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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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hillary clinton will make an outstanding president, and i'm proud to stand with her tonight. day one in the books, bernie sanders caps off the first day of the dnc with a strong endorsement for hillary clinton. we will look ahead to the big names addressing the crowds later today. when someone is cruel or acts like a bull you you don't stoop to their level. when they go low we go high.
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>> first lady takes the stage in philadelphia with a powerful message. what michelle obama says is at stake when we cast our votes in november. plus the stars taking to the stage to show their support for hillary clinton which a listers took the mike to inspire the crowd. >> the convention isn't the only excitement in south philadelphia, football is officially back. who stood out at eagles training camp in day one under new coach, doug pederson. >> ♪ fly eagles fly >> e-a-g-l-e-s. >> how late do you think practice went yesterday because it was so hot with that weather though. >> so, about 6:30 last night. boy, they are vacuuming around the floor around here that is loud. they need a bissell, the bald head. >> mr. clean. >> no. >> dyson, sit dyson.
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>> yeah. >> he is constantly on tv. >> i said mr. clean. >> he looks like mr. clean with black glasses, the dyson. >> can you see it tom, one of the camera people. >> power vacuum. this isn't just any carpet or any floor. >> power vac. >> like a shop wrack. >> anyway last night at 6:30. chris murphy is over at my house. i have those big windows outside my kitchen. when monsoon hit i rolled tape. there is no sound on it. >> why is there no sound. >> i didn't want to open up the window. >> we will provide the sound. >> are we in it now. >> paynes were rattling. >> yes. >> and then we heard stop, i'm scared, from chris murphy. >> because i grew up in the midwest. he grew up in southern california. >> it never rains in southern california. >> that is exactly right.
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>> it was really blowing. it was blowing 45 or 50 miles an hour and rain going sideways. >> it was intense. >> if you rerack that footage you see him mixing a cocktail in the reflection of the window. right here in the beginning. >> what was he making. >> he was making himself a map hat on. >> he is fancy. >> that is how we rode out the storm sue making manhattans and watching the rain. >> in my house it was my poor dog roofus, it was so loud, so, hope he got a little bit of sleep last night. in weather by the numbers today we had a five yesterday. today a seven. a lot better on the count of lower dew points. the less humidity. bus stop buddy happy with the visitors in town. temperatures in the 60's and 07's and we have fog and a few clouds around this morning but for the most part the rain is
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gone. we have a current temperature of 75 degrees. we will get to a high of 96 but not as humid as yesterday. feel the difference still hot down to 76 degrees and that takes care of your tuesday. we will talk about the remaining taste of this current heat wave which seems like it will never end, bob kelly. >> to be fair chris murphy said he was not the shaking from the storm, it was the shaker from making the drink there in the afternoon. 7:04. good morning everybody. it is eastbound 422 we have an accident at trooper road. we are seeing volume from collegeville jammed up into king of prussia, eastbound schuylkill slow go from approaching conshohocken curve into girard. delegates coming from the suburban hotels are delayed because of an accident at girard avenue. peco power play in bristol down wires at bristol and radcliff and then again today those 95 checkpoint causing delays north bound jammo as you head in the platt bridge
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interchange, southbound i-95 stacked up at betsy in through center city. give yourself time rolling through center city via i-95 to south philadelphia and mike and alex. we have 60,000 people in town. >> yes, that includes -- it goes up every time you say it. >> they had to have brought friend, relatives and stuff like that. a picking 60,000 people. they are all looking for steve keeley and dave kinchen. i really, steve's will take you to the pennsylvania convention center because i think it is one of the nicest convention centers in the country. >> dave has been checking out reaction to people in the area what they have had to deal with with all these people in town. >> we are getting tweets, their cars are towed, they are not happen any south philadelphia. >> doesn't seem to be. >> amplify hillary clinton's campaign slogan which is stronger together on the first night of the cop convention. >> it got off to a rough
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start, after the parties chair was forced to step aside after e-mails were released, dnc leaks. that made baltimore's mayor opening up the convention with her gavel. many supporters were showing more support on the floor at times booing whenever they heard hillary clinton's name. finally sanders walk out to address the crowd. >> hillary clinton will make an outstanding president and i'm proud to stand with her tonight. thank you all very much. after sanders, the first lady took to the stage, offering an emotional speech. i think first lady was first, and then bernie sanders. >> that is true. >> offered an emotional speech why she thinks hillary clinton should be president. >> in this election and every election, it is about who will have the power, to shape our children for the next four or eight years of their lives.
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>> she ended the speech saying clinton's hard work, experience, and thick skin are some of the reasons that she trusts her to run this country. >> it was a beautiful speech a lot of people are saying on both sides they are saying we have to give her, props with this one. >> there was dramatic lines about waking up every morning in a white house that was built by slaves. talking about the trump campaign when they go low, we will go high. >> that is true. >> even some analyst they have been saying if there was a hall of fame for convention speechers this should go in. >> it was darn good, i got to tell you. yeah. day two, let me call it tonight two of the convention more protesters will be on the streets of philadelphia especially south philadelphia because that is where they are congregate nothing fdr park. >> last night more than 50 people were issued citations. police just want to make sure everyone in the city are safe. >> that is them screaming at the wells fargo center yesterday. >> steve keeley is backup in
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center city at the convention center near market street, is there steve. >> reporter: mike, here's a stat, it is 4,764 delegates in town for the democratic party, so with 50,000 visitors, when you do the math, that means more than ten people in town for everyone delegate and one of those people is this media member. if you think a job of greg gill roy a man on camera is easy, thinks all of the stuff you do not see. this is all of the gear a typical cameraman has to take through tops of the security, through secret service sweeps. is there one of the 50,000 people in town to cover from who knows where we are meeting media all over the world, not just country covering this because thinks a world story who the leader of the free world will be. that gives you a sense of what mike talks about with 50,000 people. wells fargo center being filled last night up to the the third floor if you noticed
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in the picture, that is more than 4,764 seats in there. so who got ticket to that? big donors, big vip's and this is what the protesters are protesting about. what you're looking there warrington police helping out, here they are in center city at 12th and arch. suburban police helping center city police all on 12 hour shift and we are looking at video from yesterday. forty-one people overcome from the heat, mostly protesters and 51 are -- or 55 depending on the number you read cited and sip tied by police but not arrested but ticketed. the tickets coincidently $50 for a protester who got cited by police, $51 alex and mike for those who got parking tickets parked on the median of south broad street where you don't want to park for not getting a ticket but today will be the biggest protest marching down broad street from north broad at temple, then to city hall, then to where you are right now and
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protest titled shut down the dnc. so you will see thousands and thousands of people gathered today for probably the biggest protest starting two or 3:00 o'clock at temple and who knows where it is ending or how it is ending but police prom toys let those people get their first amendment right out here and first capitol of this country, in philadelphia. >> commissioner said they will let them go. >> we saw a lot of philadelphia police tweeting pictures of them walking with the protesters showing everything peaceful and trying to protect them. >> he was mentioning, cars and stuff like. that we asked you how is the convention for new south philadelphia, do you like it is there anything positive. >> jessica says enjoying it? it is a mess. they are towing our cars. traffic is a nightmare. i'm sorry my vacation isn't this week. >> people park along broad street. we did warn you last week they will be towing cars you weren't allowed to park there. >> yes. >> in the median. >> yes. >> so dave kinchen is near
