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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 1, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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big money changes happening at regional rail if you want to pay in cash after you get on the train, think again, why you will now to have pay, in a different way before boarding. plus we're working on two breaking stories overnight a fire fighter treated for smoke inhalation battling a house fire and man fatally stabbed in point breeze. latest on both of these stories next. shots fired in the road rage incident in a local interstate, who police are looking for, right now. good day, everyone it is august the first, 2016. lauren dawn johnson, she's off this morning. sue serio, good morning to you. >> good morning. hope you had a good weekend as usual. probably went too fast. here we are with a map that indicates, more of the same, what we had over the weekend,
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periods of fine weather that is crust kind of muggy inn then pop up showers and thunderstorms amounts we zoom in we will see a few little tiny area of green and one isolated heavy downpour right here, on the garden state parkway, just northwest of the atlantic city on the way to little egg harbor. you'll run into this downpour. it will be fast, furious, we will be out and just that quickly we could see more of those pop up before the end of the day n weather by the numbers we will go back to the six again, very muggy, pop up showers and then are storms and possibility if you get a then are storm with flood to go day. here's the current temperature, it is very mild, in philadelphia, for 4:00 in the morning it is 77 degrees. sunrise is a at 6:00 a.m. that is a big milestone these days start to get shorter and shorter. right now it is 73 degrees in pottstown. fifty-five in mount pocono. we have, 75 in at atlantic city. very muggy 78 in dover,
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delaware. our dew points are in the 70's in many places as well. upper 60's and 70's remains very humid. just walk outside and you will feel it a light of moisture coming off the ocean bringing up those dew points. 84:00 your sunset time,s built of pop up thunderstorms present the end of the day. we will get a new weather pattern maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but we will get relief from the humidity we will tell you when coming up in that seven day forecast, bob kelly, i hope you had a good weekend. >> great weekend down the shore in wildwood for north catholic reunion down there. i was, eddie alvarez, big champion, ufc champion, his arms are as big as my waist. good morning, 4:02. kick it off on i-95 right behind the girard avenue sign. this is i-95 northbound, right at that girard avenue interchange right in the construction zone there. look out, as you head
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northbound. otherwise we're off to a good start. i-95 looking good. or than that accident. ben franklin bridge looking good coming up and over in toward downtown. they are still working out on route 202, stretch between route 30 and route 401, no major problems coming down the roosevelt boulevard, schuylkill expressway. eastbound right here near conshohocken there is a difficulties a able tractor trailer that is hugging the right lane. there is some of those triangular reflectors out there but be careful if you are in that right lane coming eastbound toward the city, look out for their, police will be on the scene i'm sure hopefully we will get a a tow truck out there market frankford and broad street subway back to the normal scenario we had, prior to the dfc. mainly the novacare parking lot, right there along pattison avenue is what septa has been using for your free parking in order to get access to the broad and pattison station. so, we're back to novacare.
