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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  July 29, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> hillary clinton makes history by becoming first woman to accept a major u.s. parties presidential nomination what she says this moment means for all of america. plus now that the parties and protests are over, there is a lot left to clean up, where city employees are working to get philadelphia back in order. democratic national convention is over but hillary clinton still working in philadelphia where you can see her and her running mate tim kaine later today. beware as you start your day, more wet weather is heading our way but will it ruin the weekend? let's hope answer is no. good day it is friday july 28th, 2016, back to you chris murphy. the missed you all over.
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>> you look better than ever. >> yes. >> here's my hope for delegates and visitors to our city that there are in delays in the the airport with all this weather. they have within here. they are ready to go. >> mass exodus. >> for the first time in 19 years, i get a traffic backup on my way to work, at 2:30 in the morning. it was crazy. because, they were, picking up the barriers and bob will tell you all about that situation on i-95. i think we still have a few adjustments to make before life gets back to whatever normal is around here. flash flood watch continues until noon time today. we have more rain around this morning. a flood advisory out by lancaster county where we have seen some flooding. so thunderstorms off the new jersey shore, out to the north and west of us is where we are seeing heavier rain including place with the flood advisory lancaster county around muhlenburg heavier rain this this morning and lighter rain
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in chester county but see pocket of steady toy heavy rain, moving towards east nottingham and parkesburg and a little thunder and lightening over last hour and heavy downpours. they are still a around, still humid throughout the day, the clouds and lightening but there will be pop up showers throughout the afternoon. 86 degrees is our high temperature. 8:17 is your sunset time. so that is a look at your friday, hey weekend is here. last weekend of july. we will see is what coming up in the weather authority forecast. good morning. >> good morning, tgif, 4:02. good news. all of the weight restrictions we have been dealing with all week, those 5-ton restrictions are pick up, and gone. so everything is opened, there is no need for a detours, we are looking live here at 95, vine expressway, ram tops southbound i-95 we have access to and from center city.
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only closure that is still in effect right now are the broad street off ramps from i-95. so northbound i-95 the barriers are still set up, exiting at broad street, southbound, they are about ready to move them off of there, my best bet if you need to get into south philadelphia, from i-95, exit at packer avenue, that is a guarantee, at least for right now, penndot said they are working throughout the morning getting everything back to normal. expect delays at the airport first of all, dnc they are all heading home, they will have weather delays, best bet check with your airline, and change up, to hillary clinton rally with that i was set for up the street, a new location, temple university, later on this morning. chris and lauren, back over to you. hillary clinton accepts the nomination for president last night with the determination and bound with confident in the america's promise. >> in the process she made history becoming the first female nominee of the major
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political party. >> there she is in her pant suit what was she going to wear. >> after an introduction by her daughter chelsea hillary clinton walk out on the stage at wells fargo center this is my fight song former first lady, senator and secretary of state set her sights on the white house, talking about some of the things that she will do if elected. >> it became clear to me that simply caring is not enough. to drive real progress you have to change both hearts and laws. you need both understanding and action. i sweat details of policy we're talking about the exact level of lead in the drinking water in flint michigan, number of mental health facilities in iowa or the cost of your prescription drugs.
