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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it's been almost a month since septa lost a third of its regional rail cars. today it's another headache for riders as they try oh get home. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. happening right now a flash flood watch is in effect for parts of the area. we are watching out for some pop up showers that are moving through which could cause some localized flooding. we'll check in with meteorologist kathy orr in just a minute. police released disturbing new details surrounding the death of a 24-year-old germantown woman. good evening, i'm iain page. >> two former temple university police officers are charged in the death of joyce, today philadelphia police gave new details on what was a violent murder. let's get out to fox 29's sabina kuriakose live at police headquarters with more. sabina? >> reporter: iain, police are calling this a barbaric crime and it was committed allegedly by two people with law enforcement backgrounds who used to be partners on the temple police force.
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>> she was on the floor nude, handcuffed and severely beaten throughout the body buy. >> reporter: by the time police found social worker joyce, friday morning she was dead. beaten to death while cuffed to a bench press. police say by her own boyfriend 47-year-old former temple university police officer aaron wright. homicide captain james clark says wright's best friend marquise robinson current temple cop until days ago helped beat the mother of two with a police baton. >> partner actually was contorting her body so that the boyfriend could get to it and beat all parts of her body. >> we used to bank on the door and attempt to help her, and he would tell us to hyped our business. >> reporter: her cousin lives on the same stretch of green street in germantown where a sign outside the scene of the alleged crime still reads, the wrights. police say the two suspects are best friends who shared a home
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with their girlfriends. cousin, alleges wright regularly beat joyce in front of her two month old and 10 month old children. family members afraid because the two men had law enforcement backgrounds. especially robinson who remain on the tu force until his arrest days ago. >> not only did he backed up a murderer, he was supposed to be police officer. >> reporter: and temple says it is cooperating with the philadelphia police department. coming up at 6:00 more from the victim's familiar on why they think this murder could have been prevented. iain. >> sabina, thanks. now on to fox 29 weather authority. there's not been a whole lot of sun as we take a live look at reading. we're watch fog pop up showers. let's check in with meteorologist kathy orr for more on what the rest of the night has got in store. kathy. >> pop up showers and thunderstorms. some of these storms have small hate hail associated with them. our biggest storm over the dover area moving across the bay into cumberland county, new jersey, fortescue getting hit hard with
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hail. lightning and torrential downpours. national weather service has extended the flash flood watch of course we have it for our northern and western counties into the lehigh valley and poconos but instead of ending at 11:00 p.m., it's going to end tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. there is a threat of additional rain. one to 2-inches additional in these downpours and this area could be seeing some little bit later on tonight, of course, inches of rainfalling in some of these spots over the course of the weekend. also flood advisory in effect for the urban areas in small streams in sussex county, delaware, until 7:00. we had heavy rain move through late this afternoon. it will be unsettled tonight with these spotty downpours then in the poconos you can see after 7:00 o'clock, heavy rain moving through the lehigh val until will increase the flood threat there and then finally these will become more sporadic tomorrow morning. coming up with the seven day forecast we'll talk about had the rain ends, how long it stays sticky, a quiet stretch in the seven day and then storms return. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy, thanks.
