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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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so, my friend it is with humility, determination and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> it was made official last night right here in philadelphia a, hillary clinton accepts democratic nomination for president, why she says she's right for the job. plus donald trump's response to hillary's big night. wasting no time where hillary clinton and tim kaine are making their first campaign stop right here in philadelphia. the convention is over but clean up is well underway, the progress crews are making right now as philadelphia returns to normalcy.
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stars shine bright in the city of brotherly love ape sisterly affection from katie perry to lady gaga celebrities waking up in philadelphia this morning. >> i saw a picture of hillary clinton and her running mate at the kimmel center at the big party at 2:30 this morning. >> look at her a late night partyer. >> yes. >> well, we're back in our home base here, after being cramped into a space of about the size of my phone at the wells fargo center, at 4:00 in the morning. >> so many people came up and said where is it? are you in the cave or what is going on. it looks so cramped in there. >> it was one of the suites and wires wrap around you could not move, get up, well, this happened yesterday. >> are you all right. >> no. >> what are you trying to do.
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>> somehow my mike cable is between my legs. >> i'm all tangled up. >> some one last night and said it looks like you are in a cave. >> well, compared to our sued joost at fourth and market which are huge good yeah, this studio is pretty big. upstairs here in our studio at fourth and market. we have move to. >> we do. >> this is what we normally do after the show. >> he spins me around. >> we need to get how we get our thrills. >> i missed you, i missed you? this is a big blue floor. >> let's punch up three. >> this is what i like to do..
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>> sue, we're glad to be back. >> here's a look at weather. we have rain moving through the area including cumberland county in new jersey, gloucester, camden counties, burlington county, millville, heavy rain is heading your way moments there now winslow and other place's long northern part of the expressway and eventually the jersey shore within the hour we will see heavy downpours. we are giving you a six out of ten. this is worst of it this morning but there will be showers around later in the day. it is rainy, foggy in the 70's and it is muggy. 86 degrees today. at least heat wave is over, there is that but scattered showers and sun trying to peak through those cloud 73 degrees with more showers tonight. that takes care of friday, weekend forecast bob kelly. >> i missed mike's money, mike
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and i normally split. i had to buy coffee all day this week. >> mike, you better have my money. >> all of the interns are off. >> good morning, everybody 7:04. 476 jammo we're parking lot here south bun in the broomall which is west chester pike because of april accident. bumper to bumper from villanova southbound down to the broomall interchange jammed solid because of an accident. is there your accident southbound, jammed on the schuylkill expressway westbound from an accident between gladwynn and conshohocken. heavy in center city. all of those restrictions last week are all gone no speed restrictions, no 5-ton weight limit restrictions, just stay away from the broad street off ramps. they are opened but as soup as you get down to the bottom of the ramp there that activity they are cleaning up concrete barriers, pope fence but you
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can get in the navy yard. that is good news southbound i-95 a crash near high land avenue. heading home after dnc or airport today weather delays, philly international says get down there at least two hours before your scheduled flight time for checkpoints and check with the airline. we have this rally relocated to temple university, doors open up at ten, september will throw detours on three of those bus routes between ten and 12:00 noon, back over to you. >> it is with humility, determination and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> you know, bernie supporters in the room. >> yes. >> after that historic night here in philadelphia the
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presidential campaign enters the new final phase as we head for the general election. >> hillary clinton accepted it but did you see that guy in the yellow, of course, bernie supporters were wearing that bright yellow. they were waving their flag and just like don't put that in my face. >> talk to the hand. >> they were upset. >> history was made. >> true, regardless of your political affiliation hillary clinton is breaking record now that she's democratic presidential nominee. it wrapped up last night with hillary clinton lessing out the theme of the day which was stronger together. >> no one gets through life alone. we have to look out for each other and lift each other up. after all when there are no ceilings the sky is the limit. >> before hillary clinton stepped on stage her daughter chelsea painted a personal picture of her mother.
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>> people ask me all the time how does she do it. how does she keep going amid the sound and the fury of politics. here's how, because she never, ever forgets who she's fighting for. >> chelsea clinton went onto say her mother wants every child to feel love and valued. she said i'm voting for a woman who is my role model. she called her mother a fighter, advocate, and not only did hillary clinton tell america and world why she would be a great president, of course, she had to speak to one person last night, that was donald trump. we have much more on her comments about donald trump coming up in just a few minutes and his response to her. >> thanks you for that. delegates are leaving philadelphia in droves to head home after the big convention. do you want to see a live look at philadelphia international
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a airport, they are stack and packed as bob kelly would say. >> maybe take a train, love train. >> by o.j.'s. >> they are playing philadelphia inspired music, the sound of philadelphia, i hear in the terminals they are pumping this great music for delegates to hear as they leave. >> they are tired. good song isn't it. >> yes. >> hillary clinton isn't finish with philadelphia yet she's at the airport and neither is her running mate tim kaine his wife they are holding aing about rally. >> after this they will hit a road bus tora cross pennsylvania. they are a very important state and they want to reach out here. >> where is rally today. >> it is on temple campus. >> yes. >> we need t in the campus. here's dave kinchen. >> reporter: that is what happens when you are back in
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the studio instead of the in the cage at the wells fargo center. no rest for the presidential candidate here hillary clinton, tim kaine former president bill clinton will make a campaign appearance at mcgonigle hall at temple university trying to reach out to young supporters of the bernie sanders because he was popular in schools like temple university. this is the setup a at mcgonigle hall where event will take place. is there plenty of flags. last night former secretary of state clinton took stage after being introduced by daughter chelsea and made it official accepting her nomination for president. she laid out her a gend and took swipes, saying you can fix the problem alone and she had a message for bernie sanders as well. >> i want to thank bernie sanders. >> bernie, your campaign inspired millions of
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americans. particularly young people who threw their hearts and soulness to our primary. you put economic and social justice issues, front and center, where they belong. >> police on the scene securing perimeter for this event at 10:00 o'clock at machine gone california hall. noon is when it all begins, mike and alex. >> lets go from one arena back to the arena we got to know as home, doug luzader live at the wells far go center. >> he was our neighbor. >> yes, that is right, right up there. that is where your suite was, you can see the fox 29. >> it already looks so different. >> i mean look, look at the floor, there is the confetti that fell. we're standing up here on the stage. this was hillary clinton's
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point of view but they are in the process of cleaning up. they have been here all night. this is a mess. think of the confetti, balloons that fell. as you mentioned hillary clinton has that rally in philly and head out on the bus tour so now everybody shifts to general election mode. >> lets play the sound bite from her speech about how donald trump, he sure likes to tweet, here we go. >> imagine him in the oval office facing a real crisis a man who can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> that was a big shot toward trump wasn't it, doug. >> reporter: i don't think, i don't think we have had two conventions where opposing candidate has been mentioned more times then these last two, last week at republican convention it was hillary clinton, hillary clinton.
