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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  July 28, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. >> there has never been a men or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody, more qualified than hillary clinton. >> reporter: democratic nominee hillary clinton makes a surprise appearance on the stage at the democrats i shall national convention as the arena goes wild following a powerfully optimistic speech by the president. >> no major party nominee in the history of this nation has ever known less. >> joe biden slam being donald trump during his speech white l vice president is rejecting trump's tv catch phrase, you're fired, kane guessing his message directly to voters after the party officially nominates him to run with hillary clinton. and all of this as protests
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erupt outside the wells fargo center. what commissioner richard ross is saying about the demonstrations right now. good day everybody, it is thursday, july 20, 28, 2016, i'm lawyer joan son will i have at the wells fargo center in philadelphia. chris murphy, guess what i hear, the clean up crews are busy behind me. >> oh, i'm sure they are. and get ready for another night, right, foot i am night tonight, lauren, thanks so much. we'll check back in, so much happened on night three. lets guess to sue serio, because after it is over, sue, everyone will try to party and celebrate and the rain might not cooperate. >> yes, weaver some thunderstorms in the forecast for later on in the day. so that could provide the book ends, we started this convention with thunderstorms on monday, we could ends with some thunderstorms pretty strong tonight. now, would dough have one little area around hagerstown, maryland, to look at this morning, but it doesn't look like it is amount to go much. but it is humid out there again, and it is pretty mild. 77 degrees, with 890% relative humidity, back to
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south-southwest winds, any little break we had in humidity is gone. 5:56 your sin rise time officially, we have 58 degrees in mount pocono, again the comfy spot this morning, 68 in reading, 73 in trenton, 74 atlantic city and close to 80 in dover, delaware, those dew points, though, are pretty high, back into dew point in the mid 70s here in philadelphia, a 78 degrees dew point in dover, and you see from our chart here that we're into the uncomfortable to oppressive range for today. no advisories in effect, although could see flooding with some of the storms moving through, pretty much, i would say, any time after lunchtime. start keeping the eye to the sky. depending won they start, we will probably get to high of 92 degrees, and this will be at last bop kelly the last day of the heatwave. >> you're the first, a you're the last, you are my everything. good morning, barry white, 4:02 on this thursday morning, live look at i-95, an example
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of the police checkpoints. boy, we had a ton, motorcades, obviously hillary clinton was also in town yesterday. motorcades gal orr, closing i-95, about four, five times, yesterday. the ben franklin bridge no problems at all coming into philadelphia at the moment. so, again, 95 up and down the corridor here between center city and the airport. expect delays south as you come into downtown, northbound, especially if you are going to the airport, give yourself at least another half hour during the height of the rush hour, and to get through the police checkpoints. and today, we have a concert, a dnc concert that begins at 1:00 on the camden waterfront here. so that's going to a lot of unusual traffic pattern, again, everybody that's in philly, for the convention will be going over into new jersey, for the concert, set to get underway at 1:00. mass transit looking good with no delays, chris, back to you. >> bob, thank you, we do have team coverage of the determine rational nash nan convention,
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dave kin chin live on broad street, but we go to lauren johnson inside the wells fargo center wrapping around some of the biggest moments last night, how do you choose? huge moments, lauren. >> i know, and really big stars from the democratic party stood on the stage hine me, all campaigning for hillary clinton, to become the first female president, but it was president obama passing the torch to hillary clinton that many are talking about this morning. >> you know, nothing truely prepares you for the demand of the oval office. but hillary clinton's been in the room. she's been part of those decisions. she knows what is at steak in the decisions our government makes. >> i ask you to do for hillary clinton what you did for me. i ask you to carry her the same way you carried me. because you're who i was talking about 12 years ago when i talked about hope. hope in the face of
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difficulty, hope if the face of uncertainty it, the audacity of hope, so this year in this election i'm asking to you join me to reject sinisism, reject fear, tune sum on what's best in us to elect hillary clinton as the next president of the united state. show the world we still believe in the prom its of this great nation. >> and after giving that speech, hillary clinton made a surprise appearance on the stage next to the president. the two embracing in a emotional hug as the democratic party tries to move forward. vice president joe biden used his time to go after donald trump, he targeted trump's most famous catch phrase you're fired, he used trump's words him trying to show the american people who trump really is. >> how can there be pleasure in saying you are fired? he's trying to tell us he
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cares about the middle class. give me a break. that's a bunch of mill arc i. (cheers). >> i tell you. >> major party nominee has ever been less prepared for the presidency than donald trump, another big speech coming from vice presidential nominee tim kane, the us senator from virginia appeared on stage a few hours after receiving his party's official nomination. kane making a appearance on stage last night, after his party officially nominate him. kane has been campaigning hard for the democratic ticket in the week following his announcement as clinton's vp pick. he explains why he thinks democrats should get another term in the white house do all you good you can and serve one another. pretty simple. pretty simple.
