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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  July 23, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, bill anderson. good p morning, car especially help. we've been talking upstairs. we love this dress. is it who the enough for you? >> i'll tell you what. we're looking at our fourth heat
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waive of the year. it's going to be a long duration heat wave. first we want to talk a little bit about what's happening at the airport. you can see hazy sunshine out there. those temperatures will heat up. we'll talk about the stenned forecast down the shore, the pocono mount contains coming up. let's check in with sue say oh and weekend wend ditch our weekend wendy is holding a postcard of one her favorite attractions at the jersey shore, lose i the elephant. why? because lose i is celebrating her birthday. loose i is in margate new jersey, 9200 avenue to be exact. theres ' going to be a whole carnival surrounding this birthday party and of course mini golf. a special election, i don't know if you've heard, lose i is running for president. her platform is peanuts for all.
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i'm really not nuts about this forecast, scott. i'm not nuts about it, either. we're talking about excessive heat and humidity. take a look at the maps you can see right along the i95 corridor, it feels like temperatures 100 through # 05 not only through today, but take easy. elsewhere across the area we're talking about those temperatures and we're talking about also a code orange. north and west has moved towards south jersey, parts of delaware take easy out there. temperatures this morning heating up pretty rapidly, we're already looking at pretty much 70s adoes the beer. it's not so much the temperatures, but how your body reacts. it feels like temperatures, those will be a big feel. 80 in wildwood, you factor in your body and how your body reacts. 100 to 105-degrees coming up we'll talk about how long this
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heat waive will last, but right now let's check in with dave. good morning, i'm dave warren. we have some issues here along 95 because of the convention coming to town. either way, north or south between the plat bridge and the vine street expressway no trucks over five tons will be diverted around 95. that starts today and also the northbound ramp of off of 95 off of broad street is blocked until july 29. have a great weekend. thank you so much. taking a look at some of the bridges all around the town down to the shore fine as we're heading that direction but we'll continue to check on our traffic cams because we know that it's going to be building when the temperatures are this high. this is something that's happening right now. we'vehood a horrible hit and run that killed one person and injured six others. i was last night right along # first and jackson street. one man has been caught and
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several others recover in the hospital. fox 29 is life near the scene in south philadelphia with the latest developments. good morning, jenny. >> good more than karen and business. just minutes ago i did speak to a witness with this accident. he pointed out the tire tracks. he said the car that was involved in the heat and run came up here on the sidewalkment he was cleaning off this stretch of sidewalk. he said this is where the victim was found. police tell tuesday charges are pending against the driver. they do have a person in custody. after 8:00 last night the driver of a white toyota hit several people who were walking along 21st street near jackson in south philadelphia. one person was killed and at least six people were injured at the scene. the victims were transported to jefferson and penn presbyterian hospital with mostly minor injuries. the driver of the car took off but was found a few blocks away and was taken into custody. at this point we don't know much
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about this victim or the circumstances of the accident, but again charges are pending right now against the driver. karen and bill. > thank you so much. it is exactly 7:056789 the news from north philadelphia there's a man in critical condition after being stabbed overnight. police were called out to this area broad and girard about 12678. 30 this morning. officers found the 26 year old who had been stabbed in the stomach. they say this all happened right near this cvs. paramedics took the man to hahnemann hospital. no word yet on his attacker. news on the southwest section of the city there's a man in his 30s who was shot in the leg. police say that happened about s of #:45 this morning. the scene is the 6200 block of green way avenue. was he not seriously hurt. at this point no arrests have been made. we're following a developing story out of germany this. >> month an attack in a busy shopping mall has left several people dead. this morning police say they found no evidence of a link to isis. the shooting left nine people dead and injured 16 others.
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an 18 year old with dual citizen ship has been p the loan begun p man. he later killed himself. > 7:06. in this morning's political news, hillary clinton has chosen virginia senator tim cane to be her running wait in the white house. clinton shared her news via twitter. he speaks fluent spanish. he's been described as a pope francis catholic and personally oppose essay perfection. today lint r clinton is scheduled to campaign with cain in miami. after a republican national choice does nothing to do unify a fractured unified base. philadelphia is buzzing as organizers continue to prepare
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the city to welcome the democrat national convention in less than two days. protestors are getting wait to take the stress. the podium that will be used during the dnc at the wells fargo center was also revealed yesterday morning. people in philadelphia's lgbt community are responding to donald trump's comments during his speech at the republican national convention. trump void that if he is elect to president to quote, do everything in my power to protect lgbtq citizens. people we spoke to said they were dilated to hear trump talk about issues. others say he spoke too much about international terrorism and neglected other pressing concerns of the community. he's given right leaning lgbt people something to put their
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gingers on and imagine that he's going to support them. he's not. am of our states don't have a crime protection for gays and lesbians. the only minority group in the country that's not protected. there was an opportunity for him to say, you know, that i will use my office in terms of ensuring that all states include protection. that was malcolm lease and. he says his organization is also disappointed with trump's choice in a running mayor calling mike pens an anti gay crusader. donald trump trump will be he will be in scranton on wednesday. keep it right here on fox 29. we'll bring you all the coverage of the convention life down at the wells fargo event certify. it's going to be a big party. there's a lot going on here. philadelphia airport workers are threatening to go on strike while all this is taking place.
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a deal is reached, coming up, what mayor kenny had to say just days before the dnc kicks off. look at this. do any of you have any of these laying around? they're old vhs tapes. coming up, while you want to convert them to a different format. i have my whole career and old movie. it is 7:309. we're playing a little bit of christmas music because it's christmas in july. santa and mrs. clause going to be appearing at a lot of stores. mere i christmas. we'll be right back.
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colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen. one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing) and now in delicious chocolate. they explained this all to me christmas in july theme. we're trying to keep you cool. the cool time of year is christmas. happy thoughts, happy good day. it all makes sense. you can suggest any of the christmas songs or cool things that you would like to hear on this h saturday. let's talk about political news because we had bringing breaking developments. the tickets finally settling from the democratic side as well as itself the republicans. a kay after republicans ended
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their convention. hillary clinton selected virginia senator jim cane to be her president in the raise for the white house. the republicans wrapped things up on thursday evening as formally. who were the winners, who were the losers from this whole week and what can we expect to see in philly. joining us life in the news room this morning political expert and drexel university professor bill rosenberg. good morning. >> let's start off with a big announcement. what do you think of this choice of cane. >> cane was save pick. he appeals to a the look of consistencies that hillary clinton wants to reach out to. he comes from a swing state. he comes from a state that if he becomes vice-president will be replaced by another democrat. am other candidates which were considered would have been replaced by republican senators which would have worked against hillary clinton. he always says, you know, boring
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is the fastest growing democratic. he a.m.s that, sort of a boring person, mid of the road. do you think this was a safe choice, the right choice? what do you think the rest of the democrats are saying about this selection. >> it's kind of like going in a job interview, they ask you what is your worst quality, you have to come up with something. boring is probably a good answer. the reality is people don't generally vote for a vice-president. they vote for the president. at the end of the day we're really looking at the issue of trump versus hillary clinton. so they're getting the stages all set. they made the big reveal yesterday morning. what do you expect to see at the dnc this week? i think we're probably going to see a difference in tone. i think last week's tone was very dark, very much law and order, very much we live in a dangerous world. i imagine that the democrats this week are going to try and sort of build not exactly on the same campaign theme of hope and change, but on a better tomorrow, a future oriented
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image rather than looking at the past and thinking about how dangerous it is and hoping that things will get better. speaking of that let's play what trump had to say. let's take a listen. we will make america strong again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. god bless you and good night. i love you. > what did you make of this speech? a lot of people said, certainly they're supporters. >> i thought it was a good idea that he started off the convention with make america safe again. because it's something that am people can resonate with. the problem with each one of his themes make american work again,
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make america great again all did not have any specifics to them. as a result they're all assertions with no their their. coupled with the fear that limited the ability of donald trump to tuberculosis attract new voter. he certainly threw a lot of red meet and others at his convention did as well to their base. it was toned down a little bit by his children. i think the democrats are going to be a little bit more policy want, a little bit more emotional in terms of hope and a little bit more towards policy prescriptions. what did you this i about the devicive in of course crew speaking at the convention, but not coming forward with a lot of endorsements. >> i think that's typical of ted cruz. he basically could not get one member of the united states of senate to endorse him he is not a person who is trying to be basically warm and fuzzy. committed to his i deals. and if you like his i ideas and his i deals then he's your guy.
