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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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that may slow you down if you take the train. why you can forget buying a train ticket at some stations, after boarding. plus serious case of road rage on a local interstate, shots fired from one car to another who police are looking for right now. two developing stories from overnight fire fighter treated for smoke inhalation while battling a house fire and man fatally stabbed in point breeze, latest on both. good day first dau of august 2016, lauren dawn johnson is off this morning. lets go right to sue serio at 77 degrees and sticky already. >> there is, there is just one isolated but pretty intense thunderstorm to show you. thinks indicative of the way it is if you get a thunderstorm it is a soaker. you can see lightening and then as way. dark red and orange there showing us how heavy the rain is. this is in ocean county for the most part around toms river that part of the garden state parkway and get something rain also in long beach, and other parts of the
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jersey shore there. that is only rain we have but what we have it is pretty intense. there is probably flooding going on there we will talk about flood watch in effect, six out of ten, muggy the dog back with bus stop buddy. i think you'll get your pool time today but watch out later on in the day and listen for that thunder because of course you want to get out of the pool and away from the beach if you hear that thunder. so you could get a pop up thunderstorms. humid start today, there is our flag and it is 76 degrees, 7 miles an hour wind. 91 percent relative humidity and 6:00 o'clock sunrise time, that is a big, i guess, line of tea mar case there once you reach that 6:00 o'clock sunrise time you realize these days are shorter and close to fall. seventy-three in allentown. seventy-two in lancaster. seventy-five at atlantic city and 77 in dover delaware. dew points in the 70's which means sticky, and muggy out
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there all day long with pop up thunderstorms possible, later on in the day. but it is only first day of august, bob kelly, we have plenty of summer to go. >> first day flip that calendar, good morning. 5:02 on a monday getting up a and out. route 309 near pennsylvania turnpike in problems at the moment. we are off to a quiet start here rolling out of the drive way. no problems on the 42 freeway, headlights coming in toward the city but as steve just showed us we are getting rain depending upon where you begin your trip. maybe coming back from the shore this morning after weekend down there. nice down there saturday. we were hit with storms here in the city on saturday but i was down by wildwood and in problems at all, sunshine, hot. all location, location, location, depending upon where you get hit. coming back from the atlantic city expressway, garden state parkway no problems as far as traffic volume goes. and then later on today changes take effect as far as regional rails. for the evening rush hours in
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the five, center city stations, they will collect the tickets at the top of the stairwell before you go down on to the platform. you will not be able to pay cash at the top of the stairs so get a ticket at the ticket window and this is all to prevent that overcrowding on the platforms there in center city. new back to you. breaking news inside montgomery county where officers are investigating a double shooting. jennifer joyce in ambler. jennifer, i know you just arrived on the scene but what is the latest. >> reporter: good morning, chris. we have been watching ambler police officers walking in and out of the forest gardens apartment complex here in ambler. we also know that the montgomery county district attorney office is on the scene. you can see that the apartment complex is all roped off with police tape as we are hearing that two people have been shot here. the came in sometime before midnight police and montgomery county district attorney's office again on the scene investigating, two people shot
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but we do not have their conditions. police on the scene tell us they cannot release any information right now they are wait to go hear back from the district attorney so again two people shot here in ambler, it is all block off as the district attorney's office continues to investigate at this point we do not know the extent of their injuries, chris. >> let's cross our fingers. thank you. meantime at 5:04. this is developing out of point breeze police trying to identified a man found stabbed to death, found with multiple wound to his chest, arm lying on garrett street around 9:30 last night. detectives believed that the victim is in his 50's. police are trying to figure out what led to the five-year old being shot the in german continue last night this happened on the 1300 block of rittenhouse street. the boy was accidentally shot in the hand and then taken to the hospital. he is in stable condition, and a gun was recovered from that scene. and in camden a fire fighter had to be treated foreshock inhalation after battling a house fire around is 11:30 last night on the