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police are looking for the shooter in apparent road rage incident. it happened last night on knights road and torresdale. police say one driver tried to make left turn and was cut off by a cadillac. two he can changed words and then that cadillac driver pulled out a gun. police say the victim did get the license plate number. fortunately that driver was not hurt. tragedy at a montgomery county apartment complex as police find two people shot and killed. let's bring in joyce evans who's here witness latest on this murder investigation. joyce. >> it's a double murder and still a bit of a mystery tonight at the forest garden apartments in ambler. two people found dead inside but why and who did it? investigators swarming areas in and around the complex on forest of a searching for clues, any clue that might lead them to whomever shot a man and woman around 11:00 o'clock last night. kimberly trunk told our jennifer joyce earlier today that she can't begin to guess who could have killed her 54-year-old sister janice. you saw her just there. she says she's not even sure who
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the man is who was found dead with her inside janice's second floor apartment. and that she dreaded telling janice's only son what happened. >> she was a single mom, went to work, came home. if anybody knows anything, please let the police know. she didn't deserve this. nobody deserves this. >> kimberly says that the 19-year-old nephew was not home at the time. she was happy about that. and that she believes that the man who was also killed with her sister may have been the sister's boyfriend and he may be have been living with her in the apartment at the time. but nobody knows what really went on here. >> yeah. tragic. all right, joyce, thank you very much. well, more people have been infected with zika virus in florida because of it the cdc has issued a new advisory that says pregnant women should not travel to the so-called zika transmission area. 10 new infections have been found bringing the total to 14. new cases of the zika virus are
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said to likely have been transmitted by mosquitoes. so far all the cases have been found -- excuse me, blustered within the same square mile in miami, dade county. >> epa approved mosquito repellant covering your skin with long shirts and long pants. >> more than 1600 people in the u.s. have been infected with zika virus while traveling abroad. franklin township a fiery ignites less than 24 hours after crews put it out. this lumber yard went up in flames yesterday afternoon more than 200 firefighters from 25 companies were on the scene for the three alarm fire. this morning more spoke coming from the destroyed yard. it does at appear to be major. >> right now commuters using septa's regional rail lines are
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seeing another change. starting today, riders leaving certain philadelphia stations during rush hour will have to buy their tickets before getting on the train. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in center city to show us how it's going. chris? >> reporter: iain, it is a lot busier is the burr burr ban station and from what we hear other center city stations because there's a big change for regional rail riders. i'm going to show you that change now. take look at the ticket takers here at septa. now taking tickets on the heads is a 19 level before passengers get on the train. meaning passengers have to purchase those train tickets before getting on to five center city platforms. >> you get into a daily routine and next thing i know i got to reorganize. i don't know. seems like they should have done it all along, but, you know, at this point, um, wasn't ready 40. didn't see it coming.
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>> reporter: now, here is the deal for passengers leaving center city weekdays from 3:00 toisech 6:30 p.m., will now have to buy their tickets before you get on. those include five regional rail stations, they are temple university, jefferson station, suburban station, 30th street and university city. now, back out here live, the change in the ticket collection is really coming after several weeks of many passengers getting on these trains and getting free rides, and here is the result. take a look at the backup getting the ticks now. if you can see that large line. people are about 20 minute wait to get your ticket right now. and septa says this is only temporary fix. this is all coming after the 120 silver liner five cars that were taken out of service because of defects. they said this is temporary fix so if you are coming down to regional rail allow yourself
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extra time. get your tickets early because you cannot get them any more on the train. bee iain. >> chris, thank you. in north philadelphia, city officials and anti violence advocates come together to promote gun safety. they're reminding philadelphian that is they have to comply with the new safe storage law that requires firearms and ammunition to be locked away and out of the reach of minors. their message that gun safety is for everyone. if you have a gun you should also a lock for it. the group is organizing national night out events throughout the city where were you of 1,000 free locks will be given out. >> these kids that live in neighborhoods so impacted by their neighbors and their friends and their family members being shot and killed, we have to do something. and although this is not the answer, this is the beginning. >> the free gun locks will be handed out tonight from 5:00 to eight colt at lehigh. starting today smokers in pennsylvania are going to have
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to dish out extra dollar for a pack of cigarettes. the tax on a pack of cigarettes in the state goes from 1.60 up to 2.60 in the city of philadelphia you'll be paying $4.60 in taxes alone on every pack. this increase is all part of a plan to address the state's budget deficit. the department of revenue estimates the tax will generate more than 400 million a year for the state treasury. new jersey supreme court is now made it easier for law enforcement to get phone records and criminal investigation. today, the court ruled police only need a signed court orders to get records. previously police needed a search warrant which is harder to obtain to get those phone records. >> it was one little girl' mission to get her picture taken with hillary clinton. the problem her mom's phone was out of the storage. >> harper was so determined to get this picture and i was so determined to get it back for her. >> how social media helped her get the picture she wanted so bad. quiet day on the lake takes turn
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for the worst but a boat catches fire. the unlikely hero who came to the rescue from above. marine kicked out of a store because of his service dog. how that marine is fighting back to make sure it does not happen to others. ahead cops say those two guys were after cash and cigarettes they broke into a local business. what one of those men had on his arm that investigators hope can help identify him. one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite,
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grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned.
