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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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national convention to officially begin on monday. democratic delegates are ready to make history by officially nominating the first woman presidential candidate of a major mitt cal party. the excitement is building around the city. let's get straight out to our karen hepp inside the wells fargo center tonight. hey, karen. >> reporter: not just what's happening down here, of course, the excitement is building because the entire city is getting ready. whether people are coming down just to watch act, some of the protesters are getting ready. some of the supporters are getting ready and it's a full court press at this point. it's go time. a paint party at the union headquarters as teams of teachers brought their kids off of summer vacation to message up and get the word out. >> we're making signs for the democratic national convention next week. >> reporter: daughter err rip shows off her favorite she's learning about politics at the grass roots level. obviously the teacher's union is a huge booster of democratic cause.
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is trying whip up support but the other sides are just as bu busy. protesters are in overdrive mode at this kensington warehouse creating beautiful art for a march on sunday. huge suns and earth themes for what they're calling a clean energy revolution march. >> we're making giant banners for everyone to hold big picket signs basically, tons of umbrellas just everything you can think to make a big visual impact. >> reporter: whether they're protesting, delegates to the convention or media in cover it all thousands are flooding in this weekend and the city is ready for its close-up. flags wave from near every street light and red, white and blue bunting dresses important buildings like city hall and reading terminal market. it's pretty clear we're throwing a party and oh, yeah, it's a political fest. you don't have to be from out of town in get in outturn at the constitution center you can header to the white house or dozens of other exhibits all over plus there's happy hours and food tests and a sea of smiling volunteers to get you there. plus extra beefed up police presence already in place to keep everybody safe.
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>> we're going to keep everybody safe, everybody happy, and we're going to have a good time. >> reporter: that may be. their getting final preparations still is a ton to do on this friday before the convention. they're getting the balloons s set. they're in the chairs right now because they're going to be lifting them up and place them in the ceiling putting them up in the rafters for the big finale balloon drop. also you can see lot of camera men that are manning the cameras because they're trying to test the shot. they have to work that all out. people up on the podium are ge getting sun checks. we will be ready. fingers crossed. of course, we will we're in the national stage come monday. dawn and chris, back to you. >> big week coming up, karen thanks. stay with fox 29 throughout the entire week of the dnc. we will be there live throughout the convention and have extended coverage at 11:00 p.m. all next week. after four days of speeches, spectacle and protests republican national convention is history. donald trump officially accepting his nomination to be the republican nominee for president in cleveland last
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night. >> friends, delegates, and fellow americans, i humbly and great physical accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states! >> in his speech that lasted nearly an hour and 15 minutes, donald trump attacked his rival hillary clinton. he made his pitch that america is less safe and the world is less statement stable because of the decisions hillary clinton made while serving as secretary of state. >> the most important difference between our plan and that of our opponent's is that our plan will put america first. >> this morning donald trump addressed the controversy surrounding ted cruz's choice not to endorse the republican candidate. donald trump telling a crowd that cruz probably ruined his political career.