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the because it is not just the detail if it is your kid, if it is your family it is a big deal, and it should be a big deal to your president too. you heard, you heard from some republicans and independents who are supporting our campaign, welshing i will be a president for democrats, republicans, and independents, for the struggling, striving, the successful, for all of those who vote for me and for those who do not the vote. for all of americans together. >> and low point like the summer of 1994, several people this week have talk about her fight for universal health
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care. it was bruising. it was exhaust continuing. she for the her heart out and as all of you know, she lost. then she just got right back to work. >> chelsea clinton describes some of her childhood memories involving her mom hoping to show that hillary has another side that will help her if she becomes president. >> dnc has come to a close. our city is trying to return to normal. >> from all that security fencing, to roads being blocked there is a huge mess out there to clean up. steve keeley is live in south philadelphia with more on this, steve, good morning. >> reporter: everybody upset that this a area shut down long before the convention it was for set up, that is why it is still shut down now after the convention. as soon as the last delegate left building that they start clearing area around the building. here we are on broad street across from the wells fargo
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center there is famous subway station, at&t named station that everybody was trying to get to, protesters because that is where delegates would get out every night. now we will walk to another famous shot, watching us this time yesterday we showed you those protesters who burst through the fence. notice wheels on the bottom of the fence. that was the give away this was the fence they cut through because the wheels, let this fence blast opened when they cut chain and they put a dead bolton this last night. here's bernie for president poster, around here, how is that for a coincidence here. here's the work going on. do you see these big flatbed trucks? they are being brought in by the dozen and loaded real fast with those concrete temporary median barricade that we are seeing here. there is a lot of these trucks, cranes that left these things up and put them on the back of the flood bed. they are working so fast, this rain is not helping, of course, but maybe helping cool
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the guys off. they are in the worried about getting wet because they would be drenched in sweat. they are trying to get south philadelphia back to normal. you south philadelphia resident who put up with this stuff you will have your median parking back after today as well. i talked to one south philly guy and said these conventions are like in laws they come when you don't want them and they stay longer then you want them and then happy as heck once they are gone. by the way, you're looking for souvenirs? we are seeing delegates. there is not going to be any delegates at the airport. i passed hundreds leaving parties on callowhill street and market street and we just ran into a couple waiting for the ride they were hanging around here all night. what was the best souvenir, for my money, how about this. a zip tie from a protester arrest, how about that. >> just be happy it wasn't you. >> yes, just once in a while ourselves. >> speaking of protesters they gathered on the final night of
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the democratic convention, a couple hundred people flooded streets at broad and pattison, three people were arrested for trying to steel a fence and enter a secure area. this is where they breached the perimeter wednesday night. seven protesters were a red ted and charged federally by secret service for violating a designated security zone and entering a restrict area. >> less than 30 seconds they probably got no more than three to 5 feet inside of that fence, barely reached the point of being a hiccup for us because we took them in custody so quickly. >> another group, even burned an american flag for a few seconds last night. that was over in about ten minutes. police say in all they cited more than hundred demonstrators for disorderly conduct during this weeks protest. hillary clinton is not wasting anytime getting back on the campaign trail. >> she and tim kaine will be kicking off their public rally today at temple university. >> dave kinchen joining us
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live where president bill clinton is also expect to be there, hi there, dave. >> reporter: that is right, it will be a big moment not wasting anytime at mcgonigle hall for hillary clinton, tim kaine bill clinton making an appearance here. clinton's likely reaching out to young supporters of bernie sand hours will be found on college campuses across the america. former secretary of state taking stage after being introduced by daughter chelsea and making it official accepting her parties nomination for president last night closing out the dnc. she took swipes at donald trump while praising the current president and laying out her agenda and she had a mets age for her rival bernie sanders too. >> i want to thank bernie sanders. bernie, your campaign inspired millions of the americans particularly young people who threw their hearts and souls
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into our primary. you put economic and social justice issues front and center where they belong. >> of course, she said many other things that she will reiterate today at this appearance, doors open up at 10:00 a.m. and event will start around noon or so. back to you. >> thanks, very much dave kinchen. 4:11 is the time. pope francis has arrived in auschwitz germany becoming third pontiff to visit site of the suffering. he will pray at former nazi death camp. >> he will walk in silence around concentration and extermination camp where 1.1 million people mostly jews were killed during world war two. we are taking a live look at that area right now. 4:11. after last night philadelphia's one city, hillary clinton will always remember but coming up next why she will need to focus on all of pennsylvania if she plans to win the white house.
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a little girl caught in the cross fire walking in the house with her grandmother who exactly police are looking for right now.
