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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  July 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i'm chris murphy. thanks for waking up with us. sue serio, waking up to a then are storm. it is pretty dramatic as well. we're seeing heavy downpours outside our window right now, popped up, all of a sudden. it goes away quickly as well. we have indications of some hail with these thunderstorms, thunder and lightening, heavy downpours and some wind gusting up to 50 miles an her while this all moves through. it is coming through montgomery county, chester county, delaware county and across the river into parts of the camden county in new jersey. so cherry hill is going to get heavy downpours as well. so this is all moving through from west, to east and will continue throughout the rest of the morning. we have a little bit of rain a affecting us in northern delaware around wilmington area as well. we will continue to watch out for that. the thing is, it is not going to make a big difference with the extreme heat we're
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expecting because excessive heat warning is in effect, all that associated with a warm front that will let hotter air moving in with heat index and triple digits and actual temperatures in the upper 90es a it is 80 degrees in philadelphia. we're expecting a high of 98. it will be hazy and hot all day but chance of more pop up thunderstorms later on in the afternoon. we could be going through this weather drama all over again, later on in the day. we will keep an eye on today's storms. this morning's storms, and get you ready for extreme heat coming up, bob kelly, wow. >> good morning everybody. 5:01. these thunder bombers moving through quick and that quickly an overturn vehicle on the schuylkill expressway eastbound right here at city avenue. you can see here police just pulled up but only one lane opened on that eastbound side. here's a live look at i-95 in delaware county near highland avenue where thunder and lightening, boom, do you see
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it there, lightening strikes throughout the area, lighting up our traffic cameras. so again, road are becoming quickly wet, don't be afraid to delay your trip for a couple of minutes or pull over to a safe spot because, again, these heavy downpours flooding the roadways. the as i just showed you that first accident on the schuylkill. now if you are heading up and down i-95, everything is opened just be prepared for a heavy police presence as they push off any vehicles that way way five opposite or greater, southbound i-95 out of the northeast approaching the vine street expressway. is there only three lanes opened, come north on i-95 toward the airport area, all of the trucks and over five- ton vehicles, forced to use platt bridge. bottom line with the police checkpoints is there only two lanes opened. even if you are not going to the convention which majority of the philadelphians aren't. majority of the everybody traveling today up and down i-95 will feel the effects. septa situation still the same deal, limited trains on the
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regional rails and a change here in the parking lot at the novacare complex is not able to be used this week. all of the free parking is located in south philadelphia high school, chris, back over to you. >> all eyes on philly this week as city hosts 2016 democratic national convention this morning we have you covered with crews all over the city. steve keeley is at the convention center keeping an eye on the planned protests, dave kinchen has his umbrella out on broad street and lets go to lauren johnson at the wells fargo center. at least you had are indoors. here's the thing, lauren, with the e-mail scandal from debbie wasserman schultz. >> right. >> before the convention even begins we have a huge bomb shell, huge controversy. >> i know, so last week it was plagiarism, this week it is e-mail leak. start of the democratic convention is dealing with the major controversy over that e-mail scandal that had had chair woman debbie wasserman schultz. these are dnc e-mails from party leaders who seemingly
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conspired to promote the clinton campaign at the expense of the senator bernie sanders. sanders himself has long accused the party of favoring hillary clinton despite democrats claiming they were neutral during the primary season. nearly 20,000 e-mails suggest dnc officials work matters in clinton's favor. they included suggestions that his campaign was a complete mess, one exchange is between two staffers penned by dn doctor communications director , louise miranda, at the time, questioning sanders religion writing in part for kentucky and west virginia can we get someone to ask his beliefs, does he believe in god? he stated on saying he has a jewish heritage. i think i ready is an atheist. this could make several point different with my southern baptist peeps between jew and atheist. sand hours has claimed for wasserman shut to step down has said he was disappointed by wikileaks revelation but not shock. >> i told you a long time ago