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that's what i'm about. that's what you're about. that's what bernie sanders is about. that's what joe and jill biden are about. that's barack and michelle obama are about. and that's what hillary clinton is about. >> senator also talked about his record on gun control, education and the economy. now, outside the wells fargo center, his moment when philadelphia police and secret service move in right there, when a group of protesters cross the line, seven people break-in through the fence into a restricted area. steve keeley live at fdr park where demonstration this is week have remained peaceful. good morning, steve. >> after they almost pushed down that fence on monday night, i was talking to officials out here yesterday, and they put up a second fence. good thing they did. they may even think about putting up third fence now. boy a lot more people down here on paterson avenue than there was yesterday waking up and the south philly people
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have a right to be outraged at the philadelphia parking thought. while local people are getting ticketed and towed, these people from this car from illinois park up on the grass, these feel are allowed to illegally park all over the place, and on these poor people streets taking up their street, blocking their driveways, blocking these people in. they've been kind trying to tell these people you can't park here, there are a bunch of signs. so the philadelphia parking authority told not to enforce the parking for the out of towners, just enforce it for the soled philadelphia people, write their tickets, and tow their cars, so the south philadelphia people have great right to be outraged at the treatment they got compared to the treatment for out of towners. meanwhile, let's rerun that video. this was right around 10:00 as we were going on the air, and the funny bit was as everybody was singing the beatles love song, inside, there was anything but love outside. these protesters just suddenly surged and went through that
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fence. how they broke through that fence, they must have had some tools to cut through, because though fence cents are lockdown with steel and padlock, i'm wondering how i am i will take a closer look, how did they somehow break through the fence, you can bet authorities are looking through that video, as women. came after warning after four people were arrested, secret service tells us only seven arrested in all of this, however the philadelphia inquirer reports 35 people were arrested, which sounds more accurate, but secret service overnight saying hey just seven, reached that federal designated zone. secure zone. >> i can't comprehends it, i mean, to me, if you know that -- i mean, federal charges, you were warned, why you would do that, i have absolutely no idea. >> really in the grand scheme of things, for us, this was nothing for that. mine they still didn't hurt anybody, they didn't damage any property. they just reached in an area where they don't belong. and so i wouldn't even call it
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disappoint: just don't understand it. >> reporter: another american flag burned like the night before, but this time a woman sat in the bonfire for some reason, she caught on fire, and the other fellow protest hers to sprinkled her with bottled water to put out the fire and she screamed she is in fire. wild night outside the wells fargo center as president obama was speaking here, lauren. chris? >> yes, steve, i mean compared to the night before, what a difference. we'll check back, a lot going on at fdr park. today is the last day of the convention, the theme, stronger together. and tonight hillary clinton will take the stage to make her acceptance speech. she is expected to speak about her vision for the country, and her belief, that america is at it best when we all work together to solve the country's issues. introducing her will be her daughter, chelsey clinton. the dnc has brought tons of thousands to our area this week, but all of these delegate and vest tours, are they really helping local
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businesses, really, the big question when pope francis was here. let's go to dave kinchen in old city with a look at that. dave, good morning. >> chris, good morning to you, big question and zombies cents like the red owl tavern getting out right now. they say yes, because it is one of the businesses open until 4:00 a.m., to cash in on a lot of people here, with thousand in town for the convention, the wells fargo center has been the public of the political action and afternoon and even hours, center city takes over places like the red owl tavern, open to 4:00 a.m. for special per miss for hosting special dnc related event, while some places like reading terminal market have yet to see increase if business, bars and hotels hosting delegates, media members, seen plenty wearing blue spending a lot of green. >> i have to make sure that we open the doors to all of the delegates in town, all of the people in town, make sure they had somewhere, they cannot
