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tv   Chasing News  FOX  July 22, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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notes. captain frank milillo is the man in charge. >> the department wants to ensure that we don't leave nothing out, and to see what we can learn from cleveland. >> reporter: philly cops have notice add number protesters here far fewer than anticipated. arrests are a tiny traction of what had been feared. milillo says there's a tiny fraction of the otherwise well behaved groups to watch out for. >> some go rogue and have an intention to cause disruption and trouble. >> move back! move back! >> reporter: cleveland police used newly purchased bikes to good effect captain milillo bikes have been part of the philly police tool kit for years and will be again next week. >> we always use our mounted patrol in the back in case we need. to we want to get people out there in front. >> face to face eye level. >> face to face to show, get that human aspect part of it. >> reporter: cleveland police have called in reinforcements from all over the nation to
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create a massive presence that may well have tamed down the violence. he says philly will get help from the pennsylvania state police and the feds but will otherwise go it alone. there will be plenty of cops on the streets of philadelphia but as in cleveland the goal will be to interact with the public, to create conversation, not provocation. >> we don't want to look like we're at a standoff with the community which we're not. >> captain milillo cautiously on the mystic about the number of arrests in cleveland this week and about the relatively low key nature of the protests. gop delegates booed him off the stage in cleveland last night but today defiant senator ted cruz says he's no survival puppy. >> cruz will not cave to criticism for not endorsing donald trump. angry convention delegates are pro dicking ted cruz committed political suicide by accepting a prime time speaking plot to you were republicans to vote your
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conscious. cruz told trump he wasn't going to endorse him ahead of time. trump said no problem. >> the senator was trump's top opponent during primary season. trump lobbing not only crude insults at cruz'ss wife but trying time complicate his father into the social security nation of president ken did he. >> i said at the time and i'm not going get into criticizing or attacking donald trump but i'll give you this response. i am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. >> senator cruz also today referenced his call for americans to vote their conscious and troubling that offended some in the audience. pennsylvania has proven to be a pivotal battleground state in last elections and florida gets that distinction as well. >> could demographic shift is the sunshine state created a new roadblock for republicans. >> reporter: florida was the star of tonight's show.
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>> florida i love you. >> reporter: my name is rick scott governor of the great start of in order! >> it's 29 electoral votes could very well determine who is standing on the big stage in january. >> november 8 is a day of reckoning. >> reporter: consider this. the last republican to win florida george w. bush won the state by five points in 2004 with 56% support from latinos. eight years later though barack obama won the state by a single point. but latinos swung to support him 60% to 39. albert is of cuban decent and hasn't voted for republican since george w. and george w. campaigned on path to citizenship and support of bilingual education. >> i don't think the party is anything. i think it's dead. >> reporter: recent national poll of latinos by nbc tell monday dough shows clinton leading trump 76 to 14. >> we are going build a wall. it will be a real wall.
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>> reporter: trump's approval rating lung latinos stands at only 11%. >> while we're in this nation we should be speaking english. >> reporter: tampa resident corrina santana has mexican ancestors voted for republican presidential candidates but won't be doing so this time. >> who else is he going to go after? he's already stated mexicans and he keeps adding more to his list. it's sad to say that means i have no future here in the united states if he becomes president. >> reporter: just since 2012 left leaning center for american progress projects the latino electorate in florida to grow from 16-point 6% to 18-point 2%. on the other hand, the percentage of florida's white votevoters which romney won 66-7 has fallen from 66.7 to 64.5. just tenth ands of a point of a demographic shift could matter in a tight state. isabel stapleton is a latino
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swing voter who won't be supporting trump. >> this country was made out of immigrants and a lot of them have been here for years. where are you going to send them to. i'm an immigrant. >> despite demographics several recent polls have suggested clinton trump showdown could be close in florida. it has been quite a week. tonight we're looking at the top five moments from cleveland's rnc. >> are you a fan of harry potter? if the answer is yes chances are you feel a certain way about donald trump. what a new university of pennsylvania study has found. >> they studied this.