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that the dnc was not running a fair operation. that they were supporting secretary clinton. so, what i suggested to be true six months ago turns out, in fact, to be true. >> now dnc chair woman debbie wasserman schultz will not preside over the convention. she plans to step down when it is all over. congress woman martha fudge has been task todd preside over the dnc. she's former chair of the congressional black caucus and considered to be a rising star in the house. as far as today's events go the theme is united together putting families first. today's theme will focus on the future of american families front and center, and how we're stronger together when we build an economy that works for everyone, not just for those at the top and when everyone has a chance to live up to their god given potential. keynote speakers will be first lady michelle obama, senator bernie sander and astread
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silva, who came to the u.s. at four, will share her story and keep her fight for immigrant families together. her stories mirrors that of thousands of nevada immigrants and welcome reminder of just is what at stake during this election. there will be several local speakers at the wells fargo center, during the d dnc this week. some politicians on that list pennsylvania governor tom wolf , senator bob casey, congressman brendon boyle, senator corry booker, congressman bob brady and former philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey will be back in our city. we will plan to see several celebrities around town over the next several days as far as the star studded power goes , today, alycia keys will be performing at an invite only event, janel mo'ne will head line nancy pelosi's opening day party. a lot the to sianni a lot to sianni going on in our city on day one of the dnc. >> lauren, not just inside the wells fargo center either. protests planned all over. steve keeley is live at the
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convention center f they are protesting right new they would be all wet. >> thinks the lead story in philadelphia, everybody. it is pouring outside, a lightening show, like no other , it sound like the subway is above our head. fortunately we have park under this archway at 11th street. you can see lightening and in the spotlight thank god power has not been knock out like we have seen this summer. you can see heavy downpour and lightening, that factor we are looking east from 11th street and look at the rain filling the sewer car egg all of the trash down here. we will see flooded streets, bob kelly, you like to use that word ponding. i like to use puddles, plane oldening establish to describe big puddles. greg, come out here and look down 11th street the rain was blowing sideways when lauren was talking about debbie wasserman schultz. you see more lightning south philadelphia over the wells fargo center where lauren is but it is pouring out. we have showed you police on stand by and on duty. greg will turn to the right.
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we have got police, let me show you something they were a cross the street at the convention center. reason they are so close to us this rain was blowing under this arch. first they stood one door in, and then they got drenched and said we better stand in further. so some of these cops got drenched even though they were under this archway a lieutenant of police taking cover for them, this is right across the street from the convention center. so nobody will be protesting out in this chris murphy, i can tell you that. this will cause traffic trouble around and hopefully they will heed bob kelly's warning and wait until this passes or lightens up before you start driving in this stuff because visibility must be near zero going 50 miles an hour, in this drive rain. look at it blowing sideways. >> as we look at your live shot, i just asked sue serio and she says storms is moving at 35 miles per hour, heading toward new jersey right now. i guess that is good news as we look at the radar.
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what a show with the lightening. we have flooding outside our studios at fourth and market. we will keep an eye on this good advice about being careful driving out there right now. those who support bernie sanders are making their voice s heard throughout philadelphia activist marched through center city yesterday supporting bernie and the earth friendly political platform. sanders delegates network a group not associated with his campaign, using the convention to make their voices heard, calling for more progressive platform at this weeks convention. group criticized hillary clinton's choice of senator tim kaine as a vice-presidential running mate >> the selection of kaine will make defeating donald trump that much more difficult this is an assault on the base, the progressive base of the democratic party that has in the numbers of 13 million voters flock to supporting bernie sanders.