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2300 block of carmen street. crew where is able to quickly put out the fire, fire fighter was treated on the scene and expect to be okay. the causes unknown. philadelphia police investigating another case of extreme road rage, this time, in northeast philadelphia, they say that within driver began shooting at eras pair was getting on to i-95. lets go to dave kinchen live from torresdale near the scene, dave? >> reporter: chris, good morning to you, a lot of drivers frightened as they hear about this news this morning, yet another case of road age in which police say someone fired several shots hitting a car and then they sped off. police say someone shot at a silver honda during an incident at the on ramp to i-95, off of academy road in northeast philadelphia where we are right now. the car had at least one bullet lodged in it but thankfully no one was hurt. state police were able to meet with the driver to make sure he was okay but shooter got away. in the meantime police said they are looking for a black 2010 cadillac escalade similar
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to this one you see here. we can tell you that investigators do have the tag number they are trying to locate the suspect. it is third road rage incident in recent months. we can tell you that one took place in july in which a gunman fired inside a car, on i-95 northbound near the fire regard point bridge and actually fired at the tire and hit the tire. that driver was able to get to the side, despite the blow out, got to the side of the road and was not seriously injured but still frightening dates yet gannon highways in the philadelphia area. back to you you. yeah, frightening is word for it, dave, thank you. 5:06. is there a rule change for septa regional passengers starting this afternoon. all passengers have to be ticketed before they get on to any regional rail train leaving center city this applies to the five stationness center city and only during afternoon rush from 3:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.
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on weekdays. september says conductors just don't have time to check passengers because trains are so pack at that time. that is because, as well, of the third of the regional rail fleet being removed after that defect was discovered with the beams that they found that just weren't up to speed. some passengers war that i had a ticket check before boarding could cause all kind of new headaches and delays. >> it could create timetable issues with people being late and trains being backed up, delays will be greater because trains will in the leave without people waiting for it. >> if you do not have a ticket or pass go to the sales office at stations and to are purchase there and then you'll have a ticket and being validated at top of the stairwell before going down to the station. >> status report on the regional rail trains in jennies expect from septa a sometime this week. we will keep an eye on a. 59:08 we will turn to this in south jersey where an investigation is underway into what caused a massive foot their destroyed a 07 year-old
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lumber yard and sent several fire fighters through the hospital. flames raging through 50,000 square foot best in franklin township yesterday, this start add the 2:30 in the afternoon and quickly grew to three alarms. some 200 fire fighters from four count writes called into fight this. temperatures in the humidity were so intense three fire fighters went to the hospital suffering from heat exhaustion. being in an oven is exactly what it feels like. there is no falling back, there is no giving up. we have to do what we have to do, it is our job. >> they tried to stay hydrated, they took frequent breaks but to make battle even more difficult the nearest hydrant was 1,000 feet away. you know how heavy those hoses can be filled with water. crews had to pull that what ther from a nearby lake to put those flames out. >> two men under arrest in connection with the germantown murder both former temple police officers. fatal assault happened friday morning on the 4600 block of green street. police found a 24 year-old woman dead inside of a home
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there. prosecutors charged, 46 year-old, aaron wright with the murder. they also charged marquis robinson with aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit murder and related charges. temple university released a statement saying wright resigned from temple's police department in 2012. marquis robinson has been terminated from the department. temple is cooperating with philadelphia police inside their investigation. police have not publicly identified the victim. now to you decide 2016 coverage, donald trump upset with the schedule for the presidential debate, that is because some of the debates between him and his democratic rival hillary clinton will be up against, nfl games. he a says that the national football league even sent him a letter about the issue something that the nfl denies but they did issue a statement saying quote we did not write a letter but we obviously prefer the debates on a different night then scheduled games.
