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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 28, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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nomination to be vice president of the united state. >> tim kaine officially become the vp nominee. hear his pick to voters. >> tonight moments, as president obama takes the stage, several protesters break into secure area, why police were able to keep everyone safer. >> final day of the dgc, hillary set to take the stage watcher she is says when she accepts the official nomination tonight? >> after all that, alex and bring at the one of the biggest parties i've seen all week, over at the after can american museum, line stretched like two blocks, and we went over to morgan's peer, great venue for another dnc party. >> the naacp, having reception book, we went to that, it was hot, muggy, but they had cooling fans i felt like
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beyonce and at a concert. did you snap this? >> i did. you can't in snap chat. >> that's the down side of snap chat. >> but felt really good. >> enjoying it, having the mister on you? >> miss nerve front after mirs. good day, it is july 28th, 2016. >> sue, will we need the miss ers today? >> thunderstorms in the forecast for later on, yes, start looking any time after lunchtime, six out of ten in your weather by the numbers today because of the storms, because look who is back, muggy the dog, yes, a lot more humid than it was yesterday. so bus stop buddy still happy we have a lot of company in town today. hope you're enjoying philadelphia. temperatures are in the 60s and 70s right now. we don't have any rain yet on ultimate doppler radar. 78 degrees, our current temperature, we're at 74% relative humidity, spec to go get to 92, that's day seven of our current heatwave. sunny, humid, thunderstorms
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popping up this afternoon into the evening hours, even in the overnight hours, and that's why we have a flashflood watch in effect, we will talk more about that coming up along with your seven day forecast, bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, little problem here in the detour route for folks being pushed off of 95. this is the eastbound schuylkill expressway, heading into south philadelphia into 26th street. so from the disable tractor-trailer this this tunnel, featured only one lane open, we haven't seen traffic here for the last couple of days, so anybody using 95 detour flew center city then the eastbound schuylkill through the platt bridge, be red foyer delays. twenty-one minute and starting to he soot beginning of the sun glare popping up over conshy, half hour on the clock over northeast philadelphia, up to 30 minute delays on both the paoli and lansdale regional rail lines from some earlier equipment problems.
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if you are headed to the closing event today or tonight, at the wells fargo center, the market frankford broad street subway, the way to go. trains running there. every eight-ten minute, on those two lines, no reported delays. >> you know, nothing truly prepares you for the demand of the oval office. but hillary has been in the room. she has been part of those decisions. see knows what's at steak in the decisions our golf makes. >> i'll use the phrase passing the baton once again, president obama bringing his audacity of hope back to the democratic convention. it time now using those words to help make hillary clinton the first female president. before the president spoke, though, vice president joe biden had his turn on the stage behind us?
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> vision president vaux biden making an entrance last night, immediately went into talking about how he personally knows hillary clinton, and now she is ready to take on the white house. then he turns to republican nominee donald trump. he threw some punches. >> how can there be pleasure in saying you are fired? he is trying to tell us he cares about the middle class? give me a break. that's a bunch of mill arc i. >> i tell you! >> did you look up the dictionary malarky? >> i just know it as nonsense, it means none zest or bs.
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>> bunk? >> bunk is another one. hey. >> this is what they say. let's all use malarky today in our normal every day conversation. >> only he could say that and be cool. >> did you if you see me today, just come up, say mike, malarky. >> preparing for the presidency, with donald trump. >> outside of the wells fargo center, there were also of course, but this moment when philadelphia police secret service, protesters tried to cross the line, some of the protesters were wearing gas masks, they forced their way through a security fence, right there. this is outside of the wells fargo arena. steve keeley over in fdr park, demonstrations certainly not over on this last day of the convention. >> but it has been peaceful so far this week. majority. >> last night, yes. >> as an added bone thus time of day, you get to see all of the eagles fascinating carsment check out the lights on this player's car, can't see, darkened windows, u2 spy
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plane, look, but you got to like the eagles green headlights. how about that? add bonus and added extra hassle for them, as you will see why he is waiting here even though he has the green light. one of the many checkpoints all around the wells fargo center, and how about the eagles having to start training camp the same week as the democratic national convention? rookies must be word erring that playing texas, great eagles fans, you can probably figure out who that may be. how about them having to deal with all of this? if you haven't seen the video of the day yet, definately stole the night, even from the president's speech. and, if donald trump is indeed going to win this election and then build that wall between us and mexico, well, one group of people he better not hire to build the wall is us secret service. watch what happens as jeff flock the news reporter beg to go get on the air with his shot from his cameraman. >> just broken through the barrier, guys, you need to come to us.
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they have just broken through the barriers. >> i'm ready, i'm ready, i'm ready. >> i'm ready. out of control here. >> we had group of provocators coming through wearing black, that were not part of the bernie go bernie protest, they broke through the fence. police now forcing everyone back, the bernie protest, trying to stay peaceful. >> wow. but most of the protesters are peaceful. look at this picture, i took young lady park here along paterson avenue, wise enough to park near police, she has protection because this would be dangerous sleeping like this anywhere else in the city
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with windows down, girl all alone, all the way here from new mexico. so whether you agree these protesters or not, one thing you have to have whole lot of respect for they believe in their cost to drive here all the way from new mexico and to sleep outside in this heat, humidity for this whole week. you got to give it to them. they actually believe in whatever the cause is out here. so one thing you won't see anybody break through, that fence, may not be strong, but look at the philadelphia set up here. you have concrete barricades, those trash trucks by the way, mike, they let them full to keep them even heavier if somebody tries to bash through here. but nobody getting through here, even if they have a big truck like this eagle player does. but, man, what a scene last night right around 10:00 as the president was speaking inside that was what is going on outside. >> probably interesting for people out of town, right across from where we, are like steve says, where the philadelphia eagles football team, their training many is underway, those are the cars
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getting through, those are eagles players. >> i find it fast nature to go see what kind of cars they're driving. like just lever it up, see the cars roll, in like a car show or something. >> they're fancy big trucks, fancy? >> i like the green light, eagle through and through. >> speaking of colors, on the floor of the convention here at the wells fargo center r, passing out redfield ers? >> or red sign. >> wait. are you there blue ones? >> illinois on the far left. looks like they have blue ones. >> participation, you hole up certain colors? so you have blue, i bet, are those the white ones in the middle there? are they? i don't know. we'll figure it out. go down and steel one. >> we'll steel up? >> why not? >> this is what i love about being here at the wells fargo sent, kind of get preview what's going to come tonight with the sound checks, what
