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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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only one personally believe to be truly qualified to be president of the united states and that is our friend hillary clinton. >> the first lady takes the stage right the here in philadelphia and delivers a powerful speech, the message about what is at stake when we vote in november, alex. protesters take to the streets on day one of the convention how local police kept things from getting out offhanded despite making several arrests. forced to run for cover, again, late evening severe weather sends some of those at dnc scrambling. i was too, alex, after many suffered through excessive heat all day long whom officials had to evacuate during last night's events. if day it is july 26th, the second day of the convention
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in the great city of philadelphia welcome to good day philadelphia to the wells fargo center, hi there willal he can. >> good morning. >> did you survive the storm last night. >> i did. >> you called it. >> it was a monsoon again. >> what were visitors thinking, it is either extremely hot. >> it is the not always this way. >> just like any other party alex would have, you get up on a sunday morning and look out tour living room and say what did we do last night. that is what is happening right now, they are cleaning up, and all of the confetti, streamers and everything else down on the floor picking it up off the blue carpet. >> it looks so different. yesterday we talk about how the sporting events are happening here but then last night to see crowds and how crazy and now we are back to the quiet. >> the party is over for the first time. >> it is over. >> with bill clinton on the floor at podium it will be raucous once again but you are right about the weather. it was kind of funny over weekend that it was
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118 degrees during the day and machine soon rains. this is now -- monsoon rains this is getting tedious. >> it gets hot and then there is rain you dress up to go to the events and you get dumped on, sueby. >> we don't want you to be unhappy, mike so we took the rain out of the forecast. >> you're welcome. >> weather by the numbers it is hot but not as humid. we will go with the seven out of ten. temperatures will be well above average and there is fog out there this morning but bus stop buddy still patriotic still floating over city of philadelphia a but notice muggy the doggies not there. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. it will be hot but slightly less humid and that is okay bugs. we are down to 87 percent relative humidity. trier air has in the kicked in yet at 75 degrees as we get started and we will be at 89 degrees by lunchtime. still hot. average high is 87. we will get up to 96 degrees today, sunset time 8:20. we will tell you how long this heat wave will last, coming up
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in the seven day forecast, bob kelly is here right now, we're predicting sun glare for your commute the today. >> yes, sue 6:03. i can see beginning of the sun glare right here over our shot of the roosevelt boulevard. another hot day on tap and another take where we have police checkpoints on i-95. here's a live look at i-95 near girard. deal is heading south already slow go from the betsy into center city. allow extra time through delays especially north on i-95 trying to get through the airport. the reason for checkpoints they don't want any vehicles over 5 tons between center city and wells fargo arena we are talking more than tractor trailers. all of the food delivery trucks, sue serio's purchases there on line, all of the brown trucks we will call them, even tow trucks, buses, tour buses are pushed off through center city and using the schuylkill expressway, and all of that unusual volume, causing those delays
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throughout the day. lets go back to mike and alex in south philadelphia. >> thanks, bob kelly. everybody in your hotel rooms, out of town, 50,000 delegates and volunteers. >> 18,000 volunteers. >> 18,000 volunteers. is it 18,000. >> yes you are right. >> but 50 or 60,000 people out of town get up out of had bed. i know were you up until 4:00 this morning. two hours ago. we want to show off our city one shore time. steve keeley ace the the convention center. >> dave kinchen is live at the broad street where those hotels are. >> we will hang out with them in a second. >> let's do recap of the big moments from yesterday, there day one. >> there were a lot. >> hillary clinton's campaign slogan stronger together all about unity for first day of the dnc but the effort got off to a rough start. >> for sure. >> after party's chair was forced to step aside after e-mails released, dnc leak, that meant baltimore mayor's opened up the convention bringing out that gavel. many supporters showing even more support on the floor, and at times booing whenever