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oregon and broad. they have been complaining. i suggest you drive over to get to his location and get in his face. >> reporter: hit me with the sound off, that is what we're here for. people give you feedback, there were also get something a little bit of feedback from other folks dealing with situations like this here. you can see a blockade on broad street here. once more people come down here you'll see people tied up in traffic, people frustrated with all that taking place because this dnc creating memories better or worse. resident taking in the the sites and sound from passionate demonstration from his bernie sanders supporters to police blocking off side streets from protesters looking for parking, and neighbors are used to the street shows with the stadiums so close by. here's their take. >> a lot of bernie sanders fans. i haven't seen this many supporters for one politician in a long timees especially 99 d
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they are angry. with what happened to the dnc e-mails. they have been talking about it; angry about it. stuff like that. >> reporter: another look at area where police will be redirecting traffic. people having to turn other ways on broad street. it will be more of this then what with that big protest down toward dnc at 2:00 people will be frustrated living in this area because of the inconvenience. back to you mike and alex. >> all right. once again if you have any complaints, use #fox 29 dnc, hear what you have been dealing with living in the area around here. >> positive and negatives. >> lets hear it all. >> last night massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, wasn't one of the keynote speakers. here's what she had to say, basically i don't like donald trump. >> what kind of a man acts like this. what kind of a man roots for a economic crash that caused
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millions of people their jobs, their homes, their life savings? what kind of man cheats student, cheats investors, cheats workers. well, i'll tell you what kind of a man. a man who must never be president of the united states >> so we knew what she was going to say as we were watching last night because after the show yesterday we went down to the floor of the convention here met up with elizabeth warren and she saw us sitting in the seats and wanted to wave to us and talk personally one on one with us. >> when you are doing speeches you want to test it out and get feedback. >> we were her sounding board, here it was, yesterday. >> hi liz, hi senator warren welcome to philadelphia what are you going to say.
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>> thank you for coming. red sox bleep. >> i probably shouldn't have said that. >> big red sox fan. >> she forgave me. >> i saw her last night, we hugged, everything was fine. so have you seen the blue bikes? if you are from new york or d.c. you have seen them before we have call they had indego. >> you can rent them, go where you need to go and check it back in. >> swipe with your credit cards good they are very popular. >> they are putting more in, jen, where are you. >> right now i'm playing a game. you know those dnc donkeys we have talked about. there is a game now where you can play to go around. it is called sc theadify, it is pretty cool, it gives you little tasks to do as you find donkeys you have something to do. it gives you tasks to do guess what if you complete the
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task and it knows where you are paw of gps technology. you can win a overnight stay or a win of the ultimate philadelphia, sports experience. that is just one of the things that you can do here in philadelphia. this morning we're trying to give you the most ultimate local experience if you are not mike jerrick, get to the glamour magazine party tonight, what you can do, it is just one of the things that you can do. >> well, i will do it. >> it sound like a different thing to do. >> thanks, jen for showing us clear stuff. >> when i talk about the bikes i have no clue. >> i'm two for two. >> zero for two. >> she was in the plane and she wasn't dealing with the bikes. >> we have a couple more hours to go. >> let me try another one,
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okay. >> i don't know. yesterday afternoon alycia keys about 5:00 o'clock was on market street, right around 21st street. she led a panel, but then she sang. she gave a performance. one of my favorite singers of all time. i want to know, quincy harris, you went, did you meet her. i said dude, hey. no, i didn't get to meet alycia keys. >> okay. >> it was a powerful moment. they had a panel. she performed her new single >> ♪
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i love that song. >> michael mcdonald does it well too. >> she's great. >> how was the crowd, very intimate setting. >> i mean everybody was there to see alycia keys. she performed, she's has this new movement where she wears make up, she was glowing. it was a good example. we had fun. >> i was going to ask you if she was doing no make up thing for appearances like this. >> it just looked like baby oil. she looked like she was shining, alex. >> she's beautiful. >> i also ran into michael rapaport in downtown philadelphia talking about his affection for philadelphia, he is fine. >> i have a real affection for the city. i love the culture of the city, i love the sports culture. i respect your fancy don't always agree with them but i
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respect them. i sat at the top of the rocky steps, art museum and i thought about how much that movie meant to me and how much i had watched that movie and seen it and jumping around at the top of the stairs and, you know, i really love this city. >> so many people in town. nellie was in town, dj jazzy jeff. so many different events. we will have more as the week progresses did you say nellie. >> nellie performed but it was too late for me. he performed in spring garden last night. >> okay. >> you know he likes to go where ever it is hot. >> spring garden at the truth in power event. >> yes. >> i missed that. i was there, i will talk about it later. >> nellie sang very late, we had to go to bed but he was invited by dnc to come here simply because it was over a hundred degrees and he actually said at one point this afternoon it is getting hot in here.
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>> nellie was actually next door on spring garden at union transfer last night. >> yes, yes. >> union transfer. >> i did see people out there. that makes sense. >> we are going to snoop dog, i don't care how late. >> i like snoop dog. >> for years. >> i'm sipping on jin and juice. >> that will wake you up in the morning. plenty of excitement on day one, night one here coming up. >> we have to do our recap. we have to pick our top three moment when we were in cleveland and then of course in philadelphia. i'll give you mine all ready to go pick out. later action here is really just non-stop, which means quincy has to go to bed and could not stay up too late. we will explain how you can keep going even when running on empty, see everything, do everything this week. >> i am on fumes.
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whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired.
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each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
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welcome back, everybody. it is 7:22. so would i think one of the highlights last night was the speech by a first lady and doug luzader would that be a top three, a rousing speech? >> i'm asking to talk to doug luzader, can you hear me. >> yes, i got you. >> now, that we have established you, we will roll that sound bite and i think highlight of the highlighted speech, here it is. >> okay, okay. >> i wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. and i watched my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent black young women playing with their dog on the white house
7:24 am
lawn, and because of hillary clinton, my daughter and all of our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> you talked to affiliates around the country, doug are they saying, have you heard anything negative about this speech. >> no, i'm in the sure you can say too many negative things about it. it was well delivered and it really represented a turning point here in the arena. there was so much tim multi us early in the day and despite those divisions still remaining in the party, it was a real call for unity. it was something that the folks really responded to. things calmed down after that. >> that is what they were saying people were concerned they were booing every speaker, saying all kind of stuff. they were thinking what will they do when first lady comes but it all stop.
