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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  July 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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like i said i just feel like they're making a huge mistake. >> with news of the nomination supporters of bernie sanders were not happy. what happened moments after hillary's name was called. and plus trying to hail a cab or call uber in city with no luck? getting a round the city has been challenging with so many visitors. the tricks you need to know while the convention continues. "good day", everybody, wednesday, jewel 27, 2016 i'm lauren johnson live at the wells fargo center here in south philadelphia. chris i don't know if you can hear but guess what's happening behind me they're vacuuming now and cleanup is continuing from last night. >> well, it better be a hoover vacuum keeping with presidential theme. all right. lauren, thank you. i'm ridiculous. sue, sarah, good morning to you. >> at least you got a laugh and snort out of bob kelly there. >> it's crazy around here. you know, i have never seen so many plaque suvs in one city in
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my life. everybody travels with the suv. no more long limousines right black suv you see them everywhere. any way, 7 out of 10 today. we had a 7 yesterday. it's a similar day. clouds around this morning but bus buddy with us temperatures in the 06s and 70s. not bringing muggy the dog in. it's not oppressive. here's an area of showers. it's now clipping southern part of chester county and new castle county and kent county in delaware and then heavier rain down along southern part of chesapeake bay. middletown, delaware, dover, delaware you may get rain this morning same for wilmington we don't expect it to last long and it will not change the heat of the day that we're expectin expecting. we're already starting off in philly at 78 degrees with 66% relative humidity that's improved from the 90% we have had in the past. 5:56 now surprise time.
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checking in on other temperatures cool in mount pocono. 59. that's a great spot. 75 atlantic city international and 80 already in dover and wilmington, delaware. so plan on mix of sun and clouds throughout the day today and high temperature of around 94 degrees. day number 6 of our current heat wave 8:19 sunset time. so that takes care of wednesda wednesday. we'll talk about when the heat wave ends and whether it will coincide with end of convention as well coming up in the 7 day forecast. good morning, bob kelly. >> that philly was so hot. it's called hot in philly. we'll be nope for that, too. good morning, everybody, not hot on roadways yet. looking good on the turnpike. south jersey you're off to a good start. downed tree river road closed off if i hadler's creek. outside we good a live look at south philadelphia probably the spot chris walked past light night broad at pattison.
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there's penndot trucks and fence. remember no climbing the fence. there that's pope fence the 8 foot high pope fence out there broad and pattison. 95 check point still with us here. northbound. all those five ton vehicles or greater pushed off on to the platt bridge and then using schuylkill and vine expressway. today will be a tough one. we have 8 a.m. breakfast, dave dave telling you about that in a moment. broad and locust. look for that. start time 8 a.m. no parking on whole median there along broad. go south philly that's a little different for you. washington to packer. tonight will be toughest security night yet. we have president obama, vice-president joe bide ep coming to town. motorcade mad ness two they can't travel together they will come in two separate times and leave separate times i would not be surprised with the secret service they split two different ways out of the parking lot and make sure you
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use mass transit, broad street subway is the way to go if you go to south philadelphia later tonight, chris back to you. >> go rhymes with jamo the whole city in a jamo. steve keeley is at fda park and dave kinchen on broad, which is jamo city. let's go to lauren johnson in the wells fargo center wrapping up moments from last night's historic night, lauren. >> it was that. breaking glass ceiling. hillary clinton now officially in history books. >> i can not believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. >> and if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say, i may be the first woman president, but one of you is next. thank you all. i can't wait. >> secretary clinton is overrulely the first female presidential candidate of major political party in us.
