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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  July 22, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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i greatfully accept your nom nation. >> donald trump formally accepting the republican nomination and yes says he is ready to be president of the you had of america. and his daughter ivanka trump stepping on stage last night what she says her father has been doing in business for years before it was even socially acceptable. rolling out the red, white and blue carpet all eyes are on our city for next week democratic national convention, cool events you can attend this weekend. and a man brutally beaten find courage to speak out against his attacker, yes says he forgives the men who robs him. extreme temperatures expect today and in the weekend. when we can expect highest
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temperatures of summer, we could have record breaking highs on monday, when we have the first day of the dnc. >> good day it is friday july between the second, 2016. lets get right to weather with dave war tone find out just how hot it will be. >> good morning. temperatures are heating up but if you want to beat the heat, do it right now because we are in the mid 70's but this will be the coolest temperatures we will see over next few days. number eight on the scale today, air quality alert in place because we're having poor air quality, code orange meaning susceptible to this poor air quality watch to it day because we will get increased pollutant was that light breeze and very bright sunshine. right now looking at ultimate doppler radar things are all clear, looking outside we have a temperature of 75. it did did in the get that cool last night. humidity climbing. that breeze out of the west southwest will bring in increased humidity. we will have temperatures in the 90's. this will be the start of the heat wave. we did not hit 90 yesterday
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but 94, 95, a breezy day south and east at 90. twenty-nine north and west. looking for a few showers and storms late in the day there that could contain strong, gusty wind. that will be the storms developing here today. lets look at the roadways, this morning, and get you outside and see if there is any issues that we have, first off, we will start, right along i-95, this has been case northbound that ramp to cottman closed until 5:00 this morning. no construction on the vine. things are cleared there this morning. no problems to report there but we have, 202 southbound, this is between the two, and 30, two lanes are block, you see, slowing down traffic just a little bit there this morning and 495 southbound at edgemore road has a has the right lane blocked there, for a little more construction. chris and lauren. we will make america
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strong again. we will make america proud again. we will america safe again. we will make america great again. god bless you and good night. i love you. >> that was his speech, and what we can see controversy ending with lots of emotion and a lot happened in between. >> fox 29's bruce gordon reports on cleveland on four days that will now go down in history. >> reporter: rap against national political conventions is they are predictable scripted down to the last detail. when the nominee is reality tv star that script can go right outside the window. >> predictions are that donald
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trump's views on illegal immigration and other issues would spur massive demonstrations and arrests even the possibility of violence. there were protests but nothing, it was mostly peaceful and there were a few arrests. only things went as smoothly inside the convention hall. >> my wife, an amazing mother, and incredible woman, melania trump. >> reporter: first there was speech by would be first lady melania trump portions were swiped from 2008 michelle obama speech. >> because we want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievement is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> reporter: clumsy attempt to explain plagiarism dragged the story out. just in time for a ted cruz missle to hit, texas senator still smarting from nasty personal a tax made by trump during the primary season
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offered a teped acknowledge will of the party victory. >> i want to congratulate donald trump on winning the nomination last night. >> reporter: but did not endorse winner and blasted trum in comments made the next morning. >> donald trump. >> reporter: trump ignored controversiness his widely accepted acceptance speech blasting hillary clinton for temper. and crack record and promising a crackdown on illegal immigration and war on isis. as for those who doubt it. >> all of the people, telling you, you cannot have the country you want, are the same that wouldn't stand and they said trump doesn't have a chance of being here, not a chance. >> donald trump is first and foremost a businessman. so in that context we asked can he sell voters on his
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vision for america? stay tuned. see you in philadelphia i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news in, cleveland. all right, thanks. safe travels back home. group of philadelphia police officers spent the week this cleveland taking notes ahead of the democratic national convention. >> so they are hoping, of course, to make this week's dnc as trouble free as possible. one of the various things they are seeing in cleveland is something they are letter doing here in philadelphia and that is using bikes in patrols. all over city people are getting ready for dnc, of course and now it is just three days away. you want feel excitement building. official kick off to the dnc began at penns landing last night. host committee threw a parity for thousands of role tears welcoming dignitaries and visitors to philadelphia hundreds of the banners are up with the new colorful street mural, landscapers put touches on fresh new flowers and crews have sweeped the street clear of litter. >> it is beautiful.
