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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 21, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ted cruz gets booed off the stage, with detective senator refused to do that prompted appearance from donald trump himself. is it wasn't all boo's. >> indianna governor mike pence, boys the crowd at the rnc. but it is another moment everyone is talking about, the awkward kiss, pence apparently didn't see coming. here at home, violence in the streets overnight, staggering number of shots fired, two men dead, hunt for the killer right now.
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>> star gazing in philadelphia, what celebrities flocking to philly next week. the a list we can expect in the city of brotherly love. >> two young men were dead, shot mumble times. >> several gunmen we understanded are on the loose, dave kinchen now with police commissioner richard ross, live, dave, good morning. good morning to you, commissioner joining us dark you can g about these two terrible cases here, two separate shootings, 22 year old shot and killed, one on the 5800 block of woodcrest, in his karat his girlfriend's place, shot by two men, what can you tell us about that particular case there? >> two young men lost their lives, absolutely ridiculous apparently don't have too much on either investigation, both shot multiple times, had nothing to do with each other. two investigates, but speaks
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volumes what we node to do, we need the help from the public, so if anyone has anything irrespective of how insignificant you think it is, please give homicide a call. >> you just mention, cambria and north mash nerve philadelphia, 22 year old man shot five times in the head apparently he had food that he may have been bringing to a child. how do you go about solving these case when is people don't want to talk or afraid to talk? >> you just got to get out there, appeal to people. i mean, homicide detective work very hard on all of these cases people lost their lives unnecessarily, and hopefully people will come forward for information. >> obviously trying to communicate with resident and people coming into town next week, community is safe despite isolated incident, i mention that happened with that. >> it is, the dnc, see
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altogether, a lot of people, so a lot of people are coming in, and so just things going on at one time but we will be out there protecting. >> do you think -- commissioner richard ross joining us here again talking about two shootings here, 22 year old killed on woodcrest street, shot while he was outside of his girlfriend's house, and a 22 year old shot in the fair hills section of the city and killed while he may have been bringing food to a child, we'll keep you updated, back to you. >> we hope nothing like this happens during the dnc, never know, and richard ross will be a busy commissioner in the next week. >> and secret service coming in for sure. today is the lay day of the republican national convention this morning everyone still talking about day three. >> indianna governor mike
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pence officially set the nomination for vice president, and another donald trump kids took the stage, this time, it was eric trump. but has everyone talking this morning, trimming off? >> if you missed last night you missed a lot. quicken loans arlene after one expect to go hear from vice presidential candidate, what no one was ready for was ted cruz, texas senator refused to endorse donald trump during his speech last night, only saying his name once in the beginning, and the audience responded rather loudly. >> we will unite the party. we will ' night the country by standing together, for shared values, by standing for liberty. god bless each and everyone of you, and god bless the united state of america.
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>> said would you i wow ted krause booed off the pledge. i saw his speech two hours early but let him speak anyway. no big deal. trump still struggling to unify his party after this high profile snub. meantime former rifle send or mike owe rubio took different approach in his prerecorded speech. >> donald trump takes seriously the threats from islamic radicals, and is committed to rebuilding our military. and unlike barack obama, and hillary clinton, he has committed appointing constitutional judges, will respect the proper role of the judiciary. after a long and spirited primary, the time for fighting each other is over. it is time to come together and fight for new direction for america. >> he finishes video by saying it is time to win in november. also adding hillary clinton does not have the honesty, courage or the independence to be the president we need for
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the next four years after the president we've had for the last eight. tonight all eyes will be on donald trump as republican national convention, and chris and alex, we can all expect some sort of fireworks of course to come out of cleveland. >> you mean for his entrance? i was interested to see how he is coming out on the stage. >> specially how he almost came out the other day, right? >> i think the question for you at home now who the morning after do you respect more, little marco, or lying ted, who stuck to his guns, and didn't get on the trump bandwagon there? interesting, right? >> it is very interesting. >> because some people might say well even though he kind of changed his tune, marco rubio, doing what has to do to keep the party together. >> right. >> and other say no, stick to your sales, if you don't believe in it, then say how you feel, it could go either way. >> interesting. >> governor of indianna mike pence made his debut at the convention, as well. >> you have nominate add man
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for president who never quits, who never backs down, a fighter, a winner, until now,'s had to do it all by himself against all odds. but this week, with this united party he has back up. and i know we will let donald trump to be the 45th president of the united stay of america. >> very big speech for him. for those every how don't know p me, troop, but time to elect a leader donald trump. penned within onto call rival hillary clinton secretary of the status quo, and says that she represent failed establishment in washington, d.c. >> you mention this, his big chance to speak. because during the news conference, over the weekend, when pence was announced as trump's runningmate, trump spoke 38 minute before saying oh, ya by the way here is mike penned, he is running with me. >> here he is.
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then 60 minute interview doing, that every time that pence would try to speak, not every time but a lot of the time, hold on, i got this, oh, hold on, let me speak. finally his moment. then what happened? ted cruz comes and steels it from him. poor pence. >> no question as to who is at the top of the that. by the way stick with fox 29 for both republican and national conventions, bruce gordon live, live with us at 8:00. then at 9:00ment don't forget we will bring you extended political coverage every night starting at 11:00 p.m. let's get out to breaking news out of new york city this morning. we're going to go back to live look at a stand-off continues after man through suspicious object into a police van last night. see there is still heavy police presence there. fox station in new york, reports the object turned out to be fake bomb, but the person suspect still in the van doesn't want to talk to police, doesn't want to get out. police traced the man down in an s.u.v. short time later. so they still have that suv surrounded.
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the driver also wearing some sort of body armor. >> of course you look at the picture, then the reporter getting in front of this, they zoom in, but officers are in relaxed pose, because they're very far from the actual active scene. anyway, turning to more local news here for you at home. >> police in nicetown investigating deadly crash. it happened just before 2:00 this morning on wissahickon avenue. victim, adult man, died at the scene of the dent. one person has been arrested. police think alcohol may be a factor. >> a 16 year old boy in critical condition this morning. after being shot during a robbery in north philadelphia. it happened at cecil b. moore and woodstock street just after 9:30 lags night. we're told the boy was shot twice and returned to st. christopher hospital. and no arrests have been made. >> this morning authority will resume search in the schuylkill river after man jumps in and never resurfaces. skyfox over the scene in lower merion last night as divers and six boats scour the waters. crews were looking for a man
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who jumped into the river while running from police around 10:30 p.m. they believe he drowned. now calling this a body recovery mission. 78:10. >> happening today, board of trustees will seek to dismiss the president of the university at meeting schedule before today. earlier this month, the bot issued vote of no confidence in the of president kneel. decision came amid $22 million financial aid shortfall. the intends to put the school chancellor in theo bold's position until they finds a row place many. the manufacturer of septa silver line five cars says now they know why the cars are cracking, representative for hyundai tells the philadelphia inquirer faulty welds led to the structural defect. subcontractor did those welds, septa pulled a third of its regional rail cars off the tracks earlier this month. sin then, the transit agency has been operate withing loner cars from other cities, septa still reviewing tests before it is willing to pinpoint what
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it thinks is the exact problem. coming up on 7:11, convene backs up excepting nomination for president. >> we mentioned just couple every minutes ago, his runningmate spoke last night, so did texas senator ted cruz, and still refuse to go endorse him, doug luzader, night three will go down in infamy. >> so, it will be hard to top that with night four? >> you know, it will be interesting to see what we talk about tomorrow morning. because we always seem to talk about something unexpected the next day. we should top morning be talking about the fact that donald trump formally accepted his party's nomination, for the presidency, we'll see whether, in fact, that's in keeping with what actually happened. we thought this morning we would be talking about the fact that might pence accepted his nomination, but instead, that ended up being a lot of focus on ted cruz, and the fact that he spoke here last night, but didn't actually endorse donald trump.