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♪ americans watching this address tonight have seen the recent images of violence in our streets, and the chaos in our communities. many have witnessed this violence personally. some have even been its victims. i have a message for all of you that crime and violence that
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today afflicts our nation will soon and i mean very soon come to an end. >> trump's big speech topping a long list of memorable moments from this weeks number two. number play the plagiarism scandal to threatened to drop out everything else that happened in cleveland trump's wife milan ya delivered a speech couldn't taping portions identical to speech first made will he smell obama gave at the 2008dnc. here's a bit of that. >> we want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> we want our children and all children in this nation to know that the only limits to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them. >> trump staff writer eventually came forward to take the blame for recycling sections of the
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first lady's 2008 speech. and the number three moment. >> he looked stunned. senator ted cruz got booed off the stage in prime time. lat night he delivered a speech that mentioned trump once. he suggested voters follow their conscious. the crowd as you can hear none too happy. here's number four. >> we must ask this question. hillary clinton as awful judge of the character of a dictator and butcher in the middle east, some she guilt or not guilty? >> guilty. >> new jersey governor chris christie turned quicken loans arena into a courtroom tuesday night. kicking off what he interprets to be the various crimes committed by hillary clinton and then letting the audience pass their verdict. there were chants of guilty every time. and finally, number five.
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>> ♪ >> and there he is. us know him as charles in charge. i would have gone with happy days i knew him as cha chi. it's been awhile since we've heard from scott baio were ended monday night when he took the stage. he is a big supporter of trump and he made that clear this week. all righty. are you a harry potter fan perhaps? because maybe your in the fan of gop presidential nominee. >> new study from u penn found that potter readers usually have low opinions of donald trump readers part of the study did not identify with one political party over the other. penn study found that readers see trump as similar to have you had march the iconic series villain but author j.k. rowling said trump is far worse than sold march. if there you go. >> i think it's interestin intet they actually, you know, did a study on that. >> so it was very interesting listening to drum top night
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because he said that on june 16th he started this journey and who would have believed this would have happened. i think that he is joined boy lost people on that amazing. >> we'll be back tomorrow night and all week with the dnc.
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>> you never know who you are going to run into walking around the halls of the convention. >> the garbage man. how is it going? >> we love you. >> one of those yelling the loudest, new jersey state senator mike doherty who endorsed donald trump even four
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mons before. he told me what it feels like. >> it was rah, rah let's go. >> back in the day, they gathered for the breakfast meeting for the dy a he events and the speaker was ahead of the party. governor chris christie. christie din waste any time lambasting cruz but actually movedden to a far more introspeckive look at things. >> it is running out as my time as give in and as my time of the leader of this party. and inside of this room, i suspect, there are some people who may be considered for that leadership. >> christie has been introspeckive several ties. you can feel he is feeling the time ever before. >> it is appropriate for me to do so. i want you to not allow new jersey to become a
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back row player in the republican national politics. new jersey political parties are pretty intense. don't expect anything different to come from democrats to the democratic national convention. maybe, maybe, just maybe, the establishment will evolve ap survive donald trump? >> ment all right. thank you. well, now inside of the convention hall to jim jim mcqueeney. what's the button in side. well, it is still rinking with the cruz booing here, yeah, in fact, thisng mo, outside at the breakfast that chris cry ty was talking about. again, what was really, sort of a low-key address, very long one, but on the other hand, he talked about this cruz bee trial, i guess, what they saw. he likened it to senator lund sy graham talking once about senator cruz and how unpopular he is in the u.s. mate. he told the story lindsey graham said, if cruz has been murdered on the floor of the senate in full session, 99 other people would swear they never saw a
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thing happen. >> wow. >> good lord. >> what is next. how is he faring out there. >> well, mellow christie. >> mellow. ♪ ♪ ♪ one of the things was the legacy already. he has year and a half left in office. was tracking legacy. interestingly, though. he did not mention a single person as a successor except for him by maim. >> how about that? >> that the samebly minority leader. that is big deal. and it is also a bad deal if you are someone like lieutenant governor. >> how do you pecks the democratic convention in philadelphia to be any different or the same. >> well, democrats get a second chance to make a first impression in philadelphia. they know what has been said herement they can ply on the chaos that is here. they also have to sort of bulk up another message for hillary, who is hard. >> you will be at the stress factory this week. we count ob poll tegses to give us fodder for lapse. are they holding smew
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well, i just want to ask her one question -- how tough was it to get a six-year-old white guy into that convention? >> if you haven't heard, the democratic national convention will in in philadelphia next week. the physicallies often teased about being a little rough around the edges, so i headed down there to find out what they are doing to prep for the event. the city is expecting around 50,000 people for the four-day event starting monday at the wells fargo center. >> so it is really just like the average football game. you know? people that are coming in town. and to be hon honest with you. 20,000. unlook the pope's recent visit, resident don't have to worry about road ares being closed. >> some of them will be not going to the center. >> well, depending on where i live and i am ready for it. it is for days a week. that was bit of good news. business including restaurant and bars will also be open until 3:00 a.m. a lot of people are happy about that. >> did you hear the doors are open until
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3:00 a.m. well, i did not. >> but if you are not trying to be out that late, if you let go on any sort of social mode ya. they the will be hashtag that we'll you know what other local businesses are offering. while reare on the topic of money according to different city spokesperson. philadelphia is expected to spend around 660,000 on the different preps so includes a beautification process, overtime for workers. we are tracking new flags, new plans, streets should be fixed, so to kind of get in on the action. i headed without the parks anorak department to see what they were up to. well, we got 6700 plans going on in a number of locations from 16th street up to 18th street. >> well, our boss, gary, asked i in plad a tree on behalf of chasing news, however, they were not doing trees that day. >> not quite a tree. well, a little dirt on a plower and called it a day. could have donated the palm trees? that is a good point. but it said, it is dead.
