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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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several people are injured. why no one inside though is hu hurt. >> fight over garden hose leads to threat over a septa executive.d the argument had him and hisry neighbor in court. the argument had him and hisry neighbor in court. your nex news is next. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. flames shooting out of a bucks county business sending people to the hospital including firefighters. that fire has been so intense it took hours to get under control. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. one of the biggest problems tonight's heat shawnette wilson is live in doylestown. shawnette. >> reporter: well, three firefighters peco employee and bystander were all taken to the hospital treated for heat exhaustion despite officials actually rotating those fire crews to try and prevent that. tonight heat and humidity proved to be too much. a stubborn fire took emergency
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crews three hours to get under control. firefighters got the call just before 5:00 this evening that luxury bath fixtures on main street in doylestown was on fire. >> flames, a lot of dark smoke and a lot of firefighters everywhere. >> reporter: marty, is one of dozens of people who stopped to watch. officials say they had to call in companies from all over bucks and montgomery counties. the flames and smoke deep inside the building were so bad at times crews were pulled out of the building to tackle it from the outside. >> we did have a partial collapse in the rear. part of the roof is cracking pretty badly. so we do have some safety zones set out we're not going to put anybody just for their own safety because there is the possibility of a building collapse. >> reporter: officials don't believe the business was open today, and they say it doesn't appear that the fire spread to other stores in the strip mall. dave bowen is concerned. >> i'm plumbing contractor and i go in there all the time. so i'm not sure if i have anything that's in there right now. >> reporter: he says he knew
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it was bad before he even got in the area. >> when i first came into doylestown i saw -- i could smell smoke 5 miles away. must have been burning pretty, arc lot harder back then than it is right now. >> reporter: and back here live, officials also tell us that two water tankers had to be brought in to solve the problem of low water pressure caused by the fire fight. tonight the fire marshal's office is still investigating the cause of this blaze. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. long lines an lot of frustration for septa commuters who already had a few rough weeks and new tickets policy took effect today and it made the ride home a lot longer for some. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at suburban station to explain the impact on your commute. chris? >> reporter: well, iain a big change for septa meant for a very long commute for passengers who use the regional rail system. a perfect storm of delays became the latest fallout from septa's rail car defect problem. >> they took my ticket up here
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and canceled my train down there. >> reporter: frustrated septa rail passengers hit with another round of delays. >> they pulled off production and round two no cash on train. >> reporter: starting thefts an passengers are no longer able to buy tickets on trains leaving center city. >> all ticks and passes, please. >> reporter: instead tickets are being collected before you get to the platform. on weekdays between 3:00 and 6:30. stations include temple, jefferson, suburban, 30th street and university city. >> going to be a hassle, you know. i mean, you get into your daily routine and the neck thing i know i got to reorganize things. >> reporter: add the new ticket rules to the first day of the monthly rail pass sales, and this is what you get. lines stretched all through suburban station. >> now i'm going to miss my train because the line is 500 people long. >> more people, missed trains, late trains, like my train is
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late. it's getting ready to come so i got to go. >> reporter: septa modified its schedule because of the recent defect problems with the silver leap are in fleet. it's meant for jam packed trains. conductors unable to collect tickets. and too many free rides. >> i think that this will hold some people up who are used to getting right when their train is leaving. >> reporter: some say delays are not. it's still better than driving. >> people give septa a bad rap a lot but it's a pretty good system. >> reporter: now, the good news for passengers, septa believes tomorrow's lines will be much shorter now that people know the system. they have it down. as for the fixes on those defective rail cars, well, lucy, that could be months away. >> all right. thank you so much, chris. on your radar days of rain are moving out finally. people out tonight in spring garden trying to take in a wee bit of dry weather. moving like to wilmington. the weather is only going to get better this week and that's