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>> i'm trying to think, donald trump tweeted out afterward saying ya, i got the speech ahead of time, casino of new this would happen. what do you think donald trump's ren was to let ted cruz go up there. >> could we put it up in the control room and look at that time? i'm confused whether or not ted went off message here, but from the looks of the tweet it looks like donald new he was going to go off message? >> i think he knew. >> i don't think they had a whole lot of notice but i think you're right, couple of hours that they had to see this thing. and they didn't try to block him from speaking. >> trump looking like the larger person, to give this speaking slot, even though he didn't demands anything in return. he didn't demand any loyalty from ted cruz, and i certainly didn't get any. >> if we put that back up it, looks like there is two messages inside that tweet. it says that they spoke and that trump, so wow, ted cruz
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got booed off the stagement didn't honor the pledge. then the tweet continues: i saw his speech two hours early, but let him speak anyway. let him speak anyway part is the confusing part anyway. in other words, well, i know you're in the going to endorse me but i'll let you take the stage anyway. >> yes, that seems to be the way it is played out. it seems the trump campaign new they wouldn't get this endorse. and they didn't. but they let him speak anyway. you know, it was interesting to see the way the crowd kind of turned on ted cruz, initially welcome here at the standing ovation, and then at the end of it clear to the crushed and people in the crowd had not seen the advanced copy, it was clear to them that he was not going to endorse donald trump, then they started booing and chanting trump so on toward the end of it. so the tone changed significantly through the corals that far speech. >> sure did. they are telling us we have to go. real quickly guys, taking bets here. do you think trump will come out with the teleprompter or without? >> oh, i think he will use a prom tore.
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>> we'll see. >> that's my guest. >> doug, as always, thank you. i thought woe make a bet. what were you going to say? >> you know what, because we will be if philly next week, let's bet a cheese steak on it. >> that's right. you'll be here, so we will collect, all right? he says there will be a teleprompter. >> you say he is not going to use one so we're clear. >> i haven't made that bet. i guess i have to, i say he is not going to. >> we will see how that turns out. >> i'll picky up the tell prompter, turning to the national convention, philadelphia police union about planned speakers. >> the union is insulted over who made the list, and who clinton's campaign did not invite to speak. so, steve, you have details with south philly? >> there is unrest with the philadelphia police union over the issue of social unrest being tackled at the democratic national convention
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next week. >> it clouds mothers of those killed in confrontations with police officers in this country over the past year. john mcnesby, the leader of the philadelphia police union, put out statement saying it is sad to win an election police clinton must panned err to the interest of people who do not know all of the fact while the men and women they seek to destraut outside pro ticking. police clinton you should be ashamed of yourself if that is possible. clinton campaign quickly added a speaker. charles ramsey. the former police commissioner. and added this statement in reply. as hillary clinton has said, we need to support the heroic police officers who put their lives on the line every day, as well as listen to the voices of mothers who have lost their children. we will look forward to highlighting the courageous effort of law enforcement. so even before the convention begins here in philadelphia, we have our first convention controversy. >> not even started yet and having this discussion. so obviously police
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commissioner ramsey, are the programs already print in the how will you put that in? will it be an insert like play bill, have the un study going? >> program, hillary and who? that's the question right now. words is hillary clinton will name her runningmate, very shortly, perhaps, as soon as friday. ago tomorrow tom bill sack, virginia senator cane, on the top of the list, effortly, so clinton could announce her pick as earl as tomorrow in florida campaign, huge battleground state, all this, just days ahead of the democratic national convention off in philadelphia, right in time for being in the middle of another heatwave. >> yes. >> so thinks will be heating up in the political arena as well as literally outside, sue? >> this is the truth. it will all get fired up, starting tomorrow. what else is starting tomorrow? good day drives you, our big party, at the del music center, muggy morning in store. little muggier than it is right now. heating up to about
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76 degrees, by 8:00 and by 10:00 we will be above 80 degrees, you know the drill, just dress cool, and i hope you can join us tomorrow morning at the del. excels i have heat watch already in effect for saturday, through sunday, because, of the triple digit heat indexes that we're expecting over the weekend. hot air rolling in from the southwest. so, records will be challenged, starting on sunday, and probably on monday, we will either tie or break a record, oppressive humidity, added just for good measure. longest heatwave of the year expected probably six, seven dates this heatwave will last. so, right now, weaver nothing to show you on radar. but we have another phillies game with the miami marlins tonight, let's hope for another win. 83 degrees when the game begins. wear comfy clothes. it will be just little more humid at the ballpark than it was last night. if you were there, witness the victory, 73 degrees, 56 mount pocono, and 69 degrees in dover, delaware, average high
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of 87 degrees, we were just perfect yesterday, because that was our high temperature. little warmer today, with 90. beginning that, aforementioned heatwave, lasting through the weekends and beyond, with couple of showers and thunderstorms possible, especially, monday and tuesday of next week. if you are headed down to the shore today is your best beach day with sea breeze at 81 degrees, lower 80s tomorrow, as well. and then, it is hot, humid, no matter where you go, dave. you won't be able to escape in the mountains either. it will be everywhere. >> mountains to the shore, that heat is everywhere. along the roads right now, this is route one southbound, between 95 and the turnpike. there was suv fire, so they are letting one lane go by. but the delays go all the way back nor ways between the turnpike and 95 itself, southbound side of route one. so watch that area this morning. >> also, 15 minute delays, issues on the tracks there,
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the trenton line, just little bit after delay there. now, we have the roosevelt boulevard, the outer drive, this is because of a house fire. the outer drive is blocked, at rising sun avenue. so work your way around that this morning. and the other issue is that franconia township here, school house road, haague i center, there is a crash this morning. so, just few issues out there, route one seems to be the biggest and the latest right now. chris, alex? >> 7:19. a major computer problem still causing problems for southwest customers. the latest on the delays that have been going on since yesterday. >> plus, more excitement at the rnc last night, boost, cheers, failed attempt at a kiss. the awkward moment, straight ahead. taking live look as we get ready for day four of the republican national convention. and cleveland, donald trump, will be taking the stage tonight for his big speech.
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>> ♪ >> in you are flying southwest, may want to give yourself extra time, because of security, there is another reason, lauren? yes, already eight southwest flight canceled, this morning, expect more after hundreds, up to 700 canceled and/or delayed yesterday. they had a ground stop. they had major computer outage, they had to manually, manually, check customers in, ticket passengers, check those bags, and the like. it was a night mayor. so, southwest apologizing obviously, warning that as a result of all of this, the headache will continue, at least for little bit this morning. >> okay, so extra time for
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sure. welshing national junk food day. did you know there is lauren? >> is it? >> it is. >> no, but now i'm going to celebrate it. i have a donut next to me. >> is that your favorite junk food? >> i'm into the dunkin donut powdered donuts with vanilla cream inside. i have no idea why. i have one every day. >> are you pregnant? >> no but thank for checking. avenue sweet tooth. >> oh, do you? >> okay, but, also, junk food, a lot of people like to eat chips. now we have more options, do you like lays chips? there are new flavors out there, yes. >> salty, spicy, maybe a little cookie, all about the olympics. different cultures, experiencing each other. solace coming out monday these power-play ops. let me know which ones you tried, maybe none of them, maybe all of them. the first one is the brazilian peck andia the, then chinese zest ooh and chicken potato
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chips, greek, and kettle cook indian. >> i like that. >> so do i. >> i don't know about the meat? >> part of the flavor of the potato chip. >> i think when i went to canada they had like bacon flavored chips and stuff. that's a meat. >> oh, really popular. i remember reading about those, and sort of trying to work on getting some. >> yes? >> just never happened. >> i think in spain like catsup flavored chips. all casino i have flavors out there. hey, lauren, you look a little different today. did you do something to your hair? >> no, maybe might be just styled little differently. >> it looks good, girlfriend. she always look so fabulous. >> i think i had a bad hair day yesterday. and i think that's what you need to say, lauren -- >> , no you always look great. after we talk to you whenever we come back here i'm taking my mirror fixing myself up.