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>> sanders got about 43 percent of the vote here in pennsylvania, during the democratic primary. you're looking for a guide to help you survive 2016 national convention, head to fox find a banner at the top of the page for all of our coverage. still ahead on an overnight shooting leaves one person dead. what police believe suspects did with the murder weapon moments before they were caught. plus a terrible crash involving a septa bus right here near a local hospital, dozens hurt, what officials say happened just before impact and sue, look at the weather, it the is going crazy outside right now. >> these are strong, strong, to severe thunderstorms, moving through the philadelphia area and now aiming toward new jersey. it is already raining in cherry hill. this is a a look at our latest severe thunderstorm warning in effect 234:58:45 north western camden county, north central gloucester county, west central burlington county as well as delco and south philadelphia as well. all of these heavy downpours
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and high wind, and some hail, associated with this as well. so it is moving pretty quickly as we mentioned earlier, 35 miles an hour these storms are moving, but it is leaving quite an impact, and including an flash flooding we are seeing here in the city. so bottom line is if you you can delay your trip, wait a little while, and especially if you are in southeastern pennsylvania, because these storms will be out of here soon and keep an eye out if you are in new jersey because they are heading your way. we will have have more details in your weather authority forecast coming up.
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visiting philadelphia with a cop convention we are well copping with you a bang from thunder and you can see lightening. this is a shot from center city right around the convention center where we're all deck out with the american flag but they are blowing around this morning because of these strong to severe thunderstorms moving through the area. so lets get to it, here's a look at the radar we are showing all of the lightening strikes, moving through the area but you you can see things are clearing up in chester county and it was only a half an hour, 45 minutes ago that it was fast, furious moving through there but we have storms in delco. here we have bryn athyn, montgomery county, cheltenham getting a heavy downpour right now, bensalem, bristol in
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bucks county. we will move further south right here in philadelphia, heavy downpour outside our window right now. upper darby still raining hard and in paulsboro, new jersey national park in new jersey, bellmawr, new jersey and cherry hill, very heavy rain heading your way and even further south down in salem county, carney's point also get something heavy rain right now. watches and warnings right now every where for the heat to take, we're still going to get to 98 degrees with the thunderstorms moving go through. it is not going to relieve the the heat at all. more heat and humidity for tomorrow, for wednesday, a high of 95, mid 90's still steamy on thursday, pop up thunderstorms possible whenever we get heat and humidity but more likely toward end of the week. this could end up being bob kelly a seven day heat wave because it began on friday. we're seeing the effects of these then are storms on the roads right thousand, right. >> mother nature free light show here this morning.
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5:15. i will cycling through some of the cameras, thinks downtown philadelphia, the vine street expressway we are seeing that win swept rain, kind of rolling through. here's ben franklin in the background. that is the police presence you will see on the major roadways moving through philadelphia. here's a live look at i-95. remember in the construction zone look at everybody they have blinkers on, wow, there goes lightening strikes. thinks i-95 south at cottman avenue where that quick heavy rain steve called it ponding, big old puddles, whatever you want to call it, it is bringing traffic to a stand still especially in the construction zones, and as sue mentioned it is moving in new jersey. the here's a live look at 42 freeway at a crawl between the atlantic city expressway and walt whitman bridge. two quick accidents that we are seeing heavy rain west on the turnpike at willow grove, already backed up from philly bensalem into willow grove and crash here in media delaware
5:17 am
county, baltimore pike between 352 and 452. only good news is as quick as it is moving in is as quick as it is moving out, chris, back to you. we have to get this this breaking news out of florida. at least two people dead, 15 others are injured in a shooting in a nightclub in fort myers overnight this happened around 2:30 this morning the at a teen night at a place called club blue in fort myers. we will have much more as it becomes available. we understand one person of interest has been detained a bunch of teenagers in there as young as 13 years old when this happened. all eyes, of course, are on philadelphia for the democratic national convention after more than a year of preparations, we are in the final count down, the stage is literally set, security in plates and delegates have been streaming into town all weekend. we will make history in philadelphia yet again. we're used to making history in philadelphia, yet again, aren't we. >> we are. we had pope here. now here's the dnc.