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am people did not. came in second in place, but he came in a distinct second. he was thinking he was going to set himself up for the 2027 election. kasich and rubio and others made a better decision by not appearing, not showing up, and also by not making a mess in someone else's house governor chris christie was there. let's listen to a short clip. we must ask this question, hillary clinton is an awful judge as a character of a dictator and bitcher in the middle l east. is she guilty or not guilty. so let's ask it, hillary clinton, as an inept negotiator of the worst nuclear arms deal in american history, is she guilty or not guilty. what did you think of this? >> well, i thought actually i was kind of sad. it was a repeat sort of client ease woods empty chair speech
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that he gave just a few years ago. chris christie is a prosecutor. obviously he wanted to make an attack. but it was sort of an incomplete attack. if you sort of heard what he said, many of the things he said in terms of topic were on target, but in terms of specifics and correctness, not so much. so i think again it was who you were. did you like chris christie, did you like donald trump, if you did, then that was music to your ears. if you really were not in their camp or you're thinking about whether you should be, i don't think it resonated so well. bill, a two second answer on this, what do you think the bump is going to be coming out of the rnc. >> i think it will be traditionally two or three percent. but then the democrats come right back. we have to recognize after the debate they're going to each go on their little bus tour, something like that.
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things settle down until we get to the fall debates is the next time when you're going to see a the look of action. > thank you so much for your in signatures. we appreciate it this morning. scott, it's going to be who the, real who the. i mean it really is. take a life look at wilmington, delaware. hazy sunshine out there. high temperatures yesterday across the area and the 90s, 94-degrees officially in philadelphia. we'll likely make it into the mid and upper 90s today, but it feels like temperatures will be in the triple digits. as we look at ultimate doppler north and west looking pretty good. there's an event taking place. let's focus in on our weather question for today. we're here get ready to celebrate lieu i's 1,005th birthday. we have hotdogs, snow cones and lots of other things. get your birthday t-shirt. did you vote for loose i today.
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>> i sure did. > what is the weather down the shore. >> down the shore in margate we're talking hazy, who the. by 2:00 temperatures already in the low 930s. wildwood 830, 77 wilmington, north and west temperatures in the mid 70s. the jet extreme is going well to the north as our fourth heat waive brews much of the nation looking hazy, who the and humid and that heat moving all the way to the delaware valley. temperatures this morning have already been running on the warm side of things and we're at it feels like temperatures once again in the triple digits. what about the weather down the shore? today 90 degrees with that land breeze. it stay steamy tomorrow, 87. remember the sunshine, also the rip current risks. that ill with be moderate so swim where those lifeguards are present. overall the forecast over the next several days will continue with the string of temperatures
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at or above 90-degrees. so 96 for sunday and look at what happens to kick off the dnc, 98 on monday, tuesday, 96 and it stays at or above 90 all of next week. back to you. wow. it's going to be who the. on a positive note it's only about 80 right now so we're starting the day off cool, chilling with us. it's all g. septa has announced that the company is expanding its new key card program already. it gives you another way to pay for your commute other than using tokens. coming up we're going to tell you how you can get your hands on a key card and when they will become available. plus your wedding day may be the happiest day of your life or so they tell me, but how do you stay that happy, karen hepp h. coming up what could be the secret to a successful marriage. let's sea if you think this is the truth. >> i got to work on this one. mano man. we'll be right back. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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it's all in the catskills. only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at > and septa will soon expand its key program, which serves as an alternative to the traditional tokens, the key early adopters program will open to more passengers on august 1. the key card allows septa users to ride stemming less throughout the transit system as you see just by swiping the card.
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septa launched the program back in june. in august, septa will sell weekly and monthly passes on the key card and sell them at its sales officer. and if you're impacted by the regional rail programs here's something interesting. sugarhouse casino may be able to help, through the contact sean oh's sweat initiative is what they're calling it. you park for free and then they'll have the free shuttle buses right into center city. the buses will leave at 7 and 8:15 monday throughñi friday. casino officials saw this as an opportunity to help the opportunity. and taking a look right there at the airport where despite some of the threats there won't be a strike. philadelphia mayor jim kenny knownsed that last week. an agreement has been reached between the airport and non union workers such as baggage handlers and cleaners. they wanted flexibility and an ability to form a union, among
7:26 am
other things and apparently they got it. this is fox 9 sports. good morning i'm sean bell. the nfl family dealing with another big blow. former head coach denny green passed away at the age of 67 from complications of cardiac arrest. a great guy, passionate coach and nothing showed his passing like his famous let him off the hook speech. the bears were what they thought they were. we played them in third season. we played them the third game, everybody played three-quarters, the bears are who we thought they were. that's why we took the damn field. > if you want they are who we thought they were and we let them off the hook. the cowboys rookie running back is being accused of assault.
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his girlfriend posted pictures on social media. elliott is claiming that everything is 100 percent false.