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i want to lock like lauren? show us your donut. will he's see that cream filled donut. >> oh, you really think i kid? >> you know what i really want to see? >> me eat it? >> sweet pretty girl like you, take a giant bite. >> i have to get to the cream. >> there you go. yeah, get in there, girl. >> i love how you play along, lauren? thank you. >> don't talk with your mouthful, okay? >> all right. >> all right, more from the rny last night, from boo's, cheers, even fail attempt at the kiss. we highlight the top moment straight ahead for you. >> then as we get ready for the dnc, a lot of events, a lot of parties, how do you dress? jenn fred, is that hillary clinton? >> starting with the pant suit, celebrating the pant suit. we've got the nicole miller philadelphia collection print. we've got this, ready to running this. we're celebrating.
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following developing stories, search on for several gunmen after two men are killed in separate shootings here in the city. one man shot boy at least two menace he sat in his car in overbrook, and police say at
7:30 am
least 16 shots were fired. >> north philadelphia, police investigating the shooting death after 22 year old man in fairhill, police say he was shot 14 times north march err street this morning. someone drove him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> florida man shot by police with hands in the airment check out this video. charles living in the middle of the read in miami. north miami police have rivals pointed at him, listen he tries to tell them he is a therapist trying to help a confused autistic man who ran away from a group home. >> so this goes on for minutes. then, charles says, out of no where, north miami police officer shoots him while laying there on the ground, with his hand up. police say it all started when someone called 9911 and said there was a man walking around with a gun threatening suicide, but charles said no
7:31 am
it was a toy truck, officers involved in the shooting placed on administrative leave as is department policy. state attorney's office assisting in this investigation. >> well, they're going to look at this, video, and say was mr. kensy a threat to the officers? was he approaching them? did it look like 'd gun in his hand or on him? in both instances do you have say no. when you look at the video, interesting. >> also, well, we have to know what happened, leading to up that, so, we'll have to see certainly from the way it looks in that video, my goodness. >> we'll see. >> charles cinesi, we'll keep you updated on that. >> good morning, 73:00 is, now over the hump friday eve. getting ready for good day party tomorrow. >> tomorrow will be fun. it will be warm, but a lot of fun. >> so hot, at least good thing we're partying early in the morning, right? >> exert yourself either in the morning or the evening when you have the hot and humidity, so would be will be
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exerting, dancing, live music, food, at the del music center, mow details on that coming up right now we have bus stop buddy. he put his shades on. he is already slathering on the sunscreen. don't for death to re employ. another day where you can go outside and not be uncomfortable. 60s, 70s, starting temperatures, probably 90 by the end of the day though. seventy-three in philadelphia. sixty-two in lancaster. up in allentown, 63 degrees. you head all the way up to hazleton and it is 57. but west chester up to 70 already. and washington township, 71, cooler six an in millville, lewes, delaware, at 71 yeast, to start your thursday. to end your thursday, it will be about 90 degrees, so heating up little more than yesterday. little more humidity, as well, your sunset time is 8:24. we'll have plenty of sunshine for the entire long day, but the days are going to be long and very arduous once we factor in more heat, more humidity, lot of high numbers coming up in the seven day
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forecast, dave war never. >> low number again, talking route one, you had the car fire on the southbound side, now we have an accident, there, southbound near the oxford valley mall, one lane is getting by, but a lot of delays along the southbound side thereof route one this morning. also issues around the boulevard along 76 there, some red colors, 15 miles an hour, else where not bad, but that's the one issue, typical this time of day. where we are seeing that slow down, and there is the ramp, the southbound ramp from route 13, to tyburn road, happened all morning, and will continue to be the case. they are cleaning up fuel spill, happened as tractor-trailer overturned, avoid that area this morning, and there is the boulevard, southbound side, those headlights coming toward us, pretty slow, this morning, as you are getting -- or as you approach the schuylkill expressway. chris, alex? >> thanks so much, dave. 7:33, time for our top three on day three, now chrissy know you haven't ben here when
7:34 am
we've been doing this, but for every day of the rnc, we were taking mike and i have been picking our top three moments. now as you can see mike is not here, so this is little awkward, maybe if i do this, how is that? >> no, no, no. or i can do this. >> hold on, hold on. >> we can do this. >> how do you like that? >> i love you. >> thank you, going to give me an air kiss? >> oh, speaking of air kisses, that's number three. now, this is not in order of how they happened, in order of how we feel about it. and number three, awkward moment between republican president a.m. nominee, and his runningmate, check this out. so donald trump, he came out, at the end of the speech, mike pence's speech, right, and oh, a little kiss there, ya. and it was casino of awkward. so you can tell the governor pence was like okay, what's going on here, do i pull away? so that's the way it played out on tv because it is live. and we were watching this.
7:35 am
>> i'm just like if mr. pence had leaned in to donald trump's lips, and gotten an kiss on the forehead, would that have been more awkward? >> oh, i don't know. i think it is awkward that he pulled back. but, you know, because it was so awkward, maybe we should spice it up. this is probably how it should have played out. >> ♪ >> laughing (. >> see everything just better when you have the music, you know, underneath. so if they had known it was going to happen. >> have you ever done that on a date. the guy goes in for the kiss and do you this? >> you see in the movie, will
7:36 am
smith says you got to go 90, another comes ten. so trump went 90. >> pence went negative ten, he went in the opposite direction. >> probably overcome with emotion, ted cruz just spoke, let me just gave you a kiss. >> listen, anyone from indianna knows mike pence is a very buttoned up guy. and the donald, as we know, he goes off, everything else, so donald just being himself there. >> hopefully they'll work the chemistry little more, maybe see better kiss next time. mike penned didn't holds back last night. i was watchingment like his big moment. supposed to be his big moment coming through, kind of introduction, because he said most of you know me, well, not really. >> he took some jabs at hillaryment look at this. >> this election comes down to two names on the balance o let's resolve, here and now, that hillary clinton will never become president of the united states of america.
