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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  July 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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not only affect festivities outside a lot of evening and morning commutes. much our area is right now under a flash flood watch. good evening, once again from the wells fargo center on the final night of the dnc. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. mother nature cooling things off after another scorcher with some extremely heavy downpours. here's vitter yo from just a couple of hours ago. in delaware county. the rain fell so hard at times it was coming downside ways. and this was the scene penn's landing this afternoon. the ben franklin bridge off in the distance you can see there as the rain came down pretty hard and it could be a lot more where that came from. >> let's get straight to fox 29 weather authority right now. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking all this rain. >> could this rain be stick aig round for while kathy. >> it look like it's going to, iain. first date dnc on monday we had lot of heavy rain and storms and the last day here we go again. ultimate doppler you can see all those reds and oranges rain rates about two to 3-inches an hour in these downpours. we do new severe thunderstorm warning in effect for kent
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county, delaware and this is until 5:30 this afternoon. this severe cell near dover moving southeast at about 20 miles an hour and at that speed, it will be in the dover area about 5:06 camden delaware at 5:08 rising sun at 5:14. nothing ya'll no at 5:22. riverview at 5:24 and 5:32 in frederica. right along route 13 south heavy rain and quarter sized hail associate width that storm. in the lehigh valley along 476 northeast extension we do have heavy rain and also south jersey heading down the expressway toward mays landing estelle manor and atlantic city itself rain rates of about two to 2.5-inches an hour fortunately these are moving quickly. we are seeing some flooding. we're looking at the wide view this area of low pressure stationary front creating enough lift in the atmosphere to create strong thunderstorms and drenching downpours with reduced visibility in atlantic city and
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allentown where we have very heavy rain. severe thunderstorm watch in effect through midnight tonight and a flash flood watch in effect through noon tomorrow. we'll talk more about the severe weather coming up with the next round of rain later tonight. for now we'll zen it back to y you. >> lots to talk about thanks so much, kathy. you can always 78 ahead of the weather with our fox 29 app use the life radar to track all this rain as it moves across our ar area. you can download it right now on i tunes or google play. eyes across the nation will be right here on the wells fargo center for the fourth and final evening of the democratic national convention. grant finale a speech from presidential nominee hillary clinton. bruce gordon is on the convention floor ahead of this historic night. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, iain, the wrap on hillary clinton is that she possesses neither the natural political gifts for the public speaking skills of the past two deck cat tick presidents both of whom of course have spoken glowingly on her behalf at this very convention. well, tonight, hillary clinton
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the former first lady, former u.s. senator, former secretary of state, gets the chance to try and out perform expectations. if the night hillary clinton supporters have been waiting for since at least 2008. the first woman to represent a major u.s. political party as presidential nominee expectations are sky high. >> i think she's going to be very very convincing to night about what we're going to do for america. >> together. >> together. that's important. >> reporter: last night, secretary clinton shared the stage with the man she hopes to some day call her presidential predecessor. tonight, she'll be out there on stage all alone eyes of the political world focused laser like on her every word. her every expression you're looking for passion. >> i'm looking for passion and i don't think she needs to bring it because she's got great speakers before her. >> she has her own style. and but i think she's going to be very passionate and also what she's going to say substance really matters.