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hillary clinton's name was mentioned. >> never good when they are boo going your nominee. >> finally sanders walk out to address the crowd. >> hillary clinton will make an outstanding president and i'm proud to stand with her tonight. thank you all, very much. >> reporter: vermont senator urged vote tours stand behind the official democratic nominee, after sanders, the first lady took to the stage offering an emotional speech on why she thinks hillary clinton should be president. >> in this election and every election it is about who will have the power to shape our children for the next four or eight years of their lives. i got to tell thaw was one good speech. mrs. obama ended the speech by saying clinton's hard work, experience and thick skin, she has thick skin are some of the reasons she trust her to lead the country as president. >> people were saying that was
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best of the night. >> i would agree. we are trying to be fair here. but look at this line of for tonight, probably one of the best speeches i have heard in a long, long time. today's theme, a lifetime of fighting for children and families. kind of like yesterday's theme. head lining the speakers is bill clinton, mothers of the movement, mothers of eric garner, michael brown, sandra bland and all men and women who died in police custody as a result of police actions. they will speak. trayvon martin's mother will also address the crowd tonight. day one of the dnc did not kick off without some controversy as alex mentioned. hundreds of protesters lining the streets of south philadelphia, especially. >> when it comes to conventions protest are expect but 50 people were taken into custody and issued citations but it was one of the many protesters message that got people talking. >> steve keeley is in center city to explain, steve. >> reporter: mike, we didn't mention highlight many people
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watching, it was paul simon singing and appropriate song one of the biggest hits, bridge over troubled water which really sets the mood for the entire country, lately. seventy-five years old, by the way, this october, paul simon and still doing great work. anyway, we're looking at these police officers at 12th and arch and they have the toughest shift of the week is my prediction and they just had a change of shift. they are coming on at 6:00 a.m. they have to work until 6:00 p.m. that will be a highlight time because you'll see biggest protest starting at temple university called shut down dnc. they will pick up at city hall and we will see thousands of people all going down south broad street and those people said they cannot park in the media will be happy they weren't park in the media when these protesters fill south broad street in the evening rush hour at the height of the heat. now protest you are talking about not sip tied or site add
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monk those 50 plus people yesterday, this kid from conn net the cut, his name is connor garrett, just nine years old and probably only kid on the east coast, where temperatures were pushing a hundred, not wearing shorts or swimsuit but business suit and a tie carrying a two sided side. one sign nra kills our kid. other sign look mom, no future. tell me what is your sign mean. >> look mom, no future, means if hillary or trump becomes president, my future will be ruined. >> reporter: do you really think that. >> yeah. >> reporter: are you a bernie sanders guy. >> yes. >> reporter: when i was nine years oldy would have voted for robert o clemente as president. but you can see, the signs here in the convention center talking about children investing in our kids is one of them, our kids are our future. kids being highlight of
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mrs. obama's talk so we thought we would show you connor garrett the highlight for our week so far, in meeting protesters, guys. >> i was thinking my goodness he must be so hot he wanted to get his message out there. >> it felt like 110 degrees out there. welcome to philadelphia once again. get up, get out of that bed and hotel. this is different sections of the city. i will talk about in broad terms. we have great northeast. we have north philadelphia, west philadelphia, southwest philadelphia, we have south philadelphia. south philadelphia is where wells fargo center is where we are and some neighborhood really impacted by this convention, they are getting and up close and personal look at is what going on. >> so dave kinchen is live there seeing most of the action, dave? >> right now people getting up and ready for work. we will show you broad street here as we spin around. nothing here happening right now. it will be a lot different
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today with more protests making their way down broad street. that was the scene, one of the many scenes as dnc axis creating many memories for memories here for neighbors better or worse. the residents taking in the the sites and sound from passionate demonstrations of bernie sanders support tours pro lease blocking off side street and allowing resident to have some sort of separation by making sure that there isn't any protest foot traffic getting in neighborhoods. here's what people say is their take. >> a lot of bernie sanners fans. i haven't seen this many supporters for one politician in a long time especially 99 degrees out walking and they are doing a lot of -- and they are angry about what happened with the dnc e-mails. they have been talking about it, singing bit, stuff like that. >> reporter: big bernie sanders protest scheduled for this afternoon. question is will neighbors see more protests? very likely. of course, this is hardly done.