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so chilly outside. we're thinking cool thoughts. >> i feel like we ned to explain this every time for people, what is going on? so we're celebrating christmas in july and karen you explained we're trying to keep people cool. >> we're thinking cool thoughts. we're days away. a lot of events will be happening this weekend. it is exactly 7:30 straight up. democratic ticket is now s set. hillary clinton took to twitter to announce her vp selection virginia senator tim kaine. kaine previously served as virginia'ing governor. this announce many comes just as the republican national convention came to a close with the announcement attention is now steering towards the dnc next week right here in philadelphia. and police in munich say a shooting rampage had no links to terrorism. the shooting left nine people
7:31 am
dead and injured 16 others. 18-year-old man with dual german and iranian citizenship has been identified as the lone gunman. he later killed himself. so the whole city getting ready now for the democratic national convention. kicking off monday and there's an active visit from south philly getting the chance avenue lifetime. he is going to speak at the dnc next week. anton moore is his name and he has the opportunity to send message to millions of people when he takes the stage tuesday night. the 30-year-old has been working with the non-profit unity in the community for the last 10 years. some of his main goals are getting guns off the streets and reducing urban violence. he tells us he was very surprised to get call from the dnc committee. >> they said, hey, i have good news for you. i said what's the good news? we want to you speak at the dnc. do you accept? that's when i was great physical accept. i have notes i'm looking at and being prepared. i'm nervous, of course nervous. >> you don't seem nervous. >> you know i'm not nervous. let me take that back. but i'm excited. being able to get a platform to talk about gun violence is
7:32 am
exciting. >> it's huge. this is prime time. he is going to be taking the stage at 8:30 on tuesday eveni evening. he said he's not quite sure how he was selected but he has met president obama and former president bill clinton. ♪ what a party they're having today in bristol, pennsylvania. they're not doing the bristol stomp but they're dancing. it's the puerto rican day parade and festival happening at lion park which is at 100 basin road in bristol a day long cultural celebration with live music and dance performances cultural workshops, arts and crafts, kids activities and more all the fun is from noon when the parade starts until 8:00 p.m. so is this a forecast for celebrating, scott? >> oh, yes, indeed, of course, we are looking at a heat danger though you'll have to take it easy stay hydrator, fit fitting light colored clothes and have the sunscreen and you'll be all
7:33 am
right. as we talk bout excess tiff heat warning it includes the i-95 corridor, foles like temperatures above 100 degrees. add insult to injury the air quality it's going to be poor. there's a code orange alert. pretty much the entire area. the exception the pocono mountains. take a look at the forecast. the high today, 97 degrees. feeling like 100 to 105. there could be isolated pop-up storm late this afternoon but most of us stay dry. 96 degrees continuing with the heat and humidity for your sunday and look at the current feels like temperatures. wildwood 85 degrees already. 80 in atlantic city. 83 what it feels like in philadelphia and also dover. it feels like 75 degrees in pottstown. so that's why you'll want to take easy stepping outdoors for today. it will be an extended heat wave across the area. we're dry and quiet right now on ultimate doppler, and across the area, of course, we're still looking at hot conditions down the shore. it will feel closer to 95 degrees. back to you. >> sounds good, thank you so much, scott. car rep, apparently the
7:34 am
concerns parents have are changinchangechanging. the biggest worry for parents now about their children is sexting. it now beats out smoking and alcohol abuse. >> i'm a couple years away thank goodness. it shows now in 78% or either fairly concerned or very concerned about sexting, and 69% are concerned about alcohol misuse, 67% for smoking. this poll reveals nine out of 10 parents think schools should do more to educate their kids on the dangers of sexting. i'm confused little bit by this. as you said your children are pretty young. >> um-hmm. >> hopefully they're not concerned yet but they're also talking about the schools should be talking to them about this. so what age group are we talking about? >> i think you would probably -- you can let us know was think. i think as soon as they started to sex education which really does start probably in fourth, fifth grade and age appropriate for the level because this is going on and people -- the kids don't realize the consequences when you're in sixth, seventh and eighth grade and begin to developing and awkward.
7:35 am
i think that's when the conversation needs to be happening at least. >> tell me the mom thing. my mother obviously i haven't been a child for long time but my mother said, i always thought i was getting away with stuff and she always knew what was going on. involved parents, do they know these kind of things are happening? >> i don't know because it's on their phone. they just snap a picture and zen it because you want to be sexy and hot like the kardashians and everybody else like that and then last forever and the whole school is sharing that picture and you're embarrassed. >> hopefully they learn the consequences that survey says parents pay attention. all right. yes, we have dvd's and digital video now, but some of you still have a vhs. i can't even say it tape or two laying around. i actually have few. >> i have a ton. the question is do you have the device to play them? >> no. >> i had thrown mine away but pull it out of retirement i needed to watch old movies. why you may want to buy one don it right now. >> plus, your wedding day supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but how do you stay that happy throughout the marriage? coming up what could be the secret to a successful
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♪ welcome back. so there's always experts out that and they're chattering saying here's the secret to happy marriage. but now there's a new theory and this one may be right about staying happy as you were when you first got married. here's what they call its the five to one ratio. >> so relationship expert with
7:39 am
40 years experience developed this theory. it's based on the couples having five positive interactions to everyone negative interaction. scott, what are these positive enter actions. >> positive interactions, bill, can be a small as smiling and also laughing together while negative interactions are deemed as things like arguing or criticism. so this means if you do something that hurts your partner, you have to make up for it five times as much. >> all right. ta hi da married person. it seems -- this seems pretty basic to me as lot of studies do. they're basically saying be nice to the person that you married more often than you're mean. that's basic, yes. >> that's more challenging than you think and you know married people out there. sometimes you don't think that was really not a positive enter action. they're stubs -- so it's not like you don't have like a mean thing but it's one of those it really wasn't positive. i got work to do. >> not married.
7:40 am
neither us married. >> they do say, what, happy wife, happy life. >> so -- >> karen put into me when we got here. happy tv wife. happy life. are you happy, honey? >> i'm so happy. >> always. >> more nice things i get to be mean. >> 7:40 is the time much this is one of our favorites. good friend of the show we watched this beautiful inspiring journey as this player's daughter battled cancer. >> you all remember. now you can see how devon still is paying it forward to kids at the texas children's hospital. >> and 76ers they're looking good all of a sudden. future pretty bright but remembering their past. it's glory days. coming up a pretty fun and clever way the team is doing something to honor champions. we're celebrating christ nass in july. your comments apparently tj is celebrating by a little drink. hash tag fox 29 good day.
7:41 am
>> beautiful sunrise from pennsauken, new jersey on this gorgeous but later crazy heat day. brian, thank you so much for sending that one in. >> take look at michael owens. nothing says christmas like jingle bells. >> and from edith, merry christmas, happy holidays. people are getting this. you're all on board with the christmas in july celebrations. keep them coming and we'll be right back. ♪
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and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. ♪ welcome back. nfl player and former penn state
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star devon still is helping families with cancer after going through the same battle with his own daughter. now that the camden native's daughter lea is cancer free, he is still hoping to give other families hope. he had a spa day at the text diagnosis children's hospital and made crafts with young patients and spent time hanging out with people there. still says it's his mission to make an impact on the cancer community as much as possible. >> my family lived in these family's shoes. we know exactly what it was like for family to battle cancer and how much encouragement is needed and how much motivation is needed in order to make it to the end. we definitely want to come as family just to give the other families battling cancer hope that they can one day, you know, be in a position we are in tod today. >> still says his daughter just graduated from kindergarten, great news, and she's healthy and still in remission. >> such a great family. they were on good day with us several times over the years. scott, taking a look in allentown. it looks pretty cool. reality is, it's not. it's hot. >> yeah, i mean we are looking
7:45 am
at dangerous heat continuing not only for today but it looks like maybe, bill, temperatures at or above 90 degrees for the next several days across parts of the area. dry and quiet right now as we look at ultimate doppler across the area. there were some thunderstorms yesterday evening in new england but we'll zoom in little closer the lehigh valley, the i-95 corridor, down the shore, delaware looking pretty good. there might be a pop you have up shower or thunderstorm during the heat of the afternoon later today. but look at the current temperatures already 80 philadelphia. 79 in dover. 80 in wildwood. there will be a land breeze so it's going to be hot even down the shore just keep that in mind today for your plans. mid 70s in reading, allentown collecting in at 74 degrees. the pocono mountains in the upper 60s. but those are the air temperatures once again the feels like temperatures by this afternoon will approach the triple digits across the area. watching this big dome of heat really encompassed much of the nation so millions will be sweating it out and all of that heat moving right toward the delaware valley over the neck
