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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  July 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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nomination, why he says, that he is ready to be the president of the united states of america. plus trump's daughter ivanka trump standing on the stage and how she's getting woman on board the trump train. back at home philadelphia will announce red white and blue carpet as all eyes look to our city's next week democratic the national convention. the school events you can start this weekend. >> the cool indoor events. >> also only on fox and brutally beaten find courage to speak out against his attackers. yes says he forgives the men who did this to him. and, dangerously hot, extreme temperatures, expected today and this weekend. when we can expect the highest temperatures, of the summer. >> i wish, every kay for the next six or seven taste was like yesterday and last night was beautiful walking around center city. >> guess who came to my house. >> should ski? should i say. >> the ac repairman. >> there you go. >> was he cute?
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>> okay dave warren. >> here's the deal with everyone coming in from out of town this is worst possible timing weather-wise. >> yes, you want that ac to be working, and make sure to drink fluids, make sure everything is good. it will be start of the heat wave. >> we had 89 degrees but to take we will put it at eight, not all that bad, just above 90, humidity will creep up a little bit but not the totally we will not see that heat index climb above 100 today. we have a air quality alert you get that with bright sunshine and light breeze, build up with you, and peaks right in the middle of the afternoon, young ailments, watch that today because code orange is exactly that. higher amounts. >> nothing on the radar, it is clear, it may stay mostly try but we could see a few storms popping up mainly north and west. seventy-four, humidity fairly high because it is in the morning. by this afternoon we will start to feel that humidity increasing just a little bit.
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there could be a storm north and west but it is a breezy day and just hot with temperatures climbing above 90. heat index really climbs tomorrow, and we will see how long that last in the seven day forecast coming up, traffic this morning we will start off, and see what major shall yous we have this morning. there is a advertise able vehicle, this is on i-95 north bound right here near business route one, just blocks to the right lane are getting on by there fine, no major issues. overturn vehicle route nine southbound pass brook morton street, right lane is block and there is police on the scene because there is a down pole. disabled vehicle in plymouth, and a ridge pike at fairfield road just blocking one lane, so not a major issue this morning. my opponent asks supporters to recite a three word loyalty pledge.
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it reads i'm with her. i choose to recite a different pledge. my pledge reads i'm with you, the american people. >> the republican national convention, came to a close with donald trump formally accepting the parties nomination for president n a fiery speech at aimed at unifying the party ape rallying voters. trump accepted nomination after a passionate interest deduction from his eldest daughter ivanka. >> it was main event that has everyone talk this morning. many say trump's speech took on a darker tone calling us a nation in crisis. trump took aim at rich and powerful while appeal to the working class. he painted a bleak picture of the united states economy but promised to go turn it around. trump campaign is looking for a post convention bump in the poles. >> in less than ten minutes we will take you live to cleveland for more reaction from the republican national convention. meantime some philadelphia police officers have been in
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cleveland taking notes, they are hoping to make this coming week's dnc as trouble free as possible. one of the things they are seeing in cleveland is something they are already doing here in philadelphia and then choosing bike patrols. >> we always use mounted patrol in the back in case we need to, you know, you want people out there in front. >> face-to-face eye level with the threat. >> yes, to show to get that human aspect part of it. >> one thing different between cleveland and philadelphia we will not have officers all over the nation here. philadelphia a is partnering with state police and feds but will in the bring in officers from other cities. visitors to our city could becoming in as early as today and it appears we are ready and waiting for them. our city lit up, deck out with patriotic flare. >> lets take a look at 30th street station. beautiful there with the stars and stripes. steve keeley ace cross town, a little bit east of there at the constitution center. to answer your question you
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asked earlier who was the president when the lady from south jersey became the oldest, american living, at age 113? the president in 1913 was teddy rose velt. >> steve. >> very good. >> here's more history, franklin roosevelt nominated 80 years ago last month here in philadelphia and guess what, the convention there at franklin field, it was outdoors, at the university of pennsylvania's foot paul stadium where the eagles once played. they got a hundred thousand people in there for that convention since summertime heat we are having right now. can you imagine to this convention was outdoors at franklin field. there is's more roosevelt history. >> i misspoke in 1903 when she was born that is when teddy roosevelt was president, there we go, elect, took office in 01 but went to 09 but continue