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just yet. back to you. >> thanks, dave. oh, man in shortage of celebrities did you see alycia keys over on market street yesterday afternoon. a lot of celebrities. >> danny glover was here. we will show you top celebrity moments from day one that would be cool. once rumored to be among candidates to be hillary clinton's running mate new jersey senator corry booker, he had a lot of energy last night took the stage here at wells fargo center. his message about love that got the a huge round of applause, corry booker next.
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i'll tell what you kind of a man, a man who must never be president of the united states. >> she was either talking about, donald trump or doug luzader. >> i think it was trump. >> i hope it was trump. >> yeah, they were bookend yesterday i thought with those speeches. elizabeth warren on one side, and michelle on the other and then, elizabeth warren as she has been dogging directly after donald trump and two of them have been engaged in this war on twitter that goes back for months now. let's talk about corry booker because he got a big applause, listen to his speech first. >> but love, love knows that every american has worth, and value, that no matter what
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their background, no matter what their race or religion or sexual orientation, love, love recognizes that we need each other, that we as a nation are better together, that when we are divided, we are weak, we decline but when we are united, we are strong. when we are indivisible? he went with the signs that we saw in the audience, with the delegates, love trump takes. what did you think of the speech. >> he certainly didn't need the microphone, that is for sure,. >> no, he didn't. >> corry booker, he is a rising star in the party. he was talk about as a possible running mate for hillary clinton. he was vetted for that purpose. he has a big future ahead of him and last night really did not hurt him in that regard. >> thinking back 12 years ago when one senator barack obama gave a speech at that convention. it remind meade of that 12
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years ago. >> reporter: these convention speeches are real launching pads and corry booker is better known better than barack obama was when he delivered that speech. >> remind meade of julian castro too. i can see you down there. >> give us a wave. >> hi there. >> i think i'm coming down next hour to see you guys, right? i think so. >> maybe we will come see you. >> he is obsessed, with this bet you made about the the cheese stake. he wants to you pay up. >> day two and he has not had a cheese stake just yet. >> reporter: my daily cheese stake for breakfast, yeah. >> thanks, doug. okay. i know what you are thinking if you are from out of town what is the freakish weather here in philadelphia it is hot all day to the point that you are melting and then 90 and you get drenched. >> weather caused problems. sue will tell us when we can
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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i almost blew my pants off, sue. >> we did predict thunderstorms later in the day but you're right after all that drama and you guys were all dramatic right there it is gone. we did get to a new record high, ape previous record was 96 degrees, july 21st, record was 97. i don't think this week, rest of the weeks record are in danger because they are in triple digits and we're in the predicting, any temperatures close to that and hot temperatures with these dramatic thunderstorms coming through last night, nothing left, to show you right now. we have hot weather moving in with a cold front that triggered those storms and it is dryer air just not cooler air, that is coming in over the next couple of days, so at least storms will retreat for today and probably tomorrow as well. still foggy in reading and lancaster, temperatures in the
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60's and 70's, we're expecting 96 degrees today, not close to the record but still hot and then tomorrow 93, that will be day six of our current heat wave, which is the fourth one of the year and probably will be a seven day heat way because we are expecting 90's on thursday, 80's on friday, saturday and sunday and unsettled with the prediction of possible thunderstorms, each day of the weekend, bob kelly. >> 6:21. let begin first of all with mass transit, regional rails, same thing, adjusted schedule expect crowded trains, delays, hot conditions, market frankford, subway trains every eight to ten minutes. free parking at frankford transportation center ape change up for south philadelphia, no free parking at the novacare complex while the convention is in town. free parking has been moved to south philadelphia high school. broad street, no parking in the median. cool site from washington down to packer but it is not a cool