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>> reporter: look around the wells fargo center and it's hard to miss there are still plenty of bernie sanders fans who still need convincing that clinton club insists it shouldn't be all that hard. >> on the issues i think there's not a lot of daylight between two of us and i want to focus on finding that unity and carrying that into the general election and i want her to tuck about. >> reporter: we found sanders supporters ready on this last day of the convention to rain on clinton's parade. >> is there anything hillary clinton can sty night that would change your mound and put you on the band wagon? >> no. because you can't trust anything that hillary clinton says. >> reporter: we will be watching for any signs of division or discord among those sanders hold outs. it should be a memorable evening. iain? >> absolutely, bruce. looking forward it to. thank you. because of all the rain in the forecast hillary clinton campaign has decided to move her post convention rally that was scheduled to be held on independence mall so it will now
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be held at temple's mcgonagle hall tomorrow at noon if you're interested in going you'll want to register on her website president bill clinton is expected to join the rally much after dave peaceful protest yesterday a small group had police jumping into action late last night. >> authorities say a handful of people broke through the security fence outside the wells fargo center. we brought this to you last night as breaking news. the secret service says seven people broke through a section of the fencing near broad street and patison avenue just before 11:00. our jeff cole is live at fdr park tonight. jeff, those demonstrators appeared in court today. >> reporter: yeah, they did appear in court darks and they face add federal magistrate. before i talk about that we are at broad and patison us a said right at the fence the area of the fence that was breached yesterday. so what's happening here is these are demonstrator who's are yelling actually to the delegates as they get off the subway and head down to the dnc and they are yelling to them election fraud and saying that they're not going to vote for hillary clinton no matter what
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happens here. as this all happens, let's now take a look at some of the activity along this very intersection last night. >> guys there are people busting the fence open. >> reporter: moments of chaos at broad and paterson around 10:30 wednesday when protesters broke through a fence keeping them from the dnc. >> they have just broken in. >> reporter: federal government says a bolt cutter was used to open the gate erected at the edge of the fdr park. video of the event appears to show a demonstrator approaching the gate with a cutting tool. cell phone video posted online shows pushing and shoving as police form a line to block demonstrators and force them back. police commissioner richard ross spoke to fox 29 soon after it was all over. >> federal charges i mean you were warn. why you would do that and subject yourself to that i have no absolutely no idea. >> reporter: spokesman with the secret service indicated to fox 29 this morning the fence had been strengthened overnight. wednesday, fox 29 saw a lock and
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chain on nearby fence along the barricade. this morning, those were gone apparently replaced by metal bars. this man was there last night but didn't join his friends who he says were just trying to make their voices heard. the seven protesters face federal charges. >> you know there's a question of whether this violates first am the rights when you put a fence up and prevent protesters from actually being anywhere near the place where they intend to protest. >> reporter: so that is the argument actually that was made in court today, folks. they think their rights to protest are being violate baud they're too far back. one of the protesters was actually held because the feds have claimed he had three throwing knives with him, and their defense lawyering sauce he's an emt and was using it to cut gauze. here the police lining up. not too far from we are and if we swing over again, here of course is the intersection where the breach occurred last night and folks are yelling at the delegates as they come in.
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jeff cole live at fdr park. folks, back to you. >> sounds loud, thank you jeff. republican nominee donald trump is doing his part getting lost in the dnc shuffle. >> today trump says his suggestion that russian hackers should find hillary's missing e-mails was all joke that's not stopping the critics for going after him to inviting russia to meddle into this case. trump was hoping to put that controversy behind and focus self of his main talking points. stopping immigration with links to terrorism of defeating isis and plan to build a wall along the mexican border. >> building is 92 stories, 98 stories, walls are so easy will go up like magic. >> trump also telling the crowd that we "stupid people loading" under his leadership america would start winning again. >> so remember i said -- i also
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said don't go into iraq. you'll destabilize the middle east. >> in response to donald trump's comments on russia rhode island congressman is now asking president obama to with hold classified materials and briefings from trump in the interest of national security. those briefings are actually supposed to start asap. much more political coverage coming up. camden got a chance to shy today and big named celebrities were on stage to help. what locals thought of it all later in the show. let's check in on some other local stories making headlines. dawn timmeney back at the fox 29 studios with more. dawn? well, lucy and iain, police are looking for the person who killed a man in philadelphia's tioga neighborhood. the 26-year-old man was found dead under a parked pickup truck at 16th and pike streets. officers responding to the scene around 4:30 this morning. they say they found a trail of blood on the sidewalk leading to the truck. police tell us the man was shot once in the back and tried to escape.