7:46 am
several days so loose fitting light colored clothing, stay hydrated, stay in the ac, check on your children, pets, the elderly as we look at the forecast down the shore, 90 degrees today with that land breeze. 87 for tomorrow. remember the sunscreen a rip current risk that will be moderate the pocono mountains if you're headed up that way we're looking at temperatures pretty warm as well there. 89 degrees will be the high temperature in the pocono mountains for today. 85 for sunday. the weather authority seven day forecast is going to show that those temperatures remain generally in the upper to mid 90s across the board but once again feels like temperatures will be in the triple digits. and look at monday. record heat. 98 the high. the record 96. so hot for the dnc. back to you. all right, scott, thanks. sixers are celebrating their 1983 championship and looking to the future in a new way and this is really clever way. they have teamed up with the chadds ford winery to do this one. pretty exciting. they come out with wine? why
7:47 am
are they whining it up? >> well,. >> they've got brand new series of wines that they're going to honor the sixers champions over the years and it's here with us from chadds ford winery to talk about this. we're launching the first one now, right? >> correct. having our launch party on the 28th thursday and you can actually go online and come to it. i think the first -- i think it's 200 people who come get a commemorative signed dr. jay whose going to be there. going to be signs bottles. >> no way. >> we made 76 cases so there's just a certain amount. they're all numbered on the ba back. and i don't know if it's too early for you but i'd love to you try it. >> it's not. we talked about this. this goes back to our younger years and one, two, three, four, five, sixers and dr. jay and moses malone. why did you decide -- only the championship team. >> just to kind of bring back the past and look to the future and we're really excited about this year as are the 76ers and we're just so proud to be a part of it, and being able to kind of
7:48 am
showcase our wines which are regional grapes so it's very, you know, local, and we just want people to come out haven't great time at the winery. >> i love this local connection. i just remember the team. that video from the glory days. who was on that team. dr. jay, it was like will be free. >> moses. actually my childhood my family had season tickets back then. i useing to watch all of these playing the lakers. this is the iconic dr. jay brings it back, boom. and he will be there signing these. we've got the limited edition and they're signed, numbered. >> numbered and he will there signing them and these are presents for you. you guys each get one of those numbers. >> we love that. you made a wine slur she. what's in it how about do we make it. >> wine slush she's are a big craze at the winery and our peddler's village location next to new hope. everybody into it, all over social media. basically you just use like a marguerita mix, sangria i made a sangria slushy for to you try as well. this heat, please, i think 105
7:49 am
it's going to be. >> feels like temperature scott is commit to go. i told him to go triple digits. uh-uh. i feel like that may be on monday. >> altogether simple mix, wine, a little blend and you go with it. >> exactly. >> then the other -- you'll have three wines over all unveiled. when are the other two coming out. >> the other two are going to be -- i think different times during the year it's going to be i think we're going to decide with them when they'll come out it depends upon the grapes when they come in and what we create and what will be available for the next series. >> let's try i people should come out and participate. it is in fact a limited edition so once you get it, it's done. forget it. >> this is actually too good. cheers! >> cheers! >> this is the thing you can drink too fast. why do i have this headache the next day? >> amazing. >> that's good. even at 7:45 in the morning. >> okay. relaxing, drinking a day at the beach can be relaxing. but one thing that people are doing may be bothering the other beach goers.
7:50 am
>> what one shore town says it was now forced to banally you can take guess. the prices are about to go up at penn state. how much the school board says it's increasing tuition. stay with us while we enjoy a little smoothie. >> bottoms up. >> good way to start the day. >> cheers! >> thank you. ♪ i approve this message.
7:51 am
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue
7:52 am
and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
7:53 am
♪ keeping with the theme, karen, christ nass july. as we take look out on the ben franklin parkway doesn't look like snow. scott saying he'll try to manufacture some snow to keep us cool. right now we'll just celebrate with the christmas music. okay. time to introduce to you our fox 29 athlete of the week. and today of course fox 29 junior reporter tracy from temple university what do you have for us today? >> this week athlete of the week is only 15 years old. she has few years to build her confidence but she's super competitive, and she's from allentown, pennsylvania. >> basketball player. >> ♪ >> kathy stout answers to two names at her high school. cassidy of course the name her parents gave her but she's also known as carl scout's younger sister an occupational hazard when you're older brother is a scholarship basketball player. >> i think there are expectations of her but she's willing to accept that.
7:54 am
>> the big brother little sister duo have been beating up on each on the since childhood and now she beats up on her competition. >> i think he's a big reason why i'm really tough on the court. he's made me really strong and be able to handle the punches. >> cassidy has another mentor seam barone in a who has been training her for five years. and teaching her the skills to dominate the high school court. >> she's a tremendous worker, very humble kid, high aptitude, and such an eager -- eagerness to learn and she wants more and she applies it very well. >> not only do you learn moves on the court but he teaches you live skills, and ways to be a better person and a better player. it's sounds cliche without sammy i wouldn't be the basketball player i am today. >> his basketball lab gives cassidy the ability to train with her high school rifles. allentown central catholic jessica davis has been playing since cassidy for awhile and
7:55 am
enjoys the competition and comradery. >> it's competitiveness on the court and building friend ships off the core. we try to make each other work harder and be better. >> whether it's her brother, her mentor or high school rival cassidy is surrounded by people who want her to 35 and with three school years ahead of her cassidy has plenty of time to make herself known as cassidy stout. on behalf of fox 29 good day weekend, congratulations cassidy for being this week's high school athlete of the week. >> thank you very much. >> great job, cass. >> all right. i like that. >> the coach seemed really actively involved and he's unique wave teaching. >> he's pretty cool. he's been rapping a long time, and he found there's rhythm in cadence in basketball and so he teaches these girls through rap like dribble to the pocket shoot it up and they remember this. pretty cool. >> and he's got the boom, boom, up, up, up. it's a rap. great job as always. and do you know someone you'd like to nom name as our high scalage least week? if so tweet
7:56 am
us or post it on our fox 29 facebook page. just use the hash tag fox 29 good day. coming up, hazing has been a problem in schools. now one state is doing something about it. how pennsylvania is combating hazing. plus officials in harrisburg are teaming up with the cdc to fight the spread of that zika virus. how they say the federal government is getting involved in big way. ♪ >> here's some -- new car. kenny was so happy for you. shout tout my mom donna and her new chrysler pa seive if you today. >> kathy baker friend of show, of course, she doesn't want to see the snow. celebrate with us but no snow. >> never go to sleep mad. that's good point. >> if you're mad you're going to sleep without them. sleep on the couch. >> we'll be right back.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> this hour on good day arrest is made in connection with a deadly hit-and-run in south philadelphia. what police are saying about this story this morning. and hillary clinton decides kaine is a able choosing virginia senator tim kaine as her running mate. >> hazing has been problem in schools and now one state doing something about it. how this state, pennsylvania, is combating hazing. >> ♪ >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. it is straight up 8:00 o'clock right now. good morning. i'm karen hepp along with bill anderson. >> good morning. >> merry christmas. >> love love. >> christmas if july just around the corner. >> happy holidays to you. >> two days away. we're saying that we're also thinking celebrations and sales but we're trying to think cool thoughts because it's so darn hot. >> a little bit of positive
8:00 am
news. in several months we have the chance for some snow. >> that will be good news. little bit of snow. >> just a little bit. >> okay. to knock the temperatures down a bit. it is going to be a dangerously hot situation over the neck self days. hazy sunshine right now the philadelphia international airport. we'll talk all about this heat coming up first let's check in with sue and weekend wendy. >> lots of folks look forward to this event every year including weekend wendy. she's going to the wxpn music festival happening all weekend long at the camden waterfront. there are national acts local artists and musicians you'll see that will be big stars in the future. somehow wxpn always knows. to find out who is playing when, go to xpn scott the folks going to that festival really have to stay hydrated. won't they? >> absolutely, sue. the temperatures kind of 63
8:01 am
potential we're talking about dangerous heat. take look at the i-95 corridor. excessive heat warning in effect today all the way through mond monday. urban kneed areas it will feel like 100 to 105 stifling degrees so that's why you want to take it easy wilmington over to voorhees, also, north and west, norristown, west chester, trenton, also, we have an air quality alert. asthma, up err respiratory orders limit your outdoor exposure during the peek heating because we're looking at that code orange air quality alert. those temperatures will heat up pretty rapidly across the area. in fact look at the numbers. all right 80 philadelphia. 80 even in wildwood. 79 in dover. but the feels like temperatures once again later on will be in the triple digits for much of the area. loose fitting light colored clothes. stay hydrator across the board today. look at the high. center city 97 degrees. down the shore, looking for some relief. not so much today with that land breeze. 99 degrees there and the pocono mountains not a break from the heat either.