7:37 am
>> then talk about the economy, how the state of indianna has $2 billion surplus triple a, things he hopes to help the country. >> i thought it was pretty good speech. others oh, too traditional. but you need that traditional, trump all over the place. but, he talked to different issues, made little jokes, and it came to a point taking hits at hillary clinton, the democrat party, okay, we will will calm you punch pence, throwing punches, called her secretary of the status quo, interesting. and i think would have been the talker if it had not been for at the time cruz, number one, night's biggest moment, texas senator ted cruz, refused to endorse donald trump. they gave him the stage. nope, i'm not doing that. and the crowd didn't like that. >> please don't stay home in november. stand and speak and vote your conscious, we will unite the
7:38 am
party, we will unite the country by standing together for shared values by standing for liberty. god bless each and everyone of you. and god bless the united state of america. >> oh, did you hear the boost? >> how about this? right after this happened, donald trump tweeted, as he want to do, wow ted cruz got booed off the stagement didn't honor the pledge. i saw his speech two hours early, but let him speak anyway. >> trump still trying to unify his party. >> a lot of people were so shock about it, oh, my goodness it, made me think, okay, vote your conscious, those are the words a lot of people are quoting this morning, and it is like is that the new -- you know, jewel just ceasar, and he's like come on, vote your conscious. that's what we'll be hearing. big, big moment. here is the thing, a lot of
7:39 am
people oh, i can't believe woe do. that will but i think we had idea that this was going to happen, that he wasn't going to formally endorse trump. because when ted crust first got there, did he a speech, then there was this moment that happened, that was really interesting, and i think if we had seen this, we would have known what was going to happen. and i don't know. (boo's). >> all right. pretty well orchestrated. but jeff, did you e-mail them to fly the plane right when i said that? >> so he was talking oh, the can date, and they start booing, then right in that moment, like he said, orchestrated trump plane flies
7:40 am
over and lands. oh, so if you had known that, okay, you're not speaking tonight, seriously, you'll do shots like. that will get him off the stage. so certainly interesting night. i do believe that ted cruz, all talking about him. wouldn't you a grow? >> yes, boy, one thing ted cruz did do, though, he casino of took melania trump out of the spotlight for the first time since day one, right? >> and also removed himself. did you see him last night. kept looking at the family shot. didn't see her at all. >> 7:40, philadelphia fire department wants you, what it takes to be part of their team and how much you can expect to make. i approve this message.
7:41 am
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. >> tomorrow we wrap up our good day drive series tomorrow with our friday at the del. there it is, announcing the winner of the brand new mazda cx90. we want you to be there. here are the details all start at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow at the del music center east fairmount park. if you need an address like at 33rd and ridge avenue. we will be broadcasting live there all morning, so come hang out with us. also being hang out family
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soul, have concert, be performing, their new single all my people, and freeway be there there. performing live, free food, it will be lot of smacks, all kind of things, have great time. wdas will be there, party in the park. >> so many fun parties, you have been all over from haddonfield to wilmington, been down the shore. >> so we have to wrap it up in a big way. >> yes. >> that will be great. >> as we get ready for the dnc, why don't you put on a pant suit? >> okay, the secretary, madam secretary, she can't exactly wear this. look at what they are doing at nicole miller. pretty cool in celebration of the dnc coming. so she can't wear. >> this we'll celebrate the pair suit. coming up in a few minutes, but again, this is the look.
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>> we have trouble route one, accident, right near the oxford valley mall, right, one lane getting by, but still delays all back up along the southbound side. fifteen minute delays on the trend at any line, and 20 minute delays on the west trenton line, had some issues around the talcony section, still delays there. lower providence, this is at pauls road and station avenue. this is right around 422, the curve there. accident, little issue there, might want to work your way
7:48 am
around that. vine street expressway, looking pretty good this morning, just some added volume slow, typical slow spots this time of day. but, elsewhere locks pretty good. plenty of bright sunshine, sun glare, also impacting our temperatures, how, sue's back in 15 seconds. >> temperature's lower eight's, surround every temp 76 degrees, low risk every rip current, try to swim near lifeguard anyway. uv index is a nine. and tonight you can meet kathy orr in person, if you are in ocean city, new jersey, right on the board walk by the music pier, little more humid than it has been all week,
7:49 am
hopefully that sea breeze will be in effect, that's the 5:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. news tonight for or down the shore. starting saturday morning, going through sunday afternoon, egg zest i have heat watch. may extend beyond. that will will probably break some recordsment probably not saturday but sunday, high of 98 degrees. and, monday we need high of at least 96 to tie these records, from the past, and it will be very humid. nothing on radar, 73 degrees in philadelphia, 63 lancaster 56 mount pocono, 07 in wildwood 67 atlantic city international. so, yesterday was indeed ten worthy, perfect day right at the average of 87 degrees miami -- humidity low, rare for july. humidity will kick in friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, maybe wednesday of next weekment alex could be 56 or seven day heatwave, gearing up for it get red. >> i so it will be interesting
7:50 am
wearing a pant sue, can you imagine? >> hillary coming to town with the pant suit in all their gore. >> i she has them in every color, i think. today, we're celebrating you can look good in a pant suit, jen, you can look good. >> you can look good in a pant suit. >> woe begin with this, like a statement. no one is talking about donald trump anything. other than hair. >> you're right. there is a different standard for a woman unfortunately, and we're saying go, hillary, you look great. but going forward other ways still be professional. >> so tie, tie is good. so?
7:51 am
>> let's bring with sabrina. >> this is something, the secretary could wear. >> absolutely could wear. completely covered up, a prepare row at, yet totally current. very now, and very sheik, and sleek. and the big surprise here, miss sabrina if you don't mine removing your jacket, this is jumpsuit. >> cool. >> a lot of women have a jumpsuit in their closet already. all do you have do is throw that blazer, throw thely jet err jacket over it, you're totally professionalment then she is ready to party. >> and we've seen the secretary in leather. so this is not too big of a stretch. >> totally, nice fitted pant at the top, wide at the bottom, great leather jacket, not so much after stretch. >> love it. all here at nicole mother, dnc it all up. thank you. >> one of our own interns, kylie next. and you say pant suits come in all shapes? >> exactly, so i think sort of the way to modernize the pant suit, again not necessarily saying this is for secretary clinton, but maybe for the millennials, way to do it, say you are lucky to intern with jen, or maybe lucky to intern
7:52 am
in d.c., you can also sort of wear that, what i call, that third piece. >> okay? >> so the key to making it professional is not just the blouse and the slacks, but adding that third item. so here, in this case, we have a vest. >> okay. >> so if you were allowed to wear, appropriate for her to wear something sleeveless great way to be current and professional, and yet then again if she were like say interning in d.c., so lucky to go for drinks with the rest of the mill indians, or go to party, she would still be good to go and still professional and day to night. >> bottom line don't be afraid of the pant suit? >> make it your own. >> so, you might get invited to a party. we're going to talk about that in the next hour, did you great job. and i love that we're celebrating her. >> totally. >> for everything she is. way to go, kylie. way to go sabina. more fun stuff in the next hour. >> thank you, jen. tell sabrina said high. 7:52, coming up up live with the us coast guard, shows us
7:53 am
how they'll keep the dnc safe from the water next week. whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension
7:54 am
the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
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7:56 am
>> ought side at penn's landing. >> tomorrow, outside at the del. it is a finale because we'll give away the mazda cxi. we've been talking about it for so long, now it is time to deliver. >> so fun. >> ♪ >> the brand now cx will be given away tomorrow. let's get to know the finalists before we give away this car. >> we've been announcing them every week. let's get to know them. finalist number one, nancy from marlton, new jersey, nancy born in upper darby but raise in the south jersey. guess what she is one every ten children, now married has one daughterment nancy says winning a new car would be perfect because she is getting ready to retire next year.
