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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  July 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> she was beaming last night hillary clinton with emotion as she becomes first women ever to accept major u.s. parties presidential nomination, what she says this moment means not just for democrats but for everyone. now we have to clean up our city. where we are working to get fill back in order. >> live picture of all that rain in south philadelphia right new too. democratic national convention, of course, it is over but hillary clinton is working philly, where you can see her today with her running mate tim kaine. >> we have more wet weather
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but will it ruin your weekend. >> reunited and it feels so good. >> was that your heel. >> i just rammed my heel,. >> hold on. >> i was stab. they don't call this a stiletto for nothing. >> look at these heels. dang girl. >> no, but i should put my shoe back on. >> sue serio a lot of people stumbling in hear heels, after partying. >> it is wet, puddles around today a lot of rain fell yesterday. more in store for today. we will go back to the six out of ten. even though it is not in the 90's, it is muggy, is there the dog, it is rainy, foggy, temperatures in the 70's and it is a little lit yucky and there is heavy rain west of us, lancaster county, southern part of the lancaster county and chester county and plus we
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will see downpours headed toward downingtown, this morning. reduced visibility in many places, a allentown seems to be foggy point at the moment but that could slow you down as well. you can see very damp, at philly international, 90 percent relative humidity a and 75 degrees. we will expect to get to 86 degrees. we will have sun shire here and there but not a lot of sun and still some showers but the heavier rain is falling right now work sunset at 8:17, what is in store for the weekend, we will answer that coming up in just a few minutes, bob kelly is here, right now, boy when you have traffic jams at 2:30 in the morning. >> i thought of you, i said, you know what, sue is probably stuck in that traffic jam. no traffic jams right new but this morning is like the day after the big party last night where you said, you know what lets go to bed and clean it up in the morning. that is what we are doing in south philadelphia cleaning up
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broad and pattison taking down pope fence, moving out concrete barriers but i-95 is opened from one end to the other there are no weight restrictions. so that is good news for the beginning of our morning rush hour but as sue mentioned heavy rain right now all folks from the dnc heading home today, most likely majority of them flying out of philly international and we will have weather delays. check with the airline. that hillary clinton rally, was moved to temple university because of the rain. so keep that in mine. it is nast cast weekend. we will see extra volume up the northeast extension and speed way, the gates opened around around 10:00 o'clock. expect delays with the rain and that will slow everyone down, on the roads and rails this friday morning. chris and lauren back to you. >> take a one day weekend.
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either way hillary clinton made history. >> she became first female nominee of the major political party taking stage after her personal introduction by her daughter. >> ♪ >> so there she is, on the stage, at wells fargo center to this song this is my fight song. former first lady, senator, secretary of state set her sights, on the white house talking about some of the things that she plans to accomplish if she's elect. >> so, my friend, it is with humility, determination and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> yes, hoff trumps hate. >> imagine him in the oval office facing a real crisis.
