the seven day forecast, and temperature wise, now on the hide zoo -- high side, dave warren. >> day one of heatwave four could last seven days. >> right. >> lot of numbers there. 202, and 30, two more numbers here, looking pretty good there, the light coming toward
6:32 am
us, southbound, 202, so all clear this morning, just some added volume. >> just little pick up in volume, no major delays this morning all the lanes block, you can see it slows down there on the maps. you might want to work your way around this one. stay on the inner drive. >> thanks. >> 6:32, well, violent night in the city. philadelphia police are investigating the shooting death of two young men. >> police right now looking for several gunmen who remain on the loose, dave kinchen now standing by live at police headquarters with both kate cases, dave? >> actually talking to the police commissioner about
6:33 am
these cases, this morning. homicide detective working two separate murders here, and tragically we can tell that you both victims lost their lives at the age of 22, in situations that appear to be separate, though, going not first video here, we can tell you around 12:30, when police went to the 5800 block of woodcrest, this morning, for report of gunfire, and a car crash, cops say that they found 22 year old man slumped over behind the wheel of his grand prix, we're also told that he was at his girlfriend's driveway when two men came up and fired 16 shots police looking for those shooters. they found privately owned surveillance cameras and hoping surveillance video would help them find clues, also, at cambria north mash nerve north philadelphia, police say 22 year old man killed after being shot five times in the head, nine times
6:34 am
in the torso, total of 14 gunshots hit that man, neighbor dropping him off at episcopal hospital where he was pronounced dead police found bag of, in scotch add fooled at the crime scene in front after house, police had just bought food for child when gunshots rang out. police are interviewing neighbors to try to find the shooter in that case and trying to find the shooter in the woodcrest street case, where those two people shot this man, as he was in a car. >> so very violent night in philadelphia, homicide detective very busy trying to sort all of this out. we will be following these two stories, throughout the day, and bryn you an update as we get themment on line and on air. back to you. >> sad it happened to two young men. >> thanks. >> 6:34. right now police in tioga nicetown investigating deadly crash happened before 2:00 this morning on the 4300 block every wissahickon avenue. the victim an adult man died at the scene of the accident.
6:35 am
police think alcohol may be a factor. >> north philadelphia, where man was rush to the hospital after being shot multiple times. the shooting happened just before 11:30 last night on the 3,000 block of west lehigh avenue. philadelphia police say the victim, 33 year old man, had some type of drugs on him, we learned the victim is in stable condition. no word on any arrest. >> this morning, authorities will resume their search in the schuylkill river after man jumps in and never resurfaces, divers and six boats scoured the watters in lower merion for several hours last night. rescuers say they were looking foreman who jumped into the river while running from police around 10:30 p.m. they believe he drowned and are calling this now a body recovery mission. >> 6:35, breaking news out of new york city this morning, a stand-off continues after a man through suspicious object into a police van last night. our fox station in new york reports that the object turned out to be a fake bomb. police trace the the man down
6:36 am
in an s.u.v. short time later. dozens of officers have surrounded the suv. but the driver also wearing some type of body armor refused to get out. we'll keep you updated on what happens there. breaking news out of south africa, prosecutors say they will appeal oscar pistorius jail send ten for murder calling it shockingly lenient. we'll continue to stay on top of that one as more information becomes available to us. but first, let's turn to politics. all eyes will be on donald trump tonight at the republican national convention, probably the way he likes it. the republican presidential nominee is struggling to unify his party after what happened last night. the high profile snub in front of national audience, texas senator, ted cruz, refused to endorse trump during his speech last night. and let's just say the convention did not like it. >> we will unite the party. we will unite the country by standing together for shared values by standing for
6:37 am
liberty. god bless each and everyone of you, and god bless the united state of america. >> not only did trump emerge into the crowd and wave and everything else, but went to twitter. he tweeted, wow, ted cruz got booed off the stage. didn't honor the pledge. i saw his speech two hours earlier but let him speak anyway. no big deal. >> and it is interesting because at one point we ought thousand up do wouldn't honor the pledge. then look what just happened. >> there go. >> so they had a conversation, and ted said, ya, i'll endorse you, then went back on his words when it was actually time to take the stage. last night featured speaker the one that was supposed to be the featured speaker, mike pence from indianna vice presidential nominee. >> and that's he can actually what the no nonsense leadership of donald trump will bring to the white house.