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site later this afternoon. steve keeley mentioned and we are seeing on twitter this rush her rally for this afternoon, i just saw a tweet that said they will gather at temple university which is north broad, through city hall around two or 3:00 o'clock and then march south on broad street into the stadium complex. head up on how this all takes place for our evening rush hour later on, this afternoon. right now 95 southbound we're seeing that delay in the checkpoint here from cottman avenue in through girard. lets go back to mike and alex in south philadelphia. >> we are here in south philadelphia because we are covering day two of the democratic national convention but there is also eagles training camp going on. >> day within of the camp was all about the quarterbacks, you know, eagles fans, we like to talk quarterbacks but we have a new head coach doug pederson. we will talk to him on possibility of someone taking
6:23 am
starting job from sam. we have a sound bite from sam. sam is... yeah. sammy am. >> are you okay. >> i'm all right. >> i just got dizzy. it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. it is finally here. eagles training camp began with rookies and select veterans but with this team, fan base and more than anything the mediate is all about the quarterback. quarterbacks were on the field, head coach doug pederson has been consistent. brad number number one, daniel two, carson wentz number three. yesterday pederson was asked again if sam bradford is locked in as the starting quarterback. >> well, as i said all along, sam's the guy and then, you got the to get through four games, lot of preseason and going in to september 11th, you know, sam's the guy, sam's the guy. i will stick to that as we go. chase is our number two and carson is number three. >> i'm trying to come out here, get better each day, trying to make this team better and try to help this team make and win games and do my job the best i can. whatever happened, happens. >> sam is number one. >> phillies won four to
6:27 am
nothing over miami, that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> it says arm and arm as the head line on the front. it says cattle boarding buddies, bradford and wentz, make nice on day one. they have been hanging out. the phillies beat the fish. >> i'm surprised that the democratic national convention isn't on the front at all here. >> well, it actually was. they have two covers. look at that. >> that is how to fit it in. >> well, steve is also covering the democratic national convention. >> he should be. >> steve? >> reporter: mike, i don't know if you join me, i will lead a protest myself against that pink sport coat eskin haddon yesterday. something more fitting for these little pooches on the sidewalk, then a sportscaster.
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i trust hillary to lead this country because i have seen this life licensing devotion to our nation's children not the just her own daughter first lady michelle obama making a impassioned case for hillary clinton why she says november's election is so important for the future of america. plus bernie is moving forward but are his supporters? the chants that filled wells fargo center behind us on a
6:31 am
day one, but night number one of the dnc. plus one of the biggest event in the country right now happening in their backyard, we hear how dnc impacting daily life for those living near the wells fargo center. >> that is south philadelphia for sure. good day, july 26th, 2016. >> we are getting ready seeing remnants of day one, night one, day one. >> whatever. >> as we get ready for day one are they still cleaning up. >> they are still cleaning the blue carpet. >> they are. >> it is not easy to clean. i wand fur they have carpet cleaner the spot cleaner. >> stanley steamer. >> it is like the foam. >> i love that. >> if it is blue don't mess with the color. >> i have many stains that i have to clean up all the time in my apartment, sue serio, i don't know what that means. >> it is okay. >> well, it is fun while you both clean up but it has calm down since yesterday.
6:32 am
we will have more excitement today. bus stop buddy is excited about all visitors in town. the it the is mild. there is fog in spots. temperatures in the 60's and 70's, a lot of moisture rain clouds showing up on our satellite and radar picture but really it looks hazy at the airport. 75 degrees. it is on the muggy side but we are expecting lower humidity even though we are expecting hot. yesterday a record breaking 97, today 96 but we will feel difference this afternoon with lower humidity at least, we will give you that. 76 degrees tonight with just a few cloud, it will be a mild night. we are in the middle of the heat wave that could be seven days long. we have got numbers coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, hey. >> hey, good morning everybody. here's day number two of the delays here on i-95. ninety-five, this is northbound a approaching the airport. again, checkpoint here we will go from basically three lanes
6:33 am
down to two lanes as police move any vehicles that are over 5 tons off of i-95, on top of, folks that need to get into south philadelphia, go to the airport or even try to access the navy yard, the business center thereof to use this exit as well. once you get past checkpoint good to go no delivery trucks, tractor trailer, buses, tour buses, all weigh above that 5-ton limit that is not permitted between girard avenue and the stadium complex. give yourself extra time heading north on i-95, southbound already jammed up from the betsy into girard avenue where we have getting that checkpoint right there at vine street expressway and accident in pottstown ease pound lanes of 422 right here near route 100. mass transit looking good with no reported delays. >> that is the story of this country, the story that has