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last night and all week in philly it has been donald trump, donald trump. >> that is a preview of how ugly this will get as we head toward november. >> they tried to be optimistic they talk about america what they want for the country and we saw the moment was glass breaking and i like what hillary says about the sky is the limit. >> let's play it. >> when any barrier falls in america it clears the way for everyone. after all when there are no ceilings the sky is the limit. >> you were until the arena last night. i want to you do a comparison. yesterday on "good day philadelphia". we closed our show with our own balloon drop. >> i mean it is impressive. >> yes. >> now lets roll the tape from last night.
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>> last night i think they ripped us off. >> last night, one more time. >> wait until the confetti. >> you nor where we screwed up, alex. >> in a balloon drop you have to point at the crowd, people are not really out pointing to people. >> oh, look at that. >> we made use of our balloons after the show. >> everybody had a balloon drop so we provided you one yesterday. >> yes, that is right. >> yes, having been assaulted by balloons here in the arena i think i know what hillary clinton felt like last night.
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>> we invaded his booth, he was on with houston, texas. >> doug, great hanging out with you this week. >> it was wonderful. we had a great time. what a fantastic city this is playing host to everyone like this. been a great week. >> so excited and used to being around us one day i came outside studio and he was standing there. >> no, he was light nearing front of our building. >> doug, come on. >> that is right, i will follow the confines of the restraining order now. >> is he cannot get within 500 . he is married with kid. coming up at 7:15. coming up from the clean up and it is also a mess outside. >> that is where steve keeley is in charge to make sure they do it all right. >> reporter: i could not see
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doug. i hope he didn't get confetti on his suit or hair was he okay there. >> there was a piece of conn if the that i fell but he dodged it. >> yeah, do you see difference you viewers watching between the a list report shore gets to be inside with the suit and the we move straight down b and c and get down to the d list out with the protesters this was the fence that they burst through and now nobody cares. we are in the former federal designated security zone, nobody is tackling me or vague me with mace or arresting me. that just shows you as we see cars here. there is broad street still shut down but concrete, median barricade are gone. they are keeping it the close so nobody drives into the removal of the rest of the equipment. is there fence stack up. look where we were live, broad street is now cleared as farrah as i can see down to the navy yard. so they are getting street cleaned up, just some more
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work to do and look down pattison with a lot of work. no phillies game until tuesday. mike, i know you were worried yes, everything will be cleared by the time you see barbara industries an here on august 20th a couple saturday from now. good thing were you acting like a child in that suite because secret service was ready for you. they have one of these waiting for you. they will zip tie you, acting like a and offer man but went back to yourself so they didn't have to have arrest you we cannot keep him contained for too long. >> i have never been in one of those. >> listen, the officers, secret service, mike, can you step back. mike, i need you to go this way. why does everyone know your name. what have you been up to. >> no good. i have never been compared to wolf blitzer. >> no. >> are you okay.
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>> i'm real good with that. >> lets get back to this story we have an update in san diego, one police officer, is dead and another is in the hospital after a shooting in san diego. >> this happened late last night during a traffic stop and according to san diego police suspect is in custody. police say injured officer is expect to survive. one officer died and another one will live. seven will 17. here's sue it is raining. >> we are drenched this morning. we saw with steve keeley how awful it is, wait a little while, that would be a great eye tea. but clearing up north and west, still raining in philadelphia and let get down to south jersey which is folk news cumberland county in bridgeton, cedar villain pittsgrove in salem county a and to the north of that we are seeing heavy rain around berlin new jersey, mount laurel, waterford all heavy rain areas up toward trenton
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as well. this is nasty, flash flood watch in effect and it is nascar weekend in the pocono mountains. temperatures in the 70's both days, big race is on sunday, the pennsylvania 400 and they are thinking they might to have postpone it because of the possibility of lightening and thunder but that is keep of unsettled weather we are expecting every where. temperatures remaining in the 80's. no more 90's in this seven day forecast but we will get close by thursday of next week. bob kelly maybe get to the move thinks weekend. >> get your tickets early because you will not be the only one with that eye tea. problems on blue route live look at 476, stacked and pack but people have pulled over here to wait it out on the shoulder, barely moving from villanova all the way down to broomall, interchange for route three because of an extent involving a tractor trailer and two cars,
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southbound 476 jammed solid, if you are grabbing your coffee, keys, heading out other road like 322 or 352 will be a good alternate there. on the schuylkill expressway slow leaving town from city toward belmont avenue. this fellow facing wrong way at 309 at norristown. heavy rain comes through hydro planing happening, we asked earlier where were you 35 years ago today? >> the big wedding. >> princess di and prince charles the wedding, how long was the train? 25 feet. 25-foot train. >> thirty-five years ago there the royal wedding, first royal wednesday ago this we can remember. we have had a couple since then. >> i leb getting early in the morning, and why are we getting up so early. we want to see the royal wedding. >> it was worth it. >> was it. >> i guess it was nice.
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>> i have a question as we get to break here bob kelly, i have a question for you. >> go ahead. >> do you believe more people rent their homes or own their homes in america in 2016. are there more renters or owners in 2016. >> answer after the break. dnc is behind us so lets look back at the top moment from the final night at the wells fargo center. >> i told you would i show you a part friday 2:30 at the kimmel, it was hillary clinton's post convention party. do you want to see it. >> it is wild. >> wild. >> we will put it up after the break.