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very uplifting. >> they will be outside in hotels and on the community, in the street, and just being generally helpful. >> so there will be all big parties around town, google, coca coal, snoop doggies throwing a party this will be fun. >> visitors could be arriving as early as today and it appears we are ready. our, city lit up and decked out with patriotic flare. we are looking at 30th street station. >> i'm looking at dave warren behind me. >> he is back there it is all a glow stars and stripes. >> we can see that video. >> steve keeley is standing by at the constitution center, steve. >> reporter: here's something that cleveland doesn't have and this has a big deal, starting to take in fact, before the democrats officially are starting their convention next week, starting here today, this morning at 1:00 o'clock a big event called political fest and people get an early preview yesterday said that spending two hours here wasn't enclose
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to enough time to see everything that they have in here. it looks beautiful even at 4:00 in the morning draped in red, white and blue and one of the other reasons people will come he it has great air conditioning. so this will be the number one visited spot, next week, and there was a lot of events going on yesterday including a big thank you to all of the volunteers, who were pointing out all of the stuff to see here in philadelphia. >> all over town, about 10,000 or more volunteers are going to be working, hotels, on the street, answering questions, it will be a festive atmosphere in philadelphia we will be could go stuff at wells fargo center helping direct delegates, other jobs taking place down inside the a actual convention but then operation really takes an entire city to be part of so they will be out in hotels, out in the community, on the street, answering questions for folks and just being
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generally helpful. >> reporter: as a big thank you before they do their big job volunteers were given a big thank you dinner on penns landing. chris, lauren did you notice they have blue t-shirts that say ask me on it. so that is pretty good. pretty plane english from everybody coming from out of town wandering where to go while in town good we should wear one of those, you are walking encyclopedia for the delaware valley, you would be perfect. you may have noticed huge trucks. >> they are mobile x-ray scanning trucks and able to see is what inside of trucks and other vehicles, one of the many tools to keep visitors safe next week at the dnc. not far from the wells fargo center the philadelphia a fire department has equipment waiting in case of an emergency. dozens of emergency vehicles are in place as part of the department's special events response team. 4:09 is the time. we are following breaking news out of cobbs creek. police are searching for surveillance camera hoping to
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find person responsible for hit willing and killing a man. shooting happened in the 5700 block of locust street. the victim just a 21 year-old, the man, shot in the head, his body was found lying in the sidewalk just blocks from his home. police think shooter was very close to the victim when he was the shot. we found, one spent shell casing, about 2 feet from the victim's body, which is an indication that the shooter, was standing in very close proximity to the victim. it appears it was fired from point blank range. >> police are looking at surveillance camera at a nearby school to help identify that shooter. we told you about a brutal beating on the streets of the cities fernrock section. >> now man attack is speaking out and exclusively to fox 29, dave kinchen is live at police headquarters with this story, dave? do we have dave?
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okay. we will get to dave kinchen in a minute but evidently some trouble with his camera at this point. our time his 11:00. health care workers and emergency responders preparing for what is the biggest concern for dnc. charlotte north carolina is losing big business, why the nb a a is announcing they are moving next years all-star game out of the city.
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davis on her way, we will talk about the heat index. excessive heat watch, a watch, conditions are likely, no question this will be a warning, it is not quite there yet. the today heat up decks will close in on a hundred degrees but tomorrow where we will see that number really climbing above 100 degrees and that temperature will stay above 90 the next few days. we are in the 07's right now not a bad start not that humid nice and comfortable with the light breeze. maybe a few showers, developing later today, and look at the forecast with a few clouds coming through this morning, not a bad day but a bit breeze that i wind will pick up southwest maybe 15 or 20 miles an hour. now tonight between about four and 7:00 o'clock, showers and storms could be developing, mainly north and west, they could contain a gusty wind there and potential to be strong or severe but it is mostly north of the city, north and west of i-95 throughout the day-to-day and tonight those showers may linger, very isolated. not everybody will see one but don't be surprised north and western suburbs to see that
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wind gusts, and a strong thunderstorm moving through. sixty's right now, the air getting a little bit more uncomfortable. that number will climb here over next few days. heat wave starts today, not yesterday, because we only hit a high of 89 degrees, and 90's here it is, 98, 97, 97, and then by thursday not as hot with a temperature of 89 degrees. bob kelly's off this week, lets take a look at any issues with the traffic here. we will start off with some construction this morning, this is 202 southbound, things are looking pretty clear, just a few lanes blocked if you are on 202 this morning. ben franklin bridge into center city a a few cars but moving nicely. there is construction on i-95 north bound at route 141, two lanes blocked until 5:00 o'clock this morning and road work on new jersey turnpike southbound between 73 and 168, that left lane is blocked. let's stay with the
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subject of the driving because a possible toll for a new bridge over i-95 has people speaking out. yes, hearing in yardley a dressed proposal for scudder falls bridge when the bridge opens in three years it will connect mercy and bucks counties. toll could be as much as $2.60, so we have four more chance toss weigh in, delaware river joint bridge commission is set to make a decision in september. no deal on the table as casino strike in atlantic city enters a fourth week. union workers continued picket nothing front of the taj mahal even though casino remains open. main issue is health care and benefits. the casino withdrew its level of health insurance that the union reject. we told but a brutal beating on the cities fernrock section. >> now man attacked is speaking out and exclusive that fox 29. dave kinchen has more on this, hi there, dave. >> reporter: hi chris and lauren. victim said he woke up in the hospital sore, bloody, and had no idea how he got there.