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imagine, a man who can bait with a treaties not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> donald trump says he wants to make america great again. >> he could start by actually making things in america again. >> world got another glimpse of the hillary clinton's personal life from her daughter, chelsea. >> i have been there at the low points like the summer of 1994, several people this week talk about her fight for universal health care. i saw it up close. it was bruising. it was exhaust continuing. she for the her heart out, and as all of you know, she lost. and then she just got back to
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work. >> chelsea described her childhood memories involving her mother hoping to show hillary clinton has another side that will help her if elected president. >> donald trump taking to social media to offer what he thought of clinton's speech. you heard hillary clinton talk about being baited by tweet. so what did he tweet, no one has worse judgment than hillary clinton, corruption and devastation follows her where ever she goes. >> i think he spelled judgment, i don't think there is that e, should i tweet him. >> i would love for to you donald trump and you get in the twitter war that would be fun. >> dnc has come to a close as we all know and our cities are trying to clean up to get back to normal. >> huge mess in south philadelphia, and still raining out there, exacerbate things. >> reporter: since you guys see latest picture of donald trump did you see it. he has a new hat. >> go on. >> not make america great again. >> make south philadelphia
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normal again. >> good luck. >> and that hat is selling pig around here. look, first of all another report, could it get any miserable, more miserable, it is pouring out and rain you can see going sideways, and sue serio just said, watch out for puddles. look at the corner here at broad and pattison. can you imagine standing there waiting and someone flies through there you will be drenched. puddles are forming big time throughout the city and these guys, they don't even care. in rain gear on these guys. that the hat is like a sun hat and it is starting to droop and him because it is soaking wet but these guys are drenched in sweat. rain will not bother them as they try to get this town back to normal. this picture says it all for protester. bernie sanders poster crush, kind of like showing how their dreams of democracy was crush. their guy will not be the nominee and they have levittown or at least left fdr
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park area where we are walking to now also leaving here the secret service tent and checkpoint completely gone those temporary barricades that went up and down to let trucks pass through gone and most of the concrete barricades are gone. we will look down fdr park and see few barricades left as these workers start taking apart the 8-foot high plaque steel fencing, that the protesters were pushing a begins all week. a lot of the trouble is going to be gone soon for south philadelphia, maybe by tomorrow it will look normal. my big question chris and lauren is all this security being moved up broad street to north philadelphia, does dave kinchen have any report for big security steps around mcgonigle hall where the candidate and vice-president and bill clinton will be later. >> we will ask him that specifically when we check in with dave, thank you sir. protesters gathered once again on the final night of the dnc a couple hundred people flooded the street, you
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can see the pictures right there, at broad and pattison, three people were arrested for trying to scale a fence and enter a secured area. >> this same area where demonstrators breached a security perimeter wednesday night. seven protesters arrested and charged by secret service for violating a designated security zone, and entering a restricted area. >> actually, probably less than 30 seconds they probably got no more than three to 5 feet within inside of that fence barely reached the point of being a hiccup for us because we took them in custody so quickly. >> as you saw that video commissioner ross himself taking someone in custody. another group burned an american flag, the other night that demonstration was over in ten minutes. police say they cited more than 100 demonstrators for disorderly conduct during this weeks protest. hillary clinton already hitting the campaign trail. >> she and tim kaine her running mate will kick off a tour with the rally at temple.
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so dave, he was wondering about secret service in place are you seeing any signs of that right now, security for hillary, bill and tim kaine. >> reporter: there will be security in place and they are seeing a tent up there at mcgonigle hall so conceivably that is one of the security points right there as hillary clinton, tim kaine bill clinton make a campaign appearance here the first time with hillary and tim as nominees for democratic party there, and we can tell you that the former secretary of state took the stage after being introduced by her daughter chelsea and made it official last night closing out the dnc. she ripped donald trump for saying he alone can fix the country's problems. >> twenty years ago i wrote a book called it takes aville age. a lot of people looked at the title and asked what the heck
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do you mean by that? this is what i mean. none of us can raise a family, build a business, heel a community or lift a country totally a loan. >> secret service will be doing a preset in the the next few hours and, of course, the events, start at 10:00 o'clock and event starts at noon. back to you. >> dave, thanks very much. we will have all eyes on the temple area this morning. >> many people expected to show up. >> yeah. >> pope francis, auschwitz germany right now third pontiff in the row to visit site of the suffering. he will pray at former nazi death camp. pope francis will walk in silence around the concentration camp where 1.1 of the nearly 6 million mostly jews were killed during adolph hitler's reign of terror during world war one. 5:11. developing a little girl caught in the cross fire walking in the house with her grandmother, who exactly police are looking for right
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it's everything you need it to be... and more. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. that will wake you up, my goodness. >> that was a splash from sea isle city, flooding yesterday, still a concern down the shore right now. >> and then in delaware, fire marshall says that lightening struck this home which then spark the fire.
