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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 26, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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backstage a couple of times and i guess i sang it on the plane or airport once or twice. >> you had just got back to los angeles, that you could do this. >> i flew in, yesterday morning, and i took myself from the airport ape brought us here and i got a quick nap at the hotel and they brought me back down and yeah. >> you had a lot of naps. >> yes. >> how late were you up last night. >> i think one or 2:00. >> this morning. >> yes. >> party animal. >> i know. >> i talk to you yesterday, we were listening. it sounded amazing. you were hoping you were going to get a chance to meet the first lady. did you get the chance to meet her. >> no, but i did meet bernie though. >> what did you say to bernie sanders. >> he was like, his staff was there and he said that is one that sang the national anthem. he said i did a good job. i took a picture with him. he was this is rush. heed to get out.
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>> secret service had like a whole backstage, cordond off, for michelle. >> how old are you. >> i just turned 15. >> where did you go to school. >> well, i, i am switching schools next year. >> okay. >> well, is that because you are so famous now. >> we cannot take it, he is too popular he needs to go somewhere else. >> it is a long story. >> what are we calling that the box, suite, yes. >> congratulations, mom and dad. you did good parenting here. >> mommies right here. >> yes. >> mom has to get her beauty sleep. >> yes. >> you have an album coming out. >> we're working on it. it will be released later this year. >> voice of the angels, sound of the angel. >> i'm not sure yet. >> if you use those we have to get credit for this. >> what town do you live in.
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>> philadelphia. >> okay, just don't get specific, bobby. >> andorra. >> you said what town. >> calm dawn. >> sorry. >> you guys out partying together. >> i have a question for you, you have sung for the pope, you have sung for the first lady, what is the most exilerating experience. >> i think the most exilerating one was the pope one because i had less time to go up there and it was all adrenaline. we had a couple of days back to perform for the first lady, and is that because you wanted to plan. >> yes, yes. >> and make sure everything will be okay, all right, make sure i have everything to do that. >> we're very proud of you,
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and continued success. >> keep us updated when album comes out and when it will be called. >> voice of the angel. >> say hi to your mom. >> okay. >> great. >> then there is us, voice of an angel and then mike and alex. >> we're just here. >> but he did perform beautifully for the first lady of the the great united states of america. >> she was so inspired that she went out and gave a beautiful speech that touched so many people. >> of course, she was there to support hillary clinton in the long run. she also took some jabs at donald trump. she didn't use his name though but the best part of the speech is when she almost cried, talking about where she lives and her daughters. >> and, because of hillary clinton, my daughter, and all of our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states.
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>> michelle went on to talk about how her girls, their first day at school after moving in the white house, and saying to herself, what have we done? we have been elect to the presidency and now our daughters are going to have to go through being in the first family. >> and she talk about trying to keep things normal make sure they stay grounded. it was pretty real to see her hey i'm a mother too. i have trouble. there are still things i want to teach my children. >> in of us can relate to being the first family but they have done a good job raising those two young daughters. she ended the speech, of course, with the belief that hillary clinton should be president. that is why she gave the speech. and just in case you are wondering what she is wearing. >> a lot of people want to know. >> beautiful blue dress that matched the set as she walk out, it is designer, once again, christian sir ran owe. >> she looks gorgeous. >> christian was on the tv
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show, right. >> project runway. >> yes, thank you. >> staff, nicely done, you came through there. and what is the white haired guy, michael gunn, peter gunn, what is his name. >> tim gunn. >> i'm showing my age there, peter gunn, really. the whole roomies going who the heck is peter gunn. >> dnc is in full swing at wells fargo center. that is kind of obvious to say, isn't it. >> look at all your of the activity people walking on the stage. people started to come up, for their speeches, standing in line, making sure lighting is good. work ago this teleprompter. >> lets talk about celebrities, that is what i care about, alycia keys, she wasn't here but she was over on market street next to kitkat kline's house as a matter of fact. >> we could not get in, but quincy was able to sneak in. >> true. >> he is q. this was over at commerce square, pretty cool venue,
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here it is. >> there is a hole, in my heart and i have been hiding. >> ♪ >> i get a sense we didn't send a camera is that quincy's cell phone. >> it was so invite only that only quincy could go in. >> but he said she looked gorgeous. she's not wearing make up right now. her face is flawless. >> is what the point. >> it is her true self. >> yes. >> and why should we have to cover ourselves with all this make up. we should embrace. >> tomorrow on the show. >> yeah, i can't do that. >> i don't look like alycia keys. >> if i looked like alycia keys you are beautiful without make up.