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please. >> all right, anyway. history lessbecause we are draped in history. i was born and bread here in philadelphia, but i worked in cleveland 93 to 95. what did they have? maybe rock and roll hall of fame, science center down there, they do not have this. this is birthplace of this country. whole lot different in philadelphia a for out of town media and political followers and junkie toss see. we have that, visitors sent their will help you find other places. then we will give you 180-degree spin around because thinks coolest thing going, this is called political fest 2016, and the still to me, new national constitution center, where they headed to the white house theme, all kinds of new cool stuff there to see. we are right down the street from the convention center where a lot of democrats will be hanging out. this is even walkable from there despite the heat but look at the condensation on the windows. they have air conditioning cranking up, cool comfortable 72 degrees inside the national
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constitution center for political fest 2016. guess what chris and lauren, they have a trump-like theme, his theme is lets make america great again? believe it or not and this is just a coincidence the theme of political fest, 2016 let's make history again. >> how about that. >> how about that. >> do you have any more historical questions for steve keeley to weigh in. >> steve keeley, we thank you so much. >> lets get to breaking news out of cobbs creek. police searching through surveillance camera hoping to find person responsible for shooting and killing a man. shooting happened just after midnight on the 5700 block of wilkins street and the victim is a 21 year-old man shot in the head. police believe shooter was very close to the victim when the shot was fired. >> we found one spent shell casing about 2 feet from the victim's body which is an indication that the shooter was standing in very close proximity to the victim when the shot was fired. it appears hat shot was fired
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from point blank range. >> right now police are looking at surveillance cameras at a nearby school to help identify that shooter. philadelphia police try to figure out how a north fail woman a captain for her block ended up dead inside her home. woman's daughter making that discovery. >> police say someone severely beat 48 year-old ruthh ann barnett found dead in the 3700 block of north percy street. one of her daughters making that discovery yesterday afternoon. can you imagine coming home to that. barnett was a member of the solomon baptist church where members say she was a usher and ran the free food ministry program every wednesday. stunned family and friend waited all night outside her home for answers. >> i just had lost my babe and whoever you know took her from this please come forward. >> neighbors, last reported seeing barnett 7:00 this morning. they say they were outside
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giving out free lunch in the neighborhood. could it get any worse. >> so sad. 5:09. dave kinchen live at police headquarters, good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you. horrible story here, we can tell you, that this victim in this case woke up in the hospital, bloody, sore, he had in idea how he got thereafter this horrifying attack. he was walking down the street. now he wants his story told so no one else can go through this. victim is a lutheran minister. he showed us bruises after being attacked, by being attack pie two young men last week. devastate ago salt was captured on camera as the 69 year-old was walking down hutchinson street, a little bit before noon he says one of the men robbed him sprayed him in the face with mace and hit him with the empty bottle will. he felt helpless and what is worse someone watched and did nothing during the savage beating. >> he hit the me very hard.
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i fell on the ground. he still punched me, punched me and kick me until i was unconscious. i want him caught because i don't want him to do that to another person. >> reporter: reverend a says his hurt goes far deeper then physical bruises. if you recognize anyone in that surveillance video give philadelphia police a call, chris and lauren. >> hard to believe. >> dave kinchen thanks very much. 5:10. the race for the white house turns to the city of philadelphia everyone talking about donald trump's last night. carolyn has been there all week long. that was it, hi there carolyn. >> it was interesting done old trump, took a dark are tone last night calling us a nation in crisis. >> i am asking for your support tonight. >> reporter: donald trump formally accepts his parties nomination following a passionate introduction from his eldest daughter ivanka.
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>> politicians talk about wage equality but my father has made it a practice at his company throughout his entire career. >> reporter: trump's speech took aim at rich and powerful while appealing to the working class. he paint aid bleak picture of the united states economy but promising to turn it around. >> i have visited the laid off factory workers. these are the forgotten men and women of our country. and they are forgot bin they are not going to be forgotten long. >> reporter: the donald made an appeal to americans don't normally vote republicans. >> his whole issue in dealing with the lesbian, gay, by sexual issue and saying to the crowd i'm glad awe broaded. >> reporter: they are looking for a post convention bump in the poles. >> the key is penetration of our message and our case. >> philadelphia, i hope you are ready for thousands of delegates, thousands of
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reporters because you have city will get swarmed about six hours from now we're landing. >> what is best advice you have for us covering this story next week. >> sleep now, get to sleep. we are getting three hours of sleep a night but it is so much fun. the energy is just amazing guys. >> the parties are already starting tonight, the delegates don't arrive until sunday. >> we're having a heat wave too. >> we're 27 degrees here, light breeze off the lake, it is lakee. >> come to the philly and sweat with us. >> nice work all week. >> thank you for your reports. >> 5:12. a travel nightmare for one philadelphia woman she and her daughter was coming home when her flight was delayed. it turns out the worst part was yet to come.