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a commission that schedules debates say it is impossible to reschedule them causing trump to assert that the system is rig, to favor clinton. >> hillary clinton wants to be begins the nfl like she did with bernie sanders where they were on saturday nights when nobody is home but they are against the nfl. >> clinton campaign has no roll in choosing the presidential debate dates, for the record, hillary clinton is acknowledging that americans have legitimate concerns about her trust worthiness by the way, particularly related to her e-mail scandal. >> i think it is fair for americans to have questions. every time i run toran office all of these characters come out of no where and people begin to under mine me. >> clinton and running mate tim kaine spent yesterday campaigning in the battle ground state of ohio. still ahead a maryland town devastated after major flooding kills two people, how long the town says it will
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take to pick up the pieces to dry out. plus an exciting day for the eagles as they opened their practice and that is all underway in front of those fans and what those fans say about this team. he will cot.
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take a look at this a state of emergency has been declared in a historic city of ellicott where torrential rain damaged reds and build initial maryland. a man got swept away in the what the's long with his car. officials say they got a in's
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worth of rain on saturday night alone. maryland's governor toured the area and said he had never seen anything like this before. >> we have never seen such devastation, i have lived in howard county well over 50 years. i have never seen such devastation but we have folks in ellicott city committed to making sure that this storm does in the defeat them. governor larry hogan went to praise residents and officials for their cooperation during evacuations. many areas affected will take months to fully recover and many of those, you know, recovery efforts, sue, will take sometime. ellicott, is that near baltimore where you grew up. >> it is south of baltimore called ellicott city. not a city of ellicott but you have to live around it, things, quirky things people say here but very historic lays over like 240 years old this city. it is in between baltimore and washington. a place called howard county there. just devastating flooding. just unbelievable.
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you can't plea of you are watching whitewater rapids in a place that they ever gets that. thunderstorms in ocean county around stafford there, and barnegat right there along the garden state parkway, and very intense, with very heavy downpours, just this one little area. rest of the area doesn't have any thunderstorms but doesn't mean we won't get any. they could pop up anywhere. today's then are storms will be isolated in nature. we will get one very intense and 20 miles away nothing going on. that is possibility through 4:00 this morning we have a chance in the pocono mountains where they have having the rescheduled race today the one cancelled yesterday. possibility is really there anyway of pop up showers and thunderstorms even throughout the night tonight. lesser chance tomorrow but still unsettled until wednesday when high pressure can finally build in and we have a less humid day on wednesday and plenty of sunshine. so that will be the case for thursday as well as we look
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ahead in the fox future cast. back today and flash flood watch in effect berks county, lehigh, northampton, pocono, mercer bucks and montgomery if you get a thunderstorm, flash flooding is indeed possible, with that. watching visibility in the pocono mountains it is very foggy up there. that could slow you down as well. as far as our heat wave that was a seven day heat wave that ended on thursday, we did make it to 90 yesterday, with more sunshine then anticipated, but it doesn't look like another heat wave starting up because we have highs in the 80's today and tomorrow. by wednesday when it is lower humidity we are in the the mid 80es a. same for thursday which both of those days look like best weather days of the week. the it starts to get more humid and then a cold front with some thunderstorms popping up is possible on saturday but still pretty warm on sunday. so we will get a break from that humidity eventually bob kelly to day is just not our day.
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>> exactly. >> you can never rule it out, as you always say. 5:17 we will call it on a monday morning, what a difference a week can make. the here's i-95 here right here near broad street right here near stadium area we have disable here hot northbound side and disable with the blinkers here on the southbound side but we don't have any convention blockages or anything. navy yard, easy access from both directions there on i-95. good news, good monday morning start for the gang there in south philadelphia. coming back from the shore or coming in towards the city we are seeing beginning of the volume. you can see it with the headlights here popping up as you work your way toward walt whitman bridge no problems on the blue route, slow down here on the turnpike between valley forge and downingtown from the left over work crew, they did not work last night so vine street expressway lanes are opened, a lot of the construction was a no show last night. we will have your normal lane restrictions near i-95 near
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cot hand avenue and as sue mentioned we will give it another go today pocono race way and speed way will run that pennsylvania 400 at 11:00 e for today, again, all of the folks that came for the weekend you would have thought they would have left yesterday but they are still probably going to be a crowd there today and that will add extra volume on i80 and turnpike once that race is over. if you are coming back from the shore, sue showed us the heavy band there north of the atlantic city expressway but the expressway, parkway working your way towards philadelphia so far so good this morning. the chris, back to you. funeral services begin today for philadelphia fire fighter gabriel lee who died during his shift on the 23rd of july. lee was a 17 year veteran assigned to ladder company 12 in north philadelphia a first viewing will be held it in at 6:00 p.m. at deliverance evangelist church in westerly high avenue.