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music will be played, and here, there will be some type of color display. >> charles ramsey, he made passionate plea to end gun violence. >> voice for hillary clinton. >> so, he says, we have mourned too many people, and now we need to do more than just grieve. ramsey touched on clinton's support of comprehensive background checks, and the assault weapons ban. >> he'll support dedicated police officers look to go improve their community, important as ever, hillary clinton will build bridges between communities and police. and ladies and gentlemen, that is better than building walls. >> ramsey required from the philadelphia police department, in january of this year after serving eight years. >> we ran into him in the hall eight days ago, and i had
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rarely seen him out of his police uniform, he had a beautiful gray soft gray suit on, man, looked style english in a big smile on his face, he was relaxed. >> yes. >> gabby giffords from last night. >> in the white house, she will spend up to the gun lobby, that is why i am voting for hillary. >> gabby giffords shares her story, former arizona congress woman nearly died as you know from a gunshot wound to the head, five years ago now. now, she says, she is supporting hillary, hillary for president, because of her strong stands on gun control. >> and then was lee daniels. >> who comes from where i come from. who doesn't think that you
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have a voice. you do. ins important election of our lifetime. >> in november, vote for her. >> said also backing hillary because of their position on gun control, the empire co-creator told the audience last night he has relatives killed and i am prisoned because of gun violence, in fact, his father was killed. >> was killed. and for you out every towners once again maybe you don't know this but lee is from philadelphia. former mayor michael bloomberg spoke at the convention in philly called on undecided voters to support clinton. also blasted her rival, donald trump, calling the republican nominee risky, dishonest, and a con artist. >> donald trump has left behind a well documented, record of bankrupcies. and thousands of lawsuit. and angry stockholders, and
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contractors who feel cheated. and dis illusion dollars customers who feel they've been ripped off. trump says he want to run the nation like he's running his business. god help us. >> i knew a con when i see one. >> oh, don't you love it when new york billionaires go after each other. >> from one billionaire to another. >> he wanted to unite behind hillary clinton to defeat a dangerous man. >> what does that mean? he doesn't agree with everything, just don't vote for trump that's why i'm here? >> kind of like a ted cruz. >> interesting. >> well, donald trump is un fire for calling on russia to find and publish hillary clinton missing emails, 33,000
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of them. >> suspect the russian government is behind that recent dnc e-mail. >> which doesn't have anything to do with hillary clinton, about the dnc. >> yes, dub err wasserman shultz. some speculate deliberate attempt to help trump. so yesterday trump called the idea farfetched but he did urge russia to hack hillary clinton's private emails. >> russia, listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. >> essentially urged a foreign adversary to commit cyber espionage against the former secretary every state, some saying it is treason. the clinton campaign respond in the part saying this has gone from ac matter of curiosity and matter of politics to being national security issue. >> president obama, has been the moseying rant president in our history. his views of the world as he
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says don't jive. >> some democrats speculate the dnc hack to help trump beat clinton. only using it as speculation as a distraction. >> well, i believe tim kaine is in the building right now, tom, can you see him? just a little bit, we will have, actually, one of his pretty good friends, senator chris coons, will join just our boot here on good day philadelphia. we want to get to know him a little bit better tim kaine. >> i wonder doing one every his trump impressions. >> we'll roll that tape. today is the last day of the convention, what's the theme today? >> stronger together. >> stronger together, okay. tonight hillary clinton will take the stage to make her acceptance speech. >> she is expected to speak about her vision for the country and her belief that america is at it best, when we all work together to solve the country's problems. including, her daughter will also be there, chelsey clinton
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will be introducing hillary clinton. >> that's a good move, i think the dnc has brought tens of thousands of people to philadelphia and the delaware valley. >> all of these delegates and visitors helping local business. >> i don't know, there has got to be a lot of money being pumped in. is it going to the right people? dave kinchen i would ask him but too early to get the numbers in, dave? >> yes, still trying to get those numbers, but you know really just like politics, kind of depends on who you ask here. reading terminal market, we'll show you look at what's going on here, not open yet. but business leaders here at the vendors say they have seen better days financially, so again, all depends on who you ask. while the wells fargo center has been the hub of most political action in the afternoon and evening hours, center city takes over in the after hours, places like the red owl tavern, staying open until 4:00 a.m., on special permit hosting dnc related event, but vendors here at reading terminal market not as happy say the sales have been
7:17 am
average, better than the papal weekend, the same as the rnc in 2,000. >> this convention even with the political fest across the street, which we thought could help us, so far hasn't shown anything difference. >> it is a good week, but it is not a 50,000 person convention casino of week. >> i think they have a loft schedule activities downtown, down in south philly then different part of town, so we're getting a lot of protesters. getting a lot of cops working it, we're getting a lot of volunteers, but not too much from the convention itself. >> been really good for hotels as well, and of course, air b and b. so people who just say the hotels are too expensive. back to you, mike anal next. >> thank, dave. sue serio, what time is it? let me see, 7:17. oh, before we get to her, i was just looking at one of the stories about the emails, donald trump asking the russians to hack.
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>> 30,000 emails. >> we'll get to that in just a second, though. so with the local paper here, this is the metro, this is little free pain their we have in the philadelphia area. for the people from out of town. so history, her story. a lot of her story being made here. are you ready for that one? >> from the daily news, let me open the whole thing now. hold on, hold on. people, help me out here. alex? there go. see, on the front there. look at this, big spread. can you read the headlines for me here? >> he's with her. >> i got that one. >> smart woman verse thaws other guy solving lunch bucket issues over champagne. ramsey, him a's a strong steady leader, showing former commissioner ramsey there. >> yes, former police commissioner. >> but he also did a lot of work with president obama on the police task force that
7:19 am
they had. >> you better believe it, also police commissioner of chicago and washington dc back in the day, stepped down here in philly back in january. >> and on the sign i had says russia, you're hired. >> that's owl philadelphia daily news. >> that's about the emails. >> then this is good headline too from the inky above the fold, presidential seal of approval. that's a good one. new york times, there, all over philly, we go right here. there you go. so that was the surprise last night, because the nominee doesn't normally come out on a wednesday night, normally wait until a thursday night. and so the daily news, which is pain their hates donald trump, lock him up, instead of lock her up. lock him up. then the new york post you got to love him. hold on. think went with sex sells. he goes star wars being the trump with the russians, but
7:20 am
then this hot mess. meet city's wildest model. you got to love the new york post. >> the one you were reading this morning. >> exactly. way to go, mike. >> i can never do that again. >> nope. >> all charges dropped in the freddie gray case down in baltimore, maryland. why prosecutors decided not to go forwards with remaining trials for the 300 officers who were supposed to be on trial. all charges dropped. i thought this was a homicide. i guess nobody did it.