7:57 am
she wants to crews into retirement. >> our second finalist, janet butler from mt. laurel, new jersey, she is married and has one daughter and two grandchildren, she loves cooking, janet said she has not bought a new car since 1998. when bill clinton was in office. so winning this car is much needed. >> and finalist tiffany, bar tender at the harleysville hotel. loves spending time with family at the mountains and down the shore, says winning the car would be amazing because she just bought her first house, and it would perfect in her new garage. >> mazda finalist number four, david magee from philly. he's an army veteran, been married to his wife for 44 years. he retired from the postal service a few years ago, and now works as a police crossing guard for philadelphia public schools. he says winning the mazda would mean a lot because he and his wife wands to take
7:58 am
their grant churned to disney world in orlando in a car wherever one would sit. our finalist, you might recognize him, from the fact he was on good day. he was born and raised in darby pa. he loves sports, likes to live on the wild side, loves motorcycles and would like to jump from a plane on his next birthday t would mean for the first time he could bless his moms with a blessing, good day drive, came with his mom, you got to meet them bothment then we dunked him in the dunking boot but plans to give her this car as a token of his appreciation. he loves his mom. >> our finalist, born in southwest philadelphia, now lives in delaware, she is a former cock hail worker had to retire earlier because now battling multiple sclerosis. she said winning the mazda would be huge help because she could give her current car to her daughter, who is starting college next month. >> and also came out to one of
7:59 am
our good day drive events, we got to meet her, our finalist lauren, from bucks county now lives in marlton, even though her last name is bently, she wants a mazda xc -- cx9. >> stay at home mom loves fishing, hike hooking, traveling, she said winning a mazda would be a huge financial relief to her single income family home. >> weekday, hecks tore moralez from camden, new jersey, hector born in puerto rico, grew up in camden, now lives in egg harbor township with his wife, two cats, and a dog. hector going to be a first time father this november. he says with a baby on the way the mad did a would be a true blessing. so sweet. those are our eight find lists, got to know them little bit. one of them will drive away, i was going to say walk away but drive away in a new car, meet all of them tomorrow. bells of luck to all of youment even if you are not one of the finalists still come out. there is lots out there for you. food, fun, free concert, it will be a great time and you
8:00 am
get to hang out with us. >> it will be warm. >> good day to you. it is thursday, july 21st, 2016. >> each and everyone every you and god bless the united state of america. >> tens, what ted crust refuse to do that got him in some trouble with the crowd. and trump, donald trump, to make appearance. >> did she or didn't she. >> only limit to your achievement, is the strength of your dreams. >> melania trump claims she wrote her controversial speech, but not so fast. there -- who is now taking the blame from some of michelle obama's words. >> the latest trend for your big day. the science behind these
8:01 am
spectacular cakes. >> first lady like you've never seen her before. michelle obama is dumping the limo taking a ride in the carpool lane. but she not alone, the ran err joined her to take her skills to the next level. >> ♪ >> i never have done it in a car like that, maybe i should. >> i think. >> don't you sing in the car with the radio on? >> little bit. not like that. >> sue, do you have concerts in the car? >> (laughing). >> ya, whenever. >> good morning to you, everyone, we are getting ready for another hot day. >> yes. >> this one not as hot as it is going to be, but prepare yourselves. now, yesterday we had a ten. today it is a nine. tomorrow i'll warn you slightly lower number again. so, rather comfortable start. not bad out there right now. bus stop buddy ready for
8:02 am
another day outdoors, okay today, even though we are going to get to 90 degrees, temperatures are in the 60s, and 70s right now, but, it will be heating up throughout the afternoon. feel little more humidity as well. and then tonight, a muggier night than the past two have been. what will still have mostly clear skies. and low of 72 degrees. so that's your thursday forecast. we'll get you ready for the weekends, and it will be a hot one coming up. so, ya, casino of a mess. what road is this, dave war? >> probably route one southbound. yes, having problems this morning. an accident right around the oxford valley mall. and see one road getting by. one lane getting by. but we had issues up and down southbound side of route one this morning. there in part every bucks county, so slow it on down. now to month co, lower again he had dekalb pike and school house road. accident there. there right along 202, now we go to jenkintown, washington
8:03 am
lane and wynnecote road. accident there. so some slow spots around there. keeping it in month co, abington, old york road at burrell avenue, another accident there. but you can see slow spot all up and down part of the turnpike there, minor issues with the sun glare, number every accidents, take little extra time this morning. chris, alex? >> thank up, dave. 8:03, search is on for gunman after man shot to death in overbrook overnight. police say at least two men opened fire on the 22 year old as he sat in his car, happened along the 5800 block of woodcrest avenue around 12:30, this morning. the wounded victim tries to drive away, but crashed into several parked cars and died. >> and north philadelphia, police investigating the shooting death after 22 year old man, in fairhill. officers say he was shot 14 times, north mascher street around 1:30 this morning, neighbor drove the victim to the hospital. where he was pronounced dead. >> temple university board of trustees would seek to dismiss the president of the university at meeting
8:04 am
scheduled for today. >> earlier, this month, issued vote of no confidence, and calls president doctor kneel theo bold, decision came amid $22 million financial aid shortfall. intend to put the school's chancellor in theo bald's position until they find a replacement. >> we'll keep an eye on that. >> 8:04. >> do you hear that? do you hear that? former presidential candidate ted cruz gets a series every boost, at the republican national convention, cruise addressed the crowd last night, but stopped short of formally endorsing trump. the move did not appear to go over well with the crowd. as they shouted we want trump. >> we want bruce. bruce, good morning to you, you're in cleveland for the aftermath yet again. >> yes, look, we describe these political conventions as
8:05 am
heavily scripter dollars four day pep rallies. basically last night, ted crust, as one of the head cheerleaders, got up and said hey our team is okay, but cheer for who ever you want tonight. not he can actually what they were looking nor that hall. cruz as we take a look at him coming on to the stage, received real lofty cheer as he took the stage for his big prime time speech last night. remember, he was the number two vote getters among that crowded field of republican candidate. so he entered the room with lot of popular tip, lots of entheusiasm, that crowd did not know what some other including reporters new, and that was that cruz was going to mention donald trump's name precisely one time in that speech. and it is not much beyond that. all pivoter dollars to other issues, not what the folks in that hall were hoping for. let's take a listen. >> i want to congratulates donald trump on winning the nomination. and like each of you, i want to see the principals that our party believes prevail in november. conventions are times of
8:06 am
excitement. but given the event of the last few weeks i hope you will a lay me to talk about what's really at steak. >> and with that, ted cruz pivotted away from donald trump entire already -- entirely, never talked about him again, lost the room. not surprise to some folks. the secret party officials and certainly reporters like myself get advanced copy of these speeches, and what's referred to as prepared for delivery. in other words, someone could at the last minute add comment or two, but basically this is the speech that will be delivered, we new about it probably an hour and a half april head, donald trump tweeted he knew it couple of hours ahead of time, but what do you do you about it? not denunciation of donald trump boy any means but clearly not the full support he was asking for, clearly wanted the audience did not dig it at all. on paper the big star of the night would be indianna governor mike pez, vice presidential nominee, pence delivered sprong steve by all accounts, part auto by graf
8:07 am
call. let me tell you a little about who i am, pivotted into the full throat dollars support at the man of the top of the ticket. let's listen. >> you have nominated a man for president who never quits, who never backs down, a fighter, a win earn, until now had to do it by himself against al outs, but this week with this united party he's got back up and on november 8th i know we will let donald trump to be the 45th president of the united states of america. >> again, well received speech from indianna governor mike pence, party unity, well, that remains to be seen after what we saw from that cruz missle that hit the arena last night, final mention, more protests set for today. the biggest of this week apparently, a lot of groups involved 6789 late yesterday afternoon the strong pros protest led to 17, 18 arrests all centered around some flag burning attempts made by some of the protesters, so things are starting to get a little bit uglier these late
8:08 am
afternoon protests seem to be more contentious of the ones we're seen so far. we expect the biggest protest of the week today of course to coincide with the big grand finale donald trump speech in the arena quicken loans arena tonight. we'll bring it all to you. >> how brilliant i think donald trump is. i think he obviously as you mentioned through the tweet new what ted cruz was going to say, and new that it would take the heat off his wife for the plagiarism two nights before. >> i'm not sure i would go that far, i would say the optics on television when one of your main speakers getting booed off the stage, probably not the best. apparently if you want to include the melania speech as self inflicted wound two, this could be self inflicted two, on the other hand it is fair to say ted cruz stuck to his principals, went through some nasty times, ted cruz and trump, will recall, trump made comment about cruz's wife appearance. inch tow mated cruz's father was somehow involved without
8:09 am
any evidence of course, in the jfk assassination many years ago, so there was some real bad blood there. frankly, i talk to number of pennsylvania delegates who said when we talk about well, make all of these nasty comment then pivot no i love you and supporting you, that's casino every phony. they say yes but that's politics. >> this was not politics last night at least in that sense, lot of folks who believe cruz was setting himself up for 2020 run by sabatage g donald trump tonight. that's way off in the distance, we'll worry about that later, guys, see you at 9:00. >> thank up, bruce. >> 8:09. philadelphia fire department wants you, what it takes to be a part of their team, and how much you can expect to make. >> but first steve, good morning to you, sir. >> reporter: also uncle sam want you to join the coast guard, and they've waived their age requirement. so, i've quick good day, and i'm going to now double the new age requirement, which is 27, if you are wondering, but we are on the delaware river for serious matters because it is the coast guard and marine
8:10 am
police that are traffic and weather the waters for the democratic national convention, we are watching the guys doing all of the watching. alex? >> well, national junk food day. we know steve doesn't mess with junk food. we have to wait until after he was done with this one. we want to know what's your favorite. tell us and use the #fox29goodday. look at the options here, tweet us, facebook us, instagram, remember, guys, use the #fox29goodday. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows...