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okay chris with so many people fit to fill this arena and prominent figures set to take the stage behind me, security is top of the mind this week. officials anticipate tens of thousands of protesters. factors beyond anyone's control may play a part in the actual numbers. fox's rick levinthaw has more. thousands of demonstrators creating oppressive heat to show support for clean energy and bernie sanders and other causes. they are hoping the world will pay attention on the eve of the democratic national convention. >> people united will never divided. >> reporter: city predict 35 to 50,000 protesters daily on the streets of the philadelphia issuing permits for dozens of rallies and marches but heat and humidity in the triple digits could a affect turnout. >> 5,000 person planned march because the weather is is he stifling 2,000 show up. nice day maybe more than 5,000 show up. we don't really know. we will be prepared for whatever we're facing. >> reporter: with the dnc designated national special security event the secret service took charge of the
5:19 am
convention site. creating a fortress around the wells fargo center with nearly four miles of no sale fencing with barricade, vehicle checkpoints and more. rest office city remains under the control of the philadelphia cops with plans being revised after recent attacks on police and terror incident overseas. >> just when you thought were you beyond all that craziness and chaos we get something else happening. unfortunately unintended rents es is everyone of those incidents prepares new a way thaw didn't want to have to so it makes you think in ways thaw never thought of before. >> reporter: city says it does not want a repeat of the to 2,000 convention where 400 demonstrators were arrested. >> key toys show some love and understanding, people are hurting, people are angry, people are fearful and we need to put the country back on track but we can't do that with the civil marginal says. we have to include everyone.
5:20 am
>> cities police force of 6,000 officers say it is ready for anything city officials say they expect somewhere between 35 and 50,000 demonstrators, every day. just across broad street from where i am is fdr park in south philadelphia. ground zero for protest this is week. fences are already up, police, first aid stations, water coolers are ready to go to keep those demonstrators safe ape healthy while they make their voices heard. we know, it is raining now but it will be a really hot day later on. >> yes this will all dry up and sue will track that for us lauren, thanks very much. lets turn to our other top stories on this monday morning right now philadelphia police are investigating a homicide this happened around 11:20 last night at penns landing at the intersection of callowhill and columbus boulevard. police say a group of men walk up to another man getting in an suv and shot him several times. the victim was taken to hahnemann hospital where he later died. as for the suspects, they were arrested a short time later after a pursuit, police
5:21 am
believe they may have tossed their weapon into the delaware river. two pedestrians in critical condition after a septa bus and car collide, two dozen others in the hospital, septa says that 26 people were on board this route 113 bus on south lansdowne avenue and providence road in yeadon when it hit a jeep. first responders took people on board to areas hospitals. the investigation continues into what went wrong. still no word from philadelphia fire investigators on how one of their own died on friday. they have, however, confirmed that gabriel lee died while on his shift at ladder company number 12 in north philadelphia. black bunting is now draped across the front of the building to remember the fallen public servant. the medical examiner is investigating this death to determine the cause. up next, local businesses gearing up for the democratic national convention. the special menu items and deals that you can snag throughout the city. but first your winning
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lottery numbers and good luck getting through the thunderstorm as well.
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quick look at ultimate doppler radar shows you where the heavier rain is, wherever you see the dark red, is where the heavy rain is.
5:25 am
it is all moving through. our severe thunderstorm warning area has shrunk a little bit. it is west philadelphia new we're talking about parts of the camden and burlington county. there are indications that the storm is weakening moving to the east but where you are getting the rain is still pretty heavy. we are seeing high wind and little bit of hail associated with these storms. all focus, chris murphy, it is shifting from pennsylvania, ape delaware in, to new jersey >> very focused, and will shift to the heat later today, we will continue our coverage this morning of the democratic national convention kicking off here in philadelphia. so if you live in the area may need to be patient this week especially if you are expecting a package from ups or federal express, that is because you may need to wait to get it. truck along i-95 that bob has been talking about mean some packages won't be getting to you very easily. ups and fedex is asking for your patients. federal aviation administration is warning that philadelphia is a no drone zone during the dnc.
