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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  July 27, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> she is still the best darn change maker i have ever known. >> and she changed history last night shattering another glass ceiling, hillary clinton is officially the first female presidential candidate of major political party in the u.s.. >> i am really emotional. like i said, i feel like they're making a huge mistake. >> with news of nomination supporters of bernie sanders were not happy. what happened moments after the nomination was called. and have you been trying to hail a cab or call ub were no luck. getting a round the city has been challenging with so many visitors here. tricks you need to know while the convention continues. "good day", everybody, wednesday, july 27, 2016 i'm
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lauren johnson liver at the wells fargo center here in south dpld. chris murphy good morning to you. >> good morning, laura, we saw the first uber lot we ever seen in our lives. the whole city transformed this week. fun. >> i know. >> locked from oregon avenue to broad to wells fargo center last night and dripping sweat by the time we got to the areap a. >> oh, yeah. >> we say it's not just quite as humid but it's hot. 2 degrees yesterday. here's what's happening this morning aix look at ultimate doppler radar shows there's one area of showers moving from maryland into the northern two counties of delaware. it's not a big deal. this is not a thunder and lightning situation. we just have app area of rain. and again, that's move into new castle county. and kent country in delaware. if you're in middletown, delaware, dover, delaware, you
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may see rain within the hour. here in philadelphia it's dry. but it's already 79 degrees. it did not cool off a lot overnight. with 64% relative humidity that's the difference. it will still be a hot one today. you still have to do all the things to take care of yourself like drink a lot of water. 5:56 sunrise time closer to 6 a.m. sunrise and we feel the days are getting just that much shorter. here's temperatures. this is the place to be. mount pocono 59 cool and refreshing degrees and 74 trenton and 73 lancaster and 80 wilmington and dover and due points when they're in the 60s it's not bad. but look at the 80 degree dewpoint in dover, delaware. it's humid. there so we'll be in the muggy side in philadelphia today. the further south you go the more humid it will get. yesterday's high was 92. it was breezy and hot breeze and then we felt yesterday 93
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the high today. still hot. not too, too humid. so we don't have excessive heat advicery in effect for warning. still prepare for 93 degrees. so this will be bob, six-day heat wave is, as of today. >> a hot breeze that sounds like a drank at canyons in wildwood. it's a wednesday, we're off to a good start 4 2 freeway. everything is quiet and dry and check point with us. a live look 676 center city you have the drill by now. checkpoints 95 southbound you want to give yourself ja extra time girard to center city. northbound has been the hot bed here. especially for folks get together airport and gain access to south philly. give yourself extra time as you head north approaching platt bridge. i think today will be the crazeest and most intense security day because we have both president obama and vice-president joe biden
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speakers to. you know what that means, chris murphy, motorcade mad marreese speights during our evening rush hour. you know they cannot travel together so we'll have two separate motor kids. most likely from the airport into the wells fargo center. and that will disrupt the evening rush hour. south philly high school you want to park instead of novacare complex if you use the broad street subway. for rush hour and commuters they're the two best opportunities to get you in and out of center city. chris back to you. >> speaking of motorcade madness we have live team cover ramming of the national convention took steve keelly outside and dave kitchen ep on broad street and lauren johnson inside the wells fargo center.