6:38 am
>> mike pence addressing the gop convention excepting their nomination for vice president, thunderous applause and cheers followed, chanting we like mike. we like mike. >> stay with the play book, right? >> ya, little traditional. after what crews did, really appreciate that. that's okay. >> the big question going in of course when you call someone lying ted to his face, on the stage during the debate, how do you turn around then and basically lie to the american people the guy who called you these names and you should elect him president? >> marco rubio, called him little marco, and i stayed with the party unified by supporting trump earlier in the evening. >> okay, 6:38. turning now to the democratic national convention, just four days away, and controversy is already brewing in philly ahead of the convention. >> so philadelphia police union is insulted over who made the list of speakers who
6:39 am
is left off that list, steve keel any south philly looking at that part of the story. hi, steve. >> mother of those killed go confrontation with police in recent headlines nan recent days. not on the invite list, at least not yet, any of the widows or the kids of the 30 police officers killed in the line every duty including the l in both dallas and baton rouge killed in the social unrest in this country going on now which is really the leading topic in the presidential campaign, maybe that's why the democrats wanted to feature the mothers of those killed in confrontation with police. in philly whose job it is to protect both protesters and democrat next week. john mcnesby, the president, on vacation, but quickly off vacation when he put out this statement. it is sad that to win an election mrs. clinton must panned err to the interest of people who do not know all the
6:40 am
fact while men and women seek to destraut, are outside protecting the political institutions of this country. police clinton you should be ashamed of yourself if that is possible. in his place, we have the vice president of the union speaking, last night at the meeting. >> police officers who made the ultimate sacrifice, an opportunity to have their families speak in as victims, and let them know the impact of how they feel, as well. >> there have been some surviving families who is willing to express themselves so, you know, like i said, letting the country know about the impact, you know, losing a loved one in that capacity has had on them. >> well, as far as we know, not in contact with those families, the democratic party planners of the convention next week. and, so, they did put out a statement as hillary clinton has said, we need to support the heroic police officers who
6:41 am
put their lives on the line every day as well as listen to the voices of mothers who have lost their children, we look forward to highlighting the courageous effort of law enforcement. one new addition to the guest speaker list here next week, soon after the mcnesby statement came out is charles ramsey. the police commissioner. somebody that john mcnesby pretty much got along with, during mr. ramsey's rain here, as police commissioner, a lot of people saw it as success. now, does that make mr. mcnesby happy, we don't know just yet, but he won't be happy until he sees some of the widows from battoning union dallas up on that stage speaking for as long and as much as the mothers of those killed in the confrontation with police are. chris, alex? >> equal time. thank you, steve. >> 6:41, police in west goshen township, they are on the hunt for a coffee, yes, woman stolen dozen of coffee bags from wawa, totalling more than $3,000. there she is.
6:42 am
police say she returned the coffee bags at other stores, for cash. has been happening in pennsylvania, delaware, new jersey and even maryland. if you have any information on this woman, call police. a coffee thief? maybe she just really tired? >> 6:42, michelle obama jamming out to some of her favorite songs. see what star made surprise appearance with the first lady, on carpool karaoke.
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6:45 am
>> back to breaking news, happening in new york just little bit ago. this is live look now, the stands off that continues after a man through a suspicious object into a police van last night. report the object turned out to be a fake bomb, police traced the man down in an s.u.v. short time later. >> dozen of recovers verse surrounded the suv, but the driver was also wearing some casino of body armor, has refused to get out, so that's going to continue for awhile. and it will small traffic right in the heart of the manhattan. what a mess at new york sit. >> i still going, in fact, just tweeted out from new york not arm, a man in this stand-off, that he refuses to speak with cops, according. >> temperatures rising there, people get upset. let's do weather by the way, sue, bracing for real heatwave? >> yes, things will be heating up literally as well as perhaps figure tiffly, so escape to the beach, right? well, today will be a great
6:46 am
shore day for you. with temperatures in the lower 80s, and sea breeze today, surf temp about 76 on average, most of the jersey shore towns, and a low risk every rip currents, and the uv index very high at a nine. and tonight, you can meet kathy orr down the shore. it will be about 82 degrees, in ocnj. she will be on the boardwalk at the music pear for the five p.m. and 6:00 p.m. news, after she applies in on her personal plane. quite a site to see when this happens. right. excessive heat watch in effect already for the weekend, starting saturday, through sunday afternoon, at the very least, with temperatures that will be in the upper 90s, and the heat index in triple digits. so our record high for saturday was triple digits from 2011, we got to 101 degrees that year, now the record for sunday is 98. from the same year. and monday, 96, from 1999. this one has the best chance of being tide or broken, although we will come close on sunday as women. see in the seven day forecast,
6:47 am
nothing much to show you on ultimate doppler radar. so talk temperatures, walking out the door, 67 degrees in wilmington, 51 up in mount pocono, cool and comfy, 67 in wildwood, with that sea breeze, 71 degrees right here in philadelphia. now, dew points are starting to go up little bit. into the mid to upper 60s along the i95 corridor, which means, it will be a little more uncomfortable today than it was yesterday. but, still pretty, pretty decent today. with that high of 90 degrees, beginning what could be a six or seven day heatwave depending what happens wednesday next week predicted to be pretty close to 09, and actually we only have one more game in that phillies series with the marlins, and that is tonight. just a little muggier, at citizens bank park, than it was last night, dave war never. >> let's hope for the same results with a win. >> oh, ya. >> sue that will be great. that's look at the wet they are morning, weaver some issues on the roads and the rales, 15 minute delays on
