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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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general election. plus philadelphia on the national stage, democratic national convention is just days way. the city is making final preparations. we are live in south philadelphia with the big reveal ahead of monday's kick off. plus record breaking heat is on the way when we can expect to see triple digits in the forecast. ♪ >> but we won't let the heat stop us, we're throwing a part think morning. come join us at dell music center for live music, entertainment and giving away a brand new mazda cx9. >> sometimes you got to give back, to actually move forward. i have been driving this news
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van every friday for eight long weeks, just to give away a mazda. i have been to quakertown, ocean city, northeast philadelphia, wildwood, west philly, haddon field, jenkintown, doylestown, your town, my town. it is about nine hours in this van. we have found some weird things along the way. i'm not sure what is going on in this van, with these reporters, i have found some weird stuff. make up brush, got to be keeley here. a cucumber with the tip bid even off, what are these reporters doing in this news van. >> there are those that say we couldn't give away a mazda? yes, we can, and we will. we just need the right place to do it.
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the dell. should we do this. all right, all right, all right. >> yeah. hello, ladies. thank you for coming out. come with me. come on, let's go. look at how great this is. the party at the dell has begun. hi everybody.
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>> hi, mike. >> take a selfie. we will be doing some selfies for sure. >> it will be selfie city. >> yes. >> hold on a second. we have plenty of time for selfies, we are here all morning. >> so highlight of the day will be giving away one of these mass does back here. >> i don't know if you can see them behind us, they look beautiful. >> now our finalist, are they all here. >> yes. >> we have them all. >> all right. >> the grand mom, there is a new mom, someone with the new house, and that new car in decades. >> yes. >> so these people, they all
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have reason why they want the car and what they would do with the car and everyone of them will be melting your heart. >> speaking of melting. >> we are. >> not yet but it is coming. >> it will be the hottest day of the year. >> not today. >> tomorrow. >> yes, not the so hottest day of the year but you can see the sunnies rising in the sky. look who is here in person. >> bus stop buddy. >> yes. >> number of the day is eight out of ten, right, buddy. we have an eight because it will be hotter and muggy. day before yesterday, numbers are going town but we're prepared for it, for sure. we also have, air quality alert in effect for today. if you have issues maybe with asthma or your lungs this will be a day where you have to really take care of yourself. so we're talking about temperatures in the seven's right now, 74 degrees. we will get to a high, ready,
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of 94 degrees, later on today and with the humidity, it is going to feel even hotter and as our pal bus stop buddy knows, it is not the heat but the humidity but you know what we are having a great time. dave warren, it is only 7:00 in the morning and we're already partying, can you imagine. we have a lot more coming up. >> it is 7:00 in the morning, it looks good. we're having a party on woodhaven road, a car fire here still blocking the left lanes. this is approaching, 95, shoulder getting by but just one or two cars at a time. so take extra time there. things are slowing down. we have a delay, medical emergency at olney station broad street line is delayed by ten or 15 minutes so allow extra time there. blue route, this is northbound right before norristown, there is the crash there so might start to back things up, northbound towards route three
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up towards schuylkill expressway. that is a look at the traffic this morning. >> we will be a country of generosity and warmth but we will also be a country of law and order. >> donald trump is accepting g.o.p. nomination for president, his one hour and 15 minute acceptance speech brings the republican national convention in cleveland to an end. his theme of the night bringing back law and order that one hour and 15 minutes, about 45 minutes longer then that is normal for conventions, by the way, his daughter ivanka trump took the staining last night to introduce her father on the biggest night of his political life. >> she said her daddies not like other politicians and that makes him best choice to serve as president of the united states. >> as my father's company there are more female than male executives, women are paid equally for the work that
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we do and when a woman becomes a mother, she is supported, not shut out. as president my father will change the labor laws that were put in place at a time when woman were not a significant portion of the work force and he will focus on making quality child care affordable, accessible for all. >> ivanka trump a top executive at trump organization said her father will keep his prom toys make america great again. we will have a live report in just a few minutes. visitors could ab arriving as early as today and we are ready to roll out red carpet. our city lit up, deck out with patriotic flare. this is video from 30th street station. >> don't you think they should leave that it way, beautiful, all right. take a look, several locals will be speakers this coming week at wells fargo center, some politicians on that list pennsylvania governor tom wolf, senator bob casey, congressman brendan boyle,
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senator corry booker, bob brady and former fail police commissioner charles ramsey. >> hillary clinton could a announce her running mate today. kim kane emerges as a leading contend's cord to go two democrats who caution that clinton has not made a final decision. timing is aim at shift ago tension away from cleveland as rnc end there and getting some excitement for philadelphia where the dnc will begin next week. >> right now police searching through surveillance cameras hoping to find person responsible for shooting and killing a man in cobbs creek. shooting happened just after midnight on the 5700 block of locust street, the victim a 21 year-old man shot in the head. right now police are looking at surveillance cameras to help identify that shooter. north philadelphia police are searching for a person who beat a woman to dead inside her home. the ruth h ann barnett was found dead in the 3700 block of north percy street yesterday afternoon. she was solomon baptist church where members say she was a usher and she ran that free
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food ministry program every wednesday. 7:09. temple university says it has reached a deal to split from president neil theobald, board chairman says mutual resolution includes theobald's resignation after serving three and a half years as president. the board criticized theobald's handling of the removing the school's provost and 22 million-dollar deficit in the financial aid budget. they will have an acting president. this video is really hard to watch. we first showed it to you earl are in the week, brutal beating in the streets fernrock section. >> those attackers are still on the run. the man they beat survived it and he is speaking exclusively to fox 29. dave kinchen has this story live at police headquarters, hi there dave. >> reporter: good morning lane and chris. we can tell you that the victim says when he woke up he woke up in the hospital bed bloody, sore and had no idea how he got thereafter this horrifying attack. he wants his story told right now so no one else has to go through this. now victim is, sean chi tang
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and lutheran minister. he showed us the beating. the devastating assault was captured on camera at 69 year-old was walking down hutchinson street a little bit before noon. one of the men robbed him, sprayed him in the face with mace, and then hit him in the forehead with an empty can. the reverend tells us he simply felt helpless. what is worse is another man witnessed the attack and did nothing as he cried for help during the salve aim beating. >> he hit me very hard. i fell on the ground. he punched me and punched me and kick me until i was unconscious. i want him caught because i don't want him to do that to another person. >> reporter: he says his pain reaches far deeper then just physical scars at the surface but he also says that he forgives the suspects but he wants them to turn themselves in. if you have any information about this or you recognize