4:17 am
he is thankful to be alive but he is telling his story because he does not the want anyone else to go through anything else like this. the victim is a lutheran minister. he shows us bruises after being attack by two young men in philadelphia's fernrock section last week. the devastate ago salt was captured on camera as the 69 year-old was walking down hutchinson street a little before noon. he said one of the men robbed him, sprayed him in the face with mace and hit him in the forehead with the empty mace can. the reverend tells us that he felt helpless and is what worse he says another man witnessed the whole attack but did nothing as he cried for help during the savage beating. >> he hit me very hard. i fell on the ground. then he is still punch me and punch me and then kick me until i was unconscious. i want him caught. i don't want him to do that to another person.
4:18 am
>> the reverend says that his injuries and his hurt goes far deeper then the actual physical bruises. if you have any information, philadelphia police ask you to give them a call if you recognize anyone in that video. back to you chris and lauren. police also trying to find the person who shot and killed a young fat inner philadelphia's juniata neighborhood. we first reported this yesterday on the fox 29 morning news police say 22-year old brian sirano had made a fast food run for his son when he was shot more than a dozen times outside his girlfriend's home on the 2900 block of masher streets. victim was about to take his one year-old son out of the car seat when he was gunned down around 1:30 yesterday morning. sirano's girlfriend said she rushed him to the hospital. >> i waited for him inside, and then i heard gunshots. >> i just saw this situation and thank god he is okay.
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>> police do not have a motive or any witnesses at this time. they are asking for public's help to catch, the person responsible. sky fox shot over a police protest that ended in an arrest, you can see two dozen protesters with the the black lives matter movement gathered in front of the 39th police district in nicetown. then they block hunting park avenue in front of the district holding signs. protest remains civil. after two hours we saw police officers arresting those blocking the street. thirteen people were taken in custody and given citations. phillies have their problems both at the plate and on the field and that is not a good combination. all that coming up in sports, with howard eskin. and here are your winning lottery numbers. here they are.
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♪ new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at do you watch some baseball. >> yes, let's do it. phillies looking to split a four game series with the marlins last night. >> game was scoreless until the fourth when christian gets a solo home run. start a four run inning for the miami team. ryan hour as a two run home run in the bottom of the fourth. how about this, that would be about it for phillies offense. marlins end up with six hits, and they win nine-three. jared eickoff taking loss for phillies. he is six-11 on this season. let's toss to howard with sports in a minute.