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we're playing philadelphia soul music, sound of philadelphia, gamble and hough creations, and that is being pumped in the airport as delegates go back to their
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home from philly. >> when i hear this sound i think of you. >> do you. >> yes. >> your contract says you can. >> so we're stuck. >> we're stuck together. ryan did you get the picture of the wild party? there was a wild party, it was post convention party by hillary clinton and tim kaine, husband and wife's. >> did it get out of control. >> this is just a still of it. well, okay. >> it looks like tame to me. >> that is 2:30 in the morning at kimmel center. they are rocking the house. >> no confetti, they could have brought some confetti over there. >> tim kaine his wife and hillary clinton and her husband. >> i guess that is what we have to do hillary clinton and her husband or should we say president hillary client an president bill clinton. >> don't get ahead of yourself. >> will we be saying that hillary and her husband. >> let me think this through,
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lauren simoneti would have the answer. are there more people rent nothing this country or own. >> well, i want to tell you hillary and first lad-ie. >> i like that. >> instead of first lady, first ladie. >> that is really create i have okay we're out of time. we will see you tomorrow. >> that is all folks. >> mike, i just saw you on good day new york. >> i enjoyed that. >> you were teasing juliett hud i. >> mini reunion. i could not hear a thing that she said and that is a blessing. >> that is how you wanted it. >> yes. >> perfect. >> lets talk who is buying a home not many people. rate is at lowest level it has ever been or going back to when they started recording this stuff. about 63 percent of people own
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a home right now. what is going on? why aren't we buying them. lets do four big reasons, millennials are not getting married early, they are not having kid. main drivers of buying a home. they are not doing it. number two. in one can find a home. inventory is so tight. prices are so high and still tough to get a mortgage. four, renting is more attractive, closer to the city if you are working in inner city, for instance and if you have a problem you give it to your landlord to handle. >> right? >> yes. >> if you are renting a place you have to not mow the lawn. >> i don't know one millennial hoist married. >> i know. >> wow. >> i'm thinking really hard. >> i do. >> what age. >> got married at 29 and they are pregnant so there will be a kid at 30. >> by the way, and they own their own home. >> you look like you could have gone to the cocktail
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party and been up all night, that is a beautiful dress. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> were you. >> it is very cold. no, i wish i was. i have a sick baby at home. you ever heard of the krup with that seal like cough. that is what we have been dealing with this week. >> yeah. >> phones ringing, someone wants you. we will see you next monday. >> you have been trying to get rid of me since you started. have a great weekend guys. >> thank you. >> hope baby feels better. >> for four straight days we were at the wells fargo center for this show. we have put together a highlight real. it is about 20 seconds long. i'm kidding. we will roll that after the break. the people that came here did not like philadelphia, a specific group of people hate us, hate our stuff, hate our institutions, well, guess what
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philadelphia is firing back via twitter. see this love/hate, mostly hate thing. pretty cool. what else do you got. it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive?
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did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. we are showing delegates getting out of town leaving philadelphia and you know what
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is playing, the sound of philadelphia, gamble and hough. we are playing the sound for you, maybe getting ready in their hotel rooms. some great music. got to love sound of philadelphia. good morning to you. it is, friday, we made it to friday. this weather, sue we just can't win with the weather, though. >> it is raining, dark. >> we welcomed everybody with rain on monday, we are saying bye-bye with rain today. last night we had sound of thunder and pretty loud too. here's where heavy rain is cumberland county in new jersey as well as camden and gloucester counties in atlantic and cape may counties. heaviest rain falling around millville new jersey. atlantic city get ready you had thunderstorms earlier, more on the way. a six out of ten in weather by the numbers today, looking at bus stop buddy our pal pool side wish he could go swimming but not yet 70's, rainy,
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foggy, muggy the dog, humid all weekend long. 86 degrees today, warm, humid with scattered showers and sunshine here and there and tonight partly cloudy with a stray shower or two. do things improve? we will let you know in the seven day forecast coming up. >> looking out the front window there is a downpour in center city and we are seeing that across major road wise. even problems on the rails, market frank for line running with delays of ten minutes. septa trolleys are running with some delays as well. jammo south on the blue route, 47 6a parking lot barely moving from villanova all the way down to broomall and quickly building because of an accident southbound of the route three interchange causing a gaper delay on that northbound side.
7:33 am
grabbing your keys and heading out front door go for alternate 252, blue route, jammed solid both directionness newtown. west on the schuylkill jammed from the boulevard up the hill in belmont. heading to the airport to jump out of town two hours prior to the tea part tour and expect delays and check airline for flight status, mike and alex back to you. favorite part of the show when convention is in town it is time for mike and alex's top three moments at the conn convention. >> final one. >> drum roll. >> looking so patriotic. >> don't get a tight shot because this is worst photo of me ever taken. >> it the base of us. >> look at that photo the owe. >> yes. >> oh, bees. >> look at those lines. >> let's get to number three, top moment from last night,
7:34 am
the jabs at donald trump. >> boom, boom, boom. >> love trumps hate. fighting for affordable child care and paid family levies playing the woman's card then deal me in. a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. donald trump says and this is a quote i know more about isis then the generals do. no donald, you don't. he spoke for 07 odd minutes and i do mean odd. >> when i saw this i was really thinking about that i do mean odd you know when you
7:35 am
think you you are so clever. you say get it. i made a joke. >> i could it all the time. >> cover of the daily news deal her in. you know donald trump. >> one other thing too, you notice when she made, i was fixated on that 70 odd minutes comment because when i was watching they cut to bill clinton he whispered to kelce, i gave her that line. they say he is such a great speech giver. he is like yeah. >> yeah. >> i just looked at our graphic here, did you see this chris murphy put a picture of himself on the back. >> you did that. >> you were gone. i felt weird when we flipped it, and it had you in there so make chris murphy feel wetter and not august war. >> put it over my face. >> i put it right there, over your face. >> i like that. >> why i. >> i look so much better now. >> is this the younger you.
7:36 am
>> well, yeah he is a better looking man. >> you are both really nice. don't say that. >> i'm hanging on by a thread, folks. >> donald trump was watching hillary clinton speech and tweeting with it. he tweeted this, no one has worse judgment then hillary clinton that was his response. number two moment from last night convention here in philadelphia. carrolle king. >> ♪ >> ♪
7:37 am
>> you think you don't to have say this stuff but sheila e drumming segment she was known for her energetic drumming, standing up. >> putting her leg up and stuff. >> we chose -- i'm glad this segment is coming to an end. >> it takes time to do this. , you know, back and forth. >> switch to the main beattie guess. >> crescendo. >> okay. >> music,. >> great music in the city of music. maybe we overstated number two moment. lets get to the number one. >> number one convention moment from last night. >> i know this is lame but we had our balloon drop in our booth yesterday as the show closed, who did it better was it "good day philadelphia" or
7:38 am
dnc commite. >> there we go. >> thank you. >> we have had a great time here at wells fargo center. >> hit me right in the face. >> hit me right in the face. by balloon drop by the dnc national committee. >> ♪ >> if you are a politician you have to act like you have never seen a balloon before and you are acting like a cat, something shining. >> awkward. >> what is that. >> round and red. >> there is a light one. >> if i hit it, it moves. >> look at that. >> and then they start, look, did you see that one. >> they all look the same.
7:39 am
>> look, it is deb friday cleveland. >> look, it is bob kelly. >> there you go. >> anyway those are the moments. i'm glad that segment is coming to an even. >> we're done. >> special visit at eagles training camp. we have breaking eagles news. >> philadelphia eagles news that just came across wires, who has signed a one year extension
7:41 am
7:42 am
hey, i will call this breaking news from the eagles training camp. >> all right. >> the team just announced they have signing darren sproles to a one year contract extension. >> he had been with the eagles since coming over in the 204 off season. but my question is do we want more than one year, just one year, anything. >> no, they want to make sure he still has gas. >> he still has gas. >> well, what are you a coach, now. >> i'm just saying i like to see him running. whenever a shorter folks win i'm all for it.