7:25 am
>> who was booing. >> bernie sanders supporters. >> absolutely. >> last week i took thursday off, doug luzader, thursday off, you apparently made some kind of bet with doug. what was it about. >> we were talking about the fact trump was about to give his big speech on the republican national convention. bet was i thought he wasn't going to use a prompter for his final speech. >> he did. now you owe doug a cheese stake. >> so now thaw are here i will bring it over to you, now that i lost the bet. >> wells fargo center. >> yes. >> we will deliver. >> at no charge for delivery. >> no charge for delivery. >> here's the wells fargo center, each one of the suites, where we have the flyers playing down on the ice and hardwood with the sixers, all of these suites are really nice, fancy, they have been stripped clean down to the drywall. so doggies about 50 doors down the hall way at wells fargo center and that is where he
7:26 am
has been doing his bits as we call them with different affiliates around the country. is she there yet. >> she's right here. >> breakfast of champion. >> it is not easy to get down here. >> i know you are mixed right here, this is me, saying you officially won the bet so therefore you get to have a cheese stake for breakfast. >> cheese stake for breakfast good not a cheese stake sandwich. >> i am understanding. it is not what i typically have for breakfast but should i bite into this. >> yes, please do. >> hey, doug why you are chewing on that. >> you have to act like you like it. >> of course it is delicious. >> nice view. >> who is the guy standing to your left. >> that would be corry booker. >> he wants to know if it is
7:27 am
vegan. >> you can smell it if you'd like. >> hey doug. >> now this is getting interesting. >> they do have vegan cheese stake areas here. >> where do you get a vegan. >> city veg and i hear it taste better than the real thing. >> i don't know about that. >> but. >> is that what you are saying it is never too early hey doug. >> yes, yes mike. >> doug, have alex grab corry booker and bring him down to the studio. >> mike wants to you grab corry booker and take him away. >> can you come talk to us at fox 29. >> this is good day new york they refused to change to it good day new jersey. >> we will come. >> i love the fox family, you
7:28 am
guys are jersey fans i'm okay. >> we're new jersey fans of course. >> of course we are. >> yes. >> vegetarian cheese stake. >> city veg. >> specific request. >> we will see alex back here in a second. >> hopefully you can come by here and go by this place if you are an out of town, called reading terminal market right there off of market street, wonderful place to get breakfast and that is where jen is right now. >> first of all best vegan cheese stake in town is davinda's on broad and south. if you are a looking that is who we are talking to. you might want to see national media, politicians is there a breakfast at reading terminal market that starts at 9:00 a.m. it is free for the press. do you want to see big shots. you'll see them at
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9:00 o'clock.
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let's get back to fourth and market with weather and traffic. >> after being over there with doug luzader. >> is what wrong with me. >> nothing wrong with you. >> it sound like you are
7:32 am
dissing me. >> would you rather within doug and corry booker. >> that is voice of geraldo riveria but first it is sue. >> the question which is all of those loud thunderstorms yesterday did anything to help with the heat? we will say this it will not help with the heat but will with the humidity. bus stop buddy schilling today. we have some fog. temperatures in the 60's and 70's but some of that is burning away a few clouds, mainly sunshine and at the airport it is, 75 degrees with 84 percent relative humidity. still on the muggy side. as we go through the day less humid. by lunchtime up to 89. ninety-six is our high today. ninety-seven yesterday. basically bob just as hot, not as humid, we will take it. >> less clothes, no chores, there you go, keep it rolling. 7:32. double accident on two majors, 422 and the schuylkill
7:33 am
expressway coming inbound. is there your travel times about 14 minutes. half an hour east on the schuylkill, delegates coming from the suburban hotels will get a nice scenic slow ride on the schuylkill expressway this morning. everybody going through due tore for big trucks here, over 5 tons, platt bridge, coming into southwest philadelphia toward i-95 an accident there causing a delay back in the neighborhood and checkpoints southbound i-95 at girard avenue northbound i-95 at the airport. they are looking for trucks over 5 tons. not just tractor trailer but delivery trucks, brown delivery trucks, tow truck with another vehicle, pushing that weight limit up and over 5-ton mark, buses, school buses, tour buses all have to work through the detour which is schuylkill and vine street expressway. mass transit, same deal remember with the heat regional rails are still working on that adjusted schedule, shortage of cars,
7:34 am
crowded trains so expect delays. mike and alex back to you in south philadelphia. >> just like we did for g.o.p. in cleveland we have a segment called mike and alex top three moments from the convention. >> do you have our postery don't have my graphics. >> let's do it anyway. >> we have a special guest. >> are we in the three shot. now that we're on the three shot we will welcome our guest. >> good to see you. >> nice to officially meet the new person. >> do you want to go through this with us. >> here we go. >> number three bernie sanders and a lot of booing. >> hillary, hillary.
7:35 am
you are being ridiculous. >> so, bernie or bust people you are being ridiculous. >> i thought that she was very effective in calming that crowd this were very edgey with the demonstrators outside mike, all day long and it was very unsettling to be in the arena as you two know and to hear every speech even elizabeth warren who is the goddess of the movement to hear we trusted you, as she was trying to speak. i was so frayed they would be disrespectful and i held may breath it seems ironic because on a day where theme was about unity and bringing party together to have that happen. >> the slogan is unity together, isn't that redundant. >> isn't that redundant. >> here's the thing why wouldn't they be mad. these e-mails coming out and it looks like the whole thing is rigged. that would insight me even more. >> i was out there and i swear mike there was nobody for
7:36 am
hillary among those demonstrators. they were chanting, jill, not hill. first they were bernie for day and as bite came clear he would give a rousing endorsement of hillary clinton they started on the fall back position which was jill stein and green party. and feud between gary johnson and jill stein in the green party they are getting around 10 percent now. remember what ralph nader did in 2,000, he absolutely change the result with his vote. >> with bush beating gore. >> moment number two according to mike and alex. bernie sanders again. >> they were waiting for him. people were wondering will he pull a ted cruz and or will he endorse hillary clinton. >> i understand that many people here in this convention hall and around the country are disappointed about the final result of the nominating
7:37 am
process. i think it is fair to say that no one is more disappointed then i am. hillary clinton will make an outstanding president and i am proud to stand with her tonight. thank you all, very much. >> what do you think of his speech. >> i thought that his speech left no room between him and hillary, no distance him and the first lady, secretary clinton. i think that he gave sub stan live a reason for his followers to now grin and bear it, either go with hillary or get out of the process. >> people thought it was a stump speech and he is just throwing in hillary clinton. >> it was rousing, you have to admit. he could have easily been, all of the stuff we have seen, with ted cruz he could have gone easy on the endorsement. >> it was a long time into the speech before he got to it but when he got to it. >> what will he get out of
7:38 am
that. >> well, he already did get, you know, college tuition, in public universities, he has that in the platform, he has very strong and democratic party platform which is as a result of his efforts the most progressive party platform, left wing, party platform ever. so i think he steered the party in his direction and the fact that he did it so noblely in the face of the provocation you referenced those e-mails where they were sabotaging the poor old guy from the get go. >> from the get go. >> if i was a bernie sander supporter and young i would be so disillusioned and disappointed. >> they weren't just mad they were pissed off. >> they are still selling bernie sanders shirts. >> number one moment for us and the whole country michelle obama's speech. she almost burst into tears when they talk about where they live and their daughters.