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>> charges dropped against three police offers earnings connected when freddie gray. >> prosecutors argued gray was illegally arrested after he ran away from a bike patrol officer. and that officer's failed to use seatbelt on him, in a police van, or call for medics when he indicated that he was very hurt. freddie gray died a week after
7:24 am
his arrest, maryland mosby defended her decision to charge the officers. >> no matter how much we may disagree with this ruling, we do not believe that freddie gray killed himself. we take back, and a mother, as a mother, the decision not to proceed on these trials, on the remaining trials is agonizing. >> so that was a very emotional press conference. see the whole thing, she tiered up at one point, but ken rotweiler and congressman, thank you for coming in. everyone seemed to be wondering yesterday if the medical examiner ruled it a homicide, then how come nobody's responsible for freddie gray's death? ken? >> you have to prove it is a homicide do you have do that in a courtroom. states attorneys, which are prosecutors, you know, that's elected position. they're basically in those positions to win. and in this case, what
7:25 am
happened was there were four trials, and there were no convictions, there were three acquittals, one hung jury. so marion mosby was o for four, and decided because this case would be tried in the front of the same judge who gave those acquittals, she decided she's not going any further. she didn't want to be o for six. so, you know, important for them to get the convictions, decided with the evidence that was presented they couldn't get convictions, this he decided to drop the charges against the three remains officers. >> so the fact that the medical examiner ruled it a homicide doesn't hold that much weight? >> it holds some weight but i still have to prove it in a courtroom. said it was a homicide, one piece of evidence, lot of other pieces of evidence, judge decided not enough to convict. >> what my good friends kensett saying right now, we have to remember these officers elected to have a bench trial. a judge only trial. the first officer gambled and elect today have a jury trial,
7:26 am
that is the one that ended in a hung jury. all other officers tried after that did so with circuit judge, judge williams, and all of them were acquitted. at some point attorney mostly felt like her investigation had been stymied, and she was not getting the proper investigative backing from the department to conduct full fledged prosecution and full-fledged investigation. now she finds herself looking down the barrel after lawsuit herself, a defendant now. >> oh, my goodness. >> police officer? >> police officer. >> back to you, were they over charged this. >> no, well, look, they were acquitted completely, so i don't think they were over charged, there was a second degree murder charge, there was aggravated as all, no, i don't think they were over charged at all. let me pick up on what chaka said, i find it interesting. first of all freddie gray ' families paint four philadelphia $6 million in a
7:27 am
civil case. just like chaka said, marry mosby now has been sued by five of the police officers, after the criminal charges have been dropped after the police officers, she has to face a civil suit and face defemation and false arrest with this lawsuit, you know, when these five police officers walk into a courtroom and testify against her. >> well, just frustrating for the families. they called it a murder, but nobody did it? what about the police officer who was supposed to strap him into the back of the van? why was that so difficult, ken? >> reporter: well, you know, they presented the evidence. and let me tell you something, what's interesting, this is what marion mosby said. she said that the police, there is inherent beyonce when police investigate police. and she said the police mishandled the investigation, so she was basically criticizing the police with regard to the evidence that she was, you know, stuck with, in terms of proving the case against these police officers at trial. so she was basically saying that there was botched
7:28 am
investigation police investigating police isn't good thing, they didn't dot proper investigation, and that led to the acquittals. >> she has been calling for reform since the very beginning, and the casino of reform that marion mosby has condition calling for is the fact that she is asking for independent investigators, not necessarily independent investigation but if i'm going to prosecute officers, i need investigators in outside to assist with that, that's what she has been asking for. >> i'm sure they'll let you do your own investigating, mike. >> thank a, shank a. thank you, ken, providing inside on what happened yesterday. >> good seeing you. >> 7:28 this thursday. >> history making embraced and donald trump gets mocked. see which big moments from last night, make our top three for the dnc. >> are you telling me this is time for the mike and alex top three moments of a political
7:29 am
convention like we did last week and this week. >> yes, it is. >> i like it. it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> temperature inside lovely 71 degrees. >> is it really? >> i can it. >> sue, i have my little blanket here, i can't complain, because i know outside it will be hot. >> and you probably notice little muggier today than it was yesterday. and now with the flashflood watch in effect, we're specking thunderstorms. not yet. it is mild, muggy right now, muggy the dog. >> you see some clouds, starting to approach from the north and west, and eventually we get some pop up showers and thunderstorms, probably, after lunchtime. 78 degrees right now. >> we get above 09, that means, a seven-day heatwave. bob kelly? also the last. >> yes, actually pretty good stretch without any rain for everybody that's in town.
7:33 am
good morning well welcome to philadelphia. 561, just further north of there another accident north on two the five at route 73. that is in the mt. laurel interchange, we will keep on mooing, 95 southbound, three cheers to the bus drivers, we had earlier accident here at allegheny. bumper to bumper from the betsy on into girard. through that police check point. up to 30 minute delays, on both the paoli thorndale lansdale doylestown line. and big event today, is a concert on the camden waterfront. so all of the delegates and visitors, are going to work their way across one of the bridges, the benny or whitman, into the camden waterfront. dj jazzy jeff lady gaga, lenny kravitz, the whole gang. after that event is over, back into philadelphia. quick change in the hotel room. and then jetting down to wells fargo for the big event tonight. so everybody is going to be on the move today, and obviously mother nature wants to play a part in it, with some rain coming our way, at around
7:34 am
lunchtime. mike and alex back to you in south philly. >> could you check on something in i want to go to the gaga concert, the little fairy running across the delaware val. >> i yes, the ferry running running. it is running. but it is invitation-only. i just don't want you to take the ferry ride to no reason. >> thank you, bob. >> it is running just not running for us. >> well this is my rsvp. >> how has it been working snout. >> un of the organizers at the concert and i'll bet him to let me go. superstars, cash donald trump as threat to the american dream. and hillary clinton as the only chance to save it. and her runningmate, tim kaine, even bought out his best donald trump, brought out his best -- >> drop three already? >> well, ya.
7:35 am
>> okay. >> again, after two weeks, we still don't have a draff graphic for this segment. it is mike and alex, top three convention moments from cleveland, now here in philadelphia. >> so just when we watch the speeches and everything, jaws moment to sit out to us, they have us talking. >> so this is tim kaine, and his impersination of donald trump. >> but you might have in the dollars he's got a way of saying the same two words every time he makes his biggest, hugest promises. believe me. it is going to be great, believe me. we're going to build a wall and makes mexico pay for t believe me. we're going to destroy isis so fast, believe me. there is nothing suspicious in my tax returns, believe me. >> how long do you think he
7:36 am
work on that. >> believe me, i have no clue. >> it was huge. >> not taking sides here, but donald trump does have a tendency does to repeat. >> maybe reiterate his point. >> but can repeat two, three, four times. it is going to be big. >> interesting to see tim kaine. he just got officially vote in the as vp. a lot of people wanted to hear and get a feel for who he is. we saw different side to him. some people saying oh, he is casino of, you know? >> low key. >> yes, ankiel. >> boarders on boring. >> yes. >> i've heard. that will so to see him come out, do some impressions, it made an impression. >> number two vice president joe biden used his time to go after donald trump as well. he targeted trump's most famous catch phrase your area fired, use trump's against him trying to make the mean people show who he is. >> he used word really think a lot of people will start using again. >> how can there be pleasure in saying you are fired?