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welcomed thing, kathy. >> it sure is lucy. right now we're talking about one last round of storms. you can see it on ultimate doppler moving through reading, berks county moving southeast. it was a severe cell right now heavy rain with loft lightning and even a hail cater on this. our northern and western suburbs especially parts of northern montgomery may see some of this rain overnight tonight. flood watch continues through early tomorrow morning for northern and western suburbs. lehigh valley and the poconos because anyone of these downpo downpours could produce a quick one to 2-inches of rain. overnight scattered downpours especially north and west. 71 in the city. 6067 in the suburbs. culling up we'll talk about when the rain finally ends, a quiet stretch in our weather and the storms do return with bad timing. more on that coming up later in the broadcast with your seven day forecast. >> all right, we'll talk to you then, kathy. moving live to south philly. remember to take weather authority with you with our fox 29 weather app. you get alerts sent to your phone of course life radar as well. search for it in the apple and
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google play stores. philadelphia police are trying to track down the person who wreaked havoc inside a local wawa. video all over social medial we're blurring it because not of one in the video was involved. police say a group of men and women entered the store along torresdale avenue friday night into tacony and got into a fight with a store worker. according to investigators that led to the group throwing punches and merchandise all over the store. >> at some point in time it appears another individual tries to intervene and to them from doing this. at that point it looks like this mail that intervened assaulted by number of different individuals inside the wawa. >> investigators are looking over the video to try and identify whoever started all of the chaos. tonight police are looking for the man who fired shots from his car in a bad case of road rage. it happened last night on knights road in torresdale. a teen driver tried to make a turn but a cadillac cut him off. the two exchanged words and then that cadillac driver pulled out
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a gun and fired. thank goodness he missed the teenager. police say the teen did get the license plate number of the shooter who then took off. details are coming in tonight about the beating death of a woman in the city's germantown section. investigators have just announ announced two former temple university police officers now face charges in her death. fox 29's is a bone in a kuriakose has been following the investigation. >> reporter: 24-year-old mother of two handcuffed and beaten in her own home with a police baton. authorities say by her own boyfriend. former temple university police officer and his best friend. also, temple cop until a few days ago. >> she had lot of bruises and scarring from the neck down. >> reporter: homicide captain james clark says cops found the victim joyce, seen here facebook photo, late friday morning naked and chained to workout bench. police say her boyfriend, 47-year-old aaron wright, beat joyce during an argument. his best friend marquise
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robinson lived on the second floor of the home the 4600 block of green street in germantown. officers say instead of stepping in, the temple cop joined in. >> the friend was actually helping position the female and turn her and contort her body into certain positions so the boyfriend could beat her in those areas of her body that night thursday she called and we heard screaming and cussing and glass and we ran over there and banged on the door, and nobody seemed to be there but we knew we just hung up the phone on h her. >> reporter: joyce's cousin waited on her front porch across street for hours but saw nothing. the next morning police found her body. her family says she was three days away from moving to a battered woman's shelter with her kids. tonight they're blaming themselves. the alleged robinson's pig as a temple cop offered him a measure protection whenever they would call the police. >> i feel like i didn't nothing to save her and every time we called the cops the cops knew
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marquise. what's the use of calling the cops. >> reporter: authorities are looking into whether police were ever called to that home on green street before this incident. in germantown, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. tonight north philadelphia community comes together to remember a fallen firefighter. friends, family and fellow firefighters gathered at the deliverance evangelistic church to honor gabriel lee. second viewing will be held tomorrow morning at the same church. with his funeral following right after. he was a 17 year veteran of the fire department assigned to ladder 12. his cause of death is still under investigation. skyfox over busy stretch of road in chester county tonight. you're looking at route 202 between 401 and route 30. if you drive it, you know, crews have been working on this section since 2011. a good long time. well we've got good news for you tonight. penndot says by next week the road work will be a wrap. the project widened route 202 to
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6 lanes. crews just have to paint some lines and add some other finishing touches. a couple of neighbors get heated in north wildwood and it's caught on video. >> one of these guy social security a top septa executive. what he says when fox 29 investigators starts asking questions. and two cops try to stop driver on a rampage when the guy dragged them. they're both okay tonight. what they found inside his car that has that driver in even bigger trouble tonight. >> plus the one of a kind perk from one company if you buy a new roof. what they'll give that you could make your neighbors nervous. one picture with hillary clinton was one little girl's mission. but one big problem. almost stood between her and history. how social media made her dream come true.
