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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  July 25, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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you're looking live at the wells fargo center in south philadelphia and in hours the eyes of the world will be watching philadelphia and democratic national convention business to get underway. plus keeping you safe, the security measures now in place , and the planned protests that are set to pop up this morning. controversy surrounding the top chair of the democratic party debar wasserman schultz is now out of the job. good day everyone it is monday july 25th 2016 i'm's chris murphy in the fox 29 studios at fourth and market in olde city. lauren johnson is live at wells fargo center covering start of the democratic national convention. lauren, lou so beautiful. we will get to you in just a minute. >> so sweet. >> we've got some real weather heading our way. >> we have lightening, thunder , and heavy downpours moving through chester county
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this morning. headed toward delco and philadelphia. there you can see it the on ultimate doppler radar there is another line of then are storms moving through baltimore right now heading toward northern part of the delaware and more rain in southern delaware. the what is happening is a warm front is moving, northward, the result of the warm front will be really hot temperatures today but before that happens, we've got a little action. we will zoom in closer and you will see that red and pink underneath lightening, that is where heavy downpours headed toward you in tredyffrin township. we will see if that holds together before it gets to philadelphia and then that other line moving a cross chesapeake bay but we still that have excessive heat warning in effect, for the urban areas that includes philadelphia it could feel as hot as a 106 degrees. we are not kidding with this heat. the it is pretty dangerous. a heat advisory for everybody else. so these could be dangerous, feels like temperatures today.
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80 degrees already in philadelphia a. when you start out at 4:00 in the morning at 80 degrees there is no where to go but up from there. hazelton 71. seventy-nine in west chester. we are 27 in washington township f u.s. scape to the shore, and to avoid the democratic national a convention it is 73 degrees there. the pretty nice morning. we have a breeze at the philly international at 80 degrees as we mentioned and 5:54 is your sunrise time. plan on sunshine but pop up thunderstorms later on in the day after we get to 97 or 98 degrees for an actual temperature today. sunset time 8:21. welcome to philadelphia here from out of town and bob kelly , traveling around will be an adventure today. >> yes, it will be. over the weekend when i came back i came through philly international i got a free pretzel. if that is a consolation. good morning. we are in good shape on the major roadways right now but as sue mentioned thunder boom are coming through chester county will probably impact
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202, bypass and even the pennsylvania turnpike. here's the first example of the police presence that you will see, number of checkpoints. this is a vine street expressway ramp, lead leaving center sit the eye to go south on i-95. the tiehl is vehicles weighing over five tons, not the permitted between center city and basically philadelphia international. you think five tons is more than just tractor trailers it is inquirer drug, bread trucks , school buses, delivery vehicles. these guys will be busy. you may be thinking i'm not going to the convention but if you are not going you will have delays with all of these checkpoints. so southbound i-95, northeast philadelphia, coming into sent ever city everything is opened but there will be a a police checkpoint between girard and vine street expressway down to three lanes pushing trucks off in the center city. same deal coming north on i-95 , everything is opened, but one left lane is as they check all of the trucks approaching philly international, and pushing them up and over the platt
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bridge. chris, back over to you. all eyes are on philadelphia this week as city hosts the 2016 democratic national convention. this morning we have crews out all over the city informing you what to expect this week? how this will affect you. my co anchor lauren johnson is live at the wells fargo center she will have the latest on the wikileaks documents. steve keeley at the convention center with planned protest around the city to day. other big story as sue mentioned the heat. our dave kinchen is talking to delegates in up to trying to beat that. lets go to lauren johnson, lauren a bomb shell over weekend right before the start of the convention. >> reporter: absolutely, chris i'm here live at wells fargo center in south philadelphia where democratic national convention is set to get underway in a matter of hours a lot happening on day one. today's theme is united together putting families first. the theme will focus on putting the future of american families front and center. while democrats are focused on the future, unfortunately the past is making headlines this
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morning. the democrats have been trying to avoid the divide that was apparent in cleveland during last weeks rnc but hacked e-mails published by wikileaks has fired up the supporters of the senator bernie sanders. scandal has cost the chair of the party debbie wasserman schultz her job. nearly 20,000 e-mails suggested dnc officials actively worked matters in clinton favor. some e-mails included suggestions of questioning the senator's religion or hint ago this his campaign was a mess. sanders has a accused the party of favoring hillary clinton despite them claiming they were neutral during the primary season. >> if i told you a long time ago that the dnc was not running a fair operation, that they were supporting secretary clinton, so what i suggested to be true six months ago turns out in fact, to be true. this really does not come as a