7:37 am
he is trying to tell us he cares about the middle class. give me a break. that's a bunch of malarky. >> it was the speech by the president of the united dollars states. >> moving on to the next one? >> what else do you want to do? >> just thought it interesting, too, he came out to the rocky music, and i don't know, remember, back, when they were still trying to figure out who was run for president? and everybody wanted him to run? >> sure. >> you why thinking oh, could have been -- >> but i understands. >> we definitely do. >> did you see what waist going through his mind, this could have been me? >> probably. >> you understood his reasoning, so. >> so the president took to the stage on the blue carpet
7:38 am
last night. did you think he was a little bit emotional especially when talking about america help hillary clinton because the next president, maybe just a touch? >> yes whether. he start today rap up i speech. >> boom, the surprise at the end of the speech? >> and tonight i ask to you to for hillary clinton what you did for me. i ask you to carry her, the same way you carried me. because you are who i was talking about 12 years ago when i talk about hope. >> so, then, something happened that doesn't normally happen, at a political convention. the nominee is supposed to come out, give sweep on the very last night. well, blowing, the president ended, look who comes around the back wall there. >> hillary clinton. >> yes, and they hugged, looked like they were going to kiss at one point. >> they did get kind of close. >> so, trust me it, happens.
7:39 am
>> okay. >> should we re-enact it then since we don't have video of it? lept eights follow go too far. >> i give the speech. i am sure the president new she would come out rocks submit i'll be the president. >> well, a woman can be president. >> well, yes, you want to be the president? >> that's okay, because i'm hillary and she could become the president. >> he i would rather be the part of the -- >> well, they are telling us we can't do it. just imagine. >> imagine what happened. 7:39. goodness, i'm glad it is the last day, dozens speculate the part $20 to close out the dnc, the media won't be there. what? we'll chatting chat with the ors err err and find out why we can't go? i promise not to miss behave. i approve this message.
7:40 am
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can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] stars coming together, what the worlds needs now, is love sweet love, on the floor behind us here. in the audience, many held
7:43 am
hands, and sang along, then broke out in a chant of love, trump, hate. >> beautiful. >> i would say their names, but i don't know them. >> i know some of the stars from hamilton. >> oh, yes. >> kristen jen owe width is there. >> i see her. >> plus, for one south kensington distillery. i said switching, oh, god, i just need to go home. >> don't stay. >> pasta make nerve kensington, how they went from the basement, of a distillery in kensington, to the penthouse here at the dnc. >> ♪
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>> 7:46. good morning, everybody, live look at i59, jammo, northbound, the two lanes, getting past the police check point, working your way from delco up toward the airport, the trucks and any vehicles over 5 tons pushed off to the detour, southbound the same deal jammed up from kat man into downtown use that detour route only one more day. we have to push through hereof this detour situation pass the wells fargo arena. big thing on the call he donald trump today this concert. yesterday we had all of the motorcades in and around town. today, all of the delegates
7:47 am
and visitors, are going to be on the move. 1:00, jazzy jeff jam, over here, in camden, at the camden waterfront. so think about it, everybody that's here for the dnc, going to travel across the river, camden will get into on the party here today. we'll be at the concert, rain could come in from noontime on. that's another concern. and then once that concert is over, everybody is going to come back into philadelphia. get ready for the big event down there at the wells fargo arena. now tonight i should say today rain will move this this afternoon, that will impact our afternoon rush hour. impact travel time. and then when everything's' ready to head home tomorrow rain in the morning down at philadelphia international airport. could also impact folks coming down to that rail down here in center city tomorrow morning, as well. all of the details on the rain, when and how much, sue's got it, coming up in a 15 seconds.
7:48 am
>> 7:48. national weather is verse flashflood watch today into tomorrow, means thunderstorms we are expecting could be soakersment looking at radar, not except out in west virginia, but we do expect some pop ups, any time, after lunchtime today. so, eye to the sky, no matter what you are doing, fox future cast, proves, that there is noon, just couple of pop ups there. 2:00, not much. by 3:00, more, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 see with the red and orange there, that means soaking thunderstorms, means a loft rain. hard to predict exactly where everything will pop up. but strong to severe thunderstorms are not out of the question. so right now we have 78 degrees in philadelphia, 70 in lancaster, we go up to hazleton, 63 degrees, down in washington township at 73. seventy-eight in seaside
7:49 am
handwriting. down in lewes, delaware, it is 79 degrees. dew points are way up from yesterday. so it was a warm wednesday with a high of 94 degrees, that was day six. this is day seven today of our current heatwave. then we are in the 80s over the weekends, but weather stays unsettled with frontal system nearby, few impulses moving along, pop thunderstorms, good news by monday it will be in the 80s but less humid. hopefully that will last for little while before we hit up for the first couple of days of august. >> for my friend hillary clinton i, i humbly except my party areas nomination to be vice president of the united states. >> of course your senator from the great state of virginia officially excepting his party's nomination. >> so we have delaware senator and tim kaine's good friends, chris coons, joining thus morning. good morning to you. >> great to be with you. >> how long have you known tim
7:50 am
kaine? >> i've known tim kaine since i was county elected official, over a dozen years, served on for minute ministry, traveled to the middle east together, visited his home and family in richmond. this is decent and good man. this is a smart and capable man. this is someone who has a mayor and a governor, knows how to make government work and run well. >> mayor of rich manned. >> lieutenant and governor of virginia. >> now send senator? >> and now us senator. >> never lost an election. >> never lost. and also can as nice, he had in the missouri very mid western way about him. >> do you know what he went to alex holley's alma matter? >> is he was raise in the kansas, went to all boy's catholic school, over lack parked, grew up in over land park can as. >> so me the most compelling part of the story halfway through law school i don't
7:51 am
know why i am doing there is night to find myself. he went to honduras as jesuit missionary. they are connected to his purpose, which is his passion for justin and service, so i have to till some folks maybe don't see his progressive fashion but he is someone deeply good, going to be the second greatest president of the century. >> you talked about the fact he is so nice and everything. last night did you see the speech in there were some punches for donald trump. trump was flip talking. >> his personality was pouring out. here of the first bite. >> our nation, it is just too great to put it in the hands of a slick talking, empty promising, self-promoting, one man wrecking crew. >> we certainly saw some personality last night. >> we d we'll see a lot more on the campaign trail. what excites me as tim kaine as hillary clinton's running made, he will be as good
7:52 am
governor and campaigning. this is not the ends of joe biden's national service, he has another important and powerful shot your, means great resource for the next president. >> since tim kane has never lost a reelection what do you think his secret is that he wins every time? >> shows up early, stays late, does his homework, list tones people. cares, connect, is honest and december end. the source of people we want in office. we can't believe we're blessed enough. >> what did you think of his trump impersination? we'll play it now. >> you are the good u cam and serve one another. pretty simple. pretty simple. that's what i'm about. that's what you're about. that's what bernie sanders is about. that's what joe and jill biden are about. that's what barack and michelle obama are about. and that's what hillary clinton is about.
7:53 am
>> you might have noticed, he he's got a way of saying the same two words every time he makes his biggest, hugest promises. believe me. it is going to be great. believe me. we're going to builds a wall and make mexico pay for it. believe me. we're going to destroy isis so fast believe me. there is nothing suspicious in my tax returns. believe me. >> so his impersination of donald trump right there. >> you know what i loved last night, both joe biden saying donald trump has no clue about the middle class. that what he believes about the middle class is mal, i one of my favorite joe biden loans, tim kaine there, impersonating donald trump, but even whether he is tough, even when taking a punch he's nice. >> you know, i have to admit he is smiling, and i'm likes oh,'s nice guy.