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democrats making their pick last night. her number one supporter her husband former president bill clinton made a personalal peel for his wife as the next president. >> hillary is uniquely qualified to sees the opportunities and reduce the risk we face and she is still the best darn change maker i have ever known. >> hillary will make us stronger together. you know it. because she spent a lot of time doing it. i hope you'll do it. i hope you'll elect her. those of us who have more yesterdays than tomorrows, tend to care more about our children and grandchildren. the reason you should elect her is that in the greatest country on earth we have always been
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about tomorrow. your children and grandchildren will bless you forever if you do. hillary clinton has previously said her husband will play a role in her administration if she wins. she has not specified what the role will be exactly but will likely deal with economy. but the party is still divided this morning even though bernie sanders into roll call last night recognized hillary clinton as official nominee. his die-hard supporters refuse to follow his lead. sanders supporters same aid wake-out leaving the con veption floor and others staged a set in. dave kinchen has more on the democratic cop vengs. live in center city, hi, dave. >> hi, lawrp, we actually saw one bernie sanders supporter outside the hotel at the double tree on broad street looking for perhaps bernie sanders when he appears several hours later for a pa delegates breakfast later one with couldn't ma'am
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inwhat kind of reaction he'll get. they conducted a sit in and warned the democratic party could fracture over nomination of hillary clinton for president. sanders people rejeinging a call for unity. the trauma started during the nomination vote as the -- at the convention site after bernie sanders symbolically called to rally around clip top declaring she be the nominee. >> i feel like they're making a huge mistake in nominating this woman. we had the perfect can dpait, bern yes, i everybody loved bernie. >> for me, the president densey is not something you're entitled to. you have to work for it. people have to trust you. and she's going to have to earn that trust. so it will be bernie or bust yet another around of
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protest today. the question will that happen on broad street when bernie sanders is at this pa delegates breakfast 8:00. we'll be here to find out. >> they're supporters. >> that you. >> while the dnc is taking place at the wells fargo center we can expect protest at fdr park as dave has been talking about three groups planning demonstrations there today, 30 thousand bernie sanders are expectsed to fay rt pav march march for bernie. members of westboro baptist church and occupy dnc. >> keep an eye on all that this morning for us, steve, good morning. >> well, for philadelphians and south jersey folks and delaware people that don't know where the park is it's a little parka cross the street from the wells farling owe september are with a lot of people do tailgating before eagles games. look at the view from the sky line for the park here not seen in the sky line is federal
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detention center pretty new prison 7 and race streets where four protest rerz spending the night we actually got the first official arrest during the democratic national cop vengs yesterday, 8:30 p.m., four people at least two women trying to get hoisted up over security fence outside wells fargo center and of course philly police not in charge of security it's u.s. secret service and they set up the fence and call it their official restricted hear and that is federal charge now of trespassing going through and entering restricted area and so they'll face a federal judge today so serious stuff. we'll see if they're found not guilty eventually like a lot of protesters are in this town these are federal charges not local charges. and so the secret service taking this very seriously. they said at no point do these people get close to entering wells fargo center. there's news there the first arrest also the first heat
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exhaustion case from all the philadelphia police officers, firefighters, emts even streets department working you see they're bringing barricades in middle of night and you have a couple guys keeping trash trucks coming with air conditioning on they're there as security with con creed barricade here and we'll show you sheriff department has prisoner transport buses there were four here yesterday and two big ones today. down pattison avenue and one smaller one in between. they're here staged here just in case they're needed to cart people away. so, they are ready for anything at any time around here. and so fdr park quiet and dark now. there's tents set up and camps in the area even though they told people they could not camp they're letting them stay and have peaceful protests. it's when you try to jump the fence it's serious stuff and now we get federal charges, you bet that courtroom would be packed based on my memory for
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20000 they had hundred of supporters outside the police department or outside the courthouse supporting their people who are facing criminal charges whenever they get arrested at a protest. >> steve, good point, 5:11 is the time now and we turn to dave at the democratic national cop vengs. working together. president barack obama and vice-president joe biden and tim tem will take the stapling. others include former philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey and daughter of prince pal of santy hook elementary and two of three survivors of the emmanuel shooting in charleston, south car line a. the recent deaths of children in hot cars in texas plead parents for vigilance and it can happen to anyone. 23 kids die the this year across the united states and arm of 37 hot car deaths per year. a worker for a child safety information said technology con