8:11 am
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8:13 am
>> you might want to plan on hunkering down over the weekends, but 75 in philadelphia, six a lancaster and mount pocono, 76 in wildwood, 71 degrees in trenton. average hi, 87 degrees. yesterday, we were right where we were supposed to be with 87. that low humidity, don't get used to it, though, we'll heat up today to 90. it will feel stickier, very humid tomorrow with high of 93. then we zoom up to 97 on saturday. close to 100, really, and it will feel like it is above 100. that extreme heat continues through sunday, we could set
8:14 am
new record if we hit 97 degrees on monday, stays warm on tuesday, might even reach 90 degrees on wednesday, so this could be a six or seven day heatwave. dave war never. >> seven days of heat, and we have some delays still along the southbound side of route one. this is near the oxford valley mall, there is an accident up the street. so the right lane is block, so there is the back up from it, up and down route one, on the southbound side. delays today. and, story time today in blue bell. that's right along skippack pike. there is an accident just down the road. it is off to the shoulder. so everything looks clear along skippack pike. just take little extra time. these on the rails this morning, trenton line, west trenton line delays, because of an issue that happened earlier there the talcony station, also, things lock pretty clear, on the ben franklin bridge. there is some sunshine out there, just right volume. typical about this time of day. but things moving along nicely. chris? >> thank you, coming up on 8:15, democratic in a national
8:15 am
convention in philly next week being security big concern. >> of course all hands on deck to keep the politicians, the delegates, everyone else safe. some down through the waterways, steve, where are you right now? >> look revolutionary battlefield, if you have never been there, got to advice at this time, great place to learn about the birth place of the country, then you see the little island there, see some of the oil tankers, and you'll probably see and hear an airplane overhead by about 200 feet, because right in the landing area. >> specially, next week, with the democratic national convention, he's chief enforcement, enforcing voting under the influence laws normally, but they are having lot of restrictions on the
8:16 am
waters next week, for all of the people that normally fill these waters, especially on the weekends, biggs i week ahead. running monday through thursday, will run 500 yards north, 500-yard south, platt bridges, and also, from the entrance of the schuylkill river, all the way to westin cup island. >> looking at every possible entry point for any possible bad thing happening. you are on your toast all week? absolutely, maintain the border states. >> and because we are surrounded by water in philadelphia, and surrounded by democrats, who like to have good time while here, probably a lot of party on both, as well next week? >> yes, we will have law enforcement presence all the way from the ben franklin bridge all the way to the memorial bridge, and we will maintain side of the water make sure everybody has a safe time. >> you have all of these possibility running you there
8:17 am
your head, meetings, and a lot of things you can't even talk about because you don't want people to know what you're to up in case they're to up something. but what possibility do you guys train for all the time? >> all aspect of security, waterway security, law enforcement, law enforcement officers, partner with our partners in the new jersey state police and philadelphia police and pennsylvania state along with the delaware port authority to maintain water safety. >> you grew up on the island of puerto rico, you're used to water watch do you think of the waterways in philadelphia? >> a lot colder than puerto rico. >> feels a little like puerto rico this week? >> very hot. but as long as everybody stays safe, use the proper precautions when they are operating their craft, and we also work with our port, so make sure they know what is restricted during the dnc. >> chris, the coast guard,
8:18 am
very important arm of military, feature them on the military show, pay tribute, military branch often forgotten, but the guys who keep this country and miles and miles, you don't realize how much coastline they are responsible for. so, down in florida, where lieutenant commander chris is from, they've been phone for their drug enforcement, now, known foreign forcing every casino of law possible and keeping the democratic national convention as safe as possible from anybody trying to come in on the waterways, they are thinking about everything, believe me. guys? >> they covers thousands and miles, maine through florida down through washington state. >> appreciate what they do for us for sure. talking about the bnc, not only your steve keeley reporting and your bruce gordon reporting, but celebrities coming to the sit. >> i so taking campaign, haven't released official complete list yet but we have some clues via twitter.
8:19 am
eva long gore ya tweet can't wait to support hillary clinton at the determine convention next week. >> demi, going to to the dem convention next week. >> honored to announce that will be speaking together at the dem convention in support of hillary clinton. >> does that mean they'll be on the stage? that's big. >> and already doing her part, she was in the philadelphia area yesterday, selling her support behind hillary clinton. she is here with local politicians and for round table discussion, hopefully she stays a while. debra messing, wedding date, one of my favorites. i loved will and grace. >> hilarious. >> so, we know some confirmed stars in the concerts and parties, lady gaga, snoop dog, snoop lion, what i his name is now, fergie, cyndi lauper, line, kareem abdul-jabbar. that's just what we know b you know people will jump up from last minute. >> i mean, legendary with
8:20 am
"magic" johnson, and all of those, nora mixon. >> hopefully we can make this happen. viewers we need your help. so going throughout philly you see people if you come across a celebrity take a picture, tweet us so we can show it on tv so we can know who else is in town. we opportunity know who is in town. we have a deal. >> so philly getting the boot? turns out pennsylvania, they wouldn't mind seeing philly just carved out of the state altogether. >> what? >> yes, just how many of our neighbors want us out of pennsylvania. >> oh, that's just wrong. >> but first, work didn't seem so terrible for americans. new survey says happiness at work is at all time high. >> thrilled to be here this morning. >> why employees are smiling more on the job. >> hey, by the way, why i'm really happy to be here, we're celebrating national junk food day. we want to know what is your favorite? same own saying chocolate put withing lots of whip cream. on stocks pounds cake.
