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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 27, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> she is still the best darn change maker i have ever known. >> and for the first time ever a former president campaigning on behalf of his wife. why bill clinton feels the former first lady will mack a great president. >> plus big names scheduled to speak tonight including the president of the united states barack obama and how police are maintaining "law and order" with big protests planned as early as this morning. >> and from the streets of philly to center stage dnc last night we're joined by local ak swriingt whose anti-gun violence message cam purd
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attention of national leaders. >> we'll speak with him in a bit. >> you better believe t i womder if they was never e everybody in us. we'll get him in the studio and ask him about that. he's a one man wrecking crew when it comes to trying to stop the violence in the city. >> especially gun violence affecting our youth. >> if you have a question get on twitter or facebook and we'll pass it to him. it's crazy and hazy out there this morning. not excessively humid but hot and humid and all day. 7 out of 10 and your weather by the numbers we have patriotic bus stop buddy so excited about
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all the folks in town. temperatures in the 60s and 70 70s. there's clouds around this morning. little bit of rain down to the south. we've been watching all morning we'll take a closer look on radar in a moment. 78 at the moment at philly international with 62% relative humidity. in between we get to high of 93 today. still hot, not excessively humid with northeasterly breeze we're expecting sea braez at the shore. we will talk about that in-depth as well. all that coming up in the 7 day forecast. bob kelly, how are the roads. >> well, things starting to pop here a little 7:04 this wednesday liver look at the schuylkill and delays heading into and i out of town and off the vine expressway coming off 95. checkpoints still. there give yourself scoo time if traveling 93, work, doctor's appointment, hospital visit in
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center city and south in center city and northbound approaching airport. mike ged ready to take a drink. motorcade madness later tonigh tonight. two big speeches by the president and vice-president set for tonight at the wells fargo center. we're going to have two separate motorcade into even out of stadium complex and of course that's going to bring two big delays when we're going in and out of stadium. if going into the event tonight the broad street subway is way to government by the way a mass transit running at the moment with no delays. >> and i cannot believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet thanks to you and to everyone. >> did you hear it last night the glass ceiling breaking hillary clinton is now officia officially in the history book secretary clinton overrulely the first female presidential candidate of major political party in midwest and democrats made their pick officially last
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week and voted her in. >> i cannot believe we just put the biggest crack in that glal ceiling yet. >> if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch let me just say i may become the first woman president but one of you is next. >> thank you all. i can't wait to join you in philadelphia. >> so her number one supporters is former president bill clinton made personal appeal for his wife to become the next president. >> okay. i married my best friend and was still until awe of four years being around her how strong, loving and caring she was. >> so hillary clinton has previously said her husband will play a role if her administration if she wins the presidency and she has not specified what that role would be and they talked about the economy and others said how about secretary of state.
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two secretary of states named clinton. hm. >> today at the dnc day three, night three. the theme working to the. scheduled speakers will touch on gun control influiding former police commissioner of philadelphia charles ram six we be on the stage tonight. former philadelphia commissioner charles ramsey speech will be round 9:00 i think i want to mention that and head lineser are vice-president joe biden and who we saw yesterday here in philly and president barack obama. that's a lineup, folks. >> it's a great lineup. we'll have crews everywhere this morning that will happen at some time. this morning there will be a lot of protests. steve keeley is in south philly with more on some of the big protests planned in fdr park and first to dave kinchen where he is live in sent erter city. >> he'll be here for delegates breakfast or mappedy double
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tree hotel room. eggs, sausage an a side of protests. that's the question. there are pennsylvania state police officers or trooper out here making sure that if the protester show up they're civil with a bitter divide in the party standard party tormd the media tent in south lilly cop duged a sit in. >> sanders people reject a call for unity. trauma started during nomination vote at convention and we called along delegate to rally le claireing her to be the nominee. >> i think they made a mistake nominating this woman we had the perfect candidate, bernie, earn loved bern yivrment. >> for me the presidency is not something you're entitled to. you have to work for it. people have to trust you.
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she's going to have to erp that trust. bernie sanders watched as the vote were tall lid. he was emotional at the time when his brother nominated him, too, but he stopped the roll call and by acclimation declared hillary clinton, of course, be nominee and that's when ended up happening and the question is will his supporters bring the message here. you can bet some sort of protest will --. >> there's signs bernie or bust. even though it's overrule they're still upset about it. >> i was walking down broad and ended up in the middle of that. steve keelly is over across the street from convention site here and fdr park what we call it on south broad. >> protesters -- eagles are
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showing up for practice now that starts 8:4067 that's go on i can't see you coming just to see doug pederson and crew and then we have bern didn't sanders aibd you cannot park here. no parking without a permit. that guy is from michigan. mnl flashers are off his battery is dead or he's woken up to long sleep. at legal he slept in his car. four slept at the federal deengs tension facility 7th and race. we had first official arrest for cop veption last night at primetime right around:00. u.s. secret service told us they arrested four people because it was four women that you saw hoisting over that
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fence and one spent a few minute on top of the fence and philly police secret service grabbed him right away "without incident" that means no struggle they never got close to wells fargo center not only did they spend their night at federal detention center but spend their day in federal court and and that's more serious than trespassing and first arrest so far alex, mike, let me tell you big coings dense. i've been watching ken burns roosevelt documentaries are phenomenal. we're at fdr park. here's coincidence fdr was sworn in 19730. june 27, 1936 over at franklin field university of pennsylvania 100,000 people filled the place. ways trying to find the temperature because a lot of people complaining about temperatures this week. can you imagine if they were in the 90s and outside franklin
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field. when you read about this or see anything about it nobody mentions complain about summer heat in philadelphia back in 1 1936 where they didn't have air companying any way if indoors. why should they have to outdoors. 100,000 80 years ago this month. history again repeating this week with the first woman nominated ever for president of this country. >> we do history bester than any in the america we used to pile into the car and drive and highway 54 out owe to colorado springs. that air conditioning call 4/70 . >> what is that. >> you roll downwind owes and drive 70 miles an hour. >> we're spoiled nowadays. >> we sure are. it is preezing cold in this wells fargo center center. so, what are the papers and what other cities are talking about philadelphia? because we are the spotlight around the world. let's start with our own paper
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here look at this "double wide. >> that's a good headline. >> foremans of bang lives sure they're paipz, hopes. little clinton calls his wife a. >> let's go to inky. look at that big above the mast headline there. they have a great shot after iriana. >> hillary clinton's historic moment. >> uh-huh. >> that's philadelphia. should we go to new york city? up amtrak lines and philly post and fill hi chaos as sanders fans hijacked dnc. >> philly okay sglos purpose it sgloun silence burn it down. >> sounds like they want to burn down the city of philadelphia and they're talking about bernie sanders of of coursing. >> new york post what's on the back. >> yankee stuff.
