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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  July 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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(phone ringing) (several phones ringing) (phone ringing) (phone continues ringing) (electrical buzzing) (exhales) (growling) no! (electrical crackling)
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(wild shrieking, growling) (shrieking, electrical crackling continues) captioned by media access group at wgbh
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parts of new jersey under water tonight after a half foot of rain pounded the region. plus, a month after being shot in the line of duty, a local business is thank ago officer in a big way. your news is next, keep it here. l those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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hang right now it, will take some time to dry out in part of new jersey but first, it has to stop raining. parts of mercer county, new jersey, are inundated with water tonight, after more than 4 inches every rain fell over the last several hours. dollars rain just fell too hard, way too fast, for the drains in the places like princeton to keep up with it. and there is more rain on the way. good evening, everybody. i'm joyce evans. now, here in philadelphia, we've been dealing with on and off showers all night long, as we take a look live, at philadelphia international
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airport. flight running an average of about two hours late tonight. so check your flights before you head out to the airport. now, let's get onto meteorologist, scott williams, finds out about all of this rain, when will it all shop. >> keep the un set dollars pattern for tomorrow, not done with the rainfall, look at ultimate doppler, really still lit up, moving further to the south and west of philadelphia, places like chester county, moving into delaware county, new castle county right now, seeing heavy rain, also stretching back into maryland, that will be moving into sections of delaware. but, the hardest hit area, mercer county, numerous flood, high water rescues, still have that flashflood warning, in effect, until 10:15. take a look, numerous roads reported to be flooded and i am passable, and also, numerous high water rescues in and around the princeton area. we'll zoom in. look at the bulls eye around west windsor, princeton, princeton junction, around south brunswick, talking about
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five to 6 inches, half foot of rain in just the past several hours. philadelphia looking at light rain. once again, heavier rainfall off to the south and west. that will be moving in from maryland. so we put a tracker on this, moving toward smyrna, delaware, 10:33, dover, 10:33, some of the moderate to heavy rainfall that is moving out of sections of maryland. as we take a live look outside of the studios, rain cooled right now, temperatures right around 76 degrees, but the dew point are very high. so, we will take you hour by hour, through the next several hours, here's midnight, looking at pocket of heavy rain around the i95 corridor, and look at tomorrow morning, moderate to heavy rain, philadelphia, points north and west, when we dry out, all coming up. back to you. >> all right, thank you, scott. as you mentioned, scott, mercer county just pounded today with rain and other severe weather there. this video from fox 29 viewer jason beckett. now, buckets of rain falling throughout new jersey has created some dangerous
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flooding conditions, as scott mentioned, there, fox 29 joanne waded through high water throughout to find the hardest hit areas. she is joining us live from princeton junction. >> that's right, they call it a flashflood. it happened so quickly, drivers have little time to react, and that's what happened tonight. some drivers not making the best decisions, as the roads around here flooded quickly. >> looking more like a small body of water, than a road, this is alexandra road in west windsor township. a deluge every rainfall and it was a mess. >> it was in minutes, final seconds, like i saw the street, like it was fine, cars going through, and i just followed the cars like two seconds later, and i almost made it and i got stuck. >> stuck in the middle of knee high water nicky's car just stopped. >> and i sat down. it was a lot of smoke coming out of the engine, i don't
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know how much damage did i. >> same for this white bmw. stuck and the driver couldn't open the doors. he was helped out of the window by police. >> people go around the cones that we set up to block them from going in. when they go around, they go through very quickly, they create a huge wake, and it washes out the other cars, the cars stall out. >> west windsor township declared state of emergency after the flashflood this evening. >> we had trouble all up and down route one, now the boulevard, evacuated two buildings, one was voluntary, several parking lots flooded. >> andrew griffin got stuck at the princeton junction train station, his wife jody was trying to goat to him, but couldn't get through alexander road. >> tunnel connect both sides of the station. that will tunnel completely flooded out and the east side of the station, might be higher elevation, so where i was on the west side basically saw all of the water rushing through the station, steps go down to the tunnel, it filled
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up with water. >> no patience, no common sense, you can't drive three cars down to one lane road. people need to get smart. >> fortunately, no one injured here in west wind so, though police say plenty of cars got stuck as those drivers attempted to drive through the high water. live tonight in princeton junction, "fox 29 news", back to you, joyce? >> all right, stay safe out there, joanne. don't let mother nature spoil your plans, you can always stay ahead of the rain with the fox 29 app. it has got live radar, breaking news alerts, downloaded today in itunes or google play. new jersey state police responded to the wrong house and ended up shooting a elderly man inside. investigators say state troopers were sent to check out a hang-up call to 911, but something went terribly wrong when they entered the home of an elderly couple. fox 29's jennifer joyce spoke with that couple's daughter.