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homeowners were inside at the time, and they say it sounded like a bomb went off there. they got outside, crews were able to put the fire out quickly. >> that was in hockessin. >> yeah. >> man. >> did you notice, i didn't try, guys because i always miss pre announce, i feel like within of the visitors to our city. >> hockessin. >> hockessin. >> do you have to go like this hockessin when you say it. >> and in christmas it is ho, ho, ho kes inn. >> i just made that up. >> flash flood watch in effect for the morning, it is actually until noon and then flood advisory until 6:00 a.m. for lancaster county. lancaster county, chester county and berks where we have been seeing most rain this morning. yesterday there were other places that had heavy rain but do you see this area of rain from maryland, that is heading towards new castle county
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delaware. watch out there and possible flash flooding in east nottingham in chester county. the pottstown gets heavy rain as well. moving over to new jersey and in burlington county and places like east freehold we are getting heavy rain and neptune in ocean county. future cast, heavy rain is out of here by noon, left over showers here and there and sun trying to get through those clouds and then by tomorrow we will start off dry and then we will get more pop up thunderstorms and showers and it is same story for sunday, at least 90's are out of here but we do get decent weather as we head into the first few days of august, on monday and tuesday we will experience lower humidity, and, checking out shore temperatures for today, and tomorrow, 80 degrees, so on the beach, not bad at all, got to get rid of the showers and flooding as well bob kelly. >> i will be down in wildwood
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for north catholic, alumni reunion, we will see you down there from 3:00 to 7:00, we will be down there with the new ufc champion, north graduate. live look at 42 freeway you can see heavy rain ponding quickly on the roadways, just ayuky morning rush hour, been a long week like all of us here take a personal day if you have one in the can there. but south on the 42 freeway coming off of the whitman into south jersey there is an accident right here at route 130. again, with the heavy rain, hydroplaning is easily happening out there. we have had a couple little spin out and fender benders. here's an example of the crews picking up any of the barriers or cones that were used during the dnc, checkpoints here. this is i-95 near washington but everything is opened. all of the on and off ramps are open. would not try exiting at broad street right right now if you need to get into or south
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philadelphia, would i use pattison or packer. now with the dnc done, everybody is packing their bags and heading home sometime today. some will folks are still partying or left overs of party, there are going to be weather delays i guarantee thaw at philly international. do check with the airline even if you are not part of the dnc, and just getting out of the town for vacation or weekend it will be a rough go this morning. we have a couple concerts, tonight and tomorrow luke brian and check this out, throw back sunday joan jett and black hothearts do you remember playing that record on the radio. >> i love rock and roll. >> and cheap trick across the river in camden. mass transit looks good with no delays. >> i have known her as a change maker for our citizens and i have known her as a leader whose career has been defined by a simple creed: gsd, get stuff done. >> all right. former philadelphia mayor michael nutter spoke at
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democratic national convention last night. he told crowds after knowing hillary clinton for decades he knows she's ready to be the next president. nutter talk about how proud he was of his administration for them bringing the dnc to philadelphia, this year. week after donald trump accepted the g.o.p. nomination he is going after bernie sanders supporters. >> this time during a rally in iowa trump told crowd why he believes they will vote for him over clinton. >> we have a vice-presidential candidate that was against like most of the things that he was talking about which is greatly, it is great disrespect. that is why i think of the bernie sanders people we're going to get. we will have bernie sanders people. i really believe it. >> trump went on to say he thinks many democrats will cross over party lines and vote for him. trump. all right. back here at home we are following a developing story out of north philadelphia, ten year-old girl recovering after
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being hit by a stray bullet during a shoot-out. officers are searching for two gunman the girl, shot in the left arm, as she was just walking with her grandmother to her home this poor kid. this happened on the 3100 block of north rosewood street around 6:00. police say two men were firing semiautomatic weapons at each other and girl was caught in the cross fire and then these guys ran off. >> i heard about eight shots. i came outlooking. it makes me nervous. >> yes, i would be nervous too. they pick up ten shell casing from the scene, swat and k-9 scoured the neighborhood but did not find shooters. police in burlington county need your help finding a man they say exposed himself to two teenage girls. two, 15 years old were biking on crown parkway in evesham when a man exposed himself. as girls biked away the man chased after one, teenager
5:21 am
then flag down a driver who scared the man away. if this man looks familiar to you you are asked to call police. police in marlton, new jersey want to find two guys who snatched mack book computers and then took off. this happened at sage more apple store on route 73 earlier this week. they got away were four mack books, about $10,000 worth of merchandise. later, the dnc has put a national spotlight in philadelphia, one sit a cross the river is taking advantage of that. what camden is hoping to show off. >> all right. winning lottery numbers, we will play working man by rush and getting these done today, base player for rush and working to clean up after the dnc.