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find from education and awareness is needed to lower number of deaths. >> 10:00 increase at the hotel -- that's according to meet ac a convention group. tax would lessen their ability to market city as destination for cop vehicles and city council president marty small propose aid fee to help reduce property taxes, depending where are you it's not as easy as hailing an uber. tricks you may need to make sure you get the right. lawrp lauren how did you get to the wells fargo center this morning. >> i drove myself. but it's not easy. there's a lot of security. all right. it's not just hillary clinton's nomination making history could we see the nation's first first husband. we'll talk about it after the husband. we'll talk about it after the break
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>> during the roll call of states last night at the dnc pill hillary clinton officially secured the number of delegates to secure nomination before awarding delegates each local state had something positive to say. governor wolf welcomed everyone to the welt commonwealth. >> madame secretary i'm tom wolf, governor of the commonwealth of pennsylvania and on behalf of all pennsylvanians, welcome to our quelingt. we are the state that started the revolution, and we want to
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be the state to continue the revolution again. the state that started our great nation, the first state to sign the constitution, delaware cast nine votes for bernie sanders and cast 23 votes for the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> thank you. >> all of our local states gave majority their delegates to hillary clinton. all right. sue this extreme sheet going nor. they thingz my uber driver heard it's hot in philadelphia, good food, nice people. >> we timed it out for visitors to come and heat wave will be out in time for them to leave. that's the way it goes. welcome to philadelphia. if you're down in wilmington, delaware, or perhaps chester county in pennsylvania or dove dover, delaware. you're seeing light rain around
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this morning. no thunder or lightning but there's rain around south chester county and around newark, delaware. light rain. if you wake up and look outside and see the road is wet that is why. as we look quick at future cast the further south you go the more you have a chance of little popup shower or storm. that's where humidity is highe higher. especially southern delaware. and jersey shore we could get a seabreeze thunderstorm or two bit end of day today. so eye on the sky if you have escaped to the beach. 78 degrees in philadelphia right now. 80 in wilmington and dover delaware. dew points are still not as high as earl xwrer in the week but it's hot and humid. 3 for today. 94 for tomorrow and then we're in the more surpriseable 80s, friday, saturday, surprised and even into monday and tuesday of next week but the weather is unsettled as we head into the weekend starting tomorrow. each and every day almost we have a chance of popup smourz and thunderstorms. and a real quick check of our
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shore temperatures. it looks like about ten degrees cooler and most of our jersey shore point today with a bit of seabreeze and that stays that way through the weekend. so, we'll keep it a little cooler at the shore which is what we like bob kelly. >> i'm headed to wildwood, north catholic reunion at keenan's in north wildwood. sound like a long weekend for me. 5:18 i'll stay at sue's house in wildwood knocking on the door after midnight. good morning, live look at freeway coming toward the city. roads are dry this morning unlike this time yesterday. no problem at all there. and tractor-trailer disabled here. this is northbound 202 writing at route 401 in construction zone and any day now you see penndot basically pulling up cones and opening up all three lanes on this part of the construction project there in chester count ci and little brings sue mentioned on whipped shield as we step out the front door in that area and working
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on turnpike between sally forming and downingtown. turnpike looking good out philly best bet tonight septa will use the tunnel. protesters took overbroad and pattison the trains could go as far as oregon avenue. still your best bet. not only get you there and you don't have to deal with parking lot that return trip will be huge because broad street subway will allow you to avoid the motorcade delays. there will be two tonight down in south philly. lauren back to you. >> so if hillary clinton win the whitehouse in november she would become the first female united states of the united states there's other first that come with that bill clip ton would be the first man married to u.s. president and first former president to become first spouse and then debate over what to call him if hillary clinton wins. those names thrown out right now, first man, first gentlema
