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tv   Chasing News  FOX  July 29, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> now, on chasing new. >> attention came to a screeching halt when she was diagnosed with a rare disease. >> no matter what people tell you, you can get better. >> nothing is holding her back from her dreams. >> there's a training program at kingsborough and it covered all the bases you need to stay afloat. >> behind me, the brothers host the lady gaga concert.
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>> single mocha. >> great success never comes about great adversity. you look at someone who has a unique ailment, singer wes trouble breathing. tell us about it. >> what is it like to be said that cannot breathe? that is whatever days like for chloe was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension when she was 30 years old. i spent the day with her to find out what it's like to be tethered to a portable oxygen machine. today was full of events, we did a band rehearsal. she did a songwriting session. first i met her at the organic grill. >> when all of this happened a few years ago it completely
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pushed me -- >> she is an internationally known singer. her sultry voice attracted several grammy nominated producers. her career came to a halt in 2013 when she was rushed to the emergency room. >> i had a dry cough with the shocking news, cannot even make it to the bedroom to the bathroom, i was so short of breath. >> pulmonary hypertension is a rare disease with less than 200 cases the diagnosed per year. but the life expectancy of someone who is diagnosed if they're not treated is only 2.5 years. chloe has survived this for three years now.
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she is thriving. >> with the application of five key principles which i talk about, nutritional lifestyle, exercise, mindset, family and friends., family and friends. i was being told i had no future. the option is that you believe that. the other option is that you create a future for yourself. >> if you watched her sing like i did yesterday in the studio, you would never know that she is attached to an oxygen machine 24 hours per day. three years after her diagnosis she had transformed her condition. she she originally was put on the double transplant list for her lungs. now, after everything she has done, she has been taken up that list because she is too healthy for a transplant. as you can see three years after this, she is not only writing songs, she songs, she is singing, performing, and she is inspiring. >> i know chloe because she has been one of our biggest supporters. she is also a patient. i know many of the children
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diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension absolutely love her. she wrote the theme song called "be brave". she is given hope to children who have been diagnosed with the disease. >> that was leslie, she is the pulmonary hypertension association director was working to raise awareness of the very rare disease so that they can someday find a cure for it. chloe's in town for a concert performing performing at the 125, on thursday night for other hit single just hit you too. check it out, it's called "brief". breathe. >> is she on any other kind of medication? >> originally she wasn't there making her even sicker. that is why she did this radical lifestyle change becoming a vegan. everyone is unique and different on the spare there 15 different medications different medications that people that have this should be taking. they affect everyone
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differently. >> thank you. >> check out this terrifying video taken inside a chicago home. you can actually see an intruder looking around upstairs while a couple sleeps on their own couch. he even stops to watch tv above them. the only thing missing was the woman saying this is not the first time they have been broken into. >> and there's a lot one thing we do a lot of round the office its flat. that is what we do when we saw this video. >> the little guy enjoying his music splash in new york. as his teacher plays the guitar faster and faster he starts laughing harder and harder. i would say it is one of the most contagious laughs i have heard in a long time. [laughter] >> hank, you are chasing governor chris christie today
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who wanted to talk about a new formula for funding status schools. democrats in the legislator say that it's dead on arrival. >> you're you're right about him being here at the senior center in fairfax for a town hall. he gave a big push to fairness formula for state school funny. he told the residents that his plant would meet a meet a severe reduction for them and property taxes. >> you'll see a property taxes go down $2223 per year. [applause]. now alex, christie was very much himself at home in front of the crowd as he often is. he treats it with equalize funding per student across the state. making a severe cut in funding for urban school systems. the governor says that there feeling anyway, why should the
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families have to pay for patterson school system. >> think about it, at $98 billion we spend of our tax money to 30 school districts in the state. all the rest of school districts including this one of government little over $85 billion. that's externa think. >> is the formula is simply an idea of christie's. no staffer tells me that he is simply putting it out to the voters now throughout the summer to try to popularize the issue. he's trying to set the table for the fall session, changing state funding for new jersey school system is something that requires a constitutional amendment. here that only have a three state referendum. something is staffer says possible but democrats a not likely. the governor depressed today and i still about donald trump not knowing the difference between tim kane who is hillary clinton's running mate and tom kane, the former republican governor of new jersey. >> does trump know the difference between tim kane and
