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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  July 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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who many say deserve as major pat on the back tonight. plus, barriers get cleaned away, one major change during the dnc may stick around for good. the proposal getting drivers fired up. right now it is over. working hard to get rid of what's left behind from the dnc. crews have been working hard for hours breaking down the stage and all the work areas inside the wells fargo center after last night's historic speech by hillary clinton. and it's not just inside that arena. good evening everyone i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. from road barriers to street vendors and everything in between philadelphia is starting to get back to normal. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at city hall tonight day. , it seems for the most part visitors and locals were pretty impressed with how the city did. >> reporter: dawn, prop all around for the city, the dnc, the hotels you name it people were laying praise on everybody. several folks even stopped to us
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give a big pat on the back to the police saying they were very impressed with the way they handled this week. >> i love philadelphia. >> reporter: as delegates packed up, work crews cleaned up, and security barriers got picked up, philadelphia said goodbye to the 2016 dem narcotic couldn't and mostly the impressions were good. >> what a great time. i'm sorry that it's over. >> i was quite impressed. >> reporter: wayne nelson came to philly right from the rnc in cleveland to sell hillary clinton t-shirts and hats outside of center city hotel. >> i didn't see even an argument out here. everyone was was peaceful. very peaceful. >> reporter: mike hal bert was an alternate delegate from chicago. he said philly knocked it out of the park. >> excellent. i think the dnc did an excellent job, superb job of putting this convention on. it was a first rate convention. >> reporter: kim grant horsey was one of thousands of dnc volunteers. she loved the experience.
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>> i had a blast working with people a diverse crowd from defendant areas meeting the delegates i even a delegate stay with me. >> reporter: even with all the massive protests and demonstrations, philadelphia police reported no property damage, just over a hundred citations, and no local arrests. 98 of those citations went to out of towners and the seven people who made headlines breaching the dnc security gate wednesday night they're all from out of town, too. >> it doesn't really surprise me, um, but i'm also equally happy with the many out of towners who help us out. >> reporter: philadelphia police got a pat on the back from the people we spoke with friday. most praised the city's security plan. commissioner richard ross had a hands on approach. >> can't say enough about the men and women both sworn and civilians as wells a the coordination across the city. >> reporter: now, commissioner ross says 12 officers were injured during the week. pressing heat to bumps and
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bruises and cuts. one officer broke his arm during bike patrol. but tonight a gold star for the city and for the police department. dawn? >> all right, dave, now that the convention is all wrapped up that means all the visitors in town for the dnc are heading out. fox 29's cameras inside the philadelphia international airport earlier where folks tell us the crowds weren't too bad and those who were at the convention are leaving philadelphia for home very satisfied. >> i thought it was excellent. i thought philly was excellent. the hotel i mean the way they decorated and extended the hospitality was superb even thought the convention was well organized. i loved the convention. i thought it was awesome. i thought -- i thought the lineup was just absolutely perfect. >> some departures at the airport were running a little late today. but we're told overall, things ran smoothly. and it was confetti raining down on hillary clinton at the wells fargo center last night.
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symbolically that glass ceiling shattering to the floor. secretary clinton became the first woman ever to gain the presidential nomination from a major political party. and she and running mate tim kaine quickly pivoted into general election campaign mode. they began with a rally at temple university's mcgonagle hall today. bruce gordan just lack from that rally live in the newsroom tonight. bruce. >> plenty of time to analyze the policies and proposals put forth bisect clinton, but just a day removed from the dnc, there was still history to think about. >> the crowds that formed hours before the clinton/kaine midday rally seemed a bit younger than usual. wasn't just the venue college campus new york city you can chalk this up to parents wanting their kids daughters in particular to up close look at a what female presidential nominee looks like. hillary clinton might just become the leader of the free world. >> i think that she could change how lot of people think about what they can do.