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the rain arrived yesterday afternoon and been with us on and off ever since. we have a flash flood watch continuing until noon time to take for counties highlighted there and then we will go to lancaster county where flood advisory is in effect until 6:00 a.m. because that is where heaviest rain is falling. we will zoom in on lancaster
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county and show you orange, yellow, that is the line of heavier rain moving all the way up towards reading, but we have heavier rain in southern chester county around east nottingham that part of the route one, fill upsberg and see upper mount bethel, mount pocono, steady rain falling there. lighter around gloucester, clayton and winslow along the ac expressway, no heavy rains there and we are seeing in atlantic city once we take away lightening around brigantine we had a heavy downpour there still raining in atlantic city but easing up a little bit. but this rain is expect to be with us through the next couple of hours and eventually the heavier stuff, will pull away, we will get a little bit of sunshine this afternoon, a few peaks here and there but some left over showers, so you might want to keep that rain gear with you throughout the rest of the day even though this is the worst of the heavier rain and then we will talk about the weekend and look at future cast in a little bit. right now it is still very
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muggy with 75 degrees in philadelphia, 73 in allentown. we will go up to hazelton where it is 66, 71 in reading, in washington township it is 67 degrees and 75 in ocean city. so at least in the the seven day forecast there are no more 90's, we did end up with a seven day heat wave, we have 86 degrees today with some showers, and sunshine, and very limited, that is the deal over weekend more thunderstorms popping up both saturday and sunday. august begins on monday and it looks like at least initially in the beginning of the week we will have lower humidity, we will stay in the 80's on wednesday and thursday as well. no more 90's for a while we can take a break. >> as everybody is heading out of town, lot of changes taking place at the moment, parties over, here's a live look at the wells fargo center all lit up. i talk to johnny dougherty when difficult my breakfast segment they said they had a clean up crew ready to get in
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there right after the convention last night, start dismantling everything, taking everything back out of there and turning the building back over to comcast there. there is a lot of work going on inside and a lot of work outside. here's a live look as steve keeley mentioned broad and pattison, flatbeds and cranes putting all those concrete barriers backup on trucks not just at broad and pattison but any of the locations around the stadium complex. the pope fences as we called it that has to be dismantled. your best bet trying to get in or out of the south philadelphia at this early hour i would suggest exiting, at the pennsylvania son avenue because crews are actively working right there at broad street. as far as those weight restrictions, that has been lifted, 95 is opened this problems at all from delco all the way up into bucks county but we are dealing with some rain, dealing with some fog, dealing with wet roads, so different kind of morning rush hour here. regional rails again, same
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scenario that adjusted schedule crowded trains, fewer cars expect delays for the rush hour and then again heading down to the airport i agree with steve, the partyers are still sipping coffee a little late down there but everybody is heading home, expect weather delays whether you are with the delegations or not and check with the airlines before you head down there for the exact timetable. chris and lauren, back to you. we are following breaking news two police officers have been shot in the san diego, california neighborhood. >> at this point we don't know the conditions of those officers. according to san diego police one suspect is in custody but they are searching for the other possible suspects. we will stay on top of this story. 4:18. philadelphia is one city, where hillary clinton will always remember. it is where she officially accepted the democratic presidential nomination. >> but she cannot play favorite to our city, come november she will need support from the entire state if she plans to win the white house.
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bruce gordon has more on that. >> ♪ >> reporter: years ago the slogan you've got a friend was featured on pennsylvania license plates, tonight we found a republican in this highly democratic crowd who believes keystone state could be very friendly to the g.o.p. come november. >> things are in the so good for you why would you want to continue with the way it is. >> reporter: g.o.p. strategy expert joe watson says hillary clinton offers more of the same to under employed pennsylvanians. what does donald trump have to offer pennsylvania voters in your view. >> donald trump is an outsider. if you really want to change from where we're headed, you want me. >> reporter: watkins work in the bush 41 white house, coincidently last time a republican presidential candidate captured pennsylvania. since then democrats are six and zero. secretary clinton lead trump in the most recent pa polls by nine percentage points. delegates from the the state says that is because of
4:20 am
clinton's message to voters. >> hard to imagine when you sit around the kitchen table they will not say hillary clinton really understands our concerns and can do something about it, in a way that is very different from jump. >> reporter: g.o.p. has invested time and money in presidential races and that kept things close for a while. >> through april maybe three or four-point race and then it begins to spread in late december and october and i'm confident same thing will happen this time. >> reporter: pennsylvania has far more registered democrats then republicans but the key for clinton supporters is to energize the base get them to the polls. >> we have a significant registration and key is turnout and it has always been a key to the elections. >> bruce gordon, fox 29 news. now to developing news in north philadelphia, two-year old girl is recovering, to hitting by a stray bullet in the shoot-out. >> police searching for two gunman girl shot in the left arm walking with her grandmother to her home.