8:21 am
>> use the #fox29goodday.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
>> shannon dougherty slaved her hair, her friends and family joined her, she revealed she was fighting breast cancer last summer. and listen up ladies may now be a way to have a baby after menopause, team of researchers say they found a way to restart periods, by rejuvenating ovaries to release fertile eggs. it work on technique on a woman who had no not menstruate in the five years, done at the greek fertility clinic. >> great. great video by the way. >> why? >> ya. >> we're done here, don't have to worry about it. in you you're going to bring it back up? >> well, a lot of people having babies later. never too old.
8:25 am
>> no definite. if that's your thing, go right for it. >> ya. >> coming up 8:25, happiness at work hits it highest level since 2005. >> listen to this. half of every american now says that they're happy on the job to be exact 49%. so, this is a new survey by the conference board, americans say they feel more secure in their current job or feel they can find another job pretty quickly if they quit. people also gave their colleagues high praise, nearly 06% of americans say the people with whom they work are great. present company included. nice working with you. >> oh, nice working with you, too. >> that's big part of it, though, right, if you like the co-workers make it fun. >> else moth fun the stuff you don't see at home, and i think probably 1015 morning meeting.
8:26 am
hilarious. people always ask -- >> i know you and mike jerrick, you all go out. >> everyone always asks me, is mike as fun a crazy on tv? it is more fun, more fun. >> philadelphia fire department wants you, what it takes to be a part of their team, and how much you can expect to make. >> it is national swung food day. we want to know what's your favorite. here is kim's, my favorite pizza. >> does this count as junk food? that's a meal. >> i agree. >> and oh, hey, she said i am all of the above, please. all of the emojis, ice cream, fries, pizza, hamburger, she has it all. >> so keep weighing in. just use the #fox29goodday.
8:27 am
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>> michelle obama dissing the limo and taking a ride in the carpool lane. she wasn't the only one doing there is rat rap here joined her to take her skills to the next level. >> governor pence had good night last night, another moment everyone is talking about, i don't moan ted cruz in this instance, awkward kiss that pence apparently didn't see coming due did you see that moment? >> yes, and we'll see it again, stay with good day, it is not to be missedment yesterday as a ten, today, a nine, so still pretty goodment practically perfect. it is just little more humid, but still comfortable out there. wear ooh sunscreen if you're out of doors, bus stop buddy in the sunglasses, phillies cap, won last night.
8:31 am
right now the temperature, at the airport, is 75 degrees. so we'll probably head up to 90 by the end of the day, with sunset time at 8:24. so, plenty of sunshine, still okay to be out of doors, but we have got some excessive heat. >> that's your planner for thursday, weekend forecast just ahead, dave warrer? >> street road 95, ramp block, one lane getting by, accident along the ramp, health where 95 looks okay there, but this little slow spot there. ninety-five, pretty slow from woodhaven to the vine. , that is southbound, northbound looks okay. from the vine to woodhaven road. things moving nicely, some slow spots specially 7 miles an hour typical 76 around the boulevard, a lot of reds there along the turnpike, and also, along 95, as we just talk about. one other issue here, is in lower merion, lancaster avenue
8:32 am
at church road. one lane is blocked there. along lancaster avenue because of an accident. alex? >> 8:32, philadelphia's bravest are looking for a few good men and women. applications are available now. and chris murphy is outside to find out how you can join. >> on hiring spree, so so peak, what casino of candidate are you looking for? >> for folks from all walks of life certainly veterans, but we want folks the best talent we can find from across the city representing the diversity of this city and all of the great things this sit represent. >> how many firefighters do you have now? >> we have more than 2,000 firefighters, med being, emt's right now, just graduated 157 new firefighter, and look to go hire more to basically going to put our two yearlies out, hiring for couple of years so we'll see. >> how many roughly do you think you want? >> we just did two classes of about, you know, like i said, 157.
8:33 am
so we think probably over two years around that number. >> pay is about 50,000 a year startingy? >> that's the starting pay, great pay. great benefits. most importantly, it is such a rewarding career and profession. >> how long have you been a fire fighter. >> been in this business for 24 years, as great as it ever was. >> what's great about it? what do you love about being a firefighter for someone at home that might be inclined to want to apply. >> every day different. you can never know it all. every day you get to help somebody on their worse day. >> we'll have record heat coming up this weekend. you guys are in heavy gear, fighting these fires, it is a tough job, especially with heatwave. >> really is, very physically demanding actually having open house this weekend. so you can come out to our academy and check out what it takes, at ten and one, see gear, see live fire, see how firefighters do it no matter the conditions 24/7, 36 a. >> you guys are heroes in the just after 9/11 but day-to-day, we talk about it, you're admired by the community, putting yourselves
8:34 am
in harms way. what can you share about the challenges the job, i mean, specially with something like a dnc. you're not just fighting fires. you're called into action in different ways? >> right. pretty much do anything anybody calls us to do. everybody has seen the cabinetry thing. we'll be around the dnc. be here on duty, as we always are, 24/7, protecting the delegate, protecting visitors, businesses, first and for most our citizens right here in this great city of philadelphia. >> all right. we all know that the ladies love firefighters, especially men in uniform before coming out here, alex said boy she thinks predecessor looked pretty darn good in his cap. anything about wearing the uniform, and the attraction you get from the opposite sex? >> well, we have men and women firefighters, certainly looking for firefighters both male and female. so anybody can wear the uniform and whatever that does for up, that's great. but most importantly, we're great benefit, great profession. >> i was trying to hit on the humerous side of things, glad i got you smiling.
8:35 am
great to meet you. two month on the job now? >> little bit over two month. >> loving it? >> loving every minute. >> pleasure. >> new fire commissioner in philadelphia, alex, sorry, by the way, still involved with file i fire fighting. >> on point there are this recruitment drive. doing radio interview across town. >> alex, i have your question answered. >> i didn't ask that. you always have the jokes, chris murphy. there, lovely people, i met them, really sweet. so thank you for all that you do. >> 8:35. did she or didn't she? melania trump claims she wrote her controversial speech. not so fast. who is now taking the blame for stealing the first lady michelle obama's work. >> and national junk food day. we want to know, which one is your favorite? oh, this one says my favorite junk food is double stuffed or yost, oh, those are good. then linda says my favorite is two giant chocolate chunk cookies and vanilla fudge ripple ice cream inbetween. oh, that's specific and it
8:36 am
sound great. so keep weighing in, make sure to use the #fox29goodday. what will you eat today to celebrate? let us know. there's one place where america's pastime is preserved for all time.
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>> realize dollars what was saying oh, wait, and boo. he started booing. >> start today endorse donald trump, but booed off the stage. >> we will unite the party, we will unite the country, by standing together, for shared values, by standing for liberty. >> god bless each and everyone every you, got bless the united state of america. >> ted cruz got booed off the
8:40 am
stage. didn't honor the pledge, saw his speech two hours early, but let him speak anyway. no big deal. join us now. >> i don't now if you can hear us, might still be hearing the boo's coming from the convention hall last night. >> ya, i tell you, definitely. it was almost like an earthquake, and then, security had to get not only cruz, but cruz's wife out of the hall, because it was hostile. those are delegates, largely trump people, anti-trump people not here. that's part of controversy, the whole question about lack of unity in the republican ranks, at the moment. even the governor of ohio, john kasich, who was one of trump's rivals in the gop primaries, not here. marco rubio the senator from florida made appearance by video, did endorse trump. but so much of this is sort of for the trump supporters. disappointing and obviously cruz took the cake.