5:26 am
no fly zone extend 30 miles in all directions around the wells fargo center, of course, and expects streets around the city to be closed for dnc events. convention kicks off with philly feast in olde city, a festival of the best local food trucks and live music, third street between market and race street license closed to day from 6:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. that street will be wet, when they open up in a half an hour at least. restaurants are getting in the dnc spirit with special menu items at mcgillan's old ale house, try red, white, blue hamburger, and, with cheese, and wash it down with a dublin donkey. city wide real time specials are announced using the #dnc deals. still ahead our coverage of the dnc coverage continues, as hot and humid weather is greeting delegates and protester as they get ready for the long week. the what the city is doing to keep everyone hydrated. i approve this message.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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call this is final count down. after years of preparations the democratic national convention is set to get underway in hours from now.
5:30 am
thousands of people head into town. the security measures the city has in place and the planned protests set to pop up this morning. shock waves sent through the democratic party, right before the convention kicks off. a closer look at the chain of e-mails that has chair woman, promising to step down but in the before the convention begins. there is controversy even with that, good day everybody, it is monday july 25th, 2016 i'm chris murphy in the fox 29 studios, lonely because lauren johnson is there i'm guessing inside a very quiet convention center. very nice, we say convention center for convention at wells fargo center. is anyone there at this hour right now. >> it is unusually quiet. when you come here you are used to seeing action at the floor. not a lot. just a couple media outlets doing their live shows but for the most part it is quiet. we did hear thunderstorms. that was noisy. but for now yeah it is quiet. we don't have any neighbors just yet. >> we will check back.
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so much business to happen later today. but first lets go to sue serio >> welcoming everyone with the bang this morning. severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5:45. area of the morning has shrunk to parts of the burlington and camden counties. get ready in that a area for this, a thunderstorm with some hail, high wind, and heavy downpours, all of your favorites on this monday morning. we will zoom this closer to see quite a bit of lightening as the storms moved through philadelphia and head into new jersey. the it is still raining in parts of the chester county and delaware county but it is easing up with those heavy downpours, around winslow township you're getting hit with the heavy rain right now. excessive heat warning with dangerous feels like temperatures it is still in effect for today, these thunderstorms are not going to make a difference. it is letting in warmer air because it is with a warm front that is touching off these storms. in philadelphia, the heavier rain has passed, although it
5:32 am
is still raining, a an '80 last hour but cooled us off, sunrise time is 5:54. look at hour high today 98 degrees, extreme heat in triple digits and pop up then are storms later in the the day. we will keep an eye on all that for you throughout the morning. lots of weather drama already, bob kelly, welcome back from vacation. >> morning drama. 5:32. here's an example of the heavy rain, downpour. you know you are having a bad start to the day when you are facing wrong way on i-95. hydroplaning here. this guy spun around and is facing the wrong way on i-95, this is southbound at academy road but you can see the example of that quick ponding on the roadways. here's a live look at 42 freeway getting drenched here coming in towards philadelphia between the walt whitman and atlantic city expressway. here's a live look center city coming to an halt with the free light show and heavy rain compliments of the mother nature. high water here, preventing
5:33 am
septa from running trolleys using buses on the 102 this morning and a accident eastbound on the the schuylkill, at city line. chris, back over to you. bob, kelly, thank you sir. 5:33 is the time. start of the democratic national convention is here, already dealing with major controversies, before this even begins, of course, we're talking about the e-mail scandal that has chair woman debbie wasserman schultz stepping down. yes, these are dnc e-mails from democratic party lead hours seemingly conspired to promote the clinton campaign at the expense of the senator bernie sanders. lauren johnson at the wells fargo center this got exciting before it even began, lauren. >> sanders himself has long accused the party of favoring hillary clinton despite democrats claiming they were neutral during the primary season. the nearly 20,000 e-mails suggest dnc officials work matters in clinton's favors. they included suggestion that is his campaign was a mess. one exchange is between two
5:34 am
staffers pend by dnc communications director louise miranda. at the time he is quick san ners religion. for kentucky and west virginia can we get someone to ask his belief. does he believe in god. he said he had jewish heritage i think i ready is a ate they is. they would drawing a big difference between a jew and atheist. sanners who long called for wasserman schultz to step down says he was disappoint budd not shock. dnc chair woman debbie wasserman schultz announced she will not preside over the convention and she will step down when thinks all over. congressman woman martha fudge has been tapped to preside over the dnc. she's former chair of the congressional black caucus and she is considered by many, to be a rising star in the the house. so yeah, chris lots of action before today one officially begins here at the wells fargo center. >> yes, back to the weather for just one minute. i know you are in there.