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the suspects in that video give philadelphia police a call. back to you. >> all right, thanks very much. we are checking a live look inside wells fargo center right now where they are unveiling podium and stage for democratic national convention. >> is there mayor jim kenney. >> over has four years i have altered between laughter and sadness and fear between all of those events. we will have something, we will all be proud of and we will nominate and elect the first women president of the united states of america. so welcome everyone. have a good time. we will make you safe. everything will be good. we will a lot of fun, great restaurant, great activity planned for everyone at convention center and all around town. have a good time and come back to philadelphia after it is over for your vacations and for your business. thank you very much. thanks, for all of your hard work and what the dnc has done, host committee has done, we are proud of the work and looking forward to the great
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convention, thank you. >> what a first year for mayor of philadelphia jim kenney, he had pope here, dnc here, so much going on and for someone like him hosting this he will be by his even if and really won't get any sleep. >> as dnc begins here the rnc ending up yesterday, last night, donald trump formally accepted the parties nomination for president. final act before that convention drew to a close. >> doug luzader joins us from cleveland this morning with the morning after. good morning, doug. >> reporter: chris and lauren, good morning. what a long speech that was last night these acceptance speeches are often relatively short, 30 to 40 minute range this one clocked in at an hour and 15 minutes which may set a record by the end of it, donald trump had tried to establish himself as the law ape order can date. trump and pence families
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basking in the attention last night as this convention came to a close. trump just delivered a lengthy acceptance speech tapping this to issues where americans feel great unease, terrorist, immigration, recent attacks on police officers. >> i have a message to every last person threatening the peace on our streets and the safety of our police. when i take the oath of office next year i will restore law and order to our country. >> you will never again have to worry about being let down. >> reporter: trump was introduced by his daughter ivanka tried to sure up his weak support among women and talk about initiatives to help close any wage gaps. >> we will focus on making quality child care affordable, accessible for all. >> trump himself also broke with republican orthodoxy by talking about specific protection for gays and
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lesbians and tore into hillary clinton in what he called a rigged system for special interest that prevents others from having a say. >> these are people that work hard but no longer have a voice. i am your voice. >> reporter: trump's task now converting this kind of enthusiasm into actual votes come november. >> not much of a break from politics coming up because, of course, as you know better than anyone we have the democratic convention coming up, next week, in philly, and between now and then either today or tomorrow hillary clinton is very likely to name a running mate. >> very close. we will see who she picks. towing, thanks very much. lets get back out to the dell music center with mike and alex. >> i know today about 11:00. >> so who is hillary clinton going to pick? who will she pick for vp
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today. >> i don't know people are saying she will king with the the kane. >> i saw big daddy, last saturday night. >> i heard that. >> welcome back, everybody. this woman's name is nel. how far did you drive. >> i drove a half an hour my husband brought me all the way down here to meet mike jerrick i'm your biggest fan. >> so you are nel at the dell. >> yes. >> let's learn all about the dell. we will come back here in a second. tom the camera guy will take you inside this beautiful theater. what a music venue. alex and i come out here every thursday night in the summer. >> yes, when we first came to philly this is first place you took me too. i was hook. we love live music. we come here. we love how it is, this place is packed with people, and
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everybody is up, dancing, such a great time. i started to fall this love with philly right here. >> so lets's learn more about the dell. >> the dell, it is a fixture in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection where beautiful music is made and musical legends, long remembered. formally known as robin hood dell east this music center is located at 33rd and ridge avenue drive-in fairmount park. venue comfortably seats 5,284 people, and it is also equipped to accommodate an additional 600 people on the vast lawn. this is a big difference from the 1920's when concerts were held at lemon hill concert pavilion closer to 31st and poplar streets. line up included a 50 piece ensemble, mostly of members of the philadelphia orchestra, and during the 1940's it wasn't unusual to see marion
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anderson who performed her 12,000 people, while judy garland performed in her very first cons inert 1943n recent years under the watchful eye of former newly retired parts and recreation commissioner susan slawson open air ampy theater has attracted everyone from chaka kahn, whispers, and fantasia, jeffery osbourne, breakwater and so many others. the dell has an amazing history that spans some 86 years. >> the bod ladies are here from the dell. >> yeah. >> hi. >> good morning, good morning. >> how special is it to run a magnificent place like the dell. >> how special is it to have fox here with all of us here at the dell. >> let's give it up for fox, yeah, we love this place. >> we are here all the time. >> all the time. >> yes, mike, you guys are always here, watching the
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concert, supporting us and we appreciate it so much. >> how much funnies is this job. >> is what your job. >> i'm operations manager. i get to handle some of the bookings. it is a great job. i could not ask for anything better. >> maybe legacy last night we had mary, mary, monica, joancy is coming, we have got war, morris day and the times and sheila e. >> keith sweat, i'm excited about keith sweat. >> i'm mike sweat today. >> he is already sweating. >> yes. >> what do you think people love about the dell. >> this is one of the first introduction toss philly. philly loves music. philly loves to be outside and enjoying it why do people love the dell. >> this is a family oriented venue and about being able to bring your young people and getting them used to coming out here president the you the. you can financially afford to bring your family here. parking is free. it is the experience here that is amazing because we want
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everybody to feel like thinks home, for the summer. thinks where we want you to be for the summer. do you guys agree. >> yes. >> so this place really is, very special. you guys have a contest too. >> we absolutely do. we have people that are coming out today to have an opportunity to sing and open up for one of the international, national artists here and they will get $500 if they win. >> that is big because when you have artists how many people come out? how many people can fill out this place. >> 6,000 people come out to this venue. we hold 6,000 people absolutely. we are excited that people have come out here today to be on the stage but more importantly to hang out with fox. >> we appreciate it. >> thanks for having us. >> hold on, hold on, i hear you were so excited about the tack that we were coming you cut your vacation short is this true. >> it is true, i did. i came back to jamaica early. >> how many days early. >> i will not tell you.
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i cut it early. >> it was that much. >> one it still kind of fels like jamaica. >> it goodies enough. >> i'm jamaica hot. >> when we come back we are just getting started here at the dell. >> sixers flight squad is here and they will tell you about something your kid might want to do, sixers youth camp, really cool back in two minutes. i approve this message.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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go alex, go alex. >> this is so crazy. >> you guys have an amazing thing that you do with the sixers. >> we do. we have teamed up with novacare to do another sixers initiative where we can have all of these kids that you see right the here participating,
7:24 am
receive reversible jerseys, the goal to teach fundamentals of basketball in the safe environment. we have partnered with 26 different ymca just go to your local ymca and check with them to see if they are one of the participants and getter kids signed up asap. >> i can bring my kid down to, the local ymca and they can learn the fundamentals of basketball. >> very safe environment. we will always have these guys and more sixers permits involved. >> you know the flight squad. >> so much energy. >> we have the young kid over here. is what your name. >> christian. >> you were in innings isers camp. >> yes. >> how do you like it. >> it was pretty good. >> pretty good. how oldry. >> nine. >> i don't want to put pressure on you but he may be a next ben simmons. >> show him your muscles.