6:34 am
brought me to this stage tonight. the story of generations of people that felt laps have of bondage, sting of segregation but kept on striving, hoping, and doing what needed to be done so that today i wake up every morning in the house that was built by slaves. i have watched beautiful and intelligent black young women playing with their dog on the white house lawn. >> hillary clinton, my daughter, and all of our sons and daughters, now take for granted that a woman can be
6:35 am
president of the united states . >> and, if anybody should teach a class how to read a teleprompter and not seem like you are reading from a prompter that is first lady of the united states. >> there were moments when she looked up. >> she was about to cry there. >> she what's motional. people from both sides, have been saying that was a speech you have to ago acknowledge it. >> parties on both side of the aisle. >> she spoke as a mother. >> and a wife. >> what she thinks the country needs for the next president. >> okay, a speak their came after her bernie sanders had a chance to speak last night. you saw that, heard that. while speaking to hillary clinton and his own supporters, he offered reasons as to why he is now endorsing
6:36 am
hillary clinton. his supporters were heard booing during several speeches last night. >> so people were concern, this is really it, what will he say. they calmed everybody down to get delegates we are unifying party here and that was the theme here. >> would he take back endorsement. he certainly didn't do that. >> pull a ted cruz. >> did he not do that. he is moving forward to make sure trump does not win the election for presidency. >> today's theme a lifetime of fighting for children and families. head lining speakers will include former president bill clinton and the mothers of the movement, mothers of the movement are mothers of eric garner, michael brown, sandra bland, all men and women tied in police custody or as a result of police action. they will speak. trayvon mart up's mother whose son died at the hand of the george zimmerman neighborhood watch volunteer will also address the crowd. >> i will tell you this police were busy last night, as protesters took to the street, 60 people were arrested, put
6:37 am
into handcuffs. >> lets get to steve with an update on that at the convention center. >> it was 76 years ago first ever first lady spoke at a convention in chicago, that followed previous convention where her husband was nominated for a second term here in philadelphia, in the summer, it was in late june but 100,000 people outside at franklin field, can you imagine, at this convention out doors at franklin field in this heat. wow, not everybody complained back then either. just a little history as we look at, new history made at the pennsylvania convention center, a new shift of police officers coming on, doing 6:00 o 7:30 p.m. and next shift will be the toughest, in the because of the weather but because of the biggest protests yesterday, planned for today, starting up at temple university in late afternoon, mid afternoon going to city hall and then going to
6:38 am
the convention site because they are calling this shut down the dnc. broad street will be packed causing a big headache for anybody in center city commute to go day, and man toys caught a huge headache for democratic party for day number two, or night two of the convention. here's a look at yesterday on day one and here are some of the protesters, who are still very unhappy the way it went for bernie sanders. >> we don't want somebody a criminal in office, or criminal running our country we want bernie we don't want hillary. >> this is completely wrong for our country to be doing this and for dnc and hillary clinton and her crew to collided with debbie wasserman schultz, people are angry. they will have to listen to us at some point. >> reporter: as they call tonight television news,
6:39 am
programming note coming back live you can show our patriotic live truck, that is our truck and then we will go across and show team coverage at the convention center because lovely jennaphr fredrick and microphone rich the man on the camera just walk in. we will look inside the convention center today, in the just outside and jen has surprises for you plan. to you see how philly police arrive. lots of refreshments, as they get ready to deal with the heat once again. they are wearing kevlar and not something that is comfortable in weather like this, alex and mike. >> i bet their cooler doesn't contain the stuff you are cooler contains for people out of town, steve keeley is one of the most fit human beings on earth. >> he has shown us was was in his cooler. >> energy drinks, protein shakes. >> a rot have brown, gooey liquid. >> yes. >> disgusting. >> so if you live in south
6:40 am