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. phillies begin a ten game road trip and it won't be easy from the start. today they will play in pittsburgh who is hottest team in baseball over the last 20 games. zach eflin pitching for the phils, biggest game in the national league yesterday, washington and dodgers. steven strasburg not a good game, third inning, a bad game. base hit by gonzales, chase utley will score, in a big inning because later in that inning, justin turner had a big day, he had two home runs, this is his second, three run home run, dodgers beat washington, the score there six-three. the tour of the france, another mishap, how do you not make that turn. i just don't get it. text messages, doing something, he is not thinking about it. how to you not make that turn. that is jerome capel. there are three stages left. if you are interested monday eagles open training camp and
4:24 am
we can't wait. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. nba star carmelo anthony throwing their support behind wnba players after they got in trouble with the league. >> dozens of players received fines for wearing black lives matter t shirts during practice. >> league says shirts violate the uniform policy for being alter, three teams, were find five you this dollars, each player $500, anthony says he cannot understand why social activism results in fines and caused wnba's decision miss guided. nba players have worn similar shirts in the past wood being punish or fine, is that interesting, right. >> yeah. nba taking stand and moving next years all-star game out of charlotte north carolina the league announced they are moving the game in response to the state's controversial bathroom law. it forced people to use public bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificate and many think it discriminates against the community. the nba has said they want the
4:25 am
law, change. they are planning to a announce a plan for a new location for the game in the coming weeks, we will see, where it end up. we have everything else here. >> yes. >> the pope, dnc. >> we will fill the wells far get center during a 76ers game somehow. >> get some other fans in there. >> yes. 4:25. >> health care workers and emergency responders getting ready for dnc in philadelphia, what they say is the biggest concern for next weeks event, straight ahead. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know,
4:26 am
when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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4:28. while he should be on cloud nine coming off his victory speech in the rnc why don't old trump is taking heat and how the white house is firing back. philadelphia is rolling out red, white and blue carpet as all eyes are on philadelphia for next weeks democratic national convention, the cool events already happening starting tonight. only on fox a man brutally beaten find courage to speak out begins those attackers. yes says he already forgives the man who robbed him and left him to die. are you ready for this heat and humidity lauren dawn johnson. >> it will be rough. >> not really. >> we are all over this for the weekend. good day it is friday july between the second, 2016. >> i have a a friend with a birthday over the weekend. do you think we should celebrate inside or outside
4:29 am
i'm testing your common sense knowledge right now. >> make sure you drink plenty of fluids you mean water. >> yes. >> all right. >> i'm thinking that is water. water. >> bus stop buddy this morning, humidity, muggy is coming out, temperatures in the 70's. they is, muggy will continue to make a presence here next few mornings. here's an air quality alert, you get air pollution to build up with the price sunshine and light breeze, the scattered around the area code orange meaning if you are susceptible to poor air quality watch to it day it peaks in the middle of the afternoon as far as pollutants go. not much on the radar but that could change north and west. lets check with the temperatures. we are at 75. 9 miles an hour. that could pick up. breeze that i southeasterly win bringing in the humidity. ninety's today. heat wave starts. thunderstorms, mainly north and west. how are the roads to this
4:30 am
morning? there is construction out there we have an issue to talk b we will start in new jersey, and there is an overturned car here this is route nine southbound between throckmorton street, right rain block. police are on the scene blocking left lane as well. tree trimming on route one southbound, just taking up the shoulder. so slow it down a bit but you get by fine there. we have an issue on i-95, at cottman avenue, the southbound to center city looks good this morning. just some added volume. the most important thing between that plan and our opponent is our plan will put america first. >> donald trump now officially the republican presidential nominee, he has formally accepted the nomination last night on the final night of the republican national convention in cleveland. trump close out the convention with a wide ranging speech
4:31 am
describing the problems he believes, our country is now facing. ivanka trump his daughter took to the stage at rnc to interest tuesday her father on the biggest nice of his life. >> she said her daddies nothing like any other politicians and that makes him the best choice to serve as president of the united states. >> as my father's company there are more female than male executives, women are paid equally for the work that we do, and when a woman becomes a mother she is supported not shut out. as president, my father will change the labor laws that were put in place at a time when woman were not a significant portion of the work force. he will focus on making quality child care a affordable and accessible for all. >> ivanka trump a top executive at the trump organization that her father will keep her prom toys make america great again. >> she announced very well. >> a lot of people were saying
4:32 am