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shock to me or my supporters. there is no question that the dnc was on secretary clinton's side from day one. we all know that. >> reporter: dnc chair woman debbie wasserman schultz announce ago this she plans to resign at the end of the week. it wasser man schultz says she's committed to seeing clinton become president but party chair the best way for her to accomplish that goal, it is to step down. the vice chair, donna brazil, a cnn political commend taiter will take over as interim leader but what about the convention leader. martha a fudge has been preside todd tap over dnc. she's former chair of the congressional black caucus and considered to be a rising star in the house, with a little background information on who she is, she represents downtown cleveland, the site have the last weeks g.o.p. convention. ohio has always been a important battle ground state. fudge came to congress in a special election in 2008. chris, lot making headlines this morning from the
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convention and hasn't really started yet but coming up later in the show we will take a closer look at some of the deals you can get during this convention week. >> we like those. great job. see you in a bit. because of the concerns of protests planned this week they are now growing. today there are three protests planned, first happening this morning at 10:00 o'clock, will be a bernie sanders rally 5,000 people are expect to attend this. a separate bernie sanders march is expect to happen around 11:00 this one may affect traffic. bob will keep an eye on. that it will begin on the ben franklin parkway and snake through center city. vigil happening this evening at fdr park. for more, on protests and security ties let's head over to steve keeley live at the convention center, steve, good morning to you. >> reporter: i'm seeing those goofy count down clocks imitating the imitators but this has begun whether they hit a gavel and we saw first bernie sanders protest and in germantown yesterday, we saw
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the susan surrounden telling everybody to speak up their mind but don't speak out of place meaning don't get too troublesome for the police. we are seeing over night what bob was talking about, i experienced on i-95 coming in. you see a bun have of cops at girard avenue entrance and exit. then you see them at callowhill exit and wondering where do i go. it looks like road are blocked and they are sitting in the median between callowhill, vine street expressway exit and 95 southbound. be careful especially in the middle of the night. they have their lights flashing but it looks like there is a big accident but you can drive straight through just be careful around police, slow it down, take it down to 35 at most. the here at the convention center you can see familiar barricade, the roads are opened, and you see several police officers, a lot of them doing 129 hour overnight shift but even the at this early hour with no sunshine and maybe temperatures still in the upper 70's, by the air
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is thick with the humidity. tough job for these guys. you see one leaning on the barricade there but they are trying to drink as much water as possible and keep the peace out here. our reporters yesterday including sabina kuriakose got some talk seeing police and barricades. what are they thinking about philadelphia a seeing all this >> i have seen a lot of police officers, every where, just every where downtown. i feel safe. >> i do not feel limited at all. >> we're protecting this city, both from land, air and on the the aer ways. >> we are so happy for the security. >> we feel safe, security, nothing unsafe about this place. >> reporter: we will send it back to you at wells fargo center at fourth and market. >> all right, steve keeley, thank you. we have all kind of police outside yesterday even,. >> beside protests and e-mails many are talking about the speakers. keynote speakers will be first
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lady michelle obama, senator bernie sanders and astr id sylvia. you may not have heard of her. she came to the u.s. at four. she will share her story a and fight to keep immigrant families together have her story mirrors that have on thousands of immigrants and welcomed reminder of what is at stake during this election. several local speakers at wells fargo sent they are week some politicians, pennsylvania governor tom wolf, senator bob casey, brendon boyle, corry booker, congressman bob brady and former philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey. division in the democratic party has tempers heating up along with the mercury. lets go to dave kitchen at kimmel center where delegates will start out this morning. good morning to you dave. >> reporter: good morning. they will be starting off dealing with the heat making their way from the ballroom here for a breakfast with governor tomorrow toll wolf and interestingly enough, oust ed dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz was scheduled to be here for an
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8:00 a.m. event. it remains to be seen whether she will make an appearance. we can tell you many of the 4700 plus delegates made their appearance in philadelphia over the weekend taking in the popular historical sites at independence hall area while dealing with the intense heat getting water, that is sold on the streets whenever they could get it. liberty bell was a big hit. we asked delegates for their initial impressions of philadelphia. >> my image was a little bit darker because i heard about crime in philadelphia, and i had a completely different image. people here are extremely friendly, extremely friendly. >> philadelphia is city of brotherly love, and sisterly affection. so, they lived up to it, that is for sure. >> reporter: no doubt about it one debate which cheese stake is the best in town? dnc, the bernie sanders camp, debbie wasserman schultz, whether she will be there, that is another debate as well >> debate over this, big name
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democratic hopefuls hoped to see but it will be a no show during the convention this week? we will look at the that straight ahead.