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second viewing will take place in the same location tomorrow at 9:00 in the morning. funeral services tomorrow. fire fighter lee cause of death is unknown. >> 59:00. exciting day for the eagles, right? especially for fans. the thousands showed up to lincoln financial field for a first lah at 2016 version of the philadelphia eagles. there were plenty of cheers as players stepped on to the field at 10:00 o'clock in the morning for opened practice, zoo stopping to shake hand and shine autographs. the with the new coach, you this players such as first round pick carson wentz, the fancy promise here. some say they see coach doug pederson making some strong decisions. >> he will allow them to tackle. chip kill difficult not allow team to tackle during practices and during season we saw missed tackles and that kind of stuff. >> very exciting. we will win. >> first preseason game is set for ten days from now, that is
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august the 11th. sees on kicks off one month after that on september 11th, as we host the cleveland browns. lets go to wilmington where church leaders are speaking out after someone vandalized that black lives matter sign. the church says late friday night someone sliced a hole in the sign. reverend there tells fox 29 that the mostly white congregation posted the sign two months ago after a year long study of the black lives matter movement. church decided to publicly announce their stance despite knowing other unitarian churches despite similar vandalism. whoever did this was sending a clear message. >> i don't know what they thought they would accomplish since we put up another one and we will continue to advocate for black lives matter but it makes me sad that somebody chose to behave that way. >> the church, of course, has filed a police report. 5:21. happening right now officials are working to identify
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victims in the deadly hot air balloon crash. balloon pack with 16 people went down in a ball of flames in texas on saturday. officials confirmed 16 people were on board that balloon and that they died after a caught fire and crashed in the past for 30 miles south of austin. crash site was near a row of high tension power lines and it appears that the balloon made contact with the line before going down. >> first power line trip was reported by the utility company at 7:42, and first call to 911 came in one minute later. >> at this point it is unclear if foggy weather played a role in the accident. balloon traveled 8 miles from take before it caught fire. officials say dental record will be needed to identify the victim and that could take weeks. still ahead cigarette smokers prior to reach deeper in tour pockets were lighting up will cost you more starting to day.
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to smoke it seems like you need to hit the lottery. what does a pack cost ten bucks.
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5:24. let's turn tour health veterans who suffers from ptsk get a step closer to using medicinal marijuana in the
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state of new jersey. the senate is expect to vote on that bill today, it passed with bipartisan support. under the law patients with ptsd symptoms would first to have try conventional medical therapy before qualifying for medical marijuana. generally that would involve psychotherapy or antidepressant medications. concerns about the zika virus are growing in florida, four people near miami, are believed to have caught virus locally not through foreign travel or through sexual contact. officials continue to spray the a affect areas as well as trap and test mosquitoes. south florida's largest blood bank is screaming for zika and every pint that it collects. so far no tests have shown mosquitoes have been there to have the virus, of zika. we will keep an eye on florida as we keep an eye on our area as well. in your money, forget other social media outlets facebook's biggest threat right now hey be uncle same. facebook could owe billions due to an irs investigation in
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the way it moved assets to avoid higher taxes. tax penalty could total $5 billion plus interest. facebook says it disagrees with the irs and will file a petition. investigator with the irs said she issued six summons last in for facebook to produce record related to the asset transfer, facebook failed to comply with those requests. microsoft, is set to layoff more than 2800 work are over the next year. the cuts comes in the heels of 2,000 layoffs announced two months ago. the just one year ago company cut 7800 jobs. job cuts are as a result of microsoft's costly bit on nokia a few years ago. bad deal forced cot to cut 18,000 positions in the 2014. more changes may slow down septa's regional rails, why you can forget buying a ticket at some stations after boarding your train.