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gentleman, or how about just first spouse. but besides what people will actually call him if she wins the other big question does he want to be in the spotlight, again. >> one of the things bill clinton has to do is shake sure he doesn't push her off the same at all. it's her everything. he'll be supporting that. and hillary clinton has previously said her husband will support her and play a role in her administration if she does win. she has not specified what the role will look like exactly and says it could deal with the economy. okay. thousands who are flocked tonight at the dnc have to figure out how to get to and from the wells fargo certainty. ub ser taking advantage of city visitors. septa acknowledges it's dealt with delays and detours and protesters have been blocking city streets and still people traveling to and from center hearsay subway and uber are the
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best mode of transportation and uber lounge is lot t outside citizens bank park and it's complete with charging stations and air conditioning and one rider says there's a down side. >> uber cost $13 a day to get back and forth and ubers great and drivers so nice. last night they asked for $166. i know someone who paid $212 for same $13 ride. >> septa spokes woman is asking people be patient, be prepared and drink plenty of water as you deal with delays in this extreme heat. i took and uber ride. mine was three point. >> they five you free potled watery got some mast night. >> philadelphia police arrested and charmed 23-year-old xavier brasswell with a murder of man
5:22 am
outside a river appointment pa par. he shot delaware avenue. a fight may have led to the shooting sunday night. >> philadelphia police giving us a look at the driver they say struck and killed a person when he plowed into a group of people. >> police say he was drunk when smashed into another then opened curb 21 and jackson an one woman died according to police mc old rick. >> right now investigators trying to track down two teens accused of carjacking a woman monday night in south philly. as the tsh two teens pointed guns at her and stole her car and ipad. they tried to stop it in south
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west. police found two groups in the the car. good morning at the wells well. >> chris it's not all about south philadelphia an democrats this week. how you can be a part this historic event without stepping foot on the convention floor. but, first, check out winning lottery numbers. good luck to you. lottery numbers. good luck to you. we'll be back. there's one place where america's pastime is preserved for all time.
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>> 5:25 this morning he's not scheduled to speak until tonight but he was spotted in town. he was doing a walk through on stage and completing one of the mic checks getting ready for the big speech. he talked to reporters as well answering tough questions about leaked emails saying the democrat he can party favored sand hillary clinton over sanders. >> the end of the day is that bernie and his supporters didn't want to change the party and the party didn't change him. >> when biden speaks tonight the theme of night will be working together. and you don't have to be a dell got take advantage at the democratic national convention, how would you like to take a private tour into white house oval office or have your picture taken among portrait of residents or seat or air force one. visitors and locals are taking
5:27 am
part in political investigate a interactiontive tour of exhibits centered around politics, history, government, visitors can get around venues by shuttle bus where you see priceless artifacts like jfk limousine and official documents taken right from the white house. >> i've never come to the constitution center and lived here 18 years now. it's one of those things where you kind of want to get out see city and save money and be a part of history. >> the political fest end today and tickets at any convenient use. five bucks for kids and 15 for adults. so bill clinton made a special case for wife hillary clinton on the stage behind me here last night after she made history. much more coverage of the democratic national convention much more coverage of the democratic national convention coming up after the break.
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i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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he's going like "i don't remember!"
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>> taking on the role of devoted political spouse. former president bill clinton declared wife hillary clinton clinton empassioned change maker as she officially becomes the first female presidential candidate of major political party in the u.s. and plus democratic national con veption was not without trauma what berp bern supporters did after the nomination was called. and how you can be a part of the convention even if you don't care for politics.
5:31 am
"good day" everyone, it's wednesday, july 27, 2016 i'm chris murphy here in the air conditioned studios of fox 29, fourth and market. good morning to you. >> hi, chris, it's still quiet here. not a lot. what we have been hearing is helicopters overhead and we're like what's that noise we thought it was thunder but i have not heard sue say anything about rain. someone is flying overhead scoping out the scene here. >> okay. and speaking of sue, bus stop buddy now, he's patriotic he has what the blue hat and red shirt. >> all decked out in red, white and blue and plus the shades for later today. i want to add suncreen. make sure you have that with you especially if you take advantage of political fest at all the different venue as around i urge you to do so. my daughter and i went to the constitution center the other day and really enjoyed their special exhibit there. it's seven different venues in all. jen fred will have more about that later on. right now clouds around.