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we have some thunderstorms we want to show you on ultimate doppler radar moving in through chester county right now toward delco, towards philadelphia and it does appear that they are holding together pretty well. you can see a lot of lightening all throughout and it is confined to chester county around coatsville,
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lower pos grove, tredyffrin township, concord you are get something rain, downpours heading your way. we will take away lightening and see upper providence is an area getting very heavy rain at the moment. so is west vincent, east white land all these place necessary chester county, delco, philadelphia we have not been hit yet but other parts of the montgomery county of been and this does seem to be moving, west to east. moving further down west grove , east marlboro, hockessin delaware business to get a heavy downpour as well. keep that all in mind. the it is all associated with the warm front and as a result of that warmer air even warmer then what we have had over the weekend is moving in today. so these heat index, the heat index how it feels outside could be as high as 106, 110 degrees, the heat of the day to day. after those thunderstorms, roll through. we have that problem now, heat later on. 80 degrees in philadelphia rain has not hit. seventy-three in lancaster where it was raining with an
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hour ago. dew points are up there, even in lancaster we have got that 72-degree dew point. thunderstorms will not take away that humidity, dew point of 71 in philadelphia a, which is pretty humid right now, it will be oppressive later on, so we're already in the middle of heat wave number four which began on friday with 94 degrees. ninety-seven saturday before the storms. 95 degrees yet. today we're expecting even hotter weather. in fact, for today our forecast high is 98. the record is 96, set pack this 1999. we're about to say bye-bye to that record. 98 degrees today. ninety-six tomorrow. ninety-five on wednesday. in of this heat is going anywhere, still steamy all the way through the democratic national convention. yeah, democrats are here in town and we've got a possibility of a seven day heat wave if we make 90 degrees on friday, and then pop up thunderstorms, of course, are part of the deal.
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it doesn't look like we will get whole lot of relief at the shore because our shore high temperatures will be in the 90 's today as well. so bob kelly the heat is on in so many ways, not just the temperature. >> glenn frye playing those tunes back in the 80's. >> yeah. >> good morning everybody. 4:17. all this talk about the convention we still this have situation with septa a. yeah, that is still with us and with the heat up decks at its all time high here, you want to aid volume standing outside on the platforms any longer then you can't. same situation with september, regional rail trains. we have links to the new current timetable on our web site, facebook and twitter. one change for folks that typically park in south philadelphia, the novacare complex is not opened for folks, to park and use the broad street subway. you have to park at south philadelphia high school. that is the parking lot for sun way this week with the convention there in town. of course, free parking up there at the frankford transportation center.