4:21 am
shooting happened, in the 3100 block of north rosewood street around 6:00. two men were firing semiautomatic weapons at each other but quickly ran off. >> i heard about eight shots. eight shots. came outlooking, i ain't seen nothing. >> it makes me nervous. >> it makes me nervous. investigators collected as many as ten shell casings, swat and k-9 teams scoured our area but did not fine shooters in that neighborhood. 4:21. eagles have the full team in camp plus which two players had on explain themselves for missteps, coming up. but first your winning lottery numbers, good luck to you.
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yes. >> beat up 11-one. phillies to look to turn things around in atlanta, miguel franco getting things started with a first inning, three run home run no one even at the game. >> braves are horrible. so, that would put phillies up three to nothing. tommy joseph would make it four to nothing. aaron altear puts it before it is seven to nothing. braves would rally back but phillies hold on, seven-five. growing up as a kid you used to see that place pack,
4:25 am
with the chop going on but when team loses, in one is there. >> no one was there yesterday. >> it was kind of hot. heat in at atlanta. >> lets go to howard for sports in a minute. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. yesterday was first day of the long hall for entire eagles team, all players back at practice, but weather changed some things, team had to practice inside because of weather, but today was really about two players that had legal issues in the off season. this was first time wide receiver nelson agholor spoke about his alleged sexual assault at cheerleaders strip club. he was cleared but realized he made a bad decision. >> i put myself in a poor situation and most important thing for me was to realize that no matter what was going on, if i make the right decision, i won't be there. from there on out i have to resenter my focus, you know. to be honest with you there were points i thought an
4:26 am
opportunity was given to me to play for this organization could have been taken from me. >> one of the pga championship, country club, jimmy walker is leader at five under. he birdie is here at seven, and he is one ahead of martin calmer. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. 4:26. let toss things out to steve keeley. good morning to you, sir. >> we will see well dressed people walking around the station just coming back from parties and down here in south philadelphia party is over, wells fargo center albright with spotlights, trash on the streets, concrete median being moved out. for south philadelphia, dnc stand for do not come back.
4:27 am
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♪ >> hillary clinton making history as she becomes first woman ever to accept a major u.s. parties presidential nomination, why she says this isn't just a big moment for democrats but for everyone. plus, parties and protests are over there is a lot of cleaning up to do where city employees are working to get
4:30 am
philadelphia back in order. traffic nightmare happening on i-95 listen up before you leave home, bob kelly has what you can expect when you hit the roads. >> is that song you are going to hear me roar. >> is that what they are playing. >> no. >> good try though. >> bob kelly, trying to get back to normal out there the on the road, my goodness. >> trying to get back to normal. 4:30. here's a live look at our penndot cameras, as we mentioned, penndot working the minute those convention folks, hit the gavel and was over they are working to move the barriers and all of those lane restrictions off of i-95, sue serio, got stuck in the jam this morning. this is another jam northbound they are getting ready to move those concrete barriers off of the broad street exit ramps so that folks can exit 95 into south philadelphia. however if you are getting ready to leave the house right
4:31 am
now, i suggest you head for packer and pattison avenue exits of i-95 because at the bottom of the broad street there is a lot of construction going on as steve keeley will show us at the moment. they are picking up concrete barriers, taking down the pope fence. if you need to get into south philadelphia or leaving south philly, head for packer or pattison on and off ramps, that is way to go, again, probably in the next half an hour or 40 minutes you wouldn't know there was a construction there, at least from the roadways side of it. on top of that mother nature not cooperating, we have heavy rain, wet road, thick fog, i-95 in delco down there on highland avenue. as far as septa goes they are trying to get things back to normal too in and around that south philadelphia neighborhood. next hour or so, it is going to change by the minas they move those barriers, once those barriers are up and out road will open up. regional rails same deal, crowded trains, fewer cars, expect delays on mass transit
4:32 am
this morning. also expect delays sue at the airport today because mother nature looks like she will give us a friday sing tore day. >> the worst of the heavier rain is happening right now but this flash flood watch continues until noon and you are right those flights will be going out of here before then. flood advisory in lancaster county until 6:00 a.m. thunderstorms off the jersey shore, heavier rain right now is lancaster county, southern chester county around new london, birdboro in berks county and muhlenburg as well. that is where we are seeing heavier rain at the moment, there is poor visibility in allentown reduced visibility in reading, lancaster. down to 5 miles at philly international. air is very thicken where it is not actively raining, you can feel it. 94 percent relative humidity. 75 degrees out there. sunrise 5:57. most of the temperatures are in the 07's. we are heading to a high of 86 s
4:33 am
here and there throughout the rest of the day, lauren and chris. >> 4:33 is the time. from the declaration of the independent to the first female presidential candidate. history made in philadelphia again, lauren. >> that is right hillary clinton officially accepted the democratic presidential nomination. >> we have reached a milestone in our nation's march toward a more perfect union. the first time a major party has nominated a woman for president there is a feeling that the sky is the limit. >> it included speeches from powerhouse, we start off with michelle obama, our president stop by our city and her husband former president bill clinton. clinton got her chance to tell voters why she should be the next president of the you had.