7:54 am
>> republicans bringing up they say is a scandal even though it is legal in the state of virginia, he accepted too many gifts. >> that's right. i'm convinced tim kaine is depositionly ethical man. i don't think there is anything to. that will and frankly i'm excited to have him serving on the for the next president and another night here at the dnc convention. >> thousands of expected at the party over in camden, at 1:00 this afternoon, we got your lady gaga, dj jazzy jeff,. >> lenny crave glitz oh, lenny kravitz will perform. but i'm not allowed to go. and so we're going to drap the organizers to this thing in here. and i'm going to get very upset with him.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> over at the bbt pavilion, on the delaware waterfront, in camden, the concert will start about 1:00 this afternoon. >> representative donald norcross joins us to explain, who gets to go, and who get last how the? good to see you. >> good to be here. good morning. >> good morning, i know little bit of sleep and ready to go. >> this is pre party for the big party. >> kind of pre-game g. all of the delegates, all of the volunteers, supporters, from both south jersey and philadelphia, and those who can gather a ticket from somebody else. >> oh. gather a ticket. >> so like bill and hillary clinton, will they be there? >> they are invited. we're expecting a couple of surprise guests. >> what about the president? wasn't the president invited and the first laidy? >> certainly they were. >> did they except the invitation? >> we'll finds out. >> oh, okay.
7:59 am
>> just surprise today say there is going to be a loft security near this venue, at 1:00. >> it is the world we live in, make sure that everybody, both in our nation and neighborhoods, will be safe. >> the important thing with this, it will be great to have everybody come to camden, see the beauty of camden. >> obviously, over the past few years, there was a lot of negativity. >> yes. >> that's changed. the president has come in, look at the community police, model for the country, you know, in the education system turn around, and anybody who across the liver over $2 billion worth of investment, camden really changing, that's what we're happy to see. >> a lot of ants being built right there on the waterfront with great view of philly too. >> absolutely. i happen to live in the victor building my dad's first job was actually here we are overlooking the great city of philadelphia. i call it the river of democracy. joining two great cities, and
8:00 am
camden is one to rise. >> what did you think, radios? >> called the vicktrola. went ton radio and then actually build the radios that went up to the moon, glow have you had fun this week? >> has been a great week, exciting, and you saw determine okras any action, right? that's what we do bells. we have these lively discussions so i'm real proud of everybody here bringing out the discussion on what our world and our nation should look like. >> alex annually see you this afternoon at 1:00. what will the tickets arrive? >> tickets are already out there. >> all right. >> that means if you are going you already have your ticket? >> we're not going. >> why can't we go. >> you can go. >> we can go? >> i don't care. save that tape. >> the only thing do you have worry about the performers saying you're not allowed to go. >> why aren't we allowed to go. >> ask laid gaga. >> thank you. >> have a great day. >> all right, good day to you, it is thursday, july the 28th, 2016.
8:01 am
let's do another hour. what the heck. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia". >> president obama gives hillary clinton his seal of approval. >> no matter how daunting the odds, no matter how much people try to not take down, she never, ever quits. >> the surprising moment after his speech that drew a standing ovation at the wells fargo center in south philly. >> so the tens moments outside the wells fargo center, protesters break through the fence, the one thing police say is keeping both citizens and protesters safe. >> boom or bus? is the dnc hurting or helping local businesses? how one vodka distillery went from south kensington basement to the penthouse at the dnc. >> and at power of song. >> ♪
8:02 am
>> how everyone from vice president joe biden to lenny kravitz used music to inspire the crowd last night. >> ♪ >> hey, it is 8:02 on this thursday, the last day of the convention, welcome back to the wells fargo sent either l eights get right to sue because -- >> fly now. >> the concert starts at 1:00, it will be a sweat way chance -- >> well, the rain have started then? >> you know, pop up thunderstorms, the chance is there then. the chance increases the further south you go. how about that? so, in fact, the chance increases the later it is in the afternoon, the more we build up the heat and humidity, that's why we have six out of ten and muggy the dog along with our pal bus stop budd toilet you know it is already humid out there, and more humid than it was yesterday and the day before. nothing on radar yet. the temperature, at philadelphia international airport, is already 81 degrees. we don't have that far to go to get to 90.
8:03 am
and day seven, of our heatwave. so we think we'll get to 92 before the thunderstorms hit, unless we get one early. sunny, humid, with thunderstorms, later on in the day, through the night and into tomorrow morning. yes, weather adventures, bob kelly, here in philadelphia. >> day four of the convention, here is live look at i-95, northbound, we got that two lane pattern, approaching the airport, and then of course, this is that detour route for any of the vehicles over 5 tons. the concert we just talked about again start at 1:00. but forget about it if you don't have a ticket. ticket only distributed to the convention folks, and the delegates, so this is isn't open to the public concert here, lady gaga, lenny kravitz, judges i jeff jam, all down here on the river. here is the deal. everybody that's been moved around the city for the convention is going to be on the move across the bridges headed into camden, for this
8:04 am
concert set at 1:00. concerts over. everybody's going to file out. wack over the ben prank lynn, quickly over the hotel room, acqua velva no shower happy hour then head down to the wells fargo center so it will be a quick change, and a lot of people on the move all through the day, and with that is also going to be some rain probably this afternoon. soy, keep that in mind, into and out of the city and travel around the city for the rush hour. an accident right now north on 295 at 561. otherwise mrs. transit looking at 30 minute delays on the regional rails. let's go back to south philly with mike and alex. >> 8:04. back down to the floor behind us, the president of the united states. here we go. >> america, you have now i'm
8:05 am
ready to pass the bass on and do my part as a private citizen. so, this year in this election, i'm asking to you reject sinisism, reject fear, sum on what's best in us, to elect hillary clinton as the next president of the united states. >> show the world. >> he said he's ready to pass the baton. hillary clinton came out after his speech to receive it. >> which is unusual, no, i think they wanted the photo op here, right there. >> when they looked into each other's identifies, and for a second there, mike, i was like oh, my goodness, they are getting casino of close. did you think that ron williams? >> juan, good to see you, in the arena last night watching that. what did youy? >> i thought it was very effective t had dramatic impact i think on the audience. no one new she would be there.
8:06 am
>> no. >> remember last week in cleveland, donald trump came out the first night, we've never seen anything, but his was unusual. and of course the night before, people were surprised when after former president bill clinton spoke, she appeared, via video, and you had all of the pictures every all of the male presidents and then the glass sealing scattered, yes, it was another good moment. so i think we've seen in terms of the production value, it is pretty strong here, in philadelphia. i must say though people thought maybe they should have put that video on before bill clinton spoke to get to the national tv audience. but, in fact, inside the campaign they were worried that there may be emphasizing too much that she's a woman. they worry it might get backlash. >> they didn't want that. >> while the president was speaking last night, there was a little bit after violent confrontation outside on broad street. here's what it look like whether some of the protesters broke through a fence.