8:02 am
89 degrees will be the high temperature. coming up we'll talk about this extended heat wave across the area and it looks like it will be multiple days with temperatures in the mid to upper 90s. here's dave with traffic. ♪ good morning. i dave warren. we have some issues here along 95 because of the convention coming to town. if you're either way north or south between the platt bridge and the vine street expressway no trucks over 5 tons will be divert the around 95. that starts today and also the northbound ramp off of 95 to broad street is blocked until july 29th. have great weekend. ♪ >> thank you dave. right now, a man is now behind bars after he plowed into seven people last night in south philadelphia. >> this has been tragedy. one person died as a result of let's get receipt out to jenny joyce at the scene. jenny, there's actually tire screech marks on the sidewalk there? >> reporter: yeah, there are.
8:03 am
you can take look across the street here. you can see those tire tracks left behind. they tell part of the story of when police say the driver of a white toyota crashed into several people who were walking here in the area of 21st and jackson streets. one witness tells us the car drove up on to the sidewalk and hit a woman who was walking with her husband and two children around 8:00 o'clock last night. when the witness came outside he says he saw the woman lying on the ground in front of his door. >> i heard really loud noise. i go -- go upstairs and go down and see the lady lying down over there. >> reporter: police say the driver who caused the crash took off but was found nearby. the person was taken into custody. employees say in addition to the berne who died, six others were injured. they were were transported to penn presbyterian and jefferson hospitals. at this point charges are pending against the driver. karen and bill?
8:04 am
>> thanks so much, jenny. more sad news. north philadelphia a man is in critical condition after being stabbed overnight. police were called to the area of broad and girard around 12:30 this morning. officers found the 26-year-old stabbed in the stomach. they say it happened near cvs store in that area and paramedics took the man to hahn nan university hospital. no word yet on his attacker. 8:04. southwest philadelphia, a man in his 30s was shot in the leg. police say it happened around 1:45 early this morning along the 6200 block of greenway avenue. he was not seriously hurt. at this point, no arrests have been made. and we're following the very latest on that developing story out of germany this morning. that attack at a busy shopping mall that killed nine people this morning police say they found no evidence of a link to isis. that shooting left nine people dead and injured 16 others. 18-year-old man with dual german and iranian citizenship has been identified as the lone gunman.
8:05 am
he later killed himself. police say the crime has no link to the issue of refugees. this morning you decide vice-presidential candidate by hiphop old school name. hillary clinton has chosen tim not big daddy cape to be her running mate. >> citizen cane and the fun that you can have with that last name. clinton shared the us in to her supporters by text message and on twitter. kaine is a former governor of swing state who speaks fluent spanish. he's been described as a pope francis catholic and personally opposes abortion. today clinton is scheduled to campaign with him in miami. and he tweeted hillary clinton's choice of tim kaine does nothing to unify fractured democrat base propelled by her dishonesty and cronyism. >> philadelphia buzzing as organizers continue to get the whole city ready. people are coming to town you
8:06 am
get all gussied up they're hanging the bunting, got the flags up. get pretty making protesters are busy of that lot of worked to making a loft signs as well. and certainly many supporters getting ready to support the first woman ever nominated as president of a major political party. the podium that will be used during the dnc at the wells fargo center also revealed. >> of course, drum is that in the news as usual. people in philadelphia's lgbtq community are responding to donald trump's comments during his speech at the republican national convention. trump vowed if he's elected president to "do everything in my power to protect lgbtq citizens" people we talked to say they were pleased to hear trump speak directly to their community, but they're not sure if he was sincere. some look at it as a step in the right direction that he even addressed lgbtq issues and concerns at the rnc, breaking tradition of the party. but others say he spoke too much about international terrorism and neglected other pressing
8:07 am
concerns of the community. >> he's given right leaning lgbt people something to put their fingers on and imagine he's going to support them. he's not. >> many of our states don't have hateful protection for gays and lesbians the only minority group in the country that's not protected. i mean, so, you know, there was an opportunity for him to say, you know, that i will use, you know, my office in terms of ensuring that all the states include a hate crimes protecti protection. >> that was malcolm lavin with philadelphia equality forum. his organization is disappointed with trump's choice in running mate calling governor mike pence and i "quote an anti gay crew waiter". >> drum many will campaign in pennsylvania actually while the democratic convention is in full swing here in philly. he'll appear in scranton on wednesday. and stay with fox 29 all next week we bring you extended coverage of the democratic national convention live from the wells fargo center.
8:08 am
we're taking a live look right now at philadelphia international airport. there's not going to be a big strike during the convention. that's the big news. philadelphia mayor jim kenney announced last evening that they had reached an agreement between the airport and non-union workers. that's like the bag damage handlers, people who help folks in wheel chairs and airplane cleaners. they wanted better schedule link and the ability to form a union among other things. and we've got another to tell you about live look at the chestnut hill hospital. there are hundreds of employees there holding a one-day strike. they're calling on their employer to give them hire wag wages. and hazing is now completely against the law in pennsylvania and students who do it can be charged criminally. the law which used to only apply to college students now applies to middle and high school students as well. law also requires schools to have anti hazing policies posted on their websites. students convicted of hazing could face fines, probation,
8:09 am
suspension, expulse and even jail time. update now on the see today virus. pennsylvania is getting about $1.8 million from the federal government to help fight the disease. the cdc says the money will help prevent the virus and address the health problems that it brings. the finding is part of millions of dollars going out across the united states to monitor the disease and control mosquitoes. septa is going to soon expand its key program which serves as alternative to the traditional tokens. so the early adapters program will open on suggest first. eight louse septa riders to ride seamlessly throughout the system. many other systems have been doing this for for decades. septa launched the program in june for $10,000. in august they'll sell weekly and monthly transpasses and sell them at the sales offices. so if you've been impacted by all the problems they've had on regional rail with septa, sugarhouse casino says we're here to help use our parking
8:10 am
garage and we'll have free shuttle that will go back and forth 92 center city. the shuttles will leave the casino at 7:00 in the morning and 8:15 monday through friday. casino officials say they saw this as an opportunity help the community and are hoping to keep it going until septa souls its problems. >> now we rely the banks to hold our money if you have some. but many banks are taking some of our money also. >> fees. we're talking about all those fees and surcharges. hundreds of dollars of them. coming up, what you can do to prevent paying them. and avoiding food waste. coming up one woman's mission to make sure all that uneaten food at the dnc doesn't go to waste. and we're continuing to play christmas in july music so you can send your suggestions, use our hash tag fox 29 good day. >> someone just said david bowie one little drummer boy, peace on earth. i like that one. ♪
8:11 am
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8:16 am
scott that is something i've never understood. why you have to pay money to access your own money. >> yeah. talk about all those fees adding up. let's talk about the weather and the numbers adding up because they are are going to be climbing later on this afterno afternoon. feels like temperatures in the triple digits. live look there in wilmington. ultimate doppler it's dry, it's quiet but there were some thunderstorms well to the north and east of us last night. we'll zoom in across the area, looking pretty good. there might be a couple of pop-up storms later on this afternoon. but for the time being, we'll move to montgomery county where that's where our weather question comes in this morning. >> hey montgomery county it's josh shapiro your county commissioner. i want to make sure you know about the sledding event we're having today over at abington junior high school from 9:00 a.m. to nobody. get there early. bring all the documents you want to shred. stuff from your attic, stuff from your became, whatever you want to get rid of, drive it up, we'll shred it, we'll take care of it for you. hey, scott, what's the weather going to be today? >> the weather is going to be hazy, hot and humid there in parts of abington, montgomery
8:17 am
county. so let's take you hour by hour and look at the overall foreca forecast. those temperatures are going to be really climbing rapidly. we're looking at numbers right around 85 degrees at 9:00 a.m. but look at 10:00 o'clock. 87. 90 degrees by 11:00 as you head out to get some of those papers spreaded for free. i have several bags myself. in the meantime, area wide across the area look at those temperatures right now. 82 dover. 82 millville. we're having that land breeze down the shore. already 83 in wildwood. 81 atlantic city. look at the poconos. 72. we have upper 70s even in the lehigh valley. those are the air temperatures. the feels like temperatures how your body reacts those will be in the triple digits. we have the big dome of high pressure across much of the nation. that will actuation a heat pump not only today but much of next week with feels like temperatures approaching the triple digits. but high temperatures will definitely be in the 90s. so down the shore we're looking at those temperatures warming fast with that land breeze. watch out for those bugs.