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whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension
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the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
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welcome back. officialness florida right now investigating more cases of the zika virus that have been possibly spread by local mosquitoes. officials say two similar cases were discovered last week. these would be first cases of zika being spread by mosquitoes on the u.s. main land. they are asking all blood centers in both counties to seized collecting blood immediately until more is known about these cases, so, we will see which counties in florida are affected by this.
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>> how about good news, septa adding a special fleet of buses, and they are rolling out brand new electric buses which means no emissions. they will be used on routes in south philadelphia starting next year with more electric buses to come after that. there will be a total of 25, in the fleet, in addition to the environmental benefit, officials hope those buses will cost them a lot less to run. speaking of septa if you take train septa is urging riders to allow for some extra time next week. >> that is because conductors will be collecting fares, they were making their way through crowded car to collect passes and fares. this effects afternoon trips at center city regional rail stations as of monday. septa is getting a digsal cars over next few days. the transit service is adjusting to the weekday schedules to address overcrowding and station pass buys because of the train they took out of service when they discover a structural tea affect. 5:25. officers and protesters are considered with showing
5:26 am
restraint and courtesy during dnc. >> police only arrested a dozen people and issued citation toss a hundred others. some feared rallies and marches would result in violence and mass disruptions. police commissioner richard ross said his officers took pride in what they did all week and he is extremely proud. when you look at numbers, hundred arrests with 60,000 plus people. >> it got contentious and we have video from "fox news" when they breached the actual metal wall there and went through. officers had to take a stance but still showed resistance. >> commissioner himself took someone in custody. >> yes. >> walk him over to the van. >> 5:26. >> sue weather could not have been worse for dnc. >> we welcomed them with rain on monday and we are satisfying so long with more. we will tell you where rain is falling most in your weather authority forecast. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv,
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>> ♪ >> hillary clinton beaming with emotion as she becomes first woman ever to accept a major u.s. parties presidential nomination.
5:30 am
what she says that this means for all of america. now that the parties and protests are over, well, guess what, you have to clean up what they messed up. where city employees are working to get philadelphia back in order. as clean up begins, my goodness, could not be worse conditions, take a look at the radar, it is pouring in south philadelphia. >> good day, it is friday july . so convention is over. >> right. >> hillary is still in our city because she will be at temple university later today. >> big event. that event was supposed to be outside, right there on independent hall but they had to move it indoors at temple university. >> mother nature had something to say about that. we have rain moving through the area as i predict and heaviest is falling in chester county. there is heavy rain moving in delco and new castle county. middletown is about to get a big old downpour. muggy the doggies here, umbrella, the rain coat, all of it, even some fog for good
5:31 am
measure. mostly in the 70's, reduced visibility to the north of us around pottstown, and allentown, and, it could just could be slow going where ever you are traveling today. 86 degrees is our high. sun will come through those clouds but we will have the scattered showers, warm, humid otherwise but heat wave is over. we are not getting in the 90's. 73 degrees, muggy night, stray showers, if you are heading out for a friday night date, make sure you have at least an umbrella nearby in case you get a shower. that is your weather authority forecast with 5:41. >> do you have a friday night date. >> i just might. >> does billy know about that. >> 5:31. live look at the 42 freeway getting socked with that heavy drenching rain. just ayuky morning rush hour. northbound coming toward city with the headlights but that tractor trailer heading south heading right in the accident scene. south on the freeway a crash
5:32 am
near route 130 and market. roadways are wet, heavy rain, and then maybe some fog to come into play. heavy along the turnpike and downingtown and valley forge. so expect a slower, longer commute this morning then we have seen all week. this is first rainy day this week. now everybody that has been in town all week probably packing their bags and heading home at some point today, heading to the airport, expect weather delays at philly international and check with the airline to play it safe, chris and lauren back to you. from the declaration of the independent to the the first female presidential candidate history made yet again in the city of philadelphia. >> hillary clinton officially accepting democratic presidential nomination. >> we have reached a milestone in our nation's march toward a more perfect union. the first time that a major party has nominated a woman for president.