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it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government
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in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ police are trying to find three men who they say robbed a young man at gun point in north philadelphia. it happened july 24th along the 1500 block of norris street. police say a 1984 old man was hanging out with some friends when three men walked up to them. investigators say one of those men pushed a gun into the 19-year-old's back and demanded his phone. the men took off with his phone
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running north on sixth street. local officials gun safety advocates distributing hundreds of free gun locks in philadelphia. the move comes as new city law requires guns be stored safely out of the reach of minors. >> authorities say if you've got gun get a lock. fox 29's dave schratwieser was there as gun owners snapped them at philadelphia police headquarters, dave. >> reporter: lucy, thousands of people showed up at national night out events across philadelphia tonight. they enjoyed some free food and entertainment and some of them got a free gun lock. ♪ >> reporter: residents flock the national night out at the rose playground monday night along with law enforcement and city officials. all concerned about a recent string of shootings involving children playing with guns. >> too many innocent children are getting their hands on their parent's guns, mom's boyfriend gun, a gun they found in a purse or drawer. >> reporter: as they arrived they got free food arc bagful of
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hand outs an free gun lock. >> while this won't fix all of the problems at least we want to make sure children are safe. >> reporter: four times in the past month teenager or child has been shot or killed after they got their hands on gun. just sunday night a five-year-old found his grandmother's registered weapon in drawer at a home on east rittenhouse street. he shot himself in the hand. >> when a kid finds a gun in the drawer who thinks it's a toy and shoots themselves or a sibling for that matter we can do something about that. >> reporter: city officials are spearheading efforts to hand out free gun locks to prevent such tragedies. they hope to hand out hundreds of gun lock at these national night out events. >> it's a gun lock. give it to your parents say, mom, dad, it's a gun lock, okay weep weapons say if you have one. >> there's no way you can have a firearm in your house without having protection. >> mary miles is one of dozens of people across the city who came to national night out events and left with the free gun lock. >> it's just an absolute must.
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if you got a gun get a lock. >> more gun locks will be given out tomorrow night. city council passed new law that fines you $300 if you have children in the house and a gun and don't lock the gun in a box and the bullets in a separate container. lucy. >> thank you, dave. tonight police are trying to figure out what led to the murder of two people inside a montgomery county apartment. police are after the person who shot and killed 54-year-old janice trunk and 44-year-old kevin milton smith last night at the forest garden apartments in ambler. trunk's sister tells us she lived in the apartment with her 19-year-old son who was not home at the time and she's desperate for answers and just pleading for help. >> i just know she was killed last night. she was a single mom, went to work, came home. if anybody knows anything, please let the police know. >> police say the killer shot
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trunk and smith self times. no word yet on a motive nor any clues about the person police are now after. you decide 2016. republican presidential nominee donald trump once again at the center of controversy. some on the left and right are grilling him over comments he made about the muslim parents of war hero kahn decorated u.s. army captain killed in iraq in 2004. questioned why his mother was silent on stage during a speech at the democratic national convention suggesting she was not allowed to speak under islam law. the commander of vfw saying ridiculing a gold star mom is out of bounds. history making presidential candidate arc lost girl and a -- young girl an lot of opportunity for a once in a live time photograph. just hours after philadelphia's dnc. bruce gordon was in the middle of it all. >> harper was so determined to get this picture and i was so
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determined to get it back for her. >> reporter: a beaming 10-year-old harper leary and the woman who just might become america's first female chief exec glitch you too could be president of the united states. thank you all. god bless you. >> reporter: harper was in the crowd for the big hillary clinton/tim kaine rally at temple university last friday. she was desperate for a photograph of mrs. clinton. so when the rally ended her mom march says she worked her way through the crowd all the way to the front calling out to the candidates. >> finally hillary looked back, saw that it was a 10-year-old kid, and smiled and walked back over. >> she was so gracious and patient about it. hillary clinton was. and it was really nice to see. >> reporter: marian leary took out her camera phone to take the picture and that's when it happened. >> as soon as i needed to take it with harper and hillary clinton, it said it could no longer take any more pictures. >> reporter: turns out marian's camera had run out of
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shortage no room for extra pictures which was kind of embarrassing for me because it was sort of my fault in weird kind of way. you see, i had interviewed harper on her way into the event. mom had decided she want add photo of her daughter and me. if not for that photo she would have had room for the hillary picture. ouch! >> well, clinton staff offered to take picture and e-mail it to marian. took the shot but a day later, still no picture. so marian took to facebook telling the story of what had happened. then she tweeted the story to friends and to at hillary for pa. the campaign quickly responded with a promise to track down and sent the photo. a day later, there it was. hillary clinton harper leary with harper's proud mom looking over their shoulders. >> i was ecstatic. i was really happy. >> harper's reaction? >> harper was thrilled. >> reporter: social media helped spread the word but there would have been no photo recover if not for the little girl with
