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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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it is monday. we're into a new month, august . thinks number one and two weeks of vacation. >> almost time for school to start in the middle of the month. >> it makes sense. >> now is the time. >> hi sue. >> hi sue. >> hi. >> i already said it. >> every couple fights from time to time. >> gentlemen. >> some have of us just more often then others. it does happen. thank you, bob. >> yeah. >> i was going to do it myself tonight. >> yes. >> there is this one word, one word, you should never said during an argument because it
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escalates the fight, one word and it is not, whatever. >> it is not that one. >> no. >> that is a bad one. >> do you hate going to the gym. >> um-hmm. >> why not try shopping instead. >> okay. >> there are things you do every day that give you a work out and you don't know it is happening. >> do you know how i cured hate going to the gym, i just don't go. >> well, local college student find a unique way to raise money formular dystrophy his mom was diagnosis. why this guy actually, look at that, clips clothespins to his nipples. do we have to do that. >> no, we don't to have do that. >> even though that happened to me this weekend but i can't give details. >> does that mean a good weekend. >> it was good. >> i did laundry. >> difficult too. >> yes. >> did you. >> yeah.
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>> here are some things parents do intive rent country that have me scratching my head. will this ever come to the united states. i'll give you an example and give me examples of other countries. i will start with japan in japan children start to take the subway alone at the age of, six. >> wow. >> here in the united states it starts around 11 years old, i see kids, ten, 11, 12, riding the subway up in new york in school. there are some things like safe spaces and tracking devices to keep parents in japan, you you know, at ease. >> they have gps. >> they put a tracking device in their sternums when they are born. i'm kidding. take me to spain. >> in spain they stay up past 10:00 o'clock. that is because, people leave work and they rest at home. also, in spain, i have lived in spain for a little bit, spent a couple summers there
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there everything is greater. dinner is in the until 9:00 o'clock. so their whole culture is different. they are more relaxed. >> i like the the idea of the seees to, take two hours, go home, lay down. >> everybody is sleeping at the same time. >> come back all rested. >> yes. >> but then research here in the you had doctor mike says you shouldn't take a nap for more than 20 minutes. >> not all of it is a nap, go home, read a little, do some errands. >> germany. >> they are there to attend overnight camp at the age of three. they are sent to a rural farm like set to go pray freely outside and teaches them to be more independent. >> why even have them then. if you send them off to an overnight camp at three. >> do you like any of these. >> so first of all, the part that sue missed about overnight camp, it is only three nights, conn they get
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knives, they teach them how to cut their meat. i know a grown up in lived philadelphia with the last name of i cannot say who could not cut his meat and his brothers wedding. it might be loudon, we will see. >> three nights as a toddler for me, that is a little much. i let my kids stay up late, and i have kids, both of my kids took naps up until they got on the bus for kindergarten. a lot of people they star nap at two or three years old. fredrick household we were napping when they were four and five and they still take a seees to. six and seven year-old because i'm seven years older than my one brother a and 13 years older than my sister and landry is now seven. i looked at her just a month ago and said when i was seven years oldy was baby-sitting an infant. i did think the girl child in our family could maybe get on
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a subway. she reads, she can tell time. she knows about money. i'm not sure that the boy child in our house who is 11 could do it even now. this is how they are raised, right. because when we go skiing we give them a walkie-talkie and say get on the ski lifts to what they want. they are free there but not exactly go like on a subway. >> i'm in the doing that. >> thank, jen, let us know when you see celebrities. >> mtv is celebrating their 35th anniversary. happy birthday. a new channel is launching called mtv classic, right now. >> it the is vh-1 classics, changing over to mtv classic today they will have first hour ever they that had on mtv and rebroadcast that and then they will to programming from shows like the 90's and early 2,000 and then bring them back. >> it got us to thinking about what shows we want to see come
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back. >> okay. >> i kind of always liken though i was older watching trl every afternoon. it was in times square. there is carson daily. he was a radio guy when i was in los angeles what does trl stand for. >> total request live. >> thank you. >> they are telling me in my ear. >> don'tal request live. >> what does tmz stand for. >> 30-mile zone, 30 miles around hollywood. >> i love my tmz live. >> every day at 3:00 he o'clock right here on fox. >> that was fun to see musicians, and stars, being interviewed and they would fill times square screaming up at the window. so would i like to see that come back. another show in the afternoon i used to watch pennsylvania thiscally every day almost, the grind. it was a dance show. >> now normally, somehow we found a remote location.