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>> it is dead? ♪ ♪ >> oh, the last. i am the lost that know. i am the last to know. as far as security is concerned, the cost is being cover baid prall weren't they feel look they are prepared? well, i have high hopes for the city for the dnc, because when the hope came, local businesses were excited. they are hoping to turn a ton of extra money, instead, local businesses totally flopped so i am hoping it will be this he opposite. a as much of the people poke kick ob the rmc and the protest happen leg. they are expected to have just as many protests and the difference was actual ry you launched a whole team of lawyers to help people know the legal term when dealing with police such as i am being detain into. hank, allison. >> in atlanta, politics. what you want.
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to be brutally honest, for better or for worse. >> it is into it nice know they are having a conversation about it.
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>> coming up next -- we know dogs love to stick their heads out this he windows to feel the breeze. it is a k-9 carnival on a car.
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♪ >> give the formal introduction, everyone, give a warm welcome to comedian ian bagg. thank for joining us. [applause] >> thankthank you for having me. you probably recognize him are the last comic standing but be sure that catch one of the shows end new brunswick at the stress factory this weekend. why don't you brag about your self? what do you have coming up next? >> i was born in canada. i will still be, i have a netflix special coming out. it is called a conversation. you can also catch my last show, the special on hulu called getting to know you. i will be in rich upon, virginia, august 4th through 7th at the last something. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> come opp, everybody. >> thanks for having me, gorgeous. >> well, we know that dogs love to ride in the
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car. they love to stick their head out the window feel the breeze. well, in thailand, they lake to have the whole body outside of the car. to feel that prez. >> they are seep riding on top of the hood of the car and cruises done the street and it seems like they are even the best alternative for a horn because as they park, the people start moving out of the way. >> i caught up with this nation host in atlanta and i usually talking about entertainment this time i turned the focus to politics. halfway through the rnc in cleveland, i had to ask him what is thez with ob set about the gop nominee, dn al trump. what i have seen so far is a guy going out there seeing whatever is at the top of his head at the time. for boater for worse. well, owning up to it. a i know some people like hate to think, but what you want is a political candidate to be brutally honest and like you really want
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them to tell you that the soup is call cold when in fact, it is actually frozen into. well, he wants to be clear and in no way is this nation a political show. nor do they take a stance when it comes to either candidate. but i asked them, you know, has the image of trump softened up a little bit now you prefer the chirp and wife this weekend at the rmc. i mean, now you know with melan mia trump arep beat the other day heavily borrowed from michelle obama's speech. at one point, like asked out of something. >> also, being show with the strong african-american presence, i asked ted about what they have been saying with all the race tension going on right now in the country. and the black lives matter moment. >> black lives matter is really to let people know that, hey, there are issues that are going on, we are unified front and we are trying to let you know what is going on in larger numbers. they are not a
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terrorists group. they are nowhere look the kkk. >> we done hear many serious topics coming out of this mation. with how many serious things happening. it is nice know that it is on their radar. there are having a conversation about it. [cheering and applauding] >> you have to leave him or her in the car. make sure it he is not too hot. rack the windows. for the love of god, meak sure they don't know how to use the horn. this dog gat little impatient. started honking and barking waiting for the own mer to return mo we're on the owner ever came back. hopefully not. secret the jersey shore. we really wanted to incorporate flesh new jersey. >> wonderful he is recipes wer
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