7:25 am
>> that is from junior sixers are you seeing this, this is living prove, right here. >> that is muscles right there. >> yes. >> what are the ages. >> three through 16. >> three years old. >> we take them at three years old, all right. >> yes. >> wow. >> so we may see some sixers come out, we may see others. >> you never know what you will get but i can guarantee you there will be some sixers present involved at all times and that makes this so special because it is not just a basketball clinic but we are getting real sixers presence at each and offer senior jingle sixers initiative. >> it it is a great thing. >> look the at these guys. >> go q, go q, go q. >> mike and alex, back to you. >> we cannot let him do that, let's do this.
7:26 am
>> let's go alex. >> come on, mike. >> go, mike, go mike, go mike. >> we're having a party, we told you it would be a party. >> this is a better party. >> when we come back we will go over our top three moments from the final night of the republican national convention, okay. >> grand old party this is a grand old party.
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i'm loving this. i am loving this. can you tell the crowd is really starting to form here. >> wow, wow, wow i will try to to something. here we go, hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> they are a little will excited. >> we will throw to sue.
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>> sue. >> one, two, three, sue. >> sue. >> i would like to meet future meteorologist a any a, is what the weather going to be this weekend. >> hot. >> you get the job. >> all right. lets go to the number of the day, which is eight out of ten. you think things are deteriorating a little bit? it is still nice out here at the dell. you can see bus stop budd which a giant car key in his hand. you get to meet him coming out here in person but you will notice muggy the dog and that means, of course, it will be humid again today. thank you muggy. we have code orange which is an air quality alert if you have problems with asthma will have a problem today. along i-95 it will be 91 degrees. north and west it is about 92. we have a chance of shower or thunderstorm. down at shore it will be hot
7:31 am
too around 90 degrees. that is your weather authority forecast from the dell. >> yeah. >> dave warren, how are folks behaving on the roads today. >> they are trying to keep the cool but we need to cool things down here approaching 95, this is a car fire, it was involved earlier, the fire is out, and crew is still on the scene though. one lane plus the shoulder. little slow there, approaching i-95, taking extra time, no where near being cleared up just yet. ninety-five near cottman that is clear, little slow down from woodhaven road to the vine expressway, and on the broad street line. there is a a delay. delay near olney but maybe ten or 15 minute delay. doctor mike and alex. >> all right. >> thanks, dave. we were talking about the convention last night finally wrapped up in cleveland they had a big party, balloons falling down, all of the
7:32 am
family standing there i said how will they top this. every night has been so eventful? so every day this week we have been doing mike and alex top three moment of the convention, right. >> yes. >> we have had some hit and misses. >> you are right. >> ups and downs. >> last night our number three from last night is how inclusive how g.o.p. was trying to be. everybody is welcome. >> people say it was historic because you had politician that came up and he was a gay republican. we went and talk about some issues and made it clear he wants party to move forward. >> isn't he the guy that invented pay pal. >> he is invested. >> is rich. >> he has a lot of money, 2.8 billion. >> let's hear what he had to say last night. >> of course, every american has a unique identity. i'm proud to be gay. i'm proud to be a republican. but most of all i'm proud to
7:33 am
be ab american. >> as your president i will do everything in my power to protect our lgbt citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful, foreign idealology. >> that was donald trump, and he was very inclusive as well. he talk about issues. he mentioned a lot of gay people, african americans and those issues. people are saying okay, it was great he included everyone in his speech trying to make america great again he said it was probably within of his best friends lebanese guy, i thought he was a really good speaker too. >> so hillary clinton, clinton campaign, she's getting ready to come into philadelphia they were tweet go through the whole speech that lasted 75 minutes, longest one look what
7:34 am
she included here. not everybody was collided, women, muslims, et cetera. >> this leads to the second moment. >> women were talking about ivanka trump. there are high expectations we have seen her . >> she's brilliant. >> she's trump's right-hand woman she was very composed. people were impressed with her speech. she said she was honest, sometimes i'm not sure which way i want to go republican and democrat. >> isn't that true. >> well, like her dad from the past. >> very true. >> like many of my fellow millennials i do not consider myself categorically republican or democrat. more than party affiliation i vote based on what i believe is right for my family and for my country. sometimes it is i tough choice. that is not the case this time. as the proud daughter of your nominee i'm here to tell you that this is the moment and donald trump is the person to make america great again.
7:35 am
>> what is interesting she talk about donald trump has hired more women executive then men. he knows with men issues, i know with men issues. >> i thought she did bring woman in the done old trump cam last night. >> i have been around a long time, i have been around a long time. i remember back in 1996 when bill clinton gave a 64 minute speech and everybody said, no one will ever give a long ever speech in the rest of our lives trump did 75 minutes, beat him by 11 minutes last night. >> he sure did. >> and loud. >> and it got dark at times. i heard it described as a dark speech. there wasn't as much of the entertainment value like what brought him to the stage. he wanted to show what he feels the state of america is in and yes needs to be put in office so he can make things great again. he said, these are real issues.
7:36 am
this is how things are going right now. >> we will make america strong again. we will make america proud again. we will make america great safe again. we will make america great again. god bless you, and good night. i love you. >> so, he did find a little charge that delineates. >> here's the thing when you talk you don't necessity, but we have evidence to back it up. we have this chart showing some of the speeches, i'm trying to help you out. we have proof and facts. >> look in the middle where big line goes out to the right that is clinton at 64 minutes. trump is in the up there he will top everybody for the last 40 years. by the way. >> but i do need to mention
7:37 am
you weren't here yesterday doug luzader, he will be in person next week for the dnc. we made a bet whether or not trump was going to use teleprompter. doug said he was. did he use the prompter. now i owe doug luzader a a cheese stake. doug when he comes. >> see you monday, doug. >> by the way in 2012, mitt romney a's acceptance speech and barack obama's accept an speech if you combine them it still didn't make donald trump's length. how about that. >> he had a lot to say. >> delegates start arriving today for the dnc. >> yeah. >> anybody going to the convention. >> quite a few. >> big in philly. >> they will flood into the city of philadelphia tonight. >> and party all weekend. >> cool. and trust me we will there been too. >> you bet. >> so we need to get ready because when this guy walks up everybody started freaking out. >> he is talking about doctor mike, ladies and gentlemen.
7:38 am
>> doctor mike. >> come on in here brother. >> you know what i thought of you last night because donald trump said i love you. >> i heard that. >> he is thinking of you. >> give us oney love you, i love you and i love all of you. >> you the man. >> we have doctor mike when we come back. >> but here's the thing, you know how much jen fred likes to drink wine. we will bring her over and tell her about this new stud bye wine. >> it is scary.
