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tv   Fox 29 News Special You Decide  FOX  July 23, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ the wait is over. the vp spot on the democratic card is now filled. earlier this evening, presumptive presidential nominee hillary clinton announcing that she has tapped virginia senator tim kaine as her running mate. good evening and thank you for joining us for this you decide special i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. many people believe clinton' as big announcement would come today and no one new exactly when. a little after 8:00 o'clock night clinton reveal her choice for vice-president via social media and text messages to her supporters. she tweeted, "i'm thrilled to announce my running mate tim kaine a man who is devoted his life to fighting for others. other potential vp picks that had been rumored were agriculture secretary tom vilsack, massachusetts senator
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elizabeth warren and new jersey senator corey booker. >> who exactly is senator tim kaine? 58-year-old democrat previously served four years as governor of virginia battleground state. he was elected to the us senate in 2012. kaine graduated with law degree from harvard university where he met his wife of 31 years a inform n holton she serves as virginia's education secretary. they have three children together. kaine is catholic and he speaks fluent spanish. now, where does kaine stand on the issues? >> the senator is a gun owner and has backed broad background checks and restrictions on the types of weapons and ammo that can be sold. kaine supports comprehensive immigration reform and is an advocate for free trade. he has said he personally opposes abortion but supports abortion rights. he also personally opposes the death penalty and the senator has been a big supporter of extending marital rights to same
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sex cubs. already, the republican national committee chairman is responded to clinton's vp pick. >> and he is not impressed. it was treat tweeted hillary clinton's choice of tim kaine does nothing to unify a fractured democratic base repelled by her dishonesty and crone know i. >> senator kaine is set to join clinton on the campaign trail in miami, florida tomorrow. this will be the first time they've appeared together sin the big announcement. watch fox 29 on hair and online tomorrow to see what they have to say. and kaine and clinton will be the headliners at the democratic national convention right here in philadelphia. the stage now set inside the wells fargo center ready for the convention officially start this monday. democratic delegates are ready to make history by officially nominating the first woman presidential candidate of a major mitt cal party. >> and the excitement is building around the city. fox 29's karen hepp tonight with
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the final countdown. >> reporter: it's go time. a paint party at the union headquarters as teams of teachers brought their kids off of summer vacation to message up and get the word out. >> we're making signs for the democratic national convention next week. >> daughter erin shows off her favorite learning about politic at the grass roots level. obviously teachers union is a huge booster the democratic cause and trying to whip up support but the other sides are just as busy protesters are in overdrive mode at this ken sipping ton warehouse creating beautiful art for a march on sunday. huge suns and earth themes for what they're calling a clean energy revolution march. >> we're making giant banners for everyone to hold. big picket signs basicallily tons of umbrellas just everything to make big visual impact. >> reporter: protesting, delegates to the convention are media thousands are flooding in this weekend and the city is ready for its close up. nags wave from nearly every street light and red and white
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and blue bunting addresses important buildings. it's pretty clear we're throwing a party and oh, yeah, it's a political fest. you don't have to be from out of town to get in on the fun. at the constitution center, you can head to the white house or dozen of other great exhibits all over there's happy hours and food tests and a sea of smiling volunteers to get through, plus extra beefed up police presence already to keep everybody safe. >> we're going to keep everybody safe, everybody happen and have a good time. >> right now the police department is asking a lot of restaurants and stores and businesses who have flowers outside or tables oh flags to bring them in especially along protest routes. they don't become used in one of those events. protest vocally and freely as first amendment right and they fully expect that. but that is one of the precautions they're asking a lot of the businesses to be taking. i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. well despite the months and months of planning there's one recent development dnc organizers are making some last
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minute adjustments in these final days before the conventi convention. >> we're just beginning a stretch of some dangerous heat to say the timing is unfortunate that is putting it mildly. here's fox 29's brad sattin. >> reporter: things are heating up just in time for the dnc's rival. record heat in fact. a forecast 98 degrees on monday. demonstrators like retired firefighter dickie, from maine says they're ready to march and have a plan to stay cool. >> the fire department is going to provide us with sprinklers on the hydrants walking all the way from our event at city hall 3.8 miles down to this park. >> reporter: once there, fdr park there have 21st eight stations with cooling tents to handle heat emergencies as temperatures approach 100 degrees. still if record heat is coming you wouldn't know it on the tennis court. >> the sun is starting to go down a little bit, after 6:00 it's a little bit. in the morning before 10:00. >> three-year-old jimmy doesn't seem to mind wearing his snow