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>> far cry i have seen you without make up. >> have you seen. >> when you get in the van. >> i still have a little something on. >> always have a little something on. >> on weekend when i go without make up. you don't want your face all block up all the time. >> like saturday, where was it, it was sunday afternoon. >> i didn't have any make up on then. >> i had a little on. >> bandana around your hair. >> yes. >> that seemed to get a lot of people work up. >> you put it on instagram, big glasses on and black bandana, so, you say you thought outthought that you looked like rosie the riveter. but most people called you tupack. >> yes, people were saying all kind of of things. i said no i was wearing a black ban dan a it is so hot outside, i don't like the thought of hair on may back. >> lets talk about it the once we get picture up and she will tell me when that is. >> demi low vat, blew them away last night. she has a new song called confidence, especially toward
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girls, i think, listen. >> ♪ >> you know, i had forgotten, that she has been dealing with bipolar disorder, for a long time. so she mentioned that was quite honest, before she started singing. >> she talk about how more recertificateses and funding needs to go towards mental health in mental health issues. very brave for her to talk about what she has been dealing with. >> we have been i sanders supporters booing, hillary clinton supporters. somebody had to bring these two together. in other word, a bridge over troubled water. >> ♪
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>> paul simon and i'm telling you you, standing o. >> it was, very nice, very nice rendition. >> i'll tell you this, you cannot have a convention in the city of philadelphia without having boys two men out there. >> de ms in philly, you have to have motown philly. >> but here's the thing, when we were walking around after the show yesterday doing our little thing, they said you know what, why don't you go come and nervous, this is big, all eyes on philly, represent philly right. >> we want to to make sure. can you listen to us. >> what you are saying just like demi lovato, they got that idea, they wanted to give us a private performance, just to make sure they were up to speed and here it is. >> time for boys two men,
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thanks, guys. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> thank you. >> so, with that endorsement, from frustrates, they decided to go ahead and perform last night in front of the crowd. >> because of us, we had motown philly last night. >> yes. >> they were great though.
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>> ♪ >> so, it went off well and they looked good, and they have their clothes on and everything. >> they do perform best their clothes on. >> i meant like their fancy clothes, their performance clothes. >> i'm looking down at the stage right now here live at the wells fargo center. >> is that different stars lighting up. >> it was weird last night backdrop, it looks like little pink, i don't know what it is, pictures. >> we were talking about this, the fact that they had philly sky line behind all of the speakers. the that has change. now it is just stars. different colors. the that is still cool. i kind of like having philly sky line. >> difficult too and then independent hall at one point last night that looked good. i cannot tell, tom beck our camera guy do you recognize
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anybody? you don't. >> here's the thing, we will do some exploring too after the show and my snap chat i have been documenting our adventure behind the scenes and been going in and out. that is alex dot holley, so you can follow along. >> nicely done. >> speaking of social media, well, there is certainly coverage of the convention and the city of philadelphia in a big way. there are different rooms in this building dedicated to different platforms. >> we are walking around seeing different suites. then we see the instagram room. we had to go in. we had a lot of fun there. what they are doing, see, there you are. >> yes. >> it looks like an instagram room, you know what it was. >> what? >> a bathroom. >> well that part was, yes. >> but this was like a big photo booth they have professional photographers, lieutenant of the senators, officials, taking pictures of them and then using it for instance gram because it is such a big, obviously act that a lot of people used and they
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don't know what to call it anymore. >> but whole room as you can see is covered with their logo so you had to take a instagram in the instagram room. >> exactly. >> and then i was shock by this. there is a a whole even bigger room dedicated to facebook. >> right. >> facebook lounge. >> and they allowed us to visit, the oval office. >> we interviewed hillary clinton. >> i have spent sometime in the oval office over the years and senator clinton. >> yes, yes. >> if you do win the presidency, a piece of advice for you, get a bigger desk, you got to have a bigger desk. it looks bigger on tv. this is too small. i have banged up bruised knees. >> yes, i will save it just for you mike careerrick. >> we never see your knees because of the pant suits but trust me your knees will be bruised. are you holding a torch for me i thought you always add thing