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they had an indoor studio. >> yes, american band stack like. >> it was american band stand through and through for the young kids for the new generation hosted by downtown julie brown and guy took over by the name of eric niece. >> yes. >> i believe eric was on real world and he spun off from the real world to host the grind. >> a career. >> he had great abs, and he was son of the nba referee. >> okay. >> see if you can find eric niece, n-e-i-s without his shirt on. >> fascinated with his abs. >> i was. >> jealous. >> we will wait for that. >> i loved the real world, still on. >> they have to bring that back because it is still on. >> people that invented the real world, they are responsible for ruining of this nation. >> because of the reality tv show.
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>> first reality tv show. >> i only watched the first season and that cute girl from alabama, what was her name, anybody? staff? who is on that first one. it was ruining. they began as a decline of america. >> you have to admit idea and concept is fascinating what happens when people stop being polite and it is so true. >> stick strangers together. >> and see what happens. >> hold on a second, real world, it is declining of america started in the 90's when that show was invented, okay. it premoted drinking. promiscuity. >> depend on what the people in the house were doing. if that is what they were in to that is what they were doing. >> they put those people in there and poked them like a stick, do this, get drunk, have sex with her. >> like the truman show.
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>> yes, there he is, in the control room. >> hi. >> that is him. >> okay good he hosted the grind. >> which real world was he on. >> i don't know. >> you know real world came to philadelphia, and you know where the house was. >> where was the house. >> third and arch across from the star bucks. >> did you guys do stuff with it. >> i think we did. >> real world new york. >> they wouldn't let us do much. >> the very first real world was in new york. >> yes. >> it came from all over the country and everyone gathered in a loft in new york. >> wow. >> what show do you like. >> i would have to say mtv cribs. >> you want cribs to come back. >> i used to love celebrities and they would, lil wayne and their cars park out front. do you see how rage us things they have in their homes. i loved it do you remember the one with mariah carry, and she ended up this a bathtub.
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>> yes. >> my gosh, some of the stuff was out of control. >> reason why i say this because there are celebrity to this day, beyonce i want to see how she's living. she would never do this. >> that is a show you could bring back. >> that is going way, way back with mine because when mtv first started all they played with music videos. that was a big thing because i was in radio at the time. we thought we were going to be out of work, that there would be vy instead of dj. >> music video. >> let's listen to this. >> ♪ >> this is the very first music video played on mtv five years ago today. >> the puzzle. >> radio -- >> video killed the radio store. we were all afraid of it, that video would kill radio. >> it didn't. >> no.
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>> radio surviveed. >> yes. >> maybe we should watch mtv. >> is people are tweeting in, a lot of people are saying mtv wraps, they missed that. >> yes, mtv rap. >> and then next room raiders. >> another one i liked. >> room raiders. >> game she called remet control, and i freakishly and em bars ragly used to watch parental control. >> yes. >> was stupid. >> you ever see silent library. >> i dent necessity that one. >> they are in the library and they do weird stuff to each other and you can't make a noise. >> i did see that. >> the stuff that they make them do, and it is just like, some of the shows. >> that didn't last very long, but i watched that a little bit. >> hold on a second. >> one of the ladies say thanks for reminding me how oldy am today. >> that is true. >> i have been going through that today too.
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>> yes. >> people are now sending me pictures of, your friend. >> eric niece. >> wonder what he looks like today that was 20 years ago. >> probably still fit. >> do you hate going to the gym. the way i recollect filed the hate of the gym is just don't go but for a lot of us starting yesterday there are some things you do around the house, around the job, around town that puts out, that burns calories more then you would imagine. lets go through this. >> this is good. >> before we say there is no real sub tooth for steady work out and eating healthy. >> blah, blah, blah. >> when you go shopping and trying on clothes and walking around the mall that can burn 385 calories or 130 an hour. >> it could be to stock for auntie ann's pretzels. >> so that is same as doing 20 push-ups. >> shopping for clothes. >> it is all day, just a couple hours. >> yes. >> cooking dinner, washing and chopping up vegetables are a
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good for your arms. arm work out. >> lifting heavy pots, lifting heavy pots and pans researchers say you can expect to burn 150 calories for every half an hour thaw are cooking and chopping and cooking. >> that is equivalent to a half an hour jog. >> and then you made lah sonja and that is the end of that. >> yes. >> i don't believe any of this. >> going grocery shopping is another common test that experts say can shed some pounds because you are pushing that heavy cart. >> yes. >> great exercise for your arms and legs and your torso especially if your cart continues to fill up, a vigorous run to the supermarket can burn 200 calories or a 40 minute session of bad myth on. >> when was last time you played that. >> we had a net in the backyard. >> we had one. >> what do you call the thing thaw hit with your rocket. >> a birdie. >> birdie or shuttle cock.