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there's a possibility that this victim was running from the shooter or shooters and tried to hide under the truck where he was found and that's where he died. the man's name has not been released pending family notification. police do not have motive or description of the shooter. no bullets were found at the scene. in abington police are looking for this guy and they're hoping someone recognizes him. they say he robbed the same 7eleven store twice most recently on tuesday night police say he demanded money and threatened that he had a gun. he is also accused of robbing that same store on old york road in january of last year. if you have any information at all, police want to hear from you. well crews have restored gas service to some residents in delaware county after workers accidentally struck a gas line. this is what things looked like along the 300 block of east berkeley avenue earlier in clifton heights. peco telling us a paving contractor hit a 2-inch natural
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gas main about 10:00 o'clock this morning. now, they cut off service to four customers while crews made repairs and things we're told are now back to normal. in wilmington, delaware, a sink hole causing some trouble. you can see a large dump truck stuck while traveling on the 800 block of north shipley street. police are urging drivers to use caution while traveling nearby. right now, they are diverting traffic on west ninth street while crews work on the scene. we're told the good news here is no one was hurt. all right. let's send it back to south philadelphia to iain and lucy at the wells fargo center for more coverage of the 2016dnc. >> thank you dawn. >> thank you dawn. >> today delegates got a chance to cross the ben franklin bridge and check out camden the big named musicians that were there to put on a show. >> and what with the dnc in town one popular app got lot of extra use. which app saw nearly a 50% increase in the philadelphia area? sean bell. >> veterans are in training camp and that means football is officially back.
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all 90 guys in camp ready to go. but unfortunately we have to deal with the out of the field issues first. the first real day of training camp coming up. iain? >> all right, sean, thanks. new at 6:00 septa riders getting their first look at a new fleet of buses set to hit the streets in philadelphia. what's so special about the vehicle that will make a big difference in the area they drive. and while it's soggy outside, inside at the convention floor people are awaiting history as hillary clinton becomes the first woman to ever officially accept the nomination for president by a major party. ♪ i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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♪ taking a live look at the floor of the democratic national convention here at the wells fargo center. the the final night but there's still a lot of business to get to before hillary clinton speaks. one of tonights' scheduled speakers katie mcginty. >> she is said she's ready to echo the messages we've heard on that stage so far. mcginty says she supports clinton's message of giving everyone a chance and making things better for working families. she also responded to the expletive she called her rival senator pat toomey. she has since apology. >> listen, i am my father's daughter. saul tee irish man and you'll hear every once in while some fault from me especially when it comes to the issues that are critical for american family. >> the statement today pat toomey said in part "her liberal
5:16 pm
tax and regulate agenda that kills jobs and crushes family pocketbooks is the last thing pennsylvanians need". on the final day and night of the dnc, celebrities, politicians, delegates made their way across the river to camden. the exclusive camden rising concert featured big named performers. >> organizers say it's all to show the improvements going on in the impoverished city. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in camden. we understand some residents are questioning whether the city is actually up proving. jennifer? >> reporter: yeah, good evening, iain and lucy. some people in camden well they admit that downtown camden is booming with big business, but it's the neighborhoods where people actually live that they say need a lot of help. regardless of camden's situation, this concert was a big success, a bright spot despite a little rain. ♪ >> reporter: a concert goer's cell phone video proof that lenny krav sits, lady gaga and dy jazzy jeff lit up the stage
5:17 pm
at bb and t pavilion in camden on the final day of the dnc. entertaining delegates, convention volunteers and members of the local community. >> this is such a wonderful experience. to see all this spirit. >> it's really exciting for the city. you know, all eyes on philadelphia. and i think they've done a great job. >> reporter: event camden rising is hosted in part by democratic u.s. representative donald norcross. he talked about the event on "good day philadelphia" and says it's a with to promote the positive changes in notorious new jersey city. >> it's about camden eyeing. obviously over the past few years there was a lot of negativity. >> yeah. >> that has changed. norcross pointed out new community policing strategy and more than $2 billion worth of investments like the construction of subaru headquarters an new 76ers facility. >> camden is on the rise and the people are being left behind. >> reporter: camden active visit and long time resident of east camden angel cordero says the people who live on these empty abandoned drug filled
5:18 pm
streets tell a different story. >> i think the only thing rising is the drug abuse, the crime elderly people can't sit on their steps or won't sit on their steps because they don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: residents say they applaud the billion dollar investments popping up downtown but hope people can see that many neighborhoods in this city are struggling and need help. >> i've been in camden for more than frick years, and i've never seen the level of suffering that's going on right now. >> reporter: and those people say that camden really needs more funding and new programs and neighborhood enhancements to make camden a place where you don't just want to work but place where you want to live. iain and lucy? >> all right, jennifer, thank you. also a big day in south philadelphia for the eagles. today was the first full day of practice for the birds. >> it's the first under new head coach doug pederson. sean bell is back in the newsroom with more on today's practice. sean? >> that's right, owe eye yann and lucy.