7:43 am
he is like the tasmania devil. >> where is tasmania. >> in the cartoon. >> it is off the coast of as you veil, yeah tasmania, off the eastern coast of australia. >> lovely good is that where you can find the tasmania devil. >> i have been there many times and the devil latched on to me. >> that is right. >> that look you gave, to that look. >> the devil latched on to me but i have been purged. >> they missed some. >> they missed some. >> really, really. >> joe in the ear said that does not count. >> i was on a ten day juice cleanse. >> did you even do the ten daysy made it one week. >> because you know a week is five or seven workweek, full week.
7:44 am
>> let me say you. >> you take a potato and squeeze it. >> he gets vodka, pine apple juice and then cranberry juice and then he will take a sip of the vodka, take a sip of the juice. >> it is juicing. >> no. >> favorite vodka that comes with the s. >> stateside. >> they have electrolytes in the vodka. >> it is not a juice. >> but it has electrolytes. >> but juicing if you take witt juice. >> yes. >> it is juicing. >> yes. >> usually you are in a bad mood when you are on a lens they are messing with our stuff. there is a lot of people out in philadelphia that came from tampa, adam who hates everything philadelphia, we will talk to him. >> go home, adam. >> tampa. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
7:45 am
who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows...
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while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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good morning, everybody. 7:47. a vehicle fire, rv fire here, take a look at the back of this rv. it is dark there westbound on the schuylkill, flames extinguished here but watch for a delay westbound schuylkill expressway out here near montgomery. still delays on the blue route both directions because of an accident southbound, just south of the broomall interchange. we are stacked and packed in
7:48 am
both directions, also jammed further west on the schuylkill. everything wet. we are dealing with heavy rain, new location for hillary clinton rally, temple university, doors opened up at ten, event starts at noon. septa will detour three buses but broad street subway will not be impacted. get ready for another day of motorcade madness leaving center city up to temple university around that noon time start but after that they will go on a bus tour. so what will happen there but guarantee from you center city to temple sometime before noon we will have a big old motorcade and we are running with ten minute delays. we are talking about balloon drops, in a second i'll show you a clip that guy is ready to smack the balloon and realize he would be hitting hillary clinton, lets take a look. he is ready to hit it, and then, coming down and say.
7:49 am
>> oh, let me get out of the way. >> you have to look up and be in ahh what is weather going to be like. sue has answer in 15 seconds. worst of the wet has moved into new jersey. still wet. still nasty out there. real heavy downpours are south east of millville, new jersey, cumberland county, really probably flash flooding going on there and shamong in new jersey and tabernacle as well and then further north around trenton we are seeing rain. if you can wait this is the worst of it. doesn't mean we will be rain
7:50 am
tree but tell luge won't stay so that is why flash flood watch is in effect until noon. nascar weekend, saturday 75, chance of the pop up showers and thunderstorms and same for sunday for big pennsylvania 400 race and heading town the shore a less than perfect weekend stray sure today, pop up storms tomorrow and land breeze mix of sun and cloud on sunday. this is the weekend, unsettled and temperatures in the 80's all the way through until wednesday and thursday of next week when it starts to heat up a lit built. at least now that the convention is over heat wave is over too mike and alex. >> did you see the other day, yesterday philadelphia eagles thanked secret service for all they have done this week and long snapper john dorenbos treated them to a special magic show. that is his thing. >> put your other hand on top.
7:51 am
lift your hand up so people can see. put that over your head. >> unaudible. he is doing well on america's got talent. >> i wonder if he does it for players in the locker room. come on, john seriously. >> i have seen him at chop children's hospital for philadelphia he had patients coming down. >> he ace good guy, man. >> he is. >> i hear he will try to keep up the vets america's got talent. >> fly back and forth, back and forth. >> as long as he keeps winning. >> so there were tons of journalist, thousands of journalist to philadelphia for this week for the convention. >> they might be cranky because they were just in cleveland for the republican national convention, then they come straight here, they have in the seen their kids or their family or girlfriend. >> they are cranky. >> so we have to get defensive
7:52 am
because they had some things to say constantly comparing to us cleveland. >> mean tweets, lets get into them. >> i love that alex is trying to make it okay. it is not okay. what did we think they were going to do they are busy playing nice, nice with the campaign staffers, they have to take it out on someone or something. philadelphia, you were the target. adam smith, i love this one, he started a twitter war when he dissed chilly cheese steaks. can we just acknowledge that philly cheese steaks are meade yet tore gross. >> where is he from. >> tampa. he stirred up responses. john called out to the local police arrest this man a threat to everyone. police got involved. folks are entitled to their opinion even when it is wrong. mr. smith is probably still a little bitter about 2008 phillies because we won the world series, against tampa. >> that is right. >> local mom tweet my eight year-old complains less about
7:53 am
being in the wfc parking lot after a flyers game. and then this man is crying face, says it all, okay. all kind of things i have to say. they are running the me mses. >> that is the michael jordan crying. >> and then they had to knock subway, septa matthew tweet philly subway has stronger pea smell then any other east coast cities. >> i disagree. >> chris from philly, i hope you get robbed. >> i hope you get rob. >> wow. >> those other ones we cannot put up, solve them talking about that adam guy, i hope the sun ruins your face. people are not kidding, we will be coming right back at you. >> you cannot miss with philly. >> no, no. >> i know the smell of urine, i'm a connoisseur from different cities of subway smells.
7:54 am
new york still has a stronger urine smell. brooklyn especially. >> yeah, yeah. >> that is just my take on the urine situation in our country. new concerns over zika virus in the united states, you know those golf hours refused to go to rio, most of those dudes live in florida. might as well gone to rio.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
all of the golfers who decided not to go to rio because of the zika virus. listen to this officialness florida are investigating more cases of the zika virus that may have been locally transmitted. >> did his coverry has f.d.a. to stop collecting blood used for blood transfusions. >> doctor mike, how scary is this. >> it is here, okay. you don't have to go far, go down to florida, the cdc now thinks there are four cases of
7:58 am
local zika. that means little mosquitoes gave it to people home grown right here in florida. miami dade county and broward counties are two areas they are looking into. we don't want any blood donation from his that area paw we want to make sure we don't spread this. >> you're basically saying there are mosquitoes in the state of in a carrying that virus. >> this has been predicted. >> yes. >> so the key here though is we have things called screens on windows and lots of air conditioning. so, with that the risk is much lower then in certain countries where they don't have things like that. >> and we working on a vaccine here in the delaware valley. >> yes, we are and in mice it seems very effective but that will take sometime. i think we need to get through rest of the summer and then we will have something for next
7:59 am
career. >> we will have it by next year hopefully. >> what are we having. >> what is that. >> that is a vaccine. >> we're making here. >> i was the soluteorium. >> but what you want to do is get rid of the standing water in your yard. >> that is very important, get rid of the mosquitoes, wear long sleeve shirts, make sure look if i, my wife were pregnant we lived in florida i would be very, very careful not to leave the house without some kind of protection against mosquitoes, and don't go out at dusk or times when they are out. just want to be careful. don't panic but be careful you ever notice mosquitoes bite you around where your top of your underwear. >> no.