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>> little -- sdmri don't think it's that bad. what's the other word for donkey, that is the way we talk. >> are you shoddy don't need one go ahead. >> okay. >> what's that covering i would ask? >> so the new york daily news asks warfare -- we're all adults sore loser bernie bac backers boo hill's name and protesters adopt locker up challenge and i heard that yesterday on broad street and dnc offers awkward apology for emails. shame dnc. bernie. well they're bernie backers. >> and bernie -- berning it down. >> burning it down. and the fences outside on broad street protesters were hoisting other protesters up over the fence and couple of them gotta rested. what's this one. we already did that.
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>> jay moore from the wall street jurpal coming in. >> wall street jurpal clinton wins historic nomination in philadelphia. for some woman gepder -- okay we have this one, this one. >> "washington post" historic nomination for hillary clinton. >> they put a picture of bill clinton up there which is interesting. he spoke for his wife. >> you think it would be -- well she was only at the convention two minutes. still it was her sgloment she was via satellite from a hotel in new york. >> we have this one and done that one. >> i think that's our paper route then. >> there you go. >> when barack obama was elected people saved the newspapers and things i opened fer people will save newspapers for this moment. >> you have to. >> come on that's why i gruing my sorry butt out here yesterday i was so tired.
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history was made on the floor. her speech was short she's cav caving up. >> let's go. >> let's see the president tonight. >> and put it on track. >> yes what the heck. it's no doze still around you can still get that? you know it keep you away. >> it's still around. >> it is. >> well thousands of people working for hillary clinton in philadelphia, donald trump can paining for republican president denseise in other area what i call scranton pennsylvania our area. >> he's a billionaire in case you didn't know, alex. billian if you vice president ep to be in northern caroline anenl. >> we're in this area. >> no question about it.
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>> it's good to know if you have relative in norm carolina. >> well that's true. >> let them know. >> i wonder is the warm is better in norm carolina. there's a dome of heat in the country everybody is moist. >> come on sue,. >> it's worse in north carolina if if makes you feel better unless you're at the beaches. and storm cast for today is actually pretty good nice day to escape. because we have a seabreeze kicking in today and temperatures rights on the beach in the low to mid 80s. 71. surf temple and low risk of rip current and 8 for uv index with minimum of sun and clouds and way further south lalva peninsula area we have storms and further north rain. we've about watching it all morning. few pockets heavy rain headed to ocean city maryland and bethany beach and light rain if you get any along the either side of atlantic city expressway in atlantic county, new jersey as we look over the next couple days we have chance of popups south of us today.
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nothing expected in philadelphia. tomorrow, in the morning we could see some rain to the south of us. again close proximity of the stalled front and then by friday afternoon here we go everybody getting rain and sol of the rain could be heavy at times. we've been in this heat wave since friday of last week. another day today. day 6. day 7 thursday and just in time for the convention to be over. then we're back in more seaso seasonable 80s on friday we have the possibility of those heavy downpours with thunderstorms. saturday and sunday it will be in the 80s with few popups in the forecast. but it's sun glare bothering us now bob kelly. >> little sun glare. you have to pop it up in normal spots. 4:22 between collegeville and king of prussia seeing volume and 42 curb side and construction by the way as you noticed postponed for week of cop vengs. no overnight or early morning construction and no problems south jersey.
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north on 95 ready to familiar as lane on and deal no vehicles over five sopz as you head if you come south on 95 obviously it's opposite. if you head to the event tonight it the broad street subway will be the way to go. trains running every eight to ten minutes and i know steve steevr is there by the novacare complex. that was the free parking lot for broad street. remember all this the regional rail stuff is still with us. shortage of cars and unusual timetables there. they moved that free parking lot to south philly high school and from there you can get on the broad street subway at snyder avenue to further your nrip down touj. again the best bet for tonight is going to be the broad street subway because of the motorcade madness. not only getting in the south
7:20 am
philadelphia but more importantly that return trip when everybody is over and it's going to be a lot easier taking subway back and than us and we saw retreats last night in the parking lot well over an hour and i'm like that's what it's like after a flyers sixers came at the complex. oh, goodness it's not good. bob kelly you might have to stop. i don't think he can keep it up what number is that. >> eight. >> eight. >> no nine times he said motorcade madness or full ten double dim its that's funny. okay. >> mike you have to -- shots of water how about that. >> well thanks to state side vod call official liquor of dnc based in kensington this great city of philadelphia. >> he's not going to make it. >> time now to do right after the break mike and alex top three moments of the con
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vehicle. we did it for gop in cleveland. of course we have to do it in our hometown. >> we're fair. >> we'll dole it for one and the other. >> i'm fairly unbalance. >> especially because you have drinken. >> and a new bar and new pair of pants and cold beer. that sounds look a good weeken weekend. no, they're putting bars into retail shops to try to get us to stop online shopping. guess what? a philadelphia store is leading charge on it. a philadelphia store is leading charge on it. we'll talk to her about
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it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ >> retailers coming up with creative way they have so much to compete with travel online and a lot of people doing that more today. and what can do you to get someone in your store. >> i would tell you this love loverly girlfriend would like to go for a mall.
7:25 am
king of prussia. maybe a good baseball game on phillies will going i don't want to drag my bony pody wroteed body out to the ball bloated body out to the ball and i do it because i want to make her happy and then i have to find a place to sit. >> that should be enough to make her happy. >> no. >> i want boos. lauren simonetti tell me what this idea is and i understand that philadelphia store started in philadelphia will lead the charge on this. urban outfitters. >> you got that right. urban outfitter in austin, los angeles and brooklyn, new york starting to sell booze not free unfortunately and they're opening bars in israeli barbecue snrawnts some urban outfit others to get people off-line and go into physical score and where will bars be sometimes near men's department convene four and suck in the millennials that like to shop where fingertips are on phones.
7:26 am
what do you think. >> so that's what it's going to take? alcohol to get us to go to a store. >> i wonder if it will be overpriced or maybe if you buy something and show a reset they give i a discount. >> what happens if you spill your drink on clothes or if you get tipsy maybe you buy more. not positive. barnes and noble is other retailer that is beating amazon or trying to by turning their libraries if you will book stores into places you can have beer and wine. >> that makes sense to me people go to barnes and noble for cover he and sit and read sdmri think we're learning more about lauren simonetti. apparently she is a sloppy alcohol drinker, can't hold her liquor. >> and compulsive. >> doesn't know what to stop. spills on clothes. would your husband did he shop with you? >> no, i don't let him it's annoying. >> can we leave, do you need that, come on?
7:27 am
no, i go alone. i'll not going to lie. >> last couple times i've been in stores i said why aim pasting time there's a bigger selection online. you get coupon codes. shipping is free. i hate that i say that i know. >> i know i shop online. >> i like being able to try things on to make sure it fits. >> i never try anything on i hate dressing room. pants even. i go home and hope for best. >> then you have to go back and return it. >> no, i just --. >> ship them back for free? >> no. if they're too loose i eat. >> one way to solve it male male we'll see you tomorrow. >> have a good one and enjoy the dnc. >> let's play trivia with delegates. >> gel-gates or delegates.