5:19 pm
football is final back and it feels like we've been waiting for this forever. new coach, new players and new vibes. excitement around this team that was missing the past couple of years. thanks, chip. guys actually look rejuvenated and that's probably because doug pederson unfortunately this is not how pederson wanted to start his first real day of training camp. the rain forcing the guys to practice and side in the bubble but the first thing that's on everyone's mind is actually the off the field issues. ago go hov of hour and braddock dealing as sill allegations. agholor won't be charged they're not enough evidence. he spoke for the fir since he couldn't really get into any details but did talk about making poor decisions. >> put myself in a poor situation, and most important thing for me was to realize that no matter, you know, what was going on, that if i make the right decision, you know, i won't be there. from there on out, you know, i
5:20 pm
have tore center my focus, you know, to be honest with you there's points where i thought, you know, an opportunity that was given to me to play for this organization and have the life i have could have been taken from me. >> nigel seems to be in similar situation. he couldn't get into any details just like nelson but says he's very confident his name will absolutely be cleared. later in sports, howard will have more agholor and brant ham. thanks so much sean. >> a lot of celebrity sightings this week which is really no surprise. but one celebrity's presence in particular causing quite a bit of stir. and there's a 75 year gap between the oldest and youngest delegate this year's dnc. does their difference in age change their views on the party. >> we're keeping our eyes peeled on the sky tonight as dangerous weather moves across our area. meteorologist kathy orr and scott williams will have team coverage coming up in just a bit. ♪
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>> fourth and final night of the democratic national convention in philadelphia where hillary clinton were formally accept the nomination for the presidency and right now on stage a man who's very familiar to philadelphian. >> former philadelphia mayor michael nutter is talking. let's listen in. >> -- so many of our children especially so many young black men who are precious to our country and its future. what's more, hillary' plans have details because details matter. now, trump says he has some plans. but when you're looking down at america from the top of trump tower, you can't see the details because there are 91. after eight incredible years of progress under president barack obama, we can't afford to hand our country over to a con man who thinks the presidency is an
5:25 pm
entry level job on the apprentice. (cheers and applause). >> hillary is the champion we need and she will be the president our citizens and our nation deserve. hillary clinton gets stuff done! thank you. love you philly. >> you're watching philadelphia's former mayor michael nutter walking off the stage and coming on the stage right now u.s. representative emmanuel cleaver the fourth and final night of the dnc history again will be made. >> when hillary clinton formally accepts that nomination everyone is waiting for her to be introduced and hear her speech tonight. what kind of specifics. how passionate is she going to be? she's going to be introduced by her daughter chelsea clinton we haven't seen her in long time.
5:26 pm
it will be a historic night at the wells fargo center. >> big night here. >> absolutely. >> stay with us, of course, more cases of zika have been discovered in florida. officials believe it was transmitted by mosquitoes. what officials are doing to stop the immediate spread of the virus. >> the pope state made a stop in poland for a celebration of world youth day that isn't why he's making headlines. kathy. >> in weather lucy and iain we're talking about the potential for flash flooding with all of this rain. the focus will be south jersey and delaware tonight. we'll talk more about that coming up. iain? >> all right, kathy, thanks. speaks speakers will soon take the stage at the wells fargo center before hillary clinton takes it tonight. pennsylvania governor tom wolf will address the delegates. stay with us. we're back with more right after this. ♪
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>> it weather has been unsettled outside the convention center inside we're starting to heat up as the fourth and final night of the dnc gets underway. visitors inside the dnc ready to witness history tonight as hillary clinton officially accepts the democratic presidential nomination. >> and no matter your political affiliation, whether you are young or old this moment is a big one. fox 29's brad sattin live on the convention floor. you've been chatting with the youngest delegate and the oldest at the dnc. >> reporter: yes, you are correct. we are actually outside here outside the convention here.