8:00 am
>> your ankle. >> i have no idea where that came from. >> he is in rare form. >> is glad to be back in the studio. >> i love you. >> i love you back. >> is it because you that is when you are swimming and you have swim trunks on. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> they seem to gather around waist line. good day it is friday july . are we still on. >> yeah. making history. i said it done hillary clinton is first woman to accept a major u.s. parties political nomination. >> in fighting for affordable child care and paid family levies playing the women's card, then deal me in.
8:01 am
>> why she said americans should be worried about donald trump's social media behavior. >> from south philadelphia to enter stage at dnc a local activist catches the attention of the the national leaders how he is trying to unite history made this weekend. >> he joins us live in the studio. >> reporter: dnc dating? the big convention was not all about politics apparently, the app seeing a major boost around philadelphia and we're not talking about pokemon go. well, pokemon. >> we have seen on great political entrances, but does philly native beat them all? what happened last night when will smith asked for an entrance do over. >> that is funny. we will show you clip was he on jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy fallon. >> some jimmy show. >> hi sue, hi bob.
8:02 am
>> good morning. >> good to have us all back together again. >> mike, you missed the pink memo. >> berks i have a shade of lavender on. >> mixed your red and blue again. >> i do have pink on, you just can't see it. >> where the mosquitoes are. okay, that is enough. >> it is raining out there. alert from captain obvious but it is slowing down in some places. heaviest rain heading towards jersey shore so be on the alert, you could see flash flooding in back bays at the shore when that rain moves through dennis township and cape may county. in weather by the numbers we are at six out of ten. we are not expecting a whole lot of sun shine and we will have a few more showers. have rain gear with you. muggy the doggies here because it will stay humid but all
8:03 am
week end long. eighty-six is our high temperature. that is it for the heat wave. we will put that down as seven day heat wave. 73 degrees overnight. measure, that is your friday fox cast. weekend outlook just ahead. >> rough go for everyone heading out the front door, grabbing your coffee and keys go for jumbo coffee on the blue route, southbound jammed from king of prussia all the way dunn to south of broomall we have been dealing with the accident for the last hour or so bumper to bumper from kop throughville 'nova through broomall slower than normal on the schuylkill in both directions. we had an earlier vehicle fire westbound on the schuylkill near girard avenue. new location for the rally today at temple university. doors opened up at ten. three septa puts routes will be detoured throughout, between ten and 12:00 noon but septa says that the subway will not be impacted. that is good news. get ready for one shore day
8:04 am
of, motorcade madness. we will have a motorcade from center city up to temple university for the don't start at 12c noon. rough go for lunch hour. or than market frankford line, mass transit, rest of the mass transit system honor close to schedule. >> ♪ >> i don't know if you heard about this or not this happened in philadelphia last night, hillary clinton is now first female president nominee and it all happen right here in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. >> when any barrier falls in america it clears the way for everyone.
8:05 am
>> when there are no ceilings the sky is the limit. a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> let's go over her resume. former first lady, secretary of state and now she has set her sites on the white house talking about some of the things that she will do if elected that is what she did last night from that podium. it was an introduction by her daughter chelsea that gave america and the world another glimpse into who hillary clinton is and who she will pea come if elect to the presidency. >> my earliest is my mom picking me up after i had fallen down, giving me a big hug and reading me good night
8:06 am
moon. from that moment to this one every single memory have i have of my mommies that regardless of what was happening in her life she was always, always there for me. >> that is nice. >> my daughter's favorite book too, good night moon. >> i like stinky cheese man. >> she didn't mention that in her speech. >> she wants every child to feel loved, valued and she called her mother a fighter and advocate two great reasons to lead this country as president. >> during this speech last night by hillary clinton she did take some jabs a at donald trump. i counted about ten. >> you know, if you take jabs at donald trump he doesn't wait licensing to respond. >> he was watching the speech. >> so he tweeted out this. >> in one has worse judgment than hillary clinton corruption and devastation follows her where ever she goes.
8:07 am
>> he did not put that crooked hillary #in there. >> it is only 140 characters i have a feeling he put tonight and said i don't have enough space. >> how to go back and then take it back or just as you are going count. >> i write it up and when it doesn't go through do i get rid of. >> that is what i do. >> i will get rid of alex holley. >> just shorter than name. >> too many follow tours delete. >> you. >> yes. we know trouble. >> it could become a country of just dopes because of twitter. >> hillary clinton is not wasting anytime. she's up and talking this morning but she has not left philly. >> is there a rally at temple university and then once they do this rally they are getting/a big bus anding ago cross pennsylvania. >> there is dave in north philadelphia. >> is that the sound of the bus. >> no is a train. >> hi guys, temple university is where these first official campaign stop will be for the
8:08 am
clinton/kaine ticket. you can see police and security build up at mcgonigle hall right there. you can see where all of the folks will check in as these candidates likely reached out to bernie sanders supporters because they are popular at schools at temple university. this is video set up of inside mcgonigle hall where bill clinton hillary clinton and tim kaine will speak. you can see sign, podium, flags as well, last night when former secretary of state wrapped it up by accepting her parties nomination for president but as we come back out live here, this event will start at noon but doors will open up at 10:00 a.m. we are expect ago lot of long lines so if you want to come down, down down early, back to you guys good check out the scene just to check out the scene. >> yes. >> what is what you do. >> when you check out the
8:09 am
scene you have to check it out. >> the scene. >> sure. >> lets go, well, up side wells fargo center is just covered in balloons and confetti but outside everything is wet, streamers, and stuff, and gooey and sticky. no matter where he goes. >> well, it is not as bad as that good news and not as sticky thanks to the philadelphia streets department. they are cleaning up broad street and opening up broad street here, a mack truck. bob kill think way looks to be opened to traffic. we saw some regular people in regular cars going through here. so you can go into the city, it looks like, they have got everything off the street and they have police vehicles out of the way this way but coming other way for you south philadelphia people but be
8:10 am
patient, things are looking different by the hour around here. lets look down pattison and you can still see barricades and that police light you see down there with that traffic light is where we were all week at 20th and pattison. those poor people at packer park in that reserve area there in those nice new town homes have put up with a lot this week. there are last tents through these gates here. come on down here with me, the gates that the security zone had been broken through are opened right now ape that is where everybody is getting in and out but last pro testers are still sleeping in but fdr park is looking different. there is a look down broad street toward i-95 and see all of the concrete medians are gone. watch out for this truck trying to get through here tour right but things will open up soon.