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>> reporter: she changing your views? >> yes. >> reporter: secretary clinton was accompanied on stage by her running mate senator tim kaine and her husband our 42nd president but all eyes many of them so young, so wide open, on the woman who made history at the wells fargo center thursday night. mrs. clinton said as she look out at that cross upon accepting the democratic nomination -- >> i knew that every parent in this country could look at their son or their daughter and now say the very same thing. you too could be president of the united states! thank you a all. >> politics and policies of her speech almost certainly went over the heads of the youngest in many crowd. but that's okay. >> they get it's very important that a woman can be president. she gets it especially. >> i think it's pretty cool for, um, first woman president to become president. >> reporter: do you think you could become president some day?
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>> yes. >> reporter: let's we get too impressed by america's progressive views on gender and politician. dozens of countries have already broken this barrier. >> we saw all the women in jamaica we have a woman president. >> reporter: unless we think the clinton nomination is all about the aspirations of little girls, and it's also about fulfilling the dreams of former young women. >> you voted for richard nixon for the first time in 1972. back then, could you have imagined being able to vote for woman? >> no. and i'm so excited. >> reporter: clinton and kaine are kicking off bus trip through pennsylvania and ohio two pitch vol states in the campaign for president. the gender story is fascinating. soon enough it must recede and ideas will determine who wins in november. chris? >> all right, our coverage of the hitter 86 did. in dnc and 2016 leck continues online. on to your weather authority. final al break from the heat
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taking live look at reading this evening. it's the first day in a week that we haven't hit 90 degrees. people out in cooper river park today enjoying what almost feels cool compared to the last several days. as we move live to south philadelphia, looks like we can finally sit back and relax with these temperatures. at least for a little bit. not a bad night at all. scott williams live outside our studios right here in old city. and scott, it's nice out there right now. but more rain possibly on the way? >> reporter: yeah, it certainly is nice right now, dawn. but as you mentioned more rain is in the forecast for the upcoming weekend but here in old city we are getting a break from that oppressive heat. along with the humidity it's the first day in seven days that we haven't hit 90 degrees. so folks are really just enjoying their friday evening. let's talk about those temperatures right now. as we look at the boards. you can see the temperature right now 86 degrees. winds out of the north at 7 miles per hour. ushering in slightly drier air. that humidity at 49%. temperatures down the shore
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wildwood right now 78 degrees. 83 in atlantic city. 87 degrees right now in pottstown. if you're stepping outdoors, partly sunny skies, most of us will stay dry. 77 degrees by 11:00 o'clock tonight. we had showers early this morning but you can see the entire area we are dry and quiet if you're stepping outdoors for your friday evening plans. but off to the west several disturbances will rotate in our direction giving us a somewhat unsettled weekend. not a complete wash out but keep an eye to the sky and an umbrella nearby. temperatures will be topping out both days in the mid 80s. so when i come indoors, we'll talk much more about the end of the heat wave and also much more on the timing of that rain i'll talk about when to expect the heaviest rainfall for the upcoming weekend. back to you. >> all right, thank you, scott. taking a live look from trenton night remember stay ahead of any storms with the fox 29 weather app. you can see live radar and get
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alerts accept right to your phone. just search for it in the apple and google play stores. well philadelphia police have arrest add man who they say killed his girlfriend. >> it happened this morning in germantown. here's what we know. victim a 24-year-old woman found dead inside a home on the 4600 block of green street. it was about 10:30 little bit after. police arrest add 47-year-old man at that home. authorities are not yet commenting on about a possible motive for the murder. now to a developing story out of san diego, california. one police officer there is de dead, another seriously injured in a shoot out while trying to make a stop. the police chief saying both officers called for emergency backup immediately. one person is in custody and police are not -- at the home of who they believe is the gunman. the officer who died jonathan de guzman a husband and father of two. >> i can't begin to put in words the emotions and feelings that surround an event like this.