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7:40 am
7:41 am
>> do you like to keep cool. >> ice, ice baby. >> kevin is here. have you been on the show before kevin. >> i have not. >> congratulations for being here. >> thank you. . >> you picked a great day to come. >> ice sculpting. we will try to figure out what he is making. what is the name of your company. >> ice concept. >> how can i get a hold of you. >> web ice concepts >> that is simple. >> yes. >> who is hot. >> yes.
7:42 am
>> they're hot. >> so excited. >> yes. i love you too. >> i love to. >> hear touch it. >> it is holy water mike. >> so hot out here. >> this is the story. >> how do you do it. >> chain saw is that what it takes to get this together. >> can i try. >> my goodness. >> let me try. >> how about the other side.
7:43 am
>> alex with a chain. >> wow. >> kevin get started. >> i didn't know it kicked back. >> things are cooling off over here. >> it is really, really cool. >> these are your the first four finalist, they all have amazing stories and they can all potentially win one of the mazdas behind us. ladies and gentlemen if it is a party you need the eagles drum line. >> ♪
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7:45 am
7:46 am
♪ >> fly like an eagle at the dell music center, there is swoop, and a crowd out there this morning, trying to beat the heat, get out to see things early, check out roadways right now, any issues work your way around, well, this is one of them woodhaven road eastbound toward i-95, one lane get by. there was a car fire earlier, fire is out, cars still there though. two left lanes are blocked. that is the one big issue we have been looking at this morning. no problems at all on i-95 north or southbound, all of a good ride this morning. the just some sunshine. problem area in lower merion county line road at thomas
7:47 am
avenue there is an accident there and work your way around this area. i want to check out that heat that continues to build but we have to go back to sue but watch this first she will be back in 15 seconds. what are we doing a flick of the wrist. flick of the wrist. >> i don't know. >> everybody ready for some hot weather this weekend. >> yeah. >> what are we go to go do stay in the air conditioning. >> yes. >> all right. so plan on it, excessive heat watch in effect for tomorrow and sunday. we're with the actual temperatures with the mid to upper 90's and heat index even hotter then that.
7:48 am
current temperatures were already in the 07's this morning. now that the sunnies getting higher in the sky it is getting muggy eras well and dew points will begin to climb? what does that mean? more moisture in the air. lets get to that seven day forecast, and you have to read it and weep. you will be prepared. you will be having fun justin doors in air conditioning if at all possible this weekend. in the upper 90's on saturday, sunday, monday, high temperature record because monday's record is 96 degrees. just in time for all of the visitors coming to town for the convention too. this looks like it will be, are you ready guys, a six day heat wave. back to you, yeah. >> would you like to see performance art. >> mike. >> what is wrong. >> i don't know. >> anything we want to do. >> i'm calling this the human
7:49 am
snow cone. >> okay. >> kevin from ice concepts will do the honors. >> start cutting. >> now get over here. >> get over here. >> that is pretty good. >> yes. >> i can taste it. >> this i'm not bothering with. >> we are giving away a mass dave all of the time list will come out. >> we will introduce you to the first four we will tell you why they believe they should win the mazda cx9. >> guys, this is it, right here we have our first four finalist, okay. what we have on this side is injured side forgive me but we have to show people. and we have the non-injured side. everyone of them so excited to be here. lets begin with nantz friday marlton. good morning. >> if morning. >> we have your lovely husband he is here. >> yes. >> tell us what you would do with this car if you won it. >> i'm getting ready to retire
7:50 am
next year nice to start my retirement with a new car. >> you said were you surprised. >> no, i thought it was a prank. >> finalist is cool, thank you very much. >> say hello to my family. we're coming back. go to my family and friend. >> ocean city, new jersey flu are on vacation for this week. >> family and friends. >> hopefully it is worth it. we will go over here and say hi this morning to janet. >> good morning. >> this is cool. you have one daughter two grandchildren. you have not bought a car since 1998. >> no i have not. it still has 48,000 miles, tired of being little old late friday mount laurel. >> you want a new car. >> that is pretty cool. >> david, thank you for your service. you are an army veteran. where is your gorgeous wife. get over here. married 44 years. >> in august. >> august 5th. >> what are you going to do these people will be part of this if you win this car. >> we're going down to disney world, in style. >> are you exited to help.
7:51 am
>> yes. >> so these are finalists. >> last but in the least, good morning how are you. >> good morning. >> mom, we have to show her. >> yes. >> if we win this car you are giving it to. >> my mother. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> a lot of people are rooting you because of that. >> you have a injury. >> a couple. >> were you in a motorcycle accident. >> i was. >> you get the car you will give to it her but off the motorcycle. >> yes. >> thank you so much for coming down. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for the opportunity and thank to you mass to. >> there you go, for sure. >> i love it. >> we want to thank our sponsor mazda this this will happen at 9:30. you have to hang out. i told you i have never won anything, never been a finalist, i never even got a free cup of coffee. >> i will get you a cup of coffee. >> thank you. >> this is first four we are getting the party started. there is another four i see.
7:52 am
>> yes. >> what is your name lenai. >> how old are you. >> seven. >> do you ever watch good day fail. >> when. >> in the morning. >> every day. >> yes. >> i love you. >> lets see what else, how cold was that ice? was it cold. >> yeah, real cold. >> i'll tell you that doctor mike we need something like that in this heat. this is dangerous heat. >> extremely dangerous, you have for careful ape drink lengthy of flutes. >> but don't drink wine. we will have that information in two minutes, when we come back to the dell. >> very sad.
7:53 am
♪ with this level of intelligence...'s a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
7:54 am
7:55 am
welcome back. everybody has got their, well, they have their chairs all set up because we will have a live concert here.
7:56 am
hey patty, who is this. >> this is candace. >> where are you from. >> philadelphia west philadelphia born and raised. >> she was great. >> beautiful voice. beautiful voice. >> that is what we are doing out here because radio station is trying to find, big star, and then they get to open for the dell at a big act. >> yes, 6,000 people coming here any given night. big deal. >> they have the shot. she was so good. >> yes. >> it is sweltering. tomorrow will be the hottest day of the year. so doctor mike take care of us. >> you will want to have a wine, smoothie something to drink. >> it is a little bit of the problem. new study has come out that even one glass of wine, a day can actually increase your risk of cancer. >> you told me red wine was a vitamin. >> what do you do every friday
7:57 am
night. >> it is wine o'clock. >> what about thursday, wednesday, tuesday. >> wine o'clock, and i'm drinking red because you told me readies a vitamin. >> well, i dispute that. well, bottom line is we have always found that certain wines like red wine even white wine is good for your heart, prolongs life, the thing is it can increase your risk of certain cancers. in women it is breast cancer because it has some estrogen like harmonal properties and we think that increases the risk of breast cancer. >> bottom line is everything in moderation. >> i wear sun screen. i don't smoke. i eat brookly. i just want my wine. >> but in moderation, baby. >> just one box per night. >> every night. >> lets talk about this heat. >> yes. >> water, water, water.