7:28 am
>> delegates. >> let see if we can stop them right there. >> okay, we're going to try to find them and here's the best part. we're thinking about going to see the people at the bernie sanders rally. we know they're awake it's 7:45 do they know things like this what is this? if you're in philadelphia tell me about what that is on twitter and wish us luck. me about what that is on twitter and wish us luck. finding delegates.
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snv around girard avenue it meets 95 headed southbound prob be a led head for wells farrow. >> give me a motorcade madness. >> i already did. >> i already did. >> is afternoon so if you head southbound girard 95 headed to wells fargo center wouldn't it mean maybe you came from new york city and could that be the nominee? >> and you know we're right here in wells fargo center we've been hearing sound checks could it be happening during the show this morning. >> we'll see i have no idea who it s hi, bob.
7:32 am
>> here's a live look 95 southbound all lanes closed girard avenue but closures are also along the blue route southbound ram top 95 which leads me to believe it's someone coming from delaware into downtown into the stadium area mr. joe biden most likely coming up from wilmington and headed into the wells fargo center. so we're looking live right no now, 95 shut down between girard avenue all the way through center city and blue route ramps to 95 are also closed. jam-o at the moment. >> mike and alex back to you in south philly. >> all right. thank you. it is 7:32. >> well let's talk about last night. where we got a personal look at who hillary clinton really is. so we've been doing this and started with republican national convention and doing it for democratic national
7:33 am
convention. >> what we call mike and alex top three moments for alex for any convention. >> we like that. >> we forget to bring the sign. >> i'll have a graphic made by tomorrow the last day of convention actually yeah. >> these are moments we felt like really stuck out to us. >> i almost cried when i watched this roll call was going on and they went to a life long since they were little girls friend of hillary clinton and she got to make the announcement for her state of illinois. you want to see it? >> let's see it. >> she's nice. >> hello fellow democrats on this historic wonderful day in honor of dornl question and hough daughter and my sweet friend i know you're watching this one is for you, hill, 98 votes. yes.
7:34 am
>> some kid he played on playground with run around schools now get to introduce her as probably next president of the united states her naixt betsy ebling. >> what would your childhood friend say about you. would they get emotional. >> i was talking to steve grim i known him since 4 years old i can not imagine because there's no shot. >> i'm not saying this but a big moment in your life. >> what would he say about me. >> would he be willing to spea speak. >> for being sufficient a doo doovus he's done okay something bland like that. what's the number two moment alex. >> when hillary clinton got the chance to speak for the first time since officially being voted in and nominated as america's first female nominee for major party. >> yeah. >> geez. >> i can't believe we put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet. >> and if there are any little
7:35 am
girls out there who stayed up late to watch let me just say i may become the first woman president but one of you is next. >> thank you all. i can't wait to join you. >> that was cool you know montage i hope i don't know if you saw it or not. i cannot see the monitor or no not. >> no they ran a montage rapid monday tam, an of 44 former presidents of course all men and then boom. >> there goes the woman. >> glass shatters and there's possibility of a woman. possibilities of a woman. we'll see what happens in november. >> i love how they ended with her surrounded by little girls can you math up all little girls living room staying up late in pjs and watching this and say my gosh that could be me one day. >> that was a nice moment. >> before hillary clinton spoke last night her husband former president bill clinton took the stage he wanted to paint this kind of different softer picture of hillary clinton
7:36 am
going back to way back when they met. >> yes and i love this you know i was looking forward to this he is from arkansas and my mother's family side is from arkansas same town place called hope a small up to i think this was good he talked what it was like when he first saw hillary clinton. >> and then when he proposed. >> three times. >> to marriage. >> in the spring of 1971, i met a girl. and i first proposed to her on a trip to great britain i asked her to marry me and she said i cannot do it. so i second time i asked i tried a different tactic i said i really want to you marry me but you should not do it. she smiled and looked at me like what is this boy up to the third time was the charm. >> and he said she was such a bad sales pitch to get somebody to marry you. i want to but it would be a bad
7:37 am
idea. >> but he thought the third time he dime her with the house and she liked this out he bought it and gave it to her. here's the thing i thought it was interesting it sound like nicholas sparks novel i met a girl. >> novel. >> and hillary clinton may the first move he said she saw him walking over to him i figured since you are staring hi i'm hillary rodham. >> and i have to ask you, as a woman, alex. >> yes mike jerrick. >> i dwoont say this delicately because bill clinton may be watching in the hotel room. >> and we all know you're delicate. >> i'm a delicate flower sorry. >> um, we all know what happened --. >> he's struggling to figure it out. >> we know what happened later in their lives in the 90s in the overall office. >> we know. >> when you talk about hearts and flowers and sweetness and
7:38 am
stuff like that, does it make you a little up comfortable at all. >> here's the thing. >> you squirm in your seat just a little bit? >> is he supposed to go out and acknowledge and talk about that part. >> no. >> so what did you expect. and here's the thing. marriage is a commitment right they're still together. they stayed strong. >> good anded about. >> better and worse. >> yeah. >> he doesn't know good and bad, better for worse. >> ups and downs. >> yes. >> richer for poorer. >> i'm just shallow man at times though. if that would have happened to me and -- i could -- i could not go back. >> that's why marriage is so serious. >> i know. >> that's probably why you're sing. >> that's why i'm still single. i'll move on then. a powerful performance after the mothers of victims of gun violence speak at the dnc last night. i love this song and it makes me cry so let's make you cry
7:39 am
after the break we'll play it for you in fact most of it♪ . for you in fact most of it♪ . >> beautiful♪ i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves!
7:40 am
you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
7:41 am
7:42 am
>> okay it is 7:41 we got a tweet broad street double tree hotel waiting on rally bernie sand certifies supposed to speak at breakfast rally what happened. >> looks like he cancelled overnight. we're learning this. >> today tweeted out of course this is interesting because a lot of bernie supporters have been upset even though hillary clinton was officially nominated yesterday. they're still pretty upset about this. >> i think i would be toofy campaigned for something for like two years and then with the email scandal i familiar like i got robbed. >> okay a great moment last night i cry when anybody sings
7:43 am
this song sing her song rise up. . >> it's hard to rise up♪ . >> it's a beautiful song nominated for a grammy she was here truth of power the other day, too, perform agent song and it was fitting. >> i wants her to come here to the meager booth here and sing that for me. >> like a personal performance. >> one-on-one. >> that would be nice. >> i can join in one-on-one.