8:18 am
the green heads we're looking at 5:00 o'clock temperatures right around 90 so the overall forecast down the shore 90 today and then temperatures tomorrow still pretty warm. so sunscreen also don't forget to stay hydrated. a moderate risk for some rip currents. the pocono mountains is going to be pretty warm and steamy as well. high temperatures in the poconos today likely right around 89 degrees and then mid 80s in the poconos as we move toward tomorrow. so let's get to the seven day forecast and spell it all out for you. looking at hazy, hot and humid conditions continuing as we move toward the dnc. look at monday. 98 degrees. the record on monday is 96. stay safe out there. check on your pets, your children and also the elderly. back to you. all right, scott, thank you so much. so the parties have already started the hotels are already filling up because we've got the dnc happening and there's a new app that's going to to eliminate waste during the convention watch worry talking about you have big buffet got all that
8:19 am
extra food it's perfectly great. what can you do with it? how about thinking about philabundance. this app that's created called food connect. joining us this morning the creator of the app we've got mega from the philabundance. we've got stephanie arc baines. so thank you good morning. >> good morning. >> used to be real estate investor good i still am. so i work full time and started out in the evenings and weekends i would run deliveries and then it just kind of blows system soupled into having technology that supporter it. >> how did you create this app? >> with a loft help. my brother helped me and a few others and we just kind of got it altogether and tested a few things and then we release it for the dnc. >> what's the idea behind the app? >> the idea is to make did he nations really easy. so trying to eliminate hot of the barriers that donors face when they're trying to donate. you don't have to figure out who to donate. to you don't have to figure out the logistics or the timing. you simi log the donation on to
8:20 am
the app and then we take care of matching it to the right recipient and making sure it's delivered on time, making sure it's safe and easy. >> stephanie, this is such great opportunity. we love philabundance. they help so many people and people forget that hunger is really an important time during the summertime. what is this going to mean for you? >> we are thrilled to be a part of operation food rescue, and philabundance along with share food program along with the philadelphia coalition against hunger, the mayor's office and mega all gotten together so that we can help rescue perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste to help feed our neighbors in need. >> how many people will this help? >> we're not sure exactly how many people it will help. it really depends on getting the word out there. so that people take advantage and donate food. but we have about 750,000 people in our area who face hunger. the average in philadelphia is about twice the national average for hunger. so we're really hoping that a lot of people decide to take advantage of this app from
8:21 am
restaurateurs, banquet managers, event planners, and then with mega's help and her team get the food out to the people who need it. >> one more time what's the name of the app we want to download on apple and android. >> correct. you just search food connect and it will pop up and you download it and if you're donor you can schedule the delivery right aw away. >> ladies, wonderful. what great project helping so many people in our community as we're throwing a party not throwing it all away. put that information on our website, too, in case people want to get in contact and get some of the latest information on that. >> thank you very much. >> i'm going to download it right now. while it do we'll tell you about this. the prices are about to go up at penn state. so how much the school board says it's getting ready to increase tuition. plus, do you have any of these laying around? they're old vhs tapes. admit. you have them. coming up, we'll tell you why you want to convert them to a different format and you'll want to do it fast. changes are coming soon. also, happy birthday big shout out, i love woody
8:22 am
harrelson, look at that double nickel. happy birthday. and harry potter 27 years old. he started as child in harry potter. he's all grown up. happy birthday. >> there's your winning lottery numbers. hope you have them. good luck! ♪
8:23 am
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♪ when people start playing christmas music in october and you're tired of it by the time christmas roles around. >> yeah. >> this is nothing like that. >> aww. it actually kind of gets me in the mood. it's sort of fun. i appreciate it. maybe you're thinking about shopping for school supplies or something. or doing christmas in july. 8:25 is the time. how about this. end of the era the very last vcr will be made next week. the last company that produces the machine says they're going to stop the tendon of the month. kind of shocking. the company says at its peak in popularity they were selling up to 15 million of vcr's yearly. that number now less than a million with hardly any demand they're pulling the plug. okay. sounds g here are a couple of the -- the book of poo.