5:30 pm
one of them is 93 years old. the other one is 17 years old. you'd think they would have very little in common so we kind of thought it would be fun to introduce them but it turns out they had already met. separated by 76 years, two delegates are in philadelphia tonight to hear what they both consider the speech of their lifetimes. to see in person a woman accept the nomination for president. >> i never dreamed that i would ever witness it. >> 93-year-old ruby gilham from ohio nearly blind the oldest delegate at the convention. >> i'll probably cry when she accepts the nomination. >> and 17-year-old rachel gonzales the youngest from missouri. ruby was born in 1922 her husband and nephew killed in world war ii. so what did ruby do? she join the navy. back then a woman in a man's world and she says, not unlike hillary clinton. >> hillary is breaking the barrier, you know. as i did going into the military.
5:31 pm
women don't do that. women can't do that. >> reporter: she met clinton several times over the years. as has rachel gonzales. >> how did you end up here at the democratic national convention at age 17? >> i ran to be a delegate and missouri fifth congressional district. against many amazing women and i ended up winning. >> involved in politics since age nine. when her parents took her to bill clinton rally. >> i didn't under the issues but i wanted to learn so i did and now i feel like an expert. >> reporter: ruby and rachel did meet each other this week. >> she made me really emotional and held my hand and she said i'll pass down the rains to you and it was so cool. >> cool for ruby, too. who believes the party is in good hands. >> let her carry on when i get upstairs i'm going to be watching every move they make. >> reporter: i'm sure she will be. now there's a nice age range here for sure. we did some checking it turns out there is also a second,
5:32 pm
17-year-old delegate from texas. there is also a 102-year-old honorary delegate here. she is from arizona. iain we were hoping to catch up with her but she says understandably it's been a long week and she was just a little bit too tired to talk to us. i'm sure she's going to have lots of fun tonight. (laughter). >> absolutely, brad. understandable. thank you nice peace. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. it's cooled off quite a bit as we take a live look over the ben franklin parkway. extremely heavy downpours moving throughout the area have finally put an end to that heat wave. this was the scene earlier in ridley park delaware county you can see parts of route 291 underwater. cars slow moving to get through those flooded streets. >> meteorologist kathy orr joins us with more now. kathy, what's going on out there? >> right now we have break in the city as you saw brad outside. so that's the good news. and the heat wave is ended. temperatures in the 70s but the humidity is really high out there. so very uncomfortable. in old city on third and market we're looking at dry conditions
5:33 pm
but very sticky. i temperatures today in the 99s for the most part. philadelphia 95. 92 in allentown. 93 in millville. and none in wildwood. that's in rio grand. ultimate doppler you can see most of the energy associated with this storm it's through south jersey and central and southern delaware. we have a new severe thunderstorm warning in effect for kent county and also northern sussex county, delaware, that is until 6:15. as we take close up look at this particular cell, it is a history of quarter sized hail and also vivid lightning. 248 lightning strikes just in this area in the past 15 minutes. you can see it's moving toward bowers beach and also toward slaughter beach in delaware. and it is moving toward the east southeast so i think it will maintain its strength over the delaware and possibly bring heavy rain possibly severe weather to cape may county and also cumberland county already connecting into maurice river. so please be aware of that if you are in that region. scattered to severe storms over the delaware valley.