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>> shot him twice in the chest, once in the groin. >> seventy-six year old gerald psychs is in critical condition at cooper university hospital. how he got here sounds like a nightmare, but he's realizing it is a very harsh reality. stepdaughter diana la south shares her parents' store. >> i my mother called my house at about 11:47 last night, hysterically crying. heard the dog barking. looked out the french doors and saw two dark figures standing at the doors. >> those figures turned out to be two uniform police, responding for reported 911 hang up. police say the troopers announced their presence, and shined flashfloods into a rear sliding glare door. it was 11:30 p.m. la south said her 80 year old mother woke up out of bed terrified. sheen know who was there. >> there were no lights going on, no sirens, no indication and they were at the back door, which backs up to the woods. no telling what was going on.
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>> she said her step dad did not immediately wake up, he's deaf in one ear, when his wife ran for his help, he acted on instinct. >> he walked out there, with his shotgun, at which point they said drop it. and within five, 102nd of them saying to him drop it, heard three quick shots through the door, knocked my stepfather to the grounds, at what point he did not know who was out there, and firing at him. >> police say the man exchanged gunfire. his wife says she watched in horror as her husband bled profusely and awaited help. the man was flown to cooper university hospital. both troopers retreated for minor injuries and released, while the case remained under investigation by the new jersey attorney general's office, one detail has been confirmed by the agency. the initial 911 call did not come from the psychs' home. in cumberland county, "fox 29 news". tonight police in bridgeton, new jersey say that the condition of gerald psychs
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has been upgraded to critical but stable. >> one person is dead and another injured in a late night shooting in philadelphia's mantua neighborhood. police say a 25 year old man, and a 50 year old woman, was shot on the 500 block of north 38th street. that 25 year old died this morning, at penn presbyterian hospital. the woman was treated and released, police are now offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> a large scale investigation has gun into a deadly hot air balloon crash. at least 16 people were on board that balloon when it went down about 30 miles south of austin, texas, people near the scene describe seeing a massive fireball four stories high. fox's kacie spiegel who has more now from texas. >> reporter: experience after lifetime turning deadly in central texas. a hot air balloon, bursting
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into flames, with 16 people at least on board. investigators say there were no survivors. and they're working to identify everyone killed in the disaster. the hot air balloon caught fire around 7:40 a.m. central, and crashed in a pasture near the town of lockhart. that's about 30 miles south of austin. margaret while i lives cloe by -- close by and told reporters she heard pop, pop, pop sounds. >> i think the pops i heard was the balloon connecting with the lines. by the time i looked that way it was already on the grounds. >> authorities have not said where the hot air balloon was based out of or which company was flying it. but they believe the fire was in the basket portion of the balloon. the land near the crash site is mostly farmland, with corn, and grazing cattle. the area popular for weekend excursions, such as ballooning and sky diving. >> we asked the fbi evidence response team out of santonio, to come and assist us with seeing documentation.
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>> live so close, i just wanted to see how far because they park behind me house before. you know, have come down behind my house before, i was wondering, man there is could have happened right behind my house. >> ntsb or national transportation safety board is the lead agency on the grounds, as investigators work to try and figure out what went terribly wrong here today. that's the latest near lockhart, texas, kacie steegel, fox news. >> just over a month since officers christopher dorman was shot in the line every duty. today a local business says thank now big way. >> man leaves path every destruction in his way while he chases a pokemon through a residential neighborhood. how police were able to quickly track him down. >> welcome to "good day" philadelphia. >> on the other hand, discuss me, i'm on the air. >> welcome to philly. >> alec, i'm on the air.