4:34 am
>> president obama is commenting on hillary clinton's speech and tweeted saying great speech, she's tested, she's ready, she never quits that is why hillary should go our next at potus. she will get the twitter handle too. >> and then you know donald trump had to say something. he went on social media, and no one has worse judgment than hillary clinton corruption and devastation follows her where ever she goes. >> hillary clinton isn't wasting anytime getting on the campaign trail, as a backdrop. >> she and tim kaine will be kicking off a public rally at temple university. dave kinchen you are joining us live from temple with more. >> reporter: that is right, we are several hours away from this appearance but the clinton/kaine campaign is not wasting anytime getting out there as party nominees and campaigning and here at temple university likely reaching out to young voters including supporters of the bernie sanders who can be found on
4:35 am
college campuses across america because they are still trying to unite party here. former secretary of state took the stage after being introduced by daughter chelsea and made it official accepting her parties nomination for president. she ripped donald trump for saying he alone can fix the country's problems. >> really? i alone can fix it. isn't he forgetting troops on the front line, police officers and fire fighters who run toward danger, doctors and nurses care for us, teachers who change lives, entrepreneur s, who see responsibility this every problem, mothers who lost children to violence and are building a movement to keep other kids safe. he is forgetting every last
4:36 am
one of us. >> reporter: doors open up at 10:00 a.m., event starts at noon, back to you. >> that event was initially going to be in front of the independent mall but they had to move it because of the weather. we will have more in just a minute. dnc has come to a close. now city is looking to return to normal whatever philly normal is. >> true. from security fences to roadblocks is there a big mess to clean up. steve keeley live from south philadelphia. you say dnc stand for do not come back. >> reporter: i said, i didn't say i said that i said south philadelphia said that. they are sick of these things. >> we got it. >> i will have all of the hillary lovers writing me, you're killing me here. wells fargo center still surrounded by fencing but not for long. these are spotlight being taken out but boy, pattison avenue is a busy traffic area we have flatbed trucks taking all of the stuff here including concrete barricade. here comes another truck with
4:37 am
construction spotlights on it and across fencing we will see concrete barricade around the protest site on broad street, and that is franklin roosevelt park there the sign you see through fencing and above remaining concrete barricade and all lit up courtesy of the spotlights that are being moved out. you see this gentlemen here to the right he is starting to take apart the fence ago this was here. speaking offencing look along the fence here and see a bride out rose. bloom is off for sanners supporters for democracy. read that sign now sitting in the wet pavement there and it says i donated to an unfairly treated campaign, bernie or bust. so those sanders supporters and you saw hillary clinton trying to win them over by mentioning bernie sanders and then see that cutaway of bernie, he looked like that actor who was told he would win the best actor oscar and then suddenly didn't win and
4:38 am
he looked like the loser cutaway you see in those oscar award all the time. here we are in south philadelphia, still trash, construction and all of these trucks are going up on 95. state police are still up there with flashing lights even on callowhill street for some reason and still have i have tent set up for broad street exit with state troopers in there with flashing lights as well. with big trucks like this hitting 95 that will not be easy to get around because these guys are not barreling down the street at 80 miles an hour, either, guys. there is a seven five-year gap between the oldest and youngest delegate at this weeks dnc. does a difference in age change their views of the party. we will look at that next. smelled like yoga-aroma.