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they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
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♪ whole lot of activity tonight as we check ultimate doppler. we are watching for pop up storms and downpours. residence and businesses just beginning to clean up after deadly flood waters struck through a historic maryland town. it could take months before ellicott city is able to recover after a flooding that left two people dead. >> reporter: unprecedente unpred flooding destroyed a historic maryland town. ellicott city took on more than 6-inches of rainwater saturday night most of it falling in span of just two hours. >> the disaster area down there. it looks like it's a war zone. it looks like something you see from a set of a disaster movie. we want to make sure everybody tosses safety is para mount.
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>> people died two the severe nash flooding. police identifying the victims as 35-year-old jessica watsula of lebanon, pennsylvania and 38-year-old joseph bleviin suv of windsorville maryland. everybody else thought to be missing has been accounted for. >> we were so sad about what happened here. we express our condolences to the families of the two people who have passed away and flooded away. >> flood waters swept away hundreds of cars, tore up sidewalks and wrecked storefronts and building foundations. officials estimate the cost of the damages will run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. >> it's devastating for the community, for the state, for the county. these are all small businesses that are here. they're not the chains. they're not the franchises it will be challenge getting them back up and going. and there's a lot of infrastructure that has to be repaired. >> reporter: state and county officials will attend to recovery information meeting for
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residence and businesses affected by the flooding. >> in west philadelphia police need your help finding two men accused of of robbing a teenager check out this surveillance video. police say a 14-year-old boy was walking with someone else when the armed robbers demanded they empty their pockets and withdrawal money from nearby atm. robbers got away with an iphone and cash. top official with septa caught on video threatening his neighbor's wife but he tells jeff cole and fox 29 investigates that he was provoke. jeff is in the news with a look at his story coming up tonight at 10:00. >> the threat occurred memorial day weekend in north wildwood where the septa official owns a home. they had an argument over the place many of a garden hose that bill says he ran along the property line he shares with septa official. tight man claims over the holiday septa official ordered him to move it. tight man says when he said he'd take look at it after a party he was hosting, the septa executive
5:17 pm
loft it. the executive says that his family was threatened by his neighbor's wife. >> are you suggest ugh made a mistake by threatening your next door neighbor's wife. >> reporter: the woman alleged to have made that threat shushes she does not do it. hear more of the tape tonight at 10:00. we'll reveal who the official is and report on what septa has to say about this incident. that's all tonight at 10:00 as fox 29 investigators. iain i hope our viewers will take look at this one. >> sounds good, jeff. look forward it to. thank you. important warning tonight from pennsylvania district attorney. 20 people have overdose overdosm synthetic marijuana called darkness. most instances happening in the
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harrisburg area last week. emergency room doctors are reporting some of the drug users had to be revised including one person who wound up in intensive care. investigators believe some sort of chemical or substance within the synthetic pot is to blame. new study shows pennsylvania state workers were paid $250 million in overtime in 2015. that's the most in two decades. increase of nearly 10% from the year before. in the analysis by the sunday times of scranton paper found a five-year trend of increase in overtime. they a tribute to hiring freezes and unfilled vacancies. other factors due to troubling of prison overtime since 2010 and security during the pope's visit. new details are emerging about that deadly hot air balloon crash that left 16 people dead. what we're learning about the pilot of this crash and one roofing company offering something no other company ever has. what you get if you buy a new roof. two brothers abandoned decades ago meet for the first time.