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remember last couple weeks we were parking at south philadelphia high school. novacare and frankford transportation terminal your two big hubs where they have over a thousand parking spots because again, we're still dealing with the regional rail situation. again, expect fewer cars, overcrowded trains. i know coming up just a couple minutes we will details on a new fare change, ticket change that go in toe eke if he today for regional rails for everybody that boards here, in center city. the chris, back over to you. but first we have to get to this breaking news out of point breeze. police investigating fatal stabbing of the man on garrett street. man was found with multiple wound in the chest and arms around 9:30. this time detectives don't necessity much including victim's identity or who killed him. officers think he is in his 50's. more breaking news out of camden where fire fighter had to be treated for smoke inhalation after battling a house fire. this happened around 11:30 on the 2300 block of carmen street. up investigators say crews quickly put this out, but not
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before a fire fighter suffered smoke inhalation at the scene. cause right now is unknown. if you take the train, septa a is urging ride tours plan for a little extra time, is there a rule changing into effect on the regional rail lines starting this afternoon, all passengers have to be ticketed before they get on any regional rape trail leaving center city this applies to the five stationness center city able only during the afternoon rush from 3:00 to 60:00 on weekend too. septa says conductors don't have time to check all of the passengers for tickets while on the train because the trains are just so packed. >> it will create timetable issues of people being late, trains being backup, delays greater because trains will in the leave with people waiting for it. >> if you do the not have a a ticket or pass go to the sales office at the stations and do your purchase there and then you'll have a ticket and validated at top of the stairwell, before you goat down to the station. >> a third of the regional fleet was removed after a
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defect was dediscovered, status report on the regional rails are expect from septa sometime this week. we're anticipating that. starting to day you knew it was coming smokers in pennsylvania are going to have to shell out another dollar for pack of cigarettes. a tax just a tax, on a pack of cigarettes, the state goes from 1.60 to 2.06. in philadelphia you will pay $4.60 in taxes per pack. the increase is part have the plan to dress the state's budget deficit. the department of revenue estimates that the tax will generate more than 400 million-dollar, a year, the state treasury. i don't smoke but what sit about eight or nine or ten dollars a pack in philadelphia. philadelphia police are investigating extreme road rage in northeast philadelphia they say one driver began shooting at eras the pair was getting on to i9 56789 lets go to dave kinchen in torresdale with the very latest on this are you near the scene, dave.
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>> reporter: very close on i-95. very frightening situation here that took place on sunday. we can tell you yet another case of road rage and police say someone fired several shots hitting a car and sped off. police say someone fired at a silver honda during an incident at the on ramp to i-95, off of the academy road here in northeast philadelphia it happened around 7:00 o'clock last night, the car had at least one bullet lodged in it but thankfully no one was hurt, state police were able to meet with the driver to make sure that he was okay but shooter did getaway. we can tell you as we go to the second piece of video here that they are looking for black 2010 cadillac escalade similar to this one we see right here. investigators do have the tag number but they have not released it yet to us and they are trying to locate that suspect. you may recall this is the third road rage incident in our area, in the last few months, including just last month where someone fired at a car on the girard point bridge
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near the girard point bridge i should say and then that caused that driver to spin out when the tire blew but, that person is okay. very scary situation here in this scene as police continue to look for the shooter, chris. >> dave, thank you. we will check back. 4:08 is the time. in south jersey an investigation is what cause aid massive fire that destroyed a 07 year-old lumber yard and sent several fire fighters through the hospital. flames raging through 50,000 square food business in delsea drive and franklin township. it happened at 2:30 in the afternoon and quickly grew to three alarms. 200 fire fighters from four count writes called into fight this. the temperature and humidity. you may remember it was really intense. three fire fighters were sent to the hospital suffering heat exhaustion. >> exactly what it feels like, there is no falling back, there is no giving up, we have to do what we have to do. it is our job. >> to do that job they had to
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take frequent breaks, trying to stay hydrate todd make their bottle even more difficult the nearest hydrant was a thousand feet away. crews pumped water from a nearby lake to put it out. two men under a rest in connection with the germantown murdered both former temple police officers. fatal assault happened friday morning on the 4600 block of green street. police found a 24 year-old woman dead inside of a home. prosecutors charged, 47 year-old aaron wright with murder. they also charged, marcus brownson with aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit murder and related charges. temple university released a statement yesterday saying aaron wright resigned from temple's police department in 2012. marquis robinson has been terminated from the department. temple is cooperating with philadelphia police in their investigation. police have not publicly identified the victim. funeral services begin for philadelphia fire fighters gabriel lee who died during his shift on july 23rd. he was a 17 year veteran annes
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was assigned to ladder company 12 in north philadelphia first viewing will be held it in at 6:00 at deliverancee advantage gel cat church on westerly high avenue and second church will take place tomorrow at 9:00 in the morning. funeral services will follow. no cause of death has been released. black lives matter sign ruined at a local church, the word vandals removed and what church goers did next. controversy brewing as miss teen u.s.a. pageant why newly crown winner is facing serious backlash this morning. bob kelly? >> yo, good morning everybody. 40:00. as we get ready for a machine morning rush hour, we will go for a ride on the atlantic city expressway, coming back from the shore as a lot of folks like to do on a monday morning. so far so good. if you are grabbing your coffee and keys right now, some changes on the regional rails, sue has your monday forecast help we come right back.