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those storms moving through chester county right now knocking speed down quickly, and here's another example of the police checkpoint. this is i-95, northbound, between the platt bridge and philly international where there is only two lanes opened , again, everything is opened but just be ready for slow downs to to occur. police presence every where and object here toys prevent five-ton trucks and vehicles from going past this checkpoint, and then going up i-95. chris, back over to you. all traffic head to go one place. that is the wells fargo center we will send our attention to lauren johnson there now hours before the convention begins. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, chris. former vice-presidential -- former vice-president al gore will not attend the convention gore, he is a tennessee super delegate, one of the eight tennessee super delegates, but only one not committed to a candidate. political has previously reported that gore plans to wait until democrats are
4:19 am
officially nominate a presidential candidate before he endorses someone. hillary clinton getting nod from former new york mayor michael bloomberg. officials say he will endorse clinton and he is expect to speak at the convention. according to a senior bloom george advisor former mayor will make a strong case for clinton. this is unexpect because he was a democrat for so long and then in 2,000 he switched part toys run for mayor, and he was a republican, and now he is currently an independent. so much is expected to happen this week. we will update you on all of it. >> so much happened in the year 2,000, of course, when al gore lost to george w. bush but i'm struck by the fact that gore hasn't endorsed anyone. even bernie sanders has endorsed hillary clinton. wand fur there is bad blood going back to when he was vice-president, with her husband of course, bill clinton, interesting. >> we will wait and see what happensy love that history in politics. so interesting, right. coming up on 4:21 we are
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following breaking news for you philadelphia police are investigating a homicide this happened around 11:20 near penns landing at callowhill and columbus boulevard. police say a group of men walk up to another man, getting into an suv and then shot him several times. victim was taken to hahnemann hospital where he later died. as for suspects they were arrested a short time after the pursuit. police believe that they may have tossed their weapon in the delaware river. the city of baton rouge, louisiana still reeling from the deadly police shootings that happened more than a week ago. today officer montrell jackson will be laid to rest, jackson was shot and killed during an ambush style attack that killed two police officers and sheriff's deputy. shortly before his death jackson wrote a heartfelt message on his facebook page howie motionly draining it is to be a police overs. the shooter was identified as gaff up long, a former marine, discharged from the military, in 2010. story that is attracting national attention, what one local father did to his son
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that may have you in tears. the emotional birthday surprise, up next. but first here are your winning lottery numbers. good luck to you. sue, good luck to us getting through this day heat wise. >> yeah, after the thunderstorms passed through we have got a round of those moving through chester county, watch out in northern delaware , delaware county, montgomery county, and here in philadelphia a, it looks like we have got some heavy rain on the way this morning.
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i'm sean bell. phillies dealing with a bunch of injuries, on friday miguel franco left the game with a wrist injury. saturday, cameron rupp with a possible concussion. yesterday it was andres blanco , in the fifth inning, pirates trying to steel all three with a a great throw, to get the runner out but look at that, he slides into blanco's glove, he actually fractured his finger. he had to leave but in the come back to add insult to injure everything blew up later in the event. after giving up a four-two lead adam frazier taps it off with the home run. that is his first home run, ever. phillies lose five-four. in baseball, two of the greatest that ever you will see, mike piazza and ken griffey junior, pie as a greatest hitting catcher of all time and junior one of the ten greatest players to ever
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do it. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. his dad was good too, ken griffey senior. now to the video that put spotlight on a philadelphia little leaguer this was posted on facebook and shared hundreds of times. a man in philadelphia taking his son to a little league game on his birthday. son thought that his dad forgot the about his birthday but you dad did not forget and boy, was it an emotional surprise. listen to this. >> get that box out of there, okay. >> get it. >> happy birthday. don't cry. you are about to make me cry. you will make me cry. pull it out. let the world see it.