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how technology made it all possible. do you remember this? >> that's our fox 29 studios where we did our evening newscast more than 10 years. a few months we started doing a little redecorating. so take look what we've been doing for the past few months. ♪
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i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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>> the search is on for a person who fatal the stabbed a man in south philadelphia. police say an argument led to violence last night on the 2300 block of jared street. someone stabbed 50-year-old baron holmes several times in the chest. police took him to penn presbyterian where he died around 10:00 p.m. federal investigators confirm a hot air balloon that crashed saturday morning in rural texas made contact with a high tension power line before going down. all 16 people on board died and now we're learning more about the 49-year-old pilot of the balloon. according to reports, alfred skip nichols was arrested in missouri in 2,000 for driving while intoxicated. bet business bureau warned consumers about doing business with the balloon touring company that he used to operate in missouri. investigators say it will take weeks to identify remains of all the victims in that crash.
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you died 2016 less than a hundred days before the general election in november. republican nominee donald trump is once again dealing with controversy. trump is continue to go be grilled for comments he made about the muslim parents of a war hero. today he clarified comments about a decorated us army captain killed in iraq in 2004. he questioned why his mother was silent on stage during a speech at the democratic national convention suggested she was not allowed to speak under her law. >> you go down the list and you think all these things. it's not ideology reason of character and temper many. i can't get on board with that. >> the chant of the nearly 1.7 million member veterans of foreign wars came out in defense of the cahn family telling donald trump writ ridiculing a gold star mom is out of bounds. high speed police chases not really anything new in southern california but this one lasted three hours. it started around 4:00 this morning just north of los angeles. police chased this red saturn for 120 miles through three
5:25 pm
different counties. officers tried to pull out spike strips to stop the vehicle that didn't work. they were finally able to surround the vehicle and arrested the female driver. something most of would you say never even consider doing any more writing in cursive. how one state though is now requiring it by law. one little girl's mission to get her picture taken with hillary clinton. the problem her mom's phone was out of storage. how our own bruce gordon is partially to blame. kathy? >> ut-oh. in weather we are tracking showers and some downpours associated with heat and humidity an weak disturbance moving by. we'll track they will and show when we catch a break from the heat, humidity and rain coming up with the seven day forecast.
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>> on top of breaking news right not out of the doylestown. skyfox is live over the 600 block of main street where a fire is burning out of control. buck county fire department telling us the fire in this small trip mall broke out of the just before 5:00. no reports of any injuries. we will continue to bring updates on this breaking news throughout this broadcast. not whole lot of sun out there today. as we take a live look over south philadelphia. traffic though is moving on i- i-95. meteorologist kathy orr will have your complete forecast coming up in just a few moments. 10-year-old girl and the
5:29 pm
democratic nominee for preside president. nice photograph from hillary clinton/tim kaine rally at temple university. it's the story behind the goat tow that got our attention. bruce gordon is live with an update that brought a smile to his face. a story of a once in a lifetime moment captured then lost then recovered. thanks to little girl's hustle and the miracle of social media. 10-year-old harper leary and her mom were among the midday rally crowd last fright when hillary clinton said parents could now tell their daughters what they've been telling their sons for generations. >> you, too, could be president of the united states? thank you all. god bless you. >> reporter: as the al ended harper made bee line for the stage desperate to get her picture taken with the history-making nominee. she made it all the way to the front of the pack and then says her mom, marion -- >> it must have been it felt like for a good 30 seconds. >> reporter: over and over. saying hillary, hillary to try and get her attention and finally hillary looked back, saw
5:30 pm
that it was 10-year-old kid, and smiles and walked back over. >> marian reached for her camera phone to capture the once in lifetime moment and that's when it happened. >> as soon as i needed to take it with harper and hillary clinton, it said it could no longer take any more pictures. >> reporter: turns out marian's camera had run out storage there was no rom for extra pictures which was kind of embarrassing for me because i remember what had happened about 90 minutes earlier. roll tape. we had interviewed harper before the event and mom wanted a momento. she snapped a picture with harper and me. without that picture marian would have had room for her hillary shot. >> fortunately a man standing with mrs. clinton offered to snap a photo and send it to marian. he took the shot but a day later still no picture. enter social media. marian wrote out the incident on her facebook page. then tweeted the story to her friends and followers and to at
5:31 pm
hillary for pa. cam paper staff returned her call almost immediately. promising to track down the photo. and about a day later, sunday afternoon, e-mail arrives with a picture of clinton, harper and a very proud mom. >> look at that photo want goes through your mind. >> i was ecstatic. i was really happy. >> harper's reaction? >> so harper was thrilled. >> reporter: technology helped marian track down the once in a lifetime photo. but without harper's determination there would have no photo to recover. >> she did not let anything deter her and as a parent i don't know that i can ask for anything else. really inspiring to watch this super proud of my kid. >> reporter: marion was gracious about wasting a picture on me noting it was just one of nearly 9,000 pictures on her phone. so if she had not gotten the hillary clinton shot i was really only 19,000th to blame. i can rationale lies with the best politicians out there. (laughter).