7:39 am
>> how we insist that the hateful language that they hear from public figures on tv does in the represent the true spirit of this country. how we explain when someone is cruel, or act like a bully you don't stoop to their level. no, our motto is when they go low we go high.. >> i wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. and i have watch two intelligent black young woman playing with their dog on the white house lawn. because of hillary clinton, my daughter and all of our sons and daughter now take for granted a woman can be president of the united
7:40 am
states. >> i thought it was fantastic. >> i was watching from a bar in fishtown. i had to come to work we had a dinner break. i was at the bar, watching, everybody in the crowd, were watching her with attention. she's probably the most popular public figure in america today. >> would i think so. >> last night she nailed it i think for hillary clinton. she went over board. they are talking about the white house built by slaves and her daughters looking out the window, if you weren't touched by that you have a heart of steel. >> people said they were in tears. >> they made me cry and i'm an old white guy. >> we will miss those obama's. >> people we will see her come back again, running for office. >> are you telling me that a first lady could run for the presidency. >> geraldo great to see you great to see you my friend. >> two minute break coming
7:41 am
back. it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. flows into one incredibleh water experienceld
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here's the situation, the
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traffic is basically a nightmare in center city. so this week, people are using these indego bikes more than ever. we want to thank them one of the amazing sponsors. so there is a situation here they are easy to use, that is why people are using them. >> right. >> you have a deal. it is 15 bucks unlimited for a month. >> that is right, anybody can sign up for indego, and ride and sign up for a membership. >> hold this are you go proking walking around town. >> yes. >> that is hilarious. >> i'm a bernie guy, hell yeah. >> we cannot use swear words on tv. >> people are using this because of the traffic, it will get worse throughout the week. >> it is getting worse but we are happy to have indego here, great way, hot, sweaty but enjoy that heat, get around town, and blue color will cool people off a bit. >> i love it. thank you very, very much. put this one back. this is what we are doing all morning, guys, we're talking to people living here in
7:45 am
philadelphia. forget delegates. they are here but we are talking about what you guys need to be doing. you will never believe who i will see in my next half an hour. all i have to say he is an officer so tweet me do you think we will talk to in the next half an hour, back to you in the wf. >> he is an officer and a gentlemen. >> thinking the same thing. >> across the street broad street eagles training camp underway they are getting ready to start up again. the lets talk about carson wentz and talk about it with garry cobb and also sam bradford made comments yesterday we will do it after the break. i approve this message.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
7:47 am
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7:48. we have an accident in northeast philadelphia, the boulevard ape bustleton with delays. southbound i-95, slow go in the checkpoint, eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, accident at girard, half an hour on the clock, from the conshohocken curve into downtown. north on i-95, a delay into the checkpoint approaching the airport. here's a live look at the scenario, again, all of the trucks, buses are over 5 tons, and, off to the right here and again, just causing a grid lock situation here, and, give yourself some extra time traveling through the city, and, on i-95 the with the checkpoints, southbound side of the vine expressway. this afternoon heads up for evening rush we have a big rally that they have been
7:49 am
talking about supposedly starting at temple around second two to 3:00 o'clock hour and march south on broad street down to the convention center. what will weather conditions be like for that rush hour rally with i sue has the answer in 152nd. pretty close with all of the heat and humidity. we had a record breaking 97 degrees yesterday and it felt like triple digits because of the humidity. now today we don't have anymore thunderstorms, and, and, we still have, heat, and, humidity. as we go to the seven day forecast we will be four days in the heat wave, five, six, seven, three more days in the 90's and not quite as humid,
7:50 am
and, we will need that sun screen if you are outdoors walking around philadelphia today enjoying the sites. that is your seven day forecast. back to the wells fargo center mike and alex. our eagles players better have that sun screen on for day two of the training camp here in south philadelphia. not advisingly one of the topics yesterday was that little press conference they had, quarterbacks, it seems to me that we should talk sam bradford because he is number one when it comes to quarterbacks but third string quarter back carson wentz. >> what hes number one overall pick. >> but you know sam back in the day was number one as well g. cobb. >> it was a long time ago. >> but that was, as alex said a long time ago and right now everything is about carson. he is the quarterback of the future. he is the guy that everybody has hopes and they expect maybe to win a championship
7:51 am
maybe win a super bowl down the road. that is what everybody is thinking and that is why they invested as much as they put in him. he looked good yesterday. he is still learning. he has a lot to learn. >> gary, people have been thinking and talking about the competition, and they must not like each other and maybe spend something time together in this off season, paddle boarding buddies. >> they were out in san diego, they spent time to get to know each other. they do act friendly but when it comes down to the field it is competitive, because sam has always been the guy. he was number one pick in the draft, always been a starter but now he knows his days are limited here in philadelphia because you don't move up all that much in the draft and give up as much as they gave up for carson wentz to put him on the bench for so long. he will really sit bench this year but next year it will be
7:52 am
carson wentz team. >> really. >> next year. >> what about chase daniel. >> well, chase, the guy that is always among the guys that go to the wedding and never get married, that is where chase is. chase will not be the guy that runs this team. if he does it for a game or two that may happen but chase is no the in the plans. it will go from sam bradford to carson went. the those are the guys that will be quote unquote franchise quarterbacks so they will be running things? chase is here because of doug pederson they work in kansas city together. >> always a always a bridesmaid never a bride. >> he knows offense. he will be a coach to carson, a guy that is there to advise him. that is his role. he knows his role. >> he is a big deal, i remember to miss sue and chase daniel is a god at miss sue.
7:53 am
>> well, okay, okay, i'm just saying i know he has ability. >> he was good there. he did a lot of great things but philadelphia is not there. >> that was a long time ago. >> being good in columbia, missouri is one thing. >> you went to kansas. >> go jay hawks. >> g, thanks. >> my pleasure. >> when you have an event like what we're having here in philadelphia, the dnc, people are running short of sleep. >> they have a #called team no sleep. >> is that right. >> i should that have #on my forehead new because i'm running on fumes as they say. see bars are opened until 4:00. we will talk to doctor mike how do you survive with a lack of sleep. there are some things you can do to perk yourself up. plus demi lovato she was just one of the celebrities in town for the dnc, wait until you see private concert that
7:54 am
she gave us yesterday.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
my co anchor, my collogue alex holley. she gets up at 2:00 in the morning. we to the show. we go and do segments around the wells fargo center. >> see what is going on. >> we went to the street fair at third street and ate a bunch of food in the hot sun. and then went to alycia keys at 5:00. then danny glover event. then parties begin at different locations around the city. doctor mike, i have given up, because i'm elderly but can we still save alex holley. >> we can because we care about her brain and your brain in particular, michael. it is called insufficient sleep syndrome and it can have a big effect on your brain and
7:58 am
that is what people are experiencing right now in the city of philadelphia they are getting up, going to meetings, it is all over the place, all day long, you have convention at night and then go to the parties and gathering afterward. you are not getting enough sleep. well, how would that manifest itself. >> well, it can have significant effects, one it can effect your performance, and, it can affect your cognition. number two, it can make you depressed. it can make you irritable. we know you can get that way, a little bit. >> yes. >> it can cause poor judgment and increased -- decrease labido, how do you like that. >> yes, i have notice that had. >> there is nothing we can do about it. when is next time this will happen. >> maybetories something you can do about it. >> there are several ways to
7:59 am
combat this. >> this kind of experience is a acute sleep deprivation it is not common i can, that people suffer with like me. try to extend the amount of time you're sleeping. you also have to make sure that the quality of the sleep is good. don't get interrupted or woke up a lot you can nap not more than 30 minutes a day. do it for 15 or 20 minutes, power napping, and one trick that i have learned over thousands of years i have been sleep deprived is number one is you drink coffee, you have several sips through the day. you don't have a big large gulp in the morning and that is it. you have sips through the day, get exercise, try to move around get sunlight and you will be owe kaine get through it. >> i love doctor mike's advice about not i'm not getting enough sleep, and his advice was, get more sleep.