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good morning at 5:30, a serious case of road rage on the local interstates. shots fired to one car to another, whom police are looking for right now. jennifer joyce on breaking news in montgomery county, jennifer. >> reporter: good morning, chris. police say two people were shot inside this ambler apartment complex.
5:30 am
detectives have been combing the scene searching for clues in the case. all right, jennifer. cigarette smokers get ready to reach deeper in your pockets, if that is possible, why lighting up will cost you even more starting to day. good day everyone it is august 1st, 2016, lauren's off, lets go right to sues serio on this monday, hi there sue. >> it is a muggy monday. we love lit racial but not when it feels so sticky. we will have relief in the seven day forecast but not to day. we have one isolated area of then are storms in ocean county, new jersey, very noisy there. very heavy downpours and likelihood of some flooding there but our air area where we sees pop ups. the thing is it is not out of the question that this cannot happen again anywhere else in our viewing area just one pop up area of thunderstorms and then ten or 20 miles away nothing else going on. six out of ten is the reason. mugginess, pop up then are storms possible, buddy and muggy the dog must keep an eye
5:31 am
on the skies later on in the day especially, the greater likelihood of some showers and thunderstorms popping up but in the meantime we're off to a humid start with temperatures in the 60's and 07's, live, here in olde city, 76 degrees at the airport. 91 percent relative humidity. 6:00 o'clock on the dot official sunrise time. it was than the long ago it was 5:30. we will see days starting to get shorter. first day of august, plenty of summer to go, 65 degrees mount pocono. seventy-three allentown. seventy-seven in dover, delaware, and it is humid start to the day we will get to 86 degrees. isolated thunderstorms, here and there, otherwise, warm, muggy the rest of the day. that is your muggy, monday forecast, happy august, bob kelly. >> you got it, good morning, sue. flip that calendar over, flip those covers off and lets getting. monday, we are back at it, live look at route 309 at line lexington road.
5:32 am
an accident here. it looks like a tractor trailer is involve. there is also a fuel spill to go witt. maybe that looks like a pickup truck, kind of tough not to see with the lack of overhead street lamps. 309, in hatfield, watch for delays. if morning to the bennie nice cool shot of the sky line here, of the ben franklin, crystal clear here in center city. no problems up and over bennie working your way toward downtown. no problems out of wilmington, i-95, 495 looking good. we will give it another go pennsylvania 400 cancelled from yesterday at pocono seed way, set to take place at 11:00 o'clock today. a lot of the racers still there, they go up there, set up shop over weekend. one more day. we will see volume on i80 and turnpike later today. sue mentioned those heavier storms moving through ocean county, new jersey but heading back from the shore from say wildwood, avalon, sea isle, in problems on that stretch of the parkway.
5:33 am
the atlantic city expressway looking good and so far so good on mass transit, chris, back to you. we are following breaking news out of montgomery county officers investigating shooting of two people this ambler. jennifer joyce is on this story now from forest avenue, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. ambler police as well as the montgomery county district attorney's office have been on the scene for hours investigating this double shooting, police have been walking in and out of the apartment complex, here at the forest gardens apartment complex in ambler. sometime before midnight. the alert went out that two people were shot. we don't know circumstances or conditions of the victims. also at this point we don't know anything about the apparent shooter. montgomery county district attorney forensic unit is on the scene, again, detectives wandering around the property going in and out of the building after two people were shot last night. we are awaiting information from the district attorney's office at this hour, chris.