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a whole lot of grit. >> her determination and it was so inspiring to watch. >> reporter: harper leary wants to become a maroon zoologist no some day. no real desire to become president. she's happy to know she could if she wanted in the newsroom i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> mystery in the air that killed 16 people. the nation's dead lee hot air balloon crash. what we just learned about the moment before hot air balloon crash killing everyone on board. incredible video shows roads turning into rapid flooding hits maryland. heroic moves by strangers to save woman trapped in her car. take a closer look before you send the text. new emojis about to invade your phone. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. dnc out of here. work crews are back. vine expressway closed on the overnight till about 5:00 o'clock this morning. that will be the deal every
10:21 pm
night this week until the next morning rush hour. and new program in effect that began this afternoon for all of the regional rail commuters that leaves center city. they're collecting tickets during the pm rush hour at the top of the stairwell for the five center city locations. but free parking is back at novacare complex for everyone that wants to use the broad street subway. we'll check the jam cams. sue has got your tuesday forecast. i'll see you tomorrow starting at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ >> more people are now infected with the zika virus in florida and because of that, cdc has issued a new advisory that says pregnant women should not travel to the so-called zika transmission area. >> 10 new infections have been found bringing the total now to 14. the new cases of the zika virus are said to likely have been transmitted by mosquitoes much so far all the cases have been found clustered within the same square mile in miami, dade county. >> cover your skin with epa mosquito repellant. cover your skin with long shirts long pants. >> more than 1600 people in the us have been infected with zika in recent months. nearly all while traveling
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abroad. terrifying situation in life saving good samaritans this was what ellicott city, maryland, looked like over the weekend. the national weather service is calling a thousand year flood ripped through the historic city. this video shows people forming a human chain to rescue a woman out of her car. officials say it will take months and millions of dollars to rebuild. >> we're learning new information about that deadly hot air balloon crash in texas. federal investigators confirm it made contact with a high tension power line before it went down on saturday. all 16 people on board died. court records show the pilot alfred skip nichols had four drunk driving convictions in missouri in the late '90's and early 2,000s also the bbb warned consumers about doing business with the balloon company that nichols used to operate in missouri. top official with septa caught on camera threatening his neighbor's wife. why -- what he says he's blaming
10:26 pm
her. fox 29 investigates is coming up. our kathy orr is tracking your forecast. lucy, we have more showers and thunderstorms moving through. you can see right now in lancaster county and also reading and berks county moving into chester and also montgome montgomery. we'll track them and show you what comes next after this. >> and new at 11:00 these guys bust into a local restaurant and start raiding the cash register. the big clue caught on this video cops hope will lead them right to him. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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♪ fox 29 investigates obtained video of a top septa executive threatening to beat up his neighbor's wife. >> the executive says she provoked him and now the ugly incident that happened in north wildwood has landed both sides in front of a judge. here's jeff cole. >> reporter: in the beach town
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of north wildwood, new jersey, on a quiet avenue there's an ugly dispute. >> neighbors from hellman, bleep, bleep. >> move, man. >> you move. >> neighbors at war. bill and denise tight man of west 13th avenue versus francis and michelle kelly their next door neighbors. this fence divides their beach properties along with the conflict that exploded in anger memorial day weekend. >> neighbor went ballistic and screaming and cursing and carry on mine son and i look over the balcony in the back and we were like oh my gosh. report roar do you know that he she said his wife said she was going to smack every person in my house? >> included -- i have a guy in a wheelchair at my house. >> denise tight man denies she threatened anyone. francis kelly is more than just another philly guy with a shore home. he was the lead judge of the defunct philadelphia traffic court whose now the assistant general manager for government
10:31 pm
and public affairs for septa. the region's public transportation giant. hired as a lobbyist by septa's prior gm several years ago, the mon-lawyer earns 182 grand a year. bill tight man describes himself as and it guy who works in the philadelphia area but tries to spend most of his time at the condo he and his wife bought about a decade ago. as his son recorded with a cell phone tight man and kelly got heated. midday may 29th over a garden hose. >> i'm telling you get this hose out of here or else i'm cutting it. >> that's right. a garden hose. tight man's closest to the camera. kelly on the other side of the fence. >> bleep, bleep. >> come on over here. >> you're not worth it, you pu punk. >> you're punk. i'll beat the whole family up
10:32 pm