5:32 am
temperatures in the 60s 70s as we get started we have rain, thunder, lightning none at the airport tore wells fargo center. this is an area of rain moving through northern delaware. there's a little more down to the south it looks like again calling this a weak impulse if you will. so very light rain. but no weather trauma. there's enough of that at the con veption. 78 now in philadelphia. 66% relative humidity sunrise time official at 5:56. it's starting to get light out now. 59 mount pocono. mugier 73 reading and 72 lancaster and already at 80 wilmington and dover. temperature going nor but frum here especially once the sun comes up. we have day number 6 of heat wave and high temperature 93 later on. bob kelly good morning. >> good morning, sue, 5:32 our area is no fly zone it's not a news helicopter flying over the
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wells fargo center. my guess security doing morning sweep now that the sun has begun to rise here. over south philadelphia. starting to see beginning of delay. northbound 95 heading into that check point, again, 95 is on and expect slow downs between stadium area and northeast philadelphia there at girard avenue. northbound 95 all those larger vehicles pushed off using platt bridge and schuylkill to get into downtown. going to be a rough go today. 8 a.m. breakfast double tree hotel broad and locust. dave kinchen gifts us more on that. no porking in medium and tonight sufficientest security day yet as president obama and vice-president biden set in philadelphia and get ready for motorcade mattness. >> let's go to south philadelphia and toss back to lauren.
5:34 am
>> how does this square with thing you heard at the republican con veption. what's the difference in what i told you and what they said, how do you square it. you can't. one is real app the other made up. former president bill clinton sharz a personal glimpse of lessons learned from his wife on a historic night as hillary clinton become the first female presidential candidate for a major political party. >> and i can't believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. >> and if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say, i may become the first woman president, but one of you is next. thank you all. i can not wait. >> democrats made it official during a role call which ended with berp bern gaveing full endorse. and despite siz support of
5:35 am
hillary clinton many sanders supporters refuse to follow his league. now it's playing the democratic party. dave kinchen is live in center city with more details on the division. hi, dave. >> hi, lawrp, major division and one can only remember what will happen a few hours from now outside the ormandy room ballroom double tree and berp sbern slated to be headline speaker at 8 a.m. dell grat process. . bernie sanders supporters staenl aid sit in warning it could fracture about that app emotional vote from larry sanders. >> it gives me enormous pride that i cast my vote for bernie sanders. >> thank you very much. democrats abroad. democrats --.
5:36 am
>> you can see senator sanders watching with emotion tiering up in the pros and and what bernie did most was game changer he moved hillary clinton be the nominee by essentially ak nation and be the nominee of the party but that has not united the party even though that may have been his intention. many protest the walkout you just saw and perhaps more protests on broad outside the double tree when berp berp appears at 8 a.m.. >> back to you chris. >> the distinction was berp bern wanted all gel gats put in the official record historically so when you look back on this you sigh he very much was presented. >> thanks so much, dave, we turn to dave through the democratic national con veption. theme today working together. big speakers president alabama and vice-president biden and tim kaine will be on stapling and other speaks include former philadelphia police khirtion
5:37 am
charles ramsey and daughter of prince pal of sandy hook elementary and two of the three survives of mother he manual church shutting in charleston south caroline a while the dnc is taking place at the would expect watches. plea groups holding dem rations about 30,000 berp bern support rerz expected to take place in march for bernie 8:00 in the morning and members of westboro baptist church are planning religous dem station 9 pbg:00 a.m. steve keely a lot to keep an eye on yet again this morning, good morning to you. >> yeah protest headline -- first four women were rested fog after the fence they were be philadelphia police and u.s. secret service. first arrest and facing federal charges for entering restricted area. you see the area restricted. they have penndot trucks helping as you well and trash
5:38 am
crux and increased boulevard. so they're being super careful and interesting thing is chris look between our point here at fdr and 20 street and then down where the wells fargo september are where you see spotlight in between eagles have to go for their training cam practices with chips 8:40. all big trucks run wag air conditioners on and here comes city of philadelphia fuel truck as i say that from the highway division. they're bringing gasoline into fdr park to keep everything run anticipating keep everybody cool ha which has been a tough job we many the first philadelphia officer cheated for eat don't john there will give you a sense of where we are. there's the city sky line.