8:26 am
a couple vhs tapes. there are lot young people right now who have no idea what these are. >> the tapes old school tapes. i have so many in my house and one little player and what happens i think the player -- >> you have one? >> they only cost 25 bucks. you can get them you got a tv and free vcr. (laughter). >> you can get that. >> i'm sure somewhere in my basement i still have vhs player. >> they work great. when you rewind the tape and it takes so long. be kind rewind. >> here's my message to you as we move on. hold on to the vhs because just like nintendo has just re-released atari re-released and whatever 20 years from now they're going to come out with a collector's item vhs. hold on to yours. all right. let's talk about some more technology when it gets hot outside you may want to go to the pool or the lake or the ocean. but there are inherent dangers when you're near the water. what can you do to stay safe? we have one item that could save your life in this week's tech tank. ♪
8:27 am
i'm anthony mongeluzo and this your tech advice from the tech tank. we talk about lot of high-tech things in here. apps and all these cool gizmos and gadgets but remember, technology comes at all shapes and sizes and as a new dad i'm going to show you something pretty cool. we got the wearable bracelet. you might say this isn't high tech it's a bracelet that you put on you. what this bracelet can do for children or maybe if you're not a great swimmer like me you get trapped underwater and basically by grabbing at the the wrist lever it will create a large balloon and literally pull you back up to the top of the pool. now, this isn't just great for kids this is great for surfers or anyone that will do high impact water sports where maybe you might get lost in direction. so remember, with all the technology out there, these apps and all that stuff is great, but technology comes in many shapes and sizes and we're here to share it all with you especially in our mobile office. so you want to talk more, reach out to hash tag tech tank and we
8:28 am
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that's smooth. >> that's exactly the word that i had. this is my song. nat king cole. >> naturally smooth. >> christmas in july songs. time right now is 8:31. and in the news, you know the ticket is now set. hillary clinton announced on twitter and text that is virginia senator tim kaine was going to be her choice. he previously served as the governor of that state. this comes as the republican national convention came to close. with the announcement attention steering towards the dnc right here in our city. it is exciting. you can already feel the excitement in philadelphia. police in munich say a shooting rampage had no links to terrorism. the shooting left nine possible dead and injured 16 others. 18-year-old man with dual german and iranian sit schenn ship has been identified as the lone gunman. he later killed himself. the governor of california
8:32 am
has denied parole for the convicted killer leslie van how ton former follow we are of charles manson parole board recommended back in april that she be freed after more than 40 years in prison. but the governor said he believed her still to be a risk to society. she's now 66 years old and was the youngest follow we are of manson. penn state students will have to dig a little bit deeper into their pockets next year. the university board has voted to increase tuition at the main campus by two-point 3%. tuition is also going up at the university's other campuses. save a little money. going to cost a little bit more. ♪ time now on this saturday morning, 8:32 and the weather combo for today triple h. hazy, hot and humid. let's talk a little bit about this dangerous excessive heat. saturday through monday, along the i-95 corridor, feels like temperatures 100 to 105. outside of that area excessive heat watches, but area wide take
8:33 am
the precautionary measures. stay hydrat hydrated, loose fitg light colored clothing. temperatures are warming rapidly across the area. we have code orange air quality alert. unhealth though area for sensitive groups asthma, upper respiratory disorders, limit your outdoor expose insures. we're looking at feel like temperatures by this afternoon once again much of the area approaching 100. 82 right now in philadelphia. 83 in wildwood. 81 atlantic city. 80 berks county, reading, pottstown checking in at 80 degrees. the high temperature by this afternoon 97 in philadelphia. 96 degrees tomorrow. back to you. >> thanks, scott. brand new star trek film and pg13 horror flick that are opening in the theater this weekend. >> we know you want to know about it. so fox's kevin mccarthy he's here with his reviews. >> ♪ it's kevin mccarthy i'm here to geek out this week new brand new move revere leases a new star trek film pg13 horror film called lights out. i am ready to geek out with you
8:34 am
about star trek beyond directed by dustin lynn one of the greatest directors working today. he did four, five and sick in the fast and furious universe. he's taking over the director's chair from jj abrams. abrams did the first star trek reboot in 2009. also, 92 darkness. 2009 film is a masterpiece. i didn't love into darkness. this film improves on that sequel. now the 2009 movie the opening scene when that action scene is happening he turns down the action michael score rises through the scene that scene is amazing. one of the most perfect sequences i've seen open up a movie. this film now star trek beyond deals with the uss enterprise crew facing off against a villain named crawl played by the amazing actor idris alba. simon peg co-wrote this until and it bounces out great action, great comedy, great castin casta love quinn tow as spock. i love mr. kirk obviously played by the amazing chris pine. he is fantastic in the film and features the first gay character
8:35 am
ever in the star trek ever. john cho so loo was revealed to be gay the action is very well done in the in many i think the movie really works on all levels. there's emotional core to it that really works. also, anton yelchin as check off is fantastic. now we know you havely he passed away this past june but his role in this movie is amazing and proves again he's one of the best actors working today. if you haven't seen charlie bartlett i recommend that as well. i love michael score on this in many the action really work. i saw it in i max 2d i recommend seeing it in regular format. save yourself that extra cash. carl urban is amazing as bones in the overall star trek universe, i think wrath of kahn the best trek movie ever made. this is definitely solid. i've gave a four out of five. lights out pg13 horror film actually started as a short film on youtube couple years back and the director is now made his feature film debut this movie
8:36 am
has legit scares. i saw it with a gigantic crowd. it was so much fun. this is one of best scenes in the film. theresa pal per plays the character. what's happening in this movie an entity has attached itself to family and theresa palmer's character is trying to save her momma rhea bella because she has entity attached to her. the film does have some script issues but overall, it really hits the mark in the scare zone. i was definitely freaking out in the theater. every time we saw the character of diana as the lights turn on and off. that's how the movie works. so when the lights are on, this entity can't attack. but when it's off, it is very very scary. i gave the in many a 3.5 out of five. it has some technical issues at times but overall it delivers a very solid pg13 horror film. that scene still freaks me out every single time i see it. i've gave a 3.5 out of five. for all my reviews go to mccarthy fox. i've kevin mccarthy, fox news. movies that have easy scare
8:37 am
solution, they don't scare me. if you can only get attacked with the lights off keep the lights on. nightmare on elm street, move to spruce. it's simple. no worries. (laughter). i love that solution. there you go. >> move. leave the house. >> day at the beach can be relaxing but one thing you may be doing can bother the other beach goers. >> i remember this back in the day. all bring out our boom boxes to the shore and blast our tunes. who care if people next to you didn't care what you wanted to hear. >> you had a boom box. you were walking around with a boom box. >> i'm a child of the '80. >> stop this nonsense. >> it's true. ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ >> executive decision made for this one to come in. (laughter). >> jamming. jamming. >> of course because it's good day we can't get it to play. seriously. >> you love my tunes, right? >> this happened. >> main stay of the '90's. >> what is that big box. >> what is that. >> vcs on the show. boom boxes. >> we're old school. one town in new jersey says -- outta here. we're talking about seaside heights banning the boom boxes on the beach. apparently the boom boxes are a thing again and i've actually
8:41 am
been seeing them. i actually have been. using i pods and blue tooth but people are complaining because of the noise. the borough council put a 60 day ban on the boom boxes into effect basically for the whole summertime. if you want to do it in the fall or winter that's okay. they got lot of positive feedback. this is a good ordinance. >> i'm trying to figure out what person would still bringing boom boxes to the beach in seaside heights. >> it's like throw back. you know what happens, we have the blue tooth ones now. even i have one of these things you can buy anyplace tj maxx. >> boom box. >> blast the music. you don't have to go this big. >> it's a noise ordinance. noise pollution. >> you can have your little players and they can play on the beach. >> we don't need a new ordinance we need the common sense police that tells people we don't necessarily want to listen to your music. do you remember this? >> old school. >> you need like some -- you into he had a chain or something around your member.
8:42 am
>> don't say anything. he's trying to win her back. he was up that with the big boom box scene. rt it sounds better when we have sound on it. >> i'm outside. i need to talk to you. in your eyes -- remember that? >> that's what was playing much that's what was playing. >> we'll sing along. we had poll this morning. should they ban boom boxes or any of those sound enhancers you can vote right now on our weekend section of or scott, you can use twitter. >> that's right. social media using the hash tag fox 29 yes or fox 29 no. put that thing down. >> you can exercise with that thing. >> these are gone. >> we'll be back. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
8:43 am
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♪ it is hot and it is hot at the shore. there are so many amazing things to do down there. tweeting us this morning whitney roll man who will break down the events. i got phone call from guy who said can you please mention what's happening in wildwood with the wwe. what's going on? >> that is tonight. wwe live is going ton so if you've ever wanted to see your favorite wrestlers you can see them tonight. you can still get tickets and go out there. in fact there are wrestlers all over the jersey shore. there's even a wrestler today and tomorrow in atlantic city gene a former refereein referee. >> check it out. >> one of my favorites is the
8:46 am
harlem globetrotters. a great place to catch them. >> they're celebrating their 90th birthday. i've seen them many times perform. all kinds of fun tricks on the court. they'll be there for four days. wednesday through saturday in wildwood. so if you have never seen them, go. you have four days to take the family. let's head up to ocean city. we have some great acts for the family to go watch a magician. >> we have a magician joe holiday my favorite magician other than my husband who does card magic but joe holiday having his summertime magic show at the moreland family theater every tuesday night. you can see him. he has some grand illusions. some comedy magic. slight of hand it's good for the family. $15 for adults. $12 for kids. it's a fun time tuesday nights in ocean city. i also like when you get to hear some of the pops ocean city pops are playing as well. they'll be playing as well in ocean city. and then on monday they have their special cop certificate series so who do you love more than george thorough good. he'll be there as well if you're feeling bad to the bone you can get tickets to see him on monday night. that has to be one of the all time best songs. weekend wendy was talking about this.