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whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
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sue is on her way, this morning, and she will join you starting at 6:00 to tell but that heat watch, excessive heat watch, because the heat index could above 100 degrees. they are easery there tomorrow and maybe gannon sunday. we are seeing temperatures in the 70's. not all that hot. didn't cool off much. humidity creeping up a bit. now it is dry now. we have seen thunderstorms especially south, but let's
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focus north and west and timing looks like it will be later in the afternoon between about 1:00 and 4:00, showers and a few isolated storms developing. they have potentially strong or even severe, not have where but one or two could be north or west of 956789 it could continue and move on through. that is humidity starting to creep up. we will track that with the dew point, once it climbs above 70 and get that temperature in the 90's, then we have a heat index over 100 degrees. our heat wave did not start yet, close yesterday up to 89 degrees, above 90 today and stays that way, peaks there on saturday with that heat index, over hundred degrees. maybe not quite as humid on saturday. hot and humid on hon if you we will get a break on sunday but humidity comes back but that could fuel thunderstorms, tuesday and wednesday and by thursday it could see some relief there as temperatures
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dropped down fairly pea low 90 but we are up to 89 degrees, with a high temperature. bob kelly is off. lets look at roadway issues this morning. this is traffic authority update. we will start off at 95 northbound. there is a truck on the scene because there is a disable vehicle blocking one lane. car gets by. not much traffic to deal with that issue. roosevelt boulevard volume picking up a bit but still no major issues there. delaware county this is at bryn mawr avenue at mill road use caution if there ace a fire in the area and then fire department is there, looking for some activity but no major issues around that, just a little slow to avoid that area. >> we have some breaking news, indian air force has lost contact with the transport plane with 29 people on board. officials say aircraft took off at 8:30 a.m. local time. >> it was slated to reach the coastal city of park blair three hearst later. massive search by navy and
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coastguard has been launched. they will stay on top of that as we get more information and pass ate long. now to a developing store a i funeral will be held for one of the three law enforcement officers kill in the line of duty. forty-one year-old mathew gerald died after, ambush, police sunday killing three officers and wounding three more. shooting comes ten days after a snipper killed five dallas police officers. long's attack came in the wake of the fatal shooting of alton sterling a black man by two white police officers leading to widespread protest throughout the city. police trying to find a person shot and killed by 22-year old brian sirano in the juniata neighborhood. he had made a fast food run for his somebody when he was shot more than a dozen times in the 2900 block of masher street. sirano was about to take his one year-old son out of the car seat when he was gun down. his girl friend says that she rush him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. lets get to our top stories, still no deal on the table as contact seen he
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strike in atlantic city enters the fourth week. union workers continue to picket in front of the taj mahal and casino remains open. their main issue health care and pension benefits this week casino withdrew its offer of the level of health insurance that the union has reject. temple university's president is out after the board issued a vote of no confidence. university has reached a deal to split, for president, neil though bold. board chairman says mutual resolution includes his resignation after serving three and a half years as president of the temple. board has criticized his handling of the removing the school's provost amid a 22 million-dollar deficit in the financial aid budget. chancellor richard englart will serve as acting president. we are 14 days away from the start of the rio2016 olympics and when ceremony opens august 5th you will see a lot of familiar faces. penn state has announced 20 the athletes from the school, will compete in zero sports, representing four countries. that is 18 current students, two former student athletes
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coaching in mens volleyball and women's basketball. some will be competing for other countries like mexico, ireland and japan. today could be the day that hillary clinton announces her running mate. new jersey senator corry booker is one of the finalist, local analyst say he would add a dose of energy and youthful appeal. as an african-american, senator book wore represent a key piece to the democratic coalition. >> other says senator booker is too inexperienced and virginia senator tim kane is seen as front runner. clinton could make her announcement in florida a crucial battle ground state. timing is aimed at shift ago tension away from the even of the republican convention and generating some excitement for the start of the democratic convention here in philadelphia. by the way we are learning will be speaking at dnc coming up next week. >> the list is, a who's who in the political world. more than 60 elect official from his all across the country are slated to speak here in philadelphia a for
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that convention. list of the speakers include familiar faces, pennsylvania governor tom wolf, senator bob casey, brendon boyle, senator corry booker, congressman bob brady, former philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey, all set to speak. i also saw chris murphy on that list but not you. >> that would be the senator from connecticut, not i. >> i had to double take, what? >> well, of course, he is the one that was on the floor with the filibuster after the shooting and arguing for a reexamining of the second amendment. >> right. travel nightmare for one philadelphia woman she and her daughter were coming home from chicago when the flight was delayed but it worst part was yet to come. >> before that story your winning lottery numbers.