5:39 am
it looks great on national tv. it's a lot of anchors using scaffolding outside the wells fargo center that is their back drop putting on beautiful postcard for the world from philadelphia during the democratic national con veption which are city officials wanted and what they it got want as to hear the world arrest. unfortunately no surprise that would happen. the question is you mentioned all planned protest today to you get more that eeshl arrest arrests. >> exactly glad you mentioned eagles. they have training camp there at the novacare center and they have out spoken coach new on the staff. we'll hear from jim schwartz coming up in sports in one we'll hear from jim schwartz coming up in sports in one minute.
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>> good morning. seigels training camp yesterday another day to watch the quarterbacks. that's what the days are at camp these days 'tis for rookie apz selected veterans to learn new offensive and defensive schemes and watching coach doug pederson there's differences. , for instance, i never saw chip kelly run a pass pattern to show receivers proper way to run a pass route. doug will not be playing receiver but it's a good hand on way to instruct the wide receivers and one of the new coaches is defensive coordinator jim schwartz and he's intense and doesn't hold much back in the way he hanss questions for the media and
5:43 am
players like what they see so far. >> he doesn't take any crap. he's always -- he makes sure you're accountable that's the biggest thing i like about. it he's a no nonsense type of gay and at the same time he want to you play and not think and be fast. >> eagles veterans report today and they don't work out until thursday and phillies complete the series this afternoon. >> that's sports in a minute. the series this afternoon. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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>> it is hotter than normal july. it was 13th 90 degree day we've had ten degrees of 90 or above. we're at 13 and working on a couple more at the least before the month is over. that's coming up soon. rain moving through northern delaware and some slightly heavy rain moving through southern delaware. it's not a big deal. it's. there and you sorry we've had a little rain in chester county. that's high test coffee we had this morning. any sdwrn way, further south you are from philadelphia the more chance you have of maybe a popup shower before the end of day. there's a seabreeze in store for the shore. but sometimes that can touch off a thunderstorm or two as well. just like every hot and humid
5:47 am
day keep your eye on the sky later on in the afternoon and evening. 78 in philadelphia. 80 wilmington and dover. and especially humid down in dover, delaware today. and 77 in wildwood and 5 the degrees that's the comfortable spot in mount pocono this morning. dew points when in the 60s it's on the muggy side. not bad. look at 80 degree dew point in dover, delaware that's what i'm talking b 87 your average. we've been well above average for a day after day after day this will be 6th day of kushts heat wave one more tomorrow. so that's two more 90 degree days we'll at add to above average tote ol for month and then in more seasonable 80s. still pretty hot and it's going to be humid. and we have thunderstorms popping up greatest chance will be on friday afternoon and evening after that high of 86 degrees. bob kelly, we have a lot going on this week. it's crazy. >> yeah. >> i think we're midweek here. hump day. 95 southbound here's example of
5:48 am
the police checkpoints. they're all lined up. look at them all ready to go. state troopers again the object is to push off the tractor-trailers or any vehicles off five tons and not permit them to go further south past center city. and god help the truck that decides to go you'll see one of these guys troopers pull right out and make that stop. so, south 95 give yourself extra time coming out of northeast philly and already the slow down here from betsy in through downtown. again object is tractor-trailers. delivery trucks, partial trucks. buses, school buses, even some of those tour buses again not permitted between center city and wells fargo center. now, today 8:00 break fact at the double tree there will be more jam than just on the toast broad and lobe locust. expect tliz on south broad. south of city hall during the morning and then of course there's no parking on that median. all through sewage philadelphia. tonight will be the toughest
5:49 am
test of security yet this week. both president obama and vice-president joe bide ep expected to speak tonight at the wells fargo center and can you say it? motorcade madness. now i know joe is already in town. the president probably coming n you'll see a motorcade and with that will be closure of i-95 or wherever they're coming from to south philadelphia. tonight, if you are going down to the convention the broad street subway will be your best bet. not just forgetting there but when it's over that ride back a quick trip from south philly back to center city. mass transit at the moment look going with no reported delays♪ let me tell you♪ ♪ super woman, yes i am♪