5:34 pm
possible through the evening period at least strong storms. 60 miles an hour winds associated with them, and very strong lightning of course cloud to ground lightning. torrential rain in these storms drenching thunderstorms. 2-inches could drop on any storm you saw the pictures of the street flooding very big possibility. fox future cast shows tonight looking at south jersey and delaware seeing the heaviest rain. a break about 10, 11:00 o'clock tonight and then another round during the early morning hours into tomorrow morning. now, scott williams has more on the severe weather and what we we've seen so far the history of these storms. hi, scott. >> hi there, kathy. certainly a lot of heat and humidity and also take a look at the water vapor imagery we have this plume of moisture moving from the gulf all the way toward the delaware valley and we're squeezing out a lot of that heavy rainfall across the area. we'll zoom in little close sr. across the area. we have that frontal boundary a lot of lift in the atmosphere the heaviest rain transitioning into south jersey and also
5:35 pm
delaware. but earlier this afternoon, some severe thunderstorm warnings and also some trees down around the west bradford area. flood concerns in sections of gloucester county around the pitman area. look at ultimate doppler rainfall evident meats some of the heft yesterday rain has already fallen in sections of new castle county. over 2.5-inches around bear toward chester over 2.5-inches almost 2.5 in upper pitts grove. so, of course, before all is said and done we're looking at that bulls eye of heavy rain across parts of delaware, south jersey. many locations picking up locally 3-inches or more. kathy, back to you. thanks very much, scott. overnight tonight we're just talking about some showers and thunderstorms during the day tomorrow the temperature 86 degrees. some morning storms and partly sunny. on your exclusive extended forecast from the weather authority, a few storms saturday and sunday. but look at next week looks great. temperatures in the 80s. lots of sunshine. no heat wave. shore temperatures fairly comfortable in the 80s. ocean water temperatures in the
5:36 pm
60s and lower 70s. that's the very latest from the weather center. we'll send it back to south philadelphia and lucy and iain. it's a good day or night to be inside. >> indeed it is and i'm grateful for it. >> kathy, thanks. are you planning to fly out of philadelphia international airport tomorrow? while you'll want to be heading to the airport a little extra early. >> fire ball streaking across the western sky last night did not only light up the night, it lit up social media. my goodness. but that was no meteor. >> and new is the at 6:00 this guy accused of trying to blow up a state building. what he did before he lost his temper. >> bruce gordon is in the middle of all the act. we're going to back and talk to him a little bit later in the newscast but we have senator bob casey in the house. we'll be talking to him straight ahead. ♪
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>> fourth and final night of the democratic national convention here we are at the wells fargo center this man of course is democratic us senator from pennsylvania bob casey who took the stage monday night. >> yeah. >> pleasure having you here.
5:40 pm
>> nice to have you here senator you came on donald trump it pretty hard for his business practice on monday night. what do you want people to take away from speech. >> basically the candidate who says he'll be great for business he's a businessman and he talk about making america great doesn't seem to make anything in america in items of his products butt he brags a lot about it. i think his approach to economic stands in stark contrast to hillary clinton. she's got a very specific economic plan that speaks to pennsylvania as well as the country i have a lot more confidence to focus on raising incomes and the middle class. >> there's an addition to the platform which is to repeal the height amendment. put taxpayer money made that forbidden to fund abortion and what they want to try and do get it back in medicaid off come out
5:41 pm
against this. >> right. >> what are your thoughts. >> i thought the wrong way to go. interesting thing about this campaign hillary even though we have a diss on that issue even when there's differences she's going to be the kind of president who will seek common ground on any issue to try to bring people together. one of her -- themes of her candidacy has been stronger together. >> right. >> i think she'll be the kind of president that will reach out to people on both parties and people within the democratic party who may not agree with her on this or that issue. >> follow up to that. senator tim kaine now vice-president nominee tim kaine was against it much like you. and now it seems like he's kind of reeling himself back from that position. so what are your thoughts when you ooh that happening? >> well, look, tim has had i think a very consistent position. he's always said that he's had trouble with the issues. personal opposition to a boring. i'm in a little bit than different place than him in
5:42 pm
terms of how you vote but one thing about tim is, he's a person of grace, character and integrity. i know him personally. he's someone very kept and got a lot of empathy with people are struggling with. not only be a great running mate but i think a great vice-president. >> senator you addressed the pennsylvania delegation at a breakfast on monday ungot what some might call a awkward welcome. can you tell us more about that. (laughter). >> i'm not going to mention the party chairman's name but his first name rhymes with marcel. an old friend of me kidding me about my speaking style i had to double down on that and say that as bad as our party chair i was once compared to oatmeal which is very boring. >> but very good for you. >> that's how i won my leck. >> you're good for pennsylvania. >> at least i hope i am. >> thank you senator bob casey very much. >> great to be with you. >> busy night for you. i know it's nice that you
5:43 pm
dropped by here. >> thank you. >> thanks again. with the dnc in town one popular app getting whole lot of extra use. which apps saw nearly 50% increase in the philadelphia area. >> that's an interesting one and senator casey you were talking about big for philadelphia a pope an party, right. >> yes. here you go. the paper made a stop in poland for celebration of world youth day but that isn't why he's making headline. >> and we are keeping our eyes on the sky tonight. dangerous weather moving across our area. we'll have more from meteorologist kathy orr coming up in just a bit. stay where you are.