7:58 am
>> gator aid, stuff like gator aid. you want electrolytes. it has salt, potassium in it because you want to stay hydrated f you drink plane old water that is not enough. if you want to make sure fuzz are out to daze you want to stay hydrated and drink plenty of things that has electrolytes in them. gator aid, i don't work for the company but things like that. >> power aid. >> they have electrolytes in them, salt and potassium. >> do you just get kiddy pool out and put tonight the backyard. >> we have a little kiddie pool a little elephant pool and my kids love it. they squirt the hose at me. >> water does squirt out the trunk. >> i have one in my apartment. >> in my bedroom light at the end of the bed. >> do that and make sure you take it ease and cut the grass like i do, make sure you drink plenty of fluids before, during and after, and rest. >> have a great weekend. >> i love you guys and i love
7:59 am
all of you. >> we love you. >> one hour down, lets do two more what do you say. >> let's do it. i humbly and greatfully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> donald trump accepts the nomination and promises a better america. >> i'm with you, the american people. >> the republican national convention comes to a close in cleveland. next up, philadelphia, on the national stage, democratic national convention just days away, the preparations in place as we welcome the country to the city of brotherly love. >> ♪ the heat is on, temperatures will soon sore into triple digits. >> when you can expect the hottest day of summer.
8:00 am
hot and humid? no problem. don't worry about sweating off your make up. you can still go outside. simple sweat proof trick to keep that gorgeous glow from melt ago way. >> we need to step it up a notch. >> look at this. >> it is the eagles cheerleader. >> and swoop, of course. >> and the pep band, and the drum squad. >> come on mike. >> look at this. >> no, no. >> ♪ >> he always runs from dancing >> thank you swoop. >> go eagles. >> can you imagine being in that mascot outfit.
8:01 am
>> how does he stay cool. >> it has to be 105. >> it is really hot. >> i don't know how he does it. >> what do you think of the party so far do you like it. >> yes. >> we have the drum line here. it is amazing. we have to stay hydrated this weekend. lots and lots of water. the lets go to our number of the day. it is eight out of ten in weather by the numbers. bus stop buddy, you can come here to the dell music center and meet him in person. he has the giant car key in his hand because he know someone will win today. we have budd which muggy the dog because it will be humid out today. code orange with the air quality alert. temperatures mostly in the 07's at the this point starting to get brighter out and it is start to go get stickier, and it feels different from when we first got here at 6:00. we are expecting a high later on today of 94 degrees and, of
8:02 am
course, humidity will make it feel hotter then that and north and west of the city as we told you earlier possibility of showers and thunderstorms. everybody wave to the camera, you are all on. it is an amazing find. if in the just to watch them but to watch fox tv. are you having fun yet. >> i have one more for you, 95. heading that way on woodhaven road the car fire they are still on the scene there. two lanes are still block. cars getting by on the right lane but heading to i-95 might want to take extra time to get around this area it has been a problem for the last hour at least. turnpike southbound at 206, there is an accident off to the shoulder so just slow it on down if you are heading that way. that is your traffic issues that we have right now but want to head back outside to the dell, where we fine mike and alex. >> you guys, locally what is happening here we are having a
8:03 am
dance off between swoop and bus stop buddy who wynn, bus stop buddy or swoop. >> come on buddy, go. >> go, go, go. >> let's see what you got, swoop. lets see what you got, swoop. >> okay. we are going to see how this plays out, chris and lauren, come on back in about three minutes. >> i think swoop wins this dance off. party in philly, after the g.o.p. finished up in cleveland. >> donald trump accepting nomination for president, closed the convention thanking his supporters, family and friends.
8:04 am
>> friends, delegates and fellow americans i humbly and greatfully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> his record setting, one hour and 15 minute acceptance speech brings the republican national convention in cleveland to an end. his theme bring back law and order. >> visitors could be arriving as early as today for democratic national convention and it appears that we're ready. >> we're ready. three days away. it starts on monday. excitement is building. lets bring in steve keeley at wells fargo center. good morning to you steve. >> we will have 50,000 visitors so not the just 0,000 democrats and delegates that will fill this building and we are inside, most importantly, the air conditioning works phenomenal in here. the staff are wearing jackets because they are too cold. there is the stage set up. you can see video screens.
8:05 am
silhouette of the city sky line minus new building going up and not completely finished yet. mayor kenney unveiled that. to the lefties where new jersey will sit. make out new jersey flag. they have the best seat in the house if you you ask me, pennsylvania right next door. local states got the break, delaware on the first level. they have good seats if they were going to the hockey game. we are at center ice. you can hear the sound of the left up in the top deck as they, fill up all of the balloons. coming down one at a time and once tube is filled they go in the first seat behind what would be the flyers goal, everybody said big balloon drop didn't disappointment they had 125,000 balloons. democrats will try to have 125,001. one thing they can't control/you the side temperatures. jim kenney the mayor, we have asked him about that. founding fathers didn't have air conditioning, so, the new founding father or founding
8:06 am
mother if hillary clinton wins could get it. here was mr. kenney on that. >> founding fathers, none of them had air conditioning, but only thing you cannot control is the heat, we will have a tough week. >> it is july and july is usually hot. we will take efforts that the people out expressing their first amendment rights are comfortable, they have misting tents and medical facility and medical units on stand by, we are delivering water on a regular basis. the first amendment is the first amendment because it was first amendment to them because it came first. this is the city that, celebrates that and we are going to keep everybody safe, happy and have a good time. >> probably most important. there is the stage and they will look at a big version at what you guys look at. you are the king of adlibbing, the big prompter screen. so you folks at home do you see those big letters, that is what politicians and anchor people, read off of, they are
8:07 am
looking through a reflection not looking right in the camera, but i gave away your trade secret there. >> yes. >> okay, steve keeley lets go back to mike and alex at dell music center. >> i have to tell you that the wells fargo center,. >> looks beautiful. >> we should go. >> we will do "good day philadelphia" from the wells fargo center, we have our own little suite. >> we want to be in the mix. >> 6:00 o'clock monday morning we will be live at the convention itself. >> now something happened out here during steve's report that was wonderful. >> that woman right there came over here. >> come on over here. >> she cried because she saw alex. >> why are you crying. >> thanks for coming out. >> thanks for coming out where are you from. >> philly. >> do you watch every morning.
8:08 am
>> i love y'all so much. >> she was crying because she was disappointed. >> no, this is so sweet of you to come out. thank you so much. >> you know, not unusual for women to cry around me but it is usually out of horror you are not scared or nervous. >> nerve us what are you nervous about. >> i see you have morning. >> thank you so much for coming out. >> this is why we love coming out,. >> getting meet you and we really appreciate it. >> look at these children. >> adorable. >> people are bringing out the kids. >> this is my baby kayan. >> beautiful. >> beautiful. >> did you get rita's water ice. >> i sure will. >> we have free ritaes. >> we have free rita's but it looks like finger sandwiches are on the menu today. >> yes.