5:32 pm
>> you shall run for mayor. >> thank you, bruce. >> all right. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority out there now. cloudy and overcast just about everywhere today including the new jersey state capital. watching for some pop-up storms that could create some heavy downpours. kathy? >> wow. pretty picture. >> it is. >> cloudy day out there today. the main threat is going to be northern and western suburbs. lehigh valley, poconos where we saw the heavy rain over the course of the weekend. any downpour can dump one to twenty fours of rain just like that. take look at our doppler radar. ultimate doppler showing red, some yellow this has been going on for the past week. high humidity and in any of these storms we will see tropical downpours because we have the high humidity. you can see where it's really focused right now the state of delaware and south jersey where we're seeing the thunderstorms and to the north we have some downpours as well through the poconos, this is going to move toward the southeast over the next several hours i do think additional heavy rain in the lehigh valley and our suburbs late tonight but the focal point
5:33 pm
is right here near dover and smyrna and kent county, delaware, crossing the delaware bay which is quite warm so these storms are holding together and moving into salem county and also cumberland county, new jersey if you hear the thunder in bridge tour or cedarville get everyone inside and wait until the storms pass. they are not severe but tropical downpours in lot of lightning associate he had with them. we see that flash flood watch that will go until tomorrow morning because heavy rain that's expected late tonight and generally focus through our pennsylvania suburbs and heading toward the north and the east. right now in philadelphia, 78. the normal high for this time of year is 87 degrees. the dew point at 71 and that is extremely high and oppressive. temperatures mainly in the 70s with the exception of the poconos where we see heavy rain right now. down the shore. the same. not much of a difference between wildwood and camden. same temperature cinnaminson 76. boardwalk 76. from the city to the shore, just really warm and muggy and look at the dew points. 70s are are oppressive in dover we're almost to 80 so that's why
5:34 pm
we are seeing the storms down through central delaware. fox future cast shows the storms to the south and as we move forward, watch the line that form near the lee lie valley by 10:00 o'clock it pushes south toward our suburbs. and some spotty showers through philadelphia through tomorrow morning. sue serio will be talking more about those and you can see a few spotty showers through the midday period and we begin to dry it out. we have a disturbance in the tropics. i want to your attention to right now south of kingston, jamaica not threat to the mainland u.s. it could become proper cal storm earl within the next 24 hours. over night tonight locally, 71 in the city. 67 in the suburbs. downpours especially late tonight into the early morning hours. 82 tomorrow morning clouds spotty showers the sun breaks out tomorrow afternoon. on your exten extended forecast9 weather authority 84 wednesday. lower humidity. thursday looks great. friday looks warm. hot again saturday. maybe some storms. sunday 89. still dry on monday.