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only be but also all the event, you can see behind me, really busy, it is kind of that great energy, great vibes for dinner. >> you can thank the extended hours to come apply mice between governor tom wolf and other state lawmakers lifting some of the state liquor laws in place of businesses so that they can if they are holding dnc related event they can stay open a bit later and serve alcohol until about 4:00 a.m. back to you. >> home owners in new jersey, rooms for on line site such as air b and b may soon be hit with higher taxes, lauren, good morning. >> good morning to you, night three turns into day four, from the first lady to the president, and tonight the democratic nominee. what this convention means to people both near and far. we'll be right back.
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>> group of television and broadway stars coming together to sing what the world needs now, love at the dnc. in the audience many held hands, sang along, then broke out in a channel of love trump hate. what better song to sing about love. that's what we do here, right? >> the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection.
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yes, proud of it, you know, it's been quite a week, with so much going on, and, wow. so we've had weather drama, as well, especially, on monday, when the convention began, and i think today the last day of the convention we might get little more. now, we have flashflood watch in effect starting this evening, going through friday evening, for the possibility of marginal risk to slightly greater risk, to the south of us of severe to strong thunderstorms, or strong to severe thunderstorms, just the way that should be said. so right now looking at radar, we see some rain in west virginia, casino of spreading few drips of around hagerstown, maryland, as our little area there. and hanover, pa, might be getting little bit of rain. nothing real toy show you in our area this morning, but as we look at the feature cast, see some of the storms popping up around lunchtime, mostly to the south, again, that's the greatest risk every strong thunderstorms, but if your kids are swimming in the pool say 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon, start keeping an
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eye on the sky, could get one of these isolated thunderstorms, you can see, there are more moving through around 4:00 p.m., around 6:00, and this is when all of the action gets going down at the wells fargo center, and through the evening, we could see some of those strong to severe thunderstorms. so today's high, 92 degrees, and then we're in the 80s friday, saturday, sunday, monday, and it looks like we don't see the 90s at least throughout this seven day forecast. but of corpse, as we know, next week is the start of august. and we have many more hot temperatures during that month of august, bob kelly. you know august. >> i know august. 4:17. good morning, everybody, let's start this time around with mass transit. same deal for the regional rails. again, you think it is hot. imagine how hot it is down in the terminals at the end of the day? same scenario, still dealing with the shortage of rail cars, the adjusted schedule, crowded trains, expect delays on all of your regional rail lines, market frankford, broad street subway, still the best bet, and i think your best
4:18 am
ticket when coming to the convene shore or just trying to get to workment frankford transportation center still has what 1900 free parking spot, all of the nova care parking spots are free relocate today south philly high school just for the week, and the trans running every eight, ten minute, big concert, this afternoon, for the dnc concert folks. so all of the folks in town here, heading across the river, to the camden waterfront, 1:00 concert, featuring lady gaga, lenny kravitz, did. j jazzy jets, that will be unusual jam through our late morning, lunchtime, and then everybody coming back into philadelphia, back over the bridges, see a lot of tour buses, uber's and taxicabs, coming back into philly, and then of course headed down to the wells fargo center for the last night of the cam svennson. so going right back to the wells fargo center for the last morning live from the convention. lauren? >> reporter: that's right, bob, as you said, last morning and this morning the final night of the democratic
4:19 am
national convention from e-mail scandal that seemed to divide the party to moving speeches from the first lady and the president tonight. hillary clinton will address the delegates, bruce gordon breaks it all down. >> there were tanning until the aisles on this night, enthrawled by the new nominee, with guilty anticipation over hearing from their man new in the white house. >> mississippi delicate kelly jab objection said she has closet full of hand made obama wear. >> i love me some president obama. i hold the congress responsible for not passing legislation that he wanted, that he could find. >> deserve, protect and defends the constitution of the united states. >> so help me god. >> barack obama won the presidency promising the nation hope and change, nearly eight years of partisan bickering later, his approval ratings rarely get much above 50%. but for his fans, there are plenty of highlight.