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this is one of the most difficult and heart wrenching situations for police officers to go through. >> the injured police officer is expected to survive. philadelphia police are releasing new details tonight about a shooting in north philadelphia that left a 10-year-old girl hit by a stray bullet. it happened about 6:00 o'clock last night along the 3100 block of north rosewood street. police say three men started arguing when two opened fire. investigators have identified two of the men and are awaiting arrest warrants. a boil water advisory continues for some in the city of camden tonight. all because of a water main break. that advisory affects camden neighborhoods west of the cooper river. american water says water service and pressure has been restored to all customers but as a precaution residents should continue to boil tap water for at least one minute and let it cool before using it. you can also use bottled water instead. the dnc may be moving out
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tonight, but there's one big change in the city that could stick around. what may leave drivers with a bad taste in their mouth. and -- >> i was in the store for like like than a second even came outside and my car is gone. >> pure panic when this woman walk outside and see her car stolen. what was in the back seat that spark a massive manhunt. plus, we heard of people going into cemeteries and national memorials playing pokemon go but this one will reallreally have awe struck. who is trying to ban people from using the app. >> new at 6:00 we've seen septa trains pack to the brim. why should you even leave more early to get that train come monday. ♪
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♪ it's been happening in south philadelphia for decades. people parking their cars in the median of broad street. but during this past week of the dnc, the philadelphia parking authority cracked down on the practice. >> yeah, now many who live in the neighborhood want to keep that median free of parking. our bill anderson just got back from south philly. bill, philly traditions the rocky statue you got tastykakes and parking in the median on south broad. you're saying that may soon change. >> reporter: it could. now it's a long-standing tradition, chris, the change won't come easy but a local pact
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has taken to the streets they've gotten signatures and they say no more. they want the unofficial rule allowing illegal parking to end and they believe they may have the support. ♪ >> reporter: after what's being hailed as a success for the city, some that want to see the focus of the dnc continue. one group thinks that taking on the long tradition of parking in the middle of south broad street it's a good start. >> with this illegal median parking it causes issues to be able to see pedestrians coming out, causes issues when cars are turning. so really looking for the enforcement of what is the law. >> reporter: that is correct. parking in the median is illegal but has long been ignored on south broad street. but if the people who have signed the fifth square political action committee' petition have their say the tradition of looking the other way will soon stop. >> we have almost a thousand zig in just three days getting tremendous feedback and support from mainly south philadelphia residents. and so now we're reaching out to
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the administration and our council men to see where we can go forward with this. >> reporter: obviously when you take on a 30 plus year tradition in philadelphia, there will be lot of opinions and that's what i found from residents today. >> it's just a simple matter of numbers. not enough parking for the amount of cars that are in the neighborhood. and it's just another place to park. it's been like that for 30, 40 yours. >> incidents happen all the time up and down broad street right here. really let's stay clear only for emergency vehicles only. >> reporter: if you look at the break down of where the petition signatures are coming from you see strong support right in the south broad street area. concentrated support often means political attention so this petition may get more attention than some residents would like. >> mainly newcomers that just want to exert their will on the others because it's the way it's been and they just want to change thing. >> reporter: now, as you can see, the responses are so divided that's tough to get feel how a united community actually feels about this.
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a side note mayor kenney was asked about it today. kind of acknowledged that he's a south philly guy, chris, started fumbling. made it appear this is going to be a difficult struggle for him to take on if in fact the petitions get to his desk. isn't he doesn't want to step in that mess. thanks bill. police arrested one of the teens who they say was involved in carjacking in south philadelphia on tuesday. prosecutors charged 17-year-old nav fees woods on five out staning warrants including robbery and carjacking. woods was actually shot during a different incident at fifth and moore streets when group of young men exchanged gunfire. developing to night, four cases of zika in florida. officials think are the first transmitted through mosquito until now all cases confirm in the united states had been through travel or sexual contact with someone infected. fox's phil keating has the latest from miami. >> florida has become the first state in the nation to have local transmission of the zika
5:18 pm