6:48 am
trenton line because of trespassers around the talcony station. so expect some delays there. also, 422, near oaks, 202, looks like there is some added volume, but no major delays this morning, cars moving along nicely, grab the sunglasses there is some sun glare out there this morning. >> for instance ton pike, all lanes block there along 206. chris? >> the party is almost here. it is tomorrow. we've been talking about there is i just can't wait, we'll wrap up good day drive series tomorrow, with our party at the del. and we're also going to be announcing our winner, of the brand new mazda cx9. >> this is so exciting so they'll be what, eight of them
6:49 am
lined up and one of the keys works. >> so from 7:00 to 10:00 broadcast cents all morning long. >> that's 33rd and ridge avenue. it is at the del music center. and, we're going to have a lot of fun. there will be concert, family soul, performing new single all my people featuring freeway, freeway will be there, too, friday, and so you better show up, because it lab great party. free food, free rita's, free sun, disney dis will be there, miss patty jackson will be there. >> i just saw her saturday night. >> yes. >> it will be so fun to see the person drive away in the car. can you see the expression on their face? >> this is one of the biggest give aways we've ever job so cool. so, speech writer has stepped forward to except blame for the melania trump speech that
6:50 am
has word almost for word speech from first lady michelle obama. >> after the campaign spent pretty much 36 hours dismissing any claims of plagiarism, meredith mcgiver came out admitted yesterday that she slutly did use portions of the first lady's speech. she said she and mrs. trump had discussed many people who inspired her, including first lady michelle obama. which led to the appearance of passages from the michelle obama 2008 speech in monday night speech. she said she has offered her resignation, but donald trump, the trump family, they rejected it, and the interesting thing is she said she is staff writer, will be on the campaign staff. >> i'm surprised he didn't just go you're fired. >> i know. she mentioned in the letter who the formal letter that was sent out like a trump letterhead, fancy looking she said well i've been friends and worked with the trump family for years. >> in fact she released a statement saying quote this was my mistake and i feel terrible for the kay owes i
6:51 am
have caused melania and the trump's well as mrs. obama. no harm was meant. mr. trump told me people make innocent mistakes and we learn and grow from experiences. >> so i guess we now know that trump can forgive. although, if you were watching the rnc, melania wasn't there with the whole family, maybe like i don't want any more attention right now, maybe on a beach somewhere? >> you feel bad for her in some ways because she didn't write the speech. but it came out of her mouth, and that's the thing. >> she did say at one point she did write it. >> you're right. >> a lot of back and forth. >> a bunch of back and forth. all right, so that said, speaking of michelle obama, what a big week it has been for her. >> not only was she the isn't of this plagiarism controversy, she hasn't said anything about it, but everyone still talking about her, well, now james cord on's latest carpool karaoke, we love this segment. >> take a look.
6:52 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> she danced along to stevie wonder signed, sealed, delivered, their theme song during their campaign. and she also got down to little beyonce, you know, they are best east. single ladies, as she chatted when james cord on, all part of his very popular carpool karaoke thing he does, celebrities get in the car and just start singing, one of the highlight of the carpool when someone entered -- enters the car to sing along with the first lady. and it was ricky elliot. can you believe that? ya. >> so, this is only the second time since president obama is president that she got to jam out in the car. so i think it was a surprise. reaction. >> ya, first lady said it is really not much fun any more,
6:53 am
always driven around lately the last seven, eight years, she can't just rock out in the car any more by herself. >> i bet it is one of the first thing she'll do when she drives away from the white house and just start singing. >> beg honors for local war war two veteran decades after his service, the scary night he survived in 1943, only to continue his dedicated service for years. >> first a look at tonight's prime time line up. season of bones followed by home free, then "fox 29 news" at 10:00, with extended coverage from the rnc.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
>> there is, combat hero received well deserved honor from camden county yesterday, nine year old joseph, is a world war ii navy veteran who lived to tell the harrowing details of his service, last night camden county officials honored him during a town meeting present being him with several reengage anythings awards, told the crowd, about being on the ss henry knocks, when the ship was torpedos. listen to this. >> the indian ocean, and
6:57 am
sharks were terrible in there, i knew i got off the ship, but a lot of guys didn't make t we lost 35 out of 68 men. >> not only torpedos, but then, shark infest the waters to survive. officials proclaim july 20th, joseph day in audubon. >> three days no shortage of interesting moment, and it is all leading up to night four. yes, we go live to cleveland. what you can expect in the final night of the national convention.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> ted cruz gets booed off the stage, with detective senator refused to do that prompted appearance from donald trump himself. is it wasn't all boo's. >> indianna governor mike pence, boys the crowd at the rnc. but it is another moment everyone is talking about, the awkward kiss, pence apparently didn't see coming. here at home, violence in the streets overnight, staggering number of shots fired, two men dead, hunt for the killer right now.


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