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for me. >> subtle flame, mike. >> i appreciate it. >> good luck on the campaign. >> thanks for inviting me to philly, i'm having a great time. >> yes, so i have an answer to the double side. >> yes, thank you. >> that was it. >> yes. >> so there is a room called mini oval office, we're in the had big in real life. i know i'm not. but small desk made of chairs and it is #mini oval you want to see it and it is fun. >> i'm not sure what the point of the mini oval office was, just a novelty item. >> something to deal with, literally the chair was this high and i haven't seen any kids except for bonnie at the convention. >> that makes it fun seeing the adults there. >> we were talking about my picture with the scarves on and because it is so hot out, people every commenting. i thought it looked nice. when it is this hottest specially yesterday, heat index at 108, you have to get
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creative. when you have your hair sitting on your neck it doesn't work but you don't want to get the vent. >> you have to get that haircut of your kitchen. >> yes. >> i wanted to lift it up. >> what you gottinging there, you have got a silk wrap underneath. >> protect the hair, better for your hair. >> then bandana. >> when i work out i wear bandana because it catches the sweat and keeps you cool. >> yeah. >> you look cool, yes. >> thank you. >> you walked in my apartment and you did one of these. >> yes, you did. >> you looked like rosie the riveter, can you bring up a picture of rosie the riveter and i said you are right. >> you know we were thinking tupack. >> someone said are you going to be making pancakes. within person thought it was in a prep eighth i was dressed like that. it is hot, 108, it is weekend. i'm running around doing things. >> yes. >> yes, yes.
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>> there is rosie the riveter, i would say that is right. >> i have a red ban nan a i have pink, purple and black. i wanted to do black. >> should we talk more about social media. >> we have talk about on facebook, instagram, we have to include twitter. there is a twitter room. a twitter room i'm telling you. >> here it is, a twitter caucus that they have going on. >> the blue route. >> you can call it a blue room. >> light blue. >> a lot of people going there, and they have some shows that are going on there, talking about things that are going on in philadelphia. >> we have met a a young lady, joining news studio now. bridget coin, how are you doing. >> doing well. >> how long have you been on twitter. >> little over four years you how cool a job that. >> pretty cool, i work on elections and partnership scheme. we work on events like this, conventions, debates, also state of the union, and must
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talk about moments. >> do you have to wear blue if you work for twitter. >> it is highly encouraged. >> it is. >> do you have to tweet a lot to work for twitter. >> it is also highly encouraged, retweeting, liking peoples tweets, telling people how to use twitter. >> i'll tell you what how many times a day to you tweet, seriously. hundreds. >> sometimes i'm just reading twitter. sometimes i'm end ising my own tweets, sending photos. i was in the hall last night, sent a couple videos so my family can see it back home. >> what are people talking about in philadelphia. >> right now the election. this is taun talk and country. >> hoist number one as farrah as humans, would it be hillary, michelle obama or bernie. >> so, most talked about person of yesterday was actually bernie sanders. we saw a lot of controversy bye what was happening with super delegates, and people are talking about that on the street, on twitter, and he was the last speaker of the night, there was momentum. >> but also, young people, use
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twitter. >> absolutely. >> they are supporting bernie sanders. >> young people, old people, lot of people are using twitter. >> when you go through these because they start doing twitter and social media throughout the show. how do you you find what is trending? is there a certain key #, and is that how it works but how do you know thinks being talk about and it is taking off. >> great question. if you go on to twitter and type in the search you will see what is trending right the now. you don't to have do anything. it is there for you. search tabs. right now if you were to look de ms in phl is one of the top country trends. the world and country are all looking at this city. >> but from the twitter perspective you are an insider. you know how this works. this is how we do it. how do you go on and make sure you get everything together. >> we have a data team that is constantly looking and trying to bring context to what is happening. we have the most talk about topics. talk about people. you know keywords a associated with it.