viruviewer. >> however officials there are quick to point out this curren currently only affect as one square mile area near miami. >> i'm directing the department of health to immediately begin contracting with commercial pest control companies to increase spraying of mosquitoes in the impacted area. >> cdc released a statement saying "we anticipate that there may be additional cases of home grown zika in the coming weeks. our top priority is to protect pregnant women from the potentially devastating harm caused by zika. however, experts say just because mosquitoes carrying zika are in florida it is no cause for panic. >> mosquitoes are not migratory. they're not going to all of a sudden pick up from broward and move to orlando. they're hoppers. they don't fly very well or far. >> south florida tosses blood bang is implementing the new fda directive screening for zika as
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well in georgia, alabama bam and south carolina. the cdc says there are no plans for limiting travel to the area and florida leaders are echoing that. >> we're a tourism state. we continue to welcome families here. we'll continue to tell people to stay prepared and wear mosquito spray. >> reporter: researchers are actively working on a zika vaccine. however, they warn it won't be ready for distribution until 218 at the earliest. in miami, phil keating, fox news. ♪ you decide 2016 with political conventions behind us the focus now solely on the race for the white house. donald trump in and his running mate mike pence spent the day campaigning across the country. donald trump addressing a crowd in colorado springs. indiana governor pence joining more than 100 motorcyclists this morning for ride across indiana. from there, he went on to speak at the american legislative exchange council. >> we have a choice in this election today. to turn our shift from state at
5:20 pm
the national level in the direction that so many conservative republican led states have chosen to go. it is the path of less government, less taxes, less regulation. >> donald trump tweeted today that many of the things hillary clinton said about him in her speech last night weren't false. well, back here in philadelphia, talking to lot of people. a lot of visitors, city residents alike. they have been praising the philadelphia police department this week. >> for the most part the dnc went without any security issues and people are saying interactions with philadelphia officers like this one. ♪ >> all right. >> yay! >> whoo!? >> philadelphia police posting this video on its facebook page it shows police officers one playing the guitar singing along with some people yesterday in
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what appears to be fdr park. >> i heard they do free bird, too. what i'm told. get a look at this guy. old enough to hop the counter at this hotel and raid the cash register. why employees inside are sure they've seen him before. >> teenager home alone making breakfast when a stranger starts knocking on the front door but that teen knew something just wasn't right. what she says the guy did next that her running into her pan's room to hide. and stopping a sweet tooth those are chocolates lock up in individual cases. why one store says they have no choice.
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♪ welcome back. take look at this guy and side an atlanta hotel. he takes to the people behind the desk at this comfort sweets, then you'll see him he hops the counter starts stealing hundreds of dollars from the cash drawer then he walks right out the front door right passed several hotel guests. police are still looking for this guy and it turns out this was the second time employees saw him. they say he was in the same hotel earlier in the day asking for a job. in arlington v is one person is recovering tonight after a train derails. investigators say metro train
5:25 pm
was pulling out of a platform near east falls this morning when two cars derailed about 80 passengers had to get off the train. metro has suspended service at multiple stations on the line. investigators are still trying to figure out what exactly caused that derailment. officials have not released the condition of the person who was injured. a georgia teen was home alone just making breakfast when she heard a knock at the door. >> she says immediately she had a bad feeling. >> i looked and i didn't recognize him so i ran down and i sat right here. i was sitting on the floor like this. and i was calling my mom. >> turns out she was right. within a few seconds, she saw the guy trying to climb through one of the first floor windows. she ran upstairs to hide in her parent's bedroom. >> i lock it i was sitting right here in the coniine push the night stand toward the edge of the door. that way he wouldn't be able to force himself in the room. >> that guy was able to break into the home through the front door. soon the teenager her police sirens her mom had called the
5:26 pm
police. she heard officers in the house and yelled out to them that she was upstairs hiding. the guy however was gone. police say the intruder did not get away with anything. all right. straight ahead a pair of friends hanging out on the beach. next thing they know they wake up in hospital. the one thing that saved their lives after they were struck by lightning. >> and pure panic when woman walks outside and sees that her car has been stolen. what was in the back seat that sparked a massive manhunt. scott? >> dawn, right now ultimate doppler is fairly quiet but by the upcoming weekend more showers and storms. the timing of heaviest rain for a part of your weekend next. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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♪ a live look at allentown tonight as we finally get a break from that oppressive heat after eight straight days of 90 degrees plus, will the weekend be comfortable? scott williams has the answer coming up. well, philadelphia mayor jim kenney says the city put its best face for during the dnc and hillary clinton thinks so. kenney is post dnc press conference said this afternoon just before clinton hit the road on her bus tour she gave him a big bear hug and told him the city is fabulous. >> the mayor offered congratulations around to his staff today for a successful convention. jeff cole on the story and jeff, does the mayor want to host another one of these any time soon. >> dawn, what do you think? >> no. (laughter). >> the mayor thankfully reminded everybody that it took about 60 years for political convention