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>> right. >> okay. >> milkie way. >> no, no, this is what i want there is a big sculpture in front of the kansas city missouri art museum of the shuttle cock. >> really. >> why? >> i don't know. >> like our giant clothespin. >> you have to try it. >> shuttle cock. >> yes, mike's house he has a sculpture of a pair. >> i do. >> isn't this just interesting things. >> as soon as you get shuttle cock there in kansas city. >> he just wants to say shuttle cock over and over. >> i didn't realize there were two of them. >> shuttle cocks. >> at an angle. >> yes. >> study from the university in england reshield that taking a long, hat bath can shed 140 calories. >> how. >> sitting in the tub for one hour can increase your energy levels. it relaxes your muscles and
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relieves stress. taking a hot bat is equivalent to 15 minutes of swimming, vigorous swimming. >> no way. >> you don't believe this research. >> i have taken so many bats in my life that i should be skinny well, there you go. >> it doesn't work. >> quote of the day right there. >> a lot of work, filling it up, testing water. >> i have not had a bath in this century. >> i shower because i clean. >> the soaking in the tubby can say since the year 2,000 through 2016 i have not taken a bath. >> what about fox cribs we would love to have have that, how does mike and alex live. >> i would do this. >> you have a a nice space. >> you should. >> you have a bed yet? do you have a couch yet. >> i do have a couch. >> mike makes fun of me because when i came here i
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didn't have a couch. what did i have instead, i came from myrtle will beach so i had beach chairs. >> you go to her house for dinner, a beach chair. >> sit on the beach chair. >> yes. >> i'm down to earth. >> you are way down here at the dinner table. >> pass the ketchup. >> i'm terrible with decorating. i don't know what to start. >> two yearsy was getting acclimate todd philly. >> what are we doing after weather. >> we're going outside bike thing. >> hang around for this meet this guy named chrissy love this kid. >> fantastic good do you want to seed a man in the speedo the at fourth and market right now. >> throughout the show so many people are tweet me about mtv shows we will start showing them and stuff, people are listing shows. >> in the meantime let look at the seven day forecast and get you ready for first week of august to day is first of the month. it will be humid again, basically same weather of the
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weekend with humidity, sun here and there and pop up showers and thunderstorms. they continue to pop up all over and then they are gone as quickly as they do. that is deal today. part of tomorrow although chance lessons as the day goes on, so that wednesday we can have lower humidity, and another good day on thursday, and by friday it is warming up and then saturday we have a chance of then are storms with a cold front. that is your seven day forecast. there is a fox 29 intern who comes to work, in a bow tie every day, with a smile on his face. behind the smile is a mission inspired by his mother's battle with muscular dystrophy. lets take a look. >> when chris beam was just seven years old his mom, diane, was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. it was not until older that he realized what that diagnosis would mean for his family.
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he wanted to do something to help. when he was a freshman at shawn ee high school he sold wrist bands that said the bean team and donated proceeds to the local chapter of the muscular dystrophy association. then when he was a junior he did his first care to dare bike for m.d. a. >> yes. >> he raised more than $3,700 through his go fund me page by completing dares in exchange for donations. when chris was a freshman in college he grew a beard to raise money. he called it think wow do it for a full year but after six months his loved ones pooled together $500 to get him to shave it off. now he is planning another ride and he needs your help. >> all right. chris is here this morning. he has the bike. >> yes.
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>> hey, thanks sue. >> i have actually just gave him something. i gave him a pair of, queen speed owe do you mind revealing it. are you willing to pull it up, you had to talk the shirt in. green speed owe is exposed. >> i will do that. >> will you ride up and down market street so we can see you from like fifth to third back and fourth for about 45 minutes. >> i will get on my bike right now. >> how is your mom. >> treatment at johns-hopkins and her condition has improved considerably. >> how has this gone as fares getting people to help people with your cause. >> i have exceeded my goal three times. friend and family. blessed to have support. a lot of social media stuff on facebook, twitter and a go fund me page and that is what i'm promoting. >> what sit. >> go fund to dare. >> #. >> hash dag care to dare.