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feel the bern. that is bernie sanders. i'm with her. that is hillary clinton. we can associate those things. then weep pull it out our account and you you can see which are the most talk about moments as well as the speaker and a the most retweeted tweet of the night. >> who had most retweeted tweets. >> our own president barack obama he said congratulations to his wife. >> he was watching on tv and tweet to go show his support and love. >> it was very sweet. i love you. >> was so proud of her. tweeted, and they were part of it. >> i also like to say twitter moments how do you you pick the twitter moments, putting together trending things. >> great questions, our moments is lightening bolt tab thaw might see on your device or on the web. it is a mix of editorial themes that are finding is what happening now on twitter and hoping finding relevant tweets to find that story. the trending topic has a
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context. >> bridget, where are you from. >> originally from chicago. >> where do you live now. >> washington d.c. >> i'm in washington d.c. >> my husband is from philadelphia, my in-laws are in northeast philadelphia. >> very nice. >> i will write something else for you. >> hold on. >> by the way they are warming up the band down there once again. >> oner what they will be performing tonight, playing tonight. >> do you see that. can you see. do you see that word. how would you pronounce that word. >> that is a trick question. >> what section are you from. >> northeast philadelphia. >> how do you say that. >> manayunk. >> manayunk. >> manayunk. >> yes. >> we will put the delegates, 50,000 people in from out of town, see if any of them can say schuylkill. >> manayunk. >> bala cynwyd. >> how about conshohocken, stuff like that. we will put jen, can you get
9:21 am
that together real quickly. >> i will get it together and guess who will help me i will start with him captain obvious is back. and he is told me great stuff about mike jerrick, he sure has, we are at art museum steps where else would we be with captain obvious. we will be right back.
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♪ >> hey, alex, do you remember yesterday afternoon i decided to run up those wooden stairs. >> they said stopped. they said stop, mike. said how does security know your name. >> i don't though. >> we have only been there a couple years. >> secret service guys, mike, get off those stairs. >> it scared me, like wow. >> okay, they don't know my name. >> lets put some delegates to the test, people from out of town, we have some tough names to pronounce, in the delaware valley. we have manayunk, schuylkill, bala cynwyd. >> representative from twitter could not say it right.
9:25 am
>> that is right. >> maybe delegates can. >> let's put them to the test with mr. and mrs. obvious. >> yes, good morning to you guys. okay. we don't have delegates but we have visitors. your name is. >> isabella. >> where are you here from. >> mexico. >> make sure we're correct. >> we are coming back. >> well, our out of towners, they are now safe because now we have to fix microphone before we put you to the test so you have sometime to learn to pronounce things. >> they planned this they wanted to study more. the mike cord still doesn't work. >> chris murphy out and about in the heat, i bet he has shorts on. >> i bet he is finding something to eat. >> no, no, everything here is tall. >> look at these cakes. >> all right. >> we are getting you to other neighborhood, other than center city, olde city and south philadelphia because the dnc, we will tell you about what you can find in chestnut hill, and also in north
9:26 am
philadelphia. we will be right back. it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood.
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he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ this is what you came for. >> well. >> this is what you came for♪ . >> we're saying that to the delegates. philly, this is what you came for. >> here's the thing, delegates. now that you're here you should learn how to pronounce the unusual names we have around here putting it to the test. >> what are you doing. >> i'm special. >> they call me what do they say special events. >> jen. >> say hello to everyone in philadelphia. >> philly.
9:30 am
. >> so you are from? >> las vegas, nevada. >> you're not a delegate just special. >> i'm very special. >> you're from? >> mexico montreal. >> and are you from. >> planet earth. >> and you? >> pittsburgh. >> in philadelphia we have amazing places that have unique pronunciations and i like for you guys to pronounce these towns we begin with what i think is easy one what do you think that sounds like. >> conshohocken. >> that's not it give it a try. >> okay. >> so you conshohocken. >> conshohocken sometimes we call it cosshee. >> this is easy for you. >> bala-cynwyd. >> ball asin wod. sin, wid. >> captain obvious.
9:31 am
>> balla sin win. >> ball akin wid. there's really cool stuff ther there. how about this one? manayunk. . >> i thought it was manayunk. >> okay. this one you guys have probably all seen. and again feast your eyes on this. do you know why i'm giving you this name? >> i have no idea where why you are giving it to me. >> do you know if it's a girl, boy, place or no one. >> i think it is an insect. >> do you know what this is? >> no. >> no idea. >> it's a spider. >> it's not a spider. captain obvious. >> it's a --. >> predicate adjective. >> you might have heard villanova wildcats. >> yes. >> won the --. >> you're from villanova. >> i'm a fraud. >> i went there. >> dude, this is arch de ak no. >> i thought it was a spider. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, okay.