5:30 pm
to return here but what seems clear philadelphia has cemented its reputation as a city that does big events like the potty pope or the dnc. actually really pretty well. the mayor brought his depth heads together at 4:00 this afternoon to do a post dnc wrap up. kenney seems proud to report that there were no arrests made by the city during the dnc. the feds did charge several demonstrators who jumped or breached the fence out there at fdr park. kenney said labor piece at the airport and convention center helped make the events run well here. did he not yet sew note the economic impact but philadelphia was ready for any other big event that wanted to come right here. >> this one was particularly hard because of all the tension and potential stress around it and the weather. i mean so it's according to what month you have what the event is. this was -- this was preparing to be, you know, a demonstration protest thing. there were demonstrations of protest and that's good thing because first amendment is important, but when you have
5:31 pm
other types of events, whether it's all star game or something, you know, it's a different type of event. but we're ready for anything that can come our way. that can fill our hotels and restaurants and make the city look good. >> make the city look good. the mayor wanted to remind residents city services had to operate while the convention was underway which he says they did again well. they did well in the mayor' words. what do you think, folks? let's do another one real soon. talk about weather. >> the weather made things a little bit tough. >> i wish they were here now. >> yeah. today was really nice. >> yeah. so steamy. >> i mean the dnc is over and the heat wave is over. i mean today really the nicest day of the week. we had some early morning clouds and showers, but temperatures they've stayed below 90 degrees. so putting an end to that seven-day heat wave. 86 degrees right now and look at the current wind direction out of the north at 7 miles per hour. so the relative humidity not that bad at 49%. it looks like most of us will
5:32 pm
stay dry through the remainder of your friday evening. the upcoming weekend a little bit of a different story. take a look across the area. center city scattered afternoon and evening downpours 85 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. down the shore partly sunny to mostly cloudy. low 80s it looks like saturday most of the shore will stay dry. the pocono mountains we have nascar up there this weekend upper 70s. dodging scattered downpours. so you can see earlier this morning the clouds and showers dry break right now but off to the west, several disturbances moving through the great lakes the ohio river valley. this energy will head in our direction for the upcoming weekend. so dodging downpours don't cancel plans. but have a backup plan to head indoors. main timing storms developing saturday afternoon and evening and continuing kind of on and off throughout the day on sund sunday. locally heavy rain. some gusty winds. how much before all is said and done? we're looking at one to 2-inches of rainfall when you
5:33 pm
tally everything up by sunday evening. so saturday morning, we're dry, we're quiet. maybe some patchy fog kind of muggy to start. but look at 2:00 in the afternoon we're looking north and west lehigh valley the pocono mountains looking at those showers and thunderstorms you can see most of the coverage is north and west of that i-95 corridor. here's 4:00 o'clock you can see once again pretty dry in parts of south jersey and also delaware. by 6:00 in the afternoon and evening we're still looking at that threat for some thunderstorms and then by sunday morning, look right along the i-95 corridor, we're still looking at the clouds along with those showers pop-up thunderstorms, more likely on sunday once you move down the shore. temperatures right now, not that bad. we have 82 in wildwood. 83 in atlantic city. 89 right now in wilmington the warm spot reading, berks county, checking in at 90. low 80s right now in the pocono mountains. so for the overnight, 67 degrees
5:34 pm
in the suburb. those 70s in the city. we'll call it partly cloudy patchy fog those winds will be light and then for tomorrow, yeah, we're looking at more clouds than sun. the scattered showers and thunderstorms temperatures topping out around 85 degrees. down the shore, for tomorrow, rip current risks will be low. partly sunny, low 80s. sunday the better chance for those scattered showers and thunderstorms if you're headed down the shore. the pocono mountains upper 70s. saturday and sunday looking a little unsettled. of course, with nascar we'll have to keep you posted there might be some interruptions with that race. as far as the extended weather authority forecast temperatures below 90 in the seven day forecast and you can see by monday, still a pop up storm partly sunny on tuesday, 84. mid to upper 80s by the latter part of next week. >> that's cool. >> almost fall like. >> exactly. >> compared to what we've been having. >> thanks, scott film we finally know who won that $530 million mega millions jackpot earlier
5:35 pm
this month. why they almost missed their prize. plus, we heard of people going into cemeteries even national memorials playing pokemon go. well this one really will have you awe struck. who is trying to ban people from using the app. >> coming up at 6:00 o'clock people race to get this guy out of a burning car. flames shooting out from under burning hood. why second later they had to put the man in handcuffs.