philadelphia down by stadiums, oregon avenue, broad street is closed, you know, i-95. so traffic is affected, and has it been fun? get on twitter and facebook. are you enjoying this or is it a pain in the butt. >> let us know because dave kinchen has been in the area check ought what the people in the neighborhood are thinking about all this time. >> he is kind of at broad and oregon in those areas. >> reporter: i seemed to have moved here in the last few hours. this is as much peace and quiet they will get for day two of the dnc. looking on broad street right there you can see police already directing traffic because you will have some of the motorcades coming through with dignitaries and, of course, the rumble underneath with the subway and delegates make going their way through as well. we can tell you that many neighbors say that the dnc is already creating many memories for better or for worse, residents taking in all of the sites and sound day one yesterday from passionate demonstration from bernie sanders support tours police
6:41 am
blocking off side streets from protesters looking for parking and blocking convention foot traffic. neighbors are used to the street shows here with all of the stadiums so close by. here's their take. >> i guess the pope wasn't as big as this. world series when they had the parade here that was more exciting when the phillies won the world series. >> i would like it better if it wasn't here but since it is here, it is here and it has been okay so far. justin convenience, you cannot get in or out. >> reporter: resident like police helping them by keeping protesters away from the side streets but with more pro is his including shut down dnc event today, people have to wonder what will happen next. back to you. all right. different every single day, we will see what happens today. secret service should be contacted immediately because i hear jennaphr fredrick,
6:42 am
somehow has boarded air force one. >> how did she manage that. >> so we will get the exclusive. >> she's sneaky and slick. >> the air force one exhibit is a little sad, it is very sad but we will talk about this in a little bit. you can charge your phone if you ride the bike it is all part of the political fest. i will show i air force one, a dedication to the kennedy inauguration, right over there, after the break.
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have temperature is just right for me but better than being out in the stinking atmosphere >> walking up this morning it is better than it did yesterday. >> it is ten or 15 degrees cooler then yesterday morning, sue. >> it is the dew point that has gone down. it is not the heat but humidity. humidity is lower. yesterday we got to 97 degrees before those thunderstorms hit and that is a new record for july 25th. 1999 record is out of here. so next couple of days, i don't think we will break anymore record. we are not expecting temperatures to be that high. lightening, that came through last night and thunder we were looking at that on live radar this time yesterday. they were bookend to your monday, and now it is tuesday morning and live radar shows you, nothing much going on.
6:46 am
so, everything that came through last night has settled to our south with this cold front, high pressure will build in from the north but it is just not that much cooler because air in the midwest has been very warm. it is warm through most of the country but at least storms will retreat for the next couple of days. still fog any reading, lancaster, clearing up everybody else, 57 in philadelphia 60's to the north of us, still sticky to the south of us in places like wildwood. ninety-six today. ninety-three tomorrow. ninety-four on thursday. that should do it for heat wave number four, of 2016. it is going to be a seven day heat wave. it does get back in the 80's. do you realize this weekend is last week even of july. >> oh, that is right. >> what? >> august and then back to school. yesterday was five months until christmas.
6:47 am
>> what? >> the schuylkill expressway is behaving. i haven't talk about the schuylkill all day yesterday but this morning, here we go, eastbound schuylkill a accident at girard avenue at philadelphia zoo interchange. this will impact, remember a lot of the visitors here are staying outside of the city. some in the king of prussia hotels, conshohocken hotels and those delegate, visitors coming in using our friendly schuylkill expressway. they will see an accident scene there. in my lou noland voice it is peco down wires. down wires at bristol and radcliff with some local detours. mass transit, you know the drill, nothing really has change. the ad just ted scheduled, shortage of cars, crowded trains, expect delays during the morning and evening rush hours and then fingers crossed that the ac keeps cranking on those cars. market frankford subway running trains every eight to ten minutes, free parking at frankford transportation
6:48 am
center. curve ball here in south philadelphia novacare complex is not used this week but convention you have to ride over to south philadelphia high school. mike and alex, back to you in south philadelphia. >> at the wells fargo center on the stage last night, before demi lovato sang and she knocked it out of the park. >> she did. >> she was so honest about the mental illness she has been dealing with for years. here's what she had to say. >> like millions of americans i'm living with mental illness but i'm lucky, ivory sources and expert to get treatment and possibilities. unfortunately too many americans from all walks have of life don't get help either because they fear the stigma or cannot afford treatment. i urge every politician to support law that is will provide access to better health care and support for everyone. this is not about politics, it is simply the right thing to