4:20 am
>> president obama got major piece of legislation through that helped over 18 million people, that's the affordable healthcare act. >> one of the highlight, he's been the most progress rest i have. disappointments, as well, major issues still unresolved that president clinton or trump must now address. >> i just have a concern about the immigrationment, the problems to address that, and introduce a bill or something, and it was not dot. >> most of the delegates believe the nation's first african-american president has left the country better than he found it. >> our country always fighting and pulling, but if you go out, i've been to 35 countries, they love president obama. >> bruce gordon, "fox 29 news" >> all right, chris murphy. so, tonight, we will finally hear from hillary. she made appearance last night, but tonight she will
4:21 am
speak and address the delegates, so a lot of people waiting. this what they have all been to see and hear. >> to see her come out, greet the president for his remarks, lauren, thanks so much. meantime, republican presidential nominee trump has taken a jab at hillary's runningmate. >> says senator tim kane has done a terrible job of running as governor of new jersey, yes, problem, tim kane used to be the governor of virginia, now the virginia senator from virginia. trump even said he was not very popular in new jersey, and still isn't. trump might have confused kane with former republican governor tom kean, so he led the state from 1992 to 1990 while trump was build cents his casino empire. trump collected himself after someone meant himself after someone said you mean virginia?
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homeowners in new jersey may have to pay the same fees as hotels. impose the tax, those who support the move say they want to level the playing field and provide this day with much needed revenue, under the current law, new jersey imposes 7% sales tax, and 5% hotel and mo tell occupancy fee on hotel room rentals. the eagles vets are all here, but one starter has come up with a injury, we'll tell you who that is, straight ahead in sports in one minute, first, here are your winning lottery numbers, good luck.
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good morning, aim howard eskin, day three of eagles training camp was little different, eagles joining the rookies given date off, no some bradford, no chase daniel, carson has a lot more work. eagling running back ryan matthews hurt again, placed on the active non-football injury list while he was working out on his own last week. that's going to cost him. right now that might put more emphasis on rookie running back wendell, in the fifth round, matthews not on the field, more hands on time for smallwood. >> real surprise, just knowing how head coaches; being around doug, and's jug like a regular coach to me, he coaches me, he doesn't push me to the side, he treats everybody the same, gives me the attention i need. i. >> he came back ready to go,
4:26 am
great frame of minds. he's going to put himself in a position i am hoping to help us this season. i think he is that good. >> and the phillies lost yesterday 11 to one. past authorities spa minute. i'm howard eskin. >> all right, you're officially vine the to owning day with eagles with me. september 11, are we going? >> way too hot. no, no. >> no, no, september 11, we have time for it to cool off. >> oh, okay. i thought you meant we're going somewhere today. no, no, no, too hot. chris, you love politics, right? >> yes. >> i know. but if your kids don't like politics, now might and good time to get them interested. what some parents are doing to spark an interest in our future generation.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the wells fargo arena goes wild following a powerfully optimistic speech by president barack obama as democratic hillary clinton joins the president on stage at the dnc. plus, all this, as protests erupt outside the wells fargo center. what commissioner richard ross is saying about the demonstrations right now. and from delegates to protesters, politicians to celebrities, the city was hoping to see a nice financial bump from the dnc. which local businesses say
4:30 am