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>> i didn't forget about you. yeah. i want to see some home runs. i love you. >> don't cry. let me see. y think the whole studio is in tears, right. what a great family. isn't that awesome. happy birth the day is right. he play for the philadelphia taney dragons the same day mo'ne davis lead to the little league world series. isn't that amazing. love that. lets go back to lauren johnson. i'm in the so sure you had a, monday there are about. we saw beautiful video. off lot coming up a 4:59:30. from protest toss resignations democratic convention starting off with controversy, we will that have and more coming up after the
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all eyes are on philadelphia a, delegates and protesters preparing for day one of the convention, what the big party will mean as you try to get around town this week. with the convention comes some controversy. the top chair of the party,
4:30 am
now out of the job, who is stepping in nationally and locally, next. a look the at the famous faces already in town for the big week. good day everybody it is monday july 25th, 2016. we have had july 25th on the calendar now for a long time, in anticipation. lauren johnson good morning, you you are at the wells fargo center. so here's the thing getting to the wells fargo center probably easy in the middle have the night but i'm sure you saw a lot of police out. >> oh, yeah. i thought it would be a process but from leaving the station to get nothing to our sweet it took 30 minutes. we had to go through security, parking was not too bad but much easier then expect and it is weird, chris being inside when it is still quiet because we are used to hearing the screechers or the crowd cheering, but yeah, it is pretty quiet right now. as you can see right there, right. >> the voice of lou noland with the flyers and peco power play. all right. we will get back to you in
4:31 am
just a minute, lauren. so much going on before the convention starts. sue, welcome to philadelphia, the best weather in the world. >> we will start with storms. we will give you a heat index of 105 or more later on in the day. are you not glad you came. this line moving into chester and delco and it is holding together. we might see heavy downpours soon in the city. we will zoom in a little bit and you can see you are about to get and hear that thunder in west philadelphia and around the west part of the delaware county. we will keep an eye on that situation and another line of rain, thunder and lightening away in chesterton maryland and delaware. after that gets out of here it will heat up fast, in the upper 90's will feel like 100 or 105 and heat advisory every where else. but i-95 corridor is where the heat will be the worst. we call it the urban heat
4:32 am
island. seventy-nine in trenton. thirty-seven in lancaster. eighty in philadelphia 77 in allentown. reading has 77 degrees. where they just had some rain. seventy-three in ocean city. and down in lieu is, delaware we're at 79 degrees. so not a lot of relief, land breeze at the beach today so even if that is where you are heading you will be hot. 98 degrees our predicted high temperature with pop up thunderstorms, again later on in the day. so lots of weather adventures, but bob kelly, you came back from vacation just in time for the fun. >> thanks for holding down the fort, sueby. majority of the people will not even be going to the convention, majority of the philadelphia but majority of philadelphia answer that travel through philadelphia a will feel the effects of the convention. i-95 off ramp to broad street don't even think about exiting or going through the barriers. broad street on and off ramps are closed and here's the situation. everything is opened, it is
4:33 am
the five-ton trucks, delivery vehicles that are not permitted between say the airport area, and then center city. coming north on i-95 you'll see a big police presence. checkpoint right here pushing trucks over the platt bridge and then from there you can connect with the schuylkill, and the vine street expressway bottom line for everyone is traffic goes down to two lanes northbound. southbound from northeast philadelphia, you will be okay until you hit girard avenue. between girard and center city police there only three lanes opened coming into center city again watching and pushing those trucks off at the vine street expressway. god help the one truck that goes past that police presence they are going to get stopped pretty quickly and then get escorted and that is where extra lane closures will come into play. don't forget the south philadelphia, yo, no tradition here we are not able to park in the median along broad street between washington all the way down to packer, that is for the motorcade and escorts from center city and,
4:34 am
of course, any of the protesters will work their way down broad street and into fdr park. we are still dealing with the septa situation. nothing has change there, watch for a crowded conditions and the new timetable and the change here from the parking lots because of the blockage is here in south philadelphia, that free parking lot at novacare is not available. the free parking lot for this week is located at south philadelphia high school. chris, back over to you. of course all eyes on philadelphia as city hosts 2016 democratic national convention this morning we have crews all over the city informing you what to expect not just traffic wise. but lauren johnson my co anchor will have the latest on the wikileaks documents. steve keeley at the convention center with more of the planned protests in center city to day and dave kinchen talking to delegates on broad street. but first lets go to lauren johnson a lot happening before the convention even begins, lauren. >> as you said i'm live here in the wells fargo center in
4:35 am