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pennsylvania's governor says amazon plans to expand in our state eventually creating 5,000 new jobs. on line retailer will put fulfillment and distribution centers at new locations throughout the state with the first scheduled in northampton county. governor wolf said amazon will spend at least 150 million-dollar and hire full-time work are over a three-year period. >> good deal. 5:24. students might notice changes in the cafeteria when they go back to school in a few weeks.
5:25 am
usda will announce new rules to require schools to get rid of unhealth i snacks and eliminate student's exposure to junk food. biggest difference is advertisement of junk food, if the food is not healthy, it can now not be advertised. that means in more pictures of the sewed, vending machines in the cafeteria usda department says many schools requested these changes. a philadelphia woman is sharing her negative experience on a recent american airlines flight. >> part of what happened was caught by "fox news" photographer who happened to be on that plane while board nothing minneapolis, melissa figueroa said flight attendant accused her of taking photos after a woman complained about urine on her seat. figueroa said she never took any pictures but two of her phones were temporarily taken, and reviewed. >> what? >> she and her daughter were told to move to the back of the plane, and not get up,
5:26 am
during the flight. >> they said i want to you take your daughter and move to the back of the flight right now. i'm in the giving you explanation but i will tell you if you do not move right now, be in will have a flight, i will cancel this flight and all of you will to have get off the flight because you won't move to the back. >> what? i'm so confused. >> is that illegal to take pictures on the plane by the way either. american airlines tells us that the flight was operate by republic air waves. fox 29 reached out for comment? so far in one has return a call. we will stay on top of this story because there are so many unanswered questions. >> someone told her there was urine on the seat and she was go to take a picture and flight attendant got mad. >> they may have realized there was a problem with the seat and they saw that figueroa taking pictures and said give me those phones and get in the back of the plane and while in the back of the plane stay seated. >> really.
5:27 am
>> really. >> wow. >> that ain't right. >> at all. >> for a frequent flier like yourself that would hit close to home for you. >> yes. >> yes. >> all right, steve keeley you are at the constitution center ready for everyone to come party in the city. >> reporter: it sounded like were you talking about the seats in the live truck. political fest 2016, and, this early, and national constitution center. and buzz already, or hot spot, we don't mean that figuratively, we have air conditioning on here full blast. i approve this message.
5:28 am
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" flows into one incredibleh water experienceld you can't find anywhere else. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ ♪ you can find it all only in new york.
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he should be on cloud nine coming off his victory speech at rnc and getting the official nomination why don't old trump is taking heat there european countries and how white house is firing back. philadelphia is rolling out carpet it is red, white, blue all eyes looking to our city for next weeks democratic national convention cool events you can attend as soon as today. >> brutally beaten. why he says he forgives the men who robbed him and left him to die. dangerously hot, extreme temperatures expected today and into the weekend.