7:44 am
>> no, i don't want you to rui ruinty love you alex but. >> i feel the love all right. >> and i think we let's punch up a motorcade what do you got, bob. >> looking 95 closure southbound to center city a motorcade most likely joe biden made his way up from delaware closures along the way southbound blocked to girard and northbound blocked from airport and we watched motorcade bypass south philly and went right biby you at the wells fargo center coming to center city on the vine that's closed in both directions as well and coming into downtown philly on ramps coming ben franklin blocked. motorcade between south philly and center city most likely joe biden coming into philadelphia we'll have more when we come
7:45 am
biden coming into philadelphia we'll have more when we come right
7:46 am
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> >> 7:47 good morning everybody here they come the motorcade i've been telling you about finally arriving in sent ser city on the vine expressway. most likely vice-president joe biden who was in town yesterday is probably stayed at his home in delaware this morning and arriving in center city. so right now, motorcade
7:48 am
madness. look the ben franklin shut down all traffic closed coming over the benny into center city and the vine expressway shut down as well as 5. that motorcade just exited at broad street. i'm not sure where it's going from there. but most likely one of the hotels downtown. here's closure of 5. these folks have been sitting here 20 minutes southbound at girard avenue and again northbound 95 jammed as well from state line all the way up through the blue route. they're starting to move again. once that motorcade passed they pulled it aside. okay let's go out to jen who is right at the motorcade coming in to the bubble tree. what do you see? >> we just saw police officers come through they cleared broad street and we're at broad and locust and we know it's joe biden. the question is, what are they waiting for down there.
7:49 am
as you can see here they come right behind me bob. we do believe that that is beginning of the vice-president's motorcade. he's going in there. i can tell you about four police type vehicles like that black car came through and cleared this section. >> there will be a lot more than that jen that's probably 20, 25 veekz in that motorcade most likely pull together garage and going to union leg there behind you across the street. >> they're starting up again bob here you see the motorcycles we'll get further out in street so you can see it. >> yeah. >> now, jeep, right across the street there we're looking right there at broad street and locust and you have the double tree which is set up all morning long and on other corner union league. lights see where they government it's a left turn again this motorcade came all the way up from delaware and i initially thought it could be joe biden who has a home in
7:50 am
wilmington. stayed there overnight. >> bob we have been told it is joe biden and looks like we see the vice-president vehicle. >> there you go. >> woops we apologize for that shot freezing up there in center city there you go vice-president arriving in town this morning and again today is going to be the tightest security yet for the convention as we have vice-president joe biden already here and later on arrival of president obama both speaking tonight at the wells fargo center. we go back to the camera again. that motorcade had 25, 30 vehicles and vice-president and president usually travel with not only all staff but you have monica malpass vehicles here so all of the center city streets in gridlock now. 95 still closed both directions coming into center city and vine express. again as i mentioned today will be tightest day not just for security but probably roughest
7:51 am
day for motorcade and closures and anyone trying to travel in and around center city philadelphia here as we look live at the police motorcade bringing biden in this morning. and we'll have the forecast in bringing biden in this morning. and we'll have the forecast in 15 seconds. >> the month of july is supposed to be hot but we're hotter than average. normally 10, 0 degree days for entire month and we're already at 13 and as we look at 7 day forecast we're racking up more today and tomorrow. that's two more. that would be 15, 90-degree plus days for the month and very long day heat wave the fourth one of the year.
7:52 am
lot of numbers for you there. but it looks like we'll be in the seasonable 80s by the weekend. chance of soaking thunderstorms on friday. and few popups over the weekend on saturday and sunday. once everybody leaves down mike and alex it gets a little better. >> new technology is making it slower. >> it was interesting we saw that motorcade go buy turning off broad to locust and looks like they took a left by jefferson hospital where vice-president son bow was treated. maybe he is going to visit the friends at jeff. >> exciting. >> just as at black limousine comes around the signal goes dead. we had to cut away from it. we believe they have a jamming device because cameras and technology is actually cellphone that sends signal. it would jam the shot. it would jam the camera shot and jam any cellphone at the corner of broad and locust so
7:53 am
it would freeze up the shot. >> then once it passes everything is back to normal we can show you end of motorcade. >> i'm making it up. >> were you i was trying to going it will. >> if you can let us know secret service people or whoever watching show from hotel room and off duties guys and ladies. >> last time president obama came to town i wanted to see the motorcade and we watched them go buy and we were taking videos. i was not trying to call anyone. >> that's true and --. >> no it's just a video. >> since there's a number of motorcade test is out. >> let's get an expert to talk about this stuff. first pope now dnc what should we do next. let's ask what is the next big event in the city of the brotherly love. >> x games. brotherly love. >> x games. kalamazo
7:54 am
it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
♪ rocking in the free world♪ . >> we're down at the wells fargo center for the dnc. it's been kind of fun our third day down here. here was the question with we were bounce around in the booth this morning. if we -- the pope was here and dnc. >> when he national championship, naacp convention here. >> true. >> is there big event you would like to have to come to the city press ton. >> casey and i were talking we thought tour de france would be pretty cool in philadelphia. >> that would be awesome. >> yeah [ laughter ]. >> well, no, i think a big one would be you know super bowl is about as big as you can get. so i think that would be pretty awesome to have something like that. i think they'll shy away from colder temperature cities but that would be pretty awesome you know sgle i would say the
7:58 am
ava awards any fan after adult video. >> do you even know. >> avm. >> i do not know. >> yeah. [ laughter ]. >> what are some categories. >> they're ones we can use a letter designation but, solo would be good. they're not appropriate for dnc or maybe they are i don't know. >> maybe dnc --. >> i don't know [ laughter ]. >> double something. >> what about -- oh,. >> la lapalooza. >> la lapalooza would be nice. >> x games. >> we've had them. >> i think olympics. >> i would love to see the olympics come to philadelphia. >> i would don't it happening. >> we were being considered. >> we were. >> how about winter olympics.
7:59 am
>> in the poconos. >> that would make news how louz dwri would be. >> everyone would get gold medals. >> would we wanted to have another big event. people are complaining about cars and parking and all that you think philly would want something else? i'm just tired. >> all this extended coverage. >> we people want to get back to complying about cars and parking in general and when another event comes into town you have to explain that much more. it's sort of fun. i like things that bring celebrities into town to put us on the map a little bit and with the entertainment industry we're here and people realize what a good location we are for filming and stuff like that. i agree with you michael after a while it's we need a break now. >> kathy i want to take you to snoop dog at the electric factory want to go. >> perfect we did can can go together. >> it's late are you kidding?
8:00 am
>> i've been to a snoop dog show. it was most well ventilated concert i've ever been to. >> they probably should have it outside. >> probably. >> see you next week, guys. >> wednesday, jewel 27, 2016 let's do more from south phill philly. >> from the fox 29 studio this is "good day philadelphia". >> history made in philly once again hillary clinton is officially the first female presidential cap date of a major political party in this country. but it is not all about her and her message to every little girl throughout. >> behalf of his wife. >> she's still the best barn change maker i have ever known. >> 20 years ago it was hillary
8:01 am
clinton standing be side her husband and now the roles are reversed, the personal touch to get his partner into the oval office. >> and we have a sanders split. bernie sanders and some support rerz not on the same page. >> i am really emotional. like i said i feel like they're pageing a huge mistake. >> what happened moments after clinton's nomination and protests taking off right now. >> and philadelphia is packed with stars. oscar winning actress and chart-topping singer hit the dnc and how are they spending their off time? off station. where the celebrities are happening outright here in philly. >> it's exactly 8:00 this wednesday morning. the third day and third evening of the convention. and here in the great city of philadelphia. >> we're glad to be here.