south philadelphia where convention is set to get underway in hours here a lot happening already before today one. today's theme is united together putting families first a and that theme will focus on putting the future on american families front and center. while democrats are focused on the future, unfortunately the patties making headlines this morning. the democrats have been trying to avoid the divide that was apparent in cleveland during last weeks rnc but hacked e-mails published by wikileaks has fired up supporters of the senator bernie sanders. the scandal has cost the chair of the party debbie wasserman schultz her job. nearly 20,000 e-mails suggest dnc officials actively work matters in clinton's favors. they included suggestions of questioning the senator's religion or hinting that his campaign was a complete mess. sanders has long a accused on the party of favoring hillary clinton. despite democrats claiming they were neutral during the primary season. >> i told you a long time ago
4:36 am
that the dnc was not running a fair operation, that they were supporting secretary clinton. so what i suggested to be true six months ago turns out to be in fact to be true. this does not come as a shock to me or my supporters. there is no question that the dnc was on secretary clinton's side from day one. we all know that. >> dnc chair woman debbie wasserman schultz announce ago this she plans to resign at the end of the week when the convention is over. she says she's committed to seeing clinton become president but the party chair says best way to accomplish that goalies for her to step down. vice chair, donna brazil, a cnn political comment taiter will take over as the leader. congress hand marcia fudge has been preside todd tap over the dnc. she's former chair of the congressional black caucus and considered to be a rising star in the house of representatives. so much going on.
4:37 am
>> yes. >> a lot of headlines from the convention certainty and it hasn't started yet. >> fun week. >> lauren, thank you so much. and as the protests grow, philadelphia police say they are ready. security is, ready for the convention. some measures you will notice, others you will not notice behind the scenes. steve keeley looking at this now from the convention center steve, good morning to you a lot going on. we have bernie sanders rally at ten, bernie sanders march at 11:00 and rally at the 5:00 >> reporter: then possibility of unplan, unscheduled protests popping up, just like unplanned thunderstorms are about to pop up, so, a lot of what we may hear during our show is overhead at the convention center, with us, looking up, are the philadelphia police officers here at 11th and arch street, a lot of lightening so far but no rain here at the pennsylvania convention center you cane barricade around the building, but the streets are opened very much unlike when the pope was here.
4:38 am
this is really nothing but you see they have got the american flags draped all over the street, not just on the corner but all of the way down 11th street as well. greg, give them a shot of the sky and we will try to catch on is lightening for you. flashlight evening and we have warning from sue. maybe people here may actually want it to rain because maybe that will cool off the air because the air is real thick and boy we are standing over an open sewer, and it is not a pleasant smell for philadelphia visitors right now. so we will give you a look at the rain as it starts raining but chris, in protests just yet and good thing from our perspective most are scheduled in the afternoon and evening as long as we are's clear of it. >> we will keep an eye on the weather. lets take a lot the a the radar if we can because those storms are moving in and it will be a hot day later today as well. >> yes, big thunderstorms are really unfortunately steve, it will in the make a whole lot of difference with the temperature because they are associated with the warm front which means warmer air is moving in but we have a little
4:39 am
bit of weather, a lot of thunder, lightening, heavy downpours headed toward delco, philadelphia and parts of the montgomery county and bucks as well. we will have details when we come right back.
4:40 am
4:41 am
the dnc is here and lauren johnson is here as well. well, you are in the here, here but at the wells fargo center, good morning. >> i'm here, good morning, chris. let's talk about this former vice-president al gore will not be attending the
4:42 am
convention. gore, he is a tennessee super delegate, one of the eight super delegates this year but he is only one not committed to a candidate. from it co has previously report that had gore plans to wait until the democrats officially many in nate a presidential candidate before he endorses someone. the here's a different story, speaking oven doorsments, hillary clinton getting nod from former new york mayor michael bloomberg. he will endorse clinton and he is expect to speak here at the democratic convention. a cording to the senior bloomberg advisor former mayor will make a strong case in philadelphia that clinton is the clear choice in this election. so chris, it is really interesting, democrat turned republican turned democrat turned independent but we will see what happens, lot going on here, right. >> so much going on, i found one of the most interesting things going on is what you mentioned about al gore. she knows the clintons so well having been part of that administration, all during the 90's. we will get more reaction from that. if you are looking for a guide
4:43 am
to help you survive 2016 national convention just head to our web site at fox and find banner at the top of the page for all of our coverage. there will be a lot of partying going on this week. we have the list, what you want to know about the celebrities in town, plus some information on some great local deals during the convention, that is straight ahead.