5:35 am
we have steve keeley at the convention center. dave kinchen on broad street. you heard thunder inside the wells fargo center. >> yeah, because i'm further out but i asked jessica our executive produce der she hear it. she could not hear anything. you could hear it. it was a big boom. >> okay. lauren johnson thanks so much. i have to admit i'm lonely in here without you. today's theme is united together putting families first. theme will focus on putting american families front and center. how we're stronger together when we build an economy that works for everyone not just for those at the top and when everyone has a chance to live up to their god given potential. that is what the democrats will say. keynote speakers will be first lady, michelle obama, senator bernie sanders and astread silva. that last name silva you may not have heard of. silva came to the u.s. at four she will share her story ape fight to keep immigrant families together. her story mirrors that have
5:36 am
of thousands of nevada immigrants and welcomed reminder of is what at stake during this election. there will be several local speakers at wells fargo center during the dnc this week. some politician oz than that list, pennsylvania governor tom wolf, senator bob casey, congressman brendon boyle, senator corry booker and former philadelphia police officer charles ramsey. as protests grow philadelphia police say they are ready, security is tight at the convention, some measures you'll notice, others you will not notice. steve keeley with more on. that steve, first of all has the rain passed. >> reporter: i'm more on weather patrol then any protest patrol. it is pouring out here. there is a septa bus and in the head lights you can see downpour coming. at least straight down right now and straight up over the convention center. still lots of lightening and crackling of thunder. so only thing that is lit up is lighting up is the wind because the rain was blowing under this arch where we safe ly are but you can see how
5:37 am
heavy rain is in center city right outside convention center and still a good lightening show right above. lauren was talk about hearing. that i was over at wells fargo center, chris on friday and there are anchors on scaffolding, with the sky line in the background early in the morning because city is all lit up. i have to wonder how fast they scrambled down from two or three stories up, in the middle of the parking lot on the south end of the wells fargo. here at 11th and arch police are on stand by. they had protection too. they have dunkin' donuts where you see officers inside getting coffee getting dried off and some outside here at hilton garden inn. more officers over here. so fortunately we are under this arch at 11th street keep dry. no protest that is we know of right now. you can see convention center that is barricades out there that is not the anything you want to be standing around when you see lightening coming around you, chris. that scaffolding is probably
5:38 am
most dangerous spot. lauren is lucky she's in sky box inside but those poor guys and girls outside on scaffolding had to fast scramble this morning. >> i can't imagine because you mentioned fast scramble, this storm moved fast and furious, and it is crazy. now we have more rape at fourth and market again. all right, steve, please stay dry, safe and there is i look at the radar. we will keep an eye on. that. overnight shooting leaves one person dead what police believe the suspects did with the murder weapon moments before they were caught.
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i'm sean bell. baseball, inducted two of the greatest to ever do it, yet today. mike piazza and ken griffey junior and yesterday griffey got emotional when talking about his father. >> i was born five months after he was in his senior year and he made a decision to play baseball to provide for his family. so that is what men do. i love you for that. >> just a great hall of fame class. phillies and pirates, andres blanco, ruiz throws out the runner but the runner cleats goes in the blanco's glove. you can see the glove right there. he would leave the game. we will see how long he might be out and to add insult to
5:42 am
injure phillies blew a four- two lead n the seventh adam frazier capped off come back with his first home run and go ahead run, phillies lose five-four. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> 5:42 is the time. the democratic national convention is set to get underway and party has tapped some serious a listers to performed, we will break down this list coming to town after the break. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey.