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breaking news developing out of germany tonight. authorities in munich are hunting for shooter after a deadly rampage that her calling a suspected act of terrorism. at least eight people are dead after at least one person opened fire at a fast food restaurant. police are asking everyone in the city to stay indoors tonight as they shut down public transportation hunting for suspects. mewing is police say a ninth body has been found and they are examining it whether it may be one of those suspects. president obama vowed to stick by germany. >> still an active situation, and germany is one of our closest allies, so we are going to pledge all the support that they may need in dealing with these circumstances. >> this is the second attack in germany in less than a week. on monday a 17 year old injured four people when he attacked them with anaxon computer train. >> to your fox 29 weather authority now. hot and mew mid and it is here
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to stay looking live at the philadelphia international airport. wow! visitors flying into town for the democratic national convention will be met with near record temperatures. fox 29 meteorologist scott williams here and it's pretty brutal out there and we haven't seen the worst of it scott. >> certainly right there, dawn. the high temperature today made it up to 94 degrees. we'll continue to get even hotter in the days ahead. hottest weather we've seen in several years making a run toward the delaware valley as we brace for our fourth heat wave. hazy sunshine out there right now. 91 degrees but look at the current feels like temperature at this hour. still feeling like 97 and look at the dew point the measure of moisture in the atmosphere. right around 70 so oppressive humidity. take look at the feels like temperatures across the area. wildwood it feels like 96 degrees. so no relief really down the shore. 97 what it feels like in trenton along with allentown and dover. but here's the concern. right along the immediate i-95 corridor, that includes you in
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voorhees, mullica hill, wilmington, west chester, norristown, over to trenton feels like temperatures for the next several days over 100 degrees. in fact take look as we go hour by hour, by saturday afternoon, it will feel like 102 at 3:00 o'clock in philadelphia. 105 in millville. along with dover. so coming up we'll talk about how long this extended long duration event will last. when we'll break or shatter some records, plus the all important dnc weather we'll break it down for you coming up. >> good point, scott. something else to think about with this heat wave with all these thousands of people coming in to the dnc. >> beating the heat is going to be a priority for all those thousands of people heeding here to philadelphia. fox 29's bill anderson live in old city with more on how the city is dealing with this extreme heat. bill, i know it's hot out there. >> reporter: little bit, dawn. is it possible to be 97 with a cool breeze. it doesn't feel that bad out here. but as you pointed out thousands of people coming to town, record
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heat expected. they've got lot to deal with. i went and talked to philadelphians to see what they think about all the heat and as expected in philly, we got some interesting responses. democratic national convention begins next week. thousands of visitors are arriving this weekend and with a dangerous heat wave coming at the same time, i took to the streets to see what philadelphians think of the he heat. >> i definitely will be complaining about the heat little bit. >> stop whining it's summer. >> come here and run these stairs in honor of rocky. sweat go get a nice iced tea or whatever philly has to offer. >> reporter: philadelphian' responses may be light hearted were you the city is prepared. mayor kenney this morning explained that they're ready to make sure everyone is comfortable regardless of whether you're a delegate, visitor or even a protester. >> we are taking great efforts to make sure people expressing the first amendment rights are comfortable. and have misting tents and medical facilities and medic units on stand by. >> reporter: as we got a taste
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of the heat, people copied in various ways from kids in the fountains to visitors telling us just toughen up isn't they need to stop complaining and realize when it's this hot you kind of have to control your activities and drink lots of water. >> top whining. because back in boston a month from now it will be snowing. >> reporter: it's hot in the summer. it kind of comes with the territory. but nearly 100 degrees is serious. if you plan to be outside, mayor kenney and visitors have similar advice. >> we're going to keep everybody safe, everybody happy, and we're going to have a good time. >> we're going to go somewhere where there's air-conditioning next. (laughter). >> reporter: now, all of the stop whining comments aside, the city did issue an excessive heat warning so they're asking people to look out for signs of heat poisoning. if you feel lightheaded, if you felleae feel nauseous make sure you get inside to air-conditio air-conditioning drink lots of water and bottom line just look out for each other dawn and chris and we'll all be okay. >> good advice, thank you. and of course scott told us just a little ago the oppressive
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heat will be sticking around for awhile you can get the most up to date forecast though any time by using the fox 29 weather authority app. it is available on both the apple and google play stores. the woman charged with kidnapping a new baby born from the king of prussia move will use insanity defense. local newspaper roaring lawyers representing sherri ammore filed court documents with their plans. you may recall back in march when police say the 32-year-old woman snatched a baby from the food court of the mall. prompted police to issue an amber alert and investigators found the child in ammore's ho home. her attorney arguing that she suffers from mental problems and depression. it's a video you first saw on fox 29 on tuesday. hundreds of airport workers spilling the streets manning better working conditions. they made their voices heard. now one of those wheelchair attendants claims she was fired the very next day.