5:33 am
standing here as my daughter and i'm happy for grandmother's and little girls and everyone in between. i'm happy for boys and men because when any barrier falls in america it clears the way for everyone. >> big week here in philadelphia, started out hearing from the first lady michelle obama, vice-president spoke here in philadelphia, former president bill clinton and then hillary clinton got her chance to tell voters why she thinks she would be the next great president of the u.s. mayor jim kenney previously endorsed hillary clinton but his tweet earned remarks. >> it is this picture used with the tweet, right, it is taken of the photo that hillary clinton wearing sunglasses and not only dit launch a thousand meme but
5:34 am
investigation of the her e-mail account was conquered up. >> he tweets thanks for accepting responsibility of our world's future and our country, keeping the promise of equality. >> there he is, kind of looking hillaryish. >> all right. >> hillary clinton is not finished yet. she and tim kaine are holding a public rally today. >> they are hitting road to temple and then get on a bus and tour the state of pennsylvania. dave kinchen joins us live from temple. this will be held not inside liacouras center but different building. >> reporter: mcgonigle building, former president bill clinton cam containing with hillary clinton and tim kaine. their first official campaign stop with hillary and tim kaine as nominees reaching out to young voters, including those who have overwhelmingly supported bernie sanders, on college campus's cross america. former second of state was introduced by daughter chelsea and made it official accepting parties nomination.
5:35 am
she took swipes at donald trump and had a message for the former rival bernie sanders too. >> i want to thank bernie sanders: bernie your campaign inspired millions of americans particularly the young people who threw their hearts and souls into our primary. you have put economic and social justice issues front and center, where they belong. >> reporter: doors open up here at 10:00 a.m. the event starts at noon, back to you. dave kinchen live for us. the dnc has come to a close and city is trying to return to normal. >> we have to clean up, that is what happens after a big party and steve keeley is on the clean up crew in south philadelphia, hi there steve. >> reporter: everybody coming around grabbing souvenirs. i will have this with me for future heat waves.
5:36 am
do you like this. i will have this next to me. i might just steel that other fan as well. look at what is going on here. we are right outside home plate at phillies stadium. they are picking up these concrete barricade and getting them all out. broad street basically clear of these things. it is amazing how fast they are working in the rain and wind out here and these guys are doing this so they can get this back together essentially by sun rise it looks like because there are tons of these trucks here. do you like that word tons because they are loaded with tons of concrete but they are all getting out and on the road before the morning rush hour getting but fencing still up around phillies stadium. when will this all be done and back to normal? probably by this afternoon. phillies, do not play again here until tuesday night against san francisco 49ers, coincidently it is grateful dead tribute night, so as
5:37 am
south philadelphia comes back alive we say thank you to the grateful dead. i'll send this back to you with my hillary clinton, i want to end my report here in south philadelphia, chris and lauren, back to you. >> that was very kennedy-like. >> with the beyonce fan right there. >> good job steve keyly. >> i don't want to embarras but he said san francisco 49ers. >> we're playing the giants. >> yes. >> so we're now a week before the trial against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kaine. it will start soon. judge ruled jurors will not be allowed to hear that she was prosecuted to stop her from revealing a pornographic e-mail scandal in her office. first term democrat ace accused of leaking secret investigation to the philadelphia daily news in 2014 to embarras rival prosecutors and then lying about it under oath, prosecutors say, she lied to the grand jury. bill cosby has dropped
5:38 am
lawsuit against one of the women accusing him of second you'll assault. >> his lawyers made that filing, cosby filed lawsuit because he thought confidential settlement agreement was violated. a federal judge ruled that the defendant could not be sued for talking to law enforcement about the woman's allegations. cosby a weights a assault trial over 2004 encounter, he considers to have been consensual. prosecutors say woman was drug and then assaulted president cosby paid her undisclosed amount of money two years after that. this is one of the tossens of woman hoff claimed cosby also assaulted them. eagles have a full team, in camp plus which two players had to explain themselves, their missteps in the season all coming up in sports.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