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pope francis arrived in auschwitz german i becoming third pontiff to visit site of the suffering during the nazi reign of terror. he will pray at former nazi death camp. pope francis will walk in silence around the concentration and extermination camp for 1.1 million people mostly jews were killed during world war two. auschwitz was site, of course, of that terror. one in six people, executed in that mass genocide were killed at auschwitz. democratic national convention also offered diversity and that includes
4:42 am
differences in age. >> there is a 76 year gap between oldest and youngest delegates. >> those two delegates are 17 year-old rachel gonzales of missouri and ruby gilliam of ohio. rachel is youngest, ruby the oldest much rachel got involved when parents took her to the the bill clinton rally at nine. ruby joined during world war two after her husband was killed in action. >> it is really emotional. she held my hand and said i will pass down reigns to you. it was so cool. >> hillary is breaking the barrier, you know, as we go in the military women do that. >> how cuties she. >> despite huge gap, both considered hillary clinton's speech to be the speech of the lifetime. ruby has in plans of slowing down. she is already planning for the next convention in just four short years. >> i loved she looked at that rosie the riveter pin and brought back so many memories
4:43 am
of world war one. it is not all about the politics this week in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. app seeing a major boost and we are not talking about the stupid pokemon go junk. >> i'm so glad that is over.
4:44 am
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katie perry lighting up the stage with her hit single roar. >> wow. >> it was one of the two songs she sang after she encourage americans to exercise their right to vote in november. >> sue. we will bookend this trip for the delegates. >> true. came in with a bang on monday, left with those thunderstorms yesterday and we're still left over rain, georgetown delaware had a record rainfall yesterday with 2.8 and still raining there these are all rainfall totals yesterday combined with so far today. atlantic city over an inch of rain, wilmington about an inch and allentown three-quarters of an inch. philly international total is not that impressive but just annoying. flash flood watch continues throughout the area until noon and lancaster county flood advisory until 6:00 a.m., so lets look at right now ultimate doppler radar and
4:47 am
heavier rain is still moving out of the baltimore area right up in to lancaster and chester counties and then into berks county that is where we are seeing the downpours that could really slow you down around little britain, east nottingham, sadsbury, up toward pottstown it is raining steadily as well. some areas of lighter rain around pemberton, jackson, new jersey but around brick you will see heavy downpour as well. it looks like rain is easing up in atlantic city and brigantine where we had a loud thunderstorm not too long ago. we will look at the future cast and to summarize, unsettled weekend because you can see rest of the day a few stray showers here and there and a few peaks of sunshine if you quite a few clouds on the saturday. we will start out okay in the morning and then we had showers popping up in the afternoon and it is pretty much the same story for sunday afternoon with pop up showers and thunderstorms. so there it is, unsettled last weekend of july.