5:34 am
>> jennifer joyce, great hustle will, we appreciate it. 5:34. developing story out of point breeze, police trying to identify a man found stabbed to death found with multiple wound in the chest and arm, lying on garrett street around 9:30 last night. detective believe that the victim is in his 50's. police try to figure out what led to the five-year old being shot in germantown last night. it a happened on the 1300 block of rittenhouse street. police say boy was accidentally shot in the hand, thankfully and was taken to the house. he is listed in stable condition. a gun was recovered from that scene there. >> in camden a fire fighter had ton treated for smoke inhalation after battling a house fire around 11:30 on the 2300 block of carmen street. crews were able to put out that fire, fire fighter was treated at the scene and is expect to be okay. the cause of the fire is unknown. search is on for a driver accused of shooting at another car in a red rage incident in northeast philadelphia police say shots rang out last night
5:35 am
around 7:15 in torresdale as two cars went on to the the southbound ramp of i-95 at academy road. investigators say a person behind the wheel of the black cadillac fired shots at a person driving ale silver honda no one was hurt. this is the third road rage shooting since may. is there a rule changing nothing to effect for septa regional passengers starting this afternoon. all passengers have to be ticketed before they get onto any regional rail leaving center city this police to the five stationness center city and only during afternoon rush from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 in the evening on weekdays. septa says conductors don't have time to check passengers for ticket while on the train because trains are just so packed. that is also because of a third on the regional fleet was removed after a defect was discover, some passengers are worried that a ticket check before boarding could cause even more delays. >> it will create timetable
5:36 am
issues with people being late and trains being backed up and delays will be greater because trains will not leave without people waiting for it. >> if you don't have a a ticket or pass, you can go to the sales office at the stations and do your purchase there and then you'll have a ticket and you will be validated at top of the stairwell before you go down to the station. >> status report on the regional rail trains is expect from septa sometime this week. starting to day smokers in pennsylvania will to have shell out an extra collar per pack. the tax on pack of the cigarettes in the state goes from 1.60 to 2.60 and in the city of fill awe will be paying $4.60 in taxes alone, on every pack h this increase all part of the plan to dress the state's budget deficit. the department of revenue estimates that the tax will generate more than 400 million-dollar a year for the state treasury. how much are cigarettes now nine bucks a pack. next up in sports an exciting day for eagles as open practice gets underway, why some of the players say
5:37 am
having fans in the the stand helps. i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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you always have people in your corner. every part of you is strong. time to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. strengthens weakened enamel 4x better. so smile with strength. with colgate enamel health mineral repair. good morning i'm sean bell. eagles ending their first week of training camp in style, by letting the fans come in and watch an opened practices at the link. thousands of fans came inside to watch their new quarterback and new coach staff go to work. fans giving the players a little extra energy to go out and do what they do and
5:40 am
impress. guys are always exited to put on a show for the fans. >> every time i come in here the fans definitely get me in the mood and ready to go. i'm excited that i'm here on my seventh season ape hopefully we can do what we do and get it done this year. >> to the phillies and braves, and, of course, old philly getting it done in the seventh inning in score, jeff francoeur with the two run home run to right field, in the seventh, that was the only run, the braves got and guess what that was only run they needed, phillies bats awful, once again, the phillies lost two-one. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. see where that pitch was. 2016rio summer games will get underway that week. opening shown i set to take place this friday night. more than 10,000al let's will compete in the games. the event is expected to be
5:41 am
hit by problems that we have been reporting including severe water pollution and, of course, fear over zika a virus. health officials say virus causes no considerable threat to health and safety. we will see, right. 2016 summer game will run through august 21st. up next shedding light on serious issues at teen choice award, how celebrities used the night to call for an end to gun violence.