8:11 am
rain has lighten up. nice squirrel crossing broad street. even squirrel are back to normal. >> here comes some traffic now. so people are starting to get around here but just figure out where to go this with man is like i can finally get through here. they have some cleaning to do. rain lightening up, sun was trying to poke through. if you come over here and you can see blue sky north there through those trees. you are blocked by trees, maybe not. mike, a and alex everything going good. bernie sanders signs and that is what they will remember this for. >> you are breaking up. we will check back with you. >> wonder when they will want everything clean up by. >> i would say by ten. >> we don't have any games. >> is there a concert down there? >> sue, any concerts in south
8:12 am
philadelphia this weekend. >> no. >> they can take their time. >> it will take a few weeks i would think to get wells fargo center back to the way it used to look. >> with the suites and everything. >> they stripped out refrigerators, tv, stuff on the wall, pictures, furniture gone it is just drywall and cement in those suites. >> that is it. >> katie perry inside tonight last night she was rocking. that outfit was something. in fact there were a lot of celebrities spotted inside that arena and different parties overnight. we will check it out. south philadelphia to center stage a local activist captured the attention of national leaders how he is trying to unite community this weekend. >> he gave one of the best speeches and he will be in our studio. point of the tease is he is here with us to tell us about the experience so why would i put up a chicken wings? because it is national chicken
8:13 am
wings day. >> hey tell me what your favorite place is to go when you are hungry for chicken wings, where do you go? use the #fox 29 chicken. no, fox 29 good day. there's one place where america's pastime is preserved for all time. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ discover something one of a kind in new york. ♪ new york. it's all here. it's only here.
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plan your summer vacation at it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us.
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rain is still with us. heaviest rain moving toward jersey shore and you can see is there the heavy rain moving in closer for you head nothing to cape may county around woodbine there and south of the marsh river there. egg harbor is getting messy rain as well. watch out for flash flooding in plumstead, jackson, north of ocean county, yes, toms river also getting that heavy rain, brigantine, atlantic city, ocean city raining there as well. this is worst of it happening right our flash flood watch has been narrowed to east of us in new jersey. don't expect this unsettled weather to go away over weekend because saturday and sunday will be very similar to today with pop up showers and soaking thunderstorms but we're not in the 90's anymore. 86 degrees today and tomorrow. eighty-four sunday.
8:17 am
stays humid. things actually start to improve along with the month of august which arrives, on monday, bob kelly. >> 8:17. good morning. live look at the blue route 476 southbound moving again from an earlier accident at broomall but we are bumper to bumper from saint david on down to route three there west chester pike, delays on the schuylkill coming in and out of the city, everything is slower than normal because of the heavy rain. mike, next concert in south philadelphia has your name all over it, barbara industries an is the next event. august 20th is next event in south philadelphia, and. >> ♪ >> today and tomorrow luke brian here in camden. camden is getting concerts because of the convention in town sunday we have heart, joan jett and blackheart,
8:18 am
cheap trick all over the camden waterfront all weekend long and nascar weekend in the poconos speed way. mike and alex, back to you. >> that weather will clear if we will get that race in the poconos. tuesday night i go out to listen to bill clinton's speech. up top is a guy we know, south philadelphia man, he got to speak at the convention and television audience and it is huge. >> antoine morris is his name and fight ago begins gun violence captured at tension of the nation's leaders along with everyone watching from home with this speech. >> unity in the community i work hard and think about the families in my community about gun violence in society to take we must stand up, promote non-violence and that is why i'm with hillary clinton come november. >> antoine is here now. were you nervous. first of all welcome to the show. >> i made it. >> good day. >> i know is there a giant
8:19 am
prompter, huge letters way in the back of the wells fargo center. how was that did you practice, have you ever red a prompter. >> i'm used to being behind the camera in television. look at that prompter for the first time and it was all the way back i was like my god and it jumped but i was nervous. >> so many things were going through my mind, what if i forget my lines or if i don't do this or that but i enjoyed myself. >> when did they give you a call saying they wanted to speak. >> two weeks before the convention they said they wanted me to speak. >> they didn't tell you. >> no, they didn't tell me. they wanted to recollect mean for an article. tell us about yourself. then they said we told you send us a a bio, we want to you speak at democratic national convention. >> what did you say, my goodness. >> i was speechless. i was at my church of redeemer, i volunteer and they
8:20 am
informed me. i could not believe it. >> when they asked to you give a speech, worse thing you can say is i'm speechless. >> tell us about unity in the community. >> unity and community deals with gun violence prevention in south philadelphia. we are doing our july 31st to august 6th and unite community around the issue of gun violence. >> why? what triggered it? i shouldn't use the word trigger. you are sick of the gun violence in our city. >> um-hmm. >> what prompted you to step forward and do something bit. >> when you have friend and seeing your neighbors in the community die in the community and it makes you want to step up in the plate, we started over ten years ago, with our annual block party, bringing radio host and celebrity coming out and basically having that message of non-violence. >> it seems like stories we have had so many young people that have been either hurt, shot, dying from gun violence
8:21 am
in philadelphia a. >> we have to rally the community, get families involved to step up to the plate and do stuff about it. >> let's do it. >> it starts sunday july 31st. >> we are meeting at smith playground, we have mayor kenney coming down police commissioner richard ross, awesome community groups like don't shoot, a lot have people coming down to support. >> rallies, basketball tournament, operation college help a lot of great activity. to you say where. >> people can go to unity in the community and they can donate. we need people to get involved. we have great people involved as well, universal companies who helped us out, audenried high school, helping us do work and get this done. >> where did you get high school. >> bartram motivation, he is like your ambassador of south philadelphia. he told me to say hey, a
8:22 am
train. >> q dizzy. >> he has a new show coming up. >> i sent him a text to let him now know he has come a long way. >> september 20 on fox 29. >> thank you for your work. >> you made us proud tuesday night, whole world saw you. >> it makes me feel good, south philly. >> we have to get to this breaking news a train has derailed near arlington, virginia. >> we are hearing that there are 75 people on board, as of right now only one person is looked at for minor injury. it could be two. i have been checking our fox five sister station, there is two passengers evaluated right now. two cars were a affect in this train derailment. >> commuter train right across the river from washington d.c. we will keep an eye on. that you say one person transported. >> according to their twitter account they said two people a little bit a ago. >> we will take a a quick break and come back and talk
8:23 am
about our commute. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now?