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tom kane? >> the governor has been one of the most high profile donald trump surrogates was considered in the race for him being a running mate. i have to ask you, this whole fairness formula and equalizing funding across the bar, what is your take on a? >> 's place to the people that christie has been going to bat for for his him entire administration. he goes to middle-class and upper-class families in the suburbs, certainly the wealthy. it does not go well for the typical new jersey democratic stronghold. the city. >> but if you have seen the salaries that assistant superintendents make in places like like patterson, the money they get is ridiculous. what is wrong with equalize in these rates and making schools live within their means? >> on one hand there's nothing wrong with it, seems like the right thing to do. in the minds of others it is the right thing to do. in the minds of some it is not and while some of these urban school systems learn how to deal without that extra money
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the kids are going to suffer in the balance. >> the office recently announced there'll be three new theories for communities crossing the waterways in 2017. that means 150 new jobs for a right-hand man or woman. what is it take to make the cut and the deckhand program in the community college. they cover all the bases you need to stay afloat above the rest to get on one of these votes. >> this is a deckhand training program at kings a borough that we are offering. it's a 12 date training program. it is grant funded by the department of labor. >> i headed out to the maritime center at the school which doubles as a lighthouse. the country's newest which is cool. i ran into participant. [inaudible] we keep it on the beach, all
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learn about boats and stuff. >> ladies, these are the ladies of kingsborough community college. check it out. i'm all about it and know a lot about boats so i hopped on board one with a kingsborough crew and the captain walked me through what registrants will learn. to ultimately make a team on the high c. >> so the radar, the buoys, the current. [inaudible] you have to spend time in class learning the rules of the the water. >> the captain also throws in some see where the good old-fashioned secret. >> that that made a call. for 11
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student is not just about launching of a new career, but a relaunching of his whole life. >> i'm in recovery so a lot of this is trying things in a new way of living for me. this is completely different and new for me, even the way of speaking. it's hard for me to speak like this. when this. when i was incarcerated i used always look at laguardia is right there so i always used to look at the water and i thought wow. i wish i was on a boat. >> said you think you would be good at this? if you're 18, was able to work in the u.s. and have $300 for the kingsborough community college, go to the website and sign up for the course. >> get ready to party. lady gaga and lenny kravitz set to perform here. >> wouldn't you think they would want to showcase the good?
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>> day one, you're there. >> very energized crowd here. it
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come can do it!
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president, barack obama spoke. >> i spoke with with a gubernatorial candidate, phil murphy who was the foreman and pastor to germany and he was appointed there by president obama. i asked him about trump's bombshell statement saying that russia should hack hillary clinton's email to find her deleted email. >> it is not only un-american, it is against american interests. that means their consequences for country. this guy is trying to run for president of the united states. he does not have our interest in mind. it disturbed me. >> then cory booker, the store of the show walks into the room so i walk into the room with him and he was swamped with questions. of course i got my question and. >> are you disappointed you are not bp? >> no, i'm so excited that i came down to the final few. if you have visited me a few years ago in my office in newark and said hey, one day you're going to be on a short list as a vice presidential pick, i would been in state of disbelief. >> he was to be in that conversation. >> get ready to party.
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they hit the stage today and i am taking you to all the action. let's go. >> hello. where should the press it for the concert? >> lady gaga and lenny kravitz both set to perform here at the bb&t pavilion at what is described as the biggest event at this convention except hillary clinton herself. but presses band and here's why that's so interesting. the event is event is hosted by the very powerful political figure george norcross. reportedly the report a contract said that they do not want the press here. but you take a close vote looking according to the voices allowed to be here.
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take take a closer look and you'll see that more cross is the executive director of philly voice. lexi is the daughter. so all very interesting, you all can tell me whether -- but that doesn't mean action is not happening out here on the ground. just moments ago there was a little protest where they're saying this concert is all about rising and economic opportunity coming to the city and they say camden is not rising. >> behind the northcross others hosted lady gaga concert, according to all the reports to bolster their stature meeting the newark cross brothers garner support for a further run, run at higher office, everything that political insiders want but nothing that the people of south
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jersey me. >> things are definitely improving in camden. it could not have gotten much worse in george norcross does deserve some credit for things like hospital. i got a chance to talk to his brother donald was a u.s. u.s. congressman and asked about his brother's reputation which is kind of like a dark lord figure. >> when he see that a decade goes with the worst economic conditions, worst educational opportunities for the kids a worse public safety,. >> were very proud of what we do. >> what you think that they would want to showcase the good of camden and the fact that they can draw big names like lady gaga and letting kravitz and dj jesse jess. >> yes, definitely agree with you. think. think about it, i'm out here and all i have is the -- and is that all you on my story. but i guess they have their reasons. so we'll just have to leave it up to our viewers to decide why. >> thanks diana.