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news out of florida, right now at least two people were reportedly killed, 15 others shot at a nightclub in fort myers overnight. this shooting happened about four hours ago, at a club called club blue and it the is teen night at that club. we will have have much more as this becomes available but we understand a person of interest has been detain. much more from florida in another nightclub shooting straight ahead. lets go to what do we have a severe storm warning. >> severe thunderstorm warning we have been watching thunder and lightening since we got here before 4:00 o'clock but since we got on the air. this is the area in effect for next 15 minutes until 5:00 o'clock but it looks like the storms are holding together. this looks like it is to drive-in. thank you bill, from this picture from king of prussia. if you take pictures make sure you are safe. we have got all this lightening. lot a this pretty intense. it seems like it is gaining in intensity, moving through chester county, moving into
4:47 am
delaware county. we will take away lightening to see where heavier downpours are where the pink you see here in abington, along the turnpike there, and moving into the exchange with the northeast extension, there. around flourtown heavy downpours, concord township in delco. heavy, heavy rain moving down to bellefonte and greenville in northern delaware. this is moving pretty fast and furious. after it is overlook at the area that have heat advisories , heat warnings, heat watches, all the way from massachusetts, down through north carolina, even over into southern ohio. that is record breaking heat for a lot of places, today, with that dome of high pressure in control. what is happening is these thunderstorms are triggered by a warm front moving northward and that will let in hotter air. it will in the bring us relief these thunderstorms at all. 80 degrees in philadelphia. seventy-nine in wilmington. seventy-eight in dover delaware. dew points up there too making it feel soupy outside even at
4:48 am
this hour when you walk outside the door. we do expect to get to 98 degrees and and have more then are storms. heat and humidity on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. friday we could reach 90 degrees which will make it a seven day heat wave, in the 80's, perhaps on saturday and sunday but still a chance of the pop up showers and thunderstorms. so a lot to endure over the next couple days. of coast these are the days you have to be careful if your health is compromised and you have to take care of these who need you, small children, older people and your pets. make sure none is out in the heat for too long. >> why does she look at me help she says older people, did you notice that? she looked right at me when she said older people or was she looking at chris. >> you look good for your age. >> looking at both of us. >> good morning everybody, 4:48. those thunder boomers that sue just showed us, slowing us down here. one of the folks just put up a video of him driving through the thunder boomer here in
4:49 am
king have of prussia. that quick the roads go from dry to a heavy downpour and it is automatically knocking speedometers down. speedometer readings down in king of prussia here's an example of the police presence that you will see along i-95, and in relation to the convention here in south philadelphia. southbound i-95, the police are all lined up here, this is the exit to the vine street expressway and also where they are pushing all of those vehicles, those five-ton commercial vehicles, and it is just not tractor trailers. to my trucker buddies, or anybody that drives anything other than a car you want to check the weight of your vehicle, a school bus, a tractor trailer, a delivery truck, a refrigerator and truck so there is a lot of restrictions here traveling i-95. everything is opened but you will see that police presence heading south on i-95 pushing everybody off the at 676 from there those five-ton vehicles will use the schuylkill, to the platt bridge if you are
4:50 am
coming northbound on i-95 same deal it is opened but you'll see police lined up to push those vehicles that are over five tons up and over the platt bridge and they will use the schuylkill west to the vine street expressway. so through south philadelphia, on both vine street expressway and schuylkill there will be a lot of extra truck traffic all this week. the chris, back over to you. all eyes are on the democratic national convention this morning, lauren johnson is live with more on what to expect today, hi lauren. >> hello chris. beside those leaked e-mails and protests popping up many people talking about the speakers. keynote seekers will be first lady obama, senator bernie sanders and silva, silva came to the u.s. at the age of four will share her story and her tight to keep immigrant families together. her story mirrors that of thousands of nevada immigrants there will be several local speakers at the wells fargo center during the dnc. some politicians on that list include pennsylvania governor