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♪ here's live look what's happening right now on the convention floor at the wells fargo center. later tonight on that stage history will be made when
5:47 pm
hillary clinton accepts major party's nomination as woman for president for the very first time. let's check back in now with more stories that are making headlines. >> dawn timmeney at our fox 29 studios in old city. dawn? lucy iain european leaders are uniting in response to a string of attacks inspired by the islamic state. it comes just days after the killing of an elderly priest in a church in northern france. fox's greg palkot in london with the story. >> reporter: you're on edge after recent terror attacks in france and germany leaders uniting against the threat of extremists. >> translator: uk stands in solely door with france. threats we face are the same and use the same values to reply to it. >> only with the respect of public freedom and of the royal law can have we have the necessary force to face the challenges we have upon us. >> reporter: locals mourn the killing of a priest by two terrorists earlier this week. >> translator:. >> what really shocks me is to see that this priest who
5:48 pm
generously dedicated his life he could have been peacefully retired but he decided to stay because he still felt up to it and that's how his live ended. >> reporter: officials in southern france implement new bag regulations for beaches in cannes following the deadly attack in nice on july 14th. >> translator: this measure allows to us prohibit the use of bags that could contain explosives or firearms. >> reporter: in germany, chancellor angela merkel stands by her refugee policy after a string of tax by migrant influenced by the islamic state. >> the fact that two men who came to germany as refugees are response al for the attacks mocks the country that took them in. >> reporter: critics say that merkel stance on refugees is to blame for the recent attacks. but the influx of stream mist action has burst any illusion of the terrorism isolated to anyone part of western europe. in london, greg palkot, fox ne
5:49 pm
news. today pope francis kick off the second day of his trip to poland for world youth day. the pope's visit got off to rocky start after he actually fell to the ground on his way to celebrate mass. spokesperson says he is okay. later on the pope addressed hi hundreds of thousands of pilgrims encouraging them to spend their lives helping othe others. he also rode through the city with group of young people with dissables and encouraged more concern for the disadvantaged. >> translator: let us ask for mary's grace to imitate her sensitivity and creativity in servserving those in need and kw how beautiful it is to spend our lives in the service of others without favorites or distinctions. >> this is the pope first visit to eastern europe. officials in florida are investigating more cases of the zika virus that appear to have come from a mosquito. officials say they don't appear to be travel related just like two diss covered last week. the four cases are in miami,
5:50 pm
dade and broward counties. officials are hoping me skeet tow control efforts can keep the virus from spreading beyond isolated clusters because of the zika virus cases fda is asking all blood centers in both counties to cease collecting blood immediately. people across the west coast spot a fire ball in the sky overnight sparking a social media frenzy. the flash could be seen from utah to nevada and colorado. so what exactly was it? some officials say it could have been a meteor breaking up in the atmosphere but u.s. strategic command says it was likely debris from a chinese rocket that re-entered the atmosphere. in case the heat isn't a good enough reason to get some ice cream today, here's another one. it's national miracle treat day. dairy queen is team one it children's miracle network to help sick children i wases could the country for every blizzard treat sold by dairy queen today, they will donate a dollar to children's miracle network.
5:51 pm
sounds like a good excuse oh to me. once again no one hit the powerball jackpot last night which means the jackpot is still climbing. it has now grown to and and estimated $478 million that is the tim highest in the game's history. the next drawing is saturday night. if you want to get your tickets and of course you can watch it live right here on fox 29. powerball has gone nearly three months now without anyone winning the big prize. let's send it back now to south philadelphia and lucy even yann in the wells fargo center. guys? >> and dawn, i know why nobody has won. i keep forgetting to buy a ticket. >> me, too. >> we have to buy one for saturday. >> exactly. >> i'm in. i'm in. thanks, dawn. all right. you planning to fly out of philadelphia international airport tomorrow? well, why you'll want to head to the airport extra early. >> the dnc has been drawing in a number of big named celebrities but philadelphia wasn't the only
5:52 pm
place to see mega stars this week. why really big singer made her way to camden today. >> and septa riders getting first look at a new fleet of buses set to hit the streets in philadelphia. what special about the vehicles that had make big difference in the area they drive. all right. we're watching the weather wick downpours rolled through our area creating ponding on area roads known as flooding. kathy orr had have more coming up. baaing in a moment.