5:31 am
when will we expect the highest temperatures, of the summer. good day, it is friday july between the second 2016. i told you look at that. >> i'm color blind what colors are we seeing in this live picture. >> it is line the rainbow, red, orange in there. >> this is what you would see right now at the airport, flying into philadelphia international as within of the delegates. >> come on, welcome to philadelphia. >> as we look to the heavens for inspiration during this political season. >> one of my friend is volunteering, one of the words you have to teach people is jawn. >> do people still use jawn, is it still popular. >> that jawn dave warren will tell you about this weather. >> i like that jawn, appreciate that, i think. >> thank you very much. >> that jawn is wearing it. >> no, not phillies jawn, in the i great nate but muggy is
5:32 am
here this morning. jawn. warm and muggy. that temperature is climbing and humidity increasing. we have an air quality a leather because of the pollution in the air, days of bright sunshine and light breeze, if you are susceptible, watch that they peak in the afternoon. work around that or ab wear of. that repeat of that beautiful sunrise this morning, that looks out over the platt bridge. 74 degrees, that humidity is climbing shower or thunderstorm, and a bit of the breeze out there today. let's check the roadways, you know, there is one problem here, this is a tractor trailer, it is a crash here on southbound i-95 between woodhaven and academy that right lane block traffic getting by but slow it down heading that way. vine street expressway, all cleared, just added volume, construction on the turnpike southbound between 73 and 168,
5:33 am
is there one lane left lane that is blocked. the most important difference between our plan and that of our opponents is that our plan will put america first. >> donald trump is officially the republican presidential many in minute knee. he formerly accepted the nomination last night on the final night of the republican national convention, and that happened in cleveland. he closed off with a wide ranging speech describing the problems he thinks our country is facing and then his daughter took to the stage. >> whole family has been there. ivanka trump says he is a great dad, that makes him the best choice to run the country. >> like many of my fellow millennials i do not consider myself categorically republican or democrat, more than party affiliation i vote base on what i believe is right for my family and for my country. sometimes it is a tough choice, that is not the case
5:34 am
this time. as the proud daughter of your nominee i'm here to tell you that this is the moment, and donald trump is the person to make america great again. >> ivanka and her brother and sister, during this convention there week. he is father to many kid at this point. >> true. >> visitors to our city can be arriving as early as today and we are ready for the crowd. >> dnc is three days a iowa, it begins officially monday. excitement is building. steve keeley is at the constitution center with more on that, hi there, steve. >> i pick up more plagiarism last night donald trump did you hear last thing he said, said i love you. >> that is doctor mike cirigliano says. >> yes. >> trump pulled it off better when doctor mike says it, it comes off real creepy. we have to tell him not to say
5:35 am
that when he says it to other anchors and they are all creeped out by it too. >> by the way, 50,000 is the number officially of expected visitors to town they don't cram 50,000 in the national constitution center all at ones or the convention center or wells fargo center where the convention is but a lot of the delegates bring their wife's and family and they don't have the delegates and passes so they don't go to the convention floor but they hang out in the hotel, restaurant while mom, dad the delegate is doing some business at night. a lot of visitors, 50,000 and unlike cleveland philadelphia is more spread out, more things to do so what you saw in cleveland you likely won't see here and that is businesses thinking we will have great business, didn't do any business because people were scared away that normally would go in the summer. so headed to the white house is the theme here, political fest 2016, chris and lauren guess what they have got in
5:36 am
here going around in there looking around something you guys take for granted every day they have a news anchor's desk and teleprompter for people to try to act like they are anchoring the convention. if you don't get a chance to anchor as much as you'd like at the wells fargo center come over here to the constitution center and play anchorman and woman how about that. whole lot of things to do here for political fest, just down arch street at the convention center even more stuff like that replica air force one, all cool stuff, all ready this all starts today before the convention. there is already plenty to to and visitors here we're meeting here. chris, spin around and show viewers as the sun comes up does picture get any prettier then this over the great lawn here in olde city philadelphia. >> it is a beautiful morning. >> where it all began right there. >> thank you for sharing that photo with us steve keeley. we are following breaking
5:37 am
news this morning, police are searching surveillance cameras hoping to find person responsible for shooting and killing a man. >> this happened just after midnight on the 5700 block of locust street, victim a 21 year-old man shot in the head. police are looking at surveillance camera at a near pie school to identify that shooter. also this morning at 5:37 a man beaten in the cities fernrock section and lives to tell about it. >> he is speaking about the terrifying moments dave kinchen has this story live at police headquarters, hi there, dave. >> very terrifying story. victim woke up in the hospital, he was beaten, he was also sore and had no idea how he got thereafter this horrifying attack. he want his story told though so no one else has to go through this. victim is sean chi hang a lutheran minister. he showed us bruises after being attack by two young men in philadelphia's fernrock section. devastate ago salt was captured on camera as 69 year-old was walking down
5:38 am
hutchinson street a little bit before noon. he said one of the men rob him, sprayed him in the face with mace and then hit him in the forehead with the empty can. reverend tells us he felt helpless and what is worse is another man witnessed the attack but did nothing as he cried for help touring the savage beating. >> i handed him cell phone, my wallet, and there is no more. maybe that is not enough. so they want to take my life too. he kick me, kick me right here. he tried to kill me. you can see it over my chest. would i say to him i for give him and please do the right hinge. turn yourself into the police. >> reporter: he is also asking man who witnessed this and did nothing to still come forward. any one with information is asked to call philadelphia
5:39 am
police, back to you. all right dave, thank you. take a quick break coming up after the break, howard has the wows of the phillies.