9:32 am
and grassious merci, that too, and then thank you for your service. thank you. all right. that's what we're doing here. some people call it journ limi limit. >> i love these segments. >> i do, too. >> the band is playing now, alex. >> yes,. >> they are slowing it down. >> this is when we guess the songs. >> kind of funky at:32, tuesday morning. >> i wonder who is doing the sound check today. >> i know who is doing the sound check. one lady gaga. that means we're staying through the afternoon. >> we'll stay for this. remember, last time hi my snap chat and i was all up in the grill. >> yeah. >> are you going to sing. .> l >> welcome to philadelphia. >> they're not going to play? >> no. >> we'll hang around for lady gaga. sound check. that means we'll be here throughout the evening and into
9:33 am
tonight and then go to the party. so we'll be a mess. make sure you set -- make sure you watch tomorrow's show. >> you'll want to see us. >> i'll be worse than i am right now. >> okay. >> delegates, you got to convenient you're out. i encourage to you venture out what we call center city. it's not city certainty, center city. >> it's not downtown. >> it's not downtown there's old city and other sections ever the delaware valley you need to get to. we can't go to all of them. chris murphy will showcase a little. >> that's right, so, chris we're in old city of course where the studios are fourth and market get out to other neighborhoods in particular highlighting two. we'll highlight chestnut hill and north philly. let's get to chestnut first. amy, how are you? >> chris, how are you. >> you're from the in my in my opinionth kitchen bakery and cafe where are you located. >> chestnut hill garden district a neighborhood not to be missed. >> it's a georgous neighborhood beautiful street with all kind of restaurants and shops and you got a bakery there as well. >> that's right and we made cakes for the dnc convention.
9:34 am
this one is a philadelphia step trick cake with liberty bell and politics and history and then we have this fun one for the dnc convention. >> this just rips on the republicans, come on? could it be a more unflattering image ever donald trump. >> i don't think it's so bad. but also it has the donkey on top and whimsical and fun. >> what do you want to tell people about chestnut hill. >> a neighborhood not to be missed come for restaurants and shops. >> they are cool. amy, thanks so much. thanks for bringing your husband. does he talk? >> it's the eye candy. >> you're from north philly not just from norm philly but renaissance. >> localls call it norm and south broad. >> exactly. >> why do you want to tell us
9:35 am
about north philly and renaissance. >> north broad is really on revitalization and we have a ton of great businesses that are here and that has specials for dnc. >> what are we looking at here? >> right here a dish from alice pena. you have a burgerer, pretzel flies and beer and here is north philly cheesesteak not just any. >> what's different about it? >> because instead of steak they use pork sausage, carmelized onions and beer cheese on pretzel bun. >> damage, that's good. what's this drink? jamie, come here you're with the play house. >> i am with play house. >> right here we have run dnc and at the bottom strawberry pure a and middle blueberry pucker it was white in the beginning but the sun did its thing. rum, fresh pineapple and lemon lime soda. >> what's with syringes.
9:36 am
>> signature jello shots we're known for. >> you have swag and everything else. >> we have swag in north philly and we have philly girls hustle harder from pink elephant located on north broad in case delegates want to take home philly swag but they have your hometown. chicago girls hustle hard and brooklyn girls hustle harder and if you want to take a norm philly shirt home we have north philly swag. >> showing pride for all of the neighborhoods in the city of philadelphia. >> thanks so much for coming out, guys. >> woo-hoo. >> no stopping us now. the band is really kicked in. normally they play for five, ten second or so. they're really cranking out ain't no stopping us now♪ . >> they must be feeling good. i'm feeling good. come on, mike, dance. >> woo. >> there's not a lot of room up here. >> no. >> oh, the music has to stop.
9:37 am
>> we want to get you out to a special event happening at the top of the hour. >> gabby giffords will speak. >> gabby giffords will talk. dave, where are you? >> we're here at logan circle where gabby giffords will talk and she's going to lead a group demanding common sense gun control legislation. we'll hear from members of that group coming up after the we'll hear from members of that group coming up after the break. whenthe state made aers, commitment to us.