8:02 am
checking everything out. there's not as much vacuuming today. >> well. >> but we noticed yesterday they put up as we were after the show we like to go and take a look at same and creep around and explore. >> creep. >> you creep. >> they put up a fence a flexy glass fence now, now we can't go around. >> and that was because of climbing to climb the stairs. camera mom tom you can look up at the ceiling they got the balloons for tomorrow night after hillary clinton speech when all the balloons come down. >> yes. >> it goes from one end of the wells fargo center to the other. look at all those red, white and blue balloons. >> toes are a lot of balloons. >> i want to do this live on the show tomorrow. kit-kat kline you can organize this. >> yes. >> i want to go up -- see how they hook that up. how do you get that many balloons to the roof of this -- there must be a big walkway here. >> there has to be yes. >> i want to do that live. >> i want to be there for the balloon truck. >> and plexy glassy opened fer
8:03 am
it's the same guy we saw yesterday. i told the story. >> oh, my gosh. >> plexy glass guy. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is why they know him by name. >> he's secret service. >> he's been secretive. >> secret service never smile. whether we see them we wave and smile and they don't wave back and the other day mike tried go up the stairs and he said mike you can step back please. >> apparently he knew who i was. >> that's a problem if they know you by name. >> i'm shocked i'm in arena after a background check. >> what have you been doing? >> lifetime of --. >> maybe we should be concerne concerned. >> lifetime of horror. >> sue? >> yesterday we got to lower 90s today and we expect the name. i'm giving same numbers yesterday. 7 out of 10. to mix the surprise and cloud bus stop buddy temperatures 60s and 70s north of us the further south you go it gets cloudier
8:04 am
and rain. we'll talk about that nay bit. dry at philly international and heating up. close to 80. 79, 62% relative humidity. headed to 93 today and that will make day number 6 of this current heat wave it's day after day of temperatures in the 90s. and even with slightly lower humidity it's still hot. got to take care of yourself. and of course, your pets as well. make sure that they don't stay out too long in this heat. and we will tell you about the end of the heat wave coming up in a few minutes. hey, bob kelly. >> hey, sue serio, 8:04 temperatures hot this morning because of the motorcade that came through. joe biden made way from wilmington to down down during hite of rush hour. right now ben franklin bridge parking lot south jersey to center city and 95 moving again and traffic blocked for about 25 minutes. both north and south on 95. here's a live look at girard avenue and we're bumper to bumper well over half hour
8:05 am
cottman to downtown. northbound lanes 95 jammed from blue route up to the airport and the blue route heavy as well for 5 miles. all because of that closure with the motorcade. i talked about it earlier. today will not only be toughest security but obviously two separate motorcade on the move here with both president and vice-president here expected to speak tonight. and vice-president already in town and in center city and not quite sure when president obama will arrive and again, if you head to that event tonight or just getting a round town, be aware once those closures go into effect they last for half an hour and then the gridlock remains for well longer than that. mike, alex, back to you in south philly. >> okay. let's go to the control room and ask them should we do the breaking glass sound effect right here. >> i say we do it right here. >> go it. [ breaking glass ]. >> i love it. >> that was glass ceiling breaking raingt night. >> was it last night here.
8:06 am
>> yes. >> it's a replay. >> hillary clinton now officially breaking that glass ceiling for women and she's down in the history books. secretary clinton is now first female presidential candidate of major political party in the united states of america and democrats officially made their pick last night and, as the nominee, she made a very short speech. >> an i can not believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling, yes. >> and if there are any other little girls out there that stayed up late to watch, let me just say, i may become the first woman president but one of you is next. thank you all. i can't wait. >> so cute i love how she show all the girls around her supporting her. that was a short speech. she gives her big speech tomorrow night. >> her husband gave a big speech. of course her number one supporter, former president bill clinton made a personal appeal for his wife to become the next president of the
8:07 am
united states. >> all right. >> hillary, is uniquely qualified to sees the opportunities and reduce the risk we face. and she is still the best darn change maker i have ever known. >> and hey, i saw it. noticed their daughter chelsea was in the audience. >> with her husband. >> yes from our area as a matter of fact as you well kno know. and hillary --. >> so will they tomorrow night after the speech bring the baby on stage? i say you have to. >> how old is the baby now. the baby is really young. >> well, swadling clothes what do you think? >> yeah. >> maybe a little flag or something. >> it would be so cute to see. >> red, white and blue onsie. >> it was interesting when he talked about the stuff he would do with chelsea and hillary was worried he took couple days off to watch the police academy movies. >> yes. >> back-to-back to back. >> in the oval office probably. >> it humanizeed them as a family. >> yes. >> and let's go.
8:08 am
the party out here is they're divided. i mean the protests i walk through on broad street south broad last night was amazing. and bernie sanders reporters at the roll call he said listen i'm going to throw all my vote towards hillary clinton but a lot of his supporters were not happy at all. and some walked out. >> south of them refusing to follow his lead. even though he was the one that us is spended all the rules and said let's go ahead and make her official nominee. they're saying nope we're not here for this. >> other staged a sit in as others did a wake-out. today, thousands of people are expected to take to fdr park to start a protest and fdr of 30,000 people that are possible and that was put out probably hoping for 30,000. and you're not going to see 3
8:09 am
30,000 people. you're not even seeing 20,000 people inside where you are. here's where if you could look out a window this is what would you see look at the great philly police on trail bikes. they're not here to hassle people but protect them because the homeless people will tell you this, when you sleep outside people take advantage of you. so we go to the right here and you can see even though they were told not to camp out here, protesters did camp out here. we showed you the guy sleeping had in his car. now to the left look what the city is doing. if you protest i don't think any city is more welcoming. philadelphia in greek, means brotherly love. that's why where we get the nickname from. cases of bottled water you see that tent that's the misting tent jim kenney was telling us about. they put a mist in the fan and it's like sitting in a rainstorm cool off instantly then through the right through the trees another white tent among camper tent it's medical tent courtsey of philly fire department which you see there a doctor and nurse in there
8:10 am
treating people for hea heat-receipted illnesses onsit onsite. so far they had nothing seriou serious. this is mark doyle one of the fine paramedics. look at that fire department vehicle there called a gator and mark trained emt and paramedic abouten on the job since 1991 big thanks to him he's one of the guys and girls doing 12 hour shifts out here making sure all the protesters are safe and there's all the fences and ones that we saw people jumping over last night. secret service making first official arrest last night and four people going up over the fence and then they went up overbroad streets median here courtsey of the secret service and got a ride and spent the night in federal detention center and they got a court date today in federal court at 6 and market. first arrest. and hopefully no more first bad things either like first people being overcome by illness. you can thank philly for the cops for the fire department, and for the paramedics and all the volunteers and for a lot of shade in this park, too, it's 30 degrees cooler in this
8:11 am
parka cross from the stadium. >> steve, great job out there in south philly. if you missed it last night on podium behind alex and i there were a string of celebrities. >> and they put their spin well. >> copy popular song to show it up sport for hillary clinton. we'll play that for you. but jen is over at the liberty museum. >> in old city. >> and right around the corner from fox 29 if you live in philadelphia, this is one of the things you want to see. we're going inside. we're going to sigh some amazing presidential stuff. and why not? it's dnc. we're showing you the stuff you want to see, come on. let's government let's government >> 8:14
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
looking at precipitation down to the south of us. that's where the stalled cold front surprise, told you about that the other day. we'll watch areas of precipitation and most south of philadelphia. ocean city, maryland getting rain this morning. it's 79 in philadelphia now already 82 dover. yes it's going to be another hot one.