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>> what kind of dares. >> one of the dares toys wear a speed owe, wear this suit. i have to, sing the preample of the constitution. listen to a song honorary pete for one hours. the kind of like hazing. o. to joy for second half of the ride for two hours. >> what was the deal with clothespin hooked tour nipples. >> last time difficult this second care to dare ride. last time my friend dad dared me to wear clothespins on my nipples the entirety of the 45 . that is a new excruciating form of pain. >> what does your mom think about this. >> my mommies proud. some of the dares she is's like my goodness but she's my biggest fan. >> would she be worried i would be worried. >> they numbed up but when i took them off, my goodness. >> i bet. >> if you were really -- >> no, no we won't make do you it. >> where do you get to school. >> in college. >> one of the interns here at
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fox 29 go to ith aca. >> i want to be in your shoes right here. >> is that right. >> well on your way. >> we will see many, many years down the road. >> i love it. >> when he walks around i check out his bow ties. >> bow tie guy. >> yes. >> exactly. >> getting. >> all right. >> i'm the bow tie guy, you bet. >> chris for the next 45. >> look at the speed owe. >> he will be riding with a speedo. sue, back to you. >> we will check with you, no stopping. >> he is amazing. >> he is opposite of tired but if you are tired on this monday morning you may have your breakfast to blame. five foods that are taking away your energy.
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you know, another show, oh, look at chris, yes. >> look at him. >> he does. >> trying to help his mom. >> that is wonderful. >> yeah. >> so, somebody who was just talking about mtv there was another show with jenny mccarthey, singled out. >> oh, right. >> that kind of got her in the public eye. >> absolute a after the playboy. >> someone said, i remember watching every sunday night. >> i don't remember that. >> and one of the most intelligent shows ever from mark. >> bevis and butthead. >> yes. >> someone say newlyweds nick and jessica do you really want that. >> that is a classic line, chicken in the sea, this doesn't taste like chicken. >> chicken or tuna i'm eating. >> chicken of the sea. >> yes, she's now a billion air. >> is she really.
9:26 am
>> with that clothing line. >> yes. >> okay. >> where did we go wrong. >> how do you get your kids to study. >> you know, she doesn't know that chicken of the sea is tuna and now she is a billion air. how do you get your kids to study and go to school. >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> there goes society. >> if you are exhausted, running out of gas, you mean energy. >> yes. >> right. >> it is the food thaw are eating, even though you may think it sound healthy. >> really. >> this dude just in here last her said we should be eating oatmeal before we combo to the gym. >> right. >> plane oatmeal is great but adding mapel syrup or choosing instant flavored packages means loads of added sugar. add your own topping like chia seed like our friend did and nut butter. >> that just sound disgusting
9:27 am
to me nut butter. i'm sure it taste good. i have had it. but just the term nut butter. >> what is peanut butter. >> that is true. >> peanut butter. >> just call it peanut butter, just imagine. >> hazel nut butter. >> i had this image where they took nuts and squeeze it real hard and goo runs out of it. >> almond butter. >> yes. >> it has a a ton of sugar but chocolate, it is a nut butter. >> i was over at trader joe's, have you ever been to trader joe's at 5:00 o'clock. >> on a sunday. >> no, any day. there had to be close to 500,000 people in that store and they are all millennials. >> because it is so hip. >> very hip. >> nuts. >> well, reason i brought that up because i got something called nuts.