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>> (laughing). >> good day local news. >> all morning long.
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a special surprise today for delaware county police officer, 25 year old chris dorman survived being shot seven times in the line of duty, back in june, while he also happens to love to teach. so today, the southern delaware jeep club joined with extreme terrain and turn five to upgrade the hero's car, they surprised him today with thousands of dollars worth of upgrades on his jeep. >> we heard your story. you know, we all wanted to be able to do something. and it was incredible when we found out that you were really a jeep guy. we're all delaware county businesses in chester county, we're local guys, and hearing the story was heart wrenching for us. and we appreciate everything that you do every day.
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>> well, chris' dad was in on the surprise. he pretended to take the car to get it tuned up. yes, it was tuned up. well, traffic is slowly moving across a new jersey draw bridge, after it malfunctioned and it was stuck in the open position. earlier today, the bridge in toms river got stuck around 4:00 this afternoon. leaving no way to get into seaside height. causing heavy delays on secondary roads as drivers tried to find another way to get around it. tonight the bridge is back open, and traffic is flowing. >> tonight, in you decide, the keystone state is on the front lines of the presidential campaign. hillary clinton and runningmate tim kaine campaigning in johnstown, in pit burying today. in clinton's vp pick had some harsh words for opponent donald trump. >> and between hillary clinton and donald trump it, comes down to pretty simple question: pretty simple
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question: do you want a you're fired president or a you're hired president? >> although pennsylvania has gone blue for the last six general elections, political analysts say the state could be up for grabs this year. clinton is continuing her stronger together bus tour. she's heading next to ohio. meantime, in the wake of another e-mail hacking scandal, the clinton campaign says their internal systems have not been compromised. fox's kristin fisher has more now from washington. >> the clinton campaign is saying its internal computer system was not compromised watch was come pro priced separate computer used but maintained by the dnc. clinton's press secretary explains it like this, quote, an analytic data program maintained by the dnc and used by our campaign and number of other entity was accessed as part of dnc hack. goes on quote no evidence that
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our internal systems have been compromised. this is the third time in just one week that we have learned about hackers gaining access to democratic organizations. first, it was dnc, then the dcc, the party's fundraising committee, and now this. earlier this week, president obama said russia is almost certainly responsible. and with election days just 100 days away, the clinton campaign is now openly speculate that russian press vladmeere putin might be trying to help trump win in november. here is the director of the cia john brennan speaking last night at the annual security forum in colorado. >> obviously, interferance in the u.s. election process is a very, very serious matter. and i think certainly this government will treat it with great seriousness. that's all i can say at this point. >> so the fbi and the department of justice are now investigating, in terms of what kind of data was actually compromised, this is a system that was used to analyze voter data. soap, think things like names,
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addresses, phone numbers, emails, but not social security numbers, and not credit cards numbers. at least that's what clinton campaign was claiming. in washington, kristin fisher, fox news. meanwhile, donald trump held a rally in colorado today, one week after his speech at the republican national convention in ohio. trump took some shots at bernie sanders and general john allen. he also emphasized that more people watched his speech than hillary clinton. >> we had, i think it was, 35 million they had less, like 33 or something. in other words, we had more. and i have sort of been saying that, and i have to tell you both numbers are great numbers. >> and speaking of numbers, a new pole has hillary clinton ahead now by six-point. a michigan man was arrested after smashing his car into a park pick-up truck and leaving
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the scene. police say not only was he drunk, he was chasing an imaginary pokemon while driving. as fox's dave spencer reports, it wasn't too hard to track him down. >> it was 3:30. i was making coffee. and i heard allowed bang. and i turned around, and i saw my father-in-law's truck on to the grass. >> a 28 year old driver who place say was on the hot trail after pokemon led him into a commerce meadow neighborhood in commerce township. that's not all he was said to be on. police say he had also been drinking, not a good combination as it would turn out. >> no regard for life. >> witnesses say the 28 year old pokemon hunter was going 60 to 80 miles an hour. >> it is crazy. it is crazy. there are so many kids, the speed limit is 15 through here. >> you can be going 15 and hurt somebody. you know, let alone 60. >> after the collision in the driveway, that pushed the truck right into the front lawn, some neighbors saw that, got in their car, tried to follow the driver as he drove
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out and block him in, but it didn't work. despite having deployed airbags and busted out tire, the driver managed to swerve around the roadblock and drive away. much like finding a pokemon, police were able to track this suspect down thanks to trail of debris he was leaving behind from hits crash. >> how bad was the f150? >> it was totaled. >> police tracked into his house, he admitted to drinking, driving, and chasing pokemon. luckily for him the only thing he caught was a parked f150. >> yesterday it was hot, it was a ton of kids out. and i'm glad no one got hurt. >> in commerce township, dave spencer, fox news. >> no fan of the series game of thrones is looking forward to this. the show coming to an end? wildly popular series will sign off for good. and it is an incredible video of mother nature at work. spewing lava and smiling about it?