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i was there hours ago, literal literally i had to see him. >> you were here for all of that breaking the glass ceilin ceiling. now officially in history book books. >> and i can not believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. >> and if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say, i may become the first woman president, but one of you, is next. thank you all. i can't wait. >> secretary clinton is officially the first female presidential cap date of a major political party in the u.s. and democrats made their pick last night and her number one supporter, her husband, former president bill clinton made a personal appeal for his wife as the next president. >> hillary is uniquely qualified to sees the opportunities and reduce the risk we face and she's still the best darn change-maker i
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have ever known. hillary will make us stronger together. you know it, because she spent a lot of time doing it i hope you'll do it. i hope you'll elect her. those of us who have more yesterdays than tomorrows tend to care more about our children and grandchildren. the reason you should elect her, is that in the greatest country on earth, we have always been about tomorrow. your children and grandchildren will police you forever if you do. >> this is bill clinton's convention speech. this was a little different. hillary clinton has previously said her husband will play a role in administration if she wins and has not specified what
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the role will be but said it will likely deal with the economy and the party is still divided even though bernie sanders, into the roll call last night, recognize, hillary clinton as official nominee. his die-hard supporters refuse to follow his lead. they stage aid walkout leaving convention floor and others staged a sit- . dave is live. good morning. >> a major division here and likely it will be represented along broad street. i'll step out of the way here. orig mannedy ballroom is why bernie sanders will host a breakfast for pa delegates. one can ma'am inthe reaction from the coutd for if a protest or demonstration braekdz out with the bitter divide in party sanders supporters stormed the media tent conducting a sit in saying the democratic party could fracture over nomination
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of hillary clinton for president and sanders brother larry sanders was among many casting votes for vermont senator for president and he symbolically called for dell goots rally around hillary clinton declaring she be the nominee. >> i move that all votes, all votes cast by delegates be reflected in the official record, and i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. >> what you heard there were clinton supporters, certain lirks but it's called bernie or bust. if are you bernie supporter hitting streets in philadelphia, protesting, and likely that will continue and pick up today.
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back to you. >> thank you. meantime the dnc is taking place at the wells fargo center and we can expect another day of marches and protest fdr park. three groups having demonstration there's today. 30,000 bernie sanders supporters are expected to take part in the march for bernie around 8:00 in the morning. members of west pearl baptist church planning religous demonstration 9:00 in the morning and occupy dnc will hold a march in support of bernie sanders. >> you're at fdr, steve. >> wow, we sue the biggest protest yesterday and first arrest here yesterday and not pictured, women scaling the fence getting hoisted over that 8 foot fence out by at&t subway station and secret service handling their cases. if they're charged with federal trespassing charges since that is the federal security zone set up by secret service that would be first official arrest. remember, philly police even
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when they zip tie people and remove them from the scene have only been calling them citations not rests. you can see what the eagles must go through every day to get to the novacare center. we're down pattison avenue. when you come up the schuylkill look down. there hear come car headlights. cars will be loued through if they have a reason whether with media or eagles, buzzes are on standby. they used them in the past in case they have to make mass arrest or remove mass groups of people. also they use them sometimes if they have to move in philadelphia or septa police officers. so, they've got the trash trucks here. they have the concrete barricade. you can see the streets department working twelve hour shifts. every department in city doing all they can to keep things running smoothly and so far very smoothly we're halfway through this right now, chris. so there's the scene outside here. who knows how the scene will change throughout the day. but we have a wild scene out here last night and that was
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for sure which you had the bernie sanders people storming media tent on one side of the fence and protesters trying to storm and go over that fence on the other side, chris. >> absolutely, thanks, now we turn to day 3 of the democratic national convention, the theme today, working together. the big speakers, president barack obama and vice-president joe biden and tim kaine will also take the stage other speakers include the daughter of the principal in sandy hook and mother of the daughters of the charleston shooting in south caroline. >> and dampering the trip to the shore how a proposed tax could do harm in atlantic city rather than good. and lauren johnson at the wells fargo center that is quiet for a moment. >> check this out it's not just hillary clinton's nomination making history. could we see the nation's first, first husband. we'll talk about that after the first, first husband. we'll talk about that after the break.
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(male off-screen announcer) with instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, the instant you play could be the instant you win. keep on scratchin'. wed we got to 92. not a record-high temperature but 13th time this month we had a 90 degree or more day. that was fly above the normal. and so, here's where we are right now. baltimore, it's already 83 degrees. it's 77 in ocean city. it's 79 degrees in philadelphia. 66 up in toronto. these are you can see the
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difference between the less humid cooler air and where we are now. we're warm in philadelphia. even though it's not as humid. it's as humid as it could be we have moisture in the air in form of rain and that's coming into new castle county and kent county in delaware. so if you're in smyrna, delaware, you're probably getting right rain this morning or about to and newark home of the blue henz of course university of delaware you're getting rain this morning. it's not a big deal. so as we look back at the past 7 days we can count how long our heat wave is it began last friday remember that and we gave away a car on "good day philadelphia". 94 was the high and ended up being high later that day. saturday, 97. we have a strong thunderstorms and 5 the high on surprised and 97 on monday and yesterday dpropd down thanks to thunderstorms we had on monday to 92. not a lot of thunderstorm activity expected today either.