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good morning, welcome back. so, if you play the power ball, the winning ticket was sold in new hampshire and it is worth quite a lot of money, cash pay out here some 300 million-dollar. if you are going to take the cash. so congratulations to this person who had the winning ticket. and, how did we do. >> we didn't win the pool in the station. >> we're not in new hampshire. >> my goodness. well, anyway, maybe next time for the lottery and maybe next time for the pocono race way. lets look at the future cast
5:45 am
of what the forecast is there but i wanted to show you, we have been talking about ellicott city just south of baltimore. it is on the way to d.c. which is down here. here's i-95. that is where they got catastrophic flooding, over the weekend. no rain there right now but there is more unfortunately in the forecast. we will jump back to our area around toms river a lot of lightening and thunder there and heavy, heavy downpours just north of barnegat between toms river and barnegat right there on the garden state parkway. so if that is where you are, avoid traveling, for a while until that cell gets out of there. here's future cast for the pocono mountains for the race that was postponed yesterday, they are hoping to get it in today and it looks like by noon there is a chance of rain but really no pop up thunderstorms until much later in the day. race starts at 11:00 today and greater chance at five or 6:00 , intense thunderstorms.
5:46 am
hopefully we are getting that race in that was postponed yesterday. for the rest of us, it is pop up showers and thunderstorms possible but very isolated in nature, and otherwise, cloudy to day, not really a whole lot of sunshine like what we saw yesterday when we got up to 90 s there throughout the overnight hours of isolated thunderstorms as well, slightly less of a chance tomorrow and then by wednesday, it is looking a lot, better. so that is a look at your future cast as far as right now flash flood watch continues in our northern counties, until 10:00 o'clock tonight places that have already gotten a lot of flooding from thunderstorms. so 86 degrees today. eighty-four tomorrow. wednesday a high of 84. by wednesday, lower humidity, yeah, thursday, it looks good as well, warming up, on friday, and into the upper 80's and we could get thunderstorms with the cold front on saturday. as far as our shore temperatures are concerned for folks on vacation for this
5:47 am
first week of august it looks like a sea breeze today and especially tomorrow and wednesday, so, that will be kind of refreshing heading to the shore this week. bob kelly. >> could we have three more sea breezes over here. >> cranberry juice, everybody. >> exactly. >> good morning 567:89:47 on a monday getting up and out somewhere behind the sign here is there an accident at 309 at line lexington road with the fuel spill, so look out for that heading out front door. coming back from down the shore no problems or delays on the expressway, parkway, headlights coming in toward philadelphia, starting to see volume pop on this first day of a august, in problems on the blue route working your way out of villanova heading down towards i-95. we have national spider man day, happy birthday, guess how old. >> twenty-three? no, 54. not bad. >> looking good, for spinning the webs there for 54. today, starts a whole new game plan for septa's regional
5:48 am
rails. for the evening rush hour the five stations here in center city they will collect the tickets at the top of the stairway and that ticket collector will not accept cash. you need to get your ticket in advance of the ticket window but they will be collect at top of the stairwell before you head on down toward the platform. now that will solve two things. it will solve that crowd ago this we get on the platforms and secondary it is going to prevent, or give septa a chance on collect fares. trains have been so crowded leaving center city they have in the been able to collect fares on the trains themselves. this is basically a pay before you go kind of a go situation where you need to have your tickets or your pass, gathered before you even go down the stairs well, this is just for the evening rush hour at these five stations in center city. the chris, back over to you.