4:51 am
tom wolf, senator bob casey, congressman bren on boyle, senator corry booker, congressman bob brady and former philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey. so chris, a lot of famous faces will be here and as i told you before, it is quiet now but a full house later. >> you wonder if michelle obama will make any reference to the plagiarism that went on last week with melania trump. >> i know, i don't know, i don't think she will but you never know. >> i think she's pretty after above the fray and will stay a that way. >> your smile looks so pretty by the way. >> you are so kind, thank. 4:51 is the time. streets around the city are closed for dnc event, a lot of them at least. convention kicks off with philly feast in olde city, festival have of the best local food trucks, third between market and race streets will be closed from
4:52 am
6:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. for good reason, right. restaurants are getting in the spirit with special menu items , at mcgill an's old ailed house try a red, white, blue burger and wash it down with a dublin donkey. real time specials are now using #dnc deals. all right. political parties, and, they are scheduled knightley at commerce square a concert featuring alycia keys begins at 5:00. also chelsea handler. i love her. lots of people in town for democratic national convention including funny man, late night host stephen colbert and he is bringing with him a lot of jokes. we will explain that next.
4:53 am
every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants.
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lots of thunder and lightening and severe thunderstorm rolling will through parts of the delaware county and heading towards philadelphia we have reports that the rain from steve keeley telling us it is already starting to rain at the convention center here in philadelphia everything is moving west to east, indications that there is some hail associated with these storms and some high wind, as well as the heavy downpours. now this thing is really the definition of fast and furious because that is the way that it is moving through the area, but we will have have this with us probably for the next half an hour or so and then it spreads across to new jersey. we will see if the severe aspect of these storms hold together as progress continues from west to east. but very heavy rain, high wind
4:56 am
, chris, associated with these thunderstorms moving through, again in delaware county, montgomery, bucks and here in philadelphia we're about to get hit. >> good thing wells fargo center is air conditioned as well for later in the day. let's talk about the convention. take a look at this warm welcome party for delegates and convention a ten ease. those here to soak in the political process got a tastykake abe, of course, pretzels. volunteers handed out information about our city. stephen colbert donned the blue wig again bringing his hunger games spoof to the wells fargo center, this time he chatted up democratic leaders such as nancy pelosi, dressed as caesar flickerman. colbert crashed the republican national convention last week in cleveland with these same stick. another republican national convention is over, of course but there is one thing that is making headlines today. the dress worn by ivanka trump worn by the convention. she's promoting the pink dress
4:57 am
she wore to introduce her father at thursday's rnc as part of the ivanka trump sleeve less sheet dress, currently sold out on line and at nordstroms. lets go back to lauren johnson at the wells fargo center, hi there, lauren. >> guess what i tweeted out i wore an ivanka dress today one of the dnc. we are here live, we will have much more coming up on day one and what you can expect after the break.
4:58 am
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i'm chris murphy. thanks for waking up with us. sue serio, waking up to a then are storm. it is pretty dramatic as well. we're seeing heavy downpours outside our window right now, popped up, all of a sudden. it goes away quickly as well. we have indications of some hail with these thunderstorms, thunder and lightening, heavy downpours and some wind gusting up to 50 miles an her while this all moves through. it is coming through montgomery county, chester county, delaware county and across the river into parts of the camden county in new jersey. so cherry hill is going to get heavy downpours as well. so this is all moving through from west, to east and will continue throughout the rest of the morning. we have a little bit of rain a affecting us in northern delaware around wilmington area as well. we will continue to watch out for that. the thing is, it is not going to make a big difference with


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