8:41 am
they booed him. >> george w. bush last republican president, and then guy ran last tight, mitt romney. >> good point, chris, he can actually. >> then also, i was looking for melania trump, didn't see her in the family box, because people still talking about the controversy with the plagiarism. >> they are. what's interesting about it now the trump campaign, initially tried it say hey no big deal, don't worry about it, or over gosh, every says nice things about their husband, finally are saying, yes, it was a problem, and, yesterday, trump made a show of things. he was forgiving the person who had done it, you know, you got to go give young people, mistakes are made the latest spin that they're putting on this, but i think that alex, .
8:42 am
>> melania came out in the beginning before the speech said oh, no, i wrote most of t and then now, decide to take a fall guy or fall gal in this case? >> that's he can actually right. trump trying to say hey look at me, i can be gracious, i can be magnanimous about people making mistakes for me, i see the best in people. and he's his whole -- watching the convention see the whole family come up l real donald trump is a guy who understands how to get things done. , i think trying to pick up on that scene. but the big message coming out of the convention so far, can the trump cap pain put on a convention, well, if they can't do that, can they run the government. that's i think what we will be looking for tonight, to see words from donald trump, really, outstanding speech, that really, obscures all of the trouble that we've seen throughout the week, and just gets people back focusing on
8:43 am
trump and potentially says americans who are watching on tv, hey, he's not so bad. he can actually govern the country the media's had it wrong where somebody told me the wrong thing about donald trump. >> okay, thank you, and after that we'll see you here in philly next week. >> yeah bo can't wait. can't wait to get back to philly. i love philadelphia. thank you so much, alex. >> see you soon. >> thanks for your time, appreciate t. >> we're dressing up. getting ready. jen getting us together fashion wise. >> yes, because, it is a list time. lady gaga, and so what are you going to wear? no gala's, talk about what, over dressed, undressed, here,
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] something's going on at blue mountain, got the tents up there, and looks like probably some sort of competition. not skiing, obviously, but anyway. let's talk about the opposite of skiing. excessive heat. it is coming this weekend, saturday, sunday, already have the excessive heat watch in effect, so what we're expecting, challenging high temperature records through
8:47 am
probably sunday and upon day, because, well, the records could be broken, or at least tie, oppressive humidity on top of that, longest heatwave we've had so far this year. it will be at least six days or maybe even seven. if we hit 90 today. and probably will. ninety-three tomorrow. upper 90s both saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, mid 90s, maybe even 90 on wednesday, and you're going to have to get used to it, guys, isn't this going to be fun? >> it is. >> can't wait. >> goings to be fun running into big names this week if philly, right? >> lady gaga, snoop dog will be here, what about partying? want to dress up to be on their level. >> going to jenn fred doing just that, nicole miller boutique in bellevue, high! >> good morning, guys. so you want to dress up. the big thing you don't want to look like you're trying too hard. >> don't want to lock like we're trying too hard. >> we don't look like we're trying too hard. >> the way i always dress in
8:48 am
the morning, right? you don't wear cocktail dresses in the morning? >> this old thing? i just through it on. >> you're going to party tonight. >> i am. the parties are starting, so from dc here leading charge for the speech writing team for the dnc. >> has a lot to say. >> a lot to say. >> when go to this, sophisticated party, something you might wear? >> you know what, so with the speech writing team a lot of young people, casual, pretzel and beer kind of party. the kind of thing i would wear to that, you know, jeans, and, you know, cute heal, i'm always freezing so little leather jacket where again like trying to sort of be cool. >> but underneath that's some t-shirt. did you this on purpose even though you don't look like you're trying it hard. >> still all of the beading, intricacy, and it makes it just takes it up the next level. not t-shirt. >> you put me in this. >> did i. >> it is amazing and you look amazing. >> but i could wear it anywhere just like hey -- >> it is festive. it is beautiful. also if it were a cocktail party, you are good to go.
8:49 am
you want to stand out but fit in. and that's the way to do it. >> good point. we know that there aren't any big black tie gala's. >> not that i know of. >> let's bring in kylie our millennial if you will. hello, millennial. i love she -- >> we have this great nicole miller dress sort of bro kay, under kate. what we've done is thrown the little jean jacket on over it to make it just kind of casual and cute and young, and then this pop of color with the back, and the way she is wearing it cross body again takes this cocktail dress, a lot of you may have something like this in your closet, tones it down, throw on the little sort of booty and again making it more sort of accessible, more grounded, no pun intended with the shoes, but more of a grounded look not too fancy. >> i love it. sabrina casino of working the same situationment sabrina, nicole miller. >> looked good. >> you styled her. >> yes, so, we found just like a great blouse and pants. any sort of slim white pant
8:50 am
you may even have at home, and beautiful, you know, here she has this great nicole miller top on, sort of that political color going on. fun jewelry. and a bag. >> you have been talking to people, people coming in to get stuff. what are you telling them? transitional thing is the theme? >> transitional clothing people coming in things that they can go from day to evening, so meeting, sort of what kylie has, real cool cocktail dress, turn the jacket off it turns into evening dress, cool. >> check in at the wells fargo center and they're going all night. >> walking a lot, too. sometimes i say start from the ground up. if there are a pair of shoes you like, relatively comfortable, you sometimes have to be little un comfortable for beauty however i say start from the grownup. and then you can often style that way too. >> i love it. you guys look great. i love this dress. i love it, i love it. we're not going to shop in the next hour, we're going to taylor our closet. you will want to see what that
8:51 am
has. again, madam secretary is here ready. >> she is here, hanging out with us, and we're having fun with her. >> thank up, jen. wedding cakes rock. latest trend for your big day, look, isn't this cool? you can eat this, folks. the science behind these spectacular geo cakes. >> spectacular winning lottery numbers.
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>> ♪ >> i love this.
8:55 am
saw this just second ago. he moves. so all of these lovable nfl mascots, can't stop them. they made a video to justin timberlake's single can't stop the feeling. see it. i don't want ask why, because i love it so much, that i don't know why they did this. but it is so cute. >> ♪ >> 8:55, the first lady like you've never seen her before. michelle obama, dissing the limo and black suv, taking it in, and someone joins her and takes the skills to the next level. >> not the driver. >> governor mike pence had good night last night, accepted the vp nomination form lip, but another one everyone is talking about, the awkward kiss. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:56 am
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>> ♪ >> so cute, this is the school of dance in south philly. >> oh, ice ice baby. they're outside dance to go ice ice baby because ice age collision course comes out tomorrow. and we're giving away passes
9:00 am
to the move think morning, so stop by fourth and market, get you some free passes, there it is, lots to give away. >> cool. kids are out of school. perfect move toy take them too. >> and it is will be so hot, too. >> definitely. air-conditioning! >> turn the fan around for what the next six, seven days? >> i heard a tip once. bowl of ice in front of your fan. >> oh, so it blows over the ice, almost like air-conditioning, if you don't have air-conditioning. >> i like that idea. thank you, sue, good tai to you it is thursday, july the 21st, 2016. is philly getting the boot? it turns out, pennsylvania, pennsylvanians, wouldn't mind seeing philly just leave the state. just how many of our neighbors, okay, the city next to us, they want us out.


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