8:24 am
well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
8:25 am
8:26 am
that is what they were singing last night at the wells fargo center. here we go. >> ♪ >> yeah, we can go back, to normal. it is friday night. >> yes. >> let's take a shower. >> shower. >> shower together. >> it is just a way of saving water. >> yes, of course. >> over and over and over and over and over. >> getting passionate. >> yes. >> i love that song. >> some hot oil baby. >> grab my louve. >> i will do the same to you. >> then he gets angry. >> turn off the lights. >> jen, are you all mike up ready to go. >> you know there is a code name for the secret service
8:27 am
for melania, they revealed it. plus, how was the dating situation during the tnc, we will tell you about that, code name, how was the dating situation. >> code name for melania trump. >> white dress. >> close. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation
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8:29 am
8:30 am
we have seen some great political entrances. does philadelphia have, does philly native beat them all. >> i think it happened last night. >> another politician. >> no, will smith, made a fantastic entrance, over and over and over again, on the jimmy fallon show. very funny. we will play it for you. a touching mother/daughter moment but wasn't just clinton family who felt it, impact hillary clinton's speech had other families. >> democrats are out of town now, but apparently when they
8:31 am
were here over this week, they were very busy getting busy. >> all right. >> i just heard a story that happen right out here at 3:00 in the morning. >> on fourth and market. >> bob kelly got the juice. >> do we have it on surveillance camera. >> bob tell i has the tea. >> tell me about this dating app called tinder. >> really, telling you about it, come on, you know about tinder. >> i could not know about tinder. >> he doesn't need tinder. >> you know, super bowls, other big event there are giant ads for gentlemen's club, strip clubs, every where. i didn't see that this week. the it seems delegates were making their own magic happen. new date from the site tinder, shows a lot of people were in town looking for some overnight love. dating app which allows to you swipe right or left on love interest was extremely popular this week.
8:32 am
tinder says 54 percent more people were using the app this week in philadelphia a compared to last week but still that is not as much tinder action as they have had in cleveland. >> olord. >> 82 percent more people were setting people on fire during rnc. don't forget. number of people using gay dating app shot up by 148 percent in the vicinity of the wells fargo center. 57 percent of those logging on to find love, new comers to the south philadelphia area. i'll be darned. >> average age 31. >> there was a higher proportion of black, latinos, mixed ethnicity men, as usual, coming from as far away as can inadequacies, uk, germany, france, pol an, saudi a area and qualm. and along with thousands of messages exchanged there were about 29 mentions of the dnc, to just three using the word hillary. they were being respectful.
8:33 am
>> i'm not on tinder. you mentioned when you send a message. >> you say i'm free. >> i was at the convention center last night and i have to admit the guys were very friendly. >> they are all over each other for two weeks. >> cleveland, and now they needed a little, let's face it, these are political people. they are boring. going back to their boring lives. >> i think what you are saying is, these are people cheating on their significant other. >> i didn't say anyone was cheating. >> i didn't get that. >> what do you mean. >> you really have time to go date someone in philadelphia or cleveland. >> it doesn't mean you are cheating you want a quick trip. >> do you want to know the name for melania. >> why do they have a code name. >> eagle has landed good yes. >> thank you. >> i know what it is. >> ditto. >> that is a good one though.
8:34 am
>> muse. >> muse. >> she's my muse. >> yes. >> have you ever been someone's muse. >> it would be nice to somebody's muse. >> why don't you go over to grinder, i mean tinder, i'm sorry. >> either way you never know that grinderies an amazing app, it can tell you how many yard, how many feet a person who is interested in you, is from you. >> when you log on to the app, if you are going to a basketball game. it tells you all of the people in the vicinity to know how close, hey alex is on it. >> here's the thing i'm from a grind are, i have a friend. >> why are you on grinder. >> i'm trying to explain. >> i have a friend on it because i'm not on any of the social media dating things. they are showing me how easy it is, you know, yes. >> grinderies not for you. >> is it just for men.
8:35 am
>> no, for women too. >> here's sue. >> it is still raining. okay, back to you. there is heavy rain heading right to the jersey shore, wildwood, stone harbor, cape may, look out, it is really soaking very soon. muggy doggies here, buddies in his rain gear and hoping for some time but rainy and foggy right now, in the lower 80's by lunchtime and not the 90's by the end of the day. our high 86 degrees. we are not finish with the rain. a few left over showers here and there, bob kelly. >> good morning everybody. 8:35. an accident on i-95 in northeast philadelphia, a live look at northbound side, philly hook and ladder here fire fighters blocking all of what would be the right lane. this is northbound. we are jammed from bridge street all the way up to just north of the cot the man avenue, jammed on the blue
8:36 am
route, hopefully heather doesn't cause a delay here nascar weekend in the pocono speed way and expect mote the offer cade from center city to temple university scene of the rally with think morning, mike and alex, back over to you. katie perry rock the stage what do you think of her performance. >> interesting because was the sound off. >> there is a lot going on but the first song maybe a little bit. >> there air lot of folks that were caught behind the scenes, we have some pictures, we will play more obfuscate i's song.
8:37 am
8:38 am
whenoff the wheel to getands out of a tight spot. when you can relax with your foot off the brake and stay put.
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8:40 am
>> she had a man in town with her. >> she had a man. >> she did. you know, surprisingly enough, orlando bloom was with her. they have been talking about the fact they thought they had broken up. we had not seen them. apparently that was not the case. >> and, dnc, and, big performance before the introduction for hillary clinton. she performed roar, but backstage she was mingling with fans, taking it all in, and you can tell she's very serious. she knows, obviously big night for hillary clinton. she wanted to, she has been a huge hillary clinton fan for quite sometime, performed fundraisers for her and wanted to make her proud. she looked very focused. >> dax, some people say they caught him recording her singing, so cute. >> yeah. >> you have to be proud of her. >> that is awesome.