9:38 am
i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
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>> we have seats here for the new jersey delegates. they're not on the floor but certainly front row of the red seats that you're used to, the maroon seats at the wells fargo center. >> still a pretty good spot.
9:41 am
>> yeah. >> tom, where did you see delaware right next door to them? >> basically the section over is delaware. >> they have to keep us altogether. >> pennsylvania gets the floor because we're the host. >> so let's get over to logan square. that's where a rally starts here in 20 minute or so, top of the hour. >> dave is there now. >> that's rite, this is the rally to ignite the vocal majority here. this is a group gamingerring, led by former representative gabby giffords to demand common sense gun control legislation, joined by sheera goodman you're executive director of cease-fire pa tell me what this is all billion with dnc in tow town. >> motherss in charge and cease-fire wanted to do a big event to draw attention to epidemic of gun vie len and we can sol this problem and we joined with american for responsible solutions gabby gifford group and i we expect hundred of people and we have
9:42 am
wonderful speakers in addition to gifford and rendell and several local survivors and national leader and representative john lewis to say it's time we are the vocal majority. we're not afraid. we're not going to be silent. we know what we need to do to solve the problem and not rest in harrisburg and washington and state capitals all over the world listen to us. >> the event starts at noon i'm sorry 10:00 and you heard hearsay representative john lewis will be here he led sit in demanding it be addressed in congress a few weeks ago. he will be here as well. back to you. >> all right. straight up 10:00. and that is how is my math? >> well, what time is it. >> 18 minutes from now. >> it's 9:42. >> and we do it over at the art museum. and the philadelphia art museu museum. >> so we're bringing writers together here jen. >> not just any rider check it out, they are young writers and
9:43 am
going to write about one thing. of course, it has to do with dnc. i'll take one of those. we'll tell you about it after the break. do you like orange, eye like the break. do you like orange, eye like orange i approve this message.
9:44 am
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
9:45 am
>> boy now the house band here at the wells fargo center, is this -- do you kill the music for the -- is this u2 going
9:46 am
gore a u2 song right. >> does that mean u2. >> i doubt --. >> you never know. >> they're a big supporter. >> he is. >> we'll see. >> okay again we'll happening around for lady gaga. >> someone tweeted alex you better get it on snap chat. >> we'll snap our faces off when they walks in here. delegates, out of towners, welcome to philadelphia. you have to get to the art museum steps and dot rocky run, run up and down the stairs and they're trying to break a world record today. >> there's so many people on museum steps now jim, you can guess how many -- jen, you can guess how many. >> we're hoping there's a record. >> good morning, jen. >> you're in charge it's called the mighty writers. >> and actually it's a great partnership. our representative is partnered with mighty writer and folks putting this together and toda today, here as part of dnc mighty writers is a litcy grou group, they're tone gauge and educate and empower and express
9:47 am
children ton writing right? so, today the record was set in 2013 in beijing there was 1200 students all at the same time at once writing. >> about the same thing. >> about the same topic. >> what will they write about today. >> we're philly and competitive we want to break it we want 3,000 students and we have 3,000 plus registered and today's essay will talk aboutfy were president, i would. and so, all these students, some from mighty writer and some delegate students here ages 7 to 17 and they'll be writing and if i were president --. >> you do it. >> i'll run. ladies and gentlemen, all right. are you ready to write. >> what are you going to write about if you were president, what? >> that i would make kids go to school until 18. >> are you ready to write?
9:48 am
>> if you were president i would, what would you write? >> i would. >> lamb get them ready to writ write. do they know what they would write about. >> if you were president. >> if you were please would do you. >> change the world. >> all right. this is one of the great events happening. one more gorgeous than the next and of course, miss philly, there's a party. hey, baby you could be president. back to you guys. >> well, that's fun. get out to the art museum steps if you're in town for the first time. i love this song. the house band is prepping to play probably tonight and, i rise up. >> she was at an event last night here in philly. >> truth of power. they're doing this great thing offspring guard anyone philly it's at 990 spring garden, this
9:49 am
is amazing. i went out last night. it's art exhibit here and they have a dj playing and live music and performances when i tell to you go they touch on touchy topics going on in the nation right now. so for example gun control they go on some of the police and community relations and talk about transgender issues and women's issues and if they go be prepared to have eyes on and see a different perspective. >> it's okay back in the studio, you can hear? >> are we g. megan? >> yeah, okay they can. >> i have to tell you, mike, some of the things i saw i sent pictures to my femalely in texas, it was powerful. and if you want to see people showing art and artis pick ways to show what's going on in the country i took a picture of one of the art installations it says, i can get a witness. i feel like should come and witness this. they'll have senator corey booker.