8:09 am
>> okay. >> okay. >> so we are giving away mazda, eight finalist. we have the first four. >> let's meet the other four. >> other four. jen, give it away. >> these are the final four finalist good morning to all of you guys. >> good morning. >> all right. so we have to meet them. we will begin with finalist number five, tiffany from souderton. good morning. >> good morning. >> you are a bartender a at harleysville hotel. >> yes. >> mike jerrick said he could not pour any beer not surprising. >> right. >> a lot more difficult then people think. >> yes. >> you have a new house. you want a new car for your garage. >> yes, and to get to work. >> stay cool. >> then we have kenya, good morning to you. >> good morning. we know so many amazing things about you, including this gorgeous grandson. you are also battling ms. >> yes. >> up and down you want a new car to make it feel better. >> a little bit, yes, yes. >> awesome. >> then we will get to lauren from marlton, stay at home mom, this would be nice to
8:10 am
your sing follow home family. >> very much. >> you will drive those kids around and be so happy to do it. >> unless we take a road trip. >> have you pick a color. >> maybe black. >> our final finalist is hector, egg harbor township, he grew up in puerto rico. >> born there and grew up in cam a den. >> okay. you will be first time father this november. >> yes. >> you want to put baby seat in the back. >> that is what i need. >> how cool is it to be a part of this, our final finalist you have to be happen bye that. >> pretty ridiculous. i have never felt, i'm very nervous about it. >> you will be fine. we would like to thank our response or mass dave she said it. this is grandson, do you think your grand mom should win this car. >> yes. >> you do. >> all right, okay. ladies and gentlemen, we will see you around 9:30. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. guys, they are ready to within
8:11 am
a car, come on, mike and alex. >> we have been talking about them, announcing them every week. it really makes it special. one of them will go away with the car. >> i think maybe viewers at home might start routeing for one of them. >> it is so harbaugh they are all so great and great stories. >> who doesn't want a new car. >> especially that car. >> speaking of great stories, in a little bit when we come back, we will talk to a woman who started this organization to help young girls just get a long. you have heard of the term girl squad they should love each other. >> i know this group. >> we have high hopes for this organization. we will introduce you to them when we come back.
8:12 am
i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:13 am
he could install your ceiling fan.ce said he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty. longest and fastest zipline in north america, there's only one place to do it. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
8:14 am
it's all in the catskills. only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at we are showing you throughout the weekend, with a excessive heat watch in effect, it is ice, ice, baby. it is ice, ice, concepts and here is kevin. you have been doing this for
8:15 am
how many years. >> we started it 23 years ago. >> my goodness. >> hot time of the year do you these beautiful sculptures and they melt does that make you upset. >> no, it does not. i'm long over it. >> what are you make to go day. >> a bench that we will be able to sit on it and broadcast on it and good day fox logo, nice cool place to sit. >> i asked you this earlier are you like michael angelo and you have a block of ice and sculpture waiting to come out. >> i don't know you can compare me of michael angelo but that is basic concept. >> you are a master after all of these years. thanks for coming out. i can't wait to sit on the bench. lets look at our weather this morning. we have a excessive heat watch in effect that kicks in on saturday and continues all day sunday with high 90's, and heat index in the triple digits. and that is what is coming up, both days of the weekend. we have current temperatures
8:16 am
that are getting on the muggy side in the 70's and dew points even higher then that, so yeah, muggies are coming back, it was nice at 6:00. it is getting sticky now. slight risk of thunderstorms, we did not make it to 90 yesterday so we are thinking 94 degrees, upper 90's on sat kay, sunday, monday we might break a high temperature record in time for the convention to come to town but are we going to be okay in this heat wave. >> yes. >> because we're having a party. >> i don't know but mike and alex but i can't wait to sit my button this bench. >> he is making a been. >> we have to sit on that. >> i will sit on it. >> it is getting hot. >> i'm not wearing pants when i'm sitting on that you better get ready. >> i love the pretzel dog. >> is what your name. >> kaya. >> where do you go to school. >> global youth academy.
8:17 am
>> what are you eating. >> pretzel hot talk. >> have you had those. >> they are so good. >> better than pigs than a blanket. >> it is basically a pig in the blanket. >> yes. >> very cool. >> so, before we went to break i was telling you a great story about the effort to bring girls together, have girls show each other more love. we will introduce you to a mom and doubt that went through a situation and they decided to turn it into something positive. last year her daughter was attack by another little girl at school. nader was livid. after meeting with the child who attacked her child, nader's anger turn into compassion. she learn the child was simply jealous of her daughter's hair. that is when she got the idea for high heels, high hopes, cord to go the national education association about 160,000 students stay home from school due to bullying and 23rd of those pick on of become bullies themselves. high heels, high hopes she's
8:18 am
hoping to stop that cycle, one girl at a time. nadera's non-profit has helped many young girls peel people empowered and uplifted. her message is simple, love yourself, dream billing, remember, it is okay to hang out with the girls. >> you can tell they are a very, very special duo here. we have nadera and mariah here, thanks for coming out. >> thanks for having us, will alex, thank you this incident happened how long ago. >> last year my daughter, was attacked in school. trying to get ourselves together i thought what is best waste to teach her and show you. we started high heels, high hopes. >> what makes you want to do something positive. any mother would go i'm going in mom mode, don't mess with my child but you decided to do some to affect everyone. >> i grew up in philadelphia i felt like, a need for, youth programs for girl programs and just a need for girls to come together and promote, positivity among each other. >> what thinks organization
8:19 am
high heels, high hopes too. >> we put girls through workshops and then different fundraisers and we just come together, bring the girls together and just have positive fun. >> you have your whole family involved. >> sorry, sweety. >> who else is here. >> right here i have my cousin here. >> my cousin, my sister, this is my daughter. this is my god daughter. >> more than just a family thing you have a community coming together,. >> in a west philadelphia community. shepherd recreation center has been helpful bringing our girls together and bringing us this spot. >> why the name high heels, high hopes. you are not wearing heels are you. >> no. >> she's trying. >> why the name high heels, high hopes. >> i thought heels signify girls women, growing and bringing together hopes and dreams for the girls. >> how can people get in touch and see this and they want to be in part of it. >> our web site is under construction but follow us on social media site at high
8:20 am
whiles, high hopes, inc. >> this is so excited. we need to show each other more love. it starts at a young age with little girls like you. so nice to meet you. >> nice to meet to. >> so sweet. >> quincy, we have a lot of girl power here i don't know if you can handle it. >> i'm coming over here. guys, we're having a good time. are you having a good time. >> coming up i'm trying revolutionize cream and taco and they have a combination and we will have hillary clinton to try it. we will be right back.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. yes, on stage. >> thank you you. >> oh, my gosh, amazing.