8:00 am
>> fantastic. >> what can i say. >> if it can only be so simple. >> i just need a comfortable bed it can all be so simple. it is tuesday, july the 26th, 2016. truly qualified to be president of the united states. >> moving moment in philadelphia. the first lady speaking on behalf of the possible first woman president. >> i trust hillary to lead this country because i have seen her life long devotions to our nation's children. >> why she says this election is so important for children especially her own doubters. >> bernie or bust, protesters took to the streets while bernie sanders took to the podium. >> i hope you take enormous pride in the historical
8:01 am
accomplishments we have achieved. >> why dozens were hauled away by philly cops. >> first pope now dnc, philly is basking in the spotlight again and so is one local star, impressing the world one more time. how bobby hill helped kick off the conn convention. >> i'm with her. >> even more star studded support, celebrities show up for hillary clinton, who took the mike, who took the stage, who took the selfies to inspire the crowd. >> i have to tell thaw bobby hill is making a name for himself, in front of the pope, been around the world now, bobby will be here in a little bit. >> and then how about boys two men they were great a lot of people talking about that. you cannot have a convention in philadelphia without motown in philadelphia they were fantastic.
8:02 am
>> what was fantastic too they gave alex and i a private performance yesterday afternoon, three on two. i was going to say one on one but three on two. >> we will play that clip but first you know what we have to do now. >> we have to get to sue for this weather, it is so hot. >> were you walking around in olde city, ways too. my daughter was here. it was oppressive with the humidity. we had a five out of ten yesterday. today we have a seven, why, lower dew points, they will be slightly dryer air moving in, so bus stop buddy does not have muggy the dog but it is still mild out there with temperatures in the 60's and 07's, nothing on radar storms are gone. we have 77 degrees, it is still on the muggy side. we have not removed that moisture from the air. 82 percent relative humidity. high temperature today of 96. still way above average but feel difference it makes if you were out yesterday and out today just as warm, not as humid, how long will this last? we will let you know, bob
8:03 am
kelly in the seven day forecast. >> hey, sue good morning. coming up at 8:03 on this tuesday morning. accidents an two major roadways causing delays eastbound 422, ease on the schuylkill, impacting any of the delegates or visitors coming from the suburban hotels. i-95 same deal northbound checkpoint approaching the airport give yourself plenty of time if you need to catch a flight out of philly international. southbound i-95 that checkpoint between girard avenue and vine expressway causing delays from the betsy on down. checkpoint is to divert any vehicles that are over 5 tons off of that stretch from center city down to the stadium area. we're tracking tractor trailer trucks, buses, even tour buses work their way through center city, schuylkill and up and over during the morning and afternoon rush hour. actually 24/7 to be honest. rush hour is when we will see grid lock. using market frankford or
8:04 am
subway just one change up, no free parking at the novacare complex this week, free parking lot is located at south philadelphia high school and that is the brought street subway. lets go back to him from south philadelphia. let's just recap. democrats sought to am reply fight stronger together campaign slogan on the first night of the dnc but unity effort got off to a rough start for her yesterday. >> after party chair was forced to step aside after e-mails released from the dnc leaks. that meant baltimore's mayor had to open up the convention with her gavel. many sanders supporters showing more support on the floor for bernie, even going to the point where they booed whenever hillary clinton's name was mentioned. finally bernie sanders walk out on stage to address the crowd. >> i wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves and i watched my
8:05 am
daughters, two beautiful, intelligent black young women playing with their dogs on the white house lawn. because of hillary clinton my daughter and all of our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states >> so thank goodness i was hoping, oh, please after so much booing in this hall will you boo the first lady and bernie sanders sporters not. they were just waiting for bern toy talk to them. >> that shows level of respect they have for first lady, everybody else got the boos but not the first lady. plus her speech was that captivating, everybody was hanging on to every word. >> bernie sanders supporters, they were respectful they were wait fog are their guy to come out. he did. what was he go to go say? was he go to go pull back his endorsement after the e-mail
8:06 am
leaks. no, no way. >> hillary clinton will make an outstanding president and i'm proud to stand with her, tonight. thank you all, very much. >> he urged his support tours stand behind the official democratic nominee, when that happens later this week. >> then things toned down. >> absolutely they did. sanders protesters were in full force yesterday, especially in south philadelphia hundreds line the streets there and other locations throughout the city. to they were lined up against the fence looking at the wells fargo center. everybody that came out of the orange line subway system they started screaming at them. >> fifty people were taken in custody and given citation bus one protester's message that got a lot have people talking. >> steve has that story for you, hi steve keeley. >> reporter: hanging out the
8:07 am
with some of the greatest people in the city, the police officers here, starting another brutal day in the heat. they like that howard eskin word because it is brutal out here. they are doing 12 hour shift and looking for a spot in the shade but in the looking for any trouble. so no trouble so far from the protesters. they didn't call them arrests but citations, 50-dollar tickets for 55 people or so that got sip tied and hauled off away from the at&t subway station at broad and pattison but no big problems. big problem and big protests may come later today. our favorite protester was this nine year-old kid connor gar fret connecticut who was dress like any other kid in the 14 mid-atlantic states with temperatures approaching one hundred look in the suit and a tie. tell me what is your sign mean? >> look mom no future means if hillary or trump become
8:08 am
president my future will be ruined. >> reporter: do you really think that. >> yeah. >> reporter: are you a bernie sanders guy. >> yes. >> reporter: he is nine years old, youngest delegate 17 year-old out of the 4,664. oldest delegate mike and alex, do you want to take a guess. >> give it to me. >> ninety-three, ruby gillia.m. >> how about that. >> that is cool. >> i'm not sure i'll make it until tomorrow with this heat. >> heat and lack of sleep. >> have have you been eating right. >> no. >> do you see what i was eating on third street, i had heat meatballs. burritos. stuffing myself full of beans. >> a lot of good food out there. >> so after the the show yesterday we thought we would run back to our apartment.