5:35 pm
that's a good looking start to august. and look at these shore temperatures pretty decent. heating up again. lower 80s, mid 80s, upper 80s by the time we swing into another weekend iain. already plan aig head. >> always good to look forward to the weekend. >> kathy, thank. you bet. >> one organization was looking for some help to clean up a pa park. the surprising incentive they offered for every bag of trash collected. maureen kicked out of a store because of sis all of a sudden dog. how that marine is fighting back to make sure it does not happen oh to others. >> the fiss of its kind in pennsylvania not only are we giving i was rare look inside. we'll tell you how you can see it in person. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients.
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>> we continue to follow breaking news out much doylestown. firefighterfirefighters are batu can see a nasty fire at a strip mall on the 600 block of main street. the bucks county fire department
5:39 pm
tells us those flames broke out just before 5:00. so far there are no reports of any injuries. we of course will continue to stay on top of this and bring you updates throughout this broadcast. well new details emerging about melania trump's past before she became mrs. trump. john fogle the host of paper six joins us now talk about recently discovered nude photos of melania trump. john, what's donald trump say about these pictures? >> well, mr. trump has said that he didn't know they existed and that those photos were taken before he met melania. they are 20 years old, and of course, we're all wondering if this will one day hurt the credibility of the miss universe pageant. hopefully not. the photos are quite racy. they really can't compare to what we heard bess truman did for her maxim spread back in the late '60's though. >> john, do you think this damages her reputation along with the american people especially after it was discovered part of her speech at the republican national convention was plagiarized? >> well, i a bit terrified maybe
5:40 pm
michelle obama had done poses in the past, too. seems to have been cleared. it is interesting the folks who were castigating michelle obama eight years ago for having bear arms don't really have too much outrage over this. i think for donald trump's campaign it's a welcome and quite attractive distraction from insulting the gold star families of a fallen soldier. however i think melania trauma sap model and trump campaign is right in saying this is a celebration of the human form. there's nothing they consider dirty about it and not a shame. i say more power to her. >> all right. john, joining us from page six. we appreciate the insight. john. always good to to talk to you. >> what pleasure. >> roofing company is offering something that no other company ever had. what they're giving away to anyone who buys a new roof. two brothers abandoned decades meet for the very first time. how technology made it all possible. howard. >> major trade deadline at 4:00 p.m.
5:41 pm
the phillies had balls in the air but gm matt len tock pull off a trade. difference in camp between doug pederson and chip kelly. all that coming up in sports.
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♪ we can't to follow breaking news out of the doylestown. a fire burning out of control in bucks county. firefighters are battling this fire at a strip mall on the 600 block of main street. there you can see it in doylestown. firefighters are telling us that flames broke out just before 5:00. so about 45 minutes ago. so far, we don't have any reports of any injuries. but there's plenty of smoke billowing out. you can see putting water on that. we'll stay on top of it and give you updates as soon as we get them. dunkin' donuts giving away thousands of cups of free coffee, but there's catch. their teaming with the american red cross because of the critical blood shortage. hoping to get people to donate starting today through the end of august. if you donate blood or platelets you get a free coffee voucher to use in the greater philadelphia area. red cross has blood and platelets are needed every two seconds across the country. big turn out today in newtown square for a celebrity golf tournament. you know i love golf. first tee look at that jenn fred. (laughter).