8:07 am
>> one of the reason i wanted to show that you is hillary clinton, her except stance speech, how much should she bring up how angry the fans, sanders supporters are still are? >> interesting. i think there has been, you know, it is early on, there was something of it, even potential, coup, bernie sanders people saying we don't trust you, we doesn't want you, et cetera, then of course sanders led the acclamation for her nomination, he got involved, and i think that was a negotiated settlement. and then what we've seen in the last two nights, bill clinton, also, new the man nominated to be vice president, tim kaine, and then guess what president obama all mention bernie sanders. >> they did. >> and they all get a response from the crowd, and bernie is,
8:08 am
as the camera goes to burn, smiles, looks emotional, i think what they've done is settled that down. so i think she's got to mention bern. >> i i do too. >> she would be out of sync bye what has been done by her husband and bernie sanders, o bamm an up. >> and they feel like this whole thing has been rigged. >> so still people, i think, you know, what is telling about this, i think the parties really bernie's party at this point. >> it is. >> i think it has gone to the left. i think when you look at the platform, on things like minimum wage, on things like ppp. , and people last night still holding up signs. >> i think tim kaine far enough to the left? >> tim kaine, he is too far to the right on issues, remember, tim kaine he is opposed to abortion. you know that, so when the left looks at tim kaine and mrs. clinton, they say establishment, you want
8:09 am
someone -- >> well, before go, we've had great speeches leading to up this. bill clinton, president barack obama, hillary even admitted not so great with the speech giving. what do you think she needs to say tonight on her big night as she accepts the fact she's been nominate in the. >> see, what happened, alec, billing a narrative. and the narrative says she's qualified. remember what president obama said last night? he said she is more qualified than bill, more qualified than i am. not only that they talk about her passion, for families, for kids, so what they're going to say you know what this is repeat of something that president clinton said i felt was pretty effective, republicans have built charge tour of something i know personally, i know mike, i know mike couple of years, oh, mike did this, mike did. that will wait a second, i know mike, but mike made mistakes. >> that's what all of these are about. i expect hillary clinton will tell more stories about herself, her family, her
8:10 am
grandchildren, now, to make cher self more human and real and say the person that you have been hearing about, benghazi, the emails, that's not the real me. >> okay. >> juan, have you had any fun these past two weeks? >> i've had at love fun. i've been going to conventions since 1980. so you get a lot of experience, but i've never been to one like in cleveland. that was something. trump exceptional character in american life and the convention was exceptional. this week i thought my gosh, look at this, the bernie sanders people both at this one, too, we saw what happened with ted cruz refusing end doser: was there potential for that her? boy have they had err ray of stars, last night president obama but night before president clinton, night before michelle owe bamm, a wow.
8:11 am
>> amazing. >> and the best part i got to meet mike and alex. >> oh, now you're being nice. >> oh, just go home. can't top this moment. >> i can't beat it, man, i can't. >> thank you, my friends. >> alex, my pleasure. >> talking about celebrity? >> after a couple of minute break, is that what we're doing? is that what we're doing? we'll come right back in about two minute. >> gone to nuns tousled did a in less than two heres. how to figure out how to make vodka in their parent basement. that's what you need to know. real a story for the age, don't you think? come on back. having great time this morning and making drinks.
8:12 am
it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. pastime is preserved for all time. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
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with this level of intelligence...'s a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. >> close eye on radar, thunderstorms popping up around west virginia and western marl last nothing here just yet. that will be a different
8:15 am
story. we think by noon, nothing much about 1:00 but couple of pop ups are possible, thunderstorms, by 2:00, couple more, little more widespread by 4:00, 5:00. this is the case on and off throughout the afternoon and evening, even into the overnight hours soy be prepare for thunderstorm but strong to severe thunderstorm with possible flashflooding. 92 degrees is our high today. eighty tomorrow. and 87 on saturday. so, yes, gets little un settle over the weaken but at least won't be in the 90s any more, and heatwave will be over talking lower humidity, next week also happening to be the first day of august. >> there go. flip that calendar board over. good morning, 8:15 on a thursday morning. this tractor-trailer is still here. i think we all get out and
8:16 am
push this guy off to the grass, we would be better off. this is actually part of the detour route. they're push be everybody off, any trucks over 5 tons, so this is the eastbound schuylkill expressway ramp passion young avenue. so going to the detour, even jam up even more, because of the tractor-trailer there. live look downtown philly vine expressway, route 561, just past that, delay, big crazy mess today will involve this concert over in south jersey. so, all of the of the delegates, invited to concert across the waterfront at 1:00. particular have been given out, not open to the public event, but we will see a loft folks on the move. on the move throughout the
8:17 am
city today, they'll be crossing the river, going to the concert, concerts over, back into philly, and then back down to the wells fargo center. that's all like the snow globe, shake it up, see a lot of unusual delays today, 30 minute on the paoli and lansdale, regional rail line. back to south philly, mike and alex to the wells fargo center speaking of the camden concert, i think our senator there, senator norcross, little vague. he said we could all go, then really can't. you have to have an invitation. and did you know that the performers like lady gaga, have it in their contract, that no media is allowed. >> why don't people like us? >> well, there are all sorts of reasons. i have laundry list of myself why i hate myself. >> do you? how will she know i'm in the media if i go there like a tube top and shorts? >> everyone knows who you are, mike? >> which camera am i on?
8:18 am
number eight? i didn't realize that a convention, political convention, has an official vodka. and that official vodka made in kensington. >> well, if you are going to have official vodka for convention nil fill at this has to be made in fill. >> i when i think kensington, i think place that would you make -- no, you think of what? nor dick country, maybe russia, something like that? >> so you guys are brothers. >> we are. >> we have this right here. you started making vodka in your parents basement in that thing right there? >> that's old ethel. >> you googled how to make vodka because you thought maybe could you make money doing it? >> we had to start somewhere. we didn't really know where we were going, but we new weed a big learning can you do you have get over. you literally googled how to make vodka and how it got
8:19 am
started? >> super duper secrets, can't talk about the recipe? >> we have to come back, take a tour. >> and you are proud of mike for supporting stateside urban craft vodka yesterday? >> i just want to say motorcade madness, and you have all of the free vodka you want. >> that's a good way to get out of this, come over here, mike, mike, mike would swim in one every this is things, literally make the vodka right here in kensington, why did you want to stay here in philadelphia to do that? >> i mean, this is where we were born. it is our hometown, we both lived here, and we love this neighbor. who up and coming grogan big artist community, and just kind of felt right. >> we have one minute left. right here. >> all of the drinks being served at the dnc. there is a lemonade, there is another tom collins situation, there is a classic martini. and a lavender deal. that's right, i'm selling it. what is this over here? you have to say that the name of the drink because it makes
8:20 am
me laugh. >> all right. that's called the cleanse. >> did you hear what he said? he said the cleanse. now, there is electrolytes in the vodka? >> but? >> but it is -- it is amazing. >> so does have some mint, cucumber, water, only thing in addition the electrolyte vodka. >> true. >> can we look? reason why, look at him, mr. work out guy. so you wouldn't have, i mean, true? you work out? >> occasionally. >> the dude works out. so, that's why there is an electrolytes in the vodka. mike, i see a cleanse in your future. you can only have this for 24 hours.