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even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. the phillies, begin a ten game road trip and won't be easy from the start, that is tonight they will play in pittsburgh. right now pittsburgh is hottest team this baseball over the last 20 games. zach eflin will pitch for phillies. biggest game yesterday was
5:42 am
washington and dodgers. the lets get to washington. steven stratberg the pitcher for nationals, not good, he went six innings, gave up six runs on a adrian gonzales single scoring chase utley. big hitter in that game yesterday, justin turner, two home runs, one of the two, three run home run against steven strasburg, dodgers beat the nationals and the score there six-three. yesterday 18th stage of 21 of the tour of france. another mishap. now, jerome cape else, i don't understand how he could miss that turn. what is he doing. he finish three stages left in the tour of the trans. eagles training camp starts on monday. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. later in the show a delaware county woman is in need of the kidney transplant and how her family has gone the distance to help make it happen.
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sue is at mazda drives you. but we have to talk about the heat, excessive heat watch, in effect because conditions are likely, to be a warning. we will see temperatures climb above 90 but heat index should stay below hundred. it should above hundred every where tomorrow. we are in the 70's right now. it is not that bad. light breeze will make it feel comfortable and help us feel cooler. but with the temperatures in
5:46 am
the 07's and humidity starting to climb we are setting a stage for high heat and humidity. dew points in the upper 60es a and 07's at that point where you feel muggy out there. no question it feels that way in dover. highest heat index today will be to the south, it will work its way up throughout the day tomorrow and we could get relief, there on sunday. let's talk about relief down the shore. up to 88 degrees. that win direction will shift. so tomorrow is not a great day. that temperature 93. that is right along the beach. we will get west wind and southwest win. if it is strong enough it does make it feel hot there right along the beach but that cooler sea breeze develops on sunday, feels nice and confidentable in the afternoon. water temperature in the 70's. not much relief in the poconos with temperatures in the 90's, look for a hot day there. we could have a thunderstorm today but should be dry both tomorrow and sunday. heat wave extend for much of
5:47 am
the seven day forecast, we will show you first five days here and peak at 98 degrees. it feels like 101. it could be record heat on monday because record is not as hot as it is tomorrow or sunday, temperature up to 97 degrees. between saturday and monday the hugh mid could drop just a little bit, might feel bit more comfortable but certainly returns on monday. tuesday and wednesday that humidity fools the thunderstorm and still hot, but rain could cool us down previously with storms continuing wednesday and by thursday we could see a little relief if you call 89 degrees relief. not quite as hot. sure, shore temperatures look hot. nice relief today. not tomorrow but then again sunday. it heat up on monday, tuesday, relief on wednesday and thursday. traffic this morning? any issues. i'm in for bob gone all week. still watching this crash that we had here.
5:48 am
this is 95 southbound. you can see volume picking up but moving by but slow it down. they are working on getting those cars out of there between woodhaven and academy road that right lane is blocked. ben franklin bridge looks good. not a bad start today, commodore barry bridge we have road work, westbound side that left lane, is blocked. chris and lauren. >> what a mess. we're talking about the republican national convention, donald trump was featured speaker last night and now more drama. >> if is there any room for any right. >> republican presidential candidate now taking heat there european countries for comments he made about the nato alliance. trump said if he is president, the united states will deeven if fellow nato countries only if they were contributing their fair share to nato's budget. comment was made during an interview with the new york times. nato members are required to come to the defense when attacked under article five of that alliance. now members from both parties are firing back.