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extreme flooding in maryland has left two people dead. take a lot the state of emergency declared for historic city of elliott when torrential rain damage roads and buildings. look at a man get swept away in the water with his car. officials say, that they got a month's worth of rain at day night loan. maryland's governor tored the area and said he has never seen anything like this. >> we have never seen such
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devastation, i have left here in hour county over 50 years. i have never seen such devastation. we have folks committed to making sure that this storm does not defeat them. >> governor praised residents and officials for their cooperation during evacuations. many areas affect will take months to recover. sue, you know this area very well. >> this is howard county between baltimore and washington driving south from baltimore and elliott city is beautiful. remind you of a haddonfield, of a new hope kind of of area. a city that is as old as our country and just beautiful there but right by the river and they have never seen it overflow like this before. like 6 inches of rain in a are short period of time. very devastating there. we've hat a lot of flooding rains and then there are places where there haven't been any floods at all. that has been the nature of the showers and storms that have been popping up, and since friday, really, and over
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the weekend. we have isolated storm right here in burlington county, new jersey. little area of rain north of brigantine and then really nothing anywhere else on the map. but we have as we look at future cast more pop up showers and then are storms in the the forecast but not that many and further south, more likely you are to see something before the end of the morning. so we will keep watching the future cast and we will see a pop up around cape may county, around atlantic county through the afternoon. we will see pop ups, tore the poconos, big question with whether the big race cancelled yesterday, pocono 400, the pennsylvania 400 i should say whether that will actually happen today. there is a possibility this evening of cape may county getting a strong soaking thunderstorm. they will be popping up but very isolated throughout the afternoon. additional rain possible through tonight, if you get one of those storms, then you could get a lot of rain in a very short period of time. we say locally heavy for amount of the rain. we have a flash flood watch
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until 10:00 p.m. for northern and western counties, pocono counties, carbon, monroe, northampton, lehigh, berks, montgomery bucks and mercer county all under a flash flood watch for rest of the day because of the possibility of then are stormed that could produce soaking rain. 77 degrees in philadelphia. zero seven in lancaster. seventy-three inial than town. we head up toward hazelton where it is 67. it is muggy every where including millville 76. medford lakes 75. close to 80 degrees in ocean city, new jersey. seventy-seven in lieu is, delaware. we will look back over our weekend the past seven days where when we in the middle of the long seven day heat wave that lasted until thursday of last week. then it was close 90, and 90 was our high, yesterday we had more sunshine then expect. we're thinking 86 degrees today, lower 80's with a few thunderstorms on tuesday.