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thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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we have our share of excitement this morning with severe then are storms and our warning, as we speak, just lifted, so the severe nature of these thunderstorms has been lifted, but it is still a lot of lightening, heavy downpours, high wind, and this is just criteria for severe, has not been met but it doesn't mean you will in the get flash flooding, some high wind and maybe even some hail, and most of the focus for the most extreme of this has shifted to new jersey, parts of the burlington county, florence, lumberton and medford with very heavy downpours right now. we will move down to south harrison, avis mills and heading down the parkway hammington, new jersey, heavy rain there abe shamong as well and we will see how much of that holds together for the new jersey shore. we have had watches and warnings for the heat, all up and down the east coast of the united states, as far south as north carolina, as far north
5:46 am
asthmas chew sets. everybody is affected by this dome of heat which will be record breaking, especially today since the record is 96 degrees, it was set in 1999 , with 98 as our forecast ed high temperature we will have a record break ter day and then we will stay in the 90's for tuesday, wednesday, thursday all the way through the convention and maybe even beyond because it looks like we could have a seven day heat wave, friday we expect to get to 93 degrees before thunderstorms hit with the cold front. that noxious down to the 80's for the weekend but still warm and that is your weather authority forecast. the those strong thunderstorms bob kelly really wreak havoc on the road. >> mother nature waking kids up, dogs in bed with everybody good morning. 5:46. we're up with you. southbound i-95 here's an example of the accident happened right as heavy rain went through. this fellow here spun around facing the opposite direction. here's a live look from our
5:47 am
camden toll plaza a nice cool shot of the sky line. they had it set up to catch lightening. but everything is soaking wet this morning. those storms moving in south jersey. same deal on the freeway an accident on 295, thinks southbound at the black horse pike, right in the construction zone, at 168. because of the high water, septa using buses on the 102 trolley lines this morning, eastbound schuylkill, subsequent at city avenue, accident westbound turnpike at willow grove and then here is that truck detour for any vehicles, commercial vehicles over five tons. you can see southbound i-95, it is opened but they are pushing trucks off the vine street expressway. northbound i-95 jammed approaching the airport. the chris, back over to you. bob, thank you. lets get to dave kinchen because democrats will arrive in philadelphia to some really wick weather, right? there will be the heat today and then dave, just a short time ago you are along broad
5:48 am
street and all this rain comes through, thunder, lightening, welcome delegates. >> reporter: yeah, exactly welcome delegates. we should say we are hiding under the academy of music ledge, keeping the rain off of us. i got rid of the umbrella. we are also across the the street from the normandy ballroom where delegates will have a breakfast, inside where they can stay cool and get some breakfast this morning at 8:00 a.m. we should say ousted dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz was scheduled to be there with governor tom wolf at that event at 8:00 a.m. but we will see with everything going on with the wikileaks e-mails it remains to be seen whether she will make an appearance at this event. we can tell you that many of the convention's 4700 plus delegate made their appearance in philadelphia over the weekend, taking in the popular historical sites and independent hall area dealing with the intense heat, describing a lot of water, in the process, we have asked delegates for their initial
5:49 am
impressions of philadelphia. >> i was saying all of these historic sites. you have to go see liberty bell and constitution center and see thesetive rent places. i wanted to site see for sure. >> i was impressed. i think they really have it together. i will definitely recommend philadelphia on my list. >> reporter: get a good philadelphia umbrella as well and some philadelphia water bottles. the deal with all of this heat , and, and precipitation. >> you look no worse for wear, that is because you are ape, thank you so much. >> reporter: big difference. it is a big, big difference under this over hang. >> thanks, man. >> reporter: umbrella just in case. >> we have take him down. lets bring in lauren johnson. the a list politicians, a listers in town we have big name celebrities here. >> a cording to the philadelphia inquirer here's the run down hopping today
5:50 am
alycia keys will be performing at an invite only event at commerce square. janel mo'ne will head line nancy pelosi's opening day party. tomorrow afternoon broadway song birds, indiaman dell and sidney lauper will host a event. fergie will head line an evening gala wednesday night that should be fun. thursday night snoop dog will perform at the electric factory. there is a huge, camden concert at bb and t, that will feature lady gaga, lenny cravats and philly's own dj jazzy jeff. there is a truth of power event scheduled today through wednesday. it will feature dj's, accoustic acts, rosario dawson will host my peoples talk show , rapper freeway expect tonight for that event and i'm hearing there is a a rumor about a closing party that is scheduled at the fillmore, with some pretty big guests, any ideas.