5:46 pm
>> invitation a ron mick golf course jenn fred was on hand, the doctor julius you having ron jaworski and billy cunningham. >> the first tee introduces the game of to kids. >> service animals changing lives for the better those who service our injured men and women sometimes they can run into some trouble. that's what happened to one marine when he and had service dog were kicked out of a store in new orleans. now, though, he's fighting back. fox's rob cree we are has the story. >> reporter: david was in town for a wedding it was his first trip new orleans by his sid estey ruger his service dog he's had since last year. he's a marine veteran he spent four years in the corp. and left the service in 2009 after he suffered a traumatic main injury in training. an injury let's head to ptsd and convulsive psalming syndrome which can cause internal bleeding. but since his dog showed showed up his life as changed. >> instead of me starting to
5:47 pm
convulses and starting to have post trauma their could cause me more trouble he'll tell me if my blood sugar is low. dad you need to eat f i'm did he hydrated dude, you need to drink water. >> lifesaver and he doesn't go anywhere without him. it's why he was strapped to his side when he entered magazine antique mall friday afternoon. >> gentleman had noticed my service animal and asked me for his paper work. his picture license. which is not something that exists. >> he gave the manager information on the americans with dissables act. continued into the store. >> i said this is not the dog's license. i'm asking to you leave the store. i said, sir, you can't ask me to leave. i have -- because of my service animal, you need to read the paper work about that time i took my camera out and -- >> gentleman owns the this store is kicking me out because i have service animal with me. i've given him paper work end has decided to tick kick me out
5:48 pm
anywheres. there's the gentleman right there. that's him. >> the dog lacks id. >> he couldn't to do record but decided to leave the store any way. according to legal experts and service animal trainers like jean, what the manager did was illegal. >> you're allowed to ask is it a service dog? and what service does the dog provide. >> she says businesses cannot request any additional information from service animal owners. in fact, the ada website shows clearly staff cannot ask about the person's disability. require medical documentation, require a special identification card or training documentation for the dog or ask that the dog demonstrate its ability to perform the work or task. however she admits the law could invite fakers. >> it's definitely can be abus abused. it definitely can be abused. but, um, for the people who do have the dogs for a reason, this is the type of thing that kind of happens. >> in minnesota a calm day on
5:49 pm
the lake turned into rescue scene after a boat catches on fire. jess key gaff lick wobbly fly aboarding across the lake when he saw the fire and jumped into action he flew over the flames instead of fancy equipment he just needed his boots and board to save the whole situation. here's what he had to say about the whole ordeal. >> just like iron man you ever see that movie i wonder what that would ever feel like if you wanted to get a small glimpse, this would really be it. i kind of just stood right over it wiggled around trying to get as much water as possible. to the back engine compartment. >> that's writ ooh tee cool. and helped save the day. they fly board and compete around the world. alabama knew law goes into effect today aiming to keep the art of writing alive. lexi's law requires every public school in the state to teach cursive writing by the end of third great it will be standardized across the state of alabama even in the age of smart phones and tablets at least five other states have similar laws
5:50 pm
on the books. in colorado a roofing company is offering unusual incentive to use their services. buy a roof get a gun whether roof roofing new sales pitch. the company says customers who buy a new roof will get ar15 rival. they'll still have to go through the appropriate background and weather roof is partnering with local gun club for that. the reaction to the incentive is mixed. >> actually think it's absolutely terrible. >> this is america and we have the right to own gun if we want. >> there's over 2,000 roofing companies that come to colorado. we're the only roofing company in the country that's offering this. we figured we'd take a stander on what we believe. >> reporter: for hose who do not want an ar15 you can get a gift card. >> one organization was looking for help to clean up a park. the surprising incentive they offered for every bag of trash collected. coming up at 6:00 not just a first for philadelphia but all of pennsylvania. we take you inside this new temple and tell you houck casm a
5:51 pm
peek for yours self. police say these two guys were after cash and cigarettes they broke in a local business. what one of those men had on his arm that investigators are hoping can help identify him. ♪