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a gunman kills three # people at gathering of young adults. police say the gunman, a 19 year old, opened fire first, at a fire pit, then, he shot more rounds, from a rooftop. witnesses say the gunman and one of the victims, a former girlfriend, just broken up last week. state troopers pulled the suspect over and arrested him on an interstate, more than
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100 miles away from the crime scene. >> tonight our community has been shaken to its core. we grieve with the families of those lost in this horrible event. there is no words that can measure the pain that they're feeling. all i can say is that we will stand with them, and be here for them. >> doctors are treating another patients who was injured in the shooting but they are he not releasing that person's condition. >> in florida, it is estimated about 150 shots were fired in the final gun fight between law enforcement and the shooter at pulled night club, deputies detailed there involvement, in that shooting, in a new batch of document. their accounts include looking for anybody with any chance of survival. one of the deputies sum up the shooting in ten words saying, quote, i witnessed exceptional heroism in the face of indescribable horror. >> 4200 firefighters are on the front lines tonight,
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battling out of control fire. it is burning in big sur california, this week-old blaze has burned through 48 square miles, it is already claimed the life of one person, a bulldozer, operator, who was working the fire line, and authorities say that the fire is expected to linger until the end of august. it is already destroyed at least 41 homes. a shoplifter dice after running from wal-mart employees, why prosecutors are now charging those employees with his death. and a picture says a thousand words, look at this little toddler and police officer. they sit down for tea, why she says she just had to throw him a party. >> joyce, parts of the area still looking at heavy rain and a flood threat, as we look at ultimate doppler, moderate to heavy rain south of the philadelphia area, coming up, we will talk about the unsettled pattern, plus, when the rain will move out. carmax offers a 5-day money-back guarantee,
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so you can return a car you purchased for any reason within five days for a full refund. now, this is not some kind of advertising gimmick. it's just the right thing to do. like saving puppies in a hurricane. or helping a tortoise across a busy road. or not eating someone's yogurt when it's clearly marked with their name. i know it was you bill. i'm not mad; i'm just disappointed. to recap: 5-day guarantee, puppies, tortoises, yogurt.
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three employees at wal-mart in florida are charged with manslaughter after shoplifter died. the workers are accused of suffocating the man after he tried to steel a shopping cart full of dvd's there is was back in february. fox's kelly callen has more now from lakeland, florida. >> how can i help you? >> high, this is rick at wal-mart, 98 north. we need a shop litter -- >> began as a shoplifting soon changed the lives of four people in lakeland forever. >> you have somebody on the way. >> when kenneth walked out of the wal-mart with $300 worth of stolen dvd's, three wal-mart employees chased him down. >> he has his eyes close the. >> is he breathing? >> he's not breathing.