that is not happening. good day everyone, it is thursday, july 28, 2016. i'm chris murphy in the fox 29 studios in old city. lauren, good morning. >> good morning, chris, speaking of money and business boost, i know who is getting major over time, workers working tirelessly to clean up this arena every night after hours so they can get it ready for the next day. >> breaking out the hoover's yet again. >> yes, the hoffer. >> all right, thanks so much, lauren, we'll check back, first we want to turn your attention to sue serio, can i not believe what casino of rain and storm is in the forecast? >> yes, we do have storms in the forecast for later in the day, plus it is more humid, chris, than it was yesterday. so we are going back down to a six, like we were on monday, not much to show you on radar. in philadelphia right now, we have 77 degrees, and it is much muggier than it was yesterday at this time. we're headed to high of 92, and i would say, any time after lunchtime, start watching the sky for pop up showers and thunderstorms,
4:31 am
especially, if you are south and east of the city. that's where the greater likelihood of those things popping up. but i think we'll all get a taste of it before the day is through. all coming up. but with 92 degrees, bob kelly, day number seven of our heatwave. >> you got it, 4:31, this thursday morning, live look at the police check point here, that we're into for day number four, this is a live look at 95 northbound, what's going to catch you by surprise here, is that as you are headed north the police cars are spun the opposite way, with those headlight, kind of blind you, coming right at you, light volume at least for the moment, but throughout the morning, and throughout the day, one more day of this here. no vehicles over 5 tons, north 95, the check point approaching the airport, south 95, the check point approaching center city. they are working out along 202 between the schuylkill and route 30. watch for slow go south of the king of prussia mall. penny is turnpike looking good this morning, regional same
4:32 am
deal, crowded trains, expect delays, give yourself some extra time. going to lawyer never south philadelphia. >> all right, president obama led parade of all stars, during the democratic national convention giving one every his final speeches to a crowd of that size. >> sure we have real anxiety, about paying the bills and pro ticking our kids, caring for sick parent. we get frustrated with political gridlock and worry about racial division. we are challenged to do better, to be better. but as i've traveled this country, through all 50 states, as i've rejoiced with you, and mourn with you, what i have also seen more than anything is what is right with america, i see people working
4:33 am
hard and starting businesses, i see people teaching kids and serving our country, i see engineers, not just coming one new cures, i see a younger generation full of energy and new ideas, not complaining basilica of saints peter and paul what is, ready to receive what ought to be. >> after giving that speech, hillary clinton made a surprise appearance on the stage next to the president, the two embrace nag emotional hug as the democratic party tries to move forward. and former philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey spoke last night, making a passionate plea to end gun violence, he says, we've mourned too many people who died at the hand after gunman, and it is time to do more than just grieve. ramsey touched on clinton support of comprehensive backgrounds checks on the assault weapons ban. he believes clinton is a leader who will fight to reduce gun violence and work to bring police and communities closer together. >> she'll support dedicated police officers working to
4:34 am
improve their communities, important as ever, hillary clinton will build bridges between communities and police. and ladies and jep, that's better than building walls. >> ramsey retired from the philadelphia police department in january of this year, after serving eight years. >> philadelphia police and secret service immediately on the move when a group of protesters break through a barrier. steve keeley live at fdr park the scene of several demonstration this is week, good morning, steve. >> reporter: yes, the worse and wildest night yet. what we will shoughs something you don't usually see on tv. this is live reporter for fox news channel, been doing this for decades, hear him talking to his people off camera, saying, take me live, and then you will hear the beginning of his live reports as all of this plays out last night while president obama speaking on tv. >> i have just broken through the barriers, guys, you need to come to us.