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laquanda hagan among the crowds on tuesday demanding $15 an hour. the company she worked for pro second airport services is a subcontractor for the airport, and its workers are not unionized. the seiu says she took part in the demonstration on her day off and was fired the next day. >> i have to worry about how i'm going to take care of my children. frustrated about how i'm going to pay my bills and stuff hike that, and i'm frustrated because we are really getting treated unfairly. >> and we have reached out to her former employer and have not heard back yet is the eiu says it will file unfair labor practice charges. septa will soon expand its key program that serves as an alternative to the traditional tokens. key early adapters program will open to more passengers on august 1st. the key card allows septa users to ride seamlessly through the transit system just by swiping
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their card. septa launched the program back in june for 10,000 customers. in august, septa will sell weeklweekly and monthly tracks s loaded on the key card and tell them at its sales offices p coming up headed to the beach this weekend? you might want to leave the speakers, leave the boom box at home. which jersey beach is trying to quite things down. sean? >> chris nfl lot of another legend today. a coach that gave us over a decade of good football and provided us with post game press conferences ever. that's coming up later in sports. dawn? >> running a red light, no problem. a new pennsylvania state law says it is okay. but only sometimes. when that law says it's just fine to not wait for the green light. ♪
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♪ starting today leave your blue tooth speakers, radio or boom box at home if you plan on spending any time on the beach in seaside heights. town is banning any device that amplifies music. trying to calm things down a little bit. it comes after borough officials say people started complaining about the loud music on the beach. one official says he's seen people even wheel speakers as big of luggage right into the sand. right now the ban lasts for 60 days. in pennsylvania, it is now okay to run red lights in certain circumstances that is. governor tom has signed a bill into law that let's drivers proceed through a red light if that red light seems to be malfunctioning preventing that red light from turning green. the law goes into effect in september. lawmakers say drivers must completely stop first and make sure it's safe to proceed before running a malfunctioning light. officials from democratic national convention want to make sure the huge event is safe for the environment.
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2016 host committee gathering in center city today to announce a partnership with the excelon corporation working together officials say they will make sure that during the convention the city neutralize its carbon footprint. during the d inform c visitors will get a chance to ride on this electric septa bus. organizers say everyone can actually do their part. >> we also have variety of sustainable efforts in place whether it's encouraging delegates and visitors to use inn did he go bike share or riding around on 125 hybrid septa buses. >> organizers are also teaming up with local food pantries to make sure food wasted during the dnc can be used instead to feed the city's hungry. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. these kids had the right idea today in philadelphia. they cooled off while playing at the philadelphia police 19th district fun day today. i'll tell you i know you were
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out there today. >> yes. >> how hot was it out there today? >> steamy. >> foles like temperatures chris and dawn approached the triple digits today and our high temperature was 94 degrees. but look at your saturday. the high 97. on sunday 96. but feels like temperatures will be anywhere from 100 to 105 degrees so that's when it becomes dangerous and you want to take it easy. kind of hazy sunshine right now live look at the philadelphia international airport. no airport delays due to weather. but it's hot. 91 degrees. it's still feels like 97 right now in center city. also, add insult to injury we have that code orange ozone alert through this evening. then again tomorrow. so asthma, upper respiratory disorders, take it easy out there as the feels like temperatures combine with that air quality making things a little tough. 97 is the feels like temperature in trenton. philadelphia feels like 96 right now in wilmington. even down the shore feels like temperatures in the low to mid
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90s. and we'll keep that land breeze going down the shore for tomorrow. 97 right now new york city. 91 raleigh. 91 in at land today. look at dallas 99. wichita, 104. vegas 111 right now. 110 that's the air temperature in phoenix. more of a dry heat though as you move a little farther out to the west there in the desert areas. high pressure off to the south so tomorrow out ahead of a weak cold front that will not drop the temperatures, we'll have winds out of the west. 97 degrees will be the high temperature. but look at this. saturday through monday now, right along the urbanized areas along the i-95 corridor, right in the middle here, that's where we have that excessive heat warning in the red. those areas excessive heat watch but feels like temperatures approaching 105 stifling degre degrees. we'll also chase records for a part of the weekend into early next week. the high temperature expected on sunday 96. the record 98. look at monday.