9:28 am
>> seriously. >> they don't have them over there. >> they are easy to over eat, and high in fat, leaving you dragging but be sure to divvy them up into snack sized serving, one quarter cup. >> that is like five nuts. >> five nuts. >> you are supposed to, go for it. >> i cannot with you guys right the now. >> i like yogurt but not all yogurt is created equal. that 6-ounce container of yogurt can have 35 grams of sugar, stick to plane greek ohioer. just plane. throw strawberries in it. don't go nuts. >> nut butter. >> fruit smooth he is or sugar bombs. >> i like naked ones, you know, the naked smoothie. >> green machine. >> they can have up to
9:29 am
52 grams of sugar. make sure your smoothie, an ad a source of protein like a nut butter again or avocado. >> forget the nut butter. >> this place is nut. >> energy bars are like eating candy bars. they have vitamins and minerals yeah but they are loaded with sugar. >> yes. >> kind bars. >> yes. >> kind bars, they have breakfast, blueberry almond bar. >> that is good. >> yes. >> what is sugar amount. >> but i like sugar. >> yes. >> brown sugar. >> oh, my god. >> what is wrong with me. >> i think it is the dnc, working too many hours at dnc. >> yes. >> take a nap. >> from the dnc, timmy kelly usually sings for eagles fans but last week was different. what hillary clinton gave him that prompted this big performance. he did a great job.
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he is here on good day. test.
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test. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ star spangled banner ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> wow. all right, i love that, love that. >> my little buddy jimmy kelly, the eagles good luck charm, and i didn't find out about this until the next morning, because they had to keep it a secret. well, it is no secret. my little buddy here with me. timmy kelly, how are you, pal? >> hello. >> high. >> you met mike. >> how you put up with mike jerrick every day, i don't know, but god bless you. >> thank you, you know what, i need that, thank you for that. >> i tell you what, you have done wonderful for yourself. and how did that all come about singing for the democratic national convention? >> yes, so great story. so an eagles season ticket holder, former congressman, who is instrumental in the american for disabilities act, was on hillary clinton's campaign, and they were talking and hillary clinton told him that she wanted somebody with a disability, but somebody who could sing the national anthem at her presidential launch event in
9:35 am
roosevelt islands in new york. and since he saw me sing at the eagles before, he liked my voice, and he contacted the eagles to get ahold of me. >> wow. >> i sang at her event, in new york, afterward i was talking to her, i toll her i go to temple university, college in music, how are you doing, boyer college. >> shout out. >> shout out. but then after that i toll her that and she said, timmy, i want you to sing at the democratic national convention if i am the nominee, and -- >> holdup the letter right there. the letter that she sent you. >> with a handwritten note. >> handwritten note that says: timmy, you were wonderful, see you in philly. >> yes. >> now there is was in june of 2015. >> yep. >> and she kept her promise. >> yep. >> she kept her promise. >> wow. >> it was incredible. she is such a nice, nice person, so genuine. >> you sung the national anthem for thousands of people. what was it like up there in front of the entire nation? >> it was incredible, like
9:36 am
this is my biggest gig i've her. >> his biggest gig! >> and it was so, so cool, and i'm such like so honored that they, you know, that they had me do it, and that i could do it, and to be such a part of history was so incredible. >> i have to say, yes, because when we were doing our coverage from the wells fargo center, when we got to see all of the sound checks, and i remember you walk up on that stage for the sound check, you didn't even look nervous, just going up there, and everyone, i'm sure you remember it, started clapping for the other sound set, they didn't clap for them, they clapped for you, hon. >> i thank you. it was really cool. you know, i love to sing all my life, and it is truely an honor that i get to do these really great event. >> well, you know what, you have song at my wedding. >> yes. >> really? >> yes, yes. >> what did he sing? >> what song did you sing? >> irish wedding song. >> wow. >> awe continue sees that, he want my little guy austin wants to meet you.
9:37 am
>> let's do it. >> we have to do. that will so we wish you the best of luck. now what do you want to do when you grow up? >> and professional singer. >> you are already that, what do you mean, singing everywhere. >> how about mike jerrick is your agent? >> i don't think i would get any gigs. >> oh, oh,. >> here he comes. he's coming over. here he comes. >> bad hair, here we go. >> he said my hair's mess the up and he doesn't like my tie. >> you know what, i like his voice and his personality. >> okay. >> and can i say something real quick? one of the biggest things that after good day i love the wendy williams show. >> i do too. >> can i just sing a little bit of the knowledge. >> okay. >> let's go. >> ♪ feel it feel it ♪ common feel it mike jerrick ♪ ♪ how you doing ♪ shout it out ♪ what the what the. >> yeah! >> there you go. >> jimmy, you are the best. thank you for coming. we wish you the best of luck, see you all around town. >> thank you. >> nice to meet you. >> wendy williams, mike. >> let's do it, i know her. >> you know everybody.