on twitter that she's more poised as a first lady then melania. >> maybe she will run some day, you never know. you never know. >> i know. >> visitors to our city could be showing up as early as today and it appears that we are ready. >> this will be so much fun, right. dnc starts in three days. can expect a lot of excitement all over town. steve keeley is at the constitution center which could be crowded over the next several days. >> reporter: one more word from philadelphia this week and i was surprised but i'm hearing people say they have pride in their city. it looks cleaner look at how beautiful the constitution center looks. look to the right. just that subtle red, white, blue look to the lighting around here. just looks fantastic. even this early in the morning. right where main doors are they are now temporarily block and it looks like, white house is there and look at how cool with that lighting and political fest 2016. that starts this morning at
4:33 am
9:00 o'clock and that is already a big hit with the people that got an early preview. look the to the left or right of that. here's the other key to this place, look the at the condensation on the windows that tells you that the air conditioning on full blast in there and is working fantastic. so a lot have people will be enjoying spending time indoors in philadelphia with this heat wave coming and there is plenty to do and see inside this place and just down the street here at the convention center. yesterday, chris o'connell talk to a lot of philadelphians who have that sense of pride and volunteers helping win philadelphia a good sense of pride too. >> the streets are cleaner. they are repaving the streets and all that. a lot of tourist coming into town, people all over the country to see the democratic nominees and all that. it the is just a good vibe. >> it looks beautiful. it is very um lifting and it brings a spiritual connection
4:34 am
and it goodies for my dog. it is nice. it is the way philadelphia should be. it is the way it was at one time. the way residents took pride in our city. >> reporter: that lady should be the spokesperson for philadelphia, shouldn't we. we call ourselves city of brotherly love. there is a lot of love and brothers a and sisters thaw are looking at here. these people are all volunteering their time for hours a day every day, next week, trying to help anybody who needs any help, getting anywhere, understanding anything and you can tell, they have the ask me t-shirts and they are very proud wearing these t-shirts this week. how about the constitution center, very wise, always, if you have been here once or twice you think you saw it all. they are always having a different kind of show there and if you have not seen what a terrific show that is, a inn appropriate time to have headed to the white house show i guarantee you this place will be sold out almost every day and that the philadelphians who work here, will have a lot of pride too
4:35 am
showing this place off as well. so right across from independent hall, they are in a great location, and unlike independent hall, they've got air conditioning, chris and lauren. >> you will need that air conditioning. record heat expected for dnc, all next week a lot of protesters have been hitting the street and is there a risk for many to become dehydrated. office of emergency management arranged for pallets of water and assigned medics to march with those demonstrators. local hospitals are prepared for cases of heat exhaustion, jefferson health is official health care provider for dnc and they will provide medical services for free at the four day event. we're following breaking news out of cobbs creek, right now police are searching surveillance cameras hoping to find the person responsible for shooting and killing a man. shooting happened just after midnight on the 5700 block of locust street. the victim is a 21 year-old man and was shot the in the head. police are looking at surveillance camera at a nearby school to help identify that shooter.
4:36 am
in the meantime at 4:36 a man is brutally beaten in the cities fernrock section and then lives to tell about it. >> he is speaking exclusively to fox 29 about terrifying moments leading up to that. dave kinchen live at police headquarters with that story, hi there, dave. >> hi lauren and chris. victim says that he woke up in a hospital, he was, disoriented, he was beaten, bloody, and had in eye tea how he even got to the hospital, now, he is saying he wants his story told so that no one else goes through this. the victim is, sean chi hang a lutheran minister and he showed us bruces after being brutally attack by two young men in philadelphia's fernrock section last week. devastate ago salt was captured on camera as 69 year-old was walking down hutchinson street, a little bit before noon. he says that one man robbed him and sprayed him in the face with mace and then hit him with the bottle with the forehead. the reverend tells us he felt helpless and what is worse is
4:37 am
he says another man witnessed the attack and did nothing as he cried for help during this savage beating. >> i handled him -- i handed him the cell phone and also there is in more but maybe that is in the enough so they want to take my life. now he kick me, he kick me right here. he tried to kill me and you can see it over my chest. >> would i say to them i forgive them and please do the right thing with the powe lease. >> reporter: he says that his hurt goes far deeper then his physical scars, if you recognize any of those suspects in that video, captured on surveillance and released by police give philadelphia police a call. back to you. how christian of him too, a lot of people would not be saying that this morning. >> 4:38 is the time.
4:38 am
philadelphia a police arrested a 16 year-old boy whom murdered another teenager in southwest philadelphia prosecutors have charge 16 year-old joshua richardson as an adult. he faces one count of murder, two counts of attempted homicide, and richard men opened fire on three teens as they left 60th and baltimore avenue. fifteen year-old tyhir barnes died his friend survived. time right now is 4:38. his popularity, pokemon go app has many spenting time of course searching for these little things on their screen. why doctors are warning the game could be harmful however to your health. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance...