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this will be 96. tomorrow in the 90s as well and that should be it for the heat wave. that's a 7 day heat wave the longest of the year so far. hopefully that's. it by friday in the mid 80s. more seasonable temperatures. each and every day through monday a chance of popup showers and thunderstorms. but, no return to the 90s after that, after the convention. just in time, bob kelly. >> everybody leaves and takes the heat waiver with you. good morning, everybody, 4:16 wednesday morning a live look at i-95 example of police checkpoints. no problems at all right now as you head north. but if you head northbound 95 into city or more importantly headed to airport make sure you give yourself meanttive extra time. here's the deal, police checkpoints 95 preventing trucks or vehicles over five tons from leaving or going through the city and past the wells fargo center. delivery trucks, tow trucks,
4:17 am
buses, even those big rvs folks going on vacation from say bucks county, yard lirks coming down 95. they're being pushed off. there's a little tour through center city, university city. there's a lot of confusion and folks not sure where they're going when pushed off here through center city and back to the schuylkill. i think tonight will be the toughest security night yet. we have both president obama, vice-president joe biden set to speak. motorcade madness for sure down there into and out of south philly. folks down there, chris saw it yesterday. even though they added extra trips on broad street subway line security got owe so fight they didn't allow the trains to go to end of line. they stopped at oregon and you had to walk from oregon avenue into south philly but return trip will be a bonus tonight. so if you're in center city and the broad street subway is the way to go because awe void the motorcade delays when the event is over and getting back to center city.
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let go back to south philadelphia, lauren johnson set up down there at the wells fargo center. >> all right. bob, thank you so much. it's not just hillary clinton's nomination making history if former first lady wins election in november more history bill clinton could become our natio nation's first, first husband. bruce gordon has the story. >> as the state by state roll call vote pushed hillary clinton ever closer to democratic presidential nomination there were no doubt those in this packed house who found another historic first created by the turn of eventch the first time ever a former president will hit the general election campaign trail on behalf of his wife. >> i william jefferson clinton do solemnlyly swear. >> it was nearly 20 years ago bill clinton took the both of office with hillary clinton by his side as first lady. delegates have fond memories of
4:19 am
the kline ton years. >> i was in college when bill clinton became president of the united states. he was charismatic and fun. >> my parents were making money when bill clinton was in office and they did better than me and here i am i live with them. >> it was eight years of good growth. there was no wars. it was a stable economy. >> you like what you remembered. >> i mean there was -- of course there was scandal. >> that scandal is not the only challenge facing bill clinton. he has natural political skills that wife hillary has never matched and so on the campaign trail says political signtist randle miller. >> one of the things bill clinton has to do is make sure he does not push her offer the stage in any way at all, that it's her show, her store yes, i it's her everything and he'll be supporting that. >> many of these hillary supporters believe having a former president on the team can only broaden hillary clinton's appeal. >> think about it there's only
4:20 am
44 other people that have about in that position and to have one right in the home with you i think that will only help. >> bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> thousands who flock to the nightly event of dnc have to figure out how to get to and from the wells fargo center here. uber is taking full advantage of influx of visitors. septa has been dealing with delays and detours as pro tes tester block streets still people traveling to and from cop vengs say subway and uber are best modes of transportation. get this uber lounth is is the up in lot t complete with air conditioning and charging stations and one rider says there's a down side. >> our uber rides cost $13 during the day to get back and forth. which is great, uber have been great and drivers so nice. last night they asked for $166. i know someone who paid $212 for the same $13 ride.