4:35 am
they have just broken through the barriers. yup, i'm ready, i'm ready. i'm ready. i'm ready. it's out of control here. we had a group come through wearing black that were not part of the go bernie protest. they broke through the fence, the police are now forcing everyone back. the bernie protesters were trying to stay peaceful. >> so the secret service tells us seven arrests, only seven arrests in all of that, however the inquirer report 35 arrests, but just seven, that would be surprise. look, lauren, chris, we have a lot more cars down here than we had yesterday, a lot more
4:36 am
speeping leaping in the cars, we'll spin around, these people being allowed to park in no parking zone and tow away zone, that s. v with the windows down, people sleeping in there, not everybody camping out in the parks, but camping in the cars. so you will only get towed if you're a south philly resident because they're the only people we're seeing getting ticketed and towed. that one from georgia being allowed to do all of the lyle egg al parking they want. >> steve, parking and then the scene they saw last night, i bet everyone living in south philly can't wait until the dnc leaves town. thanks so much, 4:36. the dnc has broad thousands of delegates and visitors into the city this week. local business owners hoping for boost in business. dave kinchen in old city looking at this. so not everyone is saying that this has been positive for their business we understand, dave? >> reporter: yes, some are saying it is positive, others saying it is not. basically if you have a bar and open at 4:00 a.m., or you were open until 4:00 a.m. like the red owl tavern here in old
4:37 am
city, you like all of the action, cashing in on the thousands of extra people in town, while the wells fargo center has been the hub every all of the political activity, in the afternoon and evening hours, center city takes over, after hours, at places like the red owl tavern open until 4:00 a.m. on special per miss for heating dnc related event. now, while some places like reading terminal market and other restaurant have yet to see the increase in business, bars and hotels hosting delegates, politicians and media members, are seeing plenty of people wearing blue, and they are spending a lot of green. >> there is definitely little bit after lull i would say during dinner, but over it has been a great experience, we're a lot busier for lunch, our breakfast hours are little different. it is sometimes a little bit of a mix, definitely people, some delegates, a lot of people out of town supporting hillary, here for the dnc, so happy to have them. >> reporter: and it is all a
4:38 am
compromise between governor wolf and state lawmakers and essentially reprieve a lot of the liquor laws, so that they can stay open later and have a party for the party, if you get that reference. back to you, chris. >> dave, thanks. 4:38, in the wake of the dnc hacking scandal, why donald trump is calling for russia to help elect him president of the united stay of america? kane kane coon my sweethearts gone sayonara.
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♪ ♪ you look at these things and you know you always have people in your corner. you know, no matter what.
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the republican presidential nominee is going as far as to say that he hopes that hillary clinton's emails are hacked by the russians. >> russia, if you are listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. >> president obama weighed in on the recent dnc hacking scandal which the us government believes russia is behind, obama then criticized crump for repeatedly expressing add more agents for russian president vladmeere putin. that didn't sit too well with donald trump. >> big president obama has been the moseying rant president in our history. his views of the world as he says don't jive. >> some democrats speculate the dnc hack was a deliberate attempt on russia's behalf to help trump defeat clinton. trump says the democrats are only using the speculation as a distraction.
4:42 am
>> the man who attempted to kill president ron al reagan in 1981 is regaining more of his freedom this week. john hinkly, jr., has spent the past few decades in a mental institution, here's hinkly seen after the shooting. he was found not guilty by reason every insanity, district court judge now says hinkly can live in virginia, starting tomorrow but with a lot of restrictions, hinkly shot four people in 1981, as he tried to assassinate president reagan in washington, d.c., the shooting left white house press secretary james brady paralyzed. brady died in 2014. >> and baltimore, the police commissioner says the decision to drop the remaining charges against three officers in the death of freddie gray will help the city move forward. the prosecutor has a different opinion, however, maryland mosby says the decision was agonizing and still slams the way police handled their investigation. three of the six officers charged in gray's death have already been acquitted. lauren johnson, we send it
4:43 am
back to you now at the wells fargo center chris murphy, all right. kids and politics, don't usually mix, some say just too young to understanded it all, others say this convention is the perfect way to open that door. more on what some families are now doing.