include your wife. >> wow ! >> everybody in the house. >> you heard right. septa executive francis kelly threatens to beat up his neighbor's wife. we got the video from the tight man they called kelly disgrace and say he should be removed from office. but kelly says the video only shows part of the story. he says the dispute is long simmering and really sents on the tight mans dumping water on his property and other violations. >> denise who kelly claims made the first threat lives full time in her shore home. kelly's words scared her. >> are you frightened? >> yes, yes, i am. i'm scared. i'm very scared to be here by myself. >> you think he'll act on it? >> to see him the way he was that day, i wouldn't put it passed him. >> listen, listen, i'm not the guy who said i'm going to beat the bleep out of the family including your wife. that was you. >> you're not the woman who said you're going to smack --
10:33 pm
>> you're not going to attack a woman. >> i would never. >> come on. you're a big fit guy. >> i would never. >> any questions? >> we approached francis kelly after a recent septa board meeting. >> north wildwood -- >> i'm going to roll. i'm going to roll. we have video tape mr. kelly and we'd like you to explain that to us. >> i'll be honest with you, jeff, to have this kind of cheap shot -- >> i'm asking you why it is you said i'll beat the sleep out of your whole family including your wife. >> let me just explain to you. >> i'm ready to hear it. >> the neighbor you're talking about buried hose underneath my property that i asked to have removed. >> reporter: the dispute is mostly about a garden hose is the only thing the neighbors agree on. >> it runs down the entire property line right inside the fence here. >> reporter: this is where tight man ran the hose on his property from his hot tub out back. at the end of the fence, he says
10:34 pm
he buried it under these small stones and ran it along the property line. >> then i could connect the extra hose over to here and there's a drainage thing for the sewer right here. >> reporter: he claims, he only used the hose at the end of the season to drain the tub. >> the hose was dug under and hit den for years. >> reporter: kelly argues not only did tight man hide the hose on his land, chlorinate chlorinr was dumped on it last year causing a flood in his walkway. he says tight man told him not to worry, he was simply training his hot tub. >> i thought it was a broken water line. >> reporter: right. >> on my property. no, it was him draining it but i didn't know to dig down because i didn't know they buried it 4-inch blow my stones. >> reporter: kelly says when he found the hose memorial day weekend he politely told tight man to remove it immediately. but he didn't.
10:35 pm
the video does not show kelly's claim they asked nicely only the argument. >> it's been there way -- two years too long. >> reporter: right. >> he should have moved it tight man claim kelly lost it after he told him he'd take look at the hose after a family barbecue. >> he just called the north wildwood police. >> he ordered me like i was his worker or something like i was beneath him. >> you were angered by that because you can tell at some point do you swear at him. >> oh, yeah. he be littled me and told me i had to do it now. >> reporter: this police report shows officers did arrive on a complaint from denise tight man that francis kelly was being disorderly. there were no arrests. the hose was moved. but now things have turned down right ugly. in late june, bill signed criminal complaints against kelly for the incident. in early july, kelly made a criminal complaint against tike man with threatening to assault him just before the video
10:36 pm
rolled. at first, on the phone, kelly's attorney said the threat occurred a couple of weeks prior to the hose incident. teichman says the claim they threatened kell sal life. now, they're bad link over the location of the teichman's hot tub the fence and more. >> who do you think you are? you better get this on video, too. take the fence down and move it back. >> the fence. kelly claims big section of the fence is on his property. his lawyer says they've got a survey to prove it and a lee surveying to reconfirm. tike man never heard that complaint before the hose incident. in letter north wildwood city attorney wrote kell's lawyer the fence is a purely private matter to be litigated in court. and the hot tub kelly's lawyer claims it was installed without a permit and it violates city
10:37 pm
ordinances by being too close to the property line. north wildwood zoning officials tell fox 29 the tub is 1 foot too close to the line and the tike mans have agreed to move it that 1 foot. he says, a zoning permit is not required. and then there's the water. kelly's attorney argues the discharge of chlorinated water on kelly's property is an illegal trespass and may violate new jersey's environmental laws. tike man says, any water on kelly's property was a small amount from the hose hook up running to the drain with minimal chlorine because it was late in the season. >> you're not worth it, you punk. >> you're a punk. >> i'll beat the whole family up including your wife. >> as for the threat caught on video, when the tike man's send the video and police report to septa's general manager it responded with this e-mail from
10:38 pm
customer service specialist calling it regrettable incident but wrote it was a private matter that does not require any action by septa. francis kelly agrees. >> you're the ahead of government affairs for this southeastern pennsylvania railroad administration. no matter what they said, you can't as a public person threaten your neighbor, right? isn't that truly -- that was wrong. >> the threat was wrong? reactioning the way i did was wrong. >> reporter: to threaten her was wrong? >> how many times more times you want mow to say it good north wildwood neighbor vincent said he heard denise tike man threaten to smack everybody in kell's place. tike man says it never happened. fox 29 has learned that francis kelly has called at least two septa board members to tell his side of this incident. on friday, tike man and kelly met in a new jersey court to have their competing criminal
10:39 pm
complaints heard. they've agreed to try to settle them in mediation later this month. >> jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> two cops try to stop driver on rampage when the guy dragged them they are both okay but what they found inside his car that has that driver in even bigger trouble. and the one of a kind perk from one company if you buy a new roof. what it will give you that could make your neighbors, well, nervous.