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we will get dryer air in here and we say, lower humidity, happy word for wednesday, have of this week and then by that time the phillies will be back. they will start their series with the giants on tuesday, so they have got that tuesday, wednesday, thursday series, this week, that close to 90 by the end of the week. that is a look at your seven day forecast, bob kelly, how is it going. >> 4:17 on this monday morning as we flip calendar over to the first day of august and a brand new scenario for regional rail lines that starts today. we mentioned this in the last break, for the center city stations 30th, jefferson, suburban, temple, university city, they are going to collect the tickets before you actually even head down to the steps in the train. they are not going to take carbon board, they will not be a able to take cash from the ticket checker. you have to get your ticket at the ticket window, and then give that to the conductor before you even board the
4:18 am
platforms at the five center city stations. this takes effect today. so be ready for that. the line most likely will be forming at the ticket window, as opposed to over where you board the train and that is supposedly going to do two things: one, prevent that dangerous situation of those crowded lath forms when the trains pull up and a lot of foulke have been getting a free ride on the regional rails with this whole scenario with the fewer cars and then big jams. now one other change, this will be a good one for us, back to free parking at the novacare lot. you remember during the convention we had parking over at south philadelphia high school. so novacare is back in business and market frankford and subway trains running every eight to ten minutes. we will give it a try one more time, pocono speed way we will see what happened after the race was cancelled yesterday. when you go up to the speed way there you are staying for the weekend and intend to come back home, i'm not sure whether everybody will stay a lot of personal days called in
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from the poke maine speed way. we will keep an eye on. that nonetheless you'll see extra volume on that northeast extension between allentown and pocono. chris, back over to you. police trying to figure out what led to the five-year old being shot in german continue last night. this happened on the 1500 block of rittenhouse street. police say the boy was accidentally shot in the hand and then taken to the hospital. he was listed in stable condition. a gun was recovered from the scene. in wilmington church leaders speaking out after someone vandalized their black lives matter sign. first unit tear yan church said late friday someone sliced a hole in the sign. reverend there tells "fox news" that the mostly white congregation posted that sign to months ago after a year long study of the black lives matter movement. church decided to publicly renounce their stance despite other churches have faced similar circumstances. they are sending a clear message. >> i don't know what they thought they would accomplished since we put up
4:20 am
another one and we will to continue to advocate for black lives matter but it makes me sad that somebody chose to behave that way. >> the church has filed a police report. we will keep an eye on that. both presidential candidate hillary clinton and donned old trump having to deal with their own controversies just after finishing up their own convention. the white house hopefuls hold campaign events in some key states. >> reporter: republican presidential nominee donald trump continues to fire back at kahn, muslim father of a fallen u.s. sold her who said during his speech at the democratic convention that trump has made no sacrifices. donald accused him of not allowing his wife to speak. >> his wife, if you look at his wife she was standing there she had nothing to say, maybe she was ant loud to have anything to say. >> reporter: fellow republicans are criticizing trump for attacking the parents of the deceased american solder.
4:21 am
>> instead of confronting the parents of an american hero. >> meantime democratic party continues to deal with a mess after leak e-mails shows dnc leader supported hillary clinton during a primary process. hillary is down playing the scandal while blaming trump for supporting russian president vladamire putin. >> we know russian intelligence services which are part of the russian g under the firm control of vladamire putin hack in the dnc and we know that they arranged for a lot of those e-mails to be released. >> both clinton and trump are seeing a bump in their poll numbers after their conventions but race remains essentially dead locked. >> we will end up with a electorate that is now about 50/50, momentum recently has been donald trump's direction, whether that can continue will depend on whether he can deliver his message. >> reporter: both candidates had their vice-presidential picks are hitting the road today as they hold campaign
4:22 am
events in multiple states. in new york, kelly wright, fox 29 news. we are just about six weeks away from the first eagles game, and over the weekend what was it like for carson wentz to play in lincoln financial field and in front of the eagles fans. hear from the eagles first round pick next in sports in one minute. here are your winning lottery numbers, good luck.
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good morning i'm sean bell. the eagles training camp continues to roll role on and today was the first day fans had to come in the link and watch an opened practice. they got to see their guy carson wentz, wentz, had a solid, solid day, arguablably the best out of the qb's. this is wentz first time putting on the pads and playing in front of the fans. a fun moment, for any rookie. >> it is pretty cool, you know, getting in the locker roomy said all right, this is nice. coming out here everybody is yelling for practice. pretty sweet to see the support of everybody out here. it was really exciting. i had a lot of fun today. phillies/braves. no score in the seventh. jeff francoeur with the two run, home run, to left field, that was the only run the braves got and guess what, that was only run that they needed.
4:26 am
phillies bats fall flat once again they lose two-one. that is sports in a minute. i think phillies have four or five good hitters in the line up, they would win. when you hear about septa in the news lately you think about the slow downs, right. well, you know, more than 100 cars are pulled off the tracks because of this defect. now septa riders have one more thing to worry about. oh, no, we will explain.