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allison, when the delegates are done with a hot day in the floor they're gonna need a cold drink. you went around to try to sample some of the best that philly has to offer. >> it. >> it was a tough day at work, some of the city's finest drinking establishments have specials. so we are out to and we had the city of brotherly love. >> it was a tough job but somebody had to do it. our first stop is where we tried the balanced budget, equal opportunity and new deal. balance budget was a vodka martini, equal opportunity and then the new deal was a manhattan i would say. >> which had the most i'll call question. >> will manhattan's are known to. >> it gave you a new deal. >> exactly. then we headed over to hotel monaco where we tried that i'm with her.
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and it was basically an herb infused bacardi rum. it was delicious. >> then we popped in the elevator and headed up to the rooftop called stratus. there we tried a jackass. that is their twist on something with a jalapeno infused vodka. come it wasn't vodka, it was brown. jalapeno, it was bourbon. >> that sounds good. >> you are still walking at this point? >> i have to say we felt guilty
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about how much we wasted but we cannot be wasted. >> so for next stop we headed back to the library bar. so leaning to the left, the mule and foreign affairs. unless stop was a restaurant called ocean pine. we tried the martina and the delicate. so after he tried the strings we thought about it and then ranked them. *top three were the new deal, the martinez, and, and the meal from the library bar, it was delightful. >> best version that i've ever had. >> will that is targeted. >> what's the difference between the martini and the martinez? >> one speak spanish. [laughter]
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>> three line into the salty breakers off long beach island, you might catch dinner. >> it was like pulling dead weight. >> on a simple hook they late reeled in the catch of a lifetime it was on my bucket list to catch a big shark.
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>> : the crack that came to dinner. >> a saltwater crack that is living the life. >> just don'
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>> have a story we should know about help us chase it down by logging onto chasing >> meet sophia, a saltwater crocodile that is living the life in australia. she she is captive bread and being raised as a pet in a domestic
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environment. it is absolutely petrified. this is her demanding food and they feed they feed her, as you can see. she even comes inside to look for more food. again, terrifying. newsflash alex, sharks occasionally by people and it happened twice in the last couple of days. first in the bahamas, a dentist from waco, texas was a pre-diving and spearfishing when he got up close and personal with the 6-foot shark. bit him on the face and leg. moving along. moving along to the florida keys, the hall of famer was actually bit by 4-foot shark while fishing for lobster. luckily both are recovering and going to be okay.
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>> throwing line into the salty breakers off of long beach island, if you're good, you might catch a dinner. >> how long has it been there? >> gianni and his father have been fishing together ever since that gianni was three. just days ago with a simple hunger is a debate on a simple hook they reeled in the catch of a lifetime when they pulled a 7-foot 200-pound shark straight out of the surf. >> what you a? >> 90 pounds. i told him if he popped the hook i'm going in after this thing because i don't wanna lose it. it's a trophy a trophy fish right here. especially for someone his age. >> i thought it was small. it was like pulling dead weight. >> it didn't really fight like it might thought. >> know i brought it in closer. >> we didn't really know until after we took the video and watch the video and kind of googled and looked up what sharks look like in the species type. then then we found out it was called a fan type. the guys gave the shark a quick once over inspection and took some pictures and then sent it
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swimming back off into the serve as is their custom. researchers have said there would be more sharks off of jersey shore at this particular summer due to warming conditions. although there have always been plenty there. gianni says it feels good because it's a really big fish and it's an accomplishment. it's on my bucket list to catch a big shark. >> and now you have done it, now what's next? >> i don't know. >> he will be angling for other game next time. it is up on twitter on chasing hank. >> alex, they want. you are there. >> finally, we made it. >> so we are on the floor. >> very energized crowd here. >> exclusive interview with bernie sanders. >> the democratic party's un i approve this message.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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(grunting) homer: d'oh! willie: seymour. i'm here to tell ya i'm returning to scotland and you'll never see me again. but i have hand-picked my replacement. mr. johnny mathis. ♪ chances are ♪ i will give this hedge a trim ♪ ♪ and i will kill the gophers, too ♪ mmm. so beautiful. (mrs. skinner imitating alarm) you're late for school. (english accent): and friday's lunch will be fish sticks, peas... i'll finish those morning announcements. (clears throat)


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