8:24 am
>> you and you and you i just love you, love you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i love you philadelphia, thank you. >> who are you. >> damon williams, and i'm from philadelphia, thank you so much for the opportunity. thank you patty jackson, i love you. >> that was amazing. >> you know we love patty jackson. we love patty. >> that was amazing. >> how is it going, patty. >> it is going well,. >> tell us about your contest on the radio. >> we have a rising star, we're looking for a rising star, $500 open up a show at dell music center. >> so if he wins, he opens. >> he opens up a show at the
8:25 am
dell music center. >> we will talk to you more. we have a lot of food out here. quincy is showing us some more food. >> guys, we're having a great time, these guys here, we have andy from weckerly and mike from revolution taco. you have come up with an ice cream sandwich for hillary clinton. >> yes. >> how is the contest. >> we found out hillary loves chocolate, brownies, she loves spicy, and andy makes the best ice cream in the city. >> yes, my wife. i'm just the one that is here right now. >> we thought it would be great idea to combine the two together. we will sell them at revolution taco. >> we have a little browny browny is in the middle of the ice cream. >> yes. so this is the packaging, it is called donkey kick which mike name. what it is, we've got chocolate ice cream, organic chocolate ice cream with
8:26 am
mike's browny in the middle, smothered in spicy chipotle cinnamon carmel on a cinnamon cookie. hillary always has hot pockets. hot sauce awesome. if you are listening to this i'm saving one for you, beyonce. we just went for it. >> yes. >> jen, jen. >> can we all sample. >> absolutely. >> mike and alex, back to you. >> lot this, one of the judges for music contest here, do you see this woman right here in the green. >> look at how flawless her make up is. >> it is like she's just glistening. >> so cool and fresh. >> you look at her and then look at you. >> look at my back. >> there is a lot going on. >> i don't know if we can help you, but we have some tips, when we come back, we will get some make up, sweat proof tips.
8:27 am
>> sweat proof make up. >> because it is hot outside doesn't mean you can't combo outside. you want to live life. we will show you how to do it and look good. >> in other word fix your face. >> yes, we will fix your face. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
8:28 am
who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
8:29 am
are are
8:30 am
welcome back to the dell here at fairmount park. you ever watch that show, we're listening to there but do you ever watch that show on the food network called chopped. >> yesy love that show especially when, hey tom, come here, when they see who is going to be chopped. should i do it. three, two, one. no, we will reveal what is in there that looks deliver news
8:31 am
just a second. >> why do we have to wait. >> because we have to get to sue. >> yes. >> sue, it is getting hot. >> she's our appetizer. >> at least forecast is easy. what is the forecast for the weekend. >> hot. >> i trained them well. >> lets take a look at what the number toys day. it is eight out of ten. bus stop buddy, you can meet him here at dell music center. he has a giant car key in his hand because we have multiple mazda is here and a one of our finalist will win one today. muggy the doggies around too somewhere and he is, of course, here because it is already pretty muggy out this morning. now our temperatures are in the 70's, we are heading well up in the 90's today. there will be humidity that we didn't have the past two days and the requisite pop up showers and thunderstorms but mostly happening north and west of the city. are you all ready to keep cool this weekend, right.
8:32 am
>> right. >> are we having a good time today. >> yes. >> all right. they to everything i told them to do dave warren. i hope you are having fun. >> because that is impressive here. traffic, thinks woodhaven road, approaching 95 southbound, they had two lanes blocked and new one lane. they are getting rid of the car fire. moving long better now but might need to slow it down, a bit. we have an accident here, in norristown, for nantz at dekalb street, might want to work around this one a bit, that is one accident that we have. that is a look at issues with the traffic this morning, and back outside, we will go, back to mike and alex. >> thanks very much. >> it smells really good. mike, are you ready to reveal. >> i'm ready to reveal, are you ready. >> lets go. >> these are our friend from red owl tavern. >> yes, we are on sixth and chestnut. so happy to be joining us this morning. >> mike joins us you guys every day after the show. >> well, it is a block from
8:33 am
the tv station so chris murphy and i go over there. >> you go over there. >> all right chef, here we go. >> that is what we're making right there, baby. >> hey jorge, good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> we have a wonderful clam bake with muscles, shrimp and made with a beautiful lobster stock and blue crabs, white wine and we're finishing off with a herb butter. >> don't look, don't look. >> you start with that. >> we will start over here with this. >> okay. >> here we have our lobster stock in the crab and lobster stock working with white. >> where do i get lobster stock. >> you have to get lobster shells and crab bodies and put them in the pot, some water, some onions, some carrots, celery, let it simmer. >> let it boil.
8:34 am
>> let it boil. >> it is that simple. >> and then what. >> once you have your stock going, you have it simmering then we will start with our muscles here. >> clams. >> okay. >> we will put a lobster in there. >> they're dead. >> we're getting them nice and hot. i will let it simmer for a little bit. >> for how long. >> for about a couple minutes. >> everything is simmer already it is getting ready to be hot, and then what. >> then fast forward while this is hot here we will grab a little bit of the stock here. >> put it right on the pot. >> that smells so good. >> yep. >> i know it is hot out but i don't ebb care. steam it up. >> it is the on the men you over there. it is, we have it on the menu all summer long.
8:35 am
chef has done a great job. on monday we have a great special we are selling it for $25 on monday at a restaurant. >> all of this for $25. >> it depend on how hungry you you are. >> goes back in there the corn. >> now we will get lobster back in there to get it nice and hot. >> a couple of shrimp. three shrimp. >> i love it. it all ends up in this pot and end up looking like that. >> just to finish it up, to make it nice ape beautiful. >> do you put lemons in there too. >> we grill our lemons to give it a little charcoal flavor but that is finish product even though we are at the deli can make to it red owl at 11:00. >> yes. >> i love that place. >> thank you very much. >> we have been taking a look at everybody and some people were dressed in all white.
8:36 am
>> what does that mean. >> that means kindread the family sole accounts, been here, they know how to groove. >> that is why i wore these pants,. >> i knew. >> oh, yeah. all white. >> kindread the family soul next. whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
this is tiffany performing right now. >> ♪ >> sing it, honey. >> they are having a moment. >> only mike.