5:51 am
>> perhaps springsteen, you are you hearing. >> i don't know my people aren't talking yet. >> i want to know your people because i'm sure they know. if you are looking for a guide to help you survive 2016 national convention just head to fox to find a banner at the top of the page and we are all over this. lets turn to the day's other top stories on this monday morning, right now philadelphia police are investigating a homicide this happened around 11:20 last night near penns landing at intersection of the callowhill and columbus boulevard police say a group of men walk up to another man getting into an suv and then shot him several times. the victim was taken to hand map hospital where he later died. as for the suspects they were arrested after a short pursuit and police believe, that they may have tossed their weapon in the delaware river. two pedestrians are in critical condition after a septa a bus and car collide and two tossens others are in the hospital. septa says 26 people were on board this route 113 bus on
5:52 am
south lansdowne avenue and providence road in yeadon when it hit a jeep. first responders took all of the people on board to area hospitals and an investigation into what went wrong is launch still no words from the philadelphia fire investigators on how one of their own died friday. they have, however confirmed gabriel lee died while on his shift on ladder company number 12 in north philadelphia black bunting is draped across the front of the building to remember the fallen public servant. the medical examiner investigating the cause of the death right thousand. up next, funny man stephen colbert sneaking in some tricks ahead of the democratic national convention, the stunt he pulled that has some saying in the again.
5:53 am
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welcome back, a live look the at platt bridge and mess importantly the sky. this will clear and it will be a hot monday in time for democratic national convention thanks for waking up with us, take a lot this warm welcome party at the airport yesterday for delegates and convention attendees those here to soak in the political process got a case of fill which tastykakes and pretzels. volunteers also handed out information about our city and
5:56 am
all it has to offer. it appears dnc leaders weren't backing pop star ariana grande. you may remember when she was caught on singer in the doughnut shop licking other peoples doughnuts next to her boyfriend saying she hated america? it turns out that scandal cost the singer a performance at the white house. one of the dnc e-mails included instructions into the invite air yan because of that incident. she a pol guyed after this was released but it could have hurt her and did. stephen colbert donned the blue wig bringing his hunger games spoof to the wells fargo center this time he chatted up democratic leaders such as nancy pelosi such as, flicker man. colbert crashed the republican national convention last week in cleveland with that same story. it is final count down we have you covered live from the wells fargo center from the democratic national convention set to get underway today and shock waves sent through democratic party right before
5:57 am
the convention begins, closer look at the chain of e-mails that has chair woman promised to go now step down. and lets show you live radar as this storm moves out over the atlantic. [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. there is no surprise that dnc was on secretary clinton's side from day one.
6:00 am
boy, smacked by scandal a shake up in the party, hearst before the start of the dnc, right here in philadelphia. the leaked e-mails leading to the resignation of one high ranking commit thee member. plus, the stage is set and security protocols are in place, how law enforcement plans to keep everyone safe. and the weather, it is hot , it is humid, it is muggy out here in south philadelphia boy, weather is settling over our area right now. i'm telling you delegates out and about right now in a downpour, get out of here, rain. protesters also out there, they will be here all week long. the warning officials are giving right new to tens of thousands people to be out and about this morning. good day, it is monday july 25th the day is finally here. day one of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. so, we decided to take the show, "good day philadelphia" to the wells fargo center to see what they have d


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