8:21 am
>> i'm completely cleaned out. boom or bus? the city is hoping to see some money, coming from this convention. which local businesses say, well, it is happening. but which ones are saying i haven't made any money at all? >> and protest serenade. young teen uses his musical talent to wow protesters and three, entire crowd all ahead.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> protest the other day, 15 year old takes his trumpet and uses it to serenade officers who are patrolling some of the dnc protests going on. so, it was pretty cool. you know? ♪ ♪ ♪
8:25 am
>> haste name brandon combs. fifteen years old. says he's a big supporter of the police, and wanted to play for them, but the protesters stopped analyst ends. the police stopped analyst ends, it got really quiet. he is so good. >> and they were all listening together. pretty cool that he did that. >> putting philly back in the dnc coverage. we showed this tweet yesterday. this star, looks a lot like, well, what am i talking about? here's the thing. let me try to set this up. this is on cnn. right? >> yes. >> they have a thing over at xfinity live, taken over one of the restaurants, they call it the cnn grill. you can if if there, eat, watch them do their tv shows. so that's andrew cuomo, one of their anchors. just why in the world in philly would you have a dallas
8:26 am
star in the background? he says you know, he told me yesterday. >> what? >> it is not a dallas star, sim play star, for the united state of america, like the flag. oh, come on, barack? what do we do about it? we invaded their space yesterday and didn't get caught by the cops, but it was close. we'll play the footage for you after the break. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
8:27 am
who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know,
8:28 am
when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
8:29 am
>> the power of song, everyone from lenny kravitz used music to inspire the crowd last night. >> fun last night. and standing by herman, the first lady goes on line to talk about last night's speech. what she had to say about her husband's performance, of course, this is the first
8:30 am
lady's speech. but, she was tweeting her husband about his speech last night. >> and because he started it, because he tweeted about her speech. >> you get the idea. >> so, let's set this up again. i was watching, we had a tweet come in, from somebody who was flipping around, like you shouldn't do. >> should only watch us. >> walk boy cnn over at xfinity live, took over a restaurant, had the cnn grill. >> can you actually get food there? >> oh, there is food and booze in there. >> oh, oh,. >> and i said andrew cuomo, of course it is chris cuomo, one of their anchor people. so let's put up that tweet that we got, somebody was watching, and why in the world would you come to philly, and have a dallas cowboys star behind you, on your live shot? >> just makes no sense. they should know, that you don't do that here. >> no. so, chris said, no, no, no, mike, that is a star as in the
8:31 am
star of the american flag. here in philly, when we see that, that looks like as a dallas cowboy star. so we went over there to the grill after our show, and they wouldn't let us in. you have to have a special pass, from cnn to get in. >> so fatly you can imagine what we did next. >> i used my face, my rsvp, and i talked to one of the security guards to let us sneak in. so internal ex, had my phone, and we sneak? >> the thing do you. >> and we had piece of paper with the eagles logo on it, watch this. >> made it in the grill. notice on the shot, that, shot, looks like dallas cowboys logo over his shoulder. see that? >> really offer ended, mike, you can't could to philly with
8:32 am
dallas cowboys star. >> no. simply star representing the united state of america. that is a star from the dallas cowboy star. >> here we go. >> common around, alex. >> don't watch cnn. we will get a screen draft for you. doesn't that look better? >> let's get the heck out of here, i don't know, probably not still up any more. >> i don't think so. >> but, a crew there, you can tell they were all philadelphians helping them out behind the scenes. they applauded the fact that we put that up there.
8:33 am
>> and the whole time sitting there, okay, hole on, wait for it, all right, should do this now. really didn't know why we were in there. >> no idea. >> okay, so, behind us here, up on the ceiling of the wells fargo center, we'll get shot later, there are thousands and thousands of balloon hanging in bags ready for the end of hillary clinton's speech tonight. they'll drop and then flood the area. so we thought we should do in our final broadcast here at around 9:50, before wendy williams, we should have balloon drop. how do i unplug? there go. >> you're unplug so you can't hear him screaming. but, you know, i feel like the final day that we're here, we have to have big finale. >> sure. >> why not have some balloons? i agree with you, mike. >> okay. so, yesterday, in the car, driving back to the tv station, we had internal ex, she is back with us, you look fantastic. >> thank you so much. >> so i said let's do
8:34 am
something goofy like there will be thousands of balloons tonight in the arena here. >> right. >> let's just get one red, one blue, and one white balloon, have casino of cheesey drop on the desk with alec, right? well, i come. >> this morning, alex has gone to the store, she bought all of these balloons, and she single handedly blew them up, overnight. >> a wonder she is still here. >> i'm little out of breath, slowly recovering, but happy with the end result. >> now, they have these pumps that do it automatically. but we didn't buy that? >> no, that be would the easy way out mike. no, i don't want tore clear. >> so how long did it take to blow all those up? >> faster than expect the. i think 30 minute maybe. and we did it 4:00 a.m. always good way to wake up up, depriving yourself of oxygen. >> oh, do we have a picture here, kit cat kline took a picture of her on the floor at 4:00 this morning blowing up balloons. well, our trooper.
8:35 am
>> thank you. >> now, jared, one of the camera people are we going to actually put that up in a grill work up here, a grid? >> it is go time. >> tom, con on over. >> bring it on over. do we know how many balloons there are? >> how many balloons do you think you have in there? >> forty-five. >> forty-five balloons. >> my only concern, mike, when looking at the wells fargo center in the sealing there it, will fall to the floor, if there is a big space, the sealing not that high up. >> well there is doctor drop maybe foot and a half. >> so stay tuned, guys. >> we'll make it happen. >> tom, could you come over here? >> the difference between the wells fargo balloon drop,
8:36 am
thousands -- how many feet do you think that is? 60 feet? >> way more. >> more than what we have going on here. >> so, from two store toys tom come back look at ours, now, in comparison this will be p 2 feet. >> watch for that coming up before wendy williams. >> certainly will be entertaining. >> okay, here's my segway. >> certainly not. >> you will have balloons falling from above. >> that will create some of the instability, we'll need to kree rate those thunderstorms, nothing, though, to show you yet on radar look how hot, 81 degrees at philadelphia international airport. >> thunderstorms any time after lunchtime, start looking to the sky. bob kelly we could be rocking
8:37 am
and rolling today, with heavy downpours. >> yes, rocking and rolling over in camden, tell you that in a second. 8:37. so this all started out as fellow disable on 95 northbound. it is the location, it is right past the broad street interchange. now look at this, troopers galor, even penndot truck, casino of blocking what would be the right lane. so anyone coming north 95, you are going to have that first delay approaching the airport, and then, the second delay here, approaching the broad street interchange. otherwise the schuylkill eastbound half hour 20 minute south on 95, we mention the concert, everybody will be on the move today. and instead of moving around the city we go across the bridge, for this concert over here in camden, new jersey, you have to have a ticket, it is only for the delegate, and for the visitors with the dnc. but i am pointing it out because all of the traffic will be something that we're not used to dealing with here or haven't dealt with the last couple of days, once that concert is over everybody's back out, over the bridges, into philly, quick shower and
8:38 am
change, and then down to south philly, for the big balloon drop tonight. mike and alex back down to you >> you are referring to the big one this morning? >> just making sure. >> i've been saying this all morning, boom or bus. the city of philadelphia, the delaware valley, matter of fact, hoping to make some money off this convention. but have -- well, talk to quota few businesses, we have pros and cons of this convention as far as money making, we will talk to some folks after the break.