5:49 am
>> let me just be really clear about the policy that this president has persued which is a steadfast commitment to our nato alliance. >> mitch mcconnell called the comments wrong. trouble trump's vice-presidential pim mike pence expects trump will support nato allies. move over trump and hillary there is a new candidate entering race for president. >> lucy the elephant running for president? well, it is an elephant it has to be a republican right. it the is all part of the national landmark turning 135, the platform peanuts for all. you can cast your vote believe it or not from tomorrow until 10:00 until 8:00 at night. cast your vote with voting there will be a games, food and prizes. phillies looking to split a four game series with the marlins, this happening last night. >> this game is scoreless until the fourth when christian yellich hit a solo home run to start a four run inning for miami.
5:50 am
ryan howard makes it four-two. that is it before the phillies offence. marlins end up with 16 hit and they win nine-three. jared eickoff taking the loss, for phillies. he is now six-11. they will hit to pitberg and then down in miami. nba is moving next week all-star game out of the charlotte north carolina league announced they are moving the game in response to the state's controversial bathroom law. it forced people to use the public rest room that matches gend are on their birth certificate and this discriminates begins lb gt community. nba has said they want that law changed. they plan to announce a new location for the game in the coming weeks. i sabrin it to philadelphia. >> let's go. oldest living american is right here from the delaware valley. >> that is super cool. she's 113, from hunterdon, adele dunlap lives at country arch care center in pits town
5:51 am
according to the record, dunlap can the in the give a reason for her longevity but she enjoys hearing girl scouts sing christmas carols every year. >> ahh. chronic disease is not an inevitable part of aging according to a new study. researchers looked at seniors in their 50's to their 90's as well as people above the age of 100 to track on set of different chronic diseases. later in life people felt ill the shorter their period of illness were before passing on genetics appear to be main reason for longer life while environmental factors appear to have less of an impact. if you come from good genes, just live it up you'll live a licensing life. >> i was confused when were you read ago this. >> that is why some people smoke their whole lives and live to be hundred and other people die at lung cancer at 50. genetics. >> makes sense. 5:51. delaware county woman is in need of the kidney transplant
5:52 am
and her family is doing all they can to help, we will tell you what, coming up. the party is here, this is the day we have been telling but, good day drives you over to the dell today we are announcing the winner of the brand new mazda cx9. here's the details. it starts at 7:00 at dell music center in east fairmount park broadcasting from 7:00 to 10:00. joining us at the dell kinred the family soul, they will feature freeway. freeway will hang out there as well. >> sue, mike, alex, jen, quincy, star studded cast that will be out there. >> ♪ (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out.
5:55 am
with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. i love this song. so in to you. beautiful colors look at the sunrise, outside, over new jersey, looking east from philadelphia a local woman is suffering from kidney failure and her family is, desperately searching for a donor. they are getting word out on the street hoping someone will be able to help. michelle craig learned not to be shy when it comes to asking for help for her daughter jacqueline put on the kidney donor list two years ago. she wrote messages on the back
5:56 am
windows of family cars in search of the donor. they handed out flyers. jacqueline is diabetic. her problems started when she was pregnant with her son jordan, who is now four. >> when i first got on the list they said one to five years. we have to be pro active. we have to get the word out there. >> we know someone will give that little boy a's mom and give her back her strength, her health. >> every night jacqueline sleeps hook up to a dialysis machine, she needs a donor with type o blood, if you are interested in helping please contact the family. we have put information right on our web site at fox donald trump formally accepting the republican nomination and why he says he is ready to be president of the you had of america. plus philadelphia rolling out red, white and blue carpet as all eyes focus on philly for next week dnc. cool event already starting tonight. plus only on fox a man
5:57 am
brutally biden find a courage to speak out against his attackers and forgive them.
5:58 am
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[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! and we will make america great again. god bless you, and good night. i love you. >> and an end to the rnc, donald trump promises a better america as he takes the stage as republican nominee can he
6:00 am
transform the momentum from this week into votes into november. here at home a few days away from the democratic national convention but things are already getting started in some spots, we will have the official, welcome party for dnc volunteers, and take you there. >> and dangerous heat, it is on the way, it is going to be bad outside. when can we expect high temperatures of the summer? well, this weekend, of course. >> source of all of your bad hair and ruined clothing is right there. >> the sun. >> the largest star in the world. >> good day everyone, it is july between the second, 2016, sue serio, she's out at dell center. that is why dave warren is with us. we will get right out to her to start off the party. >> i think can i use a half can of hair spray before we left and we


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