4:21 am
>> yikes, talk about a surge. septa spokes woman is asking people, be patient, prepared and drink plenty of water as they deal with delays in the extreme heat. >> chris murphy you are not usually uber guy you usually hop in a cab. isn't it cool to know they're taking advantage of riders and setting up tents and giving them charging stations. >> mike jerrick and i went to the convention and i and left i hate to admit it during bill clinton's speech toe avoid the massive crowds to get back and go to bed. this is outside the exfinty live zone they transformed. you can see there it says cnn grill. everything looks different at all places right just behind this was things called uber lo lot, what, uber lot. it was like waiting for a cab at a hotel where they're all lined up and they would not let you out there lauren until you have been in contact with your uber driver and they told you which lot space they're in tina was in b 22 walked out there
4:22 am
and left. but, then when we left there's you'll these lines of cars going down the street and it was uber drivers getting lined up. it had to be for miles to get the new people coming out of wells fargo center when bill clinton was done speaking. crazy. >> good for them for making money though, that's great. >> they made a lot of money this week. it will be even worse getting to and from wells fargo center tonight, of course, with president obama speaking. >> right. >> lauren dunn just stay put we have to get to other news 4:2 2. philadelphia police, a driver struck and killed a person when he plowed into a group of people. 34-year-old george mc goldrick is facing a long list of charges including homicide by vehicle. he was drunk when he smashed into another vehicle and hopped the curb 21 and jackson and hit three people on a sidewalk. one woman day died. according to police mc goldrick ran from the scene of the crash and family member called 911 to
4:23 am
report what happened. >> investigators are trying to track down two teens accused of car yack saying woman in south philly. as the victim was getting out near front and moore streets two teen pointed guns at her and stole her quar and ipad. they tried to stop the car in southwest philadelphia where the teen driver crashed into eight parked cars. both teens ran off. they found two gunsed in the car. the eagles have an out spoken coach must on the staff. we hear from coach jim schwartz coming up next. sport in one minute. here are wing lottery numbers. sport in one minute. here are wing lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> good morning, day two of eagles training camp, another die watch the quarterbacks. it's about rookie and selected veterans to learn new offensive and defensive schemes. watching doug peter sop there's some differences. , for instance, i never seen chip kelly run a pass pat attorney show a receiver the proper way to run a pass route. he will not be playing wide receiver but it's a good hands-on way to instruct the wide receiver. one new coach defensive coordinator jim schwartz, intense guy doesn't hold much back and the way he answers question from the media. >> we're not rocket scientists now, we're not trying to you know reinvent anything. we want guys for good position
4:27 am
and communicate well and play what fits them all those things are important us to not trying to you know set a record for being difficult. >> and the eagles vets report today although they don't work out until toll m that's sports in a minute. >> and you can imagine being in south philly working in and out this weather. it's hard enough working to the convention center or to wells fargo center for delegates. >> oh, my gosh i heard from eagles player yesterday getting to training camp will be a nightmare. good luck to them. little clinton made a special case for his wife after she made history and mothers of the movement address the convention also. much more coverage of the democratic national convention, much more coverage of the democratic national convention, coming up
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i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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>> taking on role of devoted spouse. she called her a change maker as she backs the first presidential candidate of major political party in the united states and plus democratic national convention was not without trauma. what bernie sanders did right after the nomination was called. and how you can be a part of the convention even if you don't care for politics? "good day", everyone, wednesda
4:31 am
wednesday, july 27, 2016 i'm chris murphy in the fox 29 studios in old city and lauren johnson good morning to you at the wells fargo center. >> good morning to you chris murphy. yesterday around this time when i looked over the ledge behind me they were cleaning up all the things people left behind. so this morning the cleanup is done. when we came in look what we came across. one of the signs everybody holds up when you see all the coverage this says america. so yeah we have a souvenir to bring back to the studio. last night i told bob and sue i would bring something back. >> you can tell sue now. >> you can hear lauren now. >> yes, thank you for america and thank you from america. all right. here's a day that will be a lot like yesterday. yesterday we gave it a 7. today we'll go with seven again today. it will be hot and not excessively humid. there's a little rain, little impulse moving westing to east through delaware, upper two counties shall we say of delaware, new castle county and kent county. and a little of lancaster and