8:15 am
heat wave day number 6. 93 degrees and another one tomorrow with 94 and that should be it for this one anyway 7 day heat wave and august left to go and rest of the foreseeable future bob kelly looks like temperatures 80s through the weekend and beyond. >> good morning to me. 8:15 accident pennsylvania turn pike westbound reported for the washington sgramd earlier motorcade madness and everything is moving again and gridlock and for the washington and blue route parking lot five miles route 1 to 95 from that earlier joe biden motorcade he came from wilmington up to downtown philly during the hite of our morning rush hour and the ben franklin brim bumper to bumper from south jersey up and over let go back to mike and
8:16 am
alex in the morning. >> did i miss it. >> what was it motorcade madness. >> let's do it. >> no. >> motorcade madness. >> jessica -- i wonder if anyone at home is doing this with mimosa. >> we should have a counts down lower light. >> and we need a par met sglik you have not mentioned for this big event i got a bigger shar sharpie. >> you go big or go home. >> go big or go home. >> you know what they say about texas everything is bigger in texas. >> speaking of home did you visit delegates. >> i got a taste of home yesterday yes because i have very special family friends that are in town. so i put up a picture and they invited me to texas delegation rerepresentation this is senator roys wes and carol wes i like to call her. >> they're prominent in texas i understand. >> they've been so nice known me since little, mike. very little. they probably have --. >> hold on they're at the
8:17 am
mariott i'm going over after the show to learn more about alex. >> what kind of juice can they give me. >> i don't know. >> didn't you date their son. >> we did date. he was my high school sweetheart. we went to prom together i went to his prom. >> what happened to him. >> he's actually here. >> he's in philly. >> i think he got jealous we were hanging out he's like you know i want to come. >> did you see him. >> he flew in late. i'm telling you it is a last minute thing he flew in hi rodrick. >> his name is rodrick. >> he went to prom with you. >> yes i went to prom with him. >> first photo is dark the last time i was in dallas we were altogether. so this at event my mom does. >> nice. >> yes. >> so while we were there though i was excited because they gave out goody bags i love goody bags isn't this cutest thing this is a little donkey they were hang f handed out with american flag. >> that's not texas state flag or anything like that. >> no. >> that's american flag. >> yes. >> i was wondering rnc
8:18 am
everybody texas delegation had cowboy hats not here democrats don't do that. >> that's a nice donk. >> i what should i call the donkey. >>ier ry jones. >> they're cowboys fans i have to admit. they're cowboys fans i'm eagles fan. >> she an as after all. >> oh, yeah. >> donkey. >> i'll call him mike jerrick that's what i'm calling this donk. >> i people are wondering where are you exactly. we're at the wells fargo center in one of those -- this would this be a club box. this is club level isn't it. >> we can call it that. >> suites are higher we're mid level swipinging people hang out and corporate types you know. and real fancy suites. they have bathrooms and bars and. >> and the seats are nice. >> they're all ledger and plus plush. >> they ripped out everything. i'll show you around. >> because he has to pick up and go around i'll talk for
8:19 am
mike this will be fun. >> they didn't trust me to talk for you. >> i have ability to talk with this microphone. >> this is no longer as fun for me. >> go ahead, talk about it. >> so i'm tell you they ripped out everything. let me start by. >> bare minimum here. >> this is one of the tighter booths. >> watch your head. >> watch out. >> and the wires. >> hi chuck how are you doing. >> thanks for coming in you have celeb picks for us. >> i sure of do. >> you have to start over and walk in as if you're wacking in. >> yes this you would recognize this if you ever been to event at wells fargo center center out here in the hall. that's our internal exshe makes great muffins i tell you best blueberry muffin i of had in my life she switched it up. >> blueberry again tomorrow. >> blueberry tomorrow. >> suite 18 looks normal come in and look what they did. they stripped it again down to the drywall i mean everything is out of here. all the furniture.
8:20 am
ripped the paint off the wall. i mean why? why did they have to go that far? >> i think i had an idea mike. >> why. >> this is our specific suite this is what it looks like next to c span they are not here they don't know we're creeping on them they put up graphics and things taking to you the road to the white house in there. >> that's nice. we don't have anything. >> we have a black drape tom look here we have a black drape because underneath it is --. >> pupet show. >> looks like a puppet show help me out here. >> we have a fox -- it's wrong end we have fox sign we didn't want to see back of it. >> what's opposite. >> it looks great from arena. >> you can see i don't know if you can tell if you look across here all the networks and news stations have something on the outside. if you sit on the floor you can look up and tell where people are. >> you're right to left here cbs has a nice logo. >> we don't need to show that.
8:21 am
>> c span beautiful graphics and all that we have nothing. >> maybe we should present something or drawing in and put it up on the wall. >> well. >> act like we live here. >> all right. let's see what we got. i have my big black sharpie. >> can we sign the wall. >> start with fox. >> oh, no. >> i hope they don't charge us for this. >> no. >> like landlords put holes in the walls and things. >> ham and cheddar moved out of the home you're selling they'll tear it down so you rip it apart. no think of expense it will be to but these back in working order. >> they're taking it out of your paycheck i know it. >> what should we do i want to write mike. >> don't put my name on there i don't want my part of it. >> i'm going to make you up here. >> oh, no. >> alex. so much trouble. >> alex did this. >> you're search a bad influence.