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♪ in west berlin, new jersey local kids wanted to show how much they appreciate their police officers. so they threw them a party. children from the youth for christ host add big bash. attendance had moms and dads that are police officers. so what's it like being a kid of a cop? >> daddy is a police officer and... he goes to church.
5:39 pm
>> aww. >> he's just dad. the kids also made cards and posters for their heroes in blue. >> cute. hospital system in western pennsylvania is asking the makers behind pokemon go to remove its facilities -- remove the from its facility the app due to safety concerns. according to publish reports the allegheny health network wants the app maker to remove it from its hospitals. it's because of safety concerns. security and patient privacy. documents show the health system told its employees to report anyone taking unauthorized pictures. no word yet if the app maker is addressing the hospital's concerns. speaking of pokemon go, two teenagers are very lucky to be alive tonight. >> yeah, after a walk to find pokemon, nearly kills them. janson and cameron were on the beach in clearwater, florida. when they were both struck by lightning. they said they don't even remember it happening. amazely two good samaritans on vacation a police officer and a nurse happened to be nearby.
5:40 pm
they rushed to perform cpr on the boys which doctors say helped for miraculous recovery. >> i remember playing pokemon walking on the beach and then it started storming and we were heading back. it's still kind of shock to go just wake up and have everyone kind of there just asking how i'm feeling, if i'm all right. >> yeah. i can imagine. the teens are making light of the serious incident. they actually bought lightning bolt socks and even tampa bay lightning t-shirt. >> pretty lucky though. >> no kidding. pure panic when woman walks outside and sees her car has been stolen. what was in her back seat that sparked a massive manhunt. >> wait until you hear this a trip of a lifetime. how this teen wound up in the cockpit with harrison ford. sean? chris, eagles not done handing out money they gave out fat contracts during the off season and today they handed out one that will allow someone to retire as an eagle. that's coming up later in sports.
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>> surveillance video shows this guy creeping up to car in convenience store parking lot. he hops in and steals it in the back seat a baby boy still strapped into his car seat. >> fox's lynn martinez has that mom's frantic calls to 911. >> 911 what is your emergency. >> terrified mother reaches for the phone after car thief steals her vehicle from a gas station earlier this week with her baby boy inside. >> somebody just stole my car and my baby in the car. >> speaking exclusive toll pamela goodwin she was running into the convenience store to get soft drinks a thief seized the opportunity to steal her car. >> as soon as i got out the car,
5:45 pm
and walked up on to the step, all you hear is vroom and the car is like gone. >> reporter: that's exactly what she toll the 911 albeit in more panic tone. >> i was in the store for like less than second and i came outside and my car is gone. >> reporter: mom could be heard hyper ventilated as she waits for the dispatcher to say help is on the way. >> 911 operator tries to keep her calm but that only seems to upset her more. >> ma'am, you need to calm down. what's your name? you need to calm down so i can help you. please. >> how can i calm down? my baby is gone! >> she's little help to the dispatcher who needs information to get police to the scene. >> how old is the baby? >> he's only one years old. he's only one. >> okay. is he in car seat in the back or in the front? >> he was in the back of the seat. oh, my god! where is my baby?