5:49 am
♪ >> marvin gaye's famous is what going on taking on new meaning at teen choice last night. r and b singer neo sang as part of the recent violence in america. that meant to hand outwards voted by teens across america took on serious meaning from race issues, to gun violence, nothing was left out of the show. singer, writer, anchor justin timberlake won the artist of the decade from former laker, kobe bryant and former montgomery county star, lower merion high school. >> lower merion high school. >> lower merion senior high school. what the singer said in his acceptance speech hads has people talk this morning. it is a subject that caused him some controversy in the past. >> my parents did their best to fill my young mind not with prejudice and hate but
5:50 am
compassion and love. truth is we are all different, but that does not mean we all don't want the same thing. >> singer came under fire for comments he made after jesse williams bet speech where timberlake praised the speech. williams speech talk about the black culture and something many say timberlake benefited from. them time he talk about uniting people. it hit on the recent gun violence in america. patients carter, our fox 29 intern and her friend tiara appeared with other teens who lost family and friend to gun violence. >> i'm patients. >> i'm tiara. >> patients and tiara were wound in the pulse nightclub attack where tiara lost her cousin. courage to come here... >> patients and tiara both survived orlando nightclub shooting but their friend was killed after being shot in the arm. jessica alba joined them
5:51 am
promoting #stop the violence. no convention in town. >> boy, quiet in philadelphia over weekend with the delegates out of town. >> it was fun last week. i don't miss it, i'm glad it is over but it is kind of interesting. because during the convention machine through thursday last week you could not park in the medians on south broad street in south philadelphia. >> i said once convention is over do you think p pa will let them back in there without ticketing them. >> group of rest tents want a tell rare i arcing ban in the medians on south broad street, they want it to be permanent. so guess who is going down to broad street stand in the media and doing an interview with this group. >> me. >> yes, we decided that. >> you are sending me in the middle of traffic. >> yes, yes, yes. >> what time is this. >> it is this is 8:00 he clock hour. you weren't up there you could not reject this idea. >> thanks. >> we had a big practice for eagles out at the link.
5:52 am
>> do they have another practice today, can i get to that. >> no, no, it was half full. i remember last year at that this thing talking super bowl some experts were saying eagles would get to the super bowl, the place was packed there. there was probably 17,000 people where last year there was 40,000. so, i don't know doug pederson he is not thrilling crowds. >> not yet. >> i think people think it will be a throw away year. >> that is unfortunate. >> we have some good players. >> g. cobb is down there, garry cobb, he said he saw good stuff out of carson wentz and not so good stuff out of sam. >> carson is still third string. >> he will be holding a clipboard. >> just a runaway camera. up next, how about doing -- >> cheap trick. >> ac/dc which group sit.
5:53 am
>> i don't know. >> all right. >> maybe you won't be going down to south broad street you shouldn't go without pants. we will be right back. lets take a break. >> that is we are.
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welcome back. if you air i thrill seeker maybe you have gone sky diving have the one mandy side todd do just that without a parachute. yes, luke eakins became first person to successfully jump from a plane without a parachute from 25,000 feet, he took the plunge ultimately landing, on a net that was 100 by 100 feet, okay. this is a postage stam from that. it was on live television. all went well as you just saw, he got a big hug from his wife who came out of the crowd. >> i have been training for two years my whole life has been dedicated to sky diving and pushing the boundaries. >> eakins fell for about two minutes, he was surrounded by a team of divers that had parachutes. he todd london his back because his body folded this
5:57 am
half. >> next up, police investigating a double shooting in montgomery county we have latest as two people were shot in ambler. plus more changes may slow down septa's regional rail. why you can forget buying a train ticket at some stations after boarding your train. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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now it's your turn to make the switch. gunfire on i-95, a car end
6:00 am
up with bullets lodged in it whom police are trying to track down before somebody else gets hurt. plus two former temple cops arrested for murder, what police say they did and how the school where they once worked is responding this morning. okay, listen up septa riders hey pay before you play, if you called a commute play, more changes for septa passengers, to adjust to this afternoon, what will be different when you try to get home from center city. good day, it is, august 1st. >> yeah. >> well, flip the calendar over. >> flip it, baby. >> we're moving over. >> all right, already overtime to go back to will school you are right, where did june and july go. we have had so much activity, it just makes it the fly by. >> last couple weeks have been nuts, crazy busy. >> convention gone, humidity still here. this humid weather pattern from the wke


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