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if you take september, listen to this if you want to take cash after you get on board think again why you have to pay in a different way before boarding a septa regional rail train. plus we are working on two breaking stories overnight fire fighter treated for smoke inhalation while battling a house fire and man stabbed in point breeze, the latest on both of these stories. smokers, why lighting up will cost you more, starting today. good day, it is august 12,016th, lauren dawn johnson has the morning off. i'm chris murphy. lets get right to sue serio. you are giving today a what, a six. >> a six because it is humid. we have chance of the pop up thunderstorms if you get one it will be kind of soaking, so it is basically more of the same, not perfect but not
4:30 am
horrible either. right now we have an area of thunderstorms that just popped up, we have been watching this area of southeastern burlington county and southern ocean county, and it looks like we have that one isolated storm right around little egg harbor this morning and that is only precipitation we can show you right now but we will see more pop ups throughout the day. if you get a storm it will be a soaker, six out of ten. there is weather by the numbers. lets look at the current temperature 77 degrees with 88 . big milestone here as we watch days get shorter. now we're intoing a, first day of the month and we will notice it getting dark as well. 6:00 o'clock on your dot your sunrise time this morning. temperatures 73 in trenton. sixty-five in mount pocono. 70 degrees in lancaster. seventy-five atlantic city. seventy-seven in dover. dew points, once in the 07's it the is really muggy. we have 73 degrees in philadelphia, even higher in dover, delaware.
4:31 am
so our forecast for the day you will see some sunshine like yesterday, when it is not raining it will be sunny but pop up thunderstorms throughout the afternoon. high temperature of 86 degrees. is there your sunset time 84:00. it has been happening gradually bob kelly but the days are getting shorter. >> happy august. >> august 1st, good morning, welcome august to the part think morning. live lot a the king of prussia mall, that stopped sue in her track right there the mall, 202 right here near schuylkill expressway, in problems, things are quiet. they are working, there with big bright whites on 202 near 30 and route 401. downtown we will go no problems, in construction overnight last night to the vine expressway is opened for business this morning as you are coming back from the shore with a little sand in your shoe and in the offices a lot of folks do again, as i rolled back from the shore sue mentioned we could see pop up showers on the expressway, parkway out of south jersey
4:32 am
and back towards the city. we will give it a go again today pocono 400 was cancelled yesterday, so we will see, what will happen today as sue mentioned some storms possible in that same area but folks go in there for the weekend. they will set up, party atmosphere for the weekend and intend to go head home on sunday night. interesting to see if folks stay, whether or not we will then of another big jammo coming out of the pocono, on to the extension there later on today but otherwise schuylkill looking fine and mass transit running with to delays, chris, back over to you. time right now 4:32. we are following breaking news out of point breeze. police investigating fatal stabbing of the man on garrett street. man found with multiple wound this is chest and arms around 9:30 last night. detectives do not the know much including victim's identity or who killed him. police believe that the guy is in his 50's. more breaking news this time out of camden a fire fighter had to be treated for smoke inhalation after the
4:33 am
battling a house fire this happened in the 2300 block of carmen street. investigators say crew where is able to quickly put this out but not before one fire fighter had to be treated at the scene. the cause of the fire is unknown. if you take the train septa is urging you to plan on using a little extra time this morning. yeah, is there a rule changing into effect on the regional lines starting this afternoon, all passengers have to be ticketed before they get on to any regional rail train leaving center city this only applies to the five stations in center city and only during the afternoon rush hour from 3:00 in the afternoon until 6:30 in the evening or weekdays. septa says conductors do not have time to check passengers for their tickets while on the train because the trains are just so packed. >> it is a timetable issue with people being late, trains being backup, delays will be greater because trains will in the leave with the people waiting for it. >> if you do not have a ticket or pass go to the sales office at the station and you can do your purchase there and then you'll have a ticket and
4:34 am
validated at top of the stairwell before you go down to the station. >> to make matters worse a third of the regional fleet was removed after a defect was discovered. status report of the regional rail trains is expect from septa sometime this week. 4:34 this morning search is on for person responsible for shooting at a car during a road rage incident in torresdale. police believe this is third type of shooting in just a few months. the lets go to dave kinchen with the very latest on this, dave, good morning. >> reporter: incredibly frightening for drivers waking up and heading out the door, knowing that this happened last night around 7:00 o'clock. another case of road rage in which police tell thaws someone fired shots into a car, and then sped off. police say someone fired at a silver honda during an incident on the on ramp to i-95, off of academy road and northeast philadelphia where we are. the car had at least one bullet lodged in it but thankfully, no one was hurt.