4:32 am
chester getting clipped by the showers. right now at the airport it's already 7 degrees. but the humidity is not as high as it could be. got to 92 yesterday and 93 is the high today. still hot, not too humid. and so 93 will say feels like 95 or 96. but, by the end of the day the heat index will not be in the triple dimming its still you need to take care of yourself in the heat and we'll till how long the heat wave little last coming up in the 7 day forecas forecast. hey, bob kelly. >> 93, 96, give or take. >> bring me back crab frys with cheese if she comes back later today if she could do that please. sue can have the sign i'll have the crab fries s. south philadelphia right out front of wells fargo center where lauren is set up. broad street on and off rampps blocked. i found that yesterday. the whole entire navy yard complex closed for the week. restaurants, sixers offices, tastykake, glaxosmithkline in
4:33 am
there because of access to and from navy quard i don't now hoe that works. check point are out there again today. no vehicles over 5 tons and not just tractor-trailers. it's delivery trucks, tow trucks, buses 95 to girard to the airport. broad street, remember no park, in the median washington and parker. steve kiwi is coming up with an update. we'll see extra around vine with breakfast set for 8:00. tonight will be biggest security crunch with both president obama and vice-president joe biden speaking this evening. get ready for the motorcade ma madness. you want to take mass transit tonight. running with no delays. >> how does this square with the things that you heard at the republican convention? what's the difference in what i
4:34 am
told you and what they said? how do you square it? you can't. one is real. the other is made up. from the president bill clinton shares a personal glimpsech lessons he learned from his wife on historic night. hillary clinton becomes the first female presidential candidate for a major political party. >> and i can not believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. >> and if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say, i may become the first woman president, but one of you, is next. >> thank you all. i can't wait to join you in philadelphia. >> they made it official in philadelphia which ended with her opponent bernie sanders giving full endorsement. despite show of uppity and support for hillary clinton many supporters refuse to follow his lead. now a threat of the split
4:35 am
plagues democratic party. let's get to the dave kitchen who is there with the details. hi, dave. >> there's a lot of division here. one can onlyp wonder what will happen when bernie sanders makes appearance ahead liner at the pa delegates breakfast double tree hotel at the ballroom with the bitter divide in the party. they staged a sit-in and they were warping the party could in fact fracture before that. an emotional moment and vote by larry sanders brother of berni bernie. >> it is with enormous pride i cast my vote for bernie sander sanders. >> that you very much. democrats abroad. democrats --. >> bernie sanders watching with
4:36 am
emotion tiering up in the process. but it's what bernie ended up doing later that was a game changer he moved hillary clinton be the nominee of party essentially by acclamation and that was a move done to unit the party. but, of course, right after that, that's when the sit-in took place and even more umph in bernie or bust protest. that could happen today. we'll look to see whether bernie support rerz here at the double tree hotel protesting while he'sed in meeting with delegates of pennsylvania, back to you. >> dave kitchen thanks turning to dave three of the national democratic convention, working together, speakers president barack obama and vice-president biden and tim kaine will take the stage. other speakers the daughter of prince pal sandy hook elementary and two of three survives of the emmanuel church shooting in charles stop, south caroline a while dnc is taking place at the wells fargo certainty you can expect
4:37 am
protests and marches at fdr park. 30,000 demonstrators supporting person bern are said toe take place in a church for barny. they were planning a religous dem caition 9:00 this morning and occupy dnc will hold a rally and march in support of sanders this afternoon. dave keelly will talk about that later today. steve, good morning to you. >> it took to middle of week but we got our first official arrest down here in south philadelphia, and chris, to keep your big theme going here you see a couple of big things bigger than usual police vans whether they take police into custody. just on standby just in case. i don't know if they're air conditioned or not. first arrest happened in primetime last night 8:30. u.s. secret service is in charm of the security at the site of the convention and not just inside but here on the outside
4:38 am
too. what they set up with fences we've been showing you all week called designated secure zone. official terms. four people at least two of them women hoisted and helped up on that 8 foot high fence 8:30 last night and four are favorite rests now since cop vengs started and the four didn't get too far. one woman i saw spending a few minutes up on top of fence. philly police and secret service grabbed them right away and "without incident" meaning no struggle they never got close to getting into the wells fargo center secret service wanted to let us know and the four spent the night at the federal detention center 7 and race streets next to the police headquarters and the federal courthouse and they're now going to face federal charges of entering restriinged area and the four will face a federal judge later today and courtroom likely chris full of friends, supporters and immediate and we also had our first heat-related injury. a philly police officer treated