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south jersey's progresso soup plant is shutting down and that means 370 employees will to have find new jobs. general millions says vineland plans will close next summer, technically a tentative decision because the company's first attempt to negotiate with the union. filing with the u.s. securities and exchange commission says closing eliminates excess soup capacity. that effect, losing jobs. 4:41. popularity of the pokemon go has many people outdoors. >> dangerous heat forecast overcoming days doctors want people to be simply be careful without door activities. >> we have heard dave, temperatures could feel like triple digits this weekend. playing pokemon go can sometimes have players walking
4:42 am
for miles in search of their next character. >> as temperatures rise, you may want to have your hunting habits, cool down. >> i would just take more frequent breaks, get in the shade, get cool, when humidity is high and heat is high, you you typically don't sweat as much and that is how you cool when it thinks hot out. >> it is just have to be smart about this. stay hydrated, stay indoors next few taste, and maybe just get a life and pokemon go app. that was part of the script. >> yes. >> stay indoors and get a life. >> you are so crazy. >> 4:42. donald trump should be on cloud nine. he had a victory speech last night. some european countries are talking about him this morning and the white house is even firing back
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. hillary clinton supporters ready to promote their candidate in philadelphia. hillary clinton/pennsylvania celebrated grand opening of the office here yesterday. philadelphia council members and council president darryl clark attended, the center will host phone banks and meetings for clinton supporters. that ace good place to be, inside, on the phone. >> exactly. >> instead of outside in this weather. >> exactly president. >> all of the delegates show
4:46 am
up monday to be inside wells fargo center a lot of events at the convention center as well. good thing, it is so darn hot starting to day. >> yes, today is start of the heat wave as we hit 89 yesterday, technically, no that doesn't count. today we will be in the 90's. that heat index close to 100 degrees today but saturday especially and sunday where it could climb above 100 degrees, excessive heat watch becoming a excessive heat warning as we get close tore that time, we will feel that heat index over 100 degrees. seventy's now, not too bad, light breeze, dew points climbing in the 70's there in dover, almost up to 07 in philadelphia. that dew point climbs above 70 and feels muggy and temperature climbing in the 90's that will push that heat index high close to 100 degrees. a warm breeze down the shore, 88 degrees that wind will shift directions though tomorrow, and then not the best day there. we will get the land breeze. temperature is hot. it is not the best.
4:47 am
that doesn't last all weekend. cooler p.m. breeze on sunday. temperature of 86 degrees. can't escape much in the poconos. ninety-one saturday. ninety-two sunday. heat wave will extend first five days of the seven day forecast, high humidity sat the day. maybe a break on sunday. it returns on monday. by tuesday, showers are in the forecast, wednesday a few you more storms possible and by thursday we could see that temperature dropping down, below, 90 degrees. how about down the shore, a temperature will be pretty hot, peeking there on saturday and then again middle of the week not much relief there with highs in the mid 90's. roads this morning, bob kelly is off, lets see if there is any issues out there we will look at 42 freeway, not too bad this morning on creek road, and we are heading toward walt whitman bridge as those lights come towards us. we have a problem at ridge pike and fairfield road, one lane is block.
4:48 am
ninety-five northbound this is right here near route one, is there a disabled vehicle, just blocking one lane but not much traffic, that has to get around that problem spot this morning, chris and lauren. hours after delivering the final speech at republican national convention, more drama for donald trump. >> now trump is taking heat from european countries for comments he made about the nato alliance. trump says if he is president the u.s. will defend fellow nato countries only if the countries in question were contributing their fair share to nato's budget. comment was made during an interview with the new york times. nato members are required to come to the defense of any allies under article five of the alliance. now members from both parties are firing back. >> let me just be really clear about the policy that this president has persued which is a steadfast commitment to our nato alliance. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell called the comment's wrong while indiana mike pence expects trump will
4:49 am
support nato allies. are you a fan of harry potter? then perhaps in the a fan of the g.o.p. presidential nominee. >> new study from the university of pennsylvania found potter readers usually have very low opinions of donald trump, readers part of the study did not identify which political party, the penn study found readers see trump similar to voldenorth but jk raw link herself said trump is far worse than that. this is really cool, make an appearance in philadelphia, do you know why? she will receive the lou kline excellence in the media a war. actor, writer, producer will be the 16th recipient of the operator, at temple university's school of media and communication. alumni and media officials to raise funds for student scholarships. >> she's from this area. >> super cool. yes. selena gomez could make a