all right. >> the phillies took on the braves down in atlanta one of the worst teams in baseball. miguel franco getting things started with a first inning three run home run, that will put phillies up three to nothing. tommy joseph will hit a home run. and they would eventually go on to win this game, seven-five. >> i had a couple friend that went to the game but they weren't paying much attention because they were sending me video, and -- >> that is what you do during games. >> whatever. >> here's more sports with howard. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning i'm howard eskin. yesterday phillies first day of the long hall for this
5:42 am
eagles team. all players back in practice. weather changed some things. team had to practice inside because of the weather but today was really about two players that had legal issues in the off season this was first time wide receiver nelson agholor spoke about his alleged sexual assault at cheerleaders strip club. he was cleared but realized he made a bad decision. >> i'm disappointed but best thing i can do is respond the right way. but what was i go to go do after all. i was being next to my family, being there every day making right decisions from here on out and they are proud of the way i responded. >> pga championship, for all of the club in new jersey, nice day for jimmy walker. the chip off the green on seven, a birdie, it goes in, he is five under. he lead after round one. he is one stroke ahead of the the leader. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
5:43 am
for the first time in history a
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[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] ♪ >> down load the album, tap industry, by this woman carrolle king performing inside the dnc last night. you got a friend just one of the great hits on that album. >> people said she had the whole crowd singing along the
5:46 am
entire time. you can combo on line and buy tickets to go up the road to new york city and watch beautiful on broadway. >> which you saw and you loved. >> i loved it. i was watching this moment with a girl friend and said i don't know carrolle king songs. when you look her up and see songs you are hike wait, what, what you realize you know more and more. >> how about this one sue, i feel the earth move under my feet. >> the earthquake song. >> yes. >> anyway, it is just, she's unbelievable song writer/singer. we have heavy rain that is moving in out of northeastern maryland to chester county and new castle county delaware. there is a very heavy downpour south of the el kton maryland and cecil county, middletown seeing heavy rain. that is why we have a flash flood watch in effect because of these heavy downpours. it is heavy rain moving in wilmington delaware as well and across the bay to you in
5:47 am
salem county, new jersey. we will move up further north, we're in montgomery county around upper salford, bucks county around richland heavy rain falling as well and then we will move over to the garden state parkway in ocean county, around neptune, and eat on town we are getting very heavy rain this morning. flash flood watch continues throughout the rest of the morning until noon. this flood advisory expires at 6:00 a.m. for lancaster county which saw heavy downpours. heaviest of the rain is confine to the morning hours but as you look at the future cast we will see with the sun coming through a few stray showers but nothing is heaviest then what is falling this morning until tomorrow afternoon when another impulse comes through and guess what there is another one in store for sunday. we are calling it an unsettled weekend but temperatures are in the 80's instead of the 90's and we will stay that way through early next week when rain and all that system is out of here, we will enjoy a few days of lower humid to i
5:48 am
to celebrate the arrival of the month of august. bob kelly, convention over, heat wave over. >> 5:48. slow downs on the the schuylkill expressway, and are you red i where were you 35 years ago on this date. >> i was in kindergarten. >> i was in my mom's bill. >> but most likely everybody was watching live princess diana wedding, 35 years ago today the wedding. here is the question for you how long was the train, think bit. accident westbound schuylkill expressway at gladwynn. this tractor trailer off to the shoulder, again, look at the spray coming off of the cars, heavy town pour, quickly ponding here. we have had a couple minor accidents along the way in the last half an hour here as this storm cell rolls on through south on the 42 freeway and an accident near route 130 in south jersey, of course, the location change for the hillary clinton rally taking
5:49 am
place at temple's machine gone california hall, doors open up at ten, event start at noon. three routes most likely to be detoured, broad street subway should not be impacted, one more day of mote offer cade madness. of course, we all know that the clintons are staying in center city so we will see a motorcade from center city up to temple university sometime around noon. mass transit at the moment looking good with no delays. let our legacy be about planting seeds in the garden you never get to see. that is why we're here. not the just in this hall but on this earth. the founders showed us that and so have many others since. they were drawn together by love of country and selfless passion to build something better for all who followed. that is the story of america. we begin a new chapter