4:39 am
for being overcome bit heat and medical personnel say when we have continual days of 0 it's cumulative affect your body is not used to it say if you climb mount everest and get acclimated to high levels of area. it takes a pounding. that's when the biggest danger faces. he needed treatment and got checked out at the hospital. >> all right. steve, thanks so much. you know who did geted in the wells fargo center, lauren john sop. good morning, lauren. >> good morning to you chris murphy. next "fox29" morning news epic battle during dnc we're not talking race for president or politics. it's a food fight. philly versus new york. we'll explain this one, stay philly versus new york. we'll explain this one, stay with us
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welcome back, 4:42 what's better cheesesteak or cheese cake. while politicians did not come just for dnc they came to solve philly and new york staples. philadelphia representative joined new york representative caroline mall opie for the friendly competition. judges sampled five iconic foods from each city. how does this all start. let's ask brenda boil. >> it actually started when philadelphia and brooklyn were up against each other in competition to host the democratic national convention and you know, of course, philadelphia won. well, caroline wanted a rematc
4:43 am
rematch. >> of course. that's few, right? >> while the judges picked the cheese cake over the steak philly won the overall competition. lauren johnson good morning to you. >> good morning to you, chris, donald trump used to be a remember member of the bill clinton fan club. that could be over. what the donald has to say that could be over. what the donald has to say about the dnc whenthe state made aers, commitment to us.
4:44 am
i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
4:45 am
4:46 am
>> handing out watt airport water ice. surks great idea you have to stay hydrated. >> not only are they on duty but they're wearing investigates that are so heavy and hot. got to do it. but i give them a lot of credi credit. >> anybody who has to work outside in the heat and it will still be hot today, day number sim of heat wave coming up and there's a little impulse shall we call it moving through our area affecting dell ement. dover, delaware you're good to get light reign and there's light rain moving through the wilmington area, bear and newark, delaware, little rain in southwestern chester county. it's not a big deal. but it's happening so you need to know about. it it's 79 already in philadelphia. we reached 8 0 wilmington and it's not 5:00 in the morning yet. 80 dover, delaware. cool 5 in mount pocono. what a difference if you head up to the mountains. dew point mostly in the 60s
4:47 am
around the metro area and higher down south. that's where we have a greater chance of showers and thunderstorms popping up. not only today but tomorrow as well. we should be at 87 degrees for high temperature this time in june. we've been well above ever since friday when we got 94. that's one, two, three, four, five, days of heat wave so far. today will be number 6 and i think we'll get 7 in with tomorrow's high of 94. 86 degrees on friday. but chance of popup thunderstorms and some of those could be strong to severe. we're under slight risk of that happening friday. then we head into the last weekend of july. can't believe it! and it will be in the 0s both days with a chance of popup showers and thunderstorms. quick look at shore temperatures because today, bob kelly, seabreeze. it will be 83 on the beach. >> not only does the seabreeze catch may tension but you should is seen the seabreeze
4:48 am
dance. >> 4:47 good morning everybody crews are working on the turnpike between valley form an downingtown and otherwise kind of quiet and drier start to morning than we this this time yesterday going to stoom on in. good morning, route 29 river roadblocked this morning if i had letters creek and church down tree left over from yesterday. here's example of check point. 5 southbound right at the center city interest change. again there's example tractor-trailers and trucks being pushed off on to the vine street expressway and then from there they'll cross town to schuylkill. no five ton weight vehicles or over five tops permitted north or south 95 from center city down to stadium complex. two event to point out, 8 a.m. breakfast at the double tree hotel broad and locust locust. be ready for police activity there. keep in mind there's no parking in the median along broad
4:49 am
between washington to packer. i said materialier. tonight will be toughest security night yet with both president obama, vice-president joe biden and both coming to town for the event tonight. motorcade madness they're not coming in the same car they're not allowed to travel together you know that. two separate motorcade in and out of stadium complex front you go to event subway is way to go not only from center city you get down there quicker they have extra trains but return trip back you thank me later for taking the subway because awe void the motorcade delays in the crunch trying to get out of parking lot there in south philadelphia. lawrp knows all about that. she's down there now. lauren back to you. >> all right. thank you so much bob. former president bill clin top made appeal on behalf of his wife to become the next president and he talked how they met 1971 i met a girl -- he took digs at the republican