8:09 am
no, it was so interesting we decided to walk around a few times. there is demi lovato doing her sound check on that stage back there. she says basically mike, alex, been watching you on tv, would you like me to sing for you. it is weird they just looked down at us and singing at our mike check. >> and oh, were we listening. >> ♪
8:10 am
>> ♪ for the rest of the day. >> there is nothing you should be thinking about, i was inspired by the song. >> that is a fresh face. >> yes. >> she looked to us, and she gave us the thumbs up, and as she said am i good to go for tonight. >> she wasn't going to perform. >> so, with our thumbs up, our even tors. she performed last night. i thought it went well. listen.
8:11 am
>> i think it was good. >> i prefer to have private performance but it is more intimate but this was great. >> yes. >> everyone was enjoying it. >> she could hit those high notes, just screaming out. >> she was. >> i was in awe. >> well, you will be in awe if you are from out of town and stop by chickie and pete's because of their fries. >> their fries, crab fries. >> how they are helping police officers and heroes keep philadelphia safe. they are good at all that. they love first responders. so do we. >> let's check with jen she has been checking cool things going around the dnc. >> so much stuff. >> i told you i would interview an officer but the officer, is not fully dressed, ladies and gentlemen, look at the shoes, look at the sexy socks, do you know who this
8:12 am
very distinguish officer is, he is here to help us out, that is all i can say, don't look, very sexy and very important. we will be right back in a few minutes.
8:13 am
8:14 am
[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ]
8:15 am
we had loud storm bookend, beginning and end of the day. now they are just a mix, of sun and cloud. we had left over fog. lancaster county, pretty foggy but sunnies shining every where else. we're up to 77 degrees and wilmington delaware much more comfortable in 67 in mount pocono. 80 degrees in wildwood. dew pointing in the 07's. that is still on the humid side but we expect those, dew point to drop. average high is 87. we have been above average for a while. heat wave started on friday. that is one, two, three, four days including yesterday's record breaker of 97. we're at 96 today but by this afternoon, a little less humid. that is at least something.
8:16 am
93 degrees tomorrow. ninety-four on thursday. so that was making it a seven day heat wave and just in time for the convention to be over. it is better with temperatures in the 80's, more seasonal temperatures heading in to the weekend, bob deli. >> sending everybody home and heat wave with them. >> 8:15. good morning everybody. lets start with septa, regional rails, same deals speaking of the heat waves we are still dealing with the hot weather and hot tempers, again, adjusted schedule, less trains, the crowded cars, and expect delays the on the regional rail, especially leaving back home from the the hot suburban station and 30th street. the free parking, not at novacare but at south philadelphia high school area and broad street what a difference this week, there is no parking on the median from washington down to packer, and then later on tonight, put the sticky tab on your dashboard
8:17 am
and put this in your calendar, this rush hour rally we are looking at set to start at temple university, hit city hall around two or 3:00 o'clock and then continue south all the way down to the wells fargo center. it will certainly cause a jammo, for our evening rush hour. mike and alex, back to you at wells fargo center. >> thanks, bob kelly. >> one of my favorite commercial spokesperson right now, in fact, over last year is captain obvious, that how funny is that guy. well, here's an example. >> i'm captain obvious. when i heard there was a race for president i decided to run. i will run all over the america trying to win this presidential race. i have seen other candidates and i know i'm fit for the job. think don't seem very fit at all. throughout my runny will be supported by help because like me they like thing simple and easy and i will need to stay intive rent hotels. follow me on captain obvious run for or don't
8:18 am
we live in a democracy. if you are running for president you better be in philadelphia. >> hillary clinton better watch out. >> he is with jen. >> this is obvious. >> he is an officer and gentlemen and he has sexy socks because he is running for president. good morning captain obvious. >> good morning. >> why are you in philadelphia. >> i came to philadelphia for cheese steaks and democracy but mostly for cheese steaks they are deliver us why are you running for president. >> i saw other candidates and they didn't look fit at all. i'm clearly fit for the job. >> which party do you you support. >> i support all parties, bachelor parties, pinata parties, i'll party anywhere, anytime, a promise i intend to keep. >> i i know you have to warm up for your run. you have taken a run here in philadelphia. >> i did the rocky steps, about 40 times to stay in good shape. >> that is obvious. >> is there anything you do
8:19 am
that isn't obvious. >> obviously no. >> okay, good. this obviously a big commercial for you have a gorgeous spokesperson, taylor is here because we have to get this stuff in about >> obviously. >> you have a gorgeous spokesperson. >> very gorgeous. >> as low as $85 a night. >> yes. >> you brought her from somewhere in the the south. >> yes. >> most expensive night. >> aka rittenhouse, in injuriesy where is bernie sanders staying. >> maybe one of the most expensive and maybe one of the least expensive. >> that is obvious. >> how about hrc, where do we expect her to stay. >> hopefully she's staying in top guest rated hotels. our guest loves hotel is here in philadelphia, so would i say a, sophie tell perhaps. >> you are hilarious. >> okay. we have gone through a couple
8:20 am
of these things. we have hard to pronounce word in philadelphia, we will not do it to you because you are too gorge to us do that to but will you join us at 9:15. >> absolutely. >> obviously. >> so we will do that a little bit. >> thank you so much for being here. favorite thing so far about philadelphia is. >> being right here with you. >> obviously good i was waiting for that. >> we will have some fun. thank you so much. >> thanks, jen. >> if you have a commercial make it as funny as this. we will put it on tv. >> it is a great campaign. >> obviously he knows what to say to jen. >> yes. >> you have to say, standing with you. >> it is obvious. >> yes. >> going beyond philly neighborhoods, hoping to inspire visitors to step out of center city philadelphia, how they are enticing to you explore all of philadelphia, the northeast, southwest, west, north. >> all of it. >> but first star studded support, celebrities show up for hillary clinton who took the mike to inspire the crowd.
8:21 am
it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood.