4:50 am
bank on her instagram fame. she has more than 90 million followers. >> social media company estimated gomez could make more than half million-dollar for a single ad posted on her instagram page. how many follows do i have like 3,000, what do i get 20 cents. she has more followers then anyone else and most likes ever on a single photograph. >> i got to go on her instagram and see what picture it would be. we should look and guess which one it is. >> apparently it is a picture of her drinking coke, but, of course, coke will pay her big bucks for that. >> of course. >> you have to take some good pictures of you to go fun stuff. >> we have all kind of opportunities this coming weekend with all of the dnc parties. >> that is true. we are 14 days from the start of the rio2016 olympics and when it heirs august 5th you might see familiar faces from people staying back home, is that right. >> penn state has announced 20 athletes from the school will
4:51 am
compete, in ten sports and represent four countries, that is 18 current students and two former student athletes coaching in mens volleyball and women's basketball. some will be competing from other countries like mexico, ireland, and japan. >> way to represent, penn state. >> way to go. >> i like that. >> 4:51. next hour delaware county woman is in desperate need of the kidney transplant how her family will go the distance to help her. and it is party time, do you remember, we have been talking about it all summer long. >> this is it. >> grand finally. we will announce winner of that brand new mazda cx9, here are details, it starts at 7:00 n east fairmount park. we are broadcasting live until 10:00 o'clock. there is apparently food, face painting, music, live music, kenrick the family soul will be there, featuring freeway. >> freeway will be there too, hanging out. >> so is mike, alex, sue, jen.
4:52 am
>> we will be right back.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:54 here are your top stories making headlines on line and social media, a man viciously beaten in the fernrock sexist speaking out, exclusively, to fox 29, this is wrong video, of course, the man was walking down hutchinson street one day last week when the attack happened, the lutheran minister says one of the men seen in the video
4:55 am
robbed him, spraying him with mace in the face, and then hit him in the forehead with the empty can. police are urging anyone who recognizes the suspects to give them the call. official kick off to the dnc began at penns landing last night. host committee threw a party for thousands of volunteers, welcoming dignitaries and visitors to philadelphia a hundreds of the banners are up all over the city, and landscapers have put finishing touches on fresh new flowers and extra security measures are now in place. move over hillary and donald there is a new candidate for president, lucy the elephant is running for president. it is part of the national landmark turning 135 years old, platform peanuts for all. get this, what if you are allergic. >> yes. >> that is a good point, right? all right. we will come up with something different. maybe cheeseits for all, tomorrow from 10:00 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening you can cast your vote with voting there will be a carnival with game, cheeseit
4:56 am
and prizes. 113 year-old woman, believed now, 113, from new jersey, she becomes the old et cetera living american. adele dunlap lives in the country arts care center in pits town, hunterdon county according to the record, dunlap cannot give a reason for her longevity but she up joyce hearing girl scouts sing christmas carols every year. see music can keep you young. steve keeley, good morning to you, sir. >> reporter: chris, i have a is try pop quiz for you. you have to find out by the next time do you that story who was the president when that young lady was born 113 years ago. i will give you a half an hurry to get that job done. >> you can find the answer chris if you were fortunate enough to be where i am at the national constitution center which is unveiling a huge show, just in time for democrats starting at 9:00 o'clock. right around the corner/our man dave kinchen always on the big story, dave.
4:57 am
>> reporter: we have a gentlemen, a reverend, 69 years old he was brutally attack while walking down a fernrock street. he is talking about his ordeal, and he has a special message for those, who attack him, after the break. be the you who doesn't cover
4:58 am
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i humbly and greatfully, accept your nomination,. >> donald trump accepted the
5:00 am
nomination, why he says, that he is ready to be the president of the united states of america. plus trump's daughter ivanka trump standing on the stage and how she's getting woman on board the trump train. back at home philadelphia will announce red white and blue carpet as all eyes look to our city's next week democratic the national convention. the school events you can start this weekend. >> the cool indoor events. >> also only on fox and brutally beaten find courage to speak out against his attackers. yes says he forgives the men who did this to him. and, dangerously hot, extreme temperatures, expected today and this weekend. when we can expect the highest temperatures, of the summer. >> i wish, every kay for the next six or seven taste was like yesterday and last night was beautiful walking around center city. >> guess who came to my house. >> should ski? should i say. >> the ac repairman. >> there you go. >>


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