4:44 am
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>> vice president obama received praise from the rocky song, couldn't be more perfect for him or philadelphia, iconic scene from the movie was shot here in the city. the other reason for peck sean, biden is a pennsylvania native and grew up in scranton. sue serio, that was just beautiful, right? >> it real was, you could see him tearing up. you know how it is when somebody else cries, i start to cry. anyway, flashflood watch in effect for this evening. we saw it happened on monday, right outside our door with the heavy downpours, how flooded the road so quickly, could happen to you tonight. nothing to show you on radar right now, until after lunch time, we will start watching for pop up showers, thunderstorms, there you see noon, there is some north and -- south and easy should say of the city. and through about 3:00, 4:00 even tonight, when everybody is leaving the convention, we have the possibility of some of those soaking thunderstorms even tomorrow morning, when we're together, around 7:00 for good day philadelphia. we could see some of those
4:47 am
soaking showers, and thunderstorms, so they'll be popping up here and there, and then on saturday, we have more moving in. so after it goes away on friday, we have the possibility saturday, sunday, it is unsettled weather, as we head into the weekend. 77 degrees right now, very muggy in philadelphia, cool, comfortable in mount pocono, with 58. 79 degrees, in dover. and our dew points are inning back into the 70s, 74 degrees, very uncomfortable dew point, but not going to quite bet to the criteria of an excessive heat warning today. still, we should have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven days of this heatwave. there is 92 degrees for today. showers, thunderstorms possible tomorrow. especially in the morning. and then, the possibility on saturday, and sunday, of scattered thunderstorms, but then the temperatures will be in the 80s all the way through to the middle of next week. and we should get break-in humidity, by about monday or tuesday, of next week. so, as soon as agosto rivals, maybe we'll get a break, bob
4:48 am
kelly? >> little break. looking for that, no break yet this morning for folks that travel 95. one more morning rush hour of the restrictions here. here is a live look at i95 southbound, approaching center city, where again police all line up pushing everybody in to what would be three lanes over to the right. looking to push off any vehicles that are over 5 tons. and as we're been saying all week, just not the tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, tow trucks, buses, school buses, the tour buses, cement trucks, the convention drivers are going crazy here because the detour puts them through center city on the vine expressway, and then east on the schuylkill and up and over the platt brink, of course come the opposite way if you are coming northbound. now here is a little fly in the ointment here today. because we have got a concert on the camden side of the waterfront. so, everybody that is in town, for the dnc, going to go into new jersey, obviously got to take a bridge, the benny or the whitman, 1:00 concert, lady gaga, lenny kravitz, dj
4:49 am
jazzy jeff, eyes to the sky, could be rain, and i hope they didn't sell any grass feed for this one, then once the concert is over, everybody's coming back into town, and then getting ready to head down to south philly for another, the last big night, at the wells fargo center. so a lot of unusual traffic patterns, something we have not seen yet, so far this week. these folks back and forth across the river, for the concert, and then tomorrow, look for a lot of extra folk headed to the airport, to get themselves out of town, and hopefully take the humidity with them, right? lauren, back to you in south fill. >> i thank you so much, bob. democratic national convention earned itself unexpected nickname, it has now been dubbed the gay he is convention ever for the first time. there are more than 600lgbt delegates including 28 trans gender people. party leaders say it is a defining moment for the gay and lesbian community. will become the first transgender person to speak at a major political convention.