8:22 am
and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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8:24 am
do you see that grouping of the chairs that is where pennsylvania delegates sat last night. they will be back there tonight. we will try to find out where delaware is, and where is new jersey? where their seats are in just a second. but front and center, i'm telling you. >> nice little set up, because they have two phones, little microphone there, but yesterday we were looking at all of the different states checking them out but pennsylvania has to have a good area we're hosting. >> you have to be front and center. >> on the stage last night, oh, she was looking good, actress eva longera, shared a personal story about her family background. >> yes. >> she's a second generation american from a small town in texas corpus christie. she said her family never crossed the border from mexico but the border crossed them. >> that was a good line. >> it was a very good line. >> will we hear her say that
8:25 am
or just mouth her word. >> we are talking about what she had to say. >> all righty then. >> sarah silverman was an out spoken bernie supporter. she got up on stage with minnesota alumni al franken. >> i talk to al as a matter of fact good she's voting for hillary. moment everyone is talking about is a moment when she toll supporters of bernie, come on you are getting ridiculous. >> now quit booing. >> and then kenrick samson took this behind the scenes selfie. there are ten people in there. can you name them alex holley, i will give you a breakfast burrito if you can. >> what a prize. >> i like breakfast burrito. >> i don't know only two, rosario dawson, susan surrounden, danny glover, shailene woodley. >> shailene woodley is in there, and danny glover. i'm at a loss for the rest of them. >> hey milkie way, in the
8:26 am
control room have we seen any graphics that name all of them, because i only have four, four out of ten. >> i didn't get them all. >> that is a failing grade. >> maybe they came together with delegates or are they all celebrities. >> that could be. >> highlights for me last night, bobby hill, i know the name, he sang for the pope, the voice of an angel. >> beautiful. >> we will play the whole thing after the break. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
8:27 am
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8:30 am
boys two men in philly, and they weren't only artist onto hit the stage for hillary clinton. other supporters who sang their support that was a tease. >> yes, it was. >> social media is a big deal. did you know, you know, doing some discovering and exploring after the show, there are rooms inside the wells fargo center that are dedicated just to social media, okay. so what is everybody talking about this philly. >> i know what you are talking about here, we want to know, about philadelphia itself. >> yes. >> what are they saying that is great, bad, we will get an official from twitter, yes, twitter to join us to break down the top three moments and also trending hash tags and things. >> not so much about the convention or politics but what do you like or dislike about the city of philadelphia. >> we want to talk about philly. >> the guy is dressed as a blue bird. >> that is why, i wanted to fit in. >> very tweety like. >> that was last night. lets talk about what is
8:31 am
happening today, and tonight. the theme, they have different rent theme every day like g.o.p. in cleveland did. today's theme a lifetime of fighting for children and families. >> head lining speeches will include former president bill clinton. >> wow. >> and mothers of the movement. mothers of eric garner, michael brown, sandra bland and, of course, they are the mothers of the men and women died in police custody or as a result of police actions, they will speak. then we talk about this a couple weeks ago or last week this wasn't sitting too well with the philadelphia fraternal order of police. they writ sized clinton come pain for not inviting families of fallen officers as well but then they added commissioner ramsey after that came out. so we will see what happens at the convention how they are received. >> all right. >> bobby hill, he did it again, he woed the pope at the world meeting of families here in philadelphia in september right here in philadelphia.
8:32 am
>> so last night he took the stage here at the wells fargo center to sing the national anthem and he to not disappoint. >> voice of the angel. >> ♪ for the land of the free, and home of the brave. we were exploring the show, and hi, bobby. >> what do you think about when i sing on the green at
8:33 am
the democratic national convention. and thinking about when my parents and all of the people who work so hard to get to this place and, then we will be thinking about, hillary clinton and bernie sanders and all of the people who are going to be here and all of the people who are watching at home, and watching, and thinking about democracy. >> and i was shocked that he told us, you know, they didn't have time to prepare, you know when they called him, he sang last night monday night, his parents said, dnc called him saturday. >> on friday they asked, but here's the thing, that is not nothing for bobby, because when the pope came to town, he only had about five minutes to prepare. so i asked him when we were talking i said which is better, five minutes because they are so good anyway or couple days to prepare. and he says, wow rather have a couple days because he wants to think about all of the ways to go right and worried, nervous about all of the
8:34 am
things that could go wrong. >> that is good way to look at it. >> if you have, time to think bit, you might work yourself up into a frenzy. >> that is what i was thinking. >> he said i'm not working myself up, i'm thinking of the ways to make myself better. >> i have another question. >> if you are putting together the world meeting of families, the pope will be here, and you have had an year to prepare the convention, and why would you call the national anthem guy, sing it, 48 hours to 72 hours before the stinking event. >> it is a good question. >> did someone drop out. >> i hope not he would be my first choice, bobby would. >> yes, they have done a great job organizing this convention, and they pulled it off new restless,. >> day one. >> how could you not the know who would sing the national anthem until last friday. >> sue, yes. >> i want to give a shout out we were at the constitution center yesterday,
8:35 am
my daughter was in town and her friend, the volunteers are so, enthusiastic, so welcoming, it is, it makes it even if you are from here, you are like welcome to philadelphia, i was so impressed but with the volunteers of the constitution yesterday, but nice job, go see that exhibit, it is really cool. here's buddy, excited about everything being in town as well. temperatures are in the 60's and 07's as we get started this morning and they are starting to rise and just as hot as it was yesterday, but difference is, eventually it won't be as humid. we are at 77 degrees right now, still in the mid to upper 90's but a bit less humid then yesterday and in these july days, we will take as little humidity as possible, so that is one result bob kelly of the thunderstorms yesterday, we will tell you how long this heat wave has to go, coming up in the seven day forecast. >> good morning, sue, good morning, everybody. 8:35 on this tuesday as we take a live look at the 42 freeway folks coming in
8:36 am
towards city, roads drying out, maybe debris, trash can lid in the next block, eastbound 422 from collegeville to king of prussia a 12 minute trip, jammo on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound from philly over to valley forge. checkpoints remain in place on i-95 southbound at center city, north bound approaching airport, give yourself some extra time, especially heading to the airport, probably about a 25 minute trip, on that northbound side, as police push off all of the delivery trucks, tow trucks, buses, basically any vehicles, that way way over 5 tons and that scenario is in place, 24/7, all the way through late, thursday evening, mike and alex, back to you in south philadelphia. >> but let me give you this tease, bob kelly, you have been to chickie and pete's, so have i, so have alex, known for helping heros, chickie and pete's which is a local place, starting to spread around the country though.
8:37 am
how they are helping, those keeping us safe here in philly during the convention. ♪ is the world truly ready for a vehicle that can drive itself? an autonomous-thinking automobile that protects those inside and outside. ready or not, the future is here. the all-new e-class. self-braking, self-correcting, self-parking.
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8:40 am
i am going to act like captain obvious. i saw a number of people, in fact, i was one of them, but i took a cold bottle of water, and, put it, on the neck of a police office shore was standing at fourth and market in front of the tv station. >> trying to help him out. >> it was a female officer, valerie, valerie thorn. >> officer valerie thorn, she said thank you so much, and then i noticed also with these high temperature, our friend over at chickie and pete's were passing out bottled water and treats to our police officers. in south philadelphia.