8:41 am
>> hey, one of my favorites mary j. blige is she having relationship problems again. >> she filed for divorce, i can't believe it. >> yeah, she has filed for divorce from her husband martin isaacs, they had been married for 12 years, she end that had marriage. the couple interesting things in this document. number one, as for the separation date, it is to be determined which i think is interesting. celebrity trying to get that date in there immediately so they don't have to try to split up assets. you want to get it out there and say thinks end date you cannot take anymore money or property beyond this kate but they did not have any children. that she also asked in this document to block, his ability to get spousal support and did list that they have a prenup. other interesting thing they famously went on the record and said that they do not allow each other to have friends of the opposite sex,
8:42 am
that had come up in their marriage. >> just jealous. >> no friends absolutely nothing. she can only have girlfriends. >> well, good solid marriage, good solid foundation for a relationship. >> you cannot have friend of the opposite sex. >> that is how dax rules over his wife. >> do you, jacks. >> no, we know how to have friend as well. >> dax, good to see you. see you next week. have a great weekend. >> as they do on tmz all the time kim and kanye on the cover of harper's bizarre, what it says about their biggest inn security. they both say they are insecure about something.
8:43 am
8:44 am
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8:45 am
jersey shore you where to get drenched, pocono you already got drenched but clouds are lingering. that is the deal for rest of the the day. we will have persistent clouds, sun break go through every once in a while, down to the shore, and sea isle city, strathmere, ocean city, very heavy rain on the way if not there yet. we will move up to ocean county, rainy around toms
8:46 am
river and also in mays landing, waymouth, mulika all these places on the ac expressway just drenched, flash flooding still happening this flash flood watch in effect until noon today. as we head to the seven day forecast we don't see much change saturday and sunday, unsettled weather to keep it simple for you. by the time august begins monday, that is another transitional day. then as soon as it gets comfortable again phillies say safe to come back into town. they will have their home stand with the san francisco, yeah, coming up. >> the giants are coming to town. >> yeah. >> i will see some of that. >> real quickly here i want to give a shout out to someone name scott at suburban hair company, i was into his haircutting shop about two weeks ago in upper dashy is it time to go again. >> i think i should. >> i met the fellas. >> good shop there. >> suburban hair company.
8:47 am
>> it is friday, this is time when i talk to chris wallace of "fox news" sun day. >> can you do me a favor and go to the second floor and get those sliced peaches. they sound so good right now. second floor sliced peaches, they don't have the one with the pine apple chunks. >> that is it. >> thank you. >> they are my favorite. >> i'll send you the bill. >> i'm sure you will. >> chris wallace, welcome to "good day philadelphia" a. we're going to roll the tape and if the your comments about what happened at the wells fargo center last night here's hillary clinton talking about being a would man. >> tonight we have reached a milestone in our nation's march in a more perfect union the the first time a major party has nominated a woman for president. >> chris, i will ask you a question that is impossible to
8:48 am
answer but i like to do that what percentage of people in this country will vote for her just to make history, don't you think that happens. >> oh, absolutely, i can't answer the percentage and i think some people might feel that way wouldn't admit it but sure i will tell you that seeing a woman on that stage last night accepting the nomination of the democratic party to be president and her husband bill clinton sitting in the wings while she had center stage and center spotlight, it is amazing. even though we know this has been in the works for a couple now but it was still pretty moving i have to say. little bit like barack obama in 2008. another milestone in the history of this country. >> wednesday night out there there was a good moment where she surprised the crowd when after the president gave his speech you see the first african-american president and
8:49 am
potentially the first female president, standing there together, of course, they have a long way to go with the general election in november. >> i will play another sound bite when she was talking about donald trump being a fan of twitter. >> i man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> what do you think of that line that was pretty good. >> some of her lines, look she's not a great speaker. she was probably fourth best speaker at the convention after her husband and obama's. on the other hand execute me, i'm on the air hair. >> are you. >> hi, how are you doing. >> welcome to philly. >> i'm on the air. >> what are you doing. >> i'm trying to hang out with you. >> we're on television. >> it is just mike, no one important. >> no, she did say that so here we are. >> you want to get.
8:50 am
>> very sexist comment. >> interestingly enough i was toll i'm in the loud to talk to you or approach you. >> the restraining order is still in effect. >> his orders. >> is this because of the fact redskins beat the eagles last season. >> but great to have you in our building. we are just having some fun here. what did you think of the week in philly did you like it. >> i first of all restaurants, were the convention we went to city tavern one night. we went to the place right down the block here, high street on market. fabulous. really goody got to say it was really hot here though. >> now this is not our weather. it was blazing hot and humid during the day and monsoons at the beginning and even. >> what is going on. >> if you are in our city. >> you have to put on this.
8:51 am
>> it is a foles jersey. >> it is foles. >> he just got cut by the rams. >> now we're cutting you too, chris. >> good to see you, nice have to have you in philly. >> let me just quickly say we have an exclusive interview with hillary clinton this sunday her first interview, her only interview over the next few days so it is must see tv, watch philadelphia. >> all right, chris good to have you here. >> a touching mother/daughter moment did you think that was touching to you? but it wasn't just the clinton family who felt it. impact hillary clinton's speech haddon other families especially here. it the is national chicken wings day tell us your favorite place to go hungry for chicken wings, devil's den has an amazing wings, oh, yeah i nose that place 11th and ellsworth. best wings, niomi's cafe
8:52 am
northfield new jersey. melynn a thank you for that one. here's air some numbers.
8:53 am
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she slimed me. [ laughs ] good morning, everyone, delayed on the blue route southbound from broomall down to i-95. we had an earlier accident, delays the schuylkill both directions, again, weather-related. delays coming from to downtown philadelphia crossing town on i-95 southbound. we had an earlier accident northbound at cottman but get ready part two in the lunch hour we have big rally, the new location, temple's mcgonigle hall on broad street, doors opened up at ten, the event set to start at noon, septa will have three following buses detoured and within more day of motorcade madness because we will have a
8:56 am
motorcade from center city up to temple between 11:30 and 12 for start of the event and nascar weekend up at pocono speed way. >> well, music of the big night from sheila e from katie perry, big performances on hillary clinton's big night. plus, harry potter weekend after a long wait, see what comes out, how one local sushi place is celebrating the occasion. harry potter and sushi really.
8:57 am
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we're playing gamble and hough. that is what they are pumping in the terminals as the delegates take off after a full week in philadelphia. i bet people are tired. jen is here now hello. >> hello.
9:00 am
>> july 292,016th we are back in our studio here. our fancy ground floor studio and i mean we had fun at the wells fargo center but the tv booth were still tight like this. >> are you all right. >> no. >> what are you trying to do. >> somehow my mike cable is between my legs. which is i'm all tangled up. >> someone lost mike's cable it looks like you are in a cape. >> in a cave. >> well, compared to our studios back at fourth and market, which are huge, this is like being in a closet. >> you could not move. >> we are happy to be back in our big studio. so, let's go crazy. >> yes. >> ♪


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