5:50 am
tonight. yes, the world is watching what we do. yes, america's destiny is ours to choose. so, lets be stronger together my fellow americans. >> hillary clinton has officially accepted the democratic nomination for president. last night, clinton's goal was to paint the more hopeful optimistic vision of the nation that comes together and is as her campaign slogan puts it stronger together. >> your favorite story of the day. >> talk about being together. >> on the cover of harper's bizarre. >> magazine taking an early lead in the race of shifting fashion seasons. >> by putting kim and kanye faces of fall fashion and there are their faces. >> where is the fashion. >> great mind think alike. >> magazine featuring happy couple in the latest, products. kanye's line. pair sat down for a interview
5:51 am
for harper bizarre and taylor swift feud going. >> chris was like should we reinact that. >> they were nose to nose, but their lips didn't touch. >> but it is just the nose. >> i'm nervous. >> can we get in tight. >> get close but not too close. >> that is not harper's bizarre that is just bizarre. >> coming up on "good day philadelphia" in about nine minutes, i will put this million income front of you. one of the two of you needs to drink this. >> that would be chris. >> is it safe. >> there is no games here. >> he downs it. >> we will talk about that at a second. >> i know it is coming up at 6:00 that is where hillary clinton had her big after
5:52 am
party, and it was rocking until about a half an hour ago. if you have any pictures of what was going down inside that building let me know. there was a huge google party at 801 market just down the street from frustrates in the od strawbridges, is there a big opened room. >> that is a party. >> if you have any pictures of that one send it into us. >> here's the other thing. >> chicken wings. >> now we get to the milk thing. >> that is cock roach milk, is there a certain type of cock roach that is lack taiting cock roach they milk the little cock roach and that spews out milk, this one particular brand of cock milk. >> i'm about to spew it out. >> it is really good for you. >> did it taste any different. >> fantastic. >> how do you milk a million of the cock roach.
5:53 am
>> i don't think we can show that on tv it is also, national chicken wings day. >> where do you go to get chicken wings, we have five different restaurant, is there a place you can go. >> why don't you bring me wings instead of cock roach milk, that wasn't very nice. >> this was not. >> we do what we have to do. >> 5:53. >> later on fox 29 morning news dnc has put a national spotlight on philadelphia this week. one city across the river is taking advantage of all this what camden is hoping to show off. will you make it.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
good morning, welcome back. 5:56. seventy-five. another wet one on tap. delegates had the worst weather possible this past week. you could not get more horrible as you head out of town. sorry about the weather. hopefully you had a great time in philly nonetheless a cross the river in philadelphia in camden, new jersey at 1:00 yesterday we had a big concert called camden rising. lenny was there we had lady gaga there, we had joan jett there.
5:57 am
good time there. invite only thing. media not invited. right there at the bb and t pavilion. if you google that, there is probably six names in the last six years. hopefully you had fun for convention volunteers as well. >> i think only thing rising is drug abuse, the crime. >> people cannot and won't sit on their steps because they don't know what will happen. they have billion dollars investment such as construction of subaru headquarters and the new 76ers facility, nice practice facility there. but they hope people can see many neighborhoods in camden are in fact struggling and need help. hillary clinton beaming with emotion she becomes first women ever to accept a major parties presidential nomination what she says this moment means for all of americans. donald trump responding to hillary clinton how he reacted to hillary mentioning him during his speech last night.
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ with this level of intelligence...'s a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress.
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and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. tonight we have reached a milestone in the nation's march toward a more perfect union. the first time that a major party has nominated a woman for president. >> hillary clinton closes out dnc here in philadelphia by accepting democratic nomination, she's staying in philadelphia throughout the


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