8:41 am
>> and fire officials, even opened up hydrants to keep protesters cool after a march, police officers and other city officials, have been working around the clock to keep protesters and everybody in philly space. one local restaurant showed their appreciation for men and women in uniform. >> chickie and pete's is who i'm talking about they are all over the place. one in south philadelphia, brought out for the officers, well stocked cooler, free water, they had gator aid because doctor mike said you should be drinking gator aid. >> for electrolytes. >> yes. and a note tape to the cooler reads to our first responders, stay safe, and thanks for keeping us safe. >> that is very sweet of them to do that. >> think about it, it is one thing to be out there in tank tops and shorts but to be out there in full uniform. >> officers around here of full, you know, bullet-proof vests, some swat team officers, big rifles and
8:42 am
stuff. i talk to the guy the day the at security are you happy at the end of the day when you can take that big heavy thing off of you. >> i'm used to it. >> yes. >> i'm used to it. >> that is a serious response. >> tough guy. >> have you seen art that has been, you know i love art, beautiful art installations around the city. >> so when pope came to town we had great art installations. >> lets look at ones we have here at dnc. >> yes, is that jen's job. >> that is my job to check out art. this is the same team that did that amazing installation, at the grotto so we will talk about that a little bit but look at this, our common ground, vote for the good life we are in the philadelphia free library and tell you how you can get interactive with this installation as well.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
a mountain escape, it is cooler then it was yesterday, it is hard to escape, anywhere but here in the city we did break a record. it was 96 degrees, a new record was 97. it is still on the muggy side, 77 degrees in philadelphia. it is 72 in lancaster. sixty-seven in mount pocono. already 80 degrees in wildwood, and so 96 to take
8:46 am
was difference between yesterday's 97 and today's 96 it won't be quite as humid. sun screen, plenty of fluids, still take care of yourself. we don't have excessive heat advisory because heat index, isn't going to be triple digits like it was yesterday. there was another day in the 90's, that would make a seven day heat wave, as of thursday, and of course, that is when the convention is over. how did it work out that way. we're back in the 80's, friday, sat the day and sunday and even on monday. little will unsettled with the chance of the pop up storm every day because you know, mike and alex you can never rule out the chance of the pop up thunderstorm. it happened yesterday. >> we have had pop up monsoons. >> yes, thunderstorms. >> thank you, sue serio. lets get to jen. she's talking art. let's go. >> because you may remember, from the yes. >> i care about this now. >> a lot of people are really moved by the installation, about the grotto, people are
8:47 am
able to tie their things and were you able to tie and be part of that team. good morning. >> good morning. >> next up is the big, big thing and we love them. we are sorry that she cannot be here today but we want people to get involved in what is going on. what is happening here at the free library. >> here we have an air installation called our common ground, and we wanted to reserve a peaceful accounts and respectful space for dialogue during this tumultuous election cycle. we have people voting, on what issues matter most to them, we have dialogue den, conversation and we are just calling in everyone and everyone so we can listen loudly to what they have to say. >> you guys listened and read all of the things in the pope installation and you will do the same thing here. this is the issue and this was really interesting because you said to me, you want people to vote for one of these issues and i kind of want all of them, there is freedom, clean environment, food, water, education and skills, all these different things so you
8:48 am
want people to take a stan. >> we want people to select and this is a challenge where they would like to see most change. it is all important issues. they come from a global u.n. study on happiness. >> okay. >> but we are asking everyone to pick one where would you like to. >> we would rate how there is going to be change, how we think they could change, we rang these on yellow, blue and red based on. party affiliation. >> indies yellow. >> yes, so i wrote, get involved, and i will put this in here, all right. >> and this is how it works. we have talk bit is hard to pick one so i think you see in front of the all of the different things you will see right here is education and skills and i have to say that is one i will vote on so i will take this and i put it in and it goes down but the end of the dnc here you will look the at these things and what will cow with all these votes. >> we were just up at the rnc as well so we will be
8:49 am
comparing the results from both conventions and turning everything into a final exhibition at moore college of art and design leading up to election day. >> you will see what the republicans care about, and what the democrats care about, that is pretty interesting. >> yes, i think you'll be surprised if you look in here each tower does have mingled colors, so there is a lot of agreement on what we want to change. >> let's see what is this one, jobs, income that is a big one. social connections, and i don't really worry about that, so much, this is social connections, what is this. they are not really. >> housing and transportation they are in the worried about. that is interesting. this one over here what is this one. >> art. >> fair, honest, responsible, responsive government did okay. so biggest one it seems like jobs and income right now, right. all right. i love this. i love this idea. it is great to get everyone involved. free library, which means it is free.
8:50 am
>> totally free. >> yes. >> it is free and it is for me. >> just beginning of the tour we will keep going in the 9:00 , right. >> i love it. >> going beyond philly neighborhoods, well, our neighborhoods are hoping to inspire visitors to our city, to get out of just center city even though i love center city. how the small areas, and, west philadelphia, great northeast, north philadelphia enticing people to leave center city, in other word look around a little bit explore.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:53. good morning, head up for later on this afternoon. we have been talking about this all day, steve keeley
8:54 am
mentioned this rush hour rally set to get underway this have afternoon, temple university, hit city hall around two to 3:00 o'clock and marched south on broad street down to the wells fargo center. all eyes on that for evening rush hour. ninety-five, you know the drill, north and southbound expect delays going through the checkpoints right now, southbound i-95 jammed from the betsy in through downtown. lets go back to south philadelphia and mike and alex, at the wells fargo center. >> i'll tell you who rocked the stage boys two men but so many other performances and in the next hour we will play, those, in case you didn't see it. >> sound good to me. >> we have to talk about the first lady's speech, such a moving moment, lady gaga just tweeted this morning. people are still talking about it. hold on, lady gaga is coming. >> she will be performing. >> i think on thursday.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
there's one place where america's pastime is preserved for all time. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ discover something one of a kind in new york. ♪ new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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good day, it is tuesday, july 26th, 2016, back at the wells fargo center, mike and alex are here, dnc, just a philly treat, we just were in philly last night. >> boys two men showing us what this city is all about. they weren't the only artist to take the stage for hillary clinton. we have had some great performances we will tell but. >> social media is a big deal down here at the dnc. there are rooms in this building dedicated to, twitter, instagram and facebook and others. so we will break down the most tweeted comments over the last 24 hours, about philly, and
8:59 am
about the convention i guess. >> plus, who could forget this performance last night. >> ♪ for the land of the free, and home of the brave. ♪ >> well, bobby, thanks once again congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> how do you feel this morning. >> i'm tired, and just glad that i didn't mess up the words, or anything like that. >> it is not the easiest song to sing. >> i know, i was practicing and just like making sure i had the right key and everything like that, and that is what i was doing. >> well, to my untrained ear it sounded perfect. >> thank you so much. >> so, how do you prep for that.
9:00 am
>> well, i just sang it backstage a couple of times and i guess i sang it on the plane or airport once or twice. >> you had just got back to los angeles, that you could do this. >> i flew in, yesterday morning, and i took myself from the airport ape brought us here and i got a quick nap at the hotel and they brought me back down and yeah. >> you had a lot of naps. >> yes. >> how late were you up last night. >> i think one or 2:00. >> this morning. >> yes. >> party animal. >> i know. >> i talk to you yesterday, we were listening. it sounded amazing. you were hoping you were going to get a chance to meet the first lady. did you get the chance to meet her. >> no, but i did meet bernie though. >> what did you say to bernie sanders. >> he was like, his staff was there and he said that is one that sang the national anthem. he said i did a good job. i took a picture with him. he was this is rush. heed to get out.


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