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♪ in orlando two police officers are very happy to be out of the hospital after ge getting dragged by a driver. the bike cops tried to arrest 27-year-old antoine jordon. they say for drugs. as you saw the driver was out of the car, but then jumped back in, took off then crashed into a
10:43 pm
golf cart then a stop sign. here's what the witness who took all of this has to say about the ordeal. >> it looks like they him for second. but he creeped closer to his car. the door is open. he hopped right in. finally got it in gear and just hit the gas. he had some scrapes and bruises. both of them complained of knee pain. they were cleared. so they're fine. >> thank goodness. jordan faces charges of aggravated is a battery on law enforcement officers and leaving the scene of a crash with injuries. in your money tonight smoking just got more expensive for smokers in pennsylvania starting today you got to dish out an extra dollar for pack of cigarettes. the tax on pack goes from 1.60 to 2.60 in the city of philadelphia you'll pay $4.60 in taxes alone on every pack. this increase is part of the plan to address the state's budget deficit much the department of revenue estimates the tax had generate more than $400 million for the year for
10:44 pm
the state treasury. >> got i tunes because soon you'll have to more than 100 new ways to express yourself. apple addin adding new emojis to keyboard this fall. it will coincide with ios10 software. the company wants emoji toss reflect diversity people everywhere. apple debuting faux male versions of swimmers and bikers and weight lifters and construction workers to to name few. apple also included new family emojis in the update to include single parent families which is a good thing because i need a new phone because i dropped my today good all about emoji fi fication. >> is that new word? >> i just made it up. >> i mow gentlemen fication. >> colorado roofing company hopes new sales will increase business. >> if nothing else it's raising eye brows. get a roof -- guy a roof get a gun. customers will get an ar15
10:45 pm
rival. they'll still needing to through the appropriate background checks and there's partnering were it a local gun for that that. the reaction to the incentive is, well, mixed. >> i actually think it's absolutely terrible. >> it's america and we have the right to own gun if we want. >> there's over 2,000 roofing companies to that come toly. we're the only roofing company in the country offering this. we figured we'd take a stand on what we believe. isn't for those who don't want an ar15 weatherproof will offer a tactical rival or gift card to sports sporting goods store. >> time for your fox 29 weather authority. >> kathy orr. >> lucy noland looking if a few leftover showers few thunderstorms right through the lehigh valley berks county and into lancaster county these moving toward the southeast. but this one cell over berks county has been lingering here to a ill woo. up to the north and west of reading. so there are concerns forked in flooding here. right now in old city philadelphia the temperature is
10:46 pm
74. the high today only 80. the normal high is 87. mainly 70s on the board with the exception of the poconos where we've zone some rain the temperature sketch there. humidity right now the dew points are in the 70s from philadelphia south and east. 60s to the north and west. 60s are uncomfortable. 70s oppressive you felt that moisture in the atmosphere. guess what? during the day tomorrow these numbers will fall. drier more comfortable air moving in. we'll go oppressive to sticky by wednesday it will be much more comfortable. s were we look at the fox future cast picking up on those showers and storms and in reading and also in the lehigh valley they will slowly rain themselves out unfortunately heavy rain north and west in philadelphia i think we'll be fairly dry. a few spotty showers tomorrow morning with morning clouds. giving way to some breaks in the clouds late in the day but a few spotty showers are still possible through the afternoon and toward the dinner hour but they'll quickly wane toward the evening when we lose that daytime heating. in the city overnight, 71.