9:38 am
>> tell her i said high. >> ill. >> 9:37. couple fight it, happens, all the guilty of saying things we don't mean, but expert say there is one word, one word you should never say during a argument. >> how about relax? is that it? >> really? told to relax? that's a word. enda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives.
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real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
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>> in honor of his mom. >> let's go right out to the golf course, because jen and jaws, now, there is a combo. >> listen, jen and jaws, the jen and jaws show has been
9:42 am
going on, hi, erin, my neighbor, quit scaring me when i drive by your house. >> tooth the horn -- >> he's always walking downhill, i'm running uphill. good to see you. >> got to get up that hill. i don't know how do you it. >> got to get up that hill. talk to us a little bit about this event. it is a great event, first, it is great for kids. >> it is a phenominal program. first program has been amazing for young people, both the boys and the girls, and, yes, it evolves around golf. but it evolves around more about developing life skills, honesty, integrity, working together. >> no cheating. >> no cheating, having fun, so those are great life skills. you know, and how to work together as a team, how to get along with people, the first team doing that long, long time, it is a great program. of course when my buddy, come on, jaws, let's play some golf, i'm there. >> so we're looking around, we see the great coach billy cunningham is here. we are expecting mike vick.
9:43 am
these guys could be anywhere. but they choose to be here. it is training, i mean, they got to be in a lot of places but they choose to be here. >> it is football season but still golf season, jen, so we under stands the guys have time to get out and play a round of golf. these things end up being reunions, first guys see when i walk in, billy cunningham, it is a big hug, and we're just zest bathing reach. he loves to play golf. i idolize his golf game, because he is so good. >> currently talking about you, coach. hi, (laughing). >> i'm trying to get strokes. >> we tracked about no cheaters, no foot rest, right? >> now, when you walk up, you asked me about my golf game. i shared with you i haven't played all year, i know, it is embarrassing, haven't played for a full year. how am i going to be able to make this happen? >> it is easy. >> coach me up. i'm ready for the coach's
9:44 am
speech. >> go have fun. >> okay. >> that's why we're here, to have fun, do something, other than that the golf game is secondary. >> okay. >> you know there is a lot of expectation on our sixers this year, i hate to talk sports. >> why? why? that's what we do. >> i love it. okay, so -- ya, ya, ya, well, what do you think? like, you know, ben at the whole team, a the low of expectations, can they live to up it? >> i don't know what everyone's expectations are but talking about a 19 year old kid who has got a lot of talent, and it will take him a while to adjust and grow and understand what the program is and embiid, hasn't played a game in few years, so it would be wonderful if they're all healthy and come together as a group but will take some years. >> here is my thing, when i play horse, like a boss, what i do i go to the left-hand corner of the box, and it goes right into the left hand, and it drops in.
9:45 am
always have your sure shot what i want to tell these guys. >> you're right, what is your sure shot in golf? >> the five. all day, i hit it like a frozen rope. the only thing that i can do to beat you guys though is ladies t's. >> yes. >> forward t's,. >> and i'm ready. >> you don't know this gentleman over here that's checking in, do you? >> no. he's the ringer, he's the ringer in the group. he just plays golf. >> ya, ya, ya. i like the hat. >> pink. >> all right, the fun is just beginning. >> i didn't expect to see you here. i don't know why. surprise, surprise, surprise. >> world champion. >> oh, it is the tall guy club today. >> excuse me? >> it is the tall guy club today. >> the tall guy. >> at least we used to be six-six, six-seven. >> things are changing. >> awesome. have a great game.
9:46 am
i'm good. all right, you guys, don't be nervous. don't be nervous about this right here. this looks intimidating. >> oh, yes. >> putter, driver? >> oh, my goodness. >> if you can't play, bark. >> we almost have mount rushmore there in philadelphia sports. >> oh, i know. >> true. >> charles barkley will be coming up soon. >> wilt chamberlain. >> anybody else in the parking lot you see, jen? come on. >> somewhere barkley? >> thank you, thank you. >> she's into the moment. >> hey, let's leave that camera up hot and if we see some big star we'll punch it up, because we have another 15 minutes left on the show. right? sixteen minutes? something like that? >> social security like that. >> what's so funny? fourteen? >> no, well, like whenever the
9:47 am
word 15, he laughs. >> oh, okay. funny word? >> fifteen. >> okay, you know, couples, yes, we do fight. >> no we don't. >> when was the last fight you had with your husband? >> well, we had one with -- no. >> over the weekend? >> couple of weeks. >> couple of weeks? >> been going pretty well. >> there is one word you should never say. anybody guess this on twitter yet? one word you should never say in a argument because it will inflame the argument. >> oh,. >> one word.