4:50 am
national convention held last week in cleveland and as soon as that happened donald trum cop not keep quiet went to straight to twit were thoughts. he tweeted no matter what bill clinton says and how well he says it the phony media will explain it to be incredible and highly overrated and didn't stop there he sweet tweeted i hate to say it but republican convention was far more interesting with more beautiful set than democratic convention so yeah chris murphy, he's always talking. >> and tweeting. >> going toward a developing story. philadelphia police arrested this guy here, 23-year-old zavier brad well burlington charged with a murder of a man outside a riverfront bar. shellton mayorit spring guard heen and delaware avenue. a policed in the bar may have led to sheeting sunday night. >> a map was being robbed golf
4:51 am
gas station 2200 block in the city wynnefield section. the suspect tried to carjack employee. when he failed he went down the street and targeted smun else. investigators say he picked the wrong guy. that person had a license to carry and shot the suspect. no charges have been filed again the shooter. police say he's cooperating in the investigation. >> a team of 20 delaware state forest service fire fighters in colorado to help fight wildfires burping out west. they left smyrna to lend a happened and large fires bur burning in arkansas, colorado, florida and wyoming not to mentional call as reported. 4:51. $10 increase in atlantic city hotel tax could cause more trouble for the cash-strapped tourist city according to a con veption group. tax would lessen their ability to market city as destination for conventions, city council president marty small proposed a feel to help reduce property taxes and city, debt.
4:52 am
next, mothers of the moment making emotional address last night top moments from the making emotional address last night top moments from the democratic national convention.
4:53 am
at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life.
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that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey taste so fresh seconds after carving, we not only seal every slice, we double seal it. the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. >> here's what's buzzingen line when mother's of movement came on stage and lost their children to senseless moments and they gave strong endorsement to hillary clinton as they called to unity.
4:55 am
>> police officers are good people doing a good job. and we're asking and we're also going to, keep using our voices and our votes to support leaders like hillary clinton who will help us protect one another. so this club of heartbroken mothers stops growing. >> some of the victims represented died in altercations with police and that prompted strong reaction from local police union and dnc did not include families as fallen officers as part of convention. >> susan serandan says she's been a long time supporters of bernie sanders she's here in philly at the con veption and active in various demonstrations. >> and nearly 100 years after women got the vote, you people
4:56 am
have made history. and you're going to make history again in november because hillary clinton will be our first woman president. >> at great actress there meryl streep and alicia keys performed song super woman before she spoke. she dedicate today to mothers of the movement and everyone who witnessed some form of senseless violence. when i saw her took the stage i didn't recognize her she doesn't wear the makeup any more. fantastic performance. >> yeah, all right, chris, it's not all about south philadelphia and it's not all about the democrats this week. how you can be a part this historic event without even stepping on the convention floor. >> first, dave kinchen good morning to you. >> they'll try to turn broad street to bernie sanders way will they show up and protest with him appearing before a pd
4:57 am
delegates breakfast. we have a preview after the delegates breakfast. we have a preview after the break.
4:58 am
every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds. what every coconut wants.
4:59 am
>> she is still the best darp change maker i have ever known. >> and she changed history last night. shattering another glass ceiling. hillary clinton officially the first female presidential candidate of a major political party in the u.s.. >> i am really emotional.
5:00 am
like i said i just feel like they're making a huge mistake. >> with news of the nomination supporters of bernie sanders were not happy. what happened moments after hillary's name was called. and plus trying to hail a cab or call uber in city with no luck? getting a round the city has been challenging with so many visitors. the tricks you need to know while the convention continues. "good day", everybody, wednesday, jewel 27, 2016 i'm lauren johnson live at the wells fargo center here in south philadelphia. chris i don't know if you can hear but guess what's happening behind me they're vacuuming now and cleanup is continuing from last night. >> well, it better be a hoover vacuum keeping with presidential theme. all right. lauren, thank you. i'm ridiculous. sue, sarah, good morning to you. >> at least you got a laugh and snort out of bob kelly there. >> it's crazy around here. you know, i have never seen so many plaque suvs in one


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