10:31 pm
>> lakelands police say when they caught up to him, randy tomco, nathan hygeian, took things too far. holding the 64 year old man down with such force, they broke 15 of his ribs, and caused him to stop breathing. >> they made a decision to apprehend the shopper, and at some point they crossed the line. >> according to a police affidavit, a witness saw tomco and nunez chase from the wal-mart. nunez jump on his back, tackled him to the ground then punched him. witnesses say tomco put his neon the back, and thirds employee, higgins, grabbed his feet to stop him from breaking free. at one point, he apparently yelled out that he couldn't breathe. the company on friday would not comment on it protocol for stopping shoplifters. florida law gives retail employees the right to detain shoplifters, and according to
10:32 pm
tomco's lawyers, that's exactly what they were doing. >> it is tragic that he died, but they're just doing their job. >> now, they are charged with manslaughter. for a split second decision, that police say, went too far. >> although he was like i said commit ago crime, you have to look at how far do you go taking somebody back into custody? >> the three were arrested thursday night. more than five months after the incident. all three face second agree felony manslaughter charge. >> now the wife of one of the employees says her husband was on his lunch break at the time of the shoplifting incident, and he was ordered by his manager to help hold the man's feet until police arrived. that manager has not been charged with anything at this point. >> well, onto your fox 29 weather authority, now if you are headed out tonight you are going to want to take that umbrella with you. you need to keep it handy for awhile now, as we look live into trenton, just one spot
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that's already seeing whole lot of rain, but they might not be the only ones, scott williams? >> yes, joyce, talking about flashflood concerns, especially for mercer county. that continues through at least 10:30, but aerial flood warnings until 2:00 in the morning. take a look at some of the video submitted to fox 29 from jason beckett, in and around the princeton area. you can see, turn around, don't drown. it only takes 6 inches of water to sweep you off of your feet. and 2 inches of water to really float vehicles. so that's why we advise you never to drive through flooded roadways, thanks so much to jason beckett for that video out every princeton, mercer county. let's look at ultimate doppler, still keeping tabs onto moderate rainfall around philadelphia, moving back toward the wilmington area, and new castle county. we zoom in to mercer county, here's 206. here's one, getting a little bit after dry break right now, so that's some good news, but take a look at the bull's eye,
10:34 pm
as you move between princeton, also around south brunswick, talking about five to 6 inches, half foot of rain in just several hours, with the flashflooding, and mercer county. getting little bit of a dry break in the pocono mountains, big nascar weekends, more scattered showers likely tomorrow, but not as widespread as what we've seen today, especially, north and west of i-95, as was pretty dry for much of the day in part of south jersey, down the shore, caught a break from the rain, interior sections looking at some light showers, but nothing heavy, like what folks in mercer county saw. also, expanding the view, here is the warmfront off to the north, cold front well to the west, a lot of lift in the atmosphere, moisture as well, so that's why we saw the flood concerns across part of the area. some of this activity now moving into sections of delaware. soap, the pattern remains unsettled. now, through tomorrow, keep the umbrellas handy. locally heavy rain, especially the north and western suburbs, watch for ponding, on the
10:35 pm
roadways, so as we go hour by hour, it stays unsettled, here's midnight. you can see pocket of showers, across the area, maybe a rumble every thunder, so, by tomorrow morning, it is cloudy, it is muggy, also, scattered showers around, but then you can see, not as widespread of coverage for your sunday afternoon and evening, so, don't cancel any plans, just have that back-up plan. so of course we are still looking at some heavy rainfall, once again, north and west of the i-95 corridor, through tomorrow night, an additional two or more inches of locally, some amounts could be a little higher. temperatures right now, 76 degrees, those dew points are still up there, in the low 70s. temperatures right now, 77, in atlantic city, we have low 70s right now in allentown, mid 60s pocono mountains, for tonight scattered downpours, stay kind of muggy and also steamy, as we move ahead to tomorrow, the high temperature, 86 degrees with the scattered showers and
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thunderstorms. so as we move ahead with the extended forecast, monday stays casino of warm, muggy, pop up showers and thunderstorms, then, drier air moves in for tuesday, lowering the humidity, 83 degrees for the high temperature, the pick day of the week, joyce, 84 degrees on wednesday, for the high, then warming up for thursday, 87, 09 degrees back friday, and next saturday couple of pop up showers and thunderstorms. >> and i just happen to be off on wednesday. >> oh, that's the pick day. >> people really need to be careful and safe tonight. >> absolutely. >> all right, thank you, scott. well, clearly not all volcanoes are angry. look at this incredible video, lava is flowing from mount kill owe waya in hawaii, something that hasn't happened in a few years, volcano started erupting in may, in that time the lava has traveled 6 miles to the ocean. is that a smiley face we saw there? authority say the lava not threatening any town, but warning people to keep a safe
10:37 pm
distance. >> it is something no game of thrown fan will want to hear, the show that's coming to an end. when the wildly popular series will sign off for good. >> and a library isn't the place where you normally choose to spend the night. so we'll tell you why these kids and police are locked in together.