4:35 am
state police was able to meet with the driver to make sure that he was okay but the shooter did getaway. meantime police say that they are looking for a black, 2010 cadillac escalade similar to what we see here. we can tell you investigators do have the tag number but we have not received it just yet but police are trying to locate that suspect. as you said it is third incident in recent months within the last three months and we can tell you that back in july there was an incident on i-95 north bound near girard point bridge where a man fired into a car and actually forced that car off the side of the road because the driver suffered a blow out when that happened. we don't believe anyone was injured in that case but still a very, very frightening situation here as police try to get this driver in this matter. new back to you. dave kinchen live in torresdale, thank you. meantime in south jersey an up investigation is underway into what caused a
4:36 am
massive foot your that destroyed a 07 year-old lumber yard and sent several for fighters through the hospital. flames raged through this 50,000 square foot best in delsea drive from franklin township yesterday. it grew to three alarms. some 200 fire fighters from four count writes called into fight this. the temperatures and humidity were so intense that three fire fighters were taken sent to the hospital suffering from heat exhaustion. it is in an oven, exactly what it feels like. there is no falling back. there is no giving up. we have to do what we have to do because it is our job. >> fire fighters took frequent breaks and tried to stay hydrated. to make their battles even more difficult the nearest hydrant was a thousand feet away. crews haded to pump water from a nearby lake, to put this fire out. right now controversy is brewing at the miss teen u.s.a. pageant, why the newly crown winner is facing serious backlash this morning.
4:37 am
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4:39. we're following breaking news in montgomery county, officers are on the scene of the shooting, in ambler, lets get to jenny joyce just raced to that scene gathering very latest information, hi there, jennifer. good morning, chris we're hearing that the shooting, happened sometime before midnight, police in the montgomery county district attorney's office, oath scene investigating what we are hearing is two people were shot at the gardens apartment complex, we do not have their conditions at this time.
4:40 am
police on the scene say they cannot really release any information they are waiting to hear back from the district attorney. we no now know that two people were shot at this ambler apartment complex on forest avenue. we do not know their extent of the injuries. back to you. >> all right, again, developing scene, jennifer joyce just got there. we will get more information and get back throughout the morning. 4:40. teens of america voiced their opinions during teen choice award last night. up next the night's big winners plus the moment everybody is talking about.
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she slimed me. [ laughs ] our weather authority forecast is for more of the same, m-o-t-s, more of the same, we have got pop up showers and thunderstorms and areas where we have nothing going on but you can see where there is something going on. the it is down in burlington and ocean counties, right here very intense area of rain, one cell here around stafford, little egg harbor, barnegat that area of ocean county very heavy rain. raining around beach haven as well, and that is about it for right now. we are focusing on our pocono counties because of the cancellation yesterday of the pennsylvania 400 race, up in the poconos and folks wondering whether it will get in today. we will see a few areas of green on radar and doesn't look like much but is there win in the forecast with 60 percent chance of the pop up shower.