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♪ we are staying on top of that breaking news as firefighters are doing their best to battle a big fire in bucks bucks county right now. two alarm fire broke out on the 600 block of main street in doylestown around 5:00. firefighters are telling us this is a strip mall that is on fire. heavy smoke can be seen billowing for miles and you can see the fire there. several firefighters there trying to put it out. thankfully there have been no report of any injuries as of yet. we of course will stay on top of this and bring you the latest throughout this braugh cast. meantime police are looking for the shooter in apparent road rage shooting that happened last night on knights road and torresdale. one driver tried to make left turn was cut off by a cadillac. the two exchanged words that cadillac driver pulled out a gun and shot at the car. police say the victim got the license plate number. fortunate until driver was not hurt. fill a bag with trash get a few joint. that was the deal at a clean up event sunday at a park in
5:56 pm
colorado springs. it was sponsored by the pothole cannabis club. the club is hosted similar events in other parks during the summer months yesterday more than 100 bags of trash were collected. >> you know, they think we're just stoners that just get high and don't have, you know, no lives or no kids or, you know, have any responsibilities. it's not like that. we're just like them. we're just normal light minded people smoking cannabis. >> the free joints were offered to adults 21 and older. items that were not pottery lated were available for the kids. two brothers both orphaned in los angeles more than 60 years ago are reunited and it's all thanks to modern science. fox's daniel miller was there when the men met for the first time time this weekend. >> just an absolutely incredible overwhelming feeling. >> reporter: that feeling being described by dave bar after meeting his brother he never knew he had for the first time. >> try to explain the emotion --
5:57 pm
i don't have the expertise in the english language. >> reporter: dave and his biological brother mark cochran were abandoned in the los angeles area dave in 1952 in a parking lot and mark in 1954 on the steps of a church. the two submitted dna tests on and used the dna dei detective. >> they pulled rabbits out of a hat and just amazing some of the things they do. and threw their efforts, they found a direct match with the same mother and father. report roar after all of these years, their search efforts finally paying off. dave says this ride is one for the books, one him and his little brother will never forg forget. >> like a mixed bag of emotions. excitement anxiety, fear, i mean, you go through all sorts of things. i hear all these things on tv now i got to be a part of it. that was 65 exciting. >> danielle miller, fox news. >> we are watching ultimate doppler right now.
5:58 pm
there's been a severe thunderstorm warning issued for salem and cumberland counties in new jersey. we are going to be checking with kathy orr. ♪ >> right now at 6:00, two former officers charged. a former temple university police officer and a current officer with the college are facing charges in the beating death of a young woman. what we're learning tonight about the tragic chain of even events. plus, it was a sign that was supposed to spark discussion. but someone destroyed part of it. why a local church says it's black lives matter sign is here to stay. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. breaking news right now at 6:00. sky fox live over the scene of a fire along the 600 block of north main street in doylestown. the fire is happening at the gsi bath and kitchen show place store. firefighters are trying to get an upper hand on three alarm
5:59 pm
fire. this was the scene just as the fire began around 5:00 tonight. you can see several crews wor working there. work to go try to put that fire out. we don't know yet how that fire started we are hearing so far no one is hurt as we get updates of course we'll bring them to you. meanwhile, your ultimate doppler is lighting up out there. storms popping up across the area right now and they could bring some torrential rain. here's life look at philadelphia international airport where things are dry but will it stay way? good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. lucy is off. fox 29 weather authority tracking the storms. some that could bring thunder and lightning. let's get right over to meteorologist kathy orr with what to expect. >> this is just into the weather service. the national weather suffered issued a severe thunderstorm for cumberland counsel and salem counties in new jersey. you can see the strong cell crossing over from new castle and kent county delaware across the warm waters. delaware bay. a lot of lightning, torrential downpours and also the possibility of hail with these storm. severe thunderstorm warning in
6:00 pm
effect for cumberland and salem counties in new jersey until 6:00 45. this storm is moving quickly toward the north and the east. so please bring everyone inside and wait until the storms pass. hail associated with thunderstorm in ellen dale and 113 in sussex county. we do have potential for flash flooding north and west of philadelphia. additional downpours expected to night one to 2-inches of rain in these downpours. so please be aware of that and flood advisories in the area where we have the downpours right now and also the southern part of delaware until 7:00 o'clock tonight. so coming up slow-moving do you pours best chance of seeing strong to severe storms will be in south jersey and delaware through this early evening and of course never drive across a road that is covered with water. it will continue to track those storms if anything else develops we'll be the first to let you know. iain. >> kathy, thanks. we're learning new details about the beating death of a woman in the city's germantown second today investigators announcing the two former


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