8:39 am
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8:42 am
okay, we can. >> hopefully i'm g red. >> i earlier we mentioned, we can see all of the preparations going on for the nighttime activities. >> yes. >> and they're passing out these red and white and blue folders. >> in each of the seats. >> real quickly here, i have nothing but dial tone now. can you punch me back up? so, so we have gotten one of them. >> did you tell them how long? >> no, so if you take a look, tom has the camera on some of the volunteers here who are doing this at the wells fargo center. see, they're going to each and every chair, we've been talking with them, we want to walk over here, hey, guys, why don't you wave? you're on tv. look in the camera here. they've been doing these since 1:00 in the morning going to every single claire, and placing these folders. >> some red, some white, some blue.
8:43 am
audience stunt, piece of performance art basically, at one pointy imagine each segment will be all red, another all blue, all white. >> you know whether you watch football games, the superbowl, they dot car thing, always wonder how do they know? now we will find out. >> hey tom swing around hire? >> yes. >> here we go. so here is the card. so you have the nice 2016. >> on your seat. >> yes, on your seat. so they pick it up. and then has list of instructions leer. >> look through it, see? >> it says look you there here during the card stunt. it says this side must face you, do you have stands up, you will be asked to perform one card stunt at the end of the night. >> oh, so balloons and the card stunt. >> i would imagine the dnc is very unhappy with us right now by revealing. so don't anybody tell them which boot we're in. but my favorite thing? they even gave you a limb diagram. >> in case you don't know how to stand up and holds a piece of paper.
8:44 am
>> and look through the hole. so whether is it going to happen? >> you won't miss the balloon drop. do this for short time. >> do not holdup any of these plaque ers during the -- oh, just the card stunt, just this card, don't -- holdup. like hillary clinton sign. >> and there are leaders in every section, letting you know to lift up your cue card, when to put down. >> please do not hold your card above your head. >> when they lower the cue cards, that's your cue to lower your card. >> here is the thing about these casino of stunts and celebrations, always the one person who doesn't want to follow direct or just want to be different just to be funny. that is so you. hopefully everyone will cooperate and do this. you've never looked better, mike. >> thank you. >> never look better. >> then if you can see the way mike looks right now. >> oh, i can skee, i can see. >> jen, she is known to do some of these party at night. hey, jen. looks like a party right there. she is basilica of saints peter and paul herself. >> i saw lenny kravitz last
8:45 am
night. that guy is dead sexy. moving on: if you can't be in the wells fargo, if it is too complicated for you it the red white and blue plaque adder, look up there, they have a jumbo tron. we're at the piazza having great watch party. we'll talk all about it and they have stage coach involved a want wait.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> wearier back at the pea ass a we've seen the jump tree tron, that's where people can watch the historic night tonight. >> very historic night. the city on in the spotlight. and it will be great night. >> people will come here. what time dot speeches start. >> 7:00 p.m. everything will start at 7:00 p.m. but specials at the businesses in the piazza, are going to be open for business and they will be getting the party started beforehand.
8:49 am
>> so we're at gunners run, you will make us a drink, right? and there is going to be special, you said, over there, crabbies, they have stuff. >> yes, crabbies cafe, then across the street, liberties walk. >> get the party started making amazing drink, the cool thing that people like about this, it is accessible, right? >> oh, yes. >> park, come in, have whatever you want? >> yes. so, bring your own chair. we have limited seating, and there is seating at the crabbies, and gunners. but, i would say bring your own chair, bring your own blanket, enjoy some drinks, i don't know mike what are you making here? >> the hillary watermellon rita. >> oh, why, what is so henry about it? >> because it is our hot watermellon, sound good, and just seems like margarita would be something that hillary would want to drink today. >> absolutely. >> that looks cool. all right, thank you very much. everything begins basically as soon as you want to come down. >> this is my casino of party. my casino of party whenever you want to come over, come over, and bring your own
8:50 am
chair, right? thank you. actually pretty cool. >> my head society so tight. i love these headsets. >> but it is cutting into my ear. made of wire. >> oh, it is? >> yes. >> i think i'm bleeding. >> maybe your ears are little big? >> i do have giant ears. >> thank you, jared, i'll spy on the stage here. >> people taking pictures at the podium, pretending they spoke. >> the dnc, we know they brought in 50,000 people to our area. but are all of these delegates and visitors, are they really helping local business? that's the real question here we know it is early but we want a feel on thing.
8:51 am
>> so talked to zombies owners across town, they said they thought the city did better job with this than when the people was in town. >> tourists that when they come to the town, can't get hotel space. so they stay away. those are people who spend money. >> you know, we're really happy. >> business owner tells us the heatwave probably is not helping. >> the woman we saw there, she manages the red owl tavern over at the hotel monica. >> so you must know her really well. >> i do, natalie. so we have to see then when everybody leaves, tally everything, but you remember the pope, a lot more closures, more spread out across the sit. >> i saw couple of tweets yesterday, they have a bun of of food trucks lining the wells fargo center zombies owners down on oregon avenue and paterson. >> we don't like that.
8:52 am
>> speaking of food, if you live here or just visiting, this new list, just came out yesterday afternoon. >> top restaurant to visit while you are in philly about you first nobody won powerball last night, so when we draw again, which i think is saturday it will be worth half, half billion dollars.
8:53 am
8:54 am
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8:55 am
>> hey the pour of song last night, how everyone from vice president joe by the end to lenny kravitz used music to inspire the crowd last night. here at the wells fargo arena. we'll talk about it in the 9:00 hour. >> and standing by herman, the first lady goes to twitter to
8:56 am
talk about last night's speech. what she had to say about her husband's performance. >> now i am ready to pass the baton.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> looking at the wells fargo center right now, are you all right? >> what are you trying to do? >> somehow, my mike cable is between my legs. which is -- >> you're all tangled up? >> i'm all tangled up. >> so someone last night came to up me, it looks like you guys are in a cave. >> in a cave. >> whether doing the show here. >> my pants.
9:00 am
>> don't. >> he's about to have a freak out. >> oh, gosh. >> i get very claustrophobe glike should i have not made that up? >> what's going on? >> and now, i've got some casino of plus or something in my crotch, will be therefore an hour? >> and if i pull it? >> no, don't do. that will everything is attached. just wrapped around something down there. >> no, when you touch that, this flips up. >> i couldn't resist. >> okay. >> oh, hey good day everybody, it is the 9:00 hour, the 28th of july, 2016. now? >> it is day four. >> it is into my mening. >> if you haven't in the dollars we've been out here for the fourth morning, we have to wake up even earlier than we already do to come out here in this little suite


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