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the record is 96. the forecast 98 degrees to kick off the dnc. also, keep an eye to the sky monday afternoon and evening. the threat is there for a couple of strong gusty thunderstorms. but it will just add more moisture into the atmosphere. making that humidity more oppressive. 96 on tuesday. 92 wednesday. staying hot. 90 degrees as we move toward the end of the dnc. so here's the take away. records will be challenged. the hottest day will be monday oppressive humidity also it's going to be long duration heat wave seven or more days with temperatures at or above 90 degrees. down the shore, we keep that land breeze going. 90 degrees will be the high temperature. 87 degrees on sunday. remember, the h20 remember the sunscreen that uv index will be high. saturday 89 degrees in the pocono mountains. 85 on sunday. the forecast for tonight, it stays pretty mild and steamy. 74 degrees in the city. 97 degrees the air temperature
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for tomorrow. but the bigger deal is what it will feel like the triple digi digits. so that extended weather authority seven day forecast showing you we keep 99s in the forecast for the next seven da days. and that is going to take a toll especially if you're outdoors for prolonged periods of time. and also, remember that eat heat is a silent killer. in the united states, over 600 people die each year that's more than catastrophes caused by flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes. >> it's dangerous. people don't realize it. >> yeah. >> we're into the dog days of summer. >> sure of. >> absolutely. >> sean bell with sports a little politics mixing with sports. >> little bit of everything. social issues are front and center with sports. particularly in the nba. i'll get you caught up on something that happened in the wnba and nfl running backs having a bad day. elliot the first cowboys first round pick making some issues when it comes to domestic violence. we heard this too many times. i'll get you call up on that
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next in sports.
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♪ the nfl lot of another great guy today. former nfl head coach dennis green passed away at the age of 67 from complications of a cardiac arrest. green coached for 13 seasons a great player's coach a passionate guy. but you might remember him most from this unbelievable post game
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press conference. >> the bears are what we that was they were. what we thought they were. we made them in preseason. who the hell takes third game in a preseason like it's bleep bleep. we played them in the third game everybody played three quarters. the bears are who we thought they were! that's why we took the damn field. if you want to crown them, then crown them believe. but they are who we thought they were and we let them off the hook. >> passionate guys that's why the player loved him. rookie running back elliot is facing some issue root now. he's being accused of domestic assault. 911 calls made from his girlfriend and bruises and things of that nature were shown on instagram. he will i don't believe right now says he's 100% innocent. also, bell four games suspension coming up because he missed a drug test. all right. nba has taken away the 2017 all star game from shall hot because north carolina laws have
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offended some the lgbt communities. new orleans will be the new destination. nba has been first in line with tackling issues but they dropped the ball over in the wnba the league players wore shirt that supported black lives matter and dallas police department. supported all causes all issues and violence that happened in these communities and the league fined them for wearing these shirts. they have sponsors on theirs shirts the league wants them to wear that but they did not have the same response from nba players did that. they did not get fine. they were just given warning. so why did you treat the mares the same. >> if you want them to have a voice, come on, they need to be able to use it. you can't fine them after they actually use it. >> all right. >> sounds like a double standard. >> it does. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. unside edition is up next.
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bond of widows. celine dion and kathie lee gifford. the heartbreaking moment everyone is talking about. >> we have had quite the journey. we're going to wynn november! thank you all! >> now it's hillary's turn. >> the stage is set for the democratic national convention in philadelphia. and donald trump's mini me. way past his bedtime? >> ivanka trump. >> secrets of ivanka trump's wardrobe. but what happened to her earring? is then, new photos. little prince george. but wait! should he be feeding his puppy ice cream? plus, remember this? >> are you kidding me, tsa? >> now the great "inside edition" tsa test. >> is let's see how long it takes me to get through security. >> that security line took


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