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>> nearly half billion dollars is up for grabs, powerball jackpot up to $478 million. with a cash value of a cool 330 million. tonight's drawing is the fifth largest powerball prize every all time and the eighth largest lottery prize in us history. the live drawing is coming up right here on fox 29 at 11:00. so you want to stick around for that. >> well, the olympics are in just a few days, and in up-state new york, a city there, they're helping americans olypians look their best, the athletes will be sporting blazers, for the opening ceremonies, when the eyes of the world will be upon them. ralph lauren is the design of the outfits, he pick rochester hickey freeman to manufacture
10:41 pm
2,000 blazers, with the hopes of making thousands more, to sell to anybody who want one. >> they were nearly out of work, and now they've come back. and the crown jewel is to see a billion people who watch the olympics when they watch the opening ceremony, which is a beautiful ceremony, they will see these blazers made in rochester. >> athlete will be sporting their new blazers during the opening ceremonies for the rio olympics on friday. >> well, hbo has confirmed something today that game of thrown fans never wanted to hear. the series is coming to an end. yep, it is, but before you go get too upset about it, there will still be two more seasons, hbo says today, that the eighth season will be the last for the fantasy thriller. it it hasn't decided yet how many episodes there will be in that series. the seventh series, or season,
10:42 pm
premiers next summer, last year thrones won a dozen emmies. most eighth graders are busy playing with the latest toy or video game. but this little girl is already set to go become a brain surgeon, helping patients in the meantime.
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>> well, it is not every day that you see running and laughing inside a library. usually not allowed. but, in one north carolina town, this is all part of their annual lock-in. kids from all across the area come in, to hang out with police officers, and to build relationships. fox's david has more. >> reporter: this is not your typical library. >> this is a library no more, it is something else, like an arcade almost. >> you see rock hill police officers shooting nurf guns on the ground. and you see rock hill kids doing the same. >> pretty cool. made me feel like i was an actual police officer. >> it is a lot of fun. >> lieutenant tim airs says this party is as good as it gets. >> how much more fun can you
10:46 pm
have? >> the york county library hosting its annual lock in, the main attraction, two hours of nurf gun battles where kids team up with rock hill's finest. >> sometimes up forget that police office kearse still have fun and they're not always serious. >> we're not that hard rigid uniform that they see all the time, you know, they can see we come out, have fun. >> officers work to go establish a relationship with the kids they protect and serve. even if they're not exactly protecting them from foam bullet here at the library. there has been a lot of talk nationally surrounding police have i lens, just weeks ago, the rock hill community came together to talk about this very issue. and while some may not approve of what nurf guns portray, everyone hearsays it is all in good fun. >> if we're playing with kids, in this these soft darts, that type stuff, what harm is it? >> and the kids are enjoying. >> it was awesome.