9:50 am
it works all day during the day they have people come up and do panels and discussions at night they have a performances. they'll be talking about the fight for economy and race and then have performances tonight. if you would like to go it's the truth of power he vechbility i posted pictures. it's at the hash tag if you want to look at art installations it's great going on the sportsfever television network spring garden. i'm sorry mike want to do this performance. ♪ very nice. i think that's it. >> is that it? >> that's it. >> got to love the sound check checks. >> oh, we heard two, besides lady gaga. we have to hang around for lenny kravitz doing his today, too. >> who else is showing up. we get another private performance, i love it. >> speaking of musicians kit-kat kline come in here a second we have breaking kit-kat
9:51 am
kline news lien in here. what happened last night? >> my boyfriend got slapped. >> your boyfriend. >> you're married. >> she said boyfriend got slapped. >> what's your name. >> kimberly. >> her boyfriend is justin timberlake. >> do we have footage. >> we have to find out who it was so i could track that person down. >> we have footage of him being slapped at a golf tournament. is that the woosiest things you ever heard i got slapped at a golf tournament not even a street fight. >> can't stop that feeling. >> that slapped feeling. >> can't stop the feeling♪ ♪ just dance, dance, dance♪ i can't stop the feeling♪ just dance, dance, dance♪ i can't stop the feeling♪ ,♪
9:52 am
(vo) we went to hollywood to ask
9:53 am
9:54 am
if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. >> now the band at wells fargo
9:55 am
center doing ferrell. >> they're doing happy. now it's like interestser lude. >> yeah. >> you were singing the lyrics. >> this is what i think we're having too much fun. >> i know. >> gaga. >> oh, my god i'm going to do this. gaga and lenny crave thits afternoon. justin timberlake, we'll roll this footage. >> he got slapped? >> he got slapped. >> by a fan. >> by a fan. >> he obviously was not a fan who was that? >> let's look and try to describe what happened. >> hey, yeah. >> why would do you that? why wow do that? it happened at a golf tournament over the weekend. you know justin loves the game of golf. good at it. in this video this is obtained
9:56 am
by tnt you can see justin got slapped on right side of face and as he tried to pass through a crowd of people. the cops were called. they told tmz the man responsible for touching him refused to leave premises after allegedly becoming belligerent and cops arrested him for disorderly con dut and jt was able to have a fun -- plenty of fun and finish round of golf. >> okay. >> corey booker we ran into him today. just outside of our booth here. >> i literally ran into him. i was trying to give doug luzader a cheesesteak and walked down to give it to him and he said is that a cheesesteak? he took it. >> this is what happened after. >> this is corey booker and this is like 7:30 in the morning and they're eating cheesesteaks. >> i lost a bet. >> they're not vegan cheesesteaks, killing me, killing me, this is corey booker and this is like 7:30 in the morning. >> if you know corey booker or
9:57 am
follow him he's a vegetarian and he thinks vegetarian cheesesteaks are better than regular. >> he almost has to or cannot. >> hip city veg he likes to go to. >> he'll come and talk to us. >> hip city veg is that the one that the woman i know the chef nicole marquise. >> i think so. >> yeah. >> she has a bunch of places around town. she's quite the success. nick or marquis. >> i was trying to take a picture and he said you should do a selfie video and went on. he's cool. >> should we do this again from the wells fargo center or fourth and market stay here? >> we don't have background music like this live song. >> what is this? >> still happy, we're happy we're here. you can follow us we'll snap chat and tweet our sxeernsz here for day two of the democratic national convention. >> we're about to meet lady
9:58 am
gaga and meet up with lenny kravitz. we'll be here tomorrow at the kravitz. we'll be here tomorrow at the wells fargo center.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live, from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show". >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. with all due respect. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> announcer: now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ooh ooh >> wendy: you're the one. thank you so much. welcome to the show. [ cheers and applause ] say hello to my


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