10:47 pm
in the suburbs 67. scattered downpours especially normal and west right now the focus the lehigh valley. during the day tomorrow morning clouds arc few spotty showers the high temperature 82. still below average but the humidity is going to be decreasing. that's the good news. as we look ahead on the fox seven day forecast, 82 for your tuesday. wednesday 84. thursday 86. warmer friday. hot again saturday. 94. and that's our next best chance of showers and thunderstorms. as we look at the seven day, sunday 89. monday 87. and your shore temperatures if you picked this week for vacation into the weekend not so bad. dry after today. a few spotty storms on your sunday. or saturday rather. sunday looking warm and next monday looking good as well. that is a look at your seven day forecast and shore cast. we'll send it over to howard g thank you. the eagles starting to understand this head coach does things little differently than the last coach.
10:48 pm
hear from the eagles head coach and the coordinator on why and why didn't the phillies general manager matt clip tock made a trade before the trade deadline today in baseball. it's not a reason i think the fans will appreciate. that's coming up in sports.
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
♪ the major league trade deadline has come and gone today and the phillies much to the anger of the phillies fans did not make a trade. jeremy hellickson is still here. so is closer jenn margo heads. there were over 70 players moved in trades over 32 pitchers traded just today. now seep hellickson was the most likely pitcher to get traded by the phillies but i think two things happened here. the phillies over valued hellickson and no team really thought that highly of him. now i think it's that simple. gm matt klintock says said this afternoon didn't see the right valley for any of the phillies player. so no trades. but still there's chance in august for trade once players clear waivers. >> eagles had shorter product
10:52 pm
practice today which was a scheduled practice. after a day off tomorrow they're back on wednesday with three hour practice. one thing that is different with this eagles under doug pederson compared to chip kelly last year are the pauses the stoppages in practice to correct what the coaches perceive as teaching points. chip kell woman wait until the player got to the meeting rooms. it's not done this way now. >> the only way we're going oh get better. it's the only way. i don't want to take too much time away because we're still working off of a the play clock but at the same time that instant feedback is valuable. >> some coaches will say let them play we'll correct in the film room. i'll all in on dug's belief and philosophy and system of make quick corrections on the field. don't belabor it. but immediate feed -- nothing like immediate feedback. >> villanova four months removed from the national championship were back together on the mainline for their summer jam. they are now off tomorrow to play exhibition games in spain
10:53 pm
and nice treat so what has this summer been like after that once in a lifetime experience? >> it has been enjoyable. i tell you i think we have people have asked me did you stop to enjoy it? i don't think we've stopped. but we've enjoyed it. i got to get to the beach one more time before summer is over. >> it look like you've been there without 30 block. another unique sporting event much it's not your ordinary race. to the uk. you drink a beer before you star the mile after every quarter mile, that is every lap, you drink another 12 ounces. and show them the beer is fini finish. so by my count that's 48-ounces in a mile. and i would think there's a port o potty somewhere near the finish line. (laughter). >> if you do not keep the beer down -- >> yes. >> -- you have to run an extra lap. >> perfect. you can sweat it out that way. >> not talking about sweating it out. >> we have a brand new set we're very excited about. >> yeah, we do.
10:54 pm
>> howard i know you love it, too. >> i want to sleep her tonight. (laughter). >> we've got your cot set right up over here. all right. we're back in a moment.
10:55 pm
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that does it for us tonight at 10:00. the fox 29 news at 11:00 is ne next. >> what's coming up at 11:00. >> yet another nightmare for commuters on septa and the lines are getting longer what you need to know before you try to catch your train tomorrow.
10:57 pm
and your wake up weather and seven day forecast and the first five minutes.
10:58 pm
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. yet another headache for septa riders. trying to make their train home even longer lines. thanks big change tonight. good evening and thank you for joining us i'm lucy noland. septa says starting right now, make sure you have your ticket before you get on your train. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in center city where passengers who they are not happy, chris? >> reporter: that's right, lucy. frazzled septa rail passengers hit with another round of delays today. this time tickets changing for passengers made for very busy, very frustrating evening. many septa rail passengers were shocked to hear they can no longer buy their tickets on the trains leaving five center city stations on weekday evening commutes. >> please have all tickets and


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