5:46 pm
oh my god. (sobbing). >> for 20 gut wrenching minutes pamela endured every parent's nightmare until police found her car abandoned half mile away. little kadin still in his car seat. by then mom had been taken to the hospital to be treated for panic attack. >> i was really relieved he was great actually he didn't even cry. they said he didn't even cry until i actually got there. >> the family now reunited eternally grateful to the broward sheriff's office. >> thank god for them. i'm see grateful it could have been way worse. it really could have. >> that was fox's lynn martinez roaring much police k9 even sheriff's helicopter searched for that car thief but couldn't find him. they are hoping surveillance video will spark some tips to lead them to the thief. chandra levy's smother speaking out tonight after prosecutors dropped charges against the man accused of of killing her daughter. the young woman's death made
5:47 pm
national headlines after she was roman dick tick klee linked congressman gary condit while interning in washington. the move to drop the charges comes as new information developed this past week. prosecutors say they could no longer prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. the man convicted in 2010 of killing levy ingmar guandique was accused of of attacking the 24-year-old while she was jogging in the park. >> i'm in a state of shock. and i wish that the right person who did this,, what they did to my daughter we get answers. >> guandique was granted retrial last year after a witness lied to the jury. he will be release totter immigration agents who will look to deport him. >> in california a wildfire burning along the state's big sir coastline is still raging tonight. it's been a week since that blaze started and since it's destroyed more than 40 homes. put another 2,000 at risk.
5:48 pm
hundreds have fled the area as the flames creep closer to their neighborhoods. fire officials say it will take until the end of august to extinguish that fire that currently spans 48 square miles. well, pope francis making a historic pilgrimage to poland for world youth day where hundreds of thousands of young catholics are gathered but the holy father paying tribute to the victims of the holocaust at the auschwitz concentration ca camp. fox's lauren green has more. >> reporter: the pope solemnly paying respects today to the millions killed in auschwitz concentration camp one of the most notorious death camps of world war ii. survivors of the horrors reactioning to the pope's visit. >> translator:. >> this is a huge thing for me because this is is something unusual. >> translator: i'm very happy that i can meet the holy father to ask him to bless me for the next years of my life. >> reporter: pope francis is in poland for world youth day once every two to three year
5:49 pm
event created -- create createee john paul the second. the pontiff making a stop at a children's hospital in krakow to deliver mass for thousands. >> translator: a merciful heart is motivated to move beyond its comfort zone. it is ready to embrace everyone. >> reporter: celebration has been compared to woodstock but for catholics an estimated 500,000 young people making the pilgrimage to the eastern european country for james is time to bond with other faithful joseph says it makes being catholic cool. >> it's an invitation, a call to young people to take time out of their daily lives out of their normal routine, um, to celebra celebrate. >> this goes to show my other friends that our faith is not only for old people. >> the event wraps up on sunday with a huge mass there the pope
5:50 pm
will announce the year and location of the next world youth day. in new york, lauren green, fox news. one u.s. ma'amly is $536 million richer but it looks like for now we're not going to know who that family is. the winners did officially claim their huge prize today but instead of showing up in person, they sent a representative. the family wants to stay anonymous. family representative says that the family actually forgot, can you imagine, they bought a ticket. they finally remembered and realized they'd won days after the drawing. it's unclear if they'll take the 536 million as a 30-year annuity or one-time lump sum payment of $378 million. decisions, decisions. >> can you imagine they forgot. >> no. talk about a ride a lifetime a wisconsin teenager took to the skies as the co-pilot of a small plain. >> the man sitting next to her the real indiana jones much this is harrison ford sitting next to
5:51 pm
16-year-old jodi gather. she won the spot through program to promote flying among young people. ford was the program's chairman from 2004 to 2009 of the experimental aircraft association. >> this particular night i'll remember for a long time. it was really -- really fun. >> that was amazing. i'm just really thankful for this experience and for the opportunity to pursue my dreams of flight and thank you so much to everybody who made this possible. thank you harrison. >> first name basis. >> how about that? >> yes. >> you may ford was actually critically hurt when this vintage plane went down earlier last year. when asked about any lasting effects all ford was say he can't still play the violin. next, stopping a sweet too tooth. those are bars of chocolate, y yes, they are locked up in individual cases. why one store says it has no choice. and we've seen septa trains packed to the brim.