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
>> we believe this is los angeles, california it, happens all the time in l.a., probably once a week, a chase, i wouldn't call this a high speed chase, you can see the bumper dragging there. chips is following this car very closely in cam call highway, the california highway patrol. their miami name is chip. >> sure. >> and so we don't know what part, i'm guessing this is los angeles, from all of the palm trees we're seeing, and their recycling out today, i remember when i was out there, you put your blue cans out, so recycling day. we believe it is los angeles, trying to find the exact location, but this guy just going around in circles, and the high with a patrol officers really holding back. >> what they eventually will do, in a safer part every town maybe do pitman offer, what they call it, they tap the back bumper, maybe that's why they did, why the bumper came off, which spins the car out, puts it out of commission. >> i wonder how fast the car
9:51 am
is going? >> not going very fast at all. in a neighborhood here. >> slowing down, going to get out? >> now is he going get snout. >> actually stopping at stop sign maybe? >> a lot of times they end upgoing back to the neighborhood that they know, speeding up again. >> okay? >> do you see anything on the wire that says what part of los angeles this is? >> anything on the wire? >> apparently it has been going on for an hour, so the police are really laying back, so what time is it out there? 6:51 in the morning, and again, i think this is los angeles, looks like la. >> don't know what the person is up to. a lot of flask that neighborhood, that's for sure. >> here we go. that's the pitman offer right there. >> there go. >> there, the cop should come
9:52 am
flying out to cut him off. but he took off. >> why did he slow down if the first place? he or she? >> why? it makes no sense, it never does, because them get caught. there is a helicopter above them. many of them. okay, we'll take a two minute break and come right back. i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves!
9:53 am
you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> they just put in front of the car, i've never seen before, that was a female driver. she looks like she was just wearing an orange t-shirt. >> and some shorts. >> oh, did you see shorts? i didn't see the shorts. >> i think she going in the back seat there. >> anyway, resolved. i still don't know what part of southern california this is. we think around the newport
9:56 am
beach area. so, from the la freeway, to the philly freeway. >> nice segway, nice, good one. >> you mean the rapper, of course. >> talking about a human being, yes. so he is telling the worlds that our city philly is the best. >> freeway was all over the delaware national convention. >> he was, he was, so he breaks down philly in a rhyme that's really getting a lot of views on line. >> okay. >> here is a little piece of it. >> city of brotherly love, brothers do bad, we try tone courage our neighbors with kind words, where goodness from the sinner city to the suburbs, wherever one goes to beautiful kelly drive to work on their fitness, where decoration of -- declaration every independence, wherever one lovers our nation's history to where the story after true champion's dreams came true, where different ethnicities, where man -- >> pretty cool. really like a porks like this is what made philly great.
9:57 am
you want to talk to, check out this video, like a 360-6789 i was looking at my phone, where ever i moved the cell phony could see more of the video. this is little piece of it, going around like this. >> oh, i want to do that. >> pretty cool. thank you, freeway. >> fourth and market where we are do good day philadelphia. >> oh, nice. >> if you get in a fight with your husband or wife today, or your signature other, don't use this one word, researchers have put this together. the word is. >> what? >> should. >> oh,. >> should. >> you should. >> you should this. you should that. >> oh,. >> oh, ya? you should shut -- >> don't, don't say should. >> i just learned something, because i say chill, sometimes chill, girl, chill. and mike just revealed to me that he hates that. so i'm sorry that i say chill. >> i snap off for some rena prepare re atly, you'll go what? >> chill bro.
9:58 am
>> oh,. >> i hate that. >> i won't say it any more. >> no more chill bro. >> and no more should. >> and no more relax. see you tomorrow. okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity.
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if america's favorites - (vo)burgers, tacos and chili ask could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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>> live from new york city, it's the "the wendy williams show." >> how you do in? >> the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect, have several. my girls are alwaysto you strai. >> say it like you mean it, shout it out. >> now, here's wendy! [ applause ] ♪ >> wendy: right back at you. [ applause ] ♪ >> wendy: i love it. thank you for watching! [ applause ]


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