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boots. good thing his mom got the air-conditioner fix. >> people in the house has breathing circumstances. my son has asthma. make insuring he stays cool. >> they're ready for anything weather or dnc created. >> we've done our homework and we're ready to go should anything happen. >> reporter: the symptoms of heat stress include loss of appetite, loss of energy, upset stomach, feeling dizzy, faint or confused. if you have any of those symptoms, you need to seek help right away. in south philly, brad sattin fox 29 news. >> after four days of speeches, spectacle and protests many spent today critiquing the nominee's speech. >> that was unity, right? i saw you last night. that was unity. that was amazing, and the party is just come together. the party has come together. and the few people that aren't
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there it's okay. >> today donald trump doubled down on his main claim that america is broken and he's the only person who can fix it. but reaction to last night's speech has been mixed with some republicans saying donald trump missed an opportunity to cliff an up lifting visionary address that could have helped bring the fractured party together. >> we want jobs. we want law enforcement. we want isis destroyed. we want focus on what's good for all americans and mack this america we all can be proud of. >> he is speaking what people are thinking. and he goes out there and he says, look, i know you're angry about this, that and the other. i am, too. >> earlier today, trump tweeted about how happy he was with the rnc and bragged about big television ratings. and critics are zeroing in on another statement trauma many just made where he outlined a sharp break in u.s. foreign policy tradition. gop nominee suggested the us would not defend nato allies who
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haven't quote fulfilled their obligation to us. fox's steve rappaport has reaction. >> reporter: donald trump is taking heat from european countries after suggesting he wouldn't support the nato alliance. the obama administration condemning the comments. >> let me just be really clear about the policy that this president pursued which is a steadfast commitment to our nato alliance. >> reporter: cold war area alliance meant to be a deterrent to russian aggression. used to fight terrorism in the middle east. >> the uk is one of the biggest contributors already to this effort and the second biggest contributor of air strikes i'm sure you know just in the last few weeks we've doubled our military personnel on the ground in iraq. >> reporter: trump telling the new york times other members nato need to help foot the bills. if not under a trump presidency the us may not come to their aid if attacked by russia. now, allies are beginning to worry. >> translator:. >> i expect also in the united states, whoever wins the
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presidential election i hope that the united states will remain a reliable partner of nato. >> reporter: nato members are required to come to the defense of any of its allies if attack under article five of the allies. >> nato is as unified as it be been. people are the amount of money their contributing and we are ourselves strengthening our presence in the forward lines and i think everybody believes that that is making a difference to the security our country. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell calling the comments wrong. indiana governor mike pence expects trump will support nato allies. in new york steve rappaport, fox nouse. philadelphia rolling out the red, white and blue carpet all eyes look to our city for next week's d envelope c of the the cool events you can attend this weekend. and donald trump has just said he has the back the lgbt community, but are members of that community really buying it?
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♪ >> three more days believe it or not until the democratic national convention and all over the city people are getting ready. now it's just upon us you can see the excitement most definitely beginning to build. >> the city is rolling out the red, white and blue carpet. >> what a difference the dnc makes. take look at the spruce up of south broad street. >> this a really good vibe. it's not stressful, it's not tension. it's not like pope week when ever thing was chaotic. >> we saw landscaping putting the finishing touches on fresh new flowers. hundreds of d inform c banners are up a new colorful street mural is ready to welcome visitors and barely a lick of litter to be found.
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>> it looks beautiful. it brings -- it's very up lifting. >> cheryl, of south philadelphia, says she's never seen her neighborhood so nice. >> it's the way philadelphia should be. it's the way it was at one time. >> reporter: n d.c. is less about politics and more about the real political party. >> i think you're definitely going to see lady gaga, len 93 kavits. >> local celebrity photographer huey dylan says the town will be packed with ace list terse. >> you'll see them out and about, shopping, going from one place to another place. i know you'll see people on the street. >> reporter: in the first official party dnc volunteers were honored at penn's landing. 10,000 blue shirts will flood center city to greet delegates and media from across the country. >> i hope that it's full of fun and somewhat educational. >> reporter: organizers say just like having house guests first impressions are the most important. >> they're going to be out in hotels, out in the community, on
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the streets, answers questions for folks and just being generally helpful. >> who is throwing all these parties? we have heard google and coca-cola among some of the bigger private companies holding parties. rapper snoop dog has a midnight concert over electric factory but we hear scoring tickets to all of these parties may just be a challenge. come on. you can get us some. >> maybe. >> all right. south philadelphia active visit getting the chance of live team. he's going to be speaking at the d inform c next week. anton moore has the opportunity to send message to millions of people when he takes to the stage on tuesday night. the 30 year old has been working with the non-profit unity in the community for the last 10 years now. and some of his main goals are getting guns off the street and reducing urban violence. he was very surprised to get call from the dnc committee. >> they said hey, i have good news for you. i said what's the good news? we weren't to you spoke at the dnc. do you accept. >> that's when i great physical septembered. i have notes i'm looking at being prepared.