5:52 pm
next at 6:00 why you shall even leave more time to make your train come monday. >> police race to get this guy out of a burning car. flames shooting from under the hood. why seconds later they had to put that man in handcuffs. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
5:56 pm
a store in australia is taking some extreme measures to protect one kind of prop. >> by the looks of the picture you're about to see that take their chocolates very seriously this image tweeted by a reporter who happened to be shopping at a k mart. those are cadbury chocolate bars very good, right, locked in security cases like a dvd or video game. later tweeted he talked to security guard who confirm the cases are meant to keep people from eating chocolate while they are shopping. well the dnc drew tens of thousands of people here to philadelphia from delegates to celebrities to lawmakers and of course the national media. >> this morning fox news sunday's chris wallace was here in the building and no surprise mike and alex decided to have
5:57 pm
little fun. >> she's not a great speaker. >> in. >> she was probably the fourth best speaker at the convention after her hub and the obamas. on the other hand, excuse me, i'm on the air here. >> are you? >> hi, how you doing? >> welcome to filly. >> alex, what are you doing? i'm on the air,, what are you doing. >> i'm trying to hangout with you. it's been sometime. >> i understand. we're on television. >> it's just mike. >> she did say that. >> i heard you stay. >> so here we are. i am -- >> you wanted me to get some peaches. >> that was very sexist comment. >> it really was. >> come back in here. i'm just down the hall interestingly enough i was told mike i'm not loud to talk to you or approach you. >> no. >> the restraining still in effect. >> restraining order. >> is this just because of the fact that the redskins beat the eagles last season? >> yes, as a matter of fact. it's great to have you in our building. we're just having some fun here watch did you think of your week in filly? did you like it?
5:58 pm
>> i liked -- i loved first of all the restaurants. before the convention started we sent to city tavern one night we went to the place right down the block from you here high street on market. >> high street. >> fabulous. yeah, really good. i got to say, it was really hot here, though. good lord it was hot. >> now, this is not our weather. it was blazing hot and humid during the day and monsoons at the beginning -- >> what is going on? >> well, you know f you'll be in our city, you have to put on this. >> no. >> yes. >> no. he just got a new contract. come on. >> come on. >> it's foles. >> strolls. >> he just cut by the ram. forget this thing. >> anyone -- no one wants that jersey. you can catch mike and alex the whole gang fox 29 morning news starts at 4:00 a.m. and "good day philadelphia" follows at
5:59 pm
6:00. septa trains already packed to the brim and now there could be another wrench in your commute home. why you shall leave even more time to make your train come monday. and it's a wrap. after watching american history right here in philadelphia, the dnc is moving out but get ready. the one major change for drivers during the past week that could stick around for good. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> the stage is gone. work space is broken down and confetti and balloons being swept up the wells fargo center is getting back to normal tonight after hosting history. it's just not the a rona we're talking about. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. same scene around the city. evidence the dnc getting cleared away. fox 29's dave schratwieser shows us why visitors and locals say
6:00 pm
it was a big success. >> reporter: as work crews cleaned up, security barriers got picked up and delegates packed up, philadelphia waived goodbye to the 2016 democratic national convention the impressions were mostly good. >> i love physical. philadelphia is a great city. you know, place where we founded our nation. >> were great time. i'm sorry that it's over. and i have to consider maybe i'll go again in four years. >> mike hal bert was an alternate delegate from chicago. he says philadelphia knock it out of the park. >> superb job putting this convention on much it was a first rate convention. >> kim work as a dnc volunteer all week. she simply loved it. >> i had a blast working with people, diverse crowd from different areas meeting the delegates. >> wayne nelson work the rnc in cleveland and came right to to philadelphia sell hillary clinton t shirts and hats. >> i didn't se


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