5:50 am
whoa yeah even when i'm a mess♪ . >> you know that voice alicia keys singing her hit song super woman last night she performed right before hillary clinton spoke to the world for the first time since being declared first female presidential candidate. throughout she's been getting star power support earlier in the night a number of actresses took to the stage backing democratic nominee. you can see in this video elizabeth banks, debra messing, tony goldwin, meryl streep. they all threw their support behind clip ton and also speaking actresses liena dun dunnham and fer ar a. >> trump and his party think i should be punished for exercising my constitutional right. his rhetoric about women takes us back to a time we were meant to be beautiful and silent. >> not everybody looks at the millions of young people like me, children born into struggl
5:51 am
struggling families, children born to immigrant parents and children who are immigrants themselves, not everybody looks at them and sees an investment. but hillary has spent the last 30 years proving what she sees in us. >> not every celebrity of the democratic national convention is supporting hillary clinton. susan sorandan is still waiting to be per situated by hillary before getting her vote. this video has gone vivrm. these been out spoken supporter of bernie sanders and she wants to see what clinton's plans for issues are on fracking and transpacific part summership you before endorsing hillary clinton. hillary often walks out to platen's fight song on the campaign trail. it was ideal choice for the second night of dnc.
5:52 am
>> i was screaming loud tonight you can hear my voice,ed in, this is our fights song♪ take back our life song♪ prove we're all right song♪ . >> handful of celebrities came through to video the pitch perfect song. it was coproduceed by elizabeth banks. chris murphy you can keep up with all the star power we've about seeing and hearing from since this started in our city. >> it's been fun, we're not done there either bay the way. parties happening all over after business is done for day on convention floor it's party time. celebrities hit the and r & b gospel singer howard hewitt performed the party started 8:00 for cocktail and viewing and action of floor wells fargo
5:53 am
center followed by elaborate inder and at 10 the organizer says the event ways party with a purpose. >> after twepty plus years of working to mobilize the plaque mood and expand voting right for all we're having a really wonderful gala he stront celebrate all that we've accomplished. >> and r & b and goose spell singer hewitt will get the party started. it's epic battle during the d democratic national convention a food fight versus philly and new york. a food fight versus philly and new york. straight ahead.
5:54 am
♪ is the world truly ready for a vehicle that can drive itself? an autonomous-thinking automobile that protects those inside and outside. ready or not, the future is here. the all-new e-class. self-braking, self-correcting, self-parking. a mercedes-benz concept car that's already a reality. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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♪ thanks for joining us at 5:56 in the morning. 78 degrees. another warm one on top. sue will have that nay minute. now, you may have had this argument at least once or twic twice. what's better? the cheesesteak or cheese cake. politicians did not come to philly just for the dnc. they came to solve eye turnal battle between philly and new york staples. pennsylvania representative brendan boil joined by new york representative karen maloney went at it for the friendly competition. jms sampled five iconic fooldz
5:57 am
from each city. how does this all start. let's ask brendan boil. >> it started when philadelphia and brooklyn were up against each other in competition and to host the democratic national con veption and as philadelphia won carol want aidry rematch. >> while justed pick stek over the cake she won overall. >> former president bill clinton declared wife hillary clinton empassioned change maker as she officially become the first female presidential candidate of major political party in the united states. and the democratic national convention was not without trauma. what berp bern supporters did after the nomination was calle what berp bern supporters did after the nomination was calle called, straight ahead.
5:58 am
(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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snv hello philadelphia i can't believe we just put the biggest crack in the glass ceiling yet. >> well, philadelphia is famous for the cracks. one in the bell not one in the glass ceiling alex i'll do a lot of alliteration this morning hillary makes history in philly first woman to be major party nominee for president the message she had


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