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i nervous, have nervous -- >> you don't seem nervous. >> i'm not nervous. let me take that back. i'm excited. i think being able to get mat form to talk about gun violence is exciting. >> moore says he will take to the stage at 8:30 tuesday night. he says he's not quite sure how he was selected, but he's met president obama and former president bill clinton. during last night's finale of the republican national convention, donald trump vowed if he's elected president to quote do everything in my power to protect lgbtq citizens. people we talk to today say they were pleased to hear trump speak to them during his nominee acceptance speech but they're not sure if he was really sincere. some look at it passion step in the right direction that he actually addressed lgbtq issues and concerns at the rnc breaking a tradition for the party. but others say he spoke too much about international terrorism and neglected other pressing issues of the community. >> i think donald trump is in the business of telling people
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what they want to hear, and he's given right leaning lgbt people something to put their fingers on and imagine that he's going to support them. he's not. >> many of our states don't have hate crime protection for gays and lesbians. only minority group in the country that's not protect. i mean so, you know, there was an opportunity for him to say, you know, that i will use, you know, my office in terms of ensuring that all of the states include hate crimes protect. >> that was malcolm lavin with the philadelphias equality forum. his organization is also disappointed with trump's choice in running mate calling governor mike pence "an anti gay crusader". as with almost everything else surrounding the trump campaign the traditional roles of presidential and vice-presidential nominees may not exactly conform to what has been normal in politician. >> fox's jane rosen tonight on the special task vice-president nominee mike pence may soon be
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given. >> reporter: the trum trauma pee unends political orth dock in many ways. trump slashing row tory cal needs obviates his need for his number two play the traditional role of attack dog. >> mike pence is a man of character and honesty. hillary clinton is the embodiment of corruption. >> trump being trump takes mike pence off the hook. he doesn't have to go out there and make the charge but he still has an important role to play to explain why their administration answers the questions that are on the top of the mind of voter there is vice-president nixon made such an effective attack dog during the 1954 mid term election washington post cartoon drew him traveling the country by sewer.
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>> joe biden while not attain jenn chan knee at a time status has been an important voice in the obama white house. biden was in australia and on the attack. >> don't wore about our electi election. the better angels in america will prevail. >> to be sure mike pence will make the case against hillary clinton on the stump but he'll do so in a more measured and restrained way than his ticket mate does it may include some expressions of the faith in piety made pence a leading figure for evangelical voters. james rosen, fox news. >> apparently courting controversy runs in the family the family of legendary artist is not happy with something that happened when donald trump's daughter took to the stage during the rnc last night. >> and there were many memorable sites at the r inform c but there were also some memorable sounds.
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♪ it's over. >> ivanka trump entrance to the republican national convention infuriatinn fewer the family ofe george harrison. here comes the sun by the beatles is played as she took to the stage. harrison wrote that song last night his estate tweeted, "the unauthorized use of here comes the sun at the rnc is is
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offensive and against the wishes of george harrison's estate. get this though. it had been the beware of darkness we might have approved of it. >> wow. meanwhile dnc officials want to make sure huge event is safe for the environment of the 2016 host committee gathering in center city today to announce partnership with the excelon corporation. working together officials say they will make sure that during the convention the city neutralize its carbon footprint. visitors will get a chance to ride on this electric septa bus. organizers say there are all kinds of ways people can do their part. >> we also have a variety of sustainable efforts in place whether it's encouraging delegates and visitors to use inn did he go bike share or riding around on 125 hybrid september buses. >> o organizers are also teaming up with local food pantries to make sure food not used during the dnc can actually go to feed the city's hungry.
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well, pro trump, anti trump, anti hillary as we look ahead to the dnc1 final look back to the rnc. >> we her a lot of captaining over those four days. here are some of the sounds that filled the a ren in a. >> ♪ >> all those in favor say aye? >> aye! >> all those opposed no. >> in the opinion of the chair the ayes have it. >> is she guilty or not guilty? >> guilty! >> we do not need a reckless president who believes she is above the law. that's right. lock her up. >> vote for candidates up down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedoms. boo!
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donald trump, go away --,. >> this is donald trump before the election. and this is donald trump after the election. >> we are sure to hear more creative slogans right here in philadelphia next week. in doubt. >> i'm sure. >> thank you for joining us for our special you decide. we will bring you special extended coverage all next week as well during the democratic national convention. >> big week ahead. we're back here at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow for "good day philadelphia". tmz is next. philadelphia". tmz is next. have great night, everyone.
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