6:49 am
do. >> again, so on best her struggles with by polar disorder and then she did that. >> she followed her speech with an emotional performance of her song confident which people feel is fitting after coming off that speech. strong and confident. >> there is nothing wrong were being confident and she's a confident singer for sure. you know what was cool yesterday afternoon after we got off the air, we went down there and saw demi during her sound check and she gave us a one on one concert, it was special. >> cool. >> we will play that for you coming up later in the show. so jen is over at the pennsylvania convention center where delegates go before they come out here. >> that is true. >> getting their things together. jen is checking out cool things they have there. >> yes, cool stuff. >> we know danny glover, part of the black caucus has been here to check this out. this is one of the seven locations of something they are calling political fest. we have talk about these events at the constitution
6:50 am
center, here, five other locations, 15 bucks gets you tickets to everything as well as the bus. you know, plash. this is last vehicle president kennedy was in before the vehicle will that he was in where he was assassinated all those years ago in texas. so again this is vehicle that took him to the airport, and then he was in the second from the airport and then in a second vehicle. now this is air force one, air force one at the time of the kennedy assassination. it is amazing to see. i can tell you there are security guards that worked here and their heart stops when you see this because not only is this the actual plane as you come up here you can see that the first lady's dress, the suit that she was wearing during the assassination is here. this is actual area where she was when she came back as a bright sunny day and the ended as a nightmare. this is her actual suit, her
6:51 am
hat, receipt i impressive, you can see this right here in philadelphia. this here is where lyndon johnson took oath of office and where he literally became president of the united states. you can see the seal. there is a picture of john f. kennedy junior right here. it is remarkable to see. i should say john f. kennedy. here's the typewriter that lyndon johnson wrote his condolence to jackie kennedy on. this is just one of the many, many, many things you can see this week right here in philadelphia it is my first stop to our road tour, convention center, political fest do this, it is great. >> that is cool. that is something. >> take a look at history. >> that might make people cry, i remember those days. many, many celebrities all over town, a bunch of sight goings. why don't we dot the top three
6:52 am
celebrity sight goes from yesterday. >> sound good to me. >> alycia keys. >> why everything in three's. >> because we don't have time to do or five because everything is so fast. even though it is a four hour show everything is crammed in.
6:53 am
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[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it!
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so, didn't you do it. >> i did the same thing. i brought in a cheese stake to give to doug. >> because they know, we love our cheese steaks, it is fine, just let us through. >> okay. >> it vice good. >> this is my rs vp. >> anyway. >> please excuse me. >> a lot of memorable moments. >> with all of the celebrities that came into town and all coming together spending time. >> you cannot have a convention in philadelphia and not have boys two men perform. >> yes, motown philly. >> back again. >> yes. >> ♪ >> play it a little bit. crank it up.
6:56 am
>> that bass their 1991 hit motown philly. the #, for this convention has been de ms in philly. >> them guys did great. they said it was an honor to perform in this city. >> i think most of them still live here. a couple still live in west philadelphia did you see his moves. >> they have been on our show many times. what is the idea of this convention, bring bernie and hillary supporters together. get all united. bridge this gap. bridge over troubled water. paul simon. >> ♪
6:57 am
>> he brought everyone to their feet with a bluey version of the song. >> but so fitting considering what they are trying to do. >> bluesy, you know, color of the the democrats. >> that is true. >> we're not doing a selfie. >> we're not doing a self we'll. >> in a little bit we will tell but this big selfie. >> well, i'm looking at ity want to you guess. >> i'm looking on my phone there is one, two, three, four, 56, seven, eight, nine, ten, can you name all ten can you name all ten coming up. >> yes. >> i'll tell you what folks who live outside the convention center in south philadelphia, they certainly have had a front row seat to the protests but how do they feel about all of the sites and sound of the dnc, hear from them after the break.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
hillary clinton will make an outstanding president, and i'm proud to stand with her tonight. day one in the books, bernie sanders caps off the first day of the dnc with a strong endorsement for hillary clinton. we will look ahead to the big names addressing the crowds later today. when someone is cruel or acts like a bull you you don't stoop to their level. when they g


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