8:40 am
>> ♪ >> who are you. >> my name is tiffany from ardmore, pa. my name is tiffany yens from ardmore, pennsylvania. >> ardmore, yes. >> of course. >> i have been singing since i was three. >> it has been a privilege. >> not at all the way you
8:41 am
look. >> congratulations, good luck. >> thank you so much. >> why would i say good luck, patty, it is not luck, is it, it is who has the talent. >> who has the talent and who will win $500 and chance to open up a show at dell music center. >> how does this work. >> we have three judges here. >> we have three judges here, right. >> they have a hard decision to make. >> judges are looking stress. >> are you okay, you are looking stressed. >> it is hard. >> yes. >> they are stressed. >> get on is water ice. >> how many people are you having try out more. >> we have eight contestants, hundreds. there is eight on stage. we have one more. >> one more. >> when will they find out. i hepp they find out immediately. >> find out immediately. >> i hope so. >> wait a minute, lets look to the the bosses, when will they
8:42 am
find out who opens up, when will they announce it. >> well, they don't necessity that is how hard it is. >> they will take their time. >> it could be before keith sweat. >> it could be that early. >> and there is so much good talent. >> that is true. >> maybe somebody else will have a chance to open up not with the money but to open up. >> thanks for coming out. >> we have been talking about this, mike and it is almost time to do it. ladies, it is hot up here. we want you to have fun. we will give you great tips to look up, and not feel hot, you know what i mean.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
we are live. it is not a party without face painting, balloon animals and your favorite entertainment. >> yes. >> look who we have here today. >> everybody called c and j entertainment 7516 frankford avenue. we have princess tiana. >> beautiful. >> we have snow white. >> wave. >> and this is one of the owners. all entertainers are licensed and insured. >> we are doing this for free. >> today is for free but call
8:46 am
us entertainment as low as $90 in blue bell, one of our balloon artists. one of our face painters. >> look at this. >> yes. this is one of our face painters. they are all licensed and insurance. we are located at 7516 frankford avenue. we will take your call anytime, 24 hours. >> thanks, d and j entertainment doing a great job today. that face painting is good because it is not melting off in this heat. lets take one more look, why don't we go right to the seven day forecast, because it is going to tell the tail of the weekend. we have 94 degrees, for today, upper 90 a's for saturday, for sunday, by sunday, we're talking about a little bit less humidity but still 97 degrees when we dough back to humidity on monday it is 97 and that would be a new high temperature record just in
8:47 am
time for the democratic national convention to come to town. so we're ready for it, just make your plans accordingly and as we always say mike and alex, stay hydrated. please. >> we will help you out. mike, i know you have been sweating and stuff. >> me? >> just a little bit. >> this is uruguay right here. >> yes. >> we will see, this is jason, yes, i always appreciate it, i'm a make up artist. >> i'm doing good. >> he has been out here you are not sweating at all. >> i'm's sweat proof. >> can you make mike sweat proof. >> i don't know mike is so wet, he is so wet. >> can you help me out. >> look at that. >> we can help you out is there we will show you some tips what we should do, to put on our face. >> all sweaty and disgusting, yes. >> what is first thing you need to work with. >> your skin carries very important. you want to use this gel cream
8:48 am
it penetrate to go in your pores and break up your oil. also oil control ocean, which comes through the core. >> wash my face, put on the gel cleanser. >> put on the gel cleanser first and moisture ice your skin. >> perfect. >> that is what she has on right now. >> yes, with bronzer, mascara and all that. we will talk about that later. >> she's not sweating at all. >> she looks fabulous. >> been out here since 7:00. >> my gosh look at me and look at her seriously. what is the next step. >> primers are important when it comes to make up. primers will keep your make up nice and matt. we have a nice veil primer. it is water and humidity resistant. it is a great primer. what this is, a matt primer you can use a little bit in your hand like this, go like this. when you get oily you pat your face where you are oily. >> you can do this.
8:49 am
>> on top of your make up. it takes away any shine that exist on the the face. >> she looks so good. >> okay. >> primer, what does this do. >> this is becka, priming perfection. >> she looks perfect. i want to lah like her. >> on her skin she has baby water which has spf35, great light weight wait foundation that is good for being outside in the heat, really good. i started with the anti shine resilient powder so far final over here. >> as you know, our models have on everything i have talk about at different variation is today. lets talk about dessert. we're hot, right. dessert for the face. it is a spritz. it is perfect. put it on your face. makes your make up humidity proof. what you will do it smells like licorice, you want to spray it, just like this. let that set in. then that is activated and
8:50 am
will not budge. >> this is final step, you can pair it with your favorite waterproof months cara or eye line are or anything you want to do. >> all right. >> i love this woman here. >> are you taking notes. >> yes, i'm taking notes. because this is what is happening to me now i'm dripping. >> i think a lot of us do what is your tip for your lips. >> always good to have a nice lip gloss. two things they can do, mack liquid lipsticks are the biggest trend in beauty. >> i'm wearing it right now? she's wearing some right now. >> you put it on, it goes on nice and smooth. nice and matt. it gives you great coverage. and then you pair it, your perfect matt lips to be out here in this humidity. >> that is amazing. thank you so much jason. we appreciate it. >> i appreciate you too. >> follow me on instagram, and
8:51 am
twitter. >> look at mike, look at me, and look at him. >> look at her. >> come on, mike. >> help him out a little bit. >> look at that. >> thanks. >> i need it all over my body. >> i need it all over my body. >> i don't have that time. >> i need a big brush. >> there were 16 people over there sweating because in about half an hour we will give away one of the mazda only one out of the eight can win it. >> it is exciting. overhead look right now of the area, sky fox is up because thinks such a billing deal, so many people are out, you should come out and join us. >> come on out.
8:52 am
whenoff the wheel to getands out of a tight spot. when you can relax with your foot off the brake and stay put. and when you enjoy 400 horsepower that's both smooth and controlled. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers! lease an mkc for $289 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and just announced $1,000 dollars summer invitation bonus.
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8:54 am
8:55 am
that is what i have been asking, how dit turnout. >> great. >> what did you make. >> "good day philadelphia". >> and then we will go. >> you will get soaked if you want. >> execution my language are are we on. >> i was just saying it is hotter then. >> yes. >> you don't need to say it. >> hey kevin, you are the ice sculpture how dit turnout. >> great. >> it is behind us, we will not reveal what did you make. >> should i tell you. >> yes. >> i made a bed that says good day philadelphia, a perfect place to sit today. >> let's reveal. >> isn't that nice. >> who wants to sit on it. >> you, you right here. >> what is your name. >> die as.
8:56 am
>> where do you live. >> north philadelphia. >> how does it feel. >> cold. >> we have to try it. let's see. we have to try it. >> it feels good but then it kind of hurts. >> it is starting to feel good. >> wow. >> you know athletes that do those ice bats. >> how do you do this. >> did you notice sky fox is over this, the party is so big they sent a helicopter up. >> how do you not feel that. >> i think that is enough. >> i can keep going, go alex go, mind over matter. >> go. cheer me on, guys. >> we have put it off, long
8:57 am
enough. >> okay, okay. >> right after the 9:00 o'clock hour it is time to give away the mazda, all right, hang around, come on back to the dell. there's one place where america's pastime is preserved for all time. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
8:58 am
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welcome back to the dell. >> it is a party. >> ♪ >> ♪


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