4:44 am
will it happen over the race track, it is iffy but there are chances of rain and if you get a thunderstorm it would be just like what we looked at an intense area have of rain. so it is tough to see whether it will happen on top of the race track but the chance is still there. we will look at the rest of the forecast, and you can see pop up showers and then are storms possible today and tomorrow but lesser chance tomorrow but it is still unsettled and humid, by wednesday though things finally start to clear out and we will get a couple days of lower humidity, before we head into the weekend. today there is a flash flood watch in northern and western counties for possibility of additional flooding, that digs to what is already happened, with other thunderstorms over the weekend. we have 77 degrees, very muggy in philadelphia right now, trenton has 73. we look a little closer at reading 73. pottstown 73. west chester mid 07's there we
4:45 am
have 75 in atlantic city and 79 in ocean city and heading down to the delaware beach where it is 76 degrees in lieu is. average high 87. we have been well above average, for quite a while. yet got to 90 degrees but no heat wave. we're stig in the 80's for next couple days through friday. we will get close to 90 by saturday and maybe even on sunday, but it looks like the best two weather days of this week, bob kelly, is wednesday and thursday. >> let the me check my personal days. >> yes. >> good morning everybody. 4:45. here's a live look at blue route 476 near ridge between the sue kill expressway and mid county interchange. no problems or delays, just yet this morning. coming in on the benny up and over in south jersey are or out of south injuries any to philadelphia we are off to a good start. we had a busy weekend, outdoor concerts there on the camden waterfront. slow go coming out of the valley forge toll plaza, we are still working on a stretch
4:46 am
of 202 between the bypass and route 401. eastbound on the schuylkill i passed this this morning a tractor trailer right here near montgomery drive, kind of hugging the right shoulder, a little bit if you are in the paying attention, it could get new trouble here. they have got a little triangular reflectors through but that is eastbound right here near montgomery drive. otherwise to problems on the schuylkill coming from south jersey we're off to a good start. heading out of town or flying in or out of philly international we have in problems this morning. keep in mind start to go day, some change up as far as regional rails and ticketing, for the five stations here in center city. thirtieth, jefferson, suburban temple and university city. you will neat a ticket before you can go over to the platform which will take you down to the trains. they will collect tickets before you go down on to the platform and in cash is going to be collect at that ticket, at the lath form or on the
4:47 am
trains, again just for five stations here in center city. chris, back over to you. starting to day smokers in pennsylvania will have to dish out another dollar per pack, yeah, tax on a pack of cigarettes in the state goes from a 1.60 to two-point seer 60. you will pay paying the increase as part have the plan to address the state's budget deaf cyst. department of revenue estimates that the tax will generate more than 400 million-dollar a year for state treasury. ♪ marvin gaye famous song what is i going on at teen choice award. r and b singer, nayo singing
4:48 am
as part of the award show talking about recent violence in america. he has a beautiful voice. i said neo. >> sorry. a night meant out to hand out award to hollywood votes selected by teens across america took a serious meaning last night. from race issues to gun violence nothing was left out of the show. singer, writer, actor justin timberlake, did i say that correctly. >> yes. >> won artist of the decade, award, and from former nba player kobe bryant. but it was what the singer said in his acceptance speech that has people talking this morning, it has caused him controversy in the past. >> my parent did their best to fill my young mind in the with prejudice, hate but with compassion or love. the truth is we are alternative rent but that doesn't mean we all don't want the same thing.