8:22 am
>> oh, no, kit-kat kline our executive producer is freaking out she thinks we'll be be in trouble for this. >> who, who, where did my light go. >> kit-kat line surprise set let's give steve hershorn own wall then. >> oh,. >> all right. all right. >> this is so typical you're lucky i can't walk over there i'm plugged in. this is so typical mike always getting us in trouble. >> by the way if you want her real name wells fargo center it's jessica. >> not the government name don't go government name. >> rum -- well this is jessic jessica's new room. . >> you're bad you're going to get it. >> anybody else -- you think sue wants something up there bob kelly, jamo. >> maybe motorcade madness on there. >> yes. >> i want to do one. i'm already getting in trouble
8:23 am
you. >> want to do this don't you. >> motorcade madness. >> this sharpie is so big it smells. >> problem we'll all be acting weird for the rest of the show. >> ever smell a sharpie. >> where's the cap. >> it's right there. >> thank you. >> all right. >> by the way i love your suit mike, it's very blue. frank sinatra suit. >> i'm trying to be of course justtive. not blue for dems and not red for gop it's kind of purple right down the middle. >> looks blue to me. >> it does. >> but you are wearing a purple tie. >> we debate in every time he wears this. >> this is frank sinatra tie or suit. >> i feel like you're at the copa. >> copa cab an a, yeah♪ it's a quarter to 9, nobody in the place except jen, fred and somebody♪ . >> me and my. >> she's over at the liberty museum chestnut street.
8:24 am
>> and she's just fine♪ . >> here's a question for you they have all kind of amazing things here but the question i have for you is all of the presidents which had the biggest foot? yes, these are all the presidential shoes and which of these shoes was president barack obama's shoes styled after? it's the same guy. okay. come on back it's a cool exhibit. come on back it's a cool exhibit. last dave political stuff
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> welcome back we've been talking about political fest and believe it or not even though the dnc goes until tomorrow today is last day. good morning to you. >> welcome. >> this is amazing museum if people have not had a chance to see it. >> absolutely we're here 321 chestnut street smack dab of historic liberty trail. >> i said to people who had biggest foot in terms of presidents. we're talking about shoe sides who was it. >> lincoln. >> lincoln shoes are right there and president barack obama's boots were modeled
8:28 am
after lincoln's shoes. >> that's correct yes. i believe lincoln foot size was 15 and i believe obama foot size is right around 14. and the boot you see on display was modeled after babe ham lincoln. >> one of the things you have for political fashion is replica of first lady dresses and we have to begin right here with hillary clinton hillary diane rodham clip ton and what she would wear for her inauguration this was her husband's inauguration. >> the dresses on display is part of american presidential experience. our replicas again that come from collection housed in the smithsonian and these dresses were worn for inaugural balls or for presidential state di dippers. >> love it thank you so much for letting us pay a quick visit. all right guys this is here all the time the museum i should say. this is part of their collection pretty cool and again we're giving you ideas of stuff to do today, tomorrow, if
8:29 am
you live in this region. here's tease for next one. we're going to get chilly but staying with hillary theme okay any idea where we're headed by the way this is great museum if you have not seen it before. >> no, i know you won't believe this alex i would see that it's around presidential corner from the tv station. >> that's why you would see. it not fesly i like to see what people wore in the white house. >> it is cool to see that. that's true. >> be got in action last night. we took uber and oregon and broad and walked to wells fargo center area to hear bill clinton speech. i mean we were in the thick of two different protests and those protests merged. two different protests and those protests merged. we'll take you there
8:30 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know,
8:31 am
when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
8:32 am
>> one of the things i love
8:33 am
about doing the show from the wells fargo center is that we get to really say what we're seeing. we're all looking at it and when people have questions we want to know things and we can bust any myths. >> what's the question? >> a lot of people since here said what is going on with the stage we don't see any american flags on the stage why not have an american flag on there. >> there are. >> there are. i'm glad we're here. we can tell you truth what's going on here. i'm all wired up. >> not many there's four. >> there's four on this side. we can't see the other side. i assume if you have four on one side you have four on the other and if you notice meryl streep she had two flags behind her they brought out behind otheren the stage when she came out and she was dressed as a flag as well for her interesting choice. >> people like to gripe and also they put up giant electronic flags is that not a good thing. >> i don't know. >> but so for the people while sitting here you probably can't see it while sitting at the desk i brought in a little
8:34 am
american flag we can place and hold up. >> there you go. >> you're doing your part. >> i'm doing my part. >> what's missing a little bit? bunting is that what they call it? >> semi-circle ribbons. >> there's not much bunting everything electric now a days. >> someone said it looks like stapling of "hunger games" a little bit. >> no they fill that one monitor with flags all the time. >> there are flags. we're witnesses you see them. >> this place was lit up last night there was not one empty seat. so chris murphy and i deseeded to come down because even though tired it was history in making no matter where you leaned politically. a woman is now a candidate for major political party for presidency of the united state states. we wanted to see that. so we did. but to get down here we took uber from center city and they dropped us off at oregon avenu
8:35 am
avenue. so we had to walk from oregon all the way to else about wells and in 99% humidity. >> for the delegates here how far is that. >> well that is a quarter of mile? something like that. >> okay. >> let's make it longer, it was ten miles. >> listen for you five steps you start sweating. >> that's true. >> it's 10, 15 miles uphill maybe top half mile. but it was -- we wept through police lines it was mass police presence. we got caught up in black lives matter rally and that combined into bernie sanders group and they combined and we were in middle of it and this is what it sounded like. >> you with the press. >> to my chest. >> since you were a kid that makes me feel old. i'm only 27. >> ow will you doing. >> i don't know about fun. >> it's historic and should be
8:36 am
fun. a lot of things are scary. roller coasters. movies. >> we have the bernie marchers here. i'm with dnc action committee we organized with the grass root organizations. >> bern erin, black lives matter. >> all the groups that have grievance from the philadelphia area and they're comerade from around the country. >> you want change. >> yes change. >> we were ringing wet and you'll. >> i'm always amazed how much you do in the evening and how you have the energy in the morning to be spray and with it. >> it's worth it to go late and real late for this. it really was worth it. but to happen upon that protest in march was kind of coolest thing, right? it stayed peaceful but boy they were so into their cause and
8:37 am
going through the wells fargo center was added atmosphere before we got inside the building. >> how many people wow say were at the protests it looks like a lot. >> you do you think over 1,000. >> i think it bordered on 2,00 2,000. >>:00 a.m. some approachers i have to admit were yelling pig at him ep people report he got pepper sprayed and no report of that and another guy why do you have weapons drawn i deposit see any weapons drawn. a lot of exaggeration on group groups. >> we report on local issues all the time. but it's neat to see our local town bring in all the people who have basically focus on what's going on nationally from all over the country. . >> uh-huh. >> that's pretty cool. >> i know you guys did the video from here all the way to the wells fargo center. it's a little different we're coming early in the morning. how was security?