10:47 pm
>> seeing a different side of police offerser. >> i definitely this year. >> whole lot of fun there. one year after a texas police officer saved a little girl's life, she is returning the favor. two year old here, nearly died after choking on a penny in a dallas suburb. well, officer patrick ray had clocked out and was just about to leave when he heard the call about an unresponsive toddler. he quickly clocked back in, raised out to help. when he arrived, officer ray was able to clear out her throat, so she could breathe again. well, this week the pair reunited, for a tea party to mark one year since the incident. >> and you have heard of first world problems. well, this is a loyal world problem. prince william said hess son george god too many present for his third birthday, the little prince celebrated his birthday today. his dad won't say exactly what george got, just saying it was
10:48 pm
too much. prince william and his wife kate released a series of new photos of george as the family celebrated. and instead of playing with barbie dolls, or coloring books, 18 year old in wisconsin is mezmerizing the love of the brain, memorizing them, too, all part of this little girl's plan to become a neurosurgeon. since she is still a long way from starting her practice, she spent her birthday helping bring comfort to patients in need. fox's justin williams has the story. >> she's the little birthday girl, with big plans. >> that's right, eight year old lana has her lazer focus on becoming a brain surgeon, in the next couple of decades, or so. but? >> i can't do that now, i learn to help the patients. >> thursday, the elementary school student is inside milwaukee aurora lane luke
10:49 pm
medical center giving nearly 1100 gifts, getting heartwarming hug from her hero. >> what makes it exciteing? >> to look up to him. >> he is doctor kasam vision president of neuro science at aurora healthcare. >> i hope she doesn't just settle for ac brain surgeon. >> not the post her facebook post yields. >> somebody that has nothing to do with you, or the people caring for you comes back. >> and hers is only to help. after she learns a little more about the lobes. >> frontal, parietal, objection pit tal, brainstem ... >> i don't know about parietal lobes, but i know her parental units are pretty pride full. >> i'm very proud what she does for other people, she has a big heart, big goals. >> fantastic, right? as soon as the birthday surprise was over, the
10:50 pm
shipment of gifts was sent to the icu for use in communication and cognitive therapist for stroke and brain surgery patients. good job there. history was made early tonight. right here on fox. did you see this? luke aikins, elite sky diver, successfully complete add dive without a parachute from 25,000 feet into a net, one thirds the size of a football field, and 20 stories high. at times traveling at speed of 150 miles an hour. aikins said he wanted to perform the jump to demonstrate that people can do things that they think they can't do, in the right way. sean bell, were you wrong, wrong, wrong about how that was going to turn out. >> really, like who cares, like he want to show us what? >> he can do it, do things you think you can't do. >> why are you act being like you really want to see hit hit the net? no one is watching for that
10:51 pm
reason. who cares? it is a story if he doesn't hit the net. that's what you get for jumping out of something like. that will all right, really? eagles making news, brian dawkins is in the fold, i'll tell you what he is doing, and the phillies bat finally come alive. they have their highest output in weeks. even starting pitcher getting in act. we'll have that coming up next in sports.
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coming up in baseball, the contenders are making their playoff moves. nationals traded for the pirates closer mark, he'll replace papelbon, our old guy, suspect all season long, the phils have couple of pitch that's have been rumored to be on the trade block, but nothing has happened and yet, so let's get to the phils and braves. everybody getting hits in this one. the pitcher even getting in it. jeremy, third baseline, that's first career double, that gave the phils a three-two lead. now we go to the sixth. with the bases loaded and freddie finds a gap right up the middle. that will would score two more runs, the phils separation, now we go to the eighth. franco, up the third baseman, that will bring another run in. the phils bats finally exploded today, that's 13
10:55 pm
hits, in the game. the phils get the win, nine to five, and during the game the braves made a questionable move off the field. they traded away third baseman hector for matt kid, kid was 31 year old player, the braves, well, they're not going to win any time soon. worse team in baseball. you find more dominoes falling in this one. all right, some football, first week of training camp wrapping up, so far all about the off the field things for the eagles, and two off field issues, looked like they are kind of going to go away. sproles locked in for probably the rest every his career and today the eagles took care of allege end. brian dawkins will now be on the scouting department helping the eagles find some talent. if anybody can, it is b doug. hall every famer ready to fit in here and helping anyway possible.
10:56 pm
>> whole gahm but the, for the operations, our team is running, so learning about the scouting part of it, the terminology, those things, but sometimes i'm bless today have an eye for talent. so if i can help in that respect, i would love to do. that will also i want to learn everything about football. >> hopefully b dawk can help this guy. a little bit of disappointment since drafted last year in the second rounds, seems like everything fell apart, his whole confidence after the calvin johnson game where he was just torched. today jim swartz talked about what he needs to do to get back into the rotation. >> just like everybody else needs to be consistent practice to practice, make plays, in the run game, and that's eric, that's brooks, that's carol, all judged on the same thing. all of them different spot, all different strength,
10:57 pm
weaknesses, training camp. a combination every guys that, you know, use them in the best way. >> the secondary is terrible, so get it together. >> all right, that's our news for this saturday night. good day weekend at 7:00 in the morning, don't forget powerball is next, good luck.
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