4:50 am
>> i know national conversation on transgender equality are real people who hurt when we're discriminated against, and who just want to be treated with kindness, respect, and fairness. >> the powerful equality forum will be giving its champion award to former governor ed rendell for his work on gay rights issues. so, chris, we're making history in so many ways down here in south philadelphia. right? >> in philly we started with making history, right? all right, lauren? yes. >> thank you. >> 4:50 is the time. we continue the dnc not just for the adult, either. we've seen a lot of kids getting involved across philadelphia, saw young people engaged in the political process, kids taking part in special events including artwork in city hall. one event interrupted by protest, but some adults say these things can teach kids an important lesson. >> we want the kids to come down here to listen to different poise of views, obviously, but also to
4:51 am
hopefully gain some insight, the democratic process, very messy, but you will have to be engaged actually, just absorb it. >> see? the process can be messy, much like the painting. paren we spoke with say it is important to teach the kids power of voting early on and have their voices heard, which can have real impact on society. >> in the next hour, 12-foot boa con victor finally nabbed in a local neighborhood. how the state that terrorized a blake was finally caught. how can this have been washed 12 weeks ago and still smell
4:52 am
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with luxury you can feel. for long-lasting scent, just pair with your in-wash scent booster. unstopables by downy. the ultimate in long lasting scent.
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>> the clinton scam out with galor, with tipper gore there, i wonder if tonight some 24 years later at the wells fargo center in philadelphia, if they'll come out to this song, at least celebrate on stage afterwards. let's look at the dnc, on social media, some tense moments, group of protesters broke through the perimeter fence at the wells fargo center last night. this was the scene, secret service immediately arrested seven people without incident just before 11:00 the the area is restricted and designated as a secure zone and breaking through a federal offense, will go before a judge today. hillly receiving praise from at least one new york
4:55 am
billionaire former mayor michael bloomberg spoke at the dnc last night, called on undecided voters to support clinton, also blasted her rival donald trump calling the republican nominee risky, dishonest, he told the crowd he wasn't thereto endorse the party platform, bloomberg said the country has to unite behind clinton doo feet a dangerous man, very strong words, from a fellow new yorker. lee daniels, co-creator of the hit fox empire, also spoke last night during the thirds day of the convention, not only did he share his support for hillary clinton, but he also spoke about gun violence, in america. listen in. >> hillary understands our right to bear guns, but wants to stop guns from getting into the wrong hands. you guys, 33,000 americans die each year from gun violence, that's 90 people a day.
4:56 am
enough. >> i think the whole count have i saying enough when it comes to gun violence, he said his for hillary clinton did not come easy, not did he know if clinton new who he was, but because every his family, daniel's father was a philadelphia police officer shot and killed in the line of duty when daniels was with a teenager. as for entertainer lenny calf crates, brought out his gun and guitar and rocked last night, played hits 19,891st hit single let love roll. his debut albumn under the same name. dedicated the song in honor every hillary clinton. lauren, that's so cool. i love when they dot politics and then the music like we saw alicia keys couple of nights ago. >> i know, and i love that the theme is love. speaking of love, chris, how about some major spousal support with the first lady said on social media about her husband after he addressed delegates last night? but first, dave kinchen? >> reporter: yes, and let's talk primary colors, sort of,
4:57 am
blue, a lot of blue around town, spending a lot of green, because businesses, bars, they've been open late, but zombies cents aren't quite cashing in. we'll tell but that, after the break.
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> doctor has never been a man, a woman, more qualified than hillary clinton.
5:00 am
>> democratic nominee hillary clinton makes surprise appearance on stage at the democratic national convention as the arena goes wild, following the powerfully optimistic speech by the president. >> no major party nominee in the history of this nation has ever known less. >> joe biden's slams donald trump during his speech, why the vice president is rejecting trump's tv catch phrase you're firedment police send ton tim kaine, pitching to the voters after the party officially nominates him to running with hillary clinton. and all of this, as protests erupt outside the wells fargo arena. what commissioner richard ross is saying about the demonstration this is morning. good day, i'm litsch at the wells fargo center in south philadelphia, chris murphy, day three wrapping up. dave four coming today. and it is the final day of the dnc. >> the final day. i think a lot of peopl


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