8:38 am
were there were a lot of lines last night in why. >> we flowed into the communit community. the police officers used in 20 2000, 16 years ago john tim any useded ideas of bicycles as barracaded. they got offer if they have to barricade. >> you see the buy cyclists behind the marchers. leading the way and then group of them behind them. >> exactly. >> and it stayed peaceful they had a guy beating a trum and i saw the mega phons and the police officers were kind of having few. we got in front started behind them and walked through them to get in front of them they were laughing, talk 8, do doing
8:39 am
sgloment it was not cop fron fronttational at all. >> almost a double p protest and party at the same time. i'm glad we did it wris. >> how late did you stay out. >> i headed back. >> i went home. >> i wanted to see all of clinton but you know had to get to ped at some point. >> he had to go to bed he has to get up two hours earlier that me. but alicia keys after bill clinton. she's beautiful. >> chris let's do it again tonight. we have president and vice-president. >> two more nights. >> invite me this time i might come. >> we'll do it. >> if you missed celebs there were many more besides auto leashia keys last night and a lot of them bunch got together and paid a special music video to support hillary clinton and it's to that song she likes so much her fight song. it's to that song she likes so much her fight song. this is my fight song♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
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mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> it's hard to keep track any more. one of my favorite i see there christian chen wits these are celebrities that record aid video to play at the dnc last night when we were here. i noticed it's in support of hillary clinton because she likes this song. this is any fight song and she's fighting to win against donald trump i saw mannedy moore haven't seen her in ten years and sdeen aand eva longoria and look i mentioned little chrissy chen wits i love her. coproduced by elizabeth banks as a matter of fact.
8:44 am
>> it looks like "brady bunch" the boxes. >> "the brady bunch". >> "the brady bunch". >> you know the rest of the song♪ that's the way we became "the brady bunch"♪ . >> i don't remember going that long. >> you know one of my favorite people is come on, do you know one of your favorite people. >> it really, really stinks getting old. >> florence henderson. she was mom on brady bun. >> that's your favorite. >> no, i really like her. she has such a great personality. still does to this day. >> you hang out with her. >> i met her quite a few times. she cohoeinged a show with me once. >> because you're. >> number one stunner. >> and in the summer. >> you know what i need right now? ice cream. alexis -- no alexis that's what i am at home --. >> it's alexa. >> alexa. >> alex intern you can geoff us ice cream as fast as humanly
8:45 am
possible because --. >> you have a lot of alex's in your life. this is the place you should go for ice cream. >> there's normal a line not today. >> one of these flavors is for bernie sanders. one of the flavors is for hillary clinton. you can guess which one is which? this has coffee base and this is more carmel aim right, wron wrong, whatever. come back. franklin fountain which one is which? franklin fountain which one is which? hit me up on twitter ...clear for take off.
8:46 am
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>> 8:had 8 feels like july out there wait it is. 79 already in philadelphia. and wilmingtonment already up to 82 dover, delaware. 70 in mount pocono. less humid norm of us and more humid south. with this dew point of 82 degrees. so soupy in dover, delaware. not quite as bad in philadelphia with dew point of 65 degrees. that's not oppressive. so we don't have any heat advisories or heat warnings out there. but it's still going to be 93. 94 tomorrow and that should be the end of the heat wave just in time for the end bob kelly of the convention as well. >> pack your bags and healed
8:49 am
home own take the heat wave with you. 8:48 good morning everybody an accident on the schuylkill eastbound conshohocken four, five cars off to right shoulder and surprise glare coming into town accident westbound on turnpike jammed from philly to for the washington get ready for motorcade madness all day. here's the lineup. vice-president joe biden is already here in town. that motorcade already grid locked maim orr's in center city look for him float around town and president arriving tonight which will bring with it another motorcade headed to stadium complex and both president and vice-president set to speak tonight. we'll have motorcade in and out of south philadelphia and if you head to the event tonight, the broad street subway is way to government mike and alex back to you. and south philly, drinking it in. >> yep, there we go. seriously can we switch to water please i'm worried about you. >> we're plague a drinking game
8:50 am
every time he plays motorcade madness i think he's a little dizzy misspelled madness he had two ds in there. >> i did. >> see that i'm drink ago long with you i have to go get smell check on the map system here. >> oh,. >> delegates. people from out of town. you have to hear this old city by the tv station stop by sometime and go to this place second and market pace basically. >> little further down closer to front. >> closer to front. >> and franklin it's called. >> they have great treats for hillary clinton, bern yain time kaine. >> any time you involve ice extreme it involves freezing so our shot has fropen too ice cream is frozen and shot froze frozen. see people are griping at me on twitter saying, why doesn't he get new technology. this stinking technology that pix lights is new technology.
8:51 am
were getting worse. >> it takes time to warm up. >> we all know service is grea great. >> we're able to pop in and out of locations which is hard. what's easy picking my flavor here at the franklin. >> if you get here before we on typically you can sneak past the line. >> you guys are having fun with the whole dnc and we asked people, good morning to you as well. we asked people which one of these is which so one of them -- by the way one is really melting but one for bernie and one for hillary. which is which. >> we have burst sugar there for bernie. >> it's funny like it's his you know. >> it's the kind of smoky carmel base amber burnt sugar candy like crust of crem brew lay and this is lightning ro
8:52 am
rodham it's based on sunday we have lightning rod. >> and why did you decide each one. was there any thought like she's lightning rod and he's burnt carmel or something. >> as one of our shift leaders dom has been saying lightning rodham we're insufferable about word play owners like to do jokes with names of surpriseds and burst tlaivr has been that a long time we switched out the spelling. >> spruce street harbor park now we have to go to next place. . >> thank you. >> delegates, okay. head on over there right on market street. >> they have a flavor, cherry almond something i always get it's so good. >> not a big cherry fan. >> down on south broad union league yesterday battle between
8:53 am
new york and philadelphia. i'm not talking about politics i'm talking about food. which do you think won a food fight what tasted better cheesesteak or cheese cake cheesesteak or cheese cake♪
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
this is your favorite part every morning. >> what is it? >> spotlight. there it s they're doing the spotlight. >> you're right 9:00 just before the:00 they do that every day. well two days in a row. >> there it goes. >> they were using that last night. >> they were? >> yes. >> got it working. >> vice-president biden will give a speech from the circle there.
8:57 am
and then president of the united states will be in town on that same circle. now they would not have to do mic checks later today would they? >> wouldn't that be cool. we have to apologize to everybody. >> what did we do now. >> we said lady gaga would do a mic check and we waited for her we waited and waited and waited. >> i'm a dope for waiting three or four hours for a woman that will not perform here. she's performing in camden at the bbt center. >> tonight? >> no tomorrow. >> tomorrow night? >> no, i think it's during the day. >> 11:00 in the morning isn't it? >> yes, like i said it's 1:00. >> that's something we can make. >> it's a time that has a done, 11, 12, 1, we'll figure it out tomorrow. >> okay. >> let's do this and historic moment as you know by now in philadelphia of all places that's where it should be hillary clinton is officially the first female presidential candidate. so how did social media respond during the roll call last night when the glass ceiling was broken.
8:58 am
we're on twitter. >> impact with stars chop star hits the dnc and oscar winning area more. how did they spend their time off the stage in our city. where the celebrities are off the stage in our city. where the celebrities are hanging okay, ready?
8:59 am
whoa! [ explosion ]
9:00 am
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