8:47 am
lucy the elephant. >> i'm so excited. she's celebrating her 135th birthday today. celebration goes on until 8:00 p.m. and she's doing it in big way. no pun intended. they're going to have all kinds of food, food and games on top of that a stilt walker, moon bounce, nine hole miniature golf course save lucy campaign. she's running for president for her birthday with peanuts for all as her platform. so you can check them out and she's the largest elephant in the world and the oldest roadside attraction in the country. your favorite atlantic city. >> brody generous in town with devon lucien. everybody loves brody not a lot of people know who devon lucien is he's an excellent dj he's married to caitlin double day who is from the hit fox show empire. >> okay. all right. you got me empire. >> brought me back in. >> brought me back in. one of our favorites we're listening to it if you listening really closely hugh huey lewis and the news. >> huey lewis will be in atlantic city on sunday. it's not just friday and saturday. there's a lot going on sunday nights as well. you can see them at borgata.
8:48 am
ventnor music series is going on every wednesday night in ventnor free concert series hosted by vet ventnor tourism. there's a lot going on in atlantic city. >> yes, there is. >> and ventnor and the jersey shore. >> thank you so much. >> we really appreciate it. come back next week. >> i definitely there. thank you karen. thank you. >> bill. >> wwe, can you do the wwe impression? this just smells, scott. >> i think it's going to be pretty hot down the shore so just keep that in mind if you're headed to the wwe live. allentown right now, hazy, hot and humid in the lehigh valley. we're looking at excessive heat. feels like temperatures approaching the triple digits. so look at ultimate doppler right now. we're dry, we're quiet but that might be a couple of pop-up showers and thunderstorms a little later on. you're coming in, you're coming, wwe, yeah, yeah, we got that. yeah. all right. bill, temperatures right now as we look across the area we have
8:49 am
82 philadelphia. 83 in wildwood. that land breeze will be out there so be on the look out for those green heads just keep that in mind. otherwise we're looking at this big heat pump across the area. hazy, hot and humid weather jet stream well to the north. the delaware valley will continue to find those triple digit temperatures. hey, take look at the statisti statistics. did you know that weather as far as heat we're talking about the number one weather related killer in the united states. the centers for disease control did a study and on average over 600 deaths per year. more than floods, hurricanes and tornadoes. so take the excessive heat warning seriously across parts of the area. down the shore, we're looking at hazy, hot and humid weather. 90 degrees with that land breeze today. 87 for tomorrow. staying pretty steamy. remember that sunscreen. temperatures in the pocono mountains still pretty warm. we're looking at 89 for the high temperature today. mid 80s for your sunday. the weather authority seven day extended forecast it's going to
8:50 am
be the same song and dance, folks. we're looking at temperatures topping out around 97 degrees in center city for today. 90 down the shore. pocono mountains once again 87. kick off the dnc record heat. 98 degrees on monday keeping temperatures at or above 90 much of the next week. guys? welcome to market fresh in marlton i'm chris messner director of culinary services and welcome to your fox food bite. today we're going to take a summer macaroni salad great item for the summer heat. we'll start with is your favorite pasta. choose if it's a row teeny, a stuffed shell, whatever you prefer, that's what you want to start with. cook it al dente at home. soft boiling water and good to go. what we'll add to this summer dish is we have a few ingredients we want to play with. first of all we have the heirloom tomatoes beautiful tomato different colors and real sweet. we'll show was those look like.
8:51 am
when you cut those we just want to cut these in half. split them. and as we're splitting these, we'll add them to the bowl. we want to use about a pint of tomatoes and that's how they usually come ott at your local store. next add fresh basil. wash your basil. want to crimp the leaves real tight and just july nice strips. do that nice and shin. just like that. see how beautiful that is and add that right in. next thing we wanted to take our olives and these are the -- pronounced many different ways. it's a washed olive so it's not salty. we want to pitt these. these have pits. if you roll them in your hand the pits come right out. pull them right out. there you go. i pre pitted all of these. we want 4 ounces of olives and dump that in. just dump that right in the bowl. next we want to add our fresh a rug gula rocket in italy. you can find it in the shop.
8:52 am
there we go. now we want to make really light vinaigrette. when i say really light, it's just going to be fresh lemon zest which you use zester like i have here. you just great it. we'll use a zest of two lemons and then we're going after we zest it we want to roll the lemons and that loosens up all the juice by rolling it and we'll cut that in half. we'll squeeze that in. make sure we get no seeds. we want to use again about the juice of two lemons. since this is not a true vinaigrette we're not emulsifying it. i'm going to add 4 ounces of olive oil. i use extra virgin olive oil. we'll have add salt and pepper. fresh pepper. and what i love about this dish, there's no mayonnaise. so it's lower in calories and holds up really well outside. i'm going to just stir this a little bit with whip just to mix
8:53 am
it in nice. nice and evenly. again, that's actually even emulsifying really nice as well. now what i'm going to do i'll pour this into the if as dish. i'm going to pour the dressing. there we go. now we're ready to mick. i have my gloves on. we're going to gently toss the salad and once you get it mixed you can taste it at home make sure the seasoning is right. add a little more more salt and pepper, that's fine. little bit more lemon, that's great. this is ready to be plated. serving this as end tra do a nice big portion like i said. get some tomatoes, position them on the top, make it lock good for your guests. there you have it. now we're ready to taste. again, perfect light summer dish. delicious. i'm chris pensioner director of culinary service at rastelli mark fresh and this is your fox food bite.
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8:56 am
♪ this has been an exciting summer. all summer long good day has been on the road with the promise of giving a really cool car. we were both at the dell yesterday what great crowd we and a great moment that happened live on tv yesterday morning. >> you ready? >> one, pick up your boxes, one, two, three!
8:57 am
>> we got winner! we got winner! oh, my goodness. >> who is this? >> who is this? >> the wife. you should have been up here to begin with. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, my goodness. wow! you got a car! all right. you asked me what my pick was i just said the one in the middle. that was right. the one in the middle. >> this is my granddaughter's birthday august 6th. >> it all makes sense. how do you feel right now? >> unbelievable. >> congratulations. i think they're from mt. laurel. i spoke to them before this. i hope you win. i think they needed new car, t too. >> pictures with them. congratulations and that is a very cool car. congratulations to them. thank you mazza. this was fun summer. >> thank you brian says i thought the boom boxes were extinct.
8:58 am
karen's brother ready for the heat wave out in conshy. watching the show. >> i baby aubrey. have a great saturday.
8:59 am
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