4:49 am
>> singer came under fire for comments he made after jesse williams bet award speech where timberlake praised the actors speech. williams speech talk about the appropriation of black culture something many say timberlake has benefited from. this time timberlake talk about uniting people. jesse williams from philadelphia. she hit on the recent gun violence in america from the sandy hook to the pulse nightclub shooting, no one was left out. patients carter, a fox 29 intern and her friend tiara appeared with other teens who have lost family and friend to gun violence. >> i am patients, i'm tiara. >> patients and tiara were wound in the pulse nightclub attack where tiara tragically lost her cousin, and courage to come here... >> jessica alba joined them on stage promoting #stop the violence. as for the rest of the show let's just say there were
4:50 am
some big a listers getting a ward and performing and it was all up to the teens. rapper florida kick off night's festivities before turning the spotlight on victoria justin and john cena, making waves were siraya and justin derulu, captain america civil war star chris evans pick up the first chy sci-fi movie, pretty little liars pick up six surf board trophies. carli hey who was just crown miss teen u.s.a. over week up has already been dealing with some big time, controversy, within a few hours, a number of twitters using claim she had tweeted post using n word in the past. she issued an apology saying i admit that i have used language publicly in the past which i'm not proud of ape there is no excuse for. miss universe organization which runs miss teen u.s.a. is in the commenting. coming up on 4:51.
4:51 am
winter, well, it is coming, in a few months and so is the end of the game of thrones. hbo has confirmed that the fantasy thriller will be coming to an end after season eight. network recently renewed the season for a shortened seventh season. it is not yet known the number of episode foresees on eight. they have been nominated for 23 em thinks year. amy schumer will be in philadelphia for q and a book signing this month. ticket get on sale this morning for august 17th event. schumer will answer audience questions for 30 minutes and then sign books at free library on vine street but she will this is take any pictures or selfies with tans because that will take six and a half hours. schumer is promoting the girl with the lower back tattoo a collection of the personal essays. tickets are available for 28 bucks. time for football. we will will take to you lincoln financial field to get a first look at the new team.
4:52 am
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♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪ he can play the star bankled banner because francis scott key's birthday born in 1779. he wrote the lyrics to the star spangled banner but we are playing john stafford-smith's famous tune which francis scott key lyrics
4:55 am
put to that became the national anthem via executive order that was signed by president herbert hoover in 1931. yesterday thousands showed up to lincoln financial field to get their first lot the 2016 version of the philadelphia eagles. they had plenty of cheers as players stepped on to the field for the 10:00 a.m. opened practice. some even stopping to shake hands and sign autographs with the new players and coach, such as quarterback carson wentz, fans, they see promise and some say they see coach doug pederson making strong decisions. >> you can allow them to tackle. chip kill difficult not allow team to practice abe during season we saw missed tackles and all that kind of stuff. >> it is good to win. >> august 11th is first game. the season kicks off one month after that, on, september the 11th, against the cleveland browns.
4:56 am
if you are a thrill seeker, maybe done some sky diving. one mandy side todd do just that but without a parachute. seriously. luke eakins became first person to successfully jump from an airplane without a shoot, from 25,000 feet in the sky the sky diver leaped out landing on a 100 by 100-foot net. >> no room for mistakes, people. >> he is in. >> he would have been in deep trouble if he miss that had target. this all happened on live television right here on fox 29, but all went well, eakins climbed out, his wife, watching from the ground. >> i have been training for this for two years, my whole life dedicated to sky diving and pushing boundary. >> he was in midair without a shoot for one full minutes surrounded by a team of other divers with parachute. he had to london his back
4:57 am
because his body folded in half, can you imagine being married to that by. former college police officers arrested for murder, what police say they did ape how school where they work is respond to go this morning. shots fired in the road rage incident on a local interstate.
4:58 am
4:59 am
this morning, more changes
5:00 am
that may slow you down if you take the train. why you can forget buying a train ticket at some stations, after boarding. plus serious case of road rage on a local interstate, shots fired from one car to another who police are looking for right now. two developing stories from overnight fire fighter treated for smoke inhalation while battling a house fire and man fatally stabbed in point breeze, latest on both. good day first dau of august 2016, lauren dawn johnson is off this morning. lets go right to sue serio at 77 degrees and sticky already. >> there is, there is just one isolated but pretty intense thunderstorm to show you. thinks indicative of the way it is if you get a thunderstorm it is a soaker. you can see lightening and then as way. dark red and orange there showing us how heavy the rain is. this is in ocean county for the most part around toms river that part of the garden state parkway and get something rain also in long beach, and


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