5:53 pm
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>> all right. we've got big old storms rolling through the area that could affect flights and out of philadelphia as we take live look at phl right now. so you know the routine. you got to call your airlines and check to see what's going on before you head to the airport because we could be seeing some big old delays. so things wrapping up here tonight that means many of the tens of thousands of visitors here will head to that very airport very soon to fly on home. >> the transportation security administration or tsa has some tips to make things easier. first thing tsa says prepare. so that means give yourself plenty of extra time at the philadelphia international
5:57 pm
airport tomorrow a lost people out there trying get out of the city. airport is expecting tomorrow to be one of the busiest days of the year. so be patient. everyone is trying get out. also make sure you don't have any oversized liquids or sharp blades in your carry on those are not loud. full list of tips is available for you on our website just head to >> we've been doing the same dance for long time. hopefully we can get that one down for the tsa. seems like a lot of folks in town for the dnc are looking for love. popular dating app tinder is reporting major increase in usage. tinder says 54% more people are using the app this week in philadelphia. we are the city of brotherly love and all compared to last week. still that's not as much as in cleveland per se. 82% more people were sending tinder on fire during the republican national convention. all right. bradley cooper's appearance at the dnc has upset some conservative fans of his portrayal of chris kyle in america sniper.
5:58 pm
>> cameras at the dnc spotted cooper sitting with his girl friend in the crowd last night. a lot of conservatives thought he was a republican after his role in that 2014 movie cooper weaved oscar nomination for playing kyle in the film. some twitter users plan to boycott his future movies because of his presence at the dnc. >> just because he's here however does not necessarily mean he's a democrat or republican or a libertarian or a green party member or an independent. >> absolutely. the dnc has turned out to be star-studded event. >> which is why people of all political stripes are here a lot of folks anyhow. this afternoon katie perry dropped by a sound check. >> ♪ >> she has a very nice back which is a good thing. because perry for the most part kept her back to the few folks here early. she is one of the artist taking the stage tonight. carol king will also perform.
5:59 pm
live look into the wells fargo center right now. it's been an exciting week here at the democratic national convention. a lot of big named stars and top political heavy hitters on the scene but tonight the moment the democrats have been waiting for. the conclusion of the convention when hillary clinton accepts her part effort's nomination to be president. your 6:00 o'clock news starts now. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. right now six we're on top of two big stories. it's the final night of the democratic national convention. hillary clinton set to accept the democratic nomination tonight here at the wells fargo center. we are live in the arena and our fox 29 weather authority tracking a severe thunderstorm watch that could mean some heavy rain and flooding in parts of our area. good evening and now think i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. rain is already pouring in some areas. let's head back to our fox 29 studios and meteorologist kathy orr. big night at the dnc it looks to be a big night with weather,
6:00 pm
kathy. >> it certainly is, lucy. good news a lot of the severe weather and heavy rain is shifting southward on ultimate doppler you can see through south jersey and central and southern delaware that is where we have the heaviest rain and we still severe thunderstorm warning in effect for kent county, delaware, northern sussex and this is until 6:30. associated with this, some quarter sized hail, vivid lightning and also torrential downpours. that cell is moving across the bay and heading toward cape may. so if you have any friends there give them a call and let them know a severe cell with heavy rain is moving toward the bay side of cape may county and also through cumberland county through south jersey. we do have to talk about the flooding risks. there is a flash flood watch in effect through tomorrow and it's all about of this. stationary front creating enough lift in the atmosphere with the humid air and that is creating drenching downpours much this is update. severe thunderstorm watch now mainly for south jersey and delaware. this is where the main threat will be through midnight as far as the flooding flash flood watch continues through noon


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