4:48 am
86 degrees today and tomorrow 84 on sunday. monday, august begins. by tuesday we are feeling less humidity and more seasonal temperatures in the mid 80's, and we will start to heat up, toward middle of next week but no 90's, convention over bob kelly, so is heat wave. >> everybody pack up and lets go clean up day, or we are cleaning up all morning long here, so far this morning the object toys get those blinking arrow signs, cones, that were all along the route is here on i-95. you can see speedometer getting dropped down to 13 miles an hour approaching the airport. traffic is moving but the penndot crews are picking up all of the cones along the way. if you are getting out grabbing your coffee and keys, everything is open, you just don't want to exit at broad because at bottom of the ramp there that is where crews are picking up concrete barriers. use packer or pattison avenue
4:49 am
exit trying to get into or out of south philadelphia. next 15 minutes will be different story, getting better every few minutes here as clean up crews are out there road are wet. we are dealing with rain, fog, yucky morning rush hour, schuylkill at conshohocken. here's a couple concert like brian tonight and tomorrow. check this out throw back, joan jett and blackhearts, cheap trick sunday. camden waterfront getting all these concerts last couple weeks because wells fargo center has been out of action with the convention here in town. start your engine it is nascar weekend up at pocono seed way. we will see a lot of action heading up to the pennsylvania turnpike not at the same speed limit as they will be racing up there in pocono, chris and lauren back to you. democratic national convention had a few from the sports world, kareem abdul jabber would be there. >> from the start of his
4:50 am
speech he got laughs from the audience. i'm michael jordan and i'm here with hillary. i said that because i know that donald trump could not tell the different since. >> i was wonder where he was going with that. the basketball great with the milwaukee bucks and then los angeles lakers addressed discrimination and criticized trump for his stance on muslim immigration, wow. >> trump fired back? he is always on stan by with his 140 characters. >> i don't know, we will see. i used to love watching him growing up in los angeles, dominating with magic johnson. we understand that trump did respond. >> did not. >> i wouldn't think wow touch that. popular dating app seeing a spike, from data from tinder that shows a lot of people here in philadelphia are looking for love. >> as they should, right.
4:51 am
>> brotherly love. >> dating app allows to you swipe right or left, so says 54 percent more people using app this week in comparison to last week. still that is not as much action as in cleveland. >> 82 percent more were setting tinder on fire during the rnc. >> all it means is there is a a lot of outsiders so we are seeing same old faces over and over again. >> right. >> i don't even know i have never been on tinder. i have seen my girlfriend do it. >> you see the best. >> you know. >> hold on, found one. >> they just keep going. >> 82 percent in cleveland, man, lieutenant of love happening there in ohio. democratic convention has brought a listers to philadelphia, including jenkintown's own bradley cooper. why the actor's presence at wells fargo center is causing a social media fire storm this
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
this is a live picture from germany where pope francis paying a somber visit to auschwitz, becoming third consecutive pontiff to make this pilgrimage, this is, of course, where hitler's forces killed american 1 million people, mess of them of course, jews. we will keep an eye on what is going on live in auschwitz
4:55 am
this morning on this friday. >> let's turn to lauren johnson. >> let look at your top headlines on line and social media hillary clinton pulling ahead in donald trum in pennsylvania a poll released shows hillary clinton with a will solid lead overdone old trump among likely pennsylvania voters. head to head match up in the survey clinton ace head 50 . pennsylvania governor tom wolf took to the stage at dnc to speak about the business side of this election, governor attack donald trump saying he only runs business toss help himself. he said hillary on the other hand has ideas good for workers and for businesses. >> hillary believes if you work hard you could share in your company's success. she will also fight to raise minimum wage, she will ensure equal pay for woman and guarantee up to 12 weeks paid
4:56 am
family leave. plus affordable child care. >> governor criticized trump for not proposing a plan for family leave. bradley cooper's appearance with the dnc in the sitting well with his fans. cameras at dnc spotted the actor with his girl friend in the crowd last night, many conservatives thought he was a republican after his role in the 2014 hoff i american snipper, some twitter users say they plan to boycott his future films because of his presence at the dnc. >> ♪ >> so excited when this happened last night carrolle king came to the stage to perform, one of the many celebrities supporting hillary clinton. she had the entire crowd on their feet, singing along. 4:56. lets toss things out to steve keeley in south philadelphia
4:57 am
where clean up is underway, hi there, steve. >> reporter: lets do two quick things first of all big thank you for philadelphia police department, fire department and paramedics how about a a plus job this wasn't so bad after all. looking at headlights of the unmark police car, pouring rain and in the only is it wet but whipping, look at the flags in front of the phillies park. miserable but everybody is still smiling because everything went perfectly, dave. they are smiling at temple university, hillary clinton, bill clinton and tim kaine will be campaigning here today.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> she was beaming last night hillary clinton with emotion as she becomes first women ever to accept major u.s. parties presidential nomination, what she says this moment means not just for democrats but for everyone. now we have to clean up our city. where we are working to get fill back in order. >> live picture of all that rain in south philadelphia right new too. democratic national convention, of course, it is over but